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    Chao FAQ by NMcNair

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 08/28/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            _________             .__
                           /   _____/ ____   ____ |__| ____
                           \_____  \ /  _ \ /    \|  |/ ___\
                           /        (  <_> )   |  \  \  \___
                          /_______  /\____/|___|  /__|\___  >
                                  \/            \/        \/
              _____       .___                    __
             /  _  \    __| _/__  __ ____   _____/  |_ __ _________   ____
            /  /_\  \  / __ |\  \/ // __ \ /    \   __\  |  \_  __ \_/ __ \
           /    |    \/ /_/ | \   /\  ___/|   |  \  | |  |  /|  | \/\  ___/
           \____|__  /\____ |  \_/  \___  >___|  /__| |____/ |__|    \___  >
                   \/      \/           \/     \/                        \/
                                         :+:    :+:
                                ___  _   _    __    _____
                               / __)( )_( )  /__\  (  _  )
                              ( (__  ) _ (  /(__)\  )(_)(
                               \___)(_) (_)(__)(__)(_____)
                            _|_|_|_|    _|_|      _|_|
                            _|        _|    _|  _|    _|
                            _|_|_|    _|_|_|_|  _|  _|_|
                            _|        _|    _|  _|    _|
                            _|        _|    _|    _|_|  _|
                                  Copyright 2001
                            Contact: StoOgE_Zoot@yahoo.com
    [1].     -Guide overview
      [.1]   -Guide versions/history
      [.2]   -Updates to come
    [2].     -Chao Basics
      [.1]   -Hatching
      [.2]   -Feeding
      [.3]   -Breeding
      [.4]   -Animals
      [.5]   -Chaos drives
      [.6]   -Kindergarten
      [.7]   -Masks
      [.8]   -Moods
      [.9]   -Stats
      [.A]   -Chao interaction
    [3].     -Gardens
      [.1]   -Unlocking gardens
      [.2]   -Chao garden
      [.3]   -Hero garden
      [.4]   -Dark garden
    [4].     -Advanced chao raising
      [.1]   -Hero/dark/neutral
      [.2]   -First evolution
      [.3]   -Second evolution
      [.4]   -Advanced chao
      [.5]   -Colored chao
      [.6]   -Combining Sonic Adventure chao
      [.7]   -Death/rebirth
      [.8]   -Special Animals
      [.9]   -Parts Canceling
      [.A]   -Rumored chao
    [5].     -Animals/Drives
      [.1]   -Animal class
      [.2]   -Animal Stats
      [.3]   -Drive Stats
      [.4]   -Locations
      [.5]   -Animal traits
      [.6]   -Chao boxes
    [6].     -Racing
      [.1]   -Basics
      [.2]   -Unlocking courses
      [.3]   -Prizes
      [.4]   -Track description
    [7].     -Chao Adventure 2
      [.1]   -Basics
      [.2]   -Adventures
      [.3]   -Slot-game
      [.4]   -Mating
      [.5]   -Fighting
      [.6]   -Important items
      [.7]   -Treasure Chests
    [8].     -Chao online
      [.1]   -Bulletin Board
      [.2]   -Chao Daycare
      [.3]   -Black Market
    [9].     -Frequently asked questions
    [10].    -Records
    [11].    -Legal notice
    [12].    -Credits
    [13].    -Contact information
    [1].     GUIDE OVERVIEW
          The purpose of this guide will be to give a comprehensive overlook into
          everything that is involved in the world of Chao.  This guide deals with
          Chao, as they exist in Sonic Adventure 2, and not the first game.  In
          case you are unaware of what a chao is Chao are the cute blue/green
          A-life characters found in both of Sonic Teams Sonic Adventure games.
          They are cute creatures that you may find yourself becoming attached
          or entertained for hours by these cute creatures.  In fact, many Sonic
          Adventure players will actually find more enjoyment out of raising Chao
          then from the actual game itself.  Also, I suggest that you always keep
          an up to date backup of your chao in case something goes wrong.  I would
          also like to make a note right here that while many guides floating
          about the net have chosen to help people with hacking their VMU and
          copying your chao, I will not help you do this in any way.  I think that
          you should raise your chao the hard way as Sonic Team intended.  I don't
          feel that helping you to cheat should be a part of this guide.
                                                    -Nathan McNair
    Note: in order to view this guide properly, you must have the file set in a
    Fixed width font (I suggest Courier New, 10 point font) and be able to
    Display this entire line on a page.
         Ver. 1.0 - 7/23/01
              The first incarnation of this FAQ, the formatting is set and the
              basic and garden sections are done.  The Advanced section is
              about half done.
         Ver. 1.1 - 7/24/01
              The FAQ has gotten quite a bit done, the advanced section is
              complete, with the exception of information that I still need to
              either discover or be provided with. The Animals section is 100
              percent complete unless someone can think of something or has a
              question regarding it.  The racing section is done, with the
              exception of the track descriptions.  I have also added to some
              of the older sections to make them more complete and thorough.
         Ver. 1.2 - 7/29/01
              I have finished the reformatting of the guide.  I now think that
              it is in the final form insofar as the look of the guide is
              concerned.  I think that it is fairly easy to navigate the guide
              at this point, and now I think I can focus on getting more info
              into the guide.  There have also been some additions to the
              second evolutionary path information, as well as some more
              racing information.  I hope to have version 1.2b out tonight,
              with the basics of Chao Adventure 2 discussed.
         Ver. 1.2b-7/29/01
              There has been a change to the Guide Overview regarding hacking
              your VMU.  There has also been some major changes to the racing
              section and the first track descriptions have begun, as has the
              groundwork for Chao Adventure 2.  It looks like this guide is
              going to come together and finish up.  I am also working on
              getting some more sites to publish the guide, hopefully, Gamefaqs
              will see fit to publish this latest release of the chao guide.
              I have also added some more of the first evolution chao, as
              mine finally evolved!
         Ver. 1.2c-7/30/01
              This is a very small update, and again isn't really worthy of its
              own version number.  I fixed a typo that was repeated many times
              throughout the FAQ, touched up some formatting I still wasn't
              pleased with, added a new chao face, as well as some new
              information regarding the second evolution and some of the Chao
              Adventure items, as there still seems to be a bit of confusion
              in a few of those areas.  I am trying to get this chao FAQ to
              a level that it will be able to serve as an answer to any
              questions in a few months when the boards are not as active
              any more.  I still really need your help, as mapping all of
              The chao evolutionary patterns may take me several months if
              I have to do it on my own. I also added a view test at the
              top of the FAQ, as a few people have complained about it
              looking strange when they printed it off.
         Ver. 1.3 - 7/31/01
              This is going to be the final "big" update to the FAQ, barring
              a major breakthrough by someone in some of the rumored chao.
              from here on out, the changes that happen will be much smaller,
              but will also be the things that the really hardcore chao
              fans are going to care about.  This update has seen the inclusion
              of a few more rumored chao types, not known if they are real,
              or possible to get, but that's why they are rumors.  There has
              also been a warning added to the rumored chao section about
              some recipes floating around the net that don't seem to work,
              as well as a warning about importing chao from SA1.  It has also
              seen the completion (with some touching up to do) of the racing
              and Chao Adventure 2 sections.  While it isn't as completely
              thorough as the FAQ dedicated to chao adventure 2, I think it
              deals with all of the general information you need or want to
              know, and gives you a detailed enough walkthrough for most
              players tastes (lets face it, Chao Adventure 2 is not as
              important as the first one was).  Also, added the Chao
              interaction portion of the page.
         Ver. 1.3b - 7/31/01
              This is a small update as I found some things in the first
              posting of version 1.3 that I was not happy with. There
              were some formatting problems as well as typos that I was not
              happy with.
         Ver. 1.4 - 8/1/01
              The FAQ's first update in the new month comes with some small
              additions to a few of the sections, including a clear up on
              some of the Rumored chao and a new seed.  The biggest change
              that comes with this update to version 1.4 is purely cosmetic
              and you probably noticed right away, there is now an ASCII
              title at the top of the page!  I'm pretty pleased with it.  I
              am still in the market for a more stylized one if you feel up
              to the task.
         Ver. 1.5 - 8/2/01
              Another small update, this one has a few errors fixed as well
              as the addition of a new second evolution chao.  Keep the
              information coming in.
         Ver. 1.6 - 8/3/01
              Lots of updates all over the place.  A new Chao adventure has
              been added, some more rumored chao, a lot of second evolution
              chao as well as some clerical errors and formatting that you
              will probably never notice, but they bothered me.
         Ver. 1.7 - 8/5/01
              The FAQ is nearing completion as many of the areas people have
              had questions with have been rewritten and there seems to be
              less confusion.  There have been several updates to the second
              evolutionary process as well as two new adventures for Chao
              adventure 2 added.  As there are now 8 adventures, I have the
              feeling that Sonic Team probably programmed 10 full adventures
              into the game and that I am missing some.  I am really pleased
              with where this FAQ is headed, and all I need now is your help
              suggestion sections that need to be added to the FAQ, so that
              it can become the most comprehensive Chao FAQ on the net.
         Ver. 1.8 - 8/9/01
              The updates are becoming fewer and farther between, due to
              Tthe fact that there is less information that is unknown about
              Chao.  There have been a lot of small additions all over the
              FAQ and are too numerous and small to list, but it looks like
              this FAQ is about a month to two months from now.
         Ver. 1.8b -8/10/01
              This is a small update that fixes a few more problems, ads
              the final chao adventure (still need to know how to finish
              one of them), and clears up some more confusion.
         Ver. 1.9 -8/10/01
              This is a rather big update, as sonic team has launched the
              black market, and many of the "rumored" chao are now attainable,
              and, it is my opinion that the rest of them will probably be
              added to the underground in the near future (there are some
              exceptions, which I think are completely bogus).  There has
              also been a lot of information added all over the FAQ, that
              addresses confusion that some readers have been having, and I
              have also added an FAQ section and a records section, for
              questions readers have had, that don't fit elsewhere, and the
              records section is so we can see whose chao is best.  Also, I
              have been able to confirm that normal chao have a second
              evolution as well, so I have added those to the second evolution
              section, though I am not sure what they look like yet.
