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    FAQ/Walkthrough by horror_spooky

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    Everyone knows about Telltale's The Walking Dead adventure game, but now the 
    world of The Walking Dead TV show is being explored in Survival Instinct. 
    Players take control of Daryl Dixon and witness what happened to him and his 
    brother Merle before the events of the television show.
    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
    Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper
    Copyright 2013
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    E-mai: horror_spooky@hotmail.com
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    2. Walkthrough
    --->Act 1<---
       Cabot Ridge
    --->Act 2<---
       Lemon Hill
    --->Act 3<---
       Archer Creek
    --->ACT 4<---
       Firesign Stadium
    3. Travel Hub
    4. Items
    5. Travel Stops
       Scavenge Chance
       Low on Fuel
       Road Blocked
       Stop and Help
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    1. Introduction and Controls
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Daryl Dixon is out hunting with his dad and uncle when the zombie apocalypse 
    gears up. Now he must find his brother Merle and try to survive in a world that
    has been turned upside down by the undead.
    LT - Aim
    LB - N/A
    RT - Fire
    RB - Shove
    Left Stick - Move/Sprint
    Right Stick - Look
    Y - Change Weapon
    X - Action/Reload
    B - Crouch
    A - Jump
    D-pad (up) - Food
    D-pad (left) - Glass Bottle
    D-pad (down) - Sports Drink
    D-pad (right) - Flare
    Select - Inventory
    Start - Pause
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    2. Walkthrough
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    --->ACT 1<---
    Time of Day: Morning
    "Cabot Ridge is a secluded mountainside area offering but a few hunter's 
    blinds, rundown camphouses, and - it's rumored - moonshine stills."
    You begin the game as Daryl and Merle's dad. He's just called "Dixon" here. You
    are out hunting with Buck, Jess Collins, and Daryl. Follow the blood in the 
    stream as instructed by Jess. This how the game teaches you the basic movements
    you will be using throughout its entirety, such as jumping over fallen 
    obstacles, crouching, and all that jazz.
    When you meet up with Buck, walk over to him and speak with him. He will 
    direct you to a deer standing on an island in the middle of a stream. Aim your 
    rifle sights at the deer. Gunshots will then go off, making the deer run away. 
    Turn around and sprint back to where Buck was.
    You'll find a couple of zombies eating Buck. Shoot them, but then Mr. Dixon 
    will be swarmed by walkers. When the cut-scene is over, the perspective of the 
    game shifts to Daryl and Jess in the cabin. Loot the cabin for supplies before 
    talking with Jess. You'll find drinks, food, and rifle ammo. On an endtable in 
    the room with Jess, you'll find the first squirrel collectible in the game.
    When you're ready, speak with Jess. He'll ask you to gather gasoline for the 
    truck so that the two of you can escape. Go to the back door and crouch. Open 
    it up and walk outside. As long as you're crouched, you won't make much noise, 
    which will keep the zombies away. There will be a lone zombie as you round the 
    corner, so walk over to it and perform the execution.
    Continue following the path. Use the compass and the red arrow as your guide. 
    You will come across another zombie, but this one is looking right at you. With
    the knife equipped, run over to it and shove it. Then start slicing at its head
    fast enough that it dies before it can do anything. Continue following the 
    path and you'll find a shed with another zombie chowing down on something. 
    Kill it and then grab the gasoline.
    Follow the path to the next gasoline can, which is next to a truck. You'll 
    also find a rifle and more ammo, but don't bother using it right now. Grab 
    the next gasoline canister and then start making your way back to the cabin by 
    following the path around. There will be a lot of zombies, so crouch and pick 
    up one of the glass bottles lying around.
    The zombies will hear gunshots as Jess makes a run for the truck. Stay behind 
    cover and make your way to the left, where the gas can is. Pick it up, and 
    then chuck the glass bottle away from the truck. When most of them pass, you 
    can make a break for the truck. Run over to the passenger door and press X to 
    get inside.
    Time of Day: Afternoon
    "The Gateway to the Hills is a last-chance supply stop for hunters headed up 
    the mountain, and home to the friendly community of Dreamaway Groves park."
    Traveling in the game allows for three different options. Every time you look 
    at the map and choose a destination, you will be presented with these options. 
    Here are your choices:
    "High fuel usage but stop often for supplies."
    Chance to Breakdown: Low
    Chance to Find Supplies: High
    "Medium fuel usage and stop occasionally for supplies."
    Chance to Breakdown: Medium
    Chance to Find Supplies: Medium
    "Low fuel usage and stop only when necessary."
    Chance to Breakdown: High
    Chance to Find SUpplies: Low
    You may come across abandoned campsites or other areas that you can use as a 
    looting opportunity. These diversions are entirely optional.
    Make your choice. After the scene, you'll be treated to your first visit to 
    the Travel Hub. It is here that you can give weapons to survivors in your 
    group, dismiss people, send people on errands, heal people, or whatever else 
    you'd like to do. You can choose what supplies to take into the next mission 
    as well, and manage your inventory.
