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    Spider-Man by RomRom

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    Marvel Super Heroes: Spiderman FAQ  version 1.00
    By RomRom (gapuz@cav.pworld.net.ph)
    Please send corrections and additional info to the above address
    What's Inside
    I. The Game
          A.  Introductory
          B.  Controls
    II. Playing with Spiderman
          A.  Moves
               1.  Regular Moves
               2.  Special Moves
          B.  Combo
               1.  Basic Combo
               2.  Advance Combo
               3.  Guidelines/Tips in applying Combo
    III. How to win
          A.  Strategies
               1.  Against Computer opponent
               2.  Against Human opponent
          B.  Using Gems
    IV. Miscellaneous
    V. Credits
    ** THE GAME **
    Marvel Super Heroes is an arcade type game of combat between Marvel's Heroes 
    and Villains. You get to choose your character, and then fight six of them 
    until you get to fight the two boss (that is, if get pass them). The game 
    circle around the so-called Infinity Gauntlet, consisting of six gems. Fight 
    and Collect five of these gems, the last gem is with Thanos. Thanos then 
    retrieve to you the other gems to form the Infinity Gauntlet.
    A special feature of the game called combo makes fighting an art.
        U      LP  MP  HP            F - Forward
      /___\                          B - Backward
      \___/    (_) (_) (_)
    L _| |_ R   _   _   _
     / | | \   (_) (_) (_)
     \ ` ' /    _   _   _
        D      LK  MK  HK
    Note: For L and R (Left and Right) we'll use F and B (Forward and Backward) 
    with respect to where the character is facing.
    LP - Low Punch
    MP - Medium Punch
    HP - High Punch
    LK - Low Kick
    MK - Medium Kick
    HK - High Kick
    Regular Moves
    This are moves which are with simply pressing a button, and/or moving the   
    Low Punch - just a regular horizontal punch. While in the air, punch an angle 
    downward. Crouched, punches like his sweeping the floor.
    Medium Punch - uppercut. This makes opponents launch into air. While in the 
    air, uppercuts an opponent making it go a little higher. Crouched, punches an 
    angle upward.
    High Punch - swings its fist from his back. This throws an opponent backward. 
    While in the air, slam opponent down to the ground. Crouched, 360ø turn 
    ending with an elbow.
    Low Kick - 45ø kick. While in the air, kicks horizontally. Crouched, kick 
    horizontally on the floor.
    Medium Kick - swinging kick. While in the air, sits in the air while kicking 
    an angle upward. Crouched, sits while kicking an angle upward.
    High Kick - swings backward. While in the air, straightened up. Crouched, 
    sweeps the floor.
    Up - regular jump.
    Down - Crouch.
    Forward - walk forward.
    Backward - walk backward or block.
    Special Moves
    Moves vary in what type of punch or kick you'll use (Low, Medium, of High).
    Web Ball         D,F+P
    Shoots a ball of web, covering an unaware opponent with web. Low Web Ball is 
    fast to shoot but the web will not last long while High Web Ball is pretty 
    slow to shoot but the web will last.
    Spider Sting     F,D,F+P
    Uppercuts while jumping. Fast Spider Sting when using low punch and Slow when 
    you use high jump.
    Web Swing        D,B+K
    Throws a cord of web at an angle and swing forward, kicking opponent in its 
    way. This varies to fast to slow.
    Web Throws       D,B+P
    Throws a cord of web, grabbing opponent and swinging it around and then 
    throwing it at his back. Direction varies: forward for low punch, upward for 
    high punch, and slanting for medium punch.
    Grab/Throw       F+P (done beside an opponent)
    Grabs and throw his opponent.
    High Jump        D,U
    As it says, jumps high.
    Leap Forward     F,F
    Surprise your opponent with this.
    Leap Backward    B,B
    Roll             D,F+P (only when thrown or down to floor)
    Roll over across your opponent for a surprise.
    Tech Hit         F+P (only when thrown or grabbed)
    Stands out after thrown, or releases himself from a grab. Prevents extra 
    Infinity Counter D,D+LP+MP+HP (while blocking)
    Counter the attack of opponent by performing a Spider Sting.
    Maximum Spider   D,F+LP+MP+HP
    Spiderman's Super. Juggle the opponent around with punches and kicks.
    A Combo is a series of hits done to an opponent that cannot be prevented once 
    started. Your opponent cannot prevent it because they're stunned. When you've 
    been hit, it takes time for you to recover and that time is enough for 
    another hit and another, and that makes up a combo.
    Stunner are hits which makes you vulnerable for just some time. A series of 
    stunners are needed to make up a combo. If an opponent stop stunned in the 
    middle of the combo, the combo simply stops.
    There are two types of Combos: Air Combo and Ground Combo. Air Combo is done 
    in the air and Ground Combo is on ground.
    For a better understanding, I've divided Spiderman's Combo into four. It can 
    then be summed up for a fantastic combo. Sum it in this manner: Air-to-Ground 
    Combo Starter, Ground-to-Air Combo Starter, Air-to-Ground Combo, Ground-to-
    Air Combo, Air Combo.
    Basic Combo
    "Air-to-Ground Combo" (Starting Combo)
    Jump High landing on your opponent.
