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Reviewed: 09/27/13

If You Build It..A Hot 2D Nurse Will Come

Terraria is a very quirky Xbox Live Arcade game and now it can be found in video game stores as a Collector's Edition game for a higher price. What's so fun about Terraria? Besides mining holes to the bottom of the earth, building 2D houses, castles, and stairways to heaven, you can force your friends to get this game and do the same. Terraria is more or less a simulation game designed to test your ability to create your own fantasy land or die trying. You create a 2D character who is tasked with doing anything you want to with just an axe, a pickaxe and a big imagination. If you follow the easy tutorial, you will learn how to build a house or shelter to protect you from all the crazy monsters that come out at night to attack. By digging tunnels in the earth, you can uncover lost treasures such as weapons and items that will help you make armor and bigger and cooler shelters. Terraria is simply a simulation game with the main goal of allowing you to get to the point to take on tougher monsters that come along and see if you can survive the near uninhabitable land.

By building walls and adding background walls, you can create your own houses out of wood or stone. This invites a few characters to join your efforts that will help you achieve whatever it is you want to do in your own little world. A nurse can heal you, a merchant can sell you items and furnishings to your houses, and a explosives dealer will allow you a lot more fun with no explanation needed there.

Terraria is a game for the engineer and craftsman at heart. The most fun I had in this game was digging tunnels as far down as I could go and digging out water tunnels to drain the aquifers. You can dig down quite far but your efforts will get interrupted by the constant attacks of the monsters in the game. You make think you are safe deep below the earth until you are followed by some zombies or a skeleton that takes you out in the game. Unless you play on the hardest difficulty you won't have too much trouble respawning and getting back in the game. You can die as many entertaining ways as you want to but you don't run out of lives. The hardest difficulty only grants you one life which makes the game a bit more interesting as you have to really work hard to survive instead of explore the world.

Terraria can also be taken online with friends to make for a fun experience. There are leaderboards too. My friend actually got me into this game after I had passed it up before on the Xbox Arcade List, but once you get into this game it can be very time consuming and fun.

The graphics are all in 2D and sort of remind me of the old NES games. Terraria is very simple in terms of graphics and game play but this does not detract from the game. The music is also very simple as well. I don't know if this game was styled after any 8-bit game but this would have been a novel idea for a game of that generation.

Terraria is a fun game to replay as you can create several different characters and worlds and jump back into any one on your save files. Automatic saves keep your progress in check and friends can join in at any time too. This game is invite only I believe with no real competitive challenge to it online. Achievement points are fun to try and pick up such as defeating the many types of monsters and even digging away half of the world you find yourself in.

Final Recommendation 8/10

If you want a fun and simple simulation game to lose yourself then Terraria is a good find. Terraria is a very unique game unlike anything I've ever played before and if you like to play around with all sorts of items to build and create your own little piece of 2D world then here is your chance.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Terraria (US, 03/27/13)

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