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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CSeddon

    Version: 13+1 | Updated: 04/09/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    <<<(((--- Sonic Adventure Two ---)))>>>
                 TXT69 Version
       FAQ, Walkthrough and Brag Podium
                By Colin Seddon
                 Version 13 +1
                  09 Apr 2002
    see the (DC) after the walkthrough title? That means it's a DC
    The ***BEST*** Sonic Adventure Two walkthrough around! At least 
    according to quite-a-large number of emails I've been getting :) You 
    guys are great! Keep the praise coming!
    In fact, please don't email me with questions at all. I can remember
    some things but not much - it's been MONTHS since I've played SA2
    The file contains a COMPLETE walkthrough to the story, and I've even
    touched on some of the additional missions. But I won't be updating
    this file, at least not for a very long time. In a few years I'll
    probably go back to the game knowing me ;)
    This file is best viewed with YOUR EYES.
    Search for two hashes, SKIP then two hashes to skip all this 
    TXT69 Wordwrap bar
    TXT79 Wordwrap bar
    If you have TXT69 or TXT79 versions, you'll find that this 
    walkthrough is wrapped at either 69 or 79 characters respectively. 
    Now Word's doing a lot of the donkey work for me, I can concentrate 
    on actual content :)
    YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THIS: Last ten days
    11+3 30/8 "To steal from one author is plagiarism, to steal from two
               is comparative study, to steal from three is research."
    12+1  4/9 "Do I HAVE to go back to college? No? Right, I'm not going
               then. What? I'll have to get a JOB?! Hi ho, hi ho, it's
               off to college I go..."
    13+0  8/9 "Me: Joining Sonic this time is the guardian of the master
               emerald. The last of his kind - well, they probably all
               died of shock when they saw him. It's Knuckles!"
    [updated 08/09 - trimmed upto 30/08]
    I don't know. I'm using WordPad to rush off a quick update before I
    get any more people asking me about the Gamecube version.
    Last email check date: Blarg
    Copyright Colin Seddon 2001 - only the sites I clear can put it up 
    for access, and no reprinting (or otherwise redistributing) without 
    my say-so. The latest internet version of this FAQ can always be 
    found at:
    www.gamefaqs.com (TXT69 version only)
    My site (going up soon with TXT69, TXT79, DOC and HTML versions)
    Also with permission:
    Cheat Code Central
    But you know what most sites are like about latest versions.
    If you want to put it on your site, tough. Any future FAQs in my name
    will ONLY be found on www.gamefaqs.com and my site. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    This is because I can't be bothered keeping track of where my FAQs
    SOMEBODY. Metaphorically speaking, of course. If you want to report a 
    site sticking it up where they shouldn't, I'm sure I can think of a 
    reward :)
    to register to get at this FAQ, I probably didn't clear that site 
    To find a specific section, search for two hashes, the two-digit 
    section number, then two hashes: for example ##73##... er... well... 
    ##73## won't take you to any section, but you get the general idea.
    To find a specific stage, search for H, D or L followed by the stage 
    number: for example H2 will take you to Wild Canyon, and L5 will take 
    you to Cannon's Core (Sonic). If you want a walkthrough for a 
    different mission on that stage, add the letter M and the mission 
    number (ie H2M3 will take you to the lost Chao mission on Wild 
    Canyon). But that's still in beta, only City Escape supports that 
    right now!
    My biggest problem with this game is that most of the time it's tough 
    to walk through, other times it's impossible. But I think I've just 
    about managed most of the time. The best example of this is Crazy 
    Gadget - after control point 5.
    And finally, whoever was saying that twenty-odd people are wrong and 
    you get nothing for All A Rankers can go and stand in the corner - I 
    confirmed Tikal myself.
    00a. Version History
    00b. Walkthrough File
    01.  Brag Podium
    02.  Theatrical Trailers
    03.  Hero Side walkthrough
    04.  Hero Side special items
    05.  Dark Side walkthrough
    06.  Dark Side special items
    07.  Last Side walkthrough
    08.  Known Issues
    09.  Chao
    10.  Rewards
    11.  Theme Tune Lyrics
    12.  Extended Theme Tune Lyrics (& fancy dress advice)
    O/T  Competition
    14.  3rd, 4th and 5th Missions
    96.  Other People
    97.  Contacting Me
    98.  Help Me Out!
    99.  Future
    ##00a## Version History
    Here's the deal. When I release a proper version to the internet, 
    I'll bump the version number and release it as just a number (eg 
    Version 3). When I just release it to the bNet servers, I put it as 
    version x+y (eg the bNet release after Version 3 is Version 3+1). But 
    to keep track of the sheer amount of work I've done, I'm putting 
    running totals in square brackets after each five revisions.
    Ver   Date   Updates
    ---   ----   -------
     1    23/6   Extremely incomplete - only goes as far as Wild Canyon
                   on the Hero Side!
     2    24/6   Hero Side complete! I'm about to start playing the Dark
                   Side... Ha ha ha! Long live the Eggman empire! I hope
                   he actually kills Sonic when I play through the Dark
     3     1/7   Dark Side complete! Cannon's Core is causing me a few
                   probs - try me next week.
     3+1  (2/7)  Changing the FAQ to adapt to emails.
     3+2  (4/7)  Changing the FAQ to adapt to emails. Yawn.
     4     5/7   Received about 40 emails and went through them. I read
                   them *all* - thank you everybody!
     4+1  (7/7)  Updated Brag Podium.
     5     8/7   THE LAST SIDE! WHOOOOO! This is the first Last Side
     5+1 (10/7)  Updated Brag Podium.
     5+2 (12/7)  Lyrics to Tails' theme.
     5+3 (13/7)  Lyrics to Sonic's theme - damn ISP's gone down! But I
                   released it to my friends (and foes) at Blast.
     5+4 (15/7)  Stuff about completing the last side - looks like you DO
                   get the sound test stuff after all...
     5+5 (18/7)  The only thing I did in this version was change the odd
                   word here and there.
     5+6 (19/7)  "Completing the last side" renamed to "Known Issues" for
                   future use. Will I actually be able to get on the
                   Internet on Saturday and get this thing re-released at
                   Also added full history to the "release" versions – I
                   can't be bothered keeping two separate histories...
     5+7 (20/7)  Lyrics to the main theme, and extended lyrics for Tails.
                   Eggman's to follow (maybe 5+8, maybe later)
     5+8 (21/7)  More rewards - I put them all in section 10.
     6    21/7   Bumping the version number for release. No changes. I've
                   got most of Eggman's theme tune, but I've still got
                   some words missing. And whoever wrote the lyrics FAQ
                   did a pretty good job but I disagree in a couple of
     6+1 (26/7)  Got all As for Knuckles! Woohoohoo! Just need to check
                   my mail on sunday and make sure nobody got it before
     7    29/7   Bumping the version number for release. No changes.
                   Haven't checked my mail in ages, so v8 should have
                   some more of your contributions in it. This one
                   doesn't. (actually released as 6 +0 - my mistake!)
     7+1 (30/7)  Oops, didn't bump the version number! Still haven't
                   checked most of my mail, but I checked some messages.
                   Updated rewards. I think this'll be the last version
                   for a while cos I'm getting sick of the game, I'm
                   kinda stuck! So I'm waiting for some other kind person
                   to do a full walkthrough for all the missions, then
                   I'll play through and write my version.
     8     5/8   Bumping version number yadda yadda yadda. Kinda getting
                   sick of SA2 now. Oh, well. Time to rediscover a few
                   Jet Set Radioooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
                   Anyone remember Sonic Chaos? Well, I'm stuck on the
                   final boss of the game. No, wait, no I'm not. Just
                   done it. Crappy end sequence or what, huh?
                   Gotta feeling this will be the last update for some
     8+1 (11/8)  Just trawled through 108 emails. Didn't reply to most
                   because I already know the info they gave me. One
                   idiot sent me the same damn email three times: you
                   know who you are. Now seriously cheesed off at
                   spending over an hour of my holidays for no reason at
                   all. But now at least I know most of the secret
                   Is it just me, or is this the only walkthrough that's
                   still being updated? Oh well, guess that explains the
                   massive amount of emails I've been getting...
                   And Jet Set Radioooooooooooooooo still plays as well
                   now as it did all that time ago!
     9    12/8   Bumping version number blah blah blah. No changes, no
                   backlog! Woo! But I'm stuck in Sonic: Triple Trouble
                   on the Game Gear. Can anybody walk me through world 2,
                   act 2?
     9+1 (12/8)  Er... I forgot to make a history for this update! I
                   guess I put my off-topic Chapter 13 in this time, but
                   I might be wrong.
     9+2 (14/8)  "Hey hey hey, it's time to get busy!" Now I'm hooked on
                   Crazy Taxi 2. Anybody beaten 603yds on the long jump?
                   I took the old bland chapter 13 out and replaced it
                   with a quiz/competition.
     9+3 (15/8)  Nobody's got all the ch13 questions right so far, so I
                   take a wrong answer away from each. I've had
                   complaints about my shameless plug in question 4, but
                   I maintain that it's a good question - it tests your
                   knowledge of the animated serieses. Is that a word?
                   Well, whether it was or it wasn't, it is now. And I'm
                   not asking you to prove you finished the last side any
                   more - I removed half the references in v9 and the
                   rest now. You should have twigged when I *told* you
                   the last four words in v9!
     9+4 (17/8)  Got the 3rd Chao emblem now, and a couple of others.
                   Anyway, updates... Oh yeah. I added a heckofalot more
                   lyrics, and corrected the main theme. "You'll fade in
                   trade", what sort of a lyric is that? Actual lyric is
                   "Your fading trait"... I think :)
                   I compiled the MGTGLOAT, and over the next few
                   versions I'll be pushing out one at a time. They're
                   weak now, but you'll like number 1! Promise!
    10    17/8   Alright, I'm submitting. Bumping version number for
                   probable release tomorrow. And I'm knocking another
                   answer off each competition question - everybody's
                   back in. No right answers yet! I'm working on
                   walkthroughs for the 3rd missions - see my beta in
                   City Escape (it's under HERO)
    10+1 (18/8)  The competition's over! Still waiting for the winner's
                   name. Well done him!
    10+2 (20/8)  Finally figured out some more stuff about Chao - I added
                   it. And there's a new section 13 in the making: think
                   about the embarrasing things that've happened to you
                   and get ready to submit to an anonymous timeline!
    10+3 (21/8)  I found out there was a song being sung while I was
                   changing – I took an educated guess at the lyrics, but
                   I think we're just about there. Added walkthroughs to
                   the last two City Escape missions, too, and the new
                   Walkthrough File. And I moved all the walkthroughs
                   (bar mission 1s) to their own section to help people
                   who are just reading this to finish story mode - the
                   other missions would just get in the way. They're in
                   14 now.
    10+4 (22/8)  More stuff on Chao. A whole lot of stuff in fact. Hey, I
                   could almost spin a Chao FAQ off this one... but I
                   won't, there's enough of those already. And the whole
                   point of this FAQ is that you shouldn't NEED to
                   download anything else... eventually.
    10+5 (23/8)  I just noticed the FAQ got over 100KB. And I think I'm
                   getting most of Shadow's theme, too. Lyrics, that is.
    10+6 (24/8)  The three ways to hatch a Chao were added. And I
                   wordwrapped the FAQ to 69 chars – new bNet
                   restrictions. Jeez, they're worse than GameFAQs!
    11    25/8   Bumping version number for release.
    11+1 (25/8)  Oops, forgot the quote. Oh well.
    11+2 (26/8)  I put in stuff about WPCA – see right at the bottom.
    11+3 (30/8)  Getting on for 19000 words, this walkthrough becomes the
                   longest thing I've ever written. I think that's worthy
                   of a celebration. What can I do to celebrate? Oh yeah, 
                   I can do something radical like make the walkthrough
                   file actually look half-decent. Well, that's a matter
                   of opinion, but I changed the design anyway.
    12+1 (4/9)   No 12+0, I just released 11+3. I think. I put in the new
                   fastest new completion time: about time someone beat
                   me. And I've had a HUGE number of reqs for Chaofinder
                   on Final Chase – I made that I priority. And it's done
                   and in.
                   Also, I put in a HUGE number of special items – if I
                   know about it, it's in here. If I don't and you do, 
                   *please* get in touch!