         Ver. 1.9b -8/12/01
              Small update, one new second evolution, some new additions to the
              FAQ section, a fix on the online section (remember, I cant connect
              due to having a BBA, so I need your help here) and that's it.  I
              still really need some of your chao's best times.  If I don't get
              any soon, I guess I will take that section down.  It bugs me that
              I received 20+ e-mails asking for this section, and now that I
              have created it, no one wants to use it.
         Ver. 2.0 -8/16/01
              This is the biggest update the page will probably ever see again, I
              received an e-mail with all of the missing evolutions listed.  I have
              little doubt that these were attained via cheating, but I will list
              the information as I do need it.  There have been a few things fixed
              up all around the FAQ, and I still have NO best times for chao races,
              I am now going on an honor system with the chao times, as it doesn't
              bother me if ya'll fake it.
         Ver. 2.1 -8/28/01
              Sorry, I have been out of town for a while, for those of you wondering
              why I haven't updated or why I have not answered your mail.  Also, UT
              classes start tommorow, so updates will come less often.  This update
              has a lot of little things updated in several areas, hope you like it.
    [1.2].   UPDATES TO COME
              At this point, there is very little work left to do on the FAQ
              I am happy with the way this is progressing, the things that
              are left to do are getting smaller in number as every day goes on.
              I still need to get some of the rumored chao (though I think
              that most if not all of these chao will be found on the black
              market soon), the normal chao's second evolution and
              still have one chao adventure that no one seems to be able to beet.
              other than these things, this FAQ is nearing the day that I post
              the final version.  If you have any suggestions, or feel that there
              are some things in the FAQ that need some polishing or feel
              something is missing, let me know.  I also feel that I may be
              missing some of the lessons that the chao can learn, so if you can
              help me there, it would be much appreciated.
    [2].     CHAO BASICS
         In this section of the FAQ, I shall go into the basics of raising chao,
         these are things that you should know before you enter into the chao
         garden for the first time.  It is my opinion however, that you should
         completely finish the entire SA2 main game before you ever start working
         with chao.  This gives you the opportunity to have access to all of the
         games levels, which you will need in order to raise effective and fun
         chao.  Not to mention, it is the only way that you can get access to the
         chao kindergarten or to switch between gardens.  I recommend also that you
         use either Knuckles or Rouge to raise your chao with, as they are less
         likely to accidentally strike the chao, which leads to the most important
         aspect of chao raising, never strike your chao.
    [2.1].   HATCHING
         There are three ways that you can hatch a chao, only one, however, is the
         correct way.  When you reach the chao garden for the first time, you will
         notice that there are two chao eggs.  Walk up to one and when the action
         button says "pick" you should pick the chao up, and hold that button down.
         After you rock the egg a few times, sit the egg back down, and a happy
         chao will pop out.  You could also let the egg sit and hatch on its own,
         this takes longer, and the chao is not as happy, or you could throw the
         egg against a wall, I advise you not to do this, if you ever want your
         chao to like you, at all.
    [2.2].   FEEDING
         After your chao have been hatched, the first thing that you should do is
         to give you chao one of the tree fruits that you find on the trees located
         in the garden.  In order to do this, you walk up to a tree and press the
         action button (or "B" button).  Your character will then grab hold of the
         tree and you can shake it by moving the analog control back to forward or
         side-to-side.  If there is a full-grown tree on the fruit, it will shake
         as the tree shakes, and will eventually fall off.  Once this happens,
         simply pick the fruit up and hand it to the chao, and he will chomp down.
         There are also two other aspects to collecting food for your chao; both
         of these require your playing chao adventure 2 on your VMU.  Details on
         how to obtain these items will be dealt with there, but here I shall
         discuss what to do with the items once you have procured them.  If you
         have won a seed or a fruit in Chao adventure 2, first make sure the
         VMU is in a controller, you should walk up to the VMU machine located in
         the chao garden and step on the button.  This will bring up a menu.  You
         should then select the correct VMU, and a list of everything that you
         have attained during you playing of Chao adventure 2 will come up,
         simply highlight the item (or chao) that you want to bring out of the VMU
         and press the "A" button.  This should leave the item/chao highlighted,
         even if you move the cursor.  You can then select any other items that
         you would like.  Once you have selected all of the items that you would
         like, move the cursor down to the "select" button and all of the items
         will come out of the VMU machine.  If the item was a fruit, simply pick
         it up and carry it over to your chao, as you would a normal tree fruit.
         If it is a seed, you should carry it over to a chao that has won the
         watering pale and the shovel in the races (see the racing section for more
         information) and the chao will do the rest.  You will then have a new tree
         in the garden with better fruit.  The fruit from these tree's are better
         for increasing your chao's stamina (see stats section for more details),
         though they do die after time, however, your chao may water the tree after
         it has been planted, this will elongate the life-span of the tree.  You may
         have up to six extra trees in any given garden at a time.
          Triangle Fruit - A triangle shaped fruit
          Square Fruit   - A square shaped fruit
          Round Fruit    - A round shaped fruit
          Wonder Fruit   - Not yet known
          Chao Fruit     - Increases skills
          Heart Fruit    - Makes your chao go into a mating season
          Hero Fruit     - Make your chao favor the Hero side
          Dark Fruit     - Makes your chao favor the Dark side
          Smart Fruit    - Raises intelligence
          Peace Fruit    - Puts chao at peace, and they will like you more
          Energy Fruit   - makes the chao do more stuff
         These are all of the fruit that I have seen, again, there may be more, but
         I have not seen them, just let me know.
          Tall Seed      - Hero/neutral chao only
          Creepy Seed    - Dark/neutral chao only
          Vitality Seed  - Hero/neutral chao only
          Power Seed     - Dark/hero/neutral
          Tasty Seed     - Hero/neutral chao only
          Wonder Seed    - Hero/neutral chao only
          Forbidden Seed - Dark/neutral chao only
          Rare Seed      - Hero/neutral/Dark
          Rough Seed     - Dark/neutral chao only
          Strong Seed    - Dark/hero/neutral
    [2.3].   BREEDING
         There are two ways to breed your chao, one involves Chao Adventure 2 and
         will be dealt with in that section, and the other happens in the chao
         garden.  It is important to note here that only adult chao can mate.  Only
         after your chao has evolved is it capable to mate (this will be dealt with
         in the advanced chao raising section).  When one chao can constantly be
         found sitting down with a ring of flowers around them, they are said to be
         in the mating season.  When this happens, plop another chao down next to
         that one and they should do a little dance, and then an egg will appear.
         It should be noted that it is easier to get this to work, if the chao get
         along with each other.
    [2.4].   ANIMALS
         You may have noticed that when playing the game that you can pick up
         animals in the levels, when you enter into the chao garden, the animals
         come with you.  You can then show them to the chao and the chao will take
         on some of the animal features as well as having a stat increase.  Before
         giving your chao animals, you should read through the advanced chao
         raising section as  well as the animal's section.
    [2.5].   CHAOS DRIVES
         Chaos drives are similar to animals, except you pick them up from the GUN
         robots.  They only increase the chao's stats, and give them no traits at
         all.  To alleviate confusion, the Robots that Eggman built do not use
         chaos drives, but are powered by the traditional animals.
    [2.6].   KINDERGARTEN
         The chao kindergarten is very useful on several levels.  Firstly, you can
         go to the chao professor and learn a lot about chao, all of that
         information and more is available here in the FAQ, and so going there isn't
         necessary unless you want to.  Also, the chao doctor can tell you what you
         chao's strengths and weaknesses are, and can help you to better train your
         chao for racing (note: there are some reports coming in of the chao doctor
         locking the game up, and you loosing the chao that you take to it.  I have
         never had this happen, this is one reason why you should always keep a
         backup of your chao data).  Here you will also find the classroom.  Here,
         you can take your chao to learn several lessons, once your chao has learned
         a task, they will perform the learned action when they are in the garden.
         In order to get to the school you must have come to chao world from the
         stage select screen, and not from the story mode.  In order to go to the
         garden, you should pick your chao up and carry them out of the garden,
         and then carry them through chao world into the school.  It should be noted
         that you can only send a chao to a class 3 times before you will be told
         your chao has "mastered" this trait.  I suppose that means it has become
         better at that lesson.
    The lessons that the chao can learn are:
         - Cymbals
         - Maracas
         - Song
         - Bell
         - Tambourine
         - Drums
         - Trumpet
         - Castanets
         - Spin Dance
         - Step Dance
         - Go-Go Dance
         - Shake Dance
         - Swing Dance
         - Drawing
         - Exercise
         - Flute
         These are all of the lessons that I know of, if there are more, please let
         me know and I will list it right here.
    [2.7].   MASKS
         Your chao can also wear masks if you give them to the chao.  There are
         three masks that your chao will use.  You can give any chao the top of
         their eggshell, and they will wear it around, if they are happy.  In the
         neutral and hero garden, there are pumpkins that can be given to the chao
         to wear, and in the     dark garden, there are skulls that you can give
         you your chao.  In order to get the pumpkins or skulls, you will need to
         get Knuckles or Rouge the digging  power up, and dig around in the garden.
         Note: The chao must have received a skeleton dog in order to wear a mask.
         The only way to remove a mask is to either throw your chao or wait until
         They tire of it (please do the latter, you don't want to upset Chaos [
         SA1 boss]).
    [2.8].   MOODS/FACES
           There are several different moods that your chao can be in.  These are
           all expressed with various symbols above the chaos head.
         - dot, halo or spike ball, chao is in a normal typical mood
         - question mark, chao is contemplating what his next action will be
         - exclamation point, chao knows what he is about to do
         - heart, chao is extremely happy
         - swirl, chao is confused/tired
         - laying down, if the chao is laying down snoring, it is asleep, always
           let a chao finish their nap, or they will wake up tired.
