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    Walkthrough by vhayste

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                              S t a t e  o f  D e c a y
                                W A L K T H R O U G H
                            AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                              CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com
    Illustrated online version of the guide is available below
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                          T A B L E   OF   C O N T E N T S
    P01 - Part 1: Main Story
    	M01 ------- Mission 1: Find Help
    	M02 ------- Mission 2: Distant Gunshots
    	M03 ------- Mission 3: Escape
    	M04 ------- Mission 4: The Voice on the Radio
    	M05 ------- Mission 5: Home Sweet Home
    	M06 ------- Mission 6: The Lay of the Land
    	M07 ------- Mission 7: The Vet Clinic
    	M08 ------- Mission 8: Lily's Brother
    	M09 ------- Mission 9: Home Away From Home
    	M10 ------- Mission 10: Scene of the Crime
    	M11 ------- Mission 11: Mercy Shot
    P02 - Part 2: The Army
    	M12 ------- Mission 12: Army Sighting
    	M13 ------- Mission 13: Army Activity
    	M14 ------- Mission 14: Eyes in the Sky
    	M15 ------- Mission 15: Insubordination
    	M16 ------- Mission 16: Sgt. Erik Tan
    	M17 ------- Mission 17: Lone Soldier
    	M18 ------- Mission 18: Exit Strategy
    	M19 ------- Mission 19: The Armory
    	M20 ------- Mission 20: The Wall
    P03 - Part 3: Marshall's Courthouse 
    	M21 ------- Mission 21: The Law
    	M22 ------- Mission 22: Civic Duty
    	M23 ------- Mission 23: Trouble at the Courthouse
    P04 - Part 4: The Grange
    	M24 ------- Mission 24: Stranger in Trouble
    	M25 ------- Mission 25: Indefensible
    	M26 ------- Mission 26: A Discreet Request
    	M27 ------- Mission 27: Ask the Sheriff
    	M28 ------- Mission 28: Bad Tidings
    P05 - Part 5: Ray Santos
    	M29 ------- Mission 29: An Elevated Perspective
    	M30 ------- Mission 30: Sweet Ride
    P06 - Part 6: The Wilkersons
    	M31 ------- Mission 31: The Old Farmhouse
    	M32 ------- Mission 32: Accusations
    	M33 ------- Mission 33: A Helping Hand
    	M34 ------- Mission 34: Nervous Survivor
    	M35 ------- Mission 35: Unwelcome Guest
    	M36 ------- Mission 36: Neutral Observer
    P07 - Part 7: Misc. Missions
    	M37 ------- Mission 37: Memento
    	M38 ------- Mission 38: Besieged
    	M39 ------- Mission 39: Help Doc Hanson
    	M40 ------- Mission 40: Sam Hoffman
    ____ P01 | Part 1 ______
    ______ Main Story ______
    M01 - Mission 1 - Find Help
    You start off the game using Marcus and Ed. This is the perfect time to
    familiarize yourself with the combat controls. Play with the controls and
    movesets first while everything is quite easy. At this point, the easiest
    way to kill a zombie is by going up close and hitting with a dropkick (LB +
    A ), then while they are knocked down press LB + Y for the finisher, you
    have to have a weapon equipped to do this easier.
    After the initial fight , make your way to the Ranger Station. The location
    is up above when you pull up the map by pressing Back. It's best to sneak
    your way into it as the game suggests, hold down B to enter sneaking mode
    and hide through the bushes. Once you've reached it, a cutscene happens.
    Now go to the water tower located outside and climb up. Up above, hold down
    LT, and scan the area horizontally using the LS. Once you see a question
    mark, hover your cursor above it until it is fully analyzed, make sure to
    find all marks indicated by completing the searching meter on the left.
    Several points will appear, focus on the supplies first while making your
    way to the Ridge Cabin. Once you've collected and your inventory is filled,
    go back to the Ranger Station and dump the excess items in the Supply
    Locker. The large backpacks will help a lot, so use them when you get one.
    Search silently if there are zombies around, this is especially helpful
    since you are still starting. After all searching areas are finished,
    follow the next mission Distant Gunshots.
    M02 - Mission 2 - Distant Gunshots
    After you are done searching from the last mission, simply head to the
    marker for Distant Gunshots to find Maya and take her to the Ranger
    Station. You can actually switch into and use her as she is the first
    playable survivor aside from Marcus. Watch the cutscene at the Ranger
    Station and help Ed. Load your backpacks with items first before doing the
    next mission Escape.
