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    FAQ/Walkthrough by vhayste

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                     G E A R S   O F   W A R:   J U D G M E N T
                                W A L K T H R O U G H
                            AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                              CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com
    Illustrated online version of the guide is available below
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    12:43 AM 3/16/2013
          + Completed all missions in Judgment and Aftermath
          + Collected all COG tags
          + Online guide achievement section in progress
    GoW: Judgment takes place in the past and puts players in control of Kilo
    Team which is led by Baird, one of the members of series' main set of
    characters, the Delta squad. The game is divided into several "testimonies"
    or chapters, divided in sections. Members of Kilo Team awaits trial, and
    they will narrate the events that lead to the present.
    The outstanding combat and cover system is still present, while new enemies
    will surely challenge players to new heights. Declassify Missions are
    introduced in this game. These are optional missions that will allow stars
    to be earned faster. The game also features Aftermath mode, which is
    basically a short expansion of the events from Gears 3.
    This guide will assist you in completing all the campaign missions, finding
    all COG tags, Declassify Missions and will also feature an achievement
    guide to help you earn those achievements.
                          T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S
     Use CTRL + F using the codes below to jump to the topic you want to access.
    I.   The Museum of Military Glory
    MS01 ------- Section 1 – Old Town
    MS02 ------- Section 2 – Riverwalk District
    MS03 ------- Section 3 – Museum Gardens
    MS04 ------- Section 4 – Great Hall 
    MS05 ------- Section 5 – Kashkur Wing
    MS06 ------- Section 6 – East Wing
    MS07 ------- Section 7 - Archives
    MS08 ------- Section 8 - Vaults
    II.  Halvo Bay Military Academy
    MS09 ------- Section 1 – Enfield Bridge
    MS10 ------- Section 2 – Courtyard
    MS11 ------- Section 3 – R&D Labs
    MS12 ------- Section 4 – Monroe Commons
    MS13 ------- Section 5 - Atrium
    MS14 ------- Section 6 – Crash Site
    III. Seahorse Hills
    MS15 ------- Section 1 - Amador Park
    MS16 ------- Section 2 - Magadha Villa
    MS17 ------- Section 3 - Soleno Villa
    MS18 ------- Section 4 - Windward Way
    MS19 ------- Section 5 - Risea Estate
    MS20 ------- Section 6 - Guest Bungalows
    MS21 ------- Section 7 - Elliott's Mansion
    IV.  Onyx Point
    MS22 ------- Section 1 - Fortress
    MS23 ------- Section 2 – Container Terminal
    MS24 ------- Section 3 – Motor Pool
    MS25 ------- Section 4 – The Cliffs
    MS26 ------- Section 5 – Central Base
    MS27 ------- Section 6 – Central Control
    MS28 ------- Section 7 - Beach
    V.   Downtown Halvo Bay
    MS29 ------- Section 1 – Wharf District
    MS30 ------- Section 2 – Parade Grounds
    MS31 ------- Section 3 – Upper State Street
    MS32 ------- Section 4 – State Street Rooftops
    MS33 ------- Section 5 – First Avenue Rooftops
    MS34 ------- Section 6 – Museum Square Rooftops
    MS35 ------- Section 7 – Overlook
    VI.  Present
    MS36 ------- Section 1 – Grand Courtroom
    MS37 ------- Section 2 – Halls of Judgment
    MS38 ------- Section 3 - Terrace
    MS39 ------- Section 4 – North Entrance
    MS40 ------- Section 5 – Main Entrance
    MS41 ------- Section 6 – Great Staircase
    MS42 ------- Section 7 – Plaza for the Tyran Dead
    VII. Aftermath
    MS43 ------- Section 1 - Reunion
    MS44 ------- Section 2 - Anybody Home?
    MS45 ------- Section 3 – Dead End
    MS46 ------- Section 4 – One Step Closer
    MS47 ------- Section 5 – Straight to the Top
    MS48 ------- Section 6 – A Few Complaints
                                   C A M P A I G N
                          [ I. MUSEUM OF MILITARY GLORY]
    [MS01] Section 1 – Old Town
    Head out of the alley and go downstairs, following the objective marker.
    You'll run into a debris blocking your path. Kick it out of the way then
    remove the wood barring the gate to the left. After the checkpoint,
    continue along the alley until you encounter some locusts. Take cover and
    engage them.
    After taking them out, head to the objective to find a red COG skull on the
    wall. This is a Declassified Mission. As the game suggests, this will take
    you on additional challenges and help you earn Stars faster. However, if
    you're unable to fully declassify the mission, it will result to mission
    failure.  Approach the skull to trigger the Declassify mission.  (Dark
    Wretches replace Normal Wretches)
    After accepting the Declassify mission, proceed to the convoy to find it's
    been completely wiped out. Enemies and wretches will appear. Remember to
    roll out after killing a dark wretch since it will explode upon death.
    There's also a Grinder who will appear in the other side of the convoy so
    take cover and concentrate fire on it.
    Head to the next objective but before opening the door, check the alley
    across your allies. You should see a smaller COG skull there. Check the
    dumpster to the right to find a COG tag. (E Kogan SGT Jacinto)
    Regroup with your allies then press UP to complete the section.
    [MS02] Section 2 – Riverwalk District
    Continue along the cellar until you find the Markza sniper rifle and a
    Declassify Mission Skull on the nearby wall. Take note that if you picked
    up the sniper rifle, you'll encounter (dark) wretches ahead and mulchers.
    If you decide to ignore the sniper rifle, you'll encounter basic soldier
    locusts and boomers instead.
    For this Declassify mission objective, you have to finish the section in 4
    minutes before the Hammer of Dawn strikes. You'll encounter a bunch of
    enemies here so you have to be aggressive and push through the wave of
    enemies. Cross the bridge and make your way up the ramp. There are some
    boomers here to wisely take cover and continue pushing forth until you
    reach the next plaza.
