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    Gambit by DRaco

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    Gambit FAQ - Marvel vs. Capcom
    Author: DRaco (evil_DRaco@iname.com)
    Date: 01/15/99
    Version 1.0
    This FAQ will improve your skills!!
    READ THIS FIRST:  This document is for personal use ONLY.  It may be 
    distributed freely, as long as it remains UNEDITED.  Also, it may NOT 
    be used for profitable or promotional purposes. If I have used any 
    of your information in this guide and I do not give proper credit, 
    contact me and it will be done. Likewise, if you borrow any 
    information from this or any other guide/FAQ, please give proper 
    credit to the author.
    READ THIS TOO: This faq is a character-specific faq only, and I am
    assuming that you know the basic gameplay of Marvel Vs. Capcom, such
    as push-blocking, super-jumping, dashing, switch-outs, etc.
    Version 1.0- This is the only version
    Why should you choose Gambit?
    -Gambit is an all round good player
    -OTG King of the Game (he can set up good OTG combos)
    -His staff, gives him good range, and priority
    -He can play defense and offense at the same time
    -Gambit is a pretty fast character
    -Gambit requires skill and brains to win, SOBs like Wolvie don't
    -Gambit has style, unlike other characters
    -He's the Ragin Cajun!!
    << This Guide is the only thing you need to have! >>
    QCF-Quarter Circle Forward
    QCB-Quarter Circle Back
    OTG-Knock (O)ff (T)he (G)round
    Gambit's Arsenal
    Normal Attacks
    Throws - (Gambit's Throws, are good priority, strength and range)
    Forward/Roundhouse- Gambit bashes his staff into the enemy's face
    several times(Ouch!).
    Note: This throw makes Gambit players feel great, against enemies,
    that deserve their @$$ kicked. 
    Strong/Fierce- Gambit holds the enemy, and charges the enemy,
    with kinetic energy, then kicks them away. (good for starting OTG)
    Air Throws-
    Forward/Roundhouse(in air)- Gambit does a two foot slam in the face.
                                (AC Finisher!!)
    Punch/Staff -
    Jab- Standing- a short backhand attack, it's range sucks.
         Crouching- the same thing as standing, but crouched.
         Jumping- the same thing as the others, but jumping.
    Strong- Standing- a downward slash with staff, it has great priority.
            Crouching- a downward crouched slash, good for ground combos.
            Jumping- a upward slash, good for hitting above you.
    Fierce- Standing- long range sideways slash, best range, and it is
                      a strike, that make the enemy go flying across.
                      Note: This attack misses, some crouched characters.
            Crouching- a uppercut motion slash, it is his launcher.
            Jumping- a downward swing, it has great priority when jumping
                     in, or if the enemy is below you.
    Kicks -
    Short- Standing- a knee attack, don't use it, it sucks, except in
           Crouching- a low kick, it's better than other shorts and jabs.
           Jumping- He kicks downward with his foot, good range 
              for a jumping short.
    Forward- Standing- a waist level kick, it has good range.
             Crouching- a good poking tool, good for combos.
             Jumping- a high kick in the air, but don't use it often.
    Roundhouse- Standing- a waist level kick, it has good priority.
                Crouch- a sweeping kick, it is a knockdown attack.
                Jumping- Gambit's best priority kick, use when jumping in.
    Special Moves
    Kinetic Card= QCF+P
    The weaker the punch the faster and weaker, medium punch is medium,
    and the Fierce stuns the enemy the longest period of time.
    I never use this move for keeping away, unless i'm desperate. This 
    move hits the enemy instantly. I would not recommend for fireball
    Trick Card= QCB+P
    A 45 degree angle, kinetic card, it's the same thing. Mostly used
    for anti-air, but Gambit is left open to counter attack.
    Cajun Slash= DPM+P
    A combo using his staff
    I think the JAB version is the coolest, it has a million style points.
    JAB- one single quick swipe, good for countering and combo finishers,
         it is the most important, weapons, at his disposal.
    STRONG- three hit combo, starting with a hoping slash, it is the
            slowest of all three versions.
    FIERCE- three hit combo, starting with sideways slash, good for OTG.
    Cajun Strike= Charge D, U+P or K
    Gambit jumps the the wall, the landing with a kick or slash, pressing
    the direction, will make him jump off and to the other wall.
    Only used as a escape or conclusion tactic. I never use this move this
    move, because it is mostly blocked.
    Super Moves or Hyper Combo
    Royal Flush= QCF+2P
    Gambit Throws a whole deck of cards at the enemy, it does over 30
    hits, and it is Gambit's strongest super, but be careful, if the
    enemy is good at rolling, then Gambit is going to have a hard time.
    The staff that Gambit threw vertical can knock the enemy in to the
    Cajun Explosion= QCB+2K
    Gambit hops to a wall and throws several huge cards, it is the same
    as the magnetic shockwave. If the move connects then it does more
    damage, the enemy will ride the waves, do this move, when the enemy
    is sort of close to the wall, that you are on. This move can beat 
    Ryu's and War Machine's STANDING Wave supers, because Gambit hangs
    to the wall while the enemy misses Gambit, and the Cajun Explosion
    hits them. Cool Uh?
    Note: I think Gambit's supers are superior, of all supers, if used
    wisely and correctly.