    Right now, it's just Daryl and Jess. You can choose to give Jess a variety of 
    tasks. He can find fuel, find food, find ammo, or just stay at the car. Give 
    him whatever task you'd like. Different characters given different tasks will 
    raise or lower the group's overall risk rating. The higher the risk, the more 
    likely this survivor will be attacked or a group of walkers will show up and 
    make the mission harder. You can lower the risk rating by giving the survivors 
    weapons to use while they're out and about. I highly recommend sending Jess 
    out to find fuel.
    If you click on the duffel bag, you can manage your inventory. At this stage in
    the game, Daryl can only carry 10 items. Your vehicle can hold 18 items. So, 
    you will need to figure out what you'll want to take with you in the next 
    mission. Throw the gas in the truck, you don't need it on your person.
    Start the mission by clicking on the knife. Welcome to the quiet little town of
    Sedalia. The straight path to the gas station is blocked by cars, so take a 
    left through the pharmacy. Click the right stick to turn on your flashlight. 
    There are no zombies here, so promptly exit into the back alley after gathering
    the sports drinks here.
    You'll find a zombie munching on a dead body outside. Execute the zombie. Walk 
    down the alley and climb the ladder. Speak with Jimmy Blake on the roof to get 
    a side mission to find him batteries. Jump across to the other roof and then 
    climb down the ladder there to be in a room in the pharmacy previously behind a
    locked door. There's a collectible here as well as other supplies. Open the 
    door and then go back into the alley.
    Go through the open door now instead of up the ladder. Move through this 
    building to exit the store through its front doors. There will be zombies 
    out here. Across the street is the gas station and to the left is the police 
    station. Head for the gas station now if you want to ignore the side quest, but
    exploring the police station is worth it for other reasons as well.
    You'll likely be grabbed by a zombie at this point. When this happens, you 
    have to line up your constantly moving cursor on the zombies head, and then 
    press RT when prompted to stab it in the head. Make your way to the police 
    station. Use distraction items if you don't want to get cornered, and then 
    open the front doors. Explore here, and then go back outside, go around the 
    side of the police station, and through the side door.
    You'll be able to push a vending machine out of the way for easy escape access,
    so do that now. Then go through the center room. Kill the zombies here quietly.
    There will be zombies in the jail cells, but ignore them. Looting this area 
    will yield a magnum as well as ammo. Check the interrogation room for a couple 
    of zombies on the ground. If you stab them in the head before they stand up, 
    they will die instantly. You'll find another rifle in there. When the bottom 
    floor of the police station has been thoroughly looted, go through the exit 
    door to find the stairwell and start going up.
    On the second floor, get rid of any walkers quietly and then go up to the 
    top of the stairs and kill the zombie there so it doesn't come back and attack 
    you later. Explore the second floor, and you'll find the batteries in a 
    storage closet on a shelf along with ammo. Exploring further will yield a new 
    character named Kessler that is hiding in a jail cell with a ton of ammo. Talk 
    to him to get his side mission, then backtrack to Jimmy Blake and give him the 
    Now return to the general store. It is the store that you walked through to 
    get to the other side of the overturned semi. Kill any zombies here. Go left 
    immediately stepping inside, and then in the corner you will find a blue tank 
    that is apparently food supply. Pick it up and return it to Kessler to complete
    that side mission.
    When that's done with, go to the gas station and talk to Warren. You have to go
    find Lucky Lester, Warren's uncle, who had the key to the generator that you 
    need to turn the pumps back on. Keep going down the road and take a left. Kill 
    the Walkers silently and make your way to the trailer park. Assassinate any 
    walkers in this first area.
    Lester is a zombie, but the path to him is blocked by a car. Go to the back of 
    the car and start pushing it forward as far as it will go. If you touch the 
    car trying to get on the other side, the car alarm will go off. If this 
    happens, retreat and wait for everything to cool down. A good place to run to 
    is the pool behind the cage. Get inside the pool and get your back against it, 
    and you can just pop off zombie heads as they come through.
    When you kill Lester, marked by his red vest and cowboy hat, loot his body for 
    the key. Make your way back to the gas station however you'd like, and then 
    speak with Warren again. Go around the back of the gas station and unlock the 
    door to the generator. Power up the generator and then go over to the pumps.
    If you helped Jimmy Blake, he will provide cover fire, as will Warren, which 
    makes this part a lot easier. Hold X on the pump to fill up a can of gasoline 
    and then sprint down the street back to where you came from. Climb up the 
    ladder on the tanker and then jump down and sprint to the green area on the 
    ground next to the truck. Confirm that you want to leave.
    When you go back to the Travel Hub, you'll have to make a decision if you saved
    both Jimmy and Warren. Only one can keep coming with you. Make your choice of 
    who to dismiss and then head to the map screen. You can then choose your next 
    destination. Because Pemberton is closer, I chose to go there first, but if 
    you went to Garwater first, just scroll down a little bit more.
    Time of Day: Night
    "Sheriff Turner kept order in Pemberton long after surrounding counties 
    collapsed. Refugees seeking safety there overfilled its hotels...and drew more 
    Upon arriving at Pemberton, don't bother sending Jess out on any missions...
    and you'll see why in a bit. Just have him wait at the car. In the meantime, 
    go to the sheriff's station. Go to the sheriff's office and speak with Ed 
    Turner. He'll give you guys a new car in exchange for finding out what 
    happened to his officers he sent to the nearby motel.
