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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kajtek

    Version: 1.11 | Updated: 08/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               _   _________  
                              / / /__ _   _ |__ ___
                             / / /_  / | / /  / __/
                             \ \//_//  |/ // / /
                             / //_// /|  // / /_
                            /_/___/_/ |_//__/___/
                     _              /  /
                    / |    __   ___/  /______     __    ___
                   //|| __/  /_/ _ /______/ /_   / /__ / _ /
                  //_||_\/  / / __// /__/_  _/ _/  _  / __/
                 / __ |__  / / /__/ __  // //_/ / //_/ /__
                /_/ /_|___/\/____/_/ /_//_/____/_/  /____/
          Sonic Adventure 2 FAQ/Walkthrough by Kajtek - Version 1.11
                      ***SPECIAL NOTICE TO ALL READERS***
    Before you try to contact me in any way while this notice appears
    here, please read the 'Version History' section of this FAQ and read
    the most recent update for an important announcement. Thank you.
     ___                       _________________                       ___
    /|||\                     /__  __/__  / ___/                      /|||\
    \|||/                       / / //  // /                          \|||/
     \|/                       / / //__// /__                          \|/
                              /_/ /____/_____/
    | |
    | (1.1)-FAQ Intro
    | | |-Hello
    | | |-Version History
    | | |-FAQ Viewing Test
    | | |-About The Game
    | | L-Key Legal Things
    | |
    | (1.2)-Game Basics
    | | |-VMU Info
    | | |-Menu Navigation
    | | |-Controller Functions
    | | |-Basic Moves
    | | L-Overall Advice
    | |
    | (1.3)-Character Info
    |   |-Sonic The Hedgehog
    |   |-Miles "Tails" Prower
    |   |-Knuckles The Echidna
    |   |-Shadow The Hedgehog
    |   |-Dr. Eggman
    |   L-Rouge The Bat
    | |
    | (2.1)-Hero Side
    | | |-Info
    | | L-Walkthrough+
    | |
    | (2.2)-Dark Side
    | | |-Info
    | | L-Walkthrough+
    | |
    | (2.3)-Last Side
    | | |-Major Spoiler Warning
    | | |-Info
    | | L-Walkthrough
    | |
    | (2.4)-Find The Lost Chao
    |   |-Intro
    |   |-Hero++
    |   |-Dark++
    |   L-Last++
    | |
    | (3.1)-Basic Info
    | | |-What Are They
    | | |-Caring For Them
    | | |-Things To Do
    | | L-Things Not To Do
    | |
    | (3.2)-Overall Guide
    | | |-Hatching
    | | |-Infancy
    | | |-Teens
    | | |-Adulthood
    | | L-Continuous Care
    | |
    | (3.3)-Gardens
    | | |-Intro
    | | |-Normal
    | | |-Hero
    | | L-Dark
    | |
    | (3.4)-Stats
    | | |-Chao Statistics
    | | |-Animals
    | | L-Chaos Drives
    | |
    | (3.5)-Advanced Info
    |   |-Race Courses++
    |   |-Skills/Toys
    |   |-Friuts/Trees
    |   |-Chao Life
    |   |-Light Chao
    |   L-Kazar
    *(4)-Miscellaneous Things*
    | |
    | (4.1)-Items
    | | |-Rings
    | | |-Shields
    | | L-Capsules
    | |
    | (4.2)-Objects
    | | |-Stage Aids
    | | L-Others
    | |
    | (4.3)-Enemies
    | | |-Basic Enemies
    | | L-Bosses Advanced++
    | |
    | (4.4)-Extra Stuff
    |   |-2P Mode++
    |   L-Big The Cat Locations+
    *(5)-Final Info
      (5.1)-Final Words
      | |-Closing Paragraph
      | L-Credits
      (5.2)-Misc Info
      | |-Contact Me
      | |-Frequently Asked Questions
      | |-Site Permission
      | L-FAQ Polls
      (5.3)-Legal Info
        |-Spoiler Warning
    +   Not Done
    ++  Not Started On (if a whole section has this, it means that
    EVERYTHING in that section isn't done)
    Please note that this FAQ in not nearly finished, so don't go asking
    me why so many things aren't done, OK?
                               1.1-FAQ Intro
    Hello! My full name is Kajetan Adrian Biedrzycki, but you can just
    call me Kajtek or Kaj if you want. Why, call me K if you want... No,
    j/k. Anyway, I'm 13, and have recently purchased the new Sonic
    Adventure 2 game. And, darn it, was I surprised. It's
    one of the best games I've ever played! No, really. Superb special
    effects with a mysterious storyline, excellent levels, perfect level
    of difficulty, you name it, it's in here. You've got to get this game
    if you don't have it by now. Sonic Team has worked another miracle.
    So, since this game is so awesome, and I enjoy writing FAQs, I have
    decided to write one for this great game. It's a very popular title,
    so I hope that I'm not making a mistake in giving away my e-mail
    address to so many readers, but what the heck. I just love the
    attention :). Another reason for this FAQ is that this is Sonic's very
    LAST appearance on any SEGA system, and it wouldn't be right to let an
    opportunity like this one pass by. It's sad in a way, knowing that
    SEGA is crashing down like this... But anyways, that's not the point.
    The point was to say hi, which I did, so there!
    P.S. Check out the 'Key Legal Things' section a bit below this one if
    you are concerned about the law and stuff before reading anything
    -Kajtek B
    ---------------------------Version History----------------------------
    Version 1.11 (8/3/01)-
    Nothing new, for this version, but I'm here to make an important
    announcement. I will soon be leaving for a quick vacation to another
    country, and thus, a few changes will take place. While I will try to
    continue to update the FAQ throughout my visit, a few other
    adjustments will have to be made. As of the release of this FAQ, and
    until further notice, I will no longer be answering E-mails at my AOL
    address. It may be possible for me to recieve E-mails at an alternate
    address for the time being, but only time will tell. If an arrangement
    for that can be made, I will notify you in a future version. Also,
    being away from AOL means that I will be unable to recieve IMs and
    such, so refrain from sending them, as I will not recieve them. I will
    most likely update less frequently for the visit, but I shouldn't fall
    too far behind, as I expect to be there for a mere two weeks. As soon
    as I can establish the alternate E-mail address for the time that I'm
    there, however, I will notify you readers via a special announcement
    at the top of the file. Sorry for any and all inconvenience that this
    may cause. I'll miss you, readers :(!!!!!
    Version 1.1 (8/2/01)-
    Due to exceptionally high demand for a Last Side Walkthrough, I've
    written one, top to bottom, for this version. I've also moderatley
    expanded on the Dark Side, since it wasn't very far in. Like usual,
    I've taken in suggestions, and have come up with more Chao sections
    for the Chao lovers, out there. Speaking of Chao, everyone seems to be
    stuck on the 'Find the Lost Chao' missions... So, it's been decided
    that I'll write a section all about that, included in the
    Walkthroughs. Haven't gotten around to putting anything in there, yet,
    but expect major progress in the next few updates. Also, Big's section
    is now... Big, with plenty of locations, thanks to everyone that's
    been sending me them :). In the next version, I'll probably be done
    the Hero side, as well as nearing the end of the Dark Side, so keep
    Version 1.0 (7/22/01)-
    The first 'official' release of this FAQ. I have edited much of the
    content to make it flow better, as well as taken in a few questions
    and comments the readers have sent in. Keep them coming! Also,
    Kazar's section has been stretched to say how to breed a Chao like
    him due to popular demand, as well as a new section on how to breed
    the almighty Light Chao! I've gotten to putting in some Big locations,
    but I'm far from done... The Walkthrough's gone through a major
    extention, too, because I've started and am well into the Dark Side.
    Also, lots of people have been asking about the nearly impossible Find
    The Lost Chao missions, so a new section been started towards that.
    Stay tooned, I should have the next update out within a few days, no
    more than a week. I hope to have those horrible Walkthroughs over with
    by then!
    Version 0.1 (7/17/01)-
    Everything is new, so I don't got much to say here... Expect the next
    update to be quite big, because I have a lot to get done.
    --------------------------FAQ Viewing Test----------------------------
    I've included this section to test a program's ability to properly
    display this FAQ. If you pass this test, you will have absolutely no
    trouble vewing this content, and everything will look just like it was
    meant to. If you fail, you may have trouble viewing certain portions
    of this FAQ, especially ASCII diagrams (text-based images). I will
    include more detailed test information below.
    Starting at the letter that the arrow, below points at, read downwards
    through the letters. If you can clearly read 'GOOD', you have nothing
    to worry about, and this FAQ is being displayed correctly. If you can
    read 'Bad!', 'bAd.', or a combination of both, then you will have some
    problems viewing the ASCII diagrams in this FAQ. If you read each
    letter separated by a period, or many periods, like 'B.A.D.!.' or
    'B...A...D...!...', then you may have MAJOR problems viewing this FAQ,
    and you should use another browser or word processor.
    ---------------------------About The Game-----------------------------
    For all of you who have played SA and thought it was good, you're in
    for a very big shock. This game is not like SA in so many ways. The
    characters' looks and facial expressions are very different. Same goes
    for the controls. And most importantly, the game's 'feel' is very
    different and much more mysterious, because there are so many
    unanswered questions that you will have about the plot. However, all
    of these things are good, no matter how bad I made them sound :). The
    characters are much more realistic, more moves are available, and I
    like mystery over very thorough explanation. But, regardless the
    differences, this game still fits into the Sonic category. If it was
    up to me, I'd say this game is actually better. But that's just me
    and many others will say it sucks. But any loyal Sonic fan will say
    that it gives you the big blue blurry bang for your buck ;). (try
    saying that ten times really fast, lol) Thumbs up and a 9/10 for this
    --------------------------Key Legal Things----------------------------
    No matter what you may think or what you want, this FAQ is STILL
    Copyright 2001, Kajtek Biedrzycki. This means that I get to decide
    what I allow you to do with it. I did create it, after all. To make
    something long short, I will provide some key points as to what I do
    and don't allow. However, for the full thing, go to the 'Legal Info'
    section at the end of the FAQ.
    I will allow you to:
    -Read and re-read this FAQ as desired
    -Show others this FAQ
    -View the FAQ on the internet or through a temporary internet file
    -Copy this FAQ to anyone as long as it is a true and complete copy
    -Print this FAQ or any part of it out for personal use
    -Delete this FAQ off you hard drive (funny to some, but you won't
    believe how many others wonder about this)
    -Let you use this FAQ on any web site AS LONG AS YOU ASK FOR
    I will not, under any circumstances, allow you to:
    -Modify this FAQ in any way
    -Take credit for, or claim copyright to this FAQ
    -Copy this FAQ in part
    -Put this FAQ on a web site without asking me first
    -Use this FAQ to make money in ANY way
    -Violate any of the rules I have established about this FAQ
    Violation of this list may be subject to fine or imprisonment, or
    even capital punishment in certain areas of the world. I will not
    tolerate any violation of the above. Understood? And I'm not kidding
    about this... I can and will take legal action against violators of
    the above!
                              1.2-Game Basics
    ------------------------------VMU Info--------------------------------
    This section will tell you haw many blocks you will need on your VMU
    to access the save features of this game. Please be aware that the VMU
    is almost a requirement to enjoy this game because it is pretty long
    and no one likes to restart all of the time. I reccommend getting a
    VMU before getting the game because there is no point unless you have
    one. Now, let's get down to buissiness. There are 3 types of files
    that Sonic Adventure 2 will create on your VMU...
    (SONIC2_SOx)-18 Blocks
    This file is the one that saves your main progress through the game,
    your best records, etc. It is the main file and you should not delete
    it unless you know what you are doing. By the way, it's not called
    SONIC2_SOx. Replace the x with the number of the file that you are
    using. So, the first save file you create will be called SONIC2_SO1.
    The second will be called SONIC2_SO2, etc.
    (SONIC2_ALF)-52 blocks
    This is your chao save file or A-Life File (get it, A-Life File, ALF).
    Anyway, this contais all of your chao-related data such as specific
    chao that you have in your gardens, the gardens that you have
    unlocked, chao in the classroom, and stuff like that. Delete if you
    wish to start raising chao from scratch. Do not delete if you like
    your chao :).
    (SONIC2_VM)-128 Blocks
    This is the Chao Adventure 2 VMU mini-game. It's accessed by taking
    your chao to the machine in the Chao Garden and putting it in. Make
    sure that no chao are contained in this file before you delete it,
    it's happenned to me way too many times... Actually, it's best to just
    leave this file alone unless you're desperate for space.
    --------------------------Menu Navigation-----------------------------
    Some people just don't know how to get to where they want, and that
    could be a problem... So, I've put this section here for people to
    find their way around the menus. Note: Any item with a * beside it
    means that you must complete something for it to be available. Also,
    if you reach a menu where you have not unlocked any choices but one,
    you will bypass that menu.
    Title Screen
    1 Play  - 1 player mode
    2 Play  - 2 player mode
    Extra   - Access miscellaneous info and games
    Options - Access game settings
    Homepage- Go to the SA2 Main Page (internet required)
    1 Play
    Story         - Play the game along with the storyline
    Stage Select* - Replay any stage you have already cleared once
    Kart Race*    - Play the Kart Racing Mini-Game onced unlocked
    Boss*         - Replay the bosses in order from completed stories
    2 Play
    Action     - Play against a friend
    Kart Race* - Race against a friend once unlocked
    Chao Race  - Race two player's chao against each other
    Tutorial        - Let Omochao explain a few game basics
    Emblem Results* - View info on Sonic Emblems that you've collected
    Download Event  - Play files that you've downloaded from the official
    Web Site
    BGM      - Listen to the game's music
    File     - Change the file that you are currently using
    Jump Pak - Turn the Jump Pak On or Off
    Sound    - Change to Mono or Stereo sound
    Language - Change the language for the subtitles and speech
    Theme    - Change the theme that plays at the Title Screen
    ------------------------Controller Functions--------------------------
    This section will explain what each button does on the controller
    during the game. First off, here is a diagram of the controller:
    O- Analog Thumb Pad
    +- D-Pad
    S- Start Button
    A/B/X/Y- Corresponding Buttons
    L/R- Corresponding Triggers (on back)
                                / ______ \
                         ______/ |      | \______
                        | ___    |      |        |
                        |/ O \   |______|   Y    |
                        |\___/                   |
                       L|   _            X     B |R
                        | _| |_                  |
                        ||_ + _|            A    |
                        |  |_|                   |
                        |            _           |
                        |           /S\          |
                        |   __________________   |
                        |  /        \ /       \  |
                        | /          |         \ |
                        |/           |          \|
    Analog Thumb Pad:
    This will move your character around during the game, as well as aim
    the laser for Tails and Dr. Eggman. While Super, it will also
    move you horizontally.
    Unlike in the previous game, this will do absolutely nothing.
    A Button:
    Pushing this button wil make your character jump no matter what you are
    doing. However, during a jump, it will perform your character's special
    jump ability. For Sonic/Shadow, it's a homing attack. For Tails/Dr.
    Eggman, it's hovering, and for Knuckles/Rouge, it's gliding. And for
    the Supers, it's to ascend.
    B Button:
    This will perform the action indicated in the Action Window, or, if
    there is no action available, simply attack. Also, for the Super
    characters, it's to descend.
    X Button:
    The EXACT same thing as the B button. Actually, I prefer this one over
    B, but it's your call.
    Y Button:
    Change the Action in the action window. However, this only works while
    standing still on the ground...
    L Trigger:
    Move the camera clockwise around your character.
    R Trigger:
    Move the camera counter-clockwise around your character.
    Pause the game and bring up the Pause Menu. The most common options
    here are Continue, Restart, and Exit.
    ----------------------------Basic Moves-------------------------------
    Here, you'll find actions that every character besides the Supers can
    perform. It is inended to familiarize you with the basics of
    controlling any character.
    Move - Analog Thumb Pad
    Just press it in the direction that you want to go.
    Jump - A Button
    Press it to make you character jump into the air. You can stil
    maneuver you character as normal while in the air.
    Action - X/B Buttons
    This will perform the action displayed in the Action Window.
    Toggle Action Window - Y Button
    Pressing this button will switch the action displayed in the Action
    ---------------------------Overall Advice-----------------------------
    The Walkthrough won't help you much if you simply don't know how to
    play, you know! I have set up  a few bits of advice on each set of
    characers to help you get A ranks on each stage.
    -You have to make it through the level pretty quickly so that you get
    lots of time points! You can get up to 10000 if you make it through
    really quickly, which is a huge addition to your score. If you're too
    slow, you'll miss out on time points and your score will suck. And so
    will your rank. So speed is your greatest asset in this game.
    -Rings! You cannot get an A without lots of these. Remember that every
    ring that you obtain, not including ones that you're re-collecting
    after being hit, adds 10 points to your score. Just as importantly,
    every time you pass a checkpoint, you will get 10 points added to your
    score for each ring you have on you at the time. If you want to decide
    weather it's worth it to go a longer way to get more rings, I'll say
    that if you get an extra ring for every extra second you take, it evens
    off. However, if you get more rings than extra seconds, it's probably
    worth your while, as your score will be higher.
    -Tricks are also a good source of points. You can perform them by
    jumping on the orange ramps, jumping off the end of a rail with decent
    speed, and by defeating multiple enemies without touching the ground.
    You can get anywhere from 100 to 2000 points with these tricks, so
    they're really worth your while. If you pull of a 2000-point trick,
    it's equal to passing a checkpoint with 200 rings! And 200 rings isn't
    that easy to get if you're running through the level, you know! And
    tricks only take a few seconds to pull off. But just one reminder:
    Don't go back and redo a stunt, risking your life. Just restart the
    level, because you'll probably mess up anyway and even if you make it
    you'll lose major time points...
    Tails/Dr. Eggman
    -Locking onto MANY enemies at one time means major point bonuses in
    this game. Really. Locking onto two enemies individually gets you only
    half the points you would get for killing them both at the same time.
    with three, it's 1/4. With four, it's 1/8, etc. If you get 5+ enemies
    locked on, you're on the right track. There is NEVER a time when you
    can't lock onto 5 or more enemies, unless you mess up and blow them up
    individually first. And if you get 10 or more enemies all the time,
    wow. You'll surely get an A. My record is 27 enemies at once, on the
    Weapons Bed level, just so you want to know. And that gets you the
    'Perfect!' 2000 point bonus, for your info!
    -Time is also a factor in determinig ranks. Nobody likes a slowpoke.
    Try to rush through the level in such a pace that you destroy almost
    all of the enemies, but still are almost always on the move. You
    should never have to go back. If you do, it's not worth it and you'll
    waste too much time getting what you want.
    -Rings are important, too. You probably won't get many points from
    these, but get them when you have the chance. For each ring that you
    pick up, not including re-getting ones that you lost, you are awarded
    10 points. Also, every time that you pass through a checkpoint, you will
    get 10 points for each ring that you are currently holding. It probably
    won't be that much, considering you'll likely get hit a lot if you rush
    through the level like I said. Maybe 10-50 rings. If you usually have
    less, you're going too fast and should slow down and pay more attention.
    If you get more, you are either REALLY good or are going way too slow
    and caring too much about taking damage. Speed up to get more time
    -Speed is one of the most major things there is to Knuckles' and
    Rouge's stages. Make a dash for those emerald pieces so that you get
    the 2000 point bonus. If you take too long, settle for the 1000
    provided that you get the other two as 2000s. But any lower that that
    and you should restart and hope for better Emerald locations. These
    stages are controvertial in the way that it depends a lot on luck. The
    Emerald locations are always random, so you can only hope for ones that
    are close to your starting position and not very far apart from each
    other. However, there is skill involved, as well. You have to use your
    Emerald Radar wisely and respond to what is shows you. Good luck on
    this one, you really need it ;).
    -Hints are pretty much the only other relevant variables as far a
    ranks go. The more hints that you use, the smaller of a bonus you'll
    get. I think that they really don't help any and lead you on a wild
    goose chase, so I just stay away from the. Plus, if you use even one,
    chances are that you won't get an A rank. So just avoid them if at
    all possible. But if all you care about is clearing the stage for the
    very first time, then by all means, go for it. I usually got E ranks
    my first time around anyway...
                             1.3-Character Info
    -------------------------Sonic The Hedgehog---------------------------
    -Sonic is the main star of the Sonic series (you would never have
    guessed, right), and he's the main character of any Sonic game. He's a
    brave and adventurous blue hedgehog with white gloves and red shoes.
    His home is on an isand called Mobius and he lives along with his pal,
    Tails. A world-famous hero who's always on the move, Sonic's always
    been there to save the day. At times, his determination and strong
    sense for justice are an asset, but at others, they're his greatest
    weakness. This is the kind of weakness Dr. Eggman wishes to exploit
    and use against him. However, so far, Sonic's been able to foil any
    plan Dr. Eggman has come up with. But Dr. Eggman is tired of losing
    and he's only getting better. Will this be the end of Sonic's winning
    Moves (* means you need an Upgrade to do it):
    -Spin Attack: While jumping, Sonic will curl into a ball that can
    easily destroy many things in his path. Just press A and watch him go!
    While in the air, hit anthing you want to destroy and watch the sparks
    fly. However, be wary, as this is not a shield of any kind. You can
    still get hurt!
    -Homing Attack: Press A WHILE in the middle of a jump and pressing the
    Analog thumb pad towards your target. Sonic will charge at the
    intended taget and hit it in the exact same way as if you were simply
    jumping onto it. However, it has bigger range and is quicker, so use
    it often.
    -Somersault: If you have not tried this game yet, I'll say that it's
    not anything like in the previous game. It's not a simple spin on the
    ground. It's a totally new move. Just press one of the Action Buttons
    when the Action Window is not displayed and you'll do it. Press it up
    to three times to do a continuous somersault. Or, immediately press A
    after somersaulting to cancel it and hop back to a standing position.
    Or you can do the somersault, then immediately press a direction on
    the Analog Thumb Pad, then press A to jump immediately out of the
    somersault with a cool backflip-type thing. Once you get the Flame
    Ring, you will upgrade this move to the Fire Somersault, which can
    break Steel Crates.
    -Bounce Attack*: When in the air, press an Action Button and you'll
    speed downwards. You can do this forever provided that you have
    ground beneath your feet. Use it on enemies that are directl below
    you for best effect.
    -Spin Dash: On the ground, when there is no Action Window visibe,
    press and hold an Action Button to start spinning while stationary.
    Release and you'll dash forward at an incredible speed!
    -Light Speed Attack*: Spin Dash until Sonic says 'Ready!', then while
    still holding the button, head to an enemy or a row of enemies for
    better effect. Then, release, and Sonic will destroy any and all
    enemies in range.
    -Light Dash*: Head to a row of rings and press an Action Button and
    Sonic will dash along the line of rings and even attack any enemies at
    the end. Very useful, and required to beat the game.
    -Grind: Just hop onto a rail or anything that resembles one and start
    to grind! Once on, you can press A to jump off, an Action button to
    crouch and speed up, and you can use the Analog Thumb Pad to control
    Sonic on curved rails so that you don't slow down too much.
    -Magic Gloves*: I'd say that it's a very bad move, but you may think
    different... Just go up to an enemy and press Y until 'Magic Gloves' is
    displayed in the Action Window. Then, press an Action Window, and you
    will capture the enemy into a small ball. From this state, you can
    throw the enemy at others to destroy them, as well. However, it is very
    dangerous, because you have to be up close, and find 'Magic Gloves',
    which makes you very vulnerable to attack...
    -Light Shoes: These allow you to use the Light Dash. Once you get to
    Metal Harbor, you will come across a trail of rings leading above a
    gap. You cannot get across unless you get the Light Shoes. They're
    actually pretty close to where you are. To the left of the ring trail,
    there's a structure with a pulley dangling below. Just grab the pulley
    go up, and at the top, jump towards the camera to get the Light Shoes.
    -Ancient Light: With this, you can do the Light Speed Attack. In Green
    Forest, after the part where you make the half-loop and then hit the
    spring, head backwards, to the right of the springs, and jump off. Home
    Attack the enemies and you'll soon get to anoter platform with this on
    -Bounce Bracelet: It's in Pyramid Cave. In the part where you get to a
    really high jump that you can't make normally, there it is. It's in your
    way, so I don't know how you can't find it.
    -Flame Ring: Located in Crazy Gadget. A bit after the fifth checkpoint,
    you will come across a place where there is three Chaos Creatures. Past
    them, flip the gravity to normal, then go back and use the Springs to
    get back up. Now, past the barrier of crates, there is the Flame Ring.
    -Mystic Melody: Go to Final Rush, and make it past the sixth checkpoint.
    Right after it, there will be a long rail. Go on it, but once you see
    the two platforms on the left, jump off, onto them. Take the rocket
    there to another platform. The camera will swich to show a double
    platform with a spring. Jump over there, and take the spring. Go down
    this platform to anorther one ahead. Now, the camera will change to
    face an incline. Go up it, and you will see the Mystic Melody up
    -Magic Gloves: You need the Bounce Bracelet and Flame Ring for this one.
    In City Escape, right after the part where you run down the building
    and hit the springs, look on the ground. You will see some breakable
    crates on the ground. Bounce through them, into a hole with the Magic
    ------------------------Miles "Tails" Prower--------------------------
    -This cute little fox was originally named Miles, but most know him as
    'Tails'. Of course, this is because of his irregular two tails. Most
    will call it a stupid weakness, but Tails knows how to use those
    things to his full advantage. Sonic raised Tails to use his tails as
    weapons, a propulsion method, and even to fly like a helicopter.
    Tails looks up to Sonic as his hero, because he has always defended
    him whenever the time came. However, Tails has great potential on his
    own, which he has only recently begun to discover. Tails is also very
    smart in the mechanics department, and he's invened quite a few
    things. He just finished work on his own transforming plane, the
    Cyclone, which is a plane, a walker, and a kart all in one machine.
    Tails prefers to use his walker over actually walking because he says
    it gives him more power.
    Moves (* means you need an Upgrade to do it):
    -Jump: Press A and Tails' walker will make a leap into the air. This is,
    in no way like Sonic's jump, and it cannot hurt enemies. However, it is
    great for evasion and getting you over gaps.
    -Hover*: Press and hold A DURING a jump and the walker will use powerful
    jets to slow the descent of the jump. This is very useful for getting
    across larger gaps and for getting down to lower areas accurately.
    -Volkan Cannon: Just tap an Action Button, and Tails will fire a small
    yet powerful bullet in the direction that he is facing. Use this to
    destroy wooden crates as well as a quicker method of destroying solo
    enemies. You can upgrade this attack with the Bazooka to destroy Steel
    -Homing Missle: Press and hold an Action Button, and Tails will fire a
    targeting laser at the enemy. Move the laser over the desired enemy or
    enemies for better effect, and then release the button when done. Tails
    will fire a Homing Missle at each of the targeted enemies. However, do
    not keep the laser on too long, as it will fade. If this happens, you
    will lose all locks and no missles will be fired, so watch out. You can
    use the Laser Blaster to upgrage this move to hit with bigger range.
    -Propeller Punch: You have to be at very close range for this one. Face
    your target and tap B. The walker will eject a blade-like yo-yo thing,
    which will destroy the enemy. Best used in 2 Player Mode.
    -Booster: You'll find it in Mission Street. It's actually pretty
    obvious where it is, since you can't continue without it. When you get
    to the really big gap that you can't jump, head down the opposite way
    and you'll eventually reach it.
    -Bazooka: Go to Eternal Engine, past the fourth checkpoint to the room
    where the platform below you breaks and you fall onto a big platform
    with a switch and springs on it. Press the switch, then use one of the
    springs to get up to the platform above. When the platform gets to the
    top, Go to the area ahead, where you'll find the Bazooka.
    -Laser Blaster: You need the Bazooka for this. It's in Prison Lane.
    When you get to the Goal Ring, don't go through it. Kill all of the
    enemies in this area, not forgetting the one in the back right corner.
    Then, the gate to the far left will open. Use your Bazooka to break all
    of the containers in this passageway, and continue on to the Laser
    -Mystic Melody: In the Hidden Base Level, but you need the Bazooka for
    this one, too. When you go up the first pulley that takes you to a
    bunch of Kikis, go a bit into the next area. There will be two paths
    to take from here. The one to the right, which leads up, and the lower
    one, blocked by four crates. Blow them up with your Bazooka, and go
    into the enclosed room. The Mystic Melody is dead ahead.
    ------------------------Knuckles The Echidna--------------------------
    -Knuckles is the last of an ancient echidna tribe that mysteriously
    vanished a while ago. He was born on the floating Angel Island, and
    ever since then, he's been guarding the Master Emerald, which controls
    the power of the Chaos Emeralds. His thinking is all too rational, and
    he makes too many decisions without thinking twice. This makes him a
    very gullable enemy to Dr. Eggman. However, Knuckles exceeds any other
    character's physical strength. His punches are very fierce, and are
    something to look out for. Also, his gliding and climbing abilities
    are a major plus on the battlefield.
    Moves (* means you need an Upgrade to do it)
    -Spin Attack: Much like Sonic, Knuckles can hurt enemies with a simple
    jump. Press A, and he'll spin around in a way capable of destroying the
    majority of the enemies you'll encounter. However, this will not defend
    you from attacks in any way, so don't go thinking you're invincible
    while doing this...
    -Glide: Press and hold A DURING a jump to make Knuckles fly forward
    while slowly descending towards the ground. As long as your fists are
    facing an enemy, you can destroy them with ease like this. To speed up,
    simply push the Analog Thumb Pag in the direction you want to go.
    -Climb: Knuckles can also climb walls. Simply Glide into a wall or jump
    and press the Analog thumb pad in the wall's direction to Climb it. To
    move around while Climbing, use the Analog Thumb Pad, and to get off,
    press A.
    -Punch: Push an Action Button while on the ground, and Knuckles will
    throw a punch. This is a very quick and useful way to get rid of
    grounded enemies. Press the button up to three times in a row for even
    better effect, because Knuckles will do two punches, followed by an
    uppercut. Quick and easy, but effective. If you get the Hammer Gloves,
    you can use this attack to break Steel Crates as well.
    -Uppercut: This is almost the same thing as the third punch Knuckles
    makes. All you do is spin the Analog Thumb Pad in a circle, then press
    an Action Button. Knuckles will make a twirling uppercut into the air.
    This is useful when you are under a whole bunch of enemies.
    -Dig*: Believe it or not, no matter what you are doing, you can dig.
    When on the ground, find 'Dig' in the Action Window, and press an
    Action Button. In the air, just press an Action Button, and on a wall,
    just push an Action Button. Simple, isn't it? And you can even find
    special goodies like rings and shields when digging.
    -Drill Claw: Jump in the air, then press an Action Button to charge
    down towards the ground at a really high speed. In a way, it's like
    Sonic's Bounce attack, only... well, you don't bounce. LOL. Knuckles
    can also dig with this move, but you need the Shovel Claw for that.
    -Sunglasses*: Knuckles has the unique ability to make certain helpful
    objects appear. Just find 'Sunglasses' in the Action Window, and
    press an Action Button. The screen will change color, indicating that
    you did it correctly. While this is on, you can find cool hidden
    things like rings and capsules lying out in the open. To turn this
    off, just press A to jump.
    -Shovel Claw: It's right at the beggining of Pumpkin Hill. Just go to
    the little island ahead of you via the beam or Gliding!
    -Air Necklace: It's a little hard to get. In Aquatic Mine, Climb up the
    pillar in the middle of the level, then take the pulley to the attic.
    Up there, you'll find the switch to set the water to level 3, which is
    the lowest. Now, jump down from the attic, and go to the place where
    you started the level, facing towards the main pillar. Now, go to the
    far left corner, and climb a bit down, to the fenced shaft. Follow this
    passgeway, which will soon go underwater. Dive down, and quickly
    continue, as it's a pretty long way, and you will barely have enough
    air. At the end of this tunnel, you'll come to a little cavern with
    the Air Necklace.
    -Hammer Gloves: From where you start, jump up, onto the platform ahead.
    Then, flip the hourglass here. Then, go through the door ahead, but do
    it quickly, before it closes. Then, in the right wall, there will be
    some wooden crates that you can brak by punching. Once they're gone,
    snag your prize inside, the Hammer Gloves.
    -Mystic Melody: You'll need the Hammer Gloves to get this one. Go to
    Wild Canyon, and go straight ahead, up the wind tunnel. From here,
    turn 90 degrees left, and go forward into this passageway. Continue
    forward, until you reach the dead end with the statue. Climb up above
    the statue, until you reach a strange carving. Dig into this carving's
    center, and you'll come out in a small, enclosed room where you'll find
    the Mystic Melody.
    -Sunglasses: After you get the Hammer Gloves, go to Meteor Herd. Go
    around the main building in the middle of the level, heading right. You
    will soon come across a floating platform with a meteor on it. Get over
    to the back of that platform, and although you don't have that much
    room, get a little running start, and try to punch the meteor into the
    door on the side of the building. If you do it correctly, both the
    meteor and the door will break. If you mess up, just go away a bit and
    come back, and the meteor will be back. Once you do it, go to the door
    that you just broke open and punch the Steel Crate there open. Amongst
    the debris, you'll see a switch. Press it (what else?). This will open
    the core of the main building. Sadly, it's only acessible from the top.
    But it shouldn't take you long to climb one of the pillars and jump
    down into the lava pit area. There's a few flatforms in there, try to
    land on the lowest one. If you make it, grab the Sunglasses, and leave
    before you melt :).
    ------------------------Shadow The Hedgehog---------------------------
    -Shadow is the 'Ultimate Life Form' that was created many years ago by
    Dr. Eggman's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik. He was illegally completed
    by him, and sealed off in a base where he awaits for someone to awaken
    him. Like Sonic, he's a speedy hedgehog with a strong and undying
    desire for what he wants. Nobody really knows who or what Shadow is,
    but he appears to be a bio-mechanical creation, part flesh and blood,
    part robot. Shadow sports white gloves and jet-propelled SOAP shoes.
    He had black skin, with a few streaks of red on the edges of his
    spikes. He looks much like Sonic in many ways, especially in the dark
    of night. But what sets him apart from our big blue hero is that he
    has the ability of using his 'Chaos Control' technique to warp time and
    space using the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow is also a very
    skilled fighter and rapid racer, putting up an even fight to Sonic. He
    is believed to be a fake of Sonic, by the blue dude himself, but the
    truth is, they have nothing in common. You probably couldn't tell,
    because Shadow doesn't age, but he's actually very old, and was created
    a long time before Sonic was even born. One thing that keeps this guy
    going is his promise that he made to Maria, cousin to Dr. Eggman. He
    made his vow a long time ago, before he was shut down and locked in the
    military base, so his memory of the actual promise is a blur to him.
    However, with only a bit of encouragement, Shadow should be able to
    remember what it was clearly.
    Moves (* means you need an Upgrade to do it):
    -Spin Attack: While jumping, Shadow will curl into a ball that can
    easily destroy many things in his path. Just press A and watch him go!
    While in the air, hit anthing you want to destroy and watch the sparks
    fly. However, be wary, as this is not a shield of any kind. You can
    still get hurt!
    -Homing Attack: Press A WHILE in the middle of a jump and pressing the
    Analog thumb pad towards your target. Shadow will charge at the
    intended taget and hit it in the exact same way as if you were simply
    jumping onto it. However, it has bigger range and is quicker, so use
    it often.
    -Somersault: If you have not tried this game yet, I'll say that it's
    not anything like in the previous game. It's not a simple spin on the
    ground. It's a totally new move. Just press one of the Action Buttons
    when the Action Window is not displayed and you'll do it. Press it up
    to three times to do a continuous somersault. Or, immediately press A
    after somersaulting to cancel it and hop back to a standing position.
    Or you can do the somersault, then immediately press a direction on
    the Analog Thumb Pad, then press A to jump immediately out of the
    somersault with a cool backflip-type thing. Once you get the Flame
    Ring, you will upgrade this move to the Fire Somersault, which can
    break Steel Crates.
    -Spin Dash: On the ground, when there is no Action Window visibe,
    press and hold an Action Button to start spinning while stationary.
    Release and you'll dash forward at an incredible speed!
    -Light Speed Attack*: Spin Dash until Shadow says 'There's No Time
    To Play Games', then while still holding the button, head to an
    enemy or a row of enemies for better effect. Then, release, and
    Shadow will destroy any and all enemies in range.
    -Light Dash*: Head to a row of rings and press an Action Button and
    Shadow will dash along the line of rings and even attack any enemies at
    the end. Very useful, and required to beat the game.
    -Grind: Just hop onto a rail or anything that resembles one and start
    to grind! Once on, you can press A to jump off, an Action button to
    crouch and speed up, and you can use the Analog Thumb Pad to control
    Shadow on curved rails so that you don't slow down too much.
    -Flame Ring: Not hard at all, and, contrary to what some people may
    think, you DO NOT need the Air Shoes for this! They help, but only a
    bit, because I found a pretty easy way to get over the trail of rings
    without using the Light Dash. Anyway, go through Radical Highway,
    until you get to the part where you have to go up using a pulley for
    the first time in the level. Grab onto it, and you'll be taken to a
    higher section above. From here, go forward, past the trail of rings
    and the Guard Robot. Then, hit the Spring at the end to get up to a
    higher area. Here, you can go left or right. Right is the natural way
    to go, because the camera will turn that way, but go left, this time.
    You'll get to a Somersault Barrel. Like its name, Somersault under it.
    There's going to be a trail of rings here, use the Light Dash if you
    have it. Or, if you don't have the Air Shoes, yet, you can just use
    the Spin Dash to get lots of speed, then jump in that direction and
    still make it over to the other platform. Either way you do it, you'll
    land right in front of the Flame Ring.
    -Air Shoes: These allow you to use the Light Dash, and you can find them
    in the Dark's Green Forest equivalent, White Jungle. It's petty obvious
    when you need to get them. When you come to the part when you see a row
    of rings over a bottomless pit, go back a bit, and look for a
    partially fenced-off wooden crate on your right. Somersault it to
    break it, and fall down to the area below. In this area, a bit to the
    left will be the Air Shoes. Use the trail of rings in the far-left
    corner and follow the few paths of rings using the Light Dash to get
    out of this place and back to the main road.
