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    Weapon/Monster Guide by MorpheusDV

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     R E S U R R E C T I O N   O F   E V I L
                WEAPON / MONSTER FAQ
    DV Morpheus
    Last Update: 4.19.05
    Version: 3.5 FINAL
    Table of Contents:
    1. Introduction ..................................................[D3XP.01.01]
    2. Updates Information ...........................................[D3XP.02.01]
    3. The Story .....................................................[D3XP.03.01]
       * Ultimate Doom ...............................................[D3XP.03.02]
       * Doom II: Hell on Earth ......................................[D3XP.03.03]
       * Final Doom ..................................................[D3XP.03.04]
       * Doom 3 ......................................................[D3XP.03.05]
       * Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil ................................[D3XP.03.06]
    4. Weapons .......................................................[D3XP.04.01]
       * Flashlight ..................................................[D3XP.04.02]
       * Ionized Plasma Levitator (The Grabber).......................[D3XP.04.03]
       * Fist ........................................................[D3XP.04.04]
       * Pistol ......................................................[D3XP.04.05]
       * Shotgun .....................................................[D3XP.04.06]
       * Double Barreled Shotgun .....................................[D3XP.04.07]
       * Machine Gun .................................................[D3XP.04.08]
       * Chaingun ....................................................[D3XP.04.09]
       * Hand Grenades ...............................................[D3XP.04.10]
       * Plasma Rifle ................................................[D3XP.04.11]
       * Rocket Launcher .............................................[D3XP.04.12]
       * BFG 9000 ....................................................[D3XP.04.13]
       * The Artifact ................................................[D3XP.04.14]
    5. Monsters ......................................................[D3XP.05.01]
       * Zombie (Generic) ............................................[D3XP.05.02]
       * Zombie (Fat) ................................................[D3XP.05.03]
       * Zombie (Flaming) ............................................[D3XP.05.04]
       * Zombie (Bio Suit) ...........................................[D3XP.05.05]
       * Zombie (Z-Sec) ..............................................[D3XP.05.06]
       * Zombie (Commando, Chaingun Commando) ........................[D3XP.05.07]
       * Trite .......................................................[D3XP.05.08]
       * Tick ........................................................[D3XP.05.09]
       * Lost Soul ...................................................[D3XP.05.10]
       * The Forgotten One ...........................................[D3XP.05.11]
       * Imp .........................................................[D3XP.05.12]
       * Vulgar ......................................................[D3XP.05.13]
       * Maggot ......................................................[D3XP.05.14]
       * Wraith ......................................................[D3XP.05.15]
       * Cherub ......................................................[D3XP.05.16]
       * Pinky .......................................................[D3XP.05.17]
       * Cacodemon ...................................................[D3XP.05.18]
       * Renevant ....................................................[D3XP.05.19]
       * Archvile ....................................................[D3XP.05.20]
       * Mancubus ....................................................[D3XP.05.21]
       * Hell Knight .................................................[D3XP.05.22]
       * The Bruiser .................................................[D3XP.05.23]
       * The Hell Hunters ............................................[D3XP.05.24]
       * Maledict ....................................................[D3XP.05.25]
    6. Weapon vs. Monster Chart ......................................[D3XP.06.01]
    7. Conclusion ....................................................[D3XP.07.01]
    8. Legal Information .............................................[D3XP.08.01]
    9. Credits .......................................................[D3XP.09.01]
    10. Contacts .....................................................[D3XP.10.01]
    1. Introduction                                                   [D3XP.01.01]
    Doom 3 marked a milestone when it was first released on 8.4.04. Not only did
    Doom 3 utilize the newest graphics engine, but also introduced new weapons,
    new monsters, and above all, new  areas. Combine this with a great storyline
    and you get what some people deem the best game of the year.
    After Doom 3 was released and ID heard about how good it was, they immediately
    began working on a sequel for Doom 3, that takes place two years after the
    horrible incidents on Mars. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil was released on
    4.4.05. Bringing new monsters, new weapons, and new environments to gameplay,
    this was the perfect way to improve Doom 3.
    My FAQ will be about the various weapons, items, monsters, and bosses you
    may encounter on your trip through Mars and Hell itself. There will be
    strategies for monsters whenever possible. Although I don't remember where
    every single weapon can be found, I will try to give a location of where it
    can first be found. Also, if something is wrong in this FAQ, please point it
    out and I'll correct it. Contact information is found below.
    2. Updates Information                                            [D3XP.02.01]
    Updates go from top to bottom, newer updates appear at the bottom.
    4.04.05 - First draft of this FAQ.
    4.05.05 - Added info on the Hell Knight, thank you helpful reader #001.
            - Put the Vagary in the Weapon vs. Monster Chart.
            - Added some minor stuff.
    4.09.05 - Added The Forgotten One to the monster list.
            - Fixed information regarding The Artifact.
    4.10.05 - Added Pro's and Con's for using the Grabber on Trites, Ticks, etc.
            - Added some minor stuff.
    4.12.05 - Minor updates and fixes.
            - New Table of Contents Layout.
            - Have a FAQ/Walkthrough coming for D3: RoE.
            - Added the Story section, very interesting reads.
    4.14.05 - Updated Legal Information.
    4.18.05 - Added the Maggot to the monster list.
            - Added some more information for the weapons.
            - Final version of the FAQ.
    4.19.05 - Updated 'Contact' information for AIM.
    3. The Story                                                      [D3XP.03.01]
    I give credit to the .pdf manuals from the Doom Collector's Edition for giving
    me all the stories from Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth, and Final Doom. Stories
    from Doom 3 and Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil were taken from their respective
    manuals as well.
    Ultimate Doom                                                     [D3XP.03.02]
    You're a marine, one of Earth's toughest, hardened in combat and trained for 
    action. Three years ago you assaulted a superior officer for ordering his 
    soldiers to fire upon civilians. He and his body cast were shipped to Pearl 
    Harbour, while you were transferred to Mars, home of the Union Aerospace 
    The UAC is a multi-planetary conglomerate with radioactive waste facilities on
    Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. With no action for fifty million 
    miles, your day consisted of suckin' dust and watchin' restricted flicks in 
    the rec room.
    For the last four years the military, UAC's biggest supplier, has used the 
    remote facilities on Phobos and Deimos to conduct various secret projects, 
    including research on inter-dimensional space travel. So far they have been 
    able to open gateways between Phobos and Deimos, throwing a few gadgets into
    one and watching them come out the other. Recently however, the Gateways have
    grown dangerously unstable. Military "volunteers" entering them have either 
    disappeared or been stricken with a strange form of insanity babbling 
    vulgarities, bludgeoning anything that breathes, and finally suffering an 
    untimely death of full-body explosion. Matching heads with torsos to send home
    to the folks became a full-time job. Latest military reports state that the 
    research is suffering a small set-back, but everything is under control.
    A few hours ago, Mars received a garbled message from Phobos. "We require 
    immediate military support. Something fraggin' evil is coming out of the 
    Gateways! Computer systems have gone berserk!" The rest was incoherent. Soon
    afterwards, Deimos simply vanished from the sky. Since then, attempts to 
    establish contact with either moon have been unsuccessful.
    You and your buddies, the only combat troop for fifty million miles were sent
    up pronto to Phobos. You were ordered to secure the perimeter of the base 
    while the rest of the team went inside. For several hours, your radio picked
    up the sounds of combat: guns firing, men yelling orders, screams, bones 
    cracking, then finally, silence. Seems your buddies are dead.
    Things aren't looking too good. You'll never navigate off the planet on your
    own. Plus, all the heavy weapons have been taken by the assault team leaving 
    you with only a pistol. If only you could get your hands around a plasma rifle
    or even a shotgun you could take a few down on your way out. Whatever killed 
    your buddies deserves a couple of pellets in the forehead. Securing your 
    helmet, you exit the landing pod. Hopefully you can find more substantial 
    firepower somewhere within the station.
    As you walk through the main entrance of the base, you hear animal-like growls
    echoing throughout the distant corridors. They know you're here. There's no 
    turning back now.
