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    Fuu by DutchKraken

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                   | Table of Content | [TOC] |
     0. Table of Content ........................... [TOC]
     1. Legal Information .......................... [LIN]
     2. Introduction ............................... [INT]
     3. Controls ................................... [CNT]
     4. Unlocking Fuu .............................. [ULC]
     5. Character Profile .......................... [CPF]
     6. Character Moves ............................ [CMS]
     7. Character Items ............................ [ITM]
     8. Character Appearances ...................... [CAS]
     9. Character Team Support ..................... [CTS]
    10. Character Strategies ....................... [STR]
    11. Frequently Asked Questions ................. [FQQ]
    12. Contact Information ........................ [CIN]
    13. Credits .................................... [CRD]
    14. Version History ............................ [VHS]
    15. Closing Statement .......................... [CLS]
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                   | Legal Information | [LIN] |
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
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    Website's who obtained permission to upload this:
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    with that.
                      | Introduction | [INT] |
    So, hello, my nickname is DutchKraken and I'm from The Netherlands. I decided
    to write a MoveSet for Fuu because well, she is my favorite jinchuriki to use
    in this game. And I figured I want to know more about her. Thus I chosen to do
    this by writing a Moveset for her. You don't believe how much interesting
    things you learn just by writing about them.
    I am no stranger to writing Movesets though, when not creating skeletons for
    new ones which I abandoned *cough*Dabura*cough*, I also written a Moveset for
    Kid Buu for "Dragon Ball Z; Raging Blast".
                        | Controls | [CNT] |
    Because this game is out on the Xbox360 and on the Playstation 3, I decided to
    make this Moveset capable for use for both systems. So both systems can use
    this. However, this means I needed to find a way by explaining the buttons
    without using console-specific buttons. So below here is a small graph which
    shows what I have, what the corresponding button on the other console is as
    |     Button     | X360 | PlaySt 3 | Guide |
    | Substition     | LT   | L2       |  SB   |
    | Block          | RT   | R2       |  BL   |
    | Chakra Charge  | Y    | Triangle |  CC   |
    | Projectile     | X    | Square   |  PJ   |
    | Melee          | B    | Circle   |  ML   |
    | Jump           | A    | Cross    |  JP   |
    I do not own a Playstation 3, so its buttons can be wrong here. If they are
    wrong, please send me an E-Mail so I correct them. Otherwise I just feel
    these are correct and I just remove this line over time.
                     | Unlocking Fuu | [ULC] |
    Fuu (Reanimation): Acquire 960,000 ryo
    Fuu (Living): Acquire 970,000 ryo
    Just collect that amount and you should unlock Fuu in this game, despite
    that this looks like much, it really isn't. A single playthrough to the story
    mode will give you enough to unlock her. As well as you do not need to own
    this amount at a single time, you just need to have collected this amount.
                   | Character Profile | [CPF] |
    Fu, while still alive, was a kunoichi from Takigakure. Remember? That place
    where Kakuzu was also from? Or that place where the movie of the Hidden
    Waterfall was happening? No, well, it was there. And Fu was an inhabitant
    from it. Yet according to Deidara (thank you wiki) she hated humanity and
    her village. Yet in the show and this game she is shown as a cheerfull and
    carefree person.
    In the Shinobi World War, she is one of the people ressurected by Kabuto
    because of her Jinchuriki status. That's correct. Fu is another jinchuriki
    just like Naruto and Killer Bee. She hosts the Seven-Tails, also called
    Chomei. In the Fourth Ninja War she was given a Sharingan and a Rinnegan
    by Tobi, and was used as one of his Six Paths of Pain.
    Any further mention what happens after that would be spoilers, and I don't
    want to give those out. So I'm ending this here.
    If you have a Fuu Mirror Match (Fuu VS Fuu), the second one will have a pink
    backpack instead of red.
                    | Character Moves | [CMS] |
    | Shuriken: Triple Shuriken Throw (PJ) |
    Hits: 3 Hits --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 0,6%
    A simple throw of 3 Shurikens, it's really not that spectacular as I made it
    sound here.
