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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

    Version: 1.30 | Updated: 02/15/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                                                       Blitz Knight Stunt Presents:
          __________      _________          _____      __________
         |   _____  `.   |   ______|        /    _`.   |   _____  `.
         |  |_    `.  |  |  |____          /  ,  \     |  |     `.  |
         |  ,-'    |  |  |   ____|        /  /_\  \    |  |      |  |
         |  |_____,'  |  |  |_____,--.  _/  _____  \   |  |_____,'  |
         |__________,'   |__________,' |__,'     \__\  |__________,'
         ________    __________      ,-.___     _______     .-.______
       ,'  ______|  |  .--.__  |    /    .-'   |   ___ `-.  |   _____`.
       |  |_____    |  |____,' |   /  ,  \__   |  |   |_,'  |  |____
       '._____  `.  |   _____,-'  /  /_\  .-'  |  |         |   __,-'     
      .-._____|  |  |  |_        /   ____  \   |  |___,-.   |  |_____     ______
      |_________,'  |___/       /_,-'    \__\  |_______,'   |________}  ,'_____ `.
                                                                            ___| |
                                                                           |___  ]
                                                                          _____| |
     ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
                Platform:   Playstation 3
                 Version:   1.30
            Last Updated:   2/15/2013
                   Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
                Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
           Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt
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                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O
       Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.
     - Introduction.......................................................[DS-INT]
     - Controls...........................................................[DS-CON]
     - Tips and Tricks....................................................[DS-TIP]
     - Prologue  : Beginnings.....................................[DS-00]
     - Chapter  1: Rude Awakening.................................[DS-01]
     - Chapter  2: On Your Own....................................[DS-02]
     - Chapter  3: The Roanake....................................[DS-03]
     - Chapter  4: History's Ember................................[DS-04]
     - Chapter  5: Expect Delays..................................[DS-05]
     - Chapter  6: Repair to Ride.................................[DS-06]
     - Chapter  7: Mayhem.........................................[DS-07]
     - Chapter  8: Off the Grid...................................[DS-08]
     - Chapter  9: Onward.........................................[DS-09]
     - Chapter 10: Now We Know....................................[DS-10]
     - Chapter 11: Signal Hunting.................................[DS-11]
     - Chapter 12: Autopsy........................................[DS-12]
     - Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky..............................[DS-13]
     - Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place.......................[DS-14]
     - Chapter 15: A Change of Fortune............................[DS-15]
     - Chapter 16: What Lies Below................................[DS-16]
     - Chapter 17: A Strange City.................................[DS-17]
     - Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed..............................[DS-18]
     - Chapter 19: Endings........................................[DS-19]
     - Optional Mission 1: H.M.S. Greely..........................[DS-X1]
     - Optional Mission 2: Conning Tower..........................[DS-X2]
     - Optional Mission 3: Supply Depot...........................[DS-X3]
     - Optional Mission 4: Protect the Armory.....................[DS-X4]
     - Optional Mission 5: 163rd Reaper Barracks..................[DS-X5]
     - Optional Mission 6: Disposal Service.......................[DS-X6]
     - Optional Mission 7: Artifact Storage.......................[DS-X7]
     - Co-op Mission 1: The Brusilov..............................[DS-C1]
     - Co-op Mission 2: Archeology ...............................[DS-C2]
     - Co-op Mission 3: Marker Containment........................[DS-C3]
     - Enemies............................................................[DS-ENM]
     - Trophies...........................................................[DS-TPH]
     - Version History....................................................[DS-HIS]
     - Credits............................................................[DS-CRE]
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
     Hey guys, Bkstunt here with a FAQ/Walkthrough of Dead Space 3!
     I wrote for Dead Space 2 and it was a fantastic experience. The game
    itself was fantastic (topping the previous Dead Space) and the fan feedback
    was great. Having that guide succeed is one reason I'm still here writing,
    so when Dead Space 3 came out I HAD to take it on!
     Hopefully I've gotten better since then and can provide you all with
    everything you could want to know about Dead Space 3. Now, let's go get
    the shit scared out of us again!
     Enjoy the guide everyone!
     ~ Bkstunt
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    ~ Bk
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                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                               Controls                               >==O
     Here are the controls for Dead Space 3:
                    _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
                   |  _____ |                            | _____  |
                   |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
                 ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
                /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
               !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
               |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
               !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
               |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
               | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
               |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
               |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
               |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
               \         /                                  \         /
                \       /                                    \       /
                 `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'
    |- L1 button |   Aim                                                          |
    |- L2 button |   Hold: Run                                                    |
    |            |   Double Tap: Roll                                             |
    |- L3 button |   Zero-G Launch                                                |
    |- R1 button |   Default: Melee                                               |
    |            |   w/Aim: Primary Fire                                          |
    |- R2 button |   Default: Stomp                                               |
    |            |   w/Aim: Alt. Fire                                             |
    |- R3 button |   Crouch                                                       |
    |            |   Hold: Locator [Zero-G Launch]                                |
    |- D-pad     |   Select weapon.                                               |
    |- L analog  |   Moves player.                                                |
    |- R analog  |   Moves camera.                                                |
    |- Start     |   Pause.                                                       |
    |- Select    |   Inventory / RIG                                              |
    |- X button  |   Action/Open                                                  |
    |- [] button |   Reload                                                       |
    |- /\ button |   Default: Stasis Recharge                                     |
    |            |   w/Aim: Stasis                                                |
    |- O button  |   Default: Quick heal                                          |
    |            |   w/Aim: TK                                                    |
    |            |   w/TK: Torque                                                 |
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O
     Here's some basic tips and tricks to the game.
    (-NOTE-) This guide is still very new, so if you have something that you
             think belongs in here let me know!
     o It can not be overstated enough: STOMP EVERY ENEMY! Every enemy you kill
       should drop an item! If they don't, they likely need stomped! There's also
       a few caveats to this rule:
       - If you stomp an enemy, their limps should fall off.
       - If the limbs do not fall off, there is a good chance that some sort of
         infector enemy will use these corpses to turn into more enemies. This
         may happen soon or may happen on a second pass through this area.
      o WATCH YOUR BACK. They LOVE to put enemies in front of you, just so they
        can put one behind you.
        - You can often set up traps in front of vents in large rooms to help
          defeat the inevitable attack. Note that you can only really do this
          once you can combine a SURVEY CHARGE with a DIRECTED EJECTION FIELD.
        - When it comes to Detonator mines, keep in mind that you can only
          have a MAXIMUM of FIVE traps out at any given time.
     o If there's a stasis recharge station nearby, go crazy with stasis!
       You can always fill it up after the fight!
       - Speaking of stasis, you can stasis lurkers and other ground enemies
         and then just go right up to them and stomp them to finish them off
         instead of wasting ammo on them.
     o Keep a TORQUE BAR on you at all times so you can enter the various
       Torque Bar rooms in the game. For the most part, they are all worth the
       price of entry. If you wish, you can always consult the guide to see
       what is in the room before entering it!
     o Keep in mind some enemies will "play dead". It is always a wise idea to
       put a bullet in a corpse if you aren't sure about it's, um... death. Try
       and throw something at it or use Telekenisis on it if you can, to save
     o There are multiple places in the game you can make items re-appear. I
       point out one of them in the guide but after hearing the word around the
       internet I've come to realize there are a TON of these spots. It's a
       pretty cheap way to get items, if you ask me, but items are item! I won't
       be pointing out any more re-appearing item locations in the guied.
       - I HAVE read that EA / Visceral doesn't consider this a glitch or a
         problem though, so expect items to keep on showing up!
     o If you replay sections and have collect logs and such, you can often find
       resource materials in their place during your second re-play.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                         Prologue: Beginnings                         >==O
     Welcome to Dead Space 3!
     Watch the scenes until you gain control. Once you do gain control of our
    un-named hero (hey, this is a Prologue chapter, after all!), you will be given
    your first objective.
     o OBJECTIVE: Follow the waypoint
     Get used to the controls now, while it's safe, but note that your weapon
    currently has no ammo. Be sure to hold R3 to check out the guidance system
    in Dead Space 3, which is similar thoughout all the Dead Space games. Note
    that you can press left and right while holding it down to guide yourself to
    the objective, the nearest workbench, etc...
     Head forwards through the storm. When he talks about his gun not even
    being loaded and is told to veer RIGHT, STOP and head to the left instead.
    You should see something glowing in the snow: a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_].
    (-NOTE-) Like I mentioned in my TIPS AND TRICKS section, I will be pointing
             out everything that's just laying around, like the artifact up above.
     Take the correct path now and you'll soon come out of the storm... to see
    a giant wreck. Oh man, that's not good. Head towards it to be told to use R2
    to stomp corpses and containers. This is EXTREMELY important in the game for
    item and ammo refills. You will find [_CONTAINERS x3_] here, so stomp them all
    for some ammo. You'll be told how to aim and shoot here as well.
     Shoot the "Break Latch" sign to be given an option to open the door. Go
    ahead and open it and you'll see someone's last moments, followed by an
    attack by two Wasters. The Waster is a new enemy in the series: It has a
    very human-ish appearance and attacks with ice picks and axes (as you just
    saw first-hand). Move back while putting that ammo to good work. Aim for the
    limbs, of course. If they get too close to you, you may have to jam on the 'X'
    button to overpower them (follow that with a stomp!).
     Take them out and head through the doorway, through the smoke. Another Waster
    will climb up, so be sure to deal with him. Round the corner and another will
    crawl at you (save the ammo and stomp him), followed by TWO more rushing you.
    Take them out and be sure to stomp on the corpses for ammo. We now need to head
    up the nearby ladder. Yes, the one with all the blood pouring down. Man...
     Up here you will need to open up the double door in front of you to get to
    the cockpit. Grab the [_CODEX_] on the front panel. This leads to bad stuff,
    of course. Watch the scenes and soon you'll be rappelling down the mountain.
    This is pretty basic, just keep moving forward. The game will tell you to use
    L2 to jump the gaps, so do so when you come to them. The debris is no big
    deal UNTIL an engine lands and spits flames upwards, once you get near the
    end. Head to the far left or right to avoid it. Soon you'll be sliding down
    the mountain as the plane comes down at you. Here you can roll to the left
    or the right. This is important to note as you don't want to be caught in the
    middle once the plane gets near you, so stay on the far left or right sides
    and you'll be fine.
     Once the danger is over watch the shocking scenes. Poor Tim.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Stranger in a Strange Land' Bronze trophy here.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                      Chapter 1: Rude Awakening                       >==O
     Back in the shoes of Isaac Clarke. Feels good, right?
     Seems like Isaac just can't let go. Who can blame him? Watch the scenes as
    Isaac gets dragged in again. Man, I hope Ellie is OK. Grab the [_MEDIUM MED
    PACK_] right in front of you once you regain control and use it (you are
    forced to... damn!). We have an objective here as well:
     o OBJECTIVE: Escape the Lunar Colony
     In Issac's apartment you can play the radio message on a nearby table to
    find the [_RENT DUE AUDIO LOG_]. On the bed is the [_I FOR AN EYE_] text log
    that fills in a little bit on Ellie. Head out the door to hear some dialog.
    The game wants you to go left, but go right to find a [_SMALL MED PACK_] in
    the corner. Head down the correct path now and open the large door to meet
    up with men to learn they are EarthGov. Soon you'll be attacked by an unknown
    force as a car appears in the distance. And of course by "Unknown Force" I
    mean Unitologist Zealots. Go figure. Here you want to head for the car (don't
    waste ammo shooting at anyone) and you'll see a scene. Well damn! There goes
    our ride!
     Once you regain control, you'll be ambushed from the upper right. Run to the
    gap and quickly pick up the [_AMMO CLIP x4_] laying around on the ground. You
    will be attacked by Unitologists here, so take them out. A vertical shot from
    the plasma gun does wonders. Don't use the left cover spot and guard the right
    pathway. Once they are dead head up the stairs on the right for some [_AMMO
    CLIP x2_] goodness and keep going. Kill a suicide bomber as you go and take
    the ladder up to continue.
     Up here Norton will tell you that the unitologists are trying to kill you
    due to your, shall we say, affinity, to destroy markers. Heh. He's got an
    extraction team for us though.
     o OBJECTIVE: Rendezvous with Norton
     Be sure to break the [_CONTAINER x2_] and open up the [_CABINET x2_] in this
    small room for items. There's also a suit kiosk and a bench here, both of
    which we'll make good use of throughout the game, but both of these are broken!
    Gah! Dammit! Oh well, head through the door. There's nothing you can do for the
    poor women out here, besides avenge her death. Round the corner and kill the
    U. Soldier. There's another one above you, to the left; take him out too.
    Continue on down the path and you'll see a third soldier die via unmanned
    traffic. We need to cross this as well, but the traffic doesn't stop for
    anyone. This is where the game will teach you about stasis, which you use
    with Triangle while aiming. Try it out. Way to go, buddy. You just stopped
    trade and business planet-wide. Be sure to refill with the nearby STASIS
     Before heading for the ladder, take a left and enter the alcove. You can
    find a [_EARTH GOV ARTIFACT_] over here, then continue on to the ladder.
    Two U. Soldiers will come up behind you. Kill them if you wish (or don't)
    but before going through the door up here take a right and go find the
    [_CONTAINER_] and the [_CABINET x2_] for items. This spawns two more U.
    Soldiers down below. Again, either kill or ignore them and head through
    the Dredger Corp door. 
     Stomp the corpses and continue through the next door to HOLY CRAP! This
    is quite horrific! My god... as you step in, you'll hear a unitologist
    message that I recommend listening to. Be sure to check the walls near the
    back for [_CABINET x4_] for some good supplies, then take the elevator up.
    Watch the scenes that ensue. They are pretty significant!
     Once you roll off the pile of corpses and gain control, quickly get ready
    for an attack. Back off to a corner for extra room and take out the two
    Wasters that attack. Afterward grab the [_MEDIUM MED PACK x2_] laying around.
    Head through the glass the Wasters broke and towards the exit, nabbing the
    [_CABINET x2_] before leaving. In this next hallway you'll re-learn to smash
    corpses (duh!). Head into the next big room. To the left is a small office
    that has a Waster playing dead in it (preemptive strike!), along with some
    [_CABINET x4_]! You should be sitting pretty on items. Further on in the room
    are three more Wasters, all playing dead. Shoot at the corpse in the oval
    office area to get them to show up and give yourself room to kill them. After
    that check the rooms at the far end for [_CABINET x2_] and the head to the
     We'll get in touch with Norton on the way down to plan a trip to Washington
    Station. As you exit the elevator, explore the right cubicle for the
    [_UNITOLOGIST ARTIFACT_]. This room also has [_CONTAINER x2_] in it by the
    couch. Head out into the open area and head left. Here you can find an [_AMMO
    CLIP_] in the SUN booth and another broken work bench. Arg...
     Head through the only door you can into a store. Here you can find [_AMMO
    CLIP x2_] on the counters in here and a [_SMALL MED PACK_] to the right of
    the lightspeed character. Head out the door to the street. You can find yet
    another [_SMALL MED PACK_] to the left near the trash and an [_AMMO CLIP_] in
    front of you, slightly to the right, by a barrel. Head onward, but be ready
    for a wave of enemies. You'll be bombarded by Wasters and Slashers who climb
    up over the railing. Take them all out and use some stasis if you must. Head
    through the right path when you're done and kill the slasher down the stairs.
    There's another one in the ticket booth to kill as well.
     Head down the elevator where you'll have another talk with Norton and get
    an updated objective based on the train situation:
     o OBJECTIVE: Assemble and board the train
     We'll get a tutorial on Kinesis here (Aim and press Circle). Do so on the
    first train on the left, where the magnet icon is located. Drag the car to
    the right. Once it moved, get behind it and push it forward. After that,
    use Kinesis to drag the right car to the left. This will complete attaching
    the train. Wait for it to advance a ways and get in the back of it (be fast,
    U. Soldiers are closing in!). Norton will share a little bit on Ellie as you
    do so.
     Keep on advancing and you'll see Norton is in a firefight with the unitology
    ships. Keep going and head up the first set of ladders where you'll face two
    U. Soldiers. Take them out and head up the next ladders. There will be another
    U. Soldier down below, but you have a good vantage point. Take him out and
    keep going. When you head up the big ladder be ready as two U. Soldiers will
    drop down. Take them out and run forward, forgetting about stomping on them:
    Norton is about to blow up the train and we don't have time. You'll jump to
    the ramp he extended down and will need to jam on the 'X' button, but once you
    are safe this chapter is over!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                       Chapter 2: On Your Own                         >==O
     Watch the scene and we'll get out first objective.
     o OBJECTIVE: Meet Captain Norton on the bridge
     From where you get up, look to the right (Behind Carver) for a [_MEDIUM MED
    PACK_]. The cubby to the left also has a [_SMALL MED PACK_] on a bed, as well
    an audio message on a machine called [_EUDORA LIFE_]. Interesting. Down the
    small stairs you can find some [_AMMO CLIP x2_], one on  the table and one to
    the right, by some orange juice. Heh. There's another [_AMMO CLIP_] nearby on
    another table by a chess board as well. Ok, enough looting, let's go through
    the door.
     You'll get an update on Ellie. Head through the next door. Before going down
    the stairs, check out the wall behind you for [_CABINET x2_] for some items.
    Head down and continue on now. When you come to a split they want you to take
    the left path. As usual, go right. At the end of the LONG hallway you will
    find [_AMMO CLIP x2_] and an [_EARTH GOV ARTIFACT_]. Head back and go into the
    bridge where you will see a scene.
     Well nothing goes right for us, eh? After the scene, head down the long
    corridor (again) and you'll soon be interrupted. More scenes. Soon you'll
    find yourself in the vast emptiness of space with a new objective.
     o OBJECTIVE: Decouple the module from the ship
     Out here there are a some [_CONTAINER x2_] floating around, but they are
    fairly forgettable. Remember to use R3 to righten yourself out and see where
    you need to go. You'll find some bars keeping a room locked in. We need to
    use Kinesis to drag the bars off of the room. Do so and then go interact with
    the light that pops up.
     After that you'll be on a one-ticket ride to catch up to the box! You have
    control in this section and should avoid all the debris along the way. It's
    fairly simple, so no real strategy needed. Just be sure to stay in the middle
    and move when necessary. You can also shoot at mines but I'd only shoot at
    them when there's a lot clustered together. Soon you'll be at the end of this
    section and be given free reign.
     Once you are free in space note that to your upper right is an OXYGEN station.
    We can totally use that! We have a new objective, by the way...
     o OBJECTIVE: Find a way into the ship
     In THIS portion of space we truly have full control to explore... and there
    is a LOT to explore! You can zoom around the entire ship and space station if
    you wished. You can find quite a few CONTAINERS out here in space, as well as
    battle Lurkers if you wish (shoot the tentacles!), but honestly none of that
    is worth your time. The only real thing of note out here is on your way to
    the objective, you will come across a long chunk of space ship that has a
    trench. Zoom around inside the trench area to find a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]
    floating around. After that, head for the objective and land (L3) on the
    platform to the right of the box.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Space Odyssey' Bronze trophy here.
     Open the door with kinesis and step inside.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                        Chapter 3: The Roanoke                        >==O
    (-NOTE-) I DID NOT get a text pop-up telling me I was in Chapter 3, and
             all the videos on the web I saw didn't show one either. Despite
             that, I highly suspect this is the start of Chapter 3.
     Once you are inside you'll get a new objective (since you are in the ship
    and all).
     o OBJECTIVE: Open the cargo door for the crew module
     Open the next door and pick up the [_AMMO CLIP x2_] and to the left pick
    up the [_HEAVY STANDARD FRAME_], out first weapon part. Oh boy! We seem to
    have been given more inventory spots as well. I'm not really sure how, but
    I'm not complaining! Follow the objectives and keep using the turning kinesis
    move to get the others into the ship. Go meet up with them to be given a new
     o OBJECTIVE: Reach the command saucer
     Head down the walkway and nab the shiny on the ground for the [_TESLA CORE_].
    Goodie. Another gun part. From there you can run around the walkway to reach
    a ladder. Head up it for [_CONTAINER x2_], then head back and go through the
    objective door. In here there is a [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] on the wall to your
    right (Note how these boxes look different than other cabinet boxes!). Also,
    note the ladders in here. Up the right one is [_CONTAINER x2_] while the left
    one has nothing. There is, however, some [_LOCKER x2_] BEHIND the left ladder.
    To get past this room we need to power up the bulkhead door.
     Grab the power core to the right of the bulkhead and look to your right.
    Put it in the empty power space by the bench. This opens up the door AND
    activates a bench, giving us an optional mission:
     o OPTIONAL MISSION: Craft a weapon
     Now there's a mission I can get into! Interact with the bench to get a
    tutorial on how to do things. Since it's a lot and the game is going to tell
    it to you I won't bother. The weapon system is pretty deep (you can tell by
    looking at all the locked options) but for now our choices are limited. With
    what we have you can easily construct a "Heavy Standard Line Gun", which will
    complete our optional mission.
    (-NOTE-) The BENCH also acts as an ITEM SAFE. Be sure to check in some items
             here if you wish! Also, if you have any pre-order weapons, you will
             now have access to them.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Strapped' Bronze trophy here (if you made a
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Circuit's Edge' Bronze trophy here (if you have
             found a circuit and added it to your weapon).
     OK, back to business. Head through the next several doors until you see a
    scene showing you what became of the crew. Go figure. Take them out and
    Isaac will warn the others. Go forward grabbing the [_CABINET_] on the
    right wall, then use kinesis to move the boxes blocking the door so you can
    go through. Grab the [_LOCKER x2_] here and the [_CABINET_] nearby and look
    up the stairs. On the ceiling you should see a pod at the top of the stairs.
    Shoot it to reveal a slasher. Kill it and head up. There's another pod
    further on. Kill that slasher and then the one that follows up. Head down
    the next set of stairs and check out the left podium area to find another
    [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]. There's another [_CABINET_] nearby too.
     Head through the door and look down the hallway to the right. Lots of pods.
    I recommend throwing a box down there and getting them to come to you as the
    line gun can make short work of them. Hit up the [_CABINET_] next to the
    door and further down the hall on the right wall is an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_].
    Head to the dead soldier to have a Slasher jump out at you. Kill him off
    and pick up the [_OFFICIAL ORDERS_] text log and a [_CONTAINER_] nearby.
    Feel free to continue on now.
     Head down the ladder and through the door. You're in a ZERO G zone now.
    Fun. There's a [_CONTAINER_] to your right. You should be able to find
    another [_CONTAINER_] out in the zero-g zone too. Head through it and you
    will officially encounter the Lurker enemies. Shoot for the tentacles! The
    Line Gun is excellent here. At the end go through the next door and you'll
    be in a small room. You can find an [_AMMO CLIP_] and the [_S.C.A.F.-ISC-
    3100S CMS-ROANOKE_] text log in here. That text log name is ridiculous.
     Head up the ladder and grab the [_CABINET_] you find, then open the door.
    Isaac will chat with Norton for a bit here as we've reached the saucer.
    Time for a new objective.
     o OBJECTIVE: Restore power to ship
     Time to power her up! First, head to the right and keep your eyes open for
    a cubby that houses [_SMALL MED PACK x2_] in it. Now, what we need to do here
    is simple: there are three power cores to this thing. We need to use kinesis
    to bring down each one of them. After that, use kinesis and HOLD it to turn
    each one of them to power them up. After turning number one on you'll be
    jumped by THREE Wasters and a Lurker. After turning up number three you'll be
    jumped by two Wasters.
     Once you have them all going, head to the center console and activate it.
    You'll talk to Norton a bit and then you'll need to kill off a couple of
    Lurkers. After that, we are free to take the elevator up to the SOS call,
    ending the chapter.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                     Chapter 4: History's Ember                       >==O
     Well, its good to meet some new people huh? The group will head off to
    seek safety while we are stuck with an objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Decipher the messages in the Admiral's Quarters
     Fun. Once you have control, pick up the [_PERSONAL LOG: ELLIE LANGFORD_]
    from the box in front of you. Next, search this room carefully as you can
    find [_CONTAINER x2_] and another weapon part: the [_PLASMA CORE_]. This is
    good as the room also has a bench (I put the Plasma Core on my Line Gun as a
    lower tool!). Also, near the weapon bench is a tarped area where people were
    obviously sleeping. There's a crack looking into it at one point. Find it and
    you'll see a purple glow. This is an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_], and you can use TK
    to grab it. Head to the elevator afterward.
     After a talk with Ellie you'll be in the power room again, except this
    time there's growth! What we need to do here is to get to the far door,
    but there's three growths in the way. To get them out of the way, you'll
    have to engage the power stations along the way. Kinesis them down and then
    hold kinesis to charge them up. That will shock the growths into moving.
    We have to do this three times.
     The first growth has an arm with a VERY obvious weak spot. Shock the
    growth out of the way and shoot at the weak spot (using stasis if you wish,
    although it is unnecessary) and get by. Watch for a Slasher coming up behind
    you. Shock the second growth and get ready for some more Slashers and another
    giant arm. Head to the third growth after that. You can find a Lurker around
    here, so take care of him and shock the third growth, which has no arm, so
    say thanks and head into the door.