    There's a machine gun emplacement there so take it out first then head to
    the small alley ahead (to the left of the fountain). Follow it and you
    should spot the COG Skull on the wall. Look on the ground nearby, near the
    wall to find the COG Tag. (J. Lost CPL Kinnerlake)
    Race against the time and effectively take out more enemies. If you
    accepted the declassified mission, you have to kill all enemies in the
    outpost for the door ahead to open. Once enough enemies are taken out, the
    door will burst open and you'll have to deal with another grinder/boomer
    and several tickers/wretchers.
    [MS03] Section 3 – Museum Gardens
    Cut the door open using the Lancer's chainsaw and go around the corner to
    find another Declassify Mission Skull. For this section, you have to use
    Hammerbursts, Sawed-Off Shotguns and One-shots only.
    After accepting/ ignoring the Declassify skull, smash the door open and
    check the alley to the right. You'll find a COG skull on the wall. Go past
    it and head to the dead-end corner of the alley, past the bloodstains on
    the ground to find this COG tag. (L. Gaffney, PFC, Halvo Bay)
    Go past the barricade and you'll encounter a healing Kantus. Take it out
    and take cover as well since more enemies will appear. Make your way to the
    museum and take cover as you proceed. Prioritize taking out the Kantuses as
    they'll revive their allies.
    Once you've reached the museum entrance, you'll find the One Shot heavy
    weapon on the wall. Kantus and Boomers will emerge from the burrows at a
    distance so stand by the railing and use the weapon to one-shot kill the
    enemies. Lining them up together will allow you to take several targets in
    one shot. After killing all enemies, regroup with your team mates to
    complete the section.
    [MS04] Section 4 – Great Hall 
    Turn around to find the Declassify Skull. In this section, you have to dig
    in and survive the enemy attack waves. In addition to the normal waves,
    Nemacysts will join the waves. Before the mission starts, you can collect
    the COG tag in front of the statue in the middle fountain. (S. Panturo,
    PFC, Illima)
    Deploy the two auto-turrets one in front of each flight of stairs. Take
    note that you have to also reload them from time to time. There will be two
    waves of enemy attacks you should survive. Just stay in your position and
    keep an eye on the stairs since enemies will be rushing your position using
    any of the two stairs. 
    The second wave will most likely contain heavy enemies such as Boomers and
    Maulers. When dealing with Maulers, keep your distance and attack their
    foot when their shields are up. For Boomers, you can simply take cover and
    attack them from behind cover.
    [MS05] Section 5 – Kashkur Wing
    At the start of this section, you'll immediately see the Declassify skull.
    If you accept it, you'll encounter Lancer-wielding drones in this section.
    Kick the door open and immediately take cover to avoid getting shredded by
    the machine gun ahead. Take out the enemies here, including some maulers.
    There's also a COG tag in the middle of the room, a bit to the front of the
    machine gun emplacement. (A. Guinot, Msgt. Jacint) Finish off the remaining
    enemies to complete the section.
    [MS06] Section 6 – East Wing
    You'll immediately find the Declassify Skull ahead. For this challenge,
    you'll have to stop the Locust from destroying the Nasssar Embry's Armor.
    This is the armor sitting on top of the Declassify Skull. (Declassified
    Mission) Deploy the three auto-turrets near the armor and prepare to defend
    it. The armor has a life-bar that will go down as it takes damage. Just
    stay close to your auto-turrets and prepare to reload them when they're
    dry. Be careful of the boomers and tickers as well.
    Before regrouping with your team mates and pressing the UP button to
    complete the section, you should check the small room to the right of the
    area's exit door. You'll find a corpse with a COG tag there. (S. Dascher,
    SPC, East Timgad)
    [MS07] Section 7 - Archives
    Go downstairs to encounter the Declassified Mission skull. For this
    section, serapede eggs that were left intact will hatch and spawn more
    serapedes for your team to eliminate. There are 10 serapede egg clusters in
    the area and some of their locations change when you reload your last
    checkpoint. Make sure to check the corners and the ceilings to find them
    all. You should be able to spot all ten of 10 before opening the
    double-door. In case you checked every corner and you're still missing one
    cluster, restart the checkpoint and try again.
    Head to the next room and repel the ticker and serapede attacks. Once done,
    head to the left to find a heavy weapon on the lift. Proceed while keeping
    to the left and you'll find a COG skull past Archive shelve XIII. In the
    dead-end there with a corpse and a dog tag. (R. Wood, 2LT, Venner Bay)
    Head to the other corner of the archives and a locust hole will appear
    ahead. Dig in and take out these flamer locusts. Enter the hole on the wall
    and regroup with your team mates to complete the section.
    [MS08] Section 8 - Vaults
    At the start of the mission, examine the Declassified Skull to start the
    optional challenge. In this section, heavy dust will reduce visibility. Use
    TAC/COM (press the down keypad) to track your allies' positions. Keep close
    to them to increase your survivability. TAC/COM will also allow you to get
    a brief outline of your surroundings.
    In the middle of the section, you'll encounter a large group of maulers,
    wretchers and even cleavers. Don't get yourself surrounded and use grenades
    in their midst to soften and take out their ranks. There's also a mulcher
    (mini-gun) by a crate to the left of the area. You can use this to provide
    your team extra firepower when dealing with the locusts.
    After clearing the area, your team will gather by the exit. Before
    regrouping with them, check the wall to the right of the stairs leading to
    the exit. You should find a COG skull there. Go further to the right of
    that skull to find a corpse with a COG tag. (T. Loomis, 1LT, Halvo Bay)
    Regroup with your team mates and proceed to the exit to complete the
                        [ II. HALVO BAY MILITARY ACADEMY]
    [MS09] Section 1 – Enfield Bridge
    Follow the path and make your way to the stairs leading to the bridge.
    You'll find the Declassified Mission Skull  before reaching the bridge.
    This Declassify mission will make your squad take Enfield Bridge with
    reduced ammo, no longshots and more Reavers to fight.
    You have to use the covers to flank the machine gun emplacements and take
    out the grubs. After clearing the emplacement, more reavers will appear.
    Take cover and recover the ammo the enemies will drop. Try using the
    machine gun as well when it's not dangerous. Taking out the Reavers
    shouldn't be that hard; either concentrate your fire on the riders or its
    glowing underbelly. Another wave of enemy reinforcements will arrive from
    the other side of the river so be careful as well.
