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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109 / Bkstunt_31

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    Table of Contents

    1. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Story & Quests
      3. Time Sensitivity
      4. Schemata
      5. Outerworld Services
      6. Combat
    4. Tips & Tricks
    5. Speed Walkthrough
      1. Prologue
      2. Day 1: The Ark
      3. Day 1: Luxerion
      4. Day 1: The Wildlands
      5. Day 1: The Dead Dunes
      6. Day 2: The Ark
      7. Day 2: The Wildlands
      8. Day 2: Luxerion
      9. Day 2: Yusnaan
      10. Day 2: Luxerion Revisited
      11. Day 3: The Ark
      12. Day 3: The Wildlands
      13. Day 3: Luxerion
      14. Day 3: Yusnaan
      15. Day 3: Luxerion Revisited
      16. Day 3: Yusnaan Revisited
      17. Day 3: Dead Dunes
      18. Day 3: Clean-up
      19. Day 4: The Ark
      20. Day 4: Dead Dunes
      21. Day 4: Yusnaan
      22. Day 4: Luxerion
      23. Day 4: Yusnaan Revisited
      24. What's Left?
    6. Story Missions
      1. 0-1: A Different Snow
      2. 1-1: An Evil Savior
      3. 1-2: In the Shadow of the Heretics
      4. 1-3: Find the Code
      5. 1-4: Rites for a Goddess
      6. 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow
      7. 2-1: The Great Break-In
      8. 2-2: The Legend of the Savior
      9. 2-3: A Solitary Patron
      10. 3-1: The Angel of Valhalla
      11. 3-2: Healing an Angel
      12. 3-3: Where Chaos Sleeps
      13. 4-1: Bandits of the Desert
      14. 4-2: Aspiring Bandit
      15. 4-3: Where the Clavis Lies
      16. 4-4: Murals of the Gods
      17. 4-5: The Holy Clavis
      18. 5-1: Father and Son
      19. 5-2: Follow the Chocobo Chick
      20. 5-3: Wishes on a Canvas
      21. 5-4: What Soul Seed Traders Want
      22. 5-5: Battle's Bounty
      23. 5-6: Beyond the Sandstorm
      24. Ultimate Lair
      25. Luxerion - Final Day
      26. God's Sanctum - Final Day
    7. Side Quests
      1. Luxerion SQ
      2. Yusnaan SQ
      3. The Wildlands SQ
      4. The Dead Dunes SQ
    8. Canvas of Prayers
      1. Luxerion CoP
      2. Yusnaan CoP
      3. The Wildlands CoP
      4. The Dead Dunes CoP
      5. Global CoP
    9. Inventory
      1. Garbs
      2. Weapons
      3. Shields
      4. Accessories
      5. Adornments
      6. Components
      7. Other Items
      8. Key Items
      9. Recovery Items
    10. Abilities
      1. Ability Upgrading
    11. Shops
      1. Luxerion
      2. Yusnaan
      3. Wildlands
      4. Dead Dunes
      5. Final Day
      6. Rare Merchant
    12. Bestiary
      1. Chaos Beasts
      2. Feral Creatures
      3. Man-Made Units
      4. Human
      5. Special
    13. Trophies / Achievements
    14. Contact Information
    15. Version History
      1. Current Version
      2. Older Versions
    16. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Speed Walkthrough (Continued)

    Day 2: Yusnaan

    Personal GuardThese two enemies actually come in a group and will attack Lightning on sight. Luckily, the enemies are easy. Since the Flanitor focuses on healing the Personal Guard, sticking close by, use Fire Lv. 2 from Ignition on the guard and let the AOE effect from finale kill the Flanitors.

    23:45 - 1:00

    Blitz + Password

    From the Station head directly south and grab the treasure with Blitz Lv. 2 and then check the wall directly behind it to learn the secret words for the chocobo girls. There is a chocobo girl directly west of us that we can pass the code along to for Fireworks and then head to the General Store and look north to find the Promised Necklace by the stairs.

    Continue south and then east toward the Central Avenue and talk to another Chocobo Girl for more Fireworks. There are two treasures to the north that require us to jump up and across some boxes, so get an eye on them and then reach them for the Wolf's Emblem and Flanitor Notes. Head south for a scene and battle and then get the Patron's Personal Guard Notes south of the staircase leading west.

    Head east around the area for another fight and as we circle around to the west make sure to talk to the Diviners in the south to begin the quest Free Will.

    Note that they will want you to come back the NEXT DAY, so make sure you get this after 0:00 so that the next day will actually be Day 4, not 3.

    Free Will
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    Fountain Square, the Reveler's Quarter. Lightning encounters a mysterious diviner who tells her that his colleague has used alchemic arts to acquire an eye that can see the future. If the two diviners are telling the truth, it might be worth Lightning's while to do as they bid her and follow her "true path as the savior."
    Client: Diviner I

    Hit Chronostasis and run back north and west to where we encountered the first guard and head west this time to the Champion's Quarter. To the west of the cages is the Alchemist Velno, a shady woman who provides shady potions, that offers the A Testing Proposition quest. This quest uses up one of Lightning's item slots, but is well worth it.

    A Testing Proposition
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    In the Champion's Quarter, next to the battle arena, Lightning meets a potion-peddling alchemist called Velno who makes an interesting proposition. Velno has made a fortifying tincture by mixing two deadly poisons, and she wants Lightning to test it out. It sounds dangerous, but the potion might prove useful in battle. Hint: You must free up a slot for the potion in your recovery items inventory.
    Client: Alchemist Velno

    Our objective is to get a status ailment on Lightning and then use the Nektar in battle. To do this we will need to avoid garbs and accessories that protect against status ailments for a little while, such as Passion Rogue (though we will tell you when you will want to switch these out). Now head northwest to the corner of the area for the Dispel Lv. 2 treasure and talk to the woman north of Velno to participate in the Slaughterhouse special match.

    Event Boss: Zaltys Brimstone

    The Zaltys Brimstone is no more than a version of the Zaltys we fought at the Prologue of the game. De-buff him and then lay into him with Ice element abilities in order to stagger him. Once he is staggered, use Slayer or Heavy Slash to really take away chunks of HP. Watch out for his breath attacks and you'll be good.

    For defeating the Slaughterhouse boss we will gain the Fragment of Courage, which is one of the five needed to revive Dajh. We can now leave, so make sure to reach the station by 1:00 to head to Luxerion.


    Day 2: Luxerion Revisited

    GertrudeGertude uses slow attacks called Rush and Energy Blast that are highly telegraphed, so they pose little threat. Focus on lightning element attacks and they will go down quickly.
    GauntThis flying fiend is similar to a Dryad, but will not cast on itself to heal. Make sure to guard the spells and debuffs that the enemy casts and use lightning-based attacks to stagger it and take it down.
    ZomokBoth of these enemies are high level and will dish out significant damage unless you perfect guard their attacks. It is best to avoid these until later.

