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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Chapter 1: Old Town

    Walk down the alley and head down the stairs to the left. A bunch of debris will fall to block your way but just kick it out of the way to continue. At the bottom, go through the door on the left. Pull yourself out of this next hallway and you'll pass by a body before coming to an area with a large burning tree. Several Grubs will move into position on the far side of the area. If you take the left side rather than going all the way down the stairs, you should have a pretty clear view of your enemies and you should be able to flank them easily.

    After this first group is taken care of, go down the stairs and straight ahead. You'll see your convoy off to the right and a giant glowing Glowing Omen on the wall. Walk near it to activate it.

    Dark Wretches replace normal Wretches.

    Aside from Wretches, you'll also have to deal with Grubs and possibly Boomers. If you start moving up the right side, a team of snipers is likely to spawn on the far side of the convoy. If they do, wait for a volley from them and then sprint over to attack them. Inside their nest you should be able to cut through them with ease.  Be careful of Wretches however because chainsawing them (if you have the Declassify active) will result in an explosion that will damage you. However, even on Hardcore, you can chainsaw two Lambent Wretches before needing to recover but you should still be careful.

    Work your way through this area by going around the outsides. When you start to get to the back corner, an E-hole will appear that could block your path and aBoomer will likely get out. Toss a grenade into it to close the hole and hopefully kill the enemies before they are fully out. With them taken care of, you should be safe. Go up to the last house on the right and in the yard by the building should be your first [COG Tag]. Hit down on the D-Pad to find out where you're headed and go there to finish the mission.

    Chapter 2: Riverwalk District

    Go down the corridor and you'll see your exit on the left side. There will be a Markza Sniper Rifle on the ground by the dead body. Make sure you take the Sniper Rifle, it will be handy. The Glowing Omen will be on the wall just next to this body. Walk up to it and hit X.

    Finish Before Hammer of Dawn Strike in 4:00 - Failure will result in death!

    Run up the stairs and outside. Keep moving forward and you'll see enemies coming down the stairs at you. You'll definitely be attacked by a couple of Boomer class enemies, either Grinders or Boomers most likely but you will also have to contend with smaller Grubs such as drones or Wretches. Start with the Boomers and start laying into them with the Markza. You should be able to take them out in six or so shots each.

    When they are gone, rush up the stairs and cut through the smaller enemies. ForWretches, rev your chainsaw as you run up. For drones, they'll likely take cover behind the sandbags, allowing you to vault over and then cut them up.

    At the top, you'll come to a more open area with a Troika turret looking over it. Either go up the side behind it or one of your comrades will. Toss a grenade for some extra help with the Troika and then take the high ground as quickly as possible. You will more than likely just deal with Grubs or Wretches here.

    With the high ground controlled, several enemies will come out of an emergence hole on the lower level. You can use the Troika to help you out but they will likely move up the side to the stairs where they are covered before it is much use. Be careful with this set of enemies because it can have quite a few Boomers as well. Take up a post at the top of a set of stairs and you should be able to lay down enough fire that you can kill any enemies before they make it to the top.

    Finally, the doors on this upper level will burst open and either Grubs, tickers, orWretches will bust through, followed closely by two Boomers. Take cover behind either of the potted areas on either side of the doors. As soon as you've got a clear shot for the door, take it so that you can continue to the next area before time runs out.

    NOTE: If you are standing at the top of the stairs and go down the right side. Stay to the right and you should find [COG Tags] in a corner of alley behind the buildings. This will take you about 20 seconds to get when everything is clear so you may want to return at some point when not performing a Declassify.

    Chapter 3: Museum Gardens

    Cut through the door directly ahead and make your way through the house. Before exiting, you'll find the Glowing Omen on the wall.

    Use Hammerbursts, Sawed-Off Shotguns and One-Shots only.

    When you come out of the building, watch on the right side for a small alley and you should find a Crimson Omen on the wall. Follow the alley to the end and pick up the [COG Tags]. Head back to the main road and follow it until it opens up in front of the museum.

    In front of the museum, you'll find Grubs fighting some of the occupants of the museum. Get up behind cover and a Kantus will appear. You want to deal with aKantus before any other Grubs because the Kantus can both heal AND revive the Grubs. Start popping the Kantus with your Hammerburst in short bursts and watch for the tickers that they call. You'll need to work your way up through the field to get to the museum.

