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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Ice_Shield

    Version: 0.6 | Updated: 05/26/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    A FAQ/Walkthrough by Ice_Shield
    Version 0.6
    E-mail xMarineSnowx@gmail.com
    o. Version History & Contact
    1. Introduction
    2. Game FAQ
    3. The Basics
       3A. Controls
       3B. Menu
       3C. Display/HUD
    4. Getting Started
       4A. Setting Up
       4B. Shelter
       4C. Crafting
       4D. Houses
    5. Mining
       5A. Preparation
       5B. Digging
       5C. Upgrading
    6. Helpful Information
    7. Bosses & Events
       7A. Eye of Cthulhu
       7B. Eater of Worlds
       7C. Skeletron
       7D. Goblin Army
       7E. Blood Moon
       7F. Meteor
    8. Weapons
       8A. Broadsword
       8B. Shortsword
       8C. Explosives
       8D. Bows
       8E. Guns
       8F. Spells
       8G. Unique Swords
       8H. Flails
       8I. Throwables
    9. Credits
    Version History
    Version 0.6 (May 26th, 2011):
       +Wrote entire Bosses & Events section
       +Wrote entire Weapons section
    Version 0.5 (May 24th, 2011):
       +Created the FAQ
       +Wrote Version History & Contact
       +Wrote Introduction
       +Wrote Game FAQ
       +Wrote The Basics
       +Wrote Getting Started
       +Wrote Setting Up
       +Wrote Shelter
       +Wrote Crafting
       +Wrote Houses
       +Wrote Mining
       +Wrote Preparation
       +Wrote Digging
       +Wrote Upgrading
       +Wrote Helpful Information
       +Wrote Credits
    If you spot any errors, have additional information to give me or just wanna
    say hey, you can email me at xMarineSnowx@gmail.com
    PLEASE NOTE that this FAQ is not finished and that some additional information
    will be added at a later date. Please also note that this game is STILL IN BETA
    which means anything in the game can be changed without my knowledge making
    this FAQ somewhat obsolete. I will try my best to keep it up with the times.
    If you wish to have this hosted on your site, please also send me an email.
    This FAQ is only to be used by GameFAQs and verified websites who have emailed
    me and that I have allowed to host them. This means you need my permission.
    Please don't sell it or all of that other crap, although I don't know anyone
    stupid enough to buy a user written FAQ.
    Hey there everyone, welcome to my FAQ/Walthrough for Terraria! Terraria is a 2D
    exploration game which takes the player into a world that is his or hers to
    explore. Seeing that this is an exploration game, I would suggest that you play
    around with the game before reading the FAQ. If you need help feel free to
    reference this FAQ. Onward!
    2. GAME FAQ
    Q: What is Terraria?
    A: Terraria is a 2D exploration game created by Re-Logic which is featured on
    Q: What is this game like? What's the gameplay?
    A: You create a character which can then play in randomly generated worlds that
     currently come in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large). You then build houses
     for yourself and NPCs, mine for ores, create items, fight monsters, and so on.
    Q: So... this is Minecraft?
    A: No, not really. Terraria and Minecraft do have a lot of similarities but the
     games are pretty different. Minecraft is 3D, focuses more on crafting new
     items and exploring. Terraria is 2D, focuses more on action and finding new
     items. In my opinion, Terraria has the tendency to be more "fun" and hold my
     attention for longer, where I can only play an hour of Minecraft without
     getting extremely bored.
    Q: Is there a storyline? Can you "beat" the game?
    A: No, no storyline (that I'm aware of). You can technically explore your
     entire map through and through, in which case you can easily create a new
     world for the same character (or another one) and continue playing. There is
     no "end" to the game.
    Q: Is there an age range to the game I should be aware of?
    A: Not really. Anyone can get enjoyment out of Terraria. I guess you could say
     that some of the enemies may be a little scary for someone younger than 12 as
     there are flying eyeballs, zombies, skeletons and other enemies that "break
     apart" when killed.
    Q: Online play?
    A: Yep, anyone can host a server or play on another server as it's all
     integrated into the game right out of the (digital) box.
    Q: I need help with ______!
    A: First, that's not a question. Second, if this guide does not help, you can
     either ask on the GameFAQs board for help or you can go to the following
     website which has LOADS of information on the game:
    This section covers how the game is played moreso than how to "win" the game.
    PS; I just lost the game.
    3A. Controls =
    The game is best played with a keyboard and mouse, so if you're the kind of
    person that enjoys using a joystick, I guess you could, but I'd stray away
    from it since the mouse is pretty needy during the game.
    (I changed my keyboard settings on startup, so I believe these are the original
    keyboard settings, but I may be incorrect on throw/inventory)
    All of these are changeable (aside from the mouse) in the settings
    W: Up (You know, I don't think the UP key does anything)
    S: Down  (Same with Up. If there is a use, I haven't found it)
    A: Left (Move your character left)
    D: Right (Move your character right)
    Q: Throw (Throw the object in your hands onto the ground)
    E: Inventory (Brings up the inventory menu)
    Space: Jump (Lets your character jump)
    3B. Menu =
    Single Player: Lets you start a single player game. Pick/Create a character and
       and a world for you to play on.
    Multiplayer: Lets you start a server for your friends to play on, or allows you
       to connect to another player's server.
    Settings: Loads up the settings menu where you can change things such as volume
       and keyboard settings.
    Exit: Duh, exit!
    Windowed/Fullscreen mode: Changes between fullscreen and window.
    Cursor Color: Lets you change the cursor color.
    Volume: Lets you change the volume for the music and sound effects.
    Controls: Lets you change the controls of the game.
    Parallax: To be completely honest, I don't know. Just leave it alone
    Frame Skip: Lets you enable/disable Frame Skip
    3C. Display/HUD =
    The top left ten slots are your useable items. This expands in the inventory
       menu when the inventory button is pressed.
    The top right hearts represent your health.
    The right side (invisible until unlocked) is your mana meter.
    The bottom left is for crafting items (visible in inventory menu).
    The right side (in the inventory menu) are your equips.
    Getting started in the game is overwhelming to say the least. If you've played
    Minecraft then you have somewhat of a sense of what to do. However, if this
    is your first "just start doing stuff" explorer game, you're going to be lost
    and confused, as there is no intro to the game; you just start.