    1:15 - 3:30


    Head to Old Town in the southeast and purchase the Shaolong Gui Shell from the merchant we ignored at the beginning of the game. With the Warren now open we can head north and enter the area, but take note of the young boy with cat ears near the shops first.

    As soon as we enter the area we can get a treasure with Thundara Lv. 2 and then head into the heart of the Warren. As we reach the bottom of the zigzag ramps leading down into the Warren we want to stick to the west side and talk to the man crouching down to create the Starlit Spice needed for Stuck in a Gem. Now head into the alley in the east to get the Final Code and a scene with Lumina.

    Rather than simply backtracking, exit the Warren to the west to reach North Station and then return to Old Town and approach the young boy we passed with the cat ears earlier. We need to get to the boy without the cats stealing the Starlit Spice, so run in the opposite direct to reach the upper level and then drop down and talk to the kid for 1,600 gil, Black Cat Ears adornment, Maximum HP +80, and Magic +12.

    Activate Chronostasis and we can now head northwest to the graveyard to reach the phone booth by 3:00 and enter the code.

    You will want to avoid the Dreadnought and Zomok enemies in the graveyard if possible, as these tough enemies will soften you up just before an important fight.

    Once inside, follow the path to get the Stormbane Choker and Zirconia Brooch accessories before reaching the ceremony for a scene. After the event, check the by the monument to gain the Crest of Etro.

    3:30 - 4:00

    FanaticThese foes drop Bronze Medals and the Sickle of the Faithful, which is the only location for this item. They can be easily taken care of with a string of elemental attacks to stagger them and are great for building up your EP if you find yourself low.

    Battleaxe of the Believer

    Activate Chronostasis and we need to make our way back to the Warren. Head for the northern gate protected by a heretic and show him the Crest of Etro that we picked up in the Forsaken Graveyard to enter the area beyond. We are not alone in the Chaos that surrounds Noel. Lumina appears and explains what has motivated Noel's decision to betray his one time ally and defeat her with no regard for the end of the world.

    Note that you can attack the fanatic at the entrance to regain the Crest if desired.

    As we pass through the area, the Children of Etro's Fanatics will be encountered often, alone of in groups. After the scene, stick to the roof and jump across to follow Noel, but in the second area with the bus below make sure to drop down and check the west wall for a Thorn of Protection. Climb up and jump across the gap to the next section and drop again to get the Battleaxe of the Believer behind a truck and then continue to follow Noel the rest of the way through the Warren.

    Boss: Noel Kreiss

    Attack TypeStatus Immunities
    Shadow Hunter
    Tornado (Hard)
    Crystal Malistone (Hard)
    Holy Forgefire (Hard)

    Noel is likely the hardest challenge you've faced up to now, assuming you are completing this mission chain early, which is entirely possible. His HP pool is a massive 320,000, so this is going to be a long battle if you are not prepared.

    Noel uses mostly wind element attack and is weak to lightning, so wind-based defense accessories like Stormbane Choke and Enthunder from Thunderbird Bracelet are great. If you bought that Enthunder Potion earlier and have Beat Down from the Vengeance outfit or Slayer from Cloud then you will find this battle much easier.

    Start off with Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil to de-buff him, then switch to your lightning attacks to wear on his stagger. Be ready for any melee attacks he dishes out while you are doing this and make sure to guard, of course.

    The objective is to stagger Noel with a Perfect Guard or Magic and then get a level 2 stagger with physical attacks, using the Enthunder and Warrior's Potions, while he is already staggered. This opens him up to launch attacks with Beat Down or Slayer that can have amazing damage finishers during Overclock. This is not required, but it will get you a high score and fast battle.

    Watch out for his various "Strike" attacks, all of which put various ailments on you, and make sure to guard these with Passion Rogue to prevent the ailments. He also uses a move called Blessing of Shadows, which gives him Haste, Protect, Shell and Enareo (which you should debuff). Finally he adds his ultimate attack once his HP drops: Meteor Javelin. As you may remember from Final Fantasy XIII-2, this is his ultimate move and if you don't guard through it you will very likely be one-hit KOed.

    Compare your score with ours listed below and see if you can do better.

    Battle Time00:02:0100:01:15

    For more information on Scoring see our section above.

    For completing the Luxerion chapters you will gain Maximum EP +1, Maximum HP +240, Maximum ATB +10, Strength +84, and Magic +70. Make sure to also grab the Shadow Hunter off the ground afterwards.

    The Shadow Hunter is a very powerful weapon when combined with Beat Down from the Vengeance garb. If you are already using Vengeance, swap out your weapon for this baby, unless you have something like a Shard Blade. It will make your Beat Down finale attacks stagger enemies quickly and destroy them.

    4:00 - 6:00

    Make your way out of the Warren to the southeast and talk to the little boy named Alrick in the main area to begin A Rose by Any Other Name.

    A Rose by Any Other Name
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    By the Wall of Wealthm down in the Warren, Lightning encounters a young boy called Alrick. However, it is not Lightning he wants to speak to - it is a look-alike called Myka, who he believes is the real savior. Myka had promised to bring the boy and his mother a legendary flower known as the phantom rose. But Myka is a fraud, and it is up to Lightning to deliver on the promise.
    Client: Alrick
    Quest Item: Phantom Rose x1

    Continue southeast and climb the ladders that lead up and out of the main area of the Warren and talk to the drunken man nearby to begin Get the Girl and gain Lackley's Ring.

    Get the Girl
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Down in the Warren, at the bottom of Mangled Hill, slumps a forlorn former officer with a sad tale to tell. His name is Lackley, and he was abandoned on his wedding day by his bride-to-be. For decades he searched for his fair Philiana, to no avail. He has given up on hope now, but perhaps Lightning can succeed where he could not.
    Client: Lackley

    Head south through Old Town and take the south exit toward South Station, through Pilgrim's Causeway, and save before entering the Chaos Infusion. We want to get a status ailment from a Meonekton and then using the Nektar from Velno for the first step in her quest. Now continue south and talk to Aremiah by the Catheral's gates to begin The Saint's Stone.

    The Saint's Stone
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Cathedral Plaza of the holy district, Lightning encounters Aremiah, a member of the Order, who gives Lightning some news about her old ally Vanille. Apparently, Vanille is being kept under close watch by the Order elders, who have designated her a "saint." Unfortunately, a stone that she treasured has been stolen and this has plunged her into despondency. There are few leads, but it might be worth questioning the warehouse employees down in the warehouse district first.
    Client: Servant Aremiah
    Quest Item: Crystal Shard x1

    Make sure to head west a bit and then north to talk to a Sentry standing around to begin the Voices from the Grave.