    As you work your way up, be sure to watch out for the red lasers in the air. These lasers indicate that enemies are using the One-Shot which is capable of taking you out in a single shot. Pop out and shoot only when you don't hear that consistent buzzing sound (which is when it will fire). Move your way through and then switch to the Sawed-Off so that you can climb the steps and deal with any surprises.

    At the top you'll find more Grubs and Kantus. Deal with them but watch out for the tickers that they summon. After you've cleared the upper area, pick up the One-Shot against the column and set up to defend this area. Look over the gardens from which you approached. You'll be attacked predominantly byBoomers and Kantus. Use the One-Shot on the Boomers and finish up theKantus with your Hammerburst. Listen for the scampering sound of tickers though because they may get well ahead of the Kantus.

    Enter the Museum.

    Chapter 4: Great Hall

    You'll find yourself in the Great Hall immediately. You'll have to set up defenses to hold this high ground from a couple of waves of enemies. From the front door, there is an infinite stack of COG ammo to your left, along with COG weapons (Lancer and Gnasher). You'll find grenades near the middle and two turrets that you can move overlooking the lower section. The Glowing Omen is next to the turrets on the statue.

    Nemacysts will join the ground attack.

    Grab the two turrets and set them up. The Ranged turret is pretty good on the raised section looking over the left set of stairs (near the ammo) while the Gnasher Turret is pretty good just at the bend halfway up the right stairs. Put it just around the bend as you are coming up so that it will only fire at enemies as they round the corner. This will keep it from wasting ammo firing at distant enemies.

    Grab a Lancer and Gnasher, stock up on ammo and grenades and then get ready. The first wave will consist of assorted Grubs and Boomers of all varieties. From the part overlooking the fountain, you should be able to reach the E-Hole just behind and to the right. Toss a grenade in. Take cover near the column at the top of the right stairs so that the Nemacysts fly into the column instead of you.

    Always go for the Boomers first because the turret should be able to handle almost any Grub that comes up the stairs in a shot or two but the larger Boomerswill be able to do some serious damage to the turret (and you) before going down. Remember to reload the turrets if they run out of ammo. Unless a Boomercomes up these stairs, you should be able to hold out against anything from this position. If that does happen (sometimes you'll get several Boomers at once) then back up to the railing just behind you. From the glass case, you'll likely be able to shoot just over the railing at the taller Boomers without them being able to hit you back since their weapons are halfway down their bodies.

    The second wave will be much like the first but there will be a much heavier emphasis on Boomers. Make sure to stock up on ammo between waves. Once you've finished the second wave, check the fountain in the middle of the area before proceeding. On the far side of the fountain but in the water you should find the [COG Tag]. Head for the door.

    Chapter 5: Kaskur Wing

    This next room is a small staging are with ammo, frag grenades and your Glowing Omen.

    Lancer Wielding Cyclops Drones in the area.

    There are quite a few Grubs in the next room and at the back will be a couple of Troikas (one is in the hall to the right). If you can get the Cyclopses near a corner of a pillar or some other tall cover, one of the best things you can do is rev your chainsaw. You'll have to beat them in a chainsaw duel but provided you can do that, you can kill one and then slip back behind the column to rev the chainsaw again before coming out.

    When you first enter, move up a little ways and you should be able to lob a grenade over the troika and take it out. After this, you need to be careful of being overrun by the Grubs or losing track of the Maulers that come from the top. It's easy to lose track of the Maulers when you are juggling so many Grubs so the best thing to do is to listen to the sound. If you need to, there's a sort of circular lay out to this room so you can head into the hallway on the right to get some distance before looping back into the room.

    Work your way up to the high ground and clear out as many enemies as you can. After you deal with the enemies that are there (and pouring through the back door) then you'll have a short moment to breathe before more enemies show up. These enemies will drop in from above or shoot up throw the floor. If you are relatively safe, one of the best things you can do is get your chainsaw going and position yourself where a Grub popped out of the ground. Eventually they will come landing down near you and this will allow you a quick chainsaw kill.

    For the most part this next wave should be Grubs and Wretches. When you've dealt with them all, find the Crimson Omen on the lower level just under and to the right of the Troika in the main part of the room. Between the raised platform and the closest column should be the [COG Tag] on the floor. Grab that before you leave.

