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    Captain Commando Advanced by MRomariz

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    Marvel vs. Capcom Captain Commando Advanced Strategies FAQ: V. 1.0
    Captain Commando FAQ made by Matheus Romariz
    This document Copyright 1999 Matheus Romariz
    Any distribution in whole or in part is permitted as long as the content is not 
    altered and credits are given to the author. 
    Table of Contents: 
    I- Latest Updates
    II- Introduction
    III- Terms used in this FAQ
    IV- Helpers
    V- Special Moves and Super Moves
    VI- Combos
    VII- Character Overview and Strategy
    VIII- Beat the Cheapos!
    IX- Versus 
    X- Credits
    I- Latest Updates
    v. 1.0 First version
    II- Introduction
    Well, first thing I'd like to say is this is an Advanced FAQ. What does this 
    mean? It means I won't be reviewing every single normal move or putting every 
    combo possible. Only effective combos will be posted. If you're a real beginner, 
    I suggest you look up in GameFAQs Benzi's CapCom FAQ. It explains everything and 
    is really complete, and I started playing from there. 
    Also, fight fair. Not to say that if a dude comes with a Berserker Rage in 
    Wolverine and knocks you out with a couple of Fatal Claw combos you shouldn't 
    shift into full cheap gear. But against most people, try to balance out your 
    combos and Supers. Here's the forbidden list of things to do:
    1: Never, ever, ever, use infinite combos on a human player... unless they do it 
    to you first. Infinite combos are combos that never stop, a sequence of attacks 
    that will do 100% damage and there's nothing you can do about it. Gambit has 
    them, Wolvie had them, so did Spider-Man.   Although CapCom has no infinite 
    combos, this goes as a reminder to all players. Nothing's more frustrating than  
    having a nice brawl interrupted by some lame second-rate cheapo going in 
    Berserker Rage and pinning you with its infinite combo.
    2: Holds are tricky business. Many Chun-li and Roll players like to use this to 
    infinitum. Although you can't blame Roll for it, Chun-Li is already one of the 
    best characters in the game. Same goes for Wolverine, War Machine and other 
    higly prioritized throwers. Try to balance them in your gaming style (and as a 
    reminder, CapCom ain't that hot on holds anyways). 
    3: Don't use cheap characters... unless they do it to you first. Basically, that 
    means Strider, Wolverine, Chun-Li and (in a master's hands, Spider-Man). Strider 
    has the best launcher in the game, is blindingly fast, has the ability to combo 
    his Ragnarok in Ourobouros mode, and a wide variety of unpredictable high-ranged 
    and similarly prioritized attacks. Wolverine has great throw priority, great 
    speed, the ability to combo his Supers like no one else (especially the Fatal 
    Claw combo. If it's done well, it removes 75 to 85 percent of your energy) and a 
    healing factor while on the sidelines. The Chunner has the highest throw 
    priority in the game after Roll, the ability to combo a heavy-duty super in the 
    air, Lightning Legs, easily comboable supers, multiple jumps, speed, etc... 
    Spider-Man is just a flawless air-combo machine. Great stamina, damage, speed, 
    supers, you name it. 
    4- I hope I probably don't need to say this, but no cursing, pounding the 
    buttons, screaming, elbowing and pushing the taunt button of your opponent. 
    Using the Taunt button yourself is actually quite cool, just be careful not to 
    get killed in the way. The only thing that can be more humiliating to a player 
    than receiving multiple taunts is getting killed in the process of doing the 
    same to your opponenent.
    III- Terms used in this FAQ:
      ______          ____           ____             ____
      /******\        /    \         /    \           /    \
     |********|      |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Punch 
      \_****_/        \____/         \____/           \____/
        |~~|         J a b         S t r o n g     F i e r c e
      .-|  |-.         ____           ____             ____
     (  \__/  )       /    \         /    \           /    \
      \.____./       |      |       |      |         |      |  --> Kick 
                      \____/         \____/           \____/
                    S h o r t    F o r w a r d    R o u n d h o u s e
    b  = hold back               d = hold down (not dash)   u= hold up
    t  = hold toward             c = while crouching        j= while jumping             
    +  = add                    \/ = you've landed          ->= chain                  
    d. = while dashing
    otg  = on the ground (?)     /\      = super-jump
    s.j. = while super-          d.c. = dash then
           jumping                 quickly crouch 
    					d.s. = dash while standing
    QCBD = Quarter Circle Backward-Downward
    QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
    QCB = Quarter Circle Backward
    IV - Helpers
    The most significant change made in MvC is the helper system. It consists of 
    another fighter, which is summoned into the battlefield by pushing MK and MP. 
    They have a limited number of summonings, and always do a specified attack. 
    There are tons of helpers, and their selection is random. But there is a cheat 
    that will allow you to pick what helper you will use. It's a process in where 
    you hold START and a few buttons for each character. When you're selecting your 
    characters, select the first one normally. Then hold START, select the second 
    one and immediately push the designated buttons, which are unique to each 
    helper. Hold them and START until they are selected. After each match is over, 
    just hold the same keys and you'll get your helper.  
    The uses of this system is varied, and differs from helper to helper. For you 
    CapCom players, the best kind are gonna be the ones that come out suddenly and 
    dash your opponent. 
    There are a lot of helpers, so I'll only point out the Top Five, along with the 
    designated keys you should push along with START to select them in the Helper 
    Menu and the maximum amount of times they can be summoned in a battle. 
    1- Colossus (x5) LP + MP + MK: The king of helpers. Comes out of nowhere, 
    extremely fast, big, and does a lot of damage. What sets it apart from the crowd 
    is that unlike all the others, it doesn't come out in the ground, it comes a bit 
    above it and then falls to the ground. What this means is that basically anybody 
    that jumps at you can be hit, something that doesn't happen a lot with other 
    dudes like Psylocke and US Agent. Also, he drags the opponent across the entire 
    screen, takes his time, giving you the window of opportunity needed to set up a 
    Captain Storm.  
    2- Psylocke (x5) MP: Exactly like Colossus, only she starts at ground level, 
    making it a lot harder to hit with her. Still, a great helper in a pinch.
    3- US Agent (x5) MK+ FP  Like Psylocke, only he drags the opponent faster 
    through the screen, what makes you have to act faster in order to hit him with 
    any other move.
    4- Sentinel (x4) MP + MK + FP: Takes up the whole screen. Basically, as good as 
    Colossus, only he has one less summoning and comes out slower.
    5- Juggernaut (x3) LP + MK: Comes out instantly, very big. Does a lot of damage, 
    but has few summonings and drags the opponent too fast across the screen. 
    V- Special Moves and Super Moves 
    Captain Fire (QCF + punch button)
    CapCom aims a flamer in his forearm and fires. In your anti-cheapo defense later 
    elaborated in the strategy section, this plays an important role. Basically, 
    only use jab Captain Fires in fireball brawls and don't bother using the rest. 
