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    Android #16 by The Horseman Dude

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai
    Android #16 Character FAQ
    By The Horseman Dude
    Last Updated on: 10/29/04
    1.    Introduction              | 100%
    2.    Legal Disclaimer          | 100%
    3.    #16's Basics              | 100%
    4.    #16's Moves               | 100%
    5.    #16's Capsule Encyclopedia| 100%
    6.    The World Tournament      | 100%
    7.    FAQ                       | 100%
    8.    Revision History          | 100%
    9.    Credits                   | 100%
    10.   Contact Information       | 100%
      Hello there, and thank you for deciding to read my first FAQ ever. I plan on
    making this thing very through, with everything that you should need to know
    to becoming an Android #16 expert. Inside this FAQ I will list the basics 
    to playing Android #16, Android #16's moves, how to beat the World Tournament 
    with him, and even a Capsule Encyclopedia listing all of #16's capsules.
      The basics will explain #16's playing style and capsule setups for him.
    Android #16's moves will explain string combos to do his specials. #16's 
    Capsule Encyclopedia will list all of his capsules in comprehensive order. 
    The World Tournament section will explain tactics to complete all three levels 
    of the World Tournament with #16.
    Legal Disclaimer|
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance, written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. The Websites that have permission to use this FAQ are:
    #16's Basics|
    #16's Playing Style|
    #16 is one of a handful of characters that does not have a PPPPE string combo.
    This makes him very hard to play as for beginners. Hell Flash is relatively
    easy to do and is his finisher. I always use 2 Hell Flashes in capsule setups
    for #16, and I do one Hell Flash at the beginning of every match. This will
    give you the upper hand as it takes away at least one life bar. Rocket Punch 
    is also a valuable asset, I don't use it as much as Hell Flash, but for a
    variety #16 capsule setup, include it. Then #16 has all the common physical 
    moves. Though not nearly as important as Hell Flash, you might want to use 
    them anyway.
    #16's Capsule Setups|
    Hell Flash Set
    Hell Flash
    Hell Flash
    Killing Neck Throw
    Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D
    Hell Flash right at the beginning of the match, and if you wish to be 
    considered cheap, at most, 2 more Hell Flashes and the match is in the bag.
    All-Around Set
    #16's Moves|
    P: Punch
    K: Kick
    >: Forward
    <: Backward
    Move Name: Rocket Punch
    String Combo: P P <P P E
                  >P P P E
                  >K P P <P E
    (1 Ki Gauge used.)
    Move Name: Hell Flash
    String Combo: >P >P P E
    (3 Ki Gauges used.)
    Move Name: Devil Crush
    String Combo: P P K E
    (1 Ki Gauge used.)
    Move Name: Killing Neck Throw
    String Combo: P+G when near opponent
    (No Ki Cost.)
    Move Name: Finishing Splash
    String Combo: >K K K E
    (3 Ki Gauges used.)
    More information on these moves may be found in the Capsule Encyclopedia.
    #16's Capsule Encyclopedia|
    Capsule Name: Rocket Punch
    Effect: Can launch Death-move Rocket Punch. Only #16 can use. 1 Ki Gauge 
    Comments: So, the only way to prevent you from becoming a perfect form is to
    kill you, huh?
    Capsule Name: Hell Flash
    Effect: Can launch Ultimate-move Hell Flash. Only #16 can use. 3 Ki Gauges
    Comments: A-Android #16 is stronger than I expected...
    Capsule Name: Devil Crush
    Effect: Can attack while chasing opponent. Only #16 can use. 1 Ki Gauge 
    Comments: None.
    Capsule Name: Killing Neck Throw
    Effect: Can catch and throw opponent. Only #16 can use. No Ki Consumed.
    Comments: None.
    Capsule Name: Finishing Splash
    Effect: Can attack opponent with oppressive force. Only #16 can use. 3 Ki 
    Gauges Consumed.
    Comments: None.
    Capsule Name: 1/3 Senzu Bean
    Effect: Recover health by 1/3 (1 Ki Gauge).
    Comments: Darn it! This is too light to fill me up!
    Capsule Name: Senzu Bean
    Effect: Health Gauge fully recovered.
    Comments: The dead guy's back to life!
    Capsule Name: Special Coating
    Effect: Guard Power Up!
    Comments: It's still less than I expected, though!
    Capsule Name: Improved Special Coating
    Effect: Guard Power Up!