    East Wing

    You'll pretty much land right in the next battle room. The Glowing Omen will be on the base of the case holding the glowing set of armor.

    Stop Locust from destroying Nassar Embry's Armor.

    This is one of the toughest parts of the Act and it's pretty tough to get three stars on Hardcore. To do so, you'll have to have a near perfect run. Even with 10 executions and multiple ribbons, a couple of seconds DBNO will snatch it away.

    The first thing to do is to set up your perimeter. If you want to go for the three stars, you'll have to be pretty aggressive here so you'll want to stick up near the front of the area. However, if you're just looking to survive, there are three turrets in all that you can set up towards the middle of the map and stay safe. The first two turrets are just to the right of Embry's armor along with stim grenades and a Lancer. Way up front and to the left will be a third turret (Gnasher) that can be moved as well. Set the shotgun turrets up horizontally around corners so they only fire when enemies actually enter their effective range.

    With your weapons set up, the enemies will start pouring in from the far side. You'll get a variety of enemies but for the most part, this should stick to Grubs,Therons with Cleavers, Butchers and occasional waves of tickers. Stick just behind your turrets and use your Lancer as much as possible to survive. If you start getting Hammered, the left back corner behind you has a flight of stairs leading up to a dead end. This is probably the safest place but there's no more room to retreat and it's well behind Embry's armor if you're trying to protect it.

    The second wave will have fewer enemies but there will be bigger enemies. There's more likely to be KantusBoomers and more intermittent Ticker attacks. While this might seem more daunting, this wave tends to go a little smoother with less enemies to overwhelm your defenses.

    When you've cleared the enemies, head to the exit but don't leave. Just before the exit, turn right and you should see a dead soldier at a dead end. Find his [COG Tags] on the floor near his body.

    Chapter 7: Archives

    Head down the nearby stairs to your right and you'll find the Glowing Omen on the way down.

    Serapede Eggs left intact will hatch, spawning more Serapedes to fight.

    You'll likely see your first set of Eggs against the wall across from the bottom of the stairs. Note, however, that the locations of the eggs is randomized and can appear in multiple locations. Make sure to check every wall, floor, ceiling, corner and E-hole (there's only one) that you come across.

    When you come off the stairs, turn left. Along this hallway, you'll find the first door on your right leads to a weapons cache and I'd recommend taking one of each Lancer. Enter the second door on the right and about half way across you'll be attacked by your first Serapede. Wait for it to cross the room and head for your teammates before getting behind it with the Retro Lancer. Just unload into its tail to make quick work of it. You'll come across another Serapede when you are nearly to the door at the back. Make sure you get the rest of the eggs before leaving or you'll have more Serapedes to deal with.

    Go through the doors at the far end of this floor to enter the Archives proper. In here, follow the left wall around past the elevator and you'll eventually find a Crimson Omen on the wall, turn right and you should find a body with a [COG Tag].

    Be careful in this room, however. There are quite a few enemies in this room - most of them Serapedes. You'll also encounter tickers and possibly Grubs as well. Try to stick with your squad to make dealing with the Serapedes easier.

    After you deal with this initial group, you'll be sent to the back right corner of this room. Head there and then take cover. You'll see an E-Hole open up by the wall. Toss a grenade in and then get back behind cover. Up above and to the right will be a Grinder. Kill him and the wall behind the E-Hole will explode. Coming out of that hole will be a few Scorchers. Hit their gas tanks on their backs to deal with them quickly and possibly take a couple extra enemies with them.

    Clear the hole and then enter. Inside, take a right and head for the end. You'll see a Markza Rifle on the ground that's been modified. It has lost the scope and shoots slower but it packs more punch and sports a blade for melee combat. Head for the objective just up the stairs.

    Chapter 8: Vaults

    Just to your left is a room stacked with weapons. You'll find both Lancers and Shotguns here, along with frag grenades. The Glowing Omen will be on the wall.

    Heavy Dust will reduce visibility.

    This next room is a little disturbing at first but it can also be quite interesting. You won't be able to see too clearly and your enemies will get in close for some melee action. You'll deal mostly with ButchersTheron and Wretches in the next room. For this reason, grab a Lancer and keep the chainsaw revved. This will basically give you a chance to kill the enemy almost automatically if they approach you from the front. Once you've cut something, dodge in a direction away from enemies so you'll have a chance to rev your chainsaw again.

