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    War Machine by SWatts

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    Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 17:15:12 +0000
    War Machine Guide - Version 1.0
    By: simonwatts@geocities.com
    Last updated on 1/5/98
    This Guide may be linked to and distributed freely as long as it is not
    in any way altered. Also no sections may be removed (that includes this
    and the credits section).
    This guide is one of a complete series. An updated version of this guide
    and guides for all of the other characters is available at:
     1: Introduction / Story
     2: Legend
     3: Moves + Special Moves
     4: Super Moves
     5: Easy Combos
     6: Harder Combos
     7: Player Tactics
     8: Playing against War Machine
     9: Versus
    10: Onslaught
    11: Other available guides
    12: Credits
    Tony stark's (Iron Man's) resourcefull head of security  Jim Rhodes
    enters the fray as Tony's Carbon-copy War Machine. Although not
    identical, War machine's suit was constructed by stark enterprises using
    the blueprints for the Iron man suit.
    Most people don't know how to use WarMachine to his full potential.
    Instead of using him as an offensive character It is very easy to rely
    on his fireballs and play a game of keep-away. Although this works on
    the computer a good opponent will grind you into the dirt.
    War Machine Sayings
    "Superior Tactics"
    "Of course you know this means War Machine !"
    "This damage is nothing ten minutes and a hammer won't fix"
    "No, not Iron man,  War machine ! "
    Here are the names used for the different buttons for all of you amateur
    fighting fans out there.
             ()      ()      ()
             Jab   Strong  Fierce
               ()      ()      ()
            Short  Forward Roundhouse
    The punches go from Jab to Strong to Fierce and the kicks go from Short
    to Forward to Roundhouse.
    Magic Series
     wondering what  a magic series is?  Well, put simply, it is the order
    of punches and/or kicks that the character can chain into a combo on the
    ground, air and while super jumping.
    Zigzag - All six buttons can be chained into a single zigzag combo.
                 ex. Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse
    Stronger- Three hits can be chained from weak to strongest.
                 ex. Short, Forward, Roundhouse
    Weak Start- Only one weak punch/kick into a stronger punch/kick.
                 ex. Jab, Fierce
    None- No series. The biggest chain is a single hit into a special move.
    Combo Command Notations
    P is for punch
    K is for kick
    , is used to indicate normal move chaining
    --> indicates Special Move cancellation
    /\ indicates that you cancel the current move with a Super Jump
    \/ indicates that you land after the last move and continue on the ground
    S. stands for standing
    C. stands for crouching
    D. stands for holding down on the controller while attacking during a jump
    U. stands for holding up on the controller while attacking during a jump
    F. stands for holding towards on the controller (direction you are facing)
    B. stands for holding AWAY on the controller
    J. stands for jumping
    SJ. stands for Super Jumping
    D. stands for Dashing before performing the move
    AD. stands for Air Dashing
    F. stands for Flying
    (OTG) means this will hit opponent off the ground
    (FS) means that the move you just did initiated the Flying Screen
    AC - Air Combo
    AC Finisher - A move that will end an air combo by initiating the FS
    D, DF , F + P  = standard fireball motion from down to towards and punch.
    D, DB, B + K = Street fighter style hurricane kick motion
    F, D, DF + P = Street fighter dragon punch motion
    -All directions noted in the moves section assume that your character is
    facing right. If facing the left, all move commands are reversed.
    Jab- Jab is WM'S combo starter. It's fast and has no recovery time.
    Strong- It has pretty good range and does mediocre damage. The crouching
    versionis now a mini launcher.  If you hit with this, immediately press
    Roundhouse to launch them!
    In the air he fires a little orb of energy from his chest.
    Fierce- War Machine fires a laser orb from his hands. When you hit with
    it, the opponent will fly across the screen! While crouching, it fires a
    small missle. This is  a normal move,
    thus it can be canceled by a special move at any point. In the air,
    WarMachine will Fire a laser beam from his fists. It can  be fired in 3
    Up-forward, which will hit opponents coming down at you, (hold up)
    Forward- designed for air to air combat, (don't hold any direction)
    Down-forward- A good jump-in. (hold down)
    Short- It is best used in combos. Basically it does nothing special.
    Forward- An excelent move! It has good range and power.  The crouching
    version is a knockdown.In this  WM slides a bit, so gets good range.  If
    you hold down in the air while pressing Forward, Warmachine will do a
    knee stomp.
