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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109 / Bkstunt_31

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    Table of Contents

    1. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - FAQ/Walkthrough
    2. Introduction
    3. Gameplay
      1. Controls
      2. Story & Quests
      3. Time Sensitivity
      4. Schemata
      5. Outerworld Services
      6. Combat
    4. Tips & Tricks
    5. Speed Walkthrough
      1. Prologue
      2. Day 1: The Ark
      3. Day 1: Luxerion
      4. Day 1: The Wildlands
      5. Day 1: The Dead Dunes
      6. Day 2: The Ark
      7. Day 2: The Wildlands
      8. Day 2: Luxerion
      9. Day 2: Yusnaan
      10. Day 2: Luxerion Revisited
      11. Day 3: The Ark
      12. Day 3: The Wildlands
      13. Day 3: Luxerion
      14. Day 3: Yusnaan
      15. Day 3: Luxerion Revisited
      16. Day 3: Yusnaan Revisited
      17. Day 3: Dead Dunes
      18. Day 3: Clean-up
      19. Day 4: The Ark
      20. Day 4: Dead Dunes
      21. Day 4: Yusnaan
      22. Day 4: Luxerion
      23. Day 4: Yusnaan Revisited
      24. What's Left?
    6. Story Missions
      1. 0-1: A Different Snow
      2. 1-1: An Evil Savior
      3. 1-2: In the Shadow of the Heretics
      4. 1-3: Find the Code
      5. 1-4: Rites for a Goddess
      6. 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow
      7. 2-1: The Great Break-In
      8. 2-2: The Legend of the Savior
      9. 2-3: A Solitary Patron
      10. 3-1: The Angel of Valhalla
      11. 3-2: Healing an Angel
      12. 3-3: Where Chaos Sleeps
      13. 4-1: Bandits of the Desert
      14. 4-2: Aspiring Bandit
      15. 4-3: Where the Clavis Lies
      16. 4-4: Murals of the Gods
      17. 4-5: The Holy Clavis
      18. 5-1: Father and Son
      19. 5-2: Follow the Chocobo Chick
      20. 5-3: Wishes on a Canvas
      21. 5-4: What Soul Seed Traders Want
      22. 5-5: Battle's Bounty
      23. 5-6: Beyond the Sandstorm
      24. Ultimate Lair
      25. Luxerion - Final Day
      26. God's Sanctum - Final Day
    7. Side Quests
      1. Luxerion SQ
      2. Yusnaan SQ
      3. The Wildlands SQ
      4. The Dead Dunes SQ
    8. Canvas of Prayers
      1. Luxerion CoP
      2. Yusnaan CoP
      3. The Wildlands CoP
      4. The Dead Dunes CoP
      5. Global CoP
    9. Inventory
      1. Garbs
      2. Weapons
      3. Shields
      4. Accessories
      5. Adornments
      6. Components
      7. Other Items
      8. Key Items
      9. Recovery Items
    10. Abilities
      1. Ability Upgrading
    11. Shops
      1. Luxerion
      2. Yusnaan
      3. Wildlands
      4. Dead Dunes
      5. Final Day
      6. Rare Merchant
    12. Bestiary
      1. Chaos Beasts
      2. Feral Creatures
      3. Man-Made Units
      4. Human
      5. Special
    13. Trophies / Achievements
    14. Contact Information
    15. Version History
      1. Current Version
      2. Older Versions
    16. Copyright & Disclaimer

    Side Quests

    The following is a complete list of all side quests and how to complete them independently of the Speed Walkthrough. The rewards for each quest are listed for both the first time you complete the quest in a NG and NG+, which is substantially less.


    Whither Faith

    Automatically begins as part of 1-1: An Evil Savior

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    The body of a young woman has been found in the plaza in front of Luxerion's North Station. It is just the latest in a string of murders in which the victim was a woman with the same color hair as Lightning. Could someone be going after the savior herself? Lightning needs to question witnesses in the area and report whatever she learns to the inquisitor in charge of the investigation.
    Client: Inquisitor
    Quest Reward
    800 gil1,200 gil
    Scholar's Glasses
    Maximum HP +80Maximum HP +40
    Strength +6Strength +3
    Magic +6Magic +3

    This quest is actually part of the main story, with you being forced to complete it as part of 1-1. That being said, we will cover it here as well.

    To complete this quest we need to gather "Valuable information" and then report to the Inquisitor. There is a variety of information to be had, so let's go through it in bullet form!

    • From the Inquisitor, turn the camera around and spot the glowing pile of papers on the ground and examine them.
    • North of the pile of papers is a man near the ramp to the station named Thorton that can be talked to for the quest Where Are You, Holmes?
    • Turn left of Thornton's location and head northwest to the Innkeeper and talk to him.
    • Head west along the corner of the Inn and talk to Holmes, who will follow Lightning around, slowly.
    • Turn around from Holmes location and talk to the owner of the Outfitter's Shop.
    • Talk to the man up the ladder to the east.
    • Instead of heading back down, jump off the north side of the scaffolding to grab on to the wall to pull up for the Fighter's Emblem.
    • Talk to the Officer by the treasure for more info.
    • Head into the Station and talk to Thornton to complete the side-quest for 300 gil, the Railworker's Cap and Railworker's Beret adornments, Maximum HP +30, and Strength +3.
    • Talk to the people inside the station.
    • To the south, by the water's edge we will spot a man fleeing. Catch him and talk to him for more info.

    Once we have all that info, go talk to the Inquisitor to share what we know, completing Whither Faith.

    Where Are You, Holmes?

    Available only on Day 1 between 21:00 and 6:00

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Inside Luxerion North Station, station attendant Thornton is worried about his colleague Holmes, who has failed to turn up for his shift. Can Lightning help find him? The quest must be completed by 6 AM. Try searching for a man in uniform near the town hotel in the station plaza.
    Client: Thornton
    Quest Reward
    300 gil450 gil
    Railworker's Cap x1
    Railworker's Beret x1
    Maximum HP +30Maximum HP +10
    Strength +3Strength +1

    This quest is pathetically easy. After accepting the quest from Thornton in front of North Station, turn northwest and head over toward the gate to the north area and find Holmes muttering to himself. Talk to him and he'll begin to follow Lightning, allowing us to slowly take him back to the Monorail Station. Talk to Thornton inside and we're done.