    -Ancient Light: Go to Sky Rail, and take the normal path in the
    beginning. This one may be VERY hard to find by yourself, because the
    path to get to it is invisible unless you get really close to it.
    Furthermore, it's where you would least expect it to be. Once you get to
    the first rocket, don't take it, but instead use the Beetle Robot ahead
    to get to a different area. In the far-left corner of this platform is a
    Chao Container. But unless you're planning to go to the garden, you
    don't have to open it. Instead, Jump onto it, and head to its edge. If
    you go far enough, a Beetle Robot will appear to the left of it. Home
    Attack it, and a new Beetle will appear. Home Attack it, too. Continue
    until you hit a Spring Beetle. Once you hit it, just go forward, onto the
    area where the Ancient Light resides.
    -Mystic Melody: If you want it, get over to Final Chase. A bit sfter the
    third checkpoint, there's going to be many Gravity Tubes. Count them
    until you get to the fifth one. From here, there's going to be another
    Tube to your right, seperated in the middle by an Electrical Fence. You
    normally go the bottom way, but this time, ake a really high jump so
    that you land on the top section. Now, just go up the Tube to get to a
    Spring, which will take you to a platform where you'll see the Ancient
    Light up ahead. Just go there and claim your prize.
    -----------------------------Dr. Eggman-------------------------------
    -He's a super-genious with an IQ exceeding 300. He can make complex
    calculations very quickly, due to the practice that he's gotten over
    the years. A very skilled mechanic, he's built many things from little
    robots to huge spaceships. His biggest annoyance is Sonic, who always
    seems to spoil his plans to take over the world. But, it's true that
    neither has defeated the other as of yet, and Eggman's getting much
    better at his job. He might even suceed this time! But, unlike before,
    Eggman's going to get some help this time. He plans to free Shadow and
    use his help to put every nation on the planet under the two's mercy.
    Shadow must have some Dark and important secrets to him, ones that
    Eggman wants to use as threats to mankind. With the world under his
    control, he can then be free to do as he pleases, with no resistance
    from anyone ever again. But then again, Sonic's not the kind of guy
    that's gonna sit back and watch the world go to waste. He's sure to
    get some complications due to Sonic's determination. What's the world's
    fate? Only you can decide...
    Moves (* means you need an Upgrade to do it):
    -Jump: Press A and Eggman's walker will make a leap into the air. This is,
    in no way like Shadow's jump, and it cannot hurt enemies. However, it is
    great for evasion and getting you over gaps.
    -Hover*: Press and hold A DURING a jump and the walker will use powerful
    jets to slow the descent of the jump. This is very useful for getting
    across larger gaps and for getting down to lower areas accurately.
    -Volkan Cannon: Just tap an Action Button, and you'll will fire a small
    yet powerful bullet in the direction that you're is facing. Use this to
    destroy wooden crates as well as a quicker method of destroying solo
    enemies. You can upgrade this attack with the Large Cannon to destroy
    Steel Crates.
    -Homing Missle: Press and hold an Action Button, and Eggman will fire a
    targeting laser at the enemy. Move the laser over the desired enemy or
    enemies for better effect, and then release the button when done. Eggman
    will fire a Homing Missle at each of the targeted enemies. However, do
    not keep the laser on too long, as it will fade. If this happens, you
    will lose all locks and no missles will be fired, so watch out. You can
    use the Laser Blaster to upgrage this move to hit with bigger range.
    -Punch: You have to be at very close range for this one. Face your target
    and tap B. The walker will eject a boxing glove type thing, which will
    destroy the enemy. Best used in 2 Player Mode.
    -Jet Engine: It's lying around in the Lost Colony Level, and it's the
    first Dr. Eggman Upgrade you'll get. It may be hard to find at first,
    due to the never-ending maze you find it in, so listen (or rather read :P)
    up. The whole level is a bit dark (okay, it's VERY dark!), and that
    doesn't make finding your way around any easier. You may want to turn up
    the brightness on your TV for this level, because it can be very hard at
    times to know where you're going. Onto how to get the Jet Engine... After
    you pass the first checkpoint, you'll enter a very dark maze littered
    with crates and enemies. This maze is circular, by the way, so the only
    way to get out is if you have the Jet Engine. Anyway, when you come to the
    place with the first Bomb Robot, look near the right wall. There's going
    to be a pile of crates, here, that you can use to get up to an overhanging
    platform. Up there, you'll find the Jet Engime. Now, you can Hover anytime
    you want!
    -Large Cannon: Two required Eggman Upgrages one level after the other...
    Doesn't it sound fishy? Well, actually it's not, :D. It's just
    coincidence. Anyway, go to the Weapons Bed for this one. This is a
    required item, by the way, so if you got through tis level without it,
    something's messed with your game, LOL. Once you get to the part where
    you see a 3X3 crate pileup and you can't go any further, go back, and
    peek into the hangars on the left. Inside the one locked by a single
    Dynamite Pack is the Large Cannon, and that allows you to break the gray
    crates in that pileup, creating a sort of staircase for you to go up,
    then continue.
    -Mystic Melody: Hey, both Tails' and Dr. Eggman's Mystic Melodies are
    in their only dessert levels... Another strange coincidence?!?...
    Anyway, this one's really, really easy, but you'll need the Hovering
    tool, the Jet Engine if you want to reach the platform where it is. At
    the very beginning, go onto the little spinning platform, but make
    sure to stay on one of the long thing's edges. When the long thing
    you're on gets to the very left, jump up really high, and start
    Hovering towards your left. I know that the camera angle sucks, but
    that's for it to be hidden from normal view. Anyway, a second after
    you make your way there, you'll see where you're going, because the
    camera will move to show you. There's going to be a platform ahead, so
    try to land there. It shouldn't be hard at all, though. Once you land
    there, just make a few hops, up to the Mystic Melody.
    -Laser Blaster: Ironically, it's in the very first level, Iron Gate.
    But you need the Large Cannon, so you couldn't have gotten it on your
    first try... Right after the second checkpoint, open the door ahead.
    In this room, there's four item capsules that you can get, but
    there's also two tanks to the left of where you normally go. Break
    them, then the steel crates behind them. Down this small hallway is
    the Laser Blaster.
    -Protection Armor: This one isn't hard to find, but Cosmic Wall is a
    really big level, right? So, it may take a while to reach the
    Protection Armor's location... What you do is, a little bit after the
    second checkpoint, there's a place where you have to Hover up A LOT of
    platforms to get to the top, then change passageways at the top, and
    go down. When you're in the going down part, Hover down slowly, keeping
    an eye out for a platform on the left with a triggerrable (is that
    even a word???) rocket. Land on it, and the camera will shift to show
    the Protection Armor locked in a barred crate. Push the rocket's
    trigger, and it'll go over there and bust open the crate, leaving the
    Protection Armor yours for the taking. Just Hover over and get it.
    ---------------------------Rouge The Bat-----------------------------
    -Rouge is a mysterious, new addition to the Sonic universe. She is a
    world-renowned treasure hunter who devotes her entire life to her
    career. She won't stop her quest until she has possesion of every
    single jewel in the world. She is amazed by Knuckles' Master Emerald,
    the huge Emerald that balances the positive and negative energy of
    the Chaos Emeralds. However, she'll have a hard time getting it from
    the strongest echidna in the world. She isn't very violent, but she
    can get quite mad at times. After realizing that she won't be able to
    get the Master Emerald from Knuckles, she decides to aid Eggman and
    Shadow in their plans. In a way, she works as a lower class employee
    for Eggman, and doesn't seem to care too much for Eggman's plan. She
    plans to take a different approach at the matter. What's Rouge's
    ultimate plan for fulfilling her sparkling dream? Only time will
    Moves (* means you need an Upgrade to do it)
    -Spin Attack: Much like Sonic, Rouge can hurt enemies with a simple
    jump. Press A, and she'll spin around in a way capable of destroying the
    majority of the enemies you'll encounter. However, this will not defend
    you from attacks in any way, so don't go thinking you're invincible
    while doing this...
    -Glide: Press and hold A DURING a jump to make Rouge fly forward
    while slowly descending towards the ground. As long as your fists are
    facing an enemy, you can destroy them with ease like this. To speed up,
    simply push the Analog Thumb Pag in the direction you want to go.
    -Climb: Rouge can also climb walls. Simply Glide into a wall or jump
    and press the Analog thumb pad in the wall's direction to Climb it. To
    move around while Climbing, use the Analog Thumb Pad, and to get off,
    press A.
    -Kick: Push an Action Button while on the ground, and Rouge will
    pull off a kick. This is a very quick and useful way to get rid of
    grounded enemies. Press the button up to three times in a row for even
    better effect, because Rouge will do two kicks, followed by a jump
    kick. Quick and easy, but effective. If you get the Iron Boots, you
    can use this attack to break Steel Crates, as well.
    -Twirl Jump Kick: This is almost the same thing as the third kick Rouge
    makes. All you do is spin the Analog Thumb Pad in a circle, then press
    an Action Button. Rouge will make a twirling kick into the air.
    This is useful when you are under a whole bunch of enemies.
    -Dig*: Believe it or not, no matter what you are doing, you can dig.
    When on the ground, find 'Dig' in the Action Window, and press an
    Action Button. In the air, just press an Action Button, and on a wall,
    just push an Action Button. Simple, isn't it? And you can even find
    special goodies like rings and shields when digging.
    -Drill Dive: Jump in the air, then press an Action Button to charge
    down towards the ground at a really high speed. In a way, it's like
    Sonic's Bounce attack, only... well, you don't bounce. LOL. Rouge
    can also dig with this move, but you need the Pink Nails for that.
    -Sunglasses*: Rouge has the unique ability to make certain helpful
    objects appear. Just find 'Sunglasses' in the Action Window, and
    press an Action Button. The screen will change color, indicating that
    you did it correctly. While this is on, you can find cool hidden
    things like rings and capsules lying out in the open. To turn this
    off, just press A to jump.
    -Pink Nails: Once you get to the Egg Quarters level, you'll probably
    need to find this to collect all of the pieces of the Master Emerald
    in the level, and you'll need it in later levels, too, so the Pink
    Nails should be the Upgrade on the top of your priority list. How to
    get it? Read on... From the start, Jump up onto the highest platform
    in the room, which is the one ahead. Then, go forward, through the
    opening, but run through really quickly, there's a Huge Beetle here,
    and it can hurt you pretty bad. Anyway, at the other end of this
    hallway, you'll get to a small room with E-100 Robots on a few ledges
    ahead. Go up the few ledges that they're on, evading their fire.
    Then, go through the small opening ahead when you get up the ledges.
    Go through this little tunnel, and you'll come out in a bigger blue
    room. Keep heading in the direction you were going when you came in,
    though, and you'll reach a small ledge. Climb up, and hit the green
    switch up here to trigger the rocket and break the barred crates up
    ahead. Go through the passageway that the rocket just cleared for you,
    into the tiled room. The Pink Nails area head, but make sure that you
    go around the target area of the trap above (marked by a shadow on
    the ground), so you don't get hurt. Happy digging!
    -Iron Boots: This level is really crazy, with having reversed Radar
    detections, 5 different gravities, meteors flying around, and
    everything is so confusing... But that's what makes it so fun!!!
    Anyway, I'm not going  to give you a detailed and horrendously long
    walkthrough on getting the Iron Boots, but I'll tell you where they
    are. There are quite a few planets floating around, but only one is
    perfectly round in shape. Go to it, one way or another (Gliding, the
    rocket, and falling onto it are just some possibilities). In the
    small building, on this planet are the Iron Boots. Find them on the
    lower level.
    -Mystic Melody: The Pink Nails are a MUST to get this Upgrade. So,
    go get them first before you complain about not being able to dig :P.
    Go back to Rouge's first stage, Dry Lagoon. From where you start off,
    turn the camera 45 degrees right. See the wall up ahead? Glide over
    towards the little platform carved in the wall, and climb up to the
    painting in the center of it. Now, move onto the little shield-type
    thing near the bottom, and dig into it. You'll go into the wall, and
    emerge on the other side. I don't really have to tell you how to get
    to the Mystic Melody from here, because it's right in front of you...
    -Treasure Scope: This is the last Upgrade you can get, because it
    requires BOTH the Mystic Melody (meaning you have the Pink Nails) as
    well as the Iron Boots. Go to Security Hall for this one. From where
    you start, make a 90 degree camera turn to the right. See the wall up
    ahead? It's multi-level, so go up onto its second level (climbing up
    the main pillar in the middle then Gliding over is the easiest way).
    Search around this place, and you'll see one of those brown things
    that allow you to play the Mystic Melody in front of them. Do so, and
    that will make a whole bunch of platforms appear going towards the
    main pillar. Hop across them unil you get to the one that's directly
    at the wall. However, this segment of the wall is not solid - it has
    those steel crates in it, which are breakable uding the Iron Boots.
    Some may ask why not just Glide into them or something, but, as you
    may already know, the only way to use your Iron Boots to break things
    is by Kicking and the Drill Dive, neither of which can be used on
    crates in walls above ground level. Back on topic... So, Kick the
    crates to break them, and go into this small chamber to get your
    well-deserved Treasure Scope.
                               1.1-Hero Side
    This Side is played by Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Here's basically
    how it goes...
    1:City Escape
    Boss:F-6t Bigfoot
    2:Wild Canyon
    Boss:Dr. Eggman
    3:Prison Lane
    4:Metal Harbor
    5:Green Forest
    6:Pumpkin Hill
    7:Mission Street
    8:Aquatic Mine
    9:Route 101
    10:Hidden Base
    11:Pyramid Cave
    12:Death Chamber
    Boss:King Boom Boo
    Boss:Egg Golem
    13:Eternal Engine
    14:Meteor Herd
    15:Crazy Gadget
    Boss:Dr. Eggman
    16:Final Rush
    Final Cutscene
    A military chopper flies over the city, with the famous Sonic the
    Hedgehog onboard. For some strange reason, Sonic's been captured by
    the military and been accused of causing crimes around the city.
    Sonic, of course, is innocent, and breaks out of the chopper to
    liberate himself. The guards aboard make a pitiful attempt to
    recapture the escapee, but Sonic's just TOO fast ;). A few amazing
    arial maneuvers, and Sonic manages to break away a chunk of the
    copter's propeller. A few witty remarks later, and Sonic's skydiving
    down into the city, and right into the first level. Wheee!!!
    *1:City Escape*
    You'll be Sonic for this level. You start off by boarding on that
    propeller you just grabbed. For the first 3 seconds, don't do a thing
    and let Sonic collect the 5 rings. Then, you can start moving around.
    You'll hear a radio call about you. You're WANTED!!! So you'd better
    make it quick. Ideally, you should hit no cars, no curbs, get all of
    the rings and capsules, make all of the ramps, and only jump on the
    ramps. But that's IDEALLY... Okay, now for your first stunt. Once you
    pass the red car on your left, shift to the left side of the street,
    but don't hirt the curb. Just keep there, and you'll soon see a ramp,
    up ahead. But before the ramp, you'll collect a few rings. Get them
    if you can, but don't worry if you missed them. Then, when you get on
    the ramp, and ONLY when you get on th ramp, press A. If you did it
    right on target, you'll perform a cool trick, and quickly pass the
    intersection, where you may have been hit by cars. Continue down this
    next hill, until you come to a right turn. Begin turning a while
    before you get there, as the board takes some time to change the
    direction of the momentum. Go down the center of this next hill, because
    there will be cars on the sides. At the bottom, make a left. Once
    again, start the turn about 7 meters before the turn. If you didn't
    mess up the last part, and still have plenty speed, head for the
    center - there's another ramp there. If you're going slow, just ignore
    it, it'll only mess you up more. Now, once you pass the intersection,
    you'll go down another hill. However, this time, at the end, there will
    be a sharp left, followed by a sharp right. It looks hard, but all you
    have to do is make a slight left. That way, you'll end up getting both
    sets or rings on the corners. Once you get past that difficult part,
    you'll go downhill, again. Keep centered because there's another ramp
    here. Take it, and if you were quick enough, you'll hit the cable car
    out of the way or even get the capsule atop it. But either way, you'll
    come to a set of Dash Panels, which will rob you of your board, and send
    you into the next area. The camera will turn to the left, towards a
    little robotic thing. This is actually Omochao. This little dude will
    help you through the game, giving you advice. Go touch him, and he'll
    introduce himself: 'Hi, I'm Omochao. I'm here to help you.'. So now you
    know about Omochao. Good. Moving right along... You will now be facing a
    staircase, which you need to go up. At the top, go forward, but keep
    left, because there'll be a Guard Robot on the right. Destroy it if you
    wish, but you don't need to. Now, take the left path, and run up the
    wall. If you're an expert, you can go for the capsule, but if you're
    just beginning, concentrate on just staying on the wall. If you fall
    off, no biggie, the path leads to where you need to go anyway. Now,
    you'll come to a partly fenced off area with a Guard Robot on the right
    and Omochao on the left. Scrap the enemy and learn to Somersault from
    the little blue dude. When you know how to, use it on the wooden
    crates. Now, you'll come to your first rail. Take the lesson from
    Omochao if it's your first time, or just do it yourself. Try
    transferring from the first one to the second one. I know, it's really
    easy for us Pros, but beginners need a challenge. After you get off
    the second one, you'll hit a Dash Panel, and go up the little ramp.
    At the top, press forward so that you land on the platform. Now, the
    camera will turn left to show a capsule floating over some hexagon
    type things. Take a leap of faith and Home Attack it. Now, land on a
    platform, and use your jumping skills to het to the top, and then
    onto soild ground again. I am aware that there's stairs in this area,
    but you probably need all the practice you can get. Okay fine, you
    lazy bum. Take the stairs. See if I care :(. Anyway, you'll come
    across a checkpoint and Omochao. Touch both, then go onto the Dash
    Panels. You'll go back into the downhill city area, but without a
    board... But that's OK, because you can still do some cool tricks.
    After the first downhill part, you'll come across another ramp. Since
    there are Dash Panels right before it, it may be hard to time it right
    but, oh well... Just try. In the next downhill area, DON'T make the
    turn. Go straight ahead and hit the Dash Panels. There's another hard
    to make ramp here, so don't worry if you miss it. However, if you hit
    it, you'll get the capsule with the Magnet Shield up higher. Helpul,
    but not nessecary. Right after this ramp, there's another one, so be
    ready. If you make this one, you'll gain major points, but once
    again, you don't need to. If you didn't make it, though, you'll have
    to take another route blocked by cars and an unnessacary Omochao,
    followed by a huge staircase. Anyway, at the top, you'll hit a spring
     so go right, onto the platform. There's another staircase here, with
    Guard Robots at the sides, but you need not kill them just run by if
    it suits you. Watch out at the top, because there will be a third
    robot dropping out of the sky. I reccommend killing it for points but
    it's up to you if you want to squeeze by. You'll get to another city
    area, but you won't have much time to speed up for the ramp. By the
    way, the ramp's on the right, this time. It helps if you go high
    enough to get the Speed Shoes, or even the 1-Up, or even BOTH if
    you're really lucky. But either way, they aren't required. At the end,
    make a left turn. A little more downhill action, and you'll be at the
    bottom. You'll soon enter antother place with rails, but this time,
    at the very begining of that area, there'll be a spring above the
    entrance. Hit it to gain some speed before you begin the grind. At the
    end, you'll run up another ramp, so go forward at the end. There is an
    Omochao here, and he'll explain what to do with the Chao Container
    ahead. Listen to him or don't - the choice is yours. When you're done,
    take the spring, which will lead you to another one, which, in turn
    will lead you to another one. In doing this, you'll get a helpful
    capsule, then land in front of a checkpoint. Run through it and past
    the Guard Robots, they're not worth the time it'll take you to
    destroy them. You'll enter this new area that resembles a park. On
    both sides, there's ramps. Get some speed and take the left one.
    You'll also get a capsule if you had enough speed. You'll then land
    on what seems to be a bridge, and then hit a bunch of Dash Panels.
    Now, you'll bounce around for all eternity unless you do something
    about it. So Jump out, and Light Dash across the row of rings to the
    right if you have it. If not, just jump off the bridge, and take the
    path to the 3/4 loop. After you make the loop, you'll start running
    straight down a building! Don't be affraid, just keep pushing on that
    Thumb Pad, you won't die that way. When you finally get to the bottom,
    you'll hit some Springs. This is really important: push the direction
    on the Analog Thumb Pad that is away from the springs. If you keep
    pushing that way, you'll grab onto an overhanging bar. Sonic will
    begin to flip over and over on it. You will hear a windlike sound when
    he does this. You goal is to push A right on that sound. If you do it
    right, Sonic will fly high in the air and pull off a few stunts. After
    that, he'll hop onto the next bar. Time it right, again, and Sonic
    will jump ono a platform that you cannot access in any other way.
    Omochao will tell you some junk about Homing Attacks. Listen if you
    don't know what that is. Then, Home attack past the row of enemies,
    and you'll be standing in front of another rail area. FOR ALL OF YOU
    WHO MISSED THE TIMING ON THE BARS: Continue forward, and kill the
    Guard Robot. Now, the camera will turn right. Destroy the Beetle
    ahead, and hop across the platforms to get to the area mentioned. Now,
    back on track. DO NOT rush into the next area, there is a Guard Robot
    right at the beginning. After you destroy it, start grinding on the
    rail. A turn, and you'll have to transfer. A few more turns and
    another transfer. Then, you'll head into yet another area. No point
    in wasting time around here, just go up the stairs on the left, past
    the checkpoint, and learn how to Somersault from Omochao. Now,
    Somersault under the exceptionally low boards, and you'll hit a few
    Dash Panels. A HUGE, and I mean HUGE truck will now chase you, but
    it's really easy to run it out. Just press down on the Analog Thumb
    Pad. That's it! It's that easy! After this long section, you'll jump
    into a new area where the Goal Ring is. Just hop through, and that's
    all for this level.
    *Boss:F-6t Bigfoot*
    Sonic will make a comical remark about the city, after which a huge
    robot will enter the scene. The two then initiate a fight. This is
    the first and probably easiest of all of the Sonic bosses. Anyway,
    this guy looks a lot like a 'Mech from the 'Mechwarrior series, and
    he reminds me of the Madcat. However, the pilot's really dumb and he
    should be a breeze to defeat. Nonetheless, he is dangerous, so grab a
    ring when you start. He'll start by taking to the air and will start
    shooting his machine gun at you. It's quite easy to avoid, because he
    does it in a pattern, and even displays where he's gonna shoot. If
    you are just beginning to play this game, I'd reccommend that you
    concentrate on just advoiding the fire. If you are advanced, you can
    counter this move by hopping on a wooden crate, then hitting his
    cockpit while he's still in the air. You can do this as much as you
    want, until he lands. Either way, he'll land, giving you a(nother)
    chance to hit him. But at the same time, he'll begin to fire rockets
    at you, so it's better to wait until he's done before you strike. Make
    sure that you hit his COCKPIT, though - it's the only place that'll
    work. After the hit, he'll fly off, again. Avoid the fire or counter
    it, then repeat. After he takes 3 hits, he'll call for reinforcements,
    and at 4, he'll crash to the ground.
    A strange, black and red hedgehog will appear on top of the fallen
    robot. Sonic then realizes what's been happenning - The military's
    mistaken Sonic for this hedgehog! He's the one that's been robbing
    banks and causing mass destruction. Sonic will lose his temper, and
    dash towards this mysterious villain. 'Chaos Control!'. The new,
    eerie character will warp past Sonic, then introduce himself as
    Shadow, the Ultimate Life Form. A small argument follows, but it's
    settled when Shadow warps away once again using the Chaos Control.
    Sonic's left behind, making him an easy target for the military...
    Knuckles and Rouge will be fighting over the Master Emerald.
    Knuckles refuses to give it up, because it's his sworn duty to
    protect it. He's very stubborn when it comes to things like this,
    so you an bet that he puts up a very good verbal fight. Rouge also
    wants the Emerald, but only because she's a treasure hunter. She
    believes that the only purpouse of jewels is to be hers. Naturally,
    both have very strong wills to acquire the Emerald, and neither is
    overpowered by the other. However, right when you would least
    expect it, Dr. Eggman will drop in from above and snatch the
    Emerald. This isn't the kind of thing good ol' Knux'll tolerate.
    After an amazingly high leap, our big, red pal will get up to Dr.
    Eggman up in the air, and manage to shatter the Master Emerald. As
    expected, Rouge will be quite upset by this act. However, Knuckles
    will ease her and tell her that as long as all of the pieces of
    the Emerald are collected, he can restore the Emerald back into a
    whole. Besides, having the Emerald in pieces everywhere is a lot
    better than Eggman having it in full. Now, the two are off on a
    really long quest to get all of the pieces and put them together so
    they can finally get what they want...
    *2:Wild Canyon*
    I'm very sorry, but I can't give you a walkthrough on Knuckles' and
    Rouge's stages. It's just impossible, because the Emerald locations
    are always random, and there are thousands of combinations. Just
    pay attention to the radar at the bottom of the screen. Grey means
    you are very far away, green means you are relatively far, yellow
    means you are close, and red means you are within about 4 game
    meters. Also, press an Action button when facing one of the
    floating TVs to get a hint. Get 3 hints and put them together to
    reveal where the piece is. To review hints, pause the game, and
    press the L/R triggers to cycle through the hints you've found. You
    may find Omochao helpful, too, but not very...
    Tails flies towards Prison Island, to rescue his hero Sonic. His
    good instincs tell him that Sonic wouldn't cause that kind of havoc.
    So Tails is going to Prison Island to bail Sonic out and to find out
    exactly what's going on here. While he approaches the prison
    compound, Tails spots Amy below, being helplessly held hostage by
    Dr. Eggman. What else can he do but help her? A few button pushes,
    and Tails' plane turns into a handy, dandy walker sporting a Volcan
    Cannon and missle launcher. He then drops in on Eggman and initiates
    a fight.
    *Boss:Dr. Eggman*
    Considering that this is you first time controlling Tails, this boss
    isn't hard AT ALL. You get the element of surprise, because Eggman
    is busy threatening Amy. Lock him and CHARGE. That's the best way
    to beat him. Simply run towards him, mashing an Action button.
    You'll perform a series of different attacks that are sure to
    destroy him. Really, that's all you have to do. Stay next to him,
    and fire away!
    Tails will go up to Amy and question her on why she's on the Island,
    and she responds that she's there to save Sonic. She must be crazy,
    thinking she can just break into the prison unarmed... Anyway,
    Tails lets her tag along, and makes his way towards the prison
    *3:Prison Lane*
    This is Tails' first actual stage, so it's pretty straight forward
    and self-explanatory. But, this IS a walkthrough, so... Touch
    Omochao for a lesson on Homing Missles if you don't know about them.
    Now, use Homing Missles to blow away everything in your sight.
    That includes the three Beetle robots ahead of you, and the camera
    in the upper-left corner. Doing this will unlock the barred gate
    ahead so you can proceed further into the level. Go through the
    passageway, but watch out for the Beetle that'll make an arial
    attack on you. Keep going forward, and you'll come to a locked gate
    with a robot behind it. Blow it up, and the gate will open. Take
    the locking point lesson from Omochao if you want, then kill all
    of the robots ahead. Make the S-turn, and go onto the platform at
    the end of the path. It'll take you up to a higher level. Hop onto
    the higher path, and go up the next platform. Hop onto the path,
    and move ahead, but watch out for the robot coming from the right.
    Kill it if you want. Then, kill the robots behind the gate to make
    it open. Go into the caged area and proceed. Soon, right next to
    the camera, there will be another Beetle robot. Blow it up, then
    destroy the one at the end of the path. Doing this will open the
    gate. Continue going right, and kill the few guys there. Go to where
    they died, and up the platform. Hop up the crates ahead, and kill
    the robot that will drop down on you. Now, the camera will shift to
    the right, allowing you to see the capsule. Break it, then touch
    the Omomchao here for some advice on breaking crates. Put the
    lecture to work on the bunch of them ahead. The way is clear, so go
    deeper into the compound. Watch out for the robot above! Then, go
    up the platform and get Omochao to teach you how to destroy the
    Bomb Robot ahead. Once it's down, go forward, but be aware that
    there will be two Beetles coming at you. At the end of this place,
    make a left, and hit the checkpoint. Blast all of the robots ahead,
    and the gate will open. there will be a few more robots here that
    you couldn't get, so take that out, as well. You will now come into
    a new room, where thers will be a row of fenced off enemies.
    Destroy every single one, preferrably all at once to lower the bar.
    There will be Beetles flying towards you also, so be careful.
    Continue ahead, up the platform. Go down the passage, and into the
    next room with 4 beetles in it. Destroy each of them to unlock the
    gate in the far-left side. Keep going, and kill all of the guys in
    the next passageway. Also break the pipe in your way. Now, you'll
    come into a very spacious room with a big platform, ahead. Get on
    it, and shoot the guys on your way to the top. I can't give you
    their locations, because the're pretty random. At the top, destroy
    the three guys you can see and pass through the checkpoint. Head
    into the next area and break the wooden containers that will be in
    your way. charge through the next bit, opening the gates as
    nessecary. When you get back out into a more open area, whatch out
    for the robot that will fly towards you from up ahead. Then, break
    both wooden boxes and continue your rampage. Once you make the S
    turn, and destroy the Bomb Robot, go up the two platforms. Kill
    the next Bomb Robot, and go forward again. You'll notice that the
    gate on your left is locked. But, that's supposed to happen. Lock
    and destroy the robots on the platform further up ahead, and that
    should unlock the door. If it doesn't, you did it wrong and you'll
    have to restart the entire game! Did I scare you? Check your pulse.
    LOL. No, all you have to do is kill more guys. Don't worry, they're
    pretty easy to spot. Go through the now open gate, until you get to
    the place where you have to jump to go further. Stop, here, and
    watch out for the guys that will attack from up ahead. It'll take
    them a while to get to you, but better safe than sorry, right. Now,
    make the jump up the step, and take the platform up. Kill the guys
    here, and be prepared to dodge another arial attack. Continue down
    the path, killing guys in order to unlock the gates. You will pass
    a checkpoint, soon. Head forward, and you'll get to a familiar
    room. However, this one is only LIKE the one you know, you'll soon
    find out why. After you kill all of the enemies, try going into
    the next area. It's locked, right. Go find out why from the
    Omochao here. Go to the right of the platform, and go up on this
    platform. The camera will show that you haven't defeated ALL of
    the enemies in the room. Now, you can proceed. Kill the few guys
    in the next part, until you come to the gate with the Goal Ring
    behind it. To unlock it, kill all of the guys in the room ahead.
    There we go. You beat Tails' first level. Hooray!
    Amy drops down into Sonic's jail cell and and taunts Sonic with
    her ID card. She gets off track sometimes, she even asked Sonic
    to marry her! Eww! Aren't they both just teens??? Anyway, Amy
    will unlock the cell, and free Sonic. He'll dash off and leave
    her behind, while she looks back at some wierd blueprints
    around the room. Amy soon realizes she's been left behind and
    hurries to keep up with her hero...
    *4:Metal Harbor*
    This is Sonic first actual stage - City Escape was just a
    warmup. You'll start by sliding down a little slide, and you'll
    then hit a few Dash Panels, then a Jump Panel followed by a
    loop. Right after the loop, though, try to keep left, because
    there's going to be a few rings there. For some reason, this
    stage doesn't have that many rings, especially in the beginning.
    Oh well. Right after you grab the rings, try to pull off a
    Grind on the little yellow rail at the left side of the
    platform. It's cool if you make it, but that's more of an
    advanced maneuver. After you make the turn, you'll hit another
    Jump Panel, which will take you to a place where the path splits
    up. You can go the normal bottom way, or the harder and more
    advanced top way. Beginners, go with the easy and longer way,
    and Pros, use the shorter yet harder way. EASY WAY: Run down the
    hill, ignoring the robots above. You'll hit some springs that
    will take you to another higher platform. Use the next set of
    springs ahead, which will take you to where you need to go. HARD
    WAY: Run partially down the hill, but Jump halfway and Home
    Attack the Beetle Robots, then land on the platform below. Hop
    up to the slightly higher level, then run forward, Jump off the
    ledge, and Home Attack the three Beetles ahead. Start from the
    right and make your way left for best effect. Then, land on the
    platform ahead. You might need to Home Attack to reach it. From
    this platform, jump onto the next one ahead. That's how you do
    it both ways. You pick whichever you want. Pass through the
    checkpoint ahead, and if you have the Light Shoes, go back a
    little bit, where you see the trail of rings on the left and use
    them to skip a little bit of the level. If not, go forward, and
    hit the springs. Both ways lead to the same place, just the
    Light Dash one's a bit quicker and you get all of those rings
    while you're at it. Okay, back to the game... Touch Omochao for
    a pointless review of the Homing Attack, if you want. Then, go
    Home attack the enemies ahead. Once again, you can do two things
    here. You can just home the set of guys in a row to get to the
    other side with minimal points, or, after the fourth guy, you can
    home towards the left, and hit another guy there, home more left,
    and hit a capsule, home left again, and hit the Gold Beetle, and
    home right from there to get back on course. It's well worth it
    to go the second way, but it's much harder, so do at your own
    risk... Either way, when you get to the other side, you'll come
    to an Omochao beside a row of rings. If you already have the
    Light Shoes, just use the rings to get to the other side, and it
    you don't, make your way to the tower on the left. There will be
    a pulley there, so go on it, and then jump a little to the right
    of the camera to get to a platform with the Light Shoes on them.
    The Omochao beside them will tell you how to use them. Now, hop
    down and use the Light Dash on that row of rings. You'll get to
    a larger area that looks like a runway. There's some junk in the
    hangars at the left, but it's not really worth getting. Just run
    across this place, using the Dash Panels, and avoiding the bombs
    that the planes above you will drop. At the end, you'll come to
    another row of rings - you know what to do. If you fall off the
    edge, there's a rocket there, which is an alternative to the
    rings, but it's not as good as you don't get the rings. Either
    way, you'll land in front of a checkpoint, so get it. Past it,
    there's going to be a sharp turn with another row of rings. Use
    another Light Dash to make the corner quicker. You can hop on the
    tank, too, but it's not as fun. You'll hit a bunch of Dash Panels,
    then make a half loop, followed by some springs. Run down this
    place, then hit the Jump Panel. you will land in front of an
    Omochao that will review the Somersault. This is always a good
    indication that you will use that move soon, and in this case,
    it's right in front of you. Somersault under the boards, and you'll
    grab a pulley. At the top, jump off, and head forwards, to another
    low place. Somersault under this one, too, which will make you
    grab onto another pulley. Jump off and run forward, this way,
    making a loop. Then, continue down the path until you come to
    another place where you need to Somersault under the boards. Watch
    out past here, because you will have to Home Attack your way
    across the water right after you do the Somersault! At the end,
    when you hit the capsule, pass the checkpoint, and use the rocket
    to get the the missle launch pad ahead. Get Omochao to tell you a
    little something about the missle. Now, run forward, making the
    right turns, and hitting the dash panels wherever they may be. It
    shouldn't be hard to make it. At the end, you'll hit a spring, and
    grab onto the missle, which will take off. SUPER EXPERTS ONLY:
    Instead of going to the spring, you can jump off to the side and
    Home Attack a bunch of Beetles instead. After that, hit the Dash
    Panel, then use the Light Dash on the rings ahead. Then, quickly
    get on the springs here, which will take you to another platform
    with another spring. Quickly take this one to grab onto the missle.
    At times, this way may seem impossible, but it isn't. It's just
    really hard. I usually make it with only a second to spare. But
    the 1500 point bounus makes it worth it, I guess... Anyways,
    you'll soon fall off the missle, fall through some kind of barrier,
    and you'll land on another board like the one in City Escape.
    However, this time, you're confined to a very small space, and
    you'll often hit the walls. This takes away the fun of it, but
    life goes on... When you get off the board, you'll hit a few Dash
    Panels, make a loop, then hit a Jump Panel, which will take you
    straight to the Goal Ring.
    Sonic will come across his newfound rival, Shadow. They then argue
    about who's whose fake, and then Sonic gets all violet and attacks.
    Actually, this guy isn't your main enemy during the fight. It's
    the endless pool of water below the arena. Staying on during the
    fight is actually more of a threat than Shadow could ever be ;).
    But mind you, Shadow isn't that cheesy of a boss. He can't be
    hit from the front. You have to maneuver behind him and kick his
    arse ;) If you try to make a hit on him from the front, he'll
    just jump and that will repel your attack. He may even try to
    counter it and attack back, so you'd better watch it. Actually,
    the best way to get him is to Somersault him from the back while
    he's on the ground. You can also try to pull off a Bounce attack
    on him if you have it, but it doesn't make things THAT much
    easier. Anyway, good luck...
    *5:Green Forest*
    Shadow will recieve a call from Dr. Eggman telling him to get
    away before the island blows up. Sonic, hearing this, will try
    to make an escape before it's too late. Your objective is to make
    it off the island withing eight minutes. Hard? Nope. Sonic can go
    at the speed of sound, and it doesn't get much quicker than that
    when it comes to running. You'll start off by using a Dash Panel
    automatically, and then you'll be thrown down into a half pipe.
    Collect the rings on your way down, but don't try the Light
    Dash - the rings are too far apart for that. When you get to the
    bottom, you'll hit a Jump Panel, which will take you to a small
    clearing. Now, you have to make a choice as to which way you want
    to go. There are two possibilities: The outside route, and the
    cave route. The cave route is simpler and (I think) shorter, but
    a bit harder at the last bit. The higher one is a little bit
    longer, but has lots of rings and is easier. It's up to you, I'd
    say they're equally good. CAVE ROUTE: Go forward, down the path
    ahead, watching out for the Guard Robots that will drop down from
    the trees. Destroy them if you desire, but personally, I think
    that it slows you down too much. Ahead, you'll see a hole leading
    into what looks like an underground cave. Go in, then run through
    the passage. There are a few Dash Panels along the way to help
    you out. Be careful at the last part, because there will be a
    Spiked Tank waiting in the middle of the path. It may be very
    hard to destroy in such a tight space so try to squeeze by,
    instead. Right after it, there's going to be a Dash Panel,
    followed by a Jump Panel. Take both, and you'll be taken into a
    new area. OUTSIDE ROUTE: In the field, head to the left side
    instead, and look for a spring blocked from view by a log. Take
    it, and it will bounce you to a floating platform with a little
    ledge above it. Jump up onto the ledge, an make your way forward.