    Strategic: Much like any Projectile for any character, these can be used in
    order to disrupt the opponent while charging for something. It never is
    supposed to be used for her main way of doing damage. But you can use it to
    disrupt chakra charging and for long ranged characters combo's. As any other
    character, you can use these while jumping or while ninja moving. If you use
    this while ninja moving, you keep moving a little bit further.
    | Chakra Shuriken: Wind-Imbued Shuriken (CC, PJ) |
    Hits: 6 Hits --- Chakra Slam: Yes --- Damage: 1,2%
    Chakra Cost: 11%
    Fuu will throw 6 shuriken all with a blue aura around them.
    Strategic: Again, like the original shurikens it can be used for the exact
    same reasons. This just does a little bit more damage in exchange for a little
    bit of Chakra. Its only difference is that it cannot be used fluently while
    ninja moving. I also found that they move a tiny bit faster then the ordinary
    shurikens, but the difference is hardly noticable.
    | Startup Combo: Startup (ML, ML, ML, ML) |
    Hits: 4 Hits --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 8%
    First Fuu punches the opponent with her left hand, only then to kick her
    opponent twice. She then proceeds with an uppercut. After that she will use
    her wings in order to slash the opponent. After all this, she will continue
    her combo depending on whatever direction is pressed.
    Strategic: You need to be pretty close in order to actually hit with
    the first punch, so get close to your opponent. Other then that, there
    is hardly anything I can mention here since if you do manage to hit
    you probably are going to finish with the Neutral, Down or Up Combo.
    | Neutral Combo: Linked Arm Rush (Startup Combo, ML, ML) |
    Hits: 9 Hits --- Chakra Slam: Yes --- Damage: 18,5%
    After the Startup Combo, she will punch him twice sparkling in the process
    to blind the opponent. It then goes cinematic with her charging with her
    arms as an X to hit her opponent sending them flying.
    Strategic: Great way of getting some distance between you and your opponent.
    However, the Chakra Slam is nice too but you won't be able to obtain these
    from just charging after using the combo. So get a bit closer and then
    charge in order to obtain them as well. 1 way to do this is by pressing
    JMP after the cinematic and then immediatly charge afterwards. Sure you
    get a little closer to your opponent but you at least collect some Chakra-
    | Up Combo: Scale Storm (Startup Combo, Up+ML, ML) |
    Hits: 15 Hits --- Chakra Slam: Yes ---- Damage: 18,2%
    After the Startup Combo, she will blow some dust that paralyzes after
    which she spins around cutting with her wings and sending the opponent
    flying upwards.
    Strategic: As most other people know, Up-Combo's can mostly go into an
    Air Combo simply by Double Jumping, but that's not the only thing this
    combo can do. If the combo is done and you use your Ultimate Jutsu, it
    can and will hit. Just use it instantly after the combo is finished.
    If you lack the chakra to do so, you can also just charge afterwards to
    collect the Chakra Balls your opponent drops after falling down again.
    | Down Combo: Flying Kick (Startup Combo, Down+ML, ML) |
    Hits: 8 Hits --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 18,5%
    After the Startup Combo, she will give 2 fast kicks to the opponent, then
    flies away a bit to gain momentum for 1 big kick which will ground
    the opponent close to her.
    Strategic: Not really that much of a great combo, but it does pretty good
    damage, but so far it's the least usefull combo I believe. However, it can
    go very nicely in her tilt. Which can be very handy at times as well. It
    also gets her in range nicely for her throw as well.
    | Air Combo: Flying Swallow Kick (in midair: ML, ML, ML) |
    Hits: 9 Hits --- Chakra Slam: Yes --- Damage: 8%
    First she hits the opponent with 2 kunai, then spins around like a twister,
    she then kicks the opponent down with massive force.
