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    War Machine by Banshee

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    By Banshee <banshee31@hotmail.com>
    Version 1.0
      This FAQ is for private and personal use only.  It can only be reproduced 
     electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered as long as
     this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appears in full.  This FAQ is 
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     Street Fighter(c) Capcom Co., Ltd.
     The Marvel characters are (c) Marvel Inc. All rights reserved.
    06-14-98 First version of this FAQ. So far, it's only a move & Combo FAQ, but 
    in the other versions I'll try to add a bunch of other neat stuff...
    This is a FAQ on WAR MACHINE, a character in Capcom's latest addition in the
    "VS" games series, MARVEL VS CAPCOM. I assume that you already know a little
    about the game, and that this FAQ's purpose is to learn WAR MACHINE, not the
    game in general.
    To Many, WM is a loser amongst Heroes. When you look at the MvC cast, you can
    see why. What is a second-grade ripoff of Iron Man doing in this game? Well, I
    don't know for sure, but what I do know is that WAR MACHINE should never be
    underestimated. YES, he can be used effectively in tournaments and against pro
    players. He's far from being only "Scrub-effective".
    This character requires a certain level of skill and dedication. More that most
    characters in MvC anyway. If you are very familiar with the game, it shouldn't
    be too hard, though.
    -=MOVE KEYS=-
      ub  u  uf      Up-Back        Up          Up-Forward
        \ | /
     b -- n -- f     Back           Neutral     Forward
        / | \
      db  d  df      Down-Back      Down        Down-Forward
     LP  MP  HP      JAB            STRONG      FIERCE
     LK  MK  HK      SHORT          FORWARD     ROUNDHOUSE
    (S refers as Standing, C as crouching, A as air, SJ as super-Jump and F as
     qcf - d,df,f         hcf - b,db,d,df,f     PPP - all three punches
     qcb - d,db,b         hcb - f,df,d,db,b     KKK - all three kicks
    JAB: On the ground, it is his basic combo starter. His Standing jab can be
    chained into a second jab, which has a different animation. (he uses his other
    fist, much like Cyclops in the previous games and like in... MK) It's not
    useful, though.
    His crouching jab can be used to start a juggle when your opponent jumps over
    you. It's easier to go from C.jab->c.strong (his mini-launcher) than s.jab -> 
    c.strong.  If you want to tag a short in there, you'll have to go with 
    these two hits come out faster and leave the opponent closer if they are done
    standing, rather than crouching.
    In the air, it's a good air combo starter, but not a very good jump-in.
    SHORT: Not much else to say about it, except that the c.short is a good dash-in
    hit, and the air short can be a good jump-in.
    STRONG: S.strong is not that great, and I don't use it much.
    C.strong is good in many ways. You can juggle opponents that often try to do
    crossups with c.jab->c.strong->...
    You can do a c.strong before doing the s.roundhouse launcher, which is safer.
    (the c.strong has much less recovery time than the s.roundhouse, so if the
    punch is blocked, don't try to launch).
    The air strong is a good follow-up to the jump-in short.
    FORWARD: S.forward is a good poking move, and is really useful against dashers.
    The C.forward makes your opponent fall, and you can try to OTG with a switch or
    a War Destroyer. (It will usually only do one hit, unless you are in 2on1 mode.
    Then it will fully combo)
    FIERCE: The S.fierce is another poking move, although it is slower than the
    s.forward. You can cancel it with a jab Shoulder Cannon to prevent your 
    opponent from counter-attacking. It also stops single hit projectiles.
    The c.fierce (missile) also stops single hit projectiles, and can be used as a
    long range projectile. It is not very hard to avoid when relatively close. It's
    also wise to cancel it with a 'Cannon when it is blocked up-close.
    His air Fierce can be directed in three directions. (up, neutral and down) It
    has high priority, and is a good offensive AND defensive attack. Normal jump
    back and D+Fierce is a good way to stop aggressive players.
    ROUNDHOUSE:     His S.roundhouse is his launcher. It has very little horizontal
    range, but goes pretty high. It doesn't have very high priority, so use it
    wisely. It also has a lot of recovery time, so if blocked, try to cancel it 
    with a jab Shoulder Cannon.