        - Faces
            When your chao is born it is also born with a face that cannot be
            changed until its rebirth (more on this later).  This is affected
            depending on how the chao is hatched.  There is some report that
            the chao's parents effect how the chao's face looks, though I
            don't think this is accurate, and some reports that the garden
            the chao has hatched in effects it.  I have gotten most of these
            face types in multiple gardens, so I haven't found any proof
            personally about this, but it is something to consider.
         Happy - don't touch the egg, just let the chao hatch on it's own.
         This takes a long time, but the results are guaranteed, although, its not
         too becoming on a dark chao.
         Normal - The normal chao face is the hardest to get, you have to rock the
         chao egg just enough, but not too much, its more of an art than it is a
         Evil - This is my favorite chao look.  You can get it one of several ways,
         you can chunk the egg (don't do this), shake the egg, put it down, and
         shake it again, or you can pick the egg up and run around the garden
         Dazed and Confused - Yes, this chao looks like he is under the influence
         of something.  In order to get this chao, you must shake the egg far too
         much; this is a good look if you want a funny chao.
         Upside Down evil grin- This chao is very cool looking for a dark chao.
         You need to jump around while holding the chao egg for a very long
         Amount of time.  You then need to sit the egg down and pick it back up
         Very quickly before it can hatch.  Then chunk it against the wall.  The
         Chao will not be pleased at first, but you can make it happier by
         Petting it.
    [2.9].   STATS
         This is the single most important basic piece of chao knowledge that I can
         give you and that is the stats that the chao has.  If you have ever played
         an RPG this should be fairly familiar to you.  The chao has 7 basic stats
         that you need to keep track of if you want to race.  There are a couple of
         theories on how to win races; I suggest that you create well- rounded chao
         that are capable of doing anything.  It should be noted that the maximum a
         stat can reach is 999.  The only way to view your chao's stats is to place
         the chao into the VMU and check through Chao Adventure 2.  This is a bit
         annoying, but unfortunately is the only way that it can be done.
         Running (green)- This controls the ability of the chao to run, give the
         chao green chaos drives or animals with a green background in order to
         increase this statistic.
         Swimming (yellow)- This controls the ability of the chao to swim, give the
         chao yellow chaos drives or animals with a yellow background in order to
         increase this statistic.
         Power (Red)- This controls the ability of the chao to climb or push objects
         This is necessary in some of the later races especially.  Give the animal
         red chaos drives or animals in order to increase this statistic.
         Flight (Purple)- This controls how well the chao can fly, this can be
         great for shortcuts, when many chao fall into the water and have to swim
         for it, your chao may be able to make up a lot of ground if they can fly
         well.  Give the chao purple chaos drives or animals to increase this stat.
         Luck - This is controlled in the VMU game, Chao adventure 2.  In order to
         increase it, you must correctly guess which of the three treasure chests
         has an item in it.  The stat increases by 100 every time you guess
         correctly, and decreases by 100 every time you are wrong.  This helps you
         chao into catching breaks as far as other chao falling in the races as well
         as helping your chao not to do this (a good running stat can help this too)
         Intelligence - Gaining smart fruit in Chao adventure 2 increases this.
         There is some rumor that sending your chao to class helps this as well, but
         this is just a rumor.  Increasing this stat is essential in later races
         where there are puzzles for your chao to solve.  Also, the chao will be
         likely to run the inside line in corners and not run across the track,
         cutting times.
         Stamina - You can increase Stamina by giving the chao fruits from the tree
         or from the mini-game.  The seeds that your chao can plant actually give
         you more stamina. Make sure that your chao eats the whole thing.  This is
         great, because, it allows your chao to run faster and longer, and you can
         cheer your chao on more.  This is the most important of the "secondary"
         This time Sonic Team has increased the amount of things that the chao
         will do with each other.  This takes the concept of A-life a lot further
         as the chao with develop friendships and rivalries amongst each other
         depending on how they feel about each other.  It should be noted that
         interaction seems to happen more when chao either really get along or
         really dislike each other.
         Known Interactions (between chao):
         - Watch TV together (after TV is won, see prizes section).
         - Play with the ball together (after garden ball is won).
         - Help each other knock food out of a tree (is you starve them).
         - Play in a band together (if multiple know how to play).
         - Watch band play (if they don't know an instrument.
         - Watching chao may cover their ears and cry.  This results in the chao
           playing the instrument to cry as well.
         - Mate on their own.
         - Play with the Jack in the box (when won).
         - Listen to the radio together(when won).
         - Push each other on the rocking horse.
         - Hold hands, skip and play follow the leader.
         - Fight over fruit
         - Walk together (not holding hands)
         - Dance with each other
         - Play ring around the Rosie
         Known interactions (between chao and character):
         - follow the character around garden skipping.
         - run to character when whistled to come
         - "Baa" at character
         - Squirm when picked up
         - Fidget gleefully when picked up
         - Cry
         - Flail arms on ground, crying
         Note: Each of these differs on how the chao feels about your character
         I think you can tell which ones happen when your chao like you, and
         vice versa.
    [3].    GARDENS
         There are three chao gardens in SA2, just like in the first game.  The
         difference is, all of the gardens in this game are much more useable.
         In the first game, the only garden that was useable was station
         square.  In this game, all of the gardens are good and I keep chao in
         all of them.
         You may notice when you first enter chao world, there is only one
         garden, well, you have to unlock the other two.  In order to open
         up the hero garden you need a hero chao.  In order to open up the
         dark garden, you need to raise a dark chao, more on this in the
         advanced chao raising section.
    [3.2].   CHAO GARDEN
         This is the basic garden that you first get when you open up chao world.
         This garden is nice to raise any chao in; it is the smallest of the
         gardens, and also the only garden with the entrance to the chao races
         (why cant they give all of the gardens an entrance?).  This is a pretty
         little garden, with some nice cliffs and the like.
    [3.3].   HERO GARDEN
         This garden is unlocked once you raise a hero chao.  This is the prettiest
         of the gardens; it has a nice set of stairs up to a gazebo that allows for
         chao to fly from.  Also, it has a pretty water area for the chao to swim
    [3.4].   DARK GARDEN
         This garden is ugly and evil looking, but I suppose that was Sonic Team
         wanted to do with the garden.  It has a really expansive cliff for flying,
         a great flat area to feed the chao in and a bloody water area for swimming.
         It even has its own creepy cave.
         This is where you can really have fun with chao raising/breeding.  This
         is where you can raise those really cool chao that will wow your friends.
         This is where you will spend most of your time raising chao as it tends
         to be the most entertaining aspect of doing so.
    [4.1].   HERO/DARK/NEUTRAL
         The battle between good and evil is the basic idea of Sonic Adventure 2,
         and it carries over into the world of chao.  This aspect multiplies the
         chao possibilities by three.  This makes chao raising much more fun, as
         there are now more chao than can be held in your three gardens, and it will
         be a while before you can get all of the ones that you want.  In order to
         raise a hero chao, you simply care for the chao with one of the hero
         characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles).  To raise a dark chao, do the
         opposite, by raising the chao with the dark characters (Shadow, Eggman,
         Rouge).  The neutral chao is the hardest to raise, as you have to raise the
         chao 50/50 between the two sets of characters.  It is hard to keep track of
         so you may actually want to write down what you have given them and with
         whom.  A good rule of thumb, is if the chao is greenish in color, you are
         on the right track to a neutral chao.
    [4.2].   FIRST EVOLUTION
         The first evolution of a chao is what changes the chao from a baby to an
         adult chao.  The evolution takes place after you have given your chao
         enough items.  The chao will form a teardrop shaped cocoon around them.
         After a moment, the cocoon will fade away, and an adult chao will come out.
         Depending on what you give your chao, will dramatically affect the outcome
         of your adult chao.  There are 5 basic types of first evolutions.  Which
         type you wind up with is completely dependent upon what you give your chao
         before the evolution.  The five types are as follows.  Note: you must give
         them these items BEFORE the first evolution, if you don't your chao will
         not be able to evolve.
         Normal - if you give your chao an equal amount of each color of animal and
         drive (or close to equal) you will get a normal chao.  The second
         evolution of these chao is much more subtle than are the other chao
         types but there is a second evolution to the normal chao types as well.
         Running - Give your chao nothing but green animals and chaos drives, and
         it will develop into a running chao.  From here, you can branch into
         various other evolutionary paths.
         Power (Dragon) - Give your chao nothing but red animals and chaos drives
         and they will become a power chao.  They can't do much at first but climb,
         but eventually, you can balance this out, and they look really cool.
         Flying - to get your chao to advance to the flying chao level you must
         supply them with nothing but purple animals and chaos drives.  This is
         my favorite chao type, because you can make a NiGHTS chao, from my
         favorite game of all time.
         Swimming (Alien) - To get a chao that can swim faster than any other, you
         need to supply the chao with yellow drives and animals, these are cool
         looking chao, but the second evolutionary path is another story...
         I need to note here that the blue chao is random in what trait it effects;
         so unless you don't care what chao you get, don't give your chao any of
         these.  Also, the imaginary and ghost class animals don't affect the
         evolutionary path in any way, so you should stay off of them until your
         chao is evolved to the way that you like.  I will go into further details
         on these animals later.
         Another thing to mention is a change since the first sonic adventure game,
         and that is how the hero/dark element changes the outcome of these chao.
         Normal: Just a bigger version of the chao that comes out of the egg, that's
         Running Chao :  Green chao with spikes on head (sonic like).
         Swimming Chao:  Green/yellow Chao with a long, narrow sloping head looks
         like the alien from the alien trilogy.
         Power Chao   :  Orange chao with yellow/orange pattern on its spikes.
         Flying Chao  :  A pink chao with two jester like rolls coming off of its
         Hero Normal       :  A white cute looking chao with two small antennas
         like objects on the top of its head and the typical hero chao, again,
         this is the end of the evolutionary pattern.
         Hero Running Chao :  Chao with a Blue colored Stomach and a large single
         antenna like spike coming from the back of its head, this alternates white
         and blue in color, much like the feet and hands of a normal hero chao.
         Hero Swimming Chao:  The Ears become elongated and flatten out, also the
         color changes to a white/green color pattern.