    Voices from the Grave
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Residents of Luxerion speak of seeing the ghosts of women, wandering late in the night. Lightning should search the city and find out the truth behind the reports. Who could be causing these strange reports and how are they related to Lightning?
    Client: -

    Wait around for the clock to strike 5, rebuilding your EP bar if needed or trying to run into a Meonekton for a status ailment, and then talk to the man near the Sentry that provided us with the previous quest to begin The Avid Reader.

    The Avid Reader
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Every day, on Pilgrim's Passage, near South Station, a quiet, dignified gentleman called Ranulph can be seen engrossed in his journal and nibbling on muffins brought to him by the baker, Marlon. Ranulph's life is contented and ordered, marred only by one small wrinkle - the notebook containing the entries from the first 50 years of his life is missing. Perhaps Lightning can find it for him.
    Client: Ranulph
    Quest Item: Ranulph's Journal x1

    We can now burn Chronostasis like it is no tomorrow, after all we will get it all back at the beginning of a new day. Head through South Station toward the Warehouse District. Remember Solandra, the woman who asked us to defeat the beast between her and the Warehouse District, well we can do this now by taking the eastern of the two paths leading north.

    Event Boss: Zomok

    Attack TypeStatus Immunities
    Stormdragon Down
    Aero Blitz
    Aeroga (Day 7+)
    Platinum Malistone (Day 10+)

    Zomok is weak to Thunder and uses mostly physical and wind element attacks. Accessories, such as the Thunderbird Bracelet and lightning element abilities are a huge help in this fight, though if Zomok is Imperiled he will become weak to Fire and Ice as well. That being said, he is resistant to Magic and should be attacked with en- attacks or elemental strikes, such as Sparkstrike. With enthunder and Beat Down/Jump or Slayer, Zomok will fall quickly.

    Unlike many enemies in Lightning Returns, Zomok has two HP factors: the head and tail. The tail can be severed separately from Zomok after Tail Pummel, decreasing the damage inflicted by the attack, but the ability you want to watch out for is Heavenly Storm. Heavenly Storm generates a tornado that spirals outward from Zomok, with the attacks only hitting Lightning when they reach her location and the closer Lightning is the more hits she will take. This can be prevented by having Lightning cast spells one at a time or performing a finale to back up and away from Zomok.

    After beating Zomok and obtaining the Cursed Dragon Claw return to Solandra for 6,000 gil, the Pendragon weapon, Brigand's Tricorne adornment, Maximum HP +120, Strength +12, and Magic +10.

    Crystal Shard

    We can now continue to the Warehouse District and head north, then east, toward the man standing by the pile of boxes for a scene. Really, Lightning! Oh well, smash the boxes and get the Crystal Shard and then talk to the man again.

    Onward! Head into the Commerical District and then talk to the woman directly across the street to talk to Mitka to learn where Ranulph's journal went. Off to the Warren, AGAIN! The fastest way to reach the Warren is by heading through the North Station and enter the Warren from the west side. Before you reach the ramps leading down into the Warren, look on the east side of the area and talk to the man to learn where the journal is located and gain Reddick's Letter.

    Let's head on back to the Cathdral, you can Teleport to South Station if you have the EP, and turn in The Saint's Stone for the Service Entrance Key, 500 gil, the Paladin garb, Fragment Crystal adornment, Maximum HP +40, and Magic +6. We can now continue into the cathedral via the door next to the closed gate and visit an old friend.


    Day 3: The Ark

    As with every trip to the Ark we have the opportunity to re-fight any boss battles we are not happy with and get the pleasure of grabbing some loot, this time it is the EP ability Arise. After a quick check in with Hope we can head back to the surface via the Wildlands Reasearch Camp.


    Day 3: The Wildlands

    6:00 - 6:30

    Head to the Crash Site and turn in the soul fragments to Sazh. After a pretty funny scene with a few smiles for myself, Dajh will awake and we will gain 5,000 gil, the Afro & Yellow Chick and Dajh's Patch adornments, Maximum EP +1, and Recovery Item Capacity +1.

    Return to the Research Camp and harvest the Tantal Greens x2 and then talk to the old man to officially start The Old Man and the Field.

    The Old Man and the Field
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    An old man's tantal greens or the gysahl greens of Canopus farms - which are better? Lightning should collect some gysahl greens from Sarala in Canopus Farms and help the old man settle this burning question. If she does, he promises, he will let Lightning use his field as she pleases.
    Client: Stubborn Old Man
    Quest Item: Gysahl Greens x1

    Lucky for us we already have a few Gysahl Greens from our last harvest in Canopus Farms, so hand them over for 500 gil, the Yellow-rimmed Glasses adornment, Maximum HP +40, and Strength +6. Make sure to plant more seeds before leaving, as farming additional greens will allow other quests to be completed.

    6:30 - 8:30

    Soul of Thamasa

    We now want to head all the way to where we fought the Chocobo Eater in the City of Ruins, but on the north side of the ridge to access the upper level.

    If you don't feel like walking, teleport to the Wildlands Station and fight Reavers to recover your EP in the City of Ruins.

    Once in the ruins, we can use the broken structures to reach the treasure with a Soul of Thamasa accessory that costs 6 EP. Fight more Reavers to recover EP before and after and then head to Canopus Farms. Harvesting and plant Gysahl Greens x4 and then return to Rocky Crag to the west. This time we want to take the north exit and then head west when the road splits at the top of the ramp to reach Poltae.


    8:30 - 10:00

    As soon as we reach the village we should hop off the chocobo and take the ladder down a long path for a treasure with Aerora Lv. 2. Backtrack to the village and head to the south side of the city and talk to the man south of the Innkeeper to start The Grail of Valhalla.

    The Grail of Valhalla
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    In the village of Poltae, Lightning encounters Professor Lathom, a scholar who is searching for something called the grail of Valhalla. If Lightning truly is the chosen one, then she and the angel may be the only ones who can find it for him. Hint: Lightning must find two sets of glyphs inside the temple to decode the legend of the grail.
    Client: Professor Lathom

    Etro's Forbidden Tome

    Now talk to the man to the south of the General Store to begin Mercy of the Goddess. We now need to backtrack to Cardesia in Jagd Village and select "Hear her story" to gain Cardesia's Cure and then use Chronostasis to quickly make our way back to Poltae. Return quickly and hand the cure over to Taleb for 1,600 gil, the Delicious Mushroom adornment, Maximum HP +80, and Strength +8.