    His C.roundhouse is a two-hitter, and is a goor ground combo ender. Tag a
    jab/short Shoulder cannon afterwards and it might combo.
    His air roundhouse can also be aimed. neutral or down + roundhouse does a
    vertical down kick. Pressing Up + roundhouse does a vertical up kick, which is
    useful in combos.
    DASH: (towards->towards or towards+ 3 punches)
    His dash is quick and goes far, a very useful move.
    DIVE KNEE: ( Down+Forward kick in the air)
    A very useful move. Can be followed by a D+fierce or roundhouse as a jump-in. 
    It can also be canceled by any special move. (Knee->fly->knee->fly->... is a 
    good pressure tactic and a good way to stay in the air, but watch out for 
    those anti air moves and supers!)
    THROWS: (Ground: towards or back + strong, towards or back + fierce
             air: towards or back + strong/fierce/forward/Roundhouse)
    His ground strong throw is good, much better than the fierce one anyway. The
    fierce throw give the opponent more than enough time to Tech or roll.
    His air throw is the same, regardless of the button you press.
    SHOULDER CANNON: (QCF+any button on the ground, any punch in the air)
    A good beam attack. On the ground, a "punch" Shoulder cannon attacks head-high,
    and a "kick" Cannon attacks waist-high. A weaker cannon will do less hits and
    less damage, but will come out and recover much faster.
    The air Cannon can only be done with punches. The jab Shoulder cannon is
    comboable in an Air Combo.
    REPULSOR BLAST: (HCB+ any punch)
    This attack has changed a lot since MSH, mainly because it only hits opponents
    in the air! The fierce RB may hit standing opponents that are *right* next to
    War Machine, but it is very slow and can be blocked very easely.
    It is a decent anti-air move, but if it is blocked, WM is in grave peril. Even
    a Jab Repulsor Blast is slow enough to let your opponent block it, land, and
    On the up side, the Repulsor Blast is comboable! The Jab RB combos after a
    C.strong, and the strong RB connects after a C.strong->C.fierce. We'll get into
    that later.
    The Repulsor Blast is also War Machine's counter. As said above, it is a good
    air counter, but don't use it to counter ground moves.
    SMART BOMBS: (towards/neutral/back + short+Strong)
    The smart bombs is a good air move, with decent recovery and damage. pressing a
    direction with the button command will make the Smart Bombs drop close by or 
    far away.
    You can combo a Knee attack after the smart bombs, or even different attacks
    (depending on the situation), but I have yet to find a way to make it work
    FLY: (QCB+ any kick)
    This move makes WM fly. While flying, WM cannot block or air dash, but he is
    nimble. To stop flying, repeat the same command (QCB+K).
    AIR DASH: (any direction+ all 3 punches)
    This is a very good, although overlooked, move. It comes out faster than the 
    fly command, which makes it easier to avoid attacks. You can only air 
    dash once per jump.
    PROTON CANNON: (QCF+ 2 punches, super)
    The proton cannon is not a very good super. It has agonizing startup and
    recovery time. At startup, if your opponent hits the gun without blocking, they
    get knocked into the full super. It works pretty well after a helper, but you
    have to do the super early if you want it to connect.
    (This is the super WM does in a team super)
    WAR DESTROYER: (QCF+ 2 kicks, super)
    The War Destroyer saves WM in the super moves department. It comboes after a
    launcher and does a lot of block damage. It also recovers pretty fast. There is
    one problem, though. Using it as a long range attack (meaning your opponent is
    across the screen) is a VERY BAD move if your opponent knows what to do. All he
    has to do is walk (or dash, for slow characters) towards you as the missiles go
    up, and they will all miss on the way down. Then WM is vulnerable to any 
    attack.  A good way to prevent this is to call an appropriate helper 
    before doing the WAR DESTROYER.
    1. Dash, s.short->s.forward->c.roundhouse.
    2. Dash, s.jab->s.short->s.forward->s.fierce.
    3. S.short->s.roundhouse /\(super jump) , jab->strong->fierce.
    4. S.short->S.roundhouse --> War Destroyer.
    5. C.fierce --> Shoulder Cannon (depending on when the C.fierce hits, you can 
    do a slower and more powerful Shoulder Cannon)
    6. S.jab->S.short->C.roundhouse --> Shoulder Cannon.
    7. Helper (like Psylocke)-->Proton Cannon.
    8. C.jab->C.strong->S.fierce--> Jab/Short Shoulder Cannon
    9. C.jab->C.strong->S.roundhouse /\ SJ.jab->short->strong->UP+fierce
    -->jab Shoulder Cannon.