    Once you've reached the center of the bridge (marked by a gold, circular
    railing) continue to the broken part in the middle of the bridge and turn
    around to find a COG tag. (W. Fellhofer, PFC, Hanover)
    After collecting the COG tag, take the path to the right to engage more
    Reavers and enemies. Remember that you can fall back to the gazebo if ever
    a Reaver lands in front of you. Clear the bridge of enemies then continue
    inside the academy to complete this section.
    [MS10] Section 2 – Courtyard
    Continue until you find the section's Declassified Mission skull. This
    objective will require you to finish the section in 4 minutes before the
    deployment of the Academy's proximal poison gas defense system. Grab some
    ammo scattered around or even take the Boomshot / Scorcher from the
    cabinet. When ready, open the door to the next area.
    There's a Mulcher mini-gun to the stairs to the left. Grab it and take
    cover as you mow down boomers or grinders. There's also a One-Shot rail gun
    randomly located in the right side of the courtyard. Clear up the courtyard
    as fast as you can especially if you have activated the Declassify mission.
    Once all enemies are taken out, a Rager will burst out of the door. Aim for
    the head as it charges to take it out. You can also kill it instantly by
    using heavy weapons like the Boomshot. Continue inside and clear the
    building. You'll find a COG skull on the wall to the right. The COG tag is
    located inside the room to the left, before the hallway. (A. Sullivan,
    SSGT, Andius)
    Continue downstairs and kill/ deliberately detonate the tickers along the
    way. More ragers and elites are waiting outside in the narrow area so make
    sure to evade and take cover. Let your teammates take the brunt of the
    ragers charge. You have to make it quick; otherwise you won't have enough
    time to escape. Once you cleared the area, immediately head to the lab
    entrance and press up to continue.
    [MS11] Section 3 – R&D Labs
    The Declassified Mission Skull ahead will make the toxic fumes in this
    section affect your vision. Once activated, your screen will become blurry
    and hazy.
    Take cover and move around the lab to encircle the enemies and take them
    out. More enemy reinforcements will appear from the control room ahead so
    dig in and clear them out. There's a Gnasher Sentinel auto-turret in the
    left side of the lab equipment in the middle of the room. Deploy it to have
    extra firepower.
    Enter the control room and pick up the COG tag in the corner of the far
    side of the room. (Bixhorn, MAJ, Jacinto) Continue to the next lab to find
    the beacon. Activate the lever to power up the beacon and simply head to
    the door to complete the section.
    [MS12] Section 4 – Monroe Commons
    Activating the Declassified Mission Skull upstairs will make nemacysts
    attack the beacon. This will make escorting and protecting it a bit
    tougher. Clear the enemies in the next room the enter the burning room
    ahead. You should spot the COG Tag Skull. Enter the next room through the
    burning hole and find the COG tag in the corner of the room, behind the
    tables. (T. Perham, PFC, Hatton)
    Continue to the barred door and take cover as the bot cuts it open. More
    enemies will arrive from one side of the room. After taking them out,
    nemacysts will arrive from the opening on the ceiling. If you have the
    declassify mission active, they'll all be heading towards the bot.
    Once the door's open, head outside. Continue following the bot until it
    freezes and sounds an alarm. Stay close to it and fire at the attacking
    nemacysts. Fire short, controlled bursts and perform active reloads to
    ensure that none of the nemacysts will go through. Move ahead until the bot
    stops again in a tunnel. More enemies will appear where you came from and
    heavy enemies will emerge on the area upstairs. Guard both sides,
    especially when the nemacysts appear. Once the enemies are taken care of,
    regroup with your team to complete the section.
    [MS13] Section 5 - Atrium
    The Declassify Mission available in this section involves defending the bot
    with pistols only. Dig in and deploy the Ranged Sentinel auto-turret nearby
    to help you defend the bot. Take out the enemies and perform active reloads
    whenever you can to quickly take out enemies and minimize the damage to the
    bot. After clearing the area, enter the room to the right of the exit to
    find a COG tag behind the door. (D. Andrade, 1LT, Montevado)
    Continue outside to the courtyard and you'll find a Tripwire Crossbow.
    Regroup with your team but don't press UP to end the section yet. Go
    upstairs behind them to find the COG tag to the right. (M. Alexieff, SPC,
    Halvo Bay) Press up afterward to end the section. 
    Note: [M. Alexieff, SPC, Halvo Bay] This is counted for Section 6: Crash
    [MS14] Section 6 – Crash Site
    Grab some weapons from the crash site and deploy the ranged sentinels as
    well. If you activate the declassify mission for this section, serapedes
    and corpsers will join the attack waves. Deploy the auto-turrets in the
    chokepoints of your position so you can easily reload them when necessary.
    When dealing with Corpsers, you have to shoot their faces when they expose
    it or shoot the unarmored part of their bodies, especially the abdomen
    For the second wave, you have to fend off heavy enemy attacks. Using
    grenades and the gnasher shotgun might be a good alternative in dealing
    with these heavy attackers up close. Just aim for the head to take them
                             [ III. SEAHORSE HILLS]
    [MS15] Section 1 - Amador Park
    Approach the Declassify Skull on the wall to go through this section using
    Gnashers and Sawed-off Shotguns only. Climb out of the wall and continue
    outside. You'll encounter locust beastriders outside. Take them out and
    fight your way until you reach the Ascot House gate. Open it to continue to
    the next area.
    Clear the mansion's courtyard then continue to the mansion's second exit.
    Before leaving and ending the section, grab the COG tag beside the stairs
    near the balcony. (M. Reid, PFC, Ephyra)
    [MS16] Section 2 - Magadha Villa
    Continue along the path to find the Declassify Skull. This will enable the
    locust to use smoke grenades to reduce visibility. Continue inside the
    villa and clear the room. Watch your shots as the smoke grenade will
    greatly reduce your visibility in the room. After clearing the room,
    continue outside and take out more grubs.