    The Things She's Lost

    Available between 21:00 and 6:00 after completing 1-2: In the Shadow of the Heretics

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    A tearful Dolce tells Lightning that she has lost her prized treasure, a green Carbuncle doll, somewhere near North Station. Perhaps Lightning can find it - but it won't be easy, if the toy has come into contact with another dimension.
    Client: Dolce
    Quest Item: Green Carbuncle Doll x1
    Quest Reward
    100 gil150 gil
    Carbuncle Figurine x1
    Maximum HP +30Maximum HP +10
    Magic +3Magic +1

    Green Carbuncle Doll

    Dolce stands just outside North Station between 21:00 and 6:00 and is seeking her missing doll.

    There are two dolls in Luxerion, which should not be confused with each other.

    • The Green Carbuncle Doll, which is the one we desire, is located on some boxes across from the Forge in Old Town to the southeast of North Station.
    • The Red Carbuncle Doll, on the other hand, is located next to the Inn to the west of Dolce's location and will cause the quest to be failed.

    Soul Seeds

    Available from Day 1 onwards after completing 1-2: In the Shadow of the Heretics

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    In the North-South Corridor, in the Arcade, Lightning encounters Baird, a merchant of sorts. He tells her that he will pay handsomely for any soul seeds she can find. A select group of daring seedhunteres make a living by jumping into the Chaos and grabbing soul seeds. Lightning can join their ranks and sell any seeds she finds to the soul seed traders. Easily spotted because of their distinctive hats, one of each trader can be found in Luxerion, Yusnaan, the Wildlands and the Dead Dunes.
    Client: Baird
    Quest Item: Soul Seed x1
    Quest Reward
    400 gil600 gil
    Black Tattoo x1
    Maximum HP +40Maximum HP +20
    Strength +2Magic +4
    Magic +4

    This quest is easy. After speaking with Baird in the Arcade to the south of the Residences, enter the nearby Chaos Infusion just south of him and collect any Soul Seeds and then return to him and hand them over.

    Born from Chaos

    Available from Day 1 onwards after completing 1-2: In the Shadow of the Heretics

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    In the North-South Corridor that extends south from the warehouse district, a mighty Zomok from the Chaos is terrorizing local residents. Thirteen hardened bounty hunters tried to slay the menace, but only a fighter called Solandra survived to tell the tale. Can Lightning defeat the Zomok on her behalf?
    Client: Solandra
    Quest Item: Cursed Dragon Claw x1
    Quest Reward
    6,000 gil
    Pendragon x1
    Brigand's Tricorne x1
    Maximum HP +120
    Strength +12
    Magic +10

    Talk to Solandra to the north or south of the path leading between the Warehouse District and South Station. In order to complete this quest, we must defeat the Zomok that spawns on the North-South Corridor in the Chaos Infusion. This is beast is extremely hard to defeat on the first day, except in NG+, and should be delayed to a later date after completing other quests to increase Lightning's stats.

    Event Boss: Zomok

    Attack TypeStatus Immunities
    Stormdragon Down
    Aero Blitz
    Aeroga (Day 7+)
    Platinum Malistone (Day 10+)

    Zomok is weak to Thunder and uses mostly physical and wind element attacks. Accessories, such as the Thunderbird Bracelet, and Lightning element abilities are a huge help in this fight, though if Zomok is Imperiled he will become weak to Fire and Ice as well. That being said, he is resistant to Magic and should only be attacked with en- attacks or elemental strikes, such as Sparkstrike.

    Unlike many enemies in Lightning Returns, Zomok can be targeted either through his head or tail. The tail can be severed separately from Zomok, decreasing the damage inflicted by Tail Pummel, but the ability you want to watch out for is Heavenly Storm. Heavenly Storm generates a tornado that spirals outward from Zomok, with the attacks only hitting Lightning when they reach her location and the closer Lightning is the more hits she will take. This can be prevented by having Lightning cast spells one at a time or performing a finale to back up and away from Zomok.

    After defeating the Zomok, return the Cursed Dragon Claw to Solandra to the south of the North-South Corridor.

    Stuck in a Gem

    Available between 15:00 to 3:00 after completing 1-2: In the Shadow of the Heretics

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    On Pilgrim's Passage in the holy district, Lightning meets a talking cat who begs for help. Can this really be part of the savior's mandate? Must Lightning help cats as well as people? The talking cat is really a young boy called Ronan, whose soul has ended up in a cat's body thanks to Lumina's trickery. The only way to return him to his true form is a dose of an antidote called starlit spice. The first step is to find a merchant in Luxerion who sells the concoction.
    Client: Gem
    Quest Item: Starlit Spice x1
    Quest Reward
    1,600 gil
    Black Cat Ears x1
    Maximum HP +80
    Magic +12


    Speak to Gem, the cat, between 15:00 and 3:00 off the Pilgrim's Causeway passage that leads from the Holy District to South Station. This quest can only be completed after visiting the Warren, which is open between the hours of 0:00 and 6:00.

    Enter the Warren from Old Town and head to the bottom of the zigzag ramps leading down into the Wall of Joy area and talk to the man crouching down nearby. In return for Niblet Hairball x2, Rubrio will create a Starlit Spice.

    To complete the quest, the Starlit Spice must be handed to Ronan in Old Town, but there is a catch. Ronan is surrounded by five cats that will steal the spice if they touch Lightning. If this happens, a new Starlit Spice must be obtained from Rubrio in the Warren. The best way to deal with this is to approach Ronan from North Station. Once the cats begin to chase Lightning, back track west to the upper level of Old Town and drop down by Ronan.