    You'll come across a trail of rings, so use the Light Dash.
    There's actually quite a lot of them... Anyway, after you get
    them, go a bit left so that you hit all 3 Dash Panels for speed.
    You'll make a loop, then jump down to some springs, which will
    take you to the area where the two paths meet. Now that you're
    in the right place whichever way you took, let's move on. There
    will be a checkpoint right ahead of you, so pass it. There will
    also be a few rings there, do the Light Dash to gain a second
    or two. You'll see a 90 degree wall on your left that you can
    run on. At the top, there's going to be a vine that you can
    Grind on for some points, if you want. Weather you choose to do
    it or not, you'll get to a spring that'll take you to a vine.
    You'll go twice around, then let go. There's another little
    choice to be made here. You can go and face the robots, or you
    can bypass them provided that you waste a little time. ROBOT
    WAY: Just go forward, either destroying or avoiding the robots.
    You'll get to a spring, so take it. It will put you on another
    vine, and you'll soon drop down on the ground. ROBOT-FREE WAY:
    It's right under you! Just jump backwards a bit, until you're
    under the robot path, then turn around and go forward. You'll
    end up on a path below the one with the robots. There's a few
    rings here, so grab them. At the end, there's a spring that
    takes you to a small vine. Once you get off it, you'll end up
    at the end of the robot path, in front of the spring. Take it,
    you'll get onto the vine, and drop down to the ground, soon.
    Whichever way you took, you'll end up in a sort of short
    tunnel. Go through it, and you'll come out in another one of
    those half pipe things, again. You can go down it normally,
    or Jump up on top and Grind a little, it's your call as to
    what you want to do. However, it's more logical to take the
    top way, cuz you'll get a big point bonus that way. At the
    bottom, you'll make a loop, followed by a Jump Danel. You'll
    land in a square hole, in a sort of underground meadow, it
    seems. Don't run ahead, becuase there's a lot of Guard Robots
    ahead. But, that's not a bad thing. If you think you're good
    or you're a novice feeling lucky, you can hit the guy in the
    middle, then the left guy, then the right guy, then the Gold
    Beetle on the right, and FINALLY the two capsules on the level
    higher up. Not only is this a bit quicker if done right, it
    gets you a whole lot of points, too. Of course, you can still
    take the Dash Panels instead, if you want to... Regardless of
    what you did, you'll be in front of another set of Dash Panels.
    Take them, and you'll be let into a half loop, followed by a
    set of springs. This will bounce you onto another area higher
    above the other two. Right ahead of you, there's going to be a
    HUGE tree with a hole at the bottom. Go through. Inside, you'll
    find a few rings, but even more importnatly, a checkpoint. Who
    puts these things in tree trunks, ANYWAY??? My guess is Dr.
    Eggman but, you never know... Anyway, once you exit the tree,
    you'll come across a third half pipe thing. Worst part is, it's
    not even your last. Once again, you can take the top way, and
    Grind up there. This time, though, you can start at the right,
    transfer to the left when the time comes, then transfer left
    again, and if you time it right, you'll land on a THIRD vine,
    and you'll get a big point bonus. If you still keep on, you'll
    get another smaller point bonus right before you hit the spring.
    NIIIIICE! For all of you amateurs, yes, you can get to the spring
    I'm talking about on foot. Just follow the path. Once you hit
    the spring, you'll grab on to another one of those vines that
    spin you around a tree. You'll drop onto a floating platfrom. Go
    forward, and Home Attack the two Beetles ahead, followed by the
    spring. You'll end up right in front of a checkpoint. A BETTER
    WAY IF YOU HAVE THE BOUNCE BRACELET: After you get off the vine,
    there'll be a pile of crates on the right. Break them all to
    reveal that there is another crate in the ground! Bounce Attack
    it, and it will break, getting you into a new area. There is a
    robot and a capsule here, which you can use towards your
    points, if you want, but the most important thing is the row of
    rings you'll find here. Use the Light Dash on them, and you'll
    be taken to a spring that leads back to the main path, and to
    the place that I left off at. I think it's a better way, but
    it's up to you if you want to take it. Whatever you did, go
    ahead, and pass the checkpoint. Go forward, and hit the Dash
    Panel. It'll speed you up for the big loop ahead. After the
    loop, you'll get to another half pipe thing, but it's much
    shorter, this time. You'll soon reach a spring, which will take
    you near another one, which, in turn, will take you to another 
    ne, ect. You will finally land on a platform without a spring
    on it, this time, it's a robot. But he should take a while to
    shoot you, so take him out before he does. While still in the
    air, home the Beetle ahead, and then, the spring. When you get
    to the peak of your jump, press the Analog Thump Pad back but
    slightly right, so you hit the next spring. You'll then land
    on another floating platform. From this one, jump onto the
    the next one, and then Home Attack the Beetle and the spring
    behind it. This one will take you to yet ANOTHER half pipe.
    When you enter, you'll pass by a checkpoint - get it. Then,
    continue down the path, until you get to a Dash Panel. Take
    it, and you'll take a series of springs, and then be grabbed
    by a bungee vine. You'll go down, then be pulled right back
    up, and onto the platform. From here, go forward, killing the
    robots if you want. After that, you'll hit a checkpoint, then
    go into EVEN ANOTHER half pipe area. But this time, there's
    no top way to go, there's no point. Just take the bottom.
    You'll soon hit a Dash Panel, make a loop, then continue down
    the path. At the end, you'll hit a spring, and grab onto
    another one of those vines. When you land, you'll be on a
    crumbling platform. Hop up across the platforms, until you
    make it to the fifth one. Then, you'll be safe. Now, get to
    the platform that's furthest ahead, and Home Attack on the
    platform ahead. This spring will take you to a few others,
    and you'll land beside, if not on the Goal Ring.
    This one's very short and to the point: The Island blows up,
    and Tails and his friends escape in the Tornado.
    *6:Pumpkin Hill*
    This is the second Knuckles level, and you know that I can't
    give you a walkthrough for these, right. However, at the
    very beginning, Glide forward and get the Shovel Claw so
    that you can dig. Some of the Emeralds in this stage MAY be
    buried underground, but chances are slim. Only start digging
    if the radar says the Emerald's there and you can't find it.
    Dr. Eggman will announce his plan of world domination through
    a global television network, and then demonstrates his new
    weapon's power by blowing away a section of The Moon! Everyone
    on the world starts to panic as the clock starts ticking down
    to the end of the world... Meanwhile, Sonic, Tails, and Amy
    start to chat. Tails pulls out a Chaos Emerald and claims that
    he can use it to track Dr. Eggman down using the power of the
    Emeralds that he has. However, the meeting is soon ended when
    a group of cops finds the three and tells them to get down on
    the ground. They have more important thing to do, so Sonic goes
    for the police, while Tails and Amy try to make an escape.
    *7:Mission Street*
    Just like its name, you'll be going down a street for this
    level. The street is actually quite long, as you're not Sonic,
    but the rather slow Cyclone. Nothing special here, almost a
    straight path to the Goal Ring, but I'll roughly guide you
    through if you don't know what to do... At the beginning, head
    forward, targetting everything on both sides of the street.
    For the first part, there won't be any obstacles actually ON
    the road, so you're safe for the first 10 seconds or so. Make
    the right turn ahead, and knock down the cars with your
    Volkan Cannon. Also defeat the few Guard Robots hiding amongst
    the cars. Then, the path mill make a left, so follow along
    this way, breaking everything you see. There will be a Bomb
    Robot here, but if you read the Prison Lane walkthroigh, you
    should know how to beat it. Anyway, a little bit after it,
    you'll come across a place where the road is blocked ENTIRELY
    with crates. Some of them will be wooden, some metal. You can
    break the wooden ones with your Volkan Cannon. That will clear
    your way, so continue. There's going to be a Repair Kit here,
    so grab it to remove any little damage you may have taken so
    far. break a few obstacles ahead, until you come to the part
    that looks like a highway. Watch out, because there's going
    to be robots coming down at you from above. After you do away
    with them, go forward, and let yourself fall when the path
    breaks. You'll land on a lower section and won't die.
    Continue formard, making the right turn at the end. However,
    the path ahead will be broken, and you cannot jump across it.
    The Omochao here will blabber on about that. Hmmm... If you
    haven't figured it out yourself, yet, you have to go back
    and get an Upgrade. Actually, all you have to do is turn
    around and go the opposite way. There, you'll find the
    Upgrade that allows you to Hover. Once you have it, you can
    get over to the other side of the broken path and move on
    ahead. Be cautious in this area - 3 Guard Robots will drop
    down. Now, you might think that this is a dead end, but the
    trap here can be used as a platform. When it's on the
    bottom, you can jump onto it, and then, it'll take you up
    to a higher level. In this place, there's lots of Dynamite
    Packs, and also, a Bomb Robot. Destroy everything here, but
    from a distance, so that you don't get hurt. Once you're
    done, take the lever in the back right up to a set of those
    Hexagon Platforms, and follow them up to a place with a
    checkpoint. Another straight path, only difference is that
    there will be planes bombing you, and some sections of path
    will break. When you reach the Bomb Robot, make a left, and
    press the green button beside the little missle. This will
    open up the next section for you to break through. Head in
    the direction that the missle went, hopping over the gap
    that was just formed. Go this way for a while, blowing up
    all of the robots and Dynamite Packs that you come across.
    When you get to what seems like a dead end, go around to
    the right of the garage like thing, and use the crates there
    to get up on top of it. Kill the two Bomb Robots here before
    they fire their dangerous bombs at you. Continue this way,
    but when the path below you begins to wiggle, Jump, and
    start Hovering, because the path will break. If you Hover
    the whole time, you should be able to make it onto the path
    ahead. Blow up the cars and robots, here, and keep going,
    but stop when you see the shadow on the ground. Get some
    info on this shadow from the Omochao. Then, jump across the
    shadow as if it were a gap so that you don't get hurt. Make
    your way forward, again. Evade all of the bombs and robots
    falling from the sky, and hop across the gap when you come
    to it. DO NOT try to land on something in the gap, it may be
    the trap if you didn't trigger it earlier on. Just pretent
    it's not there unless you want to redo a section of the
    level again. You'll soon get to another place with those
    Hexagon Platforms and an Omochao telling you not to fall.
    Every time he says that I just shoot him. DUH, don't fall!
    Anyway, use the platforms to get to to a little higher area.
    >From here, just go straight forward to the Goal Ring. There
    will be some platforms that break and robots dropping in on
    you, but by now you should know how to handle them all.
    Nothing really special after this, so there's no point in
    guiding you through any more...
    *8:Aquatic Mine*
    What? No Cutscene? Bummer. And another hard Knuckles
    level... Oh well. You might have guessed that I'm not going
    to list every possible shard location. But I will explain
    something about the water levels that might help you... The
    water level starts off at level 1 when you enter. There are
    three levels, the higher the number, the lower the water
    (wierd, eh?). To change the water level, you need to hit
    various switches on the level. The level 1 and level 2
    switches are right behing you when you enter the level, so
    they shouldn't be that hard to find. However, getting the
    water to level 3 is a bit more complicated. In order to do
    it, the water must be at level 1. Once it is, go to the
    platform that's right above the water. In the center of the
    platform is a pillar. If you climb it, you will get to a
    few pulleys. Grab one, and you'll be taken up, into the
    'attic' of the level. Up here, in one of the corners is the
    switch. Actually, you don't really need any other water
    level except 3, because you can do everything that you can
    do underwater above water (except swim but who needs that)
    plus more. You get benefits like not worrying about air
    being able to dig in flat ground, and more. So there.
    That's about all I can give you here, except good luck...
    Tails tries to detect the Chaos Emeralds using his own
    one. However, his attempts fail for some odd reson. The
    only thing that would make sense is that the Emeralds are
    in outer spaces, where their signal cannot be detected.
    Knuckles appears after his journey down below, but it's not
    very relevent. Meanwhile, Tails manages to hack into the
    government computer and finds out that Dr. eggman and The
    President have been secretly talking via special
    transmissions. If Tails can get to the president's limo, he
    can find out where the transmissions have been coming from,
    so he knows where Eggman is. Not a bad idea, huh? Anyway,
    the limo is on its escape from the city, so Tails had
    better be quick about it...
    *9:Route 101*
    This is another stage that I just can't write a walkthrough
    for, because there's nothing to write about in specific.
    This is a Kart Stage, in that you drive a vehicle throughout
    the whole thing. A is accelerate, the Action Buttons are
    Brake, and the Analog thumb Pag lets you drive in the
    desired direction. Now, I'll give you some pointers on
    driving here. Number one, get the rings. They will slightly
    improve your overall speed capabilities, as well as giving
    you the ability to Boost for every 20 rings that you get.
    Just press Y when you see Boost in the bttom right to use it.
    Keep in mind, through, that you can only have one Boost at a
    time, so you'll waste it if you don't use it within the next
    20 rings. Second lesson, checkpoints. These things ARE NOT
    like the ones that you get in normal stages. they do not save
    your progress, and you cannot bypass them. They are
    indicated by a huge sign saying 'Check' above the road. You
    will only have a limited amount of time to make it to the
    checkpoint, at which time you'll be given extra time. Yes,
    extra time. Meaning that if you do well in the beginning, you
    will have more time to finish the race from the second
    checkpoint, because your time does not reset to a certain
    amount every time you pass a checkpoint. It instead gives you
    a 'tip' to the older one. There are two checkpoints in the
    level. Last thing, ramps. Go on them whenever you can. They
    will increase your speed as well as shoot you over most
    obstacles below like gaps. And that's about it... There is
    baloons and boosts on the ground, too, but you probably know
    about those by now...
    This one's wicked. Dr. Eggman will be making another call to
    The President, demanding that he surrender his country to
    the eggman Empire and not resist or rebel. Sonic then hops
    into the limo with Tails at his side. Tails finds out that
    the transmissions have been coming from the old space colony,
    the ARK. Nothing more to do there, so the two hop out through
    the roof (how?) and head for the nearest shuttle they can
    We now go to the dessert, where Sonic and the gang come
    together to formulate a plan of attack. Knuckles has seen Dr.
    Eggman and Rouge heading for the base, and chances are that
    that's where the shuttle they take is. Of course, it IS one
    of Eggman's bases, so they should expect thing to get pretty
    *10:Hidden Base*
    Tails' levels are pretty straight forward and a bore to write,
    and this one's no exception. In a sentence, you just follow
    the path and kill guys. Use that for your walkthrough if you 
    want. Or, you can read the really long one below... You will
    start on a sort of platform with an Omochao on it. Go initiate
    a little talk with him if you want, he'll tell you about the
    quicksand and how your machine can't get out of it. Wow, you'd
    never think of that, right. Anyway, from here, hop or hover to
    the semi-large platform ahead. Once you get on, you'll notice
    that you can go two ways from here. They both lead to the same
    place, but are slightly different. The left one is a bit
    longer, as you have to destroy a few crates and hover over to
    another platform, and the right is just straight land with a
    few guys. Take whichever you choose, it doesn't really matter.
    Either way, you'll come to a small platform with Omochao on
    it. He'll tell you about the Dynamite Packs ahead, but I will
    too, so you don't need to listen :). When you blow them up,
    the platfrom above will be lowered so that you can get onto
    it. That's the basic point of his lesson. So blow the Packs
    up, and jump onto the platform when it's lowered. At the end,
    pop the tank, and use its remains to jump onto the platform
    higher up. Ahead you'll see a wall with Eggman's face on it.
    You can use your Volcan Cannon to blast it away. Omochao will
    pointlessly tell you something like that. Anyway, after a few
    hits, it'll break away, allowing you to get into the next
    part of the level. Break the tank and Dynamite Packs here,
    then get on the tank's remains, and onto the platform. Break
    the next two platforms' Dynamite Packs, and use the platforms
    to get to a big platfroms with walls all around, and a couple
    of enemies. Destroy them, as well as the crackable wall ahead.
    Hop down the stairs and break this wall, too. You'll get to a
    dark hallway with breakable walls on each side. They contain
    animals, get them if you wish. At the end, crack the wall, and
    go across the little walkway, watching out for the enemies
    around here. When you reach the platfrom ahead, the camera will
    shift left, towards another Eggman wall. Break it, and proceed
    to the checkpoint ahead. However, beware of the guy that will
    attack you from above! When you reach the checkpoint, blow up
    the Dynamite Packs ahead. Hop onto the platform, and head
    forward. Break the Eggman wall when you come to it, then jump
    onto the smaller platform below. Go forward a bit, and only a
    bit, paying attention to the platform further left. I know you
    can make it there, but that's not the point. If you go forward
    enough, a guy will drop down onto there, so kill him before you
    attempt to go there. Then, you're free to hover to his new
    grave >:D. From here, you can go more left, to the three moving
    platforms. When you make it there, shoot the Dynamite Packs
    ahead to lower the platform, and use it to get across to a few
    more small platforms. At the end of the trail of platforms,
    there will be a pulley. Grab it, and, while still on, explode
    the Dynamite Packs that you'll see ahead of you. Once the
    platform's come down, you can jump off the pulley onto it.
    Continue down the obvious path, but stop when the platform
    ends, and there's little platforms to hop across below. You
    COULD use them, and be on the safe side, because there's guys
    ahead, or just Hover across to the larger platform, taking the
    risk of being shot down. Do as you wish, but make sure you kill
    the guys either way. Then, use the pulley here to go up to some
    Dynamite Packs. Blow them, up, then get onto to new platform
    you just made. Go forward a bit, then make a left, through
    the passageway. Hop up the few stairs here, then grap the
    pulley. You'll be taken into a partially grassy area with lots
    of Kikis around it. Destroy them all while still on the
    pulley. Try to get them all in one lock if possible for higher
    points. When you're done, jump off, onto where they were.
    Then, go right, to the gap in the wall. You will see another
    one of those platforms that you need to lower, so do it. Then,
    jump onto it, and go to the far right edge. From here, look
    down and ahead. You'll see a whole bunch of devices that you
    would have had to use if you went another way. Ignore then,
    and Hover to the first platform that's on your exact vertical
    level. After that, just Jump to the one ahead. Break the
    eggman wall, and proceed. You will come out in a BIG area with
    a few new types of robots. Ignore them, though, and Hover
    from this place to the one ahead, with the checkpoint. Pass
    through it, and break the wall ahead. You'll see a dark room
    with moving platforms inside. It should be pretty easy to use
    them to get to the pulley. Grab on, and kill all of the Kikis
    here. This place is kinda like before, but there are
    platfroms on each side this time. However, none is different
    than the other, so jump onto any one. Once on, just go ahead
    to the pulley, then jump off onto the platform with the
    Eggman wall at the top. Break through it, and go forward,
    into this area. Go up the little stair, but continue straight.
    You'll soon get to a place where there's a spring in your
    way. Don't use it, though, because there is a guy where you're
    going to land. See that little 'island' platform. There's a
    Spike Robot on it, and you have to destroy it before you use
    the spring to get up there. Once you're done, Jump onto the
    spring, and destroy the Eggman wall ahead of you when you
    land. it's far away, so it may be a little hard to hit for
    first-timers. Anyway, once it's out of the way, just Hover
    over there. From here, just go down to that place below,
    nothing down there's gonna hurt ya. Break the wall in the
    far right, and be on your way. Ahead, you'll see another
    breakable wall. You know the drill. Anyway, now, you might
    think you've come to a dead end. But the truth is, the
    answer's right in front of you. that block ahead is also
    BREAKABLE. Jump up to it, and break it. Then, just continue
    forward through the maze, breaking the walls if nessacary.
    You'll soon get to a checkpoint. No reason to not get it.
    Now, you'll come to a familiar scene. You should remember
    this room from before... Anyway, grab the pulley, again.
    This one will take you up a bit, so you can see another one
    across the room. hover over and grab the next one. This one
    will take you out of this room, putting a Kiki into view.
    Kill it, and Jump onto the plaform it was on. Okay, now see
    the crates up ahead? One of them is wooden, so break it.
    Then, you can use the crates as stairs to get up to yet
    another pulley. All these pulleys... (who put them here
    anyway???) Anyway, you'll be taken up to another Eggman
    wall. Crack it open, then proceed into the long tunnel. The
    camera will turn left so you can see better. Go forward,
    destroying the guys if you want. When you reach the Omochao,
    wait until the platform ahead is low, then jump onto it.
    Use the platfroms here to get to the other side, where a
    Kiki waits. Greet it with a blast from your weapon. Then,
    destroy the Dynamite Packs ahead to make the platform lower.
    You can then use it to get up to another Eggman wall. This
    time, it's higher, though, so you have to jump before
    shooting to hit. Anyway, though, once you breach it, jump
    down into the next area. There is a guy here, kill if
    desired. Now, go around the left side of the row of pillars
    ahead, using the platform to get across the quicksand.
    Then, blow up the tank and the Kiki ahead. Use the tank's
    remains to get up onto the next platform. Then, break all
    three tanks ahead, and use their bottoms as stairs to get
    up to, yes, another Eggman wall. Break it, and go into
    the slightly darker room. Use a platform (either left or
    right) to get to the end of the room, then take a pulley
    up. There's one in each corner. Then, blow up the SIX, yes,
    SIX Dynamite Packs so the huge platform falls. Then, jump
    off to the side, and onto another pulley, that will take
    you onto the actual platform. Jump onto it, and take ANOTHER
    pulley up, making some springs visible ahead. Hover to
    them, and use them to get to another one of those godforsaken
    Eggman walls. Finally, the Goal Ring is in view!!! Besides
    the major nightmares of pulleys and Eggman walls you'll have
    tonight, that's it for this level.
    *11:Pyramid Cave*
    This level is very straight forward except at this one part
    where you have to go backwards. That means that this
    walkthrough won't be very long. well, at least not as long
    as the others... Ok, from the top! You will start by falling
    into the cave. Once you're on solid ground, you will be in a
    very long tunnel. Long in discance, not in time - Sonic's
    feet will make it through fairly quickly. Anyway, at the end,
    you'll hit a Jump Panel, and pass a checkpoint. In the
    distance, you'll see an hourglass in front of a locked door.
    Go over there, and Jump on the hourglass. This will turn it
    over, but we all know how quickly hourglasses run out. So,
    you'll only have a short while before the door shuts. However,
    this is just the first one, so it should be a piece of cake,
    especially for a player that's gone through most of the game.
    Anyway, on the other side, there will be a spring and a
    pulley above it. Use the spring to get up to the pulley, then
    get off at the top. The camera will make a right turn. Now,
    ahead, you should see a little path, and a bar at the end. Go
    down the path and grab the bar so that Sonic begins to go
    around and around on it. You've done this before (remember
    City Escape). So you know when to press A by now, right.
    Anyway, this bar will lead you to another one, so make a swing
    from that one, too. If you mess up on either one, you'll have
    to use the hourglass below to turn on some platforms coming
    out of the wall. Just quickly go up them and you'll make it
    back up, to the place you need to be. Weather you screwed up
    on the bars or not, you will be in front of an hourglass. Trip
    it to make the door in the distance open. Make it through in
    time, and hit the Dash Panels up ahead. You will make a wierd
    sort of loop, then hit a Jump Panel. You'll land in a trail
    of rings. Collect the remaining ones if you wish. Then, go
    forward and kill the E-100 Robot ahead. While still in the
    jump, though, get up onto the platform ahead. Then, get the
    Bounce Bracelet ahead. This will let you use the Bounce attack,
    and therefore allow you to get past the part ahead, which
    requires you to jump really high. But don't let me get ahead
    of myself. First, kill the two guys ahead or it'll be hard to
    get up. Then, use the Bounce attack twice, then you'll be high
    enough to get up. Do that again for the next high jump, too.
    You'll now be in front of another hourglass. but, like before,
    this part will be hard unless you take care of another enemy,
    first. So, use the Bounce attack to get up onto the higher
    level, and kill the guy there, first. Then, go back down, and
    trip the hourglass. Now, Bounce back up, and then use the
    spring to actually get up to the place where the door that you
    just opened is. try using a Spin Dash to make it through
    quicker. Not like speed matters here, though... OK, back down
    to business. You'll be in a small, dark place with a locked
    door up ahead. However, there will also be a strange object in
    front of the door that you can pick up. This is actually a
    key, and you have to put it in the center of that big bump on
    the floor tho unlock the door. Then, go through, and pass the
    checkpoint ahead. now, ou're sure to have noticed the rail on
    the left. Just hop on and get ready to Grind. You'll end up
    in a new area where You'll see aghost and an E-100 Robot.
    Destroy both, then go right. The door ahead is locked, so you
    have to go and find the key, first. You have to use the rail
    here to get across this place to another platform, which is
    the only way past the locked door below. Anyway, just jump
    off at the other side of this platform, there's nothing to
    fear. Now, you'll come to a majorly shortened version of the
    tunnel you ran through at the beginning. Just go through it,
    and you'll get to the place where the key to the door back
    there is. But you might want to kill the guys around here
    before you try to get the key. Those guys really bug me, so
    that's what I usually do. Anyway, once you get the key, go
    back the way you came. You'll pass by an E-100 Robot, then
    reach an hourglass. Trip it, then go forward and out the door
    before it closes. In this next place, hop up the white
    stairs, and go past the guy here. Then, use the crates at the
    sides of the next white thing to get up. You will see another
    crate ahead, so use that one, too, to get up to the next
    platform. there will be a steep incline here, but luckily
    there are also Dash Panels a bit back that you can use to
    overcome it. You should now be back at that place where the
    locked door is. Place the key in, then go through the door you
    just opened. You will now be in another one of those wierd
    shaped tunnels, and in front of you will be an hourglass. What
    you have to do here is trip the hourglass, then run quickly
    through the tunnel before the door at the end closes. If you
    don't make it, you'll fall into a pit below and will have to
    redo this section. But you should be able to make it withing
    like three tries or something. Anyway, once you do make it,
    you'll hit some Dash Panels, then pass a checkpoint. Ahead of
    you will be another dreaded hourglass. But this time, there
    will be more than one door that it opens. It will actually
    open the one ahead, as well as another two after that. So try
    to get through all of them for major bonus points. If you
    only get through the first one or two, you'll have to use the
    rails on the sides of this place to get where you need to go.
    The only thing is you won't get those bonus points... Whichever
    way you went, though, you will arrive at a place where you
    need to Somersault under something. In this ase, it's a little
    blockade. Just slip under, and hit the Jump Panel ahead. This
    will take you to a series of loops, followed by a Jump Panel.
    You will land in front of an E-100 Robot with a spring behind
    him. Kill or evade the guy, then use the spring to get up onto
    the ledge on your left. Ahead, there's gonna be a set of those
    white blocks, with a guy atop them. Bounce up there, and kill
    the guy if you want. Then, Jump down on the other side, and
    continue forward. You'll come to a rail, so use it. It's so
    easy to get on the rail, that I don't even need to explain what
    happens if you fall. At the end, Jump onto the platform. You
    will now be in front of an hourglass. Obviously, flip it,
    opening the door up above. Just run up the small hill and you
    should be able to make it through before it closes. Now,
    you'll be in front of a trail of rings. Use the Light Dash,
    here, and you'll nicely hit a few Dash Panels, make a few
    loops, and conveniently land right in front of the Goal Ring.
    Is it just me or is the music in the level from Final Egg in
    The gang finds the door to the space shuttle locked, and it
    requires 3 keys to get in. Naturally, Eggman conveniently
    left them lying around the base so Sonic had a chance to stop
    him (what else makes sense). Anyway, now, it's up to Knuckles
    to find the keys in the Death Chamber.
    *12:Death Chamber*
    Oh, my god! Not another one. This level will usually take ages to
    complete, but, it is reather fun to explore the tomb of an ancient
    pyramid :). Once again, I simply CAN'T write a walkthrough for this
    level, but I can get you started with getting the Hammer Gloves,
    which will make this level A LOT easier. From the very start, jump
    up onto the bigger platform ahead of you. You'll find an hourglass
    and a shut door here. You probably know the drill by now (you've
    done it 10+ times!). Trip the switch, quickly get through the door...
    Once you make it, there will be another door running on the same
    hourglass ahead. But don't go through to there, just stay here.
    You'll be in a little passageway, and about halfway through t, there
    will be some wooden crates on the right wall. Punch 'em all to death,
    and go into the newly-opened room. The Hammer Gloves are in there.
    Once you have them, you can break the steel containers plaguing
    this level. It makes travel around here much more ejoyable :).
    Other than that little boost to get you started, I have a little
    glitch to point out, also. You know the doors opened by the
    hourglasses? You can pass through ANY one of them by gliding into
    either the top-left, or top-right corners. It may take about ten
    tries, but it works, and you will glide right through the door,
    removing the need for tripping hourglasses in certain difficult
    scenarios. Well, that's about it. You're on your own, again.
    *Boss:King Boom Boo*
    LOLOLOL!!! Knuckles will find himself in a wierd chamber, at which
    point his ears detect this insanely funny BLARGH-BLEH sound from
    behind him. I know SEGA meant it to be scary, but it's just so
    funny that it turns the little pre-boss scene into a comedy.
    However, Knuckles, not having any sense of humor, will actually
    turn around and see that the sound, was in fact, coming from a ghost.
    The ghost will then proceed to attacks Knuckles with his ghastly
    abilities. Now, onto the boss strategy. Like most annoying bosses
    like him, he will attack in stages, and you must fulfil certain
    requirements to get to the next part of the attack. First thing's
    first. Grab a ring. It's the first step to almost any boss. There are
    quite a lot of rings on the side or the arena, but you only need
    one. Leave the others as backups if you get hit, and you probably
    will. The big, white guy will start off by simply chasing you. From
    a standing position, it doesn't look that quick, but trust me, you
    can barely go any faster to get away from him. However, if you keep
    near the center pillar, you'll be able to outrun him, but only
    slightly. After a few seconds of this, he will begin to throw blue
    fireballs at you, so always keep on the move. Actually, his aim for
    this attack is really horrible, so as long as you're going at at
    least half speed, the fireballs won't hit you. After four of these
    things, he'll stop moving, and breathe fire at you. Now's your chance
    to attack! Go all the way around the pillar, so you get to his back.
    However, ONLY do this once he starts breathing the fire, or he'll
    turn around, and before you can notice, you'll be hit, if not
    killed. You'll see this smaller ghost trailing Boom Boo with a
    familiar hourglass. Hit him, and he'll drop the hourglass, also
    activating it. This will flood the room with dreaded sunlight, which
    will weaken The King Of Ghosts, forcing him to retreat into the
    ground. To get him out, just Dig on his shadow, and he'll pop out,
    ready for you to cause some damage to him. He'll run away, but
    fairly slowly, so just catch up to him and punch him to send him
    flying forward. If you did the last few steps fairly quickly, you
    can run after him a bit more, hugging the central pillar, hoping
    that you'll catch up to him for another hit. It's very hard, but not
    impossible to do. After the light goes out, again, you'll have to
    repeat all of the steps, again. But from this hit on, he'll not
    only hide in something, but he'll do it on the central pillar!
    Harder, but you can stil get him by climbing the wall, and Digging
    there. Other than that, everything he'll do is the exact same way.
    It shouldn't be hard to hit him the next few required times once
    you get the hang of it.
    Sonic and friends will finally open the locked door and enter the
    room ahead. However, just when they're about to hitch a ride on
    the shuttle, you-know-who also enters the room and attempts to
    hold Sonic back for long enough to launch the shuttle without him.
    You're underestimating Sonic's super speed, you egghead :). And
    thus, Eggman will activate one of his best weapons to try to kill
    Sonic, finally. Enter the Egg Golem.
    *Boss:Egg Golem*
    This guy's just TOO easy if you know how to beat him. Otherwise,
    he'll be a nightmare. He may seem very big, and strong, at first,
    which he is. However, he lacks in the brains departmant, so he'll
    be very slow to react and easy to fool. Once again, what you want
    to do first is get a hold of a ring. One is as good as a million,
    because all you need for this fight is protection. Try to save
    the other rings for later. Anyway, this guy has three attacks,
    which he does in a random order. Although it IS random, he does
    tend to use them in the order I will list here. ONE: He will pull
    one of his hands back, getting ready to smack the platform you are
    on. He does this one at a time, with both hands. You may think
    that he won't hit, but don't underestimate him. Run as far as you
    can while he's getting ready to hit, and only stop when he hits.
    This attack will lower the platform that he wacks, so it might
    mess you up a bit it you hit the little bump in an attempt to run
    away. Also, if he hits a single platform too often, it'll fall
    down, into the quicksand below. Although falling down there isn't
    an automatic death, you should try to keep on the platforms
    above. However, if you do fall down, just quickly, and I mean
    QUICKLY, tap A util Sonic Jumps out of the quicksand. If you wait
    too long, you'll sink into the quicksand an die. Not a pleasant
    feeling, right ;). Anyway, once you do manage to get out of the
    quicksand's grip, you can hit a few of the capsules here for extra
    rings, then grab a pulley to be taken up to the platforms, again.
    One word of advice, though: You are not unhittable while on the
    pulley. I though I would be, but I guess Sonic Team's smarter
    than that. But back to the attack strategy. Once he makes the
    hit, run around him, to the platforms on his back. Jump on the
    lowest one, and make your way to his head. Then, Home Attack the
    tip of his head to inflict some damage. TWO: The guy will swing
    one arm back and the other one ahead, and place both onto the
    ring of platforms. He'll then twirl around, damaging anything
    and everything he hits. It shouldn't be hard to Jump over his
    hands as they pass, though. Anyway, after a few seconds, he'll
    stop, giving you a few seconds to get behind him and make another
    hit. THREE: He'll brong both of his arms back, then slam them
    both down much like attack one, expect this time, it's two hands
    instead of one. However, don't get trapped in between his hands,
    because he'll then slam his head down in between them. This
    attack will lower three whole platforms at a time, so make sure
    that you run quickly to make the hit. You don't want all of the
    platforms gone, do you? Anyway, it only takes 5 hits to blow him
    away, so it shouldn't be too hard if you know what you're doing.
    Another cool one, where the missle's being launched. Naturally,
    Sonic's beaten Eggman, and makes a desperate dash to get on board
    the shuttle before it launches. He makes it with mere seconds
    to spare, and we then see the shuttle head off, into space. By the
    way, where did everyone else go??? Into Sonic's pocket, like Tails
    did in the Adventure Fields of SA? I guess we'll never know...
    Anyway, just when you think that the cutscene's over, we head out
    into outer space, to see the shuttle making it's way towards the
    HUGE space station, ARK. Sonic makes a little Boo boo and hits a
    meteor, which opens the cargo bay. Not that Sonic cares, but the
    cargo bay was filled to the rim with the pieces of the Master
    Emerald that Knuckles brought along. And now, he's lost them in
    outer space. Knuckles turns even redder than usual in anger and
    tries to maneuver in a way that he can collect the pieces back
    into the cargo bay. However, Knuckles doesn't know the first
    thing about pilotting a space shuttle, and takes it off course, on
    a crash course with the ARK. Uh, oh!
    Sonic, Tails, and Amy are aboard the ARK, but Knuckles has run off
    again, looking for the pieces of the Master Emerald that he just
    lost. Tails, being the mechanical pro of the group, explains where
    they are in brief. Then, he devises a little sabotage plan to stop
    the ARK from firing the weapon again. Tails is going to shut the
    power generator down, so the weapon's not harmful to Sonic when he
    blows it up. Now, Tails is off to start the first phase of the
    mission. Amy's left behind again...
    *13:Eternal Engine*
    This is a VERY long and complex level, especially considering that
    you play it as Tails. Also, this level introduces a new concept of
    locking on to certain things, but not others. For all of you who've
    been mashing X and B on all of Tails' levels, it's time to break
    that nasty habit and give the poor buttons a little break ;). You'll
    start the level in the regular way for any Tails level. Fall from the
    sky, land in front of a door. A familiar scene. To open the door,
    you'll need to blow up the two Beetle Robots ahead. Not too hard of
    a task, especially since you should be getting good at this by now.
    The door will give you the green light, and open upon request. Head
    through, into the next part with the wierd cameras everywhere. Move
    ahead, but be cautious of the bombing robots that will come from the
    path ahead. Destroy them or just pass by, it's up to you. Once you get
    to the corner ahed, make a right and continue. Nothing important in
    the next room besides another Beetle, though. You'll soon have to make
    another corner, but this time, it's left. But once you turn, don't Jump
    right into the next room, like before. It's actually better if you stay
    here and take out both Beetles from right here so you don't get hurt
    badly. I know you think it's only two measly Beetles, but these are
    different and they back each other up, so keep a safe distance away.
    Besides, the camera in between them will mess your targetting up, so
    take your time from far away. Once they're gone, you'll unlock the door
    behind them so that you can get on with the rest of the level. In the
    next room, there's going to be HUGE bombs falling from above. These are
    dropped by the guy up a bit higher. You can't get imfrom down here, but
    you'll get the chance for revenge, soon. Ignore the tank in this room,
    there's nothing interesting in it, and break the wooden crate
    supporthing the metal crates on the right. Not left. Right. The crate
    above it will fall, so that you can use the crates like stairs to reach
    the pulley higher up. It's wierd, but there's no pulley on the left,
    it's a trick to waste your time. Once you get to the top, you can
    FINALLY get rid of that really annoying guy that was bombing you. Once
    you've avenged your depleted health bar, Hover along the trail of rings
    ahead, and catch the next pulley. For some odd reason, the camera will
    now zoom ahead, giving you a good view of a guy ahead. But who needs
    THAT? Just wait until you can see yourself, again, then hop into the
    passageway in the wall. Now, blow up the Bomb Robot ahead before he
    fires, and make your way to the other end of this room. There will
    be another Bomb Robot in here, too, but you can take him out from far,
    so it's much easier than the first one. Anyways, go through the door
    at the end of the room, and pass the checkpoint ahead. Now, he a little
    lecture from the Omochao ahead about the Dynamite Packs in this level.
