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    Spider-Man by humaetorcH

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     Spiderman FAQ
     Version 1.0
     by humaetorcH
        Copyright 1999
     Why Spiderman??
     Just in case all of you out there are wondering,the reason i
     decided to write this faq of spiderman,is because i think spidey
     here is the most under-used and under appreciated character in
     Marvel vs Capcom.From the times i have played in the arcades till
     the Playstation convertion,never have i come across any other gamer
     besides me who uses Spiderman.All of my buddies have always opted
     for megaman.And to be frank,i can't stand that cheap freakin bugger.
     He's just so plain irritating.Anyway,let's get down to business.
     <Table of Contents>
     Who is Spiderman?
     What are his moves?
     What are his super-moves?
     The best way to take out an opponent
     Strategy for facing Onslaught
     Chain supers with a helper
     *Who is Spiderman?*
      Unless you've just returened to earth from pluto,there's simply no
      way you woudn't know who Spiderman is.As a brief recap,Spiderman
      was created by Stan Lee.He's real name is Peter Parker,and when
      he's not fighting supper villains,he's just your typical normal
      day journalist.He's married to Mary Jane or for short, MJ.
      His nemesis,is none other than Venom,but of course Wilson Fisk,
      aka Kingpin is also really out to get him.In his later years,he has
      a daughter,May Parker who also seems to have inherited his spider
      D =down
      F =forward 
      B =back 
      LP=low punch
      MP=medium punch
      HP=high punch
      LK=low kick
      MK=medium kick
      HK=high kick
     *What are his moves?*
      Web throw:
      D,DF,F + punch
      Produces a ball of webbing and when hits your opponent,it temporaly
      freezes him.Very useful to chain it up with other moves as your
      opponent is immobile for a time being.However,note that the webbing
      will only stay for a very very short time so it is wise to quickly
      chain it up with a leg sweep.You can also execute this move on the 
      air whereby Spidey will fire it at a 45 degrees angle.
      Web swing:
      D,DB,B + kick
      Spiderman will swing on his web and then proceed to kick your opponent
      with a very high velocity.Does quite a huge amount of damage but note
      that this move is very slow and can easily be countered by your enemy
      once blocked.A wise way to use this effectively is by first executing 
      a web throw.Once the enemy is wrapped by webbing,quickly web swing your
      opponent for a 2-hit combo and this will make your opponent curse for 
      Web catch:
      F,FD,D + LP or MP or HP
      This move will make Spidey throw a webbing but this will catch your 
      enemy and he'll be swinged around before thrown to the ground.There are 3
      directions which is at a straight angle,a 45 degree angle and a 90 degree
      angle.When the moves are punched in with a low punch,the webbing will 
      be thrown straight,a Medium Punch at 45 degrees and High Punch at 90 
      degrees.Remember that though it's a projectile move,it still has a
      certain range.Watch closely and if you see the webbing slip out of
      Spidey's hand,your opponent will not be catched even though hit.It will
      only succesfully work if the webbing does not slip out of Spidey's hand.
      F,FD,D,DF,F + Punch
      When executed,Spiderman will do an uppercut which will hit any enemies 
      that are currently in position of jumping down towards you.Not that useful
      as it is hard to execute and very easily blocked.
     *What are his super-moves?*
      Maximum Spider:
      D,DF,F + 3Punches
      Spiderman's primary move.Very devastating and easy to execute.However,there
      are 2 major drawbacks.If this move is blocked,Spidey will automatically jump
      back to it's standing position,and this gives your opponent a chance to 
      counter back with it's own super-moves such as Akuma's Messatsu-Gou-Hadou.
      Secondly,there is virtually no damage done when blocked so do not even think
      of killing him with a cheese cake style even when the opponent's hp is drop
      dead low.
      By the way,if you happen to see a cheesecake logo indicating you won the
      previous round,it's because you killed your opponent even with him blocking 
      whatever move you executed.
      Ultimate Web Throw:
      D,DB,B + 3Punchs
      This move will see Spidey jump back and then proceed to throw a very long and
      large webbing.When an opponent is caught in it,he or she will be swinged and
      then thrown to the ground.This move does really a lot and a lot of damage at 
      1/4 of your opponent's hp.Definitely a winner but the webbing does not cover
      the whole screen so be careful when you execute it.The best time to use this is
      when your opponent let's say,Akuma is performing it's Gou-Hadou.At this time
      Quickly execute it,as Akuma takes quite some time to recover from it's position.
      This works with Maximum Spider as well.
      Crawler Assault
      D,DF,F + 3Kicks
      This is the only super that Spidey has that does multiple hit even when blocked.
      Spiderman will perform an acrobatic kick that does quite some damage but clearly
      overshadowed by it's 2 other supers.IF you're not sure what i'm talking about,it's
      excatly like Ken's dragon punch super only this time it is done with Spidey's
      legs and does less damage.
