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    Attribute FAQ by FindKenshi

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    Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 - Attribute FAQ
    Version 1.1 Basic spelling/grammar editing
    Version 1.0 Basic structure complete, information compiled.
    1. Why an Attribute Faq? 
    2. Frequently asked questions about Attributes.
    3. Detailed Attribute Data
       3A. Health
       3B. KI
       3C. Attack
       3D. Guard
       3E. ARTS
       3F. Ability
       3G. COM
    4. "What stats are best?"
    5. Test Logs.
    6. Thanks/legal
    1. Why an Attribute Faq?
    There are two reasons I decided to make an Attribute Faq.
    Reason one being that the instruction manual was a bit vague
    with the descriptions of what exactly the Attribute's do for
    you.  Reason two being an abundance of questions being asked
    about them all the time.
    In this FAQ I intend to clear these questions up, while giving
    a detailed description of each Attribute.  I will also provide
    the exact numerical data that tells you EXACTLY how much the
    Attributes help you.
    Since it is a large issue right now, I'll jump to the FAQ right
    2. Frequently asked questions about Attributes.
    1 - "What exactly does COM do anyway?"
    -Com determines how good the computer plays when it is in control
    of your character.  Having no COM will make your character fight
    like a newb would, having 20 COM makes your character a force to
    be reckoned with.
    2 - "But when does the computer ever actually control you?"
    -Every time you level up, you will notice it gives you a password.
    You can then write your character's password down and post it on
    the Internet.  This is how other people can test their skills by
    fighting against your character.
    In Dragon Arena, you can press R1 to switch to the Password Tab.
    You then hit start and you can enter in someone's password.  Once
    you enter a working password, you can register that character thus
    saving it, so you can fight them again in the future, and not have
    to reenter the password again and again. This is where COM comes in,
    as pass worded characters are controlled by the computer.
    You can also go to COM vs. COM in the Dragon Arena menu, and in the
    character select screen, press L2 to bring up the password prompt
    where you can select characters you previously registered in the
    password section.
    3 - "So...If I don't care about posting my password, do I need COM?"
    -No.  That much should be common sense.  COM does nothing while you
    are personally playing.  COM only effects how well the computer controls
    your character.  Nothing else.
    4 - "What stat should I level up first?
    -That is a matter of personal preference.  Carefully read the next
    chapter of this faq, and make a decision.  If you have trouble
    staying alive, then you should do Health and Guard.  If you have
    no trouble beating your opponents, then do Attack to win faster.
    5 - "What Stat is the best?"
    -I have entire chapter of this FAQ dedicated to this one question.
    If you really can't wait, then see chapter: 4. "What stats are best?"
    3. Detailed Attribute Data.
    This is the main part of the FAQ, much testing went into this: enjoy.
    Adding points into health increases the amount of health your character
    has.  One bar of health is 1000 hit points.  So in that regard with zero
    health your character will have 3000 hit points.
    Each point in Health gives you about (but not exactly) 200 hit points.
    With 20 points in Health you will have 7 life bars, so 7000 life.
    This means MAXING Health will give you about a 133% bonus to your life.
    (The reason I say 'about', and not give an exact number, is because it is
    indeed a decimal number and Budokai 3 rounds up to the nearest whole
    Ki is your energy.  Whenever you use a special move, or if you teleport
    it uses up a set amount of your ki.  Putting points in KI will reduce
    the amount that gets used up.  Putting points in KI will NOT increase
    the damage of KI based attacks.  It ONLY reduces consumption!!
    I found that on average having the max 20 points in KI will reduce the
    consumption by about 1/3.
    For example: it costs exactly 3 full bars of energy to teleport-dodge.
    With 20 points in KI it will take about 2 full bars.
    Also with a typical Level one death move a full bar is consumed, but
    with 20 points in KI it will consume SLIGHTLY OVER half of one bar.
    Of special note is that the more points in KI, the earlier you can
    transform.  With KI at 20 you can transform slightly more than 1 full
    energy bar sooner than usual!
    Attack controls the amount of damage you do.  Each point you place in
    attack increases your damage by 5%.  At 20 points you will have an extra
    100% added to your damage, thus your damage is exactly doubled.
    This goes for all of your damage, special moves and ultimate included!
    Now: Let me give a simple example.  If you usually do 20 damage
    per punch, with ATTACK maxed, you will be doing 40 damage per punch.
    No-brainer right?