    Doom II: Hell on Earth                                            [D3XP.03.03]
    Back at last. After days of hard fighting in space, you've returned home on 
    well-earned leave. You're one of Earth's crack soldiers, hard-bitten, tough, 
    and heavily-armed. When the alien invasion struck Mars, you were the first on
    the scene. By killing, killing, and killing, you won. You stopped the 
    invasion, saved Mars base, and became a war hero. What they don't talk about 
    so much is that you were the only survivor. 
    But that's all behind you now. You've quit the military, and are heading home.
    Your drop pod lands with a crunch. You open 'er up, and look out. Damn! The 
    city ahead is on fire. What the devil is going on? You stagger forward, 
    clutching at your sidearm. Packs of refugees are fleeing the flaming 
    metropolis. A band of them shriek in terror. You squint. What's that? Someone
    is attacking the refugees. You rush up and blast away, killing the 
    troublemaker. It looks like a human, but something's wrong. His mouth is 
    filled with half-chewed flesh, and he's all messed up, like a zombie from a 
    bad horror movie. Hell, not again! 
    You can feel it. It's all starting again, just like on Mars. First, people are
    taken over, turned into cannibal Things. Then the real horror starts, the
    deformed monstrosities from Outside. But now it's on Earth. 
    It turns out that the invaders are all over. Monsters range from Tokyo to 
    Timbuktu, from Stockholm to Scranton. Billions are dead. Some people have been
    transformed into flesh-eating mutants, but a few, a very few, are still alive 
    and fully human. The wise men of humanity have evolved a plan to save what's 
    left of the human race. They have built enormous ships to carry the remaining
    people into space, safely away from the ruined world. 
    Unfortunately, Earth's only ground spaceport has just been taken over by the 
    demons. They've instituted a sort of force field flame barrier over the port;
    no ships can land or take off. You gotta go back into action. The pathetic 
    remnants of Earth's soldiers are making an assault on the invaders at the 
    spaceport. If you win, you might be able to turn off the barrier, so that the 
    ships can leave, and Homo sapiens may not go extinct just yet. If you lose, 
    that's it. Humanity is history. 
    You and your comrades make their attack. Soon, brave men drop like flies. You
    lose track of your friends, though sometimes you can hear them scream when 
    they die, and the sounds of combat echo from deep within the starbase.
    Something hisses with rage from the steel tunnels ahead. They know you're 
    here. They have no pity, no mercy, take no quarter, and crave none. They're 
    the perfect enemy, in a way. No one's left but you. You... and Them.
    Final Doom                                                        [D3XP.03.04]
    Though all the top management of the UAC were dead, and so were most of their
    personnel down to the janitors, the corporation survived, now under strict 
    government supervision. The UAC still sought the secret to matter apportation,
    and continued its experiments under vastly increased safety measures. 
    The UAC's base was set up on one of the moons of Jupiter, hoping that the 
    increased distance would enhance Earth's safety if something went wrong. 
    Marines were stationed at the base, ready for anything.
    Soon after the UAC opened its first Gate, the minions of Hell made their first
    attack. Suddenly, through the Gate flowed spiked, fanged, dripping 
    techno-terrors. Meat machines flailed their armored limbs and slavered with 
    bloodlust, seeking soft bleeding manflesh to rend. But in their seeking, they
    found only death. The United States Space Marine Corps was prepared for such 
    an event, and they poured molten death into the hordes of Hell. More demons 
    massed, hoping to overwhelm the defenders by their endless numbers. But mass 
    alone was no match for the marines. Set up in defensive positions around the 
    gate, the marines were able to slaughter the monsters by the hundreds, taking
    few losses.
    As suddenly as it had begun, the invasion ended. The last flaming skull 
    screamed through, was hit by twenty simultaneous shotgun blasts, and the 
    chamber was silent once more, except for the dripping of blood. Hell had 
    The research went on, more boldly, and less cautiously. All the marines 
    received the Silver Star from a grateful government, and the UAC made an 
    enormous contribution to the Veteran's Fund. The defensive positions were 
    strengthened, and the marines watched closely for another attempt, all their 
    attention drawn inward towards the Gates. They were looking in the wrong 
    Hell knew more than one trick. Months after the Gate incident, the yearly 
    supply ship came ahead of time. On radar, the ship looked far larger than 
    usual. And it was coming from the wrong direction. Strange, but not 
    inexplicable. The lax radar operators reported the ship's approach, and 
    personnel went out to the landing field to meet it. But it never landed. 
    Instead, it hovered over the base, miles in the air. The men and women looked
    up at it, and saw that something was terribly wrong.
    The ship could not have come from Earth. It was huge, kilometers long, and was
    built of bone, steel, flesh, corruption, and death. It was a 
    bio-mechano-magical construct from the depths of Hell and It had come through
    space for its vengeance. Enormous doors, large as football fields, irised open
    and hideous demons poured out, plunging to the ground and blanketing the 
    entire base with their throbbing, pulsing bodies. They were everywhere at 
    once. The marines' defenses, set up to prevent an attack from the direction of
    the Gate, were worthless. The monsters poured through the sewers, the air 
    vents, the hallways, everywhere, rampaging, corrupting, and feasting.
    Once more, the surviving humans were left as zombified brain-dead 
    monstrosities. existing only to kill and kill and kill.
    Only one man escaped death or zombification. The marine commander. You. You 
    weren't at the base when the skies opened and devastation poured from the 
    stars. You were miles away, enjoying a walk across the moon's rough-hewn 
    landscape. Then you heard a snortling gurgle behind you, whirled, to face one
    of Them. The beings that still haunted your nightmares. Your reflexes weren't
    dulled by your expierences, and you pulled out your pistol and blew the imp to
    gory shreds.
    Hot-footing it back to the base, you saw it all and realized what had happened
    in a flash. The demon ship still floated above the infested base. Your boys -- 
    the men you'd trained to fight and kill and die as no fighting man had ever 
    been trained before -- were dead. You were not there when it happened, to die 
    with them.
    Unlike the ancient Samurai, who chose to die with their men, you cocked your 
    pistol. You were going to kill for your men. And if you died trying, well, you
    were going to die anyway, some day. Death at the fangs of demons might be the 
    very worst way to die, but if they did manage to get you, Hell would know it 
    had been in a fight.
    After Hell's catastrophic invasion of Earth, the United States took steps to 
    prevent such an invasion from recurring. The old UAC corporation was 
    refounded, under completely new management (since the old trustees and 
    stockholders were all dead, this wasn't much of a problem), and sent to 
    research tools and technologies to prevent such an incursion from happening 
    ever again.
    Though the invasion had been stopped, and the remaining demons were gradually
    being exterminated by mopping-up squads, it was clear that the powers of Hell
    remained strong. While the Spider Mastermind and Baphomet seemed to no longer
    threaten, who knew what else lay Outside? Waiting. Watching. Preparing.
    The new UAC began working on quantum Accelerator devices, intended to close
    interdimensional gates at a distance and so prevent future incursions forever.
    The project began innocently enough. Naturally the scientists, in order to 
    learn how to close Gates, had to relearn Gate technology first. This ability 
    was rapidly regained. Perhaps too rapidly.
    Soon, beings from Outside had their dire attention drawn to the new 
    experiments, and then, one day, a Gate opened in the heart of the research 
    complex. Unnatural horrors from the pit poured in, ravening for destruction.
    But the UAC scientists had learned their trade. The Quantum Accelerator 
    Device performed perfectly in its maiden test -- the invasion Gate was closed
    instantly and permanently when the Accelerator flicked on. A cyberdemon, 
    halfway through, was snipped in two when the Gate closed. Earth would now be
    safe from literal invasion by Hell. At least, once the technology could be 
    set up around the globe.
    The next day, a ring of seven Gates opened, throughout the base, and a 
    monstrous legion rampaged through. The Quantum Accelerator began putting out
    the Gates at once, and within an hour, six were closed. But the hellish army
    was now too strong, too numerous. The marines fought like mad dogs, but were 
    finally pulled down by the enemies' claws. The scientists, marines, and 
    bureaucrats were all slain or transformed into undead mankillers.