         Hero Power Chao   :  The Chao will grow several spikes on its head, and
         have a red/white alternating color as opposed to blue/white.  Polka dots
         would also seem to be involved.
         Hero Flying Chao  :  Purple/White Chao with two feathers coming out of
         its head.
         Dark Normal       :  Evil chao that is black in color and has the spike
         ball that all dark chao have. Once again, this is the end of the
         evolutionary track.
         Dark Running Chao :  Gets three spikes that are green in color,
         while the rest of the chao remains black.
         Dark Swimming Chao:  Yellow Highlights, has same shape as neutral swimming.
         Dark Power Chao   :  A dark red/black chao with a large single spike.
         Dark Flying Chao  :  Dark blue (almost black) chao that has Black
         highlights on its stomach and head, and two small jester like head caps
         coming out of its head.
         The second evolution of the chao is where you get to mix things up,
         instead of simply having a chao that is good at one thing, you can give
         your chao a second trait that it specialized in, or you can hold off on
         rounding out the chao's abilities and keep moving in one of the four main
         areas.  For example, had you created a Dark Running chao, you could now
         move on to create a Dark Running/Running Chao or a Dark Running/Swimming
         Chao, etc.  It is important to note a change from the first sonic adventure
         , before your chao can take the second evolutionary path; you must wait for
         your chao to have its first mating season(see the chao basics section for
         more info).  Then you can pick where you want to go next.  I also need to
         let you know that the chao does not go into a cocoon for the second
         evolution.  It is a gradual change that is not as easily noticed as
         the first evolution, but is very noticeable, none the less.  This can take
         an insane amount of time it would seem, I would suggest using Drives for
         the second evolution as they seem to work faster this time (in a change
         of roles), but you still will find yourself giving your chao 250-500
         chaos drives for the second evolution.  You will probably doubt that
         there is a second evolution after hours with no change, but I promise
         that it will come, just be patient, the effects are worth it, as these
         are chao to definitely show off to your friends.  Some people have
         reported that some of the chao, take a very long time to get, taking
         up to 1000 items, for the shadow chao.  Note: Some of the more sought
         after chao, such as the shadow, sonic and NiGHTS chao, would seem to
         take longer to evolve then normal chao.
         Note:  It would seem that Sonic Team has left the neutral evolution
         patterns the same as the first game.
         Normal/Running   :  Top of Chao's head grow longer and pointy.
              Normal/Swimming  :  The top of the chao's head becomes thinner
         and curves forward more, it resembles a thorn almost.
         Normal/Power     :  Chao Spike splits slightly, typical of horns,
         only smaller.
         Normal/Flying    :  The tip of the chao's head curls up.
         Running/Running  :  Sonic Chao.  This chao is the sonic chao,
         and is a fun chao to show to your friends.
         Running/Swimming :  The chao will turn aqua and will become elongated
         and have a very aerodynamic look.
         Running/Power    :  The Chao's spikes will turn upward
         and he will get huge fists.
         Running/Flying   :  The Spikes on the head and end of the toes curl up.
         Swimming/Swimming:  The head and body become streamlined and the
         ears become huge and hang down, all the way to the ground.
         Swimming/Running :  The head will shorten and the chao will
         turn greener than it had been.
         Swimming/Power   :  This Chao is fat.  It is a huge chao and
         looks like it would fit into the infamous Weird AL video.
         Swimming/Flying  :  The head curl upward, like a regular chao, but
         is a much darker color.
         Power/Power      :  Retains the shape of the normal power chao,
         but turns a very dark red.
         Power/Running    :  Spike curls down, similar to sonic chao.
         Power/Swimming   :  The head becomes very long, and resembles
         the rocketeer (if anyone remembers the rocketeer).
         Power/Flying     :  This is the coolest chao in the game, it
         gets Knuckles like fists, and the head curls up and down, trust me,
         it is worth it.
         Flying/Flying    :  This is the NiGHTS chao.  It looks just like
         NiGHTS from Sonic Team's great game.
         Flying/Running   :  The spikes curl around much like a rams
         horns, it also turns a deeper pink.
         Flying/Power     :  Turns red and the spikes turn upward at a
         steep angle.
         Flying/Swimming  :  This is my second favorite chao in the game,
         it becomes very elongated and arms become very wing like,
         this is a great chao.
         Hero/Normal/Running   :  antenna elongate.
         Hero/Normal/Swimming  :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Hero/Normal/Power     :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Hero/Normal/Flying    :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Hero/Running/Running  :  The Antenna splits into three at the end,
         Retains the coloration, and the antenna keeps the spiked look
         It initially had.
         Hero/Running/Swimming :  he still has the spike, but 2 spikes pop
         Out and bends down at a 45 degree angle. the spikes' colors are
         blue, yellow, blue, yellow ect. the belly's blue part turns
         smaller and it has a yellow border.
         Hero/Running/Power    :  The single antenna spike becomes much
         Larger and the chao takes on a purple coloration.
         Hero/Running/Flying   :   Tail and Head Spike split into two towards
         the end of both, and become more rounded and less spike like
         , the blue/white alternating colors change to a blue/purple
         pattern, pretty cool chao.
         Hero/Swimming/Swimming:  The antenna become longer.
         Hero/Swimming/Running :  The chao has a teardrop shaped head and turns
         aqua in coloration.  The wings are maroon.
         Hero/Swimming/Power   :  Makes the antenna shorter
         Hero/Swimming/Flying  :  The wings and tail become huge, and it gets
         "teddy bear" type ears.
         Hero/Power/Power      :  Looks like the Hero/Power Chao, but the spikes
         are bigger, with the middle one being the longest.  the white dots are
         also more visible.
         Hero/Power/Running    :  Looks like the Hero/Power/Power, but is a very
         light orange color to it.  The spikes on its head are flat on top, and
         stretched back like he's running.
         Hero/Power/Flying     :  Pink coloration, and the Spike splits into three
         Longer skinnier spikes.
         Hero/Power/Swimming   :  Red coloration, spike splits into two larger head
         Hero/Flying/Flying    :  Looks like the Hero/Flying, but the 2 "feathers"
         on its head are longer and thicker.  Also, two additional smaller
         "feathers" have grown as well.  It has large, sky Blue Angel wings.
         Hero/Flying/Running   :  The wings and feathers become very elongated and
         aerodynamic looking.
         Hero/Flying/Power     :  The spiked head becomes much more obvious and the
         feathers turn up a bit.
         Hero/Flying/Swimming  :  The feathers brush further back down the head and
         the spike turns back into a more streamlined look.
         Dark/Normal/Running   :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Dark/Normal/Swimming  :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Dark/Normal/Power     :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Dark/Normal/Flying    :  Not sure just yet, if you have one
         and can send a picture, please do so, or a description and I
         will post it and give you credit.
         Dark/Running/Running  :  Red Stripes, the Shadow Chao, also the spikes
         become longer and more numerous.
         Dark/Running/Swimming :  The stripes turn yellow.
         Dark/Running/Power    :  The stripes shorten.
         Dark/Running/Flying   :  The stripes change to a blue color.
         Dark/Swimming/Swimming:  Very similar to the second evolution neutral
         version, only white in coloration.
         Dark/Swimming/Running :  The wings become slightly larger and it grows to
         large tooth like objects that point downward.
         Dark/Swimming/Power   :  Three really large spikes form on the back of the
         Dark/Swimming/Flying  :  Bottom half of head becomes deep blue, along
         with spikes the bottom spike comes closer to top spike, and both go
         out, up and out again, wings grow larger
         Dark/Power/Power      :  The swirled spike on the top of its head gets
         longer and wider.
         Dark/Power/Running    :  The spike gets more of a "swooshed" back look to
         it, and the chao gets a slight yellow coloration to the highlights.
         Dark/Power/Flying     :  This chao is the most evil looking chao, it gets
         two large spikes that turn inward and make a bit of a holder for the spike
         ball above the chao's head, all of the highlights get a purple coloration.
         this is a cool chao.
         Dark/Power/Swimming   :  the body of this chao retains its shape but its
         head looses its curly spike and is replaced with a smooth top plus the
         head starts to grow a bit and its feet and belly change to a misty \
         Dark/Flying/Flying    :  Jester hat like rolls become longer.
         Dark/Flying/Running   :  The two Jester rolls get bat-wing like extensions
         to them, along with the wings this chao has come to be known as the Rouge
         Dark/Flying/Power     :  Becomes a deeper purple color and the jester rolls
         swing out to the sides of the chao.
         Dark/Flying/Swimming  :  The Jester rolls turn down the back of the chao
         And the chao gets a similar purple as the dark/flying/power chao.
    [4.4].   ADVANCED CHAO
          There are three kinds of advanced chao in the game.  In the first game,
          there was only one, the light (or chaos) chao.  In Sonic Adventure 2, the
          light chao is still around, but the hero/dark chao theme continues on.
          Instead of just the light chao, there is now also a Devil and Angel chao.
          In order to get any of these chao, your chao must be reborn twice (see
          Death/Rebirth below for more information).  During this chao's third life,
          you need to get it one of each animal type.  There are 21 total types of
          animals; see the animal section for locations.  Once this is done, you
          should then decide which of the three advanced chao you would like.  These
          chao cannot die.
          Light Chao - for a light chao, you should now give the chao a chao fruit,
          which must be found in Chao Adventure 2.  Or you could raise the chao
          Angel Chao - for an Angel chao, you should give the chao a hero fruit,
          which must be collected in Chao Adventure 2.
          Devil Chao - for a Devil Chao, you need to give the chao a dark fruit,
          which again can be retrieved in Chao Adventure 2.  Note: Or you could
          raise the reborn chao with dark characters only.
          As far as the advanced chao, those are the three most wanted chao to be
          found in the game.  Though, more will be added soon.