    Dying Wish

    Available between 6:00 and 22:00 from Day 2 onwards

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    On the Gallery Steps in the commercial district, Lightning meets a girl called Blythe. She has made a journey here to buy special medicine for her father, who is gravely ill, but was told by the potions shop that they are out of ingredients. There is only one such shop in the commercial district. Lightning should pay it a visit.
    Client: Blythe
    Quest Item: Spectral Elixir x1
    Quest Reward
    Tonberry Lantern x1
    Maximum HP +80
    Strength +8
    Magic +4

    Chocobo Emporium

    Speak to Blythe on the steps between the Commercial District and the Residences between 6:00 and 22:00. In order to create the medicine for her father we will need to collect the following items:

    • Shaolong Gui Shell - purchase from Seger in the Old Town market area for 600 gil
    • Mandragora Root - purchase from the Grocer in South Station, east of the Inn, that only appears between 10:00 and 19:00 for 400 gil
    • Thunderclap Cap - found on the west side of the Warehouse District

    With all three items, head to the Chocobo Emporium between 11:00 and 17:00 in the Commerical District to create the Spectral Elixir and return to Blythe.

    Suspicious Spheres

    Available between 8:00 and 17:00 from Day 2 onwards

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Someone has been dropping Order supply spheres willy-nilly all over the city. The spheres are cloaked in a sinister red light. Virgil wants Lightning to check all these suspicious spheres and then report back to him. He will be waiting for her in the plaza of Prayers in the Residences.
    Client: Virgil
    Quest Reward
    300 gil
    Millionaire's Mustache x1
    Maximum HP +40
    Strength +4
    Magic +2

    Speak with Virgil in the Residences between 8:00 and 17:00 to gain the Supply Spheres Password. We need to open three spheres, engulfed in a red aura, located throughout Luxerion.

    The first is located directly next to Virgil and contains the Prophecy of the Future notes. The second is located to the north of South Station and contains the Fanatic Notes. The final sphere is located in the northwest corner of the Warehouse District and contains a Silvered Metal. These can be gathered in any order, but must all be opened before returning to Virgil.

    Faster Than Lightning

    Available between 10:00 and 15:00 from Day 2 onwards

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    In the Saint's Hill area of the residence, Lightning encounters a would-be challenger by the name of Lamont. Lightning, never one to turn down a summons to a contest agrees to the race. Now she has to make sure she keeps up with the fleet-footed kid and beat him to the goal. But with a name like Lightning, how can she lose?
    Client: Lamont
    Quest Reward
    200 gil
    Gold Medal x1
    Maximum HP +30
    Strength +6

    Talk to the boy running around the Residences between 10:00 and 15:00 to begin this quest.

    Once accepted, Lamont will reveal the finish line, which can be either the North Station area or the eastern entrance to the Forsaken Graveyard. Either way, beat him to the location to hear the Final Fantasy victory fanfare and then wait for him to catch up to complete the quest.

    Note that sometimes running too far ahead will cause Lamont to stop running. If this is the case, try sticking only slightly ahead to help complete this quest.

    Treasured Ball

    Available between 10:00 and 20:00 and after completing 1-4: Rites for a Goddess

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    On 1st Avenue near Luxerion's South Station, Lightning encounters a boy who has lost his ball on a rooftop. It looks like Lightning can reach the roof from the top of a nearby stone wall. Maybe she could fetch the rubber ball for the boy.
    Client: Talbot
    Quest Item: Rubber Ball x1
    Quest Reward
    100 gil
    Salvage Pilot's Badge x1
    Maximum HP +30
    Strength +3

    Rubber Ball

    Talk to Talbot to the north of South Station on the west side of the area between 10:00 and 20:00.

    The Rubber Ball he is looking for is located directly north of him on some scaffolding and appears as a normal shining item. It can be collected at anytime, even before talking to Talbot, by heading up the stairs and jumping over the railing.


    Buried Passion

    Available between 10:00 and 19:00 after completing 1-4: Rites for a Goddess

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    On Saint's Hill, in the Residences, Lightning meets a sad-looking man by the name of Armand. He asks Lightning if she would care to hear the tale of his dead friend.... Should Lightning take the time to listen to the poor man's tale?
    Client: Armand

    Quill Pen

    Speak to Armand on the south wall of the Residences and listen to his tale. To complete the quest, we will need to return on two separate days to hear the rest of his story.

    Once all three parts have been told he will mention his Quill Pen, which is located inside the boxes in Old Town's market area. Return the pen to him to complete the quest. The pen can be obtained at any time, even prior to meeting Armand.

    Additionally, Armand offers information on Ranulph's Journal if read for the quests The Avid Reader and To Save the Sinless.

    1,300 gilMaximum HP +80
    Black-rimmed Glasses x1Strength +8
    Magic +4

    Like Clockwork

    Available between 8:00 and 18:00 after completing 1-4: Rites for a Goddess

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the plaza in front of Luxerion's North Station, Lightning meets Armena, who is terrified that if the clocks of Luxerion stop, the end of the world will follow. Lightning can help put Armena's mind to rest by checking all the clocks of the clocks and making sure that they are still ticking.
    Client: Armena

    Talk to Armena in front of North Station to accept this quest. We will need to visit all 13 clocks in Luxerion and check that they are on time to complete this quest by returning to Armena.

    - map coming soon

    1,200 gilMaximum HP +80
    Brass GearStrength +4
    Magic +8

    Get the Girl

    Available between 0:00 and 6:00 after completing 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Down in the Warren, at the bottom of Mangled Hill, slumps a forlorn former officer with a sad tale to tell. His name is Lackley, and he was abandoned on his wedding day by his bride-to-be. For decades he searched for his fair Philiana, to no avail. He has given up on hope now, but perhaps Lightning can succeed where he could not.
    Client: Lackley

    Speak to Lackley in the Wall of Wealth on the southeast side of the Warren during open hours to gain Lackley's Ring. We need to head to the Banquet of the Lords in Yusnaan, located up the red-carpeted ramp on the east side of the Glutton's Quarter, and talk to the Maitre D' to show him Lackley's Ring. Now return to Lackley and attempt to talk to him for scene. We can now head to the eastern side of the Forsaken Graveyard in Luxerion to complete this quest.

