How to unlock last items?

  1. I've completed the game on every difficulty, bought all the masks, guns, tactical gear, and tattoos that i possibly can... But there still shows that there is 2 masks and 2 tactical gear and 2 tattoos still locked. How do you unlock these??

    User Info: boys4g1

    boys4g1 - 4 years ago


  1. For the mask you may not have the GameStop prep order code big boi and bob mask just go to game stop pre order any game and ask for it I did and as for the outfits I'm guessing its for dlc of some sort salems prison outfit is the last one same for the tattoos Salem and rios's are the last tattoos and I'm level 25 and best the game alot so I hope this helps if you find out more please tell me as for that this all I know

    User Info: Wademunn1991

    Wademunn1991 - 4 years ago 0 0

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