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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Dawnguard (Continued)

    Unseen Visions

    You'll have to travel to the Ancestor Glade just outside of Falkreath. The dungeon is quite simple actually. Go up the left side and across the large tree that forms a bridge. On the other side, go down through the small cave until you come out in the glade. Make your way down to the center and you'll find the Knife that you need for the ritual.

    Go to any of the trees with the colorful leaves here and use the knife on it. Now just make your way around the room and walk through the groups of moths. You should be able to find all seven groups without leaving this room. When you have them all, make sure you are ready for battle because once you are done reading the scrolls, you will be attacked by the vampires.

    With all seven swarms, head back to the center of the glade and walk into the column of light. Stand in it and read the Elder Scroll (Blood). After you've read all three scrolls, talk to Serana.

    Touching the Sky

    You'll be attacked by a large group of vampires but as long as you make smart use of your environment, you should be just fine. Kill the Vampires and their trolls. Make your way out of the glade.

    Once you are outside, fast travel to the Dragon's Bridge and then start making your way to the Darkfall Cave.

    Darkfall Cave

    Once inside, just follow the cavern, killing any spiders you may come along until you come to a wooden bridge. Cross it and then cross back. The Bridge will fall out from under you and drop you in the drink. Ride this until you come to a much lower level with a trickling stream. Follow the stream until you can't any longer and you'll find a slope that leads up.

    When you reach the fire, head east but watch out for the rock trap. Just continue to follow this cave as far east as it will let you go until you come to a larger cavern with a much larger stream of slow traveling water. In the distance, you will find an elf. Talk to him.

    Gelebar will explain that he requires something from you before he gets you the bow of Auriel. He will raise up the central structure and explain that you must go through a rather long ritual. Get the ewer from him and then head through the portal inside the building. This will deposit you in a different part of the cave, Darkfall Passage.

    Darkfall Passage

    Darkfall Passage can be kind of dark so if you have it, feel free to make use of the Lord's Vampire Sight. Make your way along this long cave and watch out for the Chaurus Hunter that erupts from the pod on the left side of the hallway. These fly and are faster but they are otherwise just weaker versions of the chaurus you already know of. Continue through these tunnels killing the chaurus and falmer that you come across until you find yourself in a falmer village.

    Cut your way through the village going to the west. You'll find some huts and a waterfall. Go through the waterfall and fall into the crevice in the ground. This will take you to a different set of caves. Follow these until it brings you to what looks like a dead end. If you look by the green lights just to the left, you will find a rope that you can pull which will open the wall.

    You will go through another room and come to another Falmer village. This time, you'll want to travel westward for the most part. You're going to run into tougher Falmer like the Warmonger at this point. Thankfully, they'll come at you a little slower at this point too but still be careful because you never know when a couple of their friends will surprise you.

    Go into the cave to the west and you'll enter a room with a large glowing stone. Go past the stone and follow this path until you get to a small room with a single Falmer hut and a Chaurus pen. Kill the Falmer and Chaurus, then head up to the hut.

    Take either ramp through the waterfall and turn left to find a small cavern. Follow that but be careful of the strings hanging down. They'll trigger a rock trap if you hit them. Move along this cavern until you come to another dead end. Back up a little ways and you should see two ropes on the wall to the left. Pull one and then pull the other to get through the door.

    On the other side of the door will be a Vale Sabre Cat. Kill it and then hug the wall to the right as it wraps down towards the large glowing stone below you. Walk past that large stone and under the large mushrooms to the lake below. Cross the land bridges to get to the other side.

    You'll find another Vale Sabre Cat on this side of the lake. Kill it and then follow this path further. It will wrap around and another small bridge will take you across the lake but much higher up. You'll come to another buried Wayshrine and the Prelate Sidanyis. Talk to him, answer yes and then enter the wayshrine. Inside, dunk the ewer into the basin. Now enter the portal to the Forgotten Vale.

    The Forgotten Vale

    The Forgotten Vale is a rather cold looking place. Make your way to the markers on your compass. Each of them represents another wayshrine that you must get to. You may bump into trolls or the occasional Falmer out here but for the most part, the Vale is pretty safe. Make your way from wayshrine to wayshrine, activating each one. You should be able to reach three easily even if not necessarily quickly. They all seem to require that you get there by a roundabout way.

    After you've gotten the easy three, make your way towards the last one in the west. This is going to be a long trek involving going over a waterfall, along a large river while fighting Falmer. And that's just the first leg! As you continue heading along this river, you'll start approaching this waypoint from the north (it should appear more to your south). Kill the Chaurus along the way and watch out for the Falmer above you.