    4A. Setting Up =
    At the very first second you get launched into your newly created world you
    are given a Copper Axe and a Copper Pickaxe. The Copper Pickaxe is on your
    first slot, which is activated when either you click on the picture of the
    pickaxe or you press the "1" key on your keyboard. The Copper Axe is on your
    second slot, which can be activated by the "2" key. This is where you'll learn
    the fundamentals of the game; you activate one item at a time and use it with
    the left-mouse button.
    There is an NPC who will walk around you named Guide. Right clicking on him
    will open up a chat dialogue which will give you help about starting up the
    game. This isn't mandatory, but it is insightful.
    Gameplay on Terraria has a 24 hours time span, which revolves just like our
    time span, however for every hour in the game is one minute in our time. This
    means that one full day lasts 24 minutes. Upon starting off in your world you
    will be placed just a couple of minutes into the day. This gives you about ten
    minutes to start doing what you want.
    During the day you will be attacked by slimes (and other monsters but for right
    now just worry about the slimes). Clicking with your pickaxe on the screen will
    swing the pickaxe. The pickaxe is your most basic tool. You will use it to
    attack in the beginning of the game as well as mine for the rest of your game.
    At night time, however, you will face harder creatures; zombies and demon eyes.
    These monsters come at night and leave at dawn and may be intimidating for
    you since you're new to the game. To save yourself from this you must build
    a shelter.
    4B. Shelter =
    Equipped with your Pickaxe, roll your mouse over the ground around you and
    right click and hold. You will notice after a couple of swings the ground will
    be destroyed and a block will be placed into your inventory. Every time you
    mine a block, it will be placed into your inventory which can then be placed
    into the world around you. This is also one of the most basic building blocks
    (pun intended) of Terraria.
    If at any time that a slime comes up to you (which it will) just swing with
    your pickaxe to defeat it. It should only take about four hits to kill it. If
    you pick up coins, keep them, you'll need them later.
    The ground around you should be either dirt with grass, or stone. You will be
    unable to mine on the ground directly below a tree. Mine around the area with
    your pickaxe until you have about 30 dirt/stone blocks. Don't dig straight down
    but instead try to "smooth out" the land so that you have one flat plateau.
    Once you have finished this, start chopping down trees with your axe. Chop at
    the bottom "trunk" of the tree and don't let go until the tree is destroyed.
    When the tree is finished, it will drop plenty of wood and possibly some
    acorns. Gather up 100 wood, which should only take about six or seven trees.
    Keep the acorns; they can be planted in dirt to make more trees later on.
    Now that you have the blocks and the wood, it's time to make your first
    shelter, which will keep you safe for the coming night. If you happen to
    die, you only drop half of your coins. Dropped items never disappear unless you
    save and exit the map. You will spawn in the same location. Also, if night
    happens to fall before you can build your shelter, don't worry. Continue
    building and try to fight off the zombies, but if you die repeatedly, there's
    no penalty other than losing the coins. If you want, just keep dying until day
    comes. Everyone dies when they first start off.
    Make the dirt or stone blocks your active equip (like you would the pickaxe)
    and find a nice flat area, preferably the one you made getting the blocks.
    With your mouse, go near the ground, and left click. The dirt/stone block will
    be placed back onto the map. You should then build a wall around you with
    the blocks so that you are "trapped" inside of them. Illustration;
    B: Dirt/Stone Blocks
    X: You
    G: Ground
        B B B B B B B B B B
        B                 B
        B                 B
        B        X        B
        B        X        B
        B        X        B
    Congrats, you've made your first shelter! If you wish to get out, all you have
    to do is use your pickaxe on the wall to get the block back. Your character is
    three blocks tall and two blocks wide, so to get out the hole in the wall would
    have to be at least three blocks high. Now it's time to decorate.
    4C. Crafting =
    Now that you're safe within the comforts of your own shelter (well, jailcell)
    its time to start crafting. Crafting in Terraria is the process of taking one
    item (or many) and combining it into another item (or many). You may craft
    extremely basic items on your own, but to craft more items you'll need some
    base items. The very first item to help you craft more items is the Work Bench.
    Open up your inventory. You will notice on the bottom left a Crafting menu.
    With the wood that we chopped up earlier you will have at least two things on
    the menu; Wood Platform and Work Bench. Click down to the bottom item which
    should be the work bench.
    The Crafting menu has a specific layout. You will have one column of clickable
    items that are the outcome of the crafting process, and to the right of this
    column you will see another column with a set amount of items. These are the
    items needed to craft the item on the left column.
    The work bench needs ten pieces of wood. Since we have about 100, craft one by
    clicking on the Work Bench. If done correctly, you will lose ten wood, and
    a work bench will be placed on your mouse. Clicking multiple times will craft
    multiple benches (don't do this yet). Once the work bench is on your mouse,
    however up to your inventory (more specifically the top row of items) and place
    it there. Close your menu.
    Like before, when placing the blocks on the world, make the work bench active
    and then click in the world (inside of your shelter) to place the work bench.
    With the work bench placed, walk up to it (you do not have to be directly over
    it) and open up your menu. You will notice a lot of new items to craft.
    This is how the work bench, and other craft "helpers" work. When you are near
    them they will left you craft new items, assuming you have the amount of items
    needed to make it. For now we only need the work bench (mainly because we do
    not have access to the others).
    When you are finished looking through all of the new items, there are a few we
    should craft right away. These are a Wooden Sword, Wooden Hammer, Wooden
    Door, Wooden Chair, and a Wooden Table. You may make an extra wooden door if
    you would like (to have two exits to your future shelter).
    I would also recommend that if you haven't killed a slime yet, you go out and
    kill one, or quite a few for that matter. Slimes drop Gel, an item used to make
    torches, which are worth their weight in gold in Terraria. Once you have a few
    Gels, combine them with the wood to make a few torches.
    4D. Houses =
    Now that we have all of the basic necessities to build a house, it's time to
    actually make one! Let's start off using our shelter. Now, before we start, we
    should go over the guidelines on what a house really is in Terraria.