     Head down that long ladder we climbed earlier and check the bench to the
    right for some [_SOMATIC GEL x29_]. (NOTE: This may have been there earlier,
    I'm not sure. If you know, email me). Head onward to the Zero-G room. Here,
    the fans are now running. Use stasis to slow the first one down and then
    recharge at the nearby station. Quickly get through the first fan and stasis
    the second one. Carver will message you afterward. Continue on.
     Keep going until you're back in the big hallway. Here two Slashers will
    jump you. Take care of them and check to see where we have to go. Note that
    the door is locked. Before we go unlock it search the hallway for the unopened
    [_CABINET x2_] and some [_SCRAP METAL x65_] by a dead soldier. Now, head to
    the locked door and interact with the blue console nearby.
     Here you will have to play a simplistic mini-game that requires you to
    move your left and right analog sticks into position onto a board and press
    'X'. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by trying to explain it, as
    it is extremely easy. Once you have it beat the nearby door will unlock,
    revealing a fancy elevator.
     Get out and look to the left. See the mounted buck on the wall? Put a bullet
    right between it's eyes for the trophy below and [_TUNGSTEN x17_]. Funny!
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Under a Buck' Bronze trophy here.
     Head forward into the office and you'll see a scene. Hmm, a key you say...
    We will get our next objective shortly after the scene ends.
     o OBJECTIVE: Regroup with the crew
     Search the room for the [_EARTH GOV ARTIFACT_] in a corner by the dead
    Admiral. Head up the stairs next to find an [_AMMO CLIP_] and the [_TURN IT
    OFF_] text log on the table next to the ship. There's also an audio log
    nearby called [_A DESPERATE MISSION_] that is worth a listen. Good stuff.
     Head back down the elevator and proceed through the next objective door.
    You'll be in the auditorium again. Dr. Serrano is giving a briefing in here
    that is worth stopping and listening to. Interesting. Check the middle
    platform for a [_SMALL MED PACK_] and a [_STASIS PACK_]. The room also had
    [_CABINET x2_] in it, on each side of the room, and a [_LOCKER_] on the far
    side. Isn't it nice that they are re-filling these things for us?
     Out in the hall you'll be spooked as a Leaper drops down. Kill it while it
    is somewhat disoriented! Another one will come in from the left: be careful
    of its speed and pouncing ability! This attack is followed up by two Slasher
    enemies, so take them all out and then continue on. Once you get to the small
    room past the hallway, STOP and go into the room on the right instead of the
    one in front of you. This room has the [_SHOTGUN_] blueprint in it, as well as
    [_LOCKER x2_] and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Head back and take the correct door
     Here you'll meet up with Ellie and they'll tell you about a "Skip" they
    found. This leads to a new objective, naturally:
     o OBJECTIVE: Get to the Terra Nova
     Since we're here, we may as well round up all the new items. The left ladder
    (by the bench) has [_CONTAINER x2_] up it again while the other ladder again
    has nothing. Down below you can also find an unopened [_CABINET_] by the far
    door and a [_LOCKER_] by the worthless ladder. You may as well use the bench to
    store stuff and upgrade. I know that I couldn't afford that Shotgun, but oh
    well. Let's carry on.
     In the next room we will FINALLY encounter a SUIT KIOSK. This handy station
    let's us upgrade our RIG and change suits. You likely don't have any suits
    right now unless you got some pre-order bonus, but you should definitely use
    this chance to upgrade your RIG. What you upgrade is really up to you but I'm
    going with the level one upgrades of HEALTH, AIR, and ARMOR. Whenever you
    finish up head through the opposite door.
     We'll be back in the beginning area now. Head outside, into space. The game
    will remind you to use oxygen containers to survive as there is one floating
    nearby (You guys DO know you can kinesis them to you and use them, right?).
    Look for your objective once you are out there floating to see it's not far
    away. As you are heading towards it you'll pick up a message on your RIG.
    After some talk with the crew this will turn up an optional mission:
     o OPTIONAL MISSION: Explore the Greely
     Fun! I like side quests. Oh, also, go explore the trench area where we
    found the artifact early to find some [_SCRAP METAL x40_] floating about.
    We should also go out of our way for a new weapon part. Head around to the
    right side of the Roanoake and you'll see there's quite a bit of space out
    here. Note the large tower in the distance. Beyond that, on the wall in the
    distance, will be three compression windwos you can shoot out. The far left
    one has [_CONTAINER x3_] and the [_DIFFRACTION TORUS_] weapon part. Blow out
    the other two as well for [_CONTIANER x6_] (Three in eacy).
     Now, let's try out this optional mission. We still need to head for the SKIP
    though, so continue on and get inside of it. Once inside, you can choose
    whether or not to go to the GREELY or the TERRA NOVA. For the purpose of
    this guide, I'm going to list the optional missions after the main walkthrough,
    but by all means I recommend doing the GREELY mission now. It is located
    further below, just put in the search code DS - X1 (without the spaces) to
    find it quickly.
     With that said (and assuming that you are now done with Greely), let's
    head towards the Terra Nova. Once you get there exit the SKIP for a chat
    with the crew and an objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Board the Terra Nova
     Head inside and pick up the [_HEAVY STANDARD FRAME_] from the right lockers.
    Head through the next doors and we'll be done with the chapter.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                       Chapter 5: Expect Delays                       >==O
     Right away you'll get a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Locate the tram station
     Use the Suit Kiosk if you wish and grab the [_CONTAINER_], then head for
    the elevator. The elevator will actually want you to put in a floor number.
    Out choices are 1 or 2. We're on 1 right now so hit 2. On this floor grab the
    [_SMALL MED KIT_] near the body. Head up the stairs and onto the bridge. In
    here break the [_CONTAINER_] to the left and head to the right. In the right
    pilot seat is a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]. There's also an audio log nearby with
    the entertaining [_KEEP ON TRUCKIN'_] message.
     Head up the stairs now and check the walls for a cabinet with an [_UPGRADE
    CIRCUIT_] in it. There's also a text log on the floor with the [_SPECIMEN
    TRANSFER_] file, next to a dead body. Now, to keep on going we have to
    interact with the glowing console up here and play another minigame. This one
    requires us to rotate the analog stick until within the circle until we find
    the BLUE area, then hit 'X'. Very easy. Do that three times and you're golden.
     This opens up the next door and starts a chat with the crew. Let's keep
    going. Follow the path until you are in a break room where you can collect
    the [_CONTAINER x3_] and be spooked by the Star Blater pinball machine. Head
    down the ladder, nab the [_LOCKER_] and head into the Cargo Hold. Check out
    the left path and note the FLAME canisters! Use kinesis to pick these up and
    get a great weapon! You can even  use it soon as three Lurkers will attack,
    so blow them up.
     Head down the right path now and find the [_HYDRAULIC ENGINE_] weapon part.
    A Slasher will rush you once you pick it up. Kill it and grab the [_CONTAINER_]
    then head down the left path, down the ladder. Three Slashers will rush you
    here. Take them out. Be sure to check your surroundings as there are some
    [_CONTAINER x2_] around here you can nab with kinesis before heading down the
    next ladder.
     When you get down here you will find a [_SCAVENGER BOT_]. This thing will
    be able to collect resources for us. Follow the prompts and equip it with
    the UP arrow, then use L1 to pull out the radar. Head to the corner it shows
    you and deploy it using R1. It will go off now and scavenge, returning to the
    bench after some time.
     Once that is done, search the area for some more [_CONTAINER x2_] you can
    kinesis down and then continue. Grab the Flame Canister. Further on you'll
    deal with some Slashers with Lurker tentacles (from both sides) and a Lurker.
    Head up the ladder and kill the Exploder you run into. Past that is a Waster
    and two more Exploders. Fun. Grab the [_CONTAINER_] by the door and keep on
     The next room has a bench in it, but before you can use it a scene showing
    some bug infectors occurs. Kill them off and the corpses they infect! Now you
    can use the bench. The nearby table has the [_PLANETSIDE CONFIDENTIAL_] text
    log. Wish I could see the picture they are talking about!
     Keep on going to the next big room. You'll see a PREGNANT SLASHER here.
    These things will spawn Bug Infectors if you shoot their belly. You can kill
    them without them doing that though, by carefully taking out the limbs. Feel
    free to use stasis here and take out the two Pregnant Slashers that show up
    as well as anything else they may (or may not) show up as a result of the
    (-NOTE-) My bot returned around this time, so I went and picked him up at
             the bench. This gave me the 'My Buddy' Bronze trophy once I did.
     Once the enemies are dead, grab the [_LOCKER x3_] and search the walls for
    an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] in a cabinet. Head towards the objective to be jumped
    by some more Slashers and Bug Infectors. Once they are dead try to call the
    tram only to have it be obstructed. Figures. Time for a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Unobstruct the tram
     The nearby door will now open up. Follow it and take the ladder up. To the
    right up here is a [_CONTAINER_]. Follow the path and kill the Bug Infectors
    and you'll see quite a sight around the corner: a GUARDIAN. Before worrying
    about it, kill the Wasters being infected nearby. Now, to kill a Guardian, we
    must sever the tentacles it is using to attach itself to the wall. A plasma
    weapon is ideal for this, like your cutter. After you sever all the tentacles
    the thing will die. While it is alive, stay away from it and note that it will
    spit out Bug Infectors from time to time.
     Once its dead grab the [_SPARE PARTS BOX_] from underneath it, which has
    an assortment of resources and rare parts that we can redeem at the bench.
    Ride the nearby elevator and exit to another room. There's a bench here you
    can use and the [_NOT MANY RUNS__] audio log in the other corner. You can also
    find [_CONTAINER x4_] in the room and a stasis recharge station. In the middle
    area you can find a [_COMPACT DIRECTED EJECTION FIELD_] part (what a mouthful!)
    along with a [_LOCKER_] and the [_KEPT IN THE DARK_] text log.
     Go store the weapon part at the bench and then interact with the console
    facing the tram. We are about to do another minigame. In THIS one we will
    control TWO pieces of cargo. The goal here is to make them into a SQUARE
    shape. As you can see, you can rotate each piece of cargo with each analog
    stick to move them around and then attempt to piece them together with the
    L1 and R1 buttons. This is a fairly simple task that can honestly be done
    with guess work (there's only so many combinations possible with two pieces
    of cargo and four sides, but I'm here to give you all of the answers FAST!
     Note that the answers below are based on one very important thing: which
    way is the center rotating device pointing? The yellow thing that kind-of
    looks like a horseshoe? It can only point one way on each piece of cargo!
    So, to get the answers below, just point it in the direction that I say!
                LEFT CARGO     RIGHT CARGO
     1st Pair:     UP              DOWN
     2nd Pair:    RIGHT            DOWN
     3rd Pair:     UP               UP
     4th Pair:    DOWN             DOWN
     5th Pair:    LEFT             DOWN
     6th Pair:     UP              LEFT
     Did you see the necromorph in the 6th pair? Hehe. Now that THAT is done
    with we can call the tram. Head back to the elevator and gah! There's a
    Slasher. Take him out! He'll be joined by a bunch of Pukers as well. Once
    you THINK they are all dead, they aren't: be ready to kill another one in
    the elevator! Ride it down and watch the scene...
     Once it stops get out. This room has the [_TERROR NOVA 2_] audio log in
    the corner. Head through the room and watch the video Norton sends you.
    It's a good trick to remember. Smash the [_CONTAINER_] here and head up the
    ladder. To the right is a dead slasher and a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]. There is
    another [_CONTAINER_] here too. Head through the next door and kill the Puker
    that shows up. You'll end up back out in the cargo bay.
     Well, this place looks like shit... On this top floor our way back to the
    SKIP is blocked but there are [_CONTAINER x2_]. Head down the ladder and you'll
    come face to face with the necromorph we brought into the cargo bay. Turns out
    THIS one can re-generate! Well shit...
     Similar foes were present in the other Dead Space games so I'll call this
    guy a Hunter. He's definitely different than the other games though: this
    guy has unitology script all over him (which, admittedly, is cool as hell!).
    We have one goal here: dismember him (legs and arms) and then STASIS him.
    This will buy us time. Once you have that done, head towards the Tram area.
    Take out the two Slashers on the way. There will also be a [_AMMO CLIP_] on
    the way. Head up the ladder and grab the next [_AMMO CLIP_].
     The Hunter will pop out of the left duct up here. Take him out and Stasis
    him again, then go through the next door. Use the bench here if you must,
    then keep going to the tram room. Kill the Lurker/Slasher thing near the
    controls and call the tram.
     o OBJECTIVE: Board the tram
     While we are waiting on it we will have to survive in the room with the
    Hunter running around. There will also be some Leapers that show up (be
    sure to kill them!). Near the end of our wait, a SECOND HUNTER will show up!
    This is extremely dangerous! It is easy to avoid one of them, but be sure
    to have one chopped up and frozen at all times (if you can). Once the tram
    arrives, refill your stasis at the nearby station and board it! Tell it to
    go to the MID STATION (The only place you can go) and you're done with the
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                      Chapter 6: Repair to Ride                       >==O
     Well, at least we're away from those things. Isaac will have a chat with
    the crew and we'll get a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Locate the shuttle bay
     Well, we have a choice, right off the bat. The mission calls for us to
    head to the AFT section, which we can do from the tram, but we can
    additionally explore the MID section to find an OPTIONAL MISSION.
     Like before, this optional mission will be detailed after the main
    walkthrough and like before, I recommend doing it now. It is called
    OPTIONAL MISSION: Investigate the Conning Tower. It is located down below,
    just use the search code DS - X2 (without the spaces) to find it quickly.
     You back from playing with Edwards? Good.
     Let's head to the AFT section now. Once you arrive, you'll see two doors.
    Head into the left door first. The control section here is a great place for
    your SCAVENGER by the way. Let him work and grab the [_CONTAINER x2_] and the
    [_MILITARY ENGINE_] part by the door. This is a TUNGSTEN TORQUE BAR door by
    the way, so hopefully you have one on hand. If not skip the next paragraph and
    come back to this.
     Inside the door is an [_AMMO CLIP_], [_LOCKER x3_], and [_TUNGSTEN x16_].
     Now try to enter the elevator. Doing so will make the two Hunters attack!
    Either take them down or evade them and enter the elevator. You'll reach the
    Crozier soon, but it's in bad shape. We'll have to build a remote relay:
     o OBJECTIVE: Craft a remote relay
     Fun. To the left in the corner is a [_SMALL MED PACK_] and in the distance
    there is a [_LOCKER_]. Now, by the lockers is a cargo lift. Take it down.
    You will be assaulted down here by Leapers and Exploders, so be sure to
    watch your back. In the lower area down here you can find an [_AMMO CLIP_] by
    the ladder, [_CONTAINER x2_], and a [_REMOTE CIRCUIT BOARD_], one of three
    pieces we need. Grab it and head back up the cargo lift.
     Head to the right now and kill the two Leapers that show up. We need to
    call over the lift. Call it over and get on. Tell it to take you straight
    across to the left. Over here is a bench (yea!) and [_LOCKER x2_] beyond
    that. By the lockers are [_CONTAINER x2_], a [_SMALL MED PACK_] and a
    [_STASIS SUPPORT_]. Very nice. Drop it off at the bench and take the nearby
    cargo lift down.
     Down here head right and check the corner for an [_AMMO CLIP_]. The other
    machine nearby has a [_REMOTE RADIO CONTROLLER_] in it, another part that we
    NEED. Head down the ramp and check the right side for a [_SMALL MED PACK_] and
    then grab the [_CONTAINER_]. Up above is another machine with another part that
    we NEED: the [_REMOTE AAS LOCATOR MODULE_]. Head back to the lift where you
    will be jumped by two Leapers. Take them out and head to the bench. You will
    now craft the remote, adding an objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Install the remote relay
     Head to the lift on the left and choose to go DOWN this time. Use your
    kinesis to open the ship's hatch and put in the remote. Ellie tries to start
    her, but no fuel. Go figure.
     o OBJECTIVE: Refuel the Crozier
     Head back to the right and go down the cargo lift again. The door on the
    right is open this time. Head through it and up the ladder. Out here you
    will hear some... concerning noises.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The shelves by the right-hand wall make a great place to
                    set down your scavenger.
     Try to go down the left path to find a Waster charging at you. Take him
    out. Two more will come out from the upper path so head back up there and
    take them out as well before going back down. You are supposed to go into
    the lift straight ahead, but let's take a detour and go left. Kill the
    Lurker/Slasher thing that charges you and head to the other side. Head down
    the ladder you find. Down here is an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] in a cabinet and
    a door. The door leads to the other side's cargo lift, so head back now and
    head up the lift they want you to go up to reach the control room.
     In this first room grab the [_CONTAINER_], [_LOCKER x2_] and [_UPGRADE
    CIRCUIT_] from the cabinet. Out on the catwalk are [_CONTAINER x2_] as well.
    Head back to the main room and interact with the computer to get an objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Attach the fuel nozzle
     Starting to feel like we have to do everything, huh? Go out to the
    catwalk and use kinesis to lower the fuel rod down. We'll have to wait
    this out and of course that means we're about to be attacked!
     o OBJECTIVE: Wait for the fueling sequence to complete
     We'll be attacked by FIVE Wasters in total. Defend your catwalk's position
    and use the doorway as a chokepoint. Once they are dead the fuel will be done.
     o OBJECTIVE: Detach the fuel nozzle
     You'll probably catch yourself trying to use kinesis to do this. Hehe. What
    you need to do is head back to the control room and use the computer there.
    After that Ellie will try to start the thing up and will end up launching it,
    meaning we have to hurry and get out of this place!
     o OBJECTIVE: Return to the shuttle bay
     Yikes! Time to run! Head down the lift and you'll see the only path we have
    is to the left. Good thing we explored! You have to time the rear engines as
    you run, as they fire from time to time. Dodge the foes and run past. We will
    encounter Wasters and Hunters in this area, by the way. Up the ramp is another
    flame, so time that as well on your way to the ladder. If you are quick you
    can nab a [_SMALL MED PACK_] by the ladder before going down.
     Exit through the door and wait for the fire to die down. You can ensure the
    Waster to the right dies if you wish. The left corner has an [_AMMO CLIP_],
    but it's not a priority. Once the fire dies go call the cargo lift and check
    out the downward ramp. There is a Hunter coming up. Catch him in the fire and
    stasis him. Take the lift up and head to the right. There is another flame
    here. The EXIT is locked, by the way, so call the horizontal lift over. In the
    meantime two Hunters will attack. Try to get them in the flames and stasis
    them, then take the lift down to where you put the remote. You will get an
    objective here:
     o OBJECTIVE: Fix the shuttle bay doors
     REALLY!? *sigh OK, let's do this. Take the lift to the far right and once
    you are over here use the bench if you wish (we've totally got time). After
    that, take the cargo lift down and head down the ramp, watching out for the
    flames. The door down here is unlocked now. This next room is like a furnace.
    Get by the flames and open the [_LOCKER x2_] before taking the elevator.
    Once you leave the elevator you'll see the problem!
     o OBJECTIVE: Clear the obstructed gears
     Ok, this is going to be fun. First, you can't do it with your current weapon.
    Instead, head up to the right and go look at the stationary gun on the right.
    You can get in this thing. Get in and shoot the barrel. It doesn't stop there
    though! Nope, more barrels will come down and you'll have to shoot them ALL
    out of the gears. You will be attacked by DOZENS of Slashers though, so be
    sure to kill them all: prioritize NOT getting hit and then be sure to shoot
    the explosives when you have a chance. After awhile you'll see a scene and
    you'll be out in space.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Critical Mass' Bronze trophy here.
     o OBJECTIVE: Prep the Crozier for re-entry
     Well, we've got a ways to go. The first big wreck to the upper right has
    some oxygen. You probably don't need it. The next big wreck underneath you
    is worth checking out. First locate the two Nest enemies that are grouped
    together. They continuously bomb the area below. Grab their bombs out of
    the air and toss them back at them to stop their bombardment. Now go check
    out the area they were bombing and touch down. Down here there is a stash
    box! Allright! Open it and claim an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_], [_AMMO CLIP x3_],
    [_MILITARY ENGINE_], and [_TRANSOUCER x15_]. There are also [_CABINET x3_] in
    the area and some oxygen tanks.
     IMPORTANT! We can find a trick artifact nearby as well! To do this, bear
    with me and head back to the area you started from. There are two big wrecks
    that are fairly close by: one to the left and one to the right. Head to the
    right one and as you get closer you'll notice the top half has a "U" shape,
    almost like a field-goal post. Fly through it and as SOON as you do STOP and
    look DOWN. You'll see the familiar white light down below a ways. This is a
    [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]. Note that it IS floating in space.
     From here go ahead and head to the objective. I'm pretty sure you can find
    an [_AMMO CLIP_] on your way but it's not worth searching for if you can't.
    Once you get to the Tram, you'll hear the shuttle is missing an engine! Some
    of the crew will be working on it but it's still another objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Recover a port engine for the Crozier
     Head towards the Greely and once you arrive the chapter will be at an end.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                          Chapter 7: Mayhem                           >==O
     Time to get us an engine. Head toward the objective and meet up with
    Mr. Jerk. Use your kinesis to pull off the two remaining panels and then use
    it (hold!) to take off the other sections. Once you have everything removed,
    grab hold of the engine and pull it out to the right.
     Once that done Mr. Jerk (I'm being nice) will take care of it. Our new
    objective, after some chatting is to collect three flight recorders.
     o OBJECTIVE: Collect 3 S.C.A.F. flight recorders (0/3)
     Fun. On the way back, while you're near the engine find the closest piece
    of big wreck and booster underneath it. On it somewhere is a air lock door
    with some oxygen canisters. Open the door to find [_LOCKER x3_] inside,
    a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_] and a stash! The stash has a [_MEDIUM MED PACK_],
    finally some [_SOMATIC GEL x56_] (2 containers of it).
     With that done let's leave this stash room. Head back to the SKIP and
    head for the Roanoke. Once you get there you'll see the Crozier nestled
    nearby. Ok, follow your guide to the nearest flight recorder, which is on
    the satellite looking thing, but beware of any mines. Pick it up and you'll
    talk to Buckles a bit. We've got to find two more. For some strange reason,
    your objective line leads to the same satellite so we'll have to use our
    eyes. Head further in to the circular area and you should see another
    satellite in the distance. There's actually three in this giant circular
    area, so finding two of them shouldn't be tough at all. Beware of mines,
    though (there's containers and ammo clips just floating around, if you want
    to go fishing... they aren't really worth it if you ask me).
     Once you have all three flight recorders its time to find a bench:
     o OBJECTIVE: Craft a navigational module
     For this we need to head INTO the Roanoke. Head in like you normally would
    and hang a right. Use the suit kiosk if you wish (upgrade since its been
    awhile) and head past it to the next room. The bench is in here. Use it and
    you'll have a navigation module. This sparks the debate for whether we are
    going to go to the planet or leave. After some good arguing, Norton will be
    outnumbered. But of course you knew that's what would happen!
     o OBJECTIVE: Install the navigational module
     This is easy. Just head back to the Crozier and interact with the same
    area you put the radio equipment in (the top / nose of the shuttle). Once
    that is done its time to board. The entry is to the right. Get inside and
    after a chat with Ellie we'll have to pick up two oxygen containers and put
    them in place. Very easy. Be sure to twist them once they are in place.
     Head to the front and activate launch when you are ready.
     This... this is going to be rough.
     This next section has you lightly piloting the ship and using its guns
    at the same time. Pilot by using the left analog stick. You are only lightly
    piloting, so this isn't too much of a chore. As we go along the right analog
    stick can sweep over obstacles (mines, mostly) and target them, then a quick
    tap on R1 can shoot them down. You can shoot multiple missiles and have
    unlimited ammo here so target whatever they let you! I can't really go too
    in-depth on this section as it happens FAST, but I trust you can do this!
     This first flying part goes pretty smoothly. Your window to fly around in is
    HUGE and mines are easy targets. Consider this a warm up section and get used
    to the controls. Shit's about to get real.
     After a short scene we'll start a second part. The windows are narrower and
    the mines come faster. Stay on course and dodge what you can. Don't be too
    alarmed when things start to go bad as they are supposed to. Another scene
    will play and a third section will start. Just keep doing your best and soon
    some people will die. Well damn. We'll have to go reseal the oxygen tanks as
    well. Once you get to the back reseal all the oxygen tanks and head back to
    the front of the shuttle. In this fourth section we'll be steering without
    a guideline but we hardly need it. We DO need to shoot some of the mountain
    tops out of the way though, so keep sweeping that gun and shoot anything you
    can until you get to a scene.
     Once you wake up, the next chapter will start.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                       Chapter 8: Off the Grid                        >==O
     Man, that was rough. Our helmet is malfunctioning too...