    Listen carefully for Butchers and Maulers. Try to lure the smaller enemies away from them and cut them up before tackling the bigger enemies. Remember thatTheron with Cleavers can actually start a chainsaw duel with you if you try to chainsaw them from the front. The best thing to do to start with is to go a little ways into the room but then back up to the doorway. From here, they can only really attack from the front and you can take them as they come. You just want to be careful that you don't stay too long because if the Boomers make it in this far then you're going to have some serious issues finding room to maneuver.

    When you've cleared the room, find the large hole on the right side of the room and follow it around to find some [COG Tags] and then head back to the stairs leading up. This will lead you to your squad and your exit.

    Chapter I: Enfield Bridge

    Directly ahead, take a left, go through the doors and hug the left wall. Follow the stairs down to the bottom and make sure to pick up ammo along the way. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll be able to go right and there will be a Glowing Omenon the left wall.

    Reduced Ammo, No Longshots, and additional Reavers to fight.

    Continue out onto the bridge and you'll be attacked by a few smaller grunts such as Wretches. Be careful of possible Therons because they will be carrying Torque Bows which make getting close very difficult. This will be largely compounded by your lack of ammo if you took the Declassification.

    Try to work your way towards the middle of the bridge. You'll find a working Troika turret on the bridge. When the middle is clear and the Reavers start appearing, hop on the Troika and start mowing them down. Be very careful of their locations and don't bother scoping as it will cost you too much movement and vision. Watch for the Reavers flying around and try to make sure you don't end up with one behind you.

    The Reavers seem a lot tougher now. They don't take much more damage but they move much more quickly and their rockets are every bit as damaging. Thankfully, their stab attack with their legs seems to be less devastating.

    After you deal with the first wave of Reavers, face the Academy and walk towards the broken bridge section. One the left side will be a statue and [COG Tags] will be on the ground next to it. Return to the rotunda and more Grubs will appear to the right as you face the Academy. These will be a little bit stronger than theGrubs you faced earlier and are much more likely to feature Therons. This could be an issue as you may have expended all of your ranged ammo. Wait for your squad to catch up and then rush in with close range weapons (particularly the Gnasher) and you should make short work of them.

    On the far side of the bridge, you'll be attacked by more Grubs, likely weaker varieties such as Wretches. Cut or blast your way through them to resume the fight with the Reavers. There should only be a couple more left but there is another Troika turret on this side. Hop on and start shooting. They shouldn't be able to do more than come right at you, allowing for you to clean them up pretty easily.

    Head to the front door to finish the mission.

    Chapter 2: Courtyard

    Make your way through the door on the left and follow the hallway to the locker room. There will be some Retro Lancers and a Boomshot on the racks as well as some frag grenades on the ground. The Glowing Omen is on the wall next to the Lancers.

    Finish before poison gas deploys 4:00 -- Failure will result in death!

    The Retro Lancer is probably the best bet so grab that and go through the door. Pick up the Boomshield on the ground just through the door and start marching through the field. There will be quite a few Grinders around here so keep that shield up as you move and shoot when you have a clear shot, even if it is just in controlled bursts. As you move through, you'll start to come to smaller Grubs but they shouldn't be much of a problem. If you are sure the Grinders are gone, you can even Retro Charge them to move more quickly.

    After you've cleared the area, a new enemy, the Rager, will make an appearance. You want to kill these enemies with a precision headhost if you can. Otherwise, they will get angry and "Rage". When this happens, they will become rather large and start rushing at you for heavy melee attacks. Try to keep your distance and kill him as quickly as possible. If you can't kill them or you're in a tight spot, avoid them and eventually their rage mode will stop. When they return to normal, then you can resume your attack.

    In this instance, it is already raging so just lay into it. You'll come across a few moreRagers and with either Lancer, you can easily execute them before they have a chance to rage. You should also have the Boomshot from the locker room so feel free to use that as well. If you hit them directly enough, the gib from the explosion should kill them rather than having them Rage. Before leaving this large room, there should be a small hallway blocked off to the left. Go that way and enter the only doorway before the wreckage on the right. Your [COG Tags]should be on the floor next to the window in this room.