    M03 - Mission 3 - Escape
    Go outside and follow the path down south to the marker. On you way, you
    will enter a radio conversation with someone. During this scene, the closed
    area beside you with fence is one of the areas you've searched before. Jump
    up the fence and ride the vehicle by pressing Y at the right door. Keep
    driving south following the road until you reach the destroyed bridge. Go
    on foot and walk down the leftside stairs down to the river. There are many
    zombies here so once you've cleared a group, keep running and don't stop.
    Down at the river, you need to head across to the other side of the
    riverbank and climb up on the rightside area stairs.
    M04 - Mission 4 - The Voice on the Radio
    Head up the rocks and listen in on the radio talk while moving. You will
    see some cars on th e road which you will need to ride down the roads
    during the entire mission. It is very safe and will make you reach the
    destination further south safely, plus it's more fun to run over zombies
    Stop by some areas along the way if you want to, as some offers nice
    searching areas for items and materials. Enter the Church to complete this
    M05 - Mission 5 - Home Sweet Home 
    Simply follow and talk to Lily in this mission. This will be your new home
    base so go to your Journal and try to check some home base management pages
    This is also the first mission where you can start deploying people for
    missions. For starters, deploy the guy designed for the watchtower sniping
    mission. Also the supply locker can be a good source of storage and item
    resource as well. Don't forget though bringing items into the supply locker
    will increase your Influence. Otherwise, taking out items will decrease
    your Influence. Also here is where you can start collecting materials and
    build up defense for your home base.
    Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to do the resource materials
    missions, and take out infestations first, then complete the scavenging
    missions afterwards. For the infestations, simply run over everyone using a
    vehicle nearby, and take out the required screamers.
    M06 - Mission 6 - The Lay of the Land
    Head out to the mission following the marker on the map. Climb up the tower
    and search everything you can atop this survey point. There are lots of
    missions and resource materials you can find here. Also, lots of zombie
    hordes will be found. Prioritize the survivors needing rescue first, then
    bring them back to the home base, this will make you get Logan as a new
    playable survivor. This applies to other survivor groups bunkered to
    smaller areas as well, save them if there are hordes incoming to their
    areas. Then do the scavenger missions and resource materials missions. You
    need to bring one resource bundle at a time so you have to back track for
    the others. If there are hordes and infestations, clear them out before
    they spread too fast.
    M07 - Mission 7 - The Vet Clinic
    When you reach the marker, you will meet a sheriff and a girl. Enter the
    vet clinic through the door behind and barricade the windows to slow down
    the zombies attacking while they are gathering meds. Go outside and kill
    the zombies. Again, dont dropkick zombies near the window as it will
    trigger window breaking, just smash your way through.
    Once they have gathered meds, head outside and guide them back home. When
    there are hordes along the way, ride a vehicle and run them over, ignore
    them demanding you not to ride a car. Sometime after the sheriff will
    leave, then just ride a car back home, with the girl joining you inside the
    vehicle along the way.
    M08 - Mission 8 - Lily's Brother
    The marker for this mission is way down south from your home. Once you
    arrive, Rescue Lily's brother and his friend fro, the zombies. After the
    fight, you will receive a firecraker which you will use later.
    Scavenge for loot around the barn first, then look out for the new survey
    point which is a farm silo outside the barn. Now use the firecraker on the
    marked area to help the brother's friend get some distraction. Just ride a
    vehicle with her brother afterwards and follow your way back home.
    M09 - Mission 9 - Home Away From Home
    Look for Jacob in the Home Base and take him to ride a car with you. You
    need to go to the marker located down south. Here you will meet Jacob's
    friend who is about to turn, do your part and take care of him. In other
    words, finish him.
    Afterwards, follow the next marker and make sure you get out of your ride
    when you reach it to complete this mission. 
    Now you will have the option to move your homebase since it is getting
    crowded and you are running out of resources in your current area. Your
    very best option is the Snyder Trucking Warehouse in southwestern Marshall.
    It has 8 outposts and is an extremely huge area. This homebase requires 12
    people and 50 materials to move.
    M10 - Mission 10 - Scene of the Crime
    This is a short story-only mission which happens sometime when Pastor
    Williams accidentally acquires the deadly zombie virus. Alan will kill the
    Pastor towards the end of this mission, which in turn will trigger the
    corresponding mission for this one: Mercy Shot.
    M11 - Mission 11 - Mercy Shot
    Yet another short story-mission which immediately follows after Scene of
    the Crime. Here you will have several options on what to do with Alan after
    he kills the Pastor and got transmitted with the zombie virus. If you are a
    completionist, it is highly suggested that you opt to choose "We can't take
    that risk." when you talk to him. This will net you the "Mercy Shot"
    achievement in the process.