    Before we head for the temple, head to the west side of the town to where the "Watching Girl" is standing and check the doorway of the second building to her right for the Etro's Forbidden Tome.

    Time to head to the temple! Let's make our way to the south side of Poltae via the gap between the buildings and then heading counter clockwise around the area. As we reach the waypoint we will automatically beginning Killing Time and be able to jump our way across the gaps.

    Killing Time
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    In the village of Poltae, a man stands gazing out toward the temple of the goddess, awaiting the end of the world. His only wish before he dies is to see the Angel of Valhalla take wing across the chasm and reach the entrance of the temple.
    Client: Waiting Man

    When we reach the other side the quest will be completed and we will gain 100 gil, the White Chocobo Figurine adornment, Maximum HP +30, and Magic +3. Make sure to backtrack on foot in this area to get the Beggar's Beads before heading off toward the temple. Enter and continue deep inside for a cutscene.

    10:00 - 12:00

    We will want to make sure we the end of the temple by noon, so make sure to save and use Chronostasis as much as you need to reach it.

    Well crap, not only have we fallen deep into the temple, but we have a curse on us. As long as we are in the temple, our HP will slowly drain away. This isn't too much of a concern, but we should probably equip Mediguard in order to counteract this drain by using it before the end of battles to stay topped up.

    Goddess Glyphs

    After the scenes, head north and search the northeast corner behind the rubble for Ruinga Lv. 2 and then turn around and head up the slope in the southwest to the next level and enter the Hall of Avarice.

    Continue for a scene in which Yeul asks us to save Caius and then continue up the platforms. Turn left and instead of talking to Yeul, drop down and examine the plaque on the north side of the room to obtain the Goddess Glyphs. Now head up thet rubble to the right and talk to Yeul to manifest more platforms and jump across. Turn left to grab the Firaga Lv. 2 treasure before heading north.

    The enemies in the hall between the levels are generally Ectopuddings x2 and can be deadly without Fire resistant or Magic resistant gear. Prepare accordingly in order to prevent death, or avoid them altogether.

    Blizzaga Lv. 2

    You will also want to save often, in case you miss a jump and find yourself at the bottom level of the temple having to start over again. Yeul only summons the platforms for a certain amount of time, but this can be extended by using Chronostasis. If you are having issues jumping across a section fast enough, use the ability to help.

    When we reach the War's Cage: Middle Level, talk to Yeul on the southwest corner on the upper level to spawn more platforms. Cross and then go up into a small room and talk to another Yeul to spawn even more platforms outside that we can cross. Although we need to go straight up, a quick detour from the second platform by dropping between it and the third platform will lead to a Blizzaga Lv. 2 spell. To reach Yeul again we need to use the golden pole to safely slide down and then walk back up and cross from the first platform again.

    Head through the hallways with more Ectopuddings and open the treasure with the Prophecy of Rebirth and enter the next room to fight an Aster Protoflorian, restoring our EP.

    Chaos Glyphs

    Head up the stone rubble and then drop down to reach Yeul to create more platforms and then continue on for another scene. Oh come on Lightning, are you telling me everything else in your life has been clear cut without confusion and contradiction? With the platforms now available we can jump across to the right, instead of to the left, to reach the treasure with Thundaga Lv. 2 inside. We can now drop and make our way back around to continue.

    When we reach the War's Cage: Highest Level, head to the north side of the room and check the plaque for the Chaos Glyphs before heading up the rubble further.

    Instead of talking to Yeul, let's drop off the other side of the platform to get the Elementa Lv. 2 ability and Tri-Point Coronet. As we backtrack, make sure to drop into the room directly below and not to any level lower than the highest level.

    Retrace the steps to Yeul and talk to her again, making sure to have Chronostasis active, and cross the platforms to the Aeroga Lv. 2 ability before continuing. Once again, talk to Yeul to cross a bunch of platforms and enter a new area.

    Like the Aster Protoflorian, the Reaver here is meant to test Lightning's skill while also softening her up. By now we have taken out a few of these on the Wildlands, so we shouldn't have too much of an issue. After the fight, enter the next room and talk to Yeul for more platforms that will lead to another scene. Afterwards, cross the platforms to another hole in the wall and follow the path clockwise to an Elementa Lv. 2 before continuing northeast.

    Caius is probably the most difficult enemy in the game, save the final boss. Unlike Snow and Noel, who become stronger versions after set period of time (ie. Snow+ or Snow++), Caius will only naturally become stronger with no additional versions. For this reason, he is much stronger than one would expect and without reading the strategy and preparing accordingly can kill Lightning in seconds.

    Boss: Caius Ballad

    Attack TypeStatus Immunities
    Chaos's Revenge
    Flare (Hard)
    Crystal Malistone (Hard)
    Demonic Forgefire (Hard)

    Caius is a pain if you are not prepared and have not learned how to use Perfect Guard. In general, you want Magic and Elemental resist accessories, to deal with Caius' attacks, and debuffs, such as Deprotect, Defaith and Imperil (and Curse + -aga abilities if you have it). Additionally, Jump and the Brave Thief auto-abilities from Shadow Hunter and the Battleaxe of the Believer are great bonuses for your attacks, as Jump will allow you to quickly stagger and Brave Thief will debuff Caius while also buffing yourself, but make sure you have the correct ability to use them properly equipped.

    This fight will end poorly if you do not take an aggressive approach to the battle, as he will dwindle your health down with every attack.

    He has two modes: Commando and Ravager.

    Commando Mode

    The most deadly attack in Caius' arsenal while in Commando Mode is Megaflare, which will deal a significantly large amount of damage if not perfect guarded, and even more if not guarded at all. If you are not sure of Perfect Guard timing, tap the button multiple times. This will eat a lot of ATB, but allow you to get the perfect guard. His attacks perform long chains, so don't quit guarded until he has performed all attacks in a skill and then attack him quick and hard between him attacks. Watch out for Eye of the Bahamut, which causes Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, and Slow.

    Ravanger Mode

    Caius' Ravanger Mode is less deadly, due to the ability to Guard the majority of his attacks without needing Perfect Guard. Attack him between his cast and when he begins to gather energy. Once he says "Ready", make sure to guard as he will perform high-tier spells one after the other before reverting to Commando Mode.

    In addition to the Mode specific skills, Caius also has the ability Absolution and Body and Soul, which removes three ailments and bestows multiple beneficial status effects. Your job is to keep him debuffed by using counter abilities and stealing any of the others for yourself with Brave Thief. When not guarding or debuffing, attack him aggressively between his attacks.