     We really have no objective so just walk forward. The game will tell you to
    stay close to heat to stay warm. Note that your suit tells your temperature
    now. Head out and pick up the [_MEDIUM MED PACK_]. You should get the below
    trophy any time now.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Snow Crash' Bronze trophy here.
     Isaac will try calling out to Ellie and we'll get an objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Search for survivors
     Head forward and crack the [_CONTAINER_]. To the right of it is an [_AMMO
    CLIP_] and past it is a [_SURVEY CHARGE_] weapon part. If you head back
    towards the wreck and go around it via the path on the left you can also
    find [_AMMO CLIP x2_]. Head back now. If you stick to the left "wall" you
    can find a path leading further left. This leads to [_AMMO CLIP x2_] and
    [_CONTAINER x2_]. You can also keep going past that for another [_AMMO CLIP
    x2_], but its probably wise to heat up before getting the second round of
     Head back and keep going down the hill. Keep going down the hill to find
    some more [_AMMO CLIP_] and a [_CONTAINER_]. Isaac should make a body temp.
    comment here, just as a reference. Run to the next fire. From here you can
    turn around and run up the right path to an [_AMMO CLIP_] and back. This
    fire also has a [_CONTAINER_] to it's right. To the left down a path is
    another [_AMMO CLIP_]. Now run down to the next fire, which will have a
    [_CONTAINER_] by it.
     Keep running down the hill and you'll see another big chunk of wreck.
    Follow the obvious path to the right and you'll see a scene. Be ready to
    jam on the 'X' button during the scene! Once you have control you'll be in
    a new area.
     Head to the fire and look to the right to find an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_].
    Carry on and nab the [_AMMO CLIP_] to the right as you go. Head to the next
    fire for another [_AMMO CLIP_]. From here the right area leads to a scenic
    view and a hard-to-spot [_AMMO CLIP_] while the left path is the one we
    want to take. Head down it (after warming up, if you went for that last
    ammo clip) and feel free to run as it is a long stretch before another
    chunk of wreckage comes up!
     Once you are at the wreck grab the [_CONTAINER_] outside and heat up.
    Head inside the wreck and watch the scene, then find the video further in.
    Time to play catch up. Break the [_CONTAINER_] out here and head down.
    Note that you can head left and back up the mountain to find [_AMMO CLIP x2_]
    if you wish. Head to the first flare and keep running to the second. Here
    you will be smacked by a GIANT creature and end up in a new area. Wow... you
    just KNOW he is going to be a problem later...
     In this new area you'll have to head right. Duck into the shelter on the
    left as you go and head into the door. There's an [_AMMO CLIP_] in here along
    with the [_GRAVY TRAIN_] text log. Now power up this little hut using your
    kinesis on the generator. This plays the [_PIPE WORKER LOG_] audio feed,
    which you can listen to again on the nearby computer. You will also finally
    get your temperature raised!
     Time to venture back out into the cold. Stick to the right wall to find a
    cubby with an [_AMMO CLIP_] in it. Follow the path to a ladder. Break open
    the [_CONTAINER x2_] and climb it. Follow the path to another room. In here,
    move forward and start the generator. The monster will make an appearance and
    you'll also hear some radio chatter. Search the christmas light area for the
    [_BOLAS GUN_] blueprint. Raid the [_LOCKER x2_] nearby too. There's a bench
    here if you want to play with your guns. Lots of new stuff unlocked, including
    a ripper attachment (always a favorite of mine) and a pneumatic torch, which
    I have to think is a great secondary. Play around!
     Once you are done head out the door and down the lift. Follow the path and
    once you get in the structure look to your right for the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_].
    Follow the path now and soon you'll be back on solid ground. From here you can
    go straight or head back. Go ahead and head back first, as it is a dead end.
    You'll see a car with a [_CONTAINER_] by it, but more importantly is the room
    back here. Head in and heat up. There is a [_COMPRESSOR_] and an [_AMMO CLIP_]
    in here as well. Hoorah!
     Head back now (run!) to where you were and let's explore onward! You'll
    come to a ladder eventually, but more importantly enemies will start to
    attack again! Take down the Slashers you find here. They look quite a bit
    different, huh? Note that the right hand side has a giant door that needs
    a keycard. Now, head up the ladder and go down the left path to find a
    [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]. There's some [_AMMO CLIP x2_] up here too. Climb
    back down and run onward, killing the Slashers and Pukers as you go. You
    will find another bunker nearby. Get inside and start up the generator to
    get warm again.
     There's goodies here too! To the right is another [_SCAVENGER BOT_]! That
    makes two now! There's also an [_AMMO CLIP_] in the corner. Once you have
    the power on you can re-listen to the [_IT'S ME AGAIN_] audio log to the
    right if you wish. To the left is the [_TIGHTEN YOUR BELT_] text log... poor
    soldiers. Head back out into the snow now!
     Out here you will have three Slashers try to rush you. Take them out and
    loot them. If you face the bunker you just left, you can go up the left side
    and find an [_AMMO CLIP_].
    (-NOTE-) I can confirm a glitch at this point. I went back into the bunker
             and there was an item by the door. You can grab it, leave, WAIT
             for the door to fully close, then re-enter to get another item.
             The items are randomized but you can keep stocking up on items for
             free like this. The best thing I got was free Tungsten.
     Ok, head out into the snow and onward. Hug the left path to find an [_AMMO
    CLIP_] and a [_CONTAINER_]. You should find your way to a flare after that.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Hug the left side of the area past the flare to find an
                    area that your bot reports as good to scavenge at. Poor
                    bot, having to scavenge out in the cold...
     From here there are a number of things you can do, as there is a bit of
    exploring. First, from the flare, let's stick to the RIGHT path. You will
    run across [_AMMO CLIP x2_] on this route, as well as 3-5 Slashers. If you
    stick to the right you will find an obvious pathway leading further to the
    right. Explore this area to fight three Slashers and find a [_STASIS COATING_]
    weapon part as well as [_CONTAINER x2_].
     Run back and get warmed up. Now, back to the flare. Take the left path this
    time. A couple of Slashers will greet you. Take them out. They are more spread
    out on this end but you can still find [_AMMO CLIP x2_] if you search (one is
    hugging the left side and one is behind a truck). Keep going this time to
    another flare. A couple more Slashers will greet you. Take them out and head
    into the door nearby. Head in and you'll meet up with Buckle. This will also
    end the chapter.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                          Chapter 9: Onward                           >==O
     Man, what a sucky way to start a chapter! We have another objective though:
     o OBJECTIVE: Locate a suit kiosk
     There's nothing over by Buckle so turn around and take the right door.
    Follow this path to a room with a bench. Pick up the [_AMMO CLIP_] and the
    nearby [_CANISTER RECOVERY MODULE_] part. Start the generator to warm up
    and power up the elevator by Buckle, then use the bench if you wish. Oh
    yeah, you wish...
     That was awkward... anyway, before you head back to the elevator, grab a
    blue gear here with kinesis and chuck it over to the elevator. Run over
    there (or waltz... y'know...) and use the gear to fix the elevator by
    putting it in the slot to the elevator's right. Head on down...
    (-NOTE-) You can the the 'Hungry' Bronze Trophy by sneaking through the
             next THREE paragraphs. To get it, do NOT engage the Feeders. Use
             L3 to sneak and do NOT EVER AIM as that causes your light to
             shine! Also, worry about items after you have the trophy!
     You'll hear Ackerman's audio message as you go down. Great... just great.
    This is NOT going to be good. Continue on through the next door and you'll
    see one of those things scamper off to the left. Head right and claim the
    [_COMPACT STANDARD FRAME_] from the counter. Follow the path (spooky!) and
    grab the [_CONTAINER_] on your way to the next door.
     Now in THIS room you will finally face the creature you saw earlier. This
    thing is a FEEDER, and it is NOT alone. You can watch it for a bit by going
    to the right corner (a good spot - pull out your machine gun) and look at it
    in the middle of the room. When you're ready go to town on it and its buddies.
    More of them will pop out of the nearby corner, so nail them too. There's a
    ton of them - around 7-8 I'd say, so don't be afraid to use some stasis.
     Gather up the spoils and go through the next door. To the left is an audio
    log called [_CARE AND FEEDING OF FEEDERS_]. That one is awesome. Past the
    next door is a whole mess of Feeders. 8-9 of them I'd say. It's hard to
    keep count to be honest. Kill them fast. In this room to the left is a
    bedroom with a [_AMMO CLIP_] in it. In the middle of the big area is an
    [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Continue on down the only path you can take.
     This next room has a smaller room on the left when you enter with a
    [_CONTAINER_] and a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_] in it. 
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The area where you get the above artifact is great for a
                    scavanger! Be sure to lay one down!
     Head onward to the next door. You'll be in a big room now, on a catwalk.
    Head to the left and down the ladder. There is another engineering puzzle
    here. Let's see...
     MIDDLE RIGHT:  Move 1 Time
     LOWER:  Move 1 Time
     UPPER:  Move 1 Time
     Well, that was easy. Use the console now. Watch the giant piston o' death
    (that's copyrighted... by me) as it warms up. It'll likely kill a Feeder
    nearby but if it doesn't help ol' pisty out (again, copyrighted). Run over
    to where the Feeder came out of. There is a stasis recharge station here.
    Use it and then go back. Wait until the piston is ALL the way back and then
    stasis it. Run up to it and through the door on the left.
     Safe! Out here, look above the stasis module in the distance. See the orange
    light? It's a weapon part! TK it over for the [_EXPLOSION AMPLIFIER_]. Now,
    we have another engineering puzzle. I can do this!
     LOWER RIGHT:  Move 1 Time
     BOTTOM:  MOVE 2 Times
     LOWER LEFT:  Move 1 Time
     UPPER LEFT:  Move 1 Time
     TOP:  Move 2 Times
     Very nice! Start the next piston. Once Piston Jr. starts going you'll face
    a wave of Feeders from the far side of the room. Try to take them out as
    fast as possible (machine gun fun!) but you'll likely be overran as there
    is around a dozen. Use stasis liberally if that is the case.
     Now it's time to go down the second piston area. Stasis it at the start
    and run down the tube to the exit on the left. Follow the path up the
    ladder you find and loot the [_LOCKER x2_]. Keep going to find a room further
    in. Here you can find the [_SUPPLY DEPOT KEY_]. Pick it up to hear the [_DEPOT
    212_] message and be given an optional mission:
     o OPTIONAL MISSION: Investigate the Supply Depot
     We're really in no position to do that mission right NOW, so let's keep
    going. I'll remind you about it in a bit. Further on is the [_MEDIC SUPPORT
    HANDGUN_] blueprint. Grab it and head into the next room.
     Aha! We found the suit kiosk! Two of them even. Break the [_CONTAINER_]
    and investigate the fence. This gate is automated to force us to put on a
    snowsuit. Makes sense. Interact with the suit kiosk to obtain the [_ARTIC
    SURVIVAL SUIT_] from it. Hurrah for more suits! Let's try it on. Also, feel
    free to upgrade if you wish.
     With the snow suit we can get past the gate. Be sure to check out the
    computer on the left for the [_LAST DITCH EFFORT_] audio log. Head back up
    the elevator now. Go use the bench if you need it and head back outside.
    Now that we have the snow suit, we don't have to worry about our TEMPERATURE
    anymore! How great is that.
     Ok, at THIS point we need to choose to either press on with the main story
    or go do the optional mission. If you choose the optional mission first
    (which is what I am doing), you can find it by searching for DS - X3 (but put
    that search code together!), as the guide for it is found down below.
     You back from that mission? Good! Follow the mission objective to the hut
    past the waystation. Head inside. Grab the [_TESLA CORE_] from the left
    counter and move further in. The camera will scan you and open the next
    door. Out here you'll be in the high wind area. Continue forward quite a
    ways until you see a structure ahead. A Waster will run at you here. Waste
    him (I'm so clever...) and head in. You may recognize this area from the
    Dead Space 3 Demo.
     There's a ladder here but there's also two Wasters playing dead down below.
    Kill them both and explore down below for [__CONTAINER x4_].
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The left cubby area down here is a good scavenging area!
     Head up the ladder. Head to the scaffolding and get by it, grabbing the
    [_CONTAINER_] on the way. Head down the path and soon you'll see a scene!
    Quickly keep the left analog stick held UP (do this for the entire scene)
    and jam on the 'X' button when you have to.
     Once you get through the dozer you'll see a giant complex in the distance.
    Head down the path into the cave. Keep your eyes open for a cubby on the
    left in the cave with [_CONTAINER x2_], but a Slasher guards them. Continue
    down and two more Slashers will attack you before you come to a wide open
    snowfield. To the right is a rock formation. Behind it are [_CONTAINER x2_].
    Grab them and head to the left area to see a scene with Carver and at least
    talk to your team on the radio.
     After that head into the nearby door. Start up the generator and use the
    suit kiosk and bench if you need them. Once you're done, head outside and
    use the lift. Watch the scene and get ready to face the SNOW BEAST!
     This isn't a very hard battle. The Snow Beast is fairly predictable and
    will end up running off before it dies. It will sprout three tentacles up
    above its head, each with a VERY obvious weak spot. Shoot at each of them
    and take all of them out. Once you do, it will sprout three shorter tentacles
    under its mouth. Take one of those out (should be easier) and it will start
    over with the tentacles over it's head. To make it run away we need to do
    that twice.
     In the meantime it will prance around and charge at you from time to time,
    trying to smack you down. Stay on the move and strafe constantly to avoid it.
    If you can do that while shooting the tentacles, this fight is in the bag.
    You should also be able to find [_AMMO CLIP x2_] over by where the lift fell.
     After the battle your bench and kiosk will be no more. But at least he
    left us with a ramp to use. Head up it and up the ladder. Grab the
    [_CONTAINER x2_] up here and the [_SPARE PARTS BOX_] and head inside.
    Go past the first door and keep a look out to the right for a [_HEAVY
    STANDARD FRAME_] on a conveyor belt. Head up the nearby ladder to find a
    [_PULSE RIFLE_] blueprint on the desk to the left. Past that is text log
    called [_TRYING TO GET IN_]. Interesting. At the very back of the room on
    the left is a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]. Head back down the ladder and take the
    cargo lift down to another wide open area.
     Here they want us to go to the left. Bah on them! Stick to the right wall
    and you'll find the 'Garage'. You can hack your way in with a "find the blue
    part" mini-game. Inside to the left is the [_GREASE MONKEY_] text log. Head
    to the door and get a fast firing weapon ready. Inside is a pack of Feeders
    for you to take out. 7-8 at least. Once they are gone check the corner of the
    room for [_LOCKER x3_] and the room in general for [_CONTAINER x3_]. There is
    also an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] in a cabinet by the door you came in.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Underneath the lifts in this room is a great place to put
                    down a scavenger bot.
     That's it for in here. I'm amazed there was no work bench. Head back outside
    now. On top of the truck out here is a [_CONTAINER_]. Grab it and follow the
    objection path to enter a bunker. Down here follow the path to the only open
    door. You'll get to watch a scene here, ending the chapter.        
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                       Chapter 10: Now We Know                        >==O
     This HQ area is pretty damn posh! We have a new objective, by the way:
     o OBJECTIVE: Locate the Experiment Facility
     First let's check out the [_BRANDY, CIGARS, AND ALIENS_] audio log to the
    left. Next, check the next room for a TORQUE ROOM. There is a bench nearby
    we can use to make a TORQUE BAR if you need one. If you can, raid the room
    with me. If you can't, skip the next paragraph and to it as soon as you can.
     In here you can find a [_PNEUMATIC TORCH_] to the left by the door. That is
    the real big prize. Everything else is minor: [_CONTAINER x3_], [_LOCKER x4_]
    and a [_CABINET_]. That's it.
     With that done head out and join the team on the bridge area. Watch the
    scene. Great. Unitologists. Once you have control duck by the nearest cover
    spot and take out the four soldiers that show up. Military weapons work the
    best here of course. Once they are dead check to your left for a [_CONTAINER_].
    You can find a second [_CONTAINER_] further in by the left hand side as well.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Past the second container is a good spot to scavenge!
     Follow the objective line into a bunker. Grab the [_CONTAINER x2_] down here
    and ride the next elevator up. You'll be spotted out here. Comb the area for
    [_CONTAINER x3_] before taking the cargo lift down. Down here you'll have to
    kill 4-5 Soldiers. Guard the bridge in front of you as some of them try to
    rush it. A Slasher should help you out and provide a good distraction. Once
    everything is dead carry on but grab the [_CONTAINER_] on the left before
    the next elevator.
     Down here nab the [_CONTAINER x2_] and the [_DIRECTED SUSPENSION FIELD_]
    weapon part by the suit kiosk. Use the bench if you want and then use
    kinesis to move the crates out of the way so you can reach the next elevator.
    Out here some soldiers and necro's will be fighting. Let them fight each
    other as much as you can. Head forward and stick to the left to find some
    [_CONTAINER x2_] (one on a shelf in plain view, one by the vehicle), but you
    will need to kill a Slasher. Mop up whatever's left further in and you'll see
    a path to the left and a path to the right.
     We HAVE to go right so let's go left first. There's really nothing out
    here except for the one thing below:
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check near the first big rock on the left.
     Head back and go right into the tunnel now. A soldier will rush you after
    the message, so be ready for him. Up at the top keep your eyes on the right
    wall to see [_CONTAINER x2_] you can kinesis down. Stick to the right wall
    for an [_ALIEN ARTIFACT_] as well. Grab it and enter the elevator. Be ready
    for a Slasher to drop down on you once you start it up.
     Exit the elevator and follow the path. Smash the [_CONTAINER_] and listen
    to the message on the dead soldier. Great. Grab his [_AMMO CLIP_] and head
    down the ladder. Once you do STOP and turn around. Kinesis the shiny thing in
    the distance for [_HAMMOND'S HEAVY FRAME_]. Nice! Head up the next elevator.
     We'll be attacked up here by four more soldiers. These ones like to use
    grenades. We can play that game! Kinesis their grenades and throw them back.
    Kill them all and search the area for a total of [_CONTAINER x5_] (two are
    to the right of the next elevator; one is to the left). Take the next elevator
    down after that.
     You'll meet some Infector Heads down here. They obviously prize dead
    corpses and can put them to great use. Kill the bodies they infect and then
    kill the head before it jumps to another one! Tricky little buggers. Take
    the next elevator up and check out the scenery in the distance once you
    embark. Wow! Head forwards and some soldiers will try to fight off some
    Wasters. The wasters will likely win if you want to help the soldiers. This
    is all followed by some Infector Bugs so do your best to kill them at the
    very least. Afterward nab the [_CONTAINER x4_] in the area (you may have
    shot some open) and note the catwalk to the left that leads to the access
    card door that we can't open.
     Head to the door they want us to go in and interact with the computer on
    the left. This is another "move your analog stick" mini-game that I refuse
    to call hard. Once inside follow the path and grab the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]
    from the cabinet on the right wall. Down below nab the [_TELEMETRY SPIKE_]
    from the table and use the generator. This powers up the place and turns
    the bench on. Use it and then get ready for some fun (bring some health
    just in case!).
     Head into the drilling area and check out the obstruction. The gates are
    blocking the drill. You ready for this? Lower both of the gates if you are.
     This will start a very entertaining and interesting fight. So, we are stuck
    in this circular arena with a drill. Fun. In the meantime Wasters will pour
    in from three vents around the arena. What we are meant to do here is use
    stasis (note all of the stasis stations - ABUSE stasis whenever you can) and
    slow down the drill. In the middle of the drill is a yellow-ish core that we
    need to shoot. We have to do this multiple times. Be sure to ALWAYS avoid the
    drill as it is instant death. It will also help you out at times.
     Each time will knock it down 25% "capacity" (health). It will start going
    faster each time to. Kill off the Wasters as you start to thin their numbers
    and slow down the drill so you can shoot its core. It will raise up for a bit
    after that, giving you time to gather items and refill stasis. Round 2 will
    start soon, so again thin out the Wasters and shoot the drill when you can.
    Keep going until you have it at 25%.
     Once it is at 25% it will tilt a ton and go even faster. Instead of Wasters
    you will also have to deal with a TON of Feeders. Be EXTRA careful of staying
    in one spot too long here and keep on the move, thinning out the Feeders. This
    takes awhile but they'll stop after a time and you can stasis the drill and
    shoot the core. This will make it explode and open the path forwards. There
    will be a SHIT TON of items to pick up after the Feeder wave. Go restock at
    the bench if needed and continue on.
     Grab the [_CONTAINER x2_] and take the cargo lift up to another area.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Exit the cargo lift and check near the first stack of
                    supplies for a good scavenge point!
     Out here follow the right wall to the corner and look around near the boxes
    for a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]. Next comb this entire outside area for a total
    of [_CONTAINER x5_], two of which are to the left of the elevator we need to
    take. Ride it once you are done. We'll be hitting up the next chapter soon.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                      Chapter 11: Signal Hunting                      >==O
     You'll come face to face with the NEXUS once you leave the elevator.
    Santos will be overjoyed and explain what this means... if you say so, Doc.
    We will get a new objective as well:
     o OBJECTIVE: Reactivate the heating system
     We gotta go INSIDE IT? Sheesh.
     To the right is a bench if you need it. There's a total of [_CONTAINER x2_]
    on this lower level before you follow the path and enter the "Furnace Room".
    Head on in and play the [_SERRANO DISCUSSES FACILITY ONE_] audio log on the
    left. Go through the next door and the game will tell you a new suit is now
    unlocked: the [_ARCHAEOLOGIST SUIT_]. Very nice. I really like the look of
    the new suit, especially in the facial area.
     This room also has [_CONTAINER x2_], [_LOCKER x2_], and an [_UPGRADE
    CIRCUIT_] in the cabinet by the lockers. Take the cargo lift up once you
    are done. We'll be outside again. Turn around and look to the left of the
    elevator you just left. Note the [_CONTAINER x2_] here and the power source
    charging station. We'll need that. But first!
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Note the ladder in this area? To the right of it is a good
                    scavenging area.
     Now, take the power source from the charging dock and walk down the catwalk,
    forgetting about the ladder for now. On the way you'll be attacked by some
    Wasters and Leapers. Take them out and continue (If you should ever lose the
    power source, another will spawn back in the charger). At the end is a half
    opened door. Slide the power source inside of it. Now go back and take the
    nearby ladder. You'll fight high winds up here, as well as three Wasters, but
    you'll soon come to another ladder. BEFORE going down it look to the right for
    a [_CONTAINER_] on the roof in the distance. Tricky!
     Head down the ladder and loot the [_LOCKER x3_] and the cabinet in the back
    for an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Now put the power supply into the receiver. Go
    ahead and activate it. A chat will be interrupted by a Waster coming in from
    the left. Take him out and head back towards the elevator. You'll need to
    kill a couple of Leapers and a Waster before you can ride it back down.
     Head out to the starting area. Santos will mention the furnace isn't
    working. *Sigh, it's always something. We have to adjust the pressure in
    the pipes.
     o OBJECTIVE: Adjust the Heaters
     This is actually very easy. Go to the console and step back. Note that
    there are four heaters here, numbered 1-4. Once we start the console, the
    valves on each one will be free to be grabbed with kinesis.
     Start the console and one out of the four will light up. Maintain your
    center ground and grab it (hold!) with kinesis. Another one will then light
    up. Grab it as well. You'll have to do this 10 times in a row, grabbing
    whichever one lights up until you are done. See? Easy. After that we'll have
    to meet up with Santos.
     o OBJECTIVE: Rendezvous with Santos
     Follow the objective line and head up to the second floor. The right path
    is a dead end, but does have a [_CONTAINER_]. Head left instead to meet up
    with Santos. She has a gun prototype we'll have to undoubtedly make. Pick
    up the [_PROBE GUN_] blueprints. Here comes that new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Collect the Probe components (0/3)
     Head down the elevator and listen to the chat. Head back the way we came
    in, through the drill area (where you'll see a delightful scene) and all the
    way back to where we found the door that needed the access key. Well, we have
    it now! Go ahead and enter.
     Something scampers off to the left once you do. The elevator in front of
    us is locked, so take a left. Check the right side for the [_INSTABILITY_]
    text log and then go through the elevator door. Outside you'll see a group
    of those things (which are Stalkers... you remember them from Dead Space 2?)
    and they'll run off.
     Out here you can go straight or stick to the left. The left path has no
    items but does have a scavenge point!
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Take the left path here and stick to the left wall. Keep on
                    going for quite a ways and soon you'll get to it.
     Go back and head forward now. You'll encounter the Stalkers by the cargo, as
    they like to hide behind them. Take them out when they peek at you and be
    ready for them to jump on TOP of the cargo as well. Past the first rock
    crusher are [_CONTAINER x2_] and past the second is another Stalker, so be
     Continue down the path and kill two more Stalkers who will assault you.
    You'll head up a slope to another building soon. Look to the left of that
    entrance for [_CONTAINER x2_] and a [_UNITOLOGIST ARTIFACT_]. Head inside.
