Side missions?

  1. Okay so there are side missions such as getting books for tom or deleting April's records. Can someone tell me what all missions there are and how to get/complete them?

    User Info: mistychan

    mistychan - 4 years ago


  1. There are only 3. They are:
    1. Tom's books, which you start by talking with Tom before going to the museum. You'll find the books near the beginning: go into the building and up the stairs to your right, at the top you'll find a small L-shaped room on your left. The books are in a book case. Talk to Tom after killing Blooming to complete the mission.
    2. April's records, which you start by talking with April before you head off to face Vlad. There's a computer in Geoforge on the second or third "floor" that is marked with an arrow and a distance counter. All you have to do is go to it and "use" the computer to delete her records. Talk to her after killing Vlad to complete this side mission.
    3. PDFs. This isn't a specific side mission, but you get 200xp for each one you find. There's usually one in between each auto-save point in the first 6 chapters. (Reading them, especially in chapters 5 and 6, helps to understand the story behind the story.) I don't recall finding any in chapter 7 (DLC).

    User Info: KOReldor

    KOReldor (FAQ Author) - 2 years ago 0 0

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