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    FAQ/Move List by SeverenceUFB

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    *                                                      *
    *          Spartacus Legends FAQ & Move List           *
    *                 Platform: XBLA / PSN                 *
    *             Version 1.00 - July 5, 2013              *
    *   © Copyright 2013 Nick Ratchko, aka SeverenceUFB    *
    *      Contact the author at: faqsbysev@gmail.com      *
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    ?+???Z    8.  .8D  .88,Z..M.... M. .MM.  .M..8~ ,M   .$@@@@@
    II+?I  $?~D .8..O M.NMO+M..NN DNM 7 M?..M ...D+.,..M==@@@@@@
    77II?. 8D8N..8:.: M .M .M.7DN NN?.M MM .MDN..D$ ,,.?@@@@@@@@
    ?I??O8+ .DO .. ~..N..N+:. NDN.DN.:M I$..MMM. DD ,M+ ,@@@@@@@
    77$I8NND..8..88D.    D O8..8D DD   +.O  M, .?DI 7MMM  @@@@@@
    7$$DN.D$. Z.,D8N .N..D.O8..DD8DN IM. N: D ..$..:M..Z  @@@@@#
    = Table of Contents [TOC] =
    Table of Contents ............................................ [TOC]
    Version History ............................................. [VERS]
    Game Description ............................................ [GAME]
    Before I Go Any Further... .................................. [BIGF]
    The HUD ..................................................... [THUD]
    Basic Controls and Mechanics ................................ [CTRL]
    Currency .................................................... [CURR]
    Quality System .............................................. [QUAL]
    Gladiator Styles (and the combos that love them) ............ [GLST]
      Spear and Shield .......................................... [GS01]
      Sword and Shield .......................................... [GS02]
      Dual Daggers .............................................. [GS03]
      Dual Swords ............................................... [GS04]
      Two-Handed Hammer ......................................... [GS05]
      Two-Handed Sword .......................................... [GS06]
      Two-Handed Trident ........................................ [GS07]
      Unarmed ................................................... [GS08]
    Items ....................................................... [ITEM]
      Weapons ................................................... [WPNS]
        One-Handed Spears ....................................... [WPN1]
        One-Handed Swords ....................................... [WPN2]
        Dual Daggers ............................................ [WPN3]
        Dual Swords ............................................. [WPN4]
        Two-Handed Hammers ...................................... [WPN5]
        Two-Handed Swords ....................................... [WPN6]
        Two-Handed Tridents ..................................... [WPN7]
      Shields ................................................... [SHLD]
      Helmets ................................................... [HELM]
      Chest Armor ............................................... [ARMR]
      Leg Armor ................................................. [LEGS]
      Boosts .................................................... [BOOS]
    Perks ....................................................... [PERK]
    The City .................................................... [CITY]
      The Ludus ................................................. [LUDU]
      The Bank .................................................. [BANK]
      The Arenas ................................................ [AREN]
        Extremus ................................................ [MAP1]
        Mercatus ................................................ [MAP2]
        Domus Nobilium .......................................... [MAP3]
        Insulae ................................................. [MAP4]
        Oscan Capua ............................................. [MAP5]
        Spectacula .............................................. [MAP6]
    Multiplayer ................................................. [MULT]
    Achievements/Trophies ....................................... [ACTR]
    Future Updates .............................................. [UPDA]
    Thanks/Danke/Gracias/Whatever ............................... [TDGW]
    Contact Info & Copyright Notice ............................. [COPY]
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    As you will undoubtedly notice, I thoroughly enjoy the use—nay, the extreme
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    gratifying and placed on purpose... you'll get over it.
    =  Version History [VERS]  =
    Submitted for initial publication on July 5, 2013.
    v0.000pa - v.999b
    Started article on July 1, 2013.
    Pre-publishing work. It's not important. Don't worry about it.
    =  Game Description [GAME]  =
    Spartacus Legends is a free to play fighting game that was released for the
    Playstation Network on June 25, 2013 (in North and South America) and on
    June 26, 2013 for Xbox Live Arcade. The game is based on the Spartacus
    television series produced by the Starz channel, was developed by Kung Fu
    Factory (formerly Just Games Interactive), and published by Ubisoft.
    If a gun were held to my head and I had to give a one sentence synopsis of the
    game it would probably be...
    Mix the gameplay of Soul Calibur with a healthy dash of Mortal Kombat and set
    it in the world of Spartacus.
    The goal of the game is, oddly enough, eloquently summarized by a quiet, humble
    lad affectionately known as 50 Cent:
                               "Get Rich or Die Tryin'"
    The game takes place in the city of Capua, located in southern Italy. You play
    the role of the Lanista of the newly acquired Batiatus' Ludus. This portion of
    the game is akin to a management simulation, in which you must purchase
    equipment, increase the size of your stable, fill out your stable by buying new
    gladiators of various strengths and styles, and train your gladiators for
    battle. Every action requires you spend coin from your savings, and depending
    on the action different currency may be necessary.
    In addition, during battles you also play the role of Gladiator—slaves bought
    for the sole purpose of fighting in the arena (with untold glory on the line...
    and coin for the Lanista)—and depending on the gladiator chosen the weapons
    and skillsets involved will be different, posing varying strengths and weak-
    nesses relative to the type of opponent you will be facing.
    There are multiple districts of the city to explore and engage combat in. These
    areas are tiered according to difficulty and are unlocked through level
    progression. Gladiators themselves don't actually level up; instead, a more
    meta game approach is taken and as you gain experience (Fame) it is applied to
    your Lanista's level. This has the effect of essentially leveling up all of
    your gladiators simultaneously, as every time you level you unlock better items
    for purchase, more areas to fight in, and access to progressively stronger
    gladiators for purchase.
    Single player is challenging, but the main selling point of the game is online
    multiplayer matchmaking. I'll go into the specifics of the multiplayer func-
    tionality in the approriate section below.
    That's all the general information I'll list for the now. Onward, lest cock
    be separated from balls... if you haven't seen the series or played the game
    yet then you'll understand soon enough.
    =  Before I Go Any Further... [BIGF]  =
    1. This is my second publicly available FAQ that I've created and posted for
    GameFAQs, and the task is decidedly larger than my first article. Considerably
    larger. Should you notice something in need of changing then please, by all
    means let me know. Civilly.
    2. This game is about as Mature rated as the series. On that note:
    If you're easily offended by the utterance of so-called swear words or copious
    mentions of, and I quote, "cock", the not-quite-but-approaching-Tarantino
    amounts of blood and gore, the "I'm going to assume it will show up eventually
    or it wouldn't be an accurate reflection of the series" ubiquitous full frontal
    (male and female) and possible live "encounters", or just don't want your
    little angel subjected to the aforementioned corrupting powers then I suggest
    you don't play this game. Stop now, exit to the dashboard, and find something
    else to do. Uno is fun. So is Geometry Wars. Anything but this.
    There, just a little told you so before we really get into the dirty here.
    3. I'm going to be completely honest here: I like what I've seen of the series,
    but when I heard that this game was in the works I was prepared for pure,
    unadulterated CRAP. Games based on movie and television IPs are historically
    janky beyond belief, riddled with bugs, and generally an inexcusable waste of
    time and money. After years of slinging games at the retail management level
    I've become a virtual game encyclopedia, even more so than I was before, and
    could give you a list of licensed trash that wouldn't even hit 'meh' on the
    scale... Spartacus Legends is not one of those games.
    What it attempts to do it does acceptably, had fewer issues upon release than
    other notable established franchises, and, personally, hasn't bored me already,
    which is the biggest compliment that I can give compared to other games. Addi-
    tionally, while Kung Fu Factory has experience with previous titles they aren't
    a powerhouse development company known for creating titles that are expected to
    sell 6+ million copies per game. True, having Ubisoft as publisher is an
    enormous boon but no matter how well Ubisoft markets the game it's only the end
    product that actually counts, and that responsibility falls solely on the
    Still, this isn't to say that the game is perfect. The "tutorial" is pretty
    very short and glosses over a lot of gameplay mechanics - enough so that I
    believe an update adding a full tutorial and/or practice mode is probably
    warranted. If you look at games such as the Marvel vs. Capcom series which
    have training modes readily accessible right from the beginning you can see why
    this would be a welcome addition. Lore-wise it could be fit into the story as
    training in the Ludus, since in the series gladiators were constantly training
    at the Batiatus estate. Anyway, continuing on...
    There have been bugs noted since release, varying from annoying to game
    breaking. Multiplayer has seen problems with connectivity. Most troubling,
    however, are the reports of people spending gold on items only to have said
    items and gold irrevocably disappear. A public beta would have helped to
    resolve these issues by stress testing the servers, locating more obscure
    glitches, and so on, but there wasn't one so these things are going to happen.
    Keep this in mind though: the game was JUST released, and problems like these
    should be addressed very quickly since people won't play a bug-laden game for
    long, free to play or not. More importantly, people will be less inclined to
    spend money on a free to play game if they know they could lose their bought
    currency to one of these bugs. Trust me, KFF is hard at work on these issues,
    because they have to be.