    Head to the exit but before completing the section, continue past your team
    to see a COG tag skull. The COG tag is right in front of it, beside the
    electric post. Regroup with your team to complete the section. (N. Grachev,
    PVT, East Timgad)
    [MS17] Section 3 - Soleno Villa
    As soon as the mission starts, examine the Declassify mission skull to the
    left. For this section, you have to complete your objectives within 4:15
    before the explosives detonate. You'll encounter ragers, kantus, maulers
    and cleavers in this section. There's some frag grenades to the left of the
    first area and a mulcher in an alcove past the gate of the first courtyard.
    Continue down the ramp and you'll encounter ragers. Kill them all quickly
    and proceed forth. Once you've reached the street, continue ahead, past the
    corner to find a COG tag skull on the far wall. The COG tag is located
    between some cars to the right. Regroup with your team to complete the
    section. (K. Axford, PVT, Vonner Bay)
    [MS18] Section 4 - Windward Way
    Follow the path and you'll see the Declassify Mission skull. If you choose
    to activate it, extra locust forces will attack from behind. Continue
    further along the barricaded road and kill the mortar-wielding locust. Kill
    the enemy reinforcements and grab the mortar yourself. If you have the
    declassify mission active, beware of the enemy locusts that will appear
    from the rear.
    You'll eventually reach a closed checkpoint gate ahead. A couple of
    beastriders will burst through so kill them and proceed forth. You'll find
    a COG tag skull ahead. To its right lies a blue container van. The COG tag
    is located beside that container van's side. (J. Carlson, CPT, Halvo Bay)
    Kill all the remaining enemies in the area and then regroup with your team
    at the exit to complete the section.
    [MS19] Section 5 - Risea Estate
    You can activate the Declassify Mission by immediately examining the skull
    to the right. This declassify mission will allow locusts to use Oneshots to
    protect their mortars. If you have used a Oneshot before, you should
    already know how fearsome these heavy weapons are. There's a gnasher turret
    in the left side of the path so you can take it and deploy it in one of the
    pathways there to provide extra firepower. Aside from potential Oneshot
    shots, you have
    The Oneshot grunts are camped in the mansion's balcony so from from cover
    to cover and don't allow them to line up their shots on you. There's also a
    mortar grub on the high ledge to the left and on the top of the mansion so
    take them out as well to avoid further casualties.
    After clearing the area, your team will regroup to the exit. Before
    completing the section, enter the fiery garage by following the ramp past
    the exit. You find the COG tag beside the shelf on the left corner. (K.
    Sutton, PVT, New Sherrith) Regroup with your team to exit the area and
    complete the section.
    [MS20] Section 6 - Guest Bungalows
    Grab the weapons nearby, including a Booshka grenade launcher. You can also
    activate the nearby Declassify Mission marker. (Sentry guns and  laser
    fences guarding the area) Clear the first set of laser fences and turrets
    ahead. A grub hole will appear so dig in and throw a grenade in the middle
    to seal the hole and take out multiple enemies at once.
    There will be more enemies in the front yard so take cover and take them
    out. There's a gnasher sentinel in the garage downstairs but be careful of
    the deployed turret and fence there. Once done, deploy the gnasher sentinel
    somewhere near the ramp or the front door of the house since enemies will
    emerge here later. Take out the mortar locust in the second level balcony
    in the mansion ahead. More enemies will appear later on, including a
    Reaver. Take cover and take it out. You can also grab the mortars on the
    balcony to take out the enemies faster.
    Once it's dealt with, don't complete the section yet. Go to the mansion
    where the mortar-wielding locust is dealt with earlier and you'll find the
    COG skull behind some crates leading to a corridor. Go inside and you'll
    find the COG tag on a drawer to the right. (I. Hogina, PFC, Autrin)
    [MS21] Section 7 - Elliott's Mansion
    Cut the chains of the gate open and proceed to the entrance under the
    bridge. Once you've reached Elliott's computer room, you can find the
    Declassify Mission Skull there. Activating it will allow locusts to use
    one-shots. While the bot is hacking the mainframe, you have to fend off a
    heavy enemy attack waves and prevent them from reaching the bot. Grab and
    deploy the nearby gnasher sentinel to protect the entrance leading to the
    computer room.
    If you have the declassify mission active, the Oneshot-wielding locusts
    will always try to set up in the balcony far ahead. You can encircle them
    using the corridors to the left or right though you have to go back
    immediately since the enemies will still target the bot. There's a COG tag
    in the balcony on the other side. Check the corner upstairs, above the COG
    skull in the first floor. This is the same balcony where the Oneshot
    locusts camp and take their potshots. (G. Frost, SPC, Jacinto)
    After defeating the first wave, the bot will move out in the open and
    attempt to hack the main terminal. Grab the auto-turret and deploy it near
    the bot's location to protect it. Before the second enemy wave comes in,
    you may want to grab some ammo and plant some grenades along the stairs to
    help you deal with the rushing enemies.
    After taking out more enemies, a berserker will appear. Along with some
    flamers. Take out the flamers first and other minor soldiers so you can
    grab the Flamethrower later on. Replace one of your weapons with the
    flamethrower and scorch the berseker. Once it is burned, keep firing at it
    using your other weapon to deal damage. Once it cools down and returns to
    its iron-skin state, burn it again with the flamethrower and repeat the
    process. The mission will be complete afterward.
                              [ IV. ONYX POINT]
    [MS22] Section 1 - Fortress
    Declassify Mission: Frag grenades will be planted around the beach landing
    with reduced access to the locust defenses.
    You can start the declassify mission immediately by examining the skull
    ahead. You have to move from cover to cover but you need to wary of the
    planted frag grenades. You can shoot them to detonate them early. There's a
    Breechshot in the right side of the beach, which you can use to snipe the
    gunners in the bunkers ahead.
    Don't clump yourselves together; if you see your teammates moving forth,
    move on your own pace and direction. Proceeding close together will just
    increase the risk of getting hit by the mortar shower. Destroy the
    barricades as you proceed. Once the bunkers are cleared, you can move in
    and engage the foot soldiers.