    Strategic: You will see this a lot like any other Air Combo. It lands you
    close nearby. You can Dash Cancel after the spins she does to continue
    the Air Combo or dash cancel just a little after during the startup for
    the kick, you can then launch a throw or an Up-Combo.
    | Tilt: Secret: Scaled Sneak Jutsu (Tilt, ML) |
    Hits: 1 Hit --- Chakra Slam: No ---- Damage: 6,1%
    Fuu will spit some sparkling dust to her opponent, if her opponent goes in
    this it will do some damage. As well as a random effect.
    Strategic: This Tilt can be great but also unreliable. I so far discovered
    3 things that can happen to the opponent, and its random each time:
    * Poison opponent (Purple)
    * Reduce Defense opponent (Green)
    * Reduce Movement Speed opponent (Blue)
    That said, it can still be a very good move to use, but you would probably
    hope for the Poison effect.
    | Throw: Shining Downstroke (Guard + ML) |
    Hits: 2 Hits --- Chakra Slam: No ---- Damage: 6%
    First Fuu spits her golden dust to the opponent, while the opponent is then
    blinded, she grabs him/her and flies straight up to toss them to the ground
    Strategic: You cannot use throws when using a single Chakra Charge, since
    that will go into a jutsu, but you can use it when you press Chakra Charge
    twice, as if going to your Ultimate. This means you can pull of some mind-
    games with the throw. Anyhow, her positioning after the throw is pretty nice
    but its downfall is she ends up in the air, where there really isn't a lot you
    can do up there. But you can use an item after the throw and this will hit.
    Other then that there really isn't much this throw can be transitioning in,
    but it's her only unblockable (in her human form) and that is why throws are
    very important.
    | Jutsu: Fan Slash (CC, ML) |
    Hits: 1 Hit --- Chakra Slam: No ---- Damage: 7%
    Chakra Cost: 25%
    Fuu takes out her wings from out her bag behind her, and spins with them
    creating shockwaves, sending them to the opponent.
    Strategic: This jutsu cannot really be used in good succession, as it is
    pretty easy to dodge it for an opponent. But it can still be used like the
    shurikens are, a way to pressure the opponent. Also, it sends them flying
    a bit of a direction making it another way for a quick breathing room.
    | Ultimate Jutsu: Scale Powder Blast (CC, CC, ML) |
    Hits: 1 Hit --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 35%
    Chakra Cost: 75%
    Fuu will charge at the opponent, when it connects, Fuu slams them with her
    body sending them flying a bit, but this was just the setup as she then
    flies away and goes into full tailed beast mode. After that, she as Chomei
    spins around creating a big tornado while going down straight the opponent.
    After the hits, she slams her tusks together to create a spark, igniting the
    whole tornado letting it explode in a rain of fire.
    Strategic: Great Ultimate, as any other jinchuriki they are very over the
    top. But she goes in a straight line, so make sure that it will hit. Like
    I said, the Up-Combo is a great way to set it up ensuring it will hit.
    Finish Ultimate:
    Standard: "You're going out with a BANG! That's how Fuu gets it done!"
    / Kraken Note /
    | Some characters have a different line then  |
    | their standard line when faced against      |
    | specific enemies. However, I was unable to  |
    | find one for Fuu. If you find one, please   |
    | contact me. See Frequently Asked Questions! |
    | Awakening: Seven-Tail Transformation |
    Instant: No --- Type: Form Change
    Since her health needs to be very low to awaken like any of the other tailed
    beasts. Don't rely on it too much. However, if you will use it, you get the
    feeling of being invincible for a bit (just remember you actually aren't).
    A great time to try to Awaken would be after her Neutral Combo, since by the
    time the opponent hits the ground you would have awakened. Another time would
    be after a down combo, since it lets Chomei (name of Seven-Tails) then get
    very close to the opponent. And if there is 1 thing nobody wants its a Giant
    awakening very close nearby.
    | Projectile: Wind Gust (PJ) |
    Hits: 1 Hit --- Chakra Slam: No ---- Damage: 0,6%
    Fuu throws a single Gust that does damage and disrupts the enemy.