    Explore the police station a bit more. There won't be a lot of zombies here, 
    and now is a good time to find items. There's a grenade in the storage room, 
    and flares on the ground in the garage. The bulletin board of the lock-up has a
    collectible you can snag. In the garage, go to the other end of the car at the 
    far side and a zombie will rise up. This is the deputy that the sheriff asks 
    you to look for as a side mission. You don't have to tell him about his deputy 
    for the mission to be complete.
    Leave the station when ready. Go down the road and you'll find the motel easy 
    enough. Stay on the outside edges of the motel to avoid attracting attention. 
    The room you need to go into is the one with the police car lights shining into
    it, but I recommend checking all the rooms for supplies and the like. You'll 
    find sports drinks in the bathrooms.
    When ready, go to the designated motel room. Kill the walkers and then go into 
    the bathroom. You'll have to jump over the suitcase blocking the way. Grab the 
    shotgun lying on the ground. There was shotgun ammo back at the police station,
    in case you didn't pick it up.
    Go to the gas station across the street and loot the place for another squirrel
    collectible and healing items, plus a hammer. Leave and return to the station. 
    Speak with Turner. When you're done talking, go back outside. Kill Jess in the 
    QTE, and then this mission will be completed.
    Time of Day: Night
    "Smoky Mt. Campgrounds offered refuge from Pemberton county's populated towns. 
    Its Ranger & Fire stations promised security and protection."
    Speak with the officer upon arriving. Then move up the road. You will reach a 
    sign that points to a fire station on the right, and a ranger station up the 
    road. The fire station has some goodies in the form of a revolver and other 
    items to snatch up, so loot it if you want.
    Then make your way to the ranger station. Interact with the radio inside. A 
    zombified ranger will then attack as you turn around. Execute him and then 
    investigate his office. There are a couple of scoped rifles on the wall. Loot 
    the place and grab the keys off the floor.
    Picking up the keys will cause zombies to start banging on the door and the 
    barricaded windows. Kill the zombies through the windows that are on the porch,
    and then make a run for it back to the truck. Kill Jess, and then get inside 
    the truck, just like you would do in Pemberton.
    Time of Day: Mid Day
    "Fontana officials erected barricades and security measures to contain walker 
    swarms and protect the populace. These measures were effective, to a point."
    Take a left and go through the alley. Make a mad dash through the parking lot, 
    or throw a Distraction Item off in the distance. There's fuel here, but go 
    through the gate and shut it behind you to keep zombies out. Follow the compass
    to reach a diner.
    There will be a woman and a man behind the counter. Use a pistol to take off 
    the heads of the zombies quickly. You can probably line up a shot to get two at
    a time here easily. Kill the diner of the rest of the zombies and then open 
    the door and speak with Scout. She gives you an offer for a side quest. So now 
    you should have two side quests. One to find the keys to a new vehicle and the 
    other to help Scout's supply runner.
    These two side quests are directly linked. Exit the diner. If you have any 
    Distraction items, use them to distract the horde so you can run across to the 
    movie theater. Crouch to get under the barricade and kill any walkers here. 
    Loot the bag in the room leading to the theater proper, and then head back 
    outside. Look down the hall to the left and you'll see Mia, Scout's runner, 
    peak her head out of the door.
    Run over there and then go up the stairs to the projection room. Explain 
    yourself to Mia. After talking with her, go back to the diner. Scout will be 
    gone, but she'll leave you a note and the keys to a car. Grab this stuff and 
    then open the door to the freezer to find a machete sticking out of a zombie's 
    head. Grab it and then return to the movie theater and go back to the 
    projection room.
    From up here, kill the zombies below. Then go down the ladder when all you can 
    see are dead. Kill any remaining ones, and then scan the floor here to find 
    ammo. Push the debris out of the way to exit the theater. Use the turned over 
    door as ramp to get over the next barricade and then make your way to the 
    police station. Get inside, shut the door behind you, find the stairs, and go 
    to the roof.
    --->ACT 2<---
    Time of Day: Night
    "A gov. research group housed in Cleburne's Memorial Hospital ensured it 
    military protection, keeping it operational long after other medial facilities 
    This level is really straight-forward. You're in a hospital the entire time, 
    and all you need to do is use your compass and the red arrow to traverse 
    through its halls. Kill the zombies as you see them, or you can choose to sneak
    by them if that's easier or faster for you.
    You'll find Noah. He was the guy with the gunshot wound from the diner. Scout 
    is in the morgue looking for medical supplies to help him. Meanwhile, you are 
    looking for medical supplies to help Merle. As you follow the red arrow, you 
    will be subjected to a zombie bursting through a door and surprising you with 
    a QTE.
    In another instance, you'll walk by double doors that are boarded up. Sprint 
    by them and keep following the red arrow. The zombies will break through that 
    door and come after you. Keep running through the halls and then as you move 
    through smokey areas, the floor will collapse underneath Daryl's feet.