    Roundhouse- It is his Launcher. WM sticks his foot straight up in the
    air, so it is good as a jump-in launcher!  The ducking version is a
    strike that hits twice.In the air there are two versions.
    ---SPECIAL MOVES -----------------------------------------------------
    Knee Stomp (air) D+MK
    While in the air, War Machine bends his knees, fires his boot rockets
    and quickly stomps on his opponent with his knees. A good surprise move
    to pull off because he falls at a much faster rate than his jump. A
    great combo opener.
    Missile Shot  D + HP
    While crouching, War Machine fires out a single missile at his opponent.
    It comes out quite quickly and it is extremely easy to pull off. It's
    great for cancelling out fireballs and for setting up the Shoulder
    Cannon. It can be used to combo the Proton Cannon.
    Shoulder Cannon D, DF, F + P
    A small cannon pops out of War Machine's shoulder and fires a beam at
    his opponent. It goes all the way across the screen and hits multiple
    times. It's a great keep away move and it does ok block damage. The
    button used determines the number of hits, recovery delay and startup
    lag. Jab does 3 hits but comes out instantly and recovers instantly,
    strong does 5 hits and has a recovery delay Fierce does 7 hits and has a
    recovery delay and startup lag. It's great for getting the super bar
    charged up.
    Low Shoulder Cannon  D,DF,F +K
    This is the low version of the Shoulder Cannon. War Machine gets down on
    his knees before firing the beam from his gun. Basically it is the same
    except it hits little turds like mega man who may have ducked the other
    Repulsor Blast  F, DF, D,DB,B +P
    War Machine releases an energy ball from the palms of his hands . It's a
    great defense move because it protects him from air attack and dashing
    opponents. It'll juggle War Machine's opponent in the air for a few hits
    before knocking them down. However, if blocked it has lousy recovery.
    Smart Bomb LP + MK
    War Machine's shoulder pads open up and release two spiked bombs that
    fall and explode on impact. The bombs come out very quickly and do a lot
    of damage. one problem with this move is that the bombs are blocked most
    of the time. However, it's extremely difficult to for your opponent to
    counter attack, making this a very good keep away/chipping move. It can
    be done in the air as well, letting War Machine bomb his opponents from
    Flight D, DB, B +3K
    War Machine fires his boot rockets and flies into the sky. While flying
    he is more maneouverable and can stay in the air for an extended period
    of time.However, while flying he can not block. Hold all three punches
    in the air to perform an airdash.
    ---SUPER MOVES -------------------------------------------------------
    Proton Cannon D , DF, F +2P(Level One)
    with a cry of "Maximum Payload, PROTON CANNON!" a huge cannon appears
    out of nowhere and War Machine supports it on his shoulders as it fires
    a huge pink beam. It causes loads of chipping damage and drains their
    energy at a very high rate. Try to combo it with either a summoning
    attack or a Missile Shot.
    War Destroyer  D, DF, F + 2K(Level One)
    War Machine shouts, "Geronimo! War Destroyer" as a huge backpack
    appears, launching a whole bunch of missiles straight up. The missiles
    are heat seeking and will track your opponent, falling roughly on their
    position. It's best to use this super as an air counter or in a combo.
    It chains well off of his launcher for a very high hit combo.
    Proton Cannon:  D, DF, F+ 2P
    start off a team super with him by comboing it off of a helper attack.
    ---EASY COMBOS -------------------------------------------------------
    Ground Magic: Zigzag
    Air Magic: Stronger
    Super Jump Magic: ZigZag
    Strikes: S.Fierce, C.Roundhouse
    Knockdowns: C.Forward
    Air Launchers: S.Roundhouse
    AC Finishers:  SJ.DN.Fierce, Shoulder Cannon ,Strong Air Throw
    1: D.C.Short, C.Roundhouse
    2: C.Fierce --> Shoulder Cannon
    As soon as you launch the missile cancel into the Shoulder Cannon.
    3: D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse --> War Destroyer
    4: D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Fierce --> Shoulder Cannon
    5: Helper Attack , Proton Cannon.