    Staggering Caius can only be obtained by using the correct type of attack during each mode and each adds an effect that will help you perform additional damage until the effect wears off: physical for Commando Mode and elemental for Ravanger Mode. Staggering him with Jump in Commando Mode just before he switches to Ravanger Mode will grant you the Broken effect, which will make staggering him with magic much easier, adding the effect of either Parched, Exposed, Conductive, or Brittle.

    Compare your score with ours listed below and see if you can do better.

    Battle Time00:02:1800:05:47

    For more information on Scoring see our section above.

    For completing the Wildlands chapter we gain Maximum HP +120, Maximum ATB +10, Strength +56, Magic +126, and Recovery Item Capacity +1. Make sure to also grab the Chaos's Revenge off the ground afterwards.

    12:00 - 12:10

    Return to Professor Lathom by the Poltae Inn To turn in the glyphs for his quest and then head to the first plaque that was on the way to the temple. After another short scene, fly over to the next plaque and get the Plate Metal Fragment. Hop across again to the next plaque to get the Silver Metal Fragment and then finally to get the Golden Metal Fragment up the ladder and to the right at the end of the path to the temple.

    We can now return to Professor Lathom at the first plaque to complete the quest and gain 3,800 gil, the Sacred Knight garb, Crest of Etro adornment, Maximum HP +150, Strength +10, Magic +16.

    12:10 - 12:30

    Teleport to Aryas Village and talk to Dr. Sheep to complete the Matchmaker quest for 1,600 gil, a Yellow Ribbon adornment, Maximum HP +80, Strength +8, and Magic +6. Before we leave, head toward Chef Aryas for a scene and begin Land of Our Forebears.

    Land of Our Forebears
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    The wandering man was in fact Cole, Sarala's father, who faked his own death to force Sarala to become more independent. Hearing the story, Lightning is reminded of another man she has met - the grumpy old farmer over at the Research Camp. Didn't he seem to have a special interest in Sarala and her father?
    Client: Cole

    12:30 - 13:00

    We need to teleport to the Research Camp, but we won't have enough EP. Use Chronostasis and head toward the City of Ruins to fight Reavers and rebuild the EP bar and then teleport to the Research Camp. Talk to the Stubborn Old Man and then ride to the Station and talk to Brella. With the bad news, it is up to us to clear the Chaos around Canopus Farms, so head on over.

    Head on over to Dr. Gysahl for a scene and then make sure to buy an Enthunder Potion from the merchant on the path near Canopus Farms.

    To Live in Chaos
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    The entire village of Canopus Farms has been swallowed up by a Chaos infusion. The villagers are forced to abandon their home, leaving behind the chocobos that were under Dr. Gysahl's care. Odin, in his incarnation as the Angel of Valhalla, cries out as he leaps into the Chaos to help his trapped friends. Inside awaits his mortal foe - the dreaded Chocobo Eater.
    Client: The Angel of Valhalla

    Event Boss: Chocobo Eater

    Attack TypeStatus Immunities
    Green Monster Moss
    Blizzaga (Day 7+)
    Platinum Malistone (Day 10+)

    Unlike the fight with the damaged Chocobo Eater, this one is at full health and surrounded in Chaos. It is best to equip as much physical resistant equipment as possible, use Heavy Guard (likely from Quiet Guardian), and have the following debuffs: Debrave and Imperil.If you have Slow this will help with taking less damage over all, as his attacks can come swiftly in combination with each other. Additionally, if you have Jump it will come in handy as well.

    The objective is to induce a weakness with Imperil and then stagger him. Once staggered, use Jump to induce a 2nd stagger and place to Broken effect on him permanently, allowing you to stagger him more easily from now on. You can then use the Enthunder Potion and go to town with physical attacks.

    The abilities to watch out for are "So, Hungry!", which will give the Chocobo Eater Haste, Bravery, Veil, and Protect; Chomp, which will do significant damage unless perfect guarded; and Chef's Special, which does multi-hit heavy damage.

    Despite all this, with enough physical resistance, good guarding skills, and staggering him often you should be able to defeat him.

    After defeating the Chocobo Eater we will gain 4,200 gil, the Gagnrad weapon , Odin's Horn adornment, Maximum HP +150, Strength +16, Magic +12. Make sure to talk to Sarala to send her off to Aryas Village, harvest and plant somes seed, and then we can head to Aryas ourself.

    Once in Aryas Village, head to Chef Aryas to complete Land of Our Forebears to gain 3,500 gil, the Pink-rimmed Glasses adornment, Maximum HP +150, Strength +12, Magic +10. Now teleport to Luxerion - North Station.


    Day 3: Luxerion

    13:00 - 15:00

    Due to the events coming up, it is important to stay on time for the following sections in Luxerion and Yusnaan.

    Start by entering the plaza and talk to the woman to begin Like Clockwork, which we will gradually complete as we explore Luxerion.

    Like Clockwork
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the plaza in front of Luxerion's North Station, Lightning meets Armena, who is terrified that if the clocks of Luxerion stop, the end of the world will follow. Lightning can help put Armena's mind to rest by checking all the clocks of the clocks and making sure that they are still ticking.
    Client: Armena

    Start by checking the Clock directly above the Station entrance and the Clock on the tower to the south. Now talk to the other woman here for clues on the ghosts that appear at night. Finally, answer the annoying phone that is ringing to the left of the clock tower to start The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

    The Girl Who Cried Wolf
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Lightning answers a phone and hears a plea for help. A young woman called Louise is being chased by a mob armed with weapons. She said something about the north side of town, near the graveyard. That could be none other than the Forsaken Graveyard. Lightning will have to hurry if she wants to save the girl. Note: This quest has a time limit. If you don't hurry, the quest may end in failure.
    Client: Louise

    We will need to head to the Forsaken Graveyard, but first let's go through the Commercial District to the southwest and talk to Blythe, who is standing on the steps leading up to the Residences to begin Dying Wish.

    Dying Wish
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    On the Gallery Steps in the commercial district, Lightning meets a girl called Blythe. She has made a journey here to buy special medicine for her father, who is gravely ill, but was told by the potions shop that they are out of ingredients. There is only one such shop in the commercial district. Lightning should pay it a visit.
    Client: Blythe
    Quest Item: Spectral Elixir x1

    Continue west into the Residence and talk to Armand, standing beside the Sentry, to begin Buried Passion and the man standing beside the flaming treasure sphere to begin Suspicious Spheres and gain the Supply Spheres Password. Ignore the boy running around for now, we will get him in a little while.