    Guard controls the overall amount of damage you take.  This includes
    even when you do NOT block!  Each point in Guard increases your defense
    by 5%.  This means that about 2.5% damage is reduced per point.
    At 20, Guard will increase your defense by 100%, meaning that all damage
    done to you is cut EXACTLY in half at 50%. For those non-math wizards 
    out there, I am saying if someone does 20 damage to you per punch, with
    Guard maxed, they will only do 10 damage per punch!!
    Arts increase the damage of your Death Moves (like kamehameha) and your
    Ultimate attacks!  Yes, Attack does that also...but Arts is a way to
    boost your special attacks' damage higher STILL.
    Each point you put in ARTs gives a 2.5% increase in special move damage
    ending at a 50% bonus at 20 points.
    For example: The Saibaman's Acid attack usually does 250 damage.  With 20
    points in the ARTS stat, it will be doing 375 damage instead. 
    (50% increase)
    Ability is one of the most asked about stats (other than COM).  What 
    ability does is increase the effectiveness of ITEMS that you equip on your
    character. This doesn't just include Items that you use by holding in X 
    and pressing down,down...this also includes items in the EQUIPMENT page 
    too, such as Old Style Armor, or Potential for example.
    I sorted items into 3 different categories.
    1. Equipment that increases attack/defense
    2. Equipment that lowers ki consumption
    3. Items that you use
    The results of the test show that each of these different categories
    receives a DIFFERENT kind of Bonus from the Ability Stat.
    (1.) Equipment that increases attack/defense.
    This category includes the armors such as Old Style Armor, or Vest from 
    grandpa Gohan to name a few...it also includes Rage! items and Potential.
    Each point into Ability will increase the power of these items by .04%  
    yes that is .04, not .4!  That means with 20 Ability you only get about 
    8% attack or defense added to these types of items!
    (2.) Equipment that lowers ki consumption. 
    For the most part Maxing Ability will add less than a 1/3rd boost to KI 
    consumption-reduction items.  For more details see chapter 5. Test Logs.
    (3.) Items that you use.
    These are items on the 3rd tab.  You use them by holding in Guard and
    pressing Down,Down.  These types of items receive a 30% bonus with 20
    points in Ability, making them the most useful.  For more information,
    again, see chapter 5. Test Logs.
    As mentioned above in the FAQ section, COM controls how well your 
    character will battle when controlled by the Computer.  It effects 
    NOTHING MORE! To answer the dozens of questions asked all-to-frequently, 
    COM does not effect anything WHILE YOU ARE CONTROLLING your character.
    With that out of the way, I took an extremely close look at just how well
    COM makes your character perform.  I have all the details in Chapter 5.
    Test Logs ... but I will of course list the end results here.  (NOTE)
    This data is based on testing, but is NOT absolute...luck also plays a
    role in the victor of a battle.
    0 - 5 COM = Very Weak - Weak
    10-15 COM = Average - Strong
    15-20 COM = Strong - Very Strong
    The true nature of COM is somewhat random, but this is the general
    idea.  Some characters are on a higher game tier than others, like Kid
    Buu who probably needs a little less COM than say, for example, Raditz.
    However if you want to make the hardest character to beat, then 20 COM
    is definitely worth it, for any character!  Again: SEE Chapter 5. for more
    This is another of the most frequently asked questions out there.
    I will sort the stats in the order of the biggest bonuses they deliver.
    HEALTH - about 133%
    ATTACK - 100%
    Guard - 100%
    ARTS - 50%
    KI - 33.3% (roughly)
    ABILITY 30% - 8% (depending on item type)
    COM - N/A
    In these terms the "best" stat is Health.  While it is true that Guard
    allows you to take two times the damage as usual and survive it, Health
    allows you to take OVER two times the damage you usually could.
    In Second Place would be a tie between Guard and Attack, since they both
    give you 100% boosts making them the second most "powerful" attribute.
    Which is better?  It's a matter of personal preference...would you rather
    have damage you deal to opponents doubled...or damage dealt to you BY
    opponents cut in half?  Maxing both however, will aid your character to
    no end.
    Arts gives you next highest bonus at 50%.  If you want the most powerful
    ultimate move possible; first you'll max Attack, then ARTs.  Attack will
    raise the damage of your special moves higher and faster...however once
    it is maxed if you still crave to do MORE damage with your death moves
    then maxing Arts would be your next best option.