    It will go across the entire screen, and can be done in the air. If you want to 
    do it to chip damage or to lure your opponent, use the jab. The Strong and 
    Fierce have a tremendous delay. Depending on the button used, the damage and 
    recover time will vary. The more powerful the punch, the more damage it does and 
    the more time it takes to recover. 
    Captain Corridor: (QCB + punch button)
    CapCom punches the ground and a lightning-blue pillar of energy blasts away at 
    the enemies near him. It has infinite vertical range. Also plays an important 
    role in your defense as well as attack. A simple combo like  j. RK -> \/ c. RK -
    > XX  Fierce Captain Corridor will do massive amounts of damage. While if you 
    use the jab button the energy pillar will be formed right on top of CapCom, if 
    you use the Fierce button, it'll be considerably further. Also, the stronger the 
    button used, the longer the recovery time. Be careful using the more powerful 
    versions against dudes with high-ranged attacks like Strider or Spider-Man. In 
    the latter case, he might block it, fall to the ground, sweep you with a c. RK 
    and then fire up a Crawler Assault. For that reason, only use the Fierce and 
    Strong versions if you're sure they're gonna be right at the edge of the blast. 
    That way, even if they block it, it'll push them far away, giving you the 
    precious time you need to recover. If you're on a corner defending you position 
    (main characteristic of the anti-cheapo warfare), only use the jab version. It 
    Only works in the ground. 
    Captain Kick: (QCB + any kick) 
    CapCom lashes out multiple flying fiery kicks across the screen. This sucks. For 
    starters, it has a disgusting recovery delay. Then, it does sorry damage. It is 
    rather quick, but the risk of being blocked and the countered far outweighs the 
    small chance of a ridiculous amount of damage. Use it if you want to cross the 
    screen quickly, especially if it's in the air. It is only done on in the ground, 
    and the stronger buttons shift the angle at which CapCom flies. 
    Captain Strike: (QCF + any kick)    
    These are the sorriest CapCom moves (with Sho's exception). Don't even think 
    about using them in a serious battle. 
    What happens is altered by what kick button you use. CapCom will summon 
    different friends to help him out. If you use:
    LK: Sho, the ninja falls from nowhere and slashes downward. The best of the 
    Commando Strikes, can actually be used for something (to stop incoming dashers). 
    Does little damage but comes out extremely fast.
    MK: Jennety, the mummy, flies around twirling knives. Supposed to be a decent 
    anti-air move, but comes out way too slow to fit that purpose. 
    RK: Hoover, the baby in a robot shell, fires a missile. The speed of this thing 
    is really amazing. It is SO slow you can punch the guy that gets hit with this 
    (kidding). Only use this in the occasion that your Helper hits the enemy but you 
    don't have a Super Combo Level. It does pretty big damage if it hits. 
    Super Moves:
    CapCom has one of the greatest array of Super Moves in MvC. Although that's not 
    directly apparent, with practice you learn how to take advantage of them.
    Captain Sword: (QCF + two punch buttons) 
    CapCom and his friends swing a huge beam around. What's good about this it that 
    it does reasonable chipping damage and hits anywhere in the screen. It IS 
    comboable after a standing RK, but you're better off hitting first with the 
    crouched LK, since his launcher is one of the worst in the game. In a turtling, 
    keep-away environment that is required against some dudes, it is a blessing. It 
    has zero recovery delay, it pushes a blocking enemy all the way across the 
    screen, no one can hit you while you're doing it, unless they're right under you 
    (and it wouldn't be very smart to do it in that situation, wouldn't it?). It can 
    also be comboed after a Helper attack, but do the Captain Storm if you have the 
    Captain Storm: (QCF + two kick buttons)
    Our buddy rushes the enemy with an uppercut, and if it connects, he's in for 
    some bad times. He gets launched, and all your friends jump in and give him a 
    real whopping. He then falls unconscious, but our sadistic friend blasts him in 
    the noggins' with a Captain Corridor to end his misery. This is the BEST super 
    move in MvC aside from the Fatal Claw. It will go through fireballs, and does a 
    LOT of damage. But its real beauty is in the anti-lamer warfare explained in the 
    strategy section. Just never, ever do this out of the blue. If you miss, you're 
    in for some bad butt-kicking. 
    Team Counter: Captain Corridor: (QCBD + FP + RK)
    Perfect team counter. If someone is trying to chip you to death with Wolverine's 
    Berseker Barrage X, or Spidey's Crawler Assault, they'll learn not to mess with 
    Team Super: Captain Sword: (QCF + FP + RK)
    Once again, a Perfect Team Super. It hits anywhere on the screen ahead of him, 
    has little startup delay, no recovery delay whatsoever, is comboable, will chip, 
    will send to the oppposite corner of the screen even if the opponent blocks. It 
    is especially good for use with other supers that send your enemy around the 
    screen. Most beam supers mess up with these kinds of moves, but not the Sword 
    since it hits anywhere in the entire screen. 
    VI- Combos
    I'm going to number the combos so that I can refer to them more easily in the 
    strategy section. 
    1: j. RK -> \/ c. LK -> s. RK -> XX Captain Sword
    Notes: A pretty easy combo. If you don't have the super combo level, a heavily-
    damaging variation of this combo is (after the c. LK) c. MK, c. RK XX Fierce 
    Captain Corridor
    2: Helper Attack -> Captain Storm -> (OTG) c. LK -> s. RK -> XX Captain Sword
    Notes: Again, if you don't have the level, instead of the Captain Sword do a 
    Fierce Captain Corridor. The best way to hit this combo (which will be the 
    mainstay of your anti-cheapo warfare) is described in the strategy section. 
    Also, you can only hit the (OTG) c. LK if the dude fell from the Captain Storm 
    in the same corner as you (but after a Colossus attack, that'll be a near 
    certainty). If you don't have the extra level, a nice variant is to replace the 
    XX Captain Storm with an XX Fierce Captain Corridor. This a rather beginner 
    version of the larger combo below.
    3: j. FP \/ -> d.c. LP -> d.c. MK -> d.c. FP -> XX Captain Storm -> (OTG) c. LK 
    ->s. RK -> XX Captain Sword -> d.c. LK -> s. RK -> Captain Sword
    If you don't have the third Super Meter, replace the last Captain Sword with /\ 
    LP -> s.j. LK -> s.j. MK -> Jab Captain Fire. It's very hard to execute but does 
    it do damage or what? If I'm not mistaken, it might even do 100 percent on 
    weaker guys like Strider. 
    4: d.c. LP -> d.c. MK -> d.c. FP -> XX Captain Storm or Captain Corridor
    Notes: If you're trying to play fair, this is a nice combo. Be aware that the 
    cancelling of the FP into the Captain Storm has to be in superhuman speed. You 
    can't afford to miss, like you can in the Captain Sword after a s. RK. 
    5: d.s. JP -> s. JP -> s. RK -> /\ LP -> s.j. LK -> s.j. MK -> Jab Captain Fire
    Notes: If you can spare the Level, after the s. RK launcher just go for the gold 
    with an XX Captain Sword. 