    1,500 gilMaximum HP +80
    Exotic Shades x1Strength +4
    Magic +8

    The Saint's Stone

    Available between 22:00 and 6:00 after completing 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Cathedral Plaza of the holy district, Lightning encounters Aremiah, a member of the Order, who gives Lightning some news about her old ally Vanille. Apparently, Vanille is being kept under close watch by the Order elders, who have designated her a "saint." Unfortunately, a stone that she treasured has been stolen and this has plunged her into despondency. There are few leads, but it might be worth questioning the warehouse employees down in the warehouse district first.
    Client: Servant Aremiah
    Quest Item: Crystal Shard

    Crystal Shard

    Speak to Aremiah outside the entrance to the Cathedral in the Holy District. The Crystal Shard is located in the northeast corner of the Warehouse District, below the Commerical District. Approach the man by some boxes for a scene. Really, Lightning! Oh well, smash the boxes and get the Crystal Shard and then talk to the man again. We can now return to Aremiah and turn in the shard for the Service Entrance Key.

    You can now enter the Cathedral at night via the door by the closed gate to visit an old friend.

    500 gilMaximum HP +40
    Paladin x1Magic +6
    Fragment Crystal x1

    The Avid Reader

    Available between 5:00 and 23:00 after completing 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Every day, on Pilgrim's Passage, near South Station, a quiet, dignified gentleman called Ranulph can be seen engrossed in his journal and nibbling on muffins brought to him by the baker, Marlon. Ranulph's life is contented and ordered, marred only by one small wrinkle - the notebook containing the entries from the first 50 years of his life is missing. Perhaps Lightning can find it for him.
    Client: Ranulph
    Quest Item: Ranulph's Journal x1

    Talk to Ranulph at the cafe to the northwest of the Holy District and south of the Clock Tower. We now need to head to the Commerical District and talk to Mitka, who appears between 5:00 and 1:00, to learn that the journal was handed off to a Man With No Name.

    The Man With No Name is located inside the southwest side of the Warren, open only between 0:00 and 6:00 daily. He can be found by heading into the Warren from North Station and checking the shacks before you head down into the lower areas of the Warren. He will hand over Reddick's Letter and tells us to head to Yusnaan.

    Off to the Banquet of the Lord in Yusnaan then! Take the red-carpeted stairs up to the Banquet and talk to Erine and show her Reddick's Letter to get Ranulph's Journal. After a short scene you will be prompted to make a major decision.

    When you are asked to read Ranulph's Journal you will have to choose Yes or No. If you choose Yes, you will fail The Avid Reader, but gain access to To Save the Sinless. It is impossible to complete both quests in one playthrough, so choose which you would like to do for yourself. If you are wondering, by not reading the journal you gain the Dull Grudge Knife, while reading it gets you the Dark Knight garb.

    If you choose not to read the letter, return to Ranulph and hand over the unread journal.

    900 gilMaximum HP +60
    Dull Grudge Knife x1Strength +6
    Magic +4

    The Girl Who Cired Wolf

    Available after completing 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Lightning answers a phone and hears a plea for help. A young woman called Louise is being chased by a mob armed with weapons. She said something about the north side of town, near the graveyard. That could be none other than the Forsaken Graveyard. Lightning will have to hurry if she wants to save the girl. Note: This quest has a time limit. If you don't hurry, the quest may end in failure.
    Client: Louise

    This is one of the few quests with a time limits. Be careful of event times.


    At the North Station, answer the phone booth that rings incessantly until answered. Doing this will commit you to completing the next event within 24 hours.

    Answer the phone at the eastern side of the Forsaken Graveyard. This is the phone used to enter the graveyard during the story missions.

    Answer the phone on the west side of South Station, just outside the Monorail area on the upper level.

    Finally, head to the Warren when it is open between 0:00 and 6:00 and head to the eastern side of the district, just east of the General Store.

    500 gilMaximum HP +40
    Leather Rucksack x1Strength +2
    Magic +4

    Voices from the Grave

    Available after completing 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Residents of Luxerion speak of seeing the ghosts of women, wandering late in the night. Lightning should search the city and find out the truth behind the reports. Who could be causing these strange reports and how are they related to Lightning?
    Client: -

    The residents of Luxerion will begin to talk about ghosts that have been seen at night. We need to talk to four specific residents between the hours of 6:00 and 18:00 to officially begin this quests. They are as follows:

    • A woman outside the North Station
    • A woman in the Residences, just south of the Forsaken Graveyard
    • A man to the east of the shops, southwest of the Clock Tower, in South Station
    • A sentry in the cafe to the northwest of the Holy District and south of the Clock Tower

    Once all residents have been spoken to the quest will officially begin and we can now hunt down the ghosts that appear between 0:00 and 4:00. They are as follows:

    • Carla appears outside the North Station by the large clock tower
    • Myka appears at the heretic's sacrificial monument in the Forsaken Graveyard. She also hands over the Phantom Rose for A Rose by Any Other Name.
    • Zandra appears at the Clock Tower in South Station, north of cafe from earlier
    400 gilMaximum HP +40
    Halo x1Strength +6

    A Rose by Any Other Name

    Available after completing 1-5: Hunter in Light and Shadow

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    By the Wall of Wealthm down in the Warren, Lightning encounters a young boy called Alrick. However, it is not Lightning he wants to speak to - it is a look-alike called Myka, who he believes is the real savior. Myka had promised to bring the boy and his mother a legendary flower known as the phantom rose. But Myka is a fraud, and it is up to Lightning to deliver on the promise.
    Client: Alrick
    Quest Item: Phantom Rose x1

    Speak to Alrick in the Warren, when it is open between 0:00 and 6:00, right next to the General Store. In order to complete this quest we will need to get the Phantom Rose from the quest Voices from the Grave.