    Make your way through this next building and on the way out, you'll come across more enemies. These enemies should be mostly simple Grub enemies but might include tickers so watch out. Clear out these enemies and watch for the slightly raised door on the left. This is your exit so get there, clear the enemies, and exit before your timer runs out.

    Chapter 3: R&D Labs

    You've just been dropped into the next chapter. There are some grenades to your left and the Glowing Omen on the wall to your right.

    Toxic Fumes affect vision.

    Enter the next room and if you are low on ammo, check to the left. Up the stairs should be a Lancer and a Mulcher. The room will be loaded with Grubs and many more will come into the room from the ceiling. On top of the Grubs will be a fewBoomer class enemies, likely Butchers. Watch out for Theron Guards with Cleavers as well.

    Most of the enemies will appear in the middle of the room below. If you go up the stairs to the right, there will be a switch that can be flipped to shock the enemies on the cover in the middle. On the left side beyond the Lancer will be another switch that will shock the platform that the Troika is on. If you have trouble with either of these areas, flip the switches first. Since you certainly have access to a Lancer, take it down into the area below and start cutting up the minor Grubs. Watch out because they may have chainsaws of their own and they'll have theBoomers to back them up. The upside, however, is that the smaller Grubs should drop ammo for you to use on the larger Boomers.

    Entering the room, there will be a small room off to the right which will have [COG Tags] on the floor. Grab the tags and exit the room through the other door. You'll follow a hallway and at the end will be large door. Open the door with the glowing switch next to it. Release the bot in the lab beyond, stock up with weapons by the door and then you can continue the Act.

    Chapter 4: Monroe Commons

    Go up the stairs and you'll see the Glowing Omen on the wall to your right.

    Nemacysts attack Beacon.

    Turn left and you'll enter a large hallway with rooms on either side. There will be a Mulcher nearby that you can use. Move forward and when you get towards the middle, the bot will huddle up. Soon after, you'll be attacked and you'll likely be attacked by all directions. For the most part, you'll be attacked by Grubs andWretches so fight them off as usual. Make use of the Mulcher if you like. Be watchful because they'll come from a variety of areas. There are holes in many of the side hallways and rooms that don't count as E-holes and can't be closed.

    When you deal with the first wave of enemies, enter the first room on the right and you should see a Crimson Omen on the wall. Turn left and you'll see flames surrounding a doorway into the next room. Walk straight ahead and you should see a set of desks in a circle. You'll find the [COG Tags] on the floor along one side of this ring.

    Move ahead until the bot stops to open the door. You'll have a moment to reload before the next attack. A similar group of enemies should appear including Grubsand Wretches but be careful because Kantuses may appear as well. As you remove them, Nemacysts should join the fight. They should start at the far end of the hall by the ceiling and move towards where you are. This shouldn't post too much of a problem. After the Nemacysts are gone, the bot should open the door and you can enter the courtyard.

    There will be a Boomshot on the ground in the courtyard. The bot will get a little ways ahead before more Nemacysts attack. This section can be a little bit tougher because they can come from any number of directions. It's best if you back up into a corner so that you can see the bot clearly. This will give you ample time to destroy the Nemacysts even if they come directly over your head.

    Again, after those are gone, more enemies will appear from E-holes in the courtyard. Close them up if you can and kill the Grubs. You should have a decent position here to fight them off but they can come from either side so be sure to watch for enemies coming around to flank. You are very likely to get at least one, more likely two, Kantus so listen for their screeching. If you hear it, try to track them down if you can OR use a weapon like the Gnasher or the chainsaw to instantly kill your enemies instead of just downing them.

    After this section, you'll move through a small garden area towards the back of the courtyard. As you do, more enemies will appear directly in your path including moreGrubs and Kantus. The first E-hole will be directly in your path but the other will be ahead and around the corner so you'll have to fight your way to it to close it.

    Soon, you'll be attacked by more Nemacysts. This will be the toughest part of all because of the location of the bot. You'll need to keep on the lookout forNemacysts and get them early because if they get too close and low, you won't be able to hit them.

    Chapter 5: Atrium

    The Glowing Omen should be directly in front of you.

    Fight with Pistols only.