    13+0  9/9    No changes at all. I'm just bumping the version number
                   for release. Oh yeah, I reworded something a little. 
                   But I can't remember what...
    13+1  9/4    Added important note.
    ##00b## Walkthrough File
    This section will grow, and contain details of all the walkthroughs 
    that are in this file, as well as the versions in which they were 
    added and what to search for if you want to find them quickly, and a 
    warning if it contains (self-confessed poor) ASCII art. Saves me 
    listing them all in history, I'll just tell you to look here!
    | HERO SIDE         |                                               |
    | 01 City Escape    | 3rd: Lost Chao                                |
    |                   |  Added to version 10+0 on 17/8                |
    |                   |  Search for "H1M3"                            |
    |                   |  ASCII art alert!!!                           |
    |                   |                                               |
    |                   | 4th: Beat 3:00                                |
    |                   |  Added to version 10+3 on 21/8                |
    |                   |  Search for "H1M4"                            |
    |                   |  ASCII art alert!!!                           |
    |                   |                                               |
    |                   | 5th: Hard Mode                                |
    |                   |  Added to version 10+3 on 21/8                |
    |                   |  Search for "H1M5"                            |
    | DARK SIDE         |                                               |
    | 14 Final Chase    | 3rd: Lost Chao                                |
    |                   |  Added to version 12+1 on 04/9                |
    |                   |  Search for "D14M3"                           |
    ##01## Brag Podium
    First, I wanna brag. Thanks to Flash, I was the first to release a 
    walkthrough for the Last Side!!! Anyway, enough about me, what have 
    you lot been up to?
    After the next release the really old records are gonna be erased. No 
    point in having records that can't be beaten any more!
    In their place I will put:
    1) Firstly, the Fastest New Completion top three will stay
    2) Records for the six Chao jewel race courses: send in your name and
       the name of your Chao if it has one
    3) Records for the thirty-one action stages (whether I'll plump for
       time or points I really don't know, I'll probably go for time)
    4) Kart race and boss attack times
    So get playing and submitting!
    First person to...
    John Rzepecki on 22/6/01 at 10:00 PM
    TEND0847@ on 23/6/01 at 10:00 PM
    Alex V. on 23/6/01 at 10:00 PM
    Alex V. on 26/6/01 at 5:00 PM
    Alex V. on 26/6/01 at 5:00 PM
    ***ME***!!!!! on 26/7/01 at 4:39 PM
    Must be my reward for writing this thing :)
    aferolie on 11/7/01 at 3:45 PM
    Alex V. on 26/6/01 at 5:00 PM
    miraikid@ on 21/7/01 at 5:28 PM
    GET All 180 EMBLEMS
    Somebody has - quite a few people have - but nobody sent me a time in 
    spite of asking for the last loads of versions. Hard luck everybody.
    1  04:28:58 Elindor Quinn
         Ended up in Chao World once, so there's room for improvement!
    2  04:44:54 ME!!!!!
         C'mon, surely more than one of you can beat that – I only
         thought up the idea for FNC *after* playing again. I just wanted
         to play through the story again from scratch to re-find the
         special items for this FAQ.
    To enter this contest, create a new file and play through to the end 
    of the last side, including the two final bosses. Then send in the 
    time on the save file. You should have 34 emblems: if you have any 
    more, you've wasted time! And if you send in a time, mark it "FASTEST 
    NEW COMPLETION" or I'll go my strange-virtual-looks at you and delete 
    your mail. Actually, as soon as I've read a mail it gets deleted 
    anyway unless I save it.
    SPEEDSTERS (only here now for formatting)
    City Escape       x                        _:__:__
    Wild Canyon       x                        _:__:__
    Prison Lane       x                        _:__:__
    Metal Harbour     x                        _:__:__
    Green Forest      x                        _:__:__
    Pumpkin Hill      x                        _:__:__
    Mission Street    x                        _:__:__
    Aquatic Mine      x                        _:__:__
    Route 101         x                        _:__:__
    Hidden Base       x                        _:__:__
    Pyramid Cave      x                        _:__:__
    Death Chamber     x                        _:__:__
    Eternal Engine    x                        _:__:__
    Meteor Herd       x                        _:__:__
    Crazy Gadget      x                        _:__:__
    Final Rush        x                        _:__:__
    Iron Gate         x                        _:__:__
    Dry Lagoon        x                        _:__:__
    Sand Ocean        x                        _:__:__
    Radical Highway   x                        _:__:__
    Egg Quarters      x                        _:__:__
    Lost Colony       x                        _:__:__
    Weapons Bed       x                        _:__:__
    Security Hall     x                        _:__:__
    White Jungle      x                        _:__:__
    Route 280         x                        _:__:__
    Sky Rail          x                        _:__:__
    Mad Space         x                        _:__:__
    Cosmic Wall       x                        _:__:__
    Final Chase       x                        _:__:__
    Kart Race 1       x                        _:__:__
    Kart Race 2       x                        _:__:__
    Kart Race 3       x                        _:__:__
    Boss Attack Hero  x                        _:__:__
    Boss Attack Dark  x                        _:__:__
    Boss Attack All   x                        _:__:__
    Chao 1            x                        _:__:__
    Chao 2            x                        _:__:__
    Chao 3            x                        _:__:__
    Chao 4            x                        _:__:__
    Chao Onyx         x                        _:__:__
    Chao Garnet       x                        _:__:__
    ##02## Theatrical Trailers
    When you complete one of the first two stories, you get a theatrical 
    trailer for the other. These sum up the story much better than I ever 
    could, so I'll plonk them here word-for-word.
    HERO (BGM: Sonic's Theme)
    The military's top secret weapon, Project Shadow, was stolen from a 
    military base located on a deserted island in the southern seas. This 
    incident increased worldwide terrorist activities: Sonic the Hedgehog 
    was arrested. The adventure for truth leads to the incidents that 
    shock the entire world. The story takes our hero, Sonic, from the 
    earth and into outer space. Sonic Adventure 2: hero side story. 
    Farewell, Sonic, forever!
    DARK (BGM: Shadow's Theme [I think])
    Eggman steals the research from a military base located on an island 
    to the south: the military's top secret weapon, Shadow. Sealed in the 
    space colony ARK, the seventh Chaos Emerald. When all of the seven 
    keys have been collected, world conquest will be at hand. Sonic 
    Adventure 2: the dark side story. Long live the Eggman Empire!
    You get one for LAST, too, but it's indecipherable apart from
    "Sonic Adventure 2: final episode. Wishes are eternal."
    I think I need a spoiler alert here, because this info is out-of-
    *** SPOILER ALERT ***
    I think it's going on about Maria's wish to Shadow fifty years ago, 
    and everything is not-quite-so-vague once you complete and watch the 
    end sequence.
    *** SPOILER ALERT ***
    Well, I've got a faint idea, but the storylines aren't exactly SA2's 
    strong point.
    ##03## Hero Side walkthrough
    [EASTER EGG: The callsign of the chopper at the start is Sigma Alpha 
    2 - phonetic for SA2. Geddit?]
    Played as Sonic
    1st: Escape from the city!
    So, Sonic escapes the mysterious GUN on his skateboard. The first 
    minute of SA2 is spent boarding, but don't get used to it. Use this 
    oppertunity to master the camera rather than the controls, learning 
    to duck slightly to one side if you can't see where you're going.
    Board down the hill, going straight on at all junctions. When you're 
    on a little ramp, press the A button. If you do this right, Sonic 
    will pull off a trick.
    When Sonic jumps off his board, you can start to master the controls. 
    Run into the blue chao and he'll introduce himself. Then continue up 
    the steps.
    It's obvious where to go in this stage. The only thing for me to 
    point out is that the blue chao will walk you through this one.
    Oh, yeah, there are three blue chao containers on each stage. Try to 
    break at least one with each character to gain access to the Chao 
    Gardens. On this stage, they're not too difficult.
    1: After the first road section where Sonic's running, there are two 
    big flights of stairs one after another. On the second, turn right 
    just before the top and somersault into it.
    2: Just after 1, there's a long grind around a curved staircase. Get 
    up the ramp on the left at the bottom of the stairs using spin dash 
    and 2 is right there.
    3: Later on, there's a staircase up with two red poles horizontally 
    across it. Jump at the top one and Sonic will start swinging. 
    Practice makes perfect - time pressing A so Sonic leaps into the air 
    and lands next to 3.
    All in all, nothing particularly strenuous about this level.
    BOSS: F-6t "Big Foot" (ground/air combat walker)
    Three extremely easy steps.
    1: Dodge everything by keeping moving until it lands.
    2: Homing attack the cockpit from the front, dodging the missiles.
    3: Repeat until it's down and out. It takes four hits.
    Sonic gets captured again, so Tails and Amy get to bail him out. But 
    first, introducing Knux.
    Played as Knuckles
    1st: Collect three emerald shards
    OK, here's how to play as Knuckles.
    I can't walk you through Knuckles' stages, but I can tell you how to 
    get a walkthrough.
    Dotted around the level are hint computers. Find three and look at 
    them in turn. Together, they'll tell you where the emerald is. To 
    review your hints, pause the game. That's about it!
    The chao containers in this level are tough, find them on a later 
    Knux level.
    BOSS: Eggman (self-centred wobble bottom)
    Played as Tails
    Lock-on and fire. Then grab a ring and dash towards him, and when 
    you're close press B to punch his lights out. When he stops flashing, 
    lock-on, fire, and punch. Repeat until he's dead. This is known as 
    "doing the nutter thing".
    Played as Tails
    1st: Find the core of the prison.
    You've got to get through several prison doors. To do this, you have 
    to destroy every enemy in the level. Most are easy.
    One chao container is particularly easy to get - after the first 
    continue marker, instead of going up the lift ahead, turn right and 
    destroy the robot. Then grab the Chao key.
    The door at the top of a lift guarded by three E-100 series bots can 
    be a little tricky. To the right is another lift: go up it, aim 
    towards the camera and lock on to everything in the room by going 
    around in a circle. If that doesn't open the door, aim through it and 
    destroy any baddies you can get a lock on. And if THAT fails, retrace 
    your steps to the large open area just before the continue marker and 
    make sure you got rid of all its inhabitants. That ought to cover it.
    Played as Sonic
    1st: Whaddaya do just after busting out of jail? Escape!
    This is my favourite stage in the whole Sonic series. Except maybe 
    the fourth bonus stage in Sonic Chaos. Anyway, just don't do anything 
    fancy and you'll complete the stage no problemo!
    Just after the first continue marker, you'll come to a line of 
    baddies stretching from one platform to the next. Carefully homing 
    attack each to progress. If you're lucky or good, bear left after 
    hitting the fourth to pocket an extra life.
    Next is the light speed dash. You need to grab the handle on the 
    left, then come towards the camera and land in the green glow. Then 
    carefully drop back down the lift shaft and use the light speed dash 
    to pocket some rings and progress.
    At the airfield, there's an easy Chao container if you didn't get one 
    in the first stage. It in amongst the buildings on the left - you 
    can't miss it if you know where to look. Light speed dash again to 
    After that are two towers. You need to somersault under the bar and 
    grab the lifts to progress. If you time it right, you shouldn't need 
    to stop.
    If you missed the Chao container, there's another easy one just 
    before the rocket you'll take in about ten seconds at the end of the 
    platform. Looking straight on towards the rocket and continue marker, 
    go right to grab the Chao key.
    Take the rocket, then you'll have fifteen seconds to get to a MUCH 
    bigger rocket. Don't do anything flash and you can make it in ten.
    From here out, wing it - it's easy!
    BOSS: Shadow (Black hedgehog with a bad attitude)
    Played as Sonic
    Shadow is the first tough boss. To beat him, dodge him until he stops 
    then attack him. Three hits will do it, but it's not as easy as it 
    sounds. It's easier to take him from behind if you can.
    Played as Sonic
    1st: Get off the island in 8:00:00
    Eight minutes is overly generous, but I ain't complaining! Running 
    down half-pipes is the order of the day here. Don't do anything 
    flash, just stick to the straight and narrow if you want to finish. 
    Swing from vines, but don't press A to let go like I've seen some 
    people do - Sonic will do that automatically.
    The hardest part (comparatively speaking) is the springs near the 
    end. You'll have to make several spring jumps with some really tricky 
    bits too. You'll also see a Chao container, but you should have 
    grabbed a key for Sonic by now. Just play it cool, take your time 
    (you have plenty) and, for Sonic's sake, try not to fall off...