    3,200 gilMaximum HP +120
    Purple Lightning x1Strength +10
    Crystal Rose x1Magic +12
    Red Bow Tie x1

    The Angel's Tears

    Available between 16:00 and 21:00

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Every evening on the plaza at the end of Idol Avenue, near Luxerion's South Station, a young street merchant called Luka appears to sell bottles of her own tears. Hers must be a curious story - she might be willing to share with Lightning but only is Lightning agrees to buy some of the girl's unusual offerings.
    Client: Luka

    Talk to Luka by the entrance to South Station, on the lower level, to begin this quest. This quest is best done in conjunction with Buried Passion, as both NPCs appear during the same hours and require us to come back on separate days. On each visit Luka will offer us a bottle of tears. We need to purchase these on three different visits to hear her story and complete the quest.

    2,400 gilMaximum HP +80
    Crystal Tear x1Strength +4
    Magic +8

    To Save the Sinless

    Available after reading Ranulph's Journal in The Avid Reader

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    The forgotten truths that lay in Ranulph's journal told the tale of his wife and child's murder - and a man who would give up all in his quest for revenge. When Lightning reminds Ranulph of the cruel reality he tried to forget, he says in a ??? tone that he needs to know who was responsible. He is prepared to face the truth, no matter how much it may hurt him. His resolve demands that Lightning see this through to the end.
    Client: Ranulph

    This quest is only available if you read Ranulph's Journal in The Avid Reader and handed the read version over to him. We will need to get more information on the journal from Armand, the quest giver for Buried Passion, which must be completed before he will over any information.

    Once Buried Passion is complete, talk to Armand, who will request that we complete one of two quests: Born from Chaos or Fuzzy Search. Once either one is complete, or already completed, talk to Armand again for the next clue. We now need to head to Reddick in the Warren, still between 0:00 and 6:00, before returning to Ranulph.

    4,500 gilMaximum HP +120
    Dark Knight x1Strength +12
    Magic +10

    Family Food

    Available from Day 1 onwards

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Glutton's Quarter, on Hawker's Row, Lightning meets the owner of Seedy's restaurant. The food is top-notch but the owner's business sense isn't, and his restaurant teeters on the edge of collapse. Even his own son has given up on the business. The only person who can save the restaurant now is the renowned epicurean known as Gordon Gourmet.
    Client: Seedy's Owner

    Talk to the Owner of Seedy's restaurant in the southwest corner of the Glutton's Quarter to try his Deep-Fried Niblet Hairballs and begin this quest.

    We will need to head up to the Banquet of the Lord, which is on the east side of the Glutton's Quarter. To reach it, head east by jumping over the wall and steps to land in front of the Shady Dealer and then take the red-carpeted stairs to the north. When we reach the top, talk to Gordon Gourmet.

    Nostalgic Score: Coda

    We now need to visit all of the restaurants in Glutton's Quarter:

    • Terrace Cafe - Head south of the Banquet of the Lord (easily reached by jumping off the steps to the south where Ranulph's quest leaves you)
    • Stand 'n Sip - Head north and west of the Terrace Cafe (make sure to head along the west wall to the northwest corner to get the Nostalgic Score: Coda)
    • The Meat Grill - Head south of the Stand 'n Sip
    • Fishy Flavors - Directly next to The Meat Grill
    • The Veggie Parlor - Head south toward Seedy's and then east
    • Banquet of the Lord - Talk to the Banquet Maitre D' again


    After sampling all six, return to Gordon Gourmet. He will ask us for some Civet Musk, which can be obtained from the Shrodinger on the southeast side of the Glutton's Quarter, right next to the Hotel Staff and before reaching Central Avenue.

    Return to Gordon Gourmet and hand over the musk to gain Gordon Gourmet's Recipe and then return to Seedy's for a scene. With the Steak a la Civet, return to Gordon Gourmet again to complete the quest.

    1,500 gilMaximum HP +120
    Chef's Hat x1Strength + 8
    Magic +4

    Free Will

    Available from Day 1 onwards

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    Fountain Square, the Reveler's Quarter. Lightning encounters a mysterious diviner who tells her that his colleague has used alchemic arts to acquire an eye that can see the future. If the two diviners are telling the truth, it might be worth Lightning's while to do as they bid her and follow her "true path as the savior."
    Client: Diviner I

    This quest has a specific time limit in which you must return and can be failed.

    Talk to the Diviners in the southeast side of the Reveler's Quarter, just south of Fountain Square. We will then need to return the following day between 6:00 and 17:59 and talk to the Diviner II. We now need to collect three Desert Flames. They can be found in the following locations:

    • In the underground route to the Augur's Quarter used in 2-1: The Great Break-In
    • Inside the boxes by the Elegant Gentleman to the north of the Augur's Quarters (you can sell him one for 6,000 gil and still have enough to complete the quest)
    • A merchant outside Yusnaan Station will sell up to three for 2,000 gil each

    Once all three are in hand, return to the Diviner II, who will then ask us to hunt the Niblets into extinction. This is also a requirement for Last One Standing and requires us to kill 120 Niblets to make the Niblet Omega appear and be defeated. This is best done in conjunction with Death Safari, if you haven't already done it, and may already be completed. Return to the Diviner II after defeating Niblet Omega.

    4,500 gilMaximum HP +140
    Blue Mage x1Strength +8
    Summoner's Mask x1Magic +12

    A Testing Proposition

    Available from Day 1 onwards

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    In the Champion's Quarter, next to the battle arena, Lightning meets a potion-peddling alchemist called Velno who makes an interesting proposition. Velno has made a fortifying tincture by mixing two deadly poisons, and she wants Lightning to test it out. It sounds dangerous, but the potion might prove useful in battle. Hint: You must free up a slot for the potion in your recovery items inventory.
    Client: Alchemist Velno

    Approach Alchemist Velno in the Champion's Quarter, just north of the Slaughterhouse arena. Velno, a shady woman who provides shady potions, that offers the opportunity to test her potions in exchange for a reward. Great!

