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    FAQ by winnie the poop 2

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/02/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       "Bubbles" FAQ version 1.0 (02/01/2004)
              Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2004 (hockeyfox@ameritech.net)
                              _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
                             / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
                            ( B | U | B | B | L | E | S )
                             \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
    Table of Contents
    1.0 About the Game
    2.0 FAQ
        2.1 Controls
        2.2 Playing Field
        2.3 Scoring
        2.4 Game Basics
        2.5 Tips
    3.0 Disclaimer/Thanks
    First of all, I played this game via the collection/compliation disc for
    Dreamcast, entitled "Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits", which I wrote a FAQ for,
    so I don't own the real arcade thing nor have played it in the real thing.
    Therefore, if you have ANYTHING that you want me to add, PLEASE do feel free
    to contact me. Thanks!
    This game was released in 1982/83 by none other than Williams, the Atari of
    arcade games. The head producer wanted to do a clean (no pun intended),
    non-violent game... Well, he got his goal, all right. The Williams team,
    who also created greats such as Joust and Defender, went to work on this
    game. Some of the unique differences that this game had in its time was
    the 'pressure sensitive' analog stick. As you pushed the stick further, the
    faster your character moved. Also, the arcade cabient for Bubbles was
    dubbed 'indestructible' because it was made of blue plastic, which would
    spring back into proper position if it was crushed by outside pressure.
    Unfortuantely, this game did not succeed sales-wise. People was turned off
    by its goofy and kiddy design. However, there are still a small following
    for this game.
    If you want some more information, look into those sites:
    2.0 FAQ
    2.1 Controls
    Control Stick : Move Bubble
    2.2 Playing Field
    Bubbles, as your 'character', has to pick up enough, not neccessarily all,
    crumbs/ants to make itself bigger. When it is big enough to grow a face,
    it may go down the drain without worry. You have to dodge the Blades,
    Greasies and the infamous Roach! Cleaning Lady is yours for your taking,
        |                              |   |                                |
        |                              |   |                    *           |
        |                               \_/                                 |
        |                                                                   |
        |     __                                                            |
        |    /^^\         *                                                 |
        |    \__/                                                 ___       |
        |  ^Bubbles^                                              ###       |
        |                                       *                           |
        |                       @                                           |
        |                               ___                                 |
        |                              /   \                                |
        |   CL               @=====   |Drain| *      ___                    |
        |                              \___/         ###                    |
        |              \\\\                                                 |
        |              ////      *                                          |
        |                                                                   |
        |         *                                                         |
        |                        @                                          |
        |                                                                   |
        |                        *           @               @              |
        |                                                                   |
        |     ___                                                           |
        |     ###                                                 *         |
    '*' Crumb/Dirt  '@' Ant         'CL' Cleaning Lady        ### Greasie
    @===== Roach                                                 ////
    (it's not a wang like it looks like, sorry)                  \\\\ Razorblade
    2.3 Scoring
    Crumb            : 100 Points
    Ants             : 150 Points
    Greasie*         : 200 Points
    Cleaning Lady**  : 500 Points
    Roach*           : 1000 Points
    Dive Ahead Bonus : x1000 Points per bubble enlargement
    Around the Drain : x2 Points (If you get the above items around the drain)
    *Greasie/Roach can be conquered if you collect the Cleaning Lady and 
    gain her sweeping skill to bump it into the drain.
    **Cleaning Lady's Point Value will increase as she collects items.
    2.4 Game Basics
    Moving - You just move around with the Stick, and you will not have to press
             ANY buttons. It's THAT simple. The surface of the sink, of course, is
             extremely slippery so you have to handle/guide your loving bubble
             through turns AND its braking. You can't expect your bubble to just
             stop on a dime... Get to know how to manuever your bubble through
             tight spots if you want to succeed in this game. Also, as your
             bubble become bigger, its agility decreases.
    Your Bubble's Size - The size of the bubble will vary directly to the number
                         of crumbs/ants you have collected. The more objects you
                         you collect, the bigger it is. Duh. :P  However, if your
                         bubble is big enough, it will start to grow/show some 
                         facial features. Only then you may execute some actions
                         that a face-less bubbles cannot.
    Clearing a Level - There are two ways to successfully clear a level:
                       1) The sink is completely free of the ants and the dirt.
                          AND your bubble have a face (eyes and a full smile).
                          The objects doesn't have to be gobbled up by your 
                          bubble... It also can end when a crumb or an ant goes 
                          down the drain or got picked up by the cleaning lady. 