    VII- Character Overview
    With all of his moves and combos reviewed, let's see his strenghts and 
    - Captain Fire is like the late Cyclops' Optic Blast. It is quick, annihilates 
    other fireballs, and does reasonable chipping too
    - With a nice mix of Captain Fires and Corridors, a player can drive an 
    adversary to suicidal frustration and extreme bad judgement
    - CapCom has great j. RK and c. RK. He can fight with the best of'em in the air, 
    and has the added ability of a nice air throw range. His sweep has long range 
    and can be quickly comboed in a Captain Corridor
    - Ridiculously easy combos using only special moves can do the damage of a 
    super. One such example is the variation of Combo 1. 
    - A great load of special moves, with insane damage, easy comboes, and 
    respectable chipping by the Captain Sword
    - Very fast if compared to other guys that pack a punch as big as his
    - A very smart player can see the holes in the keep-away tactic. Additionaly, a 
    guy like Strider or Chun-Li can use their multiple jumps to lure the keep-away 
    CapCom into getting too fire-happy and therefore triggering the Captain Fire too 
    early and then being wide open to devastating attacks. Or Spider Man, who can 
    stick to the wall, evading the Captain Fires. If the intermediate or beginner 
    CapCom player jumps higher to aim with the Captain Fire, Spidey quickly drops 
    and very quickly our buddy CapCom finds himself in the opposite side of a 
    Maximum Spider
    - He doesn't have the defense to match his power. He takes damage a little worse 
    than most people. A combo like Wolvie's damned Fatal Claw can really put CapCom 
    away for good. 
    - All of his special moves leave him wide open in case of block or evasion. A 
    Veteran CapCom players may not have this problem, but intermediate and beginners 
    alike will probably get trigger-happy and forget all about the recovery delay of 
    the Captain Kick, Fire and Corridor. Again, if you fight a veteran, he'll 
    probably combo in a super. Aided by CapCom's weak defense, there's a very good 
    chance a few early Captain Corridors can mean the difference between life and 
    death. To put it shortly: never, ever do a move with a recovery delay unless the 
    enemy is out of range for a counter or you're sure that it will hit.
    Please be aware that these strategies are all for a fair fight. If your enemy is 
    a cheap @#$@#, then refer to my wittingly named "Beat the Cheapos" section. 
    - Jump in a lot. CapCom has a great move for that in his j. RK. After that, you 
    can combo into either of the supers or go for the c. LK -> c. MK -> c. RK -
    >Fierce Captain Corridor
    - People tend to fall into patterns. This goes for any fighter. The trick is, 
    defend yourself well and hit'em hard. Kinda like "Dance like a fly, sting like a 
    mosquito" (or something like that :) 
    - What separates the men from the boys is combo. First, it does a lot of damage. 
    Second: it's humiliating to see your character bouncing like a ball and all 
    those double-digit combo indicators lighting up. And third: it's sooooo cooooool 
    to see a guy hit a Captain Sword after a Captain Storm and then another Sword. 
    Not that this is the best type of combo...
    - Against the more veteran players, defense is by far the most important part. 
    Many of them have the art of combo down to an instinct, and therefore even a 
    simple miscalculated landing may result on a 25 hit combo that sends 80% of your 
    energy somewhere beyond the rainbow. Block a lot. So what if you can do Spidey's 
    15 hit combo blindfolded if you never get a chance to move?
    - Play mind games. For example: you're constantly jumping in a guy with a j. RK 
    \/ c. RK and then again. So the dude's blocking everything. Suddenly, jump in, 
    don't do the j. RK, and as soon as you land, sweep him with a c. RK. He's still 
    gonna be blocking high, waiting for your j. RK. Repeat it. He'll fall again for 
    it. He's now gonna be pissed. Do the j. RK. He's gonna be blocking low. Next 
    time, do the j. RK again. Keep'em on their toes guessing what you're gonna do 
    VIII - Beat the Cheapos!
    I created this section because I was extremely angry with all the sites in the 
    'Net. They all say "if your opponent is a cheapo, then kiddie gloves off". So 
    far so good, but they don't actually teach you to be a better cheapo! So here's 
    a CapCom cheap guide! Trust me: guys are gonna hate you for this, but it's rock 
    The most vital ingredient to this strategy is discipline. Always block. Never, 
    ever take a hit. Basically, it spawns from the turtling strategy, but CapCom 
    allows a more complex variation. To those that don't know, turtling involves 
    ducking in a corner and blocking everything, waiting for a mistake. 
    Most cheapoes use brawling characters (Strider, Wolverine, Spider-Man). What 
    you're gonna do is stick to the corner. If he dashes you, either use Sho or a 
    jab Captain Fire. If he starts jumping in the air with projectiles, time his 
    jumps and jump along with him with a jab Captain Fire ready. Be aware that if, 
    for some reason, he suceeds in getting close to you, you can easily take this to 
    your advantage. Jump into the corner, and fall with a j. RK. If it connects, go 
    for the variant of combo 1. If he blocks it, continue the variant till the c. 
    RK. If he blocks them all, don't go for the Captain Corridor. If instead he 
    takes off along with you, block or go for an air grab if you can outprioritize 
    your enemy. He'll get frustrated, and try to walk up and grab you. Jump and 
    repeat the drill.
    Eventually, they'll begin jumping you. A lot. This is where the fun begins. Dash 
    forward and activate Colossus. He'll hit the enemy and leave the opening for a 
    Captain Storm. You must be sure Colossus connected before jumping the gun on the 
    Captain Storm, otherwise he'll have a big opening to combo you. If Colossus is 
    blocked, throw in a jab Captain Fire just to do some chipping damage. Be aware 
    that your most important assets are the Colossus. Don't waste them.
    In case you hit him, proceed to OTG him with the variant of combo 1. Don't waste 
    a Captain Sword on this OTG unless you're dead positive it will kill him. Keep 
    on playing. If your adversary is hit by another Colossus + Captain Storm, it's 
    all over for him. Otherwise, be sure you always have at least one Super Combo 
    Level to block a possible switch and Captain Storm him at any time in the match. 
    Staying in th corner is good 'cause it prevents dudes from sneaking behind you 
    while you jump. Stick to the ground 'cause if he's hurt he's gonna be looking 
    for an opening to switch. Eventually, you'll either chip him to death or hit him 
    with a Captain Storm after his blocked switch. Resume playing. Most damage you 
    deal out will come from the j. RK you're gonna be doing in the corner, cause 
    it's gonna hit him while he's still dashing with a bunch of combo-starting 
    moves. It allows you to proceed with different variants for a very powerful 
    combo spawning from a simple j. RK. A significant portion will come from the 
    Colossus + Captain Storm, especially if your opponent is a beginner. Chipping 
    will also play a major role in this. Other damage will be minimal. 
    The only thing that you need to do to win is to stay blocking everything they 
    dish out at you. If you don't have time to jump over his head, block. Most 
    combos begin with a dashing crouch, so if in doubt, block low.    
    To better illustrate my words, let's make an imaginary match. For the opponents, 
    cheap kings Strider and Wolverine. 