    Buried Passion
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    On Saint's Hill, in the Residences, Lightning meets a sad-looking man by the name of Armand. He asks Lightning if she would care to hear the tale of his dead friend.... Should Lightning take the time to listen to the poor man's tale?
    Client: Armand
    Suspicious Spheres
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Someone has been dropping Order supply spheres willy-nilly all over the city. The spheres are cloaked in a sinister red light. Virgil wants Lightning to check all these suspicious spheres and then report back to him. He will be waiting for her in the plaza of Prayers in the Residences.
    Client: Virgil

    Open the first sphere by Virgil for the Prophecy of the Future and then talk to the woman nearby for another clue about the strange things that happen in the dark of Luxerion. Check the Clock above the Sentry and then we can rush on over to South Station.

    As you enter the area, head straight south and check the south side of the nearby building for the next sphere with Fanatic Notes and then go around the corner downstairs and talk to the boy to accept Treasured Ball.

    Treasured Ball
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    On 1st Avenue near Luxerion's South Station, Lightning encounters a boy who has lost his ball on a rooftop. It looks like Lightning can reach the roof from the top of a nearby stone wall. Maybe she could fetch the rubber ball for the boy.
    Client: Talbot
    Quest Item: Rubber Ball x1

    Luckily, we got that ball earlier, so just hand it over to get Talbot's Gratitude, 100 gil, the Salvage Pilot's Badge adornment, Maximum HP +30, and Strength +3.

    Chocobo Emporium

    Continue east past the shops and talk to the man as you head into the large plaza to the south of the main Clock Tower for another conversation about ghostly women appearing at night. Instead of continuing, head back west just a bit and north and talk to the left Grocer to purchase the Mandragora Root.

    Head west from the Grocer as we make our way back the way we came, but when the road splits to the area where Zomok was, head north into the Chaos Infusion for a fight and hit Chronostasis.

    Head north and open the last suspicious sphere for a Silvered Metal and then east and north into the Commercial District. The back of the stall when you come out is the Chocobo Emporium, so walk around the other side and get the Spectral Elixir from the ingredients we own. The post nearby also has a Clock that we can check.

    Head west toward the Residences and hand over the elixir to Blythe for the Tonberry Lantern adornment, Maximum HP +80, Strength +8, and Magic +4. Continue up the steps and complete Suspicious Spheres for 300 gil, the Millionaire's Mustache adornment, Maximum HP +40, Strength +4, and Magic +2.


    Talk to the boy running around to begin Faster Than Lightning, but reload if the destination is not North Station.

    Faster Than Lightning
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    In the Saint's Hill area of the residence, Lightning encounters a would-be challenger by the name of Lamont. Lightning, never one to turn down a summons to a contest agrees to the race. Now she has to make sure she keeps up with the fleet-footed kid and beat him to the goal. But with a name like Lightning, how can she lose?
    Client: Lamont

    Rush to North Station to beat Lamont, which will be indicated by the Final Fantasy fanfare music. Check the Clock above the General Store and the Clock on the train platform while we wait for Lamont and when he arrives we will gain 200 gil, the Gold Medal adornment, Maximum HP +30, and Strength +6.

    Lamont may stop if you get too far ahead, if this happens you will likely want to restart and stick closer to him.

    Now take the 15:00 train to Yusnaan.


    Day 3: Yusnaan

    15:15 - 16:00


    Make sure to fight any guards you see. Not only will they aggressively attack you, but they will also increase your EP and allow you to use Chronostasis during this section.

    As we exit the Glutton's Quarter to the southeast, check the little nook next to the Hotel Staff NPC to find and fight a Schrodinger and gain Civet Musk.

    We can now continue south, but as we reach the bottom of the stairs we'll want to head west, which leads to the Champion's Quarter, to begin the quest Play It for Me from the young boy and gain the Musical Treasure Sphere Key.

    Play It for Me
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Champion's Quarter, just off Armor Alley, stands a famous Cactuar statue where Lightning encounters a young trumpeter by the name of Morris playing a very familiar tune. He can only play a few notes of the melody. If Lightning wants to hear more, she will have to collect the rest of the score from the musical spheres. This is another of Lumina's games - but maybe it's worth Lightning's while to play along.
    Client: Morris
    Quest Item: Nostalgic Score: Chorus x1, Nostalgic Score: Refrain x1, Nostalgic Score: Coda x1

    Head east, sticking to the south wall, and when we begin to hear the music we will want to climb the nearby ladder to reach the Nostalgic Score: Refrain. Now jump down and continue east to find a woman on the stage named Olga to start Songless Diva.

    Songless Diva
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Fountain Square, Reveler's Quarter, Lightning meets a singer called Olga who has been abandoned by Berdy, her lover and songwriting partner. If Lightning were to find the wayward Berdy, it could help the diva get her voice back.
    Client: Olga


    We can find Berdy by running north and talking to the man running away to learn where the songs have gone.

    As we continue south toward the Diviners a young boy will steal an item from us if we stand still near him. He may have already stolen an item, in which case he will be running away, so chase him down to get the item back.

    Many have commented on the failure of the quest Free Will from the Diviners.

    To be extra careful, talk to the Diviners and make sure they tell you to return tomorrow still.

    Now continue west toward the Augur's Quarter.

    16:00 - 17:00

    Chocobo Girl's No.

    Head to the south gate and talk to the Knowledgeable Tourist, the man by the gate, and then jump into the bushes on the west and land on the platform below to get a hidden treasure with the Thorn of Aggression.

    Head back east and talk to the one-man band Tour Guide and purchase a Sneaking-In Special Ticket. Take the alley next to him and grab the Chocobo Girl's Phone No. poster off the wall and the Mage's Gloves in the back alley. Now we need to backtrack all the way to the Slaughterhouse.

    As you enter the Slaughterhouse area, grab the Nostalgic Score: Chorus from the treasure behind the cage and then talk to Velno for the Nektar Mk II, which we will need to use when Poisoned.

    Now we can head through the passage to the north, known as the Road to War, and hug the right wall as you exit to find a small restaurant and talk to Seedy's Owner to begin Family Food.

    Family Food
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Glutton's Quarter, on Hawker's Row, Lightning meets the owner of Seedy's restaurant. The food is top-notch but the owner's business sense isn't, and his restaurant teeters on the edge of collapse. Even his own son has given up on the business. The only person who can save the restaurant now is the renowned epicurean known as Gordon Gourmet.
    Client: Seedy's Owner

    We will need to head up to the Banquet of the Lord, which is on the east side of the Glutton's Quarter. To reach it, head east by jumping over the wall and steps to land in front of the Shady Dealer and then take the red-carpeted stairs to the north. When we reach the top, talk to the Banquet Maitre D' and show him Lackley's Ring. In addition to Lackley's quest, we can also talk to Gordon Gourmet and drop or Reddick's Letter to Erine to get Ranulph's Journal while we are up here.