    When you regain control, keep moving through the hospital. The red arrows will 
    lead you to a doctor that has Noah set up in an experiment. You can choose to 
    side with the doctor or choose to save Noah. Either way, you'll get the medical
    supplies. If you save Noah, you'll have to save him from zombies and then talk 
    to him to get the supplies.
    The red arrows will then lead you to the parking garage exit. I recommend 
    running by the walkers for the duration of this level to avoid taking damage.
    Time of Day: Night
    "The Cherokee Hills Lumber mill outside Oakview established a secured camp. 
    Receiving government aid, the camp offers medicine & shelter to survivors."
    Work your way through the tents to reach the building. Run to the door and go 
    inside. Kill the zombies and loot the place. Then go back outside and go 
    through the hole in the fence. If you want to complete a side quest, push the 
    car nearby in front of the fence hole.
    You'll come across a large group of zombies grazing on dead bodies in a field 
    around a fire, with a propane tank nearby. You can kill most of them with a 
    single shot of the propane tank. Make your way into the next building and speak
    with the survivor there. Loot the place, being sure to grab Merle's meds off 
    the counter, and then climb the ladder to reach the roof.
    Go across to the next roof and climb the next ladder down. Exit through the 
    following door and get over to the sawmill proper. You can throw distraction 
    items on the conveyor belt to trick zombies into running into the blades, 
    which you can farm for an achievement. You can also shove them into the blades,
    but that is easier said than done.
    Criss-cross on the conveyor belt to navigate through the sawmill and then you 
    will reach another ladder. Climb it up, then go across the catwalk. Climb the 
    next ladder down, run by the zombies, and then hurry to the top of the truck 
    and press X to leave with Merle .
    Time of Day: Night
    "The bedroom community of Taggart is notable for the Lighthouse, one of the 
    few remaining drive-in theaters still open in this part of the country."
    Living right next to one of the only drive-ins remaining in the entire world, 
    this level hit me in my special place! My heart. What'd you think I meant? 
    Well, anyway, make your way to the projection room and speak with Charlene.
    Turn on the projector. This will distract a ton of the zombies. Go out into the
    drive-in proper and you can also create distractions by interacting with the 
    radios. Keep following the compass to a wooden fence and bust through it. Then 
    on the other side, you can make it to Charlene's house.
    Go to her bedroom and grab her cat. Turn on the radios to start the 
    distractions, because a ton of zombies are about to break into Charlene's 
    house. Go through them all and then start fighting your way back to the 
    projection room. Speak with Charlene, and she will give you the keys to her 
    car. Make your way to the car and leave when ready.
    Time of Day: Mid Day
    "Lemon Hill's Summer Festival drew crowds for its spectacular fireworks show. 
    The crowds attracted swarms of Walkers, despite military efforts."
    Welcome to Lemon Hill! There's not much going on here. Follow the compass to 
    meet up with Merle and speak with him. He has an idea about fireworks. Go into 
    the alley and then kill the walkers as you make your way through them. When 
    the arrow on the compass disappears, you're in the right area to start looking 
    for fireworks.
    Keep going down the alley and there will be a box right in front of a dumpster.
    Pick it up then climb the ladder to the roof. Go around the vents to find the 
    second box of fireworks. Jump across the roof to find another box of fireworks,
    and if you look in the small space between the two roofs, you'll find a 
    squirrel statue collectible.
    Continue exploring on the roofs to find a door. Go through the door and in 
    the next building, kill the zombies. Loot the room for a bat on the counter and
    pistol ammo in the bathroom. You'll find keys to a new car on the nightstand 
    in the bedroom. When ready, go out the window, using the ladder as a bridge to 
    reach the bus, and then climb up the next ladder to find another box of 
    fireworks on the balcony there. Scoop them up and then go through the door to 
    reach the bar area.
    You'll find another box of fireworks, and then another on the other side of 
    the bar. You'll even find a seventh box of fireworks, which is good if you 
    missed one earlier. When you have all the fireworks, keep going because you 
    now have to go to a church, entering from the rear.
    Fight your way through the graveyard and then enter the church. Place the 
    fireworks in the designated areas. There's a semi-automatic rifle lying next 
    to the dead body at the church steeple. Go up the ladder to reach the bell 
    when ready. Pull the bell rope three times, and then approach the trapdoor 
    again to start the fireworks.
    Escape through the window and sprint back through the bar. This time when you 
    get on the bus and the two ladder bridges between the wto buildings, jump off 
    and go to the car to return to Merle. The fireworks should distract almost all 
    the walkers and allow you to get by them without too much hassle.
    Time of Day: Dusk
    "Home to Jake's Bar and the notorious Savage sons Motorcycle Club, Barksdale 
    was a ramshackle stretch of urban decay even prior to the outbreak."
    Silently kill the Walkers as you follow the compass. Use the vehicles in the 
    street for higher ground, and then make your way to the bar. Inside the bar, 
    a scene will play. When it's over, start collecting the items in here. A 
    zombie will grab you. Kill it, and then take the crossbow off it.
    Exit the bar and go to the liquor store. Move through it and then move through 
    the chainlink fences. You'll find zombies munching on a bunch of dead bikers. 