    When you reach the end of the river, you'll come to a couple of huts and a couple of Falmer. Kill them both and then head into the cave just next to their huts.

    Glacial Crevice

    When you get to the main room of the Glacial Crevice, you'll find some Falmer. There will be on directly ahead of you along the path to the left. You should be able to sneak up on him and kill him. Once that's down, move forward. This left path will eventually connect to a small Falmer village by an odd "U" shaped bridge. Kill the Falmer here and cross the bridge.

    Climb up these slopes, first north and then south. At the top, you will be able to enter a cave. Follow it and at the end, open that gate that leads to the large canyon. Make your way along the canyon and kill any Falmer here as you head NW. You'll pass an oddly colored Falmer hut (purple) and then turn right. Enter the ice cave going north and then it will turn east. You'll come to another large canyon. Continue east until you come out back at the first main room of the Glacial Crevice except far higher this time.

    Follow the ledge on the right side as it heads S and then cross the large bridge that goes to the east. Follow this ledge now and go into the cave between the two large pillars. This will put you in a large cave that will lead you back outside.

    Forgotten Vale Again

    You'll be outside again and get dropped right into a Falmer village. Make your way along this canyon as you head SSE. The canyon itself is rather linear though the various bridges through the village can be quite confusing. As long as you continue to go through the canyon and keep heading up ramps when you get the chance, you'll make your way through. The tough part is watching out for the Falmer shooting down at you from above.

    Eventually, the canyon will reach a dead end but if you go up the ramps, one of them will lead you through a cove into another section of the canyon. Make your way through this section of village and then head back down to the bottom floor. Continue into a bluish cave. You won't meet any resistance inside but do watch out for tripwire traps. Keep climbing through this cave until you come to the final wayshrine in the middle of a Falmer village.

    Fill the ewer this final time. Turn around, walk out of the wayshrine and just head straight until you cross a very large bridge. Make your way up to the front doors of the large building ahead. The doors will not open but if you look behind you, you should see a receptacle for pouring your water. This will eventually cause the door to unlock. When it does, go inside.

    Inner Sanctum

    Inside, you'll find yourself in a rather large room with a bunch of frozen Falmer and Chaurus. Go through the doors to the north but watch out for all the frozen enemies. Some of them will shatter the ice around them and attack you. Thankfully, this shouldn't happen in large groups. Continue northward.

    You'll go through some rather large doors into another room which slowly turns into an ice cavern. Follow this cavern and it will lead you to Auriel's Chapel.

    Auriel's Chapel

    Go forward and drop down to the lower level. Turn left and make your way east. You'll come to a clear wall of ice with your target on the far side. He will wake the various Falmer and Chaurus on our side of the ice. They will keep coming at you but they are far weaker than normal it seems. Be careful not to hit Serana if you can because she can become aggressive towards you and make it difficult to finish this quest. Once you've cleared most of the enemies here, he will summon a Frost Atronach. Kill that and the giant ice wall should break.

    Once it's broken, he will make a run for it. Follow after him, past the throne he was sitting on. This will take you to a beautiful balcony. Kill him but try not to knock him off the edge if you want his gear. Once he's dead, his brother will show up and the last wayshrine will open. After talking with Geleber, Auriel's Bow will appear inside. Grab the bow and then talk to Geleber to get Sunhollow arrows. The first batch is free but every arrow after that needs to be crafted and requires elven arrows. You can convert some extras if you want, to be on the safe side but leave some elven arrows to spare if you can.

    After talking to him, talk to Serana. She will agree that it's time to confront Harkon.

    Kindred Judgment

    Head back to the fort. Talk to Isran. After the rallying speech, you'll head for Volkihar castle. Be prepared because you're headed for Harkon's throne room. Make your way through the castle and up to the Cathedral. You'll have to cut your way through all the different vampires and hounds to get up there. This shouldn't be too difficult because you'll be accompanied by a rather large group of Dawnguard. Make your way up to the chapel. Harkon will be ready for a fight but he'll still want to talk first. You'll have the chance to hand him the bow but I suspect that he'll just try to kill you anyway, requiring you to kill him just the same. I say don't.

    The battle will start. Use magic on him if you like, get close for melee. Do whatever you like to do damage. Watch out for the various minions he summons to fight with him. From time to time he will teleport around the room, making him a hard target for a melee. If you've got an abundance of Sunhollow Arrows, you can use those for some massive damage here. If not, hang on to them because they are useful for something else.

    After you do some damage, he will move to the back of the room and form a shield around him. When he does this, shoot the Sunhollow Arrows at him with Auriel's Bow and it will destroy his shield. Once it's down, continue on with the battle as usual. Once he's killed, you will be recognized as the most powerful vampire and the Lord of the castle. This will allow you to take radiant quests from the Dawnguard here just like any other faction.