    The Quantum Accelerator and its prototypes are deep inside the ravaged 
    complex. A demon Gatekeeper guards them and mans the last Gate of Hell. The 
    government, frantic that the Quantum Accelerator will be destroyed or used in
    some alien fashion upon us, has ordered all marines to the site at once, 
    regardless of their location.
    You were on leave at the beach, only a few minutes from the complex, when you
    got the word. You suited up, grabbed a pistol, and raced your pickup truck to
    the complex. When you arrived, flashes of light, howls, and chanting could be
    heard from the interior. Corpses were scattered everywhere. Obviously the 
    Gatekeeper was doing something inside -- something that would soon reach some
    kind of awful climax.
    You know that within an hour or two, an entire division of marines will arrive
    to assault the base with full artillery and air support. You also know that 
    they will be too late. Far too late. The airplanes will be plucked from the 
    sky by floating terrors, the cannons melted by diabolic rockets and fireballs,
    the soldiers blasted to shreds as they charge into the armored shell of the 
    UAC buildings. In an hour or two, the monstrosities inside will have finished
    their awful task, and will be prepared, once more, to take on the world.
    It's up to you. You have to enter the complex and stop the Gatekeeper. Alone.
    Doom 3                                                            [D3XP.03.05]
    You are a marine, one of Earth’s toughest, hardened in combat and trained for 
    action. Shortly after reporting for duty at the Union Aerospace Corporation’s
    Mars research facility, a massive demonic invasion overwhelms the base, 
    leaving chaos, horror and uncertainty in its wake. As one of only a few 
    survivors, you must use overwhelming firepower and all of your combat skill to
    battle through the demon hordes, find out what went wrong and prevent the evil
    from spreading. Only you stand between Hell and Earth.
    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil                                      [D3XP.03.06]
    It has been almost two years since the mysterious incident shut down the UAC 
    base on Mars. Several months ago, one of the UAC satellites still monitoring 
    the red planet detected a beacon originating from Site 1. This early research
    facility was long forgotten, even before the invasion. Now, you're a Marine 
    combat engineer, part of a massive research and security team lead by Dr. 
    Elizabeth McNeil. Your team is being sent back to Mars in an attempt to find 
    and investigate the source of this strange signal. What you'll find, nobody 
    knows, but hopefully it will offer new insight into the ancient civilization 
    that once inhabited Mars.
    As your transport nears the surface, you cannot help but wonder what type 
    of "accident" could have killed so many two years ago... and could it happen 
    4. Weapons                                                        [D3XP.04.01]
    With the exception of the Soul Cube and Chainsaw, all of the weapons from 
    Doom 3 came back and made an appearance in the expansion pack. On top of
    that, we have newer weapons also: The Ionized Plasma Levitator (The Grabber),
    the Double Barreled Shotgun (Yay!), and The Artifact.
    Each weapon will have a layout of this:
    Name (Simply, the name of the weapon).
    Power (Out of 5 stars, 5 being the most powerful).
    Accuracy (Out of 5 stars, 5 being the most accurate).
    Maximum Ammo (How much ammo can you obtain before you hit the maximum?).
    Clip Capacity (How much ammo does it store per clip?).
    Rate of Fire (How fast does it shoot?).
    Damage Per Round (How much does each round do?).
    Reload Time: (How fast does it reload?)
    Notes and Description (General techniques, descriptions, and other stuff).
    Flashlight                                                        [D3XP.04.02]
    Power: **/*****
    Accuracy: N/A
    Maximum Ammo: N/A
    Clip Capacity: N/A
    Rate of Fire: Very Slow.
    Damage Per Round: 40.
    Reload Time: Very Slow.
    The main purpose of the Flashlight is to illuminate dark areas. You can use it
    as a weapon, but it's not highly recommended. It may do more damage than the
    Pistol or Fist, but the reload time is atrocious, which can mean the
    difference between life and death in a firefight.
    If you need to use this as a weapon, never use it on anything better than an 
    Imp, simply because you will die, or get badly damaged.
    Ionized Plasma Levitator (The Grabber)                            [D3XP.04.03]
    Power: N/A.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: N/A.
    Clip Capacity: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: N/A.
    Damage Per Round: N/A.
    Reload Time: Normal.
    One of the new weapons that Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil proudly introduces,
    the Grabber has two uses: Defensive and Offensive.
    While in defensive use, you can do a lot of things. If you see that some ammo
    or health is on a high ledge that you cannot reach, you can target that object
    and bring it back to you. You can also move boxes, oil drums, and objects
    like that to uncover secrets to ammo caches and other goodies.
    While in offensive use, the real fun begins. One of the best things the
    Grabber can do is grab monster projectiles out of the air, and throw them
    back at them, killing them in most cases. You can also pick up the explosive
    barrels and toss them at Vulgars and other monsters, killing them with ease.
    Another thing you can do is grab some of the smaller monsters, like Cherubs,
    Ticks, etc. and fling them against the wall or into lava, killing them
    instantly. This is a very fun thing to do, and will have you laughing for
    There are tons more uses for the Grabber, just waiting to be discovered. How
    many can you find?
    Fist                                                              [D3XP.04.04]
    Power: */*****.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: N/A.
    Clip Capacity: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: Normal.
    Damage Per Round: 20.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    The Fist is absolutely useless. You should never use this unless you are out
    of ammo, unless...
    ...Once you defeat the Hell Hunters, the Artifact will give you the power
    of Berserk. This dramatically increases the damage and usefulness of the
    Fist. This can be useful to save up ammo for when you really need the
    Pistol                                                            [D3XP.04.05]
    Power: */*****.
    Accuracy: *****/*****.
    Maximum Ammo: 372 Bullets.
    Clip Capacity: 12 Bullets.
    Rate of Fire: Normal.
    Damage Per Round: 14.
    Reload Time: Slow.
    The standard issue firearm for UAC personnel. The Pistol will be forgotten
    when you get halfway through the first level, but until then, it will have
    to do. The Pistol lacks in power deeply, but is very accurate, so it makes
    up for it.
    If you absolutely have to use the Pistol because you have no more ammo in any
    of your other weapons, aim for the monster's head if possible. Headshots do
    an extra 25% damage to monsters, which can save you ammo or the time reloading
    during fights.
    With a meager 12 rounds a clip, you need to make your shots count. Not only
    does the Pistol take long to reload, but the bullets, as I said above, don't
    do very much damage.
    Shotgun                                                           [D3XP.04.06]
    Power: ***/***** (Close proximity), */***** (Far away).
    Accuracy: ****/***** (Close proximity), */***** (Far Away).
    Maximum Ammo: 320 Shells.
    Clip Capacity: 8 Shells.
    Rate of Fire: Slow.
    Damage Per Round: 90 (Estimated).
    Reload Time: Very Slow to Fast.
    This will become your main weapon until you get the Double Barreled Shotgun.
    The Shotgun packs a huge punch up close, but the spread cone sucks at long
    One of the biggest pluses for this weapon is that it has the ability to kill
    some of the weaker monsters, such as Imps and Zombies, in one hit up close.
    This can save a ton of ammo and that time for reloading in between. For best
    results, try to aim at their head to do that extra 25% damage. Doing this
    can kill a Pinky in about two hits if the shots are timed right.
    The biggest drawback for the Shotgun is the time it takes to reload. If you
    have to reload 8 shells because you expended the clip, it's going to take a
    long time before it fully reloaded. Thankfully, if a monster sneaks up on you
    when you reload, you can cancel the reload instantly and engage firing. Always
    try to find a safe place to reload the Shotgun, perferably a room with one
    enterance and exit, to avoid being suprised.
    Double Barreled Shotgun                                           [D3XP.04.07]
    Power: *****/***** (Close Proximity), **/***** (Far away).
    Accuracy: ****/***** (Close proximity), **/***** (Far away).
    Maximum Ammo: 320 Shells.
    Clip Capacity: 2 Shells.
    Rate of Fire: Very Slow.