    OK. Game begins. Retreat immediately to your corner, be it P1's or P2's. If you 
    opponent uses Wolverine, he's gonna do one of two things: 
    Stage 1: More likely: Dash with a d.c. LK. From that kick, he can make you see 
    stars with the Fatal Claw. Whaddya do? Jump into the corner and fall with a j. 
    RK. Odds are he's gonna block it, but you avoided him. In case he takes it, go 
    for the combo 1. Just be extremely disciplined, and block always. Most Wolvie 
    players are accustomed to downright brawls, so they'll quickly move to Stage 2; 
    more intelligent players will begin there already.
    Stage 2: Some intelligent Wolverine players have figured out the miracle that is 
    his downward + Roundhouse to start yet another infamous Fatal Claw combo. Others 
    will try a  j. FP to hit you with a Berserker Barrage X. In the first case, 
    either hit him with a jab Captain Corridor or jump back into the corner with a 
    j. RK. You're probably gonna exchange hits, but since your move does a lot more 
    damage than his, no problem. One reminder: if you try to block it, be sure to 
    block high after his starting d + RK. This small oversight can lead to very 
    painful consequences. If he goes for j. FP, dash forward and activate Colossus. 
    He's gonna be hit with him, and you're gonna Captain Storm him. After you hit, 
    you're probably gonna have another Level. Contrary to popular thinking, don't go 
    for the OTG Captain Sword unless you're absolutely positive it's gonna kill him. 
    Otherwise, do the variant combo 2. Now, this is gonna be some serious damage. 
    Beginners will switch immediately, and now you see why you saved that extra 
    Super Combo level. Block the switch and Captain Storm him out of his taunt. 
    Again, do the variant of combo 2. Intelligent players are gonna wait for an 
    opening. Don't give them one. Stay on the ground, and in case he jumps at you, 
    do Colossus + Captain Sword. That'll chip a pretty good amount, and odds are 
    it's gonna kill him. If it doesn't work, quickly build up another Level with jab 
    Captain Fires and Corridors. Again, 99% of the time you're gonna kill him witrh 
    your chipping. If he gets hit again with the Colossus in one of his jumps, he's 
    dead with a nice Captain Storm. If in the meantime he switches, reward Strider 
    with a nice Captain Storm. 
    In most games, by now you'll still have every single drop of your life. But if 
    by some reason he got a few good blows in, you're gonna be forced to switch. One 
    great tactic is to just super jump into the corner. Nearly as a reflex, your 
    adversary will super jump after you. As soon as he begins, switch. It may sound 
    stupid, but you'll be surprised by the number of veteran players that fall for 
    this rather dumb move. Well, now returning to the strategy... 
    Strider is a more complex case. First: he's got projectiles. Although those 
    panthers do suck, they can go entire the whole screen. When you see the 
    beginning of the animation, go for a quick Fierce Captain Kick. A couple of 
    these should teach him a lesson. If he dashes or jumps, you know what to do from 
    the earlier Wolverine drill. Just be careful of his downward roundhouse: it 
    easily beats the wazoo out of your j. RK. In this case, block.
    If he uses Ourobouros, just duck and block. In case of Legion, do a super jump 
    in his direction and you should be able to avoid all the bats if you really push 
    the stick. He's gonna be wide open, so hit him hard with any combo you can think 
    of. Strider has one move that REALLY makes things harder, that bomb thing. He 
    can chip you to death with it, and by altering the strength of the buttons used, 
    he can keep you guessing where's he gonna drop it. Just try to super jump them 
    and brawl with him. Although Strider is a lot better than CapCom in close 
    combat, you're also a much better player than him (I hope!) and can block his 
    combos while slipping in a few of your own. Nevertheless, it'll be a 
    ridiculously easy fight. Once you've mastered this strategy, you'll be able to 
    win most battles without losing half CapCom's energy and leaving your partner 
    well rested. I even got three PERFECTS in a row against this really annoying 
    Wolvie - Spidey cheapo.
    But, as always, this ancient cheap technique is only to be used against really 
    cheap players or the computer. If your adversary is a fair player, be fair to 
    him as well. Although... if things do get hairy... you might want to awaken your 
    cheap side.  
    IX- Versus
    Vs. Chun-Li
    Computer: CPU Chun-Li is very problematic. It's one of the only computer 
    characters that regularly combo super moves, and she's also got a great sense pf 
    timing in her Kikousho super. Be aware when jumping in for Kikousho and Hazan-
    Tenshou Kyaku. She likes to block a lot, so you're gonna have to press in for a 
    mistake. Don't go near her since she can throw you a mile away. Your best bet is 
    to Captain Fire her, going for a few surprise Captain Kicks and Storms. A quick 
    dash with a d.s. RK followed by a Fierce Captain Corridor is also a good road to 
    victory. If you fight her in the 7th round, the most you can do is pray. She's 
    easily the most difficult computer opponent for CC (maybe Jin is harder). Be 
    sure to have a nice partner backing you up (I recommend Spider-Man). Try to hit  
    her with a Colossus + Captain Storm. Also, like most people, if she fireballs 
    you once you can bet she'll do it at least three times straight... Captain 
    Human: Human Chun-Li players just can't get enough of her holds and supers. Just 
    Keep her away! One plus is that most of them are so caught up in attacking you 
    can regularly slip in a Colossus in the middle of their jump and pound them with 
    a Captain Storm. Again, just be extremely disciplined in blocking and jumping in 
    and you'll stand a good chance. The main problem is that Chun-Li has a 
    ridiculous amount of perfect defensive moves. Don't jump her. Really! You'll get 
    launched and Raging Demon-ed. 
    Vs. Ryu
    Computer: Ryu in the computer is a push-over. First: He never blocks. Second: he 
    doesn't combo super moves. And finally, he uses the Shotokan Switch WAY too 
    often. Just jump in and hit hikm with combos. One small caution should be taken 
    when dashing in: the Shinku Hadouken comes out quite quickly, so always block in 
    the middle of your dashes. An advantage is that the CPU likes to fireball a lot.  
    Captain Storm him for his stupidity. 
    Human: Most guys that use Ryu are beginners from the time of X-Men vs. Street 
    Fighter. Either that or cheapoes from MsF, take your pick. One nice trick to use 
    use to Captain Fire him once, then twice. After the second time, the guy'll 
    doubtlessly fireball you, anticipate it with a Captain Storm. Otherwise, just 
    try not to get sweeped or launched. The first will take you to a painful Shinku 
    Tatsumaki Senpuu-Kyaku and the second one to an equally destructive Shinku 
    Hadouken. Some guys will immediately Shotokan Switch to Akuma or Ken and use 
    what I call Wall of Hadouken. It's a cheap tactic consisting of super jumping 
    and from the pinnacle releasing wave after wave of Hadouken. A Captain Sword is 
    just the thing in these cases. Like with most people, just defend yourself well 
    and you'll be OK. 