     There will be a video playing here. Interesting stuff. Grab the [_LOCKER x2_]
    to the left. Beyond that is the [_ALL HANDS MEMO_]. Full wipe, it sounds like.
    Further in is the [_MESS HALL: CREW LOG_] on a table. Beyond that are some
    [_CONTAINER x2_]. There is also a TORQUE BAR ROOM nearby. If you have the bar
    for it check below to see what you can get. If you don't, skip a paragraph.
     Inside you can find a total of [_CONTAINER x4_], a [_REPEATER_] weapon
    part, and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Honestly, a pretty poor haul. Oh well.
     Head past the projector to another door. It leads outside to the "Staging
    Area". As you can see, this is just screaming STALKER ATTACK. Head forward
    a bit to see for yourself. You'll need to kill around SIX Stalkers here.
    Just take them one at a time and stasis them if you need help. Once they are
    dead, search the entire area for a total of [_CONTAINER x7_], most of which
    are stacked somewhere on the center pile of cargo.
     Head to the objective door once you are done. You have to play another
    "move your analog sticks and press x" mini-game here. So sad... Once inside,
    grab the [_AMMO CLIP x2_] on the ground and go through the door. The roof
    here is, uh... interesting. Head to the left for [_AMMO CLIP x2_] and kinesis
    over [_CONTAINER x2_]. Head back and grab the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] you find
    on the wall as you go. Head down the catwalk to the ladder and walk past it.
    At the end, look to your left and use kinesis on the gear out in the distance.
    This raises an elevator. Just keep kinesis held down until the elevator is at
    the top.
     Head down the ladder now. Once you are down below, check your right for a
    [_CONTAINER_] and a [_PROBE TIP_]. One down. Next go check out the elevator
    you brought up for a [_PROBE FRAME_]. Two down. Finally go check the other
    catwalk right of the ladder for [_AMMO CLIP x4_], [_MEDIUM MED PACK x3_] and
    the [_PROBE ENGINE_]. Nice. Head back to the staging area where we'll once
    again be attacked by the Snow Beast!
     Things are easier this time, in my opinion. For one, you have the middle
    stack of supplies. The Snow Beast will NOT knock this over, giving you some
    good cover. You can put it between you and him and get protection whenever
    you need it. Fight him the same way you did before, but instead of two
    rounds you'll go through three. You can even shoot at him when you have the
    center supplies between you two. Soon he'll run off and you'll report the
    attack to the crew.
     Also, notice the flares by the one door in this area you haven't been to:
    the ARMORY. This results in a check-in with the crew and a new optional
     o OPTIONAL MISSION: Protect the Armory munitions cache
     Like before, this optional mission will be detailed in its own section
    after the main walkthrough, and like before I will be doing it ASAP (and
    encourage you to as well!). To find it, search for DS - X4 and you will find
    the guide for it (but take out the spaces by the dash!).
     You done with that Armory Mission? Good!
     Head back to the Nexus room, from wherever you may find yourself! Be sure
    to visit a bench, craft the probe gun, and equip it to one of your slots.
    Once you get back to the Nexus room and head upstairs, the next chapter will
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                         Chapter 12: Autopsy                          >==O
     Once you are there, go upstairs and on each end of the catwalk use the
    computer followed by using kinesis on the harpoons. After doing that twice,
    head back to Santos for your new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Enter the body cavity
     I can't imagine this is going to be good. Be sure to stock up well
    (especially on health) and then get into the cage by Santos. We need to be
    well prepared. Once you get down there you'll get another objective.
     o OBJECTIVE: Locate synapses
     Fun. Nothing says gather data like shooting a gun. This area looks big,
    but it's actually very small. There's one circular path with a handful of
    corners and cubbys. The synapses are very easy to see: they look like clear
    orbs. The idea here is to use the gun and point at a node, then see if it
    beeps a ton. If it does we just need to shoot it. We have to do this a total
    of THREE times before we're done here.
     BUT we should be ready for a counter attack. After the first and third time,
    we will be assaulted by a pack of ENHANCED FEEDERS. These feeders are tougher
    and take more shots. It's not a bad idea to find a corner to stand your ground
    in. Heck, I personally used the cage and let them try to come in and get me.
    (-NOTE_) It is VERY easy to die in this part if you didn't bring enough
             supplies. If you DO die, look for CONTAINERS scattered around the
             beast's innards. Isn't Visceral nice to us!?
     After surviving the two waves of Enhanced Feeders and probing the beast, it
    is time to ride back up. Ellie and Santos will leave to go set up a base camp,
    as we have a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Find a route to the Research Facility
     Ride up with Norton's help until a scene occurs. Once the short scene is
    over, use kinesis to open the cage door. Head down to the lower level now
    and into the furnace area (using the bench or suit kiosk if you need them).
    Follow the objective to the left door and enter. Grab the [_CONTAINER x4_]
    in here and head outside.
     Watch the scenes. Very good stuff. Once you have control go ahead and
    shoot at whatever soldiers you can shoot at. It won't be long before another
    scene takes over and something far bigger and dangerous stands in out way!
     This, ladies and gentlemen, is the NEXUS.
     The Nexus is absolutely gigantic, but don't panic! Despite his size
    he is quite manageable. He's got some VERY noticeable weak spots that we
    will be taking advantage of.
     First, his attacks:
     - TENTACLE SLAM: The Nexus will start every new 'cycle' of attacks off with
                      a tentacle slam. He does this twice in a row. Your best bet
                      is to watch the tentacle come down and quickly determine
                      which way you should do a roll to. Remember, rolling is just
                      pressing L2 twice in a row.
     - FEEDER SPAWN: The most annoying attack the Nexus has is spawning Feeders
                     to attack you. Throughout the fight, he will spit out eggs
                     that will litter the ground around you. These eggs, in a
                     short amount of time, turn into Feeder enemies. You should
                     do your best to shoot them BEFORE they hatch. He often does
                     this as he's sucking you in (see below) and right before he
                     shows his chest weak point.
     - INHALATION: Last but not least, the Nexus will attempt to suck you in by
                   inhaling deeply. This will make Isaac drag along the ground
                   helplessly for a bit but keep trying to aim and shoot as you
                   will be able to hit some weak spots during this attack.
     OK, so the Nexus only has a limited amount of attack and he also does them
    in a certain order. The fight starts with a tentacle slam or two, then turns
    into Nexus shooting out a ton of eggs.
     When he shoots the eggs, kill off most of them and soon he will open up
    his chest, which has a MASSIVE yellow spot in the center. That's the first
    weak spot. Shoot the hell out of it.
     Once you've hurt him he will shriek and try to suck you in (while throwing
    out more eggs). As you get sucked towards his mouth, note the four yellow
    spots surrounding it. These are the second weak points. Focus fire on one
    of them until it turns red. We need all four to turn red eventually, but
    once you hurt him he'll stop sucking. If you don't hurt him enough, you'll
    get sucked in and spit out for damage.
     Once you escape the sucking, do your best to gather up some AMMO CLIPS
    (which, for the record, is ALL these Feeders drop) and repeat the cycle
    again. Soon you'll have all four mouth pieces red!
     Once you do, you WILL get sucked in. Watch the scenes (oh man!) and you
    will regain control once you are in what we can only assume is its stomach.
    I have no idea why necromorphs need a stomach. Regardless, this section
    controls much like being in outer space.
     Here we will have to kill the three NESTS that appear before us. Each of
    them have three tentacles with obvious yellow weak spots, so start firing
    already and take all nine weak spots out! There are AMMO CLIPS floating
    around in here if you need them.
     Once you take them out watch all the scenes. When you are in an angry
    confrontation, don't forget to jam on the 'X' button. Hey, you have to do
    what you have to do! Head down the only pathway you can to the next chapter.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Intestinal Fortitude' Silver trophy here.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                    Chapter 13: Reach for the Sky                     >==O
     Well that whole thing was rough. Gotta shake it off!
    (- SCAVENGE! -) To the right of the sign, search for it near the right wall!
     Head forward and enter the building on the right. Kick on the generator so
    you can use the bench if you wish and nab the [_UPGRADE CIRUCIT_] from the
    cabinet on the wall. Exit and keep going, checking the right side for a new
    blueprint: the [_HUN-E1 BADGER_]. Keep heading forward and soon you'll see
    a scene.
     Time to head up the mountain! Use the consoles nearby to launch some
    grappling hooks. Pick either one: it doesn't matter (in single-player, at
    least). Once you are climbing, remember that L2 jumps. Head upwards and you'll
    eventually have to dodge some ice chunks. Pretty easy stuff. Jump out of the
    way if you have to. Soon you'll be at a second cliff and we'll have to do
    this again. It will be a bit harder this time, but you can do it. Stay in the
    middle and jump away if needed.
     At the top follow the path after the quick chat with Ellie. Oh man... At
    the end of the path is a kinesis ladder you can use (hold it down) and get
    into the cave. There's a couple of tents here with [_CONTAINER x3_] in them.
    Head inward and grab the [_COMPACT STANDARD FRAME_] and another [_CONTAINER_]
    out of the tent. You can watch someone hacking away in the distance.
     As you can imagine, this thing is a Waster. Once you attack it you start a
    wave of them attacking you. Wasters and Slashers. Kill it and get ready. Some
    will come from where YOU came from, putting you in a dangerous spot. I would
    recommend using stasis to help get to where you came from and then taking them
    on as they come at you.
     Once they are dead return to the middle area and go straight. You should
    find some [_CONTAINER x2_] and a unique part called [_WELLER'S COMPACT FRAME_].
    Neat. Continue on and watch out for surprise Wasters bursting out of the
    ground. You'll be outside soon. Head onward until you see a cage. After the
    chat look up and to the left and use your kinesis on the blue gear until the
    cage is free.
     Past the cage is [_CONTAINER x3_]. Head up the hill and kill the Lurkers that
    come down. As you keep going some Wasters will show up both in FRONT of you
    and BEHIND you, so be ready! Keep going and you'll reach another cave. You
    will soon reach another grappling station, but grab the [_CONTAINER x2_] and
    the [_AMMO SUPPORT_] part before heading upwards!
     THIS climb is trick. For starters you will HAVE to jump some gaps to keep
    going upward at some points. From the left you'll have to move right and back
    left and from the right you have to move to the left at one point. Rocks
    here fall much faster, so be ready to jump at any time. They can also ricochet
    back at you: if it looks like it's going to sail by your head, there's a chance
    it may hit the other wall and ricochet back at you. Be careful! ESPECIALLY near
    the top where a rock can appear out of nowhere and literally give you no chance
    in hell to dodge (I may be a little bitter). There are also Lurkers on this
    climb, so have a fast firing weapon ready for them.
     At the top you'll chat with Ellie some more before heading into a cave.
    You will soon see a split in the path. The left path has [_CONTAINER x3_]
    as well as...
    (- SCAVENGE! -) In the cave, check the left path near the containers to
                    find a great scavenge point.
     Take the right path to proceed. You will eventually run into ENHANCED
    Slashers and Exploders. A Slasher and Exploder will come at you from behind
    as well! Gah, stupid traps. Take them out and head to the next intersection.
    Take the left path first (again) to a dead end with a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_]
    on the left and a third [_SCAVENGER BOT_]. Yeehaa! Go back and take the right
    path to exit the cave.
     Up here you'll have another chat. Head right to find a working bench (which
    in itself is impressive) and nearby is [_CONTAINER x3_] and a [_RIP CORE_].
    Use the bench to drop stuff off at the very least and continue on up the
    mountain. You'll see another grappling station and [_CONTAINER x2_]. This
    climb is a doozy. Be sure to bring a stasis pack along, just in case.
     On THIS climb you only really have to worry about LARGE objects. No rocks,
    just LARGE objects. Stick to the right as you start and the game will tell
    you to aim and use stasis at large objects. An entire SLAB of the mountain
    is coming down at us. Freeze if and climb UP the right hand side. Jump over
    to the left when you can. Keep going and soon a second SLAB will appear.
    FREEZE it as SOON as you see it and you can just climb right past it. Next
    you'll have to deal with a cable car moving back and forth. Jump over to the
    right and freeze it in place on either side, then climb past it.
     At the top begin to ascend once more. You'll face a wave of Pukers and
    Slashers not far into your ascent. Take them all out and check out the note
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After the rappel session, check the right side of the cliff
                    up here to find a good scavenge point.
     Keep on going and grab the [_CONTAINER_] on the left. You'll soon see another
    ladder. Bring it down with kinesis and climb up. Break the next [_CONTAINER_]
    and check out this area: a generator, a winch, and a control box on the ledge
    overlooking the winch.
     First let's start up the generator. You'll have a chat with Santos. At the
    end is our cue to go check out the control box. This is another one of those
    power balancing games. Your chat will continue while you do the puzzle. Check
    the diagram below to see how to set up the puzzle in order to solve it:
       | G | < (90)     |   |    STEP 1: Flip the BOTTOM lever (50)
       |   |     (90) > | G |    STEP 2: Flip the  4th lever (70)
       |   |     (70) > | G |
       |   |     (70) > | G |
       | G | < (90)     |   |
       | G | < (50)     |   |
     Once that is done go to the winch and use it. Watch the scenes afterward.
    It's rather long, but once you regain control you'll have a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Reunite with Ellie
     Head forward and get ready for a Boss fight.
     We are FINALLY going to bring this buy down. To be honest, this isn't
    much of a "Boss Fight". We're going to trap this guy and kill him using
    human intelligence.
     First off, when the fight starts you will likely have some (2-3) Slashers
    to kill. Kill them off. Next, note that this area DOES have some CONTAINERS
    in it along with some lose AMMO CLIPS. I'm not going to point them out or
    count them, just note that they are around.
     Go ahead and fight the Snow Beast like normal and soon Carver will mention
    the harpoons and a generator. What he's talking about is up on a ledge: there
    is a generator that you can start up. I recommend putting stasis on the Snow
    Beast and doing so. Once you have it going some harpoon systems will come
    online. Yep, we're going to spear it! Not really... sporting, but oh well.
     Lure the beast into the blue lazer's field. The harpoons will automatically
    spear him. Now, follow the right wall to a console. This is a torque for the
    slack in the harpoons. In other words: we are going to real in each harpoon
    at the same time. Make sure all of the Slashers are dead and then use your
    kinesis to real the console. Keep doing it as the camera pans over to the
    Snow Beast struggling. Soon, you will rip it in half.
     Good job! Be sure to check its corpse for a [_S.C.A.F. PARTS BOX_].
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Hydra' Bronze trophy here.
     Rob the area of any items and use the grappling station to get up the
    mountain. You'll see a scene here and soon we'll be in the next chapter.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                 Chapter 14: Everything Has Its Place                 >==O
     Facility Two is staring us in the face. Time for an objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Find Rosetta
     Before heading up the ladder go left and nab the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] and the
    [_CONTAINER x2_]. Head up and... it can't be easy. Ugh.
     o OBJECTIVE: Find a way into the facility
     Head up the path and note the split when you see it. We have to go left
    but there's a path to the right too. Take the right path for [_CONTAINER x2_]
    and a scavenge point.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After taking the right path, stick close to the left wall.
                    The scavenge point is by the little cubby area you will find.
     Head back now and keep following the path. Past the gate you'll see a human
    figure run off. Probably an enemy. Take note of the area off to the left, as
    there is a door here we can't get into. Follow the figure and soon you'll see
    a door in the distance.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Before entering the door, check the left hand side of this
                    area for a good scavenge point.
     Go ahead and head inside of the building. Dead people are inside! Nice.
    Break the [_CONTAINER x2_] you find and exit. You'll see Danki's ship pass
    by, so there's that to look forward to. Ellie will find the lab as well.
     o OBJECTIVE: Meet Ellie in the Rosetta Lab
     Head up the hill. Right before the sign up ahead is a scavenge point.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check out the area right in front of the sign on the hill
                    to find a good scavenge point.
      Once you see the truck thing look at the back of the cab for the [_SEEKER
    RIFLE_] blueprint. Head into the building now after taking care of the silly
    "find the blue spot" mini-game to the left.
     In here, get a fast firing weapon and walk forward. Bug Infectors will
    scuttle by! Shoot them! They will infect some Wasters and now you will have
    to deal with 3-4 Wasters in the hallway (some come in through the vents).
    Once you've killed them all (you can use the entrance as a stand off point)
    check out the suit kiosk and the bench here. The suit kiosk will also give you
    the [_LEGIONARY SUIT_] when you inspect it. The hallway also has a total of
    [_CABINET x2_] in it. There is also a [_HEAVY STANDARD FRAME_] near the
    entrance and some locked doors, as well as a special co-op door.
     We have no choice but to enter the only elevator in the hallway. Follow
    the path through the decon chamber to the lab. Ellie and Carver are both
    in here. Take the left path down and look for a [_SMALL MED KIT_] on the
    table to the right. New objective time.
     o OBJECTIVE: Collect the Rosetta samples
     The first one is past Carver on the far wall. Interact with the computer
    and grab it with stasis. Take it across the room and put it in the machine
    that came down then hit the computer. Done.
     Next, Ellie will give us a [_RESEARCH FACILITY KEY_] and tell us we have
    FOUR more to find (well, actually she tells us and THEN gives us the key but
    whatever). Head down to the main hallway. Let's stick with checking out the
    BIOLOGY section. Follow the marker down to the far door and enter.
     In here there is organic growth EVERYWHERE. Look ahead and find the mine
    on the floor. You can shoot these to kill them. They contain explosive
    growths though. You can optionally grab the growths for an explosive of
    your own.
     Head forward and chat with Ellie a bit. Watch out for mines. There is a
    tricky one around the corner, but there is also [_LOCKER x4_]. Check the
    nearby room to see a gas computer like Ellie mentioned, but the pump is
    offline. Head into the nearby door and grab the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] from
    the wall. The [_STERILIZATION PROCEDURE_] text log is nearby as well. Take
    the cargo lift down. On the way down try to kill the Lurkers you pass.
    Once you land, exit and shoot them down (there should be at least three of
     With them dead, you can solve the puzzle in this room. Be ready though,
    because as SOON as you solve it, the two vents on either side of you will
    bust open and out will come two Wasters. So be ready to kill one off quickly
    and stasis the other. Check the diagram below for the power puzzle solution:
       | G | < (70)     |   |
       | G | < (90)     |   |
       |   |     (50) > | G |
       |   |     (70) > | G |
       | G | < (70)     |   |
       |   |     (50) > | G |
     The Wasters will break out and you'll kill them. Good. Ride the lift back
    up and in the next room a Waster will break out of the vent on the right.
    Kill him too and go back to the hallway. Get in the booth and let the growth
    have it! Soon the hallway will be clear.
     Head through the door on the right now. Grab the [_SMALL MED PACK_] to the
    left of the next door and enter neurology. There is a cool (or disgusting...
    your choice) Leaper here. The left corner has the [_PIECE: BRAIN_] audio log.
    Listen to it and then get ready for a fight (we'll gather items in a bit).
    Head to the back of the room to see a Guardian! Quickly, take out all of its
    tentacles. If you are fast enough you can do this before it releases any bug
    infectors. If it does get some bugs out you'll have to fight some Wasters.
    Be sure to collect whatever spoils it drops when you're done (which is
    probably some Tungsten).
     Ok, raiding time. The room has [_CONTAINER x3_] in it and an [_AMMO CLIP_]
    by the Leaper. In the guardian portion of the room look for an [_ALIEN
    ARTIFACT_] in the corner. Now, go next to the guardian and get Rosetta out.
    On your way back to the entrance, a Waster group will attack you. You'll face
    4-5 Wasters, with a few Enhanced versions thrown in. I like to fight over by
    where Rosetta was. Stasis and shotgun do wonders here. Once they are dead, go
    put Rosetta into the vacuum thing by the entrance and hit the computer. And
    that's it for Biology.
     Where to go next. How about Paleontology? Head back to the hallway and use
    the cargo lift to your left. This leads to a door that takes us to a [_LOCKER_]
    and then out to a walkway. As you can hear, we're going to be jumped out here.
    About mid-way through a total of three Slashers will pop down in front of you
    (one enhanced!). Take them out while moving forward as two Enhanced Slashers
    will come in from behind you. It's tough not to get hit here.
     In the next room grab the [_AMMO CLIP_] from the right as Danik sends you a
    message. The door here is locked but you can kinesis the panel on the right
    and open it that way. Before leaving though, take note:
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The first Paleo room after the walkway is a good place to
     Head in nwo and grab the [_LOCKER x2_] and go into the big room and find
    the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] in a cabinet. On the shelf is a [_REAPER BARRACKS
    KEY_], which will give you an optional mission when you pick it up:
     o OPTIONAL MISSION: Scavenge the 163rd Reaper Barracks
     Oh, fun. As usual, this optional mission is covered after the main guide,
    and as usual I'll be doing it ASAP. Search for it by looking up DS - X5 (but
    take out the spaces by the dash!). Note that we can't do it right now, so
    let's keep going with our PALEO job.
     Nearby is a TORQUE ROOM. If you have a bar put it in. The paragraph below
    lists what you can find. If you don't have a bar (or don't want what's down
    below) just skip that paragraph and keep going.
     In the Torque room you can find [_CONTAINER x3_], [_CABINET x2_], and the
    [_EXPLOSIVE MODULE_] weapon part. That's it! The weapon part is definitely
    the cream of the crop in this room.
     Head up the elevator now to a catwalk floor. This is going to be rough.
    You'll have to fight off a ton of Feeders here, but with the way they come
    out you are going to be surrounded quickly. Your best bet is to make for the
    cargo lift in the opposite corner and hold out there as 12+ attack you. This
    gives you a chokepoint and lets you melee them in the confined space. Expect
    to take some hits.
     Grab the [_CABINET x3_] on the walls afterward and ride down. You'll see the
    Rosetta piece in a central machine. On the right side is the [_TWO STRANDS_]
    audio recording. Now, go inspect the other side of the central machine. You'll
    see it has a console and three panels with numbers. Try to start the console
    and you'll see it fails. We have to line up the tube cylinders. There are two
    switches here: one to the left and one to the right.
     I was able to line them up by turning the RIGHT one ONCE and the LEFT one
    SIX times. This may not be the fastest way, but it worked. If you know a
    better way, email me.
     Take the Rosetta piece out and send it to Ellie. After the chat take the
    newly-opened door here out. You'll see a split in the path now: the left
    door continues the main PALEO mission while the one straight ahead leads to
    the OPTIONAL MISSION we talked about earlier (which I recommend doing now).
     You done finding that stash? Good.
     Head through the next door now. You'll be in a hallway with more growth.
    Danik talks a bit here. Head right to see the gas control room and behind
    it find the [_CONTAINER_] and [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. The gas controls don't
    work, of course. Make your way to the end of the hall shooting the mines.
    At the end is a panel. Open it and turn it, then run back to the control
    room and use it.
     This clears the hallway and makes the bench usable. Go through the next
    big door now, grab the [_LOCKER x2_] and enter the "Zoo". In here you'll
    fight off a feeder attack. What I like to do is head to the left, go up
    the stairs, kill the Slasher that rises up (run past) and stand off here.
    I can throw traps at the bend and stand off pretty well this way.
     Once everything is dead, go back to the entrance like you entered the
    room. Look to the left to see Rosetta! We'll get to it in a bit. To the
    right on a table is an [_ALIEN ARTIFACT_]. Poor Freeman. There is
    additionally a [_CONTAINER_] on the right wall and the [_PIECE: GILLS_]
    audio log nearby. Very interesting. Lastly, you can grab an [_AMMO CLIP_]
    from the middle of the middle structure.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check to the right of the center structure to find a good
                    scavenging point.
     Time to grab Rosetta and put her in the vacuum tube. Take the room up the
    stairs when you are done. You'll be up close and personal with two pregnant
    Slashers! Back off and lay down some traps, as an enhanced Slasher is coming
    up behind you. Take him out and focus on the pregnant beasts, who are soon
    joined by a Lurker and Slasher. Take them all out and enter the room the came
    from for [_LOCKER x2_]. Head outside and you'll be by the gate, coming out of
    that door we found earlier.
     Time to head for GEOLOGY! However, gunships are scanning this area. Move
    forward in the dark to avoid them seeing you. In the next building the lockers
    that were once closed are open now. Free [_LOCKER x2_] and a [_CONTAINER_].
    Weird, but oh well. Continue on and you'll see a figure escape. Continue on
    to see a scene!
     This enemy is a TWITCHER! Basically, a stasis unit melded with it and gave
    it super speed. I HIGHLY recommend you stasis it to slow it down and then
    deal with it. Further on THREE more will pop up, so know the path backpeddel
    to while killing them.
     Continue on to the main building (the [_CABINENT_] on the left is re-filled)
    and follow the objective line to GEOLOGY. You'll end up outside again, but
    with items. Grab the [_RIP CORE_] from the left and the [_SEMICONDUCTOR x29_]
    and [_CONTAINER_] from the right. Now the game wants us to take the bridge.
    Head straight instead.
     Over here you'll see a unitologist soldier commit suicide. Heh.        
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check the area where the soldier killed himself for a good
                    scavenge point.