    Strategic: Fuu exchanges her Shurikens for something more awesome while
    awakened. Like any Projectile, these can be used to disrupt the opponent.
    | Chakra Projectile: Triple Wind Gust (CC, PJ) |
    Hits: 3 Hits --- Chakra Slam: No ---- Damage: 4,5%
    Chakra Cost: 9,5%
    Instead of just 1, Fuu now fires 3 of the same Wind Gusts at her opponent.
    Strategic: Absolutely great move, it's fast, very fast. And does great damage
    as well. It is also a little difficult to dodge for the opponent. 
    | Neutral Combo: Dazzling Blade (ML, ML, ML, ML) |
    Hits: 4 Hits --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 25%
    First Fuu will almost sting like a Bee does with its tail (the one who isn't
    a wing). Then she does it again except now makes a loop in the progress. She
    will then lie down and spins on the ground, also sending a shockwave that
    resembles her jutsu in human form (except bigger) to the opponent.
    Strategic: Fuu exchanges all her combos for this one, and it is powerfull.
    Like any Giant Awakening, it is very difficult to substitute out of as well.
    | Tilt: Secret: Scaled Sneak Barrage (Tilt, ML) |
    Hits: 5 Hits --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 8,3%
    Fuu jumps up to release golden dust just like in her Tilt in her ordinary
    form. Except this time the cloud of dust is bigger, way bigger and it spreads
    all the way to all sides.
    Strategic: Not that usefull as it seems I believe. Sure it can disrupt the
    opponent but it loses its random effect and does a small bit of more damage,
    which you are better off just using her new Neutral Combo.
    | Throw: Striking Lance Edge (Guard + ML) |
    Hits: 1 Hit --- Chakra Slam: Yes --- Damage 7,9%
    Fuu gives a single headbutt within her Tailed Beast form.
    Strategic: Love this move, it's unblockable but can be substituted and then
    launching a counter-attack. Yet it does great damage and has great range. As
    with the headbutt she gets closer to her opponent as well.
    | Jutsu: Rotating Blades (CC, ML) |
    Hits: 1 Hit --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 14,7%
    Chakra Cost: 25%
    First Fuu will spin around a little bit creating a tornado. She then sends
    that tornado with her tail to the opponent.
    Strategic: This move can be great as it homes like crazy. This makes it
    very difficult for the opponent to actually dodge it. Fire multiple a bit
    and one of them will hit. 
    | Jutsu 2: Tailed Beast Bomb (CC, ML(Hold)) |
    Hits: 1 Hit --- Chakra Slam: No --- Damage: 25%
    Chakra Cost: 30%
    First Fuu charges a bit (this is when you hold) and then she launches a big
    red ball of power from her tails. When this ball hits, it creates an
    Strategic: Of course every Tailed Beast gets its Bomb. Like any other Tailed
    Beast Bomb, these do massive damage and are very difficult to actually dodge.
    You can use these after Rotating Blades for example or Triple Wind Gust.
    Depending on whatever you find more better, this move is fast once it has
    been fired, but the charging seems to be a dead giveaway.
                    | Character Items | [ITM] |
    Fuu like any other character, Fuu comes with 4 Items for her to use.
    Up-Item: Red Wrap (1x)
    Description: Recoveres Chakra (30%)
    Strategic: Since you only get 1, I feel it would be safest to use this when
    you are out of chakra, just to regain a little bit to fire that much required
    jutsu or maybe that Ultimate. In the end, don't try to ignore this, it's an
    option and it's great to have.