    Our first objective is to get a status ailment on Lightning and then use the Nektar in battle. To do this we will need to avoid schema and items that protect against status ailments for a little while, such as Passion Rogue. This can easily be done by heading through Luxerion at night or the Dead Dunes to fight Meonekton. Once you have any ailment, use the Nektar from your inventory, which will have no effect, and then return to Velno.

    Nektar Mk II will require us to use the item when Poisoned. This can be obtained by fighting Goblots and letting them cast Belch without guarding. Once again, use the item to gain a VERY temporary Haste effect and then return to Velno.

    Mirakle Nektar will require us to obtain 3 or more ailment before using it. This can also be done by encountering Meonekton and letting them cast Eerie Shockwave without blocking. Return to Velno after using it one last time.

    After gaining the Nektar of the Gods, enter the Slaughterhouse by talking to Slaughterhouse Zoe just north of Velno between 18:00 and 3:00 to enter a fight. Use the Nektar at any point in the battle and then return to Velno.

    Velno will now give you access to her expanded alchemy shop and will be the only vendor that sells Nektar of the Gods Omega.

    3,500 gilMaximum HP +120
    Scholar's Mortarband x1Strength +12
    Magic +12

    Play It for Me

    Available from 11:00 to 19:00

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Champion's Quarter, just off Armor Alley, stands a famous Cactuar statue where Lightning encounters a young trumpeter by the name of Morris playing a very familiar tune. He can only play a few notes of the melody. If Lightning wants to hear more, she will have to collect the rest of the score from the musical spheres. This is another of Lumina's games - but maybe it's worth Lightning's while to play along.
    Client: Morris
    Quest Item: Nostalgic Score: Chorus x1, Nostalgic Score: Refrain x1, Nostalgic Score: Coda x1

    Talk to the young boy to the west of the Cactuar Statue, located south of Central Avenue to gain the Musical Treasure Sphere Key. We need to open three spheres that play music in Yusnaan to complete Serah's song. They are in the following locations:

    Behind the Slaughterhouse Area in the Champion's Quarter


    Behind some boxes to the west of the Yusnaan Station

    Nostalgic Score: Coda

    Up a ladder to the east of the Cactuar Statue, before taking the bend toward Fountain Square


    With all three piece of music, return to Morris for a scene.

    1,500 gilMaximum HP +80
    Crown of Youth x1Strength +8
    Magic +4

    Songless Diva

    Available from 11:00 to 19:00

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Fountain Square, Reveler's Quarter, Lightning meets a singer called Olga who has been abandoned by Berdy, her lover and songwriting partner. If Lightning were to find the wayward Berdy, it could help the diva get her voice back.
    Client: Olga

    By Fountain Square in the Reveler's Quarter talk to the woman by the stage named Olga. We need to chase down her lover, Berdy, located directly north of Olga to find out why he abandoned her. Well, apparently he lost his latest son and doesn't want to disappoint the fair goddess. We need to head to Lower City, to the north of Central Avenue, and defeat the Gremlins to gain the Music Satchel and return it to Berdy.

    If for any reason the Gremlins have been hunted to extinction, HA!, the satchel can be found on the ground in the southwest corner of Lower City, next to the Warehouse District entrance.

    1,400 gilMaximum HP +80
    Queen's Mask x1Strength +6
    Magic +6

    Stolen Things

    Available from 12:00 to 4:00

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, Lightning is waylaid by a gentleman named Gregory. He tells her about a pickpocket called Pickett who works the area. Gregory is worried about the young man, and wants Lightning to help him. Lightning has to try and track down Pickett in the Reveler's Quarter and give him his father's Letter.
    Client: Gregory


    While in the Reveler's Quarters, south of Fountain Square, a boy may come up to Lightning and steal an item. If so, chase him down to get the item back. This does not formally start the quest, though.

    We must visit the man named Gregory on Central Avenue between the hours of 12:00 and 4:00 to gain the Father's Letter. We now need to let Pickett steal the letter for a scene and then return to Gregory.

    400 gilMaximum HP +50
    Formal Silk Hat x1Strength +2
    Magic +4

    Adoring Adornments

    Available from 19:00 to 3:00 after completing 2-1: The Great Break-In

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    Near the entrance to the Augur's Quarter, Lightning meets Candice, an aspiring baton twirler who just can't seem to get noticed. Candice believes that she needs to jazz up her wardrobe, and after seeing the dashing figure that Lightning cuts, decides she is just the person to help. Lightning's mission? To collect as many adornments as she can and deliver them to Candice.
    Client: Candice

    Talk to Candice to the west of the Statue of God, before the end of 2-2, or north of the Augur's Quarter, after completing 2-2, to begin this quest. The girl needs some style, and Lightning is just the one to give it to her. Our mission is simply to bring a set amount of adornments for her to look at on three occasions.

    The amount of adornments needed is 10, 30, and 55. Each one will result in Candice getting a costume change.

    5,000 gilMaximum HP +140
    Carnival Mask x1Strength +8
    Magic +12

    Fireworks in a Bottle

    Available only during the events of 2-2: The Legend of the Savior

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    On Yusnaan's Central Avenue, a drunk pyrotechnician refuses to hand over any fireworks to Lightning. But if Lightning were to bring him a bottle of Yusnaan's finest, he might be inclined to change his mind.
    Client: Drunk Pyrotechnician
    Quest Item: Bacchus's Brew x1

    In order to complete mission 2-2 we are tasked with visiting all the Pyrotechnicians throughout Yusnaan to gain fireworks. Unfortunately, the Drunk Pyrotechnician in Central Avenue will only hand over the good if we buy him a Bacchus Brew. We can purchase the Bacchus's Brew for 1,00 gil from the Banquet Maitre D' in the Banquet of the Lord, which is located in the Glutton's Quarter on the east side up the red-carpeted steps. Return to the Drunk Pyrotechnician to complete the quest.