     The cubbies in this area have [_CONTAINER x2_] and a [_FULL ZOOM SCOPE_],
    although you will have to fight three Slashers. Worth it. Head back and go
    down the bridge now. At the end is an area full of cargo. As you may guess,
    Stalkers are waiting here. Kill around four of them before its safe. There
    are [_CONTAINER x3_] in the area (left wall, right wall, back by door) and a
    door in the back we can't get to yet. To the left of the door, search by the
    pillars to find a [_UNITOLOGIST ARTIFACT_].
     Ride the cargo lift up like the want you to and you'll find another area
    full of obstacles. Another Stalker attack awaits you here but so do some
    Enhanced Slashers. Retreat back to the lift for safety should you need it
    and try throwing some traps out. Once everything is dead, check the left
    hand wall for a [_CONTAINER x2_] (one is above you on a metal ledge) and...
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check the left hand wall after the cargo lift near the
                    Geology building for a good scavenge point.
     Next, head back to the lift and check the right hand wall. There is a
    fairly well-hidden [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_] behind a box along the way, but
    with good searching you can find it. There's a [_CONTAINER_] along the wall
    too, as you get near the next door. Once you have those things, go ahead
    and enter the door.
     Danik will speak again in here. There is an [_AMMO CLIP_] behind the first
    chunk of ice and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] in a cabinet nearby. There's a bench
    here too. Goody. Go through the next door for [_CABINET x2_] and on a shelf
    nearby the [_DISPOSAL SERVICES KEY_]. This leads to an optional mission.
     o OPTIONAL MISSION: Explore the Disposal Service facility
     As usual, you can find this section covered after the main guide. To find
    it just search for DS - X6 (but take out the spaces by the dash!). I will
    be doing it as soon as I can.
     Nearby is a TORQUE room. You can read the next paragraph to see what is
    inside and skip it if you don't care.
     Inside is the [_HOT DEATH_] blueprint, a [_EARTH GOV FRAME_], a [_CONTAINER_]
    and some [_LOCKER x4_]. The frame and blueprint are unique here (especially
    the frame for it's upper and lower SPEED built-in upgrades).
     You back from the OPTIONAL MISSION? Lot's of good parts, right? Yeah.
    Ok, carrying on...
     Move into the next room where you'll see a ton of  lasers. Yikes! We need
    to get past them though. See the middle slab of rock? Use kinesis to pull it
    to the first laser to see only one side is emitting. Good. We can get past now
    by pulling the rock to each set of lasers.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After getting past the lasers, you should find a good scavenge
                    point by Rosetta!
     On the other side is Rosetta. Grab her and chuck her over to the entryway.
    Some Head Infectors will show up, so kill them off and make your way back over
    there so you can send Rosetta to Ellie, giving you a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Reassemble Rosetta
     Oh, fun. Gotta make our way back to the lab though. We'll be ambushed by
    Danik's men on the way, so kill them off. Head back to the Rosetta lab to
    end the chapter.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                   Chapter 15: A Change of Fortune                    >==O
     We get a new objective as soon as we enter the lab:
     o OBJECTIVE: Arrange Rosetta at the sample array
     This is... tricky. Ok, we can do this. First, go look at the beast from the
    side. Stand on the side where you come down into the room on. Let's number
    these slots to make explaining it easier:
     From left to right number the slots will be 1 - 9
     - STEP 1: Take slot 2 (small chunk) and move it into slot 8.
     - STEP 2: Take slot 3 and move it to slot 7.
     - STEP 3: Take slot 6 and move it to slot 2.
     - STEP 4: Take slot 6 and move it to slot 3.
     - STEP 5: Take slot 5 and move it to slot 6.
     You'll be done after that. See, not too hard.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Together as One' Bronze trophy here.
     After that go to the far end of the room and press the console. Watch the
    scenes here. There's quite a few of them.
     After another miraculous escape (how is he THIS inept!?) we'll have a new
    goal in life:
     o OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the Codex from Danik
     RUN! We have to get out of this room. If you take too long you DIE. Run
    the LONG way around to the other set of stairs (left around the Rosetta
    table) and head up. Ellie will open the door. Go interact with the door
    like you are trying to exit and watch the scene. Jam on 'X' when you have to.
     More scene after that. When you regain control, it's time to RUN again.
    Run through the hall and stick to the left until you get to the elevator.
    More scenes will pop up after that and Isaac and Carver will split up.
     Now that we're alone, take the first left and grab the [_LOCKER x4_].
    Exit out this exit and Carver will tell you Danik is heading to a silo to
    the north.
     o OBJECTIVE: Catch up with Danik
     Follow that path and be ready for Soldiers. The first two you see will
    have rocket launchers, so be ready to roll and then rush them. In the
    cargo area more soldiers will attack, but soon Stalkers will join the
    fray. Be careful of the stalkers and try to take advantage of the chaos.
    Remember to throw back grenades if you can!
     Head up the cargo lift to the next area. A gunship is up here and we
    have to make our way through the wall (which has been blown up). Run from
    obstacle to obstacle and finally through the gap. To the left are two
    soldiers: take them down quickly and break the [_CONTAINER x5_] before
    going through the door.
     In here grab the [_SMALL MED KIT_] and [_FLAME GLAZE_] from the table.
    There's an [_AMMO CLIP_] and [_CONTAINER_] by the door. Head outside and
    grab the [_CONTAINER x3_] in the area, noting that two of them are over to
    the right (a good place to hold out). Head forward in the area and you'll
    start a slasher attack. While fighting them a Soldier will appear up above
    you to the left. You can retreat a bit to the right cubby to hold out
    against the Slashers and some more Soldiers who are on foot. Once they are
    cleared out you can exit and take out the soldier up above. 
     Head to the far door but before you can use the console more Soldiers will
    appear behind you and attack. Rocket launchers this time! Take them out
    ASAP as soon a wave (3-4) of Twitchers will show up. You don't want to be
    ganged up too bad here so make good use of stais and the truck nearby to
    make sure you aren't hit by rockets. After that...
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check out the area in front of the truck to find a good
                    scavenge point.
     After that, interact with the console to open the door. Inside are some
    [_CONTAINER x3_]. We'll also see the next chapter pop up. Cool.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                     Chapter 16: What Lies Below                      >==O
     Danik will flirt in and out of view here. You have time to shoot and kill
    his soldier to the right but that's about it. He's getting away!
     o OBJECTIVE: Follow Danik down the Research Silo
     Break open the [_CONTAINER x6_] in this area (you can kinesis one over to
    you from the far left area) and use the bench if you need to. Stay stocked
    on health! We'll have to do some grappling here.
     You'll run into plenty of Enhanced Leapers on your way down. Take them
    out as you go. You'll also have to jump over some pits from time to time
    but that's literally all you have to do until you reach the end.
     Once you're on solid ground, beware of two Leapers attacking you. Grab the
    nearby [_CONTAINER x2_] and hit the elevator. Once you emerge, kill the
    Soldiers on the lift if you can and grab the next [_CONTAINER_]. Head down
    the path and you'll find a total of [_CONTAINER x4_] and on a piece of cargo
    the [_S.C.A.F. FRAME_]. Time to do some more grappling!
     On this trip you have to worry about Soldiers. The first set of soldiers
    have bundles of dynamite by them, so shoot the red area to kill them, instead
    of shooting them. Keep going down and hit another one in the middle. After
    this middle one, look to your right for a sparkling item. Kinesis it to you
    for the [_RAIL ACCELERATOR_]. Keep heading down killing soldiers and jumping
    gaps. Near the end you'll have to fight whoever you left alive on the elevator
    so hopefully you killed a bunch of them.
     Drop down at the end and take cover to the left. Kill all of the remaining
    soldiers. Head right to the door grabbing the [_CONTAINER_] on the way. Inside
    to the left is a [_SAFETY GUARD_] and to the right another [_CONTAINER_]. Play
    another "move your analog stick" puzzle. Way too easy... I still don't get what
    the point of these is.
     Inside break the [_CONTAINER_] and listen to the [_TURN IT OFF_] audio log.
    There's a bench nearby and the suit kiosk gives us the [_ELITE SUIT_]. Hurrah
    for more suits!
    (-NOTE-) You now can store FIVE additional items! Very nice.
     Head to the back for [_CONTAINER x2_] and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Head back
    out and kill the Infector Heads you see and the bodies they inhabit (those
    soldiers we JUST killed). At the end of the walkway is a [_CONTAINER_]. Time
    to go grappling again.
     On this trip you will be close to the elevator. Kill the soldiers as you go
    down and jump the gaps. Soon you'll see some Crawlers: small babies infested
    with the virus that try to explode near you. People who played Dead Space 2
    will recognize them. Shoot them or jump past them, just be careful. Keep going
    and a BIG necromorph will start to kill some soldiers then come after us!
     This thing is just called "Alien Necromorph" and will be one of the
    tougher enemies in the game from this point onward...
     Hold back on your descent and shoot away! Heavy weapons like explosives
    help a lot here, as does stasis. Pour it all on him and he'll fall down.
    Keep going down to see him fighting more soldiers on a walkway. Go ahead
    and kill everything that moves!
     Back on solid ground pick up your spoils and continue on. You'll find the
    [_JAVELIN GUN_] blueprint to the right, down the ramp and a [_HEAVY STANDARD
    FRAME_] to the left, along with a total of [_CONTAINER x3_] in the area.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) To the right of the next door is a good scavenge point!
     Head through the next set of doors to another grappling machine. Take it
    down. You'll be bombarded by more Crawlers and another Alien Necromorph.
    Take them all out and keep going down for another wave of crawlers and
    another beast. This second one will likely jump on the "ceiling" and come
    at you that way, so don't be fooled and keep going. You'll see a giant fan
    coming up. Watch it destroy a third alien necro. When you get close,
    stasis it and go through. The cord will still get caught up in the fan,
    so jam on the 'X' button to free yourself. Watch the scene as you get
    dropped into the next chapter.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                      Chapter 17: A Strange City                      >==O
     Once you regain control, grab the [_CONTAINER x3_] from your right. Search
    the edges of this room for an [_ALIEN ARTIFACT_] as well, then go kick-start
    the generator. Use the bench if you wish and head onward.
     In this room grab the [_AMMO CLIP x2_], [_SMALL MED PACK x2_] and a text
    log called [_THE SOUND OF MUSIC_]. Interesting stuff. Try to leave and a
    movie will play. Even more interesting! The exit is shut off and we'll need
    to enter a code to exit. The code is found nearby by playing a computer
                                . .     
                                 \ \     ====       \
                                ¯¯¯¯    \¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯
     Go input the above symbols into the machine locking down the door to get
    it to open. Watch the scene with Carver.
     Afterwards, grab the [_CONTAINER x3_] in the area and head down the ramp.
    Isaac will try to reason with Danik. Keyword there is try. At the split take
    note of the, well, note below.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After the scene with Carver, go down the ramp and at the
                    first split is a good scavenge point.
     Now, head right and kinesis the shiny for an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. There is
    a [_CONTAINER_] here as well as a detonator (in the box... the chip looking
    thing). Grab it and carry it down the other path. Put it in and run back as
    the path onward becomes clear. As you pass through a scene with Danik will
    occur. Shoot down his two soldiers. This next area has a [_CONTAINER x2_] in
    it; one up above you to your left and one further in. The one further in is
    right next to a [_UNITOLOGIST ARTIFACT_]
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'Unitologist Circuit Set' at the bench, as this is the last
             Unitologist Artifact.
     Now go grab a detonator and blow up the rock. Do this on the second one to
    see a scene. Once you have control we'll have something returned to us along
    with a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Bring the Codex to the Machine
     Move onward and you'll run into another Alien Necromorph. Turns out these
    things spawn Crawlers! Hah! Take it out (explosives for the win!) and continue
    on. You'll see a split in the path. The right path leads to the mission while
    the left leads to a bypass console.
     Use the bypass console to uncover an optional mission!
     o OPTIONAL MISSION: Investigate Artifact Storage
     As usual, this mission is covered after the main guide, but I'll be doing
    it ASAP. To follow along, search for DS - X7 (but take out the spaces on either
    side of the dash!). Come follow along!
     Are you done with that mission? Good!
     Continue down the path and interact with the machine. Put in the same code
    you did earlier (Scroll slightly up to see it or wait for the game to tell
    you since it caters to the ADHD crowd, it seems). Break the [_CONTAINER x2_]
    in here and then start the generator. We'll be in Zero-G again. Head up and
    follow the objective marker. You should find an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] along the
    way. Follow the path all the way to the next door, killing Lurkers and nabbing
    CONTAINERS along the way (not counting these ones) and input the exact same
    code once more.
     Past the door you'll find a giant glowing pad and a [_CONTAINER_]. Use the
    pad combined with kinesis to lift the two giant boulders out of the way. Once
    you do, check out the scaffolding on the right. You can grab a [_CIRCUIT
    UPGRADE_] on the first set (high up in the air) and a [_CONTAINER_] once
    you go down the ramp. Head forward and you'll have to kill a bunch of
    Crawlers before getting another objective out of the blue:
     o OBJECTIVE: Activate the Alien Conduit
     Search the back area for a [_COMPACT STANDARD FRAME_] and a [_CONTAINER_].
    Next, kick up the nearby generator. This powers a bench and a cargo lift.
    Ride the lift up once you're ready and step on the glowing disc. This makes
    a nearby audio log called [_HIEROGLYPHS 1_] to play.
     Stand on the disk and use your kinesis. Play with the far left arm and
    see that you can make it bend one of three ways. Now, make the far left and
    right arms bend OUTWARDS by moving the glowing module all the way UP. Next,
    make the two middle arms go UP by moving the glowing module to the middle.
    This powers up a device in front of you.
     Go interact with it and watch the scene. Looks like our path is clear.
     Head back down and get ready for a good fight. There will be THREE of the
    Alien Necromorphs. The first comes out on your right: Kill it as it comes
    out. A second comes out here two while a third comes out from the other end.
    Make good use of explosives and stasis here to win. You can always restock
    at the nearby bench, so be liberal.
     After that, run up the ramp and step on the disc. You'll be propelled
    forward but you do have to do some steering. Nothing hard. At the other
    end, go interact with the door and put in the symbols the game keeps
    repeating (I'm not even going to bother writing them down...). 
     Past the door is a [_CONTAINER_] on the right and a...
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After the alien propulsion, enter the door and search to
                    the right of it for this scavenge point.
     Head to the left now, but go to the FAR left (follow the left hand wall)
    to a out-of-the-way cubby. In this cubby is an [_ALIEN ARTIFACT_]. Continue
    on after that. Get in the glowing disc and learn about enhanced STASIS. To
    the right are some feeders. Try it out on them. Kill them all and then all
    the reinforcements. It's easy with the enhanced stasis, right?
     After that grab the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] you can see in the distance. You can
    turn around and explore the cubby to the left for a [_CONTAINER_] as well.
    Follow the path to the right, grab the [_CONTAINER_], and use the disc to
    TK limbs right off your foes. Do this to kill all the Slashers you see, then
    continue onward (the path to the left just leads back, by the way).
     Enter the door you find and you'll be in the next chapter.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                    Chapter 18: Kill or Be Killed                     >==O
     Search to the right of where you start for an [_ACID BATH_] part and an
    [_ELECTRUCUTION MODULE_] part. Nice. Head up the left ramp to see a split
    in the path. The objective marker is no good here, BTW. The left path is a
    dead end, but does have a [_CONTAINER_]. Head right and you'll see a Waster
    pretending to play dead. Kill him and then kill another that comes at you
    from the front and from the rear.
     With them dead, grab the [_LANGUAGE SPECULATION_] text log. Go down the
    ramp and grab the [_CONTAINER_], then start the generator. You'll hear
    another message and then will get a new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Align the Power Array
     Head back to the dead end path from before and kill the Wasters that try
    to attack. Open the door with the nearby code. Follow the left path and grab
    the [_CONTAINER x2_] along the way until you are attacked!
     We will have to kill off a wave of Stalkers and Wasters here. It is VERY
    important to stay on the move as the Wasters will flush you out if you don't.
    Traps help a ton (especially suspended bola traps). Kill everything off and
    then explore the area for an additional [_CONTAINER x2_]. Follow the guideline
    to a door but BEFORE going in, head right and you should find an [_ALIEN
    ARTIFACT_] by some rubble. One more thing!
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After killing the Stalker attack, head to the middle of
                    the area to find a scavenge point.
     Go back and open the door now. Grab the [_CONTAINER_] to the right and use
    the glowing disc up ahead to propel yourself onward. Continue on and grab the
    [_CONTAINER x2_] from the left area as you proceed. Further in more Stalkers
    will appear. You have a good corner where you are at but beware of attacks
    from the left too, especiall when a couple of Exploders join the fun and
    come in from that direction.
     Continue to the back of the area watching out for mines and grabbing a
    [_CONTAINER_]. You'll see a generator back here.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After killing the Stalker attack, head back to the generator
                    and search the area right before it to find this one.
     Start up the generator and listen to the [_POINT NORTH_] audio log that
    plays. We can now take the cargo lift up. At the top, search the area around
    the lift for an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] and [_CONTAINER x2_].
     Head forward and you'll see the huge thing move. OK, first things first:
    items! To the left the path is blocked off. Behind that growth is an item
    we REALLY want. You can go straight ahead to find a [_CONTAINER_], but
    make your way around to the other side of that growth for an [_ALIEN
    ARTIFACT_]. Very nice. You've probably noticed the big tentacles as well.
    Before we get into the puzzle, go try and move the center pillar using the
    kinesis pad. Once you do a wave of Slashers and some Exploders will attack.
    Kill them all before continuing.
     Our objective here can be a little confusing, but let me clear it up
    for you by sharing what I did to solve it. The MIDDLE structure has THREE
    tips on it. Each tip has a different shape. Surrounding the middle structure
    are three separate, smaller pillars. EVERY single one of these pillars,
    including the big one, is moveable (while standing on the kinesis pads).
     We have to line up the shapes of the big one with the shapes of the small
    one to make it work. Kinda similar to our electrical puzzles. Here's how to
    do it.
    (-NOTE-) I haven't researched all possible combinations here, but the one
             below should work. If you find something easier let me know.
     First, let's get the center one the way we want it. Go back to the lift
    and face the center pillar. Let's call this direction NORTH. Now, let's take
    a look at the icons that are on the center pillar. A TWISTED PAIR, an OPEN
    CROSS, and a HOOK. Make sure the HOOK is facing NORTH.
     Once you have that done, you can align the three outer pillars. Just twist
    them until all of them line up and green energy is flowing. Excellent. After
    a bright light, another terminal will open up behind the lift. Go hit it.
    Watch the scene and chat with Danik. Once you're done, ride the lift back
    down and return the way you came to the alien space launcher thing-y (that's
    the scientific name!).
     Keep heading BACK, back, back. When you get to the room where you learned
    about augmented stasis, you will be attacked by a WAVE of Alien Necromorphs.
    If you stick around, you'll have to kill SIX of them. You can certainly leave
    before then, though as they tend to get caught up in the area. No need to kill
    all of them...
    (-NOTE-) If you want the 'Close Encounter' Bronze trophy, it is highly
             recommended to kill them all. You will likely get it here as well.
     Keep heading back and after the first alien launcher thing you'll see some
    soldiers fighting a big necro beast. Let them fight. After they are dead, some
    Twitchers will come out so be sure to stasis them and restock at the bench as
     Head up the nearby lift and onto the kinesis pad. This time, make the two
    outer arms stand up (blue light in the middle) and the two inner arms will
    intertwine (blue light at the top). Go interact with the alien computer
    after that.
     Danik will chat at you for a bit once you're done. Ooo, I wonder what the
    surprise is!? Head down the lift and kill the three Twitchers that show up.
    Go back to the launcher and in the middle of your launch you'll find out what
    the surprise is!
     On your way forward, you'll run into some soldiers. The first batch a guy
    sitting back with a rocket launcher and some guys on the ground. Kill them
    off by making them come to you. Head forward to the TK booster and by the
    next door are four more soldiers. Lob some explosives in there to flush
    them out if you can.
     Head onward and you'll see that there are some red receptacles in front
    of you as the statues here move upward. We'll get to that in a bit, but
    first some soldier extermination. They are nested in to the left AND to the
    right, so work on exterminating the many soldiers in this area and use the
    bench afterward to re-stock.
     Now, under each statue is a power module. We need to bring all three back
    to the red receptacles at the starting area. Also note that the starting
    area has the center statue, which has some symbols very clearly marked on
    it. As you bring back the power sources, match the symbols in order. Not
    hard at all. The receptacles will turn green if you got them matched up
    right and stay red if you don't! You'll open up a door and get a new objective
    once you are done.
     o OBJECTIVE: Complete the Machine's Final Step
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Infernal Machine' Bronze trophy here.
    (-NOTE-) Take this time to stock up WELL. Also, it is in your very best
             interest to invest in a weapon that can slow things down and blow
             them up in one go. Something with stasis coating and a secondary
             explosive would be good.
     Head inside and listen to the [_SERRANO'S LAST WORDS_] audio log. This is
    him, we have to presume. Grab the [_CONTAINER x2_] around here and go up and
    use the grappling station. This grappling part is unique! The wall itself
    will flare up from time to time, from left to right, so you KNOW when you'll
    be in harms way. That makes avoiding damage easy. On the way we'll have to
    get past two spinning objects. We can only take the middle path though. Aim
    up and freeze them when the BIG portion is over the left part of the wall,
    so you can easily get by. Do that with both of them and you're good.
     At the top Carver is waiting for us. Go grab the [_CONTAINER x2_] in the
    distance, then go towards the central computer to watch a nice long scene.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                         Chapter 19: Endings                          >==O
     Oh man. This is too crazy!
     o OBJECTIVE: Reach the machine
     All I can say here is  R U N !
     The path is very linear, with only slight twists and turns as you go. If
    you stay still TOO long, you WILL die. Things like CONTAINERS are therefore
    now OPTIONAL (You should still try and get the artifacts!).
     When you see your first [_CONTAINER_], not that you are about to be attacked
    by FOUR Leapers. Two come in from the left, two from the right. Stay back
    and kill them, THEN get the container.
     Head down the ramp and nab the next [_CONTAINER_], then make a hard left
    around to the cubby for an [_ALIEN ARTIFACT_]
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'Alien Circuit Set' at the bench, as this is the last Alien
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Aliens' Bronze trophy here.
     Now back in the big area note the [_CONTAINER x2_] and especially note
    the big tentacles to the right. We have to shoot them down. To stop us is an
    Alien Necromorph coming in from the left. QUICKLY kill it and then take down
    the tentacles (and yes, you do want to kill the beast, as it will keep
    following you and charging and we DO NOT need that).
     Once the tentacles are down run forward. You'll hit an alien launcher pad
    and go for a ride. Once you land, quickly gather the [_CONTAINER x4_] to
    your left and keep running. You'll run into two Twitchers up ahead. Quickly
    stasis them and blow them up. Keep running and you'll soon reach another
    block in the road. Here, in the air, you can kinesis an [_AMMO CLIP_] and
    some [_MEDIUM MED PACK x2_] if you look hard enough. There's also some
    [_CONTAINER x3_] here. Of course all of this is a distraction, as we NEED to
    shoot the tentacle. Enhanced Slashers show up here as well though, coming in
    one at a time and eating up our time. Shoot the tentacle as fast as you can
    and keep on running.
     Head right when you can. A Puker will show up to slow us down by the
    [_CONTAINER x2_]. Kill or freeze him and keep running. It is OK to freeze
    enemies instead of killing them at this point and containers are totally
    optional. Keep running past the Slashers and Twitchers into a building,
    where you will be safe from the convergence (but you are unable to go back
    as well).
     In here you can use the bench and suit kiosk. Be sure to stock up all  your
    basic supplies! You can also find [_CONTAINER x3_], [_SMALL MED PACK x2_],
    and an [_AMMO CLIP_]. You should be packing Large Med Kits by now, so I'd
    stash the small ones and bring large and medium. Head forward to the next
     Watch the scenes and soon we'll be at the final boss fight.
     Like the Nexus, the Moon boss is, more or less, a puzzle boss. You have to
    take a series of steps in order to "kill" it. We'll go through those steps
    below, but first we should note the area we are in. There is a giant TK
    ENHANCING DISC here that we NEED for this fight. Next, check out the Moon
    itself: it has THREE very large eyes. These are its weak spots. Once we
    destroy all three, we are more or less done.
     To destroy one, we need to stand in the TK DISC and grab a floating MARKER
    from the space around us. This acts as a projectile now! Oh yeah! This is
    happening! Use it to launch at an eye. You will take out an eye with each
     HOWEVER! We have to wait for the eyes to show up after we damage him!
    He will take this time to use his attacks on us. It's only really got two
    ways to hurt us, both of which are honestly underwhelming:
     - NECRO SPAWN: The first "attack" it has is its ability to spawn necromorphs
                    onto the chunk of land we are on. There necromorphs are often
                    Enhanced Slashers or Twitchers. Will often come after you
                    damage the Moon or after you escape the eating attack below.
