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"Opulence=Too Many COD Games"

Black Ops 2 is most definitely the weirdest game I have ever played in the Call of Duty franchise. To think Call of Duty started off with some very notable and great World War Two games and devolved into...this. Black Ops 2 is still a multiplayer game true and simple and this is understated by the weirdest campaign I have ever played in a Call of Duty game. The added features to the multiplayer still do not make this a good game though. Black Ops 2 adds some nice customization features and spruces up the Zombies mode but these new additions do not make this game stand out from previous games in the Call of Duty series.


Probably the worst and weirdest Call of Duty campaign ever. Set in between the story line surrounding Black Ops agent Alex Mason and his son David Mason the game switches back and forth between the original characters and the new futuristic missions in the year 2025. The plot is absolute trash as it involves the use of thousands of unmanned drones that basically rule the security forces of the leading industrial nations, mainly the United States. This is like Terminator meets every other movie about mad anti-capitalist terrorists. The campaign starts off slow but I was able to get into it as the story started to make a little bit of sense. The problem of the campaign is how fast it moves and the lack of intelligent bad guys. Even in the year 2025, with all the digital camo and target finders, the bad guys feel like it is a good idea to stand out in the middle of a kill zone and not take cover. The missions end very abruptly as they have in previous Call of Duty games with little care spent on character development and hardly any time spent on doing something not involving shooting stuff up. There's no awesome use of any cool high-tech stuff except you get to fly a futuristic jet at one point which isn't as fun as it may sound. You do get to ride a horse in Afghanistan though.

What really makes the campaign laughable is the use of modern day themes in a very unrealistic future. As a Navy SEAL, David Mason is stationed on the USS Obama. David Petraeus seems to have gotten over his affair ordeal and become the Secretary of State. Some how Oliver North was involved in the making of this game too but I don't remember him in the campaign. Then you have the sick-headed commander Briggs and fortunately you get put in a situation to deal with him later in the game. Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead fame plays your team mate Harper in this game and he adds some grit to the campaign. Beyond that there are some neat missions in the game but it all plays out like a Quentin Tarantino movie gone bad. In the end I was left wondering why I even played this game as the credits reveal something even more cheesy at the end and a feeling that you can't really enjoy this game in a sober state of mind.

The series is starting to show that nothing much more can be done for these games. And after playing through Black Ops 2, I think that this is most definitely a proven point.


The multiplayer is the only thing about Black Ops 2 that really matters. Or at least that is what the developers continue to think at least. What I liked most about multiplayer this time around is the ability to really customize a symbol. With 33 options, I was able to make the North Carolina state secession flag as my call sign/symbol. It is always fun to go through the list of players before a match starts and view their unique, and sometimes obscene creations. The only downside is that you can't put your symbol on your gun like you could in the first Black Ops. It's like the new Q says in Skyfall, "You need to make it more of a personal statement rathern than a random killing" but on the bright side there are new guns to play around with and customize as well new killstreak rewards. The down side of Black Ops 2 multiplayer are that it is still more of the same. Sure, there are new game modes like Hardpoint and the kill confirmed mode, but the maps are small and there really isn't anything different with the game play from previous games like World at War, MW, MW2, MW3, or Black Ops 1. Leaderboards still do not make any sense as they are ranked by points per minute and you only have to play one really good game starting off to be the best.


Since the inclusion of Zombies mode in the Treyarch made Call of Duty games the Zombies mode has always been supplement to the game. However, Zombies is a more comprehensive mode in Black Ops 2 as it features multiplayer action and different game types to improve on this part of the game. I found this part of Black Ops 2 to be the best in being updated, but to be honest, if I wanted to play a zombie game, I would just go buy a game about zombies.

The multiplayer games are okay though. You can play in teams to kill zombies and try to keep each other alive. These games can last much longer than the usual ten minute multiplayer games.


I liked the music for Black Ops 2 as some of the music tends to stay in your head after playing. The graphics still suffer from the usual things like feet through walls and the random glitch spotted in the campaign mode. The fast paced style of this game keeps you from really enjoying the graphics and environments of the game and as much as is packed into Black Ops 2, there really isn't anything you have not seen before.

Replay Value

Of course there is plenty of replay value to Black Ops 2, particularly in the campaign achievements, and the League Play in the multiplayer if you are into these sorts of things. The campaign was slow to start but it actually starting flowing pretty smoothly as the action picks up with the story line. It lasts a good bit and keeps your attention but it is definitely nothing you haven't experienced before. Then of course you have the Zombies mode which is a better mode to explore in this game than in prior Call of Duty games. Black Ops 2 still retains days and hours of time well wasted.

Final Recommendation 5/10

Blacks Ops 2 was just not my type game this time around. I've enjoyed the Call of Duty games but then again I've played one too many of them. Black Ops 2 is in the one too many of them category. The campaign is ridiculous and multiplayer is simply more of the same. Of course I'm not stopping you from being one of the millions of people who have played this game online. There were just too few things I liked about Black Ops 2 than with the prior games of the series Black Ops 2 is starting to feel like a major burn out.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 01/04/13

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (US, 11/13/12)

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