    [4.5].   COLORED CHAO
          Colored chao come in several different variety, there are your black
          chao (not dark chao) that enable even hero or neutral chao to be dark
          in color.  There are your metallic chao, both silver and gold, which
          can then be mated to create many different colors, and there are
          lastly, the jewel chao that shine like jewels.  Any of these different
          colored eggs can be used to create any type of chao mentioned in the
          FAQ.  This means that it is possible to have two shadow (Dark/running/
          running) chao that are completely different colors.  There are two ways
          to get the colored chao types, one involves combining SA1 chao (see
          below) and the other involves downloading the chao from the black market
          (see chao online section).  Here, I will discuss the different colors
          and ways to combine them.
          Note: At this point, it is as of yet unknown how to unlock the jewel chao
          but it is believed that they will be added to the black market soon (see
          chao online section)
          Gold           - Acquire from SA1 or Black Market (see above)
          Silver         - Acquire from SA1 or Black Market (see above)
          Black          - Acquire from SA1 or Black Market (see above)
          Bronze         - Mate a Gold and Black chao
          Obsidian       - Mate a Black and Silver chao
          Platinum       - Mate a Gold and silver chao
          Ruby Jewel     - Acquire from SA1 or Black Market (see above)
          Sapphire Jewel - Acquire from SA1 or Black Market (see above)
          Blue Jewel     - Not yet known
          Purple Jewel   - Not yet known
          Yellow Jewel   - Not yet known
          Note: there are several websites that list literally 5 times these many
          possibilities, but I assure you that if they worked, I would post them in
          the FAQ.  Also, these do not happen all of the time, like SA1, if you
          mate in the VMU, chances are more likely.
         Warning:  This may corrupt your save file.  This is yet another reason that
         you should keep a backup chao file at all times.  If you do this, there is
         no risk to doing this.  If you drop a chao from Sonic Adventure into Chao
         Adventure, you can pull them into a Sonic Adventure 2 game.  For the most
         part, this is useless, except that there are three metallic chao that are
         easily available in Sonic Adventure.  (Check out a Sonic Adventure Chao FAQ
         for more info).  Once the chao comes into the garden, it may in all
         probability loose its color and look like a normal chao.  This is not a
         problem, the metallic color is still in the Chao's DNA.  If you breed this
         chao or have it reborn, the color will stick.  You can then do color
         combinations just as you did in Sonic Adventure.  This is risky, but there
         is nothing like a Super Sonic and Super Shadow chao.  Note:  be very
         very careful when taking these chao to the chao doctor, they have a
         tendency to lock the game up, and you will loose your garden data.  You
         must back up your chao data before doing this.
         WARNING:  While some people have had no problems with imported chao,
         it would seem that there have been a lot of bugs out there that result from
         importing chao from SA.  I initially thought that this was something that
         Sonic team had intended for players to do, as it would be nice to be able
         to bring your favorite chao back into the game.  I am now warning against
         using these chao as even having them can corrupt your garden data file.
         I will leave this section as a reference for those that are brave, but
         I no longer suggest this action, as it is seeming more and more like sonic
         Team never intended for it to work this way.
    [4.7].   DEATH/REBIRTH
         When a chao gets old, sadly, it dies.  The chao goes back into a cocoon
         just as it is evolving, and fades away into nothing.  Now, if you were nice
         to your chao and they especially liked you, when the cocoon fades away,
         there will be an egg left by the chao.  It will have the same name, and
         retain the same love for you.  The stats will take a hit, but will be
         better than a normal baby chao.  Other than that, the chao will look and
         act just like any other baby chao.  If the cocoon fades away, without
         leaving an egg, you will never see your chao again, sorry.
    [4.8].   SPECIAL ANIMALS
         There are several types of special animals.  Firstly, there are the blue
         class animals.  If you don't care what type of evolutionary pattern that
         your chao takes, you can give them blue animals, the chao's stats will be
         immediately better off, as the blue animals don't detract from any stats,
         and only ad.  The better option is to wait until your chao is evolved just
         the way that you like it, and then begin giving it any of the special class
         animals that you want.  They wont effect the outcome of the chao's
         evolution (only after you are done evolving the chao) and don't detract
         from any stats.  So, if you want to round out a chao after they look the
         way you want, begin giving them blue, ghost and imaginary class animals
         (refer to the animal section for more information).  Example:  After
         raising a Dark/Running/Running (or Shadow chao) you may notice that while
         your chao is fast as lightning on land, it is not capable of anything else.
         This is because the animals that you have been giving it ad to the running
         Stat (in this case) and detract from all of the other main four stats.
         This is normal and nothing can be done to stop it, but you can fix the
         problem.  After the chao is evolved give it one of these 12 special
         animals.  These only ad to all four stats, so after a while your chao will
         be just as good at swimming flying and power as it is at running.  This is
         the only way to round out any of the special chao, and is well worth the
         Parts' canceling is the act of removing animal parts from a chao.  After
         evolving a chao you will notice that it has all sorts of animal parts that
         you just don't want.  In the first Sonic Adventure, this was a major pain,
         as certain animals were needed to cancel certain parts, and it didn't
         always cancel the part.  Sometimes, it simply added another part.  In Sonic
         Adventure 2, things have become much simpler, as a single animal will
         remove parts, and never ever ad parts to your chao.  Just go grab about
         20 skeleton dogs, and give them to your chao and all of the animal parts
         will be gone and you will have your chao just the way you want them.
    [4.A].   RUMORED CHAO
         I am hoping at some point to be able to remove this section and replace it
         with facts about how to attain the jewel and metallic chao.  As of right
         now, here are the rumors on how to attain these chao.
         Note: there are some FAQ's and web pages out there that have
         'recipes' to attain these and other rare chao combinations.
         they usually involve mating imported chao (from SA1) with Ruby Red chao.
         However, the Ruby Red Chao recipe doesn't work, and neither do any
         of these recipes.  That is why this FAQ does not contain them, and will
         continue to label them as rumors until I can personally create one.
         Jewel Chao    - When mating Chao, one in 30 is a jewel chao.  These
                         chao are shiny, but not reflective like a metallic
                         chao.  They are slightly see-through looking, yet
                         are sill opaque.  They can be seen in a challenge race.
                         In all likely hood, these will be added to the black
         Ruby Red Chao - Mate a Light Chao with a Devil Chao
                       - (or) mate a dark with a hero chao
                       - (or) mate a Devil and an Angel Chao
                         This chao is probably not real, but I will leave it here,
                         just in case, as it would seem that none of these
                         methods works.
         Omochao       - Not known, but people who hack games hex code claim that it
         is possible, hopefully legitimately.
         Egg Chao      - A Chao that is nothing more than an egg with eyes arms
         and legs, this can be seen in once of the challenge races, no one knows how
         to get it just yet.
         Small Animals - You do race against the small animals at one point, but
         I don't think you can actually raise a chao that becomes a small animal,
         but that has never stopped rumors, before.  So, I will list it here,
         because if it were true, it would be pretty cool to outrun a shadow chao
         with a gorilla.
         Chameleon Chao - This chao has been reported and is most likely a glitch
         in the code, the chao changes color as you rotate the camera and in
         general is weird as far as coloration and color patterns go.  Maybe this
         is intended to happen, but more than likely it is a game glitch.
         Big Chao - This chao is rumored to be roughly twice the size of a normal
         chao. As the rumors go, you need to mate two neutral/power/power chao to
         unlock this oversized chao, remember, this is just a rumor.
    [5].     ANIMALS/DRIVES
         The Animals and Chaos drives are now the only way to increase your chao's
         four main stat areas.  In the first game this could also be accomplished in
         Chao Adventure, but now you must do this in the confines of the main game.
         This is not a problem, as it is actually quite a bit easier to do so.
         There are two ways to get animals, and one way to get chaos drives.  First,
         most of the animals in this game are going to be roaming around the levels
         freely, you simply must look for the animal and pick them up.  However, and
         of Eggman's machines (the pyramid levels) will have animals in the machines
         as you are used to.  Chaos drives, are found in the GUN robots after you
         destroy them.  This is a bit of a change, but for all of the levels except
         for the pyramid levels, this is true.  In the pyramid levels, it is
         impossible to get Chaos drives, sorry.
    [5.1].   ANIMAL CLASS
         There are 7 classes of animal in Sonic Adventure 2 (refer to the advanced
         chao raising section for more information).  These are: Green (Running),
         Yellow (Swimming), Red (Power), Purple (Flying), Blue (Random), Imaginary
         and Ghost. (See special animals in advanced chao raising section for more
         info)  Below is a list of the animals in each class.
         Green (Running):
         Yellow (Swimming):
         Red (Power):
         Purple (Flying):
         Blue (Random):
         Black (Ghost):
              -Skeleton Dog
         Orange (Imaginary):
    [5.2].   ANIMAL STATS
         Each of these class of animals also has stats that effect your chao's own
         statistics.  It is important to note that these are the maximum statistics
         that your chao can receive from these animals, and not necessarily what
         they will receive.  The more of an animal class your chao has received,
         the more stats your chao can take away from the class of animals.  Example:
         You have a Dark/Running/Running chao, this chao will be getting nearly all
         of the stats the green class can offer him, due to the fact that he has
         received so many of them.
         Running (Green)             SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Bunny                      0      4     20     -8
         - Boar                      -2     -6     16      8
         - Cheetah                   -4     -4     20      4
         Swimming (Yellow)           SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Seal                      20     -8      0      4
         - Otter                     22     -2      4     -8
         - Penguin                   18      6      4    -12
         Power(Red)                  SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Tiger                     -4     -8     10      18
         - Bear                       4     -8      2      18
         - Gorilla                   -2     -4      2      20
         Flying (Purple)             SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Parrot                     0     24    -10      2
         - Peacock                    6     24     -8     -6
         - Condor                   -10     30    -12      8
         Random (Blue)               SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Raccoon                   10      6      2      4
         - Sheep                      4      6     10     10
         - Skunk                      4      6      6      4
         Black (Ghost)               SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Half-fish                 16      0      4     12
         - Skeleton Dog               4      4      16     8
         - Bat                        4     20      4      4
         Orange (Imaginary)          SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
         - Dragon                    10      2      4     16
         - Unicorn                    8      6     18      0
         - Phoenix                    6     16      2      8
    [5.3].   DRIVE STATS
         The Chaos drives also effect the chao's four main statistics, but it does
         it in a different way.  A chaos drive is one color, and only effects that
         trait.  Again, this is the maximum that a chao can receive per drive.  The
         more of a particular color animal/drive that a chao gets, the closer to the
         maximum benefit the chao will receive.