    More enemies will be waiting behind the bunkers so take them out as you see
    fit. Once cleared, you're free to move to the next section. Before doing
    so, you'll find a COG skull near the exit so go past it and enter the room
    with the Onyx ammo box. Beside it is the COG tag. (B. Michandani, PFC, Lake
    [MS23] Section 2 – Container Terminal
    Declassify Mission: Finish before artillery strikes in 4:00.
    You'll find the declassify mission skull ahead. If you accepted it, you
    have to move and finish this section as quickly as possible. Continue forth
    and take out the enemies. There's a silverback suit in the middle so you
    can just run towards it and equip it.
    The silverback's main weapon is the mounted machine gun. It has infinite
    ammo and will just overheat when used over time. You have to press RB to
    force it to cooldown. Press A to make it run, then press A while turning to
    make it turn fast. Press and hold A to deploy it to the ground so you can
    fire four rockets. The rockets are very powerful but very limited as well.
    As you get past the gate, take out more enemy reinforcements. There's a COG
    tag in the barracks to the right. Just follow the trail of blood leading to
    a door to find the COG tag in front of it. (T. O'Neill, CW2, Andius)
    [MS24] Section 3 – Motor Pool
    Declassify Mission: Use Boomshields and Lancers only
    Should you choose to activate the declassify mission, you'll have to
    complete the section using only boomshields and lancers. Head through the
    door and clear the first set of enemies ahead.
    As you move forth, you should spot a COG tag skull. Check the ledge above
    it to find the section's COG tag. (C. White, CPT, Halvo Bay) Continue
    clearing the enemies until you reach a fiery tunnel. Take out the last
    remaining enemies to complete the section.
    [MS25] Section 4 – The Cliffs
    Declassify Mission: Use Torque Bows and Breechshots only
    Once the section starts, exit the tunnel and take the stairs to the left to
    find some bloodstains on the floor. The COG tag is located there. (H.
    Molnar, SGT, Ephyra)
    Continue forth and you'll encounter the Declassify mission skull on the
    wall to the left. Continue until you reach the lift. Enemies will attack
    you with long-range weapons from across the ridge so find cover and take
    them out. The lift will go down, carrying a couple more locusts. Kill them
    and ride the lift up.
    While riding the lift, more enemies will attack you from across the ridge
    again. The lift will provide no cover so you have to roll to evade and
    quickly take out the enemies. Once you've reached the top, you can continue
    to complete the section.
    [MS26] Section 5 – Central Base
    Declassify Mission: Strong wind affects movement
    Activate the declassify mission ahead if you want. Continue to the next
    room then swap your weapons if you want. Exit the room and head to the
    railings. There will be several locusts on the ground below so dig in and
    take them out. Enter the room to the right and go downstairs. Immediately
    turn around and look at the floor beside the stairs to find a COG tag.
    (B.Newman, PFC, Port Caval)
    The strong winds will be encountered by Kilo Squad once they leave the
    building so you may want to whittle down the enemy numbers before
    proceeding. Once you've cleared all enemies outside, proceed and head to
    the next building to the left. Depending on your game's enemy loadout,
    you'll encounter a couple of Grinders there or different set of locusts.
    Take them out then take the lift down to complete the section.
    [MS27] Section 6 – Central Control
    Declassify Mission: Slow health regeneration resulting in death and lights
    are out.
    As soon as the mission starts, go past the open hatch and go around the
    corridor to the right. At the end, you'll find a COG tag. (L. Zhang, 2LT,
    Activate the lightmass missile by activating the console. After the scene,
    you'll be able to activate the Declassify Mission skull ahead. This will
    make you fight in the dark with slower health regeneration. Open the door
    once you're ready.
    The room isn't entirely dark. But since it's red, the red wound indicator
    that will appear in your screen as you take damage will be not immediately
    visible. Fortunately, there's a lot of cover. Just stay in cover and take
    the enemies out slowly and surely. There's a Gnasher Sentinel in the middle
    of the first room. You can deploy it along the corridors where the enemies
    might flank you. Continue clearing the next rooms and you'll be able to
    complete this section upon reaching the door in the other side.
    [MS28] Section 7 - Beach
    Declassify Mission: Locusts use Oneshots
    Once the section starts, follow your team to the breached door and look on
    the ground to your immediate left. You should see some bloodstains on the
    floor with a COG tag. (S. Garoon, 2LT, Soteroa)
    The declassify mission skull ahead will allow locusts to use Oneshots when
    activated. Proceed outside and prepare for a locust beach landing.
    You may want to position one of the Gnasher sentinels in the opening of the
    bunker to the left and position another sentinel beside the other mounted
    turret. Man one of the guns and wait for the locust amphibious craft to
    arrive. Prioritize taking out the heavy targets such as boomers and kantus
    priests. Remember that you can also speed up the turrets' cooling by
    pressing RB.
    You may want to also put some frag traps and tripwire arrows behind the
    covers that the mortar units may use or near the openings where the locusts
    may enter. To ensure your safety from the mortar rain, defending your
    position in the left bunker will be a good choice. Survive the next few
    waves of enemy landings then head to one of the boats to complete the
                             [ V. DOWNTOWN HALVO Bay]
    [MS29] Section 1 – Wharf District
    Declassify Mission:  Extra locust resistance in the area
    You can activate the declassify mission in the starting area. Follow the
    stairs to join the bot. Grab the weapons and ammo then open the door to the
    marina. Take out the enemies in the area.
    When you turn left from the door, you should find a COG tag skull on the
    wall ahead. Go near it then enter the alcove to the left to find a COG tag
    under the bulletin board. (D. Yalovsky, SPC, Halvo Bay)
    There's also a ranged sentinel in the lower area but consider the risks
    before getting it. After clearing the first area, head to the second area
    where more enemies await. Be careful of the oneshot and mortar units.
    [MS30] Section 2 – Parade Grounds
    Declassify Mission:  More powerful locust resistance
    You can activate the declassify mission in the starting area. Exit the
    hotel and proceed along the street. You should find a COG tag skull on the
    wall beside the stairs of the building to the right. Take the stairs and go
    around to the right to find the COG tag on the balcony. (J. Moreno, MAJ,
    As you move, you'll find serapede eggs scattered in the area. You can
    destroy them then proceed in opening the barricade gate. While you're
    opening it, a serapede will attack. As you're busy dealing with it, dark
    wretches and a corpser may join the fray.
