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    Infinite Combo Guide by Will Moose

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/27/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                             __  __                      _
                            |  \/  | __ _ _ ____   _____| |
                            | |\/| |/ _` | '__\ \ / / _ \ |
                            | |  | | (_| | |   \ V /  __/ |
                            |_|  |_|\__,_|_| __ \_/ \___|_|
                                      \ \   / /__
                                       \ \ / / __|
                          ____          \ V /\__ \
                         / ___|__ _ _ __ \_/_|___/  _ __ ___
                        | |   / _` | '_ \ / __/ _ \| '_ ` _ \
                        | |__| (_| | |_) | (_| (_) | | | | | |
                         \____\__,_| .__/ \___\___/|_| |_| |_|
                              CLASH OF THE SUPER HEROES
    Marvel vs. Capcom
    Infinite Guide
    Written by:Will Moose
    Version 1.1
    79 Spaces wide written in MS Wordpad
    X|Legal Disclaimer|X
    (C)2001 Will Moose
    	This guide is available to all for use on the 'net by anyone. If you 
    do take anything out of this guide please give credit where credit is due. I
    WILL NOT, however, tolerate you using this guide for profit. Another thing
    that you MAY NOT do with this guide is HTMLize it. I have seen WAY to many 
    crap HTML jobs to let anyone do it. It is easier for someone to use a text
    guide than it is an HTML one, I don't care what anyone says it stays text.
    	One last note before we get started is that you ABSOLUTELY MAY NOT
    copy this guide word for word or any other means of plagerisim. I will 
    find out and will have you remove the guide or I will notify your ISP or
    web hosting people. If you take something just give credit where it is due.
    Trust me you will not gain fame by writing one of these guides so don't 
    bother stealing mine.
    X|Table of Contents|X
    I.    Introduction
           -Control Layout
    II.   Infinites
           -Chun Li
           -Gold Armor War Machine 
           -Red Venom
           -Shadow Lady
           -Strider Hiryu
           -War Machine
    III.  Almost Infinites
           -Chun Li
           -Gold War Machine
           -Shadow Lady
           -War Machine
    IV.   Glitches
           -Power Drain
           -Web Lock
           -War Machine Bug
    V.    Contact Information
    VI.   Credits
    VII.  Version History
    VIII. Locations
    	Now that Marvel vs. Capcom is no longer included in tournaments and it
    has been examined from top to bottom by many different people it is safe to 
    say that we have found most of these glitches and infinites so here they are
    all put in one source for your gaming enjoyment and the amazement of your 
    friends by me.
    	This is still by no means a complete list because Im sure we have not
    uncovered everything but it is still mostly complete. If you have something 
    to add to this guide please e-mail me and it will be included.
    	Please use common sense before you send your e-mail. I don't mind 
    getting lots of mail, however I do mind getting lots of stupid mail. Think
    about what you are about to send, if it can't be awnsered in this FAQ and 
    pertains to this FAQ then send it but if not ask me on a message board.
    	Some things that I could use some help on are my Chun Li infinite
    theory, for more info on what that theory is see Chun Li's infinite 1. I
    could also use some cool ASCII art, as I suck at making it and I believe 
    that it enhances the looks of the guide enormously. If you can help me on
    this I would be very greatful. I also need any info you have on my War
    Machine theory. I would love to prove my combo skills wrong by doing it.
    For information on what Im rambling on, go see my War Machine Semi 
    Infinite section.
    	This guide _will have many mistakes_ in it so if you spot something 
    tell me. The reason it has so many mistakes is because I feel bad and its
    2 in the morning. Im burnt out with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in preperation for
    a tournament so I am writing this for you to enjoy. 
    XX  Cancel
    /\  Super Jump
    \/  Landed
    LP  Low Punch or Jab
    MP  Medium Punch or Strong
    HP  High Punch or Fierce
    LK  Low Kick or Short
    MK  Medium Kick or Forward
    HK  High Kick or Roundhouse
    j.  Jumping
    s.  Standing
    c.  Crouching
    ()  Repeat or follow special instructions
    OTG Off the Ground
    QCB Quarter Circle Back
    QCF Quarter Circle Forward
    *Control Layout*
                                    Jab Strong Fierce 
      Up/Back  Up  Up/Forward        0      0      0   
             \  |  / 
         Back-  N  -Forward         Short Forward Roundhouse 
             /  |  \                 0      0      0 
    Down/Back Down Down/Forward       
    *Chun Li*
    -Infinite 1:
    In corner, launch/\LK, MK(hold back)(Down+MK)
    	This only works on Hulk and you must be on the player one side to
    do it, as far as I know but in an old f.net video they did it on someone
    else, or so I think.
    	When you do the repeat part you need to mash Down+MK like hell, it 
    is a pretty difficult infinite to do and is not worth doing on a human 
    opponent, unless there is a really hot gamer girl there you want to 
    impress. Or if you just hate the guy your playing against and you want to
    embarass him and he just happens to pick Hulk.