    Vs. Zangief
    Computer: Computer Zangief is a joke: he never blocks a thing. You can win just 
    by sticking to the corner with Captain Fires. One thing to watch are the SPDs. A 
    few of these and DANGER status to you. Be careful, and jump in a lot. Since he's 
    got poor air defense, hit him with a nice combo from up there. Colossus + 
    Captain Storm isn't very useful 'cause he's not prone to jump a lot, but if you 
    see the chance, take it. Turtling is a big no-no because of his Final Atomic 
    Buster. Mega Zangief is very complicated indeed... just get carried away with 
    Captain Fires and Captain Swords. Remember that a Captain Storm is useless. Jump 
    away a lot and never ever get close to him. 
    Human: Human Zangief players tend to fall into a single pattern: SPD. Yes, it's 
    pretty cheap, but effective since you have to be very fast to get away. Jump, 
    and most will follow with a Spinning Lariat in the air. Abuse of your speed, 
    dash in quickly and get a few nice hits then get out. Don't stay near him, 
    remember those three little letters: SPD and FAB! The running bear grab is 
    pretty cool and he's got a great normal throw range too! Human players seem to 
    dislike Mega-Zangief for obvious reasons. You'll rarely ever see them, but if 
    you do, just use the same strategy above. 
    Vs. Morrigan
    Computer: CPU Morrigan is extremely easy... and sexy too! She never blocks 
    (maybe she likes pain...) and keeps summoning you forward... If you want to beat 
    her up (didn't your mother teach you not to hit girls!?) be careful of her 
    Silhouette Blades, since she is keen on comboing them after some low attacks. 
    The Soul Eraser is great: it comes out instantly and does gigantic damage. Just 
    try not to be caught in the middle of a recovery delay after some move with your 
    pants down (then again... :), since it's likely she'll Erase your Soul.
    I don't know about you, but whenever she does the Eternal Slumber, I rush into 
    it! (see the animation for yourself, but only do it for fun since it does 
    titanic damage). Seriously, it is a pretty pathetic super. Just Captain Swrod 
    her.  She does like to combo, and will do it often (and it WILL hurt!). Be 
    careful of her air dash, it wreaks havoc with your keep away tactic. She has a 
    weakness characteristic to most Ryu-clones: she fireballs WAY too much... 
    Captain Storm her out of it. One advantage is she takes a lot of damage per hit. 
    Human: Human Morrigan players have one trick that will seem uncounterable by 
    beginners (I confess to have lost to it the first time I faced it) but is of an 
    idiotic cheapness that deserves to be punished. Her Soul Fist, when done in the 
    ai,r propels her slightly upward, thus allowing her an infinite amount of moves. 
    It's like the Wall of Hadouken, but the fireballs are bigger and are endless 
    too! As more intelligent people might guess, the answer is Captain Sword. With 
    that beaten, you've just got to lead with another Ryu-clone. Just follow the 
    same strategy for Ryu. 
    Vs. Captain Commando
    Computer: It's the Clone Wars (oops, wrong galaxy!). Well, CPU CC will be a 
    minor pain since he does combo a fair deal (fortunately, never with supers). 
    Just block a lot, and take advantage of the fact that as most people of this 
    game, he's projectile-happy. I'm not sure if the Captain Storm will go through a 
    Captain Fire, but I believe so. He also does a lot of Captain Corridors and 
    likes to use them even when you're an entire screen away... go figure. Anyway, 
    he'll make a lot of mistakes and you'll hopefully punish them all. In the whole, 
    pretty easy.
    Human: Not many people use CapCom, but if they try to beat you with the Cheap 
    part of my Strategy Guide, you'll be in for some rough times. In this case, just 
    do the same strategy to them: it's a 50/50 chance! Otherwise, be careful of 
    jumping in and dashing. A safe move is Captain Fire, and should be done often. 
    There's not much secrets here: wait for the guy to use a special move, then 
    punish them on it's recovery delay. Against more fair CapCom players, just do a 
    lot of jumping in, combo a few Captain Swords \ Storms and OTG Fierce Captain 
    Vs. Megaman
    Computer: The Computer Megaman will combo in a few Beat Planes quite regularly, 
    making it a damn pain on the rear end. Just be extremely careful when jumping 
    in, 'cause the Hyper Megaman is pretty powerful. In the case of a Rush Drill, 
    just push block and it won't do any significant chipping damage. The computer is 
    fond a few Mega Uppers and c. RK, all which leave him wide open for reprisal. 
    Hit'em hard! 
    Human: If you fight the typical FP Fireball cheapo, jump in directly above him 
    and let him have it. If you're feeling lucky, Captain Storm through the 
    fireballs. Never, under any chance, get launched, since the opponent will Hyper 
    Megaman you. It's so unfair! Many of your combos will be much harder to hit 
    because of his small size. If you see him charging a Mega Buster, take extreme 
    care of your legs. He'll want to OTG you with it always. A few players that 
    don't know about the Hyper Megaman's AC finisher role will use the charged Mega 
    Busters to combo in a Beat Plane. It hurts less than the Hyper Megaman, but it 
    does hurt quite a lot. If your opponent tries to cheese you to death with a Beat 
    Plane, quickly Captain Sword or Corridor him. It'll do pathetic damage but it'll 
    prevent some pretty big chipping hurtin'. 
    Vs. Strider Hiryu
    Computer: Computer Strider is fond of ground combos, Ame no Murakamos and holds. 
    Not very fond of blocking, which is a problem since Strider can't take hits like 
    anyone's business. Just pound him into the floor; a computer controlled Strider 
    isn't a problem for anyone with half a brain and some decent blocking skills. 
    Things change when people use him though...
    Human: Oh boy! Strider is the Ultimate Cheap Machine next to the Chunner and 
    Wolvie. His air and ground combos are so ridiculously overpowered, he's got the 
    best launcher of the game by a mile, he's fast, sticks to walls, has great 
    grabbing range and multiple jumps. Be careful and block. The operative word is 
    BLOCK! If you're a disciplined blocker, you can exchange hits with the Strider. 
    And although his do pack a punch, yours are bigger and badder. And he takes hits 
    worse too. Just take care after the Ourobouros: the guy is gonna teleport behind 
    you. Jump high in the air and fall blocking. Turtle it out from there. For 
    beating Strider, just use the cheapo tactic section. Any guy that uses him 
    deserves it. 
    Vs. Spider Man
    Computer: Computer Spidey isn't a blocker at heart, but he does slip in 
    regularly his 8-hit killer air combos. Block low when he dashes and you should 
    be well off. Again, no big secrets. Pound him to oblivion, but never forget to 
    block well. 'Cause that 8-hit combo is a bad-ass move! 
    Human: Oops! Well, Spidey is a popular guy anywhere in the globe, and he's 
    earned the second slot in my team after CapCom. He's lightning fast, has a great 
    low fighting stance, is pretty small, packs a punch totally disproportional to 
    his size and takes hits pretty well. Add to that pretty good throw range, highly 
    prioritized jumping-in moves, and an air combo any monkey can do blindfolded and 
    you've got one bad mother'. Basically, use the cheap strategy. Block well, watch 
    your legs, try to combo in a few supers and you'll see that the fight ends 
    quickly. One tip: whenever you see him air dash or air web-swing, no mercy! 