    You'll later encounter a landmass which sinks. I suggest you make 
    your way to the far end, get on the highest part of it and wait until 
    it stops moving or you've got a clear go at one of the springs. 
    Either way, you need to go up them to the goal.
    But seriously folks, you'd have to be a serious slowpoke to not make 
    it in eight minutes!
    Played as Knux
    1st: Find three shards.
    Once again, I can't really guide you too well on this one. But I can 
    tell you that there's a hint console right behind you, that you 
    should pick up the Shovel Claw ahead of your start position, and that 
    Ghost Train mountain is a good place to start (ahead then left of 
    start pos)
    Played as Tails
    1st: Run. Like the Dickens.
    Do as I just said - run. Be careful about the robots though - they 
    can shoot through barricades and you can't.
    When you get to the unstable road early on, drop down in the first 
    bit. Turn left through the barricade where it tells you to go right 
    and pick up the booster. To hover, press A to jump, release A, then 
    press and hold it again when you're at the top of your jump. Hover 
    over the gap.
    We'll be sneaky here. See that trap? Well, carefully get on top of it 
    and ride it up to the platform: saves a complicated series of jumps. 
    Go forward, bashing poles, and left when a lift handle is on the 
    right. In amongst the crates, there's a Chao key - the easiest one 
    for Tails.
    Now take the lift up, and use the moving platforms to get up even 
    further. Follow the road, watching for enemy fire and falling road 
    segments, and turn left when it says right (again). Stand on the 
    green button to fire the rocket, then hover back and go down the 
    newly-cleared path.
    After downing more pillars, you'll come to a massive block with no 
    obvious way past. On the right is a stack of crates - use them to 
    climb onto the block, then continue.
    From here to the town, it's easy if you're careful and run into the 
    blue chao whenever you see him. Once you're at the town, you'll have 
    to contend with a stupid number of baddies and some falling roads. Be 
    careful, take it slow, and above all try not to die...
    Played as Knux
    1st: Find 3 emerald shards.
    This is one of the most boring and drawn-out levels in the game. Ho-
    The level consists of four floors (or 'levels') - 0 to 3. You start 
    off on 1 with a hint console behind you. There are plaques dotted 
    around the playfield to indicate which level you're on (well, I can't 
    use 'level' twice, can I?) so glance at them if you're unsure.
    0 is the roof and accessible by setting the water level to 1 and 
    using the lifts in the centre. To change the water level to 1 or 2, 
    push the levers on 1 behind your start loc. To change it to 3, go to 
    the roof and find the lever there.
    It'll take a lot of attempts to complete this level, er playfield, 
    whatever - you know what I mean. Good luck!
    H9: ROUTE 101
    Played as Tails (in a cart)
    1st: Chase the President's limousine
    This is straightforward but still massively hair-raising! Use A to 
    accelerate and the analogue stick to steer. The level ends when you 
    catch the limo. For extra rings, go through the laybys and burst 
    balloons. Press Y for boost every twenty rings or so.
    Played as Tails
    1st: Find the entrance to the hidden base
    First things first, don't touch the sand. It's quicksand and Tails 
    can't get out of it.
    To progress, you're going to have to take out supports holding 
    buildings up to bring them down to a more convenient level. Lock on 
    and fire before making a move.
    It's quite clear where to go and what to do in this level. Just 
    follow the platforms and buildings and you'll complete. If you don't 
    know where to go next, look for a wall that's out-of-place (usually 
    with Eggman symbol) and mash B to fire your cannons at it.
    The main mistake I always make is trying to do too much at once. 
    Don't try to hover and take something out at the same time or you'll 
    end up in the sand. Take it nice and slow.
    I'll pick up the late-level, starting just after the 'maze' where you 
    have to find hidden walls and blast them, and also find the way to 
    the other side of the maze. There's a continue point as you go into a 
    building with a path of five blocks on the floor. Go across them and 
    grab the lift. You'll turn around: you have to jump to the other lift 
    by hovering. Be prepared to land by the door if you miss.
    Go up-screen and onto the single eggman crate. Use the cannon to 
    break the wooden crate ahead of you and climb the 'stairs' you just 
    made. Break the secret door and turn left, wary of two baddies.
    Listen to Omachao's advice and hover to do soft landings as you 
    navigate the obstacle up ahead. It helps if you can take out the 
    monkeys on the right, but it's not necessary. Pull the building down, 
    go across and blow out another door. Go down the left lane up ahead. 
    You'll need to do some serious hovering and you'll have to commit 
    yourself: there's no turning back.
    At the end, blow out three red doodahs and climb the 'stairs'. 
    Another secret door beckons. Beyond is a puzzle. The way I did it was 
    to jump to the platforms ahead-left, ahead, and finally to the lift 
    on the left. But there's more than one way to skin this particular 
    fox. However you do it, grab the lift. The camera gives you a pretty 
    good idea of what to do next and a nice dramatic view as you blow up 
    five dynamite packs. Carefully hop the short distance to the platform 
    on the right, and take the lift to the top of the now-fallen 
    building. The world's worst perspective beckons.
    Grab the lift in the middle (it'll take a few goes!) and then go over 
    to the left. Use the spring to get to another secret door, beyond 
    which (finally) lies the goal. Whew!
    Playing as Sonic
    1st: Have a guess.
    The level starts with a run down a tunnel. Go through the rings to 
    score points for style.
    Now allow me to introduce you to your new friends for the next hour. 
    Hourglasses. These devices open doors for you, before slamming them 
    shut in your face. To flip it and open the associated doors, hit the 
    button on the top. When the sand runs out, the door will shut.
    You'll pick up the bounce bracelet about a minute in. Learn how to 
    use this handy item!
    As for the rest of the level, you'll have to be proficient in 
    bouncing, grinding and practically every move Sonic can do so far. 
    There's a lot of grinding to do: don't crouch unless you know what 
    you're doing.
    Some doors need keys putting in holes, but it's not too taxing: 
    you'll figure it out.
    The second key-door is when things start getting tougher. You have to 
    make a major detour to get the key and bring it back, and it's not 
    Once inside, flip the hourglass and RUN. The door at the end is on 
    the clock! If you miss it, fall down the hole and try again. If 
    there's somebody watching, end with a somersault to make it look as 
    if you almost didn't make it!
    The sequence that follows probably requires a somersault finish - 
    three doors on the same short timer. If you miss, you can grind your 
    way to the end. Somersault under the barricade and prepare for a 
    *very* intense ten seconds, which will undoubtedly end in a collision 
    with an E-100 series bot. All four of my runs did...
    You'll have to bounce up two walls and destroy another E-100. Pick up 
    an extra life with a homing attack, and flip another hourglass to set 
    another tight sequence in motion, and then just run to the goal.
    Played as Knux
    1st: Find three gate keys
    In a break from the norm, Knux has to find... three gate keys. Just 
    as long, believe me. And just as impossible to walk through. The 
    first hint console is up ahead - I suggest spending ten minutes or so 
    exploring this insanely large map.
    You'll want to start by flipping the hourglass and going through, 
    then bearing right. Smash up some crates to get at the hammer gloves 
    which allow you to break open steel crates. Then return to your 
    previous path by going right, flipping the hourglass and going 
    through the door.
    You'll learn your way around quickly enough, though.
    BOSS: King Boom Boo (King of the ghosts)
    Played as Knux
    This is a tough boss. Run away from him, try to get behind him. He'll 
    turn round sometimes though, and he makes a noise that sounds 
    strangely like "mama" when he does.
    You've got to get behind him and attack the small ghost. When you do, 
    the hourglass will flip and he'll turn into a shadow. He'll run 
    around the floor away from you and it's not too tough to catch him 
    and dig his shadow up. Then glide into him quickly.
    After the first hit, he'll use the wall too. Glide and climb, then 
    dig the wall where his shadow is.
    When he's down into the red, he's a lot harder. Both to get behind 
    and dig up: he'll use both the wall and the floor.
    A tactic that usually works is to get on the other side of the 
    central column from him and come to a stop. If he doesn't stop too, 
    start moving again.
    Don't try to get two hits in one flip of the hourglass - wait.
    BOSS: Egg Golem (Big ugly thing)
    Played as Sonic
    Dodge all his attacks and get behind him. If you fall, mash A and 
    point Sonic roughly at a lift around the outside.
    He has three attacks. Two are just hits ahead of him. The third is 
    tough to dodge - he'll put both his hands down and swipe all the way 
    around. To dodge the first two, get behind him. To dodge the third, 
    get on a platform he's already hit (it'll be lower than the others).
    Once you're behind him, you have to climb up the convenient steps on 
    his back and attack the button on the top of his head. I recommend 
    you homing attack the top three steps: climb the bottom three then 
    pull off four homing attacks forward to get him. Five hits will get 
    Played as Tails
    1st: Destroy the power generator.
    This is a very tough mission. One thing you MUST remember is that if 
    you blow out any dynamite you'll be pulled slowly into space. Omachao 
    will tell you more about this.
    When you reach a locked door, turn around and go into the door behind 
    you, off the left of the screen. Behind the crates (one of which is a 
    Chao container) is the switch to open the door - push it. You'll come 
    to a bridge with dynamite - you don't want to blow this up. If you 
    do, you can get across by hovering.Soon after this door, you find a 
    platform with no obvious way to go. You need to drop down onto 
    another platform, but you'll want to hover your way down. Fire the 
    rocket, then jump across (you'll have to jump to a moving platform on 
    the left, then to another which will take you across.
    Once you're across, head straight on and talk to Omachao *without* 
    stepping on the black shadow. Push the switch at the back of the room 
    then take the left spring. Get on top of the trap and take two lifts 
    After this, you meet the toughest enemy in the game. The blue blobs. 
    You have to wait until they poke a head out before you fire. And 
    you've got to get close first - they're tough.
    When you get to three flying baddies just beyond a door, things get 
    *really* interesting. Get up by using the crates, then time jumping 
    across so that you don't touch the lasers. Watch the way the 
    platforms move - you can hover from the one nearest where you are now 
    to the one furthest away. Hit the continue point - you won't have to 
    do that again. Phew!
    It's comparitively easy until the next continue point. Once there, 
    you'll come to a bridge. You have to blow it up and hover down. Push 
    the switch, hit the spring on the left, hover onto the small lift and 
    go in through the newly-opened door.
    Nab the bazooka and head back down. Move over to the wall of crates. 
    Make yourself a hole and go through.
    Be extremely careful of dynamite in the next room, and even more in 
    the room after that. Take two lifts up to a moving platform and carry 
    on from there.
    Beyond the next continue post, don't worry about hovering across - 
    just drop. You'll float and end up dodging more than anything else. 
    You'll eventually come to a long tunnel down. At the bottom, land on 
    the moving platform, and shoot all the targets. Once that's been 
    done, carefully hover over towards the goal.
    Played as Knux
    1st: Find the master emerald.
    You know what to do so do it. Most of the hint consoles are around 
    the bottom of the tower on top of small buildings so take a good look 
    around. There's not much to say on this one.
    Played as Knux
    Rouge can be defeated without even breaking a sweat by jumping above 
    her and pressing B, or getting in close and punching. It's best if 
    you keep moving and attacking. Her special attack can be avoided by 
    gliding. All in all, she's dead easy.
    Played as Sonic
    1st: Find Eggman before he kills Amy!
    This stage is insanely tough and I could write a whole walkthrough 
    dedicated to just this! Here's what I'll do. At most continue points, 
    I'll put a number in dashes in the main text. If you die, just go 
    back to the number of the continue point! (eg -2- is the second)
    Run down the hall and turn left. Grab the overhead rail.
    At the bottom, you meet an old friend and a new friend. The old 
    friend is a blue blob you kill as before, the new friend is the Crazy 
    Gadget in question: Gravity Control Switches (GCSes). Pull the GCS to 
    invert gravity. Continue down this hall and pull the next GCS to 
    switch it back again.
    Kill the robot and blob, then bounce up to the lift. Half way up, 
    you'll need to switch to another lift. This is continue point one.
    Homing attack the glass and enter the tube. You'll emerge next to 
    more new baddies. You have to homing attack the two of them and then 
    the spring to proceed.
    You really have to either get bounce up and get the bomb or dodge 
    these next enemies - you'll never kill them.