    ---HARDER COMBOS------------------------------------------------------
    1: D.C.Short, C.Strong, S.Fierce --> Shoulder Cannon
    2: D.C.Short, C.Strong, S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong,
    SJ.UP.Fierce --> Jab-Shoulder Cannon
    3: D.C.Short, S.Roundhouse --> War Destroyer, C.Short(OTG), C.Roundhouse
    This combo is simple until it gets to the OTG.
    4: Fierce Throw into corner, D.C.Short, S.Roundhouse /\ SJ.Jab,
    SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.UP.Fierce --> AC Finisher
    War Machine is the one of the lucky few that can OTG after a throw. Just
    dash in quickly and OTG before they can recover.
    5: Air Smart Bomb --> Knee Stomp, J.DN.Fierce \/ D.C.Short, S.Roundhouse
    /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Strong, SJ.UP.Fierce --> Shoulder Cannon
    6:  J.Roundhouse, D.C.Short, S.Roundhouse,/\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Short,
    SJ.Forward, SJ.Up+Fierce
    7: C.Short, S.Roundhouse, SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, SJ.Short, SJ.Forward,
    ---PLAYER TACTICS ----------------------------------------------------
    *For Proton Cannon chipping damage , use the move  from long range! The
    reason being that it will not push your opponent, like Ryu's Super
    fireball. If they are close, they will
    remain in the same spot, leaving them close enough to counter when you
    *Use the Strong throw with preference ! As the Fierce throw, has a delay
    and can be easily tech hitted.
    *Keep people on the ground away by using the Forward kick. It's great
    and will send them flying.
    *Air Combos are very important to War Machine. Combo in the shoulder
    cannon for super damage.
    *If you must play keep away with War Machine, mix up all of his attacks
    and try not to get too predictable. Use different Shoulder Cannon
    strengths so that they can't anticipate the recovery delay. Flying and
    use the Smart bombs once in a while.
    * Remember that War Machine can OTG after a Fierce throw into the
    corner. Tack on some extra hits for some easy extra damage.
    *War Machine's Knee Stomp and J.Fierce are his best jump in attacks. You
    could also use a Smart Bomb beforehand to score some additional damage
    and to prevent him from getting hit by anti air moves.
    * If you must do block damage, the War Destroyer is a better choice. It
    leaves him very safe and chips just as much lifebar as the Proton
    ---PLAYING AGAINST WARMACHINE-----------------------------------------
    - Learn his pattern. Fireball adicts fall into patterns of repeating
    moves over and over again. Once you figure it out, you can counter to
    cause maximum damage . If your character doesn't have a fast counter
    attack, use a character switch (Strong + Forward).
    - Don't try to jump in on him to much. War Machine has  effective
    anti-air attacks. and can easily launch you into a wardestroyer.
    - Learn to tech hit. War Machine's throws are very damaging and can set
    up OTG combos. However, his Fierce throw is very easy to tech hit out
    - If you see him pull off a Proton Cannon, wait it out and immediately
    pull off your best counter attack when the beam stops.As  War Machine
    isunable to move for a full half second after the super you'll pound him
    into the dirt.
    - Don't be defensive. If two players are both playing as Warmachine the
    one playing keep away is almost guaranteed to win. Simply jump in and
    combo them .
    Chun-Li - Oooh.. now she's an intimidating one! Ever since they gave her
    that air super, she's more deadly than ever. Before going against a Chun-Li
    player, see if they know how to chain in her air super. If not, then you
    know it's safe to jump in on her. Again, launching Smart Bombs before Knee
    Diving is always a way to cover your bases. She'll try dashing in, 
    bouncing on your head, and all sorts of things. Be patient, she's fast.. 
    much faster than you.. but most people play her with an incredibly easy 
    pattern to follow.  Most will just try to continually dash in on the 
    ground or air jump. Learn where they have the most delay, then dash in at 
    that time. Once you are on the offensive, don't let up. She's weak.. you 
    aren't.. she'll be dead before she knows what hit her.
    Ryu - Again, he's a pretty predicatable character. Most people love to throw
    fireballs until the cows come home. Fly over them and Knee Dive on him. Get
    Ryu to start jumping in on you, then lauch him into your War Destroyer.
    Remember.. if someone is playing Ken or Akuma, they can't block on the way
    down to the ground if they do a regular jump followed by a fireball. Using
    Colossus right as they throw their fireball will setup your Proton Cannon.