    This is what I mean about not shooting EVERYTHING. From now on, there
    will be Dynamite Packs around the level, and if they are blown up, they
    will take the doors to the outside of the colony with them. However,
    don't worry if you do blow them, you can still get by them by staying
    away from the broken door. If you're too close, you'll be sucked out
    and you'll die. 'Nuff said. You've been warned. So, pass the two Packs
    ahead, and make a turn left, instead. You'll get to another room, like
    the one before, except there's going to be different enemies here, as
    well a Dynamite Packs on the sides. I'd reccommend just passing by the
    enemies, because it'll be hard to get by once you blow up the Dynamite
    Packs. Anyway, once you get to the end of the room, go through the door
    there, and head into the next area. You'll see that the camera turns to
    the right, but this is nothing more than a trick. The door beyond this
    one's locked, so don't even bother going there. Instead, continue in
    the direction you were going, through another door. In this small room,
    there's going to be crates that look very tempting to break. However,
    DO NOT fire, because you might lock the Dynamite Packs behind the crates
    and screw yourself bad. Instead, don't touch any Action Buttons, and go
    around the crates. There, you'll find the switch that opens the door I
    talked about earlier. Now, still not blasting the crates, go back, and
    make the left towards the door you passed by, before. Continue, and go
    through the door you just opened, as well. You'll be in a much bigger
    place now, one wherethere is a slim and long walkway above a bottomless
    pit. At the end, there's another one of those dreaded Bomb Robots, and
    it doesn't make things easier when there's Dynamite Packs behind it...
    But there are okay to blow up, since all they do is break away a small
    bit of the walkway. You can easily Hover over the gap. Once you get to
    the other end of the walkway, open and go through the door up ahead.
    Don't touch a thing in this next room, just run though, because there's
    way too many Dynamite Packs to worry about. Go through the door, and
    you'll come to another area with a bottomless pit. Sadly, this time,
    well, there's no walkway. But that's OK. The door on the other side's
    locked, anyway. Just jump down, but don't move from where you jumped
    down from. If you do, you'll fall down to the wrong place and die. No
    need to even Hover, as long as you jump straight down and don't make
    any adjustments during the jump. You should land near one of those
    missles that you can launch to break bars. Do that to this one, which
    will clear the way for you ahead. Then, just use the many platforms to
    get to the other side and to the path you just cleared. From here, go
    through the door dead ahead. This next room's much like a section in
    Mission street, where there was a trap above the path. Omohao will
    remind you of that. So, just watch for the shadow, and don't land in
    it. Actually, you can go around it, but before you start, make sure
    you blow up the white tank ahead. You'll need to in order to
    premanently block the trap from falling. Now, make your way around it
    or simply jump to the switch, whichever you choose. This will stop the
    trap from falling - it's safe to go under, now. Now, just use one of the
    springs on the crates to get up, onto the trap, which, in turn, you can
    use to grab a pulley dangling above it. But this one is just an aid to
    get you to one, up higher. Jump over to that one, then hop off at the
    top and hit the checkpoint to save your place in this long, long level.
    Look how long the Walkthrough is, already. And the level's not nearly
    done! Go through the door right ahead, into the room with the Chaos
    Creature. These guys are really hard to beat on Tails and Eggman levels,
    for some reason, and repel almost all of your shots. What you have to do
    is get up real close to him, and use the Propeller Punch move. This is
    one of the few moves that it cannot defend itsefl against, so use it to
    your advantage. However, even this way, you may get hit once or twice.
    Three times is a bit unacceptable for this late in the game... Back to
    buissiness. Defeating this guy will open the door on your left, so go
    through. You'll get to another one of those large rooms with Dynamite
    Packs on the sides. There's usually some sort of enemy in the room, and
    this time, it's a dreaded Chaos Creature. However, you don't need to kill 
    t, this time. just pass by near the side, and it won't be able to hit you
    if you do it quick. Besides, if you TRIED to kill it, you'd probably blow
    up every Dynamite Pack here and even some that aren't while trying. So,
    just pass on this one. Across the door at the end of the room, kill the
    three beetles, and hop up the crates on the left. You can get up, onto
    the higher ledge, this way. Anyway, you'll be faced with moving platforms,
    passing through deadly laser beams, floating above an acid pit. Sounds
    hard, looks hard, but doesn't have to be... Just hop onto the first 
    platform when it's high up, and wait for the other one to come up,
    then make a jump for it. If you have to pass through the laser beams
    below while waiting, you can stay in between them so that you don't
    get hurt. really, it's not that hard - the gap is pretty large.
    Anyway, you should be able to get to the other side using that
    method. If you landed on the little ledge, you can safely hop down.
    Then, pass the checkpoint and go through the door in front of you.
    The next door is locked, so you have to go right, through the other
    one. In here, much like at the beginning of the level, there's going
    to be a few Beetle Bobots that should not be underestimated. You
    should take them out from a distance because they're really good at
    short-range combat. Once they're through, do through the door that
    they were guarding. Now, you'll get to the biggest, baddest, and
    most annoying part of the level. I HATE it. Basically, it's a
    really long walkway with guys and Dynamite Packs scattered
    everywhere. I'm not going to walk you through this long part,
    because it doesn't need it. It's straight forward, but hard.
    Basically, try to kill the guys without triggering the Dynamite
    Packs. But don't worry if you do, you can Hover over any gap that
    you make here. Once you've cleared the bottom, you'll come to a
    pulley that'll take you up to a higher level. This next level is
    EVEN HARDER due to the guys that will be flying from left to
    right, and back again, trying to knock you off the really slim
    walkway. Actually, it's triple the danger, because there is even
    ANOTHER deadly level higher up. This part is the worst of them
    all, because it has much more Dynamite Packs, and there are even
    robots here that will bomb you from high above! Anyway, once you
    get past this horrifying part, you'll come to a door. I'm happy to
    say that there's no other part like this for the rest of the
    level. In fact, we're almost at the very end, so just bear with
    me. Pass the checkpoint (thank god!), and continue through the
    next door. There's another one of those Dynamite Pack rooms, here,
    so just make it through. Past the door at the end, there's another
    door. But before you go through it, be prepared for the guy that
    will be right ahead of you and will start shooting immediately.
    You'd better do the same. Anyway, in this next room, there's going
    to be a walkway with Dynamite Packs on it. However, this time, blow
    up the Dynamite packs deliberately. Don't ask why, just do it. This
    will blow the walkway from under your feet, and you'll fall and
    die. No, I'm kidding. Just let yourself fall, and you'll land on
    a platform below, all safe and sound. In the middle of this thing,
    there's a switch, so hit it. Then, take one of the springs here,
    up to a smaller platform higher up. This one will rise when you
    land on it, to the place you were before, but this time the door's
    gonna be open. Go through, and get the Bazooka Upgrade. This will
    allow Tails to break steel containers by tapping an Action Button.
    Even if you had the Upgrade in the first place, just collect the
    rings around where it used to be, because you'll need the extra
    health pretty soon. Now, go back down to the platform with the
    switch on it, and use your new Bazooka to break the crates that
    the camera will be facing. You can now proceed in to the next
    part, which is another one of those rooms with Dynamite Packs
    everywhere. Just pass by like you did through the million before
    it. Then, in the next room, be wevy caeful, because there is a
    Dynamite Pack on the ground. Sadly, there's also a Chaos Creature
    here... However, if you manage to just do a single Propeller
    Punch, you can leave the Pack intact and still kill the guy. Why
    bother with this junk when you can still break the Pack and beat
    the level? Because this is the most important one of all of them.
    It can very easily kill you, because you HAVE to grab the pulley
    that's hanging above it, and it's really hard to do it without
    being sucked into the void below. So try to leave it there. If
    it's gone, jump make a leap of faith, and hope for the best.
    Anyway, when (maybe it should be an if) you manage to grab the
    pulley, you'll be taken to another one higher up. Makje the simple
    transfer, then Jump off at the top of this one to get to a
    platform. This thing will act like an elevator and it'll take you
    up to a little passageway higher up. Go through the two doors,
    then make a right towards the last checkpoint for this level. We're
    almost done here... Go through the door past the checkpoint ot come
    to another oe of those places with a void below. However, this
    time, there's no path leading over it. And there won't be one,
    either. See the platform ahead? Contrary to what you might think I'm
    gonna say, but it's purely useless and will crack below your robotic
    feet. Just jump into this area, and you'll start floating. Yes,
    floating. You'll be out of control and all, but you'll be floating.
    >From here, all you have to do is navigate your way across the big
    void, evading the robots that will attack you. However, you won't be
    able to attack them back because your aim will be out of control and
    everywhere for this part. Concentrate on defense, and don't bother
    with vengeance. Just make it to the other end and go through the
    door. There. Something you though was impossible, you just did it.
    Anyway, blow up the Bomb Robot ahead, athen go through the next door.
    In here, ther's going to be a Floating Chaos Creature. Kill it, then
    jump down into the pit below. The pit isn't endless, but very deep.
    You'll have a really long fall, now. Hover when you want to slow down,
    and don't when you want to speed up. Dodge all of the obstacles until
    the platform below comes into view. Timing is a must so that you land
    on it. Congratulations for making it this far, but there's one last
    thing to do. Now, you'll have to fight a sort of mini-boss to open
    the door to the Goal ring. The boss is actually the power generator
    for the level, but it will have a few guys guarding it, and it seems
    like what a boss would do. So, how do you beat him? Just wiggle the
    Analog Thumb Pad left and right, and keep on pressing B or X like a
    maniac. That's all. This way, you'll surely win. Anyway, once you've
    destroyed all of the targets on the generator, it will burst open,
    revealing the Goal Ring. Just Hover over, make a few hops up the
    small stairs, and from here, it's just a little victory road to the
    end of this insanely hard and long level. Whew. Writhing that took a
    LOOOOOT LONGER than I thoght it would. It's the biggest level
    Walkthrough so far, so... I think I've earned a real good rest!
    Sonic will contact Tails on his... Well, his thingamajig, telling him
    that he's at the control room and is ready to blow it to shreds. What a
    perfect time for Dr. Eggman to jump into the scene! He'll hold Tails
    and Amy hostage, leaving their lives in Sonic's hands. Looks like the
    cannon will have to wait, after all...
    *14:Meteor Herd*
    This is the biggest Knux level you've ever seen! It's humungous on a
    horizontal level, but it's three times as high as it is wide. Really!
    There's absolutely NO WAY anyone on Earth can write a Walkthrough for
    this level. So count me out. It'd even take a lifetime to list all of
    the possibe locations, and I'm not planning on doing that. So... you're
    ENTIRELY on your own on this one!!!
    This will take place in the center of Meteor Herd. Knuckles will meet
    up with Rouge, then they'll argue some more about who the Master
    Emerald belongs to. Then, they'll both jump down the the main platform,
    and begin to fight. OK, so hitting a girl's wrong. But she's being a
    little... sorry, can't say it in this FAQ. Anyway, Knuckles has GOT
    to set her straight. In this battle, the Drill Claw is one of the
    only ways to beat Rouge. She wil constantly be on the move, so keep
    after her. Don't you dare take your eyes off her (not in that way, you
    perverts) or you'll have a really hard time finding her again. At the
    beginning, you'll both be at the bottom, and it's the perfect time to
    get a few hits on her. Once again, to any pervs out there, it's not
    what it sounds like >:D. Anyway, try jumping up, then using the Drill
    Claw on her to lower her health bar. Punching is pretty useless as
    she'll just bounce you off, and maybe even counter attack you on
    account of being so foolish. Just Drill Claw away, hoping for the best.
    Soon, the platform below you will open, and all of the hot air will
    blast you upwards. This is the hardest part of the fight. You'll
    probably lose sight of Rouge and she'll go hide on one of the two
    higher levels, in a corner. But besides the fact that it'll take you
    forever and a minute to find her, she'll start attacking you with
    her Dark Wave attack. A warning to this is when she starts to talk
    jibberish. Then you know to start gliding, so you have the speed to
    evade the attack. It'll be very hard to find her, epecially since she
    has suddenly gained the ability to create black holes out of thin
    air!!! Oh well, this is the end of the game, so I don't blame Sonic
    Team. Just keep using that Drill Claw, and you should be able to
    Knuckles and Rouge will cut the fighting for a sec and begin to work
    things out verbally. They're still pissed at each other, and will still
    argue over the Master Emerald. Unexpectedly, Rouge will suddenly slip
    off the little bar that she's on, and also unexpectedly, Knuckles will
    come to her aid and save her life. Rouge then acuses of Knuckles
    rescuing her just because he wanted to touch her. Yeah, right >:).
    Knuckles protests that he was saving the Emerlad, not her. Then,
    finally, after so many stages, Rouge will give in and just hand over
    all of the pieces she's found. Then, as you would've guessed, Knuckles
    puts together the Emerald, appologizes, then runs off because he's shy.
    Rouge then winks at him (<;) you know what that means...) and runs off,
    *15:Crazy Gadget*
    I desperately hope that this doesn't go even longer than Eternal Engine,
    but I can't change a thing, right. I'm just going to hope that this
    level goes shorter than that one... Anyway, enough hoping. To the game!
    You'll start off in front of a little trail of rings, and a bit further
    up will be a door. Get the rings and pass through the door, obviously.
    You should now be in a hallway with two Guard Robots ahead. They're
    pretty easy to beat, kick their arses ;). The points are worth it.
    Then, go down the hallway, towards the capsule in the well-lit room
    ahead. But watch it, there's a really unexpected Guard Robot in the
    middle of this room's entrance! Get the capsule, then make your way
    left, to the darker hallway. There's a usless Omochao trashing the
    ground up ahead, ready to say some crap about research projects. But
    screw what he says, it's garbage. Go over to the pipe ahead, and Jump
    up, so you grab on, and you'll slide down. It's not only quicker, but
    you'll get all the rings along the way. At the end, Sonic will let go
    on his own, dropping down into a new room. Ahead, there's a Chaos
    Creature, so be ready for it. Past it, there's three crates, one
    platinum, and the other two, steel. The one on the right holds a
    Shield. If you have the Flame Ring, already, break it open, and get
    it. Trust me, you'll need it later. If you don't, oh, well... Once
    you're done here, jump up onto one of the (remaining) crates, and up
    to the level higher. Another Omochao sits here, but this time, he
    can actually help you. Summon him to get the lowdown on the lever
    ahead. Like he says, it's really a Gravity Switch, and it'll change
    the direction of the gravity to what the arrow points to. In this case
    it's a total inversion... And that can make things hard, especially for
    first-timers. When you flip the lever for the first time, play around
    with the controls a bit, so you know what you're doing. Once you think
    you've gotten enough practice, Head on forwad, towards the next Gravity
    Switch. There IS a Chaos Creature in your way, but unless you're really
    good at these reversed controls, you'd better just keep your distance.
    When you get to the switch, give it a litte tug, and you'll be flipped
    right way up, again :P. You'll end up in front of a door with a few
    crates around. Go past them and through the door, but be ready for
    another Guard Robot. Ahead, there's another dreaded Chaos Creature. But
    this time, it's inevitable, and you have to kill it to proceed. But
    there are much harder scenarios, you know... Once it's down, Bounce up
    to full height, and grab hold of the pulley that was hanging above the
    former Chaos Creature. It'll take you up, to another one. Transfer,
    and at the top of this one, jump off forward, onto the platform with
    the checkpoint. Pass it and Home Attack the glass barrier at the
    seeminlg dead end. This will open the Warp Tube to you. All that's
    left to do is jump in and enjoy the ride :). At the end, you'll pop
    out of a little flap in the ground, but it'll close so you can't go
    back. Bummer. But that's not what we're here for. Proceed forward,
    but stop when you get to the ledge. There's a bunch of Beetles with
    force fields around them ahead. They turn on and off in a pattern, so
    attack when they're down. Home Attack the two Beetles, followed by the
    Spring Beetle. At the peak of the bounce, go forward so that you land
    on the ledge ahead. Watch out, because there's a whole bunch of guys,
    ahead. Also, there's a Bomb here. Hmmm... Got it by now? Bounce up to
    max height, and pop the capsule to send all of the guys ahead to their
    doom. Mwahahaha! Then, continue forward and flip the Gravity Switch,
    here. Nothing much except three crates ahead, here. Break the middle
    one open to reveal a Spring. Use it to get up to the higher level.
    Then, go forward, again, and when you get to the wall with the little
    hole at the bottom, Somersault through. The camera will make a wierd
    adustment, here. Once it's done, go left, until you see a pathway
    ahead. Go there, and pass the checkpoint. Go forward a little more,
    until you come to the little rail over the acid pit. Now, you'll have
    to learn upside-down Grinding :D. Jump onto the rail to get to the
    other side. You'll end up in a much draker room with three Gravity
    Switches ahead, each one changing the gravity in a differrent
    direction. Although logical, don't touch the middle one. It will
    flip the gravity back to the right way, but there's an endless pit
    below, and you'll die. Instead, flip the one on the right, then run
    down the floor, wall, whatever you want to call it. At the bottom,
    jump onto the rail to grind down into the pit. The rail will turn
    upwards, but keep at it. The gravity will change direcion for some
    reason once you get to the end, but it's for the better. Continue
    forward, and kill the Chaos creature ahead. Then, make a right, into
    another one of those gloomy tunnel-type things. Watch out for the
    Beetles here, they may have their force fields on! Pas the middle one
    are some Dash Panels. Hit them, then go forward some more, and hit the
    next Dash Panels, too. You'll run off the ledge ahead. Now, you might
    think you're falling into an acid pit, now, but you're really just
    falling onto a platform. There's a Chaos Creature here, but this one
    will split up, into many little jelly balls. Just ignore them, and hit
    the head, as usual. This will unlock the door up ahead. Go through and
    activate the checkpoint ahead. Then like before, slide down the pipe
    near the ceiling. You'll end up in another lit room with Omochao in
    the middle. Give him a kick, and he'll say that you can only defeat
    the Shield Robots by attacking their feet. Let's put those words to
    good use. Make a left around the corner, and Somersault ito the Shield
    Robot's feet. Hard, wasn't it? Slide down the next familiar pipe,
    ahead. You'll land in another one of those bigger rooms (is it just me
    or is this level REALLY repetetive?). Oh well. You can decide the
    Shield Robot's fate, now. When youre done with him, use the sets of
    crates to reach the ledge above. There, you'll see another row of
    Electrical Beetles. The Omochao here will say something about that :).
    You've done this before, so no worries. Just home Attack across them
    when their shields are down. After the last guy, there's a trail of
    rings leading to the other side. Time your Light Dash right. This
    will take you over to a checkpoint, and behind it, a Warp Tube. Hit
    both, then hop into the passageway for another unforgettable ride.
    You'll be spit out upside-down, into another big room. Head right,
    to the other side of this Chaos Creature haven, and give the Gravity
    Switch there a tug. You'll fall down, to a smaller area below. The
    way is blocked this way, but there's a little hole at the top of the
    wall ahead. But that's not any help eaither, because whenever you
    flip the Gravity here, the crates block it... What you need is the
    Flame Ring. Set the gravity back to normal if it isn't already, and
    head to the back of this place. Use one of the Springs, here, to get
    up to the level you were on before, but this time, you'll be
    right-way-up. There's a few steel crates here, and over them, the
    Flame Ring. Grab it, and test out your newfound Fire Somersault on
    the crates provided. Then, go forward, off the ledge, and into the
    previous area. NOW, you can invert the gravity, break the steel
    crates ahead, and slip through the little hole. Another camera twist,
    and you'll emerge in a similarly colored room. Head to the other
    side, and hop off the ledge, but be ready for the Chaos Creature
    down there! Dispose of it, then take the Springs in this place, up
    to another dark hallway. Go forward a bit, and Grind on the rail
    ahead. You'll get off in another room with another Chaos Creature
    and another set of Springs. If you're not tired of killing Chaos
    Creatures yet, you will be after this one. Use the Springs to gey
    up to an acidic pool, with a row of rings over it. Make sure not to
    fall off the ledge! Light Dash across them, to a strangely empty
    room, besides the bunch of steel crates. Break open the one in the
    middle of the room to reveal a spring. Take it up, or should I say
    down :) to another hallway with a Chaos Creature lurking at the end.
    Kill it to open the door ahead. A trail of rings leads into outer
    space. Light Dash, here for an amazing view of the stars, as well as
    to continue the level. You'll stop at another hallway with a
    splitting Chaos Creature at the end. Blow it up and head right,
    where you'll see a pipe. But there's an Electric Beetle here, so jump
    onto the pipe a bit after the Beetle if you don't want a beating.
    You'll slip down to a Warp tube cavoered with a bunch of guys. Just
    ignore them and escape through it. After the really short ride,
    you'll emerge in a little hallway with three Chaos Creatures around.
    Kill them all, and that should unlock the door. Go through, into the
    split-path room ahead. There's two ways that you can go from here,
    but they'll both lead you to the exact same place. The top one's
    harder in the beginning, but it's pretty much quicker. The bottom
    way's a lot easier but it's also longer. Pick whichever suits you
    best. TOP WAY: Use the somewhat narrow bar going across the room to
    get over to the Beetle on the other side, watching out for the
    deadly spike balls. Destroy it to open the door into the room ahead.
    There's a few helpful capsules in here for your convenience. Hit the
    Gravity swich and go through the door ahead, falling onto the
    ceiling of this room (sounds funny, doesn't it :)?). Fir the
    Trigerrable Rocket to clear the acid barrier ahead, then pass through
    there and flip the Gravity Switch to return th laws of nature to the
    game. BOTTOM WAY: Fall down, onto the little platform below, and
    defeat the Splitting Chaos Creature down here. Then, go through the
    door ahead, get the capsule, then go through the next one. Get to the
    ledge ahead, and Bounce up to it. Now, take one of the Springs on
    either side of this ledge to get up, to a higher one. That's how it's
    done both ways. Now, Destroy the Shield Robot on your left to open
    the door to the next area. Go through, hit the checkpoint and the
    switch, then user the Dash Panels to get to through the door across
    the hallway. Here's the most complex, most hated, and most annoying
    part of the level. Or is it the game? Anyway, its pretty annoying, so
    brace yourself. Start off by flipping the Gravity Switch ahead. You'll
    fall onto a little pinkish block above. Go left then forward when the
    path allows it. Watch out, there's a Beetle in your way! At the end,
    there's another Gravity Switch, but this time, it'll send you off to
    the left. You'll land on a greenish block. Make your way left (towards
    the camera), and make a down when you get to the corner. Hop onto the
    platinum crates ahead, and Bounce your way to full height. You'll be
    able to get up onto the higher ledge this way. Pull the Gravity
    Switch here, and you'll fly off to a yellow block. go left and make
    the turn up aong with the path. When you come to the ledge, jump off,
    and land on the blue block a little further up. Follow the path some
    more, until you get to another Gravity Switch. Flip it. Woohoo! We're
    back to normal! Ignore the stupid Chaos Creature ahead, and flip the
    next Gravity Switch behind it. You'll fall onto the little vertical
    section ahead. Hit the Spring ahead, then at the pinnacle of your
    bounce, head down, to the next vertical yellow block section. Head
    right, then down, and bump into the spring on the right to be hit
    over to the rail on your left. You'll get a few rings and Grind a
    little bit, then fall off onto a green section. Follow the path left
    first, then turn right along with it. Watch out for the Electric
    Beetles, here. They can be a big nuisance. Pass by them, and hit the
    spring a little further up. You'll be taken to a pretty short purple
    section with a trail of rings at the end. Light Dash across it, and
    you'll land on a blue section with a capsule and a Gravity Switch on
    it. snag the capsule and change the gravity, again. You'll land on
    the same purple block, but this time, you'll be on a different side.
    Go acros it, and make your way down when you reach the corner. Now,
    this is very important. Hit the switch here, and THEN pull the
    Gravity Switch, or you'll have to go back here to do it. You'll fall
    up to the first red section, and what better way to greet you is
    there than a Chaos Creature? How nice! Blow its head off, then flip
    the Gravity Switch behind the platinum crates ahead to set the
    gravity back to normal for the last time. You'll land right in front
    of a Trigerrable Rocket. The end of the level's just a button's press
    away. Fire the missle to break the acidic barrier that stands in the
    way between you and the Goal Ring, and say goodbye to this godforsaken
    insane level >:D.
    *I've decided to stop writing here, because this is taking WAY too
    long. Expect more in the next update.*
                               3.2-Dark Side
    This side is played by Shadow, Dr. Eggman, and Rouge. Here's basically
    how it goes...
    1:Iron Gate
    A set of security doors are sealed by an automatic defense computer.
    Complex commands are issued over the intercom. A huge alarm goes off
    to alert the workers. It appears that there's an unwanter intruder on
    the premesis. And who else would it be other than the imfamous Dr.
    Eggman? He seems to have a plan ready... To break into the base and
    take a look at a highly confidential military weapon with enormous
    potential. This weapon was his grandfather's greatest achievement, and
    he can't wait to get his hands on it. Watch out, guys, Eggman's in the
    *1:Iron Gate*
    You first step to conquering the world is to set free the world's
    ultimate weapon. Let's get to it! You'll start off by falling into a
    little hallway filled with Beetle Robots. These guys will not attack,
    or even move, so use them as targets to practice on. For a brief intro
    to Homing Missles, touch the little robot on the ground, here, also
    known as an Omochao. Basically, you press and hold X/B to make a
    targetting laser pop up, then you place the laser over enemies to
    'lock' onto them, and release the button to fire a Homing Missle at
    each locked enemy. Try to get all four at once, and you'll get a 300
    point bonus. Once you're done, go forward, through the passageway,
    until you get to another group of guys. but these will shoot, so be
    quick about taking them down. Behind them, you'll see a door shut. The
    only way to get through it to open it, by locking onto and destroying
    the four locks on it. The Omochao in the corner will tell you that if
    you go up to him. There's one lock in each corner for you to blow up.
    When they're all down, the door will fall over, allowing you to
    proceed with your rampage. Head down this next hallway, and pass
    through the little blue balls ahead. This is called a Checkpoint, and
    it will save your spot in the level for you. You'll enter a room with
    Guard Robots falling from the sky, here. There's three in all, so
    fire a Homing Missle at them to shut them up. Then, go over to the
    Omochao at tthe other end of the room to get the lowdown on the wooden
    containers in this level. Log that away and get onto the little bump
    on the ground. It'll take you up to a higher ledge. Get off the lift
    at the top, and break the wooden containers ahead with your Volkan
    Cannon. How, you say? Well, you tap an Action button (X or B) to fire
    a little gunshot wherever you're facing. This is the only way to blow
    up ceratin things, like the crates ahead of you, for example. Face in
    that direction and let a few shots go at the crates to break them.
    Now, you can continue forwards. At the end of this short hallway, jump
    down into the next room. There's two guys ahead behind a little fence,
    kill them. Kill them all, I say! When they're out of their misery, go
    into another one of those hallways in the far-left of the room.
    Destroy the lone soldier in your way, followed by his two buddies
    later on. After that, you'll come to another locked door. Break the
    four locks, like before. When you do this, red lights will start to
    flash, making it harder for you to see, but you should still have no
    problem. Go forward, onto the platform-like thing ahead. You'll see
    little fences go up all around you, so you won't be able to fall off
    while the platform takes you down to a lower level. Now's the time to
    practice your locking skills, 'cuz there's a LOT of Beetles on the way
    down for you to kill. When you reach the bootom, a platform will slide
    out from the wall ahead, and you'll be in front of another one of
    those doors that you have to break down. Do so, and continue down the
    hallway, passing another checkpoint along the way. Break the next door
    down, and shoot open all of the capsules in the next room for extra
    rings. Then, make your way right, down another hallway. Another
    security door awaits a beating at the end. In the next room, turn
    right, and defeat all three Beetles, here. Then, go forward down the
    obvious path, following the ramp. You'll soon fall off a little ledge,
    onto a little lower level. Just continue going forward, and make a
    left at the corner. You'll hit some Dash Panlels and fall to another
    lower level. Go forward on this ramp, too, and fall off thje ledge at
    the end, again. You'll now be in front of a guy with four capsules
    surrounding him. Blow him up, as well as the little rewards waiting
    around him, practically BEGGING to be blasted open. Once done, make a
    left along with the ramp, and destroy the two Guard Robots in the
    distance. Then, go over to where they used to be, and leap off the
    ledge, but keep left. You'll land on a level slightly lower, but not
    quite the lowest. Destroy the three objects here, the two Beetles,
    and the capsule, and then jump down to the right. The camera will
    shift behind you for your own benefit, putting a group of guys ahead
    into view. Destroy as desired. Then, just follow the path until you
    reach the checkpoint. After you activate it, break down the door
    ahead. Inside here is another room with a lift in the center, taking
    you through a firing range of Beetles Robots on the way down. This
    one's almost a direct copy of the other one, so there's really no
    reason for me to walk you through it... At the bottom, break open
    the security door ahead, and make your way deeper into the complex.
    On the way through the next passageway, blast the wooden crates out
    of your path. Once they're out of your way, you'll see another
    locked door ahead. Show those locks who's boss! Drop into the next
    room, but stay in this corner, killing all of the guys ahead. Once
    all of them are dead, and I mean all of them, run to the door in the
    far-right of the room, much like before. But this time, it's
    especially important that you get there quickly. Why? Well, this is
    the only door in the level that you don't have to break, because it
    shuts pretty slowly. Just stay to the right side and you should be
    able to squeeze through and buy yourself a few seconds. If not, just
    'open' it the normal way ;). Inside this next hallway, you'll come
    across two more hopeless Guard Robots. Put them out of their misery,
    and bust open the next door ahead. Jump down into this room, and
    destroy all three Guard Robots ahead, the two Beetles hovering on
    the right, and pop the capsule behind that little barrier on the
    right. If you can get all of them in a single lock, it's even better.
    When you're done in here, break open the next door in the far-right.
    Go inside, and blast away at everything in this room, including the
    enemies. When the coast is clear, amke your way to the other end of
    the room. A bunch of doors will lock ahead of you. Sadly, these can't
    even be affected by you, alone. You'll have to get some help for this
    one. Go back a bit, and Jump onto the litte lift, here. It'll take
    you up to an overhanging platform with a missle on it. To the left,
    you'll notice a small control panel. It may sound funny, but fire a
    Homing Missle at it. This will send the missle out of control, and
    it'll turn towards the set of doors that you need to break. As luck
    may have it, it launches right at the doors, breaking them all down.
    Go through the way you just cleared, using the Dash Panels to make
    it through a little quicker. At the end of the tunnel, you'll be spit
    out into a small room with the Goal Ring Ahead. Touch it to complete
    the level.
    Dr. Eggman has gotten to the core of the base, and it looks like
    he's finally getting his way! At the main console, he enters the
    secret password: MA-RI-A. Where he got this is anyone's guess for now.
    A metallic platform rises out of the ground, revealing the secret
    weapon. But... What's that? Is the secret weapon Eggman's old rival,
    Sonic? No, it's a black and red hedgehog code-named Shadow. Rising
    from his long sleep, Shadow tells Dr. Eggman that he will grant the
    Doctor one wish. Intrigued by the idea, eggman begins to question him,
    but their little discussion is soon interrupted by some clashing and
    banging ahead. Someone's trying to get Dr. Eggman out of this base,
    again. Shadow's dying to demonstrate his power, though, so Dr. Eggman
    won't even have to budge for this one.
    *Boss:B-3x Hotshot*
    If you've played the Hero Side before this, you'll see that this guy's
    a nearly complete rip-off of the F-6t Bigfoot that Sonic faces. There
    are a few small differences, but not many, making the two fights
    really similar. Like in all Boss Battles, you should start off by
    grabbing a ring. As long as you have one, you won't get killed by
    attacks. The Hotshot will start by fying around the arena, firing
    its machine gun at you. Very easy to dodge, especially because
    there's a target indicating where he's shooting :). You can use the
    crates lying around the arena to Jump up to him, and hit his cockpit
    now, if you want. Try it if you think you can handle it. But, if
    you're using this way, note that both your attacks and his can
    destroy the crates, and you might run out of them... Soon, he'll end
    his arial attack and drop down to the ground, making him an easy
    target. But don't go up to him just yet, because he'll start to fire
    rockets, now. Run around like an insane chicken to dodge them. Once
    he stops, go in for a quick hit on his cockpit. He'll then take to
    the skies (not really), again, but this time, he'll try to lock onto
    you with a Homing Missle. You can see where he's going to shoot by
    the red target. He'll take a while to charge up, though, giving you
    time to escape. Run around as quick as you can, so the target's
    behind you at all times. After he's done charging, he'll fire away
    to where the target is. If it was behind you, you won't get hit.
    Then, he'll repeat the entire pattern starting from the machine gun,
    again. Keep on hitting him this way, until his health bar goes down
    to zero and he falls to the ground, indicating your victory.
    Dr. Eggman is amazed at Shadow's performance in the battle, and
    once again asks about that one wished that he promised him. Shadow,
    in lieu of a responce, asks Dr. Eggman to get him some Chaos
    Emeralds and meet him on the spce colony, ARK. The dark-skinned
    warrior then leaves the scene, leaving Eggman pondering about what
    this all means...
    Knuckles and Rouge will be fighting over the Master Emerald.
    Knuckles refuses to give it up, because it's his sworn duty to
    protect it. He's very stubborn when it comes to things like this,
    so you an bet that he puts up a very good verbal fight. Rouge also
    wants the Emerald, but only because she's a treasure hunter. She
    believes that the only purpouse of jewels is to be hers. Naturally,
    both have very strong wills to acquire the Emerald, and neither is
    overpowered by the other. However, right when you would least
    expect it, Dr. Eggman will drop in from above and snatch the
    Emerald. This isn't the kind of thing good ol' Knux'll tolerate.
    After an amazingly high leap, our big, red pal will get up to Dr.
    Eggman up in the air, and manage to shatter the Master Emerald. As
    expected, Rouge will be quite upset by this act. However, Knuckles
    will ease her and tell her that as long as all of the pieces of
    the Emerald are collected, he can restore the Emerald back into a
    whole. Besides, having the Emerald in pieces everywhere is a lot
    better than Eggman having it in full. Now, the two are off on a
    really long quest to get all of the pieces and put them together so
    they can finally get what they want...
    *2:Dry Lagoon*
    Is it just me, or is this level the exact same place as Wild Canyon,
    except not destroyed and covered in sand? I just figured it out,
    and it's pretty interesting... Anyway, I can't walk you through any
    Knuckles or Rouge levels, it's just impossible. The Emerald
    locations are always random, and to list all of the different
    combinations would be a nearly impossible feat. I'll just give you
    a few important hints here and there for these levels, but nothing
    major. I'll start off by saying that this level is separated into
    two different sections, none of which is related to the other. This
    means that any detections you get from your Emerald Radar mean that 
    the Emerald Shard is somewhere in your section, and not in the
    other one. I hope that helps you a bit. Anyway, to travel from one
    section to the other, you have to use the turtle in the center of
    the level. When you enter the level, you'll see it cowering from two
    Guard Robots to the right of the fountain ahead. Destroy them, and
    the turtle will slip into the fountain, ready to take you to the
    other section. Just Jump onto its back, and press and Action Button
    to switch between sections. That's about all you'll need to know for
    this level, so you're on your own from here.
    *3:Sand Ocean*
    I'll make it very clear from the start. This level's way too hard
    and way too long to be this early in the game. There's death around
    every corner, quicksand pits everywhere, and deathtraps galore.
    However, this level's pretty straight forward and hard to get lost
    in, so there may not even be any need to walk you through it. But,
    oh well... You'll start at the top of a staircase, so go down,
    collecting a few rings along the way. At the bottom, continue,
    until the platform comes to an end. There's a rotating linear
    platform ahead that you need to get onto. ut first, destroy the
    Beetle on it, to make things easier. Then, when the platform comes
    around to you, hop onto it, and wait until you're carried over to
    the other side. Jump off, onto the platform ahead, once you get
    over there. Go to the other side of this platform, and be ready
    for a guy dropping in on you from above. Take care of him, then
    look in the distance for another one. Get rid of that guy, too.
    Then, when the moving platform gets close to you, Jump onto it.
    When this platform connects with the next one, move onto it. This
    one will take you over to a little stationary block on your left.
    Get onto it, then use the little stairs here to got to a ledge
    higher up, with an Omochao in it. Initiate a coversation, and
    Omochao will tell you about the little red things ahead, which are
    Dynamite Packs. When you blow them up, they break down something
    in the level, and it's usually helpful. Get the two capsules here,
    then trigger the explosives to blow down the pillar ahead. Use it
    as a bridge to cross the quicksand, over to the hole in the wall
    ahead. Watch out for arial enemy attacks around here, there's
    plenty. At the end of the pillar, fall into the tiny area below.
    You'll see a tank ahead, blocking your way your one and only
    option is to blow it to shreds. Once it's gone, Jump down into the
    next area. The amera will make a complete 180 when you do. Give it
    a second or two to settle, then Jump onto the litte ledge on your
    left, where you'll find a capsule for your taking. Head left,
    until you reach the white pillars, then make another left, down the
    steps. Now, go forward, up to this ledge, then destroy the guys
    here, as well as the Dynamite Packs in the distance. That will
    create another bridge for you to cross. Get over to the other side,
    and once there, blast away at the two guys waiting in ambush. Then,
    head up the steps in the far-right of this platform, up to another
    pillar with Dynamite Packs stuck to it. Fire away! The pillar will
    drop to the right, creating another walkway for your convenience.
    Cross it while shooting the charging enemies from up ahead. At the
    end, go down to the lower platform, and hit the first checkpoint
    for this level. That was kinda long for the first checkpoint, huh?
    Anyway, back to buissiness. You should now be in front of another
    one of those spinning platforms, much like the one you encounterted
    at the beginning of the level. Get on it, and get off when you spin
    around to the other side. You'll be on the first platform in a
    series of them. Just follow the trail, using the moving platforms
    to cross the larger gaps. You'll reach another set of Dynamite
    Packs ahead. Trigger them to collape the next stone stick to the
    right. Use it to get to another similar platform. Atop a little
    ledge, here, you'll see this level's Gold Beetle. Crack it open for
    some fun and a whole lot of points. Then, make your way down the
    little ledge on the left, and continue across the path. The path
    will end shortly, and you'll have to go down to one below. First,
    jump onto the little block sticking out from the sand, then jump
    over to it. Go forward some more, destroying the two guys coming
    down at you from abvoe, until you get to antoher spinning platform.
