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    5 Finger DiscountCapture the enemy Stockpile10
    Air Strike MK.IDestroy 1 Walrus using a Manta5
    Air Strike MK.IIDestroy 100 Walruses using a Manta10
    Air Strike MK.IIIDestroy 1000 Walruses using a Manta25
    Balls Of Steel MK.ICapture 1 island with a Deadly defense25
    Balls Of Steel MK.IICapture 10 islands with a Deadly defense50
    Balls Of Steel MK.IIICapture 25 islands with a Deadly defense75
    Barricade Blaster MK.IDestroy 1 Turret from Direct Control5
    Barricade Blaster MK.IIDestroy 100 Turret from Direct Control10
    Barricade Blaster MK.IIIDestroy 1000 Turret from Direct Control25
    Blueprint Collector (secret)Locate and acquire all available Blueprints25
    Bug Crusher MK.IDestroy 1 Walrus from Direct Control5
    Bug Crusher MK.IIDestroy 100 Walruses from Direct Control10
    Bug Crusher MK.IIIDestroy 1000 Walruses from Direct Control25
    Bunker Buster MK.ICapture 1 island with a Very Strong defense10
    Bunker Buster MK.IICapture 10 islands with a Very Strong defense25
    Bunker Buster MK.IIICapture 25 islands with a Very Strong defense50
    Captain (secret)Successfully commandeer an enemy Carrier10
    Conqueror Of The Dead ZoneCapture all enemy islands in the Dead Zone50
    Damsel in distress (secret)Rescue Captain Aurora from the APA10
    Fence Off (secret)Defeat the enemy Carrier in naval combat10
    Fly Swatter MK.IDestroy 1 Manta from Direct Control5
    Fly Swatter MK.IIDestroy 100 Mantas from Direct Control10
    Fly Swatter MK.IIIDestroy 1000 Mantas from Direct Control25
    Hammers And NailsProduce over 1000 items25
    Hardcore MK.ICapture 1 island without using load10
    Hardcore MK.IICapture 3 islands without using load25
    Hardcore MK.IIICapture 5 islands without using load50
    Iron Fist MK.ICapture 1 island with a Strong defense10
    Iron Fist MK.IICapture 10 islands with a Strong defense25
    Iron Fist MK.IIICapture 50 islands with a Strong defense50
    Island HopperCapture over 250 islands50
    Kali (secret)Unleash the Lord of Death within you, eliminate Fulcrum's facilities10
    Lean Mean Green Machine (secret)Locate all Green Laser research files25
    Lost Friends (secret)Restore contact with Captain Aurora10
    Manhattan project (secret)Reassemble the Hammerhead Nuclear Missile system10
    MillionaireMine over 1 million in resources25
    Relentless (secret)Shoot down Shin's Manta10
    Revenge Is Sweet (secret)Execute Dr. Mao Shin75
    Road Kill MK.IRun over 1 enemy infantry unit5
    Road Kill MK.IIRun over 50 enemy infantry units10
    Road Kill MK.IIIRun over 100 enemy infantry units25
    Silent Heroes (secret)Locate survivors from the Dead Zone drop10
    Titanic (secret)Sink the enemy Carrier20
    To Protect, To Destroy (secret)Decommission the Geothermal power plants10

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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