                          When this occurs, your size will be 'judged' by the
                          drain if you can move on.
                       2) Going down the drain. You may end the level prematurely
                          if you successfully go down the drain. If you have a
                          pretty, face, and happy face on, you can end the level
                          at any time by going down the drain. If not... you can
                          NOT, period.
    How You Lose a Life - 1) You get in contact with one of those if you are not 
                             protected somehow:
                                a) Giant Ant (a.k.a. Roach)
                                b) Razor Blade
                                c) Brush
                                d) Sponge
                          2) You fall through the drain when it's not flashing.
                          3) Your bubble is face-less when every greasie/
                             ant/crumb is gone.
    Foes (and how to conquer them)
          *ROACH* It's the big, ugly, bad-breathing wolf! Er, no. It's the biggest
                  animal you will find in BUBBLES. It only comes out of the drain.
                  The game warns you before it even comes out... when the drain is
                  flashing red, it is signaling that a roach is coming. To
                  eliminate it, attain the broom from the Cleaning Lady and spear
                  the broom DIRECTLY into the Roach and he will fall and yield
                  1000 Points! It has to be DIRECTLY, though.
    *RAZOR BLADE* The shiny blue that just stalls, waiting for you to carelessly
                  bump into it. There's no way to get rid of it, sorry. Just don't
                  touch and you have your problem solved. :)
          *BRUSH* A brown brush... what can I say? If your bubble has a face, you
                  may bump into it and push it away. If you managed to bump it to
                  the direction of the drain, it will fall into oblivion forever!
                  1000 Points for you!
         *SPONGE* The Orange version of the Brush. Likewise, you can bump it out
                  of the way ONLY if you has a face. Putting it into the drain
                  will yield you some decent points.
    Cleaning Lady - Several things that need to be acknowledged... First, she will
                    come out and use her brrom to clean up stuff, stealing some
                    possible dirt/crumb for you to use to port up. Therefore, it
                    is an excellent idea if you would get the Lady ASAP. However,
                    as she sweeps up items, her points also add up (starting from
                    Also, if you caught her from her broom side, you will gain her
                    "broom" ability. A tiny peck (giggle) will pop up... Use this
                    as a weapon against Roaches. Can be used once only.
    2.5 Tips
    -Keep moving... You won't attract dirt if you just stand there. :) Also,
     Roaches are like heat-seeking missiles... they won't aimlessly wander because
     they WANT you. Delicious fat bubble! Mmmm.
    -Go around the circumference/perimeter of the sink first, since they are the
     easiest to collect. Then work your way inwards.
    -Dirt and crumbs will slowly head for the drain so you could spin around the
     drain, collecting them as they come.
    -If the drain is flashing RED, back off! A Giant Ant/Roach is coming your way!
     Seek and capture the Cleaning Lady's broom (if there is one) to counter this
    -Do not try to out-run Roaches, because they are actually faster than your
     poor, slow-poke Bubble. Instead, out-manuever them. Go in circles around them
     and pick up materials in the process. Once you have a smile, bid the ugly
     duckling farewell and head for the drain before you get bitten!
    -If there is a low supply of materials abroad and you're not even close to
     getting a smile on your face... don't get the materials because it would
     speed your death up. Instead, use the remaining time to wait for the green
     light and go in! It might take a while. Hell, maybe the light will never
     come... ;_;
    -DON'T BE SELFISH! You might want to try to collect more materials when you
     have a big, big smile on your face... it's not worth it. Take the safe
     road and go into the drain before someone kicks your head in.
    -Try to collect the items around the drain, you get 2x points that way.
    -Once you have a smile on your face, you can make the brushes/sponges bounce
     off without getting blown up. Try to aim them to the drain to add injury to
     the insilt! :)
    -Not really a tip... but the number of the level you are currently playing is
     on the top left corner. Once it goes past 99, it comes back to 01.
    I don't mind having my FAQs posted on other sites, but I don't fancy having
    them posted without my knowledge. Just ask me and I will gladly allow you to
    do so. my e-mail is hockeyfox@ameritech.net. The following FAQs has my
    -Williams for staying true to their games.
    -Midway for providing me the collection of Williams games.
    -The mandatory CJayC thanks. OMG I LUV U CEEJ! ;D
    -War Doc for the inspiration of the format and the FAQ.
                                  ________) _____ __     __) 
                                 (, /      (, /  (, /|  /    
                                   /___,     /     / | /     
                                ) /      ___/__ ) /  |/      
                               (_/     (__ /   (_/   '
    Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2004

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