    Zangief - He shouldn't be hard to beat, unless you are playing a total
    Zangief pro. He's a big lug as far as I'm concerned (though I love 
    playing him). An easy combo to set him up into your War Destory is this: 
    Knee Dive .. cancel into Roundhouse .. S. Roundhouse (to launch) .. War 
    This combo will work well on him since he's so big. Don't try it on the 
    smaller characters though because the S. Roundhouse doesn't have enough 
    range to knock them up unless the Knee Dive is extremely deep. Flying 
    against Zangief works well. He's one of the few characters that it's okay 
    to play keep away with. No one wants to be next to this guy!
    Morigan - Playing against her is like playing against Ryu! ..especially the
    Colossus call after her fireball from a regular jump. I've hit the same
    people over and over with that move and they still haven't learned to
    Captain Commando - The Cap is a good character who will love to dash in
    on you or keep you at a distance. If he uses his Captain Fire, give him a
    Shoulder Cannon in return. Yours will hit, his won't. It is best to keep from
    flying against him, unless you like getting hit by the Captain Sword. If his
    super meter is charged, make sure you Smart Bomb before Knee Diving, or 
    you'll be launched into a major Captain Sword. OUCH! If he misses with a 
    Captain  Storm, give him a Colossus to suck on (and make sure to throw in 
    a side of Proton Cannon).
    Mega Man - This little guy is the king of keep away. With his easy to do
    fireball and his whirlwind.. it can be hard to get near him. Just wait
    for him to throw a fireball and give him some Shoulder Cannon in return. If
    he tries to chip you with a Hyper Mega Man, just fly away, and Knee Bash
    him as he recovers from the move. It is also easy to fly over his fireballs 
    and whirlwinds while pumping a Smart Bomb on his unsuspecting head. And if
    it comes down to it, two can play keep away. Your character is better
    equipped for it (I have yet to figure out why people play keep away with an
    offensive character like Mega Man). He also takes lots of damage, so a 
    few short combos should weaken him a lot. If he tries to Beat Plane you, 
    just give him a War Destoyer to think about.
    Stryder - Everyone who plays a slower character, like War Machine, gets
    intimidated by Stryder.. well.. that is until you learn that Stryder is
    just a big wimp. He Takes more damage than anyone in the game (minus Hyper
    Venom). If he jumps in on you, let him meet fate with Colossus.. or just use
    your launcher to setup a War Destroyer. If he starts super jumping, just wait
    for him to get directly above you.. War Destroyer again for some quick block
    damage or actual hits. If you start to play agressive against Stryder, most
    people will not know how to react. Remember they are the ones who are use to
    being the agressor (it's good to know that all people realize he isn't a keep
    away guy). When you see the ultra-cheese "I've got level 3 plus Psylocke and
    I'm going to Legion you to death" ""combo"" coming, give a nice Proton
    If both of you do your super at the same time, you'll blow all his little
    birdies and kitties away.. oh.. and you'll hit him too! :)
    Spiderman - He is the same as Stryder, basically. Remember to watch out for
    his crossovers when he combos. If he ends his air combo off with a fierce
    punch instead of a kick or web swing, then he's going to try and cross over.
    Learn to anticipate this move! Also remember to jump while using the jab or 
    short buttons. This will keep Spiderman (and Stryder) from hitting you (unless
    they catch on and start using their jab/short.. it's a priority thing). You'll
    definitely hit if they are using Fierce or Roundhouse. You won't want to 
    fly against Spidey though because his Maximum Spider will catch you 
    Jin - Unless Jin is in the hands of a master player, then he's not much
    of a threat. His long delays leave him open for your delayed moves. Have fun
    with him. Give him Shoulder Cannons everytime he strips down into his skivies
    and blows up. :) Playing against Jin is just a matter of learning his timing.
    Remember to do lots of crouching blocks because Jin will sucker you into them
    everytime.. well.. not the blocks.. but hits. Rest assured that if you are
    tripped you will either be supered or dynomited!
    Captain America - Man is it just me or do his Fierce hits take off too
    much. He's a tricky guy to play against, if you are on the ground that is.
    Keep to the skies, that's where your power will be in this fight. The more
    you are on the ground, the more you will be hit. Only stay on the ground if
    you want to launch him into a War Destroyer or if you have a Colossus to
    give to him. Don't ever pull off a Proton Cannon for chipping damage against
    him because a Final Justice is waiting around the corner if you do. Use
    the War Destroyer instead. Remember: it has almost no delay after its use!