    KI comes in second to last place...only decreasing consumption by around
    1/3rd.  However, if max KI is coupled along with a consumption-reducing
    item such as Meditation, the combination is something worthy of praise.
    Ability gets my vote for the most worthless Attribute.  It shines in
    conjunction to items you use, such as healing items or attack/defense
    boosters (Paozsarus Tail is great with 20 ability).  As far as Equipment
    goes, the bonus is almost useless.  Unless you build your character
    around a healing item, putting 20 points into Ability just doesn't justify
    the end result.
    COM is the wildcard.  It can be either completely worthless to you or the
    most essential stat of all.  It all depends on if you want people across
    the internet fighting your character, or if you are just leveling up for
    your own personal enjoyment.  I will say one thing: it's either all or none
    with this stat.
    5. Test Logs
    This section is a collection of all the notes I took while testing the
    attributes.  If you are wondering how I figured all this out, or why I
    make certain conclusions, you can review all my test data in this section.
    Much of the Test Logs comes from my thread on the Budokai 3 board, but some
    of it is a collection of stuff I simply jotted down on the old notepad.
    ---ATTACK TEST---
    Goku no items
    Punch 30
    kick 50
    ki blast 50
    Goku no items 20 ATTACK
    punch 60
    kick 100
    ki blast 100
    100% increase...double damage
    ---GUARD TEST---
    Omega Shenron hitting Goku
    /20 GUARD
    exactly one half, (rounded up to nearest whole number)
    ---ABILITY TEST---
    I used Piccolo as my Ability
    Tester, quickly leveling him
    to 20 and testing Ability as
    I went along.
    1. Equipment that raises attack/defense
    Daimao's Power
    Evil Mystery Uniform.
    ATTACK 122%
    DEFENSE 140%
    Punch damage 51
    Kick Damage 64
    Ki blast Damage 61
    Damage Taken per Punch 28
    /w 20 ability same item setup
    ATTACK (based on test data) 130%
    DEFENSE (based on test data) 148%
    Punch damage 55
    Kick Damage 69
    Ki blast damage 66
    Damage taken per punch 26
    Increase is 8% give or take a bit.
    2. Equipment that lowers Ki Consumption
    For this test I used the item "MEDITATION" which is
    said to 'greatly reduce ki consumption'. The first stage
    of my test was unequipped piccolo in regular practice.
    Destructive Wave: 1 full ki bar consumed
    Teleport Dodge: 3 full ki bars consumed
    Next I tried Meditation out in regular practices mode.
    Destructive Wave: 2/3 of a Ki bar consumed
    Teleport Dodge: slightly over 2 ki bars consumed
    Finally, the Meditation capsule with 20 in Ability
    Destructive Wave: 2/3 of a ki bar consumed
    Teleport Dodge: 1 and 2/3rds bars Consumed
    as you can see, the consumption for the death move did
    not change in the slightest bit, while the teleport
    dodge's cost of ki was lowered noticeably, although, not
    greatly. In fact, does not allow you an extra teleport
    when charged to MAX power.
    3. Items that you use
    The final test was with items located on the 3rd tab,
    Items that you must hold in guard and tap down,down
    in order to use them. For this test I used Tempura
    heals 1000
    /w 20 ABILITY
    heals 1300 
    Next I tried executable items that increases stats: 
    Paozsarus tail.
    armor down 50%
    attack up 45%
    W/ 20 ABILITY
    armor down 35%
    attack up 58%
    Bonus = 30%
    ---ARTS TEST---
    Self Destruct 800
    acid 250
    Self-destruct 1200
    acid 375
    Eraser Gun 250
    RECOOME! kick 350
    Eraser Gun 375
    RECOOME! kick 525
    Cut and dry, 50% increase to all special moves
    ---KI TEST---
    Whirlwind Spin 1 full ki bar consumed
    Teleport Dodge 3 full ki bars consumed.
    -20 IN KI-
    Whirlwind Spin (just over half a bar consumed)
    Teleport Dodge (SLIGHTLY over 2 bars)
    I did noticed that maxing KI is the same as having a 
    MEDITATION capsule equipped on you. Curious about this,
    I threw on Omega Shenron's EVIL GRIN, along with the 
    20 KI...here are the results of that.
    -20 IN KI /w EVIL GRIN-
    Whirlwind Spin: about half a bar (slight difference)
    Teleport Dodge: about 1 2/3 bars consumed.