    Pull the GCS, somersault into the middle wooden crate up ahead and 
    use the spring. Then somersault through the hole to get to continue 
    point 2.
    You have to grind across the rail up ahead - and it's hard to get 
    used to when you're upside down.
    Switch gravity to the right, then go all the way down. More grinding 
    in strange gravity (be *very* careful getting on) and the camera will 
    turn round so it looks like you're the right way up now. Carry on and 
    you'll come to what I call a releaser - it releases a horde of 
    baddies. Kill the releaser and go through the door.
    Grab the overhead rail and ride it all the way down. Half way down, 
    you'll have to somersault under a shield to kill a robot then get 
    back on the rail.
    Somersault another shielder, then get up and prepare for a tough 
    challenge. You've got to homing attack four baddies then perform a 
    light speed dash in mid-
    air. It can be done: practice! You've got to be close to the first 
    ring though, otherwise you'll bounce. Actually, you won't - you'll 
    just sink. In poison. Ouch.
    Into another pipe now - and you'll emerge in inverse gravity. 
    Progress, avoiding the baddies, and use the GCS. Grab the flame ring 
    from the crates behind you - use a spring to get to them. Turn back 
    around, go to the far end and break the middle container, then hit 
    the nearby GCS and somersault through the gap. Phew!
    In the next hall, go to the right and use the springs to gain some 
    height. Grind the rail, then kill the blob at the far end. Light 
    speed dash across the poisonous lake, then start breaking crates 
    until you find a spring which will finally sort gravity out.
    Sort out the blob and light speed dash again (be careful). You'll 
    meet another releaser which you should kill. Grab the overhead rail, 
    sort out two shielders and into the short pipe.
    There are three blobs to take care of in the next room. After that 
    there's a hard bit. You've got to balance while avoiding two swinging 
    balls: not easy. If you fall, you should be able to get back up.
    For now, we'll assume you get across safely. Flick the GCS and go 
    forward. Open the door straight ahead and flick another GCS, then 
    turn around and go in through the door on Sonic's right.
    Flick the switch and go to the hardest sequence in the entire game.
    Flick the GCS and head left. Then carry on forward. Flick the GCS to 
    drop onto the green platform, and head towards the camera. Turn to 
    the right of the screen at the edge and bounce up to the next GCS 
    which you should flick.
    With me so far? You should now be on a yellow platform. Head away 
    from the camera and follow it around, then jump to the blue platform 
    with two careful homing attacks.
    Come back towards the camera and find another GCS. Now, before you 
    flick it, let me tell you that you're about to land on a different 
    face of the yellow platform and a blob will appear slightly further 
    away from the camera than you: it's gonna be right next to you. Flick 
    the GCS and deal with the blob.
    Remember where the next GCS is (you can see it) and come towards the 
    camera. Follow the platform round to nab a shield, then go back and 
    flick the next GCS.
    Use the spring to get on the other end of the yellow block, and 
    carefully grind across to the green one.
    Use the spring to get to the purple block, and light speed dash to 
    end up on the blue one again. Flick the GCS and you'll end up back on 
    the purple one.
    Push the important switch and flick the GCS to end up on the red 
    block. Deal with the blob, the flick the next GCS to land next to a 
    rocket. You figure it out from here.
    Played as Tails
    Eggman tricks Tails big time and almost-kills Sonic who *just* gets 
    Anyway, Tails has to beat Eggman. Do the nutter thing exactly as 
    before and keep trying until it works. It'll take you a few 
    continues, but it's a lot more fun than faffing around with dynamite 
    and lock-ons and contending with his special attacks. But if you 
    really want to do that, the sticks in the middle of the room are 
    dynamite :)
    Played as Sonic
    1st: Get to the cannon.
    No walkthrough is required for this: just practice your grinding and 
    you'll do fine. I've done five runs on this level and gone a 
    different way each time! It's not possible to get lost on this level 
    - I challenge you to try. But maybe you'd better finish it first.
    Just grind, grind and grind some more. If you need to grind 
    vertically upwards, do a homing attack on the pole, then hold B to 
    crouch. If you see a red cross, a pole is ending. If you see a green 
    cross, a pole is ending. The difference is
    that you need to jump off a red one, a green one will put you on 
    another rail
    straight away.
    At two points, you will be given a choice between entering red, blue 
    or yellow holes. Two will continue the level, one will give you a 
    bonus and send you back to choose between the other two. Pick one and 
    go. All I'll say is that neither time will you regret choosing red.
    Played as Sonic
    To beat Shadow and the game, homing attack him repeatedly. Light 
    speed dashes will help you catch up. If you can get in close, you can 
    somersault him too. For an end-of-game boss, he sure dies easily!
    ##04## Hero Side special items
    A lot of the level up items are found during the course of the story. 
    However, some are bonuses you have to go look for. These special 
    items can be a bitch to find, so here are all the ones I know about. 
    If you know of any more, I'd like to hear from you :) I'll start with 
    the Mystic Melodies.
    Sonic's MM allows him to find the lost Chaos (3rd mission) on any of 
    his action stages. To use, find some old ruins lying around and 
    approach, then press B. On Final Rush, after the fifth(?) continue 
    point, you'll grind a rail. On a corner, you should see two small 
    platforms hovering to the left. Jump (carefully!) and land on one. 
    There's a rocket you have to take, then just follow your nose until 
    you bump into it!
    Go to the hidden base, and play through until you get to a lift with 
    monkeys surrounding you. After this, you need to go ahead then drop 
    down to a lower entranceway. Blast the metal containers with the 
    cannon upgrade (don't try it if you haven't got it). The MM is ahead.
    MYSTIC MELODY [Knuckles]
    Wild Canyon. Above the "lonely statue" (Omachao will tell you if you 
    bump into him there) climb the wall and you'll see a mural. If you 
    dig through the middle of it (the brownish bit between the two 
    figures) you'll enter a secret room. The melody is right there!
    MAGIC GLOVES [Sonic]
    City Escape. You need the bounce bracelet and flame ring first. Just 
    after the bit where you run (or sometimes fall) down the wall of a 
    building you'll see some metal crates on the floor. Bounce through 
    them, down into a small room with magic gloves. These let him capture 
    enemies in a tiny ball and throw them at other enemies without going 
    near either of them. I've only ever used them once, though.
    Green Forest. Just before continue point 2 there's a small open area. 
    Go to the right wall then edge towards the camera (joystick down). 
    The camera will zoom out to reveal a robot. Do a homing attack on 
    that, and do more towards the camera (joystick down) until you land 
    on a small floating strip of land with the ancient light. It lets you 
    do a Light Speed Attack (LSA) but I've never used it.
    Prison Lane. Get to the goal ring but don't enter it. Destroy all the 
    enemies in the room to continue the level – a door will open in the 
    far left-hand corner. The laser blaster's in there somewhere. Can't 
    remember what it does – somebody tell me please!
    AIR NECKLACE [Knuckles]
    The Air Necklace is ESSENTIAL if you want to finish Cannon's Core!
    To never run out of air again, go to the Aquatic Mine. Climb up to 
    the roof and change the water level to level 3. Go down to level 2, 
    and down the passage marked "danger" you find THERE - not the one at 
    level 1!
    From there, go through the passage, into the water.
    You'll have to go down a tunnel at the bottom of the 'well' which I 
    think is to the right of the camera, then forward and to the left of 
    the camera once you leave that tunnel. You'll go through another 
    tunnel and emerge at the bottom of another 'well' - mash A as your 
    air clock rapidly runs out. Get to the top and you'll find the Air 
    Necklace. Now you can take your time in all of Knuckles' watery 
    situations: this helps out a lot in the Aquatic Mine itself too.
    SUNGLASSES [Knuckles]
    Meteor Herd. This one's tough. Go to the doors which say "no entry" 
    in front of (and slightly above) you. Go around the platform to the 
    left and you'll see a meteor – if you punch it it'll move. Make it 
    hit the door dead ahead of it, and the door will be blown off. No 
    entry? Not any more :)
    Inside there's a metal crate – punch that open and flick the switch 
    it was hiding. Now climb the high tower until you can get inside, 
    then do so. You'll find the floor missing, like it does sometimes 
    when you're fighting Rouge. Go down, and you'll find the sunglasses 
    at the bottom. Not in the lava, obviously, but on a platform. The 
    sunglasses let you see things that you can't otherwise.
    ##05## Dark Side walkthrough
    Played as Eggman
    1st: Get to the centre of the base.
    Just go down the passageway destroying everything in your way. You're 
    the main baddie - act like it!
    To open doors, lock on to the four corners and fire.
    The final sequence of doors can't be destroyed like this, but there's 
    a missile right there for you to use. Go up on the lift and lock on 
    to the console, then fire. Finally, just run to the goal. A nice easy 
    BOSS: B-3x HOT SHOT (heavily-armed combat walker)
    Played as Shadow
    When it comes down, homing attack the cockpit. Avoid its weapons fire 
    by movement and you're home free. Its lock-on can be evaded with a 
    jump dash/homing attack.
    Played as Rouge
    1st: Find three emerald shards.
    Before you even think about emeralds, get a Chao container. From the 
    start location, head into the far corner along the right-hand wall.
    There's very little I can tell you, as with all of these collecting 
    levels. It's just a case of spending time snooping around.
    To get between Small Oasis and Big Oasis, jump on the turtle and 
    press B. Of course, the turtle has to be in the water for this to 
    Played as Eggman
    1st: Get back to base
    Basically, follow the path and don't do anything flashy. On the 
    turntables, resist the temptation to dash across because they go a 
    lot quicker than they do in the demos: get onto the edge and wait.
    After a turntable and some moving platforms, there's a red thingy on 
    the left. If you blow that up (you need two lock-ons) you can get to 
    a Chao container. It's probably the easiest Eggman one so far.
    All in all, this stage is pretty easy, if a little long. Just don't 
    do anything flash and you'll be alright.
    Played as Shadow
    1st: Break through the military.
    No walkthrough is really needed for this stage either! So I'll tell 
    you where to find a nice easy Chao container instead.
    You'll come to three flying robots you need to homing attack to cross 
    a gap. Deliberately fall near the end and you'll find a Chao 
    container. That should sort out the Chaos!
    To get under the rotating bars you need to somersault. Like 
    everything about this level, it's simple.
    And no, you're not going around in circles, the level *is* very 
    Played as Rouge
    1st: Find 3 keys.
    First, find the blue room. The one with a shark and pool in it. Go 
    through the doorway under the shark to get the Pick Nails (so you can 
    dig). Then it's just a matter of searching...
    Played as Eggman
    1st: Find Shadow
    There's no finding necessary here. Just take it nice and slow, and be 
    careful of the guard robots.
    I recommend holding B down when moving into a dark place. Keep 
    scanning the area up ahead, and if you get any locks lay waste!
    When you see a locked door, the switch is on the other side of the 
    room. Go through.
    You'll come to a large dark area: scan, lock, boom boom boom! For 
    every enemy you kill, the room gets brighter. Go to the far end and 
    take the left platform up.
    Soon you'll be in a dark circle. Watch the ceiling as you go round, 
    there'll be a red pattern moving across it, use nearby crates to get 
    up. Hover straight across and out. From there, the level's pretty 
    much plain sailing.
    Right at the end, there's a platform you have to jump off. Hover down 
    and destroy the dynamite to open the door, then double back and fire 
    a rocket you'll find there. Then head for the goal - it's about 
    fifteen seconds away.
    Played as Eggman
    1st: Get into the base.
    Destroy as much as you can, locking on to as much as you can in one 
    go each time to bump up your score massively.
    On the left further down are some buildings. Behind the dynamite door 
    is the Large Cannon.
    Now go to the far end of the airfield. Shoot out the steel containers 
    to make some steps, and climb over the wall with them.
    The rest of the level is essentially an exercise in hovering - 
    nothing strenuous.
    BOSS: Tails (two-tailed loathable fox)
    Played as Eggman
    Goody-goody Tails thinks he can stand up for Amy. Yeah right: do the 
    nutter thing and show him otherwise. Don't stop being a nutter - it 
    works, trust me.
    Played as Rouge
    1st: Steal 3 Chaos Emeralds in 5:00:00.
    Why are some timed levels insanely easy, while others are equally 
    insanely tough? Well, I don't know, but this one's tough. It'll take 
    you a few goes.