    Damage Per Round: 210 (Estimated).
    Reload Time: Medium.
    ID Software proudly introduces the return of the infamous Super Shotgun!
    Remember how much ass the Super Shotgun kicked in Doom II? Well, in Doom 3:
    Resurrection of Evil, this is no exception. The Double Barreled Shotgun
    is easily one of the best weapons in the game. It has very few drawbacks,
    its power is amazing, and for a Shotgun, it's deadly accurate.
    Since this Shotgun is double barreled and only holds two shells a clip, you
    have a reload after every shot. It does take some time to reload, but it's
    not as slow as the Shotgun. The power makes up more than enough for its reload
    time. The Double Barreled Shotgun is excellent at killing anything from a 
    Renevant on down in one shot, provided you're up close. Due to this, you can 
    save a lot of ammo by just firing one shot, instead of using a better weapon.
    As always, aim for the head. You can take down a Hell Knight, one of the best
    monsters in the game, down in 2-3 shots by aiming for the head. Amazing, no?
    Try to save the Double Barreled Shotgun for something big, because as you go
    farther into the game, Shotgun shells become harder to find.
    Machine Gun                                                       [D3XP.04.08]
    Power: */*****.
    Accuracy: *****/*****.
    Maximum Ammo: 600 Rounds.
    Clip Capacity: 60 Rounds.
    Rate of Fire: Very Fast.
    Damage Per Round: 9.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    The Machine Gun is another standard issue rapid-fire weapon for UAC Marines on
    Mars. This is also the choice of 90% of the Z-Sec Zombies you will encounter
    in the game.
    The Machine Gun lacks in power, doing only roughly 9 damage a round. It makes
    up for its power from its excellent accuracy and huge clip capacity. The
    Machine Gun is not designed for pure stopping power, but rather for very 
    small riot control against hordes of Zombies or Imps.
    The bad thing about this weapon is the fact it goes through a clip of ammo
    in a matter of seconds. If you rely on this weapon too often, you might be
    found short of ammo, even though the ammo for the Machine Gun is common.
    To save ammo, aim for the head of monsters. This will make the Machine Gun do
    more damage and save ammo. When reloading the Machine Gun, find a safe place
    to hide, because it does take up some space on your screen.
    Chaingun                                                          [D3XP.04.09]
    Power: ***/*****.
    Accuracy: ***/*****.
    Maximum Ammo: 600 Chaingun Rounds.
    Clip Capacity: 60 Chaingun Rounds.
    Rate of Fire: Very Fast.
    Damage Per Round: 20.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    A step up in power from the Machine Gun. If you know how to use this weapon
    properly, this can be your best friend when confronting monsters in the Mars
    The first thing you should know is that this weapon, once operating in fully
    automatic status, has horrible recoil. Your accuracy suffers a significant
    drop because of this, so take note.
    When you first start to operate this weapon, it takes a few seconds to power
    up first before you start killing things, so beware of this. Once you get it
    going, however, nothing will stand in your way for too long. You can kill
    a Mancubus or a Hell Knight in a full clip if your accuracy is good. I don't
    recommend going for headshots with this weapon, mainly because you'll end up
    missing more shots than actually having the rounds make contact with the
    monster's head.
    The actual time between reloading and starting it up again can mean the 
    difference of life and death when faced in a situation in which you have to
    think off the top of your head. Try to keep some distance between yourself
    and the monster when reloading and powering the Chaingun up to fire.
    Grenade                                                           [D3XP.04.10]
    Power: ****/*****.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: 50 Grenades.
    Clip Capacity: 1 Grenade.
    Rate of Fire: Slow.
    Damage Per Round: 150 Direct Hit, Up to 150 Splash Damage.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    The Grenade is one of those weapons that's a "Fire and Forget" weapon, but
    at the same time, easy to kill yourself or damage you very badly.
    Before you use the grenade, you need to know on how it works. When you pull
    the pin, a series of beeps will grow higher and higher in pitch until BOOM!
    The more you hold it for, the farther it will go.
    Be extremely careful when throwing the Grenade. There's always that potential
    of you killing yourself because of the Grenade bouncing off the wall and
    landing back at your feet. Watch where you're aiming before you throw it,
    because if you're faced in a situation where you have to act fast and you're
    using a Grenade, it will bounce back and blow you to kingdom come.
    One of the best tactics to use with Grenades is to use throw them around
    corners in dark places where monsters may be hiding. You never know what
    you may blow up when you throw a Grenade down an unlit hallway =)
    One omre additional thing about detonation times. A Grenade will detonate
    roughly 3-4 seconds after the pin is pulled or until it makes contact with
    a monster. Keep this in mind.
    Plasma Rifle                                                      [D3XP.04.11]
    Power: ***/*****.
    Accuracy: *****/*****.
    Maximum Ammo: 500 Cells.
    Clip Capacity: 50 Cells.
    Rate of Fire: Very Fast.
    Damage Per Round: 16.
    Reload Time: Medium.
    Another one of the best weapons in the game. Most players will use this when
    they have a surplus of ammo for it. The Plasma Rifle is well rounded in terms
    of damage and accuracy, and has a pretty huge clip. On top of that, it holds
    an amazing 500 Cells. Can you see why players make this their main weapon
    when they have all the ammo for it in the world? On top of that, the reload
    animation is just so cool =)
    There are two drawbacks to the Plasma Rifle though. First, when you fire it,
    the plasma moves at a somewhat slow pace. Any fast monster can easily dodge
    the projectiles you fire. Secondly, the projectiles do tend to take up a bit
    of space on the screen when they are fired, so you may not be able to see
    enemy fire when you shoot the Plasma Rifle. Well... that's it for the
    drawbacks. Headshots are unimportant when using the Plasma Rifle, mainly
    because the ammo is made of plasma. Still, the plasma does fairly good damage.
    Rocket Launcher                                                   [D3XP.04.12]
    Power: *****/*****.
    Accuracy: ****/*****.
    Maximum Ammo: 96 Rockets.
    Clip Capacity: 5 Rockets.
    Rate of Fire: Slow.
    Damage Per Round: 170 Per Rocket, Up to 150 Splash Damage.
    Reload Time: Slow.
    Easily the best destructive weapon in the game, besides the BFG 9000. Anything
    will pass away under this in a clip or less, especially those Bruisers (Good
    thing, those bastards).
    The Rocket Launcher is another "Fire and Forget" weapon because of the fact
    it launcher unguided rockets. As with any Rocket Launcher in any game, do not
    use this up close if you value your life. The splash damage from the Rocket
    Launcher is killer. On the other hand, the splash damage actually sends Imps,
    Vulgars, and Zombies sailing 50 feet into the air =)
    The Rocket Launcher takes skill to use, even for the expert players. Since
    there are quite a few tight hallways with monsters lurking in there in
    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil, you can't go in headstrong thinking you'll come
    out alive, because sometimes you won't. Use your head and actually think how
    you'll use the Rocket Launcher down a narrow corridor.
    The reload time is pretty slow, so duck out of the way to reload whenever
    Since ammo is pretty hard to come by, save the Rocket Launcher for something
    huge, such as a Hell Knight. This will make confrontation with bigger monsters
    a thing of the past.
    BFG 9000                                                          [D3XP.04.13]
    Power: ******/*****.
    Accuracy: ****/*****.
    Maximum Ammo: 32 BFG Cells.
    Clip Capacity: 4 BFG Cells.
    Rate of Fire: Very Slow.
    Damage Per Round: 1,500 Fully Charged, Up to 900 Splash Damage.
    Reload Time: Slow.
    The best weapon in the game. When fully charged up, this weapon will take out
    any monster in one hit, regardless where you hit them. 
    The BFG 9000 operates in a way different from the other Doom games. The fact
    that you can charge it up makes it different. Basically, the more you charge
    it up for, the more damage it will do. Be careful: If you charge it up too
    much, the gun will self-destruct and you'll lose the weapon, and you'll lose
    your life. Also, more more you charge it up, the more cell ammo it will take
    from the clip.