    To get three stars on this one, you really need to create execution opportunities. To do this, shoot for the Grubs' feet which will cause them to go DBNO. Get up to them and execute them. This will give you a little more on your meter. The trouble with this is that you spend more ammo this way. However, without several executions, you're not going to make three stars.

    The Grubs will start repelling from the roof down to the floor in front of you.  If you can get to one of the side rooms ahead, you can use this to flank all of theGrubs pretty easily but it also puts you in a dead end with no escape. More Grubsand Boomers will eventually start coming through the doors on the far side of this room. Just be ready for them. Once you get rid of the enemies repelling, you should be able to hold them at bay. Remember that there's a COG Ammo crate nearby if you run low on ammo. Try to take out the Boomers first if you can just in case you run completely out of ammo. You'll stand a much better chance in melee combat with Grubs than Boomers.

    When you're done, check the only open door on the right side. Go into the locker room and grab some goods before turning around. Just before leaving, you'll find a[COG Tag] behind the door. Grab that and then leave the building. Just before the stairs in the courtyard, you'll find a box with a Tripwire bow. Grabbing this will not hurt your declassification. Take that with you when you end the chapter.

    Chapter 6: Crash Site

    First, turn around and climb the stairs. At the top, move to the right to find the[COG Tags] for this mission. When you come down the stairs, you should see theGlowing Omen on the pillar to the right.

    Serapedes and Corpsers added to the attack.

    Getting even close to three stars on this requires that you take the Declassify because otherwise you won't have enough big enemies to get the stars (even with the multiplier). Go over to the goodies from the crash and you'll find several good bits including turrets, grenades, a Mulcher, a Lancer and an Onyx Ammo box. Just to the left of where the Glowing Omen was should be a Gnasher. Grab the Lancer and Gnasher before stocking up on grenades.

    For now, drop your Tripwire Bow and pick up the turrets. Take the Gnasher turret to the left towards the stairs leading down. Before the first set leading down, go to the right and tuck the Gnasher Turret in the corner here so that it faces 90 degrees across the top of the steps. Place the Ranged turret on the far set of steps either on the first set of stairs leading to the corner or at the corner.

    Hold on to your grenades and leave the Tripwire Bow for now. Take cover behind the column where the Glowing Omen was. From here, you can watch the enemies as the climb the stairs. The first wave is likely to be tickers and it could be quite a few of them (a dozen or more). They'll more than likely destroy the first razor wire barricade before coming up to the laser wire. Try to go up a little ways and kick them away before destroying them because this will save your turret some damage from when it kills them.

    The next enemy that appears will be a Serapede and usually the second one will follow close behind the first. Most of the time, they'll gravitate to your side but be sure to listen for them because every once in a while they will go for the otherside and your AI partners are not bright enough to prevent it from destroying all of your barricades. If it comes up your side then you should try to get behind it and take off a few tail sections (which will make it short enough for the turret to hit). Do the same with the next one.

    At this point, you'll be attacked by a wide variety of enemies including Theronguards, WretchesBoomers, and certainly the Corpser. Grab the Mulcher and set up on the corner. Wait for them to come up the stairs and your Gnasher Turret will shoot them from behind. When it does, it will stun them and the Corpser will lift up their front legs providing you with a good shot. Try to kill it before it can recover and go underground. If it gets underground, drop the Mulcher and start trying to avoid where the Corpseris digging. It can easily pop on claw out and kill you in two quick hits.

    Keep your eyes on the Corpsers and look for openings. They frequently come up the stairs in pairs. If they do, hit them with a couple of quick grenades to take both out quickly. In fact, don't be shy about using all of your grenades on theCorpsers (there should have been six scattered in the area at the beginning). These Corpsers will be the toughest thing you face for the rest of the fight and they are deserving of the entire Mulcher and all of your grenades.

    With the Corpsers down, you may have a few stragglers but the wave should end. You'll have 30 seconds to refresh and reload. Make sure you've reloaded your turrets since you likely haven't reloaded them since the Corpsers appeared and then grab the Onyx Ammo box. This will refill any weapons and give you at least one grenade for emergencies. When you've stocked up, grab the Tripwire Bow and start planting the Tripwires. This operates similarly to the torque bow so hold it down a moment before releasing. You'll see a projection of light coming off where the dart will land and this indicates where the Tripwire will go. Set up a couple on each side and then get back into your position.