    What I'm getting at here is that looking at the whole package of good and bad,
    polish and bugs, etc., I still think this is a title worth checking out. I'm
    not planning on fully reviewing the game, exactly; I just thought I should
    express my two cents.
    4. The More You Know: I've played this game on the Xbox 360, not the
    Playstation 3. Based on the history of most cross-platform release titles I
    am going to make the assumption that gameplay mechanics, button configurations,
    and so on, are identical cross-platform. I'll still list the correct terms for
    both 360/PS3 where applicable but I'm not going to go into crazy detail and
    force myself to play this on PS3 as well. Besides, doing that would require I
    buy a PS3... and that's not exactly possible at the moment. If it turns out
    that something on the PS3 version is vitally different from the 360 version
    then shoot me an email and I'll change it and make sure to credit you for it.
     4a. As of right now the only thing different enough between the 360 and PS3
         versions to merit comment is the PS3 version's access to unique UPlay
         content, something 360 does not have. Apparently, Ubisoft has decided for
         whatever reasons that it isn't worth the effort to make the game UPlay
         compatible unless you own a PS3. Thanks for that, by the way.
    Alright. On with the show.
    =  The HUD [THUD]  =
    Spartacus Legends makes use of a small, fairly simple HUD, or Heads Up Display.
    During the Single Player campaign your HUD will be shown in the top-left corner
    of the screen, while in multiplayer it depends on what side of the battle you
    start on.
    The elements that the HUD is comprised of are:
              Top Bar: Health
           Bottom Bar: Defense Meter
             Icon Bar: Perks
    Laurel Leaf Meter: Crowd Favor
            (on left)
    Health Bar
    This is where your current health is displayed. You start each match with a
    full bar, and getting hit will deplete the bar. When you have been struck
    enough to lose all of your health you will fall to the ground. After a few
    seconds of your opponent gloating you will stand back up and the health bar
    will fill again, though only ~75% of the way full (pre-perks), and your second
    round will start.
    Should your health bar be depleted a second time you will lose the fight. If
    you are lucky enough to have not shamed yourself too badly then losing will
    only knock you out, whereas failing spectacularly will instead earn your
    fighter permanent death, forcing you to save the gladiator from death with
    cumulatively increasing amounts of coin or lose him forever. This is something
    you will want to avoid.
    Defense Meter
    The blue Defense meter shows amount of defensive power currently available for
    use by your gladiator. A full bar indicates one of two things: either you are
    successfully evading attacks without need of defending (good job) or you are
    being hit too often and forgetting/neglecting to block at all (bad dog).
    For a more detailed explanation of Defense and blocking read the Blocking
    description in the Basic Controls section below.
    Perk Bar
    The icons shown below the Defense meter depict your currently active Perks,
    both of the permanent and proccing type.
    Side note: If you don't know what 'proc' or 'proccing' means, check this out:
    < http://netforbeginners.about.com/od/p/f/what_is_proc.htm >
    Here's the good news: you can see, in real time, your own active Perks as well
    as your opponents! The bad news? It's a two-way street, so your opponent gets
    to see yours as well.
    The Perk bar isn't so much necessary as it is a helpful tool, since at a glance
    you can see if your opponent has +Move Speed or health buffs, for example. The
    icons themselves are fairly intuitive, so if you see a sword it's probably an
    attack buff, a boot is movement related, and so on. Using this information can
    assist you in making snap decisions to strategically deal with your opponent.
    Crowd Favor Bar
    The left side of the HUD (or right, depending on which player the HUD belongs
    to) is dominated by what appears to be a circular iron shield with the outer
    half of the shield outlined with laurel leaves. This simple meter plays an
    important (though more subtle than the health and Defense bars) role in the
    outcome of the battle. Whilst fighting your opponent the crowd is always paying
    attention and reacting to the course of battle. This meter represents the
    crowd's collective opinion of your combat display.
    The crowd favor bar works very simply, following five basic rules:
      1. When you successfully land attacks the bar will fill up, increasing favor.
      2. When you taunt your enemy, favor will increase.
      3. When you are struck in combat, you start losing favor.
      4. If do not actively and successfully attack your enemy, favor will dwindle.
      5. Successful attacks or taunts halt favor loss.
    That's all well and good, but what does favor actually DO? Three things:
      1. Post battle: higher favor nets bonus silver
      2. Post battle: higher favor nets bonus fame (aka experience)
      3. Should you win the battle with maximum favor you are given the opportunity
         to execute your opponent. Not only does this look fantastic, it also nets
         bonus fame, fortune, and a random perk that you may choose to accept for
         your winning gladiator or deny and discard the perk.
    As you can see, it would clearly behoove you to win matches with high favor, if
    not maximum favor which will net even greater rewards and a chance to customize
    that gladiator.
    =  Basic Controls and Mechanics [CTRL]  =
    Jargon ahoy!
    *   Xbox 360    *  Combat Controls    *  Map Controls   *  Menu Controls      *
    *      L Stick  *  Movement           *  Move Cursor    *  Move Cursor        *
    *      R Stick  *  Roll               *  Not Used       *  Not Used           *
    *        D-Pad  *  Taunts             *  Move Cursor    *  Move Cursor        *
    *            X  *  L (Light Attack)   *  Enter Ludus    *  Enter Ludus        *
    *            Y  *  S (Strong Attack)  *  Enter Bank     *  Enter Bank         *
    *            A  *  P (Pankration)     *  Confirm        *  Confirm            *
    *            B  *  G (Grab Attack)    *  Cancel         *  Cancel             *
    *           LB  *  Block              *  Change Tab     *  Change Tab         *
    *           RB  *  Dodge(tap)/Roll    *  Change Tab     *  Change Tab         *
    *           LT  *  Not Used           *  Not Used       *  Cycle Back         *
    *           RT  *  Not Used           *  Help Panel     *  Cycle Forward      *
    *         Back  *  Not Used           *  Quick Match    *  Not Used           *
    *        Start  *  Pause Menu         *  Game Menu      *  Game Menu          *
    *      PS3      *  Combat Controls    *  Map Controls   *  Menu Controls      *
    *      L Stick  *  Movement           *  Move Cursor    *  Move Cursor        *
    *      R Stick  *  Roll               *  Not Used       *  Not Used           *
    *        D-Pad  *  Taunts             *  Move Cursor    *  Move Cursor        *
    *       Square  *  L (Light Attack)   *  Enter Ludus    *  Enter Ludus        *
    *     Triangle  *  S (Strong Attack)  *  Enter Bank     *  Enter Bank         *
    *            X  *  P (Pankration)     *  Confirm        *  Confirm            *
    *       Circle  *  G (Grab Attack)    *  Cancel         *  Cancel             *
    *           L1  *  Block              *  Change Tab     *  Change Tab         *
    *           R1  *  Dodge(tap)/Roll    *  Help Menu      *  Change Tab         *
    *           L2  *  Not Used           *  Not Used       *  Cycle Back         *
    *           R2  *  Not Used           *  Help Panel     *  Cycle Forward      *
    *       Select  *  Not Used           *  Quick Match    *  Not Used           *
    *        Start  *  Pause Menu         *  Game Menu      *  Game Menu          *
    *            F  *  Forward in the direction currently facing                  *
    *         Away  *  Backward from the direction currently facing               *
    *            D  *  Down                                                       *
    *            U  *  Up                                                         *
    *  DF/UF/DA/UA  *  Down+Forward, Up+Forward, Down+Away, Up+Away               *
    *            +  *  Do the thing before and the thing after at the same time   *
    *     (CHARGE)  *  Press and hold the mentioned button(s) down                *
    *           BL  *  Tap the Block button                                       *
    *         Roll  *  Tap the Dodge/Roll button                                  *
    *      <>       *  Indicates the move has a low chance to critcally hit       *
    *      {}       *  Indicates the move has a high chance to critcally hit      *
    *      //       *  Indicates the possibility to juke out of this move         *
    *                                  Examples                                   *
    *  Combos       *  L, L, D + P, S = Light Attack, Light Attack, Down and      *
    *               *  Pankration (simutaneous), Strong Attack                    *
    *  Rolling in   *  Roll U/F/D + S = Roll (either Up, Down, or Forward) and    *
    *  Combos       *  press Strong at the same                                   *
    * L + P(CHARGE) *  Press and hold both L and P down simultaneously            *
    *     <L>       *  This Light attack has a low critical hit chance            *
    *     {S}       *  This Strong attack has a high critical hit chance          *
    *     /P/       *  This Pankration attack is jukable                          *
    I think that the Map and Menu controls are fairly self-explanatory. In light of
    that we're just going to go over some of the finer points of Combat.
    You will use the L stick to move. There really isn't all that much to go over
    regarding movement in this game as the controls are pretty standard across the
    fighting genre. Here's a crash course, just in case.