    Open the gate and you'll run into a patrol. You'll have to set up an ambush
    for that patrol. There are tripwire crossbows in the area. Use it to deploy
    tripwires on the street and along the stairs in your position. Once the
    timer expires, the section will be complete.
    [MS31] Section 3 – Upper State Street
    Declassify Mission:  Heavy Locust and Rager offensive
    At the start of the section, take out all enemies in the area. Once done,
    proceed until your objective changes. As you make your way to the ruined
    building where the declassify mission skull is, you should see a COG tag
    skull on the broken wall to the left. Check the big pile or rubble to the
    left to find the COG Tag there. (N. Vietsen, SGT, Andius)
    Proceed to the ruined building and activate the declassify mission if you
    want. Head to the door and have the bot weld it open. As it's doing its
    job, set up a perimeter to defend it. There's a Ranged Sentinel nearby so
    you can deploy it in one of the pathways to help you funnel the enemy
    forces, preferably in the main ramp beside the bot.
    If you accepted the optional mission, be prepared for a heavy Rager attack.
    You may want to use the one-shot and take position along the main ramp.
    Maulers will also join the fray so you have to be careful not to get
    surrounded. The best position will be the room to the right since it is
    elevated and the enemies won't reach you immediately. You can also wait for
    them to arrive at the only opening. After surviving the attack, regroup
    with the bot to complete the section.
    [MS32] Section 4 – State Street Rooftops
    Declassify Mission:  Use Longshots and Boltoks only
    Continue forth and exchange weapons if you want and replenish your ammo.
    Continue upstairs to find the Declassify mission skull. After activating
    it, go through the door. Cross the bridge for a bit and enemies will come
    to ambush you. Take cover and engage them. As you up the second ramp, more
    enemies will appear. Defeat them and take out the grappling hooks before
    more enemies climb up.
    As you make your way through the rooftops, you'll encounter some flying
    locust creatures. They'll be moving about, making it hard to kill them with
    longshots. Use boltoks and anticipate their movements to hit them. Take out
    more grubs until a Reaver arrives. Use longshots to kill the riders and the
    Reaver from a safe distance.
    After taking out the Reaver, you have to cross the plank to the next
    building. Before doing that, you should spot a COG tag skull along the way.
    Go up the ramp beside the plank and find the COG tag on the floor behind
    the vent. (S. Bishop, COL, Gerrenhalt) Continue to the next rooftop and
    take out the last set of grubs to complete the section.
    [MS33] Section 5 – First Avenue Rooftops
    Declassify Mission:  Start with no ammunition for boltoks and longshots.
    At the start of the mission, look to the left to find a COG tag skull.
    Check the corner past it to find the section's COG tag. (J. Corbin, 1LT,
    Activate the declassify mission skull if you want. There's a cleaver from
    the corpse beside where you got the COG tag earlier so you may want to get
    that. Cross the makeshift bridge and defeat the cleavers coming your way.
    There are snub pistols and stim gas inside so pick them up and kick the
    next door open.
    Clear the water tower and rush towards it. Here, you'll find loads of ammo
    and some heavy weapons. Use this to destroy the enemy position ahead. After
    clearing the enemies past the water tower, replenish your ammo or exchange
    them then continue forth to the door to complete the section.
    [MS34] Section 6 – Museum Square Rooftops
    Declassify Mission:  Finish before Reaver barrage in 2:30
    Activating the declassify mission will have you clear the section within
    the time limit. The COG tag is located to the left side of the rooftops,
    behind some sandbags beside the stairs so if you're planning to maximize
    your time, I suggest starting the section without the declassify mission,
    get the COG tag and restart the section so you can concentrate on the
    declassify mission. (P. Suurs, CPT, Hanover)
    With the declassify mission on, open the door and grab the Booshka on the
    right ledge. Make your way to the right and kill ALL enemies in sight
    before the timer runs out. Depending on your enemy loadout, you may
    encounter Kantus priests or just the flying ticker-like locusts. Be
    aggressive but at the same time, make your shots count. Head to the launch
    point then press UP to finish the section.
    [MS35] Section 7 – Overlook
    Declassify Mission:  Greatly reduced visibility
    Kill the first set of enemies then head to the central room. You'll find a
    lot of ammo inside and three sentinel turrets. The declassify mission skull
    is also located outside of that room.
    Like other survival missions, you have to dig in and place the sentinels in
    front of the stairs or doorways. The enemy composition will depend on your
    gameplay. Expect different types of locust reinforcements.
    Getting this section's COG tag is a bit tricky. You have to wait for second
    wave to arrive since they'll be coming in from the door across the stairs
    where you found the last section's COG tag. You have to enter that door and
    you'll find the COG tag inside. (J. Salton, PFC, Austin)
    Later on, you'll have to fend off two Reavers. Just stay inside the room
    and take the riders out through the windows to avoid dying from the
    reavers' missiles.
                           [ VI. PRESENT - GRAND COURTROOM]
    [MS36] Section 1 – Grand Courtroom
    Declassify Mission:  Use Cleavers only
    You'll be in a heavy firefight at the start of the section. Take cover and
    take out enemies without exposing yourself too much. You may want to
    concentrate your fire on the reaver first to lessen the threat in the area.
    You'll find the declassify mission marker near the stairs. It's okay to
    kill the reavers and other locusts first using ranged weapons before
    activating the declassify mission.
    Before moving upstairs, look around in the courtroom to find a COG tag
    skull in one of the raised platforms there. You'll find the COG tag on top
    of the same tribunal platform where the skull is painted. (B. Clarkson,
    1LT, Tollen)
    Head to the exit and take out the enemies using your cleavers. Your allies
    will most likely rush themselves so just join the fray and slice and dice
    enemies from the sides. Just remember to roll out of the way when you're
    [MS37] Section 2 – Halls of Judgment
    Declassify Mission:  Locust Smoke-grenade traps reduce visibility
    Grab some ammo and change weapons if you like using the scattered weapons
    and scattered ammo boxes in the starting area. Kick the next door open and
    proceed to the next room. Small flying critters will attack you so dig in
    and take them all out. Proceed to the next door and open it to find the
    declassify mission skull outside.