    300 gilMaximum HP +40
    Ceremonial Headdress x1Strength +2
    Magic +4

    Fireworks for a Steal

    Available only during the events of 2-2: The Legend of the Savior

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Just off Hawker's Row in the Glutton's Quarter, Lightning meets Funicula, a fireworks lover set to open the world's first fireworks specialty shop...except that his entire stock has been stolen by monsters. Can Lightning recover the fireworks before time runs out?
    Client: Funicula


    In order to complete mission 2-2 we are tasked with visiting all the Pyrotechnicians throughout Yusnaan to gain fireworks, but they are not the only ones who offer us Fireworks. Talk to Funicula, the man in a funny headdress, in the southwest corner of the Glutton's Quarter, just before the entrance to the Road to War.

    Time to kill a monster who that away with some dude's Fireworks.... Head west onto the Road to War to encounter an enemy called Skata'ne and defeat him. The enemy is weak to Fire and shouldn't pose much of a threat, though blocking his Heal Kick is a good idea. He'll reward Fireworks x5 when beaten, which can be kept or handed over to Funicula. Why not take them and run? Well, it just so happens that if we follow him to his shop he will hand over Fireworks x7 and complete the quest for even more rewards.

    1,300 gilMaximum HP +80
    Vanguard Headdress x1Strength +8
    Magic +4

    The Fighting Actress

    Automatically begins as part of 2-2: The Legend of the Savior

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Champion's Quarter stands the Slaughterhouse battle arena. Zoe, the owner, has given Lightning the go-ahead to fight in tonight's special match. The grand prize will be a gown that Zoe herself once wore on stage. But it isn't enough for Lightning to just win the battle - she has to do it with style and grace. In other words, she must put on a show.
    Client: Slaughterhouse Zoe

    This quest is actually part of the main story, with you being forced to complete it as part of 2-2. That being said, we will cover it here as well.

    The quest consists of three fights, although they are all pretty simple and all weak to Ice element attacks. At the end, you will gain the Midnight Mauve garb, which is pretty and needed to star as the Savior.

    Gremlin x5

    This is a pathetically easy fight. Destroy them one by one while using Mediguard at the end to keep your HP up. Very easy.

    Reward: Bronzed Medal



    This is nothing you haven't fought before. Lay into him with magic attacks to stagger him and finish him off from there. Should be fairly simple.

    Reward: Silvered Medal


    Zaltys Brimstone

    Not a hard fight, but way tougher than the other two. De-buff him and then lay into him with Ice element abilities in order to stagger him. Once he is staggered, use Slayer or Beat-Down with Jump to really take away chunks of HP. Watch out for his breath attacks and you'll be good.

    Reward: Crystal Medal

    1,500 gilMaximum HP +80
    Crown of Splendor x1Strength +6

    Death Safari

    Available after completing 2-1: The Great Break-In

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    The suspicious gatekeeper, who once punched tickets for the Sneaking-in Special is still at his post by the industrial area gate, but he is running a new event now. In Death Safari: A Battle Against Ferocious Monsters!, paying customers get to go around the industrial area slaying as many Niblets as they can. Sounds like fun.
    Client: Gatekeeper
    Quest Item: Niblet-Defeater Emblem x30

    Head to the Industrial Area, talk to the Suspicious Gatekeeper who let us into the passage during 2-1. Our task is simple, defeat 30 Niblets in the Industrial Area. If the Niblets are extinct, the required emblems can be found just inside the Industrial Area. Return to the Gatekeeper, Wedge, to complete the quest.

    1,200 gilMaximum HP +80
    Dark Devil Ears x1Strength +8
    Dazzling Devil Ears x1Magic +4
    Pure Angel Ears x1
    Cautious Devil Ears x1

    Death Game

    Available after completing Death Safari

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    Lightning has a ticket to enter a special event run by Wedge's friend, Biggs. It is called the Death Game, and it promises to live up to its billing. In the Death Game, contestants try to slay as many monsters as possible inside the sealed warehouse district. Multiple attempts are allowed.
    Client: Biggs
    Quest Item: Death Game Point x30

    Talk to Wedge in the Lower City to begin Death Game. Once begun, Lightning will be locked inside the Warehouse District and is unable to leave for four hours without losing the game. Our goal is to defeat 30 enemies to gain 30 Game Points. The Death Game enemies are limited to Gremlins, Niblets, and Anubys', who pose little issue and with the constant Chaos Infusion EP is not an issue. This should allow for plenty of EP for Chronostasis and Curaga without the worry of running low.

    The best part of this quest is that even if the Gremlins and Niblets are exterminated, Anubys' have no extinction number. This means that Death Game will always be available to complete, restore EP, and farm Anubys' for Death Heralds that can be sold for 1,250 gil each.

    3,800 gilMaximum HP +120
    Dragoon x1Strength +12
    Emergency Beacon x1Magic +6

    Last Date

    Available between 11:00 and 18:58 after completing 2-3: A Solitary Patron

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Lightning runs into a crestfallen young man by the name of Lennet who makes a surprising suggestion - he asks Lightning for a date, in place of the girl who cancelled on him. If Lightning feels sorry enough for the young man, she should don her best outfit and meet him at the Banquet of the Lord, in the Glutton's Quarter.
    Client: Lennet

    Talk to Lennet at the bottom of the steps leading up to the Banquet of the Lord. The poor guy's date bailed and he needs someone to go with him to dinner to make use of his reservation. To complete this quest, head to the Banquet of the Lord between 19:00 and 23:00 with the Midnight Mauve grab on to meet up for your date.