    The floor and block system works like this: the A, B and C blocks of 
    safes are on different walls. Red floor is the bottom floor, then 
    yellow, then blue.
    BOSS: R-1/A Flying Dog (multirole attacker)
    Played as Rouge
    This is almost the same as Sonic and Shadow's first bosses, but it 
    doesn't land. You have to glide up to the cockpit, and the best time 
    to do this is just after it fires its missiles. When it goes red, you 
    have to glide up just after it tries to lock on.
    Played as Shadow
    1st: Cut through the jungle in 10:00:00.
    This level relies heavily on speed, but there's a little sightseeing 
    you should do here.
    Go down the first half-pipe and hit the spring. You'll do a couple of 
    orbits around a tree and hit another spring. Resist the temptation to 
    do three homing attacks to kill the enemies because it won't work. On 
    the left is a lift - it's a long vine with two red things sticking 
    out of the end.
    Somersault under the wooden thingies and hitch another ride on a lift 
    up to continue point 1.
    Another LONG half-pipe later, you'll hit an acceleration jump thingy 
    and two more springs: roll with it, just watch your landing. Avoid 
    the spiky thing and do another somersault.
    Note to self: investigate crate here once Shadow can break steel ones 
    Nab the bomb, and take the next lift. Go under the trap, jumping over 
    the low fence with a homing attack. Take a spring and a lift up to a 
    robot which you should kill. Somersault through the gap behind it.
    Continue to continue point 2, then go down another half-pipe. You'll 
    do another jump and land between two robots - kill. Pick a gap and 
    somersault through. Continue roughly up the screen until you get to 
    continue point 3.
    A very long half-pipe leads to another spring and rope affair. You'll 
    land with a very obvious route straight ahead - instead somersault 
    into the crate and go down to grab the Air Shoes and therefore the 
    light speed dash. Do two light-
    speed dashes and continue as is obvious. Another half-pipe, spring 
    and rope lead you to another lift, trap and somersault affair. Take 
    two more lifts but be careful not to take the third. Instead go 
    around it to the left, and somersault again. You'll find Shadow's 
    easiest Chao container and another lsd oppertunity, after which you 
    hit the goal automatically.
    BOSS: Sonic (Blue-arsed goit)
    Played as Shadow.
    Do a nutter thing here - homing attack as much as possible - he can't 
    get you if you're curled up. Just keep homing in on him and three 
    hits should do it.
    D10: ROUTE 280
    Played as Rouge (in cart)
    Another very simple drive-em-up stage with another very generous time 
    limit, but it's harder than 101.
    The two new track pieces you need to worry about are splits and 
    ninety-degree fall-off curves. The latter are ninety-degree bends 
    with no wall on the far side, the former wider tracks with a gaping 
    hole in the middle. Practice makes perfect on this one.
    D11: SKY RAIL
    Played as Shadow
    1st: Chase the Tornado
    To get to continue point 1, it's pretty much plain sailing. You'll 
    come to a trampoline (it looks like a spring with green arrows around 
    it) which you need to constantly home in on. At the top, you should 
    take the rocket.
    After continue point 1, take the right-hand rail and stick to it at 
    the changeover. You'll have to jump off before the end and home in on 
    the spring.
    Another two trampolines later, you'll come to continue point 2 and 
    another long rail, at the bottom of which are three trampolines. Yet 
    another rail to follow and predictably more trampolines. Make your 
    way up to another rail (yawn) - take the right hand one, beyond which 
    lies the goal. But you'll have to jump to clear the level.
    BOSS: Egg Golem (Malfunctioning piece of junk)
    Played as Eggman
    You have to destroy the Golem slightly differently this time: use the 
    cannon to fire at his body several hundred times. When you see a blue 
    bit, lock on three times and fire. And remember to avoid his attacks.
    D12: MAD SPACE
    Played as Rouge
    1st: Find 3 shards.
    This is hell, and I'm afraid there's no way I can walk you through 
    it. Just take your time, have a few goes, and try to keep your cool. 
    Don't start if you don't intend to spend at least half an hour on 
    this stage.
    One thing you really need to do is to go over to the yellow-green 
    planet and getting the Iron Boots from a huge tower with a bird 
    circling the top. Do that at some point during the level or you'll 
    find quite a few 3rd, 4th and 5th missions needlessly difficult.
    BOSS: Knuckles (Echidna outcast)
    Played as Rouge.
    Knux can be defeated without even breaking a sweat by jumping above 
    him and pressing B, or getting in close and punching. It's best if 
    you keep moving and attacking. His special attack can be avoided by 
    gliding. All in all, he's dead easy.
    Played as Eggman
    1st: Confront the trespassers.
    You should know that you can hover up in this level, not down. Just 
    follow the arrows!
    Quite a way in you should come to a missile - you know, a rocket with 
    a green button to launch. Fire and follow to find a shield upgrade.
    BOSS: Tails (Two-tailed two-faced fox)
    Played as Eggman
    Do the nutter thing as before and you'll kill him eventually. It 
    might take you a few more goes than before though.
    Played as Shadow
    1st: Get to the cannon.
    Nothing in this mission needs a walkthrough, it really just needs a 
    few goes. I can't walk you through a mission with no junctions and no 
    hard bits!
    BOSS: Sonic (blue-arsed goit)
    Played as Shadow
    Just keep on homing towards him, that's about it!
    ##06## Dark Side special items
    A lot of the level up items are found during the course of the story. 
    However, some are bonuses you have to go look for. These special 
    items can be a bitch to find, so here are all the ones I know about. 
    If you know of any more, I'd like to hear from you :) I'll start with 
    the Mystic Melodies.
    MYSTIC MELODY [Shadow]
    Final Chase, after continue point 3. You can see lots of vertical 
    gravity cylinders, get atop the fifth. Now a very tall one awaits in 
    front of you (a bit to the right) – homing attack/jump dash onto it 
    (making sure you get over the electric fence) and go up. There's a 
    spring at the top – use it!
    MYSTIC MELODY [Eggman]
    Sand Ocean, right at the start. On the first spinning thing, jump and 
    hover to the left of the camera. You'll see where you're going in a 
    sec - just trust me. When you land, it's right in front of you.
    Dry Lagoon, near the starting point. On the right wall there's a 
    mural with a
    hole in the centre filled in with mud. Dig through it to find the 
    melody waiting.
    ##07## Last side walkthrough
    Cannon's Core is a stage in several parts, every one harder than the 
    previous ones put together! And, as we shall see, the first one isn't 
    exactly a walk in the park...
    I'll do the parts in the order you hit them, that's Tails first, then 
    Robotnik, Rouge, Knuckles, and finally Sonic. I've got all my 
    attempts on videotape, so if you have any questions ask.
    In order to even THINK about doing Knuckles' part,
    *YOU NEED THE AIR NECKLACE*     (Clear enough, Stee?)
    See Hero Special Items. Don't continue without it. Shall we begin the 
    last side?
    Played as Tails
    As Tails, you have to get to a security door and destroy it. Start by 
    blowing four bits of dynamite to open the first door. Then lock onto 
    the shield robot, and fire as soon as it moves its shield.
    Omachao will explain about time freezers (TFs). When he's done, hit 
    the TF and continue past the frozen spinners. Go through the door.
    When the clock starts ticking again, attack the two E100s. To destroy 
    the blue blob, lock on, and fire when the head pops out. Then carry 
    Jump onto the floating platform, and it will take you down. Destroy 
    five bits of dynamite and go through the door (you have to hover)
    Hit the TF and go through where a laser used to be. Then destroy 
    another enemy and hit another TF (you'll have to jump and maybe hover 
    to get a lock). Go to where Omachao is.
    You have to hover down this next bit, destroying two baddies and 
    landing on a moving platform. From there, quickly destroy a third.
    Hover down, trying to lock on to the two bits of dynamite. When you 
    can, blow them and get through the door - I missed this one a few 
    times, I can tell you...
    Another enemy awaits straight through the door. Destroy it, a blue 
    blob, and two E100s that appear when you approach the blue blob. Then 
    proceed through the door.
    Hit the TF and navigate the stopped traps. If you're quick enough, 
    you should be able to blow an enemy through the door ahead before the 
    clock starts again.
    Now, you have to hit another TF (jump and lock on) then get on a 
    moving platform to the left or right. When the clock starts it will 
    move again, and you have to get off and onto the platform ahead.
    Time hitting the TF to stop the trap ahead when it's at the bottom. 
    Jump onto it, then jump to the highest platform (in the centre of the 
    room). Walk to the camera but don't get off the top platform. When 
    the clock starts, five E100s will drop down - kill!
    Twelve shots will blow the security door ahead - use your cannon to 
    end the stage. But you haven't finished Cannon's Core yet, not by a 
    LONG shot!
    Played as Eggman
    Three shield robots welcome Eggman up ahead who starts off with as 
    many rings as Tails finished with. Destroy them as before and proceed 
    down the hall.
    Just before the next door, four E100s will surround Eggman - lock and 
    blow. Go through the door and blow another enemy, then get on the 
    lift as before - only this time it takes you up.
    Two blue blobs await at the top, and they should pop their heads out 
    at the same time making life a LOT easier. Kill and move on.
    Grab the handle to go down, and kill the two shield robots who should 
    move their shields away at the same time, again! Carry on.
    Hit the TF and go through the laser - you might need to go back a bit 
    and jump to get a lock on. Don't hold me to it, but I think you can 
    shoot the blue blob ahead too while time is frozen!
    This next bit is incredibly difficult to walk through. You need to 
    hit the TF when you can get atop the first block, then proceed across 
    the room jumping from block to block. If you time it so that the 
    block going down to the left is about two-thirds underwater, you 
    should be alright.
    After the drop at the far end of the hall, you should see three holes 
    in the floor (you can stand on the red frames). Two of them have 
    blocks going up, but the middle one has blocks coming down. Ride a 
    block up and hover through the door the arrows on the wall point to. 
    Proceed down the hall, striking a TF. You'll come to continue point 
    1, the only one on this whole level.
    You need to hover down the next bit (ignore the door up ahead) and 
    avoid the lasers. Actually, you can freefall most of the time, 
    periodically hovering to dodge some lasers. At the bottom of the 
    shaft are four TFs: hit one and go to the door ahead. When the clock 
    ticks on, go through the door.
    The hardest bit so far lies ahead, possible exception Crazy Gadget. 
    You have to hit the TF so that you can get to the highest platform in 
    the centre of the room. There's a block going up on the left, and a 
    block coming towards you from the back of the room. You have to time 
    your shot so that you can get onto the block coming towards you via 
    the block going up and one going to the left, then jump quickly onto 
    the top platform. From there, twelve shots will do it, and there's 
    nothing else on the top this time.
    Played as Rouge
    The end of the level is right in front of you, no kidding! But you'll 
    have to open that capsule first.
    The column immediately to the left of you is shorter than the rest: 
    climb up it (glide and land on the side of it). Then jump across and 
    climb the column in the opposite side of the room. From there, you 
    have to jump and climb a third: if you turn around, it's the one on 
    the left of the screen. Jump and climb the remaining one opposite 
    you, and stand on the TF. Make sure it stays to one side as you 
    survey your surroundings.
    Look around. Can you see a waterfall? Well, there's an open door 
    right at the bottom of it. You have to get through there while time 
    is frozen. You'll come to another puzzle.
    There's a TF on the far wall underneath where the blocks come out. 
    You have to freeze time so there's a block in the centre of the room, 
    then go through where they're coming from. Not easy, is it?
    Anyway, destroy a floating blob on the right of the room you find 
    yourself in, and there's invincibility in the crate behind it - but 
    I'm not sure if you can break it. I know I can, but you might need 
    some level up item to do it.
    There are two switches on the top platform: one is closely guarded by 
    a blue blob and should be hit. The other is a TF you might want to 
    hit first though to cut down on lost time. Then go with the flow of 
    blocks to leave the room, and freeze time when one's about to emerge 
    from the hole you just came through.
    Across the room you're in is a spring: bounce off it and through the 
    waterfall, then end the level by hitting a switch in the centre of 
    the former capsule.
    Played as Knuckles
    Firstly, turn around and destroy the blob: aim for its head and 
    glide. Then go back to the pool of yellow fluid and dive in.
    You'll remember this room: Rouge just flooded it. The TF on the top 
    pillar is still there: freeze time. Then go back up to the top and 
    through where some red lasers were - you just froze them. Kill the 
    robot, then stand on the crates and press A then B to jump up, grab a 
    lift and ascend.
