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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LordKrell

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/12/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ................   ..............   .............. ......      ...... .........
     ................ ................ ................ ......    ...... ......... 
     ................ ................ ................ .......  .......      .... 
     .....      ..... .....      ..... .....      ..... ................   ....... 
     .....      ..... .....      ..... .....      ..... ................     ..... 
     .....      ..... .....      ..... .....      ..... ... ............ ......... 
     .....      ..... .....      ..... .....      ..... ... ............ ..........
     .....      ..... .....      ..... .....      ..... ...  ....... ...
     .....      ..... .....      ..... .....      ..... ...  ....... ...
     .....      ..... .....      ..... .....      ..... ...  ......  ...
     .....    ....... .......    ..... .....    ....... ...   .....  ...
     .....  ......... .........  ..... .....  ......... ...   ....   ...
     ................   ............     ............  ....   ....   ...
     ..............      ..........       ..........     ..    ..    ...
     .............         ......           ......        .    ..    ...
     ...........             ..               ..                .    ...
     .........                                                       ...
     .......          R  E  S  U  R  R  E  C  T  I  O  N             ...
     .....                           O  F                           ....
     ...                          E  V  I  L                          ..
    ...                                                                ..
      -------------------------[ Written By: LordKrell ]-------------------------
      ----[ Platform: PC ]-------[ FAQ Version: 1.00 ]---[ Game Version: 1.3]----
      :             T  A  B  L  E    O  F    C  O  N  T  E  N  T  S             :
        Introduction ...................................................... s01
        Search Index ...................................................... s02
        General Information ............................................... s03
        Walkthrough ....................................................... s04
            Story and Characters ...................................... x00
            Erebus - Level 1 .......................................... x01
            Erebus - Level 2 .......................................... x02
            Erebus - Level 3 .......................................... x03
            Erebus - Level 4 .......................................... x04
            Erebus - Level 5 .......................................... x05
            Erebus - Level 6 .......................................... x06
            Phobos Labs - Sector 1 .................................... x07
            Phobos Labs - Sector 2 .................................... x08
            Phobos Labs - Sector 3 .................................... x09
            Phobos Labs - Revisited ................................... x10
            Delta Labs ................................................ x11
            Hell ...................................................... x12
        Version History ................................................... s05
        Legal Stuff ....................................................... s06
        Contact Info ...................................................... s07
        Credits ........................................................... s08
      ----[ N O T E ]--------------------------------------------------------------
       If you want to jump directly to a specific section, simply hit CTRL+F and
       enter the appropriate three-character code.
      :                      I  N  T  R  O  D  U  C  T  I  O  N                  :
    Welcome to my Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil FAQ/Walkthrough, the first expansion
    pack for the game Doom 3. I'd like to start by answering a few questions you
    may have, and hopefully explain the purpose of this walkthrough. Why make a
    Doom 3:RoE walkthrough when there are a few good ones available already, you
    may ask? And why write a walkthrough for such a simple and linear game?
    Simply put, this is a sort of test. I want to try writing the walkthrough in a
    style that I've rarely, if ever, seen before. Most walkthrough are organized in
    such a way that when you seek specific information about a weapon or a hidden
    secret, for example, you have to jump down to a specific section, read up on
    whatever you want, then scroll back to where you were. I always thought it
    would be more convenient if you could get this kind of information within the
    walkthrough itself, at the place where it makes the most sense. Now, I
    understand that the reason most FAQs are organized the way they are is to make
    it easier to find specific information, while leaving the walkthrough itself
    less cluttered or "busy", if you will.
    But I think it would also be nice to have a kind of walkthrough that you can
    read from beginning to end (as you play the game or not, whatever) and never
    have to jump to other sections all the time. If you think this is something
    you'd like to see more of, then by all means give this walkthrough a read, and
    please send me some feedback. See the Contact Info section for more details.
    Hey, I'm breaking my own rule already! But still, a FAQ at least needs a
    minimum of organization.
    Oh, so why a walkthrough for Doom 3:RoE? Well, it's a game I rather enjoyed,
    it's relatively easy to write a walkthrough for, and it's short. That's it!
      :                    S  E  A  R  C  H    I  N  D  E  X                    :
    Because most of the information is contained within the walkthrough itself, you
    won't find separate lists at the end of the document detailing every weapon,
    monster, etc. However, I still want to provide a means to find any kind of
    information quickly, and this is what the following tables are for. Simply look
    up the relevant code, hit CTRL+F on your keyboard, type in the code and hit
    enter (twice usually)! If all goes well, you'll be taken directly to whatever
    it is you're seeking. If not, you might want to take some kind of basic
    computing course. (I kid!)
      ----[ N O T E ]--------------------------------------------------------------
       The information contained in the following tables could be considered
       spoilers. Use at your own risk!
    ----[ W E A P O N S ]----------------------------------------------------------
     Fists .......................... w01  :  Grenades ....................... w08
     Flashlight ..................... w02  :  Rocket Launcher ................ w09
     Pistol ......................... w03  :  Plasma Gun ..................... w10
     Shotgun ........................ w04  :  BFG-9000 ....................... w11
     Double Barrel Shotgun .......... w05  :  Grabber ........................ w12
     Machine Gun..................... w06  :  Artifact ....................... w13
     Chaingun ....................... w07
    ----[ E N E M I E S ]----------------------------------------------------------
     Forgotten ...................... e01  :  Mancubus ....................... e10
     Imp ............................ e02  :  Cacodemon ...................... e11
     Vulgar ......................... e03  :  Revenant ....................... e12
     Trite .......................... e04  :  Zombie Commando ................ e13
     Z-Sec Zombie ................... e05  :  Pinky .......................... e14
     Wraith ......................... e06  :  Hell Knight .................... e15
     Zombie ......................... e07  :  Bruiser ........................ e16
     Cherub ......................... e08  :  Archvile ....................... e17
     Maggot ......................... e09  :  Tick ........................... e18
    ----[ B O S S E S ]------------------------------------------------------------
     Hell Hunter #1 ................. b01  :  Hell Hunter #3 ................. b03
     Hell Hunter #2 ................. b02  :  Maledict ....................... b04
    ----[ A R C A D E   G A M E S ]------------------------------------------------
     Sarge's Big Game Hunt .......... a01  :  Martian Buddy Blaster .......... a03
     Hellanoid ...................... a02
      :         G  E  N  E  R  A  L    I  N  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N          :
    Here is some information you might find useful if you're new to the game, or to
    first-person shooters in general. Given that Resurrection of Evil is an
    expansion to Doom 3, chances are you played the original and already know
    everything you need to know.
    ----[ H E A L T H ]------------------------------------------------------------
    Your health, or hit points, or energy, or whatever you call it, is what keeps
    you alive. The maximum amount of health you can have at any time is 100. Always
    keep an eye out for Med Kits and Health Stations, which offer the only means of
    restoring health. Besides monster attacks, certain environmental hazards can
    damage you, such as fire or automated defense turrets.
    ----[ A R M O R ]--------------------------------------------------------------
    Wearing armor adds an additional layer of protection that will allow you to
    take less damage from attacks. The more armor you wear, the less damage you
    take, up to a maximum of 125 points. To increase your armor rating, you'll want
    to find some Security Armor and Armor Shards scattered around all the levels.
    The downside is that your armor will degrade rapidly as you sustain damage (you
    will usually lose armor points faster than health points, especially if you
    have lots of armor). Always try to keep your armor rating as high as possible,
    as without it you'll have trouble surviving against even the weakest of foes.
    ----[ S T A M I N A ]----------------------------------------------------------
    If you didn't know, you can Sprint (default key: Shift) to gain an additional
    boost over your normal running speed. The amount of time you can sprint is
    dictated by your Stamina bar, located in the lower left part of your HUD. You
    will lose Stamina at a steady pace as long as you keep sprinting, and recover
    it as long as you're not. Sprinting is especially useful to avoid certain
    attacks from strong foes and bosses. Note that, for some reason, you will never
    run out of Stamina while you're in Hell, so sprint as much as you want.
    ----[ H E A D S H O T S ]------------------------------------------------------
    Doom 3: RoE is not a game that relies on you scoring headshots as much as some
    other games do. That said, it's interesting to note that most enemies do
    receive more damage from your weapons if you hit them in the head (assuming
    they have one). This isn't always easy do accomplish, because a lot of your
    weapons just aren't very accurate. It's still very possible, especially against
    bigger or slower enemies. My favorite: get up-close and personal with a Shotgun
    in hand, and blast your unlucky foe right in the head. Amusing (and messy)
    results guaranteed.
    ----[ S C R E E N S   A N D   P A N E L S ]------------------------------------
    The Doom 3 engine features a unique GUI (graphical user interface) system which
    allows you to interact directly with several of the game's computer screens or
    panels. To interact with a GUI, simply approach it until your crosshair changes
    to a small hand cursor. Use this cursor to click on the various elements of the
    GUI and produce the desired effect. This usually mean clicking on one big
    obvious button.
    ----[ S E C U R I T Y   C L E A R A N C E   A N D   K E Y C A R D S ]----------
    Like all games in the Doom series, you'll often have to hunt for specific
    keycards that will allow you to unlock certain doors. This rarely gets
    complicated, as you'll usually find a keycard not far away from its matching
    locked door. Another way to unlock certain doors is to find PDAs that will
    grant you a higher security clearance. You can then have special panels scan
    your PDA to see if you have the required clearance to unlock the corresponding
    door. Basically the same as keycards, only fancier. So if you ever get stuck
    and unsure where to proceed, backtrack a bit and make sure you didn't forget to
    pick up any PDAs and keycards!
    ----[ D I F F I C U L T Y   L E V E L S ]--------------------------------------
    When you start a new game, you must choose a difficulty level. The choices are
    Recruit (easy), Marine (normal), Veteran (hard) and, once you've beaten the
    game at least once, Nightmare (very hard). The difficulty level mainly affects
    the amount of damage you receive from enemies. I believe it can also affect the
    number of enemies, and the amount of health, armor and ammo pickups in the
    game. I'm not 100% positive though. Be sure to choose a difficulty level that
    reflects your own skills and experience with first-person shooters.
    The Nightmare skill level has a few particularities worth going over. The
    biggest change is that you will constantly lose health as you play, at the rate
    of 5 health points per 5 seconds. The (somewhat) good news is that your health
    can never drop below 25 in this way. But 25 health won't get you very far when
    you consider that enemies will inflict about twice as much damage than they do
    on the Veteran skill level. This is NOT a challenge for the faint of heart. 
      :                     W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H                     :
    This is by far the biggest section of this document, covering everything you
    need to know about Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil from start to finish. Read up a
    bit about the background story and characters if you want, or jump directly to
    any other section of the walkthrough. While it is meant to be read in order,
    this is by no means required.
                         S T O R Y   A N D   C H A R A C T E R S
    ----[ T H E   S T O R Y   S O   F A R ]----------------------------------------
    It has been almost two years since the mysterious incident shut down the UAC
    base on Mars. Several months ago, one of the UAC satellites still monitoring
    the red planet detected a beacon originating from Site 1. This early research
    facility was long forgotten, even before the invasion. Now, you're a Marine
    combat engineer, part of a massive research and security team lead by
    Dr. Elizabeth McNeil. Your team is being sent back to Mars in an attempt to
    find and investigate the source of this strange signal. What you'll find,
    nobody knows, but hopefully it will offer new insight into the ancient
    civilization that once inhabited Mars.
    As your transport nears the surface, you can help but wonder what type of
    "accident" could have killed so many two years ago... and could it happen
    (story taken from the manual)
    ----[ C H A R A C T E R S ]----------------------------------------------------
      ----[ NAMELESS MARINE ]-----------------------------------------------------
       This would be you, or at least the character you're playing as. He is not
       the same nameless marine that saved the world for the first time in the
       original Doom 3. He was sent out with a team of marines to investigate a
       mysterious beacon originating from within ancient ruins on Mars. When the
       mission turns horribly wrong, he is tasked with not only getting out of
       there alive, but saving the world a second time. He may not have a name. He
       may never talk. But he's still a certified badass.
      ----[ DR. ELIZABETH MCNEIL ]-------------------------------------------------
       Dr. McNeil is an expert in the field of ancient artifacts from Hell, it
       seems. She heads the operation that allows the marines to discover the
       Artifact and start this whole mess. From the comfort of her secured control
       room, that is. She is a scientist after all, not a field agent. McNeil will
       also guide you throughout the game, mainly through radio contact.
      ----[ DR. MALCOLM BETRUGER ]-------------------------------------------------
       This mad scientist caused the invasion two years ago, through risky and
       illegal teleportation experiments in the UAC Delta Labs, on Mars. He somehow
       succeeded in creating a portal between our dimension and Hell, causing a
       demonic army to invade the UAC facilities after things got a little out of
       hand. When the lone marine succeeded in stopping the invasion and closing
       the portal to Hell, it was reported that Betruger was nowhere to be found.
       What happened to him? It appears he suffered a horrible fate in Hell, but
       succeeded in fusing part of his body with a huge demon called the Maledict.
       Well, only his head. Maybe the Maledict tried to eat him, and he got stuck
       there. The fact remains, Betruger is still alive, and plotting his revenge.
       Does the Artifact you just uncovered have anything to do with all this...?
    ====[ M A I N   E X C A V A T I O N ]==========================================
                            E R E B U S   -   L E V E L   1
      ----[ N O T E ]--------------------------------------------------------------
       This walkthrough was played on the normal (Marine) difficulty level.
    Watch the rather long and cool introduction sequence, in which a greedy search
    for new artifacts from Hell somehow turns horribly wrong. Who would have
    thought? But before we get started with the walkthrough, let's take a look at
    some of the equipment you start with. Namely your FISTS, the sturdy FLASHLIGHT
    and your default sidearm, the PISTOL.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]-------------------------------------[Power: Very Low]----
       In the Doom series, your own fists have always been at the very bottom of
       the weapon food chain, and with reason. It's not like you're facing off
       against ordinary humans or the sissy Covenant here. We're talking Hell. And
       demons. I mean look at those fists. No gloves, no knuckle dusters, no
       nothing. In theory, your fists should be used as a last resort in case you
       completely run out of ammunition. Which is a highly improbable event, unless
       you typically waste ammo by shooting at your own shadow, creepy noises, and
       furniture who looks at you funny.
       If you desperately need to save ammo, you can always try punching the slower
       enemies, such as the various Zombies. You can also use your fists along with
       the Artifact once you obtain the Berserk upgrade for devastating results. Do
       note that the Grabber can usually take care of your enemies in much more
       efficient and interesting ways, and does not require any ammo to function.
      ----[Default Key: 1]------------------------------------------------[w01]----
      ----[ W E A P O N ]-------------------------------------[Power: Very Low]----
       This is your typical flashlight, used to illuminate the numerous dark
       corners of the Mars facilities. Apparently, in the year 2147, they have yet
       to invent a more practical lighting solution for the adventurous marine. In
       addition, adequate lighting was obviously not a primary concern when
       designing the UAC bases on Mars either, and that's before you even consider
       the widespread destruction caused by opening various portals to Hell. In
       short, you will probably rely on the flashlight often. At least the
       batteries will never run out.
       I find that binding the Flashlight to MOUSE2 (the right mouse button) makes
       it a bit easier to quickly swap between it and your current weapon. If you
       do find yourself face-to-face with some nasty, smelly monster with nothing
       but a flashlight in your hand, you can always use it to club said monster
       over the head repeatedly. I'm quite certain that the "UAC Safety Handbook"
       strongly discourages this practice however. You are a marine after all, not
        a cop.
      ----[Default Key: F]------------------------------------------------[w02]----
      ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------------[Power: Low]----
       The Pistol is by far the weakest gun in your arsenal, and as such you
       probably won't find a whole lot of reasons to use it past the first level.
       It has a slow firing rate, a small magazine and low stopping power, making
       it a less-than-ideal solution against an army of demonic invaders.
       On the upside, the Pistol is one of the most accurate weapons in your
       inventory, mainly due to its semi-automatic firing mode. You can safely use
       it against some of your slower or less resilient enemies, such as Zombies,
       Forgotten Ones and spiders. Sure, it's better than punching monsters, but
       that's like saying something sucks slightly less than... something else...
        that... sucks.
      ----[Default Key: 2]------------------------------------------------[w03]----
    You'll also notice you have a couple emails and a video disk stored in your PDA
    (access it by pressing the TAB key), though they aren't terribly interesting.
    Note that you can equip the strange Artifact you just retrieved by pressing Q,
    but you can't do anything with it just yet, except run around and look like a
    So following the introduction, you'll find yourself right besides the collapsed
    Artifact chamber. As you equip your Pistol and move forward, you'll hear
    various reports on your radio, indicating that Hell is literally breaking loose
    throughout the Mars base. Whoops. Advance to the large room ahead and you'll
    witness a quick scene in which the place fills up with blood, and bodies
    briefly rise. Okay. Before going  ----[ SHELLS ]------------------------------
    any further, look at the right   | Ammo for the SHOTGUN. The small boxes hold |
    side of this room and you'll see | 8 shells, while the large ones will reward |
    a small opening in the wall.     | you a cool 16 shells.                      |
    Crawl into it (hold C to crouch)  --------------------------------------------
    and you'll find a SHOTGUN and some SHELLS, along with the twitching body of
    another marine. Things are going pretty well already.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]---------------------------------------[Power: Medium]----
       Reliable, powerful and slow - it's a shotgun! I mean really, no marine
       should be without one of those, ever. It has excellent stopping power at
       close range and it can dispose of your most common enemies easily
       (especially when you aim for the head). What else is there to say? Point the
       boomstick at whatever you want to die, then pull the trigger! It will lose
       some of it's effectiveness later on in the game when you're meeting up with
       stronger foes, but that's what your stronger weapons are for.
       Still, the Shotgun does have noticeable drawbacks. First, it will lose most
       of its power if you try to fire at anything beyond close or short range.
       Also, it's very slow to reload, thus be sure to always do so between fights.
      ----[Default Key: 3]------------------------------------------------[w04]----
    Crawl out of this space and turn right in the room to keep going. Just ahead
    you'll be attacked by your first enemy - a single FORGOTTEN ONE coming up from
    a pit. Two shots from your Pistol will easily rid you of it though.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  20%]----
       Forgotten where? By whom? Does it matter? You'll find that the Forgotten is
       incredibly similar to the Lost Souls from the original Doom 3. Unlike Lost
       Souls though, you'll notice they are flaming skulls, exactly like the ones
       from Doom 1 and Doom 2! Forgotten just love charging you and repeatedly
       biting you until you die. You can of course prevent this awkward situation
       by shooting them before they get too close (the Pistol and most automatic
       weapons will work quite well).
       But there's an even easier way to deal with the floating pests! Simply catch
       them with the Grabber (once you acquire it of course) and throw them...
       anywhere really. This will destroy a Forgotten instantly. Rinse. Repeat as
       needed. As long as you keep moving and strafing so it can't successfully ram
       you, you'll find that the Forgotten generally poses little threat to you and
       your badassitude.
    Be careful not to fall into the hole where the Forgotten came from, since it
    can be a little hard to see in the dark. Right there in the corner you'll see a
    raised platform, but ignore it for now. As you approach it, watch the corridor
    on your left for another Forgotten. Keep going down this hallway, and right
    after you turn the next corner (and hear more panicked screams on your radio),
    you'll spot a power generator. Stand in front of it and click the "Remove"
    button on the panel. This will shut down the generator and allow you to
    retrieve a POWER CELL. Of course this will also turn off all the lights
    connected to it, leaving you in the dark. Get used to it.
    Now you can turn around and run back to the platform you saw earlier if you
    want. You'll notice it has now been lowered (due to the lack of power from the
    generator), allowing you to get the large MED KIT and SHELLS on top of it.
    When you're ready, continue past  ----[ MED KITS ]----------------------------
    the now turned-off generator,    | These health-restoring items come in two   |
    and the screen will turn red.    | sizes. The smaller ones will grant you 15  |
    You will be attacked by three    | health (up to a maximum of 100), while the |
    Forgotten in succession, as they | Large Med Kits restore 25 health.          |
    teleport in one after the other.  --------------------------------------------
    This is how most of the non-Zombie enemies in the game will appear and attack
    you, so you should get used to this effect and the distinct teleporting sound
    it makes. This is always a sign of trouble. More frenzied screams from other
    parts of Mars will ensue on your radio.
    Moving forward, you'll see SHELLS and a MED KIT, both on the ground and on the
    platform to your left (you can climb it from either side). Just further ahead
    you'll see a second (turned off) generator with a SHOTGUN in front of it. Pick
    up the Shotgun, as well as the VIDEO DISK (AM3 Series Portable Power Plant) and
    the two Pistol magazines (BULLETS) besides the dead marine. Now face the
    generator and press the "Insert" button to use your Power Cell. The generator
    will start up the excavation      ----[ BULLETS ]-----------------------------
    lift in front of you, and McNeil | Ammo for the PISTOL. The small magazines   |
    will finally contact you with a  | will give you one clip (12 bullets), while |
    new objective: to get back to    | the larger ones are worth 36 bullets.      |
    the surface and bring her the     --------------------------------------------
    Artifact. Yeah sure. Did she think you were planning on staying there and chat
    with the tortured souls of your dead teammates?