    >end result< = 1/3rd less consumption overall (33.3%)
    ---COM TEST---
    The mack daddy of all tests I did.
    I leveled Napa all the way to 20 and recorded passwords at 5 COM,
    10 COM, 15 COM and 20 COM, then I reset my Napa just so I could 
    throw a 0 com in the mix. To make matters simpler I named them.
    0COM Napa = Newb
    5COM Napa = Weak
    10COM Napa = Average
    15COM Napa = Strong
    20COM Napa = Elite.
    Then I held a "round robin" tournament (everyone fights everyone)
    to see who did best.  I took notes too as they fought, watching their
    strengths and weaknesses.  Each "battle" was a best 2 out of 3 fights
    in order to try to deter flukes as much as I could.
    Newb VS Weak 2/1 Newb 
    Newb VS Average 0/2 Average
    Newb VS Strong 0/2 Strong 
    Newb VS Elite 0/2 Elite
    Newb makes many obvious mistakes. It wasn't rare to see Newb failing to 
    teleport counter even when he was being ping-ponged while he had about 6ki
    bars. He would also go into hyper mode with only 2 ki bars, and would always 
    waste his free-hit chances. Aside from getting in a few GOOD hits, 
    0 com = Newb. 
    He was about evenly matched with Weak, but from that point on he was 
    clearly outperformed by the others. Average was a close fight, but 
    Average guard broke more often and teleport countered more. Strong wiped
    the floor with him, dragon rushing off teleport counters and managing to 
    ultimate a few times...
    Elite made sport of Newb! Elite finished in Green both matches, at one point 
    he used his 'hopping guard break' to literally jump over newb's death moves. 
    That was awesomely hilarious to see I might add!
    Weak VS Average 2/1 WEAK
    Weak VS Strong 0/2 STRONG
    Weak VS Elite 0/2 ELITE
    Well to start with, another stunning upset...Weak dominating Average, although 
    the last round was extremely close the first 2; Weak won in Yellow which is
    decent...confusing, but decent. 
    For the most part Weak and Newb seem about even, however I did notice Weak 
    breaking a few ping-pong sessions with a teleport counter. One thing I don't 
    notice weak or newb doing is teleporting behind and then comboing, rather 
    just deliver that one little auto-kick.
    Well strong does it again, handing Weak his ass. However not as high a 
    degree as he did to newb. Elite on the other hand, made a joke out of 
    Weak. Nothing really else to talk about our old friend Weak.
    Average VS Strong 1/2 STRONG
    Average VS Elite 0/2 ELITE
    Well, Average beat Strong once by a lucky Ultimate Move, that really 
    Strong should have avoided. After that it was one-sided...I will say 
    Average put up a good fight, no one beat him in green. He came REALLY 
    close to beating Elite in one round, but Elite Tele-countered and 
    dragon rushed off it and then it was lights out. One thing I notice 
    about Elite is that he uses enough stuns and juggles to be worthy of 
    a CAP AMERICA faq...once he got in an 11 hit combo before Average 
    teleported out of it.
    Strong vs. Elite
    1 / 2: Winner: Elite
    The first time they fought, it was very very close and Strong won with 
    about 200 hit points remaining. After that I will just say that Elite won 
    both times in the green. Elite knew just how to use nullifier moves to 
    screw Strong over, especially while strong was in Hyper Mode he'd utilize 
    nullifier/knock backs to screw strong over. The final and 3rd match Elite 
    seemed to go out of his way to end the round with his Ultimate.
    By the way something I haven't mentioned yet: no matter who was fighting, 
    when they got into a beam struggle the one with the most COM won each time
    ...weather or not that is coincidence is up to you to judge.
    Newb 1/3 (tied for last seed)
    Weak 1/3 (tied for last seed)
    Average 1/3 (3rd Seed [more total wins])
    Strong 3/1 (2nd Seed)
    Elite 4/0 (1st seed)
    It seems that there is little to be gained by putting 10 points 
    or lower in COM, however once you get towards the 15 mark the difference 
    is quite clear...and as for me, my doubts have been forever removed on 20 
    COM, it is definitely worth it if you are posting password characters.
    6. Thanks/Legal
    Special thanks to everyone at the Budokai 3 board who encouraged me to
    make this a FAQ.
    Dragon Ball Z is a copyright that I do not own.  This is a non-profit
    FAQ; DragonBall Z and all of its characters belong to their
    respected owners.
    Remeber...You saw this first on GAMEFAQS.com!!

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