    This combo is optional, you can start a combo with "Ground-to-Air Combo" 
    starting version. But I prefer this for beginners. This is done on air while 
    your opponent's on ground.
    "Ground-to-Air Combo" (Starting Combo)
    In this combo, you need to catch your opponent on ground and send him up in 
    the air. Once thrown up, follow him up with Air-to-Ground Combo.
    To follow your opponent up, just point the joystick upward.
    "Air-to-Ground Combo"
    Beat your opponent up in the air and slam him down to the ground for a 
    Ground-to-Air Combo2. 
    Don't rush. The last three moves require lest time to perform. Before you do 
    the last move, the opponent must be lying on the ground.
    "Ground-to-Air Combo"
    A couple of hits could send him up.
    This doesn't need any explanation. Note: Use Leap Forward (Optional).
    "Air Combo"
    Now for a final attack.
      LP,LK,MP,MK,Web Ball[Low/Medium]
      LP,LK,MP,MK,Web Swing[Low]
      LP,LK,MP,MK,Web Ball[Low],Grab
    Do this fast, but for the Grab wait for the time that you can grab him.
    Advanced Combo
    Basic Combos have patterns and it ends so easily. Less combo, less damage. So 
    here's something that can make you cry. Plus Infinite combo.
    "Ground-to-Air Combo" (Starting Combo)
      Down+LK,Down+HK,Down+LP,MP (followed with Air Combo)
    "Ground-to-Air Combo"
      Up,LP,LK,MP,MK,Web Ball[Low] (followed with Ground-to-Air Combo Starter)
      Up,LP,LK,MP,MK,HP,HK,MP (at the corner, followed with Air Combo)
      "Basic Ground-to-Air Combo",Spider Sting[Medium],MP
      MK,HK,Spider Sting[Medium] (repeated at the corner)
    "Air Combo"
      LP,LK,MP,MK,Web Ball[Low],"LP,MK,Web Ball[Low]"3x,MP 
                                   (followed with Air-to-Ground Combo)
      LP,LK,MP,MK,Web Ball[Medium],HP (followed with Ground-to-Air Starter)
    Guidelines/Tips in applying Combo:
    1. First of all, timing. There is no need to rush, do it in style.
    2. Use Leap Forward when starting a combo from land.
    3. Stop reading this FAQ and practice.
    ** HOW TO WIN **
    In this game, there are two ways to block. First is just block it by just 
    pointing the joystick backward. And the down block. When you block, your feet 
    are vulnerable. And when you do the down block, your head is vulnerable from 
    airborne attack.
    Against Computer opponent
    Description: A black devil.
    Occasionally, he'll be blasting you from a distance. So go little closer and 
    don't let him get a touch of your gems 'cause he loves to use it.
    Captain America
    Description: Armed with shield and dressed up like the U.S. of America Flag.
    He's pretty easy to defeat. Just jump high for a combo.
    Description: Overgrown green man.
    This guy uses attacks which leave him vulnerable to attack. Get advantage of 
    this, do the Leap Forward.
    Iron Man
    Description: Coated with high technological red armor.
    I don't if his beams and blast helps him, what I know is it's keeping him 
    Description: Large guy with brown armor.
    His big that's why he's so slow. Attack from above and front should knock him 
    Description: Lets just say he likes magnet.
    He likes to fly, do the Maximum Spider. Attack from above.
    Description: Lady ninja armed with Psi Blade.
    She's pretty tough so stay on your guard. Wait until you can attack.
    Description: Purple octopus on land!!!
    Airborne attack should do it.
    Description: Armed with Adamantium claws.
    Just wait, if you can't wait then do it with any attack.
    Dr. Doom
    Description: With green cloak. Robot like.
    Do the Maximum Spider when he flies. Attack from above.
    Attack from above. Keep your guard, his attacks are so damaging.
    Against Human opponent
    When your opponent tries for an airborne attack, before he get near you leap 
    to his back and give him what you got.
    When he tries the Leap Forward moves give him Down+HP, trust me.
    Don't beat up beginners, give them chance to learn.
    Always give a round to your opponent, beat him at the third round. This is 
    not bragging.
    Although I don't really want you to use, but here it is. Gems makes your 
    score go higher, it's worth 10,000 points every round.
    Power (pink)
    2x combo hit and damage.
    Soul (green)
    Regenerate life.
    Reality (orange)
    Regular attacks causes Fire Balls, and even shoot Pumpkin's.
    Time (green)
    Speed up.
    Space (purple)
    Super Armor.
    Mind (blue)
    Infinity meter to full.
    To change color: Hold up or down (this depends on where your character is, up 
    or down) for a couple of seconds before you select your character.
    When your opponent do a regular jump, jump towards him and press any punch 
    for an easy grab/throw move.
    For Spiderman: run to your opponent and Down+LK and then grab/throw him.
    You can perform an Air-to-Ground Combo if you catch your opponent when he do 
    a High Jump.
    ** CREDITS **
    Ronald and Carlo, thanks for teaching me how to play this game.
    Created: Dec. 30, 1998
    Last Update: -------
    This document Copyright 1998, Romulo Gapuz. Do not reproduce.

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