         Green Drive  - +8 running
         Yellow Drive - +8 swimming
         Red Drive    - +8 power
         Purple Drive - +8 flying
    As you can see, only the four main animal class types are represented in the
    chaos drives.
         This may be the most useful part of the guide when it comes to actually
         developing your chao, and may be the reason that you want to print this
         FAQ off.  This can be very useful to have at hand when raising chao.
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     1. City Escape            - Raccoon, Rabbit, Skunk, Sheep             Unicorn
     4. Metal Harbor           - Seal, Penguin, Peacock, Raccoon           Phoenix
     5. Green Forest           - Rabbit, Cheetah, Parrot, Raccoon          Half-Fish
    11. Pyramid Cave           - Condor, Peacock, Bat, Sheep               S. Dog
    15. Crazy Gadget           - Bear, Tiger, Seal, Skunk                  Phoenix
    16. Final Rush             - Peacock, Condor, Penguin, Sheep           Dragon
     *. Cannon's Core Sonic    - Cheetah, Rabbit, Parrot, Skunk            Dragon
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     2. Wild Canyon            - Peacock, Condor, Cheetah, Sheep           Dragon
     6. Pumpkin Hill           - Cheetah, Boar, Bat, S. Dog                Half-fish
     8. Aquatic Mine           - Penguin, Seal, Condor, Skunk              Dragon
    12. Death Chamber          - Tiger, Gorilla, Rabbit, Skunk             S. Dog
    14. Meteor Herd            - Penguin, Seal, Rabbit, Sheep              Phoenix
     *. Cannon's Core Knuckles - Otter, Seal, Cheetah, Raccoon             Unicorn
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     3. Prison Lane            - Tiger, Gorilla, Otter, Sheep              Unicorn
     7. Mission Street         - Boar, Rabbit, Gorilla, Sheep              Phoenix
    10. Hidden Base            - Penguin, Otter, Tiger, Skunk              Half-fish
    13. Eternal Engine         - Condor, Parrot, Boar, Raccoon             Dragon
     *. Cannon's Core Tails    - Seal, Otter, Bear, Raccoon                Phoenix
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     4. Radical Highway        - Cheetah, Boar, Seal, Raccoon              Unicorn
     9. White Jungle           - Peacock, Parrot, Bear, Skunk              Dragon
    11.Sky Rail                - Bear, Tiger, Condor, Sheep                Phoenix
    14.Final Chase             - Otter, Penguin, Tiger, Skunk              Phoenix
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     2. Dry Lagoon             - Otter, Penguin, Peacock, Sheep            Unicorn
     5. Egg Quarters           - Gorilla, Bear, Parrot, Skunk              Half-fish
     8. Security Hall          - Parrot, Condor, Tiger, Raccoon            Phoenix
    12. Mad Space              - Parrot, Peacock, Gorilla, Raccoon         Phoenix
     *. Cannon's Core Rouge    - Boar, Cheetah, Condor, Skunk              Dragon
      Level                          Loose Animals                    Third Chao Box
     1. Iron Gate              - Gorilla, Tiger, Rabbit, Skunk             Dragon
     3. Sand Ocean             - Parrot, Peacock, Bat, Raccoon             S. Dog
     6. Lost Colony            - Rabbit, Boar, Bat, Raccoon                S. Dog
     7. Weapons Bed            - Seal, Otter, Cheetah, Sheep               Phoenix
    13. Cosmic Wall            - Rabbit, Cheetah, Otter, Sheep             Unicorn
     *. Cannon's Core Eggman   - Bear, Gorilla, Seal, Skunk                Unicorn
    [5.5].   ANIMAL TRAITS
         Each animal affects a chao in two ways.  First, the chao takes on part of
         the animals look.  If you give it a cheetah it may get a tail or paws that
         resemble a cheetah.  The more of one type of animal you give your chao, the
         more the chao will begin to look like that animal, until the chao can no
         longer ad any more animal parts.  This is true of all animals except the
         ghost class.  The ghost class behaves differently.  The skeleton dog does
         not ad any parts to the chao at all (see parts canceling for more info)
         The bat removes the chao's legs and gives him a ghost look, and the
         half-fish removes the dot, halo or spike ball from the chao's head and
         gives him a flame dot.  The second way that a chao is changed by the
         animals given to him are the actions that he can do.  Each animal gives the
         chao a different action to perform while in the garden.
         Bear            Growls
         Boar            Charges
         Cheetah         bathes
         Condor          Does situps
         Dragon          Breathes fire (very cool for an evil looking chao)
         Gorilla         Pounds chest
         Parrot          Sings
         Peacock         Struts like a peacock
         Penguin         Slides
         Phoenix         Wags tail
         Rabbit          Hops
         Raccoon         Stands on tip toes making noise
         Otter           Backstroke
         Seal            Rolls
         Sheep           Back flips
         Skunk           Emits gas
         Tiger           Claws
         Unicorn         Bucks feet
         Bat             nothing
         Skeleton Dog    nothing
         Half-fish       nothing
         Again, you can see that the ghost class animals behave differently from
         the other groups of animals in this category as well.  If you happen to
         know or think you know what the Condor and Raccoon do for the chao, please
         drop me a line, you will be given credit and cool points.
    [5.6].   CHAO BOXES
         In each level there are three chao boxes that can be found.  I will not go
         into detail on where they are in each level, as there are already many good
         walkthrough FAQ's that discuss this.  I may contact the author of one of
         those to see if I could use their chao box information at a later date, but
         for now I will simply describe the functions of a chao box.  The first chao
         box that you unlock gives you the key to chao world, in the story mode,
         this is the only way you will ever see the chao garden, but I don't suggest
         going into the garden in story mode anyway.  The second box will give you 4
         animals (at random) from the list of animals that are in that level.  It
         is usually two animals from two different animal classes.  The third chao
         box contains one of the ghost or imaginary class animals; this is typically
         where you will find these animals (but sometimes they are loose in the
         level).  If you look at the list of animals in each level, the animal in
         the final chao box is listed last.
    [6].     RACING
         Racing is what all of the rest of this guide is about.  The entire purpose
         behind raising the ultimate chao is so that you can race them.  This serves
         a few purposes, first of all, it is a whole lot of fun, you can race your
         friends chao, and prove who truly is the chao raising master, you can win
         your chao toys, and you can win all of the races and get the 10 chao
         emblems needed in your ultimate quest for all 180 emblems.  If none of this
         excites you, it is also a good measurement tool for just how good your chao
         is, and what aspects you need to work on with your chao.
    [6.1].   BASICS
         There are really only two things that you need to know in order to raise
         chao.  The first thing that you need to do is to raise your chao's stats
         in all 7 categories (see chao basics).  A well-rounded chao is necessary
         to become the grand master of the chao races, so be sure that your chao has
         what it takes to win.  The only other thing that you need to know about is
         cheering for your chao.  By pressing either the L or the R button, you can
         cheer for your chao.  This results in a quick boost of speed on the chao's
         part.  The drawback is that this boost of energy eats from the chao's
         stamina, and once the stamina is gone, your chao is going to be hard
         pressed to win the race, as he drops to half speed.  In that regard, you
         should budget your cheering for times when your chao really needs it or
         is falling behind.  Just don't overdo it.
         Most of the courses for your chao to race on are not immediately available
         to be played on you must earn them.  Here are the requirements for
         unlocking all of the courses.
         Jewel/Challenge races        - complete all of the beginner races
         Onyx and Diamond Jewel races - complete the first race of all other jewel
         Hero races                   - you must have a hero chao (only hero and
                                        neutral can race)
         Dark races                   - you must have a dark chao (only dark and
                                        neutral can race)
         Third Row Challenge races    - must complete all other challenge races
                                        leading up to it.
         Note: in order to advance to the next level in any of the races, you must
         complete the race before it.
    [6.3].   PRIZES
         The Prizes are toys or tools that your chao wins in the races and can play
         with once they are back in the garden.  You must win all of the levels of
         racing in order to get the prizes (3 in beginner and 5 in Jewel) unless it
         is once of the three challenge types of courses, in which case, certain
         races win certain prizes.  All of the toys stay hidden by the chao until
         they want to play with them, with the exception of the challenge races,
         which are larger prizes that stay in the garden.  The Prizes are as
         Beginner Races
              Crab Pool         -Shovel
              Stump Valley      -Watering pale
              Mushroom Forest   -Rattle
              Block Canyon      -Toy car
         Jewel Races
              Aquamarine        -Sonic doll
              Topaz             -Whisk broom
              Peridot           -Picture book
              Garnet            -Pogo stick
              Onyx              -Crayons
              Diamond           -Bubbles
         Challenge Mode  (stays in Chao Garden)
              Fourth Race       -Beach ball
              Eighth Race       -Jack in the box
              Twelfth Race      -Television
         Dark Races  (stays in Dark Garden)
              Second Race       -Beach ball
              Fourth Race       -Radio
         Hero Race  (Stays in Hero Garden)
              Second Race       -Beach ball
              Fourth Race       -Rocking horse
         This section is still under construction, but is well under way.
              Crab Pool:
                    This race is all about water, in fact, it is nothing more
                    than a swimming competition, so make sure your chao can
                    swim before you bring it here.  Luckily, it is a beginner
                    race, so your stats don't have to be too high.
              Stump Valley:
                    This track should be a breeze for a chao that is good at
                    running and flying.  However, if your chao is not good
                    enough at flying you may have to climb up the cliff below.
                    if your chao is especially weak at flying, you may have to
                    swim to the cliff before you can climb.
              Mushroom Forest:
                    This track is all about running.  There is no other skill
                    used in this race.
              Block Canyon:
                    This race has a main focus on your chao's ability to climb,
                    But being able to run wouldn't hurt either.