    At the top of the lift is a switch - flick it and watch as a door 
    opens. Then break through another crate ahead as before.
    Go back down, and find the door you just saw open. Go through.
    You're in a room. Avoid the first enemy but you'll have to kill the 
    second: aim for the head. Flick a switch right in front of the 
    second, then read on. But don't do anything: wait until I say "do it 
    now" and do it all in one go. This goes for the next TWO paragraphs.
    Go above the door you came in by and flick the TF, then it's a mad 
    dash down the passageway on the other side of the room. If time ticks 
    on, you'll be hurtled back through unless you make it. There is NO 
    margin for error. Be careful on the other side, avoid lasers and make 
    your way down to the bottom, but don't land. Do it now.
    At the bottom of the laser well is a TF. Flick it, then dash halfway 
    down the tunnel and flick another TF quickly on the right-hand side 
    of your current passageway, on a corner. Turn this right-hand-down 
    corner and dodge a few more unbreakable crates to get to the end of 
    the passageway. It'll take you a few goes, but if you get sucked back 
    go over to one of the sides of the passageway to avoid a laser. Do it 
    Ignore the enemy you find there, just get to the end and stand on the 
    switch to end the level.
    Played as Sonic
    Start by freezing time, then homing attack the three baddies you see 
    ahead of you. There's a releaser next, kill that one too. Go through 
    the door and take care of the two shield robots. There is a 
    bottomless pit below the blue blob, so homing attack it then homing 
    attack towards the camera. It'll take you a few goes.
    Turn around and go where the camera points you: dead ahead. This door 
    wasn't open before. Ignore the baddies: jump over the first lasers 
    and freeze time. Kill the bomb robot and jump into the rapids ahead.
    It took me a good few minutes to figure this one out, but you have to 
    bounce next to the right-hand side of the far end, get up and freeze 
    time, then get back down and somersault where the arrows point you. 
    Get out the far end.
    Grab onto the pole and slide downhill, then homing attack, homing 
    attack, homing attack over the waterfall. Then sit back and wait.
    Played as Shadow
    There are eleven minutes of failed attempts on my video, it's that 
    hard! I'll do this on a hit-by-hit basis as he changes his attack 
    SERIOUS thanks go to Flash once more for this section, I couldn't 
    have done it without you!
    HIT 1
    His head (or tail if you let it get closer) chases after you: run. 
    But try to stay nearer his head than his tail. Grab ONE ring - save 
    the rest for later when you REALLY need them! If you get hit at any 
    point during this boss fight, don't go for your ring: grab a 
    different one.
    Run away until he stops moving, at which point one of the tubes 
    coming out of his mouth will start flashing, glowing, whatever. Grind 
    up it and homing attack the red dome on the top of him.
    HIT 2
    Run away as before until he stops moving, at which point he will 
    start to hurl energy balls at you. Jump over the low ones, somersault 
    under the high ones, and whatever you do KEEP MOVING. When he stops, 
    a tube will glow as before: grind and homing attack.
    HIT 3
    Exactly the same as for hit 2, except that the energy balls will be 
    HIT 4
    No glowing tube, just eggs. That's right: eggs. Homing attack one, 
    but hold A to get more height. Keep doing homing attacks until you 
    can do one on the red thing: then do one.
    HIT 5
    Exactly the same as hit 4.
    HIT 6
    This bit will kill you nine times out of ten. He'll lift you and the 
    eggs off the ground: you've got to navigate your way through them and 
    avoid the ones he throws at you, then hit the red thing again.
    Played as Super Sonic
    Played as Hyper Shadow
    This has got to be the easiest end-of-side boss there is: even easier 
    than Sonic and Shadow.
    Analogue stick moves forward/back/left/right
    A moves up
    B moves down
    To kill the Biolizard, first locate the red swelling thingy on its 
    side, then drive your character into it. I think you've got to be 
    pressing A or B, though. But I might be wrong. Six hits will kill it. 
    And if you're near to the red swelling thingy, release A/B and press 
    the other to get a speed burst.
    SS and HS both use one ring per second. If they're running low, just 
    fly past the Biolizard to switch characters. The other will go and 
    collect some rings.
    There's nothing particularly difficult about this fight - just 
    remember the five-minute time limit and watch your rings.
    You win, you win! Simple as that! Now that wasn't too hard, was it?
    ##08## Known Issues
    This is the bit where I get at Sonic Team for releasing a great game 
    with a few small problems in it. And one big one.
    do, the game pretends to cope with it and wait for re-insertion. But 
    nine times out of ten it goes weird and won't save until you reboot! 
    THAT'S how come I didn't get any rewards for completing LAST in early 
    versions of this walkthrough, folks!
    If you want to make doubly sure you get the rewards for completing 
    the Last side, complete a 2nd mission afterwards. Make sure you get 
    "NOW SAVING" in the top-right hand corner and you're OK. If this 
    doesn't happen, you shouldn't have dropped your controller during the 
    game, Stee!
    ##09## Chao
    Before I go on, Chaos aren't male by definition, and sometimes I say 
    HIM and sometimes IT - depends. Don't flame, just go get a Chao FAQ 
    if it bothers you - I recommend the bigger one.
    This just used to be a dump of all the stuff I could think of about 
    Chao in no particular order. Well it's still bad - but I tidied it up 
    a little.
    FIRST JOB: Free up 128 blocks on a VM temporarily. Hatch one of your 
    two eggs THE WRONG WAY (see HATCHING below - it's quicker and you 
    won't be keeping him), pick up the Chao and go over to the Chao 
    Transporter. Put that Chao into CA2 and exit SA2 (you can just press 
    eject when it says "Saved Successfully"). Go to FILE, select that VM 
    harsh, but two Chao are a handful and you'll get more as you need 
    them. One's enough trouble - believe me, I know. Now hatch your other 
    egg and continue as below.
    HATCHING: There are basically three ways to hatch an egg - the long 
    way, the wrong way and the right way.
    The long way is to just sit and wait until it hatches on its own.
    The wrong way is to throw it against the wall, but don't count on it 
    liking you. Ever.
    The right way is to pick it up, shake it a little and put it down 
    again - go over to it, get "PICK" in the action window and hold B, 
    then move the joystick off-centre. Shake it a few times then put it 
    down and back off. Your Chao will burst out of the egg really happy - 
    they're cuter if you keep them that way too. You can start by giving 
    it its first meal.
    FEEDING: Once your Chao has hatched he'll be hungry - here's how to 
    feed him. Go up to a tree in a garden and press B (action window 
    should say "TOUCH"). Then move the joystick off-centre to start 
    shaking it, and stop when a fruit falls. Pick this up and give it to 
    your Chao by walking up to him. Feeding your Chao these fruits will 
    increase its stamina for racing!
    SKILLS: There are two ways to increase skills. Well, three if you're 
    being picky.
    The first two involve playing the action stages and collecting Chaos 
    Drives and small animals. You can carry up to ten and they go with 
    any of that side's characters into the Chao Garden (i.e. if you pick 
    them up with Sonic, you can take them in as Knuckles but not Eggman). 
    Chaos Drives increase their respective stat a little. But animals 
    increase the stat associated with their background by a lot, and 
    affect other stats too (some up, some down, some staying the same).
    Both          {GREEN   Running
    Chaos Drives  {YELLOW  Swimming
    and           {RED     Power
    small animals {PURPLE  Flying
    Animals only  {BLUE    General
    increase ALL  {BLACK   Ghost (but has undesirable effects on 
    above stats!  {ORANGE  Fantasy
    RACING: This is the heart and soul of Chao Raising. Here I'll cover 
    what stats you need to win, and (most importantly) what you get for 
    Need swimming and (a tiny bit of) running. And some flying wouldn't 
    hurt either. It's essentially a huge swimming pool with a bit of a 
    run-up and a short dive where you can gain a considerable advantage 
    over the other Chao.
    Win SHOVEL for that Chao on winning 3rd race, half of what it needs 
    to plant seeds.
    >>>........              This is the main obstacle, and the path 
    Chaos take.
    ________   ..            If your Chao is good at flying he only needs 
            |    ........    and running. If he's not so good he'll fall 
    too far
            |      ______    and have to climb up the cliff on the far 
    side, and
            |     |          need power. If he's absolutely rotten, he'll 
            |     |          to swim up to the cliff then climb it.
            |     |          Win WATERING CAN for that Chao on winning 
    3rd race,
             ~~~~~           half of what it needs to plant seeds.
    Need running. That's it.
    Win RATTLE for that Chao on winning 3rd race, something for it to 
    play with.
    You need power for this one, but if your Chao can't run he'll lose a 
    lot of ground in the opening seconds.
    Win CAR for that Chao on winning 3rd race, but I've never seen it 
    used. Probably to play with, but hopefully to ride around in (that 
    would be cool! ...but I ain't holding my breath).
    [Prizes from here out were contributed by someone who wishes to 
    remain anonymous for some unfathomable reason. Probably because of 
    his rotten grammar and lack of info about what the Chao use them for. 
    My Chao aren't good enough to win above level 2 in ANY of these races 
    I recommend you attempt the jewel races in the following order: 
    You need a lot of running for ALL these jewel races, but there are 
    quite a few swimming pools in this one. Swimming is a must, and 
    flying will help it too.
    Win SONIC DOLL apparently, but I wouldn't know.
    This needs a lot of everything - do this one last (apart from the 
    final two). While swimming is the least important, you still need 
    quite a bit of it.
    Win BROOM apparently, but don't ask me.
    Just a great big run all over the Chao Race World, and I don't think 
    ANY of the other skills are used in this one. Do this one first.
    Win PICTURE BOOK according to Mr. S - but I haven't so I can't tell 
    you any more.
    A good second race, needs two skills: running and power. And flying 
    wouldn't hurt it either - I can remember an obstacle like in Stump 
    Valley. You shouldn't need swimming, I'm assuming your Chao is good 
    enough by now or you wouldn't even be ATTEMPTING a jewel race!
    A POGO STICK for your Chao is the prize apparently.
    Running is an absolute must, and here you're introduced to your 
    Chao's intelligence factor. It will have you SCREAMING at your Chao 
    as you realise how thick he is. The first puzzle is disarming a trap 
    on a jack-in-the-box, the second is choosing the right fruit from a 
    selection, and the third is noticing which lanes towards the end have 
    pits waiting for him to fall into.
    According to my sources, you get some CRAYONS for this.
    Even worse than Topaz. Intelligence, stamina, running, climbing, 
    swimming and flying are all needed in droves if you want to stand ANY 
    chance of winning this one.
    CHAO ADVENTURE 2: In the unlikely event that you have a VM with a 
    couple of batteries in it, you can download a Chao to it and take him 
    for a walk (where he miraculously learns how to speak English, as do 
    frogs, ducks, etc.) You pick up various items while in CA2. Snacks 
    you should give to your Chao immediately - they make him happy and 
    give him 2 points of stamina. Items vary. You can have up to eight 
    items at a time on your VM, they stay there independant of the Chao. 
    They are useless in Chao Adventure 2. To get an explanation of what 
    one does, go
    Items > (item) > Explain
    and if it's anything special it'll tell you. When you transfer your 
    Chao back to the garden from the VM, you can transfer as many of your 
    items as you want too - but don't unless you intend to use them right 
    FRUITS: All fruits, when given to a Chao in the garden, give him 4 
    points of stamina. Dark Fruits help Chaos become Dark Chaos, Hero 
    Fruits do the opposite. Smart Fruits increase intelligence, and Chao 
    Fruits increase pretty much everything else.
    SEEDS: "How do you plant seeds?" I hear you ask. Well, it's a secret. 
    But I'll tell you anyway. When a Chao wins a set of races, it gets a 
    PRIZE! If the same Chao wins all three levels on the first two tracks 
    of beginner mode, it will get a trowel and a watering can. Now it can 
    plant seeds. When you find one in CA2, give it to that Chao and it 
    will wander around, select a spot and plant the tree.
    At the moment, it's five lines and I've nearly covered the lot :)
    ##10## Rewards
    For completing HERO
    1. Scene select for HERO - go to Story and you'll find you can start 
       any point in the adventure!