    The BFG 9000 has the capability to damage monsters in the area by "seekers".
    The weapon will fire off a continuous green laser from the main ball, and
    damage anyone who's unlucky around it.
    The green ball itself can be destroyed by small arms fire from a Machine Gun
    or a Chaingun, or even monster attacks. If you see a BFG Cell coming your
    way, be sure to destroy it.
    the BFG Cell itself moves pretty slow in midair. Due to this, there's that
    possibility in which a monster can dodge out of the way and the ball
    completely missing him, resulting in you wasting a BFG Cell. Try to avoid this
    by getting close to your target.
    Finally, BFG 9000 cell ammo is very rare. Use this weapon only when you need 
    The Artifact                                                      [D3XP.04.14]
    Power: N/A.
    Accuracy: N/A.
    Maximum Ammo: 3 Human Souls.
    Clip Capacity: N/A.
    Rate of Fire: N/A.
    Damage Per Round: N/A.
    Reload Time: N/A.
    Little is known about this strage item from hell, other than the 3 Hell
    Hunters and Dr. Betruger seek it for their material posession. You are asked
    by Dr. Elizabeth McNeil to being this strange item back to the surface for
    further investigation.
    You get 3 powers from The Artifact, each coming from a Hell Hunter. Once you
    defeat a Hell Hunter, his power gets added to yours. The 3 powers you get
    for The Artifact are: Hell Time, Invincibility, and Quad Damage.
    The Artifact gets its charges from human corpses. When you have The Artifact
    working and you see a corpse, it will have an orange-like aura surrounding
    the body. Take your Artifact out and it will add the corpse's soul to The
    Artifact's power. You can have only a maximum of 3 charges at a time.
    When you activate it, all 3 abilities will become activated, you don't have to
    choose which one to use. The Artifact's power will last for about 10-15
    seconds, so make good use of it.
    5. The Monsters                                                   [D3XP.05.01]
    What Doom game would it be without the monsters? Probably a very boring one,
    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil added new monsters to gameplay, while some were
    removed. So far, the new monsters we have are the Bruiser, the Vulgar, the
    Bio Suit Zombies, and the Hell Hunters. I'll go through every monster in
    detail, and tell you how to get rid of them.
    Each monster will have a layout like this:
    Name (Simply, the name of the monster).
    Power (Out of 5 stars, 5 being the most powerful).
    Defense (Out of 5 stars, 5 being that they just won't die).
    Weapon of Choice (The best weapon for taking out this monster).
    Notes and Description (General techniques, descriptions, and other stuff).
    For any monster that has a projectile for an attack, you can "kill" the
    projectile by firing bullets at it.
    Zombie (Generic)                                                  [D3XP.05.02]
    Power: */*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun. 
    These guys won't even touch you if you don't walk near them. Since they move
    so slow, this gives you the opportunity to land a headshot on these guys
    You can kill these guys fairly easily with any weapon. If you only see one
    Zombie, use the Pistol instead of wasting ammo on the bigger weapons. If you
    are surrounded by more than one, get a better weapon out, like the Shotgun
    and Machine Gun, and just start filling them with lead.
    These guys love to lurk in dark places, so have your Flashlight out whenever
    you see a dark area. A Zombie may be near. Also, listen for the grunts a
    Zombie makes when he is nearby.
    Zombie (Fat)                                                      [D3XP.05.03]
    Power: */*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Pistol, Shotgun, Machine Gun.
    These guys are not any better than the Generic Zombies as above. Since they're
    fat, they eat a little more lead, but not too much. Use the same tactics as
    above and you should be fine.
    Also, do you find it ironic that since these guys are fat, they sometimes can
    be found munching on a corpse that's on the ground? :P
    Zombie (Flaming)                                                  [D3XP.05.04]
    Power: */*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Shotgun, Machine Gun.
    This is basically a Zombie that's on fire. Flaming Zombies make a different
    grunt than the other Zombies, and also attempt to kamikaze attack you. 
    Since they move so fast and have a higher hit point range, it would be best
    to use a Shotgun or Machine Gun to kill them. Don't be afraid to backpedal,
    these guys do run pretty fast.
    Zombie (Bio Suit)                                                 [D3XP.05.05]
    Power: */*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Shotgun, Machine Gun.
    Another new monster for the expansion, this zombie is the one you seen in
    the screenshots on various websites. He's no different to kill than the
    Generic Zombies, so don't sweat it.
    Once you kill these guys, they drop a Bio Suit Oxygen Tank for when you are
    down in the toxic waste. Be sure to kill these guys when you see them.
    Zombie (Z-Sec)                                                    [D3XP.05.06]
    Power: **/*****.
    Defense: **/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Shotgun, Machine Gun, Grenade.
    These guys come in 3 flavors: Pistol Z-Sec, Shotgun Z-Sec, and Machine Gun
    Z-Sec. the Pistol one won't give you any trouble since his bullets are weak,
    but the Shotgun and Machine Gun Z-Sec Zombies will give you a little harder
    Z-Sec Zombies love to hide behind crates when they fire off a few rounds. In
    other words, they use the "Duck and Cover" technique. You can easily get
    around this and flip a Grenade behind whatever they're hiding behind, and blow
    them up.
    You could also beat them to their own game. Hide behind crates also, while
    coming up and firing off a few shots at them, hopefully capping one of them
    good. If you prefer not to do it this way, what you could do is run up to them
    kamikaze style, and put a Shotgun Round through their head.
    There's one last thing to remember. Since Z-Sec Zombies have all the armor on
    them and that they have a helmet, they are immune to headshots.
    Zombie (Commando, Chaingun Commando)                              [D3XP.05.07]
    Power: **/*****.
    Defense: **/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Double Barreled Shotgun, Machine Gun, Grenade.
    These guys are annoying...
    The Zombie Commandos without the Chaingun attempt to run up to you and start
    whipping you around with their tentacle on their mutated arm. Due to this,
    if you are quick enough, one single Double Barreled Shotgun shell will
    put them down for the count.
    The Chaingunners take more strategy, because all they do is crouch and just
    continuously fire off Chaingun rounds. If there's anything to hide behind,
    use it. Now, you can either charge up to them and unload a Double Barreled
    Shotgun round into them and kill them in one shot, peek out and shoot them in
    the head with the Machine Gun, or toss them a Grenade to play with. The first
    method is probably the one method that will cost you some health. The second
    method takes a little longer than the rest of the methods. The last method
    is probably the easiest, since you take them out fast and will lose very
    little health. I'd go with the third method, but use the one you feel
    comfortable with.
    Trite                                                             [D3XP.05.08]
    Power: */*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Pistol, Machine Gun.
    Trites are perhaps the weakest monsters in the game. They only take 2 Pistol
    bullets to kill, and they don't do much for damage, unless they are in large
    groups and swarming you. If that's the case, pull out the Machine Gun. You 
    should be able to pick these guys off before they can even get to you.
    Just watch out when you're reloading. Reload in a safe place, away from the
    packs of Trites. You don't want these guys swarming you when you're in the
    middle of reloading.
    Helpful reader Mike said this:
    Hey dude,
    I like the guide, though I find it a little lacking in the area of how
    to deal with some of the monsters.  Especially the trites, tickes,
    forgotten ones, and lost souls. You listed the classic weapons for
    taking these guys out, but you didnt mention the new improved ways to
    take them out, the Grabber. You did mention it for taking out the
    cherubs though...  This weapon will kill any of the above monsters in
    one shot.  Pick them up and fire them away, they die without a fight.
    Better yet, you dont have to waste a lick of ammo for it.  This is
    espcially good when they come at you one at a time, as you can unload
    several times before the weapon has to recharge.
    Just thought I would drop you a line,
    Take care,
    DV Morpheus' Thoughts:
    Although you can do this for Trites, Ticks, and Cherubs without wasting ammo,
    I wouldn't recommend this when you are facing a group of these at a time
    with the Grabber. Why? Since the Grabber has a normal reloading time, you
    could be caught receiving damage back from the group of Trites, Ticks, or
    Cherubs while toying around with their buddy. This can cost you dearly when
    playing on Nightmare or any high difficulty for that manner. The Pistol and
    Machine Gun is much more effective, but do whatever is easier for you.