                    Stasis your foes and kill them quickly: we have better things
                    to do than fight necromorphs
     - FEEDING: This attack is frankly just pathetic. He will grab the chunk of
                land we are on and drag it to his mouth, attempting to EAT us.
                You need to quickly shoot the two tentacles that he is holding
                onto us with. When he DOES do this attack, ALL PRIORITY should be
                on getting free. It's only two tentacles and it won't take long
                to free yourself.
     And that, ladies and gents, is that. Just rinse and repeat. And enjoy the
    scenes afterwards. Stay tuned after the credits as there is another little
    something for those who are patient enough.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Shoot for the Moon' Gold trophy here.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Get On My Level' Bronze trophy here.
    (-NOTE-) Once you beat the game, you will unlock NEW GAME +, as well as the
             [_DEAD SPACE LEGENDS_] suit and the '+3 RLD Circuit Set'.
    (-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
             recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
             Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
             and say Hi, or shoot me an email!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                  Optional Mission 1: H.M.S. Greely                   >==O
     Exit the SKIP and head towards the objective. On the way you can find somve
    obvious [_CONTAINER x4_], most of which are huddled inside a ship part to your
    upper right. Once you enter the ship you'll have a chat with Santos.
     Enter the first big room and grab the [_LOCKER x2_] to your left. Check the
    opposite corner for a [_COMPACT STANDARD FRAME_]. Head down the ladder now.
    Down here you'll see something is moving through the ducts. Follow it and
    kill the Lurker that emerges. After a quick chat with Santos, we'll determine
    that power must be restored:
     o OBJECTIVE: Restore power and override the lock-down
     First, let's raid the [_LOCKER x2_] and [_CABINET x2_] in the area. There's a
    door up here that wants a TORQUE BAR but we don't have one yet.
     Follow the objective down the stairs and raid the [_LOCKER x2_] and the
    sole [_CONTAINER_] before opening the door. Keep going until you are in a
    room with a ladder. Before going down it, explore the room for [_CONTAINER x2_]
    and note the elevator. Go down now and open the [_LOCKER x2_] and head around
    the corner to find the power controls. Use them (mash circle) to turn the power
    back on. You'll get an updated objective here:
     o OBJECTIVE: Explore the Greely
     We got to head to the radio room. Head up the ladder to be attack by a
    Slasher from the right, along with another Slasher and a Puker from the
    front. The Puker is the big danger here as it can puke bile on you that
    stops you from running, so do your best to avoid it. I like to stasis the
    right Slasher and get around it to have all enemies in front of me. Once
    they are dead head to the elevator we noted earlier.
     The hallway it leads to has [_LOCKER x3_] in it. Head through the big door
    to the radio room. This room has [_CABINET x2_] up above, on the walls. The
    game wants us to head downstairs through the door, but it's locked. We must
    first interact with the fuse box overlooking the door to open it up.
     To open up the door below, match the diagram below:
       |   |     (60) > | G |
       |   |     (90) > | G |
       | G | < (45)     |   |
       |   |     (60) > | G |
       | G | < (90)     |   |
       | G | < (45)     |   |
     You'll hear some interrogation once you match up the lights. This is actually
    a pre-recorded audio log, [_INTERROGATION_]. You can re-listen to it on a
    machine down the first set of stairs. Harsh! Continue through the door and you
    will end up back in the big ladder area. Here you'll be attacked by some
    Slashers, an Exploder (this enemy tries to get near you and explodes: target
    its glowing weak point from a distance to make it explode early) and a Puker.
     Once you've dealt with them, check out the newly-opened door in the right
    hand corner. This is the bathroom. It's got an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] in it and
    [_LOCKER x2_]. Head back and use the active bench if you need it, then go
    through the objective door. There's a [_LOCKER_] in here. Through the next
    door kill off the Slasher you find and hunt down the three Lurker enemies in
    the room. There's some goodies here too. Search the room for [_CONTAINER x5_]
    and then check the purple lighted areas for an [_ALIEN ARTIFACT_]. Grab it
    and head down the lift.
     Down here is a half-dead Slasher. Finish it off when you can and as you
    walk towards the next door another Slasher will emerge from the Lift area.
    Kill him off and continue. In the small hallway you will be JUMPED by a
    Slasher, which will likely result in a grapple attack, so be ready to jam
    on the 'X' button. In the next room there is a total of [_CONTAINER x3_]
    lying around as well as [_AMMO CLIP x4_]. There's also a bench. By the bench
    a ceiling hatch will open and 5-6 bug-like things will emerge; use a machine
    gut to take them down (or stomp them, I suppose). I'm going to call these
    things Bug Infectors, since I don't know of any other names...
     Continue on into a room filled with electricity. There's also a number of
    corpses in this area: be sure to stomp them all! Grab the [_AMMO CLIP x2_]
    from the first area, then use your kinesis to take the lid off of the nearby
    gravity inducer. Grab the [_SEMICONDUCTER_] from inside to make it malfunction
    and stop the electricity. Now you can pass and grab the [_AMMO CLIP x2_] from
    the middle area. Don't forget about the [_CONTAINER_] to the left either (grab
    it with kinesis!).
     Head to the back area and on the middle console grab the [_ELECTRIC CHARGE_]
    weapon part! Very appropriate. Next use kinesis on the black and blue box
    nearby to hear the [_RESEARCH MYSTERY DISCOVERED_] audio log. This also
    makes the nearby [_ENGSTROM'S OFFICE KEY_] appear. Grab it and you'll get a
    new objective:
     o OBJECTIVE: Download the encryption codes
     Easy enough. Head back and some Bug Infectors will come out, trying to get
    to the corpses. I hope you stomped them all! Kill them off ASAP and any
    corpses they may have found. Head back and you'll chat with Santos. Notice
    how the gravity field tears apart the upcoming Slasher! Heh. Good to keep in
     Keep going but keep it slow-ish as more panels will turn into gravity
    panels. Head up the lift. In the research room you'll have to fight three
    Slashers in the lift area. The gravity tiles should help here, as long as
    you back is to a wall. Take them out and head for the door where you'll need
    to fight some Slashers and a Puker. They come from both sides so be careful
    as it's easy to get surrounded here.
     Keep going into the main ladder room. You'll need to fight off a wave of
    Exploders here, so use a fast firing weapon like the machine gun. After
    they are dead use the office key to unlock the room by the bench. There's a
    lot of goodies here, including an [_AMMO CLIP_], [_TUNGSTEN x28_], [_CONTAINER
    x2_], and the computer terminal with the decryption key! Interact with it to
    send it to Santos and learn what they were trying to do.
     BEFORE we end this optional mission we have one more thing we can do. With
    that stash of TUNGSTEN we can head to the bench and make some TUNGSTEN TORQUE
    BARS. In fact, with the tungsten we got earlier we can make two! Make one at
    least and use it on the nearby door to open up access to a new room. In here
    you can find the [_TELEMETRY SPIKE_] weapon part! There is also a [_CABINET_],
    [_CONTAINER x2_], and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Very nice!
     Head back to the SKIP now, feeling free to use the Suit Kiosk along the way.
    We are done with this optional mission!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                  Optional Mission 2: Conning Tower                   >==O
     Head outside and hang a left for a [_SMALL MED PACK_] and an [_AMMO CLIP_].
    Up the stairs the door to the right wants a keycard. The left door has a
    console near it with another one of those "move the analog stick" minigames
    that should frankly be ashamed to be called a minigame. "Minor annoyance" is
    a better word, but it unlocks the door.
     Inside grab the [_LOCKER_], [_CONTAINER_] and the [_CONIC DISPERSAL_] weapon
    tool from the control room. The [_CONNING TOWER KEY_] is up here too. There is
    also an audio log called [_TRAM RADIO 2_] that is REALLY cool. I liked it a
    lot, but that's probably because I'm ex-military...
     Anywho, use the bench if you need to and head for the key card door to ride
    the elevator up. A message from Edwards will play once you do... but is he
    really alive? Still?
     o OBJECTIVE: Locate Edwards
     Well, I guess we'll see. In this hallway keep your eyes on the ceiling!
    The first intersection has two Slasher enemies hanging up there. Shoot at
    them for a preemptive strike! Take them out and grab the [_CABINET_] to the
    right. Follow the path and at the next right kill another Slasher on the
    ceiling before going through the door. In the next room you'll get taunted
    again. There's [_CABINET x2_] in here (one down below, one up above) and
    [_CONTAINER x2_] up above. Note how all the vents are rigged to blow. That's
    a GOOD thing in my opinion. You know this is going to end up being bad though!
     Sure enough, try and go through the upper door and it'll malfunction.
    Edwards will then blow the explosives, triggering a nercomorph assault on
    our position! You'll be attacked by a combination of Slashers, Lurkers and
    Pukers. It's best to keep moving until the chat with your crew is done.
    Stay on the move and be sure to use the stasis and flame canisters located
    below to help yourself out. Most enemies will follow you but the Lurkers will
    try and stay above and shoot down on you, so once you are done using the
    canisters get up above and take them out. Once you've thinned out the attack,
    locate the glowing box to the left of the door you tried to leave through.
    You'll need to play the "find the blue portion" minigame three times to end
    the lockdown.
     In the next room Edwards will taunt you again. Check out the ceiling here
    to see some Slashers on it. Three, to be precise. Kill them off one at a time
    and then grab the [_CONTAINER x2_] in the room and the [_CABINET_]. The next
    room has an electrical barrier. Isaac will chat with Buckles for a bit, but
    to break it all you need to do is shoot the orange box on the upper left wall.
    Grab the [_LOCKER x3_] and continue. Two Slashers will come after you here.
    Take them out. To get the next electrical barrier to fall, find the orange
    box on the right wall. Past that will be a third barrier. Its orange box is
    out in the distance. Grab the [_LOCKER x2_] past it. Heh, the door says "Go
    Ahead, Open It" by it. *Gulp*
     And we're still alive! Good. To the right grab the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_],
    [_AMMO CLIP_] and [_CONTAINER_]. I also recommend throwing the stasis
    containers down so you can use them (soon). Take the lift down and get a
    stasis container ready. Two Slashers will pop out in front of you. Stasis
    them and start killing. A third will likely pop out behind you, so be ready
    for him. Grab the [_CONTAINER_] down here when they are dead and go through
    the door that says "Your Funeral".
     Be ready for a Slasher busting out from the right. Kill it and destroy
    the [_CONTAINER x2_] in here for items. The next room has a gravity well
    trap in it that takes out a Slasher for you, but also makes it so that we
    have to go disable it from Environmental Control.
     o OBJECTIVE: Disable Edwards' traps
     Well, grab the [_LOCKER x2_] and head down the ladder. Use the bench down
    here if you wish then continue. In the next room head up the ladder and you
    will see another electrical trap. You'll be jumped by Slasher and Pucker foes
    as well! The electricty should help but take them out with stasis if you need
    to. Grab the [_LOCKER_] and face the electricity. Shoot the orange box off to
    the right. Before going down the next ladder, note the TORQUE BAR ROOM to
    the left. If you have a bar, go ahead and use it. If you don't, go make one
    or skip the next paragraph.
     In this room we have lots of goodies. Pick up the [_TRANSOUCER x11_],
    the rare [_TUNGSTEN x15_], the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_], the [_LOCKER x2_],
    an [_AMMO CLIP_] and the [_ROTATOR CUFF MODULE_]. A pretty good haul, all
    in all.
     Ok, back outside and down the ladder. Another barrier. Fun. The orange box
    is in the vent, but so is a Slasher. Kill it and shoot the box. Grab the item
    from the [_CABINET_] and head through the door. This next room has another
    [_CABINET_] and door. Head through it to come to a big room.
     Great. Another room with explosives. Note the door the game wants you to
    go through and do NOT go through it yet. Explore the room for these goodies:
    [_CONTAINER x2_], [_CABINET x2_] and [_LOCKER x2_]. You can shoot off the
    explosives if you wish (I found five of them), and then go to the bottom
    floor. In the corner to the left of the ladder is a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_].
     Once that's done go ahead and try to open the door to trigger the standoff!
    You'll face Pukers and Slashers here as well as Leapers. Yikes! Sooner or
    later you'll kill them all off. Time to get that door open. The puzzle this
    time is different. Head down to the bottom level and look to the right of the
    stairs. You'll see SIX sets of circular objects you can move with kinesis.
     We need to get ALL the middle connection connected. As in, we need to see
    sparks. I only really learned this AFTER doing it so after a restart, here
    is a quick way to get past this puzzle:
     UPPER MIDDLE:  Move 1 Time
     UPPER LEFT:  Move 2 Times
     LOWER MIDDLE:  Move 1 Time
     LOWER LEFT:  Move 2 Times
     LOWER RIGHT:  Move 1 Time
     That should lift the lockdown. Head through the door into an elevator.
    You'll find yourself in a room with some big fans. Go down the stairs here
    for a [_CONTAINER_], and the [_PERSONAL-LOG: LT EDWARDS_] text log. Now we
    need so slow down the fan with the kinesis modules in it. Slow it down (there
    is a stasis station nearby) and pull out each of the three kinesis objects
    to disable the gravity trap. You'll hear another Edwards message and have a
    haunting chat with Buckles. Time to head back.
     When you get back to the ladder and climb up, be ready. Two Slashers and a
    Lurker will ambush you up here, but they'll wait until your are by the next
    ladder so you are surrounded. Take them out easily by killing the one near
    the ladder you just climbed. Keep heading back but note that once you climb
    down the next ladder, two more Slashers will pop out from the corpse boxes to
    the right. Be ready! After that use the bench if you wish and enter the
    elevator that was beyond the gravity panels.
     Here you will have to ask for a floor. Pick "2" first. 2 leads to a rather
    small room, but the [_EDWARDS ACCESS KEY_] is inside on a box. There's a lot
    of stuff here. Be sure to grab the [_EDWARDS DIARY_] near the elevator, right
    by the [_AMMO CLIP_]. There's another [_AMMO CLIP_] across the room and a
    total of [_CONTAINER x3_] in here. Grab it all and head back to the elevator.
    Pick floor "3".
     Up here you'll finally meet Edwards. Comb the room for a [_CONTAINER_] and a
    [_CABINET_]. There's also the [_EDWARDS 06_] audio log by Edwards, although
    its set to auto-play. Take the cargo lift in here and use the access key we
    picked up earlier to find the stash! Inside is a [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT x2_],
    a [_MEDIC SUPPORT_] part, and some [_SPARE PARTS BOX x3_]. Pretty good haul.
     Head back down and Edwards will decide to blow the remaining charges. Well
    damn. Time for another stand-off. Kill the wave of Slashers, Lurkers, Pukers
    and Leapers that show up. Be sure to use all the canisters around to really
    help yourself out. Let's head back to the tram now. On your way back you will
    face a Puker past the bench room and two Slashers once you go up the next
    cargo lift. Once you get to the radio room, RUN past the doorway as a Slasher
    falls down right on top of you otherwise. He is followed by two more Slasher
    enemies and a Puker.
     Keep going! Not too much further. The first ambush room has two Lurkers and
    two Leapers in it. Man, they are annoying. They are the last enemies though.
    Keep on going and soon you'll see a message saying that this optional mission
    is over! Congrats!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                   Optional Mission 3: Supply Depot                   >==O
     Ok, to do this one we have to run back aways through areas we've already
    been to. Just follow the line: you can't get lost. The keycard we picked up
    in the waystation will let us into the huge door we couldn't get into earlier.
     Inside you'll find a suit kiosk and a bench both in a central location.
    Handy. There's an elevator here too. Down below there is also an audio log
    called [_WHERE'S LUMLEY?_] on a computer and a door to the left they want us
    to take.
     I say we take the elevator first. This actually leads up to the Tram
    station (another SKIP!). You can get into the Tram up here but all other
    locations are locked for now. There is a [_LOCKER_] up here though as well
    as a bench and suit kiosk. Look for the [_ELECTROCUTION MODULE_] to the
    right of the bench, up high. Good stuff.
     Head back down now and go through the door they want us in. Two Slashers
    will attack. Take them out and then check the table to the right for the
    [_LUMLEY'S LOG_] report. Interesting. Head to the back now and interact with
    the console to start a "Find the blue portion" minigame. This is again too
    easy to be guided through. Once you have it beat the door will work.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The area right past the door is an excellent scavenging
     In this area be sure to head up the ladder to find [_CONTAINER x2_], then
    head for the door. This next room will throw two Slashers at you right away:
    kill them fast and reload. Soon two more will show up with a Puker. Good
    cannon fodder. Take the door on the right and grab the [_AMMO CLIP_] by the
    snow. Head through the next door. They want you to take the big door on the
    left now, but go around the corner for the [_CABINET x2_] first.
     There's a very disturbing sight in the next room. Look around for some
    [_LOCKER x3_] near a computer, then listen to the [_SHOULDN'T WE TURN BACK?_]
    audio log nearby. Head up the stairs and before going through the door take
    note of the vent to your right. If you try and go through the door it will
    malfunction and a Slasher / Puker attack will start. You have to do it though.
    Multiple enemies come from this vent so I'd recommend getting away so they
    aren't on top of you. The wide area is a better place to fight in.
     Once you drive them back continue on. You'll come to a catwalk.  Note the
    power receptacle up here. Go down the ladder and get ready for another
    fight. To your left is a vent and behind you is a good stand-off spot.
    Go forward and trigger the fight. More Slashers and Pukers. Try to stick to
    the door behind you and kill them as they come.
     Once they are dead take note of your area. Two power receptacles need a
    power source down here. The left one is where we need to eventually go to.
    Go down and use kinesis to take the only working power source out. Put it
    in the right power receptacle to open the door. Inside are two Slashers (on
    the ceiling) and [_CONTAINER x3_]. There's also a [_REPEATER_] weapon part
    on the shelf to the right.
    (-NOTE-) If anyone wants to tell me the point of putting the power source
             into the other two receptacles I'm all ears. The door onwards, for
             me, could already be opened.
     Continue to the next room and break the [_CONTAINER x3_] to the left. Go
    through the next door to see a cargo lift is broke. We can restore power to
    it by doing another "find the blue spot" mini-game. Before that though, find
    all the vents in the room and pick a good spot to hold out. Once you beat the
    mini-game, two slashers will come out of each vent for a total of six enemies.
    Kill them all and ride the lift up. Enter the next room.
     Here grab the [_LOG ENTRIES: SFC LUMLEY_] text log from the right. Disturbing.
    Kinda sounds like Gollum. Next grab the [_LOCKER x2_]. Use the bench nearby if
    you wish and continue. This room has a raised platform. Walk to the end of the
    sidewalk and across the way use kinesis to lower it. This will make a wave of
    Slashers and Pukers attack. Half of them come from the door you just entered
    and half from across the platform. Stay at the end of the catwalk and pick
    them off. Stasis the ones from the door you entered as they can run at you
    fast and pose the greatest threat.
     Head across the bridge and into the next room. Here on the right is another
    rare TORQUE BAR room. Hopefully you've been carrying these things around
    with you (I always carry two by this point in the game) and can open it. If
    not, go make one (the bench isn't very far back!). If you can't make one just
    skip the next paragraph and come back when you can.
     In this room you can find an [_AMMO CLIP x2_], [_SPARE PARTS BOX x2_], a
    blueprint called [_HEAVY METAL THUNDER_] (ok, that just sounds awesome),
    and finally some [_LOCKER x4_]. Good haul, I think. Time to continue on.
     Head through the other door now and down the ladder. Continue on through
    the next THREE doors until you reach a room with a catwalk. There are two
    Slashers hanging onto the underside of the catwalk, so take them down. Head
    up the ladder after that and enter the elevator. This takes you to a fairly
    small room where two Slashers drop down from the ceiling vents. Take them
    out. On the right is [_LOCKER x3_] and to the left on the bookshelf is an
    [_AMMO CLIP_] with a [_CABINET_] nearby. The computer in here has an audio
    log called [_SOON WE FEED_]. Spooky!
     Keep on going and use the bench if you wish. Head into the next objective
    door. This next room is fairly large. We will be fighting off some enemies
    very shortly in here, but first follow the right-hand wall to find a corner
    with a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_] in it. After that, the only thing you can do
    in here is start the cargo lift. We WILL be attacked by two waves of enemies
    once we do though, so be ready! Start the lift and prepare for a FEEDER wave.
    Get something fast to take them down with. After that wave will be a fairly
    regular Slasher / Puker wave with at least 8 enemies coming at you. Keep on
    the move and take them down!
     Once the lift comes down you'll see it has the stash on it! Here's what
    you should find: an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT x2_], a [_SCOPE_], an [_AMMO CLIP_],
    some [_SCRAP METAL x59_] and a [_SPARE PARTS BOX_]. Not bad. We got better
    rewards on the way here, but oh well.
     The nearby door will now unlock. Funny how it is tied to the lift. This
    path leads to a security room of sorts. There's a bench here too! Left of
    the bench is the [_FOOD ALL GONE_] audio log.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The dead-end hallway past the bench is a great scavenging
     Head out the only door you can and take the elevator you find. This lead to
    a small room where three Slashers will jump down. Take them out. There are
    [_LOCKER x3_] up here and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] to the left of them. Grab
    them and take the door out. This leads to a room we've been in before. Take
    the left door to get back to the hub. Two Slashers will attack here, but once
    you take them out you are completely done with this area. Time to go back to
    the main story mission!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                Optional Mission 4: Protect the Armory                >==O
     Time to go see who's in the Armory!
     Use the bench and suit kiosk stations if you wish. Past that you can find
    some [_CONTAINER x2_]. Be sure to check out the security office here for a
    [_UNITOLOGIST ARTIFACT_]. Too bad we can't get to the guns here! Your gun is
    likely better anyways.
     Head into the elevator and you'll be in a TRAM area! You can now travel
    beween the supply depot and the armor if you wished, but little reason to
    right now.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The area to the right of the Tram is a great scavenge area!
     Continue to the next elevator. Once you exit a man will die right in front
    of you! Wow. Check the left cubby for [_AMMO CLIP x2_] and continue on. In
    this next room you can use kinesis to open the doors to the left and right
    for some [_CONTAINER x3_] and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] before going on. In the
    next room there are two Feeders in the back. Once you attack three Slashers
    will show up as well. Take them all out. Check to the left for a [_CONTAINER_]
    and a [_STASIS AMPLIFER_]. In the back are [_LOCKER x2_] and a room off to
    the right we can't get into.
     Head into the elevator and head to the next hallway. There is a [_CABINET_]
    on a wall here. In the next room look at the left cubby for [_LOCKER x2_] and
    the [_CONTACT BEAM_] blueprint. Mwhahaha! The central beams here have some
    [_CABINET x2_] on them. Grab them and head into the next area. This raised
    hall has a TON of Feeders in it. You should be able to get the drop on them.
    Try to keep them all in front of you as you kill and at the end you'll get a
    ton of drops. At the back of the room are [_LOCKER x3_] and another one of
    those "move your analog sticks and press 'X'" puzzles.
     Head into the next room and go straight to another room for a [_CABINET_].
    Go back and grab the [_LOCKER_] and go through the next door. You'll face
    three Slashers out here. Take them out and head into the next room.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) The left corner of this room is a good scavenge point!
     Try to go out this door and it will malfunction. Turn around and make a
    stand against some Feeders and Slashers. Not too hard. Continue now and
    watch the body get gibbed. Keep going and in the next room grab the [_AMMO
    CLIP x2_] from the right and the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] off the desk. You can
    listen to the [_MUNITIONS REQUEST_] from the computer here too. Note the
    door we can't get into and take the elevator up.
     Up here you can hear some unitologists. Grab the [_CABINET_] in front of
    you and go the other way. They will notice you now, so shoot down at them.
    This fairly straightforward attack is broken up by a Feeder attack, so be
    ready to watch your back and kill all the feeders that come at you. Once
    everything is dead break the [_CONTAINER_] and head down to the ground
    floor using the nearby lift.
     Down here grab the [_PLASMA CORE_] off the boxes and the [_CONTAINER x3_]
    down the stairs. The [_TRAIN SHIPMENT_] audio log is down here on a computer
    and the main prize, the [_ARMORY KEY_]. Grab it and get up to the wide area
    as you will have to fight off at least 4 Slashers and some drop in where you
    are. Now that we have the key head back to the lift and elevator. Before you
    go and use it on the locked door a Slasher will jump at you, so be ready!
     Enter the locked door and to the right some Stalkers will attack (or are
    about to!). Take them out and watch for one more as you continue. Be sure
    to grab the [_CONTAINER_] on the left and, at the back of this room, look
    behind the boxes for a [_UNITOLOGIST ARTIFACT_]. Follow the objective path
    now to a door with a "find the blue spot" mini-game, which I trust you are
    the master of.
     You will recognize the next room as we've been here before. We need to
    head back to the start of this area. The door exiting here will malfunction
    though, so be ready for a fight with some Slashers and Pukers. Kill them all
    and keep heading back until you get to the first access card door we couldn't
    get through.