    10. Dash C.Short -> S.Roundhouse --> War Destroyer, C.Short(OTG)-> 
    11. Strong Throw in the corner, C.short (OTG)->S.roundhouse /\ SJ.jab
    ->short->strong->UP+Fierce-->Jab shoulder Cannon
    12. Dive Knee->Roundhouse \/(land) dash, s.jab->s.short->s.roundhouse /\ 
    SJ.jab->short->strong->forward (that kick will not work against characters 
    like Spider-Man and Venom, will is not likely to work if you use the c.strong 
    before the launcher) ->Air throw.
    13. Air Smart Bombs, Knee dive->roundhouse \/ dash, s.jab->s.short->
    c.strong->s.roundhouse /\ SJ.jab->short->strong->UP+fierce-->Shoulder Cannon.
    (The Smart Bombs are very hard to get)
    14. ... \/ s.jab->s.short->C.strong->C.fierce-> strong Repulsor Blast.
    15.  ... \/ dash, s.jab->s.short->s.roundhouse /\ SJ.jab->short->strong->
    forward->Up+roundhouse, FLY->F.jab->strong->UP+fierce-->Jab shoulder Cannon.
    (The Flying part is tricky at first, but not very hard)
    16. (WM in the corner) C.jab->c.strong->jab repulsor blast, C.short (OTG)->
    s.roundhouse /\ SJ.jab->short->strong->Up+roundhouse, FLY->F.jab->strong->
    UP+fierce-->Jab shoulder Cannon.
    17. ... \/ Dash, s.jab->s.short->s.roundhouse /\ SJ.jab->short->strong->
    forward->Up+fierce, AIR DASH UP, jab->UP+fierce, FLY, F.jab->strong->
    UP+fierce-->Jab Shoulder Cannon.
    (The air dash is VERY tricky to get at first, because when you try to connect
    the jab after it, WM stops going up, so it has to be perfectly timed.)
    18. Helper, C.fierce, Proton Cannon.
    (The timing really depends on the helper and the distance of the ennemy)
    19. ... \/ dash s.jab->s.short->c.strong->c.fierce--> START 2on1 (qcb+PP)->
    juggle with supers.
    (VERY hard to get, but when you do, it usually kills your opponent. You need a
    teamate that comes in fast when you start the 2on1. C.strong->c.fierce doesn't
    work against Spidey, Venom, CAP, and some others. The missile just wiffs under
    them. )
    20. I call this one the Iron Combo because it reminds me of one of the combos
    Iron-Man had in MSH. (Go read James Chen's Combo FAQ for it)
    This combo uses ALL of War Machine's Specials.
    (opponent in corner, or WM in corner) Back+Smart Bombs->Knee Dive (crossover
    knee dive if opponent is in the corner)->roundhouse \/ dashing s.jab->
    s.short->c.strong-->jab repulsor blast, C.short(OTG)->s.roundhouse /\ SJ.jab->
    short->strong->(forward_might not work against all characters)->UP+Fierce, AIR
    DASH UP, jab->UP+fierce, FLY, F.jab->strong->Up+fierce-->Jab shoulder Cannon, 
    Instead of Air throwing, you can try to repeat the flying part again 
    (jab->strong->UP+fierce-->shoulder cannon). It's a great upper-corner trap!)
    Written By Luc "Banshee" Chartier (c) 1998
    You can find future versions of this FAQ at:
    Migs' MvC site: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/6781
    Thanks to:
    Migs and all you guys at the MvC Message Board for helping me out and hearing 
    me out :) ,
    "CLP" Chris, for playing the game (almost) as well as I do ^_^; ,
    all you guys that showed up at the NJ ECC,
    Capcom, who better hire people like me as a tester in their next game
    and to the guys that kept saying that WM sucked on A.G.SF2, back when MvC first
    came out. Without you guys, I wouldn't be playing him!
    Strategies, combos and MORE!

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