    2. Boss Attack: Hero Side Story.
    For completing DARK
    1. Scene select for DARK - go to Story as above.
    2. Boss Attack: Dark Side Story.
    For completing HERO and DARK
    1. Last Episode unlocked - go to Story and select the question mark.
    For completing LAST
    1. An end sequence: *sniff* *sniff*
    2. Boss Attack: All Bosses.
    3. Even though it's not mentioned, you get scene select for the Last 
    4. Sound Test - everything is unlocked ONLY IF YOU DO EXACTLY AS I 
    SAY IN
       SECTION 8!
    5. A serious feeling that you've wasted a good few hours of your 
    life. The
       worst part of it all is that if you go to EXTRA then EMBLEM 
       you can see *exactly* how much you've wasted! Ouch!
    Get all emblems for a certain character (minus "all A rank") to 
    unlock an extra 2P versus mode character you can substitute for the 
    regular by pushing LEFT or RIGHT at game/stage select (after side 
    select). And if you get all A ranks, you get ANOTHER special 
    <(?) means I haven't confirmed it, and (???) means "Who's Metal 
    *** ALL EMBLEMS ***
    You get alternative costumes for each character as you get all their 
    emblems, you only actually get new characters per se when you get all 
    their A ranks.
    *** ALL A RANKS ***
    SONIC: Amy (?)
    TAILS: Chao (?)
    KNUX: Tikal, the girl from the past in SA1.
    SHADOW: Metal Sonic (???) [anybody wanna fill me in on who this guy 
    EGGMAN: Big (?)
    ROUGE: Chaos (?)
    180 EMBLEMS (?)
    Apparently, if you get all 180 emblems you unlock Green Hill - you 
    remember the green hill zone from the original Sonic ten years ago? 
    Well, everyone seems to say that's what happens. But I'm still 
    working at the big one-eight-oh - heck, I'm only just at one-five-oh!
    ##11## Theme Tune Lyrics
    There's a whole FAQ out there devoted to the lyrics to music in SA2, 
    so I'm only gonna cover the theme tunes (there are seven, I'm not 
    doing Knuckles). If you want more, go check out the Lyrics FAQ on 
    GameFAQs.com - I'm sure the author won't mind me plugging his work 
    here. I'm only putting this section in so that you only need ONE FAQ 
    [which you do :)] and because I disagree with the Lyrics FAQ in 
    They were *SO* unoriginal about the themes for Sonic, Tails and 
    Knuckles that they've used the same old lyrics! AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN 
    RECORD A NEW THEME FOR AMY! Geez, it's not THAT hard!
    NB: If I'm *really* not sure about the lyrics, I put (?) next to that 
    line. And unless I put <ending> it loops from the start.
    Here goes, now some of these lyrics could be wrong, missing, 
    whatever. But It Doesn't Matter...
    Can you feel life moving through your mind
    Ooh, looks like it came back for more, yeah!
    Can you feel time slipping down your spine
    Ooh, you're trying - trying to ignore, yeah!
    But you can hardly swallow
    Your fear's in vain
    And you can't help but follow
    I put you right back where you came
    (Live and learn) Hanging on the edge of tomorrow
    (Live and learn) From the words of yesterday
    (Live and learn) If you beg or if you borrow
    (Live and learn) You may never find your way
    Can you feel life tangle you up inside
    Yeah, now you're face down on the floor, ohh
    But you can save your sorrow
    Your fading trait
    And you can't help but follow
    I put you right back where you came
    (Live and learn) Hanging on the edge of tomorrow
    (Live and learn) From the words of yesterday
    (Live and learn) If you beg or if you borrow
    (Live and learn) You may never find your way
    <middle eight>
    There's a face searching far, so far and wide
    There's a place where you dreamed you'd never find
    Hold on to whatever - hold on to whatever!
    (Live and learn) Hanging on the edge of tomorrow
    (Live and learn) From the words of yesterday
    (Live and learn) If you beg or if you borrow
    (Live and learn) You may never find your way
    (Live and learn) Hanging on the edge of tomorrow
    (Live and learn) From the words of yesterday
    (Live and learn) If you beg or if you borrow
    (Live and learn) You may never find your way
    Well, I don't show off, don't criticise
    I'm just living by my own feelings
    And I won't give in, won't compromise
    Cos I only have a steadfast heart of gold
    I don't know why I can't leave on my good time
    But I ain't out of control, just living by my word
    Don't ask me why, I don't need a reason
    I got my way, my own way.
    It doesn't matter now what happens, I will never give up the fight
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right.
    Well, I don't look back - I don't need to
    Time won't wait and I've got so much to do
    Where do I stop now? It's all unclear it's so unclear
    Well, I don't know but I can't be wrong
    It doesn't matter now what happens, I will never give up the fight
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right.
    <middle eight>
    It doesn't matter now what happens, I will never give up the fight
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right!
    When all alone in my chair
    I just go about wishing
    Wanna be strong - really wanna be trusted of
    When all alone in my bed
    I just go about yearning
    Wanna be cool - I also wanna be like him
    But that's not something
    I can do so easily
    This is not simply my way, my own style
    Gotta get a hold of my life
    I wanna fly
    So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
    Somebody will be
    Waiting for me so I've got to fly higher!
    [Mostly a rap which is indecipherable - would be perfect for the old 
    Never Mind The Buzzcocks lyrics round :) I'm only doing the "Born on 
    an island... bit"]
    Born on an island in the heavens
    The blood of ancestors flows inside me
    My duty is to save our flower
    From evil deterioratioooooooooon (did I spell that right?)
    The story begins, but who's gonna win
    We know in the dangers here lies revenge (?)
    Aboard the ARK, a genius at heart
    We wanted to unlock the mystery of life (?)
    I'm the Eggman, that's what I am
    I'm the Eggman, I got the master plan
    I'm the Eggman, that's what I am
    I'm the Eggman, I got the master plan
    [If you have SA1, load it up, go to sound test, play Amy's short 
    theme and compare :)]
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) There's nowhere to hide
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) Come on, settle our lives
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) I'll always be there for you
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) In the best and worst times
    You can be my sweetest honey for eternity
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) So many things I want
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) I wanna be a wonderful girl
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) I'm not simple minded
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) And I won't be a pearl
    I honestly need you just as much as you need me
    ##12## Extended Theme Tune Lyrics
    (And fancy dress advice)
    When we had a big bash to celebrate SA2's launch and Sonic's 10th 
    birthday, the band played extended versions of the theme songs wot I 
    wrote (they gave Knux a miss for the obvious reason that nobody knows 
    the lyrics anyway!). The extensions, not the songs themselves. So if 
    you care, here are the lyrics they used. Feel free to nick 'em, heck 
    I don't exactly own them. I've used <Verse> <Bridge> and <Chorus> to 
    distinguish between the three because not all the verses are the same 
    Advice about dressing up in a Sonic costume: put your arms in first, 
    make sure you can see BEFORE leaving the dressing room, and wear as 
    little clothing as possible cos it gets hot in there. Don't do what I 
    did and get in wearing a track suit...
    FIRST SONG: Sort of a hybrid of Open Your Heart and Live And Learn. I 
    didn't write this one, and I don't have the lyrics to hand. These are 
    probably wrong.
    Thunder, rain and lightning
    Danger, water rising
    Clamour, sirens wail
    It's such a bad sign
    Shadows of dark creatures
    Steel clouds floating in air
    People run for shelter
    What's gonna happen to us?
    All the steps we take, all the moves we make
    All the pain at stake
    I see the chaos for everyone
    Who are we, what can we do?
    You and I are the same in the way that
    We have our own styles that we won't change
    Yours is filled with evil and mine is not
    There is no way I can lose!
    Can't hold on much longer         But I will never let go
    I know its a one way trip         Tell me now how long this will last
    I'm not gonna think this way      Nor will I count on others
    Close my eyes and feel the burn   Now I see what I've gotta do
    <Live And Learn riff>
    Can you feel life moving through your mind
    Ooh, looks like it came back for more, yeah!
    Can you feel time slipping down your spine
    Ooh, you're trying - trying to ignore, yeah!
    But you can hardly swallow
    Your fear's in vain
    And you can't help but follow
    I put you right back where you came
    (Live and learn) Hanging on the edge of tomorrow
    (Live and learn) From the words of yesterday
    (Live and learn) If you beg or if you borrow
    (Live and learn) You may never find your way
    (Live and learn) Hanging on the edge of tomorrow
    (Live and learn) From the words of yesterday, hey!
    (Live and learn) If you beg or if you borrow
    (Live and learn) You may never find your waaaaaaay!
    MAIN THEME: As before, except it has an ending.
    SONIC: Exactly as above.
    TAILS: An extra verse and two choruses, plus an ending...
    When all alone in my chair
    I just go about wishing
    Wanna be strong - really wanna be trusted of
    When all alone in my bed
    I just go about yearning
    Wanna be cool - I also wanna be like him
    But that's not something I can do so easily
    This is not simply my way, my own style
    Gotta get a hold of my life
    I wanna fly
    So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
    Somebody will be
    Waiting for me so I've got to fly higher!
    When all alone in my sleep,
    I just go about dreaming:
    Some day I will be having the same adventure.
    If I just follow him, I will not ever see the light:
    Now's the time to find my way through this dark night,
    I'm trying so hard to be strong.
    I wanna fly
    So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
    Somebody will be
    Waiting for me so I've got to fly higher!
    I wanna fly
    So I can reach the highest of all the heavens
    Somebody will be
    Waiting for me so I've got to fly higher,
    Gotta keep going
    Everyone is afraid, no-one looks for me
    I will believe
    Believe in myself, this is the only start for me!
    KNUCKLES: We gave Knux a miss [for obvious reasons :)] and did Amy 
    AMY: An extra chorus and an ending...
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) There's nowhere to hide
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) Come on, settle our lives
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) I'll always be there for you
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) In the best and worst times
    You can be my sweetest honey for eternity
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) So many things I want
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) I wanna be a wonderful girl
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) I'm not simple minded
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) And I won't be a pearl
    I honestly need you just as much as you need me
    <middle eight>
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) There's nowhere to hide
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) Come on, settle our lives
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) I'll always be there for you
    (Sweet, sweet, oh so sweet) In the best and worst times
    You can be my sweetest honey for eternityyyyyyyyyyyy!
    ##O/T## Competition (##13##)
    The winner was <send me your name>!
    QUESTION 1: Triple Trouble is also known by what other name?
    POSSIBLE ANSWERS: (in alphabetical order)
    [a] Sonic 2
    [b] Sonic 3
    [c] Sonic Chaos
    [d] Sonic Spinball
    [e] Sonic & Tails
    >>>>Sonic & Tails 2<<<<
    QUESTION 2: What was the first game you could become Super Sonic in?
    POSSIBLE ANSWERS: (in chronological order)
    [a] Sonic The Hedgehog
    >>>>Sonic 2<<<<
    [c] Sonic 3
    [d] Sonic Chaos
    [e] Triple Trouble
    [f] Sonic Adventure
    QUESTION 3: What was the other name of the game Sonic 4 - that was 
    never finished or released? (Clue: I'm pretty sure it was a Mega 
    Drive game, but I might be wrong)
    POSSIBLE ANSWERS: (in alphabetical order)
    [a] Knuckles' Island
    [b] Mega Sonic
    [c] Mystic Ruins
    [d] Sonic 3D
    [e] Sonic 4D
    >>>>Sonic Crackers<<<<
    QUESTION 4: In my new fanfic series, Way Past Cool Adventures 
    [SHAMELESS PLUG: to be released soon :)], what is the name of the 
    dumb robot Probe created? (Tip: use a process of elimination...)
    POSSIBLE ANSWERS: (in alphabetical order)
    [b] Dingo     [Sonic Underground]
    [c] Grounder  [Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog]
    [d] Scratch   [Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog]
    [e] Sleet     [Sonic Underground]
    [f] Zero      [Sonic Adventure]
    {I had a *lot* of complaints about question 4. But I maintain that it 
    was a good question - I *told* you to use a process of elimination, 
    and if you read my FUTURE section last release you'd know I wrote 
    WPCA to *not* tie in with any existing Sonic stuff. That obviously 
    includes names. Since the other five were in SU, AoStH or SA1 it 
    can't be any of them - the only remaining one was BASIL. C'mon, I 
    *told* you the answer to this one!}
    None. Nobody gave me an idea! Well... that's not true, if somebody 
    from Blast (who had about five days) had won before somebody else 
    (who took about five hours) they would have got a disk they could 
    insert into the Stats Server which would have added FIVE HUNDRED 
    FRAGS to their total. But they didn't, so the disk gets wiped... nah, 
    I'll use it meself, no sense wasting it :)
    ##14## Walkthroughs for other missions
    This is a dump for all the other walkthroughs I've got. It'll become 
    a mess, but that won't matter because you're searching for codes, 
    aren't you? Remember? Alright, here's a summary.