    Use it to get to the platform with the checkpoint on the right.
    Pass it and continue forward. When the path ends, use the little
    platforms ahead to get over to a bigger one with more explosives
    for you to detonate. Create your bridge and continue. At the end,
    stop, and wait for a bunch of guys to get in front of you. Blast
    their brains out for a good point boost, then fall down, to the
    area below. Before anything else, destroy the Tank to your left. If
    you lave it alone, it might get some good hits on you. Also to the
    left, you'll find a containment tank. Break it open, and go up the
    little steps behind it, to another higher ledge. Go forward, down
    this way, killing the Tank on your left. A little past where it
    used to be, to the right, there's a set of smaller platforms that
    can be used as stairs. Use them to get down to the bigger one
    below. Hop up the next ledge, avioding the spike ball, then jumping
    up the next ledge to the left of it. Go right, past the mouldy
    fence, then Jump down the little ledge, here. Go right a bit, until
    you see a carved-out path ahead. Go there, and break the two tanks,
    one on top of the other, here. Use the debris to get up to another
    ledge higher up. Hop down the steps ahead, then use the moving
    platforms here to get to another spinning platform. Utilize it to
    get to the platform with the checkpoint on the left. Obviously,
    activate it, then keep at it, and head down the path ahead.
    Destroy the guys as they come at you. At the end, you'll get to a
    Jump Panel. Use it to get across the enormous gap ahead. On the
    other side, give the Dynamite Packs ahead a couple of shots, and
    go across the new bridge, destroying the Dynamite Packs on the
    right on your way across. At the end, switch pillars, and continue.
    Same screnario, here. Blow the Dynamite Packs on the left, this
    time, and go up, onto the next bridge. Cross the last bridge in
    this ection, and Jump up, onto the higher ledge at the end. See the
    trap ahead? It's your only way up. When it comes down, quickly hop
    onto it, and ride it like a lift to the area above. Get off, here,
    and go forward some more. The Goal Ring's just a few meters away,
    now. However, there area A LOT and I mean, A LOT of guys coming at
    you in this part, too much to count. Just keep tapping X or B and
    hope for the best. Once you make it past them, just go forward a
    bit more, to the end of this level.
    Eggman enters his main chamber inside his private base, and flips
    on the TV. An important news flash catches his eye. It seems that,
    what eyewitnesses call Sonic the Hedgehog, has stolen a Chaos
    Emerald from a reserve bank just minutes ago. But Dr. Eggman knows
    Sonic all too well. He wouldn't do that. It must have been
    You'll now be taken to the scene of the crime, where Shadow waits
    atop a bridge suspension pole. After insulting humans and their
    insolence, we go into Shadow's memories of when the base was radied
    and shut down. GUN has penetrated security and gotten to the main
    console, where Maria was relaxing. Tragically, she is shot and
    killed by the military, and she makes a death wish to Shadow before
    sealing him off in the complex. Shadow still remembers what he
    promised her... REVENGE!!!
    *4:Radical Highway*
    We now go to the first actual Shadow level, where, similarly to
    City Escape, you have to elude GUN's pursuit and escape from the
    area. Did I mention the awesome fast-paced music in the background?
    Love that jingle! Okay, enough chit-chat, to the game! You start off
    with a small Grinding section down a suspension cable, and you then
    fall off to the highway on the left. Go forward a little bit, until
    you reach the Springs ahead. Take them up to a higher section of
    highway, above. Pass under the tollbooth, and run forward, evading
    the bombs dropping from above. You'll soon get to a steep downhill
    section, followed by a fork in the road. Funny thing is, both paths
    go the same way! Really, whoever designed these roads should be
    fired :P. Either way you go, you'll hit a few Dash Panels and make a
    loop. Then, while still going forward, center yourself on the road,
    and collect the rings, here. Even more conveniently, rgigh after
    them, there's a Dash Panel. Take it for a short boost to increase
    your time bonus. Follow the path as it turns left, still keeping
    down the middle lane. You'll get a few rings, then hit some Dash
    Panels, and be flewn to a new area. Ignore the guy, ahead, keeping
    right, and grab onto the pulley when you get to it. Another section
    of highway under construction is up here. Get past the Guard Robot,
    ahead, and hit the Springs behind him to get to a completed section,
    up higher. Go right, down the highway for a while, evading the bombs'
    explosions. Go slow when you come to the pulley, there's a Guard
    Robot above. Kill it, then grab the handle to be taken up to a short
    section with a rocket. Grab onto it, and enjoy the flight! You'll
    let go and fall onto another section, with a checkpoint right ahead
    of you. Pass it, and go over to the Somersault Barel, ahead. If you
    haven't figured it out by now, you have to use the Somersault to get
    under it. On the other side, run down the small slope, hitting the
    Dash Panels at the end. You'll make a large loop, and end up in
    front of a hollow building with Springs leading into it. Take them
    to be sent sprialling through the building, then being shot out, onto
    some Springs. Those will take you up to another higher highway
    section, but this one's littlered with crates and Guard Robots. Just
    run by, so you don't get hurt. At the end, you'll come to another
    Somersault Barrel. On the other side, an Omochao will explain the
    Homing Attack. Get the lowdown on it if you don't know what it is,
    yet. Then, home Attack the row of Beetles ahead, followed by the
    capsule to get to the other side. Once that's done, make your way
    down this highway section, heading left. Once again, be really
    careful not to get hit by the bombs that the planes will drop onto
    the highway. Soon, you'll get to a little downhill part, with a
    ramp in the middle. Keep aligned with it, and make the trick to
    skip a bit of the level. You'll automatically grab the bar if you
    did it right. If you don't make it, just kill the two Guard Robots,
    here, and break open the wooden crate next to the wall, ahead. This
    will reveal a Spring, so take it, up to another one, and then, in
    turn, onto the bar. Whatever you did, you now have to time your
    leap off the bar, correctly. Hear that little 'whoosh' sound every
    once in a while? You have to press A dead on it, or you'll screw it
    up and fall off. If this happens, just use the mehod of getting on
    if you missed the ramp that I talked about before. If you do time
    it right, though, you'll leap really high into the air, and land on
    the next bit of highway, up there. Run forward, keeping left, so
    you hit the spring on the left side of the road. If you were quick
    enough, you'll have bypassd an annoying Guard Robot. If not, you'll
    be hit :D. The spring will take you up to a pulley, and the pulley
    will take you up to another area, above. Go forward, and grab the
    rocket, up here. Wheee! You'll make a really long drop, and about
    halfway into it, there's a capsule. Aim for it if you can, it's
    worth the rings. When you finally reach the bottom, pass though the
    toll booth and the checkpoint, ahead. Then, go forward some more,
    into yet another downhill run. But, this time, you'll make two
    loops. Makes for a nice chage :). There will now be two ways you
    can go, depending on if you hit one of the two ramps, here, or not.
    The first ramp will take you a spring to the top area, while the
    second one will take you to a bar that takes you to the top area.
    If you don't make either one, you'll go the bottom way. TOP WAY:
    Go forward, a bit, and kill the Guard Robot, ahead. Then, go up to
    the bar, ahead, and Jump on. Time your A button press right. You'll
    then fly off to a set of those Hexagonal Platforms. Get up to the
    very top one, and from there, Home Attack the Beetle Robot ahead,
    when its shield is down. Continue Home Attacking its buddies, to
    get over to the next section of highway, ahead. Slowly, make your
    way towards the Springs, ahead, watching out for the sneaky Guard
    Robot coming at you from above. Then, it's safe to take the springs
    up, to the top of one of the bridge's suspension poles. If you're
    quick enough, you can also destroy the Gold Beetle, up ahead, if
    you want. Whatever you do, make your way to the left, to the little
    platform with the Omochao on it. Now, jump forward, onto the
    suspension cable below. You'll Grind a bit, then fall into another
    area, in front of a Somerault Barrel. BOTTOM WAY: Go forward, Jump
    over the crates, ahead, and you'll start to float in the air. Keep
    going forward, not hitting the Beetles around here. You'll
    eventually get to twin Somersault Barrels, so Somersault in between
    them. Float forwards, some more, until you reach solid ground,
    again. Then, touch the Omocaho up ahead for an intro to Volcan
    Fighters. Yes, they are very powerful, but there's no reason to run,
    like he says. They still only take one hit to defeat. 'Nuff said.
    Go around to either the left or right of the garage-like thing,
    ahead, and use one of the crates, there to get on top of it. Get
    a running start on the short path, hee, then jump off the ledge
    at the end, Home Attacking the Beetles ahead, followed by the
    imfamous Volcan Fighter, ahead. You'll laugh when you see how
    easily it breaks. It might as well have said, 'Made in China' on
    it. LOL. Okay, enough fooling around. Fall down, onto the platform
    that it was Hovering over, and go forward. In the left corner at
    the end of the path, take the wooden crates up to the Somerault
    Barrel. That covers both long ways. Te paths meet up, here, so keep
    on reading, whichever one you took, now. Somersault under the
    barrel, ahead, and continue down the highway. Keep on the left half,
    so you hit the Dash Panels, there. Then, switch to the right half,
    hitting the next Dash Panel set, followed by one last one, on the
    left. Not only will you go quicker this way, but you'll whiz past
    the Guard Robots at the sides of the road :). Keep going forward,
    and pass the checkpoint in front of the covered section, ahead.
    Then, hit the Dash Panel on the right, so you get the rings further
    up. You'll reach a blockade, soon, but that's no reason to stop.
    Just Jump over it, making sure to use the Homing Attack over it, to
    gain some speed for the ramp further up. Make the ramp, ahead,
    followed by quickly Somersaulting under the barrel when you land,
    for major points. You'll zip through some Dash Panels, then run
    down another sloped highway section, ahead. Is it just me, or is
    this one a whole bunch longer than usual? But, I guess it doesn't
    really matter. After the expected loop, you'll hit some springs,
    then latch onto a handy-dandy bar overhanging the road. I'll assume
    that you know how to time it right, by now. After this one, you'll
    land on another bar, so do the same thing. If you make this one,
    you'll skip a small portion of the level and land on another
    highway section, above. If you don't make it, just pass the toll
    booth and the Guard Robot, and break the stock of wooden crates
    ahead. Then, just use the Spring you'll find under the last one
    to be bounced up, to that part. Run forward, a bit, collecting the
    small row of rings, ahead, then run down the next, and last
    downhill part of the level. Continue down the road, collecting the
    rings and hitting the Dash Panels by keeping centered. You'll soon
    come to another fork, and once again, both paths lead the same
    way. Take whichever one you're closer to. After the usual loop,
    continue down the highway, using the Dash Panels to your advantage.
    A little while later, you'll come to a wierd and twisted road, but
    you WILL be able to make it if you keep pushing forward on that
    Thumb Pad. You'll see a few cool sights as Jet Fighters will pass
    through, attempting to shoot you down. Don't worry, their fire
    can't get you, it's just there for effects. After the path turns
    right-way-up, again, go forward, some more, hitting a few more Dash
    Panels. You'll fly over to another toll booth, with the Goal Ring
    ahead. However, there's one more minute threat right after you
    pass the booth, which is a Guard Robot from up ahead. But, besides
    that, the level's done.
    Shadow hops onto a fallen robot, and notices a strange, blue
    hedgehog, up ahead. Who is this, but our hero, Sonic? The blue
    dude then realizes what's going on - the military is after him,
    thinking that he's Shadow. But that's a good thing, for you, anyway
    >:D. Shadow then taunts Sonic with his Chaos Emerald, and that guy
    can get angered pretty easily... A split second later, he charges
    at Shadow, calling him a faker, and such. But his dark counterpart
    has a few tricks up his sleeve ;). CHAOS CONTROL!!! In a big, green
    blur, Shadow freezes time, and zips past Sonic, onto a building in
    the distance. A really dark capability that has endless evil
    possibilities. Shadow gets a quick introduction in, then uses the
    Chaos Control, again, to end the conversation. He's got better
    things to do than to hang out with normals hedgehogs, like him.
    *5:Egg Quarters*
    Another Rouge level that I can't give you specific directions to.
    However, I WILL provide a walkthrough on how to get the Pink Nails,
    the Upgrade that allows you to Dig. You very well may need it for
    this level, so it should be your first priority. Start off by Jumping
    onto the biggest and highest platform in the room, AKA the one ahead.
    Then, go through the opening, ahead, into the well-lit hallway. Try to
    get through here pretty quickly, there's a Huge Beetle just dying to
    give you a beating, here. If he sees you, just get one of the rings
    behind him and await his wrath :D. You'll emerge in a room with two
    ledges, and an E-100 Robot on each one. Climb up the ledges, taking
    down the guys before they do the same to you. At the back of the room,
    atop the second lege, there's another opening in the wall. Go through,
    and make your way through this next hallway. However, this time, no
    Huge Beetle. Whew! In the next room, just keep on going forward, until
    you hit the little block in the center of the room. Jump onto it, and
    trigger the rocket, up here by pushing the green switch. It'll fly
    away, and destroy a set of barred crates, up ahead. Go through the
    newly cleared passageway, into the oddly tiled room. The Pink Nails
    are up ahead. One word of advice, though - watch out for the deathtrap,
    up above. Don't stand on the shadow in front of the Pink Nails, or
    you'll be mashed into the ground. Try to Glide over or walk around it.
    Once you have the Pink Nails, start looking. This level is pretty big,
    so you'll need to pay attention if you want to find those Gate Keys.
    Rouge has made it her duty to track down Eggman and get to the bottom
    of his plan... And she very well may be on the right track! After
    unlocking the door to Eggman's main chamber, she enters and searches
    the premesis. One of the first things that catch her eye is this
    strange mainframe. After closer inspection, she identifies it as a
    space transorter, the destination being set to ARK. The Doctor must
    have decided to go along with Shadow's plan, after all, and bring him
    the Chaos Emeralds that he wanted! Nevertheless, Rouge is still quite
    puzzled by why Eggman would want to visit an abondonned space station,
    so she boots up the gadget, and pays the colony a little visit, of her
    *6:Lost Colony*
    Eggman's finally gotten aboard the ARK, but he's not exactly where
    he wants to be... The Central Control Room's quite a distance away,
    and it's only acessible by foot. Also, it doesn't help to know that
    there's excessive power outages plaguing the level, making it pretty
    dark, everywhere. You CAN light the area around you up a little by
    destroying enemies, but the difference isn't too noticable. However,
    this level if pretty simple and straight forward, so it shouldn't be
    too hard. You'll start by taking an elevator platfrom up to a small
    walkway, with a locked door at the end. Cross over to it, and give
    one Homing Missle to each of the two Dynamite Packs clinging on.
    That'll release the lock, opening the door. Head through, and if you
    want, activate the Omochao, here, for some pointless advice about
    the colony's age. Then, follow the trail of rings, up ahead, to get
    to a single Beetle in the center of a small room. Kill the stupid
    thing, then make a left, through the door, there. Ahead, there's
    two more Beetles. Have no mercy >:D. Go through the door that the two
    heroic robots were guarding, and head down the next short walkway,
    grabbing the pulley at the end. It'll take you down a little shaft,
    stopping right above a laser intersection. Before getting off,
    though, blow apart the three Dynamite Packs on the door ahead of you.
    Then, let go of the pulley, and go through the door that you just
    opened, into another dark hallway. Go forward a bit, until you come
    to a Bomb Robot. Blow it apart, followed by a Beetle further up.
    Once both are down, continue down the hallway, and through the next
    door, at the end. As you pass through, two Beetles will charge at
    you from up ahead, but they won't attack, so don't worry. the next
    room is empty, besides a locked door, an Omochao, and some crates
    in the back-left. With a good wind-up, the Omochao will tell you that
    the switch to open the door is located somewhere in the room. If you
    haven't fugured it out, yet, it's in the pile of crates in the back
    of the room. Hit it, then continue through the door, into yet another
    dim pasageway. Right when you enter, though, make sure to destroy the
    Tank, before it gets a hit on you. Then, take down the left section
    of crates, ahead, to reveal another switch. This one will unlock a
    door further up ahead. Then, go past the reamining boxes, hitting a
    few Dash Panels, eventually ending up in a bigger room, on a small
    walkway over a large acid pit, below. Now, destroy EVERY enemy in the
    room, which includes the Tank in the center, and the long row of
    Beetles, higher up. Once the coast is clear, head down the short
    walkway, and at the end, Jump onto the elevator platform on your
    left. It'll take you up to a platform above, with a handy (and
    required) switch atop it. Flip it, opeing the door ahead of you. Pass
    the checkpoint, ahead, then go through the next door, past it. You'll
    now find in front of a huge, red balloon. Jump up to it to pop it,
    then go forward, into the dark maze. Continue down this way,
    destroying the Beetles as you come to them, and making slight lefts,
    as nessacary. You'll soon come to a Bomb Robot, so destroy it in
    sight. However, don't continue past it. Instead, look to the right
    for some crates. They'll be lined up like steps, so that you can
    use them to get up to an overhanging ledge. If you haven't gotten it
    yet, you'll see the Jet Engine, up here. Also, an Omochao resides
    here, as well, who will give you a briefing on the art of Hovering.
    If you're new to this, practice around a little, until you've gotten
    quite good. Then, go forward, making a Jump off the ledge, ahead,
    Hovering left, onto another platform dangling near the ceiling.
    Ahead, there's a real handy (and required, for that matter)
    Triggerrable Rocket. Jump onto the green switch to send it flying
    way, into the darkness, ahead. You probably won't be able to see
    this, but this rocket will break some barred crates in the distance,
    allowing you to get on with the level. Now, go forward, make a high
    leap off the ledge at the end of the platform, and Hover forwards
    until you make it over to the ledge, ahead. Proceed forward,
    through the door, into a bigger (and darker) chamber. Ahead, you'll
    see three floating platfroms, two of which are on your level. Use
    either one to get up, onto the ledge above. By now, you should have
    noticed the Gun Beetle centered above the ledge you're on. Just to
    be on the safe side, scrap it before continuing. Then, cross the
    walkway, ahead, onto the elevator platform at the end. It'll take
    you up a bit, stopping in front of a trio of Beetles. Blast 'em away,
    then Hover past their former locations, hitting the checkpoint on
    another ledge, up ahead. From here, hop down into the lower area,
    ignoring the Beetles above, then go through the next large door, ahead.
    Immediately when the door opens, though, get a quick shot on the Tank
    right ahead. If you're too slow, you'll easily be hit. Now that
    that's over with, go into the next room, making a left. Once again, a
    Tank blocks the way, here. Nothing a Homing Missle won't fix :). Go
    into the next room, blowing up the Gun Beetle hovering in the center.
    Then, get into the far-left corner of the room, and blow up all of
    the wooden crates in your sight. Once all of them are gone, you can
    use the remaining platinum crates as steps to get up to the Switch on
    the very top one. This will open the door to the next room, much like
    the previous scenario. Get down from the metallic boxes, and go
    through the door that you just opened. Destroy the Bomb Robot, ahead,
    then go through the door it was desperately trying to protect. This
    area, which seems quite similar to the nightmare Eternal Engine one,
    is actually pretty short and easy. However, there are a few danger
    zones, so a Walkthrough is a must. Start by heading down the walkway,
    destroying the Beetle, ahead. You'll soon reach a corner where Omochao
    kindly points out the gaps in the walkway. This guy's smart, no? Make
    a left, over the hole, onto where the path continues. Ahead, there's a
    Bomb Robot, there's no reason to let it live. When you get to the
    corner, make a right, destroying the annoying Tank on the path, ahead.
    Continue to follow the contours of the path, until you reach another
    broken section. Just Hover over it, and go through the door ahead of
    the platfrom that you land on. In here, another Bomb Robot awaits a
    beating ;D. Past the next door, ahead, there's an army of UNARMED
    Beetles :P. Get them all on a single lock for MAJOR bonus points. After
    you're done in here, take the elevator platform, ahead, down to the
    level below. Hover over to the next door, ahead, and go through, into
    another poorly lit hallway. A couple of Beetles will rush in from
    ahead, so be ready for them. Pass the checkpoint ahead, then continue
    through the next door. This, next room is one big swarm of enemies,
    so be extremely prepared. You'll have to fire virtually everywhere if
    you don't want to be hit. Anyway, once you've entirely cleared this
    room, head down the walkway, ahead, and Jump onto the hovering
    platfrom at the end. It'll lock your legs in place, allowing for better
    aim control, then take you up, through a huge shaft sporting ons of
    enemies. On the way up, destroy as many of them as possible for extra
    points. After the short ride, you'll stop in front of a platfrom, with
    yet another door, ahead. Don't give up, now, we're almost done! Blow
    away both Dynamite Packs on the hinges, then go through, into a short
    hallway with rings here and there. Head through it, and go through the
    next door, at the other end. You'll now be facing a Bomb Robot in the
    distance. Give it a few shots, then Jump off the ledge, ahead,
    Hovering down to a Triggerrable Rocket, on a walkway below. Fire it,
    and it'll fly forward, magically going through the locked door,
    ahead, and finally breaking some barred crates past it. It, by far,
    defies logic, but hey! It works, and that's all that matters :).
    Now, go over to the door that you just send the missle through, and
    trigger all four of the Dynamite Packs on it, to unlock the final
    door. Now, proceed forward, Jumping over and crate remains here, and
    destroying the three Beetles as they come at you from up, ahead.
    You'll soon get to another door, leading to the last room, containing
    the Goal Ring. One last small obstacle remains, though - the Bomb
    Robot, ahead. But, other than that, you can safely say that the
    level's done.
    Shadow patiently awaits Eggman's arrival in an odd chamber, mainly
    occupied by a strange, rotating device. Then, The Doctor enters the
    room, kindly greeted by the black hedgehog. Without further adue,
    Shadow reveals the dark secret of the ARK. There were many
    laboratories aboard the colony off limits to all but a few great
    scientists, one of them being Gerald Robotnik, grandfather to
    Eggman, as well as creator of Shadow. It was in these confidential
    labs that doomsday weapons were being created. The device in the
    center of the room is one of them. The Eclipse Cannon, an automated
    laser with the capacity of destroying entire planets. However, it
    was powered down along with the colony, and to re-activate it, an
    enormous amount of energy is required. Such energy can only be
    attained with the use of the Chaos Emeralds. Shadow then proceeds
    to pop in the first of the Emeralds, slightly powering up the
    Cannon. Eggman, amazed by all of this, begins to formulate a plan...
    He'll gather all of the Emeralds, power up the Cannon, and use it to
    threaten the world! However, a slight intrusion puts an end to his
    daydreams. Who else could it be, but Rouge the Bat? As a treasure
    Hunter with expertise on jewels, and having a good idea where the
    rest of the Emeralds may be located, she talks Eggman into giving
    her the Emerald Radar so that she can help. Also, as a little bonus,
    she pulls out a Chaos Emerald, making the Emerald count, now,
    We now find the Dark gang amonst some jungle trees, discussing how
    they're going to get the Chaos Emeralds. The next move's been
    decided - Eggman rushes into the base, first, distracting any
    defenses that may have been set up. In the meantime, Rouge
    penetrates security and snags the Emeralds. Also, Shadow's to plant
    Dynamite Packs in the jungle, so that no further resistance will be
    made against the trio. Then, they all escape off the island, grab
    some popcorn, and watch the fireworks. The stage is set, and now all
    they have to do is execute the plan...
    *7:Weapons Bed*
    Phase one has begun. Eggman's locked and loaded, ready to give the
    island defences a piece of his ammunition >:D. Okay, to the game...
    Start by heading forward, a bit, towards the row of deactivated Guard
    Robots, ahead. Alhrough stationary, these guys still count as targets,
    and yes, you can use them to pull off major combos! Try getting all 15
    of the ones ahead in one lock. If you do, you'll unconditionally get
    the 'Perfect!' 2000 point bonus. Not bad for starters, huh? When
    you're done with them, go around the barrier, ahead, to a little field
    of rings, followed by another barrier, up ahead. Pick up as few or as
    many rings as you want, here, then go around the blockade, to another
    area covered in startionary targets for your picking. There's a large
    group ahead, and a couple of smaller ones on the left. Take them all
    out, prefferrably at once to get your points off to a boost start. When
    you're fresh out of targets, head forward, again, around the barrier
    into the next area. Now, continue forwards, heading past the row of
    hangars on your left. You'll shortly notice another blockade in your
    path. Go left, around it, revealing a Bomb Robot anciously waiting in
    ambush, ahead. Be ready to fire unless you'd like your head blown
    off :). Past where is used to be, there's a nice 3X3 platinum crate
    stack, except for three steel crates in the lower-right corner. Quite
    useless as of the moment, as you can Jump only two crates' height, MAX.
    What to do...? Summon the Omochao to the left for a little tip. You
    need an Upgrade to continue, this time, it being the Large Cannon. Head
    backwards a short distance, keeping next to the sealed hangars on the
    left. Skim through the hangar doors, looking for one with a lone
    Dynamite Pack attatched to its center. Behind that door is the Upgarde
    you're looking for. Trigger off the Pack, blowing open the door, and
    clearing the way to the Large Cannon. Grab it, then head off back to
    the crate stack on the right. This baby will allow you to blast away
    the steel crates, here, dropping the others on top, and creating
    something resembling a staircase. Hop up it, and at the third level,
    make a leap over the tall blockade, ahead, landing on a very partial
    walkway, below. Activate the checkpoint near the ledge, ahead, then make
    a Jump off it, Hovering over to the bigger platfrom, a bit lower down.
    Watch out as you make your landing, though, there's bombs dropping from
    above! Weather you were or were not hit, though, take the Dash Panels,
    ahead, dropping you down, to another incomplete walkway. Head down,
    this way, watching out for the guys coming at you from up, ahead. The
    walkway wil soon abruptly come to an end, and a new one will begin on
    the left. Just swap lanes and continue. The camera will shift over to
    the right, revealing two more annoying robots dropping down from above.
    Either attack or run past them, just don't stand still :P. Whatever you
    did, continue down the path, until you see a small gap, ahead, followed
    by another walkway, with steel crates on the ledge. Make a high Jump
    into the air, then Hover over the crates, landing on the next section
    of walkway. Like usual, continue forward, but be wary of the large
    amount of enemies coming at you from up, ahead. Once you've gotten past
    or destroyed all of them, head to the end of this path section. Once
    there, make a hop over to the higher walkway segment on the right. Walk
    forward, past the yellow and black mark on the path, below, then stop,
    and read your aiming laser into the distance. After a few seconds of
    waiting, another guy will drop in from above. Imagine what would have
    happenned if you were there, at the time... Boom! One life down the
    drain :). Anyway, destroy it, then use your Large Cannon to break away
    the grouping of steel crates on the next walkway section, ahead. Once
    two of the three columns are gone, you can safely Hover over to there,
    and continue with your so-called distraction ;D. Hit the set of
    Springs ahead, taking them up to a higher platform, above. Pop both
    capsules up here, then hop off the ledge, ahead, Hovering down to the
    final walkway in this section. While you're at it, though, you'll
    have to destroy the guy blocking your landing area, ahead. However, it
    shouldn't prove too difficult at this point in the game... When you
    land, proceed forward, destroying the annoying enemy out of view,
    ahead. When he's down, you'll be practically done with this section.
    Just head forward, some more, until you reach the seemingly dead end.
    However, what some may not clearly see from this view is that there's
    a pulley, here. Take it up to a stationary Flyer, destroying it in
    sight. Once it's down, get off the pulley, and Hover forwards a bit,
    onto the next hangar area. Go forward, here, keeping left, avoiding
    the massive amounts of obstacles occupying the center and right areas.
    Try to squeeze in between the inactive Jet Fighters and the barriers
    on the right. If you go this way, you'll soon reach an air control
    tower, blocking your way. Now, you can only go right. Do so, and get
    to the other side of this area, avoiding the spike balls, here to the
    best of your ability. When you get to the right side, you'll be facing
    another still Flyer. Blast it away, then go forward, some more, until
    you see the Bomb Robot in the distance. Get a few hits in, then Hover
    forward, off the ledge, ahead. While still in the air, you'll notice
    a Bomb Robot above the next platfrom, in the distance. Take it out
    before it manages to fire, 'cuz you're toast once it does. Once it's
    down, continue Hovering in that direction and land on the platform,
    ahead. Nothing much, here, so just Hover off the next ledge, ahead,
    and land on the next platfrom a bit below. When doing this, you can
    also attempt to hit the balloon, here, for some rings, but it's
    nowhere close to nessacary. Upon landing, head forward, passing the
    next checkpoint near the ledge, ahead. Now, drop down, onto the next
    walkway, below. Go forward, again, switching lanes to the left when
    you reach the crate stack. Now, there'll be a guy on the right,
    giving you two choices. You can either destroy him, wasting a bit of
    time, or go ahead, not doing it. Actually, getting him out of the
    way tends to be easier, but you're still the boss... Now, break the
    middle column of these crates, ahead, allowing you to squeeze through
    the little gap you create. Now, make another walkway change to the
    right. You'll land in front of a set of steel crates, all of which
    are breakable. Destroy enough until you think that you can safely
    continue down the path, then go for it. Hit the next set of Springs,
    ahead, taking you up to another platfrom higher up, with three
    capsules on top. Pop them all open, then make a right, Hovering off
    the next ledge, there. As you're making your way to the next walkway
    segment, two Flyers will rush in from behind. They won't hurt you,
    but will provide an addition to your score if you're quick enough to
    Home Missle them. Anyway, back on track. Land on the next slim
    pathway, below, then walk across, destroying as many enemies as
    possible as they make their runs, above. You'll soon have to make a
    switch to the walkway on the left, so do so, then continue forward,
    watching out for the enemy on the right. Things can get pretty
    annoying, here, so be prepared to destroy the guy dropping in on the
    left. If you don't, he can mess things up for you, pretty bad...
    Take my word for it. Once he's through with, make another path swap
    to the left, then continue down to the end, taking the pulley up
    when you get there. You'll stop right in front of a Bomb Robot, and
    it's ready to deliver quite an explosion. Cripple it, fast. Then,
    make another leap off this pulley, onto the final (thank god!)
    hangar area. However, this, last part's harder than ever, so pay
    attention. Right around where you'll touch down onto this area, a
    gang of Flyers will drop in on you from above. Take all three out
    before things get messy. Then, like the many times before, make your
    way around the barrier, ahead, then continue down the long strip of
    runway, here. Watch out for the bombs falling from above, though.
    Anyway, you'll soon get to another blockade, go around, as usual.
    Then, Jump and Hover off the ledge, up ahead, towards another one of
    those larger platforms. As you're on your way, a Jet Fighter will
    pass py, tossing some bombs onto there. But, it you stay up for
    longer than usual, the explosions, there won't get the chance to
    hit you. When you do make the landing, though, slowly head forward,
    towards the ledge, further up. Don't rush it. There's a Flyer
    waiting just out of view below, and it'll pop up if you get close
    enough, and if you're ready, you can easily destroy it. If you rush
    this part, it'll whack you as you're making the Jump off the ledge,
    as well as follow you until one of you dies. To avoid all of that
    havock, just take it slow and be ready for it, so you take it down
    before it gets the chance to hit you. You've been warned (all too
    well). If you're tormented by that guy, it's not my problem, anymore
    :D. Anyway, once he's out of the way, Hover down to the last row of
    walkways, below. From here, simply head forward, and when you reach
    the end of this section, make a right towards the stack of steel
    crates. Blow them all apart, like usual, then continue onto the next
    section. Watch out for the guy, above! At the end of this, short
    walkway, take the Springs, here, up to the last path on the right.
    Now, just keep going forward, destroy the guy at the end, break open
    the crates on the level higher up, then get up there, yourself,
    where the Goal Ring resides. A very long and repetitive level, but
    not too hard, right?
    That mad svcientist, along with his loyal servants, issues the word
    to proceed to the next phase of the plan. However, some difficulties
    arise... Amy Rose, girlfriend to Sonic, rushes in to greet Shadow,
    mistaking him for her blue hero. After her realization of the
    terrible mistake that she just made, Eggman tells the group to go
    on without him. He'll take care of Amy... After pointing his dreaded
    Large Cannon at her head, ready to pull the trigger, Tails flies in
    from above, ready to protect Miss Rose from the likes of The
    For a first boss, this guy couldn't bee any easier. After all of
    the parctice that you've had with Eggman, so far, this should be
    cake. There's really nothing to it. Just rush at Tails, mashing on
    X or B, and the DC will do the rest. Watch as Dr. Eggman fires an
    assortment of weapons, sending that two-tailed fox to his doom.
    Other than that, there's really no need for any sort of Walkthrough
    for this one...
    *8:Security Hall*
    Rouge has entered the security vault, and is ready to steal the
    Chaos Emeralds and return to the company of the team. Shadow's also
    in place and ready to set the timer on the dynamite packs at
    Eggman's will. After a confirmation, the countdown begins at 15
    minutes. Minus the 10 minutes that it'll take everyone to get off the
    island, that gives Rouge 5 minutes to steal all of the Chaos Emeralds
    and be on her way. This level can prove quite difficult, especially to
    the inexperienced player. Sadly, there's absolutely NOTHING that I can
    think of that will help you. It's a big level, and with a time limit
    like that, you'll be at it for a while. Just use the Hint TVs and
    Emerald Radar to the fullest, and hope for the very best.
    *Boss:R1/A Flying Dog*
    As Rouge makes a run for freedom, she is confronted by another GUN
    defense robot. This boss is similar in design to the Big Foot and Hot
    Shot, however, it has no legs. In their place are powerful hovering
    jets, allowing the Flying Dog to move about freely while attacking.
    You'll need some solid Rouge performance to get by this one. The guy
    will start off with the usual GUN robot routine of flying around the
    arena, pitifully firing its machine gun. Once again, he'll even show
    you a target of where he'll shoot, so there's nothing to dodging the
    fire. In this segment, though, take some time to grab a ring. You'll
    very likely need it, later. After a few runs across the arena, he'll
    become stationary and begin to fire homing rockets at you. Run around
    like crazy until he's done. When he stops, go up to one of the barred
    walls on the sides of the arena, and Climb them about halfway, then
    Jump off and Glide towards that crazy floating hound. Go right into
    his cockpit to damage him. If you impact anywhere else, though, you'll
    be on the recieving end, so watch it. After the hit, the Flying Dog
    will re-start the sequence, firing that gun, again, followed by the
    rockets. Bash it again, for a second hit. For the third block of
    damage, he'll smarten up and add anbother attack to his combo. Before
    the machine gun part, he'll stick in a homing laser, which will
    attempt to target you, and after a few seconds, he'll release the shot
    and fire at the current location of the target. As long as you're
    running around lots, the target shouldn't be able to catch up to you.
    After this move, he'll return to the gun, and another round of
    rockets. Hit him, again. The fourth hit is the exact same thing as the
    third - the laser, the gun, the rockets, in that order. The fifth and
    final hit is similar to the previous one, except this time, he'll fire
    three consecutive homing lasers, instead of just one. The last hit
    sure is harder, but after the practice from the pervious hits, you
    shouldn't have to put too much effort into it...
    Rouge calls in to Shadow announcing that she's been locked up in that
    safe, courtesy of the auto-defenses... However, more importantly to
    Shadow, she's the one with the Chaos Emeralds! Looks like things
    aren't really going according to plan... After a brief flashback of
    Maria, Shadow realizes that to fulfil her wish, he must get those
    Chaos Emeralds. Thus, he attempts to cut through the jungle to the
    security vault to rescue those gems, not to mention the troublemaker,
    *9:White Jungle*
    The Dynamite Pack timer is irreversible, and that gives Shadow a mere
    10 minutes to get to Rouge and rescue her. Looks like that crazy bat
    messed things up pretty bad for the gang... Now, if I may say so,
    this level takes place in the exact area as Green Forest, and part of
    the level is a direct terrain copy. If you've played Green Forest in
    the Hero Side before, you should find this level quite familiar. If
    not, there's a first time for everything... You start off by
    automatically hitting a Jump Panel, then landing in a long, mossy
    half-pipe with arches overhead here and there. Make your way down,
    collecting the rings in the center, following the path as it makes a
    slight left. You'll shortly reach the end, where a Spring awaits,
    ready to take you up to a vine to the left. After a short rotation
    around a tree, you'll automatically release your grip and fall onto
    some springs on a small, torch-lit walkway, ahead. The little red
    gadgets wil take you up to an unarmed Beetle, ready for a pounding.
    Get ready for a nice combo! Give it a hit, then let yourself drop a
    bit lower, so that you can Home Attack the Guard Robot, below. Then,
    after that, complete the stunt with another well-timed attack on the
    Gun Beetle, further up, ahead. If you pull the whole thing off, you'll
    get the 'Nice!' 200 smackaroos. Now, continue forward, into the
    flinging handle, ahead. Upon contact, Shadow will grab on, and be
    flung up to a platform, higher up. When tou land, you'll be in front
    of a wooden blockade with a tiny hole at the bottom. If, for some odd
    reason, you've forgotten how to perform the Somersault, get a little
    review from the Omochao, here. Then, use it to slip under the
    blockade, and continue forward, grabbing the next fling hangle, there.