    When you are asked to read Ranulph's Journal you will have to choose Yes or No. If you choose Yes, you will fail The Avid Reader, but gain access to To Save the Sinless. It is impossible to complete both quests in one playthrough, so choose which you would like to do for yourself. If you are wondering, by not reading the journal you gain the Dull Grudge Knife, while reading it gets you the Dark Knight garb.

    Nostalgic Score: Coda

    We now need to visit all of the restaurants in Glutton's Quarter:

    • Terrace Cafe - Head south of the Banquet of the Lord (easily reached by jumping off the steps to the south where Ranulph's quest leaves you)
    • Stand 'n Sip - Head north and west of the Terrace Cafe (make sure to head north along the west wall to the northwest corner to get the Nostalgic Score: Coda)
    • The Meat Grill - Head south of the Stand 'n Sip
    • Fishy Flavors - Directly next to The Meat Grill
    • The Veggie Parlor - Head south toward Seedy's and then east
    • Banquet of the Lord - Talk to the Banquet Maitre D' again

    After sampling all six, return to Gordon Gourmet and hand over the Civet Musk to gain the Gordon Gourmet's Recipe and then return to Seedy's. With the Steak a la Civet, return to Gordon Gourmet again to complete the quest for 1,500 gil, the Chef's Hat adornment, Maximum HP +120, Strength +8, and Magic +6.

    17:00 - 18:00

    Let's head to the Lower City by heading north from Central Avenue, the area to the east of the Glutton's Quarters. On the far east side of the lower city is the Gremlin's that stole Berdy's Music Satchel, provided they are not extinct. If they are extint, check the area at the bottom of the steps into lower city.

    Head back toward Central Avenue and talk to the man in the top hat on the steps named Gregory to begin Stolen Things and gain the Father's Letter.

    Stolen Things
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, Lightning is waylaid by a gentleman named Gregory. He tells her about a pickpocket called Pickett who works the area. Gregory is worried about the young man, and wants Lightning to help him. Lightning has to try and track down Pickett in the Reveler's Quarter and give him his father's Letter.
    Client: Gregory

    Giant's Vambrace

    On our way back to Pickett we can turn in a few quests.

    Start by talking to Morris at the bottom of Central Avenue, to the west, to complete Play It for Me for 1,500 gil, the Crown of Youth adornment, Maximum HP +80, Strength +8, and Magic +4. Hand over the Music Satchel to Berdy for 1,400 gil, the Queen's Mask adornment, Maximum HP +80, Strength +6, and Magic +6.

    Finally, have Pickett steal his father's letter and then chase him down for a scene.

    Return to Gregory to complete the quest for 400 gil, the Formal Silk Hat adornment, Maximum HP +50, Strength +2, Magic +4 and then continue north through the Lower City.

    Head west of the Industrial Area toward the Dead Dunes-Yusnaan Highway and get the Giant's Vambrace before talking to the guard at 18:00 to hand over the ticket.

    18:00 - 19:00

    HopliteThese enemies pose little challenge and are weak to Lightning and Fire, so make sure that these are equipped on a schema.
    DesdemonaThese are similar to the Gerturde's that are found the the Warren. The main difference is that they like to use Rush in a chain of three and can launch Lightning to do significant damage if unguarded.

    Bronze Pocket Watch

    This place is very linear, so head on up the steel structure to the waypoint and climb the ladder for a quick scene.

    Continue on, jumping down the ladder to the right and before going up the next ladder make sure to check to the right for a Bronze Pocket Watch. Climb up the ladder now and head to the right, where a merchant will allow us to restock as needed. Head down the path onto the supply line and be sure to use the boxes to jump up to a catwalk with some breakable boxes for a Soldier's Tie.

    Once we move through the timed door, that is currently open, another cutscene with Lumina will turn into a fight with a Cyclops! Yikes, this thing is big for sure.

    Event Boss: Cyclops

    (Standard Mode)(Rage Mode)
    Attack TypeStatus ImmunitiesAttack TypeStatus Immunities
    Charged Strike
    Platinum Malistone
    Orihalc Malistone (Hard)
    Holy Forgefire (Hard)

    The first thing you should do is debuff the Cyclops with Debrave, Imperil, and Slow, if you have them. His attacks are mainly physical, so any physical resist accessories goes far and be sure to guard against his Stomp attacks, otherwise you'll get launched up in the air. You can also try to Perfect Guard his club attacks for an easy stagger. Once staggered use Beat Down with Jump or Slayer from the DLC to lay into him until he is dead.

    19:00 - 19:30

    Sight's Circlet

    We've fallen quite a ways and off the main supply line. Head down the slope and west through the containers and then north into a small room with a bunch of containers on one side of the room that can be climbed to reach a treasure with a Sight's Circlet. Jump down and head through the opposite door and continue to a pile of bones. Examine the corpses to find an ID Card. Well... gotta use what you can, even if it is icky!

    Continue onward through a narrow hallway as we make our way to then end, where we'll have to use the ID Card at the machine to open the gate. Pick up the sparkling object just past the gate for a Desert Flame and grab the nearby treasure for an Oath of the Merchants Guild. Long name! Keep on going and soon we'll be in the Reveler's District.

    Start by heading weast along the north wall of the Reveler's Quarter and jump behind the bushes past the Hotel Manager to grab the Lapis Lazuli and then head for the Augur's Gate and enter.

    19:30 - 21:00

    Head west up the steps and talk to the man in black and diamonds to get the Director to agree to the additional fireworks.

    Jump over the banister to the north, between the two buildings, to reach the Demon Earrings treasure hiding behind some high crates. Jump back over the crates and head south to talk to a juggler named Candice to begin Adoring Adornments.

    Adoring Adornments
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    Near the entrance to the Augur's Quarter, Lightning meets Candice, an aspiring baton twirler who just can't seem to get noticed. Candice believes that she needs to jazz up her wardrobe, and after seeing the dashing figure that Lightning cuts, decides she is just the person to help. Lightning's mission? To collect as many adornments as she can and deliver them to Candice.
    Client: Candice

    We should have a decent amount of adornments to complete all 3 costume changes, depending on if you have been purchasing them from shops or completing Canvas of Prayers on the side, to complete the quest and gain 5,000 gil, the Carnival Mask adornment, Maximum HP +140, Strength +8, and Magic +12. Head east, going under the Statue of God to get the Corundum Pin and then talk to the waypoint man on the other side to get the Boss's Notes. Now take the stairs on the right side of the Augur's Quarter to reach the Thorn of Will before we leave.

    We need to visit all of the Boss' Pyrotechnician buddies to gather fireworks for the show. Their locations and times by which they must be visited are as follows

    • 10:30 PM - Cactuar Statue, Reveler's Quarter
    • 11:00 PM - Central Avenue
    • 11:30 PM - Slaughterhouse, Champion's Quarter

    • 12:00 AM - Station, Glutton's Quarter

    Time to gather some fireworks!