    ____ P02 | Part 2 ____
    ______ The Army ______
    M12 - Mission 12 - Army Sighting
    Simply follow the mission marker and watch the cutscene. Then exit out of
    current radius to finish this simple mission. There several side missions
    that will appear during this, like the Zed Hunt for a Feral, prepare well
    before heading out as a Feral is extremely dangerous.
    M13 - Mission 13 - Army Activity
    Follow the marker location to witness the Sergeant threatening a couple of
    survivors. When he lets them go, you need to find them by checking all the
    blue markers in the map. This will lead you to search a series of houses
    nearby. I found them at the very last house and the location seems randomly
    generated every playthrough, so make sure to check every nook and cranny of
    all the houses.
    Once you've found them, simply lead them home safely by riding together in
    a nearby vehicle
    M14 - Mission 14 - Eyes in the Sky
    Go to the location marker where you'll find a survey point tower in the
    middle of the fields. Make your way to the top and simply scan the
    perimeter around you. When you see a zombie horde, focus your view on their
    group until the army airstrikes the unliving daylights out of them. Mission
    M15 - Mission 15 - Insubordination
    Stock up on a gun of your choice and lots of ammo to make this mission
    easier. Head out to the location of the marker and you will meet 3 soldiers
    situated in the fields. 
    Approach them first, then go to the northern house located nearby. Here you
    need to rescue some survivors before they are ripped into shreds. Whip out
    your gun then shoot away. The shotgun works best here since it's close
    quarters combat and the zombies are cramped up together. Sometimes though,
    a Juggernaut will enter the mission which makes it a lot tougher. Just
    continue blasting away to it's head since shooting is safe for the
    survivors unlike grenades and molotovs which will damage them with the
    splash coverage. 
    Afterwards you will acquire a new command for your Radio Assistance Menu.
    M16 - Mission 16 - Sgt. Erik Tan
    Follow the waypoint marker to meet up with the Sergeant. Run away from your
    current area after the explosives have been set and head for the cover.
    Head to the fairgrounds to check the army outpost and witness firsthand
    that it is now overrun with zeds. Simply fight your way through the zombies
    and head to the marker to clear this mission.
    After clearing this mission, look out for the survey point which can
    reached by climbing up the Ferris Wheel nearby through the ladder. Finally,
    the fairgrounds will be a Potential Home Base. It is one of the largest
    Potential Home Bases in the game.
    M17 - Mission 17 - Lone Soldier
    Go to the vintage white house located at Fairfield. Watch the scene, then
    head outside the house afterwards until another cutscene has been
    After the scene, follow the waypoint and continue walking with the Sergeant
    to gather up some data about the infestations. This ends the mission.
    M18 - Mission 18 - Exit Strategy
    Just return to the reservoir from The Lone Soldier mission and listen in to
    the conversation. This mission is immediately followed by another mission
    so keep a heads up on the new mission confirmation afterwards.
    M19 - Mission 19 - The Armory
    Stock up on weapons and items to have yourself prepared for this
    challenging mission. When you are ready, talk to the Sergeant in the armory
    to start out.
    There's a lot of zombies along the way, which unfortunately includes the
    freak types adding more challenge to this task. Follow your way through the
    warehouses until you get to the door with the opening. Deal with the
    screamers first to avoid more enemies coming in, then finish the rest to
    clear the mission.
    M20 - Mission 20 - The Wall 
    This is the final mission of the main story so be prepared as much as you
    can. Before heading out, grab some guns especially guns with stopping power
    like shotguns, explosives, and some snacks and healing medicine. When
    you're already set, follow the marker and talk to the Sergeant to start the
    final battle.
    Protect Sgt. Erik Tan while he is rigging the wall with explosives. Be more
    wary of the freak types which are way more challenging than the regular
    ones. Focus on your melee weapon first. If you run out of stamina, have a
    snack or use your firearm until your stamina replenishes. Use some medicine
    if you're health gets too low. While fighting, the Sergeant will give you a
    false warning thinking that the explosives are already properly set, just
    follow him when he tells you to back out of the blast radius and cover his
    back once more. Once he's really done, stay out of harm's way and watch the
    fireworks. This completes the main game.
    As a soapbox open world game, you have the classic option of continuing
    where you left off even after endgame. If you load your file after
    finsihing this mission, you will continue as if you have never started this
    very last mission.