    Left Item: Defense Breaking Tag (2x)
    Description: Opponent's DEF is reduced for a set period (20%/5 Seconds)
    Strategic: It's not very long, about enough for a single combo. So when you
    use this I suggest doing this when you are sure you can hit your opponent in
    a combo. Or better yet, when you hit them with an Ultimate after using this
    Right Item: Paper Bomb (2x)
    Description: A tag you've thrown explodes. (5% Damage)
    Strategic: It is commonly used to provide some distance for when your subs
    are low since it is fast meaning a human player has hardly any time to react
    with a sub. However, it is a limited resource and doesn't do a lot of damage,
    yet it's still there as an option. You can also use this after a combo to
    ensure another hit. For example, the Neutral, Down, Up, Air and Throw work
    nicely with this. You can also use this after using your Tilt, for the
    potential decrease in Defense and then it does a little bit more damage.
    Down Item: Shot Run Pill (2x)
    Description: For a set amount of time. Movement Speed is boosted. (5 Seconds)
    Strategic: Very honestly, it's not a very handy item unlike the others above.
    But like the others it's there and you can use it. If you need to run a bit
    you can use this to go a little bit faster. If you need to dodge something,
    this can also be a very handy item. But other then that, the other items
    outshine this item.
                 | Character Appearances | [CAS] |
    Ultimate Adventure: Final Chapter: The Way to Peace (The Last Battle)
    You get to fight Fuu together with all the Jinchuriki in this mission of
    the story mode. If you pick Hero Path, you however will not get to fight
    Fuu herself, but Yagura, Roshi and Utakata instead. But if you pick the
    Legend Path, you will fight all the jinchuriki and Fuu will show up as
    the last opponent.
    After that, you will fight against all the Tailed Beasts as Naruto with
    Kyuubi Chakra Mode. Fuu in her Chomei Form will be the last one you face
    together with Roshi in Son Goku Form (his Tailed Beast).
    After that you fight against all the Tailed Beast seperately while in
    Kurama form, and you get to fight against Fuu in Chomei Form for the last
    Fuu can be unlocked as a playable character in the story mode after giving
    Gekomatsu 8000 Chakra Fragments.
    Challenge Tournament, Advanced, Jinchuriki Cup
    Fuu appears in this tournament as a potential opponent. If you do fight
    her she has Naruto and Killer Bee as supports. She also herself appears
    as supports when you fight Han or Utakata in this tournament.
    Survival Mode, Advanced Survival, Jinchuriki Cup
    Fuu will be in this Survival Mode and will be the seventh person you get to
    fight against.
                 | Character Team Support | [CTS] |
    When picking Fuu in Team Supports, it is important to know how Team Supports
    work a bit. For each character as a Leader, you gain stats depending on which
    character. This is indicated by the bars below the team name. There are 3 bars
    which I indicated as Damage (first), Speed (second) or Team (third).
    Damage = How much damage your Team Ultimate does.
    Speed = How fast your Support can be used again.
    Team = How fast your Team Gauge will fill.
    The maximum for each Stat is 6, which if made full it gives an enormous boost
    to that stat.