    500 gilMaximum HP +50
    Crystal Heart x1Strength +3
    Magic +5

    Friend Forever

    Available between 11:00 and 3:00 after completing 2-3: A Solitary Patron

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    In the Reveler's Quarter, Lightning meets a young woman called Primrose, who is watching the chocobo show with rapt attention. Primrose claims that she herself is a chocobo, and that she is looking for her six chocobo companions. The girl looks human enough to Lightning, but her worry is real. Perhaps Lightning can help.
    Client: Primrose

    Speak to Primrose at the bottom of the steps leading to the Augur's Quarter. She wants you to find her six friends who just happen to be Chocobo Chicks and return to her. They are in the following locations:

    • In the west side of the Patron's Palace Gardens
    • On the east side of the Statue of God in the Augur's Quarter
    • On the north side of the Cactuar Statue in the Reveler's Quarter, just before Central Avenue
    • In the shop to the west of the fireworks stand on the northern side of Central Avenue
    • On a table at the Terrace Cafe, under the Banquet of the Lord
    • To the northwest of the Glutton's Quarter, just west of the Monorail Station
    1,800 gilMaximum HP +80
    Chocoberet x1Strength +8
    Chocobo Figurine x1Magic +10

    Adoring Candice

    Available between 19:00 and 3:00 after completing 2-3: A Solitary Patron and Adoring Adornments

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    The baton twirler Candice is the talk of the Augur's Quarter. Everyone knows her now, but her biggest fan remains Tomesso. He wants to confess his love by giving Candice a present, but the shop is always sold out. Tomesso is a busy young man, but maybe Lightning can go to the shop in his stead and buy the special adornment.
    Client: Tomesso
    Quest Item: Gift Glasses x1

    Speak to Primrose at the bottom of the steps leading to the Augur's Quarter. Tomesso has a crush of the lovely Candice, now that she is even more beautiful with all her lovely adornments, and wants to give her a gift and profess his love. We need to help him out by purchasing the Gift Glasses from the stand in the Champion's Quarter, just east of the main shops, between 15:00 and 17:00 for 4,000 gil. These can be purchased before talking to Tomesso and then accepting and completing the quest on the same day.

    1,400 gilMaximum HP +80
    Heart Glasses x1Strength +8
    Onion Knight's Helm x1Magic +4

    Tanbam's Taboo

    Available between 19:00 and 3:00 after completing 2-3: A Solitary Patron

    Difficulty: 3 Stars
    In the Champion's Quarter, in front of the battle arena, Lightning encounters a man gripped by remorse. Tanbam is his name, and he broke an alchemic taboo to create an enscorcelled machine. Powered by Chaos itself, the machine has already slain many brave fighters. The only person who can stop it now is the Slaughterhouse's knight of light - but even for her, it is a tall order. Can Lightning defeat the dread machine Desmond?
    Client: Tanbam

    Tanbam + Desmond

    Talk to Tanbam outside the Slaughterhouse arena to begin this quest and gain the Desmond Notes. He wants us to beat up his unholy creation, Desmond, in the arena.

    This is just an upgraded version of the Desdemona, with the same weakness and only a few additional attacks. He is not very strong, but he does have a habit of launching Lightning with Rush three times in a row and this can so significant damage if not guarded. Without the ability to use status ailments, as he is immune to many of them, you will have to focus on his natural weakness to Fire and Lightning. The move to watch out for is Assault, this strong attack should be guarded to prevent heavy damage.

    This quest can be done in conjunction with the last step of Velno's A Testing Proposition to allow us to use the Nektar of the Gods in the battle to make the fight even easier.

    4,200 gilMaximum HP +140
    Nickel Gear x1Strength +12
    Crystal Medal x1Magic +8

    Peace and Quiet, Kupo

    Available between 19:00 and 7:00

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Lightning find a moogle village deep in Jagd Woods - and just in the nick of time, as it turns out, as their peaceful existence is under attack by menacing Dryads. Monster slaying? Sounds like the perfect job for Lightning.
    Client: -

    once we reach the Moogle Village in the Jagd Woods, talk to the three moogle in the center of the area for a scene. After the event, talk to Moguire again to officially start the quest Peace and Quiet, Kupo. We now need to kill off all the Dryads and protect the Moogles from a horrible chompy death. Drop down and take out the Dryads and then return to the upper level for a scene and then talk to Mog. He'll run off, so chase him down for another humorous scene to complete this simple quest.

    555 gilMaximum HP +60
    Moogle Fragment x1Strength +7
    Mog Figurine x1Magic +7
    Recovery Item Capacity +1

    Where Are You, Moogle?

    Available between 19:00 and 7:00 after completing Peace and Quiet, Kupo

    Difficulty: 2 Stars
    Deep in the Jagd Woods lies a village inhabited by moogles. There, Moggel has realized that three of his fellow moogles left ten days ago and failed to return. They must not be allowed to die out there in the forest alone - it's up to Lightning to find the lost moogles!
    Client: Moggel

    Flying Moogles

    Talk to Moggel by the three stumps in the lower section of the Moogle Village. To complete this quest we have to find Moggel's friends that have become lost in the forest. Let's get a move on, kupo!

    We should start with the moggle to the west, but since the vines are closed in the night we will need to go all the way south to the end of the path and then west. Grab the Luminous Mushroom x2 as we head up the west path and talk to Moglin.

    Now let's backtrack and go south as if we were heading toward Jagd Village from the south, which we actually are. Grab the Luminous Mushrooms x4 in the area where we would normally start to head north, but don't leave this area until we give Moglen a toss. We can now continue to Jagd Village, getting a Luminous Mushroom just off the path. Once in Jagd Village, find Mogtha just north of the village for a good toss and then return to Moggel.

    1,300 gilMaximum HP +80
    Mog Mask x1Strength +6
    Retro Mog Mask x1Magic +8

    Fuzzy Search

    Available between 6:00 and 18:00 from Day 2 onward

    Difficulty: 1 Star
    Disaster has struck in the village of Aryas - three of Dr. Sheep's prize specimens have broken out of their pen! Can Lightning round up the strays? They are much larger than regular sheep, so they should be easy to spot.
    Client: Dr. Sheep

    Talk to Dr. Sheep in the center of Aryas Village, on the south side of the Wildlands. Oh no! The sheep have run away. Our task is to return them to the pen by drawing our blade and then running behind them to guide them back to the pen. This is be easily completed by either drawing your blade or riding your chocobo a short distance behind them, rotating around them to make them turn. Once all three sheep are in the pen, return to Dr. Sheep to complete the quest.

    Base RewardsNG+ Rewards
    400 gilMaximum HP +40600 gilMaximum HP +20
    Fuzzy Sheep Figurine x1Strength +6Strength +4
    Canned Sheep Logo x1