    This last wave is not nearly as bad as the first one but that doesn't mean it isn't tough. You'll be attacked by many Boomers (all varieties but primarily Maulers),WretchesKantus, and Theron. If you need to back up to the top level, feel free because this will give a much better view and you'll be able to attack Maulersfrom the side almost the entire way up. Watch where the Theron fall and you should be able to pick up a Torque Bow or two which will be pretty useful on these tougher enemies.

    Unload everything you've got and don't be shy about losing a couple of rounds onMauler shields because this is the last Chapter of the Act.

    Chapter 1: Amador Park

    Walk down the stairs and across the street to find the Glowing Omen above the hedges in the distance.

    Use Gnashers and Sawed-Off Shotguns only.

    Turn right and hop over the broken wall. Head into the street on your left and start walking down the street. As you make your way forward, enemies will come through a wall of cars up ahead. There are two sets of enemies (primarily). The first set you may have to face is a couple of Bloodmounts and the second set includes several armored Maulers. Hope that you get the first set because the reach of a Bloodmount is far shorter than that of a Mauler (if you're using just shotguns).

    Keep moving around and try to get around behind the Maulers if you get them. This should keep you relatively safe. If there are smaller enemies, try to take them out first. Fighting the Bloodmounts is the opposite. Start with the Bloodmountbecause they are fast and you don't want to lose track of them. In both cases, use your Sawed-Off on the main larger enemies while you save the Gnasher for smaller enemies.

    Go up the street and stick to the left. An E-Hole will open in a patch of grass just after you pass the row wall of cars. Try to stand at the mouth of the E-Hole and kill the enemies as they come out with the Gnasher since you can't drop a Frag into the hole. Most of these enemies should be just Wretches and Grubs. Watch out as you walk ahead because some of the enemies will come shooting out of the ground instead of out of E-Holes.

    You'll come to a large hole in the ground with Ammo nearby. Grab the ammo and go through the door to your right. Just past the door will be a group of Wretchesand Corpsers. Get rid of the Wretches first and then wait for the Corpser to be drawn to an ally. Get behind him and unload both tubes of the Sawed-Off into him. You may require on more shot after that depending.

    Up the stairs ahead will be a few more enemies, likely two Kantus and possibly other Grubs. Climb the stairs and get close to the Kantus. They'll likely screech at you but this will give you time to heal from their gun shots. Take them out with the Gnasher.

    On this top platform, there's only one exit so make your way for it. You'll have to contend with a few Grubs and possibly Wretches but you should be able to make short work of them in these confined spaces. Keep your eyes out to the right for a set of stairs with a Crimson Omen next to it. Don't go up the stairs. Instead, turn right and walk along under the stairs to find the [COG Tags] in a pool of blood near the railing.

    Continue on to the exit.

    Chapter 2: Magadha Villa

    Walk up the stairs in front of you and the Glowing Omen should be right in front of you.

    Locust use Smoke Grenades to reduce visibility.

    At the end of this path is a cache of weapons including Sawed-Off Shotguns and Retro Lancers. After busting through the gate, turn left and you should find a Torque Bow. I would take the Retro Lancer and hold on to a Gnasher if you have it.

    Go up the stairs and enter the villa. Inside the Villa, you'll be attacked by locusts. The enemies that appear will likely be a variety of Boomer of every kind (which is why we are going with the Gnasher instead of the Sawed-Off) and Grubs like theCyclops and Theron. When you first enter, watch for enemies dropping from the floor above. Don't go too far in immediately because more enemies will drop in to the left. Clear the first few enemies and then clear the area to the left before looping back to the right to continue.

    Make your way to the back of the building and you'll get more Boomers, particularly Grinders. Use the walls and desks for cover and then proceed into the back yard. Outside, you'll be attacked by Therons, Wretches, and Boomers. If you managed to find a Torque Bow, this can make clearing them out pretty easy. The Grubs will start pouring out of the swimming pool in the back and through the front gate to your right. Close the E-Hole in the pool if it hasn't been closed before turning your attention to the front gate.