    Tick                                                              [D3XP.05.09]
    Power: ***/*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Pistol, Machine Gun.
    They only take two Pistol bullets to die, but you're probably asking why
    their power rating is so high. Well, when these things die, they release
    a suicide explosion. If you're unlucky to even be by these guys when they
    explode, they will take 50 health points off. Ouch.
    These guys are really easy to spot and can be picked off before they even
    get to you. Try not to let them get close to you. If they do, move away fast.
    What's worse, suffering around 20 health points from getting away from them
    or suffering 50 health points because they exploded? You decide.
    Lost Soul                                                         [D3XP.05.10]
    Power: */*****. 
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: The Grabber (Single), Pistol (Single), Machine Gun (Single).
    Lost Souls are more annoying than damaging. They charge at you at
    a high speed, but they have one drawback to them: They will always fly in
    a straight line towards you. Due to this, you can kill them with 2 Pistol
    shots before they even have impact on you. If there is more than one Lost
    Soul on the screen at a time, take out the Machine Gun.
    The Forgotten One                                                 [D3XP.05.11]
    Power: */*****. 
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: The Grabber (Single), Pistol (Single), Machine Gun (Groups).
    ID Software did us a big favor and brought back the classic skin for the
    Lost Soul. This time around, the Lost Soul is named The Forgotten One.
    The Forgotten One is slight weaker in terms of damage than the Lost Soul,
    and they're a little slower moving. They move in a straight line as their
    The one bad thing about a Forgotten One is that if you see one, expect there
    to be more to respawn. Sometimes they will respawn one at a time, while other
    times they'll spawn as many as 3 at a time.
    If you're facing up against one, use the Pistol and drop them in 2 shots.
    If you're up against 3 or more, break out the Machine Gun and release hell
    to these guys.
    Imp                                                               [D3XP.05.12]
    Power: */*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Shotgun.
    Imps aren't very common in Resurrection of Evil anymore, thanks to the Vulgar.
    If you do manage to see these guys, they haven't changed much. One perfectly
    aimed Shotgun blast will put one to rest.
    Imps also have that nasty tendency to crouch and be prepared to leap attack 
    you. Due to this, if your reaction are up to par, you can shoot them in the
    head while their airborne. If you don't feel confident about this, simply
    dodge out of the way and shoot them to death then.
    Vulgar                                                            [D3XP.05.13]
    Power: **/*****.
    Defense: **/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Grabber, Shotgun, Double Barreled Shotgun, Grenade.
    This is the monster that takes over the Imp's spotlight. You will know one
    of these guys has respawned because they emit a high-pitched scream before
    starting their attack.
    Vulgars take more punishment than their friends, the Imps. You can sometimes
    get lucky to kill them in one Shotgun Shell, but mostly it will take two.
    Use the Double Barreled Shotgun for best results.
    You can also use the Grenade to kill them in one blast. This is one of the
    most efficient ways.
    Another fun thing to do is use the Grabber and catch their fireball in mid-air
    and send it back to them. This will kill them in one hit, but requires more
    Maggot                                                            [D3XP.05.14]
    Power: **/*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Shotgun, Machine Gun.
    They make a horrid sound when pissed off, but nonetheless, they are very easy
    to kill. If you see one, start backing up into a corner. With luck, you can
    take one down with one Shotgun blast to the face. If the Shotgun is not an
    option, try the Machine Gun.
    Maggots aren't the most damaging monsters, but if done nothing about them,
    they can cause a good dent in your health. They are pretty quick for running
    on four feet, so watch out.
    Wraith                                                            [D3XP.05.15]
    Power: **/*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Shotgun, Double Barreled Shotgun.
    Wraiths love to get in your face and slash away. When you see a Wraith and he
    seems fairly close, pull out your Shotgun. 9 times out of 10 he will attempt
    a leap attack and then start slashing. If you are skillful with the Shotgun,
    you can kill him in one hit to the head. Otherwise, plug him full of holes
    with the Double Barreled Shotgun. Explosives are not recommended as these
    guys love to leap.
    Cherub                                                            [D3XP.05.16]
    Power: */*****.
    Defense: */*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Grabber, Machine Gun, Shotgun.
    The most disturbing monster in the ways of looks, and also the Cherub has
    been voted as the most annoying monster Doom 3 by majority.
    Cherubs love to leap towards you and begin clawing at you. Not only is their
    leap attack their most deadly attack, but when you have several on your ass
    at a time, this can get nasty. 
    Your best bet is to keep your distance from all Cherubs in sight, while
    unloading on them with the Machine Gun. If you get cornered by a Cherub,
    pull out your Shotgun, take aim, and fire. With luck you will kill it once
    and for all. Because of how small they are, you can also fling them against
    the wall or into lava, killing them instantly.
    Pinky                                                             [D3XP.05.17]
    Power: **/*****.
    Defense: ***/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Double Barreled Shotgun, Machine Gun.
    When you hear the sound of mechanical legs roaming the hall, that's your clue
    that a Pinky is near. Also known as a Demon in the other Doom games, Pinkys
    love to run up to you and take a big chomp out of you.
    To prevent this, you can kill them with one Double Barreled Shotgun blast
    to the face when they are near you. If you don't feel confident about this,
    then what you can do is get up somewhere high and pelt him with Machine Gun
    rounds. Because the Pinky is so short, he won't be able to reach you. Cruel,
    isn't it? There are only a few of these in the game, so you shouldn't have
    any problems with these guys.
    Cacodemon                                                         [D3XP.05.18]
    Power: **/*****. 
    Defense: **/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Double Barreled Shotgun, Machine Gun, Chaingun.
    When you see the Cacodemon, think of the monster as a giant, floating
    beach ball. Because of the fact that he floats and is lightweight, you can
    knock him around all over the place with weapon fire. This gives you the
    advantage when dealing with him.
    If you manage to get close to him, he will die in one shot with the Double
    Barreled Shotgun. Use this to your advantage, but watch out so that he doesn't
    bite you when he's up close.
    Revevant                                                          [D3XP.05.19]
    Power: **/*****.
    Defense: **/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Double Barreled Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher.
    He passes away with 2 rockets from the Rocket Launcher, but he can get
    a pest sometimes. He likes to shoot rockets two at a time, but thankfully,
    his rockets don't hurt as much as ours do.
    The Double Barreled Shotgun works wonders, able to kill him in one shot if
    you are up close. This was a very rare sight in Doom II as I think the odd of
    killing him in one SSG blast were 1 in 1800 or something. Not anymore.
    If you use the Chaingun, be sure to shoot his rockets down if possible. If
    you can't do this, simply duck for cover, but they do tend to home in on you,
    so watch out.
    Archvile                                                          [D3XP.05.20]
    Power: ***/*****.
    Defense: ****/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, BFG 9000.
    Don't spend your time toying around with these guys. Archvies are a threat
    that must be eliminated as soon as possible.
    Although they dont resurrect monsters anymore, they do a different attack like
    that on a different scale: They like to summon Imps and Wraiths. Don't waste
    time killing the summons yet, work your way into eliminating the Archvile
    first, or otherwise you'll end up wasting more ammo and he'll just keep
    A BFG 9000 shot will kill him in one hit guaranteed. After that, take out
    your Plasma Rifle or Rocket Launcher and begin unloading on his summoned
    monsters. As with Doom II, he has his fire attack, so watch out for that.
    Mancubus                                                          [D3XP.05.21]
    Power: ****/*****.
    Defense: *****/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: The Artifact, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, BFG 9000.
    Mancubi have the highest hit point count than any other monster in the game.
    This monster also has one of the most damaging attack in the game. He will
    pump out fireballs like no one's business. His drawbacks are that he's so 
    slow and that hes a nice, wide target, which makes it easier to hit him.