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                  EXCAVATION ELEVATOR
                           Gain access to Excavation Elevator
    Now be a good marine and jump on one of the lifts. About halfway up, you'll
    spot some ARMOR on a rocky ledge. Jump over and grab the armor if you want,
    then jump back on the lift,        ----[ ARMOR ]------------------------------
    paying no heed to Betruger's      | Armor reduces the damage you take. Secu-  |
    mocking laugh. This lift will     | rity Armor is worth 50 points (max 125),  |
    stop by itself once you reach the | while the small Armor Shards give you 5   |
    top, and you'll be attacked by    | points each. Be aware that your armor     |
    two more Forgotten. Exit the      | degrades rapidly as you sustain damage.   |
    lift, climb up the steps and head  -------------------------------------------
    towards the  platform overlooking the lift. As you approach it, you'll be
    attacked by a lone IMP, which you can kill easily with the Pistol, or even more
    easily with your Shotgun.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  25%]----
       Imps were literally all over the place during the first Hell invasion, two
       years ago. They often liked hiding in closets, for some reason. You won't
       encounter as many of them this time around, possibly because the previous
       marine killed pretty much all of them. They'll attack you by either throwing
       fireballs or slashing your face up close, if you let them. Thankfully the
       attacks aren't too powerful, and the fireballs can be dodged rather easily,
       as long as you have some room to maneuver. Imps don't have that much health
       either, so most weapons will work well against them - especially the Shotgun
       if you can get close.
       Alternatively, you can use the Grabber to catch an Imp's fireball and throw
       it right back at him for an instant kill! Not only is it cooler to kill them
       with their own fireballs, but you won't waste any of your ammo doing so.
       Remember that such projectiles travel along an arc (something called
       gravity), so always adjust your aim accordingly.
    You can pick up a large MED KIT and two Machine Gun CLIPS past the crates,
    where the Imp appeared. Exit      ----[ CLIPS ]-------------------------------
    this room through thecorridor on | Ammo for the MACHINE GUN. As expected,     |
    the right side of the large      | clips come into two sizes: 30 bullets are  |
    brick wall. You will come up to  | contained in the small ones, and 45 into   |
    a strange door covered with      | the larger clips.                          |
    runes, which will light up as     --------------------------------------------
    you approach it. I'll refer to those doors as Rune Doors. Be sure to pick up
    the MACHINE GUN and the two CLIPS right in front of you, as well as a MED KIT
    hidden behind the crates if you need it.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]---------------------------------------[Power: Medium]----
                                      MACHINE GUN
       This assault weapon basically acts as a fully automatic version of your
       Pistol. While each bullet isn't very powerful, the large clip and high rate
       of fire make the Machine Gun a good choice when you're swarmed by several
       weak to average enemies. It is also fairly accurate up to medium range,
       though beyond that it will miss a lot. While Machine Gun ammo is fairly
       common throughout the game, you can burn through it so quickly that you'll
       often find yourself low on ammo (even after only a few fights).
       In the end, the Machine Gun certainly is a decent weapon. But like the
       Shotgun, you probably won't find yourself using it much in the second half
       of the game, as your enemies become progressively tougher.
      ----[Default Key: 4]------------------------------------------------[w06]----
    Now go through the door to enter a large room as some ominous music starts.
    Ooooh, scary. If you go straight ahead you'll see a dead marine on a
    scaffolding. Jump onto it to grab some SHELLS and you'll be attacked by three
    Forgotten. Go back and climb down either set of stairs into the room below.
    Before you get too far you'll be attacked by two Imps in succession (and three
    Forgotten if you didn't get the shells before, which makes this fight slightly
    harder). The Shotgun works well here. Afterwards you can search the smaller
    scaffolding for several MED KITS and one CLIP. Then simply jump over the rubble
    in front of the Rune Door in the back of the room, and approach it to trigger a
    Watch the scene, as an injured marine kindly demonstrates how to use the
    Grabber to kill an Imp in his very last moments before passing away. You'll
    then inherit the dead marine's Grabber, as he remarks in his dying breath that
    you're not gonna get far with that pistol of yours. Maybe his vision was too
    clouded with blood for him to even notice the shiny Shotgun and Machine Gun
    you're packing.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]---------------------------------------[Power: Varies]----
       What kind of name is Ionized Plasma Levitator? Regardless, the Grabber is an
       extremely useful and fun tool to play with. It can "grab" most small to
       medium-sized objects in the environment that are not fixed to something, by
       holding down the fire (left mouse) button. It's range isn't too great, so
       you'll notice that you need to be relatively close to the objects you want
       to grab. Once you're holding something, simply release the fire button to
       throw it with much velocity in whatever direction you're pointing. Note that
       the Grabber can only hold an object for about 5 seconds before it will
       automatically be released and dropped at your feet. While holding something,
       you can also press the Reload key (default: R) to drop the object instead of
       throwing it. This is useful if you're trying to stack crates to reach a
       higher ledge, for example.
       Now hurling a computer keyboard at an Imp's face may not bother him much,
       though an explosive barrel is sure to do the trick. But the fun doesn't stop
       here. The Grabber can also catch many of your foes' energy projectiles in
       mid-air so you can throw 'em back at them, often with deadly and satisfying
       results. Many enemies are susceptible to this tactic, including the Imp,
       Vulgar, Cacodemon and even the mighty Mancubus and Hell Knight (though it'll
       take more than one of their own projectiles to kill them). If you're having
       some difficulties catching the projectiles before they hit you and aiming
       them properly, I suggest you practice doing it in Hell Time at first. You'll
       quickly get the hang of it.
       But that's not all! The Ionized Plasma thingie can also grab and throw any
       of your small, obnoxious foes. These include the various spiders (Ticks and
       Trites), the floaty Forgotten, as well as Cherubs. You can even use them as
       projectiles to hurl at other enemies. And in all cases, grabbing those small
       enemies will kill them instantly. As if all this wasn't enough, the Grabber
       doesn't even need ammo (though it does have a short recharge time between
       each use)! So abuse it as much as you like. Use your opponents' weapons
       against them, and save yourself some ammo in the process! Have fun with it!
       I guess what I'm trying to say is I that I really like the Grabber.
      ----[Default Key: 1 (twice)]----------------------------------------[w12]----
    So you've found many weapons so far, but very few enemies to use them on. No
    worries, this is just the beginning. Now with the Grabber in hand, I know
    exactly what your twisted little mind is about to do. Yes, go ahead: grab the
    marine's body and throw it at a wall to explode him. With this important task
    accomplished, take a look behind the spotlights illuminating the stairs. You'll
    see a crate stuck in an opening, which you can move out of the way by using
    your new toy. You'll find a large MED KIT and some ARMOR in this not-so-hidden
    cache. Alright, time to head down the spiral staircase.
    You'll see two more crates blocking off a small passage at the bottom. Again,
    move them out of the way with the Grabber. Run along this rocky tunnel, bravely
    assaulting three Forgotten along the way. Remember that you can kill them
    easily with your Grabber by just throwing them at walls, or whatever really.
    Try it for some practice. You'll soon emerge in a large room called Central
    Excavation. You'll see more ARMOR on your right as you enter it, so be sure to
    grab it. Follow the path along the wall until you reach the long ramp going up
    in the center, with a large MED KIT in front. Flames will shoot upwards from
    the abyss in the center, presumably from Hell or some such, and you'll be
    attacked by three more Forgotten. Another good occasion to practice your
    grabbin' skills.
    Before going up the ramp, continue to the other side of the room, where you'll
    find a MED KIT and some SHELLS. Go back and climb the ramp, which leads up to a
    Rune Door. Open it, then quickly grab the Forgotten right behind it! Follow the
    passageway, where you'll encounter two more Forgotten and one Imp. Again, I
    suggest you keep practicing with the Grabber, by catching the Imp's fireball
    and throwing it back at him, like the other marine did. It's certainly harder
    than dealing with the floating skulls, but you'll get used to it. Continue to
    the larger circular room where you'll meet two more Forgotten, and two Imps
    will teleport in. Here too you should try killing them with the Grabber (be
    sure to always keep some distance between you and the Imps), or just go
    up-close and personal with the Shotgun. You'll find a large MED KIT in the room
    if you're injured.
    Exit the room by going up the stairs and turning right at the next passageway,
    dealing with more Forgotten in your way. You'll finally reach the Elevator
    Access room, which completes your objective for this level. Before leaving,
    check the case on your right for SHELLS and CLIPS, as well as a large MED KIT
    on the platform behind the elevator. When you're ready, enter the elevator and
    click the "Transfer" button to exit the first level.
    ====[ E R E B U S   D I G   S I T E ]==========================================
                              E R E B U S   -   L E V E L   2
       This excavation site is the focal point of the archaeological dig at Site
          1.  Here, deep inside the surface of Mars, numerous alien caves and
                            artifacts have been discovered.
    You're not out of trouble yet. Just before the elevator reaches the top, it
    will stall, while a bunch of alien-like creatures will spawn all around you.
    Freaky. Thankfully, they leave and you'll be free to exit the elevator,
    unharmed. You'll find SHELLS and a CLIP just in front of you, and numerous
    explosive barrels scattered around the room. This is probably a good time to
    remind you that you don't want one of those exploding near you, so be careful
    where you shoot (or what you grab). Look behind the elevator to find stairs
    leading up to the catwalk above. Run along this catwalk, but try not to mind
    the spooky noises. Oh, and grab the GRENADES resting on a blue crate, just
    begging to be picked up.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]---------------------------------------[Power: Medium]----
       You will find many of those oddly-shaped explosives throughout the game, but
       there are few situations where I'd recommend using them. Sure, Grenades are
       quite powerful; more powerful than any of the weapons you have in your
       possession so far. But you see, most demons have this tendency of running
       towards you with the intention of eating you. As you should know, detonating
       explosives in your face is a dangerous business. So by the time you fumble
       to get your Grenades out, prime one, then throw it, something bad could very
       well be on top of you already, gnawing at your shin bone. The fact is: you
       can get through most situations by just using your regular weapons and the
       Grabber, without ever needing Grenades.
       On a more positive note, those Grenades are indeed powerful, and can kill
       many enemies in one hit. When you throw a grenade, it will bounce around a
       little and explode with whatever it comes in contact with. If nothing
       touches it, it will explode after a few seconds instead. You can also prime
       a grenade by holding the fire button. It will emit a high-pitched whirring
       sound - the longer you hold it, the less time it will take to detonate. Just
       please make sure you throw the Grenade before it explodes in your hand. A
       happy marine is a marine with all of his limbs intact. Speaking of which,
       chucking Grenades around a corner is probably the best way to make sure they
       don't bounce back at your feet. Especially if you're clumsy like me.
      ----[Default Key: 6]------------------------------------------------[w08]----
    Continue to the end of the catwalk and enter the small Maintenance Supply room.
    You might notice a guy hiding in a locker to your left. He's in the third
    locker, in case you missed him.  ----[ HEALTH STATION ]----------------------
    You can go talk to this brave   | Simply click on these handy stations to    |
    maintenance guy named R. George | replenish up to 10 health points at a      |
    if you  want, who'll tell you   | time. As you no doubt noticed, the display |
    about some creaturewho killed   | will also indicate the remaining health    |
    everyone around here. Could it  | (always in doses of 10) it can dispense.   |
    be one of those things you saw   --------------------------------------------
    earlier? Other objects of interest around this roominclude a HEALTH STATION, a
    VIDEO DISK (Ionized Plasma Levitator Briefing) and a PDA.
      ----[ P D A ]---------------------------------------------[Marcus Tanner]----
                          SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Site One
       Listen to the audio log to hear a really freaked out Marcus talking about
       some of the most recent events at the Dig Site, before dying a horrible
       death. He'll even refer to the events that occurred two years ago, and
       mention some sort of defense mechanism. Hmm. Also of interest, you'll find a
       locker code by reading his email: 516.
    Try to leave the room, but it will turn red - certainly a sign of impending
    DOOM. Or maybe it's just a couple of Imps, who knows. Once you exit, you'll
    notice one Imp climbing over the railing to your left. A real nice way to kill
    it is to grab the barrel in front of you and throw it at the Imp (from a safe
    distance of course). Right after you do, another Imp will teleport further
    ahead on the catwalk. Kill it, continue, a third Imp attacks. This is just good
    Grabber practice, I say! When you near the stairs, you'll notice two more Imps
    hiding in the dark, down in the elevator room. Kill them however you want, but
    I'll remind you again to be careful with them exploding barrels. If you're
    injured after all this Imp slaying business, go back to the Health Station and
    heal up.
    Back in the elevator room, go through the large, half-closed and red UAC door.
    Is that a good enough description for ya? On the other side, you'll notice the
    lights freaking out a little. Well, equip your Grabber and go forward to
    trigger a short cutscene. From the back of the room, a short creature crawls
    out and attacks you! Oh man, this would be your first encounter with a VULGAR,
    one of the most common enemies in the game. It behaves pretty much like an Imp,
    except it's faster and generally harder to hit (because it walks on four legs).
    Sounds hard? Not so much. Just like Imps, you can grab a Vulgar's blue fireball
    and throw it right back at him for an instant kill. Try it now.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  35%]----
       This guy looks like he was ripped right out of an Aliens movie, doesn't he?
       No matter. I could copy pretty much everything I wrote about the Imp
       previously and paste it right here. The Vulgar does have a bit more health
       than the Imp, but it does less damage, both with its fireballs and its
       claws. That doesn't make it any less dangerous however, as it can move
       around quite a bit faster. So what does this all mean?
       It means you should deal with Vulgars just as you would with Imps. Shotguns
       work very well at close range, while the Chaingun, Plasma Gun and even the
       Machine Gun will do nicely at a distance. But the best trick here is to
       simply equip your Grabber, catch those blue fireballs and toss 'em right
       back for a nice, clean kill. Because Vulgars are short and quick, they can
       be pretty hard to hit, at least at first. But the more you fight them, the
       better you'll be at anticipating their movements - especially if you try
       killing them with the Grabber. Practice is key!
    You can then look among the crates and barrels on the left side of the room for
    a large MED KIT and three armor SHARDS. Proceed to the door at the other end of
    the room and click the panel besides it to unlock it. Go through the door and
    pick up three more armor SHARDS. Go down this tunnel to face another Vulgar.
    The Grabber is safe to use here, if you want. Continue and the screen will
    start flashing red - never a good sign, as we've established previously. So
    continue on, and a single TRITE will descend from a web and attack you. What?
    That's it? All this flashing and excitement for one little spider? In any case,
    you can kill it easily with your Grabber, or even the Pistol.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  15%]----
       Hmm let's see... creepy little spiders with an inverted human head? Yeah.
       There's not much to say about Trites, as they're so ridiculously easy to
       defeat. Two shots from your Pistol will work, or just any other weapon
       really, including the Grabber. An automatic weapon such as the Machine Gun
       or Chaingun is certainly preferable when you're swarmed by many Trites.
       Which won't be often.
       Regardless, the Grabber is the easiest way to kill them, while saving you
       ammo. If you're careless and let a Trite walk up to you, it might decide to
       explode in your face, causing significant damage. But that really shouldn't
       happen. Well, unless you happen to suffer from arachnophobia, in which
       case... you might be screwed. Try closing your eyes and firing blindly all
       around you.
    So pick up the large MED KIT on the crate at the end of the tunnel if you need
    it, and turn right. Yep, that thing definitely looks like the portal to hell
    that was opened during the introduction. With your Grabber equipped, SAVE YOUR
    GAME now and climb up in the portal room to trigger a cutscene. Betruger,
    always the courteous demon, welcomes you "to your death". Yeah, we'll see about
    that. Several Forgotten come through the portal to attack you, but luckily the
    automated defense turrets take care of them for you. Unluckily, the next thing
    to come out of the gate is the first Hell Hunter. Yes, a boss!
      ----[ B O S S ]--------------------------------------[Threat Index:  50%]----
                                     HELL HUNTER #1
       This fight really isn't that hard, if you know what to do. Basically, you
       must use your Grabber to catch one of the big plasma balls fired by the two
       turrets, and throw them at big bad Hunter guy. The turrets will never shoot
       at you directly, so don't worry about them. Just repeat this five times and
       he'll be dead. Simple. Note that you can also catch the fireballs he throws
       at you, but those won't damage him at all. And do be careful not to fall in
       the giant pit in the middle. As stupid as it sounds, I fell to a premature
       death quite a few times in there.
       So at first, the Hunter will just stay in front of the portal and use two
       different attacks on you. He can throw one fireball, which is rather easy to
       dodge, and does low damage. Or he can summon and throw eight smaller
       fireballs at you, which will hurt considerably more if you don't avoid them.
       Even if you try getting out of the way, chances are you'll still get hurt,
       though very little. Strafing and sprinting at the same time will help you
       avoid them.
       After you hit him once with a plasma ball, the Hunter will start teleporting
       rapidly around the room, and throwing single fireballs at you each time he
       stops. The fifth time he teleports, he'll try to come in close to you and
       lunge at you for some decent damage, so be careful and keep moving. After
       this melee attack, he'll teleport again in front of the portal and resume
       his previous pattern. While you can try to hit him as he teleports around, I
       find it easier to just wait for him to go back in front of the portal, and
       concentrate on dodging his attacks meanwhile.
       So hit him a total of five times to win this battle. You can then watch as
       the Hunter bursts into flames and your Artifact is powered with the first
       upgrade: Hell Time!
    McNeil will immediately contact you after the battle. With the help of her
    immense powers of deduction, she'll be able inform you that the Artifact
    probably contains great power, and is most likely the cause of this invasion.
    Oh, and on a completely unrelated matter, she wants you to bring her the
    Artifact as soon as possible. Let us hope she's not as evil as Betruger.
    Speaking of the Artifact, let us do a little research ourselves.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]--------------------------------------[Power: Godlike]----
                                      THE ARTIFACT
       If you thought the Soulcube in Doom 3 was overpowered, wait until you see
       this heart-shaped Artifact in action. I think its "official" name is the
       Bloodstone, but who cares. This is certainly one of the most overpowered
       tools from any first-person shooters ever. You actually start the game with
       the Artifact in your hands (you acquired it during the introduction, in case
       you weren't paying attention), but you can't do anything with it at first.
       You first need to power it up, or "upgrade" it if you will, by defeating
       some of hell's toughest lieutenants, aptly named Hell Hunters. Each one
       imbues the Artifact with a special power, and each new power is cumulative
       with the previous one(s).
         ----[ HELL TIME ]---------------------------------------------------------
         The first upgrade is Hell Time, which you probably just acquired if you're
         reading the walkthrough in order. As you probably guessed, this is similar
         to the now-famous Bullet Time effect from the Matrix movies, or the Max
         Payne games, and countless others. For the duration (15 seconds), time
         slows down around you, but you can still move about at normal speed. This
         means you can easily avoid any attacks or projectiles aimed at you and
         retaliate with your own attacks. My favorite part of Hell Time would be to
         casually walk up to nearby demons and shoot them in the face with the
         Double Barrel Shotgun. BLAM - instant kill.
         ----[ BERSERK ]-----------------------------------------------------------
         The second upgrade will add a Berserk effect on top of Hell Time. Which
         means that in addition to being faster than everyone else, you get to deal
         ridiculous amounts of damage with any weapon you're using (including your
         Fists). The duration is unaffected.
         ----[ INVULNERABILITY ]---------------------------------------------------
         The third and final upgrade will grant you Invulnerability from any kind
         of attack (except falling into bottomless pits), as if dispensing swift
         and brutal death wasn't good enough. So yes, go nuts, and enjoy your
         limited God Mode while it lasts (still 15 seconds). Believe me, you will
         appreciate this upgrade during some of the later parts of the game.
       Of course, all this power comes with a price. A price that has to be paid
       with innocent human souls. Meh. While this would sound highly immoral under
       normal circumstances, in this case you're stuck on Mars with rampaging
       demons from Hell on the loose. I mean you're reaping souls for the good of
       mankind, surely you could do worse things. So as I was saying, you must
       charge up the Artifact with human souls before you can use it. You get one
       charge per soul, and you can store up to three charges. Around the various
       levels, you will find dead bodies that not only glow red, but emit creepy
       whispering sounds. Simply equip the Artifact near such bodies and it will
       suck up the soul, destroying the body at the same time. Hey, nothing's
      ----[Default Key: Q]------------------------------------------------[w13]----
    Whew. Alright, exit the portal room through the Rune Door on the right side. In
    the next room, you'll be informed that you can charge the Artifact with human
    souls. But you know that. Equip   ----[ SOULS ]-------------------------------
    the Artifact and charge it up    | Ammo for the ARTIFACT. You will find souls |
    with the two SOULS in front of   | in the form of red glowing bodies. Use the |
    you. Mmmm. Also grab that large  | Artifact nearby to charge it up. You can   |
    MED KIT as you're likely injured | store up to three souls at a time.         |
    from the boss fight. Go through   --------------------------------------------
    the door in front of you. You'll find three more SOULS in this corridor, so
    mess around with the Artifact a bit if you want. Just try to keep your maximum
    of three souls stocked up.
    Continue until you reach a place called the Ancient Machine, which consists of
    a set of traps deliberately placed here so you can test out Hell Time. I mean,
    obviously. Why else would this room be here? It's like whoever built those
    ruins knew you would eventually steal the Artifact, defeat the first Hell
    Hunter, then walk through here. Brilliant! So what you need to do is activate
    Hell Time, then run across the crushers. Simple enough. Don't try it without
    Hell Time, unless you like dying. Go forward or take the left path, it makes no
    difference. Once past the first set of crushers, you'll find one SOUL to
    recharge your Artifact. Use Hell Time again to run past the second crushers,
    and out of this silly room. You will likely see a Z-SEC ZOMBIE run towards you
    from the door ahead before you can get too far, though. If you're still in Hell
    Time, have fun with him and shoot him full of holes with whatever you got.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  30%]----
                                      Z-SEC ZOMBIE
       These Zombies are more fortunate than the other, normal Zombies, in a way.
       They used to be security guards or marines before Hell claimed ownership of
       the place, but even in death they can keep doing more or less the same
       thing. They wear body armor, making them a bit more resilient than normal
       Zombies (always try aiming for the head). They also retained just enough
       intelligence to be able to run, take cover, use various firearms against
       you, and mutter incomprehensibly in their radio.