    __________ P03 | Part 3 ___________
    ______ Marshall's Courthouse ______
    M21 - Mission 21 - The Law
    Ride a car and head way down south to reach the marker. This is the perfect
    time to activate some survey points that you'll come by on your way. For
    the mission itself, it simply involves talking to the lady Judge first,
    then to the Sheriff located beside the bars to activate the next mission.
    M22 - Mission 22 - Civic Duty
    Talk to the Sheriff and tell him YES to start the mission. Head to the
    first Infestation and enter the house then kill the required number of
    Screamers first, then go outside, ride a car and just keep running over the
    zombies around the perimeter of the marked house until the Infestation is
    A second Infestation will appear. However almost simultaneously a lady will
    call you asking for help. Ignore the next Infestation and just head over
    the marked houses on the map. Search all of them until you find the damsel
    in distress.
    M23 - Mission 23 - Trouble at the Courthouse
    Return to the Marshall Courthouse for this last mission of this series.
    Simply kill enough zombies until the mission is finished. This part is
    infamous for some glitching because some zombies gets stuck inside walls
    not allowing you to hit them at all, thus failing the requirement. To mend
    this problem, bring any firearm and hope for the best that a stuck zombie
    will stick its head out of the glitched wall, don't miss this opportunity
    to shoot its head and kill it.
    _____ P04 | Part 4 _____
    ______ The Grange ______
    M24 - Mission 24 - Stranger in Trouble
    Follow the marker to a house located in Marshall and talk to Quentin to
    accept the mission. After this, there will be marked areas with a blue
    color in the map. Search out the buildings to find the missing person.
    Usually the missing person is located in a building beside the Alamo, so
    you might want to check that area first and foremost. After finding the
    person, escort him back to the marked area using a vehicle to travel
    quickly and safely.
    M25 - Mission 25 - Indefensible
    Prepare for this mission before going since there are lots of enemies here.
    Make sure to bring firearms, snack, meds, and explosives. If you still need
    more items, you can try the supply locker in the survivors' building. Talk
    to Becca to initiate the mission.
    Your goal is to defend the survivors while they are doing some
    construction. All of the zombies during the mission are easy to dispose
    however your main concern will be the Juggernaut that will eventually
    attack your company. Mainly use explosives especially firebombs like Flame
    Fougasse to damage it quickly, shoot it in the head as long as you have
    ammo, and run it over using a vehicle as well. Just make sure to hit it
    while reverse driving to prolong the durability of the car.
    M26 - Mission 26 - A Discreet Request 
    This is the start of a series of missions. Simply drive over to the Grange
    and talk to Quentin to initiate the mission.
    M27 - Mission 27 - Ask the Sheriff
    Ride over to Marshall to start the mission. After arriving at the marker,
    talk to someone named Anderson Castro to continue the mission.
    There are three marker points to search out where the Sheriff is located.
    Once you have found the Sheriff, you will start another task to hunt down a
    A Feral is actually quite easy as long as you are stocked with enough
    items. Once you've found its location among the marked areas, stay on its
    toes and in your face at all times. Keep hitting it with a good blunt
    weapon and keep replenishing your health and stamina.
    M28 - Mission 28 - Bad Tidings
    Go back to the Grange and you will have to choose between some choices. If
    you chose YES, you will be required to do another mission later to receive
    the achievement "Home on the Grange". If you picked NO, you will acquire
    the achievement immediately.
    This mission ends the Grange series of missions.
    _____ P05 | Part 5 _____
    ______ Ray Santos ______
    M29 - Mission 29 - An Elevated Perspective
    Just follow the marker located deep into Marshall. You are looking for a
    huge brick building with no entrances in the front. What you need to do is
    head at the back of the building and look for the fire escape ladder and
    jump over to grab it. Climb up the rooftop to find Ray. This will finish
    the mission.
    After the conversation, survey your areas around Marshall and mark all
    activites you can find. There will be lots of Infestations here so what you
    need to do is clear out the Infestations first to avoid getting an alarming
    M30 - Mission 30 - Sweet Ride
    Ride a car into Marshall and look for Ray in an automotive building. He
    will give you a semi-broken sports car as a reward. Head into the marked
    location using the car he gave you. Avoid damaging the car at all costs
    since the mission will fail if the car blows up or even flips over.
    Upon reaching the fields you will need to run over some zeds first as per
    request by Ray. Then head over to the marked area to end the mission.