    As with any monster, if you don't want to deal with him (Who doesn't?), he
    dies in one hit by the BFG 9000, 5 rockets from the Rocket Launcher, and
    about a clip each from the Chaingun and Plasma Rifle. If you are using the
    Chaingun, what you want to do is use the Artifact and use Hell Time. Once
    time is slowed down, run up to him and pump his head full of Chaingun rounds.
    He will die rather easily that way, and it'll be much easier to avoid his
    If you are using the Rocket Launcher, take cover whenever possible and unload
    5 rockets into him. He will be down for the count.
    Hell Knight                                                       [D3XP.05.22]
    Power: *****/*****.
    Defense: *****/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: The Artifact, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher, BFG 9000.
    One of the toughest monsters in the game. The Hell Knight can throw you
    across the room with ease, throw fireballs that do a lot of damage, and can
    take a lot of ammo to the chest and still be happy for more.
    The BFG 9000 will kill him in one hit, thank God. If you don't have access
    to the BFG 9000, take out your Artifact and use Hell Time. Now, take out
    either of the weapons listed above, and just start to unload on him. He takes
    a lot to kill, considering he has around 900 life. 5 rockets will do the
    job nicely, but if you are out of rockets, take out the Plasma Rifle and
    unload on him. He will die eventually, but just be careful with the Plasma
    Rifle as the plasma balls may conceal his fireball attack.
    The Bruiser                                                       [D3XP.05.23]
    Power: ******/*****.
    Defense: *****/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: The Artifact, Rocket Launcher, BFG 9000.
    The Bruiser is one of the toughest monsters in the game. He has the speed
    of a Mancubus' fireball attack, only faster, and has the strength and life
    of a Hell Knight. This is a Bruiser.
    If you don't use The Artifact in a fight with the Bruiser, you're screwed,
    especially if you're on a higher difficulty level. It is near impossible
    to dodge his fireball attacks unless you take cover or use Hell Time
    using the Artifact.
    First, take out your Artifact and use Hell Time. Next, pull out the BFG 9000
    and release the charge on him. He will die in one hit, and you won't have to
    play "Cat and Mouse" with him. If the BFG 9000 is out of the picture, use
    the Rocket Launcher. It takes 5 rockets to put him down if you're lucky,
    but sometimes it can take upwards to 7. Be sure to come well equipped for this
    fight with a good supply of armor and health, just in case.
    Helpful reader #001 said this:
    "Even though the Bruiser has the speed of a Mancubus, the fireball damage
    seems to be less than a Hell Knight's fireball."
    Thanks for pointing that out.
    The Hell Hunters                                                  [D3XP.05.24]
    Power: ******/*****.
    Defense: ******/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: You will need every single weapon you have up to the Hell
                      Hunter fights.
    Hell Hunters look like Hell Knights who had a mass overdose of steroids. These
    guys may seem to you that they never die, but they do after a long battle.
    There are a total of 3 Hell Hunters in the game, and each require your own
    strategy to defeat. Each time you fight a Hell Hunter, you have unlimited
    stamina, so keep note of this.
    Hell Hunter 1.
    Weapons You Need: The Grabber.
    You will fight this guy suprisingly early, at the mid-point of level two. 
    When you first enter the arena to fight this guy, you should notice right off
    the bat that there's two cannons on the right and left of the arena that fire
    off green plasma blasts randomly. What you want to do is avoid the attacks
    the Hell Hunter throws out, and with the Grabber, grab one of the green plasma
    blasts. When you have one, throw it back at the Hell Hunter. If you hit him,
    he will emit a scream confirming you hit him. You need to repeat this about
    5 times before he finally is defeated. You will receive the ability of Hell
    Time once he's dead.
    Hell Hunter 2.
    Weapons You Need: The Artifact, Machine Gun, Chaingun, any damaging weapon.
    When the battle first starts, get out your Artifact. When he powers up (It's
    very obvious that he does as electricity surges through him), his chest will
    open up and reveal an orange object. Activate The Artifact and get out any
    rapid-fire weapon you have. While under Hell Time, keep pumping rounds into
    the orange object in his chest. After some damage, it will close back up.
    Wait for the Hell Hunter to power up, and repeat the same process. If you need
    corpses for The Artifact, they will be littered around the arena. Once you
    defeat the Hell Hunter, the power of Berserk will be available to you.
    Hell Hunter 3.
    Weapons You Need: Everything you have.
    This will be the hardest battle of them all, but the reward is well worth it.
    As soon as you enter the arena, a surge of electricity will enshroud him.
    He will then proceed to beat your ass down in any way possible. Great...
    This guy's surrounded by electricity and nothing kills him, so what are you
    supposed to do?
    Well, look around the room. You should see four poles that power up the Hell
    Hunter. Each pole has a screen. Three of the four poles will have a red 
    screen, while one of the four will have a green screen. Press the green
    screen. An electricity core will be revealed. Take out a damaging weapon
    and blow the core up. This will dispower the Hell Hunter for you to damage
    him. Enable your Artifact and keep pounding on him.  After taking some heavy
    damage, he will power up from the next pole. Do the same thing. Touch the 
    green screen, and blow up the electricity core. Deal out some heavy damage, 
    and do it for the rest of the cores. Once all the poles are destroyed, he will 
    have no source of being invincible from you. Keep unloading on him until he 
    finally dies. Your reward? The power of Invincibility for The Artifact.
    If you run out of charges for the Artifact, go to the right of the arena of
    where you first entered it, and you will drop down to an underground area.
    There is a Health Station if you need it, some items, and most importantly,
    corpses. Go back up by going to the right while underground and return to the
    W. Maledict                                                       [D3XP.05.25]
    Power: ******/*****.
    Defense: ******/*****.
    Weapon of Choice: Everything you have. Most importantly, The Artifact.
    First of all, before you enter the teleporter that leads to the arena of the
    Maledict, pick up every single bit of ammo, you will need it.
    Once the battle starts, Dr. Betruger will taunt you from on the Maledict's
    tongue, then it really gets hot and heavy here.
    First of all, the Maledict will release fireballs almost constantly through
    the fight. Get out your Artifact, and activate it. Now with everything in
    Hell Time and you invincible, the fun begins. Get out your best weapon,
    preferably the BFG 9000. Charge it up, and aim it at the Maledict. Keep
    hitting the Maledict with everything you got until finally the Maledict will
    go into the volcano. When we comes out, he will throw an inferno all over
    the place, trying to burn you to death. Activate The Artifact again and keep
    unloading on him. Once you hit him enough times, the ending will be revealed
    and you will have beaten the game. The ending is VERY interesting too =)
    If you run out of charges for The Artifact, there are corpses scattered around
    the arena.
    6. Weapon vs. Monster Chart                                       [D3XP.06.01]
    If you ever wanted to know how many Pistol bullets a Bruiser or a Hell Knight
    can take before they finally die, or wanted to see how much Machine Gun
    rounds you have to pump into a Mancubus to kill him, this is the information
    you need to look at.
    The information obtained for this was done by me. As I looked through Prima's
    Doom 3 guide, they showed weapon damages for each round. I took the number
    and divided it by the monster's health, which is also found in the guide.
    Some of this may not be accurate, as we don't know the true health values
    of some of the newer monsters. Once we get the true values, I'll come back
    and update.
    All monsters will be included here for reference, even the old bosses of
    Doom 3.
    Information will NOT be recorded for the Ionized Plasma Levitator, as the
    damages are just too random.
    Weapon damage values for the Cyberdemon will NOT be listed, naturally because
    the Cyberdemon cannot be killed by conventional fire. Just for fun though,
    if he was killable by conventional weapon fire, I put down how much he would
    Each ammo for each weapon will be for assuming that you hit the chest area.
    Headshots will not be counted. To count headshots, subtract 50% off the number
    of ammo for the designated monster.
    Zombie (Commando, Chaingun Commando) will be shortened for the sake of space.
    Grenade and Rocket Launcher counts do not include splash damage. If it did,
    the number would be significantly less for monsters.
    This chart doesn't factor in the use of Quad Damage from The Artifact, mainly
    because the proportions would be out from the massive damage weapons receive
    from The Artifact.