      1. Press in any direction to walk.
      2. Tap in any direction to perform a quick step.
      3. Double tap* and then hold F (Forward) to run toward your opponent.
    Movement occurs in a three-dimensional plane. If you wish to circle around your
    opponent then that option is available. If you want to sidestep an opponent in
    an effort to evade your opponent's attack or to initiate an attack of your own
    then that sidestep is yours for the taking.
    * If you're asking yourself what double-tap means, then: #1. You're new to
    this, aren't you?; #2. Using the Patches O'Houlihan school of thought, "If you
    can double click a mouse, you can double tap a direction."...or something like
    that.; and, #3. Hit the button twice in quick succession.
    There are four basic categories of attack.
    Light Attacks (L) - Quick, low damage strikes. Good for unrelenting combo
    chains. Faster than Strong Attacks yet they usually only cover a small area
    making them slightly easier to evade. Light attacks also only really do chip
    damage to the enemy's Defense.
    Strong Attacks (S) - Slower, higher damage strikes. Accurate strikes will down
    opponents faster than a keg at a frat party. Their reduced speed gives enemies
    more time to react than light attacks but usually cover a larger area (either
    horizontal or vertical, depending on the attack), making split-second evasion
    a little harder.
    Pankration Attacks (P) - Attacks that do damage to your enemy's Defense as well
    as their health, even if they aren't actively blocking. Useful for dealing with
    opponents who like to turtle or roll around constantly as this will quickly eat
    through their Defense meter.
    Grab Attacks (G) - Attacks that grapples the enemy, usually introduces them to
    the ground, and also introduces them to your weapon(s) of choice (or fists, if
    unarmed). Grab attacks can be parried but they cannot be dodged. Grabs are also
    unaffected by blocking, making them especially useful for opponents that like
    to sit behind their shields.
    Combined with a direction, attacks generally perform in the following ways:
    F + Attack = Mid strike (chest to waist, generally piercing/pushing)
    A + Attack = Mid strike (chest to waist, generally lunging)
    U + Attack = High strike (head, usually a jumping attack)
    D + Attack = Low strike (knees and below)
    There are also a few different types of Special attacks available:
    L + S = Charge Attack (only available to Two-Handed weapon styles)
      Note: Charge attacks may be cancelled mid-charge by Blocking
    Run + S = Special Running attack (all styles)
    Roll + S = Special Roll attack (all styles)
    Every gladiator's weapon(s), when necessary, maybe be used to defend
    against the enemy's strikes. One-handed spear and sword gladiators have the
    added benefit of a shield for extra defensive ability. Unarmed gladiators,
    while still capable of blocking, have only minimal protection.
    Press and hold the LB/L1 button to block an incoming attack. Unlike dodging,
    parrying, or rolling, blocking doesn't really require a twich reflex button
    push to properly succeed. As long as you hold the block button, you will block.
    No protection is infinite, however, as even shields have their threshold for
    damage absorption. Defense will diminish as your gladiator blocks attacks,
    performs rolls, and fails dodge attempts. Defense regenerates over time (though
    at a 50% slower rate than normal when blocking) so get to a safe position if
    your Defense meter is running low.
    While your Defense meter will constantly regenerate itself, eventually even
    the best turtling will fall to continuous attacks. When your gladiator's
    Defense meter has been fully depleted your Defense will break, the camera will
    shift to an over-the shoulder angle (from behind the aggressor), any rolls you
    attempt will be much slower, and you will be to defend against incoming attacks
    for a few seconds of uninterruptable thrashing. 
    Should this happen to you then you are in trouble; in this game even just a
    few seconds of beatdown could allow your enemy to deplete half of your health
    or more.
    BL + L or BL + S - The two Shield styles, Spear and Sword, also have the
    ability to launch a special attack while still being able to defend. Using one
    of these attacks will deplete some Defense meter, but your gladiator will block
    incoming attacks while performing the strike.
    Certain fighting styles—Dual Daggers, Dual Swords, and Two-Handed Swords—are
    able to interrupt certain attacks into a Juke, allowing you to sidestep away
    from an opponent's defenses while in the middle of a combo. This can assist in
    positioning yourself mid-attack in order to focus your assault where your enemy
    is not as well protected. Jukes may also be used to move out of the way avoid
    an attack that, were you to continue the combo as normal, would otherwise have
    hit you.
    Only certain combos allow you to Juke, and even then only with specific moves
    in those combos.
    Note: to fighting game vets, this mechanic is also known as a form of cancel.
    To interrupt a valid move into a Juke, all you need to do is hold U or D on
    the L stick while pressing the correct button. For example, in the Two-Handed
    Sword combo...
      U + L, L, /L/
    ...you would start by pressing Up and Light, then Light, and the hold either Up
    or Down in whichever direction you would like to Juke while pressing Light
    again. Only the last Light attack in this combo has the option to be juked, so
    holding Up or Down during the second Light attack will do nothing.
    Combos that allow jukes will be labelled below in each specific style's combo
    Dodging is a valuable asset that a gladiator can employ as a powerful defensive
    tool to be used in the right situation. Dodging causes enemy's the attack or
    combo to be interrupted, briefly staggering them and allowing you to either
    retreat or launch your own counterattack. To initiate a dodge attempt:
      1. Realize that you are presently, in fact, being assaulted.
      2. Just before you let your face get smashed in, your belly sliced open, or
    your shins mutilated, go ahead and hit dat RB/R1 button.
      3. Girlishly giggle at your opponent's poor aim. Repeatedly. Then punish him.
    There is a problem with the dodge skill, unfortunately: it will not repel any
    attempt of your opponent's land a grab attack on you. If that's the case then
    sorry for your luck friend, should've tried to parry.
    Dodging ability is affected by Leg Armor you currently have equipped.
    "Oh, parrying lets you counter grabs? Great, I'll just use that instead of
    One problem there, chief: parry is more of a rock-paper-scissors gambit, as you
    have to press the correct button to parry an attack. Here's how:
      1. When getting attacked you only have a split second to recognize what type
    of attack is being thrown your way. In that time you have have make a snap
    decision and press an attack button just as the opponent's attack is about to
      2. To successfully parry an attack you must press the same attack button as
    was used against you: Light for Light, Strong for Strong, Pankration for
    Pankration, Grab for Grab.
      3. Do this right and congratulations, a winner is you! At least, this time.
    A timely parry attempt has the same effect as dodging, briefly knocking back
    your opponent and giving you a half-second of breathing room.
    Parrying ability is affected by the weapon you currently have equipped.
    Less time-sensitive than dodging or parrying, rolling can be used to completely
    evacuate a dangerous area, e.g.:
    A wild SWORD appeared! You used Roll! It's super effective!
    Anyway, this simple mechanic can be performed in one of two ways.
      1. Tap the R stick in the direction you wish to roll.
      2. Hold the RB/R1 button and tap the R stick in the desired direction.
    All fighting styles feature a special attack using Roll in combination with
    a Strong attack, but in general its main use is to roll your gladiator into or
    out of attack range. Keep in mind that while Rolling is a useful tool it will
    decrease your Defense meter every time you use it.
    Roll speed is affected by the Torso Armor you currently have equipped.
    So, you just shot a push kick into your enemy's sternum, sending him flying
    about five feet and then slamming into the ground. What should you do next?
    Attacking while he is down is always a good option but, alas, that is so damn
    cliché and your hipster chic just can't do anything that mainstream. Well,
    why not Zoidberg?... taunting. I meant taunting.
    "Why should I taunt? Taunting is just a waste of time in fighting games!"
    Ah Grasshopper. Normally you would be correct; taunting is characteristically
    worthless. However, this game puts them to good use. Pressing the D-Pad Up,
    Down, Left, or Right will perform a number of different taunts depending on the
    direction pressed and the gladiator type performing the taunt.
    The reward for taunting your opponent's manliness (or lack thereof) in front of
    the crowd is an increase to your crowd favor, and this is good. Why? Well, it
    brings you that much closer to having full crowd favor, working that crowd into
    a hot, frothing mess, and should you win the fight with the crowd fully on your
    side you have the privilege of emasculating your defeated enemy further in the
    best way possible: murder so cold blooded it would make Rick James sick.
    Speaking of executions, they'll be discussed in just a second.
    Stun Recovery
    Occasionally, after a particularly nasty attack you may become stunned,
    possibly getting knocked to the ground. Being stunned puts you in a precarious
    position, as it leaves you vulnerable and invites your opponent to get in some
    free hits or taunts while you are helpless. Luckily, there is a way to regain
    your composure when this happens.
    When you are stunned your gladiator will look dazed, the screen edges will
    flash blood red, and then a image of an analog stick moving back and forth will
    appear on the screen. When this happens, monkey see, monkey do, and start
    moving the L stick from side to side quickly. In short order you will break out
    of the stupor and once again can freely control your fighter.
    Executions and Slaughters
    Imagine this... there you are, standing in front of the man you've been
    fighting for the past eternity, blood dripping from your brow. His blood.
    Staggering on his feet, he has barely the energy to stay erect after the
    onslaught of your final assault. There he stands, a shell of his former glory,
    broken down and battered, testament to your superiority. Above all, you
    silently give thanks to this warrior, for it was he whom the Gods chose to have
    blood spilt on ground this day. You respect their wisdom, and are their willing
    And you can do this every day! Just follow these simple instructions!