     Once you open the door get ready to shoot! Unitologist soldiers! Take them
    down. The next room has [_LOCKER x2_] and an elevator. This leads up to a
    tram station. Take out the two soldiers in here and endure a Feeder attack
    to make the coast clear. Now you just need to open the nearby storage
    container! It contains [_SPARE PARTS BOX x2_], an [_ACID BATH_] part, some
    [_TRANSOUCER x18_], some [_SCRAP METAL x42_] and a [_STASIS SUPPORT_].
     And that, as they say, is that! You should be able to find your way back
    to a familiar environment with the objective tracker. You'll likely have to
    fight some waves of enemies at the drill location and before the nexus
    facility but you can do it. This optional mission is done!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<              Optional Mission 5: 163rd Reaper Barracks               >==O
     Exit the elevator and pick up the [_HEAD ABOVE THE REST_] text log in
    front of you. We have to go straight for now. A quick chat on the heads will
    happen in here. Smash the [_CONTAINER x2_] and grab the [_LOCKER x2_]. The
    [_GETTING A HEAD OF THE GAME_] text log is in front of the door as well.
     Through the door you will fight some Infector Heads to the right. Kill
    them off. You can see another through the window here. Grab the [_THE AXE
    IS OF EVIL_] text log here too (which is awesome). Head out onto the catwalk
    and kill the two ranged Head Infectors in the distance. The end of the walk
    has a [_CONTAINER_] and [_LOCKER_] too.
     Head down the ladder. We have to deal the the brother of Mr. Piston here.
    Stasis it when it's at the start and dash through. You'll need to kill an
    infector head when you get through and some Slashers may join the party.
    There's also a [_CONTAINER_] out here and a [_DAMAGE SUPPORT_] weapon part
    on the table.
    (-IMPORTANT NOTE-) The classic PENG item is nearby! Look at the piston
                       chamber you just went through. When the spikes leave,
                       look behind them. You should see a small glowing item.
                       This is PENG. It may take some doing but you should be
                       able to kinesis it out of the corner it is in. Use stasis
                       if you wish.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'There's Always Peng!' Silver trophy here.
     Time to continue on. Head into the next inactive chamber. The left door
    has a small area with [_CONTAINER x2_] and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Head to
    the ladder and climb up. There's [_CONTAINER x2_] up here but as you walk
    forward two Slashers will rush you. The next room also has a [_CONTAINER x2_]
    by a dead necro (one is past it). There should also be a [_SMALL MED PACK_]
    and [_SCRAP METAL_] lying by the creature.
     Through the next door you'll see some head infectors. Quickly try and take
    them down. As you advance in the room some Slashers (three in total) will join
    the party. Wipe them all out. The bunk area has [_CONTAINER x2_] in it and
    there is a bench by the door. The room to the right of the bench has a
    [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_] in a corner. The next room has some traps in it.
    Shoot them down and continue. Past the traps is a Slasher for you to kill.
     Head into the next room and listen to the disturbing video. The room has
    [_LOCKER x3_], [_CONTAINER x2_] and a [_REAPER OFFICER'S KEY_]. The stash is
    nearby, so shoot down the trap and open it.
    blueprint, a [_HEAVY ELITE FRAME_], a [_S.C.A.F. PARTS BOX_] and a [_RAIL
    ACCELERATOR_] weapon part. Good haul.
     Take a moment to focus on your weapons, as enemies are getting stronger
    and stronger. We have a lot of tactical options like mines and bolas, and
    a whole crap ton of frames and circuits. There's SO many options that I
    can't really help you but create something nice and evil! Mwhahaha!
     We may have gotten the stash but we're not done yet. Use the officer's key
    to try and exit. This sparks a fight with Infector Heads and Slashers. I
    wonder if that body was the private's? Once they are dead continue on to a
    split. The left door is the one they want us to take but take the right one
    instead. You'll need to play the "match the blue spots" minigame (a much
    harder version!) before you can get in.
     In this room watch out for traps and two infector heads (although I don't
    think they can do much in here). At the back is [_CONTAINER x2_] and an
    [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. One you have that, head through the other door, kill
    the infector heads quickly, and go down the starting elevator. This optional
    mission is complete.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                 Optional Mission 6: Disposal Service                 >==O
     Once you have the key, head back to the most recent door that we couldn't
    open. It's not far off, just follow your marker. This leads to a tram
    station with [_LOCKER x3_]. Follow the marker to another elevator and
    continue on.
     You'll get another objective as you head down the hallway:
     o OBJECTIVE: Recover anything that survived the purge
     Lay some traps behind you if you can and go to the next room. You'll start
    a Waster attack here. Most of the wasters will come at you from behind though.
    Once they are dead head into the room. Down the stairs is the [_EXTERMINATE_]
    text log, by [_LOCKER x2_]. Continue on through the next door. Two Exploders
    will come out of the right wall. Kill them and continue to the elevator.
     When you get to a tunnel be ready for a Waster and Exploder assault. Use
    traps and try to use the Exploder balls against the Wasters. Head up the ladder
    and through the door. Continue to the room with the bypass console. Here, set
    up traps at both vents and then play the "find the blue part" mini game. After
    that Wasters, a Leaper, and an Exploder will show up. Kill them off and go
    into the now open door.
     Grab the [_CABINET x3_] in here and continue on. This next room has a ladder
    in it. Head down and grab the [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] from the cabinet down below
    and note the electrical door puzzle in front of you. Now, as soon as you
    touch it an attack will start, so put some traps down by the vents and get
    ready for some Enhanced Wasters, an Exploder, and some Twitchers! It's pretty
    rough but the traps help a ton. Back to the puzzle!
     To solve this we have to think alike for a bit. Let's call the first row
    of handles the TOP, the second row the MIDDLE, and the bottom one the BOTTOM.
    Now, here's the solution:
     TOP RIGHT:  Move 1 Time
     TOP LEFT:  Move 2 Times
     MIDDLE MIDDLE:  Move 2 Times
     MIDDLE LEFT:  Move 1 Time
     BOTTOM:  Move 1 Time
     This will lower the bridge up above and let you continue to an elevator.
     Continue down the ladder. Down here you'll be attacked by Feeders and a
    single Twitcher. Get to the big closed door before they come to give yourself
    room. Keep following the tunnels killing the exploders that show up until you
    can climb up a ladder and get out.
     Head through the next door and lower the bridge using kinesis on the far
    switch. Before trying to leave, locate the one area where you can make a
    stand in (that ISN'T by a vent) and trap the hell out of the vents. Try to
    leave now to start a stream of Feeders and two Wasters coming after you.
     Once they are dead continue on. The next room has [_LOCKER x3_] and a
    bench it it. Restock and continue. Call the cargo lift and go down. Trap the
    vents down here if you wish as you'll have to fight 4-5 Wasters. After that,
    in the next room check the table for the [_FIRST CONTACT_] text log. You'll
    also note that there is a TORQUE ROOM here. As usual, read below to see
    what's in it and skip the next paragraph if you don't care about it.
     Once you are in nab the [_SPARE PARTS BOX x2_], the [_AMMO CLIP x2_], a
    [_FULL ZOOM SCOPE_], an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] and [_LOCKER x5_]. Nothing we
    really haven't seen so far, but a good haul.
     Now, we have two doors left. The game wants us to go to one, an elevator.
    The other one is a dead end, but does have a scavenge point in it:
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Go into the door on the left to find a dead end, but a
                    good scavenge point.
     Head into the elevator now and continue. Head down the hall into some sort
    of security room. As you enter the room some Wasters will attack you. Kill
    them off and use the bench if you wish. Also!
    (- SCAVENGE! -) To the left of the entryway, at the far end of the room.
     Head into the next door to find [_AMMO CLIP x2_] on the table, [_LOCKER x2_]
    and some [_CABINET x2_]. The [_LAST CONTACT_] text log is on a nearby table
    as well. Head through the next door to see a set-up similar to what we've
    seen before. Once you hit that cargo lift an attack will start, so set up
    traps if you can. Search the room for a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_] as well.
     We'll face three waves of foes here.
     The first wave is Feeders and a few Exploders. Not hard at all. It has a
    definite end as well, so try to set up traps again in the meantime. The second
    wave is mainly Wasters, but with some Exploders and even a Twitcher. The third
    wave is Wasters, more Twichers and some more Exploders. The third wave is tough
    do don't be afraid to use some health here and keep on the move if you can as
    it is way too easy to be cornered.
     Once they are dead the stash will come down. Inside is an [_AMMO SWEEPER_],
    BOX_], and a [_CONIC DISPERSAL_] unit. Pretty good collection of weapon parts!
     Time to go back to the main mission now. Be careful at the Tram station as
    you will have some Wasters and Slashers jump you! You'll be out of here soon
    though. Good job on another optional mission.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                 Optional Mission 7: Artifact Storage                 >==O
     After gaining access you will hear the audio log [_WITNESS PROTECTION_].
    Sounds like we're going to look for the dig team. Not too bright, if you ask
    me, but oh well.
     Head on in and use the bench and suit kiosk if you wish. Down below by
    the huge specimen is the [_PRIZED POSSESSION_] audio log. By the exit is the
    text log [_WITNESSING THE TRUTH_]. Good stuff. Grab the [_AMMO CLIP_] as you
    go through the next set of doors and into zero gravity. To the right are
    [_CONTAINER x2_]. Enter space and go down. There's a weird floating necromorph
    here that you can kill quite easily from range by shooting four weakpoints on
    its limbs.
    (-NOTE-) Anyone got an official name for this thing? Email me!
     Take it out and explore the walkway it was by for the [_REALISTIC STATUARY_]
    text log. Go out now and kill the second weird thing below you. Gather up
    the loot and land on the bottom walkway. Look around for a cubby on the wall
    and head to it for a [_STASIS COATING_], then head back to the walkway and
    the door.
     Open the [_LOCKER x2_] you find and check out the skeleton you find. THAT
    is what they looked like, for sure. Enter the door to be back in zero gravity!
    Look at the two top cubbies to find the one with a cabinet in it and head over
    there for a nice [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Head down again and shoot the mines
    that are set up to make it safe. Near the bottom walkway (but floating!) is
    the [_STRANGENESS IN THE TUBES_] text log. Land and enter the door.
     Here grab the [_LOCKER_] and examine the console to learn the WARRIOR
                               \¯¯¯¯    \¯¯¯¯    \¯\¯¯
                                '        '        ' '
     Ok... head forward to the tunnel and kill some Enhances Leapers. Before
    opening the big door, lay some traps if you can so you can run by them. Once
    you open it you'll see why! A big beast is charging you! Run back and throw
    some explosives at it for a quick kill. Head into the next tunnel and get
    ready for the SAME THING. Once its dead head into that tunnel. There will be
    multiple crawlers still in here and they'll shortly be joined by three enhanced
    Leapers. Take them all out.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) In the second big beast tunnel, check near the last vent
                    on the right to find a scavenge point!
     Head through the next door. Play the video recording for the "Final"
                                . .              . . 
                                 \ \              \ \
                                ¯¯¯¯    \¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯
     Loot the [_LOCKER x2_] nearby and keep on going. We'll be in zero gravity
    again. Shoot all the mines you can and head up. A TON of Lurkers will show up
    now, about 6-7, so kill them all. Head up and check the two cubbies by the
    upper walkway as one has an [_ALIEN ARTIFACT_] in it. Play the ridiculous
    "move your analog stick" mini-game and enter the door. There's a bench in
    here with an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] by it.
     The next room has some trapped Hunters. Ugh. It also has a console with
    the translation for "Sacrifice":
                                                  . . 
                                         _____     \ \
                                \¯¯¯¯    \¯\¯¯    ¯¯¯¯
                                          ' '
     Hmm. Interesting. Head down the stairs and to the right is the thing we
    came down here for: the [_ARTIFACT MANIFEST_]. Grab it and the mission will
    be "over". In the far left corner is a scavenge point:
    (- SCAVENGE! -) In the room with the trapped hunters, look near the far
                    left hunter to find the scavenge point.
     There's also, thankfully, a stash here. Open it for [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT x3_],
     Take the only door out of here. Raid the [_LOCKER x2_] and enter the next
    room. In here, you'll have to deal with two HUNTERS! There's a stasis station
    nearby, so destroy and stasis them both. After that, go up the stairs and be
    ready to fight THREE Lungers. You NEED to kill these three enemies, so do so
     After they are dead, it is a wise idea to gather spoils and RE-kill the
    HUNTERS and stasis them. Now that they are trapped, head up the stairs and
    you'll notice a ladder and a bypass system. The ladder leads to an [_UPGRADE
    CIRCUIT_], but if you go for it you should in all honesty rekill the Hunters
    and stasis them again, as the bypass circuit requires some good time to get
    past since it's a "find the blue portion" mini-game.
     Once you DO get through the door, follow it to zero gravity and head UP,
    towards the only exit you can access. You'll be back in the main hub area,
    where the suit kiosk and bench are, but we have NO time to enjoy them: THREE
    Hunters will come after us. Take care of them (no need for stasis) and exit
    this facility. Once you are clear of it we will be officially done with this
    optional mission!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                    Co-op Mission 1: The Brusilov                     >==O
     LOCATION: While in Chapter 4, head to the far left ship (The Brusilov) to
               start this co-op mission!
     o Co-op Mission: Explore the Brusilov
     Before we head for the Brusilov, let's gather some items outside first.
    This all starts with...
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Look to the right to see a wreck that will have a big black 
                    scorch mark facing you. Search around the scorch mark to
                    find this scavenge point!
     There's three big wrecks out here. The one to the right (that has the above
    scavenge point), the one with the "6" on it (very obvious), and the one with
    the giant Nest enemy by it. Kill the enemy if you wish. Now, head over to the
    giant "6" wreck and to the left you'll see some decompression windows. Shoot
    them out to have [_CONTAINER x5_] fly out. You should focus on finding the
    [_PRECISION TIP_] though, as it's in one of the rooms!
     Next we're headed to a small room in this part of the wreck. From the boxes,
    head to the left around the wreck and you'll see a door in the distance. Very
    easy to spot. Head inside to find [_LOCKER x4_], a [_S.C.A.F. ARTIFACT_], and
    a stash box! Note that once you open the stash a Leaper will attack! Take
    care of him and check the box for [_SCRAP METAL x53_], an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_],
    some [_AMMO CLIP x3_], and some [_TRANSOUCER x18_].
     Ok, that's it for items out here (aside from some various boxes in space if
    you look hard enough, that I'm not going to count). Head towards the ship
    now to resume this co-op mission.
     Once you get inside a ways you'll find that it is not pressurized! No
    oxygen is NOT good! Time for an objective!
     o OBJECTIVE: Restore oxygen to the ship
     Head inside to find [_LOCKER x2_] and a waster, then head down the ladder.
    You'll have to fight another Waster down here with a Pregnant Slasher. Kill
    them off and search the room. One corner has [_CONTAINER x2_] and a [_CABINET_]
    in it, while there is another [_CABINET_] and [_LOCKER x2_] by the objective
     Take this into the next room to find a tank of oxygen - just what you need
    at this point (or maybe not, depending on RIG upgrades). This room also has
    the [_DEATH AT FIRST LIGHT_] text log! Wow... good read.
     Keep on going until you get to a radio control room. Here you'll have to
    fight a couple more Wasters (of course, since its a big room), but you can
    also find [_CABINET x2_] over by the radio equipment. From here head out
    into the hallway. There's quite a few doors here. Grab the [_LOCKER_] and
    then head into the room you DON'T have to go into to find a bathroom. Here
    you can raid the place for [_AMMO CLIP x3_] and [_LOCKER x2_]. And take a
    shower, if you wished...
     Head back out and into the elevator. Continue on to a dual-story room.
    Here you can nab [_CONTAINER x3_] from the top and use some nearby oxygen
    if you wish, but beware of the Lurker that pops out. There's a [_LOCKER_]
    in the corner. Grab it and head down the ladder. You'll find [_LOCKER x2_]
    down here. Go further in to see a [_EXPLOSIVE MODULE_] and a text log named
    [_SLEEPING PUPPETS_]. Creepy.
     Ok, next we have to play the "Find the blue spot" mini-game to get the
    oxygen working. While one person does that though, monsters will attack!
    The second person (should) guard the first person while three Wasters and
    three Lurkers come out of the vent by the ladder (They will come out in
    other places if both people aren't down below, though). Make use of all of
    the flame canisters around and it should be an easy task of fending them off.
    Once you have restored life support, you'll get a new objective:
      o OBJECTIVE: Find the source of the transmission
     Head back up and back out to the hallway, where a Slasher will surprise you
    by jumping out the vent on the right. Continue through the next few doors
    kiling a Slasher on the way until you see a pathway off to the left. Follow
    it to find a [_CONTAINER_] and a [_CABINET_], then go through the door. The
    big prize in here is a [_EARTH GOV ARTIFACT_], as well as [_CONTAINER x2_]
    and some [_SCRAP METAL x54_].
     Head back out and kill the oncoming Pregnant Slasher and Wasters that come
    after you. In the back of the room is a [_CONTAINER_] and [_CABINET_]. Grab
    them and head through the door on the right. Follow the path to a door on the
    left and enter. Here grab the [_CONTAINER x2_], [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_] and the
    [_CABINET_]. The [_CALLED TO STUDY_] text log is in here as well.
     Head back out and play the dumb "move your analog stick" mini-game to
    open the way forward, where you'll see a scene. Trippy! After that you'll
    face a a wave of Lurkers and Wasters! There's quite a few of them but this
    IS the big fight of the mission. Watch each others backs and you'll be fine.
     Once everything is dead collect the [_CONTAINER x5_] scattered around the
    room and use the bench if you wish, then head to the STASH. Inside is an
    CONIC DISPERSAL_] weapon part. Very nice!
     Now it's time to leave! We just need to head all the way back to the SK1P!
    Beware of the Pregnant Slasher outside the door. You'll also notice that the
    life support is gone once you get through the next door! Back to oxygen for
    us! As you make your way back be ready for various Wasters and Slashers until
    you get back into the control/radio room. HERE you will have to endure a
    bigger Waster attack. They come from the vents near the exits, so be ready.
     Continue your exit and in the ladder area you may find some more Wasters
    and Lurkers. There seems to be more of them if you wait around longer than
    you need to. But the exit is absurdly close now and you have very little
    ground to cover before this co-op mission is done!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                     Co-op Mission 2: Archeology                      >==O
      o Co-op Mission: Explore the Archeology Warehouse
     Take the elevator to a central tram station where you can use the Bench
    and Suit Kiosk to prepare. There are [_LOCKER x2_] here as well. Once you
    are ready, take the next elevator and watch the kick-ass scene. We'll get
    an objective afterward.
     o OBJECTIVE: Investigate the warehouse's secrets
     Head down the nearby ladder and get ready to face off a Feeder attack.
    Once they are dead take the next two doors and get ready for ANOTHER Feeder
    attack. They really want you! Keep on going and look to the left for the
    [_ANGER MANAGEMENT PROGRAM_] text log sitting nearby.
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'Research Circuit Set' at the bench, as this is the last text
             log in the game (If you've done the co-op missions last like
             me, that is).
     Head up the ladder and into the next room. A leaper will drop down here,
    so take him out. Head through to a bridge room. Here you will face a wave
    of enemies from the vents, including Feeders, Leapers and Lurkers. Go back
    to back on the bridge for safety, if you can.
     Head through the next door where you can find the incredibly good [_NEVER
    HOME_] audio log and nab the [_LOCKER x4_]. There's a bench here as well if
    you need it. Keep going and take the cargo lift down. You'll have to fight
    off two Enhanced Slashers down here before going on.
     Head into the next big room with power receptacles. Here you'll face a wave
    of Leapers, Lurkers and Feeders but you should be pretty safe by the door
    you just came in from.
     Once they are dead, grab the power source from the lower power receptacle.
    We want to grab some items first so let's throw it upstairs! Climb up after
    it and use it to open the door here. Here you will find an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]
    and, near the dead end:
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Upstairs past the power-locked door, go to the end of the
                    room to find the scavenge point.
     Once you are done with that, take out the power source and throw it down
    by the objective door so we can continue. Continue on to the snow room where
    you can grab [_CABINET x2_] and go through the next door. Here you can find
    the [_LIKE FATHER LIKE SON_] audio log and [_LOCKER x2_]. Head through the
    next door when you're ready.
     In this room you'll fight a Slasher and two Leapers. Kill them off and
    look around near the door for a [_DIRECTED EJECTION FIELD_]. Keep heading
    forward to the next big room, where you can find the EXCELLENT [_SOULLESS_]
    audio log. IT'S SO GOOD! You'll have to fight off a wave of Lurkers and
    Feeders as well. Once they're dead, head up the ladder and continue. Up in
    the next room be sure to explore the left path to find a [_RIP CORE_] under
    the table before going into the next door.
     In here you'll hear a strange noise! Down below are some of the old poison
    lung guys from Dead Space 2! Two of them! Head down and kill them off, then
    kill off the ensuing attack by Lurkers and Leapers. Once they are dead head
    up the ladder into the next room, grab the [_CABINET x2_] and then head into
    the elevator.
     The room you come to has a bench, but more importantly also has a TORQUE
    BAR ROOM. Read below to see what's in the room to decide if it's worth it
    or not (it is).
     Inside you can find [_AMMO CLIP x2_], [_SPARE PARTS BOX x2_], [_LOCKER x4_]
    and most importantly the [_FLAMETHROWER BLUEPRINT_].
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'Builder's Circuit Set' at the bench, as this is the last
             blueprint in the game (If you've done the co-op missions last
             like me, that is).
     Drop off items and restock at the bench, then continue to the stash room!
     And if you are Carver: Remember, the cake is a lie!
     Here we'll have to fight for our stash (of course), but it's surprisingly
    easy, consisting of two waves of Feeders, Lurkers, and Leapers. Fairly easy
    stuff. Once that's done, go ahead and open the stash with your buddy.
     Inside is some [_TUNGSTEN x27_], an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT x2_], some
     Very nice. We still need to exit though. Take the next doors and head to
    the control room. Here, check the shelves in front of you for an [_EARTH GOV
    ARTIFACT_]. Very nice! There is also a bench in this area and, past the bench,
    is a cabinet with an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Take the elevator onward.
     You'll be in a big room with [_LOCKER x3_] to raid. Head onward to the next
    big room, where you'll be attacked by three leapers. This room also has a
    suit kiosk  and bench, along with a scavenge point!
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check near the Suit Kiosk to find this scavenge point.
     Take the elevator to continue on. Here you'll see another scene... wow.
    That was very Silent Hill-esque. So cool.
     And that ends the Archeology Co-op mission. Good job!
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                 Co-op Mission 3: Marker Containment                  >==O
     LOCATION: While in Chapter 14, you will see this co-op mission linked to
               an elevator in the main hallway area.
      o Co-op Mission: Explore the Marker Containment Area
     Head down the elevator to another Tram area. There's [_LOCKER x3_] in here
    as well as a bench and suit kiosk. And a tripping Carver. Again. Head into
    the next elevator to get an objective and start this mission.
      o OBJECTIVE: Investigate Carver's vision
     Head out of the elevator and be ready for a Slasher busting out of a vent,
    then take the door on the right. Out on the walkway hit the control to
    continue on. Grab the [_LOCKER_] and check around for the [_HYSTERICS_]
    audio log. Note that his audio log is actually different depending on who
    is listening to it (Carver hears some interesting things).
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'Comms Circuit Set' and 'MK-II Overclocked Modules Set' at the
             bench, as this is the audio log and all logs in the game (If you've
             done the co-op missions last like me, that is).
     Head through the next door and go past the gate. You'll face a wave of
    twitchers coming up. Use the stasis containers and feel free to use your
    own stasis as there is a stasis station nearby. Take them all out as they
    come past the crates to funnel them. Also, check for the scavenge point
    (- SCAVENGE! -) After the Twitcher fight, check near the right-hand wall
                    for this scavenge point.
     Head forward to the next room, noting the stasis station. Try to enter the
    door and it will malfunction! Here, Carver will have a vision and will, in
    reality, just stand in place (he actually has his own game play section but
    its very straight-forward - avoid the Pack enemies while listening to kick-ass
    dialog!). In the mean time, Isaac will have to protect him from a dozen or so
    Slashers. Feel free to use stasis here and keep Carver up-right!
     The next room has a total of [_CONTAINER x3_] in it as well as a scavenge
    point nearby.
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check near the left-hand wall, near the end, in the room
                    after Carver's first vision to find this scavenge point.
     Take the door on the right to continue on. There's a [_CABINET_] in here.
    A Slasher also jumps down right before the next door. Kill him and go into
    the Raised Hall. Grab the [_LOCKER x2_] and get ready for a fight. Once you
    get to the middle of the area you'll have to fight back a Slasher and Feeder
    attack. Kill them off and find the next set of [_LOCKER x2_] before going
    through the next door.
     In here, check to the immediate right for an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]. Also!
    (- SCAVENGE! -) Check near the first pillar after the Raised Hall fight for
                    this scavenge point.