    This one will take you up to a platfrom with a checkpoint. Activate
    it, then head forward, down the next long half-pipe, here. After
    passing under the arches, you'll soon come to a few Dash Panels. Hit
    them, getting enough speed for the large loop, ahead. After you get
    right-side up, again, continue down the path as it makes a left, then
    contiues forward, again, towards a Jump Panel at the end. Take it over
    to another set of Springs on the platfrom, ahead. After imnpacting
    both sets, you'll pop the helpful capsule above the field of Skiped
    Tanks, below. Try not to get pierced by their spikes during your
    landing :). You can now destroy both of them if you want, which I
    reccommend to net those points, but, hey, it's a free country (here,
    anyway :P)! Weather they're still there or not, make your way forwards,
    to the next set of barriers. Unlike before, though, this time, it
    matters which one you go under. The right one proves quicker as
    there's a set of Dash Panels on the other side, so take it unless your
    goal is a low time bonus. You'll now be in an area with a slight
    incline on the left, followed by a trio of enemies, up, ahead. Atop
    that small ledge t your left is also a very handy Bomb that will allow
    you to clear the area, ahead without getting your hands dirty. Pop it,
    then make another decision as far as paths go. If you have the Flame
    Ring and Air Shoes, you can sacrifice a little time, now, for an extra
    life. To do this, break open the steel crate on your left, revealing a
    Switch. Press it to make a trail of rings appear, ahead. Use the Light
    Dash on them to be taken up to a floating platfrom, higher up, with an
    1-Up dead ahead. Grab it, then take the pulley on your right back down
    to the regular path. This will cost you 5-7 seconds timewise, you
    decide if it's worth it for you. If what you want is a high rank,
    though, just head down the normal way, until you reach the end of the
    platfrom. This is where the two paths meet up, so continue following
    the Walkthrough, here, whichever alternative you chose. Go foward,
    using the next fling handle, ahead, to get to another similar platform,
    in the distance. Continue forward, down the small hill, stopping in
    front of the black and red deathtrrap, ahead. Once again, you now have
    two choices, here. You can either pass under the trap as it's coming
    upwards, then destroy the Guard Robot to the right, or Somersault
    under the barrier on the left, hitting some Dash Panels, there, saving
    on time points. Either one is fine and will give you a nearly equal
    score. However, the second method is slightly more difficult to pull
    off before the trap's next impact, so beginners, go with the latter.
    Anyway, whatever you did, you'll now be facing a Sping, ahead. Take
    it, and while at the peak of the jump, try to pop the capsule atop the
    tree to the right. It's more of an advanced maneuver, but it never
    hurts to try, even for novices. Anyway, when you make the fall onto
    the platform, below, Somersault the Spiked Tank, here for a few
    points. Now, you have yet another choice to make. One way gets you to
    your destination quicker, while the other gets you a handy Magnet
    Shield. Both are worth it, so this one's up to you. NORMAL WAY: Simply
    head forward, a bit, grabbing the fling handle, there, up to a
    platfrom higher up. SHIELD WAY: Head forward a tiny bit, until you
    reach the end of the platfrom. Do not, however, hit the fling handle,
    there. Instead, make a nice hop over to the floating platfrom on the
    right. This one will rise and fall in a pattern, as will the shield
    on the Beetle to the right. It may take a while to get the right
    moment, but when the platform is at or near its peak height, and the
    Beetle's shield  is off, Home Attack it, making a landing on the next
    floating platform, further right. Now, when this one gets to its
    pinnacle elevation, Home Attack the Spring on the platform, ahead.
    You'll be taken through a series of bounces, collecting the promised
    Magnet Shield, then landing on the platform where both ways meet up.
    Okay, now back to the game... Destroy the Guard Robot, ahead, by any
    means desired, then, Somersault under the wooden barrier in the wall,
    ahead. You'll now find yourself in a slightly darker cave. Make your
    way through it, collecting the rings along the way. At the end, hit
    the Dash Panel, which will automatically throw you through the
    checkpoint, ahead, sending you into another green half-pipe. Refrain
    from Jumping, because you'll really screw yourself up, that way.
    Instead, try to stay centered, so that you hit a few Dash Panels
    before the next loop. After you make it, you'll run forward a little
    more, then hit a Dash Panel where the path comes to an end. This,
    next part is where the level joins up with Green Forest, making the
    next few bits of the level quite similar to Green Forest. However,
    don't worry, the two level's paths will split up, again, soon. After
    falling through the rectangular gap in the ground, head left a little
    bit, until you reach the blockade, there. Two Guard Robots will drop
    in, now, so destroy them for extra points. Then, Somersault under the
    barrier, but hault on the other side, because there's a real nasty
    Electric Beetle waiting up, ahead. Its shiled is now most likely on,
    so simply slip by it, if it is. If not, you're purely lucky, and you
    can destroy it for extra points. Whatever you do, though, head up the
    small ramp, here, followed by hitting the Dash Panels, ahead. You'll
    then make a half-loop, then hit some Springs up to another area,
    higher, up. There will now be two Guard Robots, ahead of you, but these
    are a bit more dangerous than the ones that you've encountered, so far.
    Why is hard to say, but I tend to screw up a lot here, for them being
    mere Guard Robots... Thus, take them out quicker than usual, before
    things get ugly. Then, head forward, some more, breaking the stack of
    crates, up, ahead. Now, continue forward, hitting the checkpoint, then
    going down another half-pipe. You may be getting sick of them, by now,
    but just bear with me. At the end, you'll reach another Spring, take
    it up to another vine, on the left. This one will drop you off towards
    a tiny floating platfrom with a single Spring on it, which you'll hit
    and take to the bigger platform, ahead. ***Incomplete***
    *I've decided to stop writing here, because this is taking WAY too
    long. Expect more in the next update.*
                               3.3-Last Side
    ------------------------Major Spoiler Warning-------------------------
    Call me crazy, but I've decided to stuff in yet another spoiler
    warning, right here :). The entire 'Last Side' section will give away
    important information about the plot, levels, and other things that
    you may not wish to know until you find out, for yourself. So, if you
    have not yet unlocked the Last Side story, PLEASE take my advice and
    do not read past this warning. If I could, I'd stop you from reading
    it if you didn't have the Last Side unlocked, but I can't... I'll just
    give you a gentleman's warning. It's still up to you if you want to
    read on, but please take my advice. It'll only be for your own good.
    Sonic's finally beaten Eggman to the console and neutralized it.
    Everything seems to be fine and dandy... But is it...? Here is the
    final episode of Sonic Adventure 2. It's played by every single
    playable character in the game, including Super Sonic and Super
    Shadow :D. This story consists of one really long level and two huge
    bosses. In the big picture, it goes...
    Final Stage:Cannon's Core
    Boss:The Biolizard
    Final Cutscene
    Final Boss:The FinalHazard
    Dr. Eggman is left in the dark as his attempt to fire the Eclipse
    Cannon fails. Looks like Sonic pulled it off, after all! What can you
    say? He's the fastest in the world! However, besides the Eclipse
    Cannon not dooming the world, an unusual malfunction becomes
    apparent... Danger symbols flash everywhere, and the picture on the
    main console consists on nothing but static. Then, just as quickly as
    it had begun, a picture of an old man in an electric chair appears on
    the screen. Unmistakably, it's Gerald Robotnik, grandfather to Eggman.
    It appears to be a recording of his final words before he was
    executed. What could all of this mean?????
    Back aboard the ARK, Sonic and Knuckles hop back into the Central
    Control Room, thinking that they've saved the day. Suddenly, a strange
    and intense vibration rocks the colony. While the two try to make
    sense of what's going on, Rouge flies in, telling them that she just
    recieved a call from Eggman telling her that the colony is
    accellerating on a collision course with Earth. Everyone's alarmed to
    hear this, but before they can clear anything up, the same recording
    that Eggman saw earlier is displayed in the Control Room...
    The movie of Gerald's death wish is automatically transmitted down to
    Earth and replaces all other broadcasts. The world watches in fear as
    they hear the genius' death sentence upon the planet. It seems that
    all of this was NOT a malfunction, after all, and that it was pre-set
    by Gerald when he was still alive! He has purpously doomed the Earth
    for revenge on all of mankind! Why is still anyone's guess...
    Once again, aboard the ARK, the entire SA2 gang, sans Shadow and Dr.
    Eggman, gazes at Gerald's final words on the main screen. Then, after
    an accusation on mankind of taking everythig he had away from him, he
    is executed on the spot. The rumbling gets worse, then Eggman enters
    the room, letting them know about who Gerald is. Naturally, the entire
    group accuses Eggman for all of this, but, for the first time, it's
    actually not him... He's crazy, yes, but not enough to sacrifice
    himself to kill anyone. To save time explaining why he really released
    Shadow in the first place, he hands Rouge Gerald's diary on a floppy
    disc. Rouge trots over to a mainframe and reads the last segment to
    all of the watching eyes in the room. Within the contents, Gerald
    explains his will for creating the Ultimate Life Form to benefit all
    of mankind. But then, as he was working on it, the military raided his
    base, destroying anything and everything that he's been working on,
    including the Ultimate Life Form. The Ultimate Life Form was
    interpreted as a doomsday weapon, and Gerald was wrongly accused of
    attempting world domination. Thus, all of his other projects had been
    invaded and shut down, including the ARK. Maria, Gerald's
    granddaughter, was unfortunately onboard the ARK that day, and killed
    during the takeover. Maria meant EVERTHING to him! A while later,
    Gerald completed the Ultimate Life Form, based on his memory of the
    previous model. Thus, Shadow was born... Then, soon after, he was
    sentenced to capital punishment, and the film was made... In the
    diary, Gerald asks the reader to free Shadow to finally fulfill his
    death wish... Now you know how it happenned! Dr. Eggman, having the
    great mind that he does, scrambles together a last resort to stopping
    the ARK - removing the power source, the Chaos Emeralds. Rouge points
    out that the Master Emerald has the power to do that, if only within
    a small radius of them. However, the Emeralds are now located in the
    Cannon's Core, and the only way to get to them is very dangerous and
    will require everyone's help... But, it's the only way for them to
    live, so they all agree...
    *Final Stage:Cannon's Core*
    Get it through your head, first. This level is the longest, biggest,
    hardest, baddest, and annoyingest (hehe) level you'll ever come across
    in Sonic Adventure 2. Everyone I've ever met has had at least one
    problem with this level, so it's perfectly normal to get stuck at one
    part :D. That's what walkthroughs are for, after all!!! Also, another
    unusual thing about this stage is that it's played by all of the
    characters, taking turns, excluding Shadow, as he's not present,
    during this time. Don't worry, though, Shadow lovers, he'll be back
    :P. But, I'm sure you're just dying mad to get to the real meat of
    this level's walkthrough, so, let's begin...
    -Tails: You begin the level as that manic mechanic fox, on a mission
    to breach the first security door. As expected, this is the easiest
    part of the level. However, it does push your Tails skills to the
    limit, so be aware. As many other Tails stages have it, this one
    opens with you falling down a gap, into a small room with a locked
    door, up ahead. However, this door's as simple to unlock as the ones
    in Iron Gate, even if it looks tough. Just lock and destroy all of
    the Dynamite Packs in the corners to open it. Pass through, sliding
    by the Shield Robot in this hallway. There's absolutely no reason to
    bother with it, you'll just waste time, or even worse, get hit. At
    the other end, go through the door, and enter the larger and taller
    room, ahead. However, get your laser sight ready, there's a deadly
    Bomb Robot, ahead! Dispose of it, like you've done to all of the
    others, in the past ;). Dr. Eggman will now give you a shout about you
    having to destroy the door leading to the Cannon's Core. Tune in if
    this is your first time hearing it. Then, make your way through the
    passageway to your left, touching the Omochao, here, for info on what
    a Time Stopper is, if you don't know, already. Then, put those words
    to use and fire once or twice at the switch ahead, to freeze time as
    you know it. This will immobilize the spike ball in the center of the
    room, so you can get to the other side without worrying about it
    getting a whack on you. However, this doesn't make it incapable of
    hurting you if you run into it... But, you should be able to get by
    without damage. When you get to the other side of the room, and you're
    at the door, stop, and turn around, back towards the Time Stopper.
    Switch on your laser sight, and swing it around, a bit, so that you
    get a lock on the Time Stopper. Once you have one, fire at it, and run
    through the door, ahead. Then, run down the hallway, and quickly fire
    a Homing Missle at the frozen Chaos Creature, up ahead. While the Time
    Stopper is still on, you will be able to destroy the Chaos Creature
    through its jelly, without worrying about it hitting you. Doing this
    will also unlock the door that it was covering. Continue running down
    the hallway, and if you were quick enough, you'll make it to the door
    on the other side, with the Time Stopper still in effect. This way,
    you can bypass the baggage of Guard Robots from above. If not, those
    guys will slow you down, a bit... Either way, when you come to the
    door, go through, into the next room. In here, there's a short walkway
    leading to a floating platform. Get onto it, and it'll lock your legs
    in place, taking you down a gap littered with Beetles. It wouldn't
    hurt you to hurt them for points :P. When you get to the bottom, blast
    away at the five Dynamite Packs on the door, ahead. Then, Jump over to
    and go through it, into the next hallway with horizontal laser beams,
    ahead. There's only one way to get past them, and that's to trigger
    the Time Stopper on the ground, beside them. Give it a shot or two,
    and that'll stop the lasers long enough for you to get by them. But,
    don't stop, now... Keep going, and blow up the Bomb Robot flying
    higher up, before time runs out. There's another set of lasers a bit
    more down the hallway, so trigger the Time Stopper, higher up. That'll
    give you that extra time you need to get past them. Once you're on the
    other side, hop down, into the HUGE void, below. Once you fall past
    the floating platform in the center, start Hovering, towards the other
    side of the room. When you get there, you'll notice another locked
    door with two Dynamite Packs on it. As quickly as you can, bust them
    both open, and go through the door, when it unlocks. If you don't
    trigger them both open in time, you'll already be too low to make it
    through the door, and you'll fall into the pit. Anyways, past the
    door, there's a Bomb Robot. Destroy it, then go through the next door,
    down the passageway. In the next room, there's another dreaded Chaos
    Creature. Just go up to it and use a Propeller Punch for best effect,
    even though you'll probably be hit once or twice. Once it's out of the
    picture, blow away the two Guard Robots that dropped from where you
    came from. Once they're out of comission, the door ahead will open up
    for your convenience. Pass through, into the room with the two
    deathtraps, in the distance. To get past this obstace, you'll need to
    hit the Time Stopper behind the traps at just the right time, so that
    they're perfectly aligned for you to either jump over or pass under
    them. It shouldn't take long to get the hang of it, just make sure to
    retreat it you mess up, or you're an easy pancake :D. When you get
    past them, both, go through the door up ahead, into the final room of
    Tails' section. In here, start by blowing up the Bomb Robot dead
    ahead. If you leave him alone, he'll surely damage you, and probably
    mess you up, pretty bad, as well. Plus, you get points, too. So make
    sure to take him out, before anything else. Then, hit the Time Stopper
    behind his former self to turn off all motion in the room, which is a
    real big help. Then, go to either the very left or very right of the
    room, and Jump onto the platform, you'll find, there. If you think
    that, from the platform's current position, you can make it up onto
    the ledge, ahead, then go for it. If not, wait for the switch to wear
    off, and hit it when the platform's in a more convenient location.
    When you make it up, onto the ledge, head forward, but stop right
    before the trap. ow, lock the Time Stopper, and wait for it to slam
    down. Then, trigger it, and use the trap as a step, to get onto the
    ledge, higher up. In the wall ahead of you, you'll notice a strange
    looking door. That's the door that Eggman talked about. Hit it with
    your Volkan Cannon like crazy until it breaks open, and you're done
    with Tails' part in the level.
    -Dr. Eggman: This is the ultimate test for controlling Eggman. It has
    quite a few trouble spots, and may take a few tries to beat, so keep
    patient and remember that practice makes perfect :). Unlike what
    you'd think, you don't fall through a tunnel in the beginning of this
    section! You start off quite low to the ground, and make really slight
    fall, if it can be considered one. So, there's a real nice change...
    Anyway, I won't keep you. Here's the Walkthrough. Start by going
    forward, a bit (or right according to the camera), towards the Shield
    Robots, up ahead. Destroy them if you must, but I'd reccommend
    whizzing by them to guarantee that you don't get hurt. Whatever you
    do, though, go past them (or where they used to be), into the room
    with the circle of rings in the center. Watch out, though, because in
    each corner of this room, there's a Guard Robot waiting to drop in on
    you from above. To the left, there's a locked door, which can only be
    opened by destroying all of those Guard Robots. Do so, then continue
    through the door, into another one of those rooms with an elevator
    platform in the middle. First, destroy the Bomb robot floating above
    the elevator platform, so it doesn't kill you on your way up. Then,
    Jump onto the platform to be fastened in, and you'll be taken up a
    shaft, with Beetles here and there. Once again, you can increase your
    rank by destroying these guys. At the top, you'll come to an open
    door, without an sort of lock. Why is quite beyond me... Anyway, Jump
    over to it, and go through, into the room with the two Chaos Creatures
    in it. Once again, the Punch technique is your best bet, even if it
    will cost you some health. Once both Chaos Creatures are down for the
    count, the door ahead will open. Go through, popping the capsule
    floating in the air, above the pit. Then, take the pulley in the
    center of the room, down the shaft. It gives the level a bit more
    variety instead of it always being elevator platforms :). At the
    bottom, you'll reach a ledge with two Shield Robots waiting to die.
    Jump over to the ledge they're on, lock them both, and wait for them
    to drop their Shields to fire at you. Then, whamo! Homing Missles
    away! Once the dust's settled, go through the door, ahead. Go down
    this next hallway, destroing the Beetles atop the crates if desired.
    Also, on your way down it, watch out for the three Floating Chaos
    Creatures coming from up ahead. At the end, you'll get to another
    laser grid. Hit the Time Stopper above it, then proceed. Also, if you
    can, try to hit the Chaos Creature, ahead, before time runs out to
    destroy it much easier. If you take too long, you'll have to do it
    the other, longer way... Anyways, when it's down, go through the door,
    ahead, into the room of acid and blocks. Get a little clue from
    Omochao as to how to get to the other side of this room. You have to
    use the black and white blocks to get over. How? Well, there's many
    ways, I'll just tell you mine. I'm very well aware that there may be
    better ones, but I'm just putting my own in. Anyway, start by locking
    the Time Stopper in the center of the room, then hitting it when the
    closest block to the right is just a bit out of the tube. Then, Jump
    onto it, and from there, Jump really high, and start Hovering forward.
    Keep going until you get past the place where the acid flows down
    like a waterfall. Down there, there's going to be three block tubes,
    lined up side-by-side. You have to get onto the block coming from the
    right one. If it's already out, by all means, just get on, but if it
    isn't, you'll have to Hover over to the rim connecting the middle one
    and the right one, and stay on there until it comes out, again.
    Either way, stay on, until you get up to a door. When you see it, Jump
    off, and Hover over to it. Now, go down the hallway, here, past all of
    the obstacles and enemies. It's too complex in this hallway to explain
    it in detail, but you probably won't need it, anyway. It's actually
    pretty straight forward. However, try to hit the Time Stopper as soon
    as you see it, so you stop the annoying blocks and enemies from
    moving. Anyway, when you get to the other end, slip through the door,
    and activate the first checkpoint, ahead. The camera will scoot over
    to the right, to reveal a door. Go through, and Jump down the
    humungous gap, here. Yes, it's safe :). On your way down, you'll come
    across lasers and enemies galore, but try to dodge them with all that
    you have in you. Whenever you're on a collision course with something,
    try Hovering out of the way, then dropping down, again. Anyway, when
    you get near the bottom, you'll see that the outer walls are lined
    with Time Stoppers. Trip any one, then Hover down, keeping going
    forward. If you do thir right, you'll soon land on a platform in front
    of a door. Charge through it, and get in close to the two Chaos
    Creatures, in here. Then, give each one a good Punch to open the next
    door, up ahead ;). This next room is a look-alike of the last one that
    you came across as Tails, and, as luck would have it, this is the last
    one you'll play as Eggman, too! However, this time, it's a bit harder,
    as you'll have to use those annoying blocks, again. But still, I found
    a pretty easy strategy that anyone should be able to pull off... Start
    by locking the Time Stopper, ahead. Then, wait for a block to come
    along from the right, and when it reaches the left edge of the
    platform you're on, flip it. Now, Jump onto that block that you just
    used to time the lock release, followed by the next one, a little
    ahead of it. Then, let time start up again. When it doesn, you'll
    begin to move up. What you want to do is get onto that big ledge, to
    the right. Just as soon as you think you can make it over there, get
    off this block, and go for it. Don't wait any longer than you have to,
    or you'll be squashed into the acid pit in the ceiling. It may take a
    few tries to get the timing down. Anyway, once you're on there, it's
    blue skies 'til the end of Eggman's section. Just go forward, to the
    next security door, and give it a few Volkan Cannon shots, like you
    did, before, with Tails.
    -Rouge: Unlike the previous segmanets, you don't breach a security
    door, here. Instead, you must flood the core's dome, to gain access
    to the switch that opens the door to the core. Anyway, many get stuck
    on this part, so I won't hold you back... start by climbing the
    closest pillar to your right. It's the only one that you can fully
    climb, to the top. Once there, make a really high Jump, and Glide over
    to the pillar accross from the one you're on, right now. Once you get
    onto it, start Climbing, some more. Once again, get onto the top. Once
    there, shift the camera so that you an see the two remaining pillars
    on the screen. In the same way as before, get over to the next one,
    and Climb it. At the top of this one, there's only one way to go - to
    the last pillar. However, this one's a tiny bit harder due to the huge
    beam coming from the ceiling. But, sitll, it shouldn't be too hard to
    do after all that practice in the Treasure Hunting levels :D. Once
    again, when you get there, Climb to the top. Up here, there's a Time
    Stopper. But wait, don't flip it, yet. It may be hard to notice, but
    the camera's showing you something. It's facing this wierd, orange
    waterfall, right? If you have real good eyes, you can also make out a
    little opening behind the waterfall, near its base. Right now, it's
    inaccessible, due to the rushing water, but that's where the Time
    Stopper comes in... Hit it, then, quickly leap down, to the bottom of
    the waterfall. If you haven't already, you'll soon notice that opening
    that I mentioned before. Get in there, before time runs out. Sadly,
    doing this will trap you in this area, and it may be a little bit
    difficult to get back out. But, it's the only way, so don't feel
    bad :). You'll now be in a narrow hallway, with rings and a Shield
    Robot in the distance. Get the rings, and Kick the Shield Robot out of
    your way. Then, hop down, into this next room, onto the platform
    floating in the acid pool, below. The camera will center itself onto a
    Time Stopper, ahead. You very well may have noticed the blocks in this
    room, and every time you see those, you can bet that you'll need to
    freeze time :P. That's what that Time Stopper's for. Cling onto the
    wall that it's on, and get close to it, but don't trip it, just yet.
    You'll see a passage, above, with blocks constantly being spat out of
    there. Your role is to hit the switch right after one of the blocks
    comes out, so you can just barely squeeze into the passageway. You've
    had lots of practice timing, so this shouldn't prove to be too much of
    a challenge. If you did it right, you'll be able to get into the short
    hallway, and out, at the other end, without being cut off by one of
    the blocks. In this, next room, you'll have to get onto the central
    platform where a vital switch is located. It shouldn't be too hard of
    a task, especially for such an experienced Climber. Once on there,
    destroy the Chaos Creature, revealing a Switch under it. As there's no
    rhyme or reason not to, turn it on. The screen will then zoom out,
    back to the main chamber, where you'll see the cover in the center
    break open, revealing a large switch. You'll have to go back there,
    and push it. However, the way back's a bit easier, so don't worry.
    Turn the camera to the entrance/exit for this room, and go over there,
    when a block isn't in the way of the opening. Then, just follow along
    with the block, ahead, to the previous room. Once again, drop down, to
    the platform, below. Give the camera a 180, facing the Time Stopper.
    Go over to it, and give it a hit, but this time, it doesn't matter
    when. Once you've frozen time, quickly get to the other side of the
    room were a Spring conveniently awaits to take you up, to the
    passageway that you used to get in here. One note, here. On rare
    occasions, one of the blocks flying across the room will stop your
    ascent. In this case, just wait for the Time Stopper to wear off, wait
    for it to move out of the way, and try again. Let's get back on track,
    though. Take the Spring up, to the slim passageway that you used to
    get into this poom the first time, and run through, past the
    waterfall, before the Time Stopper wears off and you have to repeat
    the entire section, again. Once you're out, just go to the middle of
    this main room, and Jump onto the Switch, there, to complete Rouge's
    -Knuckles: I've had horrendous amounts of e-mails complaining about
    this part's difficulty, because you'll keep on drowning, sooner or
    later. A walkthrough won't help that, but geting the Air Necklace,
    will. It allows you to breathe underwater, without worrying about Air
    Bubbles and other useless things. There's a brief Walkthrough on how
    to get it in the Knuckles The Echidna section, near the beginning of
    the FAQ. While it IS possible to beat the level without the Air
    Necklace, it takes a very skilled player to do so. I was really
    unfortunate to not know about the Air Necklace when I beat this level,
    and it took HOURS. So, unless you're desperately in need of a
    challenge, or you're plain stupid, go get the Air Necklace before
    even attempting this section. Also, this Walkthrough was written as
    if you had the Air Necklace, and I won't even come close to bothering
    with listing Air Bubble loctaions. Now, finally, to the Walkthrough...
    You'll start off with a call from Eggman telling you to find the
    switch to open the final security door. But, that's pretty
    irrellevant. Start off by Diving into the water, and heading up-right,
    to the pillar with the Time Stopper on it. Hit it, then press A to
    re-surface, again. Once out of the water, quickly, head towards and
    past the Chaos Creature down one of the paths. But, don't stop there,
    keep running past it, until you hit a wall. This will ensure that
    you'll be past the laser beams, here, when they appear. Let the Time
    Stopper wear off, now, and a Guard Robot will soon appear along with
    the laser beams that I mentioned. Kill it, then use the Drill Claw on
    the steel crates, breaking them, and hitting a Spring, below. It'll
    take you up to a Pulley in the ceiling, which, in turn, will take you
    up to a little 'attic', above. Get off the Pulley, and go forward, a
    little bit, hitting the Switch on the ground, here. As the camera so
    kindly points out, the laser beams from where the waterfall originally
    flowed from will vanish, allowing a clear path into the passageway,
    there. Now, continiue forward, and when you reach another wall, give
    the ground another good Drill Dive. This will take you back down to
    the chamber that you started off in. Get back to the pool in the
    center, and make another Dive. Hoever, this time, ignore the Time
    Stopper, and go through that passageway that was formerly blocked by
    the laser grid. I can't really navigate you to it, but I'll say that
    it's the topmost passage in the outer walls. Swim down the hallway,
    keeping out of the center, because a Chaos Creature will fire, there.
    At the end, pass by it, and get up, onto the highest ledge in this
    room, ahead. Atop it, you'll find a Switch that de-activates the laser
    grid covering the passageway, up ahead. However, you still can't get
    through it, because a strong current flows through there. You need a
    Time Stopper for this one! In this case, it's near the ceiling, at the
    other side of the room. Flip it, then, as quickly as you can, get
    through that passageway before the current blows you back. It may take
    a few attempts to do this, though. Anyway, past that hallway, there's
    a huge room, lined with lasers. See if you can maneuver to the bottom
    without getting hit. One there, look in the center for a Time Stopper.
    Stand on it, so that you can change your camera towards a passageway
    in one of the walls. There's only one, so you can't be mistaken. Once
    you see it, Get off the Time Stopper, and really quickly, get through
    that passageway, above the crates, ahead, and to the Time Stopper past
    them. Land on it, and stay there, getting ready for the next section.
    You'll have to pass both sets of crates in the short time that the
    game gives you. Make sure to push on your Analog Thumb Pag full-blast
    and stay away from the walls and crates, which will slow you down.
    Once you make it past the second set of crates, though, you're safe.
    The switch is in this room, so you can relax, now. Just ignore the
    Chaos Creature, and on the ground past and below it, is the switch.
    The final security door opens, allowing for Sonic to join the party!
    -Sonic: I have absolutely NO IDEA why, but this is the shortest, not
    to mention, easiest segment of the level. There is one little spot
    where you might be stuck, but that's about it... However, it IS the
    coolest part of the level. You start off by sliding down a pipe, being
    spat out, into a room full of Chaos Creatures. Thankfully, though,
    there's a Time Stopper dead ahead, to ease the commotion. While the
    first Chaos Creature attacks you, run forward, and hit it, giving you
    all the time in the world to use the Chaos Creatures as stepping
    stones to cross over to a somewhat Crazy Gadget-like hallway, ahead.
    Go forward, now, collecting the rings along the way. You'll soon get
    to a Splitting Chaos Creature, but it'll be cake to defeat. With it
    gone, make a right, through the door, here. Go forward, until you
    reach two Shield Robots, guarding a Floating Chaos Creature, in the
    distance. Take them both out, then crank up good ol' Omochao, here,
    for a brief warning on there not being any ground below the Chaos
    Creautre, ahead. Gee, you could never have thought of that, right?!?
    Anyway, this is the part that I screwed myself over, and I lost about
    ten lives, figuring it out. At first glance, it looks like you'll have
    to use the Chaos Creature, ahead, as a target, followed by a trail of
    Beetles, or something similar. However, it's nothing like that,
    killing the Chaos Creature actually opens a door back in the place
    that you turned right, in. To kill it without being a kamikaze, Home
    Attack it, then Home attack, back onto the platfrom. I usually never
    screw up, now, but it may take one or two lives to do it, the first
    time. Anyway, once the door's opened, backwards, or otherwise towards
    the camera. When the camera starts to shift, stop, and let it finish.
    Then, proceed down this next hallway, carefully, watching out for all
    of the Guard Robots dropping in from the ceiling. There's three in
    all. Destoy them, then continue down the hallway, leaping over the
    laser grid, when you see it. Now, ahead, you should see a Guard Robot
    next to a Time Stopper, and past the two, a tall laser grid. Send the
    Robot to the scrapyard, hit the switch, then make a dash down the next
    part of the hallway, evading the Bomb Robot and blocks, on the way.
    You'll soon fall into a vertically lacking room with rushing water
    covering the ground. Ahead, there's a place where you have to
    Somersault under a fence, which is impossible due to the movement of
    the water. Time Stopper time! Above that fence, is another needy
    time-freezing tool. Bounce up to the little ledge, there, and give the
    Time Stopper a little tug. Now, go back down, to the now-frozen water,
    and Somersault under the fence, like you intended to, in the fisrt
    place. You'll see a pretty tall ledge, ahead, so use another Bounce
    Attack to get up there. Then, get past the blocks flying around, up
    here, and get into the red-lit tunnel, here. Grab the pipe, ahead, and
    enjoy the ride! At the end, you'll fall onto a water slide, but you'll
    be going the wrong way. You'll have fight the current by Jumping and
    Home Attacking up the slide. When you reach the top, you'll start to
    slide down, again, but don't fight it, anymore. Let the current take
    you away. After a short ride, you'll fall onto a steeper slide, below,
    followed by a series of tunnels. After that, you'll be dumped onto the
    Goal Ring.
    Amy is nervously trotting back and forth across the colony's hallways,
    until she comes across the Centeral Control Room, and notices Shadow,
    looking back at the Earth. Then, finally remembering that worrying
    won't help anyone, she goes up to him, trying to convince him to help
    the others out. After all it is Shadow's planet, too, that's in
    danger. After a dramatic speech, Amy mentions those unforgettable
    words... 'Please, do it for them. Give them a chance...'. We now go to
    a sudden flashback of Maria's death wish. 'Give them a chance, to be
    happy... Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog...' Maria's wish, was a plea to
    help mankind, after all! Shadow then realizes his true purpouse, his
    true reason for being created. He then snaps out of it, realizing what
    he must do. Then, in a last attempt to right all of his wrongs, he
    dashes off, to the Cannon's Core.
    Sonic and Knuckles have finally made their way to the core of the
    Eclipse Cannon, seeing that the actual Cannon is a re-make of the
    Master Emerald Shrine. Gerald was a real genius! This way, he could
    harness the true power of the Chaos Emeralds! With only minutes left
    before the impact, the two run over, to the Shrine. However, you can't
    fool a guy like Gerald so easily... In a last attempt to stop his plan
    from being foiled, Gerald has put in a little safeguard. The room
    lights up with scenes of Gerald's final words, followed by a huge
    electrical disturbance, warping a huge monster into the room. Knuckles
    immediately identifies it as the prototype for the ultimate life from,
    the creature on which Shadow was primarily based on. Sonic braces
    himself for action, when suddenly, Shadow comes in, saying that he'll
    take the prototype on, by himself. Then, he angrily orders the others
    to get to the Shrine, before it's too late...
    *Boss:The Biolizard*
    Here they are, face to face, the prototype, and the real thing.
    Although he looks nothing like Shadow, the Biolizard still packs quite
    a punch, and is a very difficult boss to beat. However, just for your
    convenience, I'll take the time to write up the entire boss strategy,
    here. The arena, this time, is two semi-rings, with a pool of water in
    the center and in the gaps between the two parts. On each half are two
    rows of rings, with the Biolizard occupying most of the middle area.
    Sound easy? It's not. If you happen land in any pool of water, here,
    you'll be sucked out, and you'll die. And if that weren't bad enough,
    you'll have to Jump the water lots, giving you all the more
    opportunities to screw up. So, pay attention at all times. Anyway,
    onto how to beat the boss... You guessed it, grab a ring. You'll die
    in mere seconds unless you do. However, I said one, not two. You'll
    probably be hit 20+ times during the boss fight, so only get one ring
    at a time, and don't waste them. Once you're protected, start running
    away from the Biolizard's head, much like you did when fighting King
    Boom Boo. And yes, that means not too much, or he'll switch to his
    tail, and you probably won't be able to change direction in time.
    After a little while of this, Bio will freeze, and start to spit smoke
    out of his mouth. Now's your change to attack! Grind up the rail
    that's facing the outside of the arena, and you'll be taken up, to his
    red life support system. Jump up, and Home Attack it to make your
    first hit. After this, the prototype will start to chase you with his
    head, again, but quicker. Use the same strategy as before. However,
    now, when hes done, he'll stop, and start to spit black energy balls
    at you. There's two levels that he shoots them at, which is randomly
    decided by the game. One is a low shot, that you can dodge by Jumping
    over it, and one is a high shot, that requires you to Somersault
    under. If you're hit, however, the Biolizard will give you a few
    seconds to get back your ring(s) before shooting, again. You'll
    probably be hit by every single one at first, but soon, you'll get the
    hang of it. After this routine, he'll go back to standing still and
    spitting smoke. Give him a second hit, just like before. For the third
    hit, do the exact same thing that you did for the second one. After
    he's been whacked three times, though, he'll start to get serious. His
    attacks will become a lot more intense and longer, so you'd better be
    ready. Also, this time, instead of just standing there, waiting for a
    hit, he'll deploy an enormous amount of little pink eggs, and launch
    them at you, one by one. However, this gives you a chance to hit him,
    as well. You can Home Attack the eggs, and use them as stepping stones
    to get up to his life support system, for another hit. The fifth hint
    is just a harder version of his fourth. However, one change to your
    strategy should be that right after you make the hit, and he's still
    stunned, run around, and grab every single ring that you see, in
    preparation for the next hit. After a few seconds, the Biolizard will
    form a huge updraft, as well as the usual eggs, in a sort of
    tornado-like motion. You won't get back to the ground until the
    fight's over, meaning that you can't go back for your rings. However,
    if you have lots, and you're lucky, you might be able to grab one or
    two as you lose them. That's why I told you to get them, before.
    Anyway, what you have to do, here, is maneuver around the eggs, to
    get to the life support system, once again, and give it a final blow.
    Try not to get hit, but even if you are, and have no more rings,
    charge forward, while you're still invincible, heading towards your
    target. Once you're done with this, last hit, The Biolizard will drop
    dead, to the ground.
    Sonic and Knuckles run towards the Shrine, in a last attempt to stop
    the power of the Chaos Emeralds, and deplete the ARK of power to
    finish its course to the Earth. Knuckles places the Master Emerald
    down, and recites the spell to discharge the Chaos Emeralds. A huge
    display of lightning indicates that the Chaos Emeralds' power has been
    drained. Indeed, it worked. However, something very unexpected
    happens, now. It appears that The Biolizard was not defeated, as it
    springs to life, and dissappears with a flash of green light. Like
    Shadow points out, it's managed to use the Chaos Control!!! You should
    never underestimate a super-genius like Gerald! An even greater
    vibration than all of the others now rocks the ARK, leaving everyone
    puzzled and terrified beyond belief. A call over the P.A. from Eggman
    then clears everything up... The Biolizard has fused with the ARK, and
    is powering it on its own, in a last ditch effort to fulfil Gerald's
    intentions. THAT GUY NEVER GIVES UP!!! Now, what can anyone do to a
    creature in outer space?!? Sonic and Shadow's faces only hint at what
    they're ultimately planning to do...
    *Final Cutscene*
    Sonic and Shadow raise their arms in unity to attract the Chaos
    Emeralds from their pillars, forming a colorful, spinning ring around
    our two hedgehog heroes. Both shut their eyes, and concentrate on
    using the Emeralds' power to finally put an end to all of this
    madness. Then, suddenly, the two jump into a warp dimension, and
    become fused with the Chaos Emeralds, to form... Super Sonic and Super
    *Final Boss:The FinalHazard*
    OH YEEEAH!!!!! Here we go, fighting the final boss! The FinalHazard
    is the funnest and coolest part of the game, also providing a high
    level of difficulty. However, nothing you've learned in this game, so
    far will help you one bit in this final brawl. Your controls are
    totally different, as well as gameplay. So, I'll have to brief you on
    everything, first. The Analog Thumb Pad lets you move around on a
    horizontal level freely, A lets you ascend, and the Action Buttons
    allow you to descend. Also, the Action Buttons Home Attack The
    FinalHazard's boils if you're within a close vicinity of them. Your
    goal, here, is to use your controls to maneuver around The
    FinalHazard's attacks, getting in close to him, and Home Attacking his
    swelling area when you're in close. If you happen to be hit by an
    attack, you won't get hurt (this is Super Sonic and Shadow we're
    talking about, here!), but you'll be sent flying backwards a preset
    amount, depending on the attack. This is inconvenient, especially
    considering that you have only 50 Rings (you use one every second to
    sustain Super form) to beat him. This brings me to switching places...
    If you're low on rings, fly past The FinalHazard, and you'll switch
    places with the other character (Sonic-Shadow/Shadow-Sonic), as well
    as inverting the amount of rings that you have. As such, I mean, if
    you started with 50, and have 10 when you switch, you'll have 10 minus
    50, or 40 rings. You can do this as many times as you want, but the
    colony is STILL on a crash course to Earth, so you only have 5 minutes
    to beat this boss. Also, every time you damage The FinalHazard, you'll
    switch characters, and your rings will be reset to either 50 or 40,
    depending on how far into the boss you are. That's about all that
    you'll need to know about this boss, so onto the strategy... For the
    first hit, all that you have to do is avoid a small amount of
    homing-balls resembling the egg-like attack from when this guy was
    still the Biolizard. It's quite easy to avoid, so use this phase as a
    warmup. Get in close to the blister, and make your first hit. For the
    second hit, The FinalHazard will shoot a bunch of laser beams at you,
    followed by the homing-ball attack, but in a much bigger quantity.
