Are all the locations the same or is ther a best location?

  1. Just wondering which of the three locations provides more an which of three house r the biggest or are all three locations same size and provide all the same services?

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    DiRTyDiRTy760 - 5 years ago

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  1. All three houses in all three holds are pretty much the same on the inside and outside, depending on how you build them at a drafting bench. However, some plots of lands only have access to certain farming tools.

    Falkreath has the Apiary, which is a Bee Farm. You can collect bees and honey every week from this, which is fairly rare if your not buying it from shops. This is located behind the house, on the right side, after you build it.

    Morthal has the Fishing Spawner (forget the term they use in the game). You can use this to collect different kinds of fish, and even release certain breeds to collect more of said breed. Its located a little ways down the bank next to the water after you build it.

    Dawnstar has a grain wheel. This is used for making sacks of flour, which is used for cooking. Just put in wheat, and turn, simple as that. Its located next to the house, pretty out in the open.

    Each plot of land has their own advantages over the rest, so its good to choose which plot of land your buying first if you dont plan on buying them all right off the bat. Morthal for fishing, Dawnstar for farming, and Falkreath for alchemy.

    The three new additions to each plot of land can also be found around Skyrim, usually located around farms. You can use them all you want if you dont feel like buying one for your own house. For instance, my House in Falkreath Hold doesnt have a Grain Wheel. However, if I travel a few minutes down the road to Farkreath itself, theres ones located at the farm I can use. Im not sure on locations, but if you explore, youll find them eventually.

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