       They come equipped with either a Shotgun or Machine Gun, so duck behind some
       cover once they start shooting at you. Most weapons work well against them,
       though I tend to simply favor the Shotgun (up close) or Machine Gun. They'll
       even drop some ammo after you kill them, as a final thank you gesture. You
       can also throw various object at them with the Grabber until they die,
       though this isn't always possible. Holding a nice, large object will even
       provide you with some cover. Just be smart about it and don't try to use a
       highly explosive barrel as cover.
    So go through the door to enter a large room called Tablet Site Beta. Explore
    the back room where two tablets are stored to find some SHELLS, a MED KIT and
    two SHARDS up on the platform. Now turn your attention towards the generator
    here. See the hallway beyond it leading to a red UAC door? Removing the power
    cell will open this door, but close a similar door at your end of the hallway.
    You simply need to remove the Power Cell and run past that door before it
    closes behind you (sprint if it helps). I suppose the "correct" way to do this
    would be to use Hell Time, remove the Power Cell and then run past the doors,
    but you really don't need to. In any case, past the UAC doors you will find the
    large Central Excavation room.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                   CALL MAIN ELEVATOR
     Use a power cell to initialize the transfer elevator and then call it to this
    As you enter this room, you'll see someone crashing through some windows and
    falling in the abyss below. No matter how long those people manage to survive,
    they'll always find a way to die just as you arrive. Thanks for the show, I
    guess. Follow the path and you'll reach a door blocked by two crates. Before
    opening this door, look at the catwalk on the right and you'll see that the
    railing is broken off at the end. Carefully get on the rocky ledge there, and
    crawl under the catwalk to eventually find some security ARMOR. Then go back to
    the door and walk through it, after pushing the crates out of the way. An Imp
    will attack you in this room, but they shouldn't scare you anymore. Grab a SOUL
    from the body on the chair as well.
    Turn the corner and go down this rather long hallway. You'll be attacked by a
    Vulgar about halfway through. Pass through the door at the end of this hallway,
    pick up the GRENADES and take care of the Z-Sec inside this control room.
    You'll also be attacked by another Imp as you look around. You'll find a HEALTH
    STATION in here, as well as SHELLS near the large monitor. The monitors and
    lights will mysteriously shut down when you pick up those shells, but don't
    worry about it. Open the other door in this room and you'll find two more Imps
    beyond, so ready your Shotgun. Go up to the next door and pick up the SHELLS
    and SHARDS there.
    Enter the Elevator Bay and don't worry about the body falling down from the
    ceiling - it's just a SOUL to you. Walk towards the next room containing two
    elevators, where you'll be attacked by an Imp, then two Vulgars. I find it's a
    good idea to use Hell Time when facing two or more Vulgars, at least until
    you're used to fighting them. In this room you'll also find a SOUL as well as
    STORAGE LOCKER 029 next to a broken door. Unlock it with the code 516 to claim
    the CLIP, SHELLS and GRENADES inside. Continue past this room to find another
    door and a large MED KIT besides it. Through this door is the Lower Storage
    room where three Z-Sec Zombies await. Try using Hell Time if you really want to
    mess with them, but this is by no means necessary. Climb up the stairs and pick
    up a CLIP in front of the next door, then enter it.
    You'll fight two more Z-Secs and one Imp in this room. Look on the right side
    for a MED KIT, and under the stairs for three SHARDS and another MED KIT (a
    second Imp should attack you if you pick these goodies up). Go up the stairs
    and through another door to find yourself back in the Central Excavation room
    you passed in before. You'll find  a MED KIT on your right and notice one angry
    Imp who immediately attacks you. Down the steps and to your left is another
    body for your SOUL harvesting needs, as well as a large MED KIT and a PDA.
      ----[ P D A ]--------------------------------------------[Gregory Martin]----
                          SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Site One
       Not much of interest here, although the security update will allow you to
       lower a ladder.
    As you try to move you'll be attacked by two Vulgars and a Forgotten. Now's a
    good time for Hell Time, if you're not feeling confident enough. Go to the
    ladder on the other side of the room and click on the red panel to lower it.
    Climb it up and go through the door on top to enter Upper Storage. Get rid of
    the Z-Sec here, and suck yourself one SOUL if you need it. Go through the door
    and take care of the two Vulgars in the next room. You'll notice a higher ledge
    on your right, but no ladder or stairs. Conveniently enough, there is a stack
    of crates near some broken railing. Just grab a small box or crate elsewhere in
    the room, then use it to climb up on the crates and on the ledge above. Here
    you'll find SHELLS, some ARMOR and a fresh SOUL. Get back down and head through
    the other door at the end of the small hallway.
    You'll now be in a small control room overlooking Central Excavation and the
    main elevator. First, insert the Power Cell you obtained a while back into the
    generator here, to restore power to this area and allow you access to the
    HEALTH STATION on the left. When you're ready, click on the green "Call
    Elevator" button on the monitor screen to make the elevator rise, along with
    three Z-Secs. They'll start running towards the control room (where you are
    now), so be on your guard. Head back through the door and defeat the newly
    appeared Vulgar. Two Z-Secs should arrive shortly after. Backtrack to the
    Central Excavation room where the third Z-Sec will be waiting for you, as well
    as three Forgotten. Go down to the main elevator and fight a couple more fiery
    skulls. You're then free to open the elevator door and click the button inside
    it to complete this level.
    ====[ E R E B U S   L A B S ]==================================================
                              E R E B U S   -   L E V E L   3
       Located just past the ancient caverns, the Artifact Storage facility is a
         depository for the wide variety of objects discovered within Site  1.
         Seismic activity is prevalent in the area, so the storage facility is
               protected using patented  UAC shock reduction technology.
    This elevator ride is rather uneventful, so patiently twiddle your thumbs until
    you reach the top. McNeil will contact you and tell you about a Dr. Cloud who
    made some discoveries from an ancient tablet. However, he'll need a kind of
    "cypher key" called "The Primitive" to complete his research. Long story short,
    you're the pawn who's been chosen to retrieve the Primitive and bring it to
    Dr. Cloud in the Erebus Labs. Goody.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                   ARTIFACT STORAGE
     Inside this facility is a tablet that Dr.  McNeil needs to further her study.
                          Make your way to Artifact Storage.
    Look around this large room, and soon enough you'll be attacked by five
    Forgotten. They will pose no problem if you use your Grabber. Climb up the
    stairs right of the elevator to get some SHELLS, MED KITS and a SOUL. Near the
    elevator you'll also find a backpack containing more SHELLS, BULLETS and a
    CLIP. What an odd item to have here - it's the only one of its kind in the
    whole game. Climb the big scaffolding to the right of the Rune Door to find
    another CLIP and some ARMOR. A smaller scaffolding on the other side of the
    room has a MED KIT. Note that you can get items with your Grabber, if you're
    feeling too lazy to climb around.
    Anyway, when you're done pillaging the ruins, head up through the Rune Door and
    into Levitation Site Gamma. Turn left and head down some steps, where you'll
    encounter WRAITHS for the first time. Three will attack you from the front, and
    one will teleport in behind you, so be careful. They are easy to kill if you
    just let them get close and blast them in the face with the Shotgun.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  35%]----
       These rather short demons feature very long arms to strike you with, and
       also have a phasing ability. When they phase out of reality, Wraiths are
       completely invisible to you, as well as being immune to damage. After a few
       seconds of this they will re-appear, which would be of course when you must
       shoot. If they get close enough to you they'll attack with their long
       blade-like arms, causing decent damage.
       You don't want to let them get too close to you, unless you're planning to
       shoot them with either of the Shotguns. Otherwise, most weapons will work at
       a distance. You will always know a Wraith is around by the distinct sound of
       its phasing ability. Note that even when a Wraith is invisible, you can
       still hear its footsteps. Always try to keep your distance so that it won't
       appear right on top of you (again, unless this is what you want).
    Look to your left in the large alcove and you'll see some GRENADES on top of a
    scaffolding. Just get them with the Grabber, or build yourself some steps with
    crates if you're bored. Keep going and you'll be attacked by a single Trite
    from the top of some stairs. Be careful as it will most likely try to leap
    towards you. Grab it and splatter it against a wall. Climb up to the room with
    the floating egg things and you'll be attacked by four more Wraiths. Shouldn't
    be too hard if you keep your distance. Head towards the Rune Door, grabbing the
    CLIP, SHELLS, MED KIT and a delicious SOUL if you need it. As you open the
    door, you'll be attacked by the Trite beyond it, as well as a Wraith who'll
    teleport on your left.
    Continue in the hallway past the door. Another annoying Trite will try to
    ambush you. After you kill it, two more Wraiths will appears, one of which will
    probably be behind you. Damn sneaky things. Do check out the scaffolding for
    armor SHARDS and MED KITS. Now go through the next Rune Door and you'll enter
    The Proving Grounds. Oh man. There's a SOUL you can absorb (you'll need it),
    and a PDA. As soon as you pick up the PDA, some projectiles will start shooting
    rapidly from the walls, and a path will appear in front of you.
      ----[ P D A ]-------------------------------------------[Stewart Jackson]----
                         SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Security
       Besides an important security update, there's isn't much to this PDA, except
       a couple ominous emails. Like you haven't noticed all the monsters running
       around already.
    As you no doubt guessed, you need to use Hell Time to get past this room. The
    timing is a bit trickier than the first trap room with the crushers, so make
    sure you save your game here. Activate the Artifact, wait until projectiles
    pass in front of you both ways, then make a run for it. Wait until the second
    set of projectiles pass in front of you, then make another run until you reach
    another dead body with a fresh SOUL. Activate Hell Time again, and repeat the
    exact same thing to get through the rest of this room. Yay. You shouldn't have
    too much trouble if you always keep an eye on which projectiles are coming
    towards you.
    Continue in the hallway to reach the Main Excavation site. The screen will
    briefly turn red and you'll be attacked by a single Vulgar. No problem. As
    usual, climb up the scaffolding in the center to find a MED KIT and a CLIP.
    While you're up there, look at the rock wall in front of you. You'll big stone
    slabs sticking out of the wall and leading up to the catwalk above. If you're
    desperate for SHELLS, jump on these slabs (sprinting helps), and look on the
    catwalk for them. When you're ready, look under the stairs for three armor
    SHARDS, then climb them up to a door. You should be able to fully recharge your
    Artifact with the SOULS around here, if it wasn't already full. Go through the
    door and you'll receive a new objective.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                     POWER CELLS
      Locate two power cells to enable the Artifact Storage filtration system and
                                     activate it.
    It's like the nameless marine is a psychic and just suddenly guessed he would
    need power cells. Around this room you'll find a CLIP, SHELLS and several MED
    KITS. You'll also be attacked by two Z-Secs. After you kill them, two Vulgars
    will teleport in. Hell Time is definitely a good idea here. If run all the way
    to the end of the hallway, you'll find a security ARMOR resting in a broken
    elevator. Don't worry, it shouldn't fall down. Backtrack a little and turn
    right into another hallway. The glass door on the right is locked right now, so
    head through the left door. Grab the CLIP and SHELLS from the box, then call
    the elevator here. Select Level 2 (Medical Labs) to ride it up to the upper
    Exit the elevator and try not to be too startled by the falling panels, because
    two Z-Secs will come in and attack you. Go through the door and head left into
    the Bio Facility. One more Z-Sec will attack you there, but you'll find a
    HEALTH STATION in this large room full of useless equipment. Go through the
    door at the end of the room, and through the next glass door. Your computer
    will likely take a huge framerate hit here, but it's normal, I guess. You'll
    see a large X-Ray panel on your left here, and two skeletons running behind it
    to attack you. Oh my, ZOMBIES! Compared to everything you had to fight so far,
    you'll find zombies pose close to zero threat to you. Just don't let them run
    too close to your brain.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  10%]----
       Everyone knows the typical Zombie: slow, completely devoid of intelligence
       and cares for nothing but brains. They're pitifully easy to defeat, to the
       point where you might almost feel sorry for them. But honestly, you're doing
       them a favor by ending their miserable undead existence, and that's pretty
       much all there is to it.
       You'll notice they come in various shapes and appearances, since those
       Zombies used to be the people who worked on Mars. Scientists, technicians,
       donut eaters... you know. Any weapon works well against Zombies, so have fun
       with them. As long as you don't let them get close to you they're no threat
       at all. Some types of Zombies are stronger, slightly more resilient, or
       faster, or even on fire, but that doesn't make them any more dangerous.
       Generally you'll simply want to take out the faster ones first, then
       concentrate on the others.
    With one more Fat Zombie out of the way, get the SOUL here if you need it, and
    turn left past the X-Ray panels. Go through the door to enter a Medical Ward of
    sorts. I mean, an extremely messy, bloody medical ward. A scientist who somehow
    survived thus far will warn you to keep away from him as he slowly turns into a
    zombie. How thoughtful. Administer him a remedy by pumping his head full of
    lead. Look around to room to find a large MED KIT, a PDA and generator in the
      ----[ P D A ]---------------------------------------------[Preston Glenn]----
                         SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Archives
       You'll get a new locker code (769) in this PDA buried under more "OH MY GOD
       MY JOB SUCKS" type of emails. In his defense, I'm sure his job did suck.
    Now take a deep breath and remove the Power Cell from the generator in this
    room. Most of the lights will turn off but nothing bad happens... yet.
    Backtrack into the X-Ray lab and you'll be attacked by a Vulgar, followed by
    another one as you continue on. Use the HEALTH STATION in the Bio Facility if
    you need to. You'll be attacked by two more Vulgars as you get near the
    elevator room. Take care of them any way you want, and run to the STORAGE
    LOCKER 105 at the end of the hallway. As you now know, the code is 769. You can
    claim the BULLETS, SHELLS and GRENADES within.
    When you're ready, go back to the elevator you used to arrive here, and ride it
    back down to Level 1. Except this time you'll hear strange noises as it goes
    down. What could this mean? It means there's a Vulgar waiting for you as soon
    as the doors will open. A well-placed shotgun blast between the ears (does it
    even have ears?) will surprise him more than you. Exit the room and go to the
    door right if front of you. You can now unlock it with your upgraded, fancier
    and shinier PDA. The door will malfunction after you cross it, so you have no
    choice now but to go forward. You'll see a marine corpse holding a SOUL, and
    another PDA. More upgrades!
      ----[ P D A ]----------------------------------------------[Steven Crane]----
                         SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Security
       Besides the usual "I'm going crazy" emails, you'll learn code for "Sarge's
       old case", which is 428. What could be in it?
    Go through the door near the body and you'll face three Zombies. Oh no! Better
    use Hell Time. Or, not. Stupid Zombies. You'll see a door named Artifact
    Control to your right, and another named Offices on the left. Before we go mess
    with artifacts or whatever, let's go explore the offices, through the left
    door. Grab some SHELLS, CLIP and GRENADES from the shelves in this small room,
    then climb up the ladder. You'll find a HEALTH STATION on top, so heal up, then
    go through the glass door. In the next room you'll be attacked by.. three,
    maybe four zombies. Who cares? Continue past this room, through the door at the
    end. Welcome to the offices, of which there are only two. But whatever.
    Just as you enter you'll see someone shoot a Zombie and promptly die. It's just
    as well, since you're not really the social kind of marine anyway. You will
    need to take care of the Z-Sec to your right though. Then enter the large
    office right in front of you. You'll find some SHELLS and BULLETS near the body
    of the dead Sarge, and you can mercilessly rip his SOUL away from him. Yep, can
    always use more souls. You'll also notice an arcade machine called SARGE'S HUNT
    in the corner, one of the few mini games in Resurrection of Evil. Look below
    for a description of the game. Now for the good stuff. You've no doubt noticed
    the awesome looking DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN locked away in the display case.
    Enter the code 428 to open it, and this marvelous weapon is yours, ALL YOURS!
    You'll also find an important Keycard besides the Shotgun. Score? Score.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[Power: Very High]----
                                DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN
       If you love using the normal Shotgun, you will LOVE this one. Twice the
       barrels, twice the damage and twice the carnage, the "Super Shotgun" makes a
       triumphant return from Doom 2. Its power in close range is unmatched, and
       will disintegrate most everything in one blast, save for your tougher
       opponents. The big drawback, as you're probably aware, is it needs to be
       reloaded with two shells between each shot, giving it the slowest rate of
       fire of all your weapons (save the BFG-9000).
       Just like the Shotgun, you'll want to use it as close to your enemies as
       possible, to maximize the punishment you're dealing them. As long as you
       don't let yourself get surrounded by enemies (which is a very bad idea to
       begin with), the Super Shotgun will serve you well. Because shells are one
       of the most common ammo type you'll find, I recommend using it often.
      ----[Default Key: 3 (twice)]----------------------------------------[w05]----
      ----[ A R C A D E   G A M E ]------------------------------------------------
                                 SARGE'S BIG GAME HUNT
       First, click to insert four credits, then "Start". You play Sarge, armed
       with a Shotgun, and the big game in question consists of bears floating with
       the help of red balloons. Mm-hmm. You must shoot and pop the balloons to
       kill each bear.
       To do so, adjust the "Aim" and "Force" sliders in the lower-left corner of
       the screen. Aim will get Sarge to shoot higher or lower, while Force makes
       his shots slower or faster. Also take note of the wind speed and direction,
       which will affect the trajectory of your shots a little bit. Click "Fire"
       and see where your shot goes. If you miss, you might want to adjust the
       sliders a bit and try again.
       When you take down 5 bears, you'll rise to the next level. Starting level 2,
       the bears float up and down progressively faster as you achieve higher
       levels. You also gain more time when you get to a new level. But it's Game
       Over once you run out of time. You can just click Continue to keep playing
       And that's about it. You can probably keep playing as long as you want, but
       I don't now why you would. It's a pretty boring mini-game.
    So exit this office and run all the way to the other office. You'll see the
    door is locked, but you now have the Keycard! Unlock it and grab the goodies
    inside, which include a CLIP, SHELLS and a Large MED KIT. You'll also find
    another generator sitting there for no apparent reason, but since you can
    really use a second Power Cell it all works out. Remove it from the generator,
    and as the lights go out two Zombies will attack you from cleverly disguised
    closets in the office! Just how long have they been waiting in there? Less
    questions, more killing. You'll meet a Zombie outside the office, plus another
    gay Zombie. I mean closet Zombie. Backtrack to the computer room that had
    several Zombies before (killing one more on the way), and something rather
    interesting will happen.
    Betruger laughs at you, and your vision will turn all red and blurry and...
    you'll see. It makes it pretty hard to see where you're going, and you'll be
    attacked by no less than nine Zombies! The normal Shotgun is probably the best
    weapon to use here, because it can fire much faster than the Super Shotgun (I
    know you want to use it, but be patient). Only after you kill all the zombies
    will things return to normal. Well, the freaky kind of normal you're used to. I
    think what happens is you're temporarily transported into Hell, or something,
    but it just could be some kind of weird acid trip from the future. Who knows.
    Backtrack out of here and down the ladder. Go back to the Artifact Control
    door, though you'll be attacked by a Vulgar on the way.
    Continue along the hallway, in which you'll encounter two more Vulgars. Grab
    the CLIP in the box and make your way to the next door. You'll enter a small
    control room where you can grab a large MED KIT and some ARMOR. Now then,
    Insert your two Power Cells in the generator to power it up. You'll notice the
    raised monitor on the console is now turned on. Approach and click the green
    "Vent Gas" button to get rid of the nasty green gas in the artifact storage
    room. Exit the control room and start going back the way you came from. You'll
    be attacked by two Z-Secs in the hallways besides the storage room, followed by
    a Vulgar. Another Z-Sec will wait for you in the Excavation Systems room. From
    there, go through the door on your left (not the Offices door).
    Turn left in this room, defeat another Z-Sec, and you can now open the Artifact
    Storage door. Finally, you enter the Artifact Storage room, where you just know
    bad things are waiting to happen. You can't enter the door on your right there,
    so head left down the small steps. Pick up the PDA and get yourself a new SOUL
    if you need one.
      ----[ P D A ]--------------------------------------------[Viktor Kharkov]----
                         SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Archives
       You might recognize this name, since he popped up in several other emails
       thus far. Looks like he was some important Archivist. From his emails,
       you'll gather he was having troubles sending and receiving emails to and
       from Mars. The audio log will reveal that he had made some discoveries
       regarding those "Hunters".
    Go where the tablet fragment is, and you'll find a CLIP and some SHELLS on the
    shelves on either side. Then simply approach it to pick up THE PRIMITIVE. Time
    to head back out of the room, but first you'll be attacked by three Vulgars,
    one after the other. Guess they don't want you to steal that tablet. A Zombie
    should also make a futile attempt to come after you. Now you can head through
    the door you couldn't open before (the door you came in from is now locked, for
    some reason) and exit this room. You'll be attacked by two more Zombies in the
    next room, so be careful! No really, just point and laugh. Go through the next
    You'll find a few goodies in this room, including MED KITS, armor SHARDS and
    two SOULS. Open the large bay door by clicking the panel on the right. Within
    it you'll find the exit leading you to the next section: Erebus Control!
    ====[ E R E B U S   C O N T R O L ]============================================
                              E R E B U S   -   L E V E L   4
        The Erebus Complex has the capability to process ore retrieved from the
        deep Martian caverns.  Experimental UAC machinery has been developed in
         order to process and handle the highly radioactive natural resources.
    Enter the large room after the bay door finally opens. You'll find a couple MED
    KITS on a shelf in front of you. Advance further and someone will call out for
    you. What? A living being? How's that possible? Look up and you'll see him way
    up there in a large ventilation shaft. He'll explain to you that you need two
    more Power Cells to power up the lift that can lead you up to him. Aww man,
    more Power Cells? Damnit. At least it's a way to the surface, so better do what
    he says.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                   POWER THE LIFT
    Find 2 power cells to activate the lift that leads into the ventilation system.