    Captain Sword! 
    Vs. Jin Saotonme
    Computer: Jin is unquestionably the most difficult guy in the game along with 
    Chun-Li. Put'em both in a team and slap'em in the 7th round and you'll see what 
    some royal whoppin' is really made of. He's like Eddie of Tekken 3: you never 
    know what he's gonna pull off. He's stuffed with moves that look like they can 
    be blocked high but really are low and vice-versa. He's got great armor, a cool 
    sense of humor, an awesome mech and the most gut wrenching moves in the 
    business. It's just extremely hard to block this guy's every move, he's a 
    monster. One plus is that most of his moves, if you actually manage to block 
    them, leave a long recovery delay. But that ain't much, especially when compared 
    to the power of the Blodia Cyclone! This "blockable" super is just so hard to 
    block they might have made it unblockable there wouldn't be much difference. OK, 
    but did it have to remove over fifty percent of your energy?? It just ain't 
    fair... And as if the rest wasn't enough, this guy actually blocks ninety 
    percent of the moves you throw at him. To beat him, just try to turtle, call 
    your helper at the right time and Captain Storm him! And he actually doesn't 
    take damage badly! It just ain't fair...
    Human: Strangely enough, I've never found a human that plays better with Jin 
    than the computer. But I suppose a master of this guy is a force to be reckoned 
    with. Just brawl with your secondary character and hope to god he sucks with his 
    partner. Or you could always succumb to the Cheap Side of the Force and use my 
    Cheap Strategy guide... but it ain't that great against this guy... It just 
    ain't fair!
    Vs. Captain America
    Computer: Well, Cap here is a piece of cake. He doesn't block a lot, doesn't 
    combo supers and uses his great projectile badly. He will regularly OTG you with 
    it, so watch your legs. He takes very little damage, as much as Zangief or less. 
    And for such a tough guy, he is damn fast and can get a good AC too. Watch his 
    FP, it's a killer. But the CPU doesn't use that a lot, instead preferring to do 
    things like Stars and Stripes out of the blue. Pummel him in the recovery for 
    being so dumb.
    Human: Well, well, this is a tough one. Watch your legs, since you might get 
    sweeped and then, "Hyper Stars and Stripes". If you fight in the air, get above 
    him. That monstrous j. FP will beat the living crap out of your j. RK unless you 
    hit him from above. Make him lose his shield. It might seem stupid, but the 
    range on all of his FPs is stupendously decreased, in addition to removing his 
    highly damaging projectile. And if he tries to get it back with the Cartwheel, 
    throiw him in the middle of it. Most Cap players think their shield is their 
    life, so they'll spare no expense to get it back. And they're gonna get 
    careless. And you're gonna Helper + Captain Storm him. He can combo all of his 
    supers, and they all do a lot of damage. A plus is that nearly all of his moves 
    have a recovery delay. Annihilate him with a quick Captain Storm. Otherwise, 
    beware of his multiple jump and reasonably good throw priority.
    Vs. Venom
    Computer: Well, CPU Venom is keen on comboes. Watch your legs. On the other 
    side, he doesn't block a lot either. I recommend just jumping in him and 
    brawling. Try to OTG a few Fierce Corridors; it hurts like hell! Beware of his 
    air dash, and be ready to Captain Sword him. Not a difficult opponent, but if 
    you're desperate just do a few Captain Storms out of nowhere. He won't block 
    them, I guarantee you.
    Human: If you block wisely, you won't get hit by his sucky comboes, and you can 
    slip a lot in 'cause you're faster. Beware of the excessive use of Strong and 
    Fierce Captain Fires, he can Venom Web you. Also, he has a very good strategy in 
    using his helper then Venom Web. Dashing is risky since the Lunge Bite does a 
    lot of damage. I recommend jumping in, blocking the entire time, then going for 
    a c. RK and OTG Fierce Corridor. A problem is that he can take a lot of damage, 
    so it's gonna take a real pounding to beat him. In the air, he's dangerous 
    because of his multi-hitting Roundhouse and quick recovery Venom Fang. Watch his 
    s. RK for Death Bites, it hurts a fair deal too. Take advantage of this moves 
    horrible recovery delay and slip in a Colossus + Captain Storm. 
    Vs. Hulk
    Computer: Hulk is pretty dangerous if you're not hot on blocking. A 5 hit combo 
    will do more damage on you than your Captain Storm will dish at him. But, as 
    always, he never blocks. Well, jump in blocking (ever heard of Gamma Crush) and 
    fall with a c. LK, c. MK, c. RK, Fierce Corridor. It'll do good damage and also 
    circumvent his super armor. In case you blocked a Gamma Crush, quickly reply 
    with a Captain Storm. Beware his s. FP behemoth range, but take advantage of its 
    slow recovery. A dangerous enemy to beginners but a pushover for the more 
    Human: I don't get many humans using Hulk, but they're usually beginners. His 
    raw power is very attractive, and I suggest you begin playing with him if you're 
    new to the game. Again, keep in mind all of his blows chip, he can throw a 
    monstrous amount of damage while taking very few. But since he's so slow, don't 
    give him the opportunity to hit you. A nice bet is Colossus + Captain Storm, 
    since he likes to jump in with his mammoth j. RK. If you don't have the level, 
    try to keep him away. He's got great throw range, but your Captain Fires are 
    better. They won't stop him 'cause he has super armor, but a Captain Corridor 
    will send him flying across the screen. Just keep him away and you won't have 
    much trouble, but get rough and he'll kick you to kingdom come. Always dash 
    blocking, predicting his s. FP and then dashing in for a quick sweep + 
    Computer: God, how I hate him! He'll block everything, you have to be very lucky 
    to hit even one blow. The good part is that the CPU isn't great on comboing the 
    Royal Flush nor OTG'ing a few Cajun Slashes. Unfortunately, Capcom greately 
    shortened the recovery delay of the Royal Flush, so you have to be quick if you 
    want to counter it. Don't try to counter his Cajun Strikes unless you've got 
    great reflexes for a CapCorridor or CapSword. Not a particularly hard CPU 
    Human: Well, Gambit relies on three things: his staff, his OTG combos and his 
    throws. If he jumps into you, wait till the last possible second and call 
    Colossus. After he's hit, Captain Storm. Watch out for the mean range on his 
    standing FP and jab Cajun Slash. Don't jump in nor dash without blocking and you 
    should be fine against the first. Roll well and the second's history. Be on your 
    toes and never let his get too close and his throws won't matter. Watch out for 
    his Royal Flush OTG combo, I like to roll behind him and Captain Storm. If you 
    block it, don't even think about push-blocking. You're gonna get hit with the 
    last few cards and  miss the chance for a nice counter. His other super does so 
    much blocking damage I hardly ever block it, instead preferring to jump wheer he 
    is and avoid the move. Without these three great assets, he's just a normal guy. 