    _______ P06 | Part 6 _______
    ______ The Wilkersons ______
    M31 - Mission 31 - The Old Farmhouse
    The location for this mission is quite hard to find. It is located deep
    within the woods in southeastern Spencer's Mill. To locate the place,
    traverse the road North of the Church Home Base and before reaching the
    very top end, you will notice a marked sign which leads to a small dirt
    road on the right. This path leads deep into the woods and be careful going
    into it since there are multiple trees and bushes which can be quite the
    You will be tasked to defend the house from incoming hordes. Quickly get
    some supplies and ammo in the supply locker in the first floor then fortify
    the barricades of the nine windows in the lower floor. Wait until zombies
    destroy the windows and enter one by one. Simply kill all the zombies that
    get in, this way you will not get swarmed and overwhelmed. 
    Towards the end part, a Big 'Un will attack the house, go back to the
    supply locker and use all the explosives against it. Take the chance to
    shoot it multiple times if it gets stuck in the window. Another option is
    to get out of the house and ride your car and keep hitting the big guy with
    the back of your car while in reverse.
    After the onslaught, head to the top floor and kill Eli to clear the
    M32 - Mission 32 - Accusations
    Simply head back into the Wilkerson's farmhouse deep within the woods. Go
    talk to Job and walk along while hearing the story. The mission ends after
    the conversation.
    M33 - Mission 33 - A Helping Hand
    Go talk to Job and choose YES to initiate this mission. Just ride your
    vehicle and take the survivor along with you and arrive at the marked area
    to clear the mission.
    M34 - Mission 34 - Nervous Survivor
    Head to the waypoint location and assist Sam in getting 5 cases of
    ammunition. Go and talk to him and agree in helping him finish the task.
    Bring him back to your home and give him the 5 cases of ammo if you have
    some available. Finally, take him back to the Wilkerson's Farm and talk to
    the person in the marker.
    M35 - Mission 35 - Unwelcome Guest 
    Yet another very short "talking mission". A Wilkerson will visit your home
    base and ask for some help. Simply respond by saying YES to initiate the
    next mission.
    M36 - Mission 36 - Neutral Observer
    Follow the waypoint locator to find the home of the 3 survivors. Take them
    to the next mission marker, then leave the place to clear the task. After
    this, there will be 3 rucksacks left by the survivors in the previous
    meeting area. Feel free to take them back to your home base.
    Sometime after, the Wilkersons will reward you by giving you a M60 machine
    gun. You will also acquire the Radio Assistance Option "Sharpshooting".
    _______ P07 | Part 7 _______
    ______ Misc. Missions ______
    M37 - Mission 37 - Memento
    This is one of the more challenging missions in the game. Make sure to
    stock up on ammo for a firearm, a still durable melee weapon or two, some
    snacks and meds, and make sure to bring a vehicle in top condition.
    Head to the marked location up North in the map. Stop when you are almost
    near the location and survey the area. If you can, and you have to, try
    your best to make the vehicle jump across the broken bridge by speeding up
    and flying away. If you made it, just run over all the zombies in the
    mission and that's about it.
    If you failed to make the vehicle jump across the bridge, you have to sneak
    slowly through the western area. Hoping you have a suppressor equipped,
    look out for the screamer and snipe it away from afar. After the screamers
    are done, keep sniping slowly until your suppressor runs out, then just
    commando your way and shoot everything that moves and comes near you. Once
    you're out of ammo, focus on melee fighting and isolate the feral by
    running far away from the horde. Keep hitting the feral with your melee
    weapon and just proceed normally with fighting the normal zombies.
    M38 - Mission 38 - Besieged
    When Lily calls you to rescue the survivors, head to the marker for
    Besieged to help out some survivors in a nearby house. After killing the
    initial zombies, talk to Eleanor to help defend the perimeter. Don't take
    items from their supply locker to not lose their trust. Help them barricade
    the windows around the houses first. Then head outside yourself to kill
    zombies smashing the barricaded windows. When attacking a zombie near a
    window, don't do the dropkick as the input for A will make you jump into
    the window and get it destroyed.
    M39 - Mission 39 - Help Doc Hanson
    Head east following the marker until you arrive at the graveyard in
    Spencer's Mill. Just rescue Doc Hanson while he is being attacked by basic
    zombies. Clearing this mission will unlock Medical Advice in your Radio
    Assistance Menu options.
    M10 - Mission 40 - Sam Hoffman
    Head Northeast from the Church Home Base and help out Sam search for her
    friend Andy. Just carefuly search every corner of all the houses with the
    blue marker in the map. Once you've found Andy, dispose him to clear the
                             S t a t e   o f   D e c a y              
                            AUTHOR: PAUL MICHAEL (VHAYSTE®)
                              CONTACT: vhayste@gmail.com
                                ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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