    Alright then. You'll find SHELLS in a box near the large red door, and a MED
    KIT below the stairs. Climb up the stairs and you'll be attacked by an Imp.
    Whee. Follow this path through a large door, to enter the Excavation Systems
    room. Watch out, this Fat Zombie has a wrench! Yeah, kill him and the two
    Z-Secs that will join you shortly. Pick up the armor SHARDS from the shelves
    there, and head towards the next door. Before opening it, look on the left, and
    you'll see a small closet containing some SHELLS. You can go pick them up
    without any repercussions.
    Go through the doors to enter Artifact Processing. A Vulgar will attack you
    from the left, so have your Shotgun or Grabber ready. You'll also find a
    hanging SOUL and security ARMOR in the left corner. Navigate through this room
    and you'll find a MED KIT in a box, along with another Vulgar eager to attack
    you. You'll find locked doors on your left and right, so keep going through the
    larger doors ahead. You'll see more doors just beyond, but they appear locked!
    What? Immediately back off, and the doors will open after about two seconds,
    with an Imp waiting for you on the other side. If you back off a little, he
    should just barely miss you, and will be in perfect range of your Shotgun.
    Pass those doors, you'll now find yourself in Administration Access. There
    should be a Z-Sec just ahead, taking cover behind a barrel. For fun, throw the
    barrel in his face for a sweet kill. Keep advancing and you'll find a CLIP near
    the Z-Sec's position, and at about that time you should be attacked by a Vulgar
    from behind. Head towards the broken stairs and once again you'll be attacked
    from behind, this time by an Imp. Turn left below the stairs and run to the end
    of this passage to find GRENADES. Afterwards climb up on the neatly stacked
    blue crates to access the ledge above (where the stairs would have led you if
    they weren't broken). You'll see a man trapped in a hallway, but before you can
    do anything from him he gets brutally killed by a Vulgar. Oh well, damn this
    bullet-proof glass. There's a HEALTH STATION you can use while you're up there
    if you need to.
    Now climb back down and go examine the large rocky wall in the back of this
    room. You've no doubt noticed the disturbingly wet and squishy hole that's been
    drilled through it. Good news! You have to crawl through this hole, so swallow
    your pride and do it. You'll be greeted by an Imp and two Z-Secs when you
    emerge on the other side of the tunnel. You can grab a MED KIT in front of you,
    and a SOUL not far from it. Go up the small steps and you'll be attacked by two
    more Vulgars. The Grabber works well here. Follow this path that will lead you
    left and up some more stairs. Look on your left there and you'll see a bunch of
    barrels and crates. Move the barrels out of the way and you can access a MED
    Continue on this passageway to reach another door (the one you passed is
    locked). As soon as you open it, an Imp will attack you from a closet on your
    left. Real original guys! Through this door you'll find yourself in the
    Administration North Hall. This is the place where you saw the guy get killed
    earlier. Get rid of the Zombie, and go past the locked door to find a SOUL and
    a PDA.
      ----[ P D A ]-----------------------------------------------[Ron Gibbons]----
                          SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Offices
       That Ron is a boring guy, but you'll at least get yourself a new code: 937.
    Now click the screen on the nearby door to unlock it with Ron's magic. You're
    back in the room with the broken staircase. Immediately turn left and head down
    to the STORAGE LOCKER 408. Input 937 to score two boxes of SHELLS. Run back
    through the creepy gooey tunnel, and continue until you reach the locked door
    you passed before (it'll be on your right). Thanks to Ron, once again, you can
    now unlock it and enter Administration South Hall. Dispose of the Z-Sec, then
    enter the office on the right where a Zombie resides. You'll see a MED KIT and
    a Hellanoid arcade machine, but it's broken. Aww. Venture in the office proper
    to be assaulted by yet another closet Imp. I love it when they jump right in
    front of my Shotgun's double barrels. Grab the security ARMOR and SHELLS here
    and get out of this office.
    Turn right in the hallway and go up the stairs to face off against two Vulgars.
    The Grabber is your friend, as always. Go through the small door in the right
    wall to enter some kind of server room, and do battle with an Imp and three
    Zombies. Pick up a CLIP and SHELLS in the crate near the door. Exit this room,
    turn right and explore the end of the hallway, where a Fire Zombie will attack
    you. Don't worry - he might be a little faster, but just like all the other
    Zombies he's allergic to lead. You'll find a large MED KIT in a closet nearby.
    You'll also find a white door at the end of this hallway, so open it. Battle a
    couple Z-Secs beyond, and pick up the SHELLS on a crate, ignoring the locked
    door for now. Follow this hallway to the end to find GRENADES, a MED KIT and a
    Turn around and go through the glass door followed by the door named Excavation
    Transfer. Don't mind the earthquake, but do mind the Vulgar who'll attack you
    ahead. Just up ahead you'll discover a CLIP, a generator, another SOUL and a
    PDA. Be sure to pick up the latter at least.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]---------------------------------------------
                                 START DIG SITE LIFT
            Locate a power cell to start the lift in Excavation Transfer.
      ----[ P D A ]-------------------------------------------------[Mac Smith]----
                          SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Offices
       Boo hoo, Mac had trouble sleeping. Worst. PDA. Ever. Well, you do get an
       updated security clearance.
    Oh yay, more power cell related objectives! Just what you wanted. Now you need
    to briefly backtrack into Administration East Hall, to the locked door we
    passed earlier. Open it and enter the Administration Main Office. Two Zombies
    to play with here, then look past the cubicles where they came from to find
    STORAGE LOCKER 407. Use the same code from before (937) to get your hands on
    SHELLS, BULLETS and a MED KIT. Get back to the main room, and you'll find a
    large MED KIT and some armor SHARDS under the fire (be sure to crouch when you
    pick them up). Go down the steps and rid yourself of the two Z-Secs trying to
    protect a generator (as if). Go to it and finally claim your first Power Cell
    on this level.
    You know the drill - lights go out, two Vulgars appear. Use Hell Time if you're
    not too confident about your skills, or are afraid of the dark (why are you
    playing this game, then?). Exit this room, face a third Vulgar, and go back
    through the Excavation Transfer door. A Z-Sec will attack you there, but
    annoyingly he's on the other side of the room. Take him out with the Machine
    Gun. Now you can insert your Power Cell in the generator in this room, to start
    up the dig site lift. This looks like the first lift you used in the game,
    which is really more a series of platforms going up. Get on a platform,
    immediately turn around, and jump off on the ledge above. If you ride all the
    way up, you'll be crushed by the ceiling.
    Go through the door in front of you, and follow this surprisingly clean hallway
    to another door, picking up a large MED KIT on the way. Through this door is
    the Lobby, where you'll be immediately attacked by a Z-Sec on your right. Look
    around this room to find BULLETS, SHELLS, armor SHARDS, a HEALTH STATION, two
    SOULS and a PDA. Whew! Oh, and you'll also spot one Zombie relaxing on a bench.
    As you should know by now, Vulgars tend to get pissy when you find new PDAs, so
    expect two to appear in the room as soon as you pick it up.
      ----[ P D A ]-------------------------------------------[Nathan Reynolds]----
                          SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Offices
       Wow, an email about power cells. *yawn*
    If you look across the room from where you found the PDA, you'll see a door
    slightly on the right. Go through it to enter the Lounge. There's actually
    nothing to find in here, except a lone Z-Sec and a working Hellanoid arcade
    cabinet. Woo!
      ----[ A R C A D E   G A M E ]------------------------------------------------
       Okay, click to insert four credits, then "Start". Now this is rather fun.
       It's actually a clone of the old game Arkanoid... in Hell! Kind of. Move
       the paddle left and right to bounce the ball back, and hit the colored
       bricks. When you clear out all the bricks, you go on to the next level.
       There are only 5 different levels, and they will repeat every five levels.
       That is, level 6 is the same as level 1, level 7 is the same as level 2,
       etc. I don't think there's a limit to how long you can play.
       You also score 100 points every time you destroy a brick, and get an extra
       ball for every 10,000 points. But even if you lose all the balls, you can
       Continue exactly where you left of, so this is all rather pointless. You can
       probably have fun with this for a few minutes, at least.
    After you're done playing and relaxing, go through the door near the lunch
    table. This is just a junction hall where you'll fight another Z-Sec, and claim
    two more SOULS as your own. Continue on through the door and you'll be back on
    the now-familiar Excavation Transfer room. An Imp will climb up to attack you,
    so blast him with the Shotgun before he can even do so. Follow the walkway here
    and go down some stairs to reach a locked door. Click the button to unlock it.
    Welcome to Debris Processing, and do resist the urge to jump down and get
    processed. Instead, click the "Release" button on the panel in front of you to
    extend a bridge. Cross it over, though a Vulgar will appear halfway through.
    Climb down the ladder on the other side to find yet another generator, this
    time which contains two power cells. Jackpot! Shut it down to remove the cells,
    and a Zombie will lunge at you from a closet on the left. You'll also find
    three armor SHARDS in said closet, though picking them up will reveal two more
    closet Zombies! Why?? Just... why? Anyway. The bridge has retracted due to the
    lack of power, so you can't go back this way. Instead look for some steps, who
    will lead you up to another door. Go through it to enter the Artifact
    Processing room in which you traveled a while ago. What a convenient shortcut!
    Do I even need to mention the Zombie that'll attack you there? Yeah.
    Turn right and start backtracking - a Vulgar will attack you from the corner
    where the hanging body is/was. Keep going back, to face an Imp followed by a
    Vulgar in the next room. Keep going still, until you're back in the room you
    started this level in, with the lift and the ventilation shaft. Well what are
    you waiting for? Insert the Power Cells and start the generator! You can then
    step on the lift, and click on the arrow above "Raise Lift." Up you go, then up
    a ladder into the Ventilation System. The guy from the beginning is nowhere to
    be found though. What a surprise.
    Head down the ventilation tunnels until you reach a ladder. Don't go down yet
    though, keep going to the end of the tunnel to find a dead body (SOUL)and a
    CLIP. Could this be the guy from the beginning? Well that's just super. Now you
    can climb down the ladder. Follow the tunnel until you drop into a new room you
    may or may not have noticed earlier, through the window. Pick up armor SHARDS
    here, and use the HEALTH STATION as needed. Finally enter the elevator and
    click the button to finish the fourth level.
    ====[ E R E B U S   R E S E A R C H ]==========================================
                              E R E B U S   -   L E V E L   5
          The myriad research and industrial activities of Site  1 can create
        hazardous waste materials that need to be carefully disposed of.  Waste
           Management contains various mechanisms  to deal with these highly
                                 dangerous substances.
    So just how big is the freaking Erebus Complex? Sheesh. Exit the elevator to
    enter a large room called Erebus Cargo Storage. If you played a lot of the
    original Doom 3 you'll certainly remember that these hangar-type rooms where
    all over the place. I guess the designers just got lazy here and decided to
    re-use them. But I digress, you really should get ready for some action. As
    soon as you enter, two Imps will spawn and attack you, followed by three
    Vulgars, and even a Zombie somewhere in between. I suggest dealing with the
    Imps however you like (there are plenty of explosive barrels around, hint
    hint), and make good use of Hell Time once the Vulgars start appearing. There
    are also quite a few barrels around the room that could come in handy.
    After this battle you can take a look around the room to find SHELLS, some
    armor SHARDS and MED KITS near the door. There should also be two SOULS you can
    use to recharge the Artifact, unless you blew the bodies up during the action.
    Go through the only unlocked door to enter the Erebus Storage Hallway. Blast
    two Zombies in there and pick up a box of SHELLS up ahead. Continue past a
    locked door on your right (make note of it) and you'll encounter two Imps in
    the other room. You'll also find some GRENADES under the large pipe on the
    right side. Continue through into a small hallway, then approach the next door
    to trigger a cutscene.
    Meet Dr. Cloud, who would be the guy you needed to bring the Primitive to, if
    you'll recall. You're just in time too, as he seems to be getting a little
    impatient, what with the power surges and the demons. He'll be able to finally
    complete his research with the help of the Primitive, which takes all of 3
    seconds, if that. After rambling for a bit, he'll mention that the Artifact
    should be brought to Dr. McNeil for further research. As in, just after he said
    that it also acts as a portal from Hell. Awesome. Cloud then kicks you out of
    his office (making extra sure to lock the door), and leaves you with a Keycard
    and a new objective.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                              Gain access to the Armory.
    Sounds simple enough. You like big guns, right? So step forward and the lights
    will turn off. Shortly after you'll see a single Zombie shuffling down the
    stairs towards you. But watch out, he has a flashlight! You only have about 10
    seconds to react! You can then go below the stairs, and look near the wall for
    an opening that'll lead you to a hidden security ARMOR. Then climb up the
    stairs (get the SOUL if you need it) and go through the door to find Research
    Sector 2. You'll be attacked by another Zombie, followed by a Vulgar and Imp.
    Look around this room to find SHELLS, some SHARDS (below the stairs), a HEALTH
    STATION and a total of three SOULS! Mmmm, souls. Exit this room through another
    door and you'll find yourself back in the hangar room from the beginning,
    though on a higher ledge.
    Move along the small corridor to face a Zombie and Vulgar. In the corner just
    up ahead you'll find BULLETS and SHELLS, as well as another Vulgar. Follow the
    walkway until you reach a door, and a third Vulgar will attack you, this time
    from behind (no not... never mind). Through this door you'll find Upper Cargo
    Storage, home to an Imp and two Vulgars (not all at once, thankfully). Nothing
    else here, so continue on through the next door to find a stairwell and an Imp.
    At the bottom of this stairwell you'll find a new SOUL and a PDA.
      ----[ P D A ]-----------------------------------------------[Sean Gibson]----
                      SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: General Access
       A few emails about the armory, but nothing important. Notice the typo in
       Viktor Kharkov's name. Heh.
    Anyway, look under the stairs for GRENADES and a MED KIT, then go through the
    door to find another hangar. Oh good. Inside you'll first encounter an Imp,
    followed by another Imp, followed by two Vulgars, and finally another Vulgar.
    The Grabber will certainly help you here, as will Hell Time if you get in
    trouble. Around the room you can find a couple SOULS, SHARDS and a MED KIT. But
    that's not all. See the area behind some fences? You can climb over there by
    picking up a crate and dropping it next to the larger "top secret" crate. There
    you'll find a MED KIT, a box of SHELLS and a CLIP. Climb over the fence again,
    and run up to the locked door, which you can open by scanning your PDA. Enter
    it to find yourself back in the first hangar room, yet again.
    This time three Imps will greet you, so return the favor by exploding them with
    their own fireballs. Continue along the path and go through the door leading to
    the Erebus Storage Hallway again. Go up to the locked door you passed before,
    but as you approach it a closet Imp will attempt to flirt with you, so flirt
    back. You'll find some SHELLS     ----[ AMMO BELT ]---------------------------
    and a MED KIT in the closet. Now | Ammo for the Chaingun. Each box will award |
    you can unlock the door and      | you 60 hot Chaingun bullets.               |
    enter the Armory. A Vulgar will   --------------------------------------------
    immediately attack you, so kill it already and start looting. You'll find a PDA
    on a shelf right of the entrance, a box of SHELLS, a HEALTH STATION, three 
    SOULS, and more importantly: a CHAINGUN and five AMMO BELTS.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]-----------------------------------------[Power: High]----
       Few things scream death better than the sound of the Chaingun's six rotating
       barrels. Dispensing hot lead in such a brutal and efficient manner is
       certainly gratifying. Each bullet packs quite a punch, and you can fire up
       to 60 of them in rather rapid succession before having to reload. Definitely
       one of the better weapons to take care of large crowds of nasties, and even
       some of the bigger, badder demons. Be warned that it will take almost one
       second to wind up the barrels before you can actually start firing.
       Another drawback is the general lack of accuracy that will result from
       sustained fire. You will certainly be able to hit the broad side of a barn,
       just as long as it's not too far away. Also note that Chaingun ammunition is
       rather plentiful in the later stages of the game, where you really need it,
       so don't be afraid to use it.
      ----[Default Key: 5]------------------------------------------------[w07]----
      ----[ P D A ]-------------------------------------------------[Leo Avery]----
                       SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Sewage Access
       More emails about the armory, which I guess Leo was in charge of. Not
       anymore though.
    ----[ O B J E C T I V E ]------------------------------------------------------
                                    SURFACE ACCESS
     Get the environment suit and follow the waste tunnels to the cargo station on
                                     the surface.
    So unlock the door within the Armory leading to the waste tunnels. Follow the
    path leading you to another door. Open it and you'll automatically put on a
    helmet, which I guess is what they meant by "environment suit". I mean, the
    workers here at least wore a full hazmat suit, but you just run along with your
    helmet and not even a pair of gloves. Anyway, you need to hurry along through
    this segment, because your helmet has a limited oxygen reserve, after which you
    start to rapidly lose health. You can replenish your oxygen meter by picking up
    Enviro Tanks along the way.
    Step into the Waste Tunnels and down the steps, and you'll see a Hazmat Zombie
    on your left. Those are just like normal Zombies, but they drop an Enviro Tank
    when you kill them, which is pretty nice. Follow the walkway, crossing over the
    sewers twice. Just as you cross the second walkway, two CHERUBS will appear for
    the first time and attack you. While these would be rather annoying normally,
    you can just kill them instantly with your Grabber.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  40%]----
       Little babies who can fly with insect wings. If that doesn't creep you out,
       you're braver than I am. They slowly crawl towards you and can lunge from
       pretty far away, to stab you with those creepy little arms of theirs.
       Thankfully they have really low hit points, like all small enemies. Your bet
       best if to keep your distances and take shots at them with a fast-firing
       weapon, or use the Grabber for a quick kill.
    Keep going until you go down some stairs into the sewer area. You'll now be
    attacked by two MAGGOTS - more new enemies! They are easily taken care of with
    the Double Barrel Shotgun.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  45%]----
       Those ape like demons prefer to simply run towards you and get intimate with
       your internal organs. The melee damage they can cause is rather brutal, so
       do what you must to stay far enough from them. Strafe, sprint and all that.
       You'll actually encounter few of this enemy in RoE, and at that point the
       Super Shotgun is probably your best option for taking down a Maggot. The
       Chaingun also works well, or any of the stronger weapons if you have them.
    After the Maggots, two more Cherubs will spawn. Kill them, and a MANCUBUS will
    then spawn way up ahead. Oh crap! At this point, your best bet is to activate
    Hell Time, then use your more badass weapons on him, such as the Super Shotgun,
    Chaingun or even Grenades. From such a distance, I would recommend trying the
    Grabber, however. Throwing two or three of the Mancubus' fireballs back at him
    should be enough to kill him.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index: 100%]----
       Big, fat, ugly and hilariously short. They do try to make up for any
       shortcomings they otherwise may have by have a massive flame cannon grafted
       on each arm. Ouch. You do NOT want to get in the way of these fireballs. In
       most situations, a few hits from those will be enough to kill you DEAD. The
       fireballs are large, very fast, and hard to dodge. What to do?
       Usually, you should simply use the Artifact. Use some of your big guns while
       in Hell Time, to maximize the chance of, well, not dying. They should go
       down soon enough. In those rare cases that there is a lot of distance
       between you and a Mancubus, you can also try throwing a Mancubus' fireballs
       back at him, Grabber style. A couple should do the trick. Fun, but certainly
    These sewers are certainly full of surprises. Now before continuing, you might
    wanna turn around and kill the two Hazmat Zombies you'll see there to nab
    yourself some used Enviro Tanks. Then run back and go through the red gate
    ahead, then through another gate to reach the next part of the access tunnel.
    You'll encounter two more Maggots here, who'll spawn some Cherubs when they
    die. You'll also find a SOUL and a MED KIT near the stairs on your right. You
    can go two ways now: up on the walkway or down in the sewer. A lot of Maggots
    will attack you if you take the sewer route and you'll likely run out of
    oxygen, so I suggest you use the stairs to climb up.
    So run along the walkway, killing two Cherubs along the way. Before crossing
    over a second time, look to the left and you'll find some stairs leading up to
    two Hazmat Zombies and some goodies. Kill the Zombies, get Enviro Tanks, two
    large MED KITS, four AMMO BELTS and three SOULS. Nice loot. Now turn around,
    cross over to the other side where you'll find another Enviro Tank. A Mancubus
    should also spawn at this point, at the end of the tunnel. Like before, Hell
    Time is preferred, along with your favorite weapon. The Grabber might not work
    as well, because he spawns closer to you this time. In any case, once he's done
    for continue one through the red gate. Another bend, another gate, leading
    naturally to another tunnel.
    You'll see three Hazmat Zombies right away, so try to steal some of their
    Enviro Tanks. You'll also find a MED KIT, two AMMO BELTS and a SOUL at the base
    of the stairs. Maggots and Cherubs will also spawn along the tunnel like
    before, so be on your guard. Once again I suggest you go up the stairs and
    follow the walkway. You'll find an Enviro Tank plus another Zombie along the
    way. Once back down in the sewer, just run ahead towards the red gate. No
    Mancubus this time! Note that while you can use barrels and the big pipes to
    climb up on the walkway above the gate, both doors up there are locked and
    there are no items. Again, go through the gates to reach the next section of
    the tunnel.
    More Maggots and Cherubs to be aware of. This time you'll see SHELLS, an AMMO
    BELT and a MED KIT near the stairs. The easiest way through here is again by
    using the walkway, so climb up the stairs and follow it. Pick up an Enviro Tank
    along the path, and deal with Cherubs and Maggots that could follow you up.
