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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheMightyRoast

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    About the game

    The Game Background section of the manual says:

    The Ultimate Role Playing Fantasy Game

    In an evil world of magic and mystery you have been given a challenge! You must enter the darkness of the dungeons, a realm of unknown depth, where hoards of evil creatures abound, intent on only one thing - your destruction. Ghosts, Demons, Grunts, Lobbers and Sorcerors will make your life a misery, but Death will make your life hell!!

    You must fight to stay alive, making use of the items within the dungeons: Keys, doors, magic potions and amulets and much more. Food scattered about will keep you healthy, but beware, some has been poisoned - look carefully before eating.

    The object of the game is to survive for as long as possible against the onslaught of the enemy legions and to score as many points as possible.

    About Me

    My name is Tim Roast (XBOX 360 gamertag: TheMightyRoast). All my guides are listed on GAMEFAQS at:


    I can be contacted via email at tjr10 [at] h o t m a i l . c o . u k (Replace the [at] with @ and remove all the spaces).

    About the guide

    This guide was produced to help with the Sega Master System FAQ completion project (http://selmiak.bplaced.net/sms/) which is trying to get a complete FAQ for every single SMS game on GAMEFAQS. Check it out and get involved.

    In the making of this guide I used instruction manual scans for info from: http://www.lejeuvideo.com/fiches/Master-System/gauntlet.html and http://www.smspower.org/seganotebook/gauntlet/manual/gauntlem.html

    I used AdamL's guide containing the endings of Sega Master System games: http://www.gamefaqs.com/sms/916382-sega-master-system/faqs/61734

    And I used Negative1's level mapping project: http://www.classicarcadegaming.com/forums/index.php/topic,4648.15.html?PHPSESSID=7e8c0c4d968b6e5d80da3d15d187ae17



    Controller 1

    D-ButtonMoves Player 1 up, down, left right
    Button 1Player 1 Fire/Rejoin if Player dies/Start Player
    Button 2Magic (Use Potion)

    Controller 2

    D-ButtonMoves Player 2 up, down, left right
    Button 1Player 2 Fire/Rejoin if Player dies/Start Player
    Button 2Magic (Use Potion)

    Starting the game

    From the manual:

    The game is started by either player pressing either of their buttons, this will bring up the character selection screen. On the right of the screen will appear 'SCORE', 'HEALTH' and 3 coins for each player. The coins represent how many credits that player has left. Whenever a player starts, joins in or continues a game 1 credit will be used. When all the credits have been used that player will play no more part in the game.

    The player(s) can now choose which of the four Heroes they wish to play the game as, simply by pushing in the chosen direction and then pressing FIRE. (Just follow the on-screen instructions.)

    Once a player has pressed FIRE the game moves on to the Dungeons. If in two player mode, the player who did not press FIRE to start the game must wait until the first dungeon appears and then press FIRE to join in.

    In a single player game, during the playing of a dungeon, a second player may join in providing he has any credits, by pushing in the direction of chosen character and then pressing FIRE.

    Also the manual covers the ''Dying and Continue Option":

    A player dies when his health reaches '0'. If in a single player game, then the 'Continue' screen will appear if either player has a credit left. If there are no credits left then this is the end of the game.

    When the 'Continue' screen appears you have 10 seconds to continue the game by choosing which character you wish to play as and then pressing FIRE. The game will continue from the last level played (unless it was a treasure room when a random level will be chosen) with the player's score zeroed.

    If in two player mode, then the other player will continue the game until he dies. During this time, the other player may join back in, providing that he has any credits, by pushing in the direction of the chosen character and pressing FIRE.

    During the game, whenever a player dies, if his score is high enough, it will be entered into the high score table for that character. At the eventual end of the game, when all the credits have been used, the high score table will be displayed with all the scores added during the last game marked as "NEW".

    In addition to these parts of the manual it should be stated that your health starts at 2,000 and reduces by 1 every second that passes, as well as being reduced when you get hit by an enemy.


    There are four characters you can play the game as:

    1. THOR the Warrior
    2. THYRA the Valkyrie
    3. MERLIN the Wizard
    4. QUESTOR the Elf

    THOR the Warrior

    Armour: Tough skin - eliminates 20% of damage.

    Shot power: Excellent - twice normal power.

    Hand to hand: Excellent - battle axe can destroy monsters and generators.

    Magic power: Poor - only damages some monsters.

    THYRA the Valkyrie

    Armour: Shield - eliminates 30% of damage.

    Shot power: Poor.

    Hand to hand: Good - sword can destroy monsters and generators.

    Magic power: Moderate - damages most monsters and generators.

    MERLIN the Wizard

    Armour: None.

    Shot power: Good.

    Hand to hand: Poor - bare hands - cannot destroy generators.

    Magic power: Excellent - destroys all monsters and generators.

    QUESTOR the Elf

    Armour: Leather - eliminates 10% of damage.

    Shot power: Poor - but has faster shots than normal.

    Hand to hand: Moderate - dagger - cannot destroy generators.

    Magic power: Very good - destroys all monsters and most generators.


    The monsters pour out of the generators which lie throughout the dungeons. Each generator creates a specific type of monster, i.e. ghosts, grunts etc. There are three strengths of generator, the strongest producing the toughest monsters. Shoot the generators to reduce their strength and then destroy them. Monsters too, have three strengths, the most powerful taking three hits to kill.

    There are six types of enemy:

    1. Ghosts
    2. Grunts
    3. Demons
    4. Lobbers
    5. Sorcerors
    6. Death


    STAY AWAY FROM GHOSTS!! They hit you only once and disappear. One hit hurts a lot. Shoot ghosts, do not run into them.