    Get a pen and paper, or open a fresh, blank notepad window. Jot down 
    the stage and mission numbers you want, and whether they're HERO, 
    DARK or LAST. To generate the code you need to search for, take the 
    first letter from one of those three words (H, D or L) then the STAGE 
    number (ie 1-16, 1-14 or 1-5). Then put the letter M and finally the 
    mission number (1-5). Now search for that code - look at the first 
    few below if you want examples.
    Or you could just check out the Walkthrough File right at the top of 
    the file, which will TELL you what to search for. In fact, that's 
    probably your best bet considering how few walkthroughs there are 
    here right now. I mean *I* can do most of them, but writing a 
    walkthrough's a different matter.
    The missions have nicknames in my self-confessed deranged mind - 
    "Chaofinder", "Foot To The Floor" and "Not So Easy Mode". Don't be 
    alarmed when you see them.
    H1M3: CITY ESCAPE (Sonic) - Chaofinder
    The lost Chao route on this level is at the bottom of the building 
    you run down (just after a loop which is just after a huge green 
    field and a path of rings you can LSD). Play your Mystic Melody at 
    the Mystic Ruins and a spring will appear. Now for most of these 
    routes I'll have to draw you a map, so ASCII-art-here-we-go! And 
    remember the key, I'll sometimes forget to put it in knowing me...
    | Room |        ++++++++++++
    | with |        +  KEY     +     {1} Jump on the spring
    | Chao |        ++++++++++++     {2} Take the lift up
    '------'        + () Pole  +     {3} Jump off the lift then quickly
                    + __ Stop  +         homing attack the enemy, taking
       ()    __     + /\ Lift  +         care if it has a shield
             /\     + >< Enemy +     {4} Keep A held down and you should
             /\     ++++++++++++         grab the next lift
             /\                      {5} Repeat from 2 until you grab a
                                         pole instead
       __    ><                      {6} Swing up from the pole and push
       /\                                towards the building: Sonic will
       /\                                land next to the Chao
       ><    __   See the pattern?
    H1M4: CITY ESCAPE (Sonic) - Foot To The Floor [03:00]
    [Author's note: The French call this Contre La Montre - why can't 
    *we* have such a poetic language?]
    {Author's subnote: That's the only French I know, and I probably got 
    *that* wrong. If I did, *please* tell me!}
    Right, in the first of my "Foot To The Floor" series of walkthroughs, 
    I'm gonna have to teach you a few tricks to shave vital seconds off 
    your time.
    JUMP DASH by pressing A in midair when there are no baddies anywhere 
    near. This gets you to full speed, and whenever you stop you should 
    restart with a jump dash.
    CROUCH GRIND by holding B on a grind. Just don't crouch while you're 
    on too steep a corner or you'll fall off. Crouch grinding speeds you 
    up and if you do it right it'll cut your grind time in half at worst!
    Right, now to City Escape. To beat three minutes, you *really* need 
    to push hard on the corners when you're skateboarding. Take the 
    racing line (I feel an ASCII art coming on...)
            #########    KEY:    #Wall#    +Racing line+
           #      +++
          #     ++           You need to take corners nice and wide, and
         #    ++             try to hug the inside line. You'll be thrown
        #    +#######        to the outer edge of the straight after,
       #    +#               roll with it. Just try not to crash and
      #    +#                you'll be alright! A variation of this is a
      #   + #                chicane - a quick left-right or right-left.
      #  +  #                Then you just keep on drifting over after
      # +   #                corner one and go all-out into the second.
      # +   #
    The thirty-or-so seconds you spend skateboarding will make or break 
    this mission. But there's one other little trick you can do here.
    In the massive green field you run through, if you have the light 
    speed shoes you can do a LSD and save some time here. Go into the 
    left field and hit the trick ramp at full pelt to land on a bridge - 
    go to the right of that bridge and you'll see a long path of rings. 
    LSD along them to save a few precious seconds. That's about it 
    H1M5: CITY ESCAPE (Sonic) - Not So Easy Mode
    Hard is a relative term, and in this case a misplaced one. Treat this 
    the same as easy mode, just keep your eyes open for shields (physical 
    and electrical) and avoid them. When you're jumping between two 
    handrails you'll often find a baddie between them - don't be afraid 
    to go right over the top of it. It'll turn round but you should be 
    crouch grinding away by then! And if you don't get at least a C first 
    time down, you need more practice.
    D14M3: FINAL CHASE (Shadow) – Chaofinder
    This was the last Chao I managed to find. To get him, you need to 
    find the continue point after which there are a lot of gravity 
    cylinders running HORIZONTALLY. At the end, there's a hook lift up to 
    one VERTICAL one, take it. Now, on this vertical one there's a spring 
    and a hook lift – you have to take the hook lift. Time it so you get 
    onto the top NEAREST the screen, and don't go too far forward or 
    you'll hit the spring. Take the hook lift up and play your mystic 
    Half a path of rings will form. Wait a second, and watch carefully. 
    Eventually the other half will appear and you can LSD down them.
    You'll come to a gravity cylinder. You HAVE to take this one slowly 
    as there are four electric blockades on here. Be VERY careful and 
    you'll manage it alright. When you get to the top, it's easy: just 
    follow your nose.
    ##96## Other People
    Competition winners!
    QUESTION 1: Triple Trouble is also known by what other name?
    >>> Sonic And Tails 2
    QUESTION 2: What was the first game you could become Super Sonic in?
    >>> Sonic 2
    QUESTION 3: What was the other name of the game Sonic 4 - that was 
    never finished or released?
    >>> Sonic Crackers
    QUESTION 4: In my new fanfic series, Way Past Cool Adventures 
    [SHAMELESS PLUG: out now :)], what is the name of the dumb robot 
    Probe created?
    >>> BASIL
    WINNER: Jeremy Plumridge
    People who helped me: too numerous to list. But here are the people 
    whose contributions are in this FAQ, in order of usefulness:
    001 Flash - he practically walked me through Cannon's Core. Kind Sir,
        whoever you are, I salute you!
    002 Everybody at UT Blast for not getting at me for playing SA2 when
        I should have been UnrealEditing/practicing/adminning (is that a
        word?), and for joining in occasionally, thanks to 2P versus
    003 Everybody who sent me details of the secret characters. I've put
        (?) next to them until I confirm them, but they seem to make
    004 yuri983@ - telling me in Final Rush what the red and green
        crosses at the end of the poles mean.
    People who didn't help me: (In order of being irritating ness)
    001 Somebody (lost their name) said you get nothing at all for
        getting All A Rankers. Either there's something wrong or he's
        just a total idiot. I have his email and will be naming and
        shaming next time round.
    ##97## Contacting Me
    Send E-mail to CWSeddon@anonymous.to if you follow the following 
    1) Make it readable. None of these SMS type contractions - you guys 
    *do* know you have more than 255 characters for an email, don't you? 
    If your message is indecipherable I'll tell you to translate it for 
    me, or just delete it ignored. The only contractions I know are LOL 
    and smileys like :) - use them if you must.
    2) No attachments. Otherwise I'll think it's a virus. "Attachments" 
    includes screenshots: I have a separate addy for that stuff, 
    available on request if I know you.
    3) No HTML messages. I can't read 'em and they just look like blank 
    messages (with one attachment which I won't touch) to me!
         ##### #####  ###  ####     ###  ##### #  # # ##  #  ###   !
         #       #   #   # #   #   #   # #     # #  # # # # #      !
         #####   #   #   # ####    ##### ##### ##   # # # # #  ##  !
             #   #   #   # #       #   #     # # #  # # # # #   #
         #####   #    ###  #       #   # ##### #  # # #  ##  ###   !
    5) When I've read a message, I always delete it. So include all 
    relevant text in a reply. Here's an example of what not to do, with 
    my probable replies:
    [You] I finished the last side!
    [Me]  <I finished the last side!> I need a time.
    [You] 27th of August at 4 o'clock
    [Me]  <27th of August at 4 o'clock> What about the 27th of Blarg at
          4... AM?
    [You] 4PM and I told you, I finished the last side!
    [Me]  <4PM and I told you, I finished the last side!> I need a date.
    You can see this would carry on ad infinitum.
    A better convo is:
    [You] I finished the last side!
    [Me]  <I finished the last side!> I need a time.
    [You] I finished the last side on the 27th of Blarg at 4 o'clock
    [Me]  <I finished the last side on the 27th of Blarg at 4 o'clock> AM
          or PM?
    [You] I finished the last side on the 27th of Blarg at 4PM.
    Of course, it would be best if you'd told me all that from the start. 
    And in fact, I don't really CARE if you beat the last side. The 
    conversation would go...
    [You] I finished the last side!
    [You] Please reply to my email
    [Me]  <Please reply to my email> What email? I delete them when I've
          read them.
    [You] I finished the last side! Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog!
    [You] Are you gonna reply or not?
    Join the club. Practically EVERYONE's finished the last side now, and 
    quite a few claim to have 180 emblems too. What do you want, a prize? 
    If I had £1 for every person who wrote to tell me they'd finished the 
    last side and told me nothing else, I'd be considerably richer than I 
    am presently.
    Now, if you still want to mail me, bear in mind that forty of you do 
    that every week and half the time my servers are down - keep it brief 
    or I'll hate you. I check my mail once every Preston Guild, so you 
    may have to wait a while for a reply. Alright, maybe once most weeks. 
    Of course, if you have my personal address, I check that twice every 
    week. But I'm not telling just anybody that, I get enough spam as it 
    But praise is welcome no matter what.
    ##98## Help Me Out!
    Alright, I'm going to admit it. I'm stuck. There, I said it.
    I'm stuck fast on quite a few of the levels. If somebody would be 
    kind enough to send me a walkthrough (put the level in the subject so 
    I can spot it) I'll be eternally grateful. Well, if you're first 
    you'll get your name in the Thanks section.
    All A Rank: Sonic                    [ ]
    All A Rank: Tails                    [ ]
    All A Rank: Shadow                   [ ]
    All A Rank: Robotnik                 [ ]
    All A Rank: Rouge                    [ ]
    (Finally finished Cannon's Core hard mode – that was HARD alright!)
    Chao Race            [*] [*] [*] [ ] [ ]
                         [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
    ##99## Future
    I would like to take this opportunity to say goodbye to Sonic. I'm 
    growing up now, and I must admit Sonic's hold over me is diminishing. 
    SA2 is probably the last Sonic game I'll ever buy for that reason.
    See? I told you I'm a good actor, Stee! Sonic's games play just as 
    well for me now as they did ten years ago, of course!
    But the chances are that as I go to university this time next year 
    (September 2002) I won't have enough money to shell out for another 
    console, so wherever Sonic goes I won't go with him. I'll have to 
    settle for web sites and fan fiction. You –deleted-, Sega! How could 
    you abandon the Dreamcast like that? Excuse me, I just had to get 
    that off my chest.
    Somebody please keep me updated with the Sega Sonic universe, or 
    should that be Nintendo Sonic universe *sniff sniff* I hate long 
    goodbyes *sniff sniff*
    So I'm turning to writing fan fiction now. I hope I don't dishonour 
    the Sonic legacy too much – well, at least not until I give in to 
    temptation and write a lemon. It's bound to happen eventually. Watch 
    www.fanfiction.net for my fanfics as I'll be releasing them there. 
    And I swear I'll be writing Sonic fanfics LONG after everyone else 
    forgets about him! And in case you're wondering, I *know* Way Past 
    Cool sucked. So I've got rid of that and started a fresh series which 
    seems to be going down better. Keep up with my work at:
    If you have the TXT69 version you'll need to make sure that goes in 
    on one line because it'll wrap. Blame bNet.
    Anyway, there's only really one thing left to say. Sayonara, Sonic 
    the Sega mascot. I think it sucks that Sonic is going to Nintendo, 
    and it's CRIMINAL that he'll be a Smash Brother! Oh well, what's one 
    man to do... except bad-mouth Nintendo in my fanfics ;)

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