      1. Beat the enemy to a bloody pulp, while getting hit as little as possible.
      2. When prudent taunt to raise your crowd favor.
      3. Win the battle with a full crowd favor meter.
    Work up that crowd favor meter and keep it full so you can release all of that
    pent-up aggression on the unlucky bastard who dared step foot into YOUR arena.
    Once the enemy has been handily beaten all that is required to end his
    suffering is to press any of the attack buttons and you will initiate the sweet
    release of his life from the mortal coil.
    To be clear: any of the attacks, Light/Strong/Pankration/Grab, will engage an
    execution. There are various types of executions which may be performed, but
    the style-specific executions require a boost item to be purchased in order to
    There are two universal executions, called slaughters, which any style may
      1. Forceful amputation of the enemy's arm
      2. Glorious, glorious decapitation
    According to the in-game description, the type of slaughter performed is
    determined by both gladiator's Health, Defense, and Crowd Meter. While it
    doesn't specify the exact requirements, the higher the winning gladiator's
    remaining Health/Defense/Crowd Favor, the better the chance to take a little
    too much off the top of their opponent.
    =  Currency [CURR]  =
    Just like the real world, Capua has multiple forms of currency.
    *        *  The base currency in the world of Spartacus Legends. Fighting     *
    *        *  nets you increased amounts of silver which may then be spent on   *
    * Silver *  outfitting your gladiators... or buying gladiators more worthy    *
    *        *  of the gear. You earn silver naturally just by playing the game.  *
    *        *  Compared to silver, gold is a relatively scarce resource. How-    *
    *        *  ever, as a consequence gold is much more valuable and is used to  *
    *        *  buy more exclusive items, such as ability boosts, weapons that    *
    *  Gold  *  have yet to be fully unlocked, or high-quality fighters. There    *
    *        *  are two main ways to earn gold: gaining enough experience to      *
    *        *  increase your level (which usually gives 1-3 GP), and buying      *
    *        *  gold with real money (either via credit card or system-specific   *
    *        *  points, e.g. Microsoft Points and Playstation Network money)      *
    Most of the time the items you're interested in will cost a set amount of
    silver, you pay said silver, and then you continue on your merry little way.
    Sometimes, though, gold is required to make purchases. Other times silver is
    the main payment method but gold may be used instead to mitigate the silver
    loss, and occasionally gold is the only accepted currency and you have to bite
    the bullet and spend it like a champ.
    Spending gold on items is generally a quicker way of acquiring merchandise, but
    you will be paying real money for the privilege. How much real money? Take a
    look at this chart that I did all dat nifty math by hand for... because eff
    *   Gold   *   MSPoints  *  Real Money (USD)/  *     Gold Per      *
    *          *             *   Playstation Cash  *      Dollar       *
    *    50 G  *    400 MSP  *          $5         *      10 GPD       *
    *   200 G  *   1600 MSP  *         $20         *      10 GPD       *
    *   650 G  *   4000 MSP  *         $50         *      13 GPD       *
    *  1100 G  *   6000 MSP  *         $75         *      14.667 GPD   *
    *  3000 G  *  12000 MSP  *        $150         *      20 GPD       *
    Free to play, in all its glory. Hurray for microtransactions. If you plan to
    lay down some skrilla then your best bet is to buy in bulk, as you'll get more
    bang for your buck. Just looking for a quick little boost or trying out the
    game and want to get a few quick higher-quality items without wasting your
    time? That's fine as well. If you like the game, can afford the cash, and
    believe it's worth it for your enjoyment to buy some gold then by all means,
    spend away. Just don't get too carried away and rack up an insurmountable
    credit card bill, obviously.
    Apologies to those of you in countries outside of the United States but I don't
    have the figures on the exact amounts required in Euros, Francs, Yen, Rubles,
    Lira or whatever else. I'm sure that your regional equivalent is fairly similar
    to the game's USD pricing schematic.
    =  Quality System [QUAL]  =
    Like many other games, Spartacus Legends features a color-coded quality system.
    Unlike most games that use similar systems, however, this rating system is also
    applied to fighters in the game.
    The list of quality is as follows:
    *  Color   *   Quality   *
    *   White  *  Common     *
    *   Green  *  Uncommon   *
    *    Blue  *  Rare       *
    *  Purple  *  Epic       *
    *  Yellow  *  Legendary  *
    This is the entirety of the list, with white being the lowest quality and
    yellow being the highest. For example, a white Dual Dagger weapon will have
    lower base stats and rating than a blue Dual Dagger and probably will not have
    any extra abilities attached, whereas the blue daggers will probably have at
    least one ability, if not two.
    This rule also applies to newly bought fighters. Not only will higher-quality
    fighters start with higher base stats, but each tier of quality means that a
    fighter gets that many more Perk slots available. Following that logic:
    *  Color   *  Perk Slots  *
    *   White  *      1       *
    *   Green  *      2       *
    *    Blue  *      3       *
    *  Purple  *      4       *
    *  Yellow  *      5       *
    The better quality the item or gladiator, the more you will need to spend.
    There are some slight variations in price between items and fighters of the
    same quality tier but on average their costs won't waver too terribly. Expect
    to shell out gold for purples and yellows. The price is usually worth it
    though, as better stats and more slots means higher performance and greater
    =  Gladiator Styles [GLST]  =
    When you plan to purchase a new fighter from the market you should have an idea
    as to what type of fighter you are looking for. What I mean by this is that if
    you already own one Sword and Shield fighter then there might not be a point
    in buying another Sword and Shield fighter (unless you're looking to buy a
    higher ranked fighter and delete the old one, then that makes sense...other
    reasons may also be acceptable).
    Every fighter in the game has their own weapon specialization, and a fighter's
    specialization is locked as soon as he is created. What this means is that if
    you own a full repertoire of nothing but Two-Handed Hammers and want to equip
    one of them onto that new Dual Dagger fighter you just bought... tough luck.
    There are a total of eight fighting styles available in the game. These styles
    are as follows:
      1. Spear and Shield
      2. Sword and Shield
      3. Dual Daggers
      4. Dual Swords
      5. Two-Handed Hammer
      6. Two-Handed Sword
      7. Two-Handed Trident
      8. Unarmed
    Fighting unarmed seems to be the fastest method of fighting, followed by Dual
    Wielding, then One-Handed + Shield, followed by Two-Handed. This makes sense,
    of course, as bigger weapons require more strength and would be slower, and
    small, light weapons that can be dual wielded would be faster than a one-handed
    weapon and the added weight of a shield. Fastest of all, though, is the Unarmed
    Fighting style. To fight unarmed, the only thing you need to do is select the
    fighter you wish to use, go to that fighter's weapon market menu, cycle to the
    far left and select the Unarmed option. Done. Now you're ready to go
    pre-Holyfield Tyson all up in peoples' business.
    Now that we've covered the various styles let's take a more in-depth look at
    what each style offers.
    Spear and Shield [GS01]
    [Work in progress: Description & analysis coming soon!]
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, L, <S>               S, S
    L, L, {P}               D + S, <S>
    L, {S}                  D + S, {P}
    L, <P>                  U + {S}
    D + L, L, {S}           A + S, L
    D + L, P                F + <S>
    U + L, L, L, <S>
    A + L
    F + L, L, S
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + P, <P>              Roll U/F/D + S
    U + P, L                BL + L
    A + <P>, <S>            BL + S
    F + <P>
    Sword and Shield [GS02]
    [Work in progress: Description & analysis coming soon!]
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, L, <L>               S, {S}
    L, L, P, {S}            D + S, <S>
    D + L, L, <L>           D + S, {P}
    D + L, L, P, {S}        U + {S}
    D + L, {S}              A + S, S, {S}
    D + L, {P}              F + S, {P}
    U + L, <L>
    A + L, {S}
    F + L, L, {S}
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + P, {P}              Roll U/F/D + S
    U + {P}                 BL + L
    A + P, {S}              BL + S
    F + {P}
    Dual Daggers [GS03]
    [Work in progress: Description & analysis coming soon!]
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, /L/, /L/, /S/        /S/, /S/, /S/
    D + L, /L/, <L>         /S/, {P}
    D + L, /L/, {S}         D + S, L, /L/, {S}
    U + L, /L/, <L>         D + S, {S}
    A + L, L                U + /S/, {S}
    A + L, {P}              A + /S/
    F + L, /L/, L, /L/      F + S, S, {S}
    F + L, /L/, L, {P}
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + P, L, L, {S}        Roll U/F/D + S
    U + <P>
    A + {P}
    F + {P}
    Dual Swords [GS04]
    [Work in progress: Description & analysis coming soon!]