    A house must meet all of the requirements;
     - A door placed to the outside
     - An encased area, meaning fully surrounded by blocks other than the door
     - A chair
     - A table
     - At least four blocks tall
     - At least seven blocks wide
     - A source of light
     - Walls on the background
    Note, if you made your shelter out of dirt, you must replace the dirt with
    stone or wood for it to qualify as a house. Dirt walls do not count :(
    We have all of these things except the walls on the background, which isn't
    needed until the house is near finished. First off, break off a few pieces of
    the wall, three blocks tall. You should be able to walk from the inside of your
    future house to the outside without jumping. When this is finished, equip your
    door to your mouse, and place it underneath the remaining part of the wall. It
    should logically go where you would imagine the door would be. When placed
    correctly, a right click on the door will open it up allowing you to walk in
    and out of your shelter, while right clicking on it while open will close it,
    keeping out enemies.
    Next, take your chair and equip it to your mouse, and then place it somewhere.
    It cannot be in the first block after the door, meaning it cannot block the
    door from opening. The chair is placed the way your character is facing, so if
    your character is facing the right side of the screen, the chair will also face
    the right side. After you've placed the chair, place the table next to it. The
    light source can be a number of things, but the easiest one is simply a torch.
    Place a torch on the inside of your house. With that done we only have the
    walls to worry about.
    Go back to your work bench and start making wood walls. Note that you may have
    to go out and mine more wood. You'll need a good amount, so shoot for at least
    100. Once done, equip the wood walls to your mouse. Walls go on the background
    layer of the map, so its much like "painting" the back of the house.
    Slowly start "painting" on the wood walls into the back of the house. Once
    completed you should have a wooden/stone house with a smooth background that
    does not have any cracks and is all one type of background, as well as a table,
    chair, light source (torch) and a door. You will probably also have a work
    bench as well.
    If you've made it correctly, your NPC will claim it "his" house. You two can
    share the house, but each NPC will need his/her own house. When you have
    finished your house, you should make another one. The two houses cannot share
    the same walls. Illustration of a sample house;
    G: Ground
    O: Outer Wall (Made of Wood/Stone)
    D: Door
    .: Background (Made of Wood/Stone)
    C: Chair
    T: Table
    L: Light Source (Torch)
        O O O O O O O O O O O O
        O L . . . . . . . . L O
        O . . . . . . . . . . O
        D . . . . . . . . . . O
        D . . . . . C T T . . O
        D . . . . . C T T . . O
    If you notice an NPC moves in, go up and build another house. The goal is to
    always have one house for each NPC and then one extra house.
    5. MINING
    Ahh, one of the greatest joys of Terraria; mining! Mining is the act of digging
    into the ground in search for basically anything. The act of mining can either
    be fun or boring, depending on how you look at it, and it's time for use to
    make the most fun out of it. Anyways, grab your pickaxe and lets go!
    5A. Preparation =
    Before we get to the good stuff we've got a little preparation to do. We're
    going to need to grab a few things in order to make our mining time worthwhile.
    There's nothing worse then getting deep into the caves you've built and then
    dying or losing light and having to start all over.
    The first essential item we'll need are torches. Torches are essential when
    mining because the light from day cannot break through to the core of the
    world. Placing torches and carrying torches are going to be done all of the
    time in the world so we've got to stock up. Start killing slimes until you have
    about 15 Gels. Also, make sure we have at least 50 Wood. Use the Gels we have
    to make 45 torches. Make sure to keep the extra wood.
    The second thing we'll need are potions. How to make potions, you ask? Well,
    we'll need sand and mushrooms. Starting at your spawn point, go either left or
    right until you hit sand. You should find it semi-quickly. Sand will look like
    (well, obviously) bright yellow and sandy. NOTE: If you run into dirt with a
    purple blue grass, STOP and TURN AROUND. This is known as corruption and is
    going to be too difficult for you yet. If you go both ways and hit corruption
    without getting sand, don't worry, we'll find sand later. If you do find sand,
    grab about 50 blocks. Sand is simple to mine; just stand at the bottom on a
    pile of it and dig. The sand will compress and you'll gather up hundreds in
    literally seconds.
    Now that we have some sand, it's time to look for some mushrooms. If you do not
    have sand yet, don't worry. You have probably passed them on the way to find
    the sand. We'll need about ten, but if you find less, that's fine. When you've
    got the ten go back to your house. Before we start making potions we're going
    to need a furnace which can be crafted with 3 torches, 20 stone and 4 wood. So
    make sure we've got this before continuing. We're also going to need more Gels,
    so go out and grab as many as you can. 20 should be good.
    Back at our house, we need to make a furnace, which should now be in the
    crafting menu assuming we have the materials mentioned above. Once the furnace
    is created, we're going to place it into our house. Once the furnace is placed,
    it works just like a work bench, and can craft new items when near it. The
    first thing we're going to craft is some glass. Glass is made from two sand. We
    should have 25 glass assuming we use all of our sand.
    Now with our glass, we're going to flip them around and make bottles, using the
    furnace again. One glass makes two bottles. That means that through the
    conversions, each piece of sand made one bottle. When we have our bottles we're
    going to make yet another crafting "helper".
    Take one of the bottles and place it on top of your table. This is an alchemy
    stand. Open up your crafting menu. You'll notice that with one mushroom, two
    gels and two bottles, we can make 2 lesser healing potions. Make as many as you
    If you've got less than 50 wood, 10 gels or 45 torches, go out and gather some,
    because it's time to start that mining.
    5B. Digging =
    Mining doesn't have to be straight downwards. Some people search the world to
    find natural entrances into the underworld, some people just pick a spot and
    dig, and some even dig upwards into the floating islands (but more on that
    later). We, however, are going to dig downwards near spawn.
    Go to where your house is and go just a tiny bit out of your ways. This is just
    to make sure we don't make it difficult to get into your house. Once you've
    reached the spot you think is going to be a good place to start, let's start!
    Begin by digging downwards. DO NOT dig straight downwards yet. Your character
    can only jump so high (seven blocks high) so anything more than that will be
    out of your reach. You're going to want to dig in a diagonal. Since this is
    your first time digging I don't think you'll want to go all out on design, just
    As you're digging you're going to want to place down torches on the ground or
    walls to keep the light. If you run out of torches or one of the ingredients to
    make torches, go back up to the surface and get some more. You will also find
    slimes in the caves you're digging, which will supply you with gels. This is
    why you shouldn't worry about gels while digging and worry more about your
    amount of wood.