         JEWEL RACES:
                    This Race has a focus on running and swimming primarily.
                    your chao will have to navigate both the large and small
                    swimming pools.  Secondarily, a chao that has a high
                    flying stat may be able to take a shortcut by flying over
                    the water for a bit.
                    This track puts a focus on every single element of chao
                    racing with the exception of intelligence.  Your chao
                    only needs to navigate the large swimming pool however,
                    assuming it can fly well enough to miss the river below.
                    This track is just a very long running section, with no
                    focus coming elsewhere, though some nice stamina will help.
                    This race has a main focus on running and power.  There is
                    a cliff that needs to be climbed as well as a tree that
                    needs to have a fruit knocked down as well as eaten.  Flying
                    is a good secondary skill to have mastered.
                    This race is the first to put a focus on intelligence.  Your
                    chao has 3 different puzzles to conquer, and you will probably
                    scream at your chao as you realize that he is probably not the
                    most intelligent creature that you have ever encountered.  The
                    only other stat that needs to be worried about in this race is
                    your chao's ability to run.
                    This race is the mother of them all.  Your chao must be able to
                    do everything, and do it well.  Intelligence, running, climbing,
                    swimming and flying are all tested to the max.  Also, you will
                    need a lot of stamina for your chao to finish this race, as the
                    race runs about 4 minutes long.  It will take a while to make a
                    chao that can tackle this race.
              Race 1:  Gold and Silver
              Long and winding course that tests everything.
              Race 2: Chacron Returns
              Same track as Race 1.  This is the return of
              Chacron from SA1, though his name is different.
              Race 3: Omochao
              This race against Omochao is nothing but a long
              running race.
              Race 4: Small Animals
              This time you race small animals, on the same track
              that you take on Chacron.
              Race 5: Cockroach Chao race
              This race is where you can see the Dark Hero Chao.
              This race tests running intelligence and has the
              small swimming pool to navigate.
              Race 6: Egg Chao
              This Race is where you take on Chao that are nothing
              more than Eggs.  This race course is the same as the
              Omochao races.
              Race 7: Skeleton Groups
              This time you take on the chao that are wearing
              skeleton masks, this uses the same track as the first
              Race 8: Pumpkin Group
              This is similar to the skeleton group, except this time
              They are wearing the pumpkin masks, and using the same
              Race 9: Ghost Group
              Same track, this time the chao you take on all have ghosts
              tails and flames above their head.
              Race 10: Chacron Strikes Back
              This time Chacron comes back a whole lot bigger and badder.
              It uses the same track as the the first time you meet him.
              Race 11: Jewel Chao
              This is where you find the much-rumored Jewel Chao. It uses
              the same track as most of the other races in the Challenge
              Race 12: Light Chao
              This is the final 1 on 1 race between your chao and the Light
              chao.  Uses the same large track as most of the other races.
         DARK RACES:
              Race 1: Baby Angel
              This track tests nothing but running, and a lot of it.
              Race 2: Angel
              This uses the same track as the light chao course.
              Race 3: Flying Angel
              This time the course changes up and puts a large focus on
              your chao's ability to fly and swim, and a secondary focus
              on running.
              Race 4: Angel Chao
              This battle happens on the same track as the battle with
              light chao.  This is very similar to the race with Light Chao.
         HERO RACE:
              Race 1: Baby Devil
              This is the same running track that you traverse with the baby
              angel race.
              Race 2:Child Devil
              Uses the same course as the Light/Angel Chao race.
              Race 3:Death Troops
              This track puts a lot of focus on your chao's power statistics.
              There are two cliffs to climb as well as the tree obstacle.  The
              other stats to worry about are running with some focus on your
              chao's ability to swim and fly.
              Race 4: Devil Chao
              This race is the same as the race with the Angel and Light chao,
              with the difference being this time you are taking on the Devil
    [7].     CHAO ADVENTURE 2
         The Chao adventure 2 section will be the last that is added to the guide,
         as I intend to make it very comprehensive, my intention is to provide a
         walkthrough to all of the different adventures that your chao can go on,
         please be patient at I work hard at finishing this up.  Thanks for your
    [7.1]     BASICS
         There are a few basics that need to be discussed before you play Chao
         adventure 2.  In order to place a chao into Chao Adventure 2, you must
         pick the chao of choice up in the garden, and walk up to the machine
         that resembles a VMU.  The VMU will then prompt you to select which VMU
         you would like to place the chao in.  Pick a VMU with at least 128 blocks
         of memory free, and wait for the file to finish saving.  Then, exit the
         game and you are ready to play with the VMU mini game.  The only other
         pointer I can give you is to be nice to your chao.  Your chao will love
         you if you answer his questions nicely, and become upset if you don't.
         During the game, you will also have the ability to select chapters that
         you would like to explore.  Unlike the first game, these do not effect
         outcome of the adventure, and simply serve as side stories to the main
         adventure that your chao is on.  If you notice that your chao is
         sitting while he should be moving, go to the menu and give him a pat
         on the head and he should be off again, your little buddy just needs
         a bit of encouragement.
         Pet - Pat your chao on the head.
         Scold - Correct your chao's actions. (Note: Avoid use)
         Items - This lets you take a look at what seeds and fruits you have
         collected to use in the garden.
         Snack - Give your chao a snack won from the slot game (note: useless)
         Slots - Play the slot game (see Slot Game section for more info)
         Hello - Connect your VMU to your friends, and receive their data.
         This can also be used for mating.  See mating section for more info.
         Owner - View information about yourself (your chao will ask you for this
              Blood type
         Friend - View information about friends that you have connected to.
    [7.2]     ADVENTURES
         This section will eventually house the walkthroughs for Chao Adventure 2.
         For now, I will simply list the different adventures that I have found
         in Chao adventure.  If you know of any others, please let me know so that
         I can get a walkthrough up for it.  There are two endings to each of these
         adventures, if you follow the good path, your chao will receive a seed to
         plant in the garden.  If something goes wrong, your chao will get nothing.
         1) Deliver a letter
              In this adventure, your chao has been entrusted by one of the games
              other characters to deliver a top secret letter to another character.
              The only real advice that you need on this one is do not let your
              chao open the letter or you will not get the seed at the end of the
              adventure.  Also, your chao may ask you what you think the letter is,
              do not egg him on.  Simply play it cool and continue to point out to
              the chao that it is none of his business.  They sure are nosey little
              creatures.  In this adventure, your chao will also have something
              grow on him, mine had mushrooms, but it can be other things as well,
              simply encourage your chao and tell him that it looks good on him,
              and he will become happy on his adventure.
         2) Run an errand for Omochao
              In this adventure your chao has been instructed your chao to bring him
              three items.  One of these will be a robot part, one will be something
              that a Chao likes and the final one will be some sort of food.
              throughout the adventure your chao will question whether or not
              omochao is a robot.  in order to successfully complete this mission,
              you need to encourage your chao in the belief that omochao isn't a
              robot.  play along with your chao's conspiracy theory, and you will
              get the seed.
         3) Take pictures with Omochao's camera
              In this adventure, your chao will ask you what he should take
              pictures of.  Tell him to take pictures of beautiful scenery,
              and not of secrets (he will do the latter anyway).  After taking
              some shots of Sonic Adventure characters doing things, he will
              realize that he forgot to put film in the camera, and you will
              get your seed.
         4) Chao thing is missing
              In this adventure, your chao will complain that his chao thing has
              Gone missing.  A chao thing is the "dot" over your chao's head.
              In this, all that you need to do is encourage your chao that he
              Still looks good without the chao thing.  He will go to a series
              Of stores searching for the chao thing and eventually will find it
              Hidden on himself and you will get the seed.
         5) Make the ultimate recipe for sick character
              This adventure is the one that I have had to play the most in chao
              adventure (I have played through the game about 25 times thus far).
              in this adventure, your chao is going to make the ultimate recipe
              for one of the sonic characters who has become ill.  The only thing
              that you need to know for this adventure is to encourage your chao
              whenever he gets scared, and DO NOT allow him to eat any of the
              ingredients or the finished product, or you will not get the seed.
         6) Chao's Toothache
              In this adventure the only thing that you need to do, is after
              your chao complains about his tooth hurting, you need to make
              sure that your chao goes to the dentist no matter what the
              chao wants to do, and you will receive your seed.
         7) Chao Idol
              In this adventure the Chao wants to be petted by one of the games
              characters.  The problem is, there are a lot of chao.  So, your
              chao talks to several animals and tries to become like them.  On
              the third animal your chao will ask you if he should mimic that
              animal or not.  Tell him no, he will give an inspirational speech
              about being yourself and will be petted by the character, and you
              will receive your seed.
         8) Walk in a Straight Line
              In this quest, you should encourage your chao to continue to walk
              in a straight line, until an event triggers a sense of nostalgia
              in your chao, then you should allow him to deviate from his path
              and check it out, the chao will be pleased, and you will get a seed.
         9) Walk King
              No one seems to know how to get through this adventure, but if
              you can, please e-mail me how to do so.
         10) Pumpkin Hill
              In this adventure, your chao must travel to pumpkin hill.  He will
              first try to talk to a pumpkin, with no response, your chao will
              then talk to the pumpkin papa, who will warn him about poisonous
              pumpkins.  As your chao walks along, make sure that he does not
              eat these pumpkins, as ghosts will try to persuade him to.  A
              character from the game will then appear, and the ghost will
              disappear.  Take the pumpkin like object, and you will discover it
              is your seed!
         Note:  There are slight variations on each of these, however they are
         the same basic adventure.
    [7.3]     Slot-Game
         The most disappointing change from Chao Adventure to Chao Adventure 2 is
         the change that has come to the mini-game within the mini-game.  Instead
         of a skill matching game that unlocks fruit that increase your chao's
         statistics, you have been given a slot game that does not effect anything
         as far as your chao's stats go.  Therefore, rendering the game useless,
         as well as requiring no skill as everything is a matter of luck.
    [7.4]     MATING
         It is much harder to mate your chao this time around.  In order to mate
         you must have an adult chao in each VMU.  When you connect them together
         and use the hello option, at random, you will receive an egg.  Most of
         the time you won't, but if you continue to use the Hello option, you
         will eventually get an egg.