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, /L/, /L/, {S}        <S>
    L, /L/, {S}             D + {S}
    L, /L/, {P}             U + <S>
    L, {S}                  A + <S>
    D + L, /L/, <L>         F + {S}
    D + L, {S}
    D + L, {P}
    U + L, /L/, /L/, {S}
    U + L, {P}
    A + /L/, {S}
    F + L, /L/, {S}
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + P                   Roll U/F/D + S
    U + P, <S>, {S}
    A + {P}, L, {S}
    F + <P>
    Two-Handed Hammer [GS05]
    [Work in progress: Description & analysis coming soon!]
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, L, <S>               {S}
    L, {S}                  D + {S}
    D + L, L, {P}           U + <S>, <S>, {S}
    D + L, <S>              A + <S>, {S}
    U + L, L                F + <S>, {S}
    U + L, {S}
    A + L, P, {S}
    A + L, {S}
    F + L, <L>
    F + L, P
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + P                   Roll U/F/D + S
    U + <P>                 L + P (CHARGE)
    A + {P}
    F + {P}
    Two-Handed Sword [GS06]
    [Work in progress: Description & analysis coming soon!]
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, /L/, <L>             {S}, <S>
    L, <S>                  D + /S/, P
    L, <P>                  U + {S}, S
    D + L, S, {S}           A + {S}, P, <P>
    D + L, <P>              F + /S/
    U + L, L, /L/
    U + L, L, {P}
    A + L, {S}
    F + /L/, /L/, <P>
    F + /L/, /L/, {S}
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + P                   Roll U/F/D + S
    U + P, P, {P}           L + P (CHARGE)
    U + P, P, <S>
    A + {P}, {S}
    F + <P>
    Two-Handed Trident [GS07]
    [Work in progress: Description & analysis coming soon!]
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, L, {L}               S, {S}
    L, {S}                  S, <P>
    D + L, P, <L>           D + <S>, {P}
    D + L, P, {S}           U + S, {P}
    U + L, L, <S>           A + {S}
    U + L, {S}              F + {S}
    A + L, L
    A + L, <S>
    F + L, L, L
    F + L, L, {S}
    F + L, L, {P}
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + {P}                 Roll U/F/D + S
    U + <P>, P, <P>         L + P (CHARGE)
    U + {P}, P, {S}
    A + P
    F + <P>
    Unarmed [GS08]
    Unarmed fighters are among the fastest attackers in the game, but they pay for
    that privilege by having by far the weakest Defense. By not having a weapon of
    any type the fighter must rely on their own base Defense stat and armors. It's
    something to work with, true, but less than other styles and that puts you at a
    disadvangtage. Considering this fact I believe the best strategy when playing
    an Unarmed fighter is to do like Muhammad Ali once said:
    "I'm gonna float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, George can't hit what
    his hands can't see! Now you see me, now you don't, he think he will but I know
    he won't! They tell me George is good but I'm twice as nice, and I'm gonna
    stick to his butt like white on rice!"
    Translation: Dash in, hit hard, hit fast, strategically retreat. Rinse and
    repeat. Chain together constant attacks to wear at your opponent, as chances
    are good that even light attacks made with weapons will be countered by your
    fist when thrown simultaneously. Pick your battles and you'll drown your
    opponent in his own blood. 
    Recommended Gear Loadout
     Base Stats: high Damage %
    Armor Stats: +Damage %, +Critical, +Attack Speed, +Move Speed, +Dodge, +Roll
          Perks: Fearless Fists, Beneath Your Feet, Fortune of the Crowd,
                 Frenzy of the Crowd, Doctore's Focus, Showboat
    Taking hits is even more dangerous than usual compared to the other styles.
    With this in mind my personal preference would be to use light, fast armors
    that are dodge and roll heavy to avoid as many hits as possible. Buffing with
    +Defense isn't the best plan, as given Unarmed gladiator's low Defense score
    it's doubtful you'll be able to increase it enough to make a substantial diff-
    erence. It would probably be better to just avoid attacks altogether, hence
    buffing Dodge.
    You could try to go the tankier route if you want to be less squishy, but you
    would also be less agile. Like all of the other weapon styles it really depends
    on your own preference.
    Both the base Damage % of your gladiator and extra Damage % from gear should be
    as high as possible; if Defense is going to be low then you might as well hit
    like a truck. Extra critical chance and critical damage will help enormously,
    and additional attack speed means you get more chances to throw crits into your
    enemy's face. Plusses to Dodge and Roll increase your mobility and let you duck
    into and out of combat more easily, and +Move Speed gives your opponent that
    much less time to react when you move into the strike zone.
    Perk choices should be virtually the same regardless of how you like to play
    Unarmed. Fearless Fists will give +stats for any Unarmed gladiator, Doctore's
    Focus will give extra crit chance/damage, and Beneath Your Feet ensures that
    even being knocked down won't keep you out of the fight for long.
    Fortune/Frenzy of the Crowd are useful perks to equip as well, as you should
    plan on constantly attacking and successful attacks will keep your favor high,
    thus raising crits, damage, attack and move speed. Showboat can also help with
    favor production, making it easier to gain the "of the Crowd" benefits. The
    downside to equipping favor-dependent perks is that you must keep your favor
    high in order to make them worth the slots used, so a skilled opponent can
    mitigate those perks' usefulness.
    Light Combos            Strong Combos
    ------------            -------------
    L, L, L, L, {L}         S, L, {L}
    L, L, L, L, {P}         D + S, L, {L}
    D + L, L, <P>           U + {S}
    U + L, L, {S}           A + {S}
    A + L, <S>              F + S, L, {L}
    F + L, L, L, L, {S}
    Pankration Attacks      Special Attacks
    ------------------      ---------------
    P                       F, F + S
    D + P                   Roll U/F/D + S
    U + {P}
    A + {P}
    F + {P}
    =  Items [ITEM]  =
    There are many different items available for purchase in the game, and all
    have unique attributes and costs. The following is the format in which items
    will be presented:
    Name: Name
    Unlock Level: ## (or Starter if applicable)
    Quality: Color
    Price: ####S (or #G to buy early)
    Health:  ###    Parrying: Limited/Average/Fast
    Defense: ###    Additional Skill#1: 
    Damage%: ###    Additional Skill#2: 
    Rating:  ###    Additional Skill#3: 
    Name: Hardened Lego Sword
    Unlock Level: 47
    Quality: Yellow
    Price: 40270 (or 321G to buy early)
    Health:  +60    Parrying: Fast
    Defense: +35    Weapon Speed: +10%
    Damage%: +87%   Defense Recovery: +15%
    Rating:  +96    Pankration Damage -5%
    Items are broken down into tiers of three, based on the item type. What this
    means is that items fall into a set, repeating pattern in their unlock order,
    which looks like this:
    Limited > Average > Excellent
    Slow > Average > Fast
    This effectively means that each tier of three items are all essentially equal
    in power yet different in utility. This is virtually always true, regardless of
    what the item category is. The categories themselves are broken down as such:
    Weapons: Parrying
     Chests: Rolling
       Legs: Dodging
    Shields and Helmets don't really fit into the tier system as they're items of
    more various utility and can effectively be used by any gladiator type. Boosts
    don't fit into this tiered system as every style of gladiator has access to the
    same items. Boosts are covered later in the FAQ in their own section.
    Concerning statistic color coding: red means a penalty or decrease in a listed
    ability, whereas green means a bonus or increase. Thus, comparing an equipped
    weapon with a +10 Defense to one with +15 Defense will show a 5 green increase
    in that stat, while similarly the reverse show a 5 red decrease. This color
    system applies to item abilities as well, when applicable.
    Weapons [WPNS]
    Weapons: used to cleave head from neck and to separate the victorious from the
    defeated. Without upgrading your tools of attack you won't make much more than
    a dent into your adversary's shiny new armor, regardless of how much you try.