    	This just happens to be more of a glitch then an infinite because it
    is kind of random when it happens because my timing is perfect and I still
    don't get it off all the time. My theory on this is that it depends on what
    version of the game you are playing on. If anyone has any version info they
    want to contribute please do so. It would be _very_ helpful.
    	One thing to remember is that you need to hit the first Down+MK right
    before you land. The timing on this takes some getting used to to say the
    least, but its not that hard either. 
    	On another note, I think this is one of the coolest combos I have
    ever seen for some odd reason. I don't have a clue why I like it, I just
    do. I saw it once and was like I have to learn that. 3 Months later I had
    it mastered.
    -Infinite 2:
    In corner, launch, /\LP, LK, MK, HK\/c.LK(OTG), MP, Forward+HP (LP, MP, 
    	As far as I know this combo only works against Captain Commando and 
    War Machine. And as far as difficulty goes this ones average not to hard and
    not super easy as to where it would see gameplay. This is overall not a very
    useful infinite. Not even for impressing people.
    -Infinite 3:
    Must have Shadow Lady as a partner, QCB+HP+HK (HK)
    	You must get the opponent between the two Chuns then mash on HK like 
    crazy and keep doing it and the other Chun won't leave the screen. It is a
    fairly easy infinite to pull off if your good at mashing buttons. Thats why 
    me and my friends call this the scrub combo.
    -Infinite 1:
    	There are many set ups for this one, my favorite is when an opponent 
    jumps up dash under them and do the combo. The timing is not tricky and if 
    you can't do this combo stop reading now. Other set ups include just telling 
    your opponent to jump up in front of you. This is also a very practical 
    combo for tournaments.
    	This is a very easy infinite to do. The timing is simple and there is 
    only one drawback to it, which is it does not work on heavy characters.
    -Infinite 2:
    Kinetic Card(QCF+P), (Dash LK, HK, LP Kinetic Card)
    	This infinite is known to work on two characters only. Those two being
    Roll and Megaman. I have only got it to work on Megaman but I have witnessed
    it being done on Roll so I know it is possible. Although it does only work 
    on the dinky guys it still has its uses. 
    	One cool thing you can do with it is switch over between the two Gambit
    infinites after the LK of each one. It is also cool because you can throw 
    some of Gambits juggles in to the mix and make up a combo on the fly. It is
    pretty fun to just go "freestyle" with this combo. The results are cool and 
    it looks cool to. Other than this this is a useless pile of a combo.
    *Gold War Machine*
    	For Gold War Machine see War Machines infinites. I think they all work 
    for both. If they don't tell me and I will change it.
    In corner, launch/\LP, LK, MP, HP(OTG)\/(Down+LP, Down+HP)
    	You Jin fans hoping to get a good and easy infinite, well you are 
    screwed. I can't put it any nicer than that because its the truth. It only
    works on Captain Commando and it is the hardest one for me to get right.
    	To get this to work you have to do the OTG HP when you are falling
    from your Super Jump. As soon as you land you need to do the Down+LP, 
    Down+HP. Be careful though because that Down+HP is hard as crap to 
    connect. I can't give you any advice because I have only gotten the whole 
    thing to repeat 5 times and I only did that once. Your on your own on this
    *Red Venom*
    -Infinite 1:
    QCF+PP wait until they come down, Down+LK(OTG),(Down+MP, Down+HP)
    	This is actually a very useful infinite. The main thing you need to 
    remember is that they must be on the ground before you do the OTG hit. 
    	There are multiple set ups for this including starting off with an 
    air combo or a throw. Pretty much anything that lets you connect the 
    super will work. You can do it after a throw since Red Venom is so 
    frickin fast. I think the throw set up is best since Red Venom is all 
    about speed and throws.
    -Infinite 2:
    QCF+PP wait until they come down, Down+LK(OTG),(Down+MP, Down+HP) wait
    until they get high enough in the air, j.LK, j.MP, j.HK\/(j.HP, j.HK)
    	This can be set up the same way as the first infinite but it is
    best started out with a throw or you can switch off from the first
    infinite to sort of make up your own combo on the fly.
    	There is also a very slight delay between the j.HP and the j.HK.
    It isn't much of a delay, but its very important to the timing of the 
    combo. It may just be me but this infinite is easier than the other 
    one. Since it has so many set ups, its also more useful.
    *Shadow Lady*
    In corner(/\air dash, LK, HP\/dash, LK, HP)
    	This is easier than it may seem. If you aren't getting it and
    you won't until you know the secret. This little secret Im talking 
    about just happens to be when you Super Jump the second time you 
    are canceling from the HP. You need to Super Jump as soon as it hits.
    	It does have one drawback. It doesn't work on the short 
    characters. The only two I can think of is Roll and Megaman. If it 
    doesn't work on anyone else let me know.
    *Strider Hiryu*
    In corner launch/\LK, MK, HP\/LK(OTG), MP, HK(LP, MP, HK)
    	This is a very hard combo to do. Second only to Jin's infinite. 