    PSTL - Pistol
    SG   - Shotgun
    DBSG - Double Barreled Shotgun
    MG   - Machine Gun
    CHG  - Chaingun
    GRD  - Grenade
    PLR  - Plasma Rifle
    RL   - Rocket Launcher
    BFG  - BFG 9000
          Monster Name      | PSTL | SG | DBSG | MG | CHG | GRD | PLR | RL | BFG |
    Zombie (Generic)        | 8    | 1  | 1    | 12 | 5   | 1   | 7   | 1  | 1   |
    Zombie (Fat)            | 8    | 1  | 1    | 12 | 5   | 1   | 7   | 1  | 1   |
    Zombie (Flaming)        | 11   | 1  | 1    | 17 | 8   | 1   | 10  | 1  | 1   |
    Zombie (Bio Suit)       | 8    | 1  | 1    | 12 | 5   | 1   | 7   | 1  | 1   |
    Zombie (Z-Sec)          | 7    | 2  | 1    | 12 | 5   | 1   | 7   | 1  | 1   |
    Zombie (Commando)       | 12   | 2  | 1    | 25 | 12  | 1   | 15  | 1  | 1   |
    Zombie (Chainsaw)       | 17   | 3  | 1    | 28 | 13  | 1   | 16  | 1  | 1   |
    Trite                   | 2    | 1  | 1    | 3  | 1   | 1   | 1   | 1  | 1   |
    Tick                    | 2    | 1  | 1    | 3  | 1   | 1   | 1   | 1  | 1   |
    Lost Soul               | 2    | 1  | 1    | 3  | 1   | 2   | 1   | 1  | 1   |
    The Forgotten One       | 2    | 1  | 1    | 3  | 1   | 2   | 1   | 1  | 1   |
    Imp                     | 9    | 1  | 1    | 15 | 7   | 1   | 9   | 1  | 1   |
    Vulgar                  | 12   | 1  | 1    | 18 | 9   | 1   | 12  | 1  | 1   |
    Wraith                  | 9    | 1  | 1    | 15 | 7   | 1   | 9   | 1  | 1   |
    Maggot                  | 6    | 1  | 1    | 9  | 4   | 1   | 5   | 1  | 1   |
    Cherub                  | 4    | 1  | 1    | 6  | 3   | 1   | 4   | 1  | 1   |
    Pinky                   | 16   | 3  | 1    | 25 | 11  | 2   | 15  | 1  | 1   |
    Cacodemon               | 15   | 3  | 1    | 23 | 10  | 2   | 13  | 2  | 1   |
    Renevant                | 20   | 4  | 1    | 31 | 14  | 2   | 17  | 2  | 1   |
    Archvile                | 31   | 6  | 2    | 48 | 22  | 3   | 27  | 4  | 1   | 
    Mancubus                | 72   | 14 | 4    | 112| 50  | 5   | 63  | 5  | 1   |
    Hell Knight             | 65   | 12 | 4    | 100| 45  | 4   | 57  | 5  | 1   |
    Bruiser                 | 72   | 14 | 4    | 112| 50  | 5   | 63  | 5  | 1   |
    The Hell Hunters        | ?    | ?  | ?    | ?  | ?   | ?   | ?   | ?  | ?   |
    Maledict                | ?    | ?  | ?    | ?  | ?   | ?   | ?   | ?  | ?   |
    Vagary                  | 92   | 18 | 6    | 145| 65  | 7   | 82  | 9  | 1   |
    The Guardian            | 57   | 14 | 5    | 89 | 40  | 5   | 50  | 7  | 1   |
    Sabaoth                 | 125  | 25 | 11   | 194| 88  | 10  | 110 | 11 | 2   |
    Cyberdemon              | 286  | 57 | 21   | 445| 200 | 25  | 250 | 25 | 3   |
    7. Conclusion                                                     [D3XP.07.01]
    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is one of the best games out on the market right
    now. In fact, I love the whole Doom series.
    I had a lot of fun writing this FAQ, and I hope that you liked reading it.
    If you have any questions about the game itself, no matter what it is, contact
    me below.
    8. Legal Information                                              [D3XP.08.01]
    Webmasters! Do NOT:
    Post this FAQ on your site directly. The only sites that this rule DOES 
    NOT apply to is:
    No if's, and's, or but's about it. Ask me first if you would like to make
    this FAQ available on your site. If I find it on your site and you never
    asked me for permission, I will take legal action against you.
    Webmasters! Please DO:
    If you are a webmaster of a site that wants to post this FAQ, what do 
    you do? As you read above, you can not post it directly. Instead, link 
    to the page at www.gamefaqs.com that lists all the FAQs for this game. 
    Why GameFAQs? Because I said so. To clear up some confusion, you can not 
    link to the URL if it ends in ".txt" or ".doc", you just can't use that. 
    If it ends in anything else, such as the page where it lists all the 
    FAQs for a game, you can link to THAT, but not to the actual FAQ. I'm 
    only repeating myself, but I had to because some people have to be told 
    something twice. If you have any questions on linking, notify me. To 
    answer the most common question I'll get, you can not link to any 
    GameFAQs URL that ends in ".txt" or ".doc" because it's in GameFAQs' 
    legal section. So there. 
    This FAQ cannot be used in magazines, guides, books, etc. or in any 
    other form of printed or electronic media involved in a commercial 
    business, in part or in whole, in any way, shape, or form, PERIOD. It 
    may not be given away freely, as a "bonus" or "prize", or given away 
    with the game itself, etc. This FAQ cannot be used for either profitable 
    or promotional purposes, regardless of the situation. Breaking any of 
    these rules is in direction violation of U.S. law.
    9. Credits                                                        [D3XP.09.01]
    I wrote 100% of the FAQ myself, mainly because I've been playing the Doom
    series for pratically 10 years and running. Here are a few people I'd like
    to thank:
    Grawl here at GameFAQS. I used his Table of Contents outline.
    CJayC here at GameFAQS. You made a really nice site, I love it. Always keep
    up the hard work.
    Prima Games' Official Doom 3 Strategy Guide. The weapon damages and monster
    life values came from here. Nice job on making a kickass guide book you guys!
    Marshmallow here at GameFAQS. He's known for making FAQs from Goldeneye 007
    and Perfect Dark for the N64, among other names. Thank you very much for the
    legal information section.
    Helpful reader #001 for pointing out the damage difference between the Bruiser
    and Hell Knight. Thanks a lot.
    Mike here for pointing out that the Grabber can pick up small monsters. Forgot 
    to add it, so thank you.
    Everyone on the Doom boards that's been really helpful to me over the years.
    I appreciate it you guys.
    The readers who read this.
    That's really about it. If I haven't mentioned anyone (Does happen, my brain
    fails to work 75% of the time), let me know and you'll be added. People who
    send in user tips will surely be added here as well :)
    10. Contacts                                                      [D3XP.10.01]
    If you need to contact me for whatever reason, be it a question, complaint, 
    whatever, contact me in a few ways below.
    1. AIM me @ MorpheusDV. This is probably the best way, even though I do have
       my away message on most of the time, but I will get your message.
    2. E-Mail me. The second way, but I usually only check my E-Mail once a day, 
       so don't pray for a quick response. My E-Mail address is as follows, except
       replace -AT- with @ and -DOT- with . :
       nick -DOT- novak -AT- comcast -DOT- net
       This is to prevent the numerous god damn spam bots that are E-Mailing me
    			= Rules About IM or E-Mail: =
    * No spam. Heaven help you if I find spam...
    * Don't come E-Mailing me saying "Hey, I noticed a typo in section...". It's
    fine if you send me an E-Mail or IM saying I got a couple errors, but don't
    go rampant finding errors. I don't have Microsoft Word so spellcheck is out
    of the question.
    * If you have a question that is not already answered in this FAQ, please, go
    ahead and ask.
    * If you want to set up a server in which you want to learn how to play, I'll
    be glad to help you. See Contacts above for more information.
    This document is © 2005 DV Morpheus 
    All rights reserved.

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