    Eventually you'll see a large green door on your right, like the one you used
    to enter this freaking waste tunnel. Joy! Simply walk through the door to take
    off your helmet and be done with this annoying part. Don't you  ate sewer
    Go through the next door to enter Surface Access. Follow the simple path, but
    look on the right before climbing the second set of stairs. You'll see a small
    path there leading up to several armor SHARDS. Then climb the stairs to reach
    an airlock and the two MED KITS nearby. Click the "Cycle Airlock" button to
    open it. Within it you'll find the exit button for this level.
    ====[ E R E B U S   S T A T I O N ]============================================
                              E R E B U S   -   L E V E L   6
          Site 1 is comprised of two major facilities, the Erebus Complex and
        Phobos Labs. Monorails leave from Erebus Station to Phobos - Sector 1 at
                              regularly scheduled intervals.
    Well you've finally reached the top of the Erebus facilities, but you know what
    this means: frequent trips across Mars' surface. And the demons. And the lack
    of oxygen. Fun. Keep an eye out for Air Canisters out here, which will
    replenish your oxygen in the same way Enviro Tanks did. Just step forward to
    open the airlock doors. Your oxygen depletes rapidly, so try to be quick. Step
    outside, turn left and go down the steps where a pair of CACODEMONS will spawn.
    Since you're short on time, know that you can kill them instantly by throwing
    their projectiles back at them with the Grabber, or otherwise simply use the
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  50%]----
       You know the Cacodemon - a medium-sized floating demon with a rather large
       eyeball that shoots energy projectiles. While those projectiles are usually
       easily avoided by strafing, they're large enough that you should worry about
       splash damage. Of course, if one of those blasts hits you dead-on, you'll be
       hurting quite a bit.
       A good way to make sure those projectiles almost never hit you is to use
       your Grabber to catch them and throw them back at the source. One direct hit
       on a Cacodemon will be enough to kill it. If you'd rather use more 
       onventional weapons, the Chaingun is probably the best option, or the Super
       Shotgun if you can get close enough.
    Now run to the steps facing the airlock door, just a ways across the surface.
    Take the right path first to grab the Air Canister, then run along the left
    path. And by running I mean sprinting, since every bit helps. You'll soon reach
    a ladder, but do touch the Air Canister near it before climbing up. Follow the
    path and get ready for some action. You can turn left at the next intersection
    to grab a couple MED KITS and a Canister, which you'll certainly need. Because
    four Vulgars will start spawning around here, along with a Cacodemon. They can
    all be defeated with your Grabber, and if you're good enough at this point you
    might not even need to use Hell Time. But I still suggest you use it. There are
    also some explosive barrels around you could use.
    Once everything has been dealt with, keep sprinting along the path (you'll find
    an Air Canister between two barrels on the right), until you reach the airlock
    door. You'll also find an Air Canister protected by a Vulgar on the left. Now
    quickly open the airlock door and slam the Cycle button to end this somewhat
    traumatizing experience.
    Enter Monorail Storage, where you'll meet a not-so-chatty fellow called
    M. Ryden. He'll tell you about the security bots and he'll send you off in the
    tunnels ahead. Now WAIT a freakin minute. You just met another actual living
    human being, and you're just gonna leave him there? Why not give him a weapon
    and do the logical thing, like traveling together to improve your survival
    odds? What is wrong with all these people who'd rather just die alone? Aargh!
    Whatever, look around the room to find a couple MED KITS, some SHARDS and a
    SOUL. You'll also get a new objective, courtesy of your "friend" Ryden.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                      SENTRY BOT
                   Find the Sentry Bot in the maintenance tunnels.
    Head to the next room by going through the door named Maintenance. Climb down
    the stairs and face two Vulgars. You'll also find SHELLS and a CLIP in here.
    Continue through the door and another Vulgar will spawn just ahead, followed by
    two closet Zombies. You'll find several more SHARDS in this closet and a
    hanging SOUL next to the door. Enter the next room to battle a Fat Zombie and a
    Vulgar down the stairs. You'll see a door at the bottom, but ignore it for now
    and climb down the next set of stairs. Go through the door down there to enter
    the Blocked Passage and rid yourself of one more Zombie.
    Examine this room to find a large MED KIT and CLIP, along with a SOUL and a
    PDA. Before you can get all this you'll be attacked by a Zombie and a sneaky
    Vulgar from behind though, so be careful.
      ----[ P D A ]---------------------------------------------[Fred Grossman]----
                          SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Sewer
       You'll see a couple emails from McNeil about sentry bots, but more
       importantly a new locker security code: 134.
    Go on to the locked Armory door in this room, and scan your PDA to open it.
    Unlock the STORAGE LOCKER 034 to obtain a CLIP and two AMMO BELTS. STORAGE
    LOCKER 035 contains SHELLS, BULLETS and two armor SHARDS. Both lockers use the
    code 134. Use the HEALTH STATION in here if you need it, then backtrack to the
    Sewage Stairwell. Defeat the Vulgar in here, climb up the steps and go through
    the door I told you to ignore earlier. You'll be in a pretty large room, but
    surprisingly enough there are no items to be found here. Head down the stairs
    and head towards the locked door in the back of the room. Before you reach it,
    a new enemy will appear! A single REVENANT, along with a Vulgar who'll spawn
    behind you. Use Hell Time here, along with the Chaingun or Super Shotgun.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  70%]----
       Revenants look like (somewhat ugly) skeletons sporting shoulder-mounted
       rocket launchers. Which fire homing rockets. With the target being you.
       Those rockets can hurt quite a bit, especially since they tend to come in
       pairs. Luckily, they're not impossible to dodge, simply by strafing from
       side to side. As long as you have enough room, that is. Oh, and if you get
       too close to a Revenant, he'll start punching you like crazy. So don't get
       Enough talk about getting hit, how about striking back? The Chaingun will
       get the job done, but it's not ideal. The Plasma Gun, once you acquire it,
       is usually my favorite weapon in this case. You won't have trouble hitting
       Revenants because they move so little, and the plasma shots have a good
       chance of destroying the incoming rockets! You can destroy the rockets with
       other weapons too, but it's usually harder. The Super Shotgun works well if
       you can get close, as always. Sadly, the Grabber will do nothing against
       Revenants, except leaving you hurt and humiliated.
    Now scan your PDA to unlock the door Main Sewer Tunnel A. You'll meet up with
    the Sentry Bot here and receive a new objective.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                   CARGO TRANSPORT
                    Follow the Sentry Bot to the Cargo Transport.
    The Bot will wait for you right there, so look around first. You'll find a
    large MED KIT, three SHARDS and two SOULS. Yummy. Now start following the
    Sentry Bot through the tunnel. This part can be rather stressful, but it's not
    too bad really. The idea is to stay close to the bot as much as you can,
    because not only does it provide you with light and additional firepower, but
    it can actually be destroyed if you let it sustain too much damage. And without
    the bot, you will suddenly feel very alone and very much in danger. The
    Chaingun and Super Shotgun are probably the best weapons to use in this
    So, move forward and follow the Sentry Bot through the darkness. After the
    first bend, you'll be attacked by a Zombie from an alcove on the left, as well
    as several Trites. A Vulgar will also spawn behind you, and a Fat Zombie should
    also come at you from the front. You'll find some armor SHARDS in the alcove
    where the first Zombie came from. Just up ahead, you'll also find SHELLS and an
    AMMO BELT in an alcove to the right. Follow the Bot and fight some more Trites
    ahead, until you reach a large room. Get ready for some action here, as a
    Revenant will spawn in the middle of the room, followed by a Vulgar behind you.
    Several enemies will likely attack the Sentry Bot up ahead, including two more
    Vulgars, a small army of Trites and even a Zombie or two. Be sure to go help
    the Sentry Bot as soon as you can, although the Vulgars will probably focus
    their attention on you. Whew, what a mess. Use Hell Time when you get in
    After all this, you'll reach a T-Junction just ahead, where most of the
    fighting probably took place. Before following the Bot to the right, take the
    left path. You'll first find a CLIP and much-needed large MED KIT in an alcove
    on the left. Then keep going to reach a dead-end with a security ARMOR, AMMO
    BELT and a SOUL. Hopefully you should still be in good shape up to this point.
    Now turn around and follow the Sentry Bot up a small ramp. After the next bend,
    you'll be attacked by a lone Revenant, which should be no problem with the help
    of the Bot. Also look for a Zombie in an alcove to the right.
    Keep going, and fight more Trites and a Zombie after the next bend in the
    tunnel. Shortly after you'll arrive into another large room, which you as you
    know means trouble. After the room turns red, two Vulgars will spawn ahead,
    followed by two more. So now is a VERY good time to active Hell Time, otherwise
    you might end up pretty hurt yourself. After all the Vulgars are dead, two
    Revenants will casually walk up to the room from the tunnel ahead. The Chaingun
    is probably your best option to take them down, with the help of the bot. Or
    you could activate the Artifact once more and deal with them with the Super
    Shotgun. Once all your foes are taken care of, follow the Bot up another ramp
    to finally reach the end of the Main Sewer Tunnel.
    Grab some armor SHARDS and a SOUL up there, then go through the door to find
    SHELLS, two AMMO BELTS, a HEALTH STATION and another SOUL. Since the Cargo
    Transport door is obviously broken, you'll want to climb up the ladder near the
    health station. Follow this small tunnel until you reach a large room full of
    squishy gooey icky stuff from hell. SAVE YOUR GAME before going too far into
    the room. You should see a total of five SOULS scattered around the room, which
    will be enough to fully charge the Artifact for now. When you're ready, walk
    towards to console in the back of the room to trigger a cutscene.
    You'll automatically initiate the Monorail startup sequence. As if someone
    really didn't want you to leave this place, ferocious growls can be heard in
    the distance. Say hello to the second Hell Hunter, as he makes his way into 
    he room through a wall. Those demons just have to make a dramatic entrance.
    Watch closely as he reveals an obvious weak point within his open chest.
      ----[ B O S S ]--------------------------------------[Threat Index:  55%]----
                                    HELL HUNTER #2
       If you know how to fight him, the second Hunter is even easier to defeat
       than the first. He'll go through a simple pattern. When his chest is open
       and his weak point vulnerable (he first starts in this state), he'll try
       leaping and slashing at you across the room. While damaging, those attacks
       are actually pretty easy to avoid, if you just strafe while sprinting. But
       you don't want to avoid his attacks, you want to use this occasion to
       actually hurt him.
       So here's what you do: activate Hell Time, equip your Super Shotgun, then
       run right up to him. That's right, nothing to be afraid of. Just start
       pumping shells as fast as you can into red thing in the center of his chest.
       Each hit should shake him up a bit, so he won't even try to attack you.
       After a while, the Hunter will crouch down and close his chest to protect
       himself. Since you can no longer hurt him at this point, step away from him
       and wait for Hell Time to wear off.
       When his chest his closed, he'll start throwing fireballs at you, much like
       an Imp would. These fireballs are very easy to avoid by simply strafing,
       though be aware that they are quite powerful. After throwing about three of
       those, he'll light himself up in fire and his chest will re-open, reverting
       to his previous pattern. This is your cue to reactivate Hell Time and keep
       shooting at his weak point. Repeat this two or three more times to 
       ermanently send the Hunter back to hell, and obtain your second Artifact
       upgrade: Berserk! Now wasn't that easy? Try to recharge your Artifact during
       the battle, since the SOULS around the room will likely be gone afterwards.
    After the Hunter dies, you'll see the Monorail car rise up and the doors open.
    All that's left for you is to enter the train and click the Exit button. You're
    finally leaving the Erebus Station! (to an even worse place)
    ====[ T E L E P O R T A T I O N ]==============================================
                       P H O B O S   L A B S   -   S E C T O R   1
       While the Phobos Labs play host to a wide array of research,  Sector 1 is
        primarily concerned with the advancement of teleportation technology. A
         sister teleportation facility has been constructed in the Delta Labs,
                                  located at Site 3.
    Enjoy the lovely tram ride, which provides you with a few precious seconds of
    peace. I mean, you may have escaped Erebus, but believe me, making it to the
    Phobos Labs hardly constitutes what could be called an "improvement" to your
    current situation. In fact, things are only getting worse. Eh, don't fret
    marine, you still have McNeil on your side. Speaking of which, she'll contact
    you just after you reach your destination. She now wants you to use the
    teleporter in the Phobos Labs to get to the Delta Labs and bring the Artifact
    to her. Right. Teleporters. We all known how freakin reliable the UAC
    teleporters are. Oh boy.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                 ACTIVATE TELEPORTER
              Find and activate the Phobos Labs Experimental Teleporter.
    I bet you can't wait to get started, so step out of the train. You'll find
    BULLETS, a large MED KIT and a SOUL waiting on a bench for a train that'll
    never come. Actually it did come, just way too late. Also, if you look to
    either side of the Monorail car, you'll see ladders leading down below the
    track. Look down there to find another SOUL and.. wait for it... a ROCKET
    LAUNCHER. Sweet!
      ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[Power: Very High]----
                                    ROCKET LAUNCHER
       The Rocket Launcher delivers high-velocity bundles of exploding joy to
       whoever you point it at. You can fire up to five rockets at a relatively
       rapid rate before you have to reload it. It is certainly worth using when
       faced with one or more of the most powerful demons. Don't bother using the
       Rocket Launcher against your weaker foes, and certainly never use it at
       short range, because you'll badly hurt your pretty face. Conveniently
       enough, you'll find more Rocket ammo towards the end of the game, when you
       really need it. Funny how that works, really.
      ----[Default Key: 8]------------------------------------------------[w09]----
    Climb back up, and look right of the stairs for some armor SHARDS. You can then
    climb up those stairs to find a MACHINE GUN, a CLIP, a SHOTGUN, some SHELLS and
    two SOULS. Nice nice. Climb up the next set of stairs and go through the door,
    followed by more stairs and another door. You should find yourself in the
    Communications Tower, where you'll be attacked by a ZOMBIE COMMANDO for the
    first time. I find that a Double Barrel Shotgun blast to the face works very
    well against them, as does the Chaingun.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  60%]----
                                   ZOMBIE COMMANDO
       Don't be fooled by the "Zombie" part, these guys are actually capable of
       hurting you. They boast much more hit points than any other Zombies, and
       often carry a Chaingun into battle. Yep. Sucks having someone else use your
       sweet weapons against you. Obviously, you'll want to find some cover when
       bullets start raining your way. Use any of your own big guns in retaliation
       to take those Zombies down as quickly as possible. Hell Time is certainly
       permitted, but not always required.
       Note that if a Zombie Commando isn't carrying a Chaingun, he will instead
       run towards you and attack you with these... tentacles. It's uncomfortable
       to say the least, but nothing the Super Shotgun can't cure.
    You'll also have to fight off two more Z-Secs afterwards. Take a moment to look
    through the windows here. Not such a bad view huh? I mean, considering the
    craphole you're stuck in. Notice the monorail tracks in the distance, you'll
    certainly ride them at some point. Anyway, go around the bend and climb up the
    steps just right of the next door. You'll find a CLIP, SHELLS and a HEALTH
    STATION among the computers here. Go back and through the door into
    Communications Support. You'll be attacked by a Zombie, followed by two more
    and one Vulgar up ahead. Keep moving on through another door, and go down the
    stairs into a short corridor. A Vulgar will try to surprise you halfway
    Go through the next door into Elevator Access, where you'll face a Fat Zombie.
    You'll find a large MED KIT and a SOUL here. If you try to actually call the
    elevator, you'll see that it has insufficient power to function. So ignore it
    for now the go down the stairs and through the next door. A Chaingun Commando
    will attack you in this room, which is only a Zombie Commando packing a
    Chaingun. Which isn't exactly good news for you of course. Try to hide behind
    cover and blast it up close when it runs up to you, are take him on with your
    own Chaingun. After he dies,      ----[ ROCKETS ]-----------------------------
    two Vulgars will spawn. Look in  | Ammo for the Rocket Launcher. They come in |
    front of the large bay door to   | two flavors, small packs of 5, or larger   |
    find two large MED KITS and      | packs of 10. Bundles of joy in a box!      |
    SHELLS in a box. If you try       --------------------------------------------
    going down he steps towards either SkyTram Station doors you'll be attacked by
    two more Vulgars. Those doors are locked, but you can get a large MED KIT and
    some ROCKETS on one side of the room.
    Run back up the steps and head through the next door, facing the one you first
    entered this room from. You'll be in another corridor, where a Zombie Commando
    will try to do mean things to with his tentacle. Climb the stairs and pay no
    mind to the hellish gooey stuff. Go through the door to enter Teleportation
    Science, where neat machines do their thing. Isn't it weird that the facilities
    are so shaken up that barely anything functions anymore, including the lights,
    but you have all these sorts of machinery all over the place who're just
    like... oblivious to what's happening. Anyway, get two CLIPS and a MED KIT to
    your left, then follow the path to the right.
    Not before long, you'll be assaulted by three Z-Secs and one Fat Zombie. Try
    and use the barrels to your advantage. Try not to miss the GRENADES and armor
    SHARDS in an alcove to the right, as well as a SOUL under the small steps. Go
    up the steps and turn right to find some SHELLS near a door. All you'll find
    behind that door is an empty closet (and possibly a Zombie), so turn around and
    head towards the other, larger door. Turn right and look behind the large pipes
    near that door to find a security ARMOR. You'll be attacked by two Vulgars as
    you come back from this little side path. Finally, equip your Super Shotgun and
    head through the door. Whoa, a PINKY runs at you from the next corridor! Just
    calmly backpedal (sprinting helps), and blast it between the eyes.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  80%]----
       Those large dog-like demons are named as such due to their pinkish skin, I
       assume. This was much more obvious in Doom 1 and 2, where the Pinky demons
       where actually of a bright pink color. Not exactly menacing. But their very
       big and very sharp teeth certainly are. Pinkies will always try to charge
       you if they're far away, or bite you if they're close enough. Both options
       are less than desirable, and will take out much of your precious health.
       Fortunately, a point blank shot of your Double Barrel Shotgun is enough to
       take a Pinky down. And you don't even have to chase them around to get close
       enough, as they're the ones doing the chasing. Wait patiently until you see
       the white of their eyes and pull the trigger. Except they don't really have
       eyes, either. Other weapon choices could be the Chaingun and Plasma Gun, as
       long as you're far away.
    Follow this corridor through another door, blasting a Zombie along the way. A
    Zombie Commando and two Z-Secs attack you in the Teleportation Chamber beyond.
    Grab a large MED KIT and CLIP to your left, then head the other way. Go down
    the stairs and enter the room with the teleporter proper. If you look at the
    panel, you'll notice you need to set a destination first. So run past it and
    into the next room, Teleporter Control. You'll notice the ROCKET LAUNCHER and
    HEALTH STATION here, so do what you need with them. Now turn your attention
    towards the computer panel called "MSC Uplink". Click the button to open up
    another panel, on which you should click "Scan for Active Pads". After the
    teleporter starts initializing, click the "Pad 1 Delta" button.
    The screen will turn red, and you'll immediately see "Insufficient Power" flash
    across the screen, as a Hell Knight enters through the teleporter. Whoa! Don't
    worry, it won't see you and will just wander off. McNeil will contact you
    again, and will admit she was afraid that would happen, but she sent you
    anyway... bitch. Time for Plan B... or like, Plan F - who keeps count? You need
    to take the SkyTram and meet her in the Phobos Labs Research Station instead.
    She could have thought of that before having you mess with dangerous
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
        Take the SkyTram to the Phobos Labs Research Sector and rendezvous with
                                Dr. Elizabeth McNeil.
    Exit the control room and make you way back, though you'll first be attacked by
    a Revenant and Chaingun Zombie, followed by two more Revenants. Hell Time? Hell
    Time. Climb back up the stairs and turn left, since the door you came in
    through is locked. You can pick up BULLETS behind a crate in the corner, then
    head through the next door. You'll be attacked by a Fat Zombie from the left,
    though you'll then want to head right. As soon as you reach the large room up
    ahead with the big pipes, a Vulgar will attack you form the right, so try to
    act surprised. You can turn left or right here, but go left first.
    You'll be attacked by a Vulgar shortly after, then continue one down some
    stairs. You'll find two Z-Secs at the bottom, somehow trying to threaten your
    life. Beyond them, you'll find a SOUL and a MED KIT, not to mention a large
    locked door. So turn around and climb up the stairs, this time continuing
    towards the other path.
    Just up ahead across a bridge you'll see a Revenant, which you will take care
    of quickly. A Vulgar will then spawn to your left. Go across this small bridge
    and follow the corridor, kicking two Zombies in the head along the way. You'll
    be attacked by three more Zombies in this Storage room, followed by three
    Vulgars. Use Hell Time if you get in trouble, or just to avoid trouble in the
    first place. Looking around the room you'll find some armor SHARDS, a SHOTGUN
    and a large MED KIT. You don't have the code for the storage locker here, so
    leave it be and continue through the next door. Surprise! There's a Pinky right
    behind it. As before, I recommend the Super Shotgun.
    You'll be in a messy hallway with collapsed junk blocking your path, so drop
    down in the conveniently opened grate in front of you. Crawl around in this
    conduit until you reach another opening in the floor and one SOUL. Climb up
    through this opening to find the Utility Closet, which is full of goodies.
    You'll find a HEALTH STATION, CLIP, AMMO BELT, ROCKETS, a PDA, a SkyTram
    Keycard and a SOUL. This is a much nicer closet than all those other ones with
    Imps and Zombies.
      ----[ P D A ]--------------------------------------------[Bernard Fresko]----
       This is an interesting PDA, containing a bunch of emails from security about
       cabinet access codes. None of those actually work though. To get the right
       code, you'll need to listen to the audio log. Among some useless ramblings,
       you'll learn the real code, which is 714.