    While you're digging you'll notice quite a few different blocks. Along with the
    dirt and stone we've been seeing, you'll also see clay, iron and copper. We
    don't really need the clay right now so there's no point in grabbing it all.
    We do, however, need as much copper and iron as we can get. Copper will look
    like stone but will be copper colored, as in a brownish orange color. We also
    need iron (moreso than copper) which will be a pale brown color.
    You may also notice some pots along the way. If you see them, break them! Pots
    contain goodies such as bombs, coins and potions. If you get any bombs it's
    good to keep them. When you get about five or six, the NPC "Demolitionist" will
    move into one of your houses. He can sell you bombs! Remember, if an NPC moves
    into one of your houses, go up and make another spare house so you can get the
    next NPC when it's time.
    While digging you may also come across some chests. Chests are rare and usually
    contain a couple of items and one rare item. These rare items are mostly
    accessories that you can wear to improve your character, such as giving your
    character the ability to heal over time, double jump, run faster, and even
    weapons. If you see a chest, empty its contents into your inventory, and then
    use your hammer on the chest to break it and put it into your inventory. You
    can then place it wherever you want (like in a house) and use it to store your
    Another thing you may come across in the underground is a crystal heart. It
    will look like a stone heart. Use your hammer on it to break it, in which you
    will get a life crystal. When you use this, you will gain an extra 20HP to your
    max health! Not only that, but after you use your first one, the Nurse will
    move into one of your vacant houses. The nurse will heal you for a small price
    (normally just copper).
    Since we're on the subject of NPCs, you will also get a Merchant NPC to move
    into one of your houses when you reach 50 silver. You must keep the 50 silver
    in your inventory until he appears. The Merchant will sell you some useful
    When digging, you may notice the background wall turn into a stone color. This
    means you're getting deeper into the mine. Turn around for now; you're not
    strong enough to continue.
    5C. Upgrading =
    As you gain up ores you will want to return back to your house or crafting
    station and start improving your weapon/armor/accessories. This will not only
    help you survive longer, it'll help you fight harder enemies and mine faster.
    With your copper and iron ore than you've grabbed from mining, return to the
    furnace. For every three copper/iron ores you can make one copper/iron bar.
    These bars are used for crafting stronger items. We're almost ready to make
    these bars into wonderful new equipment.
    Now it's time for you to pick one or the other. If you have 5 iron bars, you
    can craft an Anvil, which is needed to craft our bars into other items. If you
    do not have five iron bars, or you choose not to use up your bars on the anvil,
    you can purchase an anvil from the Merchant for 50 silver coins. Either way
    you choose is up to you. I personally bought the anvil.
    Once you've obtained an anvil, place it in one of your houses. Now, when near
    it, you can craft more items with your bars. It's time to talk about the
    progression of the ores. Some ores are stronger than others. The lineup is;
    (Weak)                  "Common" || "Uncommon"                (Strong)
    Copper -> Iron -> Silver -> Gold -> Demonite -> Meteorite -> Hellstone
    Copper is the weakest of the ores. You can find copper relatively easily. Iron
    is a little harder to find than copper yet is a little stronger than iron.
    Silver and then Gold continue on this scheme. These four metals are considered
    common because they can all be found naturally and mined with ease.
    Demonite, Meteorite and Hellstone are considered uncommon because they either
    only appear when defeating a boss (Demonite), appear when a meteor falls
    (Meteorite), or are found in the depths of Hell (Hellstone). It should also be
    mentioned that while Demonite is weaker than Meteorite, they each have their
    own bonuses which is more on a style of preference to which people prefer.
    Anyways, back to our guide. Since we more than likely have a bunch of copper
    and iron bars, let's make some stuff out of it. If you're using copper, keep in
    mind that you already have a copper pickaxe and a copper axe.
    It's up to you what you want to craft. You can make some armor if you wish for
    more defense. You can make some tools if you want to upgrade them. But before
    you make anything, we're going to look at examples and definitions of what
    everything is, since it can be confusing with lots of choices.
    Pickaxe: Your pickaxe. You use it all the time. Used for mining.
    Axe: Used for chopping down trees.
    Hammer: Used for breaking down certain items.
    Helmet: Used to add defense points. Goes on your head.
    Chainmail: Used to add defense points. Goes on your chest.
    Greaves: Used to add defense points. Goes on your legs.
    Shortsword: Fast weapon, small range, attacks only in front.
    Broadsword: Slower weapon, large range, attacks both in front and above.
    Bow: A weapon that uses arrows. Arrows must be found/forged.
    I would suggest that you leave the hammer and the axe at what you have now.
    Unless you're going extreme woodchopping, or you want to go extreme house
    building, there's no real need to upgrade them. I would also suggest to skip
    the bow, since you need arrows and right now you should work on getting better
    equipment than worrying about arrows. Shortsword/Broadsword is up to you, I
    prefer broadsword. As for the armors, the chestplate gives one extra point of
    defense compared to the other two but needs more bars to make.
    Once you've picked out what you want, you've really learned the basics of the
    game. If you want better equipment, you mine for it. You'll continue this for
    hours, with exploring, and keep getting better equipment. With future updates
    of the FAQ I'll provide more information about things to do, such as getting
    rare equipment and fighting bosses and such.
    There are a total of 7 NPCs in the game, 6 of which will move in with you.
       +Guide: Spawns at the beginning of the game. Gives you helpful hints.
       +Merchant: Spawns when you have 50 silver in your inventory.
       +Arms Dealer: Spawns when you have a gun in your inventory.
       +Dryad: Spawns when you have killed any boss.
       +Nurse: Spawns when you have used your first crystal heart.
       +Demolitionist: Spawns when you have bombs or dynamite in your inventory.
       +Old Man: Lives at the dungeon. Talking to him at night will spawn a boss.
    Each NPC needs their own house to live in. The Old Man lives at the dungeon.
    To spawn the Eye of Cthulhu, a boss monster, you must used ten lenses at a
    Demon Altar. He may also show up randomly at night.
