Who should I join in the civil war: The Stormcloaks, or the Imperials?

  1. im a redguard, so i would really fit in with the all nord Stormcloaks, but their fighting for religous freedom and skyrims freedom itself. and the imperials are just trying to up hold their ages old Empire. Who do side I with?

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    jontayvious - 5 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Eh, it's your own choice, there is no "right" choice, it's not black or white, but rather shades of grey.

    For role playing purposes:
    - is racist to the beast races such as argonians and Kajiit
    -Wants skyrim to be independent from the empire, however it's only a matter of time before the Thalmor attack again, and skyrim needs the empire as much as it needs Skyrim
    -reading ulfrics Thalmor dossier (from the main quest) wi reveal that Ulfric is a sleeper agent for the Thalmor, although he hasn't been responding.

    -General tullius is a old, military figure, he is a very calm guy, but doesn't have much of a personality (lifetime soldier). He's likable as a politican.
    -nice as he is, he isn't afraid to do what it takes to win
    -wants skyrim to be a part of the empire, for the greater good

    In the end, it's your call, but I went with the empire because if there was another war with the elves, skyrim would need all the help it can get, and Ulfric is kind of a shady character, he only really cares for nords

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Other Answers

  1. The term nord in this case extends to anyone with a background in Skyrim, you can find an imperial wandering the road to windhelm. I think pretty much any non animal looking human fits in the stormcloaks, Ulfric definitely won't turn you down thats for sure. I prefer the Imperials though, Ulfric is an ass, well more so than Tullius anyway and Legate Rikke is cool.

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  2. Can I answer with a few questions?

    Why is this question not on the regular Skyrim board?
    Are you just posting this to have a question here?
    This question has probably been answered multiple times already, have you checked for answers before asking your question?

    Now for your answer:
    Choose one. Don't listen to people who say one side is an ass and the other isn't.
    It's all in perspective, each side will tell you an incredibly negative, but most likely true tale about the other side to make you hate them. Examples:

    <b>Hate for Empire:</b>
    Empire's general willingness to execute everyone caught in an ambush, regardless of whether they were Stormcloak or just happened to be there.
    Hadvar: "What should we do? He/she is not on the list."
    Imperial Captain: "Forget the list, he/she goes to the block!"
    Hero response to Jarl Balgruuf asking about the dragon: "I had a great view of it as the Imperials were about to cut off my head." (Couldn't remember the exact wording but that's it mostly.)

    <b>Hate for Stormcloaks:</b>
    Generally racist comments and remarks from Stormcloak supporters.
    Jarl Skald of Dawnstar: "If I catch either of you sending one letter to General Tullius, I'll have you both executed!" (Again, I don't think it's exact wording)

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