     Take the elevator once you're done.
     In this room take the cargo lift up and follow the path to an [_EARTH GOV
    ARTIFACT_]. Very  nice!
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'MK-II Overclocked Tip Set' at the bench, and the [_FLIGHT SUIT_]
             at the suit kiosk, as this should be the last ARTIFACT in the game
             (If you've done the co-op missions last like me, that is).
     Try to leave and the door will malfunction again.
     Just like last time, Isaac will need to protect Carver from a dozen or so
    Enhanced Slashers while Carver is off in la-la land. He'll be killing The Pack
    while seeing some cool stuff, especially at the end.
     Afterward, continue on. Grab the [_LOCKER x3_] and an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT_]
    in a cabinet. Continue out to the walkway. Out here, check for a [_SPARE
    PARTS BOX_] on the right. You'll need to use kinesis to grab this. After you
    do, be ready for a Lurker attack. Kill them off and hit the dial again to
    advance. From here, continue on grabbing the [_LOCKER x2_] until you hit
    another walkway. Once again, hit the button twice more to continue.
     In this next room, go down the ladder for [_CONTAINER x2_] (if you wish),
    and be sure to grab the [_LOCKER x3_] from the corner. Head down the stairs
    and nab the [_RAIL ACCELERATOR_] at the bottom. Past the next door, prepare
    for a Slasher and Exploder attack. Some of them come from behind you, so be
    ready to defend from both sides (good co-op strategy).
     Next up is the Stash Room! Goodie Goodie! Oh, well, except Carver trips
    again. Isaac will once again need to protect him from the Enhances Slashers,
    which frankly come from every corner of the room except the Stash corner.
     Carver has a little more to do in HIS portion. You'll have to fend off The
    Pack as usual but you'll additionally need to head forward and destroy the
    Marker that you find. Once you've done that the real life Slashers and vision
    will come to an end.
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'MK-II Overclocked Frame Set' at the bench, as well as the
             [_HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT_] suit at the suit kiosk as this is the
             last optional misson in the game (assuming you've done the
             co-op missions last like me, that is).
     Time to grab the stash!
     Inside is an [_UPGRADE CIRCUIT x2_], the [_AMMO BOX_], a [_S.C.A.F. PARTS
    BOX_], and [_SCRAP METAL x56_]. Pretty good.
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'Crafter's Circuit Set' at the bench, as all weapon parts have
             been discovered (assuming you've done the co-op missions last like
             me, that is).
    (-NOTE-) If you've been following the guide, you will unlock the
             'MK-II Overclocked Attachment Set' at the bench, as all upgrade
             circuits been discovered (assuming you've done the co-op missions
             last like me, that is).
     Continue on and the next room will have a bench (good for storing all the
    stuff we just got). Take the elevator up which will lead back to the tram
    room we started near. And that's it for the last co-op mission in the game.
     Good stuff.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                               Enemies                                >==O
     Here you can find a list of all the basic enemies you'll meet in the
    game. This does not include bosses. This list is in alphabetical order.
    (-NOTE-) MOST enemies (not all, but most) have an Enhanced form. This
             enhanced form looks exactly the same but is darker in color with
             more evil-looking eyes. Enhanced forms are harder to kill and
             become very common by the end of the game.
     o Alien Necromorph
     These things are the BIG beasts that appear only during the last four
    chapters of the game. They are the largest regular enemy you'll encounter.
    More often than not they will attempt to charge you, so be SURE to stay out
    of a corner as they can charge over and over and hit you up multiple times
    if you let them. They can also spawn Crawlers to try and hurt you as well.
     o Crawlers
     This once-common enemy from Dead Space 2 doesn't show up that often on its
    own. Instead, it is mostly tied to areas where you encounter Alien Necromorphs.
    They resemble babies in size and will try to crawl up next to you and explode
    (much like the Exploder). It's best to use fast-firing weapons to take them
    out, as they always show up in groups. With skill you can take our their
    (small) head and use the body as a make-shift bomb via telekinesis.
     o Cyst
     Another enemy that you won't see much of. You'll encounter these things
    around Chapter 14 in a building overgrown with necromorphic flesh. They are
    essentially pods that spit out a small explosive sack once you get near them.
    You can run past them or anticipate the explosive sack coming out and TK it
    to gain an explosive throwing weapon.
     o Exploders
     Skinny necromorphs that drag around a large, glowing sack. This sack is
    in actuality a large bomb, so taking Exploders out from range is your
    highest priority. Try your best to explode their bomb when they are around
    other necromorphs as collateral damage is a plus.
     o Feeder
     Another new enemy type. The Feeder takes on the role of the "Pack" enemies
    from Dead Space 2. In other words, ever time you see ONE Feeder, 6-7 more
    are bound to follow. They are skinny and humanoid in appearence, and do their
    best to rush your position. It doesn't take much to take one out, but running
    out of ammo is a real concern. Do your best to establish a choke point
    somewhere and stay calm. If you only have one or two left, feel free to melee
     o Guardians
     Guardians return from Dead Space 2 but don't appear very often. They are
    the mass of flesh that stick to walls and can't move around. In this game
    they will spit out Head Infectors from time to time, as when you encounter
    them there is always bodies laying around. To kill them shoot the small
    tentacles that appear from their stomach until no more appear.
     o Leapers
     Leapers are the large, flat scorpion-looking things that will often rush you
    and try to pin you to the ground. They are very agile and can easily rush you
    in seconds as well as bounce around from wall to wall with little problem.
    Aim for their two claws and tail, as taking out two out of three should drop
    the beast for good. Taking out its head is often of little use.
     o Lurker
     Lurkers are the main long-range threat in the game. They are the small
    dog-like creatures that attack from range using three tentacles. Shoot off
    two of the tentacles to take them down. They often appear in outer-space
    segments as well, from exterior vents. If you are fighting them in-doors and
    they are close, consider using some stasis on them and stomping on them.
     o Nest
     The Nest is a large mass of necro flesh that you will only encounter in
    space segments. It will often shoot chunks of flesh at you (or at specific
    places) that explode on contact. You merely need to keep shooting the mouth
    that shoots the flesh out to kill it off.
     o Poison Lung
     This enemy is a rare sight in the game. It only shows up in one of the
    co-op missions. It sits in a single place and poisons the atmosphere around
    it. You won't deal with them for very long and they are easy to kill. Good
    to see them return, if only for a single room.
     o Pukers
     Pukers are, by far, the most annoying enemy in the game. They look a LOT
    like slashers but often sport a green hue. Their primary attack is a
    long-range spit attack. It doesn't hurt much, but it does stop you from
    running and makes you move REALLY slow. This makes the Puker annoying and,
    when combined with other necromorphs, DANGEROUS. When they get close they
    will try to slash and grab you (and further puke on you), but you should
    primarily watch out for their long-range spit attack.
     o Slasher
     Your typical cannon-fodder necromorph. You'll encounter these guys throughout
    the game, as they are used to ambush you at in-opportune times and as general
    wave material. A good strategy is to aim for the legs and then wack off an arm
     o Stalker
     Another enemy that returns from Dead Space 2. Stalkers are the raptors of
    the game. They only appear in areas with lots of cover and will use that
    cover to stalk you. You can often see them peeking around corners. After
    awhile, they will run around the corner and charge you, at which point you
    can take them down. Stasis can be used if you're TOO scared, but you should
    really get used to killing them without stasis. They will jump OVER their
    cover at times as well.
     o The Hunter
     This guy is the regenerative necromorph in the game. Dead Space had the
    Hunter, Dead Space 2 had the Ubermorph... you have The Hunter! (I'm a genius
    at naming these things!). ANYWAY, it looks like an extra-large Slasher and
    has unitologist markings all over its body. More importantly, it regenerates
    body parts and keeps stalking you. Much like the Ubermorph, your best bet is
    to cut it to pieces and then STASIS it. You will likely find stasis stations
    around whenever you encounter this thing.
     o The Pack
     Another co-op only enemy. The Pack are small child-like necromorphs that
    attempt to rush you like Feeders. However, only Carver will end up fighting
    and seeing this enemy. Can't spoil why, but it's awesome. Hint: PLAY AS CARVER!
     o Twitchers
     These things are fairly unique as far as enemies go. They are essentially
    Wasters that have had stasis modules fused into their necromorphic flesh.
    As a result, when you encounter them they will seem to twitch in and out of
    view. Your best bet in dealing with them is to stasis them, as this brings
    them back to normal movement. Well, that or stasis coating on your gun.
     o Unitologist Soldiers
     Human soldiers bent on following their religion no matter what. They often
    attack with Rocket Launchers, Shotguns and Assault Rifles. Probably the only
    enemy in the game where it's OK to "aim for the head". They are not
    particularly smart or tactical, and half of them will rush you so be ready
    for initial rush tactics and heavy weaponry and you'll be ok.
     o Waster
     A new enemy type to Dead Space: the Waster looks even more human than the
    Slasher. Wasters tend to rush you and attack with melee weapons such as axes
    and ice-picks. They are very common. Upon taking damage, they will sometimes
    split in half and sprout tentacles like a Crawler, all while continuing to
    use their legs.
                          ___            ___             ____
                         |   \          / __|           |__ /
                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
     In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game along with my best
    description on how to obtain them. I'm sure that you Xbox 360 players out
    there have the same exact "achievements", so this should help you out too.
    (-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.
       .—————————————————————.                                  .——————————————.
     __|   Brave New World   |__________________________________|   Platinum   |__
        Description | Obtain all trophies.
      How to Obtain | The last trophy you'll get in the game. The ultimate reward.
                    | Congrats on mastering Dead Space 3! (PS3 ONLY)
       .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
     __|   Stranger in a Strange Land   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete the Prologue.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   Space Odyssey   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Survive your first spacewalk.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
     __|   Critical Mass  |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Recover the shuttle.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
     __|   Snow Crash   |_________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Reach Tau Volantis.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
     __|   Intestinal Fortitude  |________________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Defeat the Hive Mind.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
     __|    Hydra    |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill the Snowbeast.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
     __|   Together as One   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Reassemble Rosetta.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .——————————————————————.                                   .————————————.
     __|   Infernal Machine   |___________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Reach the Alien Machine.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .————————————————————————.                                   .——————————.
     __|   Shoot for the Moon   |___________________________________|   Gold   |__
        Description | Defeat the Moon.
      How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy and cannot be missed as long
                    | as you play through the game.
       .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
     __|   Under a Buck   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Shoot the deer head trophy in the Admiral's Quarters.
      How to Obtain | Ha! This is a cool little trophy. While playing through
                    | Chapter 4, be sure to shoot the Deer Head in the Admiral's
                    | Quarters. You can't miss this thing. I'll bet most of you
                    | got this without knowing it was a trophy (since it starts
                    | out as a Hidden Trophy).
       .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
     __|   Space Ace   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Shoot at least 70 targets during the ride to Tau Volantis.
      How to Obtain | Not very hard to get. Focus on shooting targets no matter
                    | what and you should be able to pull this off with ease. I
                    | got it on my first try of actually trying...
       .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
     __|   Hungry    |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Reach the pump room of the Waystation without alerting any
                    | Feeders.
      How to Obtain | Surprisingly easy. Simply do NOT engage the Feeders or use
                    | the aim function while you sneak around (I don't know if you
                    | HAVE to crouch, but you're sneaking! Crouch!). It's not a
                    | very long way that you have to go. Also, forget about items
                    | until you get to the piston room.
       .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
     __|   Drill Sergeant   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete the Drill Room without taking any damage.
      How to Obtain | So... I hate this trophy. Completely hate it.
                    | As far as I know, based on experience, you CANNOT die or use
                    | restart checkpoint... but there is a way you can avoid the
                    | long run here.
                    | It should also be noted that this room, as a whole, is
                    | extremely glitchy. You SHOULD face three waves of enemies but
                    | half of the time I only faced two.
                    | To do this I would honestly recommend grabbing a friend and
                    | playing co-op on casual. Get to the drill room and give it a
                    | go. One person should watch one side of the arena and another
                    | should watch the other side. Stand to the back by the stasis
                    | station and kill off the first two waves that feature Wasters
                    | and Slashers. They will die off and stop coming at one point.
                    | It is recommended to use a fast-firing weapon with stasis and
                    | a heavy hitter secondary, like a rocket launcher. After the
                    | second wave, wait until the drill comes down and starts to
                    | spin then IMMEDIATELY hit it with stasis and destroy it, as
                    | you don't want to play around with the Feeders.
                    | If you fail one of you can quit while the other re-invites
                    | and you'll be forced to go back to the last check-point.
                    | Doing it this way get's around the "No restarting checkpoint"
                    | rule that plauged my single-player experience.
       .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
     __|   Weedkiller   |_________________________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Kill 5 Cysts in the Biology Building with a single poison
                    | gas cloud.
      How to Obtain | This one is also pretty easy. Much easier than the "Bronze"
                    | Drill trophy up above. When you enter the Biology wing
                    | after getting the card from Ellie, get PAST all of the Cysts
                    | without killing them. For the ones that are on the ground,
                    | I recommend using stasis on them and getting by them, then
                    | turning around and catching their bomb with kinesis. This
                    | way you can throw it somewhere where it won't hurt the cyst.
                    | You have to do this with the ground ones, as the hallway is
                    | too narrow.
                    | Once you are past them all, go down the elevator, fix the
                    | gas system, head back up, and use the computer in the booth!
                    | Bam! Trophy is yours!
       .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
     __|   Get On My Level   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
      How to Obtain | Just beat the game... you.. you don't honestly expect a tip
                    | here do you?
       .——————————————————.                                       .————————————.
     __|   The Explorer   |_______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete all optional missions.
      How to Obtain | This trophy does include the game's three co-op only
                    | missions, so you loners out there are forced to go online
                    | for a little bit at least!
       .——————————————————————————.                                 .——————————.
     __|   Aren't You Thankful?   |_________________________________|   Gold   |__
        Description | Complete the game on Hardcore Mode
      How to Obtain | Haven't done this one. Probably never will. Sorry guys,
                    | you are on your own here!
       .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
     __|   Epic Tier 4 Engineer   |_______________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete the game in Classic Mode.
      How to Obtain | I haven't done this on yet either, but it's just playing
                    | through the game in another mode, right? More thoughts on
                    | this after trying Classic Mode.
       .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
     __|   Survivalist   |________________________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete the game in Pure Survival Mode.
      How to Obtain | Another one I haven't done yet. Not sure I will, either,
                    | but the name "Pure Survival Mode" has me all sorts of
                    | interested in this! More if or when I get to it.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   Gun Collector   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Collect all Weapon Parts.
      How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy once you collect all the Weapon
                    | Parts in the game (meaning you'll get it near the end
                    | of the game). Check the progress in the game to see what
                    | Artifacts you are missing and in what chapter, then check
                    | out the guide for further help. Don't forget about co-op
                    | missions!
       .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
     __|   Aliens    |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Collect all Alien Artifacts.
      How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy once you collect all the Alien
                    | Artifacts in the game (meaning you'll get it near the end
                    | of the game). Check the progress in the game to see what
                    | Artifacts you are missing and in what chapter, then check
                    | out the guide for further help.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   The Professor   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Collect all Artifacts.
      How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy once you collect all of the various
                    | Artifacts in the game (meaning you'll get it near the end
                    | of the game). Check the progress in the game to see what
                    | Artifacts you are missing and in what chapter, then check
                    | out the guide for further help.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   The Librarian   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Collect all Logs.
      How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy once you collect all of the video and
                    | text logs in the game (meaning you'll get it near the end
                    | of the game). Check the progress in the game to see what
                    | logs you are missing and in what chapter, then check out
                    | the guide for further help.
       .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
     __|   The Armorer   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Collect all Circuits.
      How to Obtain | You'll get this trophy once you collect all of the Upgrade
                    | Circuits in the game (meaning you'll get it near the end
                    | of the game). Check the progress in the game to see what
                    | circuits you are missing and in what chapter, then check
                    | out the guide for further help.
       .——————————————————————————.                               .————————————.
     __|   There's Always Peng!   |_______________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Find Peng.
      How to Obtain | Peng returns! It's really easy to find Peng with the help
                    | of the guide! You can pretty much just use CTRL + F to find
                    | Peng in the walkthrough and then you'll know exactly what
                    | it is and how to get it.
       .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
     __|   My Buddy   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Retrieve Resources from a Scavenger Bot at a Bench.
      How to Obtain | You'll get this one after visiting a bench after your first
                    | scavenger bot has returned. Probably somewhere in chapter
                    | 5 or 6. Fairly early on.
       .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
     __|   Metal Detector   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Successfully deploy Scavenger Bots to 15 Resource Areas.
      How to Obtain | This one is easy if you follow the guide! I list scavenge
                    | points everywhere. You will get this one in no time!
       .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
     __|   Strapped   |___________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Craft a Weapon.
      How to Obtain | I can't possibly imagine that anyone needs help with this
                    | trophy...
       .————————————————————.                                     .————————————.
     __|   Circuit's Edge   |_____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Add a Circuit to a Weapon.
      How to Obtain | A very easy trophy to get. You will undoubtedly get this
                    | one while playing the game. If you don't, you REALLY need
                    | to go play around with customizing weapons.
       .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
     __|     EMT     |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Craft a Large Med Pack.
      How to Obtain | Very easy to get. You should get this in your first
                    | play-through easily.
       .————————————————.                                         .————————————.
     __|   Full House   |_________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Craft a Weapon with 2 Tools, Tips, and Attachments with all
                    | Circuit slots filled.
      How to Obtain | You should be able to do this easily near the middle and end
                    | of the game. It really doesn't matter what weapon you craft,
                    | just fill everything you can.
       .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
     __|  RIG Master   |__________________________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Fully upgrade your RIG.
      How to Obtain | You should be able to get this on your first play-through
                    | easily enough. If not, play a New Game + and you'll get
                    | it for sure.
       .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
     __|   Master Plan   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Create a Blueprint that needs at least 2000 resources worth
                    | of parts and Circuits to build.
      How to Obtain | You can do this fairly easily near the end of the game with
                    | all the items you'll have by then. Just make a new weapon on
                    | a frame with 8 circuits (Heavy Elite Frame), fill it with
                    | high level circuits, full parts, full tips, full mods, etc.
                    | Then, use the "create blueprint" option. If your stuff is
                    | expensive enough, you should get this easily.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   From the Jaws   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Save your Co-Op partner from an execution by killing the
                    | attacker.
      How to Obtain | Fairly easy to do once you start playing co-op. Note that
                    | the word "Execution" is used loosely here: your partner
                    | just needs to be grabbed by an enemy and not really be near
                    | death or in any real trouble... You just need him to get
                    | grabbed and then kill the attacker! You can easily set this
                    | up for each other.
       .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
     __|   Share and Share Alike   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Use the RIG to give an item to your Co-Op partner.
      How to Obtain | Very easy. Go into your inventory and give your buddy an
                    | item. How hard is that!?
       .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
     __|   Medic!    |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Revive your Co-Op partner 10 times.
      How to Obtain | This trophy is best planned with your buddy. Play the game
                    | on hard and let one person die while another person hides
                    | nearby and revives them. Over and over. Then switch! I did
                    | this on Chapter 10 with all the human enemies and it turned
                    | out pretty darn easy to get.
       .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
     __|   Ghosts of the Past   |_________________________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Face all of Carver's demons by completing all Co-Op only
                    | optional missions.
      How to Obtain | You'll get this once you beat all three co-op only mission.
                    | What are you waiting for! Get online!
       .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
     __|   Architect   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Share a Blueprint with your Co-Op partner.
      How to Obtain | This one is just as easy as the RIG one. While playing co-op
                    | head to a bench and share your favorite blueprint with your
                    | buddy. You'll see the option to share while browsing through
                    | your blueprints.
       .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
     __|   Axes High   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill 30 enemies using Fodder axes.
      How to Obtain | I didn't even know you could to this. Fodder axes must be
                    | the axes the Wasters use, I would think. You must have to
                    | TK them. Will add in more once I try this.
       .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
     __|   Payback   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill a Soldier by TK'ing a grenade or rocket back at them.
      How to Obtain | An entertaining trophy that takes some skill to do. You can
                    | find quite a few Unitologist Soldiers using rocket launchers
                    | near the end of the game, such as in chapter 18. I recommend
                    | finding one, killing off all his buddies, and then baiting
                    | him into firing so you can catch it and throw it back.
       .—————————————————————.                                    .————————————.
     __|   Close Encounter   |____________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill 10 alien Necromorphs.
      How to Obtain | The alien necromorphs are the big creatures you encounter
                    | near the end of the game. It's too your advantage to kill
                    | them whenever you see them as they have a quick charge
                    | attack and can spawn Crawlers. At one point (in Chapter 18,
                    | I believe), you will be assaulted by about FIVE of them. You
                    | can CHOOSE to move on if you wish, but you should stay
                    | behind and kill them all to virtually guarantee you'll get
                    | this trophy.
       .———————————————————————.                                  .————————————.
     __|   Go for the Limbs!   |__________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Dismember 500 limbs from living enemies.
      How to Obtain | You will get this by playing through the story (at least
                    | on single player).
       .————————————————————————————.                             .————————————.
     __|   And Then We Doubled It!  |_____________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Dismember 1000 limbs from living enemies.
      How to Obtain | You'll likely get this one on a second play-through of the
                    | game. Just keep playing and killing off necromorphs and
                    | other enemies and this will come in time.
       .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
     __|   Slow Mo   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill 50 enemies while they are in stasis.
     How to Obtain  | The best way to get this one is to take the time and put
                    | Stasis Coating on one of your weapons for awhile. Doing so
                    | counts towards this trophy.
       .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
     __|   Blast Corps   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill 30 enemies with explosion damage.
     How to Obtain  | A fairly easy trophy to get. Near the end of the game it
                    | is highly recommended to have an explosive secondary weapon
                    | on one of your weapons (I recommend it in the guide). If
                    | you don't have this yet, go build a new weapon and start
                    | killing!
       .———————————————.                                          .————————————.
     __|   Shootbang   |__________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill 30 Soldiers with head shots.
     How to Obtain  | Not much to say here. A purely skill-based trophy. I know
                    | that I didn't get it on my first playthrough of the game.
                    | I plan to get it with time, though. The last few chapters
                    | of the game have a good amount of soldiers, if you're
                    | hunting for them.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   Empty Chamber   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill 30 enemies using melee strikes or a melee Weapon Part.
     How to Obtain  | Another easy-to-get trophy. You'll likely get this during
                    | your first play-through after multiple encounters with
                    | Feeders. If not, just focus on melee for awhile and it will
                    | be yours.
       .———————————————————.                                      .————————————.
     __|   Dropping Acid   |______________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.
     How to Obtain  | This trophy centers around the Acid Coating modification
                    | you can put on your weapons. Go put it on one of your
                    | weapons after finding it / creating it and resume killing
                    | like normal. You will get it in time.
       .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
     __|   Electric Lawnmower   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Kill 30 enemies using an electrified Ripper blade.
     How to Obtain  | Haha! I haven't done this one yet but I can't wait to try.
                    | I recommend finding a good place to kill Feeders, as their
                    | numbers have to help with getting this trophy.
       .—————————————————————————.                                .————————————.
     __|   Overpowered Healing   |________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Use quick heal to heal yourself 20 times.
     How to Obtain  | You'll get this one easily as you play through the main
                    | game. Quick heal is so useful that I can't imagine you NOT
                    | getting this trophy...
                          ___            ___             ____
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                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                           Version History                            >==O
     Version 0.40: February 4th-7th, 2013
     About halfway through the game. Making OK progress I suppose. Wanted to
    put SOMETHING out for the feedback. Still working hard!
     Version 1.00: February 7th-8th, 2013
     Woohoo! Finished the guide! At least the Main Story is done. Have quite
    a bit to go back and add and a bunch to fix, but I'm happy that the bulk
    of the game guide is done! Very nice!
     Version 1.20: February 9th-13th, 2013
     Done with all Optional Missions and Co-op Missions. Added in the trophy
    segment and got the vast majority of them as well. Still need to do an
    enemy section, but a very nice update nonetheless.
     BIG thanks to The Black Oni and Designs for helping me finish off the
    three co-op missions (and a chunk of Survival mode). Thanks a ton guys!
     Version 1.30: February 15th, 2013
     Added in the enemy section and remembered to properly thank my co-op
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                         | |  | E A D   \__ \ P A C E    |_ \
    O==<                               Credits                                >==O
     o The Black Oni for being a great Co-op Partner!
     o Designs for being a great Co-op Partner!
     o Genjutsu Crow for the quote.
     o Sherwin Rahimi and Jamie Ross for the CH. 6 Artifact.
     o Austin Dufresne for the Chapter 3 name.
     o Jamie Ross for the Alien Necromorph name.
     o DomZ Ninja and Johnathan Sawyer for the logo ASCii.
     o Vinheim for the control section.
     o Gamefaqs Contributor board for the support (You know who you are!)
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