    After activating it, head to the next room and use TAC/COM often to get the
    outline of your surroundings and see the enemies for a few moments. After
    finishing all enemies, you can head to the terrace through the opened doors
    in the smoke-filled room and check the bloodstains on the floor in the far
    corner to find a COG tag. (T. Carlson, 1LT, Halvo Bay) Replenish your ammo
    and grenades then continue with your teammates to the next section.
    [MS38] Section 3 - Terrace
    Declassify Mission:  Health doesn't regenerate
    If you activated the mission, go slowly and keep your distance from the
    enemies. You should also prioritize carrying Stim-gas grenades instead of
    frag grenades so you can heal yourselves as necessary. Carefully continue
    downstairs until you reach outside. Here, more enemies await. Keep close
    inside the staircase so you can fall back to safety and ambush enemies.
    Don't hesitate to use the stim-grenades as often as needed.
    After clearing the enemies, head to the exit but don't end the section. To
    the left of the exit, you should see a COG tag skull on the wall. Now head
    past the section's end door and check the base of the light post to find
    this COG tag. (S. Mograbi, PFC, Jacinto)
    [MS39] Section 4 – North Entrance
    Declassify Mission:  Taking damage impairs sight
    Turn to the right to find the declassify skull. The locust will start
    coming in from the door ahead so dig in and prepare to engage them. There's
    a ranged sentinel that you can deploy and tripwire crossbow to help you lay
    down some traps. Expect the enemies to burst in from the door across and
    from the emergence holes that will appear on the lower ground.
    Go to the lower floor and engage more enemies that will appear ahead. Once
    cleared, go upstairs to the left (you should immediately see the COG tag
    skull on the wall near the stairs) then turn left towards several trays.
    You'll find the section's COG tag in the corner, beside the barricade. (S.
    Katyal, SPC, Ephyra)
    Proceed to the next room where more enemies await. Clear the room as you
    see fit then head to the exit to complete the section.
    [MS40] Section 5 – Main Entrance
    Declassify Mission:  Use Boomshields and Sawed-offs only
    Kick the door open and wait for the locusts to charge to your position.
    Sawed-off shotguns are devastatingly powerful at close range. Wait until
    all the charging locusts are taken care of before moving in to take out the
    remaining enemies.
    Once the main entrance is cleared, go downstairs and head to the right. You
    should find a COG tag skull painted near an opened doorway. Enter it and
    find the COG tag on the floor to your immediate right. (G. Valera, W01,
    Ilima) Head to the exit to complete the mission.
    [MS41] Section 6 – Great Staircase
    Declassify Mission:  Finish before ammo dump explodes in 5:20
    This is a very straightforward section. You just need to fight your way
    through several locust forces. You'll encounter Loomis along the way which
    will help a bit. Be both careful and aggressive. Pick up the locust heavy
    weapons such as mulchers and boomshots to make your job easier.
    Once you've reached the end point, go past it and you'll find the COG tag
    skull on the wall to the left. Go past it and go around the stairs to find
    some bloodstains on the floor. The COG tag should be there. (K. Barrick,
    PVT, Port Lorrence) Before proceeding, replenish your ammo and restock your
    weapons. There's a boss battle ahead.
    [MS42] Section 7 – Plaza for the Tyran Dead
    Declassify Mission:  Elite Locust defend Karn
    The last COG tag of this chapter is located dangerously close to Karn's
    position. From your starting position, run to the left until you see a COG
    tag skull on the wall. The COG tag is located on the floor almost in front
    of the skull. (D. Jones, CPT, Andius)
    If you have activated the declassify mission, Karn will be reinforced by a
    variety of high-tier locust units. Karn has two primary attacks; his dual
    mounted mulchers and a rain of fiery napalm. First, shoot its mini-guns to
    force Karn to stop and launch the napalm canisters. While it's attempting
    to launch the canisters, you can shoot the fiery part of his mount's back
    to deal damage. Don't bother attacking Karn directly. You must attack the
    parts that turn red in your crosshair.
    Once you've blown out the napalm launcher on his back, he'll temporarily
    leave the battlefield and summon his reinforcements. Take them out quickly
    before he returns to the battlefield. Once he returns, he will have two new
    attacks; a burrowing mine and a charging attack. The only way you can
    damage him is to wait for his mount's leg to glow red – this means its
    preparing to launch the burrowing mines.
    After wounding him the second time, he'll leave again and release
    nemacysts. Take cover and wait until he summons a second wave of
    reinforcements again. Depending on his reinforcements, you may want to
    stick close to at least one of your allies so you can be easily revived in
    case you go down. Prioritize taking out the minions first to make your job
    For the last phase, you have to take out mounted mulchers and shoot for the
    beast's mount as it launches some nemacysts. This will gravely wound it
    eventually and while it's writhing in pain, keep shooting at its head to
    finish it off.
    Congratulations! You've finished Judgment!
                                [ VII. AFTERMATH]
    [MS43] Section 1 - Reunion
    Continue down the ramp until you encounter some locusts. Get past the gate
    for a checkpoint and a scene. The mountainside will collapse due to a
    locust strike so run towards the building to avoid being buried. Once
    inside the service station, activate the generator and the switch to create
    a path for you.
    Exit the service station and go through the parking lot. There's a thick
    fog covering the area and lots of tickers  so move slowly and shoot/ kick
    them out of the way as necessary.  Head to the guardhouse and open the gate
    using the switch inside. Proceed to the next area.
    You'll be ambushed by snipers first so take cover and take them out.
    There's a longshot that you can use near the gate. After eliminating the
    snipers, more locusts will swarm in from the building to the right. Find
    cover and kill them all.
