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  1. I have only figured out the circlet lets you jump higher does anyone know what the other dlc items from the magical weapons and items pack do?

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    Astavous - 4 years ago

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  1. @Perseus88:

    Barad-dur Helm - stuns people (it makes them cower in fear if you are facing them). NOTE: this applies to the other player, as well.

    Troll Mace - knocks enemies to a wall. No special use.

    Also, I can confirm that Narya can light fires. It might be worth noting that Narya and Vilya only shoot short bursts, while Nenya shoots a continuous stream.

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  1. there's ALOT of different things you can do once you've unlocked the right Treasure Trove items. some, like the Mushroom Hat are just for looks. with the Bottomless Bucket you can put out fires. with the Mithril Climbing Boots you can climb those walls that Gollum climbs. with the Mithril Fishing Rod anyone you can equip with it can fish. the Mithril Rope comes in handy in getting to places you need it for. you can turn someone into a skeleton with either the Mithril Skeleton Bow or Mithril Skeleton Sword.
    you can make your characters dance with the Mithril Music Phial.

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  2. hidden on each level except the bonus level you will find three Treasure Trove items and one Blacksmith Design which can forged into a Treasure Trove item (once you have enough Mithril bricks)

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  3. He's not asking about the general treasures, he's asking about the DLC treasures. I only know what a few of them do, though I would like to know more if someone can add to this list.

    Narya - Shoots fire. This can light fires (I think).
    Nenya - Shoots water. This can extinguish fires, like the bucket.
    Vilya - Shoots air (and by this I mean it does nothing). I am not sure if this serves a special purpose.
    Balrog Helm - Allows you to pull handles like a "strong" character.
    Grond Helm - Also allows you to pull handles like a "strong" character.
    Elrond's Circlet - Allows you jump higher and walk on tightropes like an elf.
    Party Favor Cake - It's an explosive and can destroy the shiny silver blocks, like the Berserker's bombs.

    If anyone has insight to the other helms or the weapons, please add another answer! I would like to know more.

    User Info: Perseus88

    Perseus88 - 4 years ago 1 0

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