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    Ryu/Ken/Akuma by CGrey

    Version: 1.20 | Updated: 07/09/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For those with short attention spans.......
    .*.*...***.*.*.*.*..*.\ GAME PAGES
    Created: 05/05/98
    Updated: 07/09/98
    Version: 1.20
    By     : Charles Grey
    What's New:
    *Updated Notes Section
    *Updated Combo Section
    UB U UF  Jab(1)   Strong(2)  Fierce(3) = P
    B  *  F  Short(4) Forward(5) Roundhouse(6) = K
    DB D DF
    Level X      - requies this much super bar
    both players - both players must be alive
    Dash          : F,F or 1+2+3
    Backdash      : B,B or B+1+2+3
    Long Jump     : UF during dash
    Super Jump    : D,U or 4+5+6
    Throw Escape  : F+2/3/5/6
    Call Helper   : 2+5
    Launcher      : 1+4
    Switch In     : 3+6(both players)
    Double Team   : D,DB,B+3+6(Level 2, both players)
    Team Super    : D,DF,F+3+6(Level 2, both players)
    Team Counter  : B,DB,D+3+6(Level 1, both players)
    Quick Recovery: B,DB,D+P when knocked down
    Parry         : 1+2+3 when blocking
    1: Jab       2: Weak Uppercut 3: Hard Punch
    4: Shin Kick 5: Chest Kick    6: Face Kick
    D+1: Low Jab
    D+2: Low Jab
    D+3: Powerful Uppercut(launcher)
    D+4: Short Ankle Kick
    D+5: Crouching Forward Kick
    D+6: Foot Sweep
    Jump+1: Weak Air Palm
    Jump+2: (Ken/Akuma) Air Palm
    Jump+2: (Ryu) Double Elbow
    Jump+3: Powerful Air Palm
    Jump+4: Air Knee
    Jump+5: Foot Kick
    Jump+6: Powerful Foot Kick
    U+4   : Toe Kick
    U+5   : Toe Kick
    U+6   : Air Spin Kick
    Start : Taunt (once per match) (plays with his headband)
    F+2: (Ryu/Akuma) Overhead Chop
    F+5: (Ryu/Akuma) Forward Spin Kick
    F+5: (Ken) Double Chop Kick
    5)RYU THROWS(done close)
    F+2 or 3: Shoulder Takedown
    F+5 or 6: Back Roll
    Jump F+2: Air Back Roll
    6)KEN THROWS(done close)
    F+2 or 3: Shoulder Takedown
    F+5 or 6: Knee Bash (tap kicks for more hits)
    Jump F+3: Air Spin Throw
    7)AKUMA THROWS(done close)
    F+2 or 3: Shoulder Takedown  F+5     : Back Roll
    F+6     : Double Back Roll   Jump F+2: Air Back Roll
    Hadoken       : D,DF,F+P(also in air) Dragon Punch  : F,D,DF+P
    Hurricane Kick: D,DB,B+K(also in air) Ken Transform : F,DF,D,DB,B+2(Level 1)
    Akuma Transfrm: F,DF,D,DB,B+3(Level 1)Ryu Transform : F,DF,D,DB,B+1(Level 1)
    Diving Kick: Jump D,DF,F+K
    Teleport   : F,D,DF+2P/2K
    Teleport   : B,D,DB+2P/2K
    10)RYU SUPER MOVES(Level 1)
    Shinkuu Hadoken: D,DF,F+2P (23 Hits)(also in air)
    Shin-Shoryuken : F,D,DF+2P (6 Hits)
    Super Hurricane: D,DB,B+2K (18 Hits)
    11)KEN SUPER MOVES(Level 1)
    Shoryu-Reppa: F,D,DF+2P (11 Hits)
    Shinryuken  : F,D,DF+2K (tap K)
    Kick Combo  : D,DB,B+2K
    12)AKUMA SUPER MOVES(Level 1)
    Super Dragon Punch: F,D,DF+2P       Super Fireball    : D,DB,B+2P
    Air Fireballs     : Jump D,DF,F+2P  Raging Demon      : 1,1,F,4,3 (Level 3)
    When attempting a 2P Super, always use buttons 1 and 2 to avoid accidentaly
    switching in your teammate. (I think it's the bottom of the hand hitting
    6.) Never switch unless they are in the air, so they can't block and
    counterattack. When fighting the computer, always use a jump-in to set up
    a combo. Combos are tough to do against the computer, especially later on
    in the game, but they are important as Supers alone lose their
    effectiveness. Of course, there are better choices for combo characters
    (I won't give any names here, but one of them has a sword and climbs on
    Never throw a sweep unless you're sure it will either hit or be blocked,
    since a whiffed sweep leaves you wide open to a Super, dash-in throw or
    What the "Helper" is is a unplayable 3rd character who can be sent out a
    limited number of times. The helper is randomly chosen for each round.
    There is a way to choose your helper, most other FAQs and guides have this.
    It is good to learn combos, but more important to avoid set-ups and traps
    for Supers and chain combos. It's hard to gauge the best strategy for
    head-to-head games, since everyone plays their own way. Just try to keep
    them noodling.
    While Akuma is playable through Ryu, he loses his red fireball.
    The average or casual player rarely uses fancy combos(the most ground
    hits I get is three). But it pays to string at least 2 or 3 attacks
    regularly. To do an "AIR COMBO", jump up and hit them EXTREMELY fast
    after doing a launcher. Yes, I have trouble with air combos.
    (3) Jump 5,D+5>QCF+P
    (3) Jump 5,1,2
    (3) Jump 2>QCF+2 (all in air)
    (4) Jump 6,D+1,D+2>QCF+2 *NEW*
    (4) D+3,U,1,2>QCB+K (Air Combo)
    (5) D+1,D+3,U,1,2,3 (Air Combo)
    (19)D+5>QCB+2K (Super Hurricane Kick) << my bro discovered this one *NEW*
    (3) (both in air) Jump 1,2>QCF+2
    (12) D+2>F,D,DF+2P (Shoryu Reppa)
    Use the same as Ryu except for the 19-hit.
    Kao Megura / Edward T. Ma for their GIANT Marvel+Capcom FAQs
    Marvel vs. Capcom (c)1998 CAPCOM
    Neat Trick:
    Try entering "DDD" as initals and see what happens!

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