    Magic Series
    Ground- ZigZag
    Air- ZigZag
    Super Jump- ZigZag
    Strikes- S.Fierce
    Knockdowns- C.Roundhouse
    Air Launchers- C.Fierce
    AC Finishers- Fierce, Air Throw
    Team Super- Royal Flush
    Team Counter- JAB-Cajun Slash
    Easy Combos
    1) D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse --> Jab-Kinetic Card
    2) C.Roundhouse --> Fierce-Cajun Slash or Royal Flush(OTG)
    3) J.Fierce \/ S.Roundhouse --> Jab-Cajun Slash
    4) J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ Jab-Cajun Slash
    5) Helper Attack, Royal Flush
    Harder Combos
    1) J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse --> 
    Jab-Kinetic Card
    2) D.S.Jab, S.Short, S.Forward, S.Roundhouse --> Jab-Cajun Slash
    3) J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, C.Roundhouse --> 
    Fierce-Cajun Slash (OTG)
    4) J.Fierce \/ D.C.Jab, C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, 
    SJ. Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher
    5) J.Fierce \/ D.C.Short, C.Strong, C.Roundhouse --> Royal Flush(OTG)
    6) In Corner: Fierce Throw, C.Short(OTG), C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, 
    SJ.Short, SJ. Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher
    7) J.Fierce, J.Roundhouse \/ D.S.Short, C.Fierce --> Royal Flush
    8) J.Short, J.Forward, J.Fierce\/ D.S.Short, S.Roundhouse --> 
    Jab-Kinetic Card, D.C.Short, C.Fierce /\ SJ.Jab, SJ.Short, 
    SJ. Strong, SJ.Forward --> AC Finisher
    Powerful Launcher, Cajun Slash(OTG), OTG Combos, Good throw priority,
    Royal Flush(OTG), Cajun Explosion(great chipping damage), Speed.
    Recovery time, and Start up time, relys on OTG too much.
    -Jumping in, and Dashing in, combos
    -Use knockdown often to start OTG combos
    -Use a Class A Helper, while doing a heavy assault
    -Throwing is strong, throw at least once or twice
    -Use a Royal Flush, after a good knockdown, or stun
    -Use his launcher as anti-air
    -Counter big moves, with JAB-Cajun Slash
    -Use S.Fierce to stop dashers
    -Block supers using the advanced guard move
    -Gambit has good defense against Logan (BTW, Logan is Wolvie)
    My Strategy-
    -After killing a enemy, do a Royal Flush on the backup enemy, when
    they're entering, you might catch them off guard
    -Cajun Slash, to do some chipping
    -I think the STRONG-Cajun Slash, is the most safe of all three
    -Block an air attack, in mid-air, then counter them, with a combo
    -Use launcher as anti-air
    -Use a Class A Helper, while doing a heavy assault
    (I Recommend Colossus: LP+LK+MP)
    -Never keep on throwing kinetic Cards, one after another
    -Try your best to OTG the enemy while you can
    -Throwing is strong, throw at least once or twice
    -Only use the Royal Flush, half-screen away, the finger snap leaves
    him open to counter attack, except in OTGs.
    -Do a lot of dashing IN and OUT
    -S.Fierce is a good keep away attack, use it if the enemy is too close
    -Use Poking tactics to a cornered enemy, chained with Cajun Slashs
    -Block a enemy's attack, then use the JAB-Cajun Slash
    -Block supers using the advanced guard move
    -If get you caught in a hurricane type super, push-block outta there,
    then get ready to royal flush them to hell
    -Never let Gambit die, try your best to keep him alive
    -Never do Gambit's Air Combos too often
    -Stick to OTG's and Ground Combos
    -Super Jump quite often to escape corner traps
    -Never keep on doing the same old fighting routine, don't get 
    predictable, with Gambit, or the enemy will break your strategy
    -Be creative and play with style!!
    Helpers (Class A)
    Psylocke- I Recommend this helper for beginners, I used to use her,
    but she sucks, the enemy always jump over them her.
    Colossus- My Favourite helper, he kicks @$$. He does the same thing,
    but he can drag the enemy to the corner, and harder to jump over.
    (BTW, How can Colossus Fly?!?!?)
    Sentinel- Used to be my favourite, but he can be destroyed, with
    fireball, or other Class A helpers (they ram right through him).
    US Agent- He is pretty helpful, but he sorta sucks, because he's slow.
    Juggernaut- He is one of the best, he covers the entire screen, but
    he can be summoned only 3 times.
    Basic Versus Guide
    Some of these strategies work on only humans, or computers.
    Ryu- Beware of Keep Away, do jumping attacks, counter moves.
    Gambit- Beware of Staff, the only problem is he a good blocker.
    Captain Commando- Beware of the corridor, counter fire and corridor.
    Jin- Beware of the Tornado, and counter the attacks.
    Chun Li- Beware of anti-air, counter missed anti-air attacks
    Mega Man- Go close in and send him to hell. Just chase him down.
    Strider- Anti-air his arse, get your best shots on him, for damage.
    Morrigan- Beware of Anti-Air, keep away, and combos.
    Spiderman- Only do ground combos, he'll beat you in the air.
    Venom- Ah...? Gambit can handle this guy.
    Wolverine- Anti-air him. Keep him away, with your staff, and cards.
    Zangief- Keep away from him, he's gay!
    War Machine- Go up close, his keep away attacks, are useless.
    Captain America- Ah...? Gambit can handle this guy.
    So, this is the end of my wonderful FAQ, I hoped this guide, helped
    you in your training, to master the Ragin Cajun. You can feel free to
    email me, if you spot errors, or just saying thanks. You can download
    the latest update of my FAQ, at my site.
    Please Visit my Site sometime!
    And Sign my Guestbook!
    Email: Evil_DRaco@iname.com
    Homepage: http://members.tripod.com/DRaco/
    Copyright 1999 DRaco

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