    | Fuu Stats: |
    Leader Bonus: +2 Speed
    Support Bonus: +1 Speed
    | Double Teams: |
    One From Hidden Waterfall:
    * Kakuzu (any) (+1 Speed)
    Team Bonus: +3 Damage
    | Triple Teams: |
    Required Support:
    * Part 1 Gaara (any) (+1 Speed)
    * Part 1 Naruto (any) (+1 Team) [Cannot pick other Naruto]
    * Timeskip Naruto (any) (+1 Team)
    * Sage Mode Naruto (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Tailed Beast Bomb Naruto (+1 Team)
    * Massive Rasengan Barrage Naruto/Goku Naruto (+1 Speed)
    Additional Supports:
    * Yugito (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Yagara (any) (+1 Team)
    * Roushi (any) (+1 Team)
    * Han (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Utakata (any) (+1 Speed)
    * Killer Bee (original) (+1 Damage)
    * Killer Bee (Samehada) (+1 Speed)
    Team Bonus: +1 Team
    Reanimated Jinchuriki:
    Required Support:
    * Yugito (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Yagara (any) (+1 Team)
    * Roushi (any) (+1 Team)
    * Han (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Utakata (any) (+1 Speed)
    Team Bonus: +2 Team
    Former Jinchuriki:
    Required Support:
    * Everyday Clothing Gaara (+1 Team)
    * Five Kage Summit Gaara (+1 Speed)
    * Great Ninja War Gaara (+1 Team)
    Additional Support:
    * Yugito (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Yagara (any) (+1 Team)
    * Roushi (any) (+1 Team)
    * Han (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Utakata (any) (+1 Speed)
    Team Bonus: +1 Speed/+1 Team
    Required Support:
    * Nagato (Reanimation) (+1 Team)
    * Uchiha Madara (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Uchiha Itachi (Reanimation) (+1 Speed)
    * Deidara (Reanimation) (+1 Damage)
    * Hanzo (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Yugito (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Yagara (any) (+1 Team)
    * Roushi (any) (+1 Team)
    * Han (any) (+1 Damage)
    * Utakata (any) (+1 Speed)
    * Haku (Reanimation) (+1 Speed)
    * Zabuza (Reanimation) (+1 Damage)
    Team Bonus: +1 Damage
                  | Character Strategies | [STR] |
    | As Leader: |
    Fuu tends to be very agressive with her Ultimate and Tilt, and thus you
    really need to look out for those. She also tends to fly away only to attack
    later. As a CPU, she tends to fight in mid-range only going for close combat
    to deliver that final blow. As Chomei she becomes more agressive then before
    going for close combat and using her Tilt and Combo to do a lot of damage.
    Never expect a Human to fight as a CPU. Fuu's in human hands tend to move a
    lot around. In the hands of a Human she tends to fight a close ranged as her
    chakra dash is very fast, as well as her combo's. So people who are using Fuu
    tend to be very nearby, and when their health gets low enough, they tend to
    want to awaken. First of all, never let them, as a human player will use the
    most difficult moves to dodge of them all, the Jutsu, the Chakra Shuriken and
    the Tailed Beast Bomb. This means that when she awakens she becomes very
    dangerous and can end the match before you can realise it what is going on.
    | As Support: |
    I doubt you see her a lot as a Support. Since there are so much better
    alternatives around then her who still have the same team name. Outside
    of maybe the one who uses Kakuzu+Fuu which is a unique combi. Yugito, Yagura,
    Roshi or Utakata for example are better alternatives for the revived
    jinchuriki. And don't even get me started on the Reanimation Ninja.
               | Frequently Asked Questions | [FQQ] |
    Personal Related:
    Q: What is your GamerTag?
    A: I chosen to keep this one a secret, some people who know me already on
       Xbox Live also know my name is here DutchKraken. For the rest, I prefer
       to keep my Gamertag a secret.
    Guide Related:
    Q: Can I upload your Guide on my website?
    A: I never have a problem with this at all, just send me a quick E-Mail to
       notify this and I will don't mind you putting it up. However, I only put
       this up on website's that provide this guide for free!
    Q: Can you update your guide on my site?
    A: Unfortunately not, this is fun but it's not my job. If you put this guide
       on your website, you are required to update it yourself, it you do so
       automatically, since most site's do I hardly never complain.
    Q: You gonna make more Movesets?
    A: I'm thinking about it, but it's difficult to decide on the character you
       wish to write about. *UPDATE* Currently I am writing a second MoveSet for
       another jinchuriki. People who paid close attention to the Board now know
       which one.
    Q: How did you calculate Damage Output and Chakra Cost?
    A: Well, first of all, these are all rough estimates thus they can be very
       wrong. But I used the move enough times for it to actually drain 50% of
       the complete health-bar, that is actually 1 full bar in this game. Just
       before that last health bar was done, I made a small estimate between 0,0
       and 0,9 what would be remaining amount of damage to get the full bar.
       After that I multiplied that by 2, this is what would be required to get
       a KO and then I used 100 (for 100%) and divide it by that answer, thus
       creating a percentage of amount of damage.
