Dark Arisen Expansion - Is pure assassin good enough?

  1. I am playing as a Pure Assassin since lvl 10+ and now i am lvl 56. I want to know if it is good enough on Bitterblack Isle or should i level up a little as Sorcerer to build up magic damage? If assassin isnt good enough should I change vocation to mystic knight after build magick as sorcerer?

    Thanks in advance...

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  1. Definitely good enough. They lowered the effectiveness of some augments but really this change just brought the Assassin back to an on par level with the other vocations. All of them have strengths and weaknesses and what is most important is how you like to play. With the assassin, you can keep your 4 weapon combination on you so that you are prepared for a multitude of situations allowing you to exploit the weaknesses of your enemies and play to your own strengths. If you like the Assassin, stick with the Assassin. I am one and love it.

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  1. Assassins have the highest increase in physical strength than any other vocation, and when it comes to bringing down giant beasties, the unique longsword skill where the arisen stabs the blade into the creature and stirs it about is one of the strongest ability in the game. The major drawback with the assassin is the lower increase in defenses, which is entirely based on whether or not you get hit a lot. Personally, when dealing with large groups of small enemies, I use the daggers and bow for high mobility and multiple target capabilities. Against Cyclops, Ogre, Golem (ground bosses), I use sword and shield, and against griffons, cockatrice, dragons (flying bosses), I use sword and bow.

    Going back to the defense or magic issues, I hands down choose the magic archer to make up the slack with on par or higher increases in both defenses but still retain a steady increase in both attacks. Assassins are my favorite vocation, because I like to be up close and personal... BEWARE THE MIGHTY STABBY ATTACK... but that's just me.

    Good luck and if you remember one thing, remember this... I'm the Doctor

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  2. Assassin best against:Daimon use Curse bite or Devils bane non-element weapon best against him, after him charge energy shoot blast arrow in head , Death use blast arrow and curse light, all soccer, curse dragon.Magic Arcger best against: Dragon use Magic Bow sixfreeze skill in core, Wyrm use reflect arrow skill, Wyvern use Hunting Ground skill after her down use dagger, Living Armor use dagger after armor crash use magic bow,Tormenter use sixfreeze skill,Cyclops sixfreeze skill in eye, Ancient ogr.

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  3. Magic Archer best vocation ever !!!Mystic Knight weak agains flyer monster,Mage,Soccer before use magic 500 time to die,Strider,Ranger,Assassin weak physical attack,Warrior slowly,Figter weak fly monster and not block magick.I kill Daimon thith Magic Archer twenty three time,i collect 3 devilsbane,4 diablolic shild,2 blackwing bow,5 dominion claw,4 frame blade,2dread aspis,3 sanguine stalk.oblivion set,hellfire set,2 betryer armor.3 shadow greaves,grave veil,grave coat,2 grave bracer,carrions claw,carrion greaves,siners gauntlet,betreyrs greaves,blasphmers cloak.I use assassin battle longer15-20 minutes,thith magic archer only 7-10minutes.

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  4. Look any class is good enough, IF you know how to use it, but in terms of dps magic archer is very good six fold upgraded with the magic arecher band to nine fold is and overkill, but DO NOT limit yourself every class has its perks, take the augments, these are avalible to you, all of them no matter your class, if you level up warrior youll have Bastion which will save you a lot of physical damage and sorcerer have Awareness that save magic damage, and since always is night there assassin have Bloodlust thata enhance your strength at night, and since you'll have to deal with alot of weigth use Snew to keep you light and movil. If you want to be assassin thats up to you but seriusly leve up all the vocations, all of them give you a boost every time you level up, all diferent, and watch how you biult your char all have to be in count how tall how heavy or light it is how strong how agile, everything, well thats my advice. Good hunting.

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