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"Another mainstream horrible addition with only cares about money"

This game's going to have two different reviews, the side I did care about, and the side I think the game creators should be ashamed of themselves. Most people think "CoD or Battlefield" for a game to play that has a HUGE community of people to play and enjoy as well as a single player to just take up time, lets face it if you bought this just for single-player then you live under a rock. As such my new review for Black Ops 2 made by trey-crap is here. If they're not making their logo a decal for your gun they're probably making another game to include their logo as a decal. They care nothing about the audience in the multiplayer section at all, only seeking to make it so they sell it for money.

Single Player:

Gameplay: 6/10
Now single-player is a great experience, you get to do the same thing over and over again, go here, kill them, go here, kill them, rinse and repeat. You sometimes even get shiny toys to use that you never actually use, just point and click and there you go. Other times you get mortars to prime and throw like a grenade, with ten times the yield. Now if you're like me you probably just sat right by a resupply crate and tossed motars like it was a free candy convention at the nearest candy store. The difficulties aren't mind-blowingly impossible and the enemy AI is a lot better without the old veteran "Poke your head out die" scenario most CoD games adopted as a second child. The addition to play as the main antagonist and make decisions that ultimately impact the outcome of the game is great, I found two characters I loved to see one being an undercover guy, the other being the FIRST female playable character in CoD since... ever on 360, however if you're like me you probably rescued her before the enemy kidnapped her so you can only play it after you beat it and out of your choice. The idea for Command and Conquer like gameplay with a flare of CoD was annoying, my units loved to chew bullets the enemy handed them unless I controlled them like some sort of puppet master, it did nothing but break the flow of the game and extend the single player longer than it should have with non-story based missions. The only one that mattered was if you failed to save the girl as Mason #2 or the very last one. It's new weapon/unlock system is a nice change of pace as I always wanted to "create-a-class" for single-player, however it could have been better with actual classes you can create. Like multi-player

Sounds: 5/10
Reused sounds from previous CoDs, maybe updated a few, but that's just lazy work on their part and doesn't matter.

Music: 6/10
The flow of music is amazing, single player had the best music cues I've seen in a CoD game for ages, however reused for multi-player made it more annoying to hear after a while.

Story: 8/10
While not a mind scratching story like C&C's Red Alert series and time-travel-scratching-your-head-syndrome it was nice to see a story in CoD that actually mattered, with a strong anti-war message with three completely different endings based on how you did. Personally I liked the ending where you end some one's life and start chaos, I never liked the "Good" ending seeing how it's just "Everything is nice and normal again!" The music video left me speechless with a few incoherent gurgles from my mind getting blown, and a really good song if I say so.

Verdict: 6.5/10

The story is an amazing experiance with it's create-a-class being a much needed change of pace, so I highly recommend the story. Well that's it... wait... no... not that, I HATE that, no won't review it... fine....


Gameplay: 2/10
They improved the engine minutely to make it play a tiny bit better, however there is lag issues like crazy from a second lag on everything. The character you see moving left is actually a second in time farther than you think, so you unload. I was actually standing still shooting at a guy when in the final kill-cam I counted 16 shots hit, but only 3 registered. This blatant lack of care for the public compaired to games like Team Fortress 2 which is FREE TO PLAY and has NO issues like this game does, even the Xbox version which came with The Orange Box. I feel like Treyarch only cares about money as they never put any effort into making a new and improved engine. They did away with small team stuff in favor of multi-team, basically FFA meets multiplayer with nine people total all in three people teams, it's nice but I want a Team Deathmatch with two teams and no more than eight players playing. Of course most love getting spawn killed because ALL the maps are too small for everyone, and half the time I and many others get spawned right in front of an enemy, right behind, or where all you have to do is take one step to die. Even when starting a map in FFA does this happen. This could have been fixed with a three-second invulnerability like Far Cry 2 has, or spawn rooms strewn about the map that you walk out of once and fight. However they just opted to pop you right next to your killer which knows the spawns as well as you do and gets you killed near-immediately five times before spawning you on the other end of the map like you wanted. Thank you CoD, I know you hate me, I hate you back. Renerating health is back for a vengeance as my least favorite thing ever the suck-your-thumb-and-healed issue made me question why they got rid of health-packs for something as mundane as regenerating health. Unless you're playing hardcore then you question where the health-packs are.

Sounds: 3/10
Same sounds from singleplayer just redone with no music to help you hear, however Awareness is supposed to make you hear things easier but it never happens, I hear just as well without it as with, and I have Turtle Beaches so I'd easily notice the difference.

Graphics: 4/10

The graphics are nice and all when you look at a spot, but if you're close you can see words on signs SLOWLY becoming readable as well as some of the maps with high cliffs into water being just a blue ground and nothing more.

Customization: 4/10
Now the customization is amazing, I like the class creation system the most, figuring out what you want to take, new equipment beyond flash/stun/smoke/nova adding much new stuff. Gun wannabes like the AN-94 AK-47 Wannabe or the SVU/drugnov wannabe, ect. as well as camo being challenge based and actually being rewarded for prestige now. Why does this get a 4 then? You can't create your character how you want, or at least choose your gender. They took out females because "In real life males go crazy if they see a female wounded in the battlefield as their protective side takes over" It's a video game people, it shouldn't matter, just as long as gameplay is realistic., but the game is UNREALISTIC! Hardcore, you die from a flick, core, you die from becoming a bullet sponge. REGENERATING HEALTH SYSTEM! Perks that make you inhuman in certain areas, ect. They took out the choice to be female, which was thought about for a while... FOR REALISM!? If this game had any inclination of realism I'd let it slide, but how unrealistic it is, and the bold-faced excuse why they didn't include the choice!? Really, think about the people for once, not the money CEO's of Treyarch.

Verdict: 1.5/10

The multiplayer has so many issues and lack of creativity to the characters themselves. Reused sounds from the previous games, slow graphic rendering, horrible lag that goes on every match, ect. makes this game's multi-player a startling 1.5/10

Final verdict: 3.5/10

This game is really only worth getting for single-player, zombies wasn't on here for my sanity as reusing one map for two other maps is
clear laziness on their part and they should be ashamed for letting zombies turn into that. As such the final verdict is 3.5 with generous rounding due to the lack of the zombies section.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 01/18/13

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops II (US, 11/13/12)

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