    Wait for the recovery delay that most of his normal moves have and break him 
    War Machine: 
    Computer: Oooh, CPU WM is tough! He'll keep grabbing you and throwing you to the 
    corner and OTG some mean combos. If you dash or CapFire him, he'll Shoulder 
    Cannon through it. If you jump in, Repulsor Blast and then OTG or maybe even a 
    War Destroyer. Learn to tech hit out of his throws and roll out of his OTGs and 
    you should be well off. Just don't try to CapFire him to death 'cause his 
    Shoulder Cannon does the job better than your move. Jump over these and 
    extinguish him on its brutal recovery delay. Oh, and never jump in to a forming 
    Proton Cannon, it's like the Hyper Megaman; you'll get vaporized. If you block 
    this move, don't push-block and after it ends, quickly Captain Storm him.
    Human: They'll try to stick with the general throw-OTG strategy. One move they 
    use a lot but the CPU doesn't is to link a launcher into a War Destroyer: it 
    HURTS! Roll well, learn to tech hit and blast him on the recovery delay nearly 
    all of his moves have and you'll be winnin' in no time. 
    Computer: Surprisingly enough, the computer sucks at Wolverine. It won't combo 
    supers nor throw a lot. It also blocks badly. It doesn't use the brutal 
    advantages this guy has like the Wolvie cheapoes do. If he's controlled by the 
    CPU, just break him apart. 
    Human: No mercy! Anyone that uses Wolverine must be punished! He's so cheap! To 
    beat him, check out the strategy section. Just a few reminders:
    - Watch your legs! He'll normally come through there for a bad-@ss Fatal Claw or 
    Berserker Barrage X combo 
    - Keep'em away! He doesn't have many good anti-projectile attacks since the 
    Weapon X is so slow to be executed 
    - Block well. Any slip may lead to a dangerous combo  
    Vs. Onslaught: 
    First form: Well, CapCom ain't the best guy for Onslaught, but he gets the job 
    done. Get Colossus for your helper. Retreat to the corner and turtle. Onslaught 
    will charge you. Block it, then activate Colossus and release a Captain Sword. 
    Don't care about your super level, it's all to ber used here. This is basically 
    the entire strategy. If he tries to Hyper Grav you in the corner, Colossus + 
    Captain Sword. If you don't have the level, do an AC sequence in his face while 
    the Colossus stuns him. Personally, I recommend using a smaller guy like Spidey 
    to finish this one off.
    Second form: Don't even think about releasing a Captain Sword, save your supers 
    if you've got a dude like Megaman or Wolverine in the sidelines. Just jump in 
    his face and FP. Real easy, no questions asked. Never release a Captain Corridor 
    either, as it will leave you wide open for an Eye Beam. If you must escape some 
    Hyper Gravs, use your remaining Colossus or Sjump over it. Stick to the FP and 
    you shall win.  
    Secret Characters: 
    Under the character's name will be the requirements you'll have to meet to fight 
    and/or use them. Namely, you have to do some predefined things, and if you meet 
    the objectives, in Stage 7 the words: "Here comes a new challenger" will be 
    displayed. After you beat them, you'll still fight the old team you were staged 
    to fight in Stage 7, so it's like one more fight! Each character has unique 
    goals to be met in order to fight him/her, but there are a few general rules: 
    - You can't lose a character. If either one of them dies even once, it's all 
    - You can't be challenged by a human player
    Orange Hulk: 
    Fight him: Finish at least three opponents with super finishes
    Use him: 
    As soon as the character select screen appears, move your cursor to Chun-Li and 
    then move the cursor in the following sequence: 
    Orange Hulk's box will appear over Ryu's.
    Memory tips: Start at Chun Li, draw the character "3", go back to Chun Li then
    draw the character "4". Then go counter clockwise until you get to Ryu's box, 
    then hit up once more.
    Computer: Well, Orange Hulk is a faster but brutally less powerful version of 
    Hulk. You can easily exchange hits with him now, but his supers are nearly 
    untouched in power. Just use the same strategy as in Hulk and watch your jump-
    ins and block well 
    Human: Most guys that use Orange Hulk are dialers that have found out his 
    increased comboability. Don't get launched or you're in for a painful air combo 
    or maybe even a Gamma Crush. Still, he takes hits like a sissy, you can take him 
    with the same strategy as with Hulk. Don't be intimidated by his size, he's more 
    like Chun-Li than Hulk now.
    Fight her:  Finish at least three opponents with super finishes and completely 
    use all Helper Attacks for at least two rounds.
    Use her: 
    As soon as the character select screen appears, move your cursor to Zangief. 
    From there, move the controller in the following sequence:
    L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, D, D, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, L, D, D, D, D, R, R, U, 
    U, U, U, L, L, D, D, D, D, R, D
    Lilith's box will appear under War Machine's.
    Memory Tips: Start at Zangief, draw the character "9", go counter clockwise back
    to Ryu then draw the character "0". Then go counter clockwise down to War            
    Machine's box and hit down once more. 
    Computer: She's a little different from Morrigan (worse in most people's 
    opinion). OK, her version of the Soul Fist is smaller and heart-shaped. It'll do 
    a much higher amount of damage but has a lot less range. Her version of the Soul 
    Eraser is downright insulting: it has disgusting startup delay and does a lot 
    less damage, it's called Brilliant Shower. She exchanges the Silhoeutte Blade 
    for a Shinryuken-type attack, the Splendor Love, which is comboed after her 
    launcher. She keeps her Darkness Illusion, only now it's named Luminous 
    Illusion... go figure. She loses the Eternal Slumber (loved that one!). Her 
    Shadow Blade now can't be done in the air. Except for the fact that she can't 
    play keep-away (and then, is logically a prime target for such a strategy) and 
    her supers kinda suck, fight her the same way you would Morrigan. 
    Human: Check out the main differences above. Adapt them to your usual Morrigan-
    whipping strategy.
    Mega War Machine/Iron Man 
    Fight him: Finish at least five opponents with super finishes, with two of the 
    above five being Two on Ones.
    Use him: 
    As soon as the character selection screen appears, move your cursor to Zangief. 
    Then, move the cursor in the following sequence: 
    L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, L, L, D, D, D, D, R, R, U, U, L, 
    L, D, D, R, R, U, U, U, U, U   
    Mega War Machine's box will appear above Zangief's.
    Memory Tips: : Start at Zangief, draw the character "5", go back to Zangief then
    draw the character "6". Go counterclockwise until you hit the box above Zangief.
    Computer: OK, let's see the changes. He's a lot slower, has better armor, is 
    like Mega Zangief: you can't throw him, launch him, trip him or make him even 
    flinch. He's unstoppable. He gains a missile launcher to replace the Proton 
    Cannon and replaces the WM's crouched missile with a Short Beam. His standing 
    and crouching Shoulder Cannons are now a missile launcher as well. He's lost the 
    Repulsor Blast and the ability to fly as well. Beam Supers do much more damage 
    now (hint, Captain Sword, hint!) and Captain Storm or Final Justice-like supers 
    will only score the first hit.