    [7.5]     FIGHTING
         At random (as opposed to forcing battles in the first one) your chao will
         encounter wild evil chao bent on hurting your chao and stealing your
         items.  When your chao gets in a fight, simply stop the moving wheel on
         the one of the clear buttons, just not the black buttons.  It takes three
         hits to win or loose the fights this time around.  If you win the fight,
         you get to keep your items, if you lose, the wild chao steals one of your
    [7.6]     IMPORTANT ITEMS
         The important items that you can find in the Chao Adventure 2 game are
         the seeds and fruit.  Of particular importance is the smart fruit that
         will be especially important in later races.  There are other items that
         can be won in the mini-game, but they are of little use, as they
         accomplish the same thing as a good pat on the head.  The seeds that you
         get from Chao Adventure 2 are more beneficial to your chao's stamina
         than are normal tree's fruit.
    [7.7]     TREASURE CHESTS
         The treasure chest games are another random event in the game.  Every
         now and then you will come to a point where you pick one of three
         treasure chests.  If you pick the one that has an item in it, you will
         get an increase in your luck, if you pick wrong, you will loose your
         luck.  Check the stats section for more information.
    [8].      CHAO ONLINE
         Unlike the first game, Sonic Team has gotten the online aspects of Sonic
         Adventure 2 working.  There are three that I will discuss here, though, I
         do need some help, as I connect my dreamcast to the internet through a
         broadband adapter, and cannot get online with SA2 (why would people on
         ebay pay 200+ bucks for one of these things, it isn't supported by much,),
         so some of this will be a little broken and might be inaccurate, so I
         really could use your help with exactly how some of these things work, and
         how you access them, as I don't know.
    [8.1]     BULLITAIN BOARD
         This feature is accessed inside the chao daycare, and can be used to
         connect to a chao BBS, where you can discuss all things chao with other
         chao fans.  This is a good place to get your questions answered that
         cannot be found in this FAQ (hopefully not too many).
    [8.2]     CHAO DAYCARE
         The Daycare is a place where you can upload and download your chao.
         this allows people to trade chao over the net.  When you upload your
         chao you can put a brief description of the chao online, as well as
         set a password, so that you may control who downloads your chao.  I
         personally don't care for this feature as I think that it will shorten
         the amount of time that most people play the game, but if you want to,
         you can participate in this.
    [8.3]     BLACK MARKET
         This is the main reason that you would want to connect to Sonic
         Adventure 2 online (and the main reason I wish I could).  In this
         area you can download different chao, that you could not
         otherwise get.  In order to get many of these eggs, you must have
         a certain number of emblems in your SA2 save file, and 6 free blocks
         of memory on your VMU.  It should be noted that you do not "spend"
         the emblems you have earned, you merely must have that many to
         unlock current eggs (much like the rooms in Mario 64).
         Note: You may only download one chao at a time, import it into the
         garden, and then you may download another.
         Below are the current downloads allowed:
         Black chao     -    free
         Silver chao    -    5 emblems
         Gold chao      -    10 emblems
         Ruby chao      -    20 emblems
         Sapphire chao  -    20 emblems
         This section will be used to answer questions that I frequently receive
         e-mails dealing with.  Some of these questions are answered elsewhere in
         the FAQ, some are not, but this section will be added to every time I
         receive an e-mail with a question, to help answer any questions readers
         may have.
         Can a chao evolve after the story mode has been completed?
              - Yes, in fact, it is suggested to do so.
         How many drives do I need to give a dark/running chao to evolve into
         a shadow chao?
              - There is not a set number that you need to give your chao, but
                can range anywhere from 250 to 1500, if you keep your chao
                happy and well fed, it will go much quicker though.
         What can I do if my chao dies and doesn't leave an egg?
              - Sorry, there is no way to get your chao back.
         How can I keep the game from locking up and loosing data?
              - Keep a backup of your garden data, never remove your VMU
                during play, and refrain from importing chao from SA1.
         Why does my Sonic chao only have one spike?
              - If this has happened, it means that your chao is a hero/running
                chao, Sonic is a neutral chao (i.e neutral/running).
         Do I have to use a dark/hero/chao seed to make a Light/Angel/Devil chao?
              - It is not absolutely necessary, but there seem to be less
                problems reported when you do use the seed, so I suggest it.
         My chao has mated, does that mean it has gone through a mating season?
              - Not necessarily.  It only counts as a mating season when that
                chao has had the flowers around it (mating optional).  Not
                through the VMU or mating with another chao in its mating
         Why is the half-fish called the half-fish? It doesn't look like half a
         fish at all.
              - That is because it is called half-fish because it is half-fish/
                half-man.  Think creature of the black lagoon, except they can't
                call it that, due to copyright issues.
    [10].     RECORDS
         This section will be used to record the top three times for readers
         chao on the non-challenge races.  When you send in your times please
         send in your name, chao's name, chao's stats, chao type (i.e. hero/
         flying/flying, angel chao, etc.) and time.  It should be
         noted that I do have a fully maxed out chao, and while I will not
         be recording my own best times, I will know if your time is completely
         outlandish.  If you send in a time I have some trouble digesting, I will
         have to ask you to send a screenshot or picture to me.  I know that this
         is a hassle, but it is the only way I can assure that the times are real.
         please, don't send in fake times, as it doesn't hurt me, only you, the
         readers.  Also, times that knock off the top place must have a picture,
         that way, people don't simply take the time recorded and knock a few
         seconds off to get the best time.  Again, sorry for the inconvenience,
         but it is the only way to do it.
              Crab Pool:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
              Stump Valley:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
              Mushroom Forest:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
              Block Canyon:
                             1st: Player:
                                  Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             1st: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             2nd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
                             3rd: Chao name:
                                  Chao Type:
                                  Chao Stats:
                                         Running       -
                                         Flying        -
                                         Swimming      -
                                         Power         -
                                         Stamina       -
                                         Intelligence  -
                                         Luck          -
                                  Chao Type:
    [11].     LEGAL NOTICE
         This guide is copyright 2001 Nathan McNair.
         Sonic Adventure 2, Chao and all associated characters are the property
         of SEGA.
         You may use this guide on your site under the following conditions
         1. You do not put this on a CD.
         2. You do not profit off of it
         3. You receive written consent from me via e-mail
         4. You do not alter the FAQ in any way
         5. You do not take credit for the FAQ
    I will be on the lookout for this FAQ being used in any format that I have not
    given permission for.  I will in all likelihood allow you to use the FAQ, unless
    you are running some sort of really strange web site, so just ask before you
    use the FAQ without permission.
    Current Sites that may use this FAQ:
    http://www.cheatcc.com/ (pending posting)
    [12].     CREDITS
         Currently, I would like to thank the creators of all of the great Sonic
         Adventure 1 Chao FAQ's for getting me addicted to chao to begin with.
         Hopefully, I will get some help writing this pretty quick from
         contributors out there, so it will become the most comprehensive chao
         FAQ on the web.  Also, many of the users of the gamefaqs message boards
         who helped me to figure out how some of the newer chao items work.
         Several websites and individuals out there have helped me to learn what I
         know about Chao, I did not do all of this alone.  The Prima guide gave me
         my initial start into the world of SA2 chao, but was very limited in
         information, other than that I have taken what I know from Sonic Adventure,
         and what I have learned through experimentation and playing the game and
         written it down.  If you feel that I in some way owe you credit for
         something, e-mail me and we can discuss it, but I assure you this is all
         original work.
         Raymond D. Roberts - For the information about the normal chao's second
         evolutionary pattern.
         SuperSonic019 - for the Condor and Raccoon animal actions.
         Mark Medrano - for a daycare class I had overlooked and a description of
         a hero/swimming chao.  As well as second evolutionary pattern info
         for hero/swimming/swimming and hero/swimming/power.
         Epsilon 159 - for descriptions of first evolution hero chao, and second
         evolution chao.
         Sonic 90 - Chao interaction information
         Chasupi - Chao interaction information
         Tikiman49 - Chao interaction information
         Jsimmons is back - Chao interaction information
         RyudoX - Chao interaction information
         Make7UpUrs - Chao interaction information
         SCSA - Chao interaction information
         Night Chao - Chao interaction information
         ShinAkuma678 - Chao interaction information
         Vassago Stolos - Chao interaction information
         Paper Banjo - Chao interaction information
         RJCliffy - Information on another chao adventure, chao's toothache.
                    As well as a brief synopsis of the adventure, thanks!
         Magcannon3687 - For the cockroach chao information.
         Off The Heezy - Strong Seed information, A chao adventure adventure and
         A description of that adventure and the "Big" Chao rumor.
         Ryoga H. - Several Second Evolution Hero Chao information.
         onyta arekja - The Chameleon Chao rumor, mask info
         DCSonic01 - Second Evolution information
         trez28 - animal info
         Louie Fenton - interaction info and a correction on the chao adventure 2
         Dane McCappin - second evolution information.
         Kevin Ding - second evolution information
         Jerrold Vickers - Added a chao adventure, corrected some info on the FAQ,
         and pinned down the truth behind the condors trait given to the chao, and
         normal chao second evolutions.
         Adam Martin - Quality control
         Sandman1278 - Added a chao adventure
         pete jones  - evolution information
         Josh Elliott - Online information
         Tony Jarek - online information
         Tyler Schulmeister - evolution information.
         Adam Baldwin - online information
         Thanks for your help, hand keep the info coming!
    [13].    CONTACT INFO
         If you need to contact me because you have a question, want to contribute,
         think something is wrong, want to host this FAQ, or just want to talk to
         me, drop me a line at StoOgE_Zoot@yahoo.com.  Thanks for reading.
         Note: Before contacting me, please read through the entire FAQ to make sure
         your question has not been answered here (this is the point to a FAQ, so
         hopefully your answer is in here).  Secondly, everything that you need to
         know to attain a shadow chao is in the FAQ, and can be found here, so
         please don't email me about the shadow chao.
    [See you Space Cowboy...]

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