    When the front gate is cleared, go through into the street and turn right. Your objective is the gate on the left but first go past it and at the end of the street, you'll find the Crimson Omen on the wall. Go to the back left corner and then turn around. Hug the wall on the right and go forward until you come up behind the light pole and a wooden barrier. The [COG Tags] should be on the ground in a pool of blood. Head for the gate and complete the mission.

    Chapter 3: Soleno Villa

    As you go up the stairs, the Glowing Omen should be on the wall to your left.

    Finish before explosives detonate in 3:30 -- Failure will result in Death!

    After hitting the Declassify, hop over the sandbags and you'll be introduced to acouple of Kantus that are screaming at you from upstairs. Near you in the small area will be a Markza on the ground. Grab the Markza and try to take out the Kantus quickly. If you can't, they aren't as dangerous as the E-Hole that opens up so watch out for the Grubs that spill out of that. You could end up with a variety of grubs including Theron, Cyclopses, or just Drones.

    If you used the chapter select trick, you should also have a regular Lancer so start carving up Grubs. Toss a grenade into the E-Hole and start cutting but be careful of the Theron because they may be carrying cleavers which can start a chainsaw duel. If you need grenades, there's a set of two in the archway to your left.

    When you've dealt with these Grubs and the Kantus above, back away from the closed gate. A few Maulers will come through the gate accompanied by a handful of other Grubs and possibly a couple Wretches. Go through the gate as soon as you can and turn right. About halfway down the stairs, you'll see an Onyx Box on the left. As you get to the bottom of the stairs, several Ragers will pop out of the ground and instantly rage out. Just start laying into their head or run past them and toss grenades at them. Make sure to drop a grenade in the E-Hole in the street.

    Clean up any remaining enemies and enter the street. Turn left and walk past the right hand turn. You'll see a set of cars that crashed and the Crimson Omen will be to the left of them. Don't go to the left though as the [COG Tags] will be on the ground on the right side of the accident. Now head up the path you didn't take and you can finish the mission at the top.

    Chapter 4: Windward Way

    When you land, follow the only path available and ahead, you'll see the Glowing Omen on the right side.

    Extra Locust will attack from behind.

    Walk up past the omen and get rid of the spike barrier ahead. Go up the street and Grubs and Wretches will come out of the ground. The types will vary from normal grubs up to Scorchers. You should be able to make short work of them and after you do, you'll get a quick cutscene. Turn right and make your way past the barriers. Chainsaw through the wood barrier and then climb over the stone barrier at the end.

    After you climb the stone barrier, you'll be told that there are mortars in the area and that you'll need to clear them out. A group of Wretches will attack you while you deal with this first mortar Grub. Cut through these with your chainsaw for the most part and then start making your way up through the barriers. MoreGrubs and Wretches will appear ahead. Some will erupt out of the ground while others will come out of an E-Hole. Plug the E-Hole and you should be able to cut through the few stragglers.

    When you've dealt with the enemies here, the barrier up ahead will buckle before being broken down and a couple of Bloodmounts will appear possibly along with smaller enemies. The best thing to do is to unload with your Lancer while backing up. Bloodmounts have devastating close range attacks that can down you with a single hit. The Beast Riders on top can do some decent damage but it's much preferable to be shot by him than to be hit by the Bloodmount itself. Try to keep your distance and let your squad draw their attention while you shoot them from a distance.

    Climb over the barrier and then head left. You want to try to find a ranged weapon if you don't already have one and immediately use it to take out themortar on the structure ahead. Try to do this quickly before being overrun byWretches. Trying to juggle both of these, especially on higher difficulties can be a real pain (though not impossible). If you get rid of the Mortar then the wretches are a simple chainsaw solution away. IF you can't find a long ranged weapon, then start cutting through the Wretches but do so moving in the direction of the structure. You want to get to that structure, climb up and deal with the mortar as quickly as possible.

    Eventually more Bloodmounts will show up so you want to try and get these two steps done as quickly as possible. If you can't then one of these three elements will take you down while you're trying to deal with the others. If you're still up on the top level when the rear guard shows up then you can use the Mortar from up here to close the E-Hole and kill the Grubs and Bloodmountsthat appear.

    Before leaving this area, find the blue shipping container that was originally on your left as you entered the area. Go to the side closer to the structure and you should be able to find [COG Tags] on the ground. Head for the waypoint and finish the chapter.

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