    To spawn the Eater of Worlds, a boss monster, you must break three Shadow Orbs.
    To spawn Skeletron, a boss monster, you must talk to the Old Man at the dungeon
    at night.
    To make a meteor fall, you must break a shadow orb and wait one full day. If a
    meteor does not fall, you must break another.
    To gain mana, you must gain 10 fallen stars and craft it into a Mana Crystal,
    which will give you 20 Mana (max at 200).
    Demonite is only given to you when you beat the Eye of Cthulhu or the Eater of
    Meteorite is only given to you when you mine where a meteor has landed. You
    need the nightmare pickaxe or dynamite to mine the ore and an obsidian skull to
    withstand the heat from the ore.
    Hellstone is only found in Hell, the lowest layer of the world.
    If traveling in Hell is too annoying with the fire imps, you can place down 50
    pieces of Meteorite. This will cause Meteor Heads to spawn instead of any other
    monster in the area, which are a lot easier to deal with than the fire imps.
    Terraria has a few bosses and events that happen either randomly or after
    certain in-game events. This section outlines these events
    7A. Eye of Cthulhu =
    HP:        3000
    Attack:    Varies
    P1 Attack: 18
    P2 Attack: 30
    Time:      Night
    Where:     Surface
    Summoned:  Suspicious Looking Eye
    Drops:     Demonite Ore
               Unholy Arrows
               Crystal Heart
               Corrupted Seeds
    The Eye of Cthulhu is basically a giant Demon Eye. It spawns either randomly,
    after the player uses a Suspicious Looking Eye (which is crafted by 10 lenses
    at a Demon Altar), or rarely when a user breaks a Shadow Orb. The Eye of
    Cthulhu will only spawn at night; using a Suspicious Looking Eye will do
    nothing if used during the day. If the Eye of Cthulhu is still alive when day
    starts, it will run away. If you spawn it while underground, you will get the
    message "You feel an evil presence watching you". When spawned you will get the
    message "The Eye of Cthulhu has awoken!". The Eye of Cthulhu has two phases;
    Phase One
    In the first phase, the eye will float around you while summoning Servants of
    Cthulhu. These are little Demon Eyes that will attack you while you try and
    attack the Eye of Cthulhu. After firing off about four of these guys, the Eye
    of Cthulhu will rush at the player three times. It will then repeat the cycle.
    After getting it down to 1500 HP you will enter the second phase.
    Servant of Cthulhu
    HP:     8
    Attack: 23
    Phase Two
    In phase two, the Eye of Cthulhu will open up showing it's teeth (because eyes
    have teeth). It will stop spawning Servants of Cthulhu but will start moving
    faster. The damage of his attacks will increase and he will rush you faster
    than in the first phase. When his HP reaches 0 you've won.
    You'll want to stick to ranged weapons. The most common strategy is to buy a
    lot of Shurikens and continually fire at the Eye of Cthulhu. Guns are also a
    good idea. Constantly shoot at the eye until it's dead; pretty straight forward
    if you ask me.
    7B. Eater of Worlds =
    Head HP:     120
    Body HP:     200
    Tail HP:     300
    Head Attack: 40
    Body Attack: 15
    Tail Attack: 10
    Time:        Anytime
    Where:       Corruption (Initial)
    Summoned:    Shadow Orb (Broken)
                 Worm Bait
    Drops:       Demonite Ore
                 Shadow Scale
                 Shadow Scale Armor (Piece)
                 Ball O'Hurt
    The Eater of Worlds is much like a Devourer except it's huge in size. It looks
    as if it's made out of multiple Eater of Souls that are linked together. The
    exact amount of body segments it has is currently unknown. To completely defeat
    it you must destroy each and every part of it's body. It is the ONLY boss that
    will continue to attack you after dying.
    The Eater of Worlds will bury itself into the ground and will pop out to attack
    you. It doesn't necessarily have any attacks, as it does only touch damage, but
    its ability to track onto the player and follow it across the entire map is
    dangerous enough.
    Every time you destroy a middle segment it will split into another Eater of
    Worlds. This means that you can be fighting multiple smaller versions of the
    boss at the same time, with the same amount of attacking power. Each segment
    must have a head and a tail, which means that if you destroy all of the parts
    except for one, the extra one will die.
    When you finish it off you will receive a message saying the Eater of Worlds
    has been defeated. The Eater of Worlds has been subject to a few glitches. If
    the Eater of Worlds is alive when an Eye of Cthulhu spawns, sometimes the Eater
    of Worlds will instantly be destroyed. Also, sometimes at dawn the Eater of
    Worlds will instantly die. This also can happen if you die, as sometimes when
    you respawn, the Eater of Worlds will instantly die.
    Since (most of the time) the Eater of Worlds will follow you until spawn, it is
    recommended that you deposit all coins you have into a Piggy Bank or Chest when
    you spawn it, and then die. Then, at spawn, wait for it to follow you. This way
    you can simply die and respawn to continue the fight and not have to use up any
    healing potions. Since the fight isn't timed you don't have to worry about
    defeating it in a certain amount of time.
    You want to hit multiple parts at the same time. Weapons like Vilethorn will do
    great since they can hit multiple parts and stay on screen for a long time. I
    personally use a broadsword and just hack away. A gold Broadsword will do 11
    damage to the body parts, and when spammed, can easily do hundreds of damage
    with one pass-through the earth. It should also be noted that dynamite will
    kill any body part instantly, though this is costly and easily spawns extra
    segments of the Eater.
    7C. Skeletron =
    Head HP:     6000
    Hand HP:     2200 (each)
    Head Attack: 35
    Hand Attacl: 30
    Time:        Night
    Where:       Dungeon
    Summoned:    Talk to Old Man
    Drops:       Coins
                 Life Crystals
    Skeletron is considered the hardest boss in the game. With over 10,000 total HP
    and guarding one of the most coveted areas in the game, Skeletron is a beast.
    Summoned by talking to the Old Man outside of the dungeon at night time. If you
    talk to him during the day he'll talk about being freed from a curse and how
    you can only enter at night.