    If you want what's in the cabinet, you should now backtrack to it. Use the code
    714 on STORAGE LOCKER 042, to find a box of SHELLS and an AMMO BELT. Then make
    your way back to the Utility Closet once again. Go through the door here and
    you'll be on the other side of the Storage Hallway from before. See the
    elevator down the hallway? Well, call it up and ride it down the the first
    level - the Lobby. You'll be back in a familiar room. If you try the left door
    here, you'll see that the Hell tentacles and stuff prevent you from
    backtracking any further. So head downstairs through the other door and ready
    yourself for a tough opponent. Yep, you saw one before, but now you get to
    actually fight it - a HELL KNIGHT! Use Hell Time if you wanna make it easy on
    yourself, then blast it up-close with the Super Shotgun. If you wanna try a
    long-range approach, both the Chaingun and Rocket Launcher are good choices.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  90%]----
                                     HELL KNIGHT
       Yes, Hell Knights are huge. And they probably have more muscles in one arm
       than you have in your entire body. Luckily, they are slow enough that
       running away from them is rarely a problem. If far enough, a Hell Knight
       will often throw fireballs at you, similar to an Imp's. Except it's about
       three times more powerful, and blue. Not really hard to dodge, although
       those fireballs have a pretty big splash damage radius. Strafe, and stay far
       away from the point of impact. Makes sense. If a Hell Knight gets close to
       you, he will also attempt to molest you in most painful ways.
       So anyway, keep your distance, and keep your trigger finger pressed while
       using the Chaingun, Plasma Gun or Rocket Launcher. The latter being my
       preferred choice. Of course, you can also use the Artifact in a pinch,
       especially when you don't have much  room to move around in. The Grabber
       also works, though it'll take several of those blue fireballs to take a Hell
       Knight down. As much as I like the Grabber, it gets a pass on this one.
    After the Hell Knight dies, two Revenants spawn. Chaingun or Super Shotgun are
    highly recommended. After they've been taken care of, head down to the SkyTram
    doors. You'll notice the left one is unusable, so unlock the right one with the
    panel. A Revenant waits for you   ----[ CELLS ]-------------------------------
    just behind so have your Shotgun | Ammo for the Plasma Gun. The small crates  |
    ready. Before you eagerly step   | are worth 25 cells, while you'll earn 50   |
    onto the SkyTram and get the     | cells (not cents) from the big ones.       |
    hell outta here, first take a     --------------------------------------------
    moment to climb down the ladders on either side of the room. Look under the
    huge pipes here and you'll find a SOUL, who certainly won't mind if you also
    grab its PLASMA GUN and CELLS. Woohoo, a new toy!
      ----[ W E A P O N ]-----------------------------------------[Power: High]----
                                      PLASMA GUN
       Now this is an interesting weapon. It has good power, a sufficiently large
       clip, a high rate of fire AND pinpoint accuracy. What's the catch? Of course
       there is one: the plasma projectiles are ridiculously slow. I mean, my
       grandma could probably outrun those projectiles.
       As such it would be advisable to use it against slow or large targets who
       don't move around much. Or you could use it at short range since then
       nothing would have time to dodge your projectiles, but in this case I'd
       rather use the Super Shotgun. All in all though, the Plasma Gun is a
       powerful weapon that I recommend using often, especially in the later levels
       where Plasma Cells can be found all over the place.
      ----[Default Key: 7]------------------------------------------------[w10]----
    Well then, climb back up, enter the SkyTram and click "Activate SkyTram". It
    will take you outside, then through a large hangar, where you can see a marine
    get brutally mauled by a Hell Knight. Good thing the Hell Knight didn't even
    think of trying to attack your frail-looking SkyTram. Enjoy the rest of the
    ride, until you arrive at SkyTram Station South. The left bay door is locked
    here for some reason, so click the panel besides the right one to open it.
    Enter and click the exit button. You're one step closer to McNeil!
    ====[ M O L E C U L A R   R E S E A R C H ]====================================
                       P H O B O S   L A B S   -   S E C T O R   2
         In addition to providing state of the art lab facilities for renowned
        scientist Dr. Elizabeth McNeil and her team,  this sector also contains
                          many of Site 1's important sub-systems.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                   MEET DR. MCNEIL
                        Rendezvous with Dr. Elizabeth McNeil.
    Look at that, a new objective. Though it really is a continuation of the old
    one. McNeil is somewhere on this level, all lonely and possibly in need of some
    tough marine love. Or, maybe not. Judging by the Reception area, you can tell
    things aren't going really well in this sector either. It makes you wonder how
    McNeil can even move around the base with seemingly little trouble. Look around
    the place to find a SOUL, a CLIP, several MED KITS including a large one, and
    five armor SHARDS. Head towards the left side to find the only unlocked door
    leading out of here, into a corridor.
    You'll see a Vulgar walk on the ledge above you, but just ignore it. In this
    corridor you can find a large MED KIT behind the crate, and a SOUL in the
    corner. Head through the door marked "Gallery" to enter the Artifact Gallery.
    The screen will turn red, but don't worry... yet. You can look at the
    uninteresting artifacts on display here, but more importantly you should look
    behind the large one in the center of the room to find some ARMOR. Now leav
    the gallery and enter the other door to find the Research Lobby. Directly to
    your right as you enter you can get a box of SHELLS and two MED KITS behind a
    barrel. Then you can pass through what looks like a metal detector, but you
    won't set off any alarms. It's been eerily quiet so far don't you think?
    Right in front of you is a SOUL and several SHARDS you can pick up near the red
    icky stuff. Then look to your left and head through the door marked "Research
    Sector A", leading into into an area bearing the same name. Pick up the AMMO
    BELT and a fresh SOUL just up the stairs if you need them. There are several
    offices around this room, and lots of spooky noises. You can find a MED KIT
    into 664, AMMO BELT in 662 and SHARDS in 661. On the other side, a MED KIT sits
    into the evil 666 office, while another MED KIT and ROCKETS can be found in
    668-667. You probably don't need all this stuff right now, but keep it in mind
    for later.
    You should now head into the large conference room in the back, grabbing
    yourself the SOUL in front should you need it. You'll see a PDA on one corner
    of the conference table, so pick it up. But you won't even have time to look at
    it right away, as you'll probably hear Revenants spawning in. You'll be
    attacked by a single Revenant at first, followed by another Revenant and a
    Vulgar, followed by three more Vulgars. Obviously, Hell Time is a great help
    here, and you should have a couple spare SOULS lying around anyway - but make
    absolutely sure you'll have at least one charge left for... later. After
    everything's dead, loot the offices if you're injured, then take a look at that
      ----[ P D A ]-----------------------------------------------[James Owens]----
                     SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: P4 Research Team
       Nothing of particular importance in James' emails, though it's kinda funny
       to see McNeil reprimand her people for trivial things. And yes, the
       conference room chairs really are bolted down to the floor - you can't even
       pick them up with the Grabber!
    Right. So leave this sector and go back to the Research Lobby. Ready the
    Artifact, because you're in for a surprise. As soon as you open the door,
    something will spawn in the back of the room - a BRUISER! Immediately activate
    Hell Time, and run up to him before he can start shooting you. A well-placed
    Super Shotgun blast or even a single punch (remember, you have the Berserk
    ability as well) will take him down.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index: 110%]----
       When you see a Bruiser, think about a Hell Knight on steroids. And not the
       sissy Earth kind of steroids, but whatever kind they use in Hell. It's huge,
       relatively ugly, and can dispense fiery death from both of it's fireball
       launchers. A rather unique feature of the Bruiser is that it doesn't have
       a mouth. Instead, it has a screen displaying sharp teeth. Cute.
       The Bruiser actually shoots fireballs very similar to the Mancubus. They're
       fast, powerful, and very hard to avoid. Okay they're exactly the same. And
       Bruisers even have slightly less health than a Mancubus. So why do I
       consider them more dangerous? Because they can walk around a lot faster. And
       they make generally make your life a lot more complicated than you probably
       While it's possible to take down a Bruiser at long range with the Rocket
       Launcher and all that, you will most likely end up getting hurt in the
       process. Charred would be more appropriate. Unless you're really good,
       simply use the Artifact anytime you see one of those monstrosities. This way
       you can go for a nice, clean kill, and keep most of your bodily functions
    With that big ugly menace out of the way, you can now go ahead and unlock the
    door marked Research Sector B by scanning your PDA. Some armor SHARDS are
    sitting on top of the computers to your right, for all your protection needs.
    Or 20 points worth, at least. Follow the hallway and head down the staircase.
    Look right at the bottom, and you'll spot a Sentry Bot guarding a door.
    Approach this door to trigger a cutscene.
    You're finally meeting McNeil in the flesh. No time for formalities and warm
    reunions though. She gets right to the point: the Artifact you found acts as a
    gateway from Hell, and is what started this second invasion. So as long as this
    Artifact is present in our dimension, further invasions will always remain a
    possibility. The only way to prevent this is to return the Artifact to Hell,
    and make sure it stays there permanently. And guess who gets to the job? Yay!
    To get there you need to use the teleporter in the Delta Labs, but to get to
    the Delta Labs you must first use the teleporter in the Phobos Labs. Um,
    couldn't you just teleport straight to Hell with the Phobos teleporter? I guess
    not. McNeil then gives you a Keycard, and promptly shoos you out of her office,
    locking you out for good. Charming. Because, you know she's perfectly safe
    behind one locked door. Oh, and a Sentry Bot. I mean, you're armed to the teeth
    and have a hard enough time surviving out there! Fun with video game logic.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                               SHUTDOWN PUMPING STATION
                   Shutdown power to the external pumping station.
    The other catch is that to get enough power for the Phobos teleporter to work,
    you'll need to run around and shut down several non-critical systems. This will
    allow McNeil to reroute enough power to the teleporter. You'll notice a second
    Sentry Bot walking past you and stopping nearby, but ignore it for now. Keep
    following the hallway past McNeil's office. You'll find a large MED KIT into
    Lab A if you need it. At the end of the hallway, go through the door on the
    right to enter another Utility Room. You'll find ROCKETS, a CLIP and two large
    MED KITS in a crate on the floor. Continue through the next door to enter an
    Airlock Vestibule. Wha? Airlock? I hate airlocks.
    There are no enemies here, but you'll find a box of SHELLS and a large MED KIT
    in front of the airlock doors. Now cycle the airlock, enter it, take a deep,
    deep breath and cycle the airlock again. Step outside and you'll see three
    Forgotten, which you can easily defeat with your Grabber. Run left across the
    ground to climb some steps onto another walkway. First head left to find an Air
    Canister, then follow the path right. You'll find another Air Canister, a large
    MED KIT and an AMMO BELT in front of a broken airlock door. A Revenant will
    also spawn to your right. I suggest taking it out with the Plasma Gun if you
    have ammo for it.
    Follow the path until you reach some stairs; climb them up to find another
    Canister. Climb up the next stairs until you reach the top, where two more
    Forgotten will attack. You'll soon see a locked door on your right, so quickly
    open it with the Keycard McNeil gave you, and go through it. Quickly step away
    from the door to let it close, and let yourself catch a breather. You can go
    back outside now if you want, to grab a few more items. Wait about 10 seconds
    to catch your breath, then step back outside and turn right. Run up to the
    ladder and climb it to the platform above. Run behind the structure there to
    find some ROCKETS and armor SHARDS. Now run back down the ladder, grab the Air
    Canister near it, and quickly sprint back inside.
    Welcome to the Pumping Station. Follow the path until you reach two sets of
    stairs. Take the stairs leading down first, and to the left you'll find a box
    of SHELLS, a CLIP, a SOUL and a PDA. Grab what you need.
      ----[ P D A ]----------------------------------------------[Seth Killian]----
       Nothing to see here, move along. One email about artifact storage. Uh huh.
       Listen to the audio log to hear poor Seth calling out for survivors, hoping
       he could escape back to Mars City. That is, just before he gets devoured by
       something. What was he trying to achieve exactly, by recording his own
    Go back up the stairs, and up the other stairs, to find a large MED KIT and a
    computer console. Click the "Emergency Shutdown" button to shutdown (in an
    emergency fashion) the pump station, and complete your first of four tasks.
    McNeil will contact you immediately to give you the next order.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                               SHUTDOWN RESEARCH POWER
    Shutdown Research Auxiliary Power and reroute it to the experimental teleporter
    Well some of the lights are off, which isn't too reassuring. Climb down both
    set of stairs again and follow the path straight ahead. You'll be attacked by a
    Revenant, two Vulgars, and finally another Revenant. While the Grabber works
    well for the Vulgars, you might want to try the Chaingun against the Revenants.
    Continue along the path to reach a HEALTH STATION and a juicy strawberry-
    flavored SOUL. Go through the door here and you'll be back outside, facing off
    against two Forgotten. Deal with them, then run back inside briefly to catch
    your breath. Bravely step back outside, approach the catwalk ahead and this
    time a Cacodemon will show up, along with up to three Forgotten. Deal with them
    how you want (I suggest the Grabber - you should know it by now), then you
    might want to run back inside once again.
    Use the health station if you need it, take a deep breath, and outside you go
    for the third time. Run across the catwalk this time, grabbing an Air Canister
    at either end, and a CLIP somewhere along the way. Open the airlock door at the
    end, enter it and quickly cycle it, once again reaching the slightly-less
    hazardous interior. You'll also find a MED KIT and a SOUL in there. Guess that
    marine couldn't close the airlock in time. Be on your guard though, as you'll
    be attacked by two Vulgars as soon as the airlock reopens. With them out of the
    way, exit the airlock and look right for a box of SHELLS. Turn around and
    follow the path to a door. Through it is a small hallway, where you'll battle
    three Vulgars in succession. Grabberize the little bastards. You'll notice
    there's a fresh SOUL in the middle of the corridor, but the body will likely
    get destroyed in the heat of battle. Unless you run up to it first and activate
    your Artifact to suck it up.
    Anyway, you'll see a large door ahead and a smaller door to the right. Go
    through the right door first. You'll find a HEALTH STATION, a CLIP and some
    BULLETS (why??) in this small room. Go through the next door to enter the
    Commons. You'll have to fight through a total of five Z-Secs in here, so Hell
    Time might be a good idea if you find yourself overwhelmed. Shouldn't be a
    problem though, if you just hide behind cover and let them run up to you. Head
    through the small door left of the kitchen, to find four armor SHARDS and an
    AMMO BELT in a dead end. You'll also see a MED KIT behind the crate near the
    door. Head back in the Commons, and turn your attention towards the new arcade
    cabinet near the slimy red stuff. This one is called Martian Buddy Blaster, and
    actually does offer some kind of incentive for beating it, so I suggest you
    take a few minutes to play it. Read the description below for details.
      ----[ A R C A D E   G A M E ]------------------------------------------------
                                MARTIAN BUDDY BLASTER
       This game has you playing from a first-person perspective, and armed with a
       BFG. As you're somehow floating in space, asteroids, martians and various
       powerups will slowly float towards you. Use your crosshair to shoot the
       asteroids before they reach you to avoid taking damage, while letting
       martians slowly float up to you to rescue them.
       There are also many powerup canisters floating around. Shoot them once to
       free the powerup, then let it float to you to grab it. The various powerups
       are as follows:
           HEALTH: Restores 10 health. Looks like a red cross.
           BONUS: Earn some bonus points. Looks like a purple exclamation point.
           NUKE: Destroys all asteroids on screen. Looks like a red/yellow nuke.
           SUPER BLASTER: Your shots are stronger for 10s. Looks like a blue nuke.
           RESCUE: Rescues all the martians on screen. Looks like a golden cross.
           DAMAGE: Deals 10 damage. Shoot it before it reaches you.
                   Looks like an explosion.
       You need to rescue a set number of martians to complete each level (5 at
       level 1, then 5 more each level). There's a total of five levels, after
       which you beat the game. You'll also earn points as you play (and earn bonus
       points at the end of a level, depending on how well you did), but it's
       rather meaningless. If you run out of health and die, you can choose to
       Continue right where you died.
       Once you beat the game you will receive a personal email, which contains
       a website url. Enter it in your browser to see the following message:
           "Congratulations Winner! You have saved the Martian Buddy (and the
           greatest company ever conceived)! Your prize will be delivered via
           first-class express monorail to Phobos Labs. Please make sure you are
           there in person to sign for the package."
       This page also includes a promotional cabinet code: 634. Remember it for
       later. You'll be able to pick up your prize in the "Phobos Labs - Revisited"
       level. Congrats!
    When you're done saving martians, continue down the stairs along another
    hallway. You'll reach some restroom door just ahead, but it will look as you
    approach it. It's just as well... I mean if Doom 3 taught us anything -
    bathrooms are scary, evil places. So turn right and climb the steps instead to
    come face to face with two more Z-Secs. Dispose of them and look in the corner
    here to get a CLIP and large MED KIT. Go through the door at the end of this
    hallway and you'll get to fight three more Z-Secs. It's like a damn Z-Sec
    reunion around here. Because those ones have some pretty good cover back there,
    you might find it easier to step away from the door and lure them towards you.
    Easy pickings this way. Go all the way to the end of this new walkway to find a
    SOUL, a PDA, as well as SHELLS and BULLETS behind the crate.
      ----[ P D A ]---------------------------------------------[Keith Noordzy]----
                        SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: L4 Security
       Besides a friendly email from McNeil you will find an important code for the
       bridge in this PDA: 281. What bridge you say? Well, I have a feeling we'll
       find out very soon. You are after all the luckiest marine ever, who finds
       all the codes and keys he could ever need at the appropriate moments.
    Turn around and go through the door in the right wall to enter a Storage room.
    You'll find a large MED KIT, three SHARDS and ROCKETS around the shelves. Go
    through the next door to find a very large room called the Security Core.
    "Warning. Automated turret guns: online." Huh? Well, it means that if you enter
    the wrong code on the keypad in front of you, a turret gun will start shooting
    at you. Painfully. But thankfully, we just found out the code seconds ago,
    didn't we? Punch in 281 (no mistakes!) and see the bridge extend if front of
    you. Success! Walk into the room across the bridge, where you'll face three
    Z-Secs. You can then look at the back of the room to find two large MED KITS, a
    PLASMA GUN and two CELLS. Sweetness.
    Now focus your attention on the red computer panel called Auxiliary Power.
    Simply press the big obvious "Activate Lift" button. A platform will circle
    around the room and rise up to another door. Hmm. Time to exit this room and
    start backtracking a little. Once you reach the Storage room again, three
    Z-Secs will burst in to try and stop you. Whatever. Plow through them, and go
    down the Upper Walkway. This time a Vulgar will attack you from the left wall,
    by blowing open a panel. A closet Vulgar huh? There's something new. After you
    kill it, a second Vulgar will spawn behind you, so stay alert. Look in the
    closet the first Vulgar came from to find CELLS, SHELLS and a large MED KIT.
    Try saying "cells shells cells shells cells shells" rapidly.
    Anyway, keep going back through the door, where another Vulgar will attack you
    after jumping along some walls. What, was he trying to impress you? Just around
    the corner, two more Vulgars will attack you, though these ones obviously
    failed their awesome wall- climbing classes. Move along now, and just as you
    near the bathroom door, a Revenant will spawn ahead. I suggest just hiding by
    the corner there and wait for him with your Double Barrel Shotty in hands.
    Afterwards, one more Revenant and two Vulgars will spawn. The fun never stops
    around here! Hell Time good. With the Commons room purged of evil, continue on
    your perilous backtracking journey, using the health station on the way should
    you need it.
    Once you reach the T-junction that is Security Core Access, turn right to face
    a Revenant who should come at you from the door ahead. Destroy, and go through
    this door, then another one, to finally reach the lift they so desperatley
    didn't want you to find. Restore yourself with the ARMOR and two large MED KITS
    as needed, then step onto the lift, clicking the huge "Activate" button. Wheee,
    after a short boring ride, the lift will take you to another door. Grab the
    large MED KIT, PLASMA GUN and CELLS behind it, as well as a fresh SOUL. You
    don't really think they'd give you all that good stuff for nothing do you? SAVE
    YOUR GAME NOW, then step through the door, while prepping yourself mentally for
    another encounter with a Hunter.
    Through a cutscene, you will cautiously enter the Energy Core room, which as
    you no doubt noticed, contains four cores, one at each corner of the room.
    Before you can move too far in, the third and final Hell Hunter reveals
    himself, all roaring and thinking he's so tough. He charges himself with
    electricity from the four cores, but this will overload Core #1 and make it
    explode, damaging and shaking the Hunter. Thus the battle begins.
      ----[ B O S S ]--------------------------------------[Threat Index:  85%]----
                                    HELL HUNTER #3
       This boss can seem really hard at first, but like the first two Hunters,
       he's pretty easy to defeat if you have a good strategy. Before I start
       explaining this strategy, let's look around the room to see what's available
       to us. You'll notice Core 2, 3 and 4 are still intact, though they are
       closed for now. At the end of the room, near the computers, you'll find a
       large MED KIT, ROCKETS and a SOUL. You can keep those in mind for later. The
       interesting stuff can be found if you go to either the left or right side of
       the room, between the cores.
       You'll find small elevators there that can take you down to a secret place
       below the room, which happens to be full of goodies. Note that this place is
       completely safe - as long as you always stay crouched! If you walk, the
       Hunter will hurt you with some area attack. Now down here, you find a HEALTH
       STATION, two AMMO BELTS, two large MED KITS, and a total of seven SOULS!
       Just knowing this will make the fight significantly easier. Now let's talk
       about actually beating him.
       The Hunter has a few different attacks he can use on you. He'll usually
       throw balls of electricity - or energy balls, call 'em what you want - at
       you, which are easy to avoid by simply strafing from side to side.
       Occasionally, he will stomp his foot on the ground, creating a shockwave
       along the ground which can be rather hard to avoid. Try jumping just before
       it hits you and you should be able to avoid it though. If you try getting
       too close to him, he'll also try punching you, but you obviously want to
       avoid that.