    One-Handed Spears [WPN1]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    One-Handed Swords [WPN2]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Dual Daggers [WPN3]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Dual Swords [WPN4]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Two-Handed Hammers [WPN5]
    Tier 1
    Name: Training Mallet
    Unlock Level: Starter
    Quality: White
    Price: Free
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Limited
    Defense: +34
    Damage%: N/A
    Rating:   +8
    Name: Splintered Wooden Hammer
    Unlock Level: (see Future Updates section)
    Quality: White
    Price: 2920S (?G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Average
    Defense: +34
    Damage%: +2%
    Rating:   +9
    Name: Wooden Spiked Hammer
    Unlock Level: (see Future Updates section)
    Quality: White
    Price: 2960S (?G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Excellent
    Defense: +34
    Damage%: +4%
    Rating:  +10
    Tier 2
    Name: Gouged Wooden Hammer
    Unlock Level: (see Future Updates section)
    Quality: White
    Price: 3700S (?G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Limited
    Defense: +34    Roll Efficiency +5%
    Damage%: +5%
    Rating:  +16
    Name: Battered Sledge
    Unlock Level: (see Future Updates section)
    Quality: White
    Price: 4280S (?G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Average
    Defense: +34    Move Speed +5%
    Damage%: +5%
    Rating:  +17
    Name: Dull Spiked Hammer
    Unlock Level: (see Future Updates section)
    Quality: White
    Price: 5160S (?G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Excellent
    Defense: +40
    Damage%: +5%
    Rating:  +18
    Tier 3
    Name: Pitted Iron Hammer
    Unlock Level: (see Future Updates section)
    Quality: Green
    Price: 7160S (?G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Limited
    Defense: +34    Damage Resistance +3%
    Damage%: +8%
    Rating:  +24
    Name: Bent-hafted Sledgehammer
    Unlock Level: (see Future Updates section)
    Quality: Green
    Price: 8200S (?G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Average
    Defense: +34    Pankration Damage +5%
    Damage%: +7%
    Rating:  +25
    Name: Nicked Iron Hammer
    Unlock Level: Level 12
    Quality: Green
    Price: 9800S (8G)
    Health:   +3    Parrying: Excellent
    Defense: +37
    Damage%: +6%
    Rating:  +26
    Tier 4
    Name: Bent Metal Hammer
    Unlock Level: Level 13
    Quality: Color
    Price: 11920S (13G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Limited
    Defense: +34    Defense Recovery +10%
    Damage%: +11%
    Rating:  +32
    Name: Rusted Iron Hammer
    Unlock Level: Level 14
    Quality: Color
    Price: 13640S (21G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Average
    Defense: +34    Defense Recovery +10%
    Damage%: +9%
    Rating:  +33
    Name: Stained Hammer
    Unlock Level: Level 15
    Quality: Blue
    Price: 15640S (32G)
    Health:  N/A    Parrying: Excellent
    Defense: +34    Weapon Speed +2%
    Damage%: +7%
    Rating:  +34
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Two-Handed Swords [WPN6]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Two-Handed Tridents [WPN7]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Shields [SHLD]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Helmets [HELM]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Chest Armor [ARMR]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Leg Armor [LEGS]
    [Work in progress: Item information coming soon!]
    Boosts [BOOS]
    There are two categories of boosts: Universal and Style-Exclusive.
    Boosts are skill increases that are purchasable from the Ludus. These ability
    bumps range from things like increased crowd favor to damage increases to extra
    silver gained after matches. These increases are only temporary, though,
    usually lasting only 5 rounds. Nothing is free, though, so these increases are
    going to cost you. Nearly every boost is bought exclusively with gold, so you
    must choose whether to sacrifice some of your stash for a temporary bonus or
    save your gold for bigger purchases and necessary expenses later on. The
    exceptions to this rule are one of the two available style-exclusive boosts,
    and instead of gold coins they cost only 500 silver, a rather paltry sum for
    the bonus given.
    Universal boosts are boosts available to every character in the game,
    regardless of fighting style. The abilities they increase range from additional
    health to critical hit chance bonuses.
    Style-exclusive boosts, on the other hand, are unique to each specific style,
    including unarmed fighting. There are two exclusive boosts per style, each
    giving both a bump to crowd favor as well as the chance to perform a special
    execution ability... that is, if you actually happen to win the match.
    Universal Boosts
    Boost: Speed Boost
    Cost: 10G
    Description: Gain +4% boost to attack speed and a +10% boost to movement speed
                 for 5 fights.
    Boost: Critical Boost
    Cost: 10G
    Description: Gain +20% Critical Hit chance, +20% Critical Hit damage, and +20%
                 Critical Hit resistance for 5 fights.
    Boost: Defense Boost
    Cost: 10G
    Description: Gain an extra 15 Defense points for 5 fights.
    Boost: Health Boost
    Cost: 10G
    Description: Gain an extra 15 Health points for 5 fights.
    Boost: Damage Boost
    Cost: 12G
    Description: Gain +15% Damage for 5 fights.
    Boost: Fame Boost
    Cost: 20G
    Description: Doubles your Fame Earnings for 5 fights.
    Boost: Silver Boost
    Cost: 20G
    Description: For 5 Fights, earn 4000 extra silver if you win or 2000 extra
                 silver if you lose.
    Style-Exclusive Boosts
    [Work in progress: Boost information coming soon!]
    =  Perks [PERK]  =
    Spartacus Legends makes use of a perk system with which you may individually
    customize your gladiators to suit your particular tastes. Want a parry-heavy
    Dual Swordsman? There's perks for that. Life stealing, crowd pleasing,
    hammer wielding attention hound? Perks. You get the idea.
    According to the in-game description: Perks will generally have a condition and
    an effect, and when the conditions of a Perk are met it will become active in
    combat. Keep in mind that certain perks may be allowed to activate only once
    per fight.
    There are two ways to earn Perks for your gladiators: achieving victory in
    specific Arena/Primus battles on the World Map, and executing/slaughtering
    opponents. Arena/Primus battles reward a particular Perk, shown in the mission
    info before entering the battle. Executing foes earns a random Perk.
    Higher quality gladiators have more Perk slots than lower quality, as shown in
    the Quality section above. Should you need to replace or just plain delete a
    Perk from a gladiator this option is available. Unfortunately, this option is
    not free and will cost you 2 Gold per Perk slot. To avoid wasting gold, choose
    carefully before accepting Perks into empty slots, as swapping that Perk out
    down the line is going to cost you.
    Also, Perks that you win from battles and decline to equip as well as equipped
    Perks that you exchange for newly gained Perks cannot be saved for later use
    and are immediately lost. This may affect who you decide to send into a Primus
    battle, as a gladiator who already has the Perks you want will just waste the
    Perk reward from the battle, while another of your warriors may make good use
    of it. Just something to think about.
    Note: Executing an Arena/Primus opponent who normally rewards a Perk will not
    award an additional Perk at the end of the battle: you will only receive the
    mission-specific Perk.
    *         Perk           *                    Description                     *
    *  Agile Sentinel        *  Fully regain your Defense after a successful      *
    *                        *  dodge.                                            *
    *  Amateur's Affliction  *  Regenerate .5% Health per second when opponent    *
    *                        *  has earned little crowd favor.                    *
    *  Apollo's Blessing     *  Regenerate .25% Health every second.              *
    *  Armor of the Crowd    *  Become invulnerable for 8 seconds when in high    *
    *                        *  favor with the crowd.                             *
    *  Balanced Mind         *  +10% damage to Defense when Health is high.       *
    *  Beneath Your Feet     *  You will get up quickly after being knocked to    *
    *                        *  the ground by a strike.                           *
    *  Bite of Cerberus      *  Critical hits will cause the opponent to bleed    *
    *                        *  5% Health over 5 seconds.                         *
    *                        *  Gain +15% Damage, +5% Move Speed, +7% Damage      *
    *  Blade Hunter          *  Reduction, and +10% Defense Recovery when facing  *
    *                        *  sword wielding foes.                              *
    *  Callous               *  Gain +15% Damage Resistance when your opponent's  *
    *                        *  Health is low.                                    *
    *                        *  Increase Critical Hit damage and Critical Hit     *
    *  Coward's Burden       *  chance by 30% when your opponent has little       *
    *                        *  favor.                                            *
    *  Crowd's Embrace       *  Block all grab attempts when you earn high favor  *
    *                        *  with the crowd.                                   *
    *  Curse of Janus        *  Throwing your opponent will cause crowd favor to  *
    *                        *  shift in your favor.                              *
    *  Devourer              *  Dodging your opponent will cause crowd favor to   *
    *                        *  shift in your favor.                              *
    *  Doctore's Focus       *  Critical Hit chance +15%. Critical Hit damage     *
    *                        *  +30%.                                             *
    *  Dog's Fortune         *  Gain +40% Critical Hit chance, +40% Critical Hit  *
    *                        *  damage when defense is low.                       *
    *                        *  Gain +10% Damage, +5% Move Speed, +7% Damage      *
    *  Dull Edge             *  Reduction, and +10% Defense Recovery when facing  *
    *                        *  sword and dagger wielding foes.                   *
    *                        *  When your Defense is broken, gain +25% Damage     *
    *  Enraged               *  for 8 seconds. (Won from Otho the Savage in       *
    *                        *  Insulae Mission 5)                                *
    *  Fearless Fists        *  Your gladiator's stats will be increased when     *
    *                        *  fighting unarmed.                                 *
    *                        *  Gain +10% Damage for 4 seconds after a success-   *
    *  Forced Entry          *  ful parry. (Won from Hrowulf The Impenetrable in  *
    *                        *  Spectacula Mission 6)                             *
    *  Fortification         *  Defense will regenerate 20% faster.               *
    *                        *  Gain +30% Critical Hit chance and +30% Critical   *
    *  Fortune of the Crowd  *  Hit damage when you earn high favor with the      *
    *                        *  crowd.                                            *