    Breaking into the dungeon without beating Skeletron will cause Skeletron heads
    to follow you around. During the day these heads will deal a set 9999 damage to
    you (which is NOT max damage, by the way). During the night, the heads will
    follow you around (up to 6 of them) and constantly attack you dealing normal
    damage. Some people use this to sneak into the dungeon without beating
    Skeletron to quickly grab some equips.
    Skeletron is a one time boss; one you kill him he'll never come back. It is
    recommended that you have at least 300HP and a bunch of normal potions as well
    as at least gold armor.
    There are a few things you can do to prepare for battle. The most recommended
    thing is to get on top of the entrance to the dungeon and flatten it out. Then
    use the bricks you got from flattening it to make a sky bridge leading from the
    end of the dungeon entrance. This should give you one large flat surface for
    the battle. Next, put a bunch of torches to light up the place. Also, make it
    so that you can easily access the roof without much trouble, since you will
    have to make the climb while actively fighting Skeletron.
    Once Skeletron is summoned he will then rotate between two very simple yet
    deadly attacks. The first attack is a hand swipe. This is pretty much
    unavoidable and deals substantial damage. You'll probably be hit two or three
    times. The second attack involves Skeletron spinning his head around and
    following you for about 15 seconds. This is easily avoidable, but at the same
    time, it's the best time to deal damage.
    You should fight him by standing on one side of your walkway, and when his head
    chases you, run to the other. While he's attacking you with his hands, shoot
    at him with a gun or any ranged weapon. When he goes down for his head swirl
    attack, run close to him and continue shooting. If you have a fast melee weapon
    it is possible to fast your back to him, run slowly in front of him and have
    your weapon hit him from your back.
    While his attacks deal a lot of damage, you'll more than likely be fighting the
    time limit instead of actually dying. If you're dying from the battle from his
    attacks, try to defeat the hands. Once defeated it will just be his head. If
    you can't beat it by day time, just focus on his head.
    GLITCH ABUSE: As I mentioned earlier when you break into the dungeon at night
    a Skeletron head will summon and follow you around. At the exact moment that
    night starts, run into the dungeon and wait for a head to summon. Then, lure
    it outside to your battlefield. The heads have 6000HP, just like Skeletron's
    head, aqnd when defeated give the same effect of beating the full Skeletron.
    This means that if you can beat the head (which is way easier than the full
    body), the dungeon will open up, and the game will act as if you've beaten
    Skeletron normally.
    7D. Goblin Army =
    The Goblin Army is an event that will happen at Dawn. While not technically
    considered a boss, some people feel as if it's in the same tier. A Goblin Army
    has a 1/15 chance of spawning. It will also only spawn after a week has gone by
    in-game. You will also need 200+ HP for it to spawn. You will also need to
    break a Shadow Orb in order to get the army to happen, but in my own experience
    and to some others, they have had one happen without breaking an Orb. This may
    be a bug.
    The Goblin Army spawns at dawn. You will receive a message stating "A Goblin
    Army is approaching from the west!" It will repeat a couple of times until the
    message "The Goblin army has arrived!". It should be noted that the army comes
    from the right side of the map, not the left, since the sun sets in the west.
    The Goblin Army consists of at least 100 enemies, all of which come from four
    kinds of Goblins; Peon, Thief, Warrior and Sorcerer. There will be at least 100
    goblins, and an additional 50 for each player in a world with over 200HP if you
    are playing online. The entire attack lasts about twelve minutes in real-time.
    While a major annoyance, the Goblin Army drops the fabled Rocket Boots, which
    is an accessory that grants the user the ability to fly with the use of Mana.
    This is an exxtremely rare drop. Some have gotte multiples in one raid, while
    some *cough*myself*cough* have fought many armies without a single pair.
    Goblin Peon
    HP:     60
    Attack: 12
    Weapon: Melee
    Normal speed and normal HP, these guys are the easy ones of the army.
    Goblin Theif
    HP:     80
    Attack: 20
    Weapon: Melee
    They have a very fast running speed. They also have the ability to open up
    doors and have the ability to take coins out of a piggy bank.
    Goblin Warrior
    HP:     110
    Attack: 25
    Weapon: Melee
    The slowest and the strongest of the army. With the highest HP they're a little
    annoying but nothing too bad. Their slow speed makes them easy to beat.
    Goblin Sorcerer
    HP:     60
    Attack: 20
    Weapon: Magical
    Definitely the most annoying of the group. Their attack fires a Chaos Ball at
    you, which is basically a magic ball, which can fly through blocks to get to
    you. They also teleport around the screen to add annoyance.
    7E. Blood Moon =
    The Blood Moon is an event which has a 1/7 chance of happening every night. The
    player will be greeted with the message "The Blood Moon is rising..." in which
    a red moon will rise and light the sky red. During a Blood Moon the amount of
    enemies that spawn is double, and zombies have the ability to open doors, which
    is a problem for your NPCs who are in their houses.
    NPCs will also say their own dialogue during a blood moon;
    Guide: You can tell a Blood Moon is out when the sky turns red. There's
       something about it that causes monsters to swarm.
    Merchant: Keep your eye on the prize, buy a lense!
    Demolitionist: I've got something for those zombies, alright!
    Dryad: It is an evil moon tonight. Be safe.
    Gun Dealer: I love nights like tonight. There's never a shortage of things to
    Fallen Stars decrease during a blood moon. The blood moon is an excellent
    time to go killing if you feel like it, as you can rack up a lot of money and
    loot, since the spawn rates are double. 
    7F. Meteor =
    Whenever a player breaks a Shadow Orb there is a 25% chance that a meteor will
    fall between midnight and 4:30am. Meteors also have a very small chance of
    happening naturally overnight. When a meteor strikes an area you will receive a
    message stating so.
    Meteors replace blocks nearby with Meteorite Ore. This ore is hot to the touch
    and will deal damage to the player when touched unless the player has an
    Obsidian Skull equipped. When the player reaches the area that a meteor has
    fallen the music will change and Meteor Heads will start spawning.
    HP:     50
    Attack: 25
    Weapon: Touch
    These guys won't leave you alone until you've mined up most of the Meteorite
    Ore. More specifically, when there are less than 50 blocks of Meteorite left in
    the area, they will stop spawning and the music will return to normal.