       Now for the strategy. Most of your weapons should work well against him,
       especially your stronger ones. I recommend the Double Shotgun, Chaingun,
       Plasma Gun or Rocket Launcher. Whatever you have plenty of ammo for. Now
       activate the Artifact. You might be tempted to go up to the Hunter and punch
       him - but that won't work. Because he's charged up with electricity, you'll
       only end up hurting yourself if you touch him. So with Hell Time activated,
       just unload into him with your weapon of choice. Shortly enough, you should
       see the Hunter walk into the center of the room, and start energizing
       himself from the energy cores like he first did in the cutscene.
       While in this state, the Hunter is completely invulnerable to damage, and
       he'll keep trying to attack you as before. What can you do then? You'll
       probably notice that the panel on Core #2 has turned green, alerting you
       that it's been unlocked. Activate the Artifact again (this'll help you avoid
       the attacks more easily), and run up to the panel. Activate it to reveal the
       actual energy core. Now simply shoot at the core until it explodes, which
       will make the Hunter revert to it's initial, non-invulnerable state. If the
       core closes before you can destroy it (which shouldn't happen if you're
       under the effect of the Artifact), just open it again and keep shooting at
       There, you know the whole pattern. Now go to either elevator and get below
       the room, recharge the Artifact with a couple souls, heal up if you need to,
       then repeat the process for Cores 3 and 4. After the last core has been
       destroyed, you'll want to enter Hell Time one final time, and finish off the
       Hunter for good, who won't be able to regenerate this time. Enjoy your well-
       earned third and final upgrade for the Artifact: Invulnerability!
    McNeil will contact you right after this battle, as destroying the energy cores
    had this nice side effect of completing your second objective. She'll instruct
    to get back to the SkyTram and go to the main reactor for your next objectives.
    If all went well during the boss battle, there should be plenty of souls and
    health left around to fully replenish yourself.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                      Return to the Phobos Labs SkyTram Station.
    Well then, time for some more backtracking. You love it, don't you? Exit the
    Energy Core, return to the lift and activate it to be taken back to... a
    different door? What an intelligent lift this is, knowing exactly where you
    want to go and all. You'll find a CLIP, large MED KIT and a SOUL beyond the
    door. Go through the next door to do battle with a lone Revenant, and pick up
    the SHOTGUN, SHELLS and armor SHARDS in front of a locked door. Follow this
    hallway through two more doors, and you'll find yourself in a Security Control
    room, which you've no doubt noticed before. Gather the many CELLS and the PDA
    within, and make use of the HEALTH STATION if you're hurtin'.
      ----[ P D A ]-----------------------------------------------[David Edens]----
                        SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: P4 Security
       Just your typical security clearance PDA, containing a couple worthless
       filler emails.
    Now look at the red computer screen, and click the "Open Locked" button.
    Probably not the best choice of words for a button, but whatever. Click it. Oh
    joy of joys, you'll see a Bruiser spawn in the room beyond, who'll immediately
    begin searching you out. He cannot actually enter the Security Room, but you'll
    still need to get past him. How could you hope defeating a Bruiser within such
    small corridors? Well, I'm sure there are ways, but they don't matter. Because
    as you'll recall, you just earned the Invulnerability upgrade for your
    Artifact. So there, just activate it, and go punch the overconfident Bruiser
    right in the... digital teeth? Yeah, good enough. A second Bruiser will then
    spawn from the exact same place as the first, so if you have enough Artifact
    time left, go do him in before he even realizes what hit him. If not, well just
    use the Artifact a second time, you should have plenty of charges.
    Okay then, you still need to backtrack to the SkyTram, so head through the non-
    working metal detector thingie, and the door behind it. Walk along this
    corridor, killing the Revenant who gets in your way. There is nothing new to
    see in the artifact Gallery, so turn right and go through that door instead.
    Back in the Reception area, you'll now have to brutalize two Revenants, after
    which a Bruiser will spawn. Again, just activate the Artifact if you wanna get
    through him with no problems, otherwise you might end up very, very hurt. And
    bleeding all over. There's more than enough blood on the walls around here for
    crying out loud. Yeah, so open the bay door leading to the SkyTram, and enter
    it to find the exit button for this rather long level.
    ====[ M A I N   R E A C T O R ]================================================
                       P H O B O S   L A B S   -   S E C T O R   3
       Power requirements for Site 1  are enormous and are generated in Sector 3
        by an extremely efficient Plasma Reactor. This revolutionary technology
                was developed by UAC scientists within the Phobos Labs.
    Enter the SkyTram Station South after the door opens, and climb down the
    ladders on either side of the room. You'll find a ROCKET LAUNCHER and a large
    MED KIT down there. Climb back up, enter the only open SkyTram and activate it!
    I dunno about you, but I love those little scenic tram rides. Exit the tram 
    once you reach SkyTram Station West, where you'll find two SOULS, BULLETS, a
    large MED KIT and a new objective, all FREE!
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                   SHUTDOWN REACTOR
                        Shutdown the Phobos Labs Main Reactor.
    It seems McNeil trusts you enough to mess with something as important as the
    main Phobos Labs reactor. Funny. Now head through either door marked Reactor
    Operations, since both are unlocked. You'll be attacked by three Zombies in the
    next room, who appear to be slightly faster than the ones you encountered so
    far. Who cares though, they're more fun to kill than Z-Secs. Go up in this
    room, and another Zombie will come at you from a door on the left, identified
    as Plasma Storage. Hmm, I wonder what could be in there. No really. Enter this
    small storage room to not only find a Zombie, but also five plasma CELLS, a
    PLASMA GUN and even a HEALTH STATION. Pretty sweet, since the Plasma Gun is
    rather good.
    Exit this room, and as a punishment for looting it you'll be attacked by two
    Vulgars and a Revenant. Oh come on Betruger, surely you can do better than
    that. Now before climbing up the next set of stairs, look under them to
    discover four armor SHARDS hidden away. Then you can go up the stairs, and
    follow the path through the next door. In this small corridor, first look at
    the right end to find a few more SHARDS behind a barrel. Then go through the
    left door, clearly marked "Warning! High Toxic Levels." Admire the impressive
    Reactor Core room, then start making your way around it to the right. Ready
    your Grabber, as you'll soon be attacked by a Cacodemon and two Forgotten,
    followed by one more Cacodemon just ahead.
    When you reach a small platform, click the "Activate" button to ride it down.
    Make your way left to reach another similar lift, and you'll be attacked by two
    more Cacodemons and two Forgotten along the way, though not in that order. Who
    cares though - they're so easy to defeat, since they attack alone. Ride this
    lift down, and follow the path to reach another large door on your left. Go
    through it to enter the Lower Maintenance corridor. Look on the upper level
    first to find a CLIP, AMMO BELT and a HEALTH STATION. Then run back and climb
    down the ladder, where a single non-threatening Fat Zombie awaits. Walk around
    to the next ladder, climb it down to another ledge and another ladder.
    Climb this final ladder to the small room below, where a few goodies and a Fat
    Zombie await. You can pick up three CELLS, security ARMOR, a SOUL and a PDA and
    a Keycard.
      ----[ P D A ]----------------------------------------------[Nicolas Haag]----
                    SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Reactor Maintenance
       Wow, not only did this guy die in a really crappy place, but he even
       received some spam email on his PDA. Talk about having a bad day. Luckily
       for us, we get to learn a new locker code: 492.
    Now you could climb back up all those ladders like a sucker, but you really
    should just click the big yellow "Call Lift" button instead. Enter and click
    the up arrow for an effortless and eventless ride up. Of course, as soon as you
    exit the lift a Vulgar will attack you from the reactor room, but eh - you've
    had worse. Speaking of which, run back to the Reactor Core, and deal with the
    Vulgar in there. Go to the lift, ride it back up, and start making your way
    towards the next lift. You know the drill: Cacodemon, Forgotten, Forgotten.
    Repeat two more times, with more or less Forgotten. Yawn. Ride the lift up,
    watch another Cacodemon and two Forgotten come out of the reactor. Is it
    actually producing them?
    Anyway, this time continue along the reactor room to reach a locked door.
    Unlock it with your newfound Keycard and discover the Reactor Control room
    beyond. You'll immediately notice a SOUL and HEALTH STATION, for your
    regeneration pleasure. You'll also see STORAGE LOCKER 009 in one corner of the
    room, which you can open with the code 492. Two AMMO BELTS, a CLIP and a
    security ARMOR are yours for the takin'. Now take a look at the computer
    screens and find the one titled Phobos Reactor. Click the green "Initiate
    Shutdown" button to, well, initiate the reactor shutdown. It will take ten
    seconds to complete for dramatic effect, but you have nothing to fear. McNeil,
    helpful as always, will immediately tell you about the fourth objective.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                 LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS
                      Shutdown Phobos Labs Life Support Systems.
    Now I don't know about you, but wouldn't you need those life support systems to
    you know, live? Eh, who are you to question orders? Go back in the Reactor
    Core, and you'll notice another computer panel in front of you just as you
    enter. Click the "Activate Bridge" button to create yourself a convenient route
    leading to another door on the right. Follow it and go through that door, to
    find Reactor Support. Three Z-Secs will attack you, though one is somewhat
    hidden behind some pipes. Pick up the box of SHELLS and the SOUL if you need
    them, then follow this corridor to a somewhat large room with a lift. Look to
    the right of this lift to find armor SHARDS, an AMMO BELT and CELLS. Step on
    the lift, lower it and prepare yourself for some action.
    Two Revenants will spawn at first, followed by three more as you kill them, as
    well as a Pinky who'll come barging through a door! Do I even need to suggest
    you use the Artifact here? Do it. It'll avoid you much unnecessary pain. You
    might need to use two charges even, but don't worry about it. If you look
    around this room you'll find a CLIP, a SOUL, some ROCKETS in a corner, and even
    more ROCKETS on top of a stack of crates (next to the lift). Head through the
    door to enter Energy Processing, where you'll no doubt spot a Sentry Bot. You
    know this means bad news for you... as in lots of demons and plenty of
    darkness. This part is a bit harder than the first Bot segment, mainly because
    plenty of demons will try attacking your Bot directly, and eventually destroy
    it if you're not careful. So anyways, save here is you want, and approach the
    Sentry Bot to awaken it.
    I suggest using some of your more powerful weapons during this segment, such as
    the Super Shotgun or Plasma Gun. Don't be afraid of activating Hell Time either
    if you get into trouble. Note that the only enemies you'll encounter ahead are
    Vulgars and Wraiths. So follow the Bot, and you'll soon encounter the first
    Vulgar, quickly followed by two more. A Wraith will also spawn behind you, so
    be on your guard. Follow the bot down some steps and you'll face two more
    Vulgars, two Wraiths and another Vulgar in rather quick succession. And not
    always in front of you. So far so good I hope. Just make sure you look all
    around you, and keep the Bot relatively safe. The more you help it, the more it
    can help you.
    If you quickly look in one corner of this "room", you'll find a large MED KIT,
    AMMO BELT and a SOUL (though it'll likely get destroyed in the chaos). Around
    the next corner and down some steps, you'll now face a Wraith, Vulgar, Wraith
    and two more Vulgars. Keep that trigger finger itchy, marine, you're almost
    there. You're going down a few more steps to meet your final enemies in this
    challenge: two Vulgars and two Wraiths. Congratulations on making it through
    Energy Processing, hopefully in relatively good shape. Just further ahead the
    Bot will arrive at it's destination, but you're not quite done yet.
    Down the steps you'll see the Maintenance Elevator, so enter it. Click the
    button to ride it up to Level 2, Airlock. Look through the window as you go up
    for a nice view of rocks and... pipes. Yeah, enter the Airlock Vestibule and
    grab the PLASMA GUN, large CELLS and the SOUL. Sorry, no health here. Open the
    airlock door, then click the "Cycle Airlock" button inside to find yourself
    outside. You should be used to this by now. No enemies here, but there are some
    goodies on the way. On your right will be a MACHINE GUN, a CLIP and another
    SOUL. Follow the linear path, grab the Air Canister on the way, go down a
    ladder. Before you go down the next ladder you should see some ARMOR on a ledge
    on your right, so grab that. After you climb down, look behind you to see
    GRENADES and an AMMO  BELT. Go for 'em if you have enough oxygen left, then
    enter the airlock.
    Cycle the airlock to open the doors, and get ready to face two Z-Secs. If the
    one behind the crate is giving you trouble, just quickly run up to him. You'll
    find a (possibly) much needed HEALTH STATION up here, and I would advise you
    fully heal up. Go down the two short sets of steps (there's a semi-decent
    tongue twister), and you'll find the pre- requisite armor SHARDS as well as an
    AMMO BELT if you crouch behind them. Get inside the other Maintenance Elevator
    at the end of the room, this one also sporting a glass wall, though it offers a
    much better view. Ride it down to Level 1, the Cargo Tunnels. You'll receive
    further instructions from McNeil as you ride down, but the reception is pretty
    bad. Basically, she's saying you'll have a limited time to teleport to the
    Delta Labs once life support is down. She's also feeling more and more
    convinced that Betruger is behind all this. Another shocking revelation from
    So, you're now standing in the reddish, foggish Lower Cargo Tunnels, and
    wondering what awaits you next. In a word, Pain. That is, if you're unprepared.
    Ready one of the more powerful weapons in your small arsenal, and valiantly run
    down the tunnel. The Plasma Gun or Rocket Launcher are both good choices. Go
    through the first door, and you'll notice a computer panel on your left
    proclaiming the shutters are sealed. If you want to make a little more light
    for yourself, click the panel to open the shutters, but be warned that this
    will cause an additional Revenant to spawn further ahead. You'll also notice a
    SOUL in front of you, that was once carrying a SHOTGUN and some SHELLS.
    In any case, you'll be attacked by a Hell Knight coming from the doorway ahead.
    Just stay at a safe distance and take it out. Run through the door it came from
    and turn right, where you'll face another Hell Knight and a Revenant. By all
    means, use the Artifact if you're not comfortable facing such foes, although
    you have enough room here that it really isn't that hard. Artifact or no,
    another Hell Knight/Revenant combo will soon follow, so stay on your guard.
    With those out of the way, run to the end of this tunnel, and equip your Super
    Shotgun. A Pinky will stealthily try to surprise you from behind the door, and
    fail miserably if you expect it.
    Inside the next room, you'll find a trio of plasma CELLS, as well as three
    SHARDS and ROCKETS around the next corner. You'll hear the now familiar sounds
    of a Revenant as you go up the stairs, so you might want to use your Plasma Gun
    to quickly take it out. You'll spot some SHELLS and two large MED KITS in a
    crate on your left. Fwomp. Aaah. Go up the next stairs, but watch out for the
    two Z-Secs who'll try to shoot you from above and to your left. They can be
    hard to spot due to the particularly bad lighting conditions in this part of
    the base, but thankfully they always make enough noise. Walk across the walkway
    where those ex-Zombies were, and you'll spot a ladder on the left wall at the
    end. A Vulgar will drop down the ladder as you get near it to try and ambush
    you, but unless you were picking your nose at this very instant it shouldn't be
    a problem.
    Climb up this Maintenance Shaft, and go through the door on top. Keep going,
    and you'll see the Environmental Control room, behind green windows. Sounds
    like a good place to be when shutting down life support is on your to-do list.
    So enter this room from the door on the right. There's a HEALTH STATION in
    here, which you'll want to fully take advantage of. There's also a green "Life
    Support" console, with a green "Initiate Shutdown" button with arrows pointing
    to it. Aren't they making this a little too easy? Environmental Control for
    Dummies, more like. So click the button, and you'll find out it works exactly
    as advertised. Now time to get out of here.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                               EXPERIMENTAL TELEPORTER
             Take the Skywalk to the Phobos Labs Experimental Teleporter.
    So you're taking the SkyWALK now, and not the SkyTRAM for a change. Despite
    what the sexy computer voice keeps telling you, you have all the time in the
    world to reach the teleporter. So no rush. Just don't spend the night here
    either, you have a job to do. Get out of the room, take a right and follow the
    hallway. Go through the door, and through the Skywalk. Well, that part was
    certainly easy... and uneventful. You'll reach a large familiar bay door, which
    usually marks the end of a level. Open it, and exit this level to return to the
    first sector of Phobos Labs. After all, as you'll recall, this is where the
    teleporter is located.
    ====[ T E L E P O R T A T I O N ]==============================================
                      P H O B O S   L A B S   -   R E V I S I T E D
         While teleportation is the primary field of research in Sector 1, UAC
          scientists have also made important discoveries here in the area of
       gravity manipulation.  As a result, the Gravity Accelerator is one of the
                           UAC's most successful products.
    Exit the Transfer Bay, and McNeil will fill you in on current happenings. But
    whatever you can make out isn't terribly encouraging. Massive power
    fluctuations throughout Delta? The entire complex is somehow phasing in and
    out? And you're actually going there? Have fun. But first, you must of course
    make it to the teleporter.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                 ACTIVATE TELEPORTER
              Make your way to Delta Labs via the Experimental Teleporter.
    Well, first take a look around this room. You'll find two boxes of SHELLS and
    two SOULS, in case you've been abusing the good stuff recently. Exit this room
    via the door to enter Transfer Maintenance. On the menu: two Z-Secs, two
    Vulgars, two CELLS, ROCKETS and a SOUL. The Vulgars may not come right away,
    but if not they'll appear in the next room. Continue into Airlock Access,
    containing more goodies such as four SHARDS, two AMMO BELTS, one SOUL and a
    PDA. Also, if you go up the steps, past the busted airlock and look behind the
    crates there, two CLIPS, ROCKETS and a MED KITS shall be your rewards.
      ----[ P D A ]----------------------------------------------[Ronn Jolsonn]----
       Lucky. You can hear Ronn whine about his job in an audio log. Or read a
       couple emails talking about artifact, but not really. In other words,
    Run through the large doors to enter the Monorail Station, which should be
    quite familiar. Though it's a little less inviting than before, if that's even
    possible. You can't ride the monorail now, but you'll find a CLIP and another
    SOUL near the benches. You'll also find an AMMO BELT and MED KIT near the
    garage door. But more importantly, it's now time to collect your prize from
    winning Martian Buddy Blaster a while back! Remember how it said your prize
    would arrive by express monorail? Well it's not actually inside the train, but
    below it. Or rather below the tracks. Climb down one of the ladders on either
    side of the train, and you'll     ----[ BFG CELLS ]---------------------------
    get your hands on a BGF-9000 and | Ammo for the BFG-9000. Each cell provides  |
    one BFG CELL. How awesome is     | you with 4 units of energy, which is also  |
    that? Not that awesome really,   | the equivalent of one fully-charged shot.  |
    but still nice. And if you        --------------------------------------------
    didn't finish the mini-game back in Sector2, well tough luck for now. You'll
    still be able to obtain a BFG-9000 later on of course.
      ----[ W E A P O N ]------------------------------------[Power: Very High]----
       Good news, bad news. Good news first? Well, the BFG is by far the most
       powerful weapon you will have the pleasure of wielding. You can hold down
       the fire button to charge it up (up to 4 units of energy at a time, as
       indicated by the display on the BFG), then release to fire a most awesomely
       destructive blast. A fully-charged blast is enough to kill ANY of your
       enemies in one hit (except bosses), but is complete overkill against weaker
       enemies. The blast radius is large enough to clear out a room.
       The bad news is that BFG ammo is extremely limited. And like all the other
       weapons, it's not without some drawbacks. It can take a long time to fire,
       depending on how much you charge it up. In addition, it can only hold 4
       units of energy in a clip, and takes a long time to reload. The blast
       travels rather slowly, but it will slightly damage any monsters near it.
       Oh, and be very careful not to overload the BFG when you charge it up. If
       the BFG explodes in your hands, I guarantee you there will only remain a
       sort of void where your own molecules used to stand. And a rather big
      ----[Default Key: 9]------------------------------------------------[w11]----
    Alright, go through the half-closed (half-open?) garage door into the next
    area. In here, you are going to face not one, not two, but three Bruisers. So
    you have a choice. Just use the Artifact and mess those Bruisers up as you
    normally would, or waste your BFG ammo to create cool and powerful Bruiser-
    killing explosions. Because dead bodies can be found all over the place, but
    BFG ammo is really, really quite rare, the choice should beobvious. With those
    out of the way, explore the hangar and loot to your heart's content. You should
    be able to find four SHARDS, SHELLS, CELLS, AMMO BELT, two large MED KITS, some
    ARMOR, ROCKETS and even two SOULS. Wow. See why using the Artifact was a better
    idea anyway? Whenever you're ready, climb up the railing on the side and follow
    it to a door.
    Into this other hangar, much less menacing foes await you. Z-Secs. Five of
    them. If you die now I'm laughing at you. Really. Loot this place for a CLIP, a
    SOUL and three large MED KITS. Go through the other half closed/open garage
    door, and you'll likely encounter an ARCHVILE. They're not that hard to defeat
    at this point, what with all the powerful weapons in your possession, but just
    use the Artifact if you don't want to risk getting hurt.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index: 95%]----
       Archviles are a pain to deal with. They are fairly tough, and their flame
       wall attack can be hard to dodge (strafe and sprint, if you have room),
       while doing decent damage. But their real annoyance factor comes from the
       fact that they can summon Imps and Wraiths at will, to aid themselves. You
       should always concentrate on Archviles first until they die, then take care
       of the remaining enemies (if any).
       It's best to use the Plasma Gun or Rocket Launcher for maximum killing
       efficiency, or the BFG-9000 if you like wasting ammo. But the safest way to
       tackle an Archvile is of course to simply use the Artifact. Not only will
       you kill him much quicker, but Hell Time will also make sure that he won't
       have time to summon any buddies. Win-win!