    Grunts will run up to you and hit you with their clubs. Either move toward them to fight them hand to hand or shoot them.


    Demons will try to shoot you with fireballs if they can and when they get close to you they will bite you as well. Fireballs hurt more than biting does. Either move towards them to fight them hand to hand or shoot them.


    Lobbers will try to lob rocks over the maze walls and other objects to hit you. They will also run away when you get too close to them. Try to shoot them or trap them in a corner and fight them hand to hand.


    Sorcerors try to fool you by disappearing whilst moving. When they are invisible your shots go through them. Either move towards them to fight them hand to hand or shoot them.


    Death will drain health from you. He will take up to 200 health and then die. The only way to kill Death is with magic. Don't even think about fighting him hand to hand or shooting him - they will have no effect!

    The Dungeons

    The aim of the game is to get through each dungeon to the exit so that you get to the next dungeon. There are an unlimited number of levels in this game. GameFAQs user AdamL wrote in his Sega Master System endings guide this:

    The game simply has no ending and goes on infinitely. I've heard some sources say the game has 100 levels, some say it has 512. Neither is true. The game just has some kind of evil level generator that keeps the game going forever. Eventually the levels start repeating randomly.

    Thanks to codes made by Nolberto82 and Hybrid (which you can find on thegshi.org), as well as Kega Fusion's Fast Forward feature, I was able to manually blast through each level and found that the level counter goes all the way to Level 9999 then goes to Level *000 with the * being some kind of weird symbol. Again, the levels repeated like crazy so there really is no end to this game. Perhaps at some point the Level # re- turns to Level 1, but Level 9999 is as far as I'm going to ever delve into this one.

    Also ClassicArcadeGaming user Negative1 mapped out all the levels in the game. He found that there are 125 distinct levels in the game, eleven of which were the bonus treasure levels, with the first seven levels always being the same whilst the other levels after that (8 onwards) varied their order.

    So having determined that the game has no end but is limited to 125 distinct levels we should now look at all the stuff that can be found around the dungeons. These are the objects to collect, shoot or avoid:

    • Walls - In general walls are impenetrable, but some walls crumble when shot.
    • Potions - There are 2 types of potions, both have the same effect if collected but one of them can be shot to activate it, although this has a lesser effect than collecting and then using it.
    • Special Potions - When shot these behave as a normal potion, but when collected you will receive a special ability as follows:
      • Extra Armour (potion bottle with a shield in it) - increases protection against monsters.
      • Extra Magic Power (potion bottle with a potion bottle in it) - increases effect of potions.
      • Extra Shot Speed (potion bottle with a lightning bolt in it) - increases missile speed.
      • Extra Shot Power (potion bottle with a target in it) - increases effect of missiles.
      • Extra Fight Power (potion bottle with a sword in it) - increases hand to hand effect.
      • Extra Carrying Ability (potion bottle with a hand in it) - allows a total of 15 items to be carried instead of 10.

    If you already have the ability of the special potion you collected then you will be given a normal potion.

    • Food - Plates of food increase health by 100 points and score 100 points.
    • Cider - Acts as plate of food but will be destroyed if shot.
    • Poisoned Cider - Looks slightly different to normal cider (because of the skull and crossbones on its side). If eaten will cause the loss of a special power, a potion or 100 health. Shooting will give 100 points.
    • Keys - Scores 100 points for collecting. Use keys to open doors.
    • Treasure - Score 100 points for collecting.
    • Amulet - This magic device confers invisibility on the wearer for a short time. Whilst invisible, the monsters will not be able to see the wearer and thus will not attack.
    • Traps - These glowing patterns on the floor make some walls disappear when stepped on.
    • Transporters - Glowing reddish discs on the floor, transports you to the nearest visible transporter. If several transporters are the same distance away then one will be chosen at random. There is a way to control your exit direction - can you find it?
    • Exits - These labelled holes lead down to the next level or to a specified level.
    • Doors - If you have a key then touching a door will cause it to open.
    • Bunch of Keys - These are left behind when a player, who was holding several keys, died. The number of keys in the bunch depends on the number of keys the player was holding at death.

    Treasure rooms will appear at random intervals between the levels. The player(s) have a fixed time to collect as many valuables as possible and reach the exit. A bonus will only be awarded if the player reaches the exit.

    On most levels players' missiles do not affect the other players, however on some levels players' missiles will stun or even hurt the other player.

    If players do not fight - fire or get hit for about 40 seconds then the locked doors will be opened. If another 40 seconds passes, without fighting, shooting or getting hit, then the walls will all turn into Exits.

    Hints and Tips

    These are taken from the manual and are very useful, particular the part about saving potions so that you can use them for the times when Death is trying to kill you:

    • Hold the FIRE button down for rapid fire - auto repeat is built in.
    • FIRE button must be released to move.
    • Shoot generators wherever possible otherwise they will generate monsters.
    • Move towards monsters to fight hand to hand.
    • Don't hand to hand Ghosts - very damaging to health.
    • Hand to hand scores more points but monsters attack during hand to hand.
    • Don't shoot food.
    • Shooting potions has a lesser effect.
    • Don't waste potions - they are always helpful when Death is around.
    • Unless you have a potion stay away from Death.
    • In a 2 player game co-operation helps survival.
    • Always collect special potions - they can be very helpful.

    The Tim Roast Appreciation Society

    I make these guides for free in my spare time. I hope this guide was useful to you. Please feel free to leave me feedback or comments (tjr10 [at] h o t m a i l . c o . u k). You can even DONATE me money via PayPal to this email address (by removing the spaces and replacing the [at] with @) if this guide was particularly useful to you. This will aid me to write future guides. Thanks.

    Copyright Tim Roast 2012