    *  Frenzy of the Crowd   *  Gain +10% Damage, +2% Attack Speed and +5% Move   *
    *                        *  Speed when you earn high favor with the crowd.    *
    *  Fury                  *  Gain +20% Damage and +4% Attack Speed when        *
    *                        *  Health is low.                                    *
    *  Gambler's Profit      *  Regenerate 4% Health after a successful parry.    *
    *  Gladiator's Panacea   *  15% of damage dealt will be returned as Health.   *
    *  Good Fortune          *  Your gladiator's chance of being struck by a      *
    *                        *  Critical Hit is reduced by 50%.                   *
    *  Hardened Flesh        *  Resist Damage by 5%.                              *
    *  Headstrong            *  Resist Damage to Health by 25% when Health is     *
    *                        *  low.                                              *
    *  Heart of Canna        *  +10 Health                                        *
    *  Human Fortress        *  Fully regain your Defense after a successful      *
    *                        *  parry.                                            *
    *  Hurried Butcher       *  +4% Attack Speed                                  *
    *  Ignore Pain           *  When your gladiator is struck, you will have a    *
    *                        *  15% chance to knockback your opponent.            *
    *  Impatient             *  Recover 25% faster after blocking an attack.      *
    *  Jupiter's Luck        *  The wrath of the Gods knows no end.               *
    *  Jupiter's Might       *  +10% Damage                                       *
    *  Keen Eye              *  +10% Damage when opponent's Defense is low.       *
    *  Life on the Edge      *  Regenerate .75% Health per second while Defense   *
    *                        *  is low.                                           *
    *  Merciless             *  Defense will become unlimited when your oppo-     *
    *                        *  nent's Health is low.                             *
    *                        *  Gain +15% Damage, +5% Move Speed, +7% Damage      *
    *  Neptune's Assassin    *  Reduction, and +10% Defense Recovery when facing  *
    *                        *  spear wielding foes.                              *
    *  No Missio             *  Recover quickly after being knocked to the        *
    *                        *  ground.                                           *
    *                        *  Parrying your opponent will cause crowd favor to  *
    *  Pandora's Box         *  shift in your favor. (Won from Whilhelm The       *
    *                        *  Proud in Oscan Capua Mission 4)                   *
    *  Pluto's Protection    *  When Health is low, you will become invulnerable  *
    *                        *  for 7 seconds. Activates only once per fight.     *
    *  Protection of the     *  Gain +15% Damage Resistance and +10% Defense      *
    *  Crowd                 *  Recovery when you earn high favor with the        *
    *                        *  crowd.                                            *
    *  Rabid Dog             *  Gain +50% Critical Hit chance and +50% Critical   *
    *                        *  Hit damage when health is low.                    *
    *  Resurrection          *  Gain more Health from your second wind.           *
    *  Roar of the Crowd     *  Regenerate .5% Health every second when crowd     *
    *                        *  favor is full.                                    *
    *                        *  Gain +15% Damage, +5% Move Speed, +7% Damage      *
    *  Shield Breaker        *  Reduction, and +10% Defense Recovery when facing  *
    *                        *  shield wielding foes.                             *
    *  Showboat              *  Gain an extra +20% crowd favor for successful     *
    *                        *  strikes.                                          *
    *  Slave's Punishment    *  +10% Damage when your opponent has earned little  *
    *                        *  crowd favor.                                      *
    *  Slimy Maggot          *  Temporarily block all grab attempts when Health   *
    *                        *  is low.                                           *
    *  Slippery Grasp        *  Blocks all grab attempts for 5 seconds when your  *
    *                        *  Defense is broken.                                *
    *  Swift and Hearty      *  Regenerate 2% Health after a successful dodge.    *
    *  Swift Sandals         *  +5% Movement Speed                                *
    *  Thick Skull           *  +10 Defense (Won from Sword and Shield Practice   *
    *                        *  in Extremus Mission 1)                            *
    *  Torturer              *  Regenerate .5% Health per second when your        *
    *                        *  opponent's Health is low.                         *
    *  Tragic Blessing       *  Regenerate 8% Health after your Defense is        *
    *                        *  broken.                                           *
    *  Unfazed               *  Recover 25% faster after being hit by an attack.  *
    *  Unshakable            *  Block all grab attempts for 5 seconds after       *
    *                        *  being parried.                                    *
    *  Violent Retort        *  Gain +15% Damage for 5 seconds after a success-   *
    *                        *  ful dodge.                                        *
    *  Wily Beast            *  Block all grab attempts for 5 seconds after       *
    *                        *  being dodged.                                     *
    *  Wrath of the Brute    *  Gain +10% Damage, +2% Attack Speed and +5% Move   *
    *                        *  Speed when Defense is low.                        *
    = The City [CITY]  =
    Capua, the land where glory is earned, fortunes are made, and blood is spilled
    by the barrel.
    ~  The Ludus [LUDU] ~
    Entering the Ludus gives access to the game's Marketplace. This is where you
    will buy equipment and bolster your ranks with new recruits. From this screen
    you may also, should you desire, send a gladiator to the mines, permanently
    deleting him from your ranks. You will end up making use of this feature, as
    space for recruits is not infinite and you may well want to replace that Common
    Sword & Shield beginner fighter for a more suitable Rare Sword & Shield fighter
    when one becomes available. (Sadly, there seems to be no option to buy, sell,
    or trade gladiators with other Lanistas via XBL/PSN at this time.)
    At any given time there are only 6 randomly generated recruits available for
    purchase in the Marketplace, varying in quality as well as stats. Legendary
    gladiators may be bought from here as well as long as they have been unlocked
    by defeating them in the single player campaign; however, unlocked Legendaries
    are not guaranteed to appear for sale every time (or even regularly).
    While you search for new recruits you may realize that the six listed fighters
    aren't exactly the stock you are looking for. Luckily, you have options in this
      1. Each batch of warriors is available for 30 minute blocks. If you wish to
    peruse a new batch then just wait for the 30 minute timer to expire and the
    list will refresh, bringing a fresh new lot to market.
      2. If you have the silver to spend and at least one free slot to spare you
    can try your luck at refreshing the list yourself, in a way. You could buy
    cheap, low quality recruits for 400+ silver coins, return to the main Ludus
    screen, immediately delete the low quality gladiator, and then return to the
    recruit screen. Doing this refreshes one slot every time but can eat through
    your silver reserves.
      3. If you are impatient and just want to reset all six slots to try finding
    that perfect recruit you could pay 5 Gold to instantly reset all recruit slots
    as well as the 30 minute timer. I, however, would not recommend doing this, as
    you are not guaranteed to get a specific type of gladiator by refreshing (thus
    possibly wasting gold on nothing). Plus, if you are going to spend gold on any-
    thing you're better off saving it for high-quality gladiators that naturally
    spawn or some ridiculous gold currency-exclusive gear down the line. Then
    again, if you've got that Romney money then forget all that and go for it (and,
    also, send me an email, because I think I might be your long lost secret half
    ~  The Bank [BANK] ~
    The Bank is where you purchase in-game Gold for real money/equivalent
    network-specific points (MSP or PSN cash).
    For price per gold amounts, see above in the Currency [CURR] section.
    P.S. To that guy with the Romney money that I was just talking about above...
    seriously, get ahold of me. We should talk.
    ~  The Arenas [AREN]  ~
    There are six main districts of Capua that house arenas where you may fight,
    each with varying levels of difficulty, fame, and fortune. When the game starts
    you will only have access to one area, the rest being level locked. Within each
    district there are multiple missions, some of which are themselves level
    The various types of battle types are:
      1. Arena Battles - Matches against randomized gladiators that you are allowed
    to repeat ad nauseam. Some of these arena battles will pit you against an
    opponent of a specific fighting style, while others are mystery battles against
    a gladiator of a random style. Most of these fights are against warriors of a
    rating close to your own, depending on the district. These are the battles in
    Legends Mode where you will be spending most of your time, training your
    warriors and testing new gear and fighting tactics.
    Note: After completing an arena battle that particular battle begins a
    two-minute cooldown timer. Until the cooldown timer runs out you may not
    attempt that specific arena battle again.
      2. Primus Battles - Primus battles are essentially single player progression
    missions. Every district has a set of battles that must be fought, in order,
    with one battle unlocking the next in a chain leading up to the district's
    final boss battle. Each Primus battle is against a specific gladiator whose
    pertinent information (name, fighting style, rating, etc.) will always be the
    same, no matter how many times you fail to defeat them. Winning one of these
    fights rewards your gladiator with a guaranteed perk, listed in the match info
    before starting. Once you have won a Primus battle it will disappear and may
    not be attempted again.
    Note: Some Primus battles force you to fight with a gladiator of a specific
    fighting style. If you have not yet acquired a fighter with that style you will
    need to purchase an appropriate gladiator at the Marketplace in order to
    continue your progress.
      3. Boss Battles - In every district there is a boss battle that is unlocked
    after defeating every one of that district's Primus battles. These battles pit
    you against a Legendary quality gladiator who is (or was) a character in the TV
    series. This gladiator will almost certainly be of a higher rating than you,
    come equipped with multiple perks, and sport gear unique to that character.
    Defeating the boss in a district unlocks that character for purchase in the
    Marketplace, though like all gladiators for sale they will appear only
      4. Online Match - These areas are where you may queue up for online
    multiplayer matches. These will be discussed in the Multiplayer section below.