    You need to do the Super Jump combo part as slowly as you can without 
    it not comboing. It also only works against three characters. Jin, 
    Venom, and War Machine. You need to Super Jump straight up. You won't
    connect if you go at an angle.
    	This is also not a true infinite because they can recover if you
    don't do the LP fast enough. You need to time it so that it hits right
    after you recover from doing the HK. Very hard stuff and not worth the
    trouble it takes to get it right.
    *War Machine*
    -Infinite 1:
    In corner(dash LP, LK, MP, Down+HP, Back+LP+MP)
    	This one is very easy but there are two things you should 
    remember, one, it only works on tall characters, such as Hulk. Two is
    that you must continue to hold back until the smart bombs come out.
    	This one is simple and effective. If you play with War Machine
    you need to learn this combo because it comes up in matches often.
    -Infinite 2:
    Launch opponent with a j.Up+HK,(j.LP, j.MP, j.Up+HP) 
    	You will land between the j.Up+HK and the repeated part so you
    will need to re-jump. You will also land after the j.Up+HP so you need
    to re-jump to continue the infinite every time. After a few reps of 
    this you will get pushed back so you need to jump forward when this 
    	This combo is useful, but not as much as the other one. I think
    it works on all characters but Im not sure. It does work on most 
    everyone though.
    -Infinite 1:
    In corner, launch/\LP, LK, MP, MK, Down+HK, HK\/walk forward LK(OTG), MP
    (Down, LP, MP)
    	This one can be tricky. Since the repeated part has MP in it, which
    can connect twice you need to cancel it with Down so you recover faster.
    There is a slight pause in between reps of the infinite as well.
    	After you get this one down, its probably the second easiest. Its 
    also very useful. Except that Wolverine isn't very useful but I won't go
    into that now.
    -Infinite 2:
    QCF+PP, walk forward, LK(OTG)(Down, MP)
    	The down cancel MP thing still applys here so remember that. It is 
    also best to combo into the super. It helps to be in speed up mode when
    doing this but I don't think it is required.
    	This is the most useful infinite in the game as it works on everyone
    and can be comboed into from just about anything that lets you connect the
    super. Or anything that lets you get the OTG hit in. Can't think of any 
    examples right now but Im sure there is something.
    X|Semi Infinites|X
    *Chun Li*
    -Semi Infinite:
    Launch/\(LP, LK, MP, Down+MK)
    	This is an incredibly easy semi infinite to do. It would be 
    classified as an infinite but it ends when you hit the end of the stage.
    Even on the longest stage, which I don't know which one it is, you only get
    around 80 hits at max. I think the most you can get is 82 but Im not sure.
    *Gold War Machine*
    	See the War Machine Semi Infinite, I think it works for both but Im
    not completely sure.
    *Shadow Lady*
    	See the Chun Li Semi Infinite. This combo works for both of them.
    *War Machine*
    -Semi Infinite:
    Launch,/\LP, LK, MP, Up+HP, QCB+K(Up/Forward(Hold)LP, MP, HP)
    	You need to do all the repeated part in the Super Jump as well. If 
    you get to far into the corner hold Up instead of Up/Forward. When you get
    pushed back you need to switch off th Up/Forward again.
    	The theory behind it, I think this is really an infinite because in 
    theory you should be able to continue it after flight mode ends but I 
    haven't seen or done it. I haven't talked to or heard about anyone who has 
    done it either. I would love to think my theory is true but I cant be sure.
    If you can do it, record it and e-mail it to me or if you can't do digital
    editing you can send me a VHS tape or explain exactly what you did because 
    I would love to see it and do it.
    *Psycho Drain Glitch*
    	Pick Captain Commando and throw your opponent with HK. Now mash that
    crap like crazy. You need to mash like crazy or it won't work. It won't 
    work if your opponent counter mashes. I can't emphasize enough how fast 
    you need to mash because it is hard and it hurts your fingers too.
    *Web Lock Glitch*
    	Pick Spiderman and Venom as your team, Red Venom works best, now do 
    QCB+HP+HK now use Venom to throw them and have Spiderman throw a Web Ball
    with QCF+LP. Now your opponent is frozen until you hit them with a non web
    	This is super useful because you freeze them, use Red Venom to push 
    them into a corner and start your infinite. Or build up 2 Super Meters and
    do it again.
    *War Machine Glitch*
    	This one is stupid. And stupidly easy to boot. Have both players pick
    Gold War Machine and hit Down+HP at the same time. They will get stuck and
    shoot each other until they die. There is really no point in this glitch but
    its still a glitch so it is included.
    X|Contact Information|X
    IRC:WillMoose or WMoose
    I would like to thank the following websites and people for making this 
    guide possible.
    James Chen-jchensor@earthlink.net
    The whole Shoryuken.com staff
    Everyone at the SRK forums
    #Capcom people
    And anyone who has ever played me in a fighting game has in some way 
    contributed to this guide as well.
    X|Version History|X
    2/21/01-Initial release and final version for now.
    2/27/01-Added Ascii art and a total format revamping as it was kind of
    hard to read berfore.
    X|The End|X
    Stop reading and go play the game! Now!

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