Where can I find Clay and Stone for my home?

  1. I have looked all that I thought these two items would be at but still no clue to where there are located. Where can I find them???

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    ScythSoulcest - 5 years ago

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  1. At the Falkreath homestead, clay is found to your right when you leave the house near the horse stable where 3 trees make a triangle. The clay looks like an ore vein, and it is brownish in color. The quarried stone is at the mountain to the left of the drafting table near the smelter (if you built one), its bluish grey in color and isn't large compare to a normal ore vein.

    At the Morthal homestead, clay is found about the same distance from your front door as Falkreath; and is near the back of the horse stable. The quarried stone is next to your carpenter's table.

    At the Dawnstar homestead, clay is found just north of the log pile. Quarried stone is to the right of the workbench and before the smelter (if you have built one).

    There are other locations you can mine clay and quarried stone, I'll list them below.

    Quarried Stone
    Morthal - Behind the porch of the Guardhouse next to a Swamp Fungal Pod.
    Half-Moon Mill - East, behind the uncut lumber pile.
    Dragon Bridge - Left of the Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp (office).

    Druadach Redoubt - Just across the river.
    Guardian Stones - Directly across the river, Northwest, from a Hunter's camp.
    Ivarstead - South of the bridge, along the river before the large waterfall.
    Mara's Eye Pond - west shore, even with the island.
    Valtheim Towers - Under the bridge on the other side of the river.

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  1. Located around your home you have to mine it. Stone is usually on the side of boulders and mountain sides. Clay is found on the ground looks like dark orange lumps.

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  2. If you're at the Falkreath home site, there is clay right next to the stack of the sawn lumber. It's kind of obscured by a small tree, so it's really hard to spot. It looks like brownish lumps on the ground.

    Stone is mined from a spot on the mountain to the left of your drafting table (if you're facing the table). It looks like a white crack in the side of the mountain.

    I don't know about any of the other home sites yet.

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