    Both are equally difficult to avoid, but still not too hard. Get
    another hit in, on his swelling tumor. For the next one, he'll fire a
    streaming laser, followed by an even greater amount of homing-balls.
    Both can be pretty annoying, and you may have to make a switch, now.
    However, things will get harder... For the fourth hit, The FinalHazard
    will fire dual stream lasers, doubling the danger. If you take too
    long, he'll also switch to the homing-balls, again. For the last two
    hits, The FinalHazard will shoot the dual lasers with even better
    accuracy, as well as firing a large amount of homing balls. This can
    get pretty deadly, and you'll probably need to switch a lot while
    doing this. However, it's worth the ending cutscene!
    Super Sonic and Super Shadow charge at the ARK, attempting to get it
    off its crash course to Earth. All watching eyes can only pray...
    During the final moments before the impact, Shadow hears a familiar
    voice... 'Give them a chance... To be happy...'. Then, Sonic gives
    the signal. CHAOS CONTROL!!! The two heroic hedgehogs then use their
    patented technique to warp the entire ARK away. Sadly, Shadow used up
    to much energy during the fight with The FinalHazard, and that Chaos
    Control was the last straw. Now, he's too weak to hold up to the
    Earth's gravity, and is falling towards it... However, you can tell
    by Shadow's face... He's happy. He fulfilled his wish, and that's all
    that mattered to him... The world cheers as they see the ARK being
    warped back on course. Sonic's pulled it off, again. We now see the
    blue dude re-enter the ARK, returning to the company of the others.
    Naturally, he's questionned by Rouge about the whereabouts of Shadow.
    His nod and blank face says it all... Rouge then wonders aloud to
    Sonic, if Gerald really programmed Shadow to destroy the world. Sonic
    has no answer, and nobody ever will... He was a brave and heroic
    hedgehog that gave his life to save his planet, and no one in the
    world will ever know further. Eggman then explains to Tails, how he
    looked up to his grandfather, then comes across another question...
    Did Gerald really mean to destroy Earth? Once again, nobody will ever
    know, anymore... Knuckles, then finally has a friendly chat with Rouge
    about her career, and she says she'll drop it, due to unsubstantial
    pay :P. Then, she hints a little at liking him, right in front of his
    face ;). Now, we see Sonic thinking about Shadow's ture purpouse when
    Amy drops in, asking him what's wrong. Like anyone else would say,
    nothing is. Then, to get off the topic, he suggests that they head
    back to Earth. Like expected, Sonic's the last one to leave, and he
    gives one last look back, into the endless blanket of stars. You can
    already guess what he's about to say - 'Sayonara, Shadow the
                           3.4-Find The Lost Chao
    Most find the third mission for most levels impossible. I did, too, my
    first time around. The Chao's actually really hard to find in the
    majority of levels, so consider yourself lucky if you even get a
    glimpse of one. If you're like the rest of us, search through this
    section for the loctaions of all of those little blue guys. One note,
    you need the Mystic Melody for the corresponding character to beat the
    'Find the Lost Chao' mission.
    I haven't started on this one, yet, but expect work to begin soon.
                               3.1-Basic Info
    ----------------------------What Are They-----------------------------
    Well, what are Chao, you ask? They are a very important, fun, and cool
    aspect of Sonic Adventure 2. Chao are like a sort of virtual pet like
    the Tamagotchi, but fully rendered in 3-D and WAY, WAY, WAAAY better.
    A Chao (pronnounced 'Chow', not 'Chay-yo') is very small, with short
    and puffy arms and legs, and an onion-shaped head. Chao also have small
    wings on their backs. They come in ALL of the colors of the rainbow and
    in very many shapes and sizes, and they can be fused with animal's body
    parts, so there are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 squared
    or more possible combinations available, making each and every Chao
    unique in its own way. Sometimes you may not be able to tell a Chao
    apart from a real animal, but one thing that sets the two apart is that
    Chao have little balls on their heads, that indicate their mood. These
    balls also come in a variety of types, by the way. My Chao, Kazar
    refers to these balls as 'Chao things', but I'll just call them balls
    from now on, OK? Anyway, Chao, apart from looks, have statistics
    indicating their abilities in many different physical, mental, and
    supernatural areas. So, by seeing how many possibilities there are with
    Chao, I can safley say that there is NO CHAO like Kazar in the entire
    world! It's possible, but the chances are smaller than one in the
    amount of grains of sand in the world. This concludes my overview of
    ---------------------------Caring For Them----------------------------
    Chao do have feelings, even if they ARE just strings of 1s and 0s :D .
    So, if you want to have a respectful, happy, and loving Chao, read on
    for the basics of Chao care.
    The base of a Chao's affection for you starts off by how you hatch it.
    Yep, it really does. There are three ways to hatch a Chao, but only
    one is the best. I'll list them starting from the worst, here:
    1) Picking its egg up, and throwing it against a wall (ouch!).
    2) Waiting a while in the Garden, and it'll eventually hatch by itself.
    3) Picking it up, cuddling it, then putting it down.
    Number 3 BY FAR exceeds number 1, and number 2 is somewhere in between.
    You can do it whichever way yu want, but I do reccommend that you use
    the third one, as it will greatly up your Chao's first impression of
    Everyone wants to be loved, and Chao are no exception! Treat them with
    gentle care and be with them lots. This includes Petting them, Cuddling
    with them, and helping them out when they need you. But most importantly,
    NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES deliberately attack your Chao. They
    are living things, and do feel pain. Even one hit can cause a major
    decrease in affection, reliance on you, and overall performance in
    competition. And that's why you should never do it. Simple as that. Theat
    your Chao right, and they'll make you proud!
    Is your Chao crying all day? Does it appear to move slower than it used
    to? Then, chances are that you're not feeding it enough. They need food,
    too! If they don't get nutrition, they have nothing to live on, and their
    health will drop rapidly, not to mention affection. Chao can be fed by
    three ways, listed below, in order of their preference, starting with the
    1) Nuts from the default trees in the Chao Garden. Each Garden has two
    trees that are always there, and are capable of growing fruits 24/7 if
    only given a little bit of time.
    2) Fruits that your Chao have planted using seeds that you gave them.
    These will raise your Chao's stats in different ways, depending on the
    type of tree it is, but no matter their type, these are always better
    than the default Garden trees.
    3) fruits that you have won in Chao Adventure 2. These prove to be the
    most effective in bringing up your Chao's stats, health, and affection.
    However, they're pretty rare, they can only be used once, and you can't
    get them back after that, so... Well, no wonder they're so good.
    *Avoiding Their Dislikes*
    This may be one of the most obvious to some, or the most odd to others,
    but Chao just don't like certain things, depending on their own, personal
    tastes. They usually devellop these in their childhood, and tend to not
    like things that they were not used to when they were still babies. Chao
    can dislike many things, like water, flying, certain kinds of fruits,
    certain characters, other chao, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.
    One way to tell if your chao doesn't like something is by their face. If
    they have a face that looks like this:
      \    /
     \ \  / /
      \ \/ /
    ___\  /___
    / ______ \
    \/      \/
    Then chances are that it doesn't like what's going on. What's wrong? Well,
    Chao can't talk, so you'll have to figure that one out on your own :D.
    Those are about all of the basic things that I can think of...
    ----------------------------Things To Do------------------------------
    For all of those who like simple things, I've made a list of things
    that you should do to your Chao below:
    -Hatch it
    -Pet it
    -Cuddle it
    -Feed it
    -Play Chao Adventure 2 with it
    -Race it often
    -Avoid things that put a frown on its face
    --------------------------Things Not To Do----------------------------
    For all of those who like simple things, I've made a list of things
    that you should NEVER do to your Chao below:
    -Atack it
    -Throw it
    -Throw things at it
    -Ignore it
    -Starve it
    -Excessively Scold it in Chao Adventure 2
    -Overfeed it
    -Not help your Chao in an accident
                              3.2-Overall Guide
    Okay, I know that you may think that this section is just a copy of
    the 'Caring For Them' one, but I'll tell you from the start that it
    isn't. That one is simply based on tips and pointers, and this one's
    more like a walkthrough to raising a Chao properly. 'Nuff said, to the
    real stuff. First thing's first, how to get an egg. When you first
    come into the Chao garden, you will find two eggs there, and your first
    time in the Hreo or Dark Gardens, you'll find only one. This totals
    up to 4 Chao. However, there's room for A LOT more. To get extra
    eggs, you have to take them from another VMU, put it into Chao
    Adventure 2, then take them out into the desired Garden in the other
    VMU. Okay, now that you know how to get the eggs, onto their hatching.
    Hatching a Chao, although seemingly irrellevant, is one of the single
    most important factors that there is to Chao. I would highly
    reccommend that you Cuddle it to hatch it, but it's still your call.
    Just follow my advice if you're wise. By Cuddling your egg to hatch
    it, you will make a really good impression on your newborn, and they
    will thus like you more. Their dependence on you will also be
    slightly affected, because Chao like people who care about them and
    hatch them properly, and don't really bother with people who toss
    them around, even before birth! So choose wisely. Once your Chao's
    hatched, I would highly urge you to make a decision right now as to
    what class of Chao you want yours to be. You can make it a Hero Chao,
    a Dark Chao, or a Normal Chao. Hero Chao tend to be really cute, and
    look like angels when they evolve. Dark Chao look mean, sometimes to
    the point when they look 'cool'. Normal Chao, are, well... Normal. To
    raise any of these, You have to take care of it using their names'
    corresponding characters. Hero characters (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles)
    will make the Chao into a Hero Chao. Dark characters (Shadow, Dr.
    Eggman, and Rouge) will make the Chao into a Dark Chao. And finally,
    raising it with both types of characters will keep it Normal. So,
    decide, now as to what class you want your Chao to be, and stick with
    it. Also, you may want to feed your Chao a bit right after it's born,
    as they may be a BIT hungry after being cramped in a little egg for
    sooo long :). After you feed it a bit, pet it lots, and Cuddle it for
    about five minutes. Also, be sure to keep it away from water for the
    beginning of its life. Don't expect it to be able to swim from birth!
    After caring for it for about 5 minutes, move on the the 'Infacy'
    Now that you Chao isn't an embryo anymore, it will be a baby. This is
    a pretty crucial stage to raising Chao, because what you do to it in
    this time will affect it quite a lot in its older years. Make sure to
    give it about 10 Chaos Drives every 10 minutes to keep it in shape,
    and feed it a variety of fruits, especially those found in Chao
    Adventure 2. After it's been alive for about 30 minutes, you can
    enter it in its first race. Don't expect it to win, but racing it
    will help build up its stats. Still, don't put it into the water
    until it's about 1 hour old under the care I've listed, or it will be
    too weak to swim. It's hard to decide when your Chao becomes a teen,
    but I'd say after about 1.5 hours you should move onto the next
    The teen years for a Chao are very open as to what you do with your
    Chao until it evolves. If you want a specific type of Chao, start
    giving it the kinds of animals that will make it into the kind you
    want. Also, start mixing the animal traits that you want your chao to
    accquire, because you have to do it before it evolves to change it
    into the desired from. Just keep caring for it like before, and make
    sure to race it a lot at this age. When it goes through its first
    evolution, move onto the next section, below.
    Once your Chao's through its first evolution, it can be safely
    classified as an adult Chao. By now, your Chao's stats should be
    around 100 in SWIM, FLY, RUN, and POW, 30-50 in STA, 100-200 in LCK,
    and around 50 in INT. That's my guess as to what it should be if you
    followed this walkthrough properly. So, don't worry if you're too high
    or too low in some areas, it doesn't really matter. One thing that you
    may encounter at this age is when your Chao begins to breed. This is
    when it sits down with a heart above its head, and blooms flowers
    around itself. This means that if you put it with another adult Chao,
    you may lay an egg. However, laying an egg will greatly reduce your
    Chao's lifespan, by about 1/2. So, if you want your Chao to live
    longer, just wait out the breeding process, and your Chao will go back
    to normal, soon. Another thing that you may want to do to your Chao at
    this point, is if it is evolved into a specific type, you can
    re-evolve it into another type by giving it a different class of
    animals, now. This will mutate its genes, and it will evolve again,
    into a different type of Chao. But if you like your Chao's looks by
    now, don't try it, because you can mess your Chao up pretty bad this
    way. Anyways, that's pretty much all of the changes you should make
    to your care for them at this stage. If you need more help as to how
    to raise your Chao further, read on, to the next section.
    ---------------------------Continuous Care----------------------------
    Your Chao may have outgrown its diapers, but it still needs you and
    your love. Here, I'll explain what you need to do to Chao that are
    past all of their evolutions, and are the way you want them, but that
    you still want to raise. First off, you have to do EVERYTHING that I
    mentioned above. That's the kind of stuff every Chao needs, so you
    have to do it if you want your Chao to like you. Secondly, you have to
    give it even more Chaos Drives, because, after all, it IS growing.
    Also, make sure to give it quite a variety of nuts from normal trees,
    tree fruits that you planted using seeds from Chao Adventure 2, and
    one-time fruits, also found in Chao Adventure 2. Besides those,
    though, you may want to give it all of the Smart fruits you can find,
    because that's the only way to increase the intelligence stat. Having
    a dumb Chao is a no-no. By the same token, race it lots, because
    having a weak Chao is a bigger no-no. But, even more important that
    ALL of those put together, is that you love it. Cuddle with it, play
    with it, whatever. Just make sure that your Chao likes you. Even the
    best Chao in the world would lose to a newborn if it hated its owner.
    SO NEVER HIT YOUR CHAO. That's the biggest no-no there is. Doing
    those five things will make sure that it gets the stats, intelligence,
    and stamina it needs to live a happy life with you. However, happy or
    not, Chao do die, in a way... When your Chao gets really old, it will
    start to limp as if it had a back problem. Actually, it doesn't, it's
    just old. Soon after it begins to limp, it will evolve back into an
    egg that you can hatch to begin a new life with your Chao. Its stats
    will greatly fall and it will be a baby again. It's a new beginning
    for it, so treat it, as you would, a newborn. Good luck in the next
    If you've just begun to raise Chao, you might not know that there's
    actually 3 different Chao Gardens. Well, now, you do. It won't look
    like it from the start, but there's two more gardens accessible from
    Chao World. How to get them? Read on...
    You always have acess to this garden, even from the beginning. There's
    no way that you can not be able to go here. It's dead ahead of you
    whenever you enter Chao World. It's a little smaller than the other
    two, but provides a fairly good place to raise newborns, as well as
    any other Chao you don't have room for in the other gardens. It's a
    little grassy field with a little pool of water on the right,
    overlooked by a cliff. Nothing special, here.
    This garden is much bigger than the other two, and looks like what
    some believe to be 'Heaven'. It's basically a big field floating in
    the sky, with rocks here and there, as well as a little river going
    down the center. One thing to mention is that any Chao raised in this
    garden will come to favor the Hero side. Dark Chao will hate this
    place and cry a lot, so never put one here.
    This garden is a bit bigger than the Normal one, but smaller than the
    Hero. It looks like what some believe to be 'Hell'. What it is, is a
    sandy and gloomy place, with lots of graves around. There's aso a big
    hill on the right, and a pond ahead, tith a little island in the
    corner. Also, to the right of the pond is a cave leading into the
    hill. I like this garden's architecture the most out of the three,
    but that's just me :). One thing to mention about this garden is that
    any Chao put in here will begin to like the Dark side more. Also, a
    reversed effect from the Hero Garden, Hero Chao will hate you if you
    put them here, so avoid doing so, at all costs.
    --------------------------Chao Statistics-----------------------------
    This section of the FAQ will tell you what each Chao statistic affects,
    in what ways, and by how much.
    This stands for Swimming ability. It's an integer from 000-999 that
    tells you how good your Chao is at swimming. Chao begin to swim in
    the Chao Gardens when this hits about 25. Increase this by racing
    your Chao, feeding it Chao fruits, or simply letting it swim in the
    Garden, by itself. The most effective way, from what I've seen, is to
    give it lots and lots of Chao fruits. But either of the other two will
    work well, too.
    This stands for Flying ability. It's an integer from 000-999 that
    tells you how good your Chao is at flying. This will affect how
    quickly your Chao flies in the Garden, as well as the races. There is
    no minimum requirement for your Chao to be able to fly. Increase this
    by racing your Chao, feeding it Chao fruits, or simply letting it run
    free in the garden, waiting for it to fly and gain some FLY stat.
    Actually, this way is quite pointless to use, as Chao rarely fly...
    I'd stick with Giving it Chao nuts and racing it, because those two
    are way better methods than the first one.
    This stands for Running ability. It's an integer from 000-999 that
    tells you how good your Chao is at running. This will affect how it
    runs and the speed at which it runs at in the Chao Garden, as well as
    the races. Chao can crawl, walk, or run, depending on how high this
    stat is. To increase this stat, let your Chao run around the garden,
    feed it Chao fruits, or race it. Any one of those will increase this
    stat fairly well.
    This stands for Power, or strength. It's an integer from 000-999 that
    tells you how strong your Chao is. This will not affect it behavior
    while in the Garden, but it's really important in the races. This is
    the stat that determines how quickly your Chao climbs up those rocky
    walls. Chao will naturally gain this stat little by litte in the Chao
    Garden, but better ways are by feeding it Chao fruits, as well as
    racing it.
    This stands for Stamina. It's an integer from 000-100 that tells you
    how much energy your Chao has in it. This will not change anything
    while it's in the Garden, but it'll cncrease the amount of stamina
    your chao will have during a race, letting you boost it more, as well
    as letting it go further without tiring out and going really slow.
    The only way to increase this is to feed your Chao fruits in the Chao
    Garden. It doesn't matter at all which fruit it is, they'll all do
    their job, but friuts from planted trees seem to work best.
    This stands for Luck. It's an integer from 000-900 that tells you how
    lucky your Chao is. It changes the chances for things happenning to
    your Chao, such as tripping, breeding, etc. in the garden or in a
    race. The one and only way to increase this is to get lucky by
    picking the correctc Treasure Chest when you come to one, in Chao
    Adventure 2. It's actually luck that get you this stat, ironic, isn't
    it :D???
    This stands for Intelligence. It's an integer from 000-999 that tells
    you how smart your Chao is.  It changes the chances for things in
    races involving intelligence, like picking the correct item in the
    item getting game in certain race courses. This will also add to your
    Chao's overall reasoning while you are for it in the Chao Garden.
    These are found hiding in Action stages, in various, unexpected
    places. Also, you can get a bundle of them by opening the second Chao
    Container within an Action Stage. By opening the third one, you will
    get a special animal, which will increase your stats more and one
    which is not one of the base four classes. Here is a list of all of
    the animals that you can find in the Action Stages, as well as their
    Classes, and effects of them on your Chao:
    |Animal |Class |Swm |Fly|Run|Pow|
    |Penguin|Yellow|+20 |-8 |0  |+4 |
    |Otter  |Yellow|+22 |-2 |+4 |-8 |
    |Seal   |Yellow|+18 |+6 |+4 |-12|
    |Parrot |Purple|0   |+24|-10|+2 |
    |Peacock|Purple|+6  |+24|-8 |-6 |
    |Condor |Purple|-10 |+30|-12|+8 |
    |Cheetah|Green |-4  |-4 |+20|+4 |
    |Rabbit |Green |0   |+4 |+20|-8 |
    |Warthog|Green |-2  |-6 |+16|-8 |
    |Tiger  |Red   |-4  |-8 |+10|+18|
    |Bear   |Red   |+4  |-8 |+2 |+18|
    |Gorilla|Red   |-2  |-4 |+2 |+20|
    |Raccoon|Blue  |+10 |+2 |+6 |+4 |
    |Skunk  |Blue  |+4  |+6 |+6 |+4 |
    |Sheep  |Blue  |+4  |+6 |+10|+10|
    |Monster|Black |+16 |0  |+4 |+12|
    |S. Dog |Black |+4  |+4 |+16|+8 |
    |Bat    |Black |+4  |+20|+4 |+4 |
    |Dragon |Orange|+10 |+2 |+4 |+16|
    |Phoenix|Orange|+6  |+16|+2 |+8 |
    |Unicorn|Orange|+8  |+6 |+18|0  |
    Yellow: Swim
    Purple: Fly
    Blue  : Run
    Red   : Pow
    Blue  : All
    Black : All*
    Orange: All
    *These will not give your Chao any actual traits of their own, but
    have the ability to erase existing ones. Also, they can tinker with
    your Chao's genes and mutate them in eerie ways. The Monster changes
    their ball into a small, blue flame, the Skeleton Dog gives them the
    ability to wear a hat, and the Bat removes their legs, as well as
    removing all other animal traits. With the exception of the Skeleton
    Dog, the other Black Animals' alterations to your Chao can be reversed
    by giving it other Animals.
    Note: The Animal's stat effects listed above are per ten of that
    animal, which is a full row. I counted it that way to make the reading
    more accurate. To get what that animal does per one, just divide it by
    ten, rounding up.
    ----------------------------Chaos Drives------------------------------
    Chaos Drives can be found in any stage that has robots (I think that's
    all of them), and all you have to do is break one open and collect the
    Chaos Drive it leaves behind. There are four, one for each base stat.
    Yellow=Swim, Purple=Fly, Green=Run, Red=Pow. When you give one of these
    to your Chao, it will get 1 more of the stat that the Drive's color
    corresponds with. Unlike Animals, however, they will not lower other
    stats, and will not give it unwanted traits. Use these to boost stats
    that your Chao might be low in.
                             3.5-Advanced Info
    ---------------------------Race Courses-------------------------------
    This section will tell you everything you'll ever need to know about
    the courses that your Chao take in the Chao Races. Info, Tips,
    Strategies - It's all here.
    Like certain other things, I have not begun to work on this, as of
    Many have been asking about this, and I figured that this FAQ wouldn't
    be complete without a section listing all of the skills and toys your
    Chao can accquire. I'll list all three categories seperately, for your
    *Kindergarten Classes*
    If you didn't know, you can take your Chao over to the Kindergarten,
    and put it in the Classroom to have it learn special skills that it
    cannot learn in any other way. Some may want a perfect Chao, and no
    Chao is perfect without knowing all of these. Here is a list of all of
    the Kindergarten Classes that I know of. There may be more, so please
    E-mail me if you encounter one that is not listed, here.
    -Go-Go Dance
    -Shake Dance
    -Spin Dance
    -Step Dance
    *Animal Skills*
    Whenever you give your Chao an animal, you also give it a little
    ability that it becomes capable of performing anytime it wishes. From
    what I've seen, some animals don't give any skills, but I may be
    wrong... E-mail me if you can prove me wrong. Anyway, here's the list:
    Penguin - Slide on stomack
    Otter   - Do backstroke
    Seal    - Roll left/right
    Parrot  - Sing
    Peacock - Walk elegantly
    Condor  - ?
    Cheetah - Wash face
    Rabbit  - Hop around
    Warthog - Charge
    Tiger   - Sharpen nails
    Bear    - Roar
    Gorilla - Pound chest
    Raccoon - ?
    Skunk   - Fart
    Sheep   - Roll forwards
    Dragon  - Breathe fire
    Phoenix - Wiggles body
    Unicorn - Buck feet
    *Race Toys*
    Another action that your Chao can perform is to play with a toy that
    it wins in a Chao Race. Every time you win a race on the highest
    difficulty level, or complete a row of races in Challenge, Hero, or
    Dark Race mode, you'll get one of these toys. Many wonder about which
    races give what toy, so I'll clear the confusion up and write up a 
    full list, below.
    -Beginner Races
    Crab Pool       - Shovel
    Stump Valley    - Watering Can
    Mushroom Forest - Rattle
    Block Canyon    - Toy Car
    -Jewel Races
    Aquamarine - Sonic Doll
    Topaz      - Broomstick
    Peridot    - Book
    Garnet     - Pogo Stick
    Onyx       - Crayons
    Diamond    - Bubble Maker
    -Challenge Races
    1st Row  - Beach Ball
    2nd Row  - Jack In The Box
    3rd Row* - TV
    *Unlock this by beating the first two rows.
    -Hero/Dark Races
    First 2 Races - Beach Ball**
    All 4 Races   - Radio
    **Same thing as the one from the Challenge Races. Get it by beating
    either Race.
    Feeding your Chao is very vital to keeping it happy with you. Also,
    the actual kind of food you give it matters equally as much. The
    normal nuts off the default trees are good for starters, but soon,
    your Chao will become bored of them and demand something more. I'll
    list each friut that I've encountered, here, as well as all of the
    seeds, and trees that I know of, as well.
    Here's a complete listing of all of the friuts that you can find in
    Chao Adventure 2. I've also taken the liberty to write in their
    effects, as well.
    Triangle Friut - Increases Stamina more than nuts.
    Square Friut   - Increases Stamina more than nuts.
    Round Friut    - Increases Stamina more than nuts.
    Peace Friut    - Reduces stress in your Chao.
    Heart Friut    - Makes your Chao breed.
    Smart Friut    - Increases Intelligence.
    Hero Friut     - Makes your Chao favor the Hero Side.
    Dark Friut     - Makes your Chao favor the Dark Side.
    Wonder Friut   - Increases random attributes.
    Chao Friut     - Increases all attributes.
    Another list, but this one's of all of the Seeds that you can find in
    Chao Adventure 2. To plant them, you need a Chao that has won the
    Shovel and Watering Can in the Races. Hand the Seed to that Chao, and
    it'll run around, looking for a good spot for the Seed. When it finds
    one, it'll plant it, and a Tree will begin to grow. Once full grown,
    the Tree will develop friuts that you can feed to your Chao. I'll list
    each tree's fruits' effects in the list, as well.
    Tall Seed      - Increases Stamina.
    Vitality Seed  - Increases lifespan.
    Tasty Seed     - Increases Affection.
    Creepy Seed    - Decreases Affection.
    Forbidden Seed - Increases Stamina majorly.
    Wonder Seed    - Increases random attributes.
    Power Seed     - Increases all attributes slightly.
    Rare Seed      - Increases all attributes majorly.
    -----------------------------Chao Life--------------------------------
    Chao live. Chao die. Many people have questions about this. In here, I
    will explain a Chao's lifespan, and what affects it.
    Your Chao's life begins when your Chao first hatches. Nothing to
    worry about, here.
    *1st Evolution*
    This is when your Chao sits down, forms a cocoon around its body, and
    grows into a much bigger form. This is also when you can consider your
    Chao an 'adult', meaning that it is capable of breeding. Your Chao
    is getting older, now, and is about 1/5 into its life. Also, if you
    have given your Chao one specific class of animals quite often, it
    will evolve into a specific kind of Chao, depending on the Animal
    Class. This evolution also depends on weather you raised it with Hero
    or Dark Characters, making it into a Hero or Dark Chao, respectively.
    You can also make a Normal Chao by raising it with both sides, evenly.
    *2nd Evloution (not nessecary)*
    If your Chao evolved into a specific type of Chao during its first
    evolution, then you gave it a different Animal Class, it will soon
    evolve, again, into another kind of Chao. Other than looks, nothing 
    else will change. By the way, at this point, your Chao is about 2/5
    through its life.
    There is no evolution or any kind of notice given to you when your
    Chao reaches this point, except that it will limp instead of running
    or walking. Your Chao has about 1/20 of its life left to live, as of
    If your Chao doesn't like you, due to abusiveness or neglect, and
    reaches the end of its life, it will seem to evolve, but, instead 
    dissappear, and never come back. Althoug you may mourn your Chao's
    death, it's only a lesson to learn. Take care of your Chao better,
    next time!
    If your Chao likes you a LOT by the time it reaches the end of its
    life, it will appear to evolve, but instead, it will turn back into an
    egg. It will restrat its life cycle, keeping everything that it had in
    the previous life, like animal traits, skills, and affection for you.
    For this to appen to your Chao, you have to take care of it really
    nicely, like only hitting it about five times in its life, always
    cuddling it and petting it, and giving it lots of Animals and Chaos
    Drives. If this happens to your Chao, consider it a job well done.
    *Lifespan Factors*
    Your Chao's lifespan (the amount of time that it lives for) can be
    affected by a few things. I'll make a list of all of them below.
    -Breeding: Whenever your Chao lays an egg, its lifespan is cut in
    half. It's a really tight change, so don't breed your Chao unless
    you're aware of this.
    -Food: The more variety of food you give to your Chao, the longer it
    will live. A Chao that eats one kind of friut will only live about
    half as long as one that eats all kinds of friuts. Also, feeding it
    friuts that came from a Vitality Tree will somewhat lengthen its
    -Attention: If you leave your Chao alone for really long many times,
    it will decide that it has no purpouse for living, and simply die
    earlier. This doesn't mean that it won't reincarnate, just that it
    will reach the end of its life sooner.
    I estimate a Chao's lifespan under good conditions to be about 7-10
    hours. If you change any of the factors above, it may live sooner or
    earlier, depending on if the chage is good or bad.
    This guy is my top Chao. I don't care if you like the name or not!
    That's his name and I'm not changing it :). I just thought my top Chao
    deserved his own section that would inspire other Chao trainers to make
    their Chao just as good as him! Anyway, first, I'll explain his looks.
    First of all, he's a Legendary Dark Chao with a Flame Ball on his head.
    This makes him look really evil, yet cool, in a mix of black and blue.
    It also complements his smiling face, with his mad-looking eyebrows.
    Also, he has a perfect mix of animals in red, blue, and purple, making
    him look almost like a rainbow. Very cool, indeed. He has Dragon hands,
    and everything else is from the Phoenix. This means his head crest,
    feet, wings, and tail. Maybe it doesn't sound cool through text, but
    believe me, he looks WICKED! As a baby, he wasn't Dark yet, but still
    looked cool enough. As for his stats, most of them are 999, but I'll
    put it into a chart for you:
    SWIM: 999
    FLY:  999
    RUN:  999
    POW:  999
    STA:  457
    LCK:  900
    INT:  343
    What else can I say? Oh yeah, he's won all of the races, has every
    animal's abilities, as well as knowing all (to my knowledge) of the
    available Kindergarten classes. I know that by now, you may be
    drooling to get your hands on him, but he's the only one of his kind
    and I wanna keep it that way ;). BUT, due to really popular demand,
    I've decided to write a detailed explanation on how I raised Kazar,
    so you can make one like him, too. Let's begin:
    Start by hatching an egg, like usual, but do it with a Dark character
    (Shadow, Dr. Eggman, or Rouge). From now on, ONLY raise it with one of
    those characters, and NEVER put it in the Hero Garden. Once it's
    hatched, raise it for a few minutes, maybe around ten, just like you
    would any other Chao. But after that's when you take a differrent
    route. Exit back to the Main Menu, and go to Stage Select. It's wise
    to beat the Dark Side before you try to raise a Chao like this, or you
    may not have the levels I specify unlocked. Now, go to the Weapons Bed
    level, roughly in the center of the map. Go through the level like you
    would, any other time for the first part, but count the hangar-like
    areas you pass through, including the one you start off in. Near the
    end of the third one, there's going to be a pulley hanging down near
    the right side of the platform. Watch out, there's guys hovering up,
    above, ready to blow your head off. Their placement is very
    inconvenient, annoying, and quite dangerous, but try not to get killed
    while doing the next part :P. Quickly grab the pulley, and jump off at
    the top. Hover forward, and land on one of the two tanks ahead. If it
    was the lower one, Jump up to the higher one. Up here, you'll see a
    Phoenix, an Orange Animal. Get it, then exit the level via the Pause
    Menu. You'll end up, back in Stage Select. From here, head to the
    western area, and look for a Chao icon, there. Highlight it, then tap
    A. In the lower-left of the screen, a small menu of characters will
    appear. Select any Dark character that you please, then press A,
    again. Once Chao World is loaded, make your way into the garden where
    that to-be Kazar Chao is. Give that Chao the Phoenix, then exit, and
    repeat the process 15 or so times. You need to do this to get your
    Chao to be the kind that Kazar is. Once you have 15, it's a pretty
    safe bet that your chao will become a Legendary chao, like Kazar when
    it evolves. Raise it like usual until it does. It will now look like
    Kazar sans the Animal mix and the Flame Dot. Let's go with the latter,
    first. Head off to Egg Quarters, and make your way to the room in
    which you found the Pink Nails (if you don't know where this is, read
    the 'Rouge The Bat' section and look in the Walkthrough for getting
    the Pink Nails). In this room, Drill Dive the crate in the bottom
    right corner, also popping open the Chao Container, down there. Now,
    this is very important. Collect the Chao Key before moving on. If you
    don't, it'll screw this little Walkthrough up. Once you have it, exit
    this room, back into one of the bigger ones. Now, go to the far-left
    of it, through the passageway that you find, there. Go forward,
    towards the ledge, ahead, ignoring the rocket and barred crate, here.
    Once you're there, Climb it, to the little opening, higher up. Go
    through, into a larger chamber, ahead. Get to the other side, and
    through the passageway there, into another big room. This one bears
    close resemblance the one outside the chamber in which the Pink Nails
    were. Just like you did before, go through the far-left passageway,
    then look on your left. Here, you'll find another Chao Container. Now,
    cross your fingers, and kick it open. If you were lucky, a Monser (a
    green, finned, and evil-looking animal) will pop out. If it does, grab
    it, and take it to your Chao to turn its ball into a Flame Dot. If it
    doesn't, Restart the level, and repeat the process until you get it.
    There, now that you have the Flame Dot, there's only the animal mix to
    take care of... Go to Iron Gate, and go through like usual, until you
    'breach' the first level 3 security door. You'd normally go right at
    this part, but instead, Jump off and Hover forwards, and a bit left.
    The camera will soon shift to show you where you're going. See the
    spring down there? Land on it to be taken to a platform higher up. On
    this one, break the steel crate, and use the spring under it. At the
    peak of the jump, Hover forwards, to the next platform. Go forward and
    hit the springs. You'll land on one of those pipe things near the
    ceiling. Hop across to the next one, then onto the one after that.
    When you land, go up to the right wall and pick up the Dragon, there.
    Now, exit, and go back to Chao world so you can give your Chao the
    Dragon you just got. Once you do, check to see if your Chao's arms are
    purple and Dragon-like, and make sure that the Flame Dot's still
    there. If the problem's the Flame Dot, give the Chao another Monster
    by re-doing the strategy, above before continuing. If it's the arms,
    go back and re-do Iron Gate to get another Dragon. All that matters is
    the arms and Flame Dot, for now, everything else can be fixed. Now,
    use the strategy I mentionned before to get the Phoenix a couple of
    times so that your Chao loses all traits of the Dragon except the
    hands and the Flame Dot. Since the Phoenix cannot give arms, they will
    stay like that. Keep giving it Phoenixes until it's pure Phoenix
    except the arms. As for the Flame Dot, every time that you lose it,
    give it another Monster to get it back. Once the Animal mix and Flame
    Dot are both there, you'll have a Chao that looks EXACTLY like Kazar!
    Cool, huh? You can raise it on your own now, or keep on reading to
    know how I got the stats so high. First off, give it TONS AND TONS AND
    TOOONS of Chaos Drives. Make sure to have a really good variety, or
    just get every single one, and chances are that it'll give you a good
    mix. Give them all to your Chao. If you do this a lot, your Chao's
    stats will go through the roof. To get it to 999 in everything, I'd
    say that you'll need to go for about 300 Chaos Drive runs to get its
    stats that high. Yes, it may be a bore, but the outcome's worth it.
    Racing helps build up stats, too, but not as much :). So, we're
    through the first four. As for the other stats, you'll have to do
    other things to increase them. For stamina, give it loads of tree
    friuts. For the last two, you have to play Chao Adventure 2 lots. Luck
    comes from guessing the correct treasure box when you come to one.
    Each correct guess will give your Chao 100 more Luck, so it shouldn't
    take too long to get it up to full. For the last stat, Intelligence,
    you need to feed it Smart Friuts, which can be randomly found during
    your Chao's adventure. Other than that, that's all that I did to make
    Kazar so good. I've told you all you need to do to get your very own
    Kazar rip-off ;).
    ----------------------------Light Chao--------------------------------
    I recently recieved an e-mail from a fellow gamer telling me how to
    breed a Light Chao. Of course, I already knew about these guys from SA,
    and actually own quite a lot of them. But that e-mail inspired me to
    write a section detailing how to breed a Light Chao in this FAQ for
    all of those that want one. So, on with the show!
    Step 1 - Hatch a normal Chao, and raise it with any Character(s) for a
    full lifespan doing anything you want to it, EXCEPT giving it ANY
    animals. To shorten its lifespan, you can make it breed lots. Hint,
    hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge <;D. Once your Chao's old enough, it
    will die and turn into an egg.
    Step 2 - Hatch it, again, and let it live another life with you. Once
    again, you can reduce the time this will take by Breeding it lots. It
    will die and turn into an egg, again.
    Step 3 - Hatch this, egg, again. Then, give your Chao ONE, not two,
    ONE of EVERY single animal (there's 21 in all), and wait for it to
    evolve. It may be hard to keep track of all of them, so I've put
    together a little printable checklist right here:
    *Start Print Here*
         All Animals Checklist
     _______ _ _______ _ _______ _
    |Penguin|_|Otter  |_|Seal   |_|
    |Parrot |_|Peacock|_|Condor |_|
    |Cheetah|_|Rabbit |_|Warthog|_|
    |Tiger  |_|Bear   |_|Gorilla|_|
    |Raccoon|_|Skunk  |_|Sheep  |_|
    |Monster|_|S. Dog |_|Bat    |_|
    |Dragon |_|Phoenix|_|Unicorn|_|
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    *End Print Here*
    After the evolution, it will turn into a Light Chao. It's too bad, but
    these guys can't have any animal traits whatsoever, making them pretty
    plain. But one good thing about making your Chao like this is that it
    will NEVER, EVER die, no matter what you do to it. This allows you to
    raise it freely to the max without worrying about its stats resetting
    when it dies :).