    There's one more important thing that happens here. After the fight, Serana will offer to be your companion. This is very useful because she will allow you to use her blood with Elven arrows to make blood cursed arrows. If you shoot one of these at the sun, it will blot out the sun for the rest of the day (and grant you an achievement).

    • Achievement: Kindred Judgment
    • Achievement: Auriel's Bow

    Lost to the Ages

    To start this quest, you'll have to go to the Dwemer Ruins of Arkngthamz, SE of Markarth. Inside the ruin, you'll have to activate the "tonal gate". The tonal gate is just a gate with five switches. You'll have to hit the five switches with arrows in a particular order. From left to right, the sequence is: 1,5,2,4,3.

    This will open a gate and behind it is an Atherium Shard. Grab that and then you will receive the quest to get the other three shards. There is one in Raldbthar W of Windhelm, a piece in Mzulft SE of Windhelm, and the last piece is outdoors W of Deepfall Cave (part of the Dawnguard quests) and NNE Deep Folk Crossing. It will be on a little pedestal.

    After you've gotten all of the pieces, you need to travel to the Ruins of Bthalft which is in the Western most part of the Rift (West of Riften). At the ruins, you will only find some sort of odd compass on a pedestal. Go up to that and insert the Atherium Crest to get in. Inside, pull the lever to go down into the ruins.

    There will be a gate directly N of you and on the right side of the gate's frame will be a lever to open it. Follow the path past the self-lighting torches and across the land bridge. Go up the giant stairs and you'll come to a square with a tree in the middle. If you look at the gate to the west, you should notice two more of the switches from the tonal gate above it. Hit the left one first, then the right one. Go through the gate and down the stairs.

    This will put you in the Aetherium Forge. Just to the right of where you enter is the valve to turn off the steam. After you shut off the steam and approach the large golden structure, you'll be attacked. You have to defeat these enemies before you can continue. You'll be attacked by about six Dwemer Spiders. When they are dead, you'll be attacked by two Dwemer Spheres and a few more Spiders. You have to be careful while fighting because eventually, the steam will come back on and you don't want to be hit by it.

    When all of the other enemies have died, there's one last surprise in case you hadn't guessed. A Centurion will come up out of the magma and attack you. Once you kill him, you will be allowed to forge one item so make it count. If you need materials, there's some scattered around the room in various places. Everything you should need to make the items should be found in this room. Once you've chosen and crafted something, the quest will be complete.

    • Achievement: Lost to the Ages


    Vampires have gotten a pretty good upgrade with this DLC. You will still have to deal with penalties from the sun (unless you complete the quest!) and you still become rather unappealing if you don't feed but the Vampire Lord form is quite powerful. It gives you a Drain Life spell that's just devastating. It does good damage on most enemies and can maintain your life even while you're taking quite a beating. You can also use this spell while not in Vampire Lord form which allows you to gain progress towards you vampire lord perks even if you aren't a vampire lord.

    Aside from that and the basic reanimate the dead spell, you've got a variety of perks and the Bat teleport ability. This can actually get you across decent sized gaps making for interesting shortcuts in some cases. There are quite a few interesting perks but one of my favorites is the swarm of bats. The bats will swarm around you and drain health from enemies in melee range. What this means is that you become that much harder to kill when melee enemies attack you, even if you're being swarmed.

    Interestingly, you can become a vampire no matter which quest you choose to take. At the end of the quest, Serana will join you as a companion and will convert you if you like.

    Also, it is interesting to note that you travel faster when in Vampire Lord form than just about any other way. You can really travel! You also can not set off pressure plate traps when you are levitating.

    While the vampire is fun to play, it can also be difficult to get around during the day because your stamina is constantly sapped. You can get around this later with Auriel's Bow but in the meantime, it can still be a pain. Also, In Vampire Lord form, you can sometimes get stuck because you are too tall. The inability to manipulate some objects can also be somewhat frustrating. Despite all that, I found the Vampire Lord to be fun to play and very powerful.


    I think most people already understand how Werewolves work but they've made some interesting upgrades to it. The Werewolf has a perk tree just like the Vampire Lord but instead of getting credit towards your perks for killing people with a certain attack, you get points by feeding on the dead.

    The real beauty of the werewolf is in the perk tree though. On the right side are some interesting abilities, not the least of which is the ability to feed on almost anything that's flesh and not a dragon. If you go up the left side, you'll get the ability to summon help when you howl. At its highest level, it will actually summon other werewolves to help you.

    Unfortunately, my experience with the Werewolf has been limited. It's fun to play and it's good that it's gotten stronger but I still prefer the Vampire Lord.


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