    Try to silently take them out with the crossbow and keep gathering your arrows 
    back up so that you can resume the slaughter, as it were. There's a glass 
    bottle in the liquor store you can use as a distraction.
    When the zombies are thinned out, start picking up the supplies on the ground. 
    This is your stuff that the bikers stole, so you'll want to pick up as much as 
    you can find. A giant swarm of zombies will come down on the area, so go 
    through the door that is broken down, pushing through the two zombies in there,
    and then retreat back out into the streets.
    Scout will be hiding on a nearby vehicle. Quickly kill the zombies surrounding 
    her vehicle. Use your fastest gun to do this. When you're ready to leave, speak
    with Scout.
    --->ACT 3<---
    Time of Day: Morning
    "When vaccination was offered at Lafferty's Cobbler Creek Outlet Mall, hundreds
    were trapped as Walkers attacked the crowd assembled there for aid."
    Upon arriving in Lafferty, you need to figure out a way over the fence. Jump on
    one of the police cars and then from this vantage point, kill most of the 
    zombies, preferrably with the crossbow. Then go over to the car next to the 
    dumpster and push it over to the stacks of wood. Jump on the car after you 
    pushed it all the way and then use it to get on the wood stacks, which you can 
    then use to jump over the fence.
    On the other side of the fence, go into the mall. If you saved Noah earlier, 
    you will find him here. Speak with Noah and he will join the group. Loot the 
    area around him, and then jump over the nearby barricade and open the door. 
    Draw all the Walkers here, then jump back over the barricade. This way you can 
    just kill them all without worrying about being hurt.
    When the room is clear, make your way to the next door. A walker will burst 
    through it. Kill her quickly and then loot the next room. There will be keys to
    an SUV on the desk. Grab them and then open the next door. Use a flare or 
    another distraction item to get all the zombies by the front doors of this 
    area. Then go all the way to the opposite end to reach the exit door. Go 
    Use the dumpsters to avoid fighting any more zombies. Wait for them to all be 
    crowded around you, then jump over them and sprint to the police car. Jump on 
    top of the police car and press X to finish the level.
    Time of Day: Morning
    "The Archer Creek Co-op is a confederacy of civilians that banded together at 
    that banded together at that hydroelectric dam facility. It currently supports 
    over 40 families."
    You can quietly move by these zombies by using the cars and junk to stay on 
    high ground and avoid being attacked by the zombies. Move the cars out of the 
    road when the coast is clear (a flare in the opposite direction could help), 
    and make your way to the vending machine blocking the way to the next 
    building. Push it out of the way, push the truck out of the way, and then go 
    into the next building and speak with the survivor in there.
    Fight your way to the shed and press flip the breaker. Then return to the 
    building and take the scoped rifle that is now provided for you. Go into the 
    courtyard and kill all the zombies. Stay behind the gate and kill them for as 
    long as you can. When they're all dead, go to the button next to the gate and 
    press it.
    Time of Day: Night
    "Besselmeyer Freight District was once the Southeast U.S. busiest shipping 
    hub. Since WGO, the military has been quietly routing supplies through there."
    This level takes place entirely in a trainyard. Make your way through the 
    boxcars. I recommend having a melee weapon going into this one, because the 
    Walkers will mostly be on the ground, giving you a chance to kill them before 
    they can even stand up with just a couple of melee strikes. At the end of the 
    first boxcar, you should find a collectible squirrel next to a box of assault 
    rifle ammo.
    In the center of the trainyard, a helicopter will fly overhead, and then a TON 
    of zombies will come onto this location. Grab supplies off the ground and then 
    jump into the lit boxcar. Grab the supplies in here, and then grab the propane 
    tank off the ground. Toss it into the Walkers at a high angle so it bounces off
    their heads and lands on the ground behind them. Then shoot the propane tank to
    kill a bunch of htem, and probably snag an achievement in the process.
    When they're dead, turn your attention to the other side of the boxcar. Kill 
    the zombies here and then jump down. Snake through the boxcars at Merle's 
    instruction. Keep an eye out for supplies as you do this. Finally, you will 
    reach a set of stairs which will mark the end of the mission.
    Time of Day: Night
    "It's widely rumored that healthcare giant ClaraChem Pharma's key biotech 
    research labs developed a serum to stop the symptoms of the outbreak here."
    Time of Day: Mid Day
    "Palmetto Estates is one of many locations for ongoing evacuation efforts. 
    Military ground and air units escort convoys to an undisclosed central site."
    BRING A LOT OF SHOTGUN AMMO FOR THIS MISSION! Don't bring any shotgun, however.
    all the assault rifle you can carry. You'll need it for the next mission.
    Disturbia. Your goal is to search the houses, but there's only three houses 
    that you can investigate. One of the houses has an open garage. Go there first.
    Search the garage itself for a hatchet and fuel, and then go to the front door
    and speak with Jane Carroll inside.
    She will tell you about the evacuation plan, but first you gotta go get her 
    husband Aiden. He was at the house across the street. If you go to the house 
    directly next to the Carroll house, you'll find that zombies have broken into 
    it, but you'll also find ammo, and more fuel in the garage, plus a hi-power 
    pistol on the floor.