     *The Best Way to Take Out an Opponent*
      Spiderman is clearly the best character to use when it comes to aerial combo's
      next to Wolverine of course.As spiderman is ridiculously fast(again second to
      wolverine),all you have to do is to perform a high jump and then land right on
      top of your opponent.While still in the air,butjust on top of your enemies head,
      quickly tap LP,MP,LP,MP,LP and HP till you reach the ground.Tap MP again and
      Spidey will punch your opponent and bring him up in the air again.Continue the
      same procedure and when you realize that you can't possibly chain any more 
      punches,finish it off with a web swinh.80% of the time,it is impossible to avoid
      this tactic.However,if your opponent is smart,he will continually to block all 
      punches thrown at him.At this point,jump on him but do not hit him.Just go near
      him and then perfrom a throw.Your enemy will clearly be caught off-guard as he
      expects you to throw punches not to perform a throw.
      This tactic can only be countered if your opponent is fast enough to execute 
      Ken's Dragon Punch or even Akuma's Gou-Shoryu-Ken.It is very unlikely as 
      Spiderman is awfully fast and that air defence move is really hard to execute.
      However,if let's say your opponent is Ryu then you have to be wary.Ryu,or even
      Ken and Akuma can produce an uppercut which is not a special move but just a
      normal punch if he bends down and tap a high punch.This will definitely disrupt
      your air combo as the uppercut will hit you first before you have a chance to hit 
      even touch him.If this happens,jump just right in front of him and then proceed
      to throw him.Remember that if you get hit by the uppercut punch,you should
      immedieatly block because your opponent can just keep on performing the same 
      uppercut punch and you will just be hit over and over again.This is because you
      will be thrown back at a 90 degrees angle when hit.Trust me on this.I've got a
      pal who keeps on doing this irritating attack.
      This is a good way to take out your enemy,but remember that it is in fact quite
      a cheap move.So if you do not want to spoilt the game,don't do it.But this really
      works when playing with the computer because the AI is really stupid and don't 
      know how to avoid from this.
     *Strategy for facing Onslaught*
      Onslaught is quite a formidable opponent but there is a really easy way to kill it
      with spiderman.When Onslaught is in it's primary form,just crouch down and block.
      Block any attacks that comes from it until it decides to use it's big laser blast.
      I'm not sure what it's called but it kinda looks like Cyclops's Mega Optic Blast.
      When it's performed,quickly punch him with your strongest punch.Remember,you 
      have to be in a crouching position.You will not get hit because Spidey is kinda
      short.Just repeat the process and after 3 times of that laser blast,he's a goner.
      Just block any other attacks and wait for that laser blast to be executed.If
      he fires magnetic pulses(a green round circle that catches you and parylyses you)
      ,just perform a web throw to counter it.This attack can't be blocked so rememeber.
      Once Onslaught morphs into it's second form,all you have to do it to stay at it's 
      far right corner of far left corner of the screen.Wait and when the coast is clear,
      jump on it and quickly unleash all your air combo punches.Your super move's are 
      really useless here.Repeat the process and you'll beat it eventually.Just remember
      to never stay directly under it and to avoid the drill attack that he throws onto 
      If you're playing the arcade version,and your spiderman is paired up with Ryu,it 
      makes the killing process extremly easy.During Onslaught's first form,repeat the
      same strategy for Spiderman.Once the second form appears,switch to Ryu.Stay on the
      far left or far right corner and jump on the air and quickly execute Ryu's
      Shinkuu-Hadou-Ken on Onslaught's head.Your super level bar will most probably
      be level 3 by now thanks to Spiderman's attacks in Onslaught's previous form.
      After 3 supers from Ryu,Onslaught will most probably be dead.If not,just jump on
      it and give it a good whack.
      Congrats.You've beaten Onslaught.
     *Chain supers with a helper*
      The best helper for Spiderman here would be Juggernaut,Psylocke,Colouses or either
      Sentinel.Wait till your level bar is enough for you to execute a super then call
      for your helper.Either one of the helpers above will come out and ram your opponent.
      If your enemy is not blocking it,they will definitely get a multi hit whacking and
      then thrown to the ground.At that moment,quickly perfrom Maximum Spider of if in
      range,Ultimate Web Throw.If done correctly,you will see some major damage done.
      If you're wondering,to call for a helper,tap MP and MK simultenously.
     Feel free to distribute this FAQ in anywhere you please as long as it's in it's
     current form.I hope after reading this FAQ,more and more Spiderman players will
     emerge.And if you have any suggestions or anything you don't agree on,feel free
     to email me at gmama@mailcity.com.Any tips contributed will be given credits.
     Copyright-December 22nd 1999
               TZE VERN

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