    If you've read the whole FAQ up to here, there's no way that you won't
    know what these are, but I guess I'll tell you, just in case you
    don't... These can be found in every single Action Stage, and in most
    Boss Battles. As long as you have at least one of these, you can't be
    killed by any sort of enemy attack. Instead of dying when hit, you'll
    lose all of the Rings you were carrying, and they will scatter all
    around you. Also, when you're hit, you'll become invincible for one
    second, giving you some short time to grab some, or even all of the
    rings you lost back. However, be aware that when you have more than
    twenty rings, still, only twenty will show up when you're hit. One
    thing to mention, though. Having a ring will not protect you at all
    from more extreme damage, like falling off the level. When you take
    such damage, you will die instantly, regardless of what kind of
    protection you have on you at the time. A few more pointers on rings.
    Every ring that you get (not including ones that you've lost when
    taking damage) will add 10 points to your current score. Also, when
    you pass through a checkpoint in a level, 10 additional points will be
    added to your score for every ring that you were carrying at the time
    that you passed the checkpoint. Also, Tails and Dr. Eggman will not
    die if hit without any rings, but rather when their health bar
    reaches zero. However, your rings will still scatter, like for the
    other characters. Instead of protecting Tails and Dr. Eggman, though,
    rings will slowly add to their health bars. And one last thing that
    I almost forgot about :)... Whenever you collect 100, 200, 300, etc.
    rings, you will gain an extra life. I've exhausted every possible
    thing that I could have said about rings, so it's time to stop, I
    These are a little plus to have, in virtually any situation in the
    game, unless you want to die :P. Having a Shield will defend you from
    enemy attacks for one hit, and you won't lose your rings. When hit
    while you have a Shield on you, it will break, and you will become
    invincible for one second, much like what happens without a Shield.
    But the main difference is that you won't lose any rings. Also, as
    with rings, you can still die by falling off the level and such.
    There are two different Shields, the Normal Shield, and the Magnet
    Shield. The Normal Shield looks like a little turquoise bubble around
    your character, and will simply protect you, as I mentioned before.
    The Magnet Shield can do everything that the Normal one can, plus
    attract rings if you're within a few meters of them. It looks like an
    electric barrier around the character that bears it. So there you go.
    The longest Shield lecture you've ever had to put up with :).
    Don't tell me you've never seen one of these, because I know you have.
    They're the things that look like batteries with a clear and thick
    center, and inside, you can see a little picture. They can be found
    on the ground, or floating in the air (how?), and even underground,
    by Digging with Knuckles or Rouge. Whenever attacked, they will give
    you whatever the picture inside of them corresponds with. Capsules
    can also be in the form of huge, red Balloons, which are easier to
    hit because of their size. The only difference is that Balloons will
    only give you Rings, a Shield, or Health. Now, onto what the pictures
    in the capsules correspond with:
    The picture will look like a big ring, with a number in the corner of
    it. The number tells you how many rings you'll get by breaking the
    capsule open. The number can be 5, 10, 15, or 20. Also, if you weren't
    paying attention to the above, this is one of the few things Balloons
    will give you. It's sometimes random, and sometimes predetermined as
    to how many rings you'll get with Balloons, though.
    This thing will add one life to your life counter. Not all that
    helpful, considering lives really don't matter much in this game. But,
    it you die lots, and don't want to keep restarting the level, by all
    means go for it. The pictures vary, because they look like the
    character you're controlling, which won't always be the same.
    It's pretty easy to figure out which picture gives you this, because
    it looks exactly like the Shield it gives you. It's an image of a
    greenish bubble. By breaking one of these open, you'll get the Normal
    Shield. For a real thorough explanation of Shields, look above. You
    can also find these in Balloons, in some cases.
    *Magnet Shield*
    Once again, the picture looks exactly like the Shield it gives you - an
    electric ball, to be blunt. You get the Magnet Shield when you break
    one of these open.
    *Speed Shoes*
    If the picture inside the capsule looks like a Shoe, it's this thing.
    They're not common to find, but when you do get one, it'll boost your
    speed for roughly 15 seconds. You'll go incredibly fast with this
    thing, so you'd better be careful. Great on long, straight stretches,
    but a real pain on small platforms. Get it if you want, but it might
    not be worth it...
    EXTREMELY RARE! I don't even know why its in this game. So far, I've
    only found one of these in the entire game! Anyway, what this'll do,
    is sort of give you an unbreakable shield for a very short time. All
    other rules for Shields apply. However, it's only LIKE a Shield, and
    will not overwrite your current Shield. However, it's SOOO rare that
    you probably won't even need this info, ever. As for the picture,
    it's quite hard to descibe... It's sort of a rainbowish, circular
    A strange item, and not really common either. However, it's very
    useful when you do find it, so don't hesitate to use if you ever see
    one. It kills all of the enemies on the screen at the time of you
    getting it. Conveniently, these are also usually found in front of
    large masses of guys. Major help, there. The picture? Well, it looks
    like... A bomb :D. One really pointless thing is when you dig one of
    these up as Knux or Rouge. Their stages hardly have enemies anyway,
    they're almost never near diggeable surfaces, and even worse, the
    chances of getting one of these is slim. So, don't you dare use this
    as a method of attacking!
    *Health (Tails & Dr. Eggman ONLY)*
    A nice sight to weary machine heads. Popping one of these will
    completely refill your health bar. They're also usually found after
    large amounts of enemies, where you need them, most. But don't rely
    on them too much, still get the rings :). The picture looks like a
    first aid kit. How a first aid kit will repair a machine is far
    beyond me, but hey! It works, and that's all that matters :P. On
    another note, you can also find these in Balloons, sometimes.
    I found it appropriate to write a section outlining the gizmos and
    gadgets that you can interact with during the course of the game. Not
    all of the characters will encounter all of these, though. So, to
    clear some things up, inside the asteriks along with the name,
    there'll be brackets that say the names of the characters that
    encounter the object.
    *Checkpoints (Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Dr. Eggman)*
    You'll get used to seeing these a lot. They look like two little
    poles, curved towards each other, with blue balls at their tips.
    They serve an important role throughout the game, because they save
    your progress through a level, logging the time when you passed
    through. If you've activated on of these, and die, you won't restart
    the level from the very beginning, but rather from the last
    Checkpoint that you passed. However, you will not have any rings, your
    score will be back at 0. But that's still better than restarting the
    entire thing, right? Anyway, to pass one of these, all you have to do
    is pass in between the two poles, hitting the little blue balls.
    You'll notice that they stick up and turn yellow, indicating that you
    passed through them correctly. Oh, yeah, and one more thing that I
    almost forgot about, every time you pass one of these, you'll get a
    special bonus if you have enough rings at the time. Here's a list of
    20-39 Rings - 5 Rings
    40-59 Rings - 10 Rings
    60-79 Rings - 20 Rings
    80-89 Rings - Speed Shoes
    90+ Rings   - Shield Upgrade
    (The Shield Upgrade means that if you have no Shield, you'll get a
    Normal Shield, and if you have a Normal Shield already, you'll get a
    Magnet Shield)
    *Wooden Crates (All)*
    These are simple, little wooden boxes that you can find lying around
    most levels. They can be broken with most attacks, but you should
    refrain from desroying them unless you're 101% sure that you want to.
    You can screw yourself up really bad by destroying these, because
    some act as steps that you have to use to complete the level.
    *Steel Crates (All)*
    They're a lot like wooden crates. Only difference is that they can
    only be broken if you get your character's attack Upgrade, first. Once
    again, be very cautious when destroying them.
    *Platinum Crates (All)*
    Just like the other two types of crates, but cannot be broken.
    Usually used as stairs to get to areas higher up.
    *Switches (All)*
    These look like little round targets, with little white balls
    floating above them. To trip one of these, just jump onto it. If it
    turns white, you did it right, and something will happen. This
    varies widely, so I can't really tell you what. But it should be
    pretty obvious.
    *Timed Switches (Knuckles, Rouge)*
    These appear to be your average Switches, but when you trip them,
    they will begin to flash instead of turning white. While flashing,
    something will happen for a limited time. After the time's up, the
    switch won't flash anymore, and whatever happenned will undo
    itself. These are usually used to challenge you by having to
    complete a task quickly.
    *Time Stoppers (Tails, Dr. Eggman, Knuckles, Rouge)*
    Another Switch look-alike. But this time, the ball is replaced with
    a little stopwatch and there's two little rings circling around it.
    What this will do is stop everything in the level except you.
    Similar to the Timed Switches, they will make you be quick about
    getting to a new area. One other thing to note about these is that
    they'll turn off lasers as well.
    *Trigerrable Rockets (All)*
    These things are the only way to break those annoying barred crates.
    They're rockets on stands with green switches on them. If you press
    the switch, the rocket will fire, and will destroy one or more
    barred crates ahead. These are usually required to complete any
    levels they appear in, but not always.
    *Meteors (Knuckles)*
    They're only in Meteor Herd, and even there, you won't use them too
    much. They can be punched to move them, and if they hit metal doors,
    they'll break them open, opening a new area for you to go to.
    *Blocks (Knuckles, Rouge)*
    There's a real slim chance that you'll ever need to use these, but
    there will be times when one of these is covering an Emerald Shard.
    All you have to do is go up to one, and press an Action Button to
    grab it. the, use the Analog Thumb pad to move it to the desired
    location. Press an Action button, again to let go.
    *Goal Rings (All)*
    This one's really self-explanatory. You can't beat any level without
    touching this. It's located at the very end of any Action Stage, and
    when you touch it, you'll complete the level.
    All of the objects mentioned here will transport you to other areas,
    in one way or another. Just like in the previous section, the brackets
    will tell you which characters encounter the object.
    *Dash Panels (Sonic, Shadow, Tails, Dr. Eggman)*
    These don't really look like what they are. They're little black pads
    on the ground with wheels at the back. They appear to be more like a
    trap door or something, but in fact, they will automatically
    accelerate you to full speed. Usually, you'll soon reduce speed and
    slow back to normal, though... But on the bright side, these are
    almost always in rows of two or more, allowing you to maintain your
    speed for a little while longer..
    *Jump Panels (Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Eggman)*
    They look a little like Dash Panels, except they're bigger, angled
    upwards, and have blue arrows on them. Similarly like Dash panels
    they will boost your spped to the max, but they'll also send you
    flying into the air, and you'll land at a set location. Each and
    every time you see one of these, they're required to complete the
    *Springs (All)*
    They're little red things with yellow stars on top. Whenever you hit
    one, you'll be sent flying into the air. These can be straight up or
    tilted at any angle, so you might not end up where you expect, but
    still. They're very useful and, at many times nessecary to complete
    the level.
    *Transport Rockets (Sonic, Shadow)*
    These are little rockets with handles at the back. When you grab on,
    the rocket will take off and blast you to another area in the level.
    *Pulleys (All)*
    What else would you expect? It's a wire hanging down from somewhere
    with a handle dangling at the bottom. Grab onto it to be pulled up
    or taken down to another area.
    *Ramps (Sonic, Shadow)*
    In appearance, they look like Dash panels, but with a different
    white and orange design on them. Go at full speed towards these
    babies and press A when you're actually on them to bust a cool
    trick. The higher your speed at the time of you pressing A, the
    better your trick will be, and the more points you'll get. However,
    you have to time it right. Don't press A before or after the ramp,
    you have to be on it. Otherwsie, you'll just make a normal Jump and
    there will be no points for you :(.
    *Rails (Sonic, Shadow)*
    Almost the basis for Sonic and Shadow's levels, rails will be
    littering your way. By jumping onto one, you will start to Grind.
    Once you're at it, you can press A to Jump off, X/B to speed up, and
    use the Analog Thumb Pad to tilt left or right to keep your balance.
    It's important to stay centered while Grinding, or you'll deccelerate
    majorly, and possibly even fall off. Especially pay attention to this
    on turns.
    *Swing Bars (Sonic, Shadow)*
    You'll use these pretty much throughout the game. Anything that looks
    like a horizontal stick can be swung on. All you have to do is touch
    it, prefferrably at high speed. Once you're on, you'll hear a
    wind-like sound every now and then. What you have to do, here, is
    press A right when you hear that sound. If you do it right, your
    character will let go and fly off to a new area. Sometimes, this is
    the only way to get to alternate routes or better items, but it's very
    rarely required.
    *Ring Trails(Sonic, Shadow)*
    Just an ordinary trail of rings. It doesn't look too special, and some
    may not even consider in an Object, but I do. That's because rings can
    be 'used' to perform the Light Dash. Note: you need the Light Shoes or
    Air Shoes to do this. Just stand next to one of these rows and get
    close enough so that the Action Window says 'Light Dash'. Then, press
    an Action Button, and away you go! You'll zip through the trail of
    rings, collecting them all, and landing at the end. Sometimes this is
    mandatory to do to beat the level, but other times, it'll just spee
    you up or act like a shortcut. Definitely worth your while to use
    wherever they may be.
    *Vines (Sonic, Shadow)*
    These are found only in the two's jungle levels. The only way to grab
    them is to use a spring to get up to one. But, there's always going to
    be one around them, so don't worry. Once you're on, you'll make a few
    rotations around something, and automatically let go when the time's
    *Bungee Vines (Sonic)*
    Pretty different from normal Vines, despite the name. When you grab
    onto one of these, they'll drop you down, into a hole. While in this
    state, press and hold A to proceed further in the jump, and let go of
    A to abort the stunt and return to the top, being dropped off into
    another area. This is a golden opportunity to snag items deep down
    there. However, don't go too far, or you'll be damaged by some sort
    of obstacle...
    *Overhead Rails (Sonic)*
    Thre's only a few of these, all located in Crazy Gadget. They look
    like, well, rails hanging overhead :D. Just Jump up to one to start
    swinging down it. You'll automatically get off at the end.
    *Gravity Switches (Sonic)*
    *Warp Tubes (Sonic)*
    These are quite huge and hard to miss, especially 'cuz you need to
    use them to beat Crazy Gadget :)! When you come to a wierd looking
    device with glass covering a passageway, you're facing one of these.
    I know, they look quite complex and all, but they culdn't be easier
    to use. Just attack the glass to break it, and hop in to be sent on
    a high speed frenzy. You'll pop out of a hole at the end, where
    you'll regain control.
    *Lifts (Tails, Dr. Eggman)*
    Both Tails' and Dr. Eggman's first levels have plenty of these. To
    put it simply, they're little platforms on the ground with yellow
    and black tape round the edges. To use one, just get on to be taken
    to a higher level.
    *Transport Paintings (Knuckles, Rouge)*
    One of the few Transportational Objects the treasure huters will
    come across. However, you'll need your character's Digging Upgrade
    to use them. They're sandy pictures on walls that look like two
    wierd dudes staring at each other. And in between them, you'll see
    some oval-shaped thing that looks a bit like a shield. If you dig
    into that shield thing, you'll go inside the wall, and come out on
    the other side. There might be some cool things, there, but, don't
    worry, you'll never have to do this to get to an Emerald Shard.
    *Turtles (Rouge)*
    I don't even know why I said 'TurtleS', there's only one in the
    game. But oh, well, it fits with the rest :D... Anyways, this thing
    is a turtle (shocking, isn't it???). You'll find it cowering by two
    Guard Robots in Dry Lagoon. If you defeat them, the Turtle will slip
    over to the fountain in the iddle of the room, and provide a method
    of transport as a reward. Just Jump onto its back and press X/B, and
    you'll be taken to the other room of the level. To go back, repeat
    the process.
    *Key Doors (Sonic)*
    They're locked doors in front of little bumps with holes in them.
    Those bumps are really locks where you need to place a key to open the
    door. Once you find it, drop it in, and the door will open like magic.
    *Door Locks (Tails, Dr. Eggman)*
    You'll find them on locked doors. All you have to do is lock onto
    them, and fire a Homing Missle. Once all of the locks on the door are
    broken, the door will open (hehehe, I made a rhyme :D).
    *Dynamite Packs (Tails, Dr. Eggman)*
    When you shoot them, they explode, triggering some kind of change in
    the level. It's usually something bad, like opening a hole for you to
    die in, or making things harder byt breaking parts of platforms. But
    sometimes, you'll need to break them, because they can also act like
    locks for doors.
    *Empty Tanks (Tails, Dr. Eggman)*
    They look like minature versions of the tanks you wind on the top of
    water towers. They have multiple weak points that you must lock onto
    and destroy to break the tank open. Once you've destroyed it,
    there'll be a little debris at the bottom that you can use as a
    platform to get up to a higher place. Or, sometimes, one of these
    will simply be blocking your way.
    *Traps (Tails, Dr. Eggman, Knuckles, Rouge*
    When you see a rectangular shadow on the ground, stop. There's a steel
    weight above, which I refer to as a Trap. There's only one way to get
    by the shadow without triggerring the trap, which is to jump over it.
    If you do land there, though, it's still not as bad as it looks.
    You'll take a normal hit, as usual, but you won't die or anything.
    *Bomb Tubes (Tails, Dr. Eggman)*
    You'll only find them in the later levels. These things constantly
    fly from the ground and dissappear into the ceiling. If you shoot a
    Homing Missle at it, though, it will collapse and create a HUGE
    explosion, destroying everything it reaches. That means you, too >:).
    So stay away from it when doing this.
    *Hint Televisions (Knuckles, Rouge)*
    Someone's put little TVs all over Knuckles' and Rouge's levels to
    help you beat the game. Why anyone would take the time to do this is
    a little beyond me, but they're there. Go up to one and press an
    Action Button to view a hint about an Emerald Shard nearby. You can
    get up to three hints per Shard. But you should be aware that you
    will not get many points if you do this. If you're even going for an
    A rank, avoid using these at all costs.
    *Animal Pipes (All)*
    They look like little white plumbing pipes, and when you go in front
    of one and press an Action Button, an animal will pop out for you to
    *Mystic Melody Altars (All)*
    Every stage of every character in the game has at least one of these,
    if not many. They look like little brown fountains, roughly as tall as
    your character. If you have the Mystic Melody, you can go up to one,
    and press an Action Button to trigger some sort of magic nearby. It
    varies a lot, much like switches. Most of the time, it's used to get
    to a secret area with some goodies, or to get to the Chao in the 'Find
    the Lost Chao' mission.
    ----------------------------Basic Enemies-----------------------------
    This section will tell you all about every enemy in the game, and how
    to beat them. To find the enemy you're looking for, search for its
    group, then find the specific variation out of the list.
    Why Beetles? Because that's what they look like. Mainly black, with
    metallic touches here and there. They hover around with their little
    pink jets, but I'm still unsure how... They're also the most common
    and cheesy enemies in the game, some of them won't even move or
    attack! There's quite a few variations to list, so I guess I'll begin.
    -Normal Beetle (100 points): Basiaclly, these guys just litter your
    path, and do nothing else. They just stay there, floating in the air,
    waiting for a beating. You'll find them all around Sonic and Shadow's
    stages, usually serving as nothing more than targets or paths across
    gaps. You'll find them in other character's stages, but they'll just
    be tools for points, there...
    -Gun Beetle (100 points): Just like the Normal Beetles, but they'll
    shoot a bit at you. However, the shots are really slow and pathetic,
    and you can easily dodge them.
    -Bomb Beetle (100 points): They're just another rip-off of the
    Normal Beetles, except they'll drop Kiki-like bombs on you. This can
    get pretty annoying sometimes, but it's nothing a quick hit can't
    -Electric Beetle (100 points): The exact same thing as Normal Beetles,
    except they turn on a sort of electrical field around themselves in a
    predetermined pattern. Don't try to hit it when its shield is up,
    it'll only hurt you. But when it's off...
    -Spring Beetle (100 points): I wouldn't consider them enemies, they're
    more like objects. Basically, they're Beetles with the top part cut
    off and replaced with an ordinary Spring. You'll only find them in a
    few Sonic and Shadow levels.
    -Gold Beetle (1000 points): Every Action stage has ONE of these. They
    give you a big point bonus when you destroy them. However, they'll
    only appear when you get close to their set location, and will
    dissappear just as quickly, so you'll have to be real quick to get
    them. They never attack, though.
    ***If any of these guys are moving, they'll give you 500 points
    *Guard Robots*
    These guys look like humans, but they're completely mechanical and
    silver-ish. They're intermediate enemies, so aren't too easy or too
    hard. Somersaults/Punches/Homing Missles are your best bet.
    -Gun Robot (100 points): The easiest of their class. They have small
    guns that'll shoot slow, little bullets at you. They're the same
    kind that the Gun Beetles fire, so are therefore easy to dodge.
    However, they CAN hit you if you're not careful.
    -Laser Robot (100 points): A little step up from Gun Robots. Instead
    of slow-mo bullets, they'll fire a quicker and more devastating
    laser. Quickly destroy them when you see them, because their lasers
    can be hard to avoid sometimes, and can hit you pretty easily from
    close range.
    -Shield Robot(200 points): These will always have a Shield covering
    their fronts, so you can't hit them from there. However, you can
    Somersault them or wait for them to drop their guard and fire at
    you to get an attack in.
    -Normal Tank: These guys are commom in many stages. They're just
    little slow moving boxes on the ground... Until they see you! Then,
    they'll begin to charge, and now all you can do is evade. Just jump
    away, and pull off some kind of arial move, like a Homing Attack, a
    Drill Claw, or or a long-ranged Homing Missle.
    -Firing Tank: These will have a long-range cannon atop them, and
    will fire it at you if you come into their targettable radius. They
    tend not to move lots, so try any ground-based attack for best effect.
    -Spiked Tank: These are REALLY annoying, especially when they're
    in your way. Never try a Homing attack or a Drill Claw. It ain't
    called a Spiked Tank for nothing :P. Do a Somersault or a Punch 
    -Armored Tank: These guys, to my knowledge, can't be hurt. They
    have a metal plate of armor that I haven't been able to penetrate
    as of yet. Just ignore these guys, you can't gain anything from
    sticking around. They act like Normal Tanks, for your info.
    *Bomb Robots*
    These guys are no joke. They look like a cockpit attatched to a
    bunch of bombs, and it won't hesitate to fire them. Take out the
    central cockpit before it fires. By the way, with Tails/Dr. Eggman,
    you can target the cockpit and bombs seperately, whch totals up to
    a good point bonus if you target the whole thing. But don't mess
    around, the bombs are lethal and really hard to avoid.
    -3 Bomber (100 points): It's a regular Bomb Robot with three
    bombs. Not too much of a challenge and not many points, even if
    you lock all of the bombs, as well...
    -6 Bomber (200 points): Double to bombs, but still a breeze.
    However, aking a mistake could be very dangerous, so don't take
    too long to fire those Homing Missles!
    -9 Bomber (300 points): No joke, here. There's nearly NO WAY to
    avoid its bombs once it fires, so don't screw up. A real good bonus
    as Tails/Dr. Eggman, but don't overdo it, because they fire pretty
    -0 Bomber (100 points): They look exactly like the 3 Bombers, but
    their so-called bombs will fire lasers. Much easier than the
    These guys are like mobile versions of Guard Robots, having the
    same kinds of attacks and all. However, they'll fly around,
    sometimes at pretty high speeds, too. Most common in Tails' and
    Dr. Eggman's stages.
    -Gun Flyer (200 points): They'll fly around rather slowly, or
    sometimes not at all, firing the slow bullet things some other
    guys do. Not too hard to beat, as almost any attack works...
    -Laser Flyer (200 points): The same thing as Gun Flyers, but the
    guns are now lasers. Much more deadly, but still not deadly :P.
    -Dropping Flyer (500 points): These guys don't have any sort of
    weapons but themselves ;). They'll drop down, from the sky,
    hitting and damaging you. Tails and Eggman can't run away quick
    enough to dodge these guys, but everyone else shuld find it quite
    *Jet Fighters*
    -Jet Fighters (500 points): These will move mREALLY, REALLY,
    REEEALLY quickly, bombing you in just the wrong places >:D. It's
    actually better to avoid these guys, all together, unless you're
    good at locking onto enemies with Tails and Dr. Eggman. Don't
    even bother trying with all of the other characters.
    These guys are found in the 'spooky' levels. They're wierd in the
    way that they'll appear without warning, and vaporize when you
    destroy them. Also, they won't leave anything behind... Odd.
    -Offensive Boos (100 points): These guys are really quick and
    will hurt you if you run into them. Any attack will kill them,
    -Defensive Boos (100 points): They look exactly like Offensive
    Boos, but instead of hurting you on contact, they'll try to
    cling onto you from behind, freezing you in your tracks, leaving
    you open for other enemy's attacks. Not a pleasant feeling. So
    destroy them before they do that.
    -Big Boos (300 points): Just  bigger versions of the Offensive
    Boos. They take quite a few hits to defeat, each one making it
    smaller, yet quicker. It may be better to run from them,
    *Chaos Creatures*
    I HATE these guys! They're really annoying, and really hard to
    hit. Oh well, they only appear in the later levels, and they
    provide a good challenge...
    -Normal Chaos Creatures (200 points): I named them after the
    Sonic Adventure look-alike. Anyway, these are the standard and
    most common form of these guys. They usually attack you by
    stretching their arms out at you, but sometimes use their
    eye-lasers, too. Both may be difficulty to avoid at times, but
    try your best to evade, and hit the head when you get the
    chance to destroy it.
    -Withdrawing Chaos Creatures (200 points): They're the same as
    the Normal version, except they can withdraw their heads into
    their water-like body, making it invulnerable to most attacks.
    The only attack that seems to be able to penertate through
    their jelly stuff is the (Propeller) Punch, if you're Tails or
    Dr. Eggman. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for it to come out,
    again. One thing to note is that while withdrawn, they can't
    attack you (whew!) :).
    -Flying Chaos Creatures (200 points): The exact same thing as
    Normal Chaos Creatures, but they fly around, and their bodies
    are ball-shaped.
    -Splitting Chaos Creatures (200 Points): These ones are a
    little easier than the others, mainly because they don't use
    that dreaded limb-extending attack. Instead, these guys will
    split up into a bunch af little liquid balls, thinking that
    they can beat you with bigger numbers. Boy, are they wrong!
    With the goo gone, their head's open to attack. Just give it
    a whack, and that'll disable the entire guy, including its
    little soldiers >:D.
    *Eggman's Robots*
    This is a seperate class that was built by Dr. Eggman (notice
    how these guys are in levels near Dr. Eggman's Hidden Base?).
    All of them contain Animals instead of the usual Chaos Drives,
    which is the main way to tell them apart from other GUN
    -E-100 Robot (200 points): These guys look almost exactly like
    E-102 from SA, except they have dual guns instead of one.
    They're quite dangerous if left alone, so destroy them quick,
    before they begin to shoot with their near-perfect aim.
    -Spike Robot (100 points): These don't attack you at all, just
    fly around. The only way to defeat them is to hit their core,
    no prob for Tails and Dr. Eggman. But, it may be a bit of a
    challenge for the other characters. When them, it's better to avoid
    these guys.
    -Kiki (100 points): No change from SA. These are the little monkey
    dudes that run around and throw stuff at you, and in this case, it's
    bombs. They're really slow and easy to beat, though.
    ---------------------------Bosses Advanced----------------------------
    Not done yet, but here's where I'll put the advanced boss strategies
    for the game's bosses. It's not like what's in the Walkthrough,
    because it's focused more on beating the boss quickly, and maybe
    'cheating' a bit. If you're looking for plainly how to beat a boss,
    use the Walkthrough.
                               4.4-Extra Stuff
    ------------------------------2P Mode---------------------------------
    Not done, but I'll start work on this within one or two updates...
    ------------------------Big The Cat Locations-------------------------
    Yep, Big's in the game, found in various and unexpected locations
    around most (if not all) levels and Boss Battles. I know some of these
    locations, but I need someone to e-mail me a list of them so I can type
    them up. Yes, you will be creditted :). Here's the ones I know about,
    so far...
    City Escape - He's running down the right sidewalk about 3/4 down the
    part when the big GUN truck chases you. Doesn't it kinda hit him :)???
    Wild Canyon - At the beginning, ride the wind up to the max, then turn
    around fully and begin to Glide that way. When you hit the wall, Climb
    up and right, where you'll see Big hanging onto the wall, higher up.
    Prison Lane - In the hallway right before the first shaft lift, there's
    a few prison cells in both walls. Out of the last one on the left, you
    can see something sticking out, and if you look closer, you can see
    that it's Big, reaching out for help :D.
    Pumpkin Hill - In one of the little blocked-up doors near the part
    where the Ghost Train starts off at, you'll see a little purple blur.
    Upon closer inspection, one can see that it's actually Big!
    Aquatic Mine - From the beginning, go to the far-left corner of the
    room, and dive down two levels, there. You should be near a fenced-off
    area, inside which you'll find Big drowning :D.
    Mission Street - Right after the part where you have to use a pillar
    to get on top of the garage ahead, and the two Bomb Robots up there,
    there's a path that breaks down. Fall down with it to catch a glimpse
    of Big hanging out under one of the support pipes, on the left.
    Iron Gate - At the first big lift, jump down to the left, keeping as
    much forward as possible. When you die, you'll see Big clinging onto
    the wall ahead. How he makes it out of this alive is a mystery...
    Racidal Highway - During the second rocket ride, you'll notice a blimp
    on your left. When you let go of the rocket and fall down, you can
    clearly see him on there.
    Egg Quarters - In the room with the only Mystic Melody Altar in the
    level, climb up the pillar with the Gorilla on it. At the top, turn
    around to face towards the other side of the room, then make a high
    Jump to see Big haning onto a feather decoration that's off limits to
    Weapons Bed - In the area that you start off in, look on top of the
    first hangar on the left to see Big, gazing down at you.
    White Jungle - After you let go of the vine that takes you over to
    the platform with the Gold Beetle on it, look above you, where
    you'll see Big hanging up in a tree.
    Sky Rail - Right at the beginning, there's a sight to die for.
    Literally. Jump off to the right side of the rails, and you'll see
    that fat cat atop a little metal rail on the right.
    Cannon's Core (Rouge) - After ascending the four pillars in the main
    chamber, Glide over to and Climb up the spire coming out of the
    ceiling. at the top, you 'll see Big trying to reach something higher
    1st Sonic/Shadow Fight - Big's having a jolly good time fishing in
    that little barred hole in the center of the arena.
                                5-Final Info
                               5.1-Final Words
    --------------------------Closing Paragraph---------------------------
    Well, that's all for this FAQ. Sonic Adventure 2. A truly great sequel
    to an already great game. This game is sure to live on for quite some
    time. Sonic's gone through a lot, and it looks like he's going to go
    through even more when all of the other companies begin to make his
    games. Sonic was the guy that really got me into video games, and he's
    still my favorite, so I look forward to his next works. You know, I
    wonder what kind of Sonic Games Nintendo and Sony come up with... Only
    time will tell, though. Keep on running, Sonic, you're doing a swell
    Kajtek Biedrzycki-
    Well, duh! I'm thanking myself for being able to put up with the long
    hours of working on this FAQ, and getting the idea in the very first
    place. And think about it, I'm not doing this for myself. It's all for
    YOU. So that's why I deserve credit.
    Sonic Team-
    If you didn't know by now, you're playing their game. Without them,
    there would be no Sonic Adventure 2. But even more importantly, you
    wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't for them ;).
    Also if you didn't know, you're playing it on their console. They
    funded Sonic Team since they were created, so they deserve some credit,
    You have just supported this FAQ by reading it. Yep, you deserve
    thanks, too. It's people like you that make me wanna write! Thank you!
    Israel Crespo (israelcrespo@earthlink.net)-
    Gave me the idea of writing directions on how to breed Kazar and get
    his stats that high. It's now included in the 'Kazar' section. Thanks,
    Aznsurfer007 (aznsurfer@aol.com)-
    Although I already knew, this person reminded me about Light Chao. I
    have included a section on them. You have Aznsurfer007 to thank for
    it, though!
    Chris F (cmfboy89@aol.com)-
    Found a few Big the Cat locations out for me, and I put them in. Thanks,
    Chris, it really helped!
    AlieN (alien@roarvgm.com)-
    Gave me a few tips regarding Chao, as well as confirming that Tails
    and Dr. Eggman can accquire Shields. A really nice person, as well as
    overly thankful :)!
    R J (foxx11_00@yahoo.com)-
    Pointed out a small mistake that I made on Chaos Drives. I said that
    Blue Chaos Drives give your Chao Run, when, of course, it should be
    Green. What was I thinking?!?
    Drew McNutt (drewmc@bscn.com)-
    Gave me the Mission Street Big location.
    Hayato (top_fox_54@hotmail.com)-
    Gave me the Egg Quarters Big location.
    PHATalbyXL7 (phatalbyxl7@aol.com)-
    Gave me the Wild Canyon Big location.
    McGoo (screwballmcgoo@screwballmcgoo.net)-
    Gave me the Rouge Cannon's Core Big location.
    Takeru5240 (takeru5240@aol.com)-
    Gave me the Aquatic Mine Big location.
    Andrew Wright (awright@ameritech.net)-
    Gave me the White Jungle Big Location.
    My Family-
    For putting up with the computer being busy for so long while I wrote
    this FAQ. Thanks, Arek, Mom, Dad, and Choges.
                                5.2-Misc Info
    -----------------------------Contact Me-------------------------------
    You can reach me, in person, if you want. However, before I reveal my
    E-mail address, I will say what I will and will not accept when you
    mail me.
    I Welcome Any:
    Praise (I can dream, can't I?)
    CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism
    I Will Not Allow:
    Profane Messages
    Intentional Offensiveness
    Junk or Spam Mail
    Remember, I am a person. Treat me as you would, yourself. And, also,
    remember that I can block your address... Believe me, it'll take you
    way longer to bug me than me to delete your messages and block you >:).
    If you have the will to bug me, then I have the will to stop you from
    bugging me.
    Sorry if I sound mean. I sort of have a split personality ;). I can be
    very nice or totally mean. It just ticks me off when ppl abuse FAQ
    writers. Can't you realize that I'm doing it for you, not myself?!?
    Anyway, if you want to do anything listed above or just plain talk to
    me, my address is KajtekBi@aol.com, and my SN is (you guessed it)
    Kajtek_Bi! Oh yeah, and one more thing. Try to use proper grammar and
    not do ThIs. OK? If you do do ThIs, then I'll do this: -DELETE-.
    ---------------------Frequently Asked Questions-----------------------
    I get quite a lot of e-mails from people that ask similar questions,
    so it might be for my own good to write up a section on the most
    common ones. Please check here before asking me a question, because
    I hate to answer the same question OVER and OVER again!
    Q:Where is the rest of your FAQ?
    A:It's not done :).
    Q:Where are the character power-up (Upgrade) lists?
    A:Look under 'Character Info' near the beginning of the FAQ. Each
    character has their own sub-section with all of their Upgrades'
    uses and locations listed.
    Q:How did you make Kazar so good? I want a copy, too.
    A:I will not mass-produce my Chao for other ppl, but I've included the
    steps that I took to breed Kazar in his section, for all of those that
    ask about this :D.
    Q:Why is Cannon's Core so freaking hard?
    A:It just is, being the last level, and all :)... The Walkthrough
    should be able to help you, though.
    Q:Can I help write certain sections in your FAQ?
    A:No, I will not allow that. This FAQ is 100% mine and I want to keep
    it that way. Thus, I will not include anything anyone gives me word for
    word. However, suggestions and corrections are always welcome!
    --------------------------Site Permission-----------------------------
    As the copyright holder for this document, I, Kajtek Adrian Biedrzycki
    exclusively reserve the right to decide, with my own discretion, as to
    which specific web sites I allow to use my FAQ and which I do not.
    Only the web sites and their URLs below have permission to post this
    FAQ up on the internet as of the release of this current version. I
    would really appreciate if you contacted me if you are viewing this
    FAQ from a site not listed below. I will even credit you, right here,
    just for doing that. The reason is that I only want this FAQ displayed
    on sites that I feel deserve it. Also, some sites like to 'steal'
    other author's work and take all of the credit for themselves. This
    is a safeguard that I've included to prevent that. Even if you do not
    modify it in any way, your site still has to be listed below to
    indicate my permission for you to put this FAQ on your site. To get
    your site onto the list below, just e-mail me with your site's URL,
    and I'll e-mail you back with my decision. However, DO NOT assume
    that I agree until I notify you. Even if you ask me, and I say yes,
    you have to wait until I release a newer version with your site
    listed below. Once again, it is a violation of copyright law to have
    this FAQ on any site that is not listed below. I can and WILL take
    legal action against violators of the preceeding upon me being made
    aware of it.
    The list of sites permitted to display this FAQ is as follows:
    GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Cheat Code Central - http://www.cheatcc.com
    Any other web site hosting this document or linking to this document
    is violating copyright law, so please notify me immediately if you're
    reading it from any other site. Thank you.
    -----------------------------FAQ Polls--------------------------------
    This section is where I'll put things if I want to know what the
    audience wants. Answer the polls by E-mailing me with the answers. Try
    to make the subject "Poll" or something similar, though.
    1. Which section would you like me to finish first?
    c)A New One:__________________
    2.Which Walkthrough should I finish first?
    3.What do you want more of?
    d)Nothing - the FAQ's wicked as it is
                               5.3-Legal Info
    This FAQ is copyright 2001, Kajtek Biedrzycki. You may not modify,
    alter, or otherwise change this FAQ without prior written permission
    from Kajtek Biedrzycki. You may not publicly present this FAQ, which
    includes, but isn't limited to web sites, magazines, and newspapers
    unless otherwise given permission in this document. You may copy this
    FAQ in whole to anyone or any group, so long as it remains unaltered.
    You may not use this FAQ to gain any monetary profit, which includes,
    among other things, placing it on a web site on the same page as an
    advertisement of any kind. You may not claim copyright to this FAQ.
    --------------------------Spoiler Warning-----------------------------
    This FAQ contains major SPOILERS for the game, Sonic Adventure 2. You
    should not read it unless you are aware that it may reveal everything
    about it, and you read it at your own risk. If you do not wish to know
    such things as plot, levels, and secret features, but rather discover
    them yourself, please do not read this FAQ.
    I am not responisble for anything that you do with this FAQ. I cannot
    guarantee that information in this FAQ is 100% accurate, so read at
    your own risk. Any technical complications on your computer due to
    this FAQ is not my problem. I am not responsible for what this FAQ
    does to you, or anything related to you. Need I say it again? YOU USE

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