    Playing Legends Mode strictly as a single player experience creates a somewhat
    linear progression of:
      1. Battle foes <= Your level
      2. Unlock new content by gaining enough fame to increase your level
      3. Upgrade equipment as needed
      4. Attempt recently-unlocked battles
      5. Rinse and repeat
    There will be a bit of grinding, or repeatedly engaging in sets of battles with
    the sole purpose of increasing fame and silver which, in turn, will be used to
    strengthen your warriors, in order to overcome newer challenges that have been
    unlocked. The reason for this is quite simple: while you may have just unlocked
    an area such as Insulae on your last battle, chances are fairly decent that
    actually going straight to Insulae is going to result not only in a quick
    defeat, but also permanent death for that unlucky gladiator with whom you
    sauntered into there. I don't know, maybe you're good enough to beat those
    gladiators with a 40 rating fighter, but I'm going to preach caution here.
    Obviously, this is assuming you are playing strictly solo. Multiplayer lets you
    play the game differently and as such is covered in its own section below.
    So, without further ado, let's take a look at these areas.
    [Work in progress: District info coming soon!]
    =  Multiplayer [MULT]  =
    [Work in progress: Multiplayer info coming soon!]
    =  Achievements/Trophies [ACTR]  =
    As of the game's release there are twelve achievements and trophies available
    to earn on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, respectively.
    An Educated Lanista
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 20 GS / Brozne Trophy
    Description: Complete the tutorial
    Beat Strong, Bloody Heart
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 40 GS / Silver Trophy
    Description: Win 5 consecutive fights in the Insulae district
    Hardened for Battle
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 20 GS / Bronze Trophy
    Description: Defeat an Opponent of Threat 100 or higher
    Legendard Victory
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 30 GS / Bronze Trophy
    Description: Defeat a legendary gladiator
    Opened Gates, Bloodied Sands
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 20 GS / Bronze Trophy
    Description: Unlock all arenas and fight in all arenas at least once in Legends
    Rejected by Hell
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 20 GS / Bronze Trophy
    Description: Revive a dead Gladiator for the first time.
    Rich and Famous
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 80 GS / Gold Trophy
    Description: Reach Level 50 Fame
    The Champion of Capua
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 50 GS / Silver Trophy
    Description: Conquer all districts
    The First of Many Conquests
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 20 GS / Bronze Trophy
    Description: Conquer your first district
    Vidi, Vici, Veni
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 20 GS / Bronze Trophy
    Description: Drive the crowd into a frenzy and win a fight by executing your
                 opponent with a finishing move.
    Note: Only the Boost-specific executions count for this, not slaughters.
    Well-Versed in Weaponry
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 20 GS / Bronze Trophy
    Description: Win at least 1 match with each fighting style (including unarmed)
    Without Mercy
    Gamerscore/Trophy: 60 GS / Silver Trophy
    Description: Perform 25 executions or slaughters
    Note: Unlike the 'Vidi, Vici, Veni' objective, slaughters count.
    = Future Updates [UPDA] =
     - Full Gladiator style analyses
     - Full Item Lists
     - Full District area lists
     - Multiplayer analysis
     - Complete Protips/advice section
     - Additional content = additional updates
     - Tweaks, knickknacks, and other surprisemacations to the guide as I see fit
    There are some specific pieces of info I'm looking for, and any help at all in
    getting this info would be appreciated:
      1. Weapons & Armor: unlock levels and price (amount of normal Silver and Gold
    to buy earlier than unlock level) for every weapon and armor from...let's say
    Levels 15 and before. I made it past Level 10 before I decided to start writing
    this article, meaning that I hadn't thought to make a note of that info
    (because why would I?). Unfortunately, there's no in-game encyclopedic database
    listing every item's stats (dammit) and no way, to my knowledge, to start the
    game over on my Xbox account (haven't tried just deleting save data yet), so
    that means I'm going to have to rely on outside sources (see:Google) and/or
    actual people who are awesome and are willing to record the data I need to
    complete the missing things. Given that the game was just released and concrete
    information on most of the game is fairly scant as of yet I'll probably need
    people to contact me with this info.
      2. NPC Missions: that "did it before starting the guide" thing again...I need
    all information regarding every Primus in Extremus (the first area), up to and
    including the mission that unlocked the boss fight. This includes the name and
    nickname of the NPC opponent, the weapon style they use, their character
    rating, lethality/fame/fortune ratings, the level you have to be to unlock the
    mission... the whole shebang. I'll also need the unlock levels of Arenas,
    Primus...es...and Bosses throughout Capua, let's say level 15 and under again,
    just to make it uniform.
      3. District unlocks: same thing as items and missions... hindsight's 20/20.
    This one's pretty simple, as I just need the level that unlocks the 5 other
    districts of the city (Mercatus/DN/Insulae/OC/Spectacula). Well, the first four
    others, since I remember Spect is unlocked at Level 10. I just need someone to
    send me the specifics.
    Also, if anyone has suggestions regarding information in the guide that I
    should add, edit, or remove, please send me a message. Examples? Okay. Let me
    know if I...
     - ...screwed up the quality system info due to my years of playing WoW and
       the like and called the purple-quality items "Epic" instead of their real
       official title, assuming there are any official titles aside from Legendary.
     - ...forgot to add necessary sections, haven't already added a section here in
          the Future Updates section, or need to merge existing/future sections
          because they're closely-related enough to combine and save the space.
     - ...messed up and didn't realize that there is another quality tier, like the
       blood red-colored Herculean Assclown tier, cuz Herculean Assclowns r srsbznz
    So do me a favor and send along ideas to my email errbody. I like to think I
    come up with good ideas, but I'm not arrogant enough to think I come up with
    ALL of the good ideas.
    = Thanks/Danke/Gracias/Whatever [TDGW] =
    Well, that's it. You've reached the conclusion of another of my walkthrough...
    guide...thingies. Congratulations.
    Seriously though, here's to hoping that it helped. Maybe you enjoyed it a
    little bit. Maybe you would like me to make another guide. Maybe I'm what you
    deserve but not what you need right now. Maybe those were the droids you were
    looking for. Maybe I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time.
    ......... Okay, that was a little ridiculous. Moving on...
    Suggestions? Comments? Love mail? Death threats? Current bank statements
    complete with routing information? If this is the case then direct your gaze to
    the conveniently placed email address at the top of this article. And hey,
    lookit that, it's also in the Contact Info & Copyright Notice section.
    If you don't like the email thing just send me a PM, I get those just fine too.
    Regardless of how you decide to ship off any correspondence my way I swear I'll
    read it. Maybe. Scout's honor.
    P.S. If you want credit for pointing anything out or whatever and I feel like
    taking the time to acknowledge such pointings outs then make sure that you give
    me your username so I can give propers. Snooch to the nooch.
    = Contact Info & Copyright Notice [COPY] =
    If you would like to get ahold of me, the author of this amazingly fantastic
    piece of literary architecture, the process is really quite simple.
    Option #1: I have a special email address set up for just that purpose, and all
    you have to do is send me a message. Here it is:
    Easy, right? I just have a small number of requests.
    #1: I spellcheck everything automatically - I don't need a computer to do it
    for me. I, however, am a proofreading MACHINE. I understand that not everyone
    has the skill or patience for this, so all that I ask is that if you wish to
    correspond for any reason then at least make your message intelligible. Use
    spell check. Punctuate. Make me believe you at least passed some English
    classes. Otherwise, you earn an instant ignore.
     #1a: Speaking of English classes, I am an American. Don't hold that against
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          such a thing (search "American English" on Wikipedia). I speak a small
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          is, however, that I don't know enough of any other language aside from
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    #2: If I'm wrong about something, don't be an ass. Just let me know. Unless
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    #3: Title = What I'd Like To Talk About. If it lists the game/FAQ in question
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    #4: Don't spam me, because I will find you. I am normally a pretty chill guy,
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    Option #2: PM me on the GameFAQs site. The same rules from above apply here as
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    Alright then, onto the legalese.
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    Due to the complex nature of licensed products and multiple companies being
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    SPARTACUS: TM & © Starz Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved. STARZ and
    related service marks are the property of Starz Entertainment, LLC. Game
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    Ubisoft's official website is
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    Original Image for ASCII artwork can be located at
    < http://spartacus.wikia.com/wiki/Spartacus_Legends >
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    Basically if anyone makes any money from this guide it should be me. Don't
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    Want to use a snippet of my article to supplement your own? Contact me first,
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    article that includes my excerpt so I can review it for final approval. If I
    say no, respect it. If I say yes, I expect proper citation. If you'd like to
    post this guide to your own site, then shoot an email my way. If I say yes...
    fantastic. If I say no then I expect you to honor it. If I don't respond then
    consider that an absentee answer of no until you hear otherwise from me.
    Regarding that, while I have received requests to post my work on various other
    sites for the foreseeable future the only site that has my explict permission
    to post my works (aside from any of my own personal sites since I can post it
    wherever the hell I want) is GameFAQs.com. Sorry, that's just the way it is.
    The moral of the story is that I don't care if I'm getting paid to write a
    piece or not, credit where credit is due is the rule of the game.
    © Copyright 2013 Nick Ratchko. All rights reserved.

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