    After the Archvile dies, two Revenants will spawn in, followed by two Vulgars.
    The Plasma Gun would work well here. You're now in the familiar Teleportation
    Reception room. Look around for armor SHARDS, two large MED KITS and a SOUL.
    When ready, run up to the very large Phobos Labs door in the middle of the room
    (it's the only one that opens anyway).
    As soon as this door opens, a Bruiser will attack. Activate the Artifact, or
    see if you're good enough to take it down from a distance. In the next room,
    grab some SHELLS, a large MED KIT, an AMMO BELT and a SOUL as needed. Oh, and
    three armor SHARDS. Climb up the stairs to find another MED KIT and up to three
    Z-Secs (coming from above). Up the stairs again, and follow this hallway until
    you're attacked by two Wraiths. You'll come up to a fork in the path. If you
    keep going, you'll face an Archvile on the bridge, but can them claim the
    ROCKETS and ARMOR beyond. When you come back, you'll also have to face three
    more Wraiths, so decide if this is worth the detour. Then take the other path
    (left or right, depending which way you're coming from), which is really quite
    bloody. Armor SHARDS, a CLIP, ROCKETS, a large MED KITS and a SOUL all await
    you at the end of this hallway.
    Go through the door here, and you'll be back in the Teleportation Chamber.
    You'll see a Bruiser spawn near the teleporter, and a Revenant ahead of you.
    Ignore the Bruiser for now as it can't hurt you from there. Get a SOUL, SHELLS,
    a MED KIT and SHARDS from your right if needed, as well as AMMO BELTS at the
    other end of the room behind crates. Go down the stairs leading into the
    chamber proper, and a Revenant will spawn in, followed by two more. This
    combined with the Bruiser sound like a perfect time for Hell Time. Continue
    into the Teleporter Control room, and grab the GRENADES, SHELLS and SOUL.
    There's also a handy HEALTH STATION.
    Now look at the larger computer panel, and click "Scan for Active Pads", again.
    Another Bruiser spawns in, but he's too big to come into the control room. Next
    click "Pad 1 Delta", since it's apparently the only place this teleporter can
    transfer you to. All that's left now is to activate the Artifact (or not, if
    you're feeling daring) and take care of the remaining Bruiser. Step onto the
    teleporter pad, and click the panel to exit this level, onward to Delta Labs.
    As you're traveling through the creepy bloody tunnel thing, has it occurred to
    you that this is an EXPERIMENTAL teleporter? Has it even been tested? Goes to
    show how desperate you are to save the world.
    ====[ U N I O N   A E R O S P A C E   R E S E A R C H   D I V I S I O N ]======
                                   D E L T A   L A B S
       The Delta Complex is the most advanced research facility on Mars.  Sector
          1 contains the power systems,  energy core distribution center, and
          services the administrative  functions of the entire Delta Complex.
    Fine, the teleporter did work after all. As soon as you appear, you'll notice a
    Fire Zombie, who was obviously waiting for someone to finally use the
    teleporter. Pump this freak full of lead before he notices you. You'll also
    notice that the Delta Labs are indeed phasing between reality and Hell. What a
    creepy effect. Something has got to be wrong with the portal to Hell. Luckily
    for you, this where you're going.
    ----[ N E W   O B J E C T I V E ]----------------------------------------------
                                   DELTA TELEPORTER
            Use the Delta Teleporter in order to reach the shores of Hell.
    You'll see two SOULS right in front of you. Suck em up, you'll need them. As
    soon as you move far enough from the teleporter, Betruger will pointlessly
    taunt you, then start spawning enemies in. First is a Revenant, followed by a
    Hell Knight and up to four Forgotten. Needless to say, your Artifact can help
    quite a bit here. Fortunately, there's a bunch of stuff around the room, such
    as an AMMO BELT, SHELLS, a BGF-9000 and BFG CELL, plasma CELLS, large MED KITS,
    ROCKETS and two SOULS stuck on walls. Groovy. Navigate this room until you
    reach a door, leading you into a decontamination chamber. I don't know what
    good it could do you at this point, but it doesn't work anyway. Just walk
    through the next door into Chamber 3 Terminal.
    Next up you'll face a Revenant and two Zombies. Go up the stairs, where you'll
    be attacked (if you can call it that) by a Fire Zombie. Take care of it, and
    look behind some crates for SHELLS and ROCKETS. You can also jump into Security
    Station 3 through the broken window - simply jump then crouch. ARMOR and three
    large MED KITS are yours for the taking. Go through the double doors, and face
    two Zombies in a small hallway. Note the kind words written in blood, such as
    "suffer" and "die". Go through the door to enter Hydrogen Storage Transfer.
    You'll certainly remember this destroyed bridge if you played the original
    Doom 3. Don't worry about the bridge though, and instead worry about the Hell
    Knight walking towards you. After you take him down, a Revenant will appear as
    well  as four Forgotten. Good Hell Time time. Yeah. Follow the walkway around
    until you reach a teleporter. You know, those weird yellow lines floating in
    mid-air. Walk into it to suddenly find yourself in the Executive Office.
    Another familiar area for those who made it this far in Doom 3. Blast the Fire
    Zombie that will charge as you appear. Besides all the blood, gooey tentacles
    and creepy noises, you'll notice a SOUL at your feet. Go through the doorway,
    and you'll face off with a Revenant, followed by two Vulgars who spawn in. Walk
    around the left side to find an office containing an AMMO BELT, CELLS and two
    large MED KITS. Go through the next doors to find a walkway with a dead body
    *cough*SOUL*cough* and a BFG-9000. Inside the next room, your life shall be
    threatened by up to five Zombies, followed by a Revenant. Go downstairs to find
    a SOUL and SHELLS. Then run back up, turn right, follow this path to another
    door, while grabbing two CELLS and a BFG CELL. Challenging stuff.
    You're now in the Data Library (aren't you?). The little squeaking sound you're
    hearing comes from nearby Ticks. They're very similar to Trites, so you know at
    this point you shouldn't have anything to worry about. You'll have about six
    total to destroy, but be warned that a Revenant will spawn near the entrance
    about halfway through.
      ----[ E N E M Y ]------------------------------------[Threat Index:  15%]----
       Ticks are just different looking (slightly less weird) Trites. They have the
       same low health, and poor offensive capabilities. That is, unless one
       decides to explode if your face. Ouch. Don't let that happen, by shooting
       them from a safe distance, with whatever weapon you prefer (just don't
       prefer the Pistol). The Grabber also works.
    Before continuing along this walkway, you should jump down the lower floor
    where you can grab some nice things, including ARMOR and two MED KITS. I like
    nice things. Climb back on the walkway above using the stacked crates. Follow
    it around a couple corners, where you'll now find SHELLS, two CELLS and a MED
    KIT. Just in case. Continue to a large room, where two Forgotten will spawn,
    followed by another. If you choose to jump down the room below, you'll get to
    face a Vulgar, for the lowly reward of two small boxes of SHELLS in a corner.
    You do get to see the room where a Pinky first attacked the marine in Doom 3
    though, which is cool. Anyways, climb back up using the crates, and jump into
    the next teleporter.
    Welcome to Central Processing, now with extra squishy red stuff. Behind some
    computer on the left you'll find two large MED KITS and a BFG CELL. There's
    also a SOUL nearby for your Hell Time needs. Speaking of which, as soon as you
    leave this room, a Hell Knight will spawn behind you. Use the Artifact to
    defeat him if your confidence (or skills) isn't up to it. Just down the hallway
    you'll encounter a Zombie and some SHELLS tucked away in a corner. Continue to
    the Common Area, where another Hell Knight will want something from you, and I
    can tell you it's not tea. Exit this room, but enter the small kitchen area on
    the left. Grab two CLIPS, an AMMO BELT, two large MED KITS, a SOUL as well as a
    PDA. Wait, a PDA? Didn't the marine in Doom 3 come this way? How could he miss
    it? Whatever.
      ----[ P D A ]----------------------------------------------[Patrick Hook]----
                       SECURITY CLEARANCE UPDATE: Teleportation
       A new security clearance and only one email with a code: 634. This is
       actually the same code you can get from the Martian Buddy Blasters website.
    Continue to find the Research Lab Corridor. Eh, not much here but fire and
    smoke. Oh, and ROCKETS, four SHARDS, more ROCKETS and a SOUL. There's only one
    door you can open here, and through it you'll find the Specimen Research Lab.
    And a Fire Zombie. Which, by the way, I'm only naming for sake of completeness.
    I mean come on. Two Vulgars will soon spawn in however, so stay on your guard.
    Notice how this specimen lab is strangely devoid of specimens? Eh, grab a large
    MED KIT or two, then turn left and follow a small hallway. Now here's STORAGE
    LOCKER 116, which you unlock with 634 of course. Three CELLS are inside. Just
    besides it is STORAGE LOCK 117, which you can also unlock with 634. Two boxes
    of SHELLS and an AMMO BELT are now yours. Exit this small locker room and
    follow the corridor to reach Research Control.
    You'll hear Zombies, but they're up above. What's NOT above however is a Hell
    Knight. You should really take care of that, as well as the two Vulgars
    spawning afterwards. Go through the door in here to find a Stasis Chamber
    overrun with Ticks. "Overrun" might be a slight exaggeration, seeing how 
    here's only about eight of them in there. Use the Machine Gun, for old times'
    sake. There are two doors leading out of here, but the right one is locked, so
    go through left one, naturally. Look to your left for some CELLS and a MED KIT,
    and to your right for OH CRAP three Zombies. Nothing else around this room but
    a lift (hence the name). Too bad the soda machines are broken.
    Get on the lift and "Raise" it. Turn left, grab a SOUL, and go through the next
    door. This is Analysis Control, with the machine that can analyze artifacts and
    stuff. But you won't be doing any of that today. The room does contain four
    Zombies, all ready to kill and be killed. Mostly the latter. Also look behind
    some of the computer consoles to find ARMOR. Exit this room through a door in
    the back, and run along the walkway while you take care of the Vulgar in a
    stylish fashion. Go through the next door to find Central Processing... again.
    But this time you're on the upper level. Two CLIPS are in an alcove on your
    left if you care. Then run along and you'll soon encounter two Revenants.
    Afterwards you'll notice a teleporter in an office, so open the door and boldly
    step into it. After all, the best way to eventually reach your destination is
    to step into random teleporters that lead God knows where.
    And what do you know, it actually led you to Teleporter 4 Main Chamber. Who
    would have thought? This is it though. The Big One. Leading to Hell. Because
    it's such a logical place to go to. Approach it and... unlike the last time
    (still referring to Doom 3), nothing big or bad will come out of it. Grab two
    large MED KITS in a crate on the left side of the room if you need them (you
    WILL need them), and finally step through the portal. All that's left now
    between you and your ultimate goal is a small army of Hell's finest.
    ====[ U N K N O W N ]==========================================================
                                       H E L L
    Well, here you are. The last place any human being wants to find him or herself
    into. And you can't even go back. On a more positive note, there are two (not-
    so-fresh) SOULS standing right at your feet. Suck it up, and move forward. Two
    Cacodemons will soon spawn behind you, thus you want to quickly turn around and
    take action, of the violent kind. As soon as they die, two Wraiths will spawn
    up ahead. No biggie. Stay cool. After those, it's the Hell Knight's turn.
    Notice the different skin, certainly more hellish looking. Don't rest after
    you've taken him down, and get ready for three Cherubs. Whew. Not a bad
    welcoming committee.
    Now move forward again, but climb up the left side of the wall before passing
    under the arch to find a large MED KIT. Pass under the giant skull, and three
    Ticks will attack you in the next corridor. Approach the next room, where
    you'll face three Forgotten, followed by two Cacodemons, followed by six more
    Forgotten. Might I suggest the Grabber? Or whatever works for you, really.
    You'll find a SOUL in this room, and I don't mean the ones rising up from the
    abyss. Don't forget the Vulgar. Follow the path around this soul pit, into
    another hallway. An Imp will attack you there. An Imp! I know right? It's been
    a while, but they're not any tougher than before.
    Turn right at the fork to face another Imp (notice their different skin as
    well). I guess they're Hell Imps, technically. They still suck. Follow the
    hallways to a sort of flaming portal thing, where two Cherubs spawn in and
    attack. You can grab two large MED KITS, an AMMO BELT and BFG CELL in there.
    Get ready for some action (save your game), and step through the portal.
    Now this room is big. It has SOULS scattered all around it. And big, bad
    minions will spawn in constantly. Gah. It starts innocently enough, with
    something like 4 Imps, 1 Mancubus and 3 Hell Knights. After you kill those,
    you then face 2 more Imps, 2 Mancubuses (Mancubii?) and 2 Hell Knights. Then
    add 2 Imps, 2 Mancubus and 2 (maybe 3) Hell Knights, and finally 3 Mancubus.
    This is roughly the spawn order, though my numbers may not be completely
    accurate. Regardless, you have a lot of work ahead of you.
    My suggestion is to quickly take care of the two Imps near you, then activate
    the Artifact. You should then run around in Hell Time (renew it as soon as it
    expires), and punch (for one-hit kills) anything in your way. You will need to
    run everywhere to take care of all the enemies (don't stand in one spot), and
    to find more SOULS to recharge your Artifact as you go along. With enough
    practice you should be able to get through this without getting hurt all that
    much, and without running out of souls. You'll know you have killed all the
    enemies when a blue portal appears in the middle of the room. Before you step
    into it, make sure you haven't missed any souls.
    You've now teleported back to where you came from, and thankfully out of that
    dreadful spawn-o-matic room. Grab any large MED KITS you might have left here,
    and go back through the hallway. You'll get attacked by two Forgotten soon
    enough, which is almost a relief after what you've just faced. Turn right at
    the T-intersection, and you'll see you can now access a large, previously
    closed room. It has fire and lava and a big flaming skull in the middle, and
    consequently you'll be attacked by seven Forgotten. Jump around the stone slabs
    in the lava to grab two large MED KITS and some ARMOR. You can also jump up on
    the ledge left of the skull to score some CELLS and a SOUL. Run back and exit
    this room the opposite way you came in, through a rather long hallway.
    Just a few feet into this hallway you'll be attacked by two Wraiths, followed
    by a Mancubus. Since the Mancubus is so far away, you could actually try to
    take him down with the Plasma Gun or Grabber. It's not too hard. Continue down
    this hallway until you reach some large, uninviting double doors. Look right of
    the doors behind some rocks to get a BFG CELL. Bravely step through the doors,
    though a Hell Knight will be waiting for you just behind. Quickly step back and
    blast him with some powerful weapon, or use Hell Time if you want. Go through
    the door for real this time, and follow this corridor to a small room with a
    Hell Knight waiting (you don't want to make a Hell Knight wait). Again I
    suggest blasting it from afar, rather than wasting a soul here. You'll find
    ROCKETS and GRENADES in this room (use the Grabber for the grenades).
    Continue past this room until you encounter two more Wraiths. Nothing special
    here, so just keep going afterwards. You'll soon reach a large room with a
    large pit where, predictably enough, three Cacodemons will attack. Follow the
    path until it crosses over the pit. Go down the left side and climb the stones
    at the end if you want a MED KIT, then cross over the right side to find a
    SOUL. Climb back up the main path when you're done, and cross over the other
    side of the pit. Following this path, you'll eventually encounter four Vulgars
    and a new passage on the left side (as well as an AMMO BELT at the end).
    Follow this passage until you reach a portal with a huge skull above it. If you
    didn't understand already, this is the way to the final boss. Before you take
    this portal, be sure to loot the room to earn ammo for your big guns, some
    health, armor and even four SOULS. All this should be enough to bring you back
    in very good shape. That's it then, SAVE YOUR GAME and step through the portal.
      ----[ B O S S ]--------------------------------------[Threat Index: 100%]----
                                  THE MALEDICT
       This boss may be big, and have an awesome looking model, but he isn't all
       that tough. He does have a ton of hit points, as you would expect from a
       final boss, but you have the Artifact, and he doesn't. Nyah. Like all the
       bosses before him, the Maledict can be tough at first, but with some
       practice, and armed with KNOWLEDGE, you will soon make him your bitch. This
       boss has two different patterns, so let's start with the first one.
       He'll start the battle by charging across the battlefield, leaving a trail
       of flames behind him. These flames hurt quite a bit, but they're easily
       avoided if you just sidestep. Also note that there are two SOULS in the
       battlefield that you can use to recharge the Artifact.
       At first, the Maledict will rise up high in the air and summon four
       Forgotten. You will want to destroy them as fast as possible, since they're
       such an annoyance. The Grabber or Chaingun are recommended, though it's a
       lot easier with the Grabber. Soon after, the Maledict will fly on either
       side of the battlefield, and start shooting fireballs at you from above.
       Again, those fireballs are easily avoided by strafing (hold down the sprint
       key as well). Each fireball doesn't do that much damage, but it quickly adds
       up if you get hit often.
       Now, the time during which the Maledict spits fireballs at you is also the
       best time to attack him, because he stays in place the longest. This is why
       you want to destroy the Forgotten as fast as possible, so you have more time
       to shoot the Maledict. After he's done shooting fireballs, he'll go back to
       the first part of this pattern, which is summoning four more Forgotten.
       Sometimes he will also do his flame wall attack in-between, so watch out for
       What you wanna do here is activate the Artifact just before the Maledict
       start shooting fireballs at you. Use a powerful weapon during Hell Time (I
       recommend the Chaingun or Rocket Launcher) and shoot him down. After you've
       dealt enough damage, the Maledict will fly down and start his second
       pattern. If you haven't dealt enough damage yet, he'll restart the first
       pattern, so just wait for another opportunity to shoot him down.
       Now for the second pattern. He'll start with a flame wall attack, which as
       you know is easy to avoid. The Maledict will then land on top of the large
       skull in the middle of the battlefield, and start raining meteors down on
       your poor unprotected head. The best place to stand for this phase is on
       either side of him, near the SOULS (so you can conveniently recharge your
       Artifact as well). As soon as he lands on top of the skull, activate the
       Artifact. Get out your BFG, and start firing fully-charged shots at him, or
       simply use the Rocket Launcher if you prefer. After this meteor attack, he
       will restart the pattern, starting with the flame wall attack.
       It only takes about three or four fully-charged BFG blasts to finish him.
       And being this close you, shouldn't have any problems hitting him. A meteor
       might hit you once in a while, but they inflict low enough damage. Another
       way to keep safe from meteors is by standing as far away as possible from
       the Maledict, near the edge of the battlefield, while facing him. You can
       still hit him from there, but it takes a bit more time.
    Congratulations, you have beaten Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil! Watch the short,
    final sequence, in which the Maledict is ironically defeated by the thing he
    sought all this time. If this is your first time finishing the game, take note
    that you've also unlocked the "Nightmare" difficulty level, which is really as
    hard as it sounds. Have fun!
      :                V  E  R  S  I  O  N    H  I  S  T  O  R  Y               :
    ----[ 1 . 0 ]-------------------------------------------[February 12, 2006]----
    Initial release. Spell checked (somewhat), revised and formatted. Walkthrough
    is 100% complete. There are no doubt many typos and grammatical errors left.
    Fun fact: I initially wrote the FAQ with a 89 columns formatting in mind. Once
    I was all finished and ready to submit it to GameFAQs, I realized that the
    standard is actually 79 colums. Whoops. Needless to say, re-doing the whole
    formatting took quite a bit of time. I'm really satisfied with the results, so
    it was worth it. The Doom 3 logo doesn't look as good after I had to squeeze
    it, though...
      :                      L  E  G  A  L    S  T  U  F  F                     :
    You are NOT allowed to modify and publish this document without the written
    permission of the author. This document is for personal use only, and may not
    be sold or used for any commercial purpose.
    WEBMASTERS. You ARE allowed to put this document on your website, as long as it
    is 100% intact (and I am of course credited). If you do so, you MUST send me an
    email to let me know, and include the address of your site.
      This document is Copyrighted (c) 2006 by Manuel Gonthier, a.k.a. LordKrell.
      :                    C  O  N  T  A  C  T    I  N  F  O                    :
    Want to contact me to ask a question or send feedback? Certainly, but before I
    give out the address, please read the following simple guidelines.
    * I will NOT answer emails concerning technical issues with the game. If you
      have such a problem, check out the Activision support site at:
    * I will NOT answer emails about the multiplayer portion of the game. Ever.
    * I will NOT answer emails about the original Doom 3. Unless I decide to write
      a FAQ about Doom 3 someday.
    * I will NOT answer questions that I feel have already been clearly answered or
      explained in the FAQ.
    * I will NOT answer questions about cheats, or tell you how to cheat. This is
      not what this walkthrough is for.
    Also, keep in mind that I am generally bad at answering email. So don't take it
    too personally if you don't get a reply from me within 24 hours or something.
    Now if you have feedback about the FAQ, comments, a question, a contribution,
    would like to point out mistakes, or simply a few kind words, feel free to
    write! The email to use is:
        lordkrell <at> gmail <dot> com
    Obviously, replace <at> and <dot> with the appropriate symbols. Also, please
    try to include [d3xp] in the header, so I know exactly what the email is about.
      ----[ D I S C L A I M E R ]--------------------------------------------------
       Sending in a contribution does not guarantee it will automatically be
       included in the FAQ. If I feel the contribution is useful enough, I'll try
       to include it in a future update, with proper credit of course.
      :                           C  R  E  D  I  T  S                           :
    ----[ S P E C I A L   T H A N K S ]-------------------------------------------
                       Myself  :  What? Why would I thank myself? This is silly.
        id Software and Nerve  :  creators of Doom 3 and Doom 3: RoE.
         Battlestar Galactica  :  for being a ridiculously good sci-fi show.
    ----[ C O N T R I B U T O R S ]------------------------------------------------
    None yet.
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