    Go to the Harrison house across the street from the Carroll house. Speak with 
    Terry there. Terry's wife is dying and he wants to ease her suffering. He 
    tells you that Aiden is at the mechanic's shop in town, and that he wants 
    antibiotics for his wife. Start heading into town.
    As you move through the wooded area separating the suburbs from the town 
    proper, you'll come across water and a bridge. DO NOT GO ACROSS THE BRIDGE. It 
    is incredibly easy to get trapped there. Instead, just walk around the water 
    and then continue into town. Go to the pharmacy buiding and search behind the 
    shelves to find a bottle of antibiotics. Climb the ladder to get to the roof 
    and speak with Aiden.
    Aiden explains the situation. Exit the pharmacy and then go into the alley 
    between the pharmacy and the mechanics shop. Take a right. Kill the zombies 
    here, and then open the door. You'll find Aiden's bag of evacuation supplies 
    as well as pump-action shotgun. Take all of these things, and then go give 
    the bag to Aiden. Now return to town.
    In town, you have to choose between Jane or Terry. Make your choice, and then 
    go to the house you picked and kill all the zombies. This is where the 
    pump-action shotgun comes in handy. Lead a train of zombies like if you were 
    playing Zombies mode in Black Ops. Get a huge group to follow you as you fire 
    the shotgun into them. Once they're dead, kill the remaining zombies that are 
    surrounding the house. Now get inside (if you chose Jane, her front door and 
    garage door will not open anymore -- you have to go around and use her back 
    door. Teehee).
    --->ACT 4<---
    Time of Day: Night
    "Staging site for the largest scale military evacuation operation. Firesign 
    Stadium is heavily defended, thousands of refugees and joint military units."
    This is the final level of the game, and it's very straight-forward. Equip the 
    assault rifle and just mow through the zombies as you go through the evacuation
    camps. There should be ammo for it on the ground here. Aim high and shoot for 
    bursts to increase your effectiveness with the weapon.
    Eventually, you will reach an area where a cut-scene plays. Then you have to 
    go through a football field with tents set up all over the place. Weave through
    the area, killing the zombies as you go. If you need respite, hide in one of 
    the tents and get your back to the wall to help kill the zombies.
    Fight your way to the helipad. Grab the assault rifle ammo and grenades here. 
    Chuck the grenades at the zombies as they start coming in. Now go crazy with 
    the assault rifle. Blow up the propane tanks lying around if needed, and keep 
    the zombies back. Back up if they start getting on the helipad. You need to 
    protect the helicopter from them.
    Eventually, Merle will show up and you get in a military vehicle, at the 
    controls of a turret. Use the turret to keep the zombies back. The gun will 
    not overheat, so all you have to do is hold your position and waste all the 
    zombies until another scene plays, and then the credits roll.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    3. Travel Hub
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    In The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, you will come across numerous survivors
    and vehicles. First are all the survivors in the game that can join your group.
    Sometimes they join as a part of the main story, and other times they join 
    because you complete a side mission for them or something. Depending on the 
    size of your vehicle, you can only take so many survivors with you on your 
    journey, so you'll sometimes have to make the tough decisions of letting a 
    survivor go. There are some survivors that you can't let go, though, so keep 
    that in mind.
    Please keep in mind that this information was compiled from statistics 
    provided through in-game materials.
    Here is a list of all the survivors and vehicles in the game so that you can 
    plan accordingly.
    - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -
    During your time with The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, you'll meet new 
    characters along the way. These characters can be told to scavenge for supplies
    or given weapons, or be healed, or whatever else needs to be done in the 
    travel hub of the game. Travel hubs are accessed before each  mission. 
    Depending on which travel option you choose will have an effect on what you 
    can do at the travel hub.
    The survivors are listed in the order they appear in the game.
    HP: 125
    Traits: Can't be dismissed/Tough
    Occupation: Handyman
    Age: 57
    Bio: "Jess performs a variety of odd jobs and services, some illicit, for his 
    older half-brother Will Dixon. Tough and loyal to his family, Jess is a good 
    fighter and a seasoned hunter."
    HP: 100
    Traits: Prefers pistols/Prefers rifles
    Occupation: Police Officer
    Age: 28
    Bio: "Officer Blake transferred recently to Sedalia from his native 
    Gainesville, and had barely been introduced to the Dept. or town before both 
    were destroyed. Blake is dedicated, quiet, and a crack shot. He has not yet 
    resigned himself to the fate of his family, who hadn't moved yet from Florida.
    HP: 75
    Traits: Stealthy/Prefers blunt weapons/Weak
    Occupation: Pharmacist
    Age: 25
    Bio: "Warren grew up in a large, close family. Thanks to the kindness--and 
    sponsorship--of his Uncle Lester, Warren is the first Sedalia Bedford to 
    graduate from college. Warren is shy and earnest, due primarily to debilitating
    asthma he has endured since he was very young."
    HP: 125
    Traits: Tough
    Occupation: Stylist
    Age: 32
    Bio: "Ambitious and determined to eventually open her own salon. Sarah was 
    cutting a client's hair during a busy day at Madame Q's when walkers burst 
    through the window. She stabbed her way out with shears and made it to 
    temporary safety. Sarah is friendly, but will take drastic steps to survive."