    Human: Well, with CapCom MWM is a walk in the park. Even though he can avoid 
    most beam supers, the Captain Sword is totally unavoidable to him! Captain Fires 
    aren't such a good idea 'cause the Shoulder Cannons are better. Basically, 
    Captain Sword! Jump in the corner and keep running away from him, building up 
    super combo levels, and then, Captain Sword! 
    Fight her: finish at least five opponents with super finishes, four of which 
    must be two on ones, and use all the available helpers for at least four rounds.
    Use her: As soon as the character screen appears, move your cursor to Zangief. 
    Then, move the controller in the following sequence: 
    L, L, D, D, R, R, D, D, L, L, U, R, U, U, R, R
    Roll's box will appear next to Megaman's 
    Memory Tips: Start at Zangief, draw the character "5". Then go through the 
    middle up to Megaman's box and hit right once more.
    Computer: Well, at least one that has nothing to do with a non-secret 
    counterpart. The Mega Buster can't be charged, has a startup and recovery delay, 
    and must be done with a QCF motion. Sucks, huh? Well, you should have no problem 
    at all beating her computer version. It's just a joke really. 
    Human: Ahah, the strategy thickens! Well, Roll still sucks, but now she's 
    probably got a damned cheap guy controlling her and throwing you all over the 
    screen. Learn to tech hit and you're done. I mean, she can't jump, super jump, 
    chip, dash, play keep-away, nothing! Just remember to duck block during the 
    Hyper Roll and you actually won't take any cheese damage. A real pushover. 
    Red Venom\Hyper Venom\Carnage: 
    Fight him: Get FIRST ATTACK in every round, finish all opponents with super 
    finishes of which four must be two on ones. 
    Use him: As soon as the character selection screen appears, move your cursor to 
    Chun-Li and execute the following sequence:
    R, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, D, D, L, L, D, D, R, R, U, U, U, U, L, L, U
    Red Venom's box will appear above Chun-Li's 
    Computer: Well, let's see what changed. He's in a Berserker Rage like mode, with 
    shadows trailing him permanently and making him super fast. He now takes hits so 
    badly a nice CapSword OTG will kill him. He gains a few moves, namely the 
    Symbiote Shield, and the Lunge Bite has been reformulated. It is now executed 
    QCF + punch button, replacing the Venom Fang in the ground, which he lost. It 
    hits multiple times and combos well. The Venom Fang equivalent can only be done 
    in the air and is called Diving Bite. The Venom Rush is lost forever. The 
    computer version is troublesome, if you're not a disciplined blocker, you'll get 
    wiped out. But if you block well, you'll find your moves willl be doinvg nearly 
    twice the damage the old Venom took. 
    Human: Some guys have a cheap strategy: they'll dash you at blinding speed, hit 
    you with a crouched kick. After you block it, they then web you up with the 
    strong hold and combo you. You must not block the kick, but since Red Venom's 
    dash is so damn fast, it gets pretty hard. Still, a nice Colossus + Captain 
    Storm combo will break him apart. Take advantage of his nonexisting defense but 
    be careful: he can dish out a whopping if you're not careful. 
    Shadow Lady: 
    Fight her: Get FIRST ATTACK in every round, completely use all helper characters 
    for every round, finish all opponents with super finishes of which four should 
    be two on ones. 
    Use her: As soon as the character selection screen apeears, move the cursor to 
    Morrigan. Then, execute the following commands on the joystick: 
    U, R, R, D, D, D, D, L, L, U, U, U, U, R, R, L, L, D, D,                                      
    R, R, D, D, L, L, U, U, R, R, U, U, L, L, D, D, D, D, D 
    Shadow Lady's box will appear under Gambit's 
    Memory Tips: Start at Morrigan, draw the character "7", go to Zangief then draw
    the character "8". Then go counter clockwise down to Gambit's box and hit down
    once more. 
    Computer: OK, let's see what changed. She loses the Mini-Kikosho, Rising Bird 
    Kick, Hazan Tenshou Kyaku, Senretsu Kyaku, Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku, the ability 
    to combo any super, Kikosho, Kikoken and Axe Kick. In return, she gets Shadow 
    Drill, Electro Shock, Missile Shot, Big Bang Laser, Galaxy Missile and Final 
    In the first one, she dashes forward quickly with a drill in her hands. It hits 
    up to 7 times and is great fo surprise attacks and ground combos 'cause it's so 
    damn fast. Keep an eye out for it.
    Next, the Electro Shock, she poses as electricity crackles around her. It works 
    as an anti-air move or a ground combo finisher. If it connects, the target is 
    left electrified and thus does more damage than her drill attack. Again, don't 
    jump in without proper care.  
    Later comes the Missile Shot. She bows as rockets fly from behind her and track 
    you. It might seem good, but the missiles are so slow you'll block them all. I'm 
    not sure if you can Captain Storm through them o if the CapFire will kill them 
    like other projectiles, need help here. But I assume they will. 
    The Big Bang Laser is an improved Proton Cannon. I believe it loses the 
    predecessor's ability to knock into the beam if you touch her while it's 
    forming, on the contrary please inform me. It comes out much quicker and has 
    zero recovery delay. Try to jump over it and CapFire up there to reduce 
    In Galaxy Missile, she bows and many tracking rockets fly from behind her. It 
    pretty much sucks 'cause it's very slow and doesn't chip anything. 
    Finally, Final Mission (noticed it's similarly named alike Charlie's super) is a 
    Raging Demon type super, only it's done in the ground. It takes three levels of 
    Super Bar along with it. 
    With all the changes reviewed, adapt them into your fighting style. In my 
    opinion, she is infinitely worse since she has lost the ability to combo her 
    supers. Although you may think her increased regular combo power can offset 
    this, most experient people will block all of her comboes. While the same could 
    be said of her counterpart's super comboes, the punishing taken in case of a 
    mistake is a lot bigger.   
    Human: See the changes above and make the necessary adjustments. One tip: have 
    extreme care with the like of Colossus and Psylocke for helpers, since they can 
    lend a hand to comboing her Big Bang Laser or mayber even a Team Super. 
    X- Credits: 
    Hey! This FAQ is over! Any comments, corrections, combos, whatever, e-mail me! 
    I'm thinking... I only play with CapCom and Spidey... I think I'll try some of 
    the FAQs at GameFAQs (wanna learn how to play with Strider). Not that you care, 
    anyway? :) 
    Well, thanks go to the following people that helped make this FAQ possible:
    CAPCOM, for making some of the best games I've ever played (SQUARE is still 
    beter though!)
    Migs Rustia (damn, every FAQ thanks this guy!) for help with the Hidden 
    Characters section. Nearly all of the data there comes from his great HP
    (http://bhn.ml.org/~migs/mvc). Check it out! It's the best by far on MvC! 
    Benzi's CapCom FAQ, got me started in this great character! Check it out, it's 
    great too! 
    GameFAQs for having a FAQ on any single game I ever cared to try finding one in! 
    My brother, for getting his ass kicked so many times at Sports Arcade so I could 
    perfect my anti cheapo warfare
    And CapCom himself for being so cool! :) 
    See ya later! 

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