    Enter the building and exit through the door. Continue along the alley and
    enter the shopping center's security room. Continue downstairs and kick the
    next door open. You'll be ambushed by locusts again. Take out the gunner on
    the turret upstairs then proceed up. Use the turret to take out the enemy
    reinforcements as well.
    Go through the opening on the wall and fight more enemies in the courtyard.
    Keep killing several waves of enemies until your objective changes. There's
    also a COG tag in the area. Go downstairs then turn to the left to find a
    COG tag skull on the wall. Check the alcove in front of it to find the COG
    tag. (D. Rovik, BG, Ephyra) Open the next set of doors to reach Paduk's
    [MS44] Section 2 - Anybody Home?
    Once the section starts, turn left and follow the path past the vehicle
    wreckage to reach a garage. You should see a COG tag skull on the wall. Go
    around the wreck to find corpses and the COG tag. (H. Mahawar, SPC,
    Continue forth until you reach a closed space downstairs. Wait a bit and
    lambent humanoid mutants will attack. Keep distance and evade as they're
    deadly at close range as wretches. Continue inside the buildings and
    anticipate similar attacks along the corridor. Keep clearing the corridors
    until you reach the next door. Cut the chains to proceed. 
    Continue upstairs and kick the next door open. Head upstairs to reach the
    makeshift lift to reach the rig to end this section. 
    [MS45] Section 3 – Dead End
    Continue forth to reach interior of the rig. You'll then have to make your
    way to the gas mask lockers to protect yourself from the imulsion. More
    lambent mutants will attack as you proceed to the gas mask locker. So stay
    together and kill them before they get close. Once you've reached the
    locker, the checkpoint will be triggered.
    Go downstairs to the lower floor and navigate the passable paths until you
    reach the stairs. You'll encounter a few lambent mutants along the way, but
    not that threatening enough to be wary of. Continue upstairs until you find
    a closed door that you need to open. Before opening it, there's a hatch to
    the left that you can kick open. Clear the room of lambents and you'll find
    the COG tag in the corner of the room. (M. Blythe, SGT, Kinnerlake)
    Exit the room and don't return to the objective point yet. At the end of
    the hallway is another corridor which will take you to a heavy weapons
    locker, according to Paduk. Enter the first room and activate the switch
    there. Exit the room through the other door and use the ladder down. Open
    the next door to get outside. You'll encounter dark wretches her so take
    them out and go downstairs.
    There are scattered weapons in the area so you may want to exchange/
    replenish your ammo before activating the flare. Examine the flare launcher
    to proceed. Wait a bit and locusts will start attacking. Hold your position
    and fend off the enemy attack wave. Stay in cover as you deal with Reavers
    and more lambents. Keep defending your position until the evac raven
    arrives. Once it lands, run to the helipad to to end the section.
    [MS46] Section 4 – One Step Closer
    Head to the gate and kick it open. Proceed inside the building and refill your
    ammo as necessary. Head outside to encounter more locusts. Clear the perimeter
    around the turrets then head there to use it against the locust
    reinforcements. Keep killing them until you reach the checkpoint. 
    A handful of enemies will burst through the door behind the turrets so kill
    them and proceed inside. Go through the next door and continue forth to find a
    truck. Shoot the imulsion container beside it to create a footbridge. There's
    a gnasher shotgun and ammo in the small room beside the truck as well. 
    Go across the truck and open the next door to reach the police station. After
    getting the explosives, proceed to the next room and take out the tickers.
    Find the stairs and continue fighting upstairs. Kill the ragers that will
    burst through the other wall then exit the police station. Proceed along the
    alley until you encounter some locusts on the highground. Take cover and
    proceed carefully. 
    Hide in the alley to the right and aim for the imulsion container in the
    stairwell of the building to the left. The explosion will make the large pipe
    fall down, providing much needed cover. Take cover behind the pipe then go
    through the building to the left. More enemies will appear in the next alley.
    Enter the next building and clear the next building ahead. 
    Once you enter the next building, you'll find the COG tag skull on the door
    ahead. Go downstairs and you'll find the COG tag on the floor, in the corner
    of the next room. (D. Strome, PVT, Halvo Bay)
    Head outside and enter the next building and go upstairs. Take out the next
    few enemies and proceed to the courtyard of the hotel. Take out the enemies
    and enter the door. You have to place the charges and activate them in the
    midst of enemy fire. After activating all the charges, you have to take out
    the locust reinforcements outside the building. 
    [MS47] Section 5 – Straight to the Top
    After the scene, continue upstairs until you meet another human. After he
    gets splattered, check the toilet room nearby to find a longshot then pick
    up the Oneshot the splattered guy left behind. Take cover and take out the
    snipers across the building. 
    Clear the 19th floor then go down the hole on the checkered floor to reach
    the lower floor. Clear more grubs inside and make your way to the
    office-like room. If you operate the lion head on the left, this will open
    a secret weapons and ammo room. Beside that room is a blocked corridor.
    You'll find a COG tag marker on a pillar there. Right beside it is a COG
    tag. (D. Galvin, CPL, Mercy)
    Continue to the rooftop and engage more enemies. After taking out the
    ground forces, a reaver will land. Take cover and take it out as well.
    Replenish your ammo then head to the leaning water tower and destroy the
    two cables holding it down to create a bridge. Head to the restaurant
    rooftop and take out more enemies and a reaver. Once done, open the doors
    leading inside the building. 
    [MS48] Section 6 – A Few Complaints
    Continue downstairs and take out the enemies in the next room. Open the
    door to the galley and take cover. Clear the room then you'll have to pull
    the switches of the gas lines. There's a COG tag in this area, located in
    empty storage room in the corner. (M. Cohen, 1LT, Ephyra)
    After activating the first gas line, more locust reinforcements will storm
    the room. Kill them all then activate the last two remaining gas lines. In
    the next sequence, you'll be ziplining down the building. Take out the
    gondolas along the way using your pistol and the chapter will be complete.
                     G E A R S   O F   W A R:   J U D G M E N T
    This text guide only covers the walkthrough of the game's campaign missions.
    For videos, screenshots and illustrated locations of all collectibles, 
    please refer to my online guide below:

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