Can someone help me figure out how to move my home base?

  1. I found a new place to move my base to and it says I could use it to make a new home, but I can't figure out how. Tried to make it into an outpost too, but it says that I can't until the area has been completely searched. However, there was nothing to search on the entire property, and where there is normally the 3 question marks of an unsearched area, there is only details of what I need to move in, which I meet. Can anyone help me understand this? And please, inform on how to move into a new base?

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    deals2u28 - 4 years ago

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  1. Rescue that chick's brother mission, drive around to all potential locations so he can take pics, once that mission is done you can go into the locations and you have the d-pad options to make your home base.

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  1. Which base is it? Basically, you need to search every square inch of the place since a very small object on the ground or behind another object or a shelf on the wall may need to be searched. After the place is completely search, you should get a quick message in the upper right saying that the place has been searched.

    After the building is completely searched, hit Down on the D-Pad, then select the option to make this new building your home. You need 100 Influence to move, plus you have to have the minimum number of people and building materials needed. I recommend having at least 100 building materials so you can move and then start building at least two additions on to the home immediately.

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  2. Like lax have to get to the church, then rescue Jacob when Lily asks you to, and then Jacob will offer the mission to search for a new base. After he shows you a couple potential places (and you bring him back to the church to end that mission), then you should be able to access the 'change home base' option from the radio menu (down on the d-pad).

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  3. All three answers above touch on all of the necessary prerequisites. The only thing I will add is to maxic3's answer. When you first enter a building if you look down at the mini-map you will see little blue circles in each room of the building/house. As you walk into each room the blue circle will go away. Once you've entered every room and all of the blue circles are gone, you will receive the "house is clear" message. All of the zombies must also be dead too (make sure to check right outside the building at windows because those zombies can still count as being "in" the house). Lastly you will have to search every container in the building (but NOT necessarily loot them all) to get the "house fully searched" message. After these things and all of the previous poster suggestions, you should get an option (press down on the D-pad) for "relocate home base". For an outpost you don't need to do any pre-missions (see lax and dumanyo answers above), you just need to perform the steps I identified (clear, kill, search), then press down on the D-Pad and select "establish an outpost."

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  4. This is what I did: First: Do the mission to save Jacob (Will show up eventually, Jacob is Lilly's Brother). Then, Later, you'll get a mission from Jacob to find a new home. He will have you go to a certain place, but there are more places. After completing the mission, you will have the option to relocate. Make sure you have the requirements. NOTE: You should probably get extra materials so that you can begin building stuff that you need.

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  5. You will need to complete the mission "Home away from home" before you are able to move to new homesites.

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