    Comments: This is a better rate than I thought!
    Capsule Name: Nanomachine
    Effect: Guard Power Up!
    Comments: This is it! I can use this technology, and...
    Capsule Name: Improved Nanomachine
    Effect: Guard Power Up!
    Comments: It's done! It looks human, but it has extraordinary capabilities!
    Capsule Name: Gero's Energy R&D
    Effect: If Deflect or Deflect-Back is succesful, Ki increases by fixed amount.
    Comments: Don't use anything like the Ki Blast Wave! It'll get absorbed!
    Capsule Name: Gero's Deflection R&D
    Effect: Auto-Deflect Ki Blast Wave.
    Comments: He deflected his Ki Blast Wave!
    Capsule Name: Gero's Deflect-Back R&D
    Effect: Auto-Deflect-Back Ki Blast Wave.
    Comments: He deflected-back his Ki Blast Wave!
    Capsule Name: Gero's Perpetual Energy R&D
    Effect: Ki remains at Max, but transformation is impossible.
    Comments: Can't decrease ki?! That's impossible!
    Capsule Name: Viral Heart Disease
    Effect: Use Health within a certain time.
    Comments: As I thought! It's Heart Disease!
    Capsule Name: Vaccine
    Effect: Nullify the effect of Viral Heart Disease.
    Comments: You should take medicine, it's contagious.
    Capsule Name: Super Holy Water
    Effect: Damage Percentage is reduced.
    Comments: Activated when damage is received.
    Capsule Name: Super Kami Water
    Effect: Attack is increased and Health decreases for fixed time.
    Comments: According to the legend, the effect disappears if health falls
    below a set value...
    Capsule Name: Serious!
    Effect: When Health drops below 1/3, Attack Power increases!
    Comments: H-Hey, you're going too far...
    Capsule Name: Serious!!
    Effect: When Health drops below 1/2, Attack Power increases!
    Comments: It's time to get serious, don't you think?
    Capsule Name: Serious!!!
    Effect: When Health drops below 2/3, Attack Power increases!
    Comments: You're flattering yourself!!!
    Capsule Name: Rage!
    Effect: Attack Power increases in the first 10 seconds of battle!
    Comments: I'll never forgive you!
    Capsule Name: Rage!!
    Effect: Attack Power increases in the first 15 seconds of battle!
    Comments: I'll never forgive you!
    Capsule Name: Rage!!!
    Effect: Attack Power increases in the first 20 seconds of battle!
    Comments: I'll never forgive you!
    Capsule Name: Potential
    Effect: Attack Power increases for fixed time period.
    Comments: Potential means the ability you were born with, right?
    Capsule Name: Android's Barrier
    Effect: Nullify all opponents' Ki Blast waves.
    Comments: That's too bad...
    Capsule Name: Breakthrough
    Effect: All of Android #16 Skills can be used.
    Comments: None.
    The World Tournament|
    The World Tournament is easy for Android #16 when you know how to do it right.
    Hell Flash right at the beginning, then go for a ring out, or if that seems 
    undoable, then tough it out, and hope for a knockout. Android #16 has a tough
    time with KOs in the tournament for some reason.
    Currently there have been no questions asked. To ask a question, e-mail me 
    at ssj5gotenks589@aol.com. Clearly state #16 FAQ in the title of the
    Revision History|
    Version 1.40: Gave permission to www.supercheats.com. Version 2.0 is on the 
    Version 1.30: Neoseeker now has permission to use all of my future guides and 
    this one. 
    Version 1.20: Fixed all typos that were previously in the guide. Version 2.0
    will be the final version, and that will have combos, setups, and #16's 
    Version 1.10: Fixed Contact Information Typos. Combos and Capsule Setups will
    probably be on the way soon. 
    Version 1.00: The first and probable final version of this FAQ. Everything is
    done. I might update again with more capsule setups and combos. 
    Me: For writing this thing.
    YSF's FAQ/Move List: Gave me a great idea on how to format the Capsule 
    My older sister: For getting me this game for X-Mas.
    Akira Toriyama: For creating Dragon Ball.
    Atari/Dimps: For making this game.
    You, the reader: For reading this FAQ.
    Contact Information|
    AIM Name: TheHorsemanDude
    E-Mail Address: ssj5gotenks589@aol.com
    I'm very rarely on AIM, so your best bet is to e-mail me. 
    Copyright 2004 William Ferry III.

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