       For Chakra Costs however, I just used up the full bar or made a rough
       It is not very precise, but unfortunately there are no numbers in this
       game to actually get an exact answer.
    Fuu Related:
    Q: Why Fuu?
    A: Well, why not Fuu? She is the Seven-Tails and for some reason I found her
       very fun to use, with all her flying around with those wings of hers. So I
       decided to try and make her one of my best characters.
    Q: Is it possible to gain Maximum in 1 Stat with Fuu?
    A: No, although the maximum you can get is +5 Speed if you have Utakata and
       Five Kage Summit Gaara as your Supports. Since Fuu herself gives +2 Speed
       if the Leader and Utakata and Gaara give +1 Speed each as well, and the
       team bonus also gives +1 Speed (Former Jinchuriki)
    Q: Unique Ultimates? What are those?
    A: For this I'm just going to give you an example. If you have Hanzo and
       Mifune fighting against each other, and one uses a Ultimate to finish off
       the other one. You get a completely unique picture where they both say
       some specific things against the others.
    Q: That's cool! How about Fuu's?
    A: I honestly have no idea, if you have one, please send me an E-Mail/PM. But
       so far I haven't discovered a single unique ultimate finish with Fuu. All
       of them end with that the opponent goes out with a BANG! Which is actually
       good too. But it's not unique.
                  | Contact Information | [CIN] |
    Email: kraken.nld@gmail.com
    Please make sure you write a Subject which indicates you are writing an Email
    because of this guide. I don't check Emails a lot, most of the time I tend to
    ignore them unless I immediatly know the answer or can check it out very fast.
    It is probably better if you just send me a PM over GameFaqs if you really
    wish to contact me based upon this guide. I'm using that E-Mail for more
    things you know.
                        | Credits | [CRD] |
    I wrote this, I deserve some credit for this.
    You read this, and I would like to thank you just as much.
    Has a very good FAQ/Move List as well, which allowed me to see the controls
    from a Playstation player, found out the Controls of mine were completely
    wrong. Check his out as well.
    For being the reason I made this Moveset
    For making this game, that I can write about
    Masashi Kishimoto:
    For creating the Naruto Universe, as well as creating Fuu.
    Thanks to this website I managed to get that huge text you see above.
    It was thanks to this site I knew how to unlock Fuu, I forgot the actual
    way to unlock her because I just did that. It also helped me writing about
    Survival Mode before I even knew of its existance. Still in the process of
    unlocking that.
    Especially that page, this helped me a lot when writing the Profile. Also
    as a general note, there are spoilers on this site, but for anybody intending
    to know even more of Fuu, this is a good place to go.
                    | Version History | [VHS] |
    Version 1.00 - version 1.01
    Fixed some spelling and grammar mistakes.
    Version 1.01 - version 1.11
    Fixed the Controls, added a person to Credits for this. Also added in the
    Version History itself. Added 1 Appearance since I just unlocked this :).
    Changed a mistake in the Character Appearance Section. Also updated 1 question
    from the Frequently Asked Questions. Updated the Closing Statement too.
    Next Big Update:
    * Better Strategic section for each Move.
                   | Closing Statement | [CLS] |
    I actually typed in my second Full Character Guide. I actually found this to
    be very fun and will continue with writing about more Characters. What I
    enjoyed the most but was not expecting it was the list of moves in the first
    place, and then describing them.
    So for the actual closing statement, I am going to say the same thing as
    another character from an entire different show, but with my own wording and
    show-specific things out of this one:
    | Justice, Evil? Those views change as often as the tides! Kids who've never |
    | known peace have different values from those who've never known war. Those |
    | who stand at the top can decide the definition of "evil". Justice will     |
    | triumph, you say? Of course it will! Because the winners BECOME justice!   |
    - Donquixote Doflamingo (One Piece - Episode 465)
    Copyright 2013 Gerard Gerrits
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    ^ the amount of characters then this line, I just keep it here for references ^

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