    HP: 100
    Traits: Prefers shotguns/Reckless
    Occupation: Flight Nurse
    Age: 25
    Bio: "An experienced flight nurse, Mia and her husband Steve adopted their son,
    Frank, two years ago:  she doesn't know their current whereabouts. Despite her 
    high-pressure career, Mia is not especially courageous, and can be neurotic. 
    Scout's group rescued her from a bad situation in a rural airport."
    HP: 100
    Traits: Stealthy/Prefers blunt weapons
    Occupation: Student
    Age: 23
    Bio: "Athletic and clever, Noah was a socially active college student. When 
    Scout found Noah picking a supermarket clean, he immediately volunteered for 
    her scavenger group. Noah excels at moving quietly and quickly, but is too 
    friendly and trusting to strangers."
    HP: 125
    Traits: tough/Prefers bladed weapons/Reckless
    Occupation: Sawmill Manager
    Age: 55
    Bio: "From a long line of loggers, Swenson joined Cherokee Hills Lumber's 
    Georgia facility 10 years ago as a foreman. He secured the mill when its 
    executives were eaten, striking a deal with the Military to house and treat 
    survivors in exchange for weapons and medicine. Swenson is decisive and firm-
    HP: 75
    Traits: Stealthy/Weak
    Occupation: Civil Engineer
    Age: 40
    Bio: "Ahmad has lived and worked in Savannah, GA since he earned his Master's 
    degree. He rescued and sheltered 23 survivors in a makeshift bunker through the
    initial outbreak. All were subsequently lost when traveling in a convoy 
    toward Birmingham while Ahmad was foraging in the woods for food."
    HP: 100
    Traits: Prefers pistols/Prefers bladed weapons/Reckless
    Occupation: Television Producer
    Age: 36
    Bio: "Gloria produces a number of regional cable programs, the realization of a
    dream she now despises. Her 10-year marriage to a local politico is loveless --
    she was preparing to leave him and move to California before the attacks. 
    Gloria is sharp and cynical, but survival is the only option for her."
    - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -
    Daryl starts the game with a truck, but there are other vehicles that can be 
    found and selected in the game. The vehicles are listed in the order they 
    appear in the campaign.
    The stats will tell you how much gasoline each vehicle consumes, the amount of 
    items it can hold, and how many survivors (not including Daryl) can fit in the 
    Year: 1962
    Consumption: Medium
    Inventory Slots: 18
    Survivor Seats: 2
    Year: 1996
    Consumption: High
    Inventory Slots: 14
    Survivor Seats: 3
    Year: 1965
    Consumption: Medium
    Inventory Slots: 10
    Survivor Seats: 1
    Year: 2000
    Consumption: Low
    Inventory Slots: 10
    Survivor Seats: 3
    Year: 1998
    Consumption: Low
    Inventory Slots: 10
    Survivor Seats: 2
    Year: 2008
    Consumption: Medium
    Inventory Slots: 10
    Survivor Seats: 3
    Year: 2007
    Consumption: High
    Inventory Slots: 14
    Survivor Seats: 4
    Year: 2005
    Consumption: High
    Inventory Slots: 18
    Suvivor Seats: 3
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    4. Items
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    For one to hope to survive in a zombie apocalypse, you'll need all the help 
    you can get. And that includes scavenging the environment for helpful items 
    along the way. There are weapons, distraction items, and healing items that can
    be found by exploring the environments of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct. 
    Here is a list of all the items in the game along with their stats.
    You can manage your inventory at Travel Hubs. Daryl is only able to carry 10 
    items into each mission. You are able to store other items in the vehicle you 
    are using. Take only items you'll need so that you have room to carry any newly
    found supplies to the next area in the game.
    Please keep in mind that this information was compiled from statistics 
    provided through in-game materials.
    - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -
    Type: Bladed Melee Weapon
    Hunting knife used for skinning animals.
    Damage: Light
    Reach: Close
    Swing Speed: Medium
    Type: Blunt Melee Weapon
    Claw hammer used for driving nails.
    Damage: Light
    Reach: Close
    Swing Speed: Fast
    Type: Blunt Melee Weapon
    Section of pipe that is easy to swing but heavy enough to do damage.
    Damage: Medium
    Reach: Medium
    Swing Speed: Medium
    Type: Bladed Melee Weapon
    Steel blade machete with a wooden handle.
    Damage: Medium
    Reach: Medium
    Swing Speed: Medium
    Type: Blunt Melee Weapon
    Sturdy baseball bat made out of solid pine with a good heft to it.
    Damage: Heavy
    Reach: Far
    Swing Speed: Slow
    Type: Bladed Melee Weapon
    Large heavy axe primarily used for emergency rescue situations.
    Damage: Heavy
    Reach: Far
    Swing Speed: Slow
    Type: Bladed Melee Weapon
    Small, light weight, camping axe, generally used for chopping wood.
    Damage: Light
    Reach: Close
    Swing Speed: Fast
    Type: Blunt Melee Weapon
    Large, extremely heavy, steel headed sledgehammer.