    Venom - This guy's a joke as long as you stay on him. If you continually
    Smart Bomb him followed by a Knee Dive, you are almost sure to win. It seems
    that most Venom players are constantly waiting to throw you (that is.. the
    Strong throw which wraps you in a web coffin for a few moments). If you 
    happen to get caught in this don't lose hope, instead start jiggling the
    controller to the left and right as quickly as you can (there's no need 
    to push any of the buttons).. and I mean.. do it super fast because you'll 
    come out of the web before Venom can launc h you. Yep, it works - I have 
    yet to be launched because of being stuck in a web. I always get out of 
    it. Since most Venom players will turtle and wait for you to come to them 
    (hey.. that's just like a real spider), give them a reason to be agressive.
    Mind games..... .... . . .
    Hulk - aka combo engine .. :) .. He is easily beaten if you know how to
    get hits in. You can play against him pretty much the same way you would
    against Zangief. Simply Knee Dive into him, and then hit Roundhouse 
    twice. For some reason this almost always hits the big guy.. that is.. 
    because most Hulk players will try to use a Fierce punch against you. 
    After they are launched just give them a combo or a War Destroyer. If 
    that doesn't work, try delivering volley after volley of Smart Bombs at 
    them. Eventually they will jump in to attack, that's when you launch them.
    A word of warning though. Don't Knee Dive carelessly or you'll end up
    getting a boulder in your face via a Gamma Crush (trust me.. I figured
    that one out the hard way).
    Gambit - He's a tough one. His Fierce makes it hard to just Knee Dive
    in, so make sure you Smart Bomb before hand. Use the C. Forward after he 
    Cajun Strikes.. that'll put him on the ground. He's another character that
    might need some distance, but only for small periods. Find his vulnerable
    spot.  Like Chun-Li players most Gambit players have a rather boring pattern
    that they follow. If they get you into a corner just bump them off (all three
    punch buttons when blocking). Be patient against Gambit. If you just run in at
    him he'll make you regret it. This isn't an excuse, however, to just play cat 
    and mouse the whole game. War Machine is a good comeback character, so 
    let Gambit have it when he thinks it's in the bag. Again - on the mental 
    thing - when someone is winning they tend to lose focus.
    War Machine - Hey, you're fighting yourself. This is where you get to
    think a little. It's time to change your fighting style a bit, unless he is
    playing keep away (he obvioulsy hasn't read this FAQ.. heh..). When two War
    Machines are in a battle and one plays keep away, I guarantee the other
    one will win. Don't let it be you who is playing keep away. If both
    of you are playing offensively, then it is time for you to think
    "How would I beat myself?" Have fun with that idea.
    Wolverine - If it isn't Mr. One-Button-Combo! Yes, he's my least
    favorite character to play and to fight against. He's quick, he's strong, 
    and his supers are incredibly easy to chain. The best thing to do against 
    him is simply bump his attacks off, then do a regular jump to Knee Dive.
    Another thing is good'ole Colossus. Players who continually jump in will 
    always fall victim to the wrath of Colossus. Never, I repeat, never think 
    it is save to Repulsor Blast against Wolverine. Try it once.. get a 
    Weapon X in return.. and you won't make the mistake twice.
    First Form -  Block a lot and whenever he pulls off a Mega Optic Blast
    type move, just Crouch under him and Jab a lot. Super Jump whenever you
    see a hypergrav coming to get you.
    Second Form - Whenever you see an opening, hit him with either of War
    Machine's supers. The Proton Cannon does more damage, however, if you
    are brave try running under his head and pulling off a war destroyer.
    When you don't have a super meter charged, just jump and hit him with a
    Fierce. Don't fly and try not to use moves with delay time such as the
    shoulder cannon. Do not under any circumstances try to combo him or
    block hyper gravs.
    These guides will all become available at: 
    **Finished guides, which are to become available within a couple of
    **Guides that will be available within a few  months**
    Written by Simon Watts assisted by Soh.  Updates :
    TursT - for the excellent guide
    Marvel - for designing these great characters
    Capcom - for being too lazy to give the hidden Marvel characters proper
    endings and for making crap characters like Strider too good.
     CVG for all the help they gave.

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