    Start by heading down into the Reveler's Quarter and into that back ally by the Tour Guide we bought the ticket from to get the first set of Fireworks from the Chocobo Girls. Continue east around the Reveler's Quarters to the Cactuar Statue and talk to Pyrotechnician to get Fireworks x3 and then continue west toward the Champion's Quarter.

    Just before you enter the Slaughterhouse, spot another Chocobo Girl for more Fireworks and then talk to the Pyrotechnician in the Slaughterhouse area for another Fireworks x3. We can now head north through the Road to War and as we exit we will run into a fun headdressed man by the name of Funicula to start Fireworks for a Steal.

    Fireworks for a Steal
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Just off Hawker's Row in the Glutton's Quarter, Lightning meets Funicula, a fireworks lover set to open the world's first fireworks specialty shop...except that his entire stock has been stolen by monsters. Can Lightning recover the fireworks before time runs out?
    Client: Funicula

    Head back into the Road to War to encounter a Skata'ne and defeat it to gain Fireworks x5. We can hand these over to Funicula or steal them. Why not take them and run? Well, it just so happens that if we hand them over and follow him to his shop he will hand over Fireworks x7 and complete the quest for ''1,300

    Drunk Pyrotechnician

    gil, the Vanguard Headdress adornment he's wearing, Maximum HP +80, Strength +8, and Magic +4''.

    Head north to the station and talk to the Sloppy Pyrotechnician just south of the Station for Fireworks x2, apparently he spilt his drink on the rest. Ugh! Head south of the Pyrotechnican to talk to another Chocobo Girl for another Fireworks (if you didn't eariler) and then continue to Central Avenue, again talking to the Chocobo Girl for a Fireworks (if you didn't eariler).

    Once you have collected the Fireworks from each of the Chocobo Girls you will also obtain the Miqo'te Dress garb.

    One last stop. In Central Avenue, talk to the very Drunk Pyrotechnician (Bkstunt may or may not be drinking Margarita's right now... hey, don't tell Krystal!). He won't hand over any fireworks until we get him so drunk he will pass out and offers the quest Fireworks in a Bottle.

    Fireworks in a Bottle
    Difficulty: 1 Star
    On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, a drunk pyrotechnician refuses to hand over any fireworks to Lightning. But if Lightning were to bring him a bottle of Yusnaan's finest, he might be inclined to change his mind.
    Client: Drunk Pyrotechnician
    Quest Item: Bacchus's Brew x1

    We can purchase the Bacchus's Brew for 1,00 gil from the Banquet Maitre D' in the Banquet of the Lord. Return to the pyrotechnician and hand it over for Fireworks x4, 300 gil, the Ceremonial Headdress adornment, Maximum HP +40, Strength +2, and Magic +4.

    We now need to head back to the boss to turn in the Fireworks and then talk to the Director upstairs again. We are not through yet though, we need to find a way to be on the stage, so Lightning suggests taking the place of the main actress.

    21:00 - 23:30

    Head to the Industrial Area, talk to the Suspicious Gatekeeper to begin the quest Death Safari.

    Death Safari
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    The suspicious gatekeeper, who once punched tickets for the Sneaking-in Special is still at his post by the industrial area gate, but he is running a new event now. In Death Safari: A Battle Against Ferocious Monsters!, paying customers get to go around the industrial area slaying as many Niblets as they can. Sounds like fun.
    Client: Gatekeeper
    Quest Item: Niblet-Defeater Emblem x30

    Fencer's Earrings

    Head inside and make sure to constantly use Chronostasis to keep the clock under 22:00.

    Head up to the highest point in the area and then jump down to the platform below with the floating treasure that costs 2 EP to open to gain the Fencer's Earrings and then continue all the way toward where we fought the Cyclops. The door is shut to the Warehouse District, but there is now a Jade Hair Comb sitting on the ground.

    Continue to fight until the Gatekeeper mention the quest is complete and then turn it in for 1,200 gil, the Dark Devil Ears, Dazzling Devil Ears, Pure Angel Ears, and Cautious Devil Ears adornments, as well as Maximum HP +80, Strength +8, and Magic +6''.

    With the Death Game Ticket in hand, go talk to Biggs...HA!...in the south section of the Lower City to begin the Death Game quest.

    Death Game
    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    Lightning has a ticket to enter a special event run by Wedge's friend, Biggs. It is called the Death Game, and it promises to live up to its billing. In the Death Game, contestants try to slay as many monsters as possible inside the sealed warehouse district. Multiple attempts are allowed.
    Client: Biggs
    Quest Item: Death Game Point x30

    Although we could finish this now, we are going to accept it and fight to raise our EP and then abandon the quest by exiting the way we came in. Once full on EP go to see Slaughterhouse Zoe by no later than 22:30 to begin The Fighting Actress.

    The Fighting Actress
    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Champion's Quarter stands the Slaughterhouse battle arena. Zoe, the owner, has given Lightning the go-ahead to fight in tonight's special match. The grand prize will be a gown that Zoe herself once wore on stage. But it isn't enough for Lightning to just win the battle - she has to do it with style and grace. In other words, she must put on a show.
    Client: Slaughterhouse Zoe

    The quest consists of three fights, although they are all pretty simple and all weak to Ice element attacks. At the end, you will gain the Midnight Mauve garb, which is pretty and needed to star as the Savior.

    Gremlin x5

    This is a pathetically easy fight. Destroy them one by one while using Mediguard at the end to keep your HP up. Very easy.

    Reward: Bronzed Medal



    This is nothing you haven't fought before. Lay into him with magic attacks to stagger him and finish him off from there. Should be fairly simple.

    Reward: Silvered Medal


    Zaltys Brimstone

    Not a hard fight, but way tougher than the other two. De-buff him and then lay into him with Ice element abilities in order to stagger him. Once he is staggered, use Slayer or Beat-Down with Jump to really take away chunks of HP. Watch out for his breath attacks and you'll be good.

    Reward: Crystal Medal

    Locket Pendant

    Once the fights are over we'll get the Midnight Mauve garb, as well as 1,500 gil, the Crown of Splendor adornment, Maximum HP +80, Strength +6, and Magic +6.

    Make sure to hit Chronostasis right after the fights and refill your EP at the Death Games. Back in the Glutton's Quarter, head up toward the Banquet of the Lord and halfway up the steps hop over the wall to reach the awning above the Terrace Cafe and open the 6 EP treasure for the Locket Pendant.

    We can now refill our EP at the Death Game and hop on the train before 23:30.