    Damage: Heavy
    Reach: Far
    Swing Speed: Slow
    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - -
    Type: Rifle
    Scoped rifle that fires a single high powered round.
    Rate of Fire: Slow
    Accuracy: High
    Reload Time: Medium
    Range: Long
    Type: Shotgun
    Short-range shotgun with one heck of a buckshot spread.
    Rate of Fire: Fast
    Accuracy: Low
    Reload Time: Slow
    Range: Close
    Type: Pistol
    Six shot high powered revolver, with one heck of a kick - better aim.
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    Accuracy: High
    Reload Time: Slow
    Range: Medium-Long
    Type: Shotgun
    An old fashioned, reliable, pump action shotgun.
    Rate of Fire: Medium
    Accuracy: Low
    Reload Time: Medium
    Range: Close
    Type: Pistol
    Medium grade semi-automatic handgun.
    Rate of Fire: Fast
    Accuracy: Medium
    Reload Time: Medium
    Range: Medium
    Type: Rifle
    Military issued, semi-automatic rifle.
    Rate of Fire: Fast
    Accuracy: Medium
    Reload Time: Medium
    Range: Medium-Long
    Type: Pistol
    Fast action, semi-automatic handgun - Good for close range running and gunning.
    Rate of Fire: Fast
    Accuracy: Low
    Reload Time: Medium
    Range: Close
    Type: Unique
    Lightweight and silent hunting crossbow with a sight.
    Rate of Fire: Slow
    Accuracy: High
    Reload Time: Slow
    Range: Long
    Type: Shotgun
    Semi-automatic shotgun capable of firing six rounds almost as fast as you can 
    pull the trigger.
    Rate of Fire: Fast
    Accuracy: Medium
    Reload Time: Slow
    Range: Medium
    Type: Unique
    Military issued, fully automatic rifle with red dot sight.
    Rate of Fire: Very Fast
    Accuracy: High
    Reload Time: Medium
    Range: Medium-Long
    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - -
    Type: Ammunition
    Ammunition for bolt action and semi-automatic rifles.
    Type: Ammunition
    Ammuntion for revolvers and other handguns.
    Type: Ammunition
    Ammunition for shotguns.
    Type: Ammunition
    Ammunition for the Crossbow.
    Type: Ammunition
    Ammunition for fully automatic rifles.
    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - -
    Type: Restorative
    Individual field ration used to restore Condition.
    Condition Restore: Medium
    Stamina Restore: Small
    Type: Restorative
    Common sports drink used to restore Condition.
    Condition Restore: Small
    Stamina Restore: Medium
    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - -
    Type: Distraction
    Glass container that can be thrown to create a brief distraction.
    Effect Radius: Large
    Effect Type: Instant
    Type: Distraction
    Roadside Flare that can be thrown to create a distraction for a short period of
    Effect Radius: Medium
    Effect Type: Continuous
    Type: Damage
    Military issued explosive device that can be thrown at a distance to cause 
    massive damage.
    Effect Radius: Medium
    Effect Type: Instant
    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - 
    Type: Resource
    FUel used to keep your vehicle running while traveling.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    5. Travel Stops
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    As you ride through the Georgia countryside, you will sometimes have to stop 
    due to car troubles, or an impass in a road. Sometimes you'll drive by an area 
    that just may be good for looting, and you can choose to get out and loot the 
    place or to keep driving. There are five different roadside situations in the 
    game, which can take place at a variety of locations, such as Mountains, 
    Forest, and Plains.
    - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - -
    Usually, it's not worth the trouble to stop and try to scavenge for supplies. 
    Yes, there will be supplies in the town such as fuel, ammunition, healing 
    items, and whatever else, but most of the time you will spend more supplies 
    trying to get through the town's zombies than you will actually bringing 
    supplies back.
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    If you take the highway a lot, chances are you'll be broken down quite a bit, 
    too. The reason for breaking down varies. Sometimes it'll be a flat tire. Other
    times the car will need new coolant or something along those lines. Whenever 
    this happens, you'll be given an objective and the red arrow on your compass 
    will point to whatever you need to find. Grab it, and then bring it back to 
    the car.
    - - - - - -
    - - - - - -
    I can guarantee that you'll experience this problem in the game. As you drive 
    down the road, the fuel runs out in the vehicle you're driving. The first 
    time you run empty, you're given a chance to scour an area for fuel supplies. 
    If you leave before finding enough fuel, then you will get a Game Over.
    - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - -
    Most of the time you have the option to take an alternate path, or you can get 
    out of the car and then push the cars that are blocking the road out of the 
    way. The latter is very dangerous, but the former can also be dangerous because
    if you are low on gas and run out while taking the alternate path, you get an 
    automatic game over without the opportunity to scavenge for fuel.
    - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - -
    Not all survivors are found in Marked Areas. In fact, some survivors can only 
    be found on the side of the road. The game will tell you when a survivor is 
    nearby, and you can choose to help them or leave them. It's usually pretty 
    easy to kill the zombies after these survivors, so I recommend helping them 
    out, as the rewards will be mutually beneficial.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    6. Conclusion
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    I hope this guide helped you beat The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct on 
    PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Wii U!
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