    Meteorite Ore requires a pickaxe that is stronger than Gold. This means that
    until you receive either a Nightmare Pickaxe or a Molten Pickaxe you will have
    to resort to using Dynamite to break the bricks. It will take about six
    strategically placed sticks of dynamite to get the majority of the ore. This
    can be difficult due to the Meteor Heads.
    8. Weapons
    There are plenty of weapons within the game for the character to use. There are
    both common, uncommon and rare weapons for the character in the game. This
    section is going to outline the types of weapons that exist and their stats.
    8A. Broadswords =
    Broadswords are the most commonly used melee weapon. Broadswords hit an in arc
    which means that they hit both above the player and in front of the player.
    There are seven different broadswords.
    Wooden Broadsword
    Damage: 7
    Speed:  Average
    Craft:  Workbench (7 Wood)
    Copper Broadsword
    Damage: 8
    Speed:  Average
    Craft:  Anvil (8 Copper Bars)
    Iron Broadsword
    Damage: 10
    Speed:  Average
    Craft:  Anvil (8 Iron Bars)
    Silver Broadsword
    Damage: 11
    Speed:  Average
    Craft:  Anvil (8 Silver Bars)
    Gold Broadsword
    Damage: 13
    Speed:  Fast
    Craft:  Anvil (8 Gold Bars)
    Light's Bane
    Damage: 16
    Speed:  Fast
    Craft:  Anvil (10 Demonite Bars)
    Damage: 21
    Speed:  Average
    Craft:  Anvil (20 Meteorite Bars & Gemstones)
    Phaseblades can come in six different colors depending on which gemstones are
    used to create it. It also has a lower knockback compared to any other
    broadsword, making it easier to damage enemies.
    8B. Shortsword =
    Shortswords swing a lot faster than Broadswords, however they are a bit weaker
    and their attacking motion only hits enemies in the front, with a stabbing
    motion rather than swinging motion. Most users agree that you should skip this
    type of weapon.
    Copper Shortsword
    Damage: 6
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Craft:  Anvil (7 Copper Bars)
    Iron Shortsword
    Damage: 8
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Craft:  Anvil (7 Iron Bars)
    Gold Shortsword
    Damage: 11
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Craft:  Anvil (7 Gold Bars)
    8C. Explosives =
    Explosives are one time use weapons and can injury and even kill enemies and
    yourself. Handle with caution.
    Damage: 100
    Speed:  Average
    Radius: Small
    Stack:  20
    Destroys blocks.
    Sticky Bomb
    Damage: 100
    Speed:  Average
    Radius: Small
    Stack:  20
    Craft:  1 Bomb & 5 Gel
    Sticky Bombs are just like normal bombs except they stick to blocks.
    Damage: 60
    Speed:  Snail
    Radius: Small
    Stack:  20
    Grenades do not cause damage to blocks. They explode on impact with an enemy.
    Damage: 250+
    Speed:  Average
    Radius: Large
    Stack:  3
    Dynamite is used mainly for mining and not attacking, though it makes a
    wonderful attcking tool. 
    8D. Bows =
    Bows use arrows to fire. They get about twelve blocks of straight shots until
    the arrows start being affected by gravity.
    Wooden Bow
    Damage: 6
    Speed:  Slow
    Craft:  Work Bench (10 Wood)
    Copper Bow
    Damage: 7
    Speed:  Slow
    Craft:  Anvil (7 Copper Bars)
    Iron Bow
    Damage: 8
    Speed:  Slow
    Craft:  Anvil (7 Iron Bars)
    Silver Bow
    Damage: 9
    Speed:  Slow
    Craft:  Anvil (7 Silver Bars)
    Golden Bow
    Damage: 10
    Speed:  Slow
    Craft:  Anvil (7 Gold Bars)
    Demon Bow
    Damage: 12
    Speed:  Average
    Craft:  Anvil (8 Demonite Bars)
    Molten Fury
    Damage: 29
    Speed:  Average
    Craft:  Avil (25 Hellstone Bars)
    Molten Fury shoots flaming arrows but still deals normal arrow damage.
    Arrows normally have a 2/3 chance of being able to be recovered after being
    Wooden Arrow
    Damage: 5
    Stack:  250
    Craft:  Anvil (1 Wood & 1 Stone)
    Shop:   10 Copper Coins
    Flaming Arrow
    Damage: 7
    Stack:  250
    Craft:  5 Arrows & 1 Torch
    Unholy Arrow
    Damage: 8
    Stack:  250
    Craft:  Anvil (2 Arrows & 1 Worm Tooth)
    Unholy Arrows can pierce up to three enemies
    Jester's Arrow
    Damage: 9
    Stack:  250
    Jester's Arrow can pierce enemies and cannot be crafted. They can only be found
    in chests.
    8E. Guns =
    Guns use ammo much like bows use arrows. They start appearing after breaking a
    Shadow Orb and gaining the Musket, which in turn will bring the Gun Seller NPC
    to your community
    Flintlock Pistol
    Damage: 7
    Speed:  Fast
    Ammo:   Musket Balls
    Shop:   5 Gold
    The Flintlock Pistol is found in chests or can be bought.
    Space Gun
    Damage: 15
    Speed:  Fast
    Ammo:   9 Mana
    Craft:  Anvil (30 Meteorite Bars & 10 Fallen Stars & 1 Flintlock Pistol)
    The Space Gun uses mana per shot and can be crafted from a Flintlock Pistol.
    Damage: 12
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Ammo:   Musket Balls
    The Handgun in found in Chests.
    Phoenix Blaster
    Damage: 28
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Ammo:   Musket Balls or Meteor Shot
    Craft:  Anvil (20 Hellstone Bars & 1 Handgun)
    Damage: 5
    Speed:  Insanely Fast
    Ammo:   Musket Balls or Meteor Shot
    Shop:   50 Gold
    The Minishark is a little low on damage but has the fastest speed of any weapon
    in the game at about 9 shots per second.
    Star cannon
    Damage: 75
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Ammo:   Fallen Stars
    Craft:  Anvil (1 Minishark & 20 Meteorite Bars & 5 Fallen Stars)
    The Star Cannon is the strongest weapon in the game. The Fallen Stars it shoots
    are not retrievable which makes the gun a very hard time with ammunition.
    Damage: 15
    Speed:  Slow
    The Harpoon does not use ammo as it shoots a chain towards your enemy. It does
    NOT latch onto enemies and bring them towards you.
    Damage: 14
    Speed:  Extremely Slot
    Ammo:   Musket Balls or Meteor Shot
    The Musket is regarded as one of the weakest guns in the game due to its slow
    speed. It can be found by smashing Shadow Orbs
    8F. Spells =
    Spells need Mana to use. They can be found as weapons or as books.
    Flower of Fire
    Damage: 30
    Speed:  Slow
    Mana:   10
    Fires fireballs that can pass through water and lava. It will bounce off of
    five walls before disappearing. It can be found by Fire Imps and Bone Serpents.
    Magic Missile
    Damage: 30
    Speed:  Fast
    Mana:   18
    Magic Missle fires a projectile that can be controlled by the mouse. It will
    disappear after hitting an enemy or after a certain amount of time. It can be
    found in dungeon chests.
    Water Bolt
    Damage: 15
    Speed:  Unknown
    Mana:   16
    Water Bolt can hit multiple enemies and will bounce off of walls until it
    dissappears. It can be found in the bookcases in the dungeon.
    Aqua Scepter
    Damage: 15
    Speed:  Slow
    Mana:   12
    Aqua Scepter lets out a stream of water that hurts enemies. It does not create
    water blocks. It can be found in the dungeon.
    Staff of Regrowth
    Damage:  20
    Speed:   Fast
    Mana:    Unknown
    The Staff of Regrowth is found in the underground jungle in a shrine. It can
    replace corruption with grass, making the Dryad's grass seeds worthless.
    Damage: 35
    Speed:  Fast
    Mana:   20
    The Flamelash is a rare drop from Bone Serpents. It fires a flaming projectile
    that can be controlled with the mouse.
    Orb of Light
    Mana: 40
    The Orb of Light isn't a weapon but acts as a "helper" to the player. When
    summoned, it will follow the player for five minutes before disappearing, and
    will light the way like a torch. 
    Dirt Rod
    Mana: Unknown
    Cost: 20 Gold
    The Dirt Rod lets the player pick up dirt and place it just with the use of the
    mouse. The player can throw dirt with momentum.
    Damage: 8
    Speed:  Slow
    Mana:   5
    The Vilethorn staff is found by breaking Shadow Orbs. It shoots a wave of vines
    that can go through walls and hit multiple enemies multiple times.
    8G. Unique Swords =
    Unique Swords are swords that are found in chests, from bosses, or created from
    rare ores. These are more powerful than your regular Broad/Shortswords.
    Damage: 15
    Speed:  Average
    Mana:   11
    The Starfury costs 11 mana to swing, but summons stars to the location of the
    mouse that can add extra damage. The stars cannot pass through blocks. It can
    be found in chests
    Damage: 22
    Speed:  Fast
    Muramasa is found in chests in the Dungeon. Its speed is fast and the mouse can
    be held down for repeated attacks. The Muramasa is regarded as one of the best
    swords in the game to some.
    Blade of Grass
    Damage: 28
    Speed:  Slow
    Craft:  Anvil (1 Silver Broadsword & 40 Jungle Roses & 20 Stingers)
    The Blade of Grass has an extremely long reach, about double that of a regular
    broadsword. It can be dropped by the Hornet in the jungle.
    Fiery Greatsword
    Damage: 34
    Speed:  Very Slow
    Craft:  Anvil (35 Hellstone Bars)
    The Fiery Greatsword is currently the strongest sword type weapon in the game.
    It has an extremely long reach, the same as the Blade of Grass.
    8H. Flails =
    Flails are weapons that shoot from the player on a chain, and drop with
    gravity dealing a lot of damage, then return to the player.
    Blue Moon
    Damage: 30
    Speed:  Slow
    The Blue Moon is found in Dungeon Chests. It lights the area around it.
    Ball 'O Hurt
    Damage: 15
    Speed:  Slow
    Found:  Shadow Orbs & Eater of Worlds
    Damage: 40
    Speed:  Slow
    Being a very rare drop from Skeletron, Sunfury deals quite a lot of damage. It
    will also light up the area around it. It has the highest base damage out of
    all infinite use weapons. While the flail is being shot, the player himself
    will be dragged and deal damage to enemies.
    8I. Throwables =
    Throwables consist of boomerangs and other items that are thrown at enemies.
    Some come back to the owner while some do not
    Enchanted Boomerang
    Damage: 13
    Speed:  Very Fast
    The Enchanted Boomerang is found in chests. It is thrown at enemies and on
    impact will come back to the user. If it does not hit any enemies by the time
    it goes as far as it can, it will return to the user dealing damage to any
    enemy in it's way. It will also light up the area.
    Damage: 32
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Craft:  Anvil (1 Enchanted Boomerang & 15 Hellstone Bars)
    The Flamarang acts exactly like the Enchanted Boomerang except it has the
    higher damage output. It lights up the area.
    Damage: 12
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Shop:   20 Copper (each)
    The Shuriken will pass through enemies yet does not knock them back. Sometimes
    thrown shurikens can be picked up and reused.
    Thorn Chakrum
    Damage: 25
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Craft:  Anvil (40 Jungle Roses & 30 Stingers)
    The Thorn Chakrum can also be found by Hornets and Man Eaters. It will bounce
    off of walls and return to the player after a couple of seconds. It will
    slightly aim at enemies, but not as well as it sounds, as good aim is still
    Damage: 22
    Speed:  Very Fast
    Bones act just like Shurikens. They are dropped by Angry Bones, Burning Skulls
    and Dark Casters in the dungeon.
    9. CREDITS
    Basilmarket - Just letting you know that HolyMythos is awesome ;)
    Terraria Wiki - For giving me some information on things I needed
    GameFAQs - For their site, which would leave me so much less of a gamer without
    Terraria Board on GameFAQs - For being awesome and helping me with the game
       when I needed it
    Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 Board - Just so that I can say "Hollah" and
       that this FAQ has it written in document that I am the owner of the Knack.
       Hell, it was on a fortune cookie! I am the rightful owner.
    In closing, I'd like to thank you for reading my FAQ. If you have any questions
    remember to contact me at xMarineSnowx@gmail.com

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