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  • Glitch: Use Mako on Therum Mini-Boss Fight

    It is possible to take the Mako through the gap in between the two rocks, where you are supposed to get out and travel on foot. Drive in to the gap, then from inside the gap drive up the left rock, until you are completely on your side, wedged between both rocks. Slowly inch forward and use boosts to slide through the gap.

    The geth and the walkers (the mini boss fight after the video) will not attack the Mako, and they die after only a couple of cannon shots.

    Contributed By: ErekChee.

  • Have ANY character equip ANY armor even without training!!!

    Potential of Glitch: You could have Kaiden (normaly a light armor only character) Wearing Krogan Heavy Armor!!!! Preparation: 1) First, you have to have the armor you want to equip in your inventory... 2) Then make sure that you have more armor upgrades(ex: Combat Exoskeleton IX) than armors. 3) Count, from the bottom of the armor list, up until you have highlighted the armor you want to equip. Remember that number. 4) Press " X " to go to the upgrades then.... Here is where the glitch is performed... 5) This part must be executed very fast, almost instantly, but not quite... Press and HOLD " Y " then hit " A " in that order. DO NOT press them simultaneously. Normally this would turn the upgrade into Omni-Gel, but since you HELD DOWN THE " Y " BUTTON, and tapped " A " very quickly... the game glitches!! 6) If done correctly... you will here the salvage sound, then a Prompt Screen pops up asking "Are sure you want to reduce to Omni-Gel..." Press " B " so you DO NOT salvage your upgrade. 7) You should see a lot of armor upgrades with duplicated info. (info located just to the left of item) 8) Once again go to the bottom and count up to the number you found earlier... 9) Press " A " to equip and enjoy!!!!!

    Contributed By: N3W8Y.


  • Character Benefit Unlockables

    You have to attain certain achievements to gain benefits on future plays through the game. Simply do the achievement to gain it.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    +10% Experience BonusComplete 75% of Game
    +10% Hardening BonusComplete 75% of Game with Ashley in Squad
    +10% Health BonusKill 150 Organic Beings
    +10% Shield BonusKill 250 Synthetics
    +25% Marksman Cooldown BonusAttain 150 Kills with Pistol
    +5% Experience BonusReach 50th level with one character
    10% Reduced Cooldown for Barrier and StasisComplete 75% of Game with Liara in Squad
    10% Reduced Cooldown for Lift and ThrowComplete 75% of Game with Kaiden in Squad
    10% Reduced Cooldown for Overload and DampingComplete 75% of Game with Garrusin Squad
    10% Reduced Cooldown for Sabotage and AI HackingComplete 75% of Game with Tali in Squad
    10% Shield IncreaseSustain More Shield Damage than Health Damage on One Playthrough
    5% Increase in Weapon DamageComplete the Game Twice on any Difficulty
    Assault Rifle Skill for New CharactersAttain 150 Kills with Assault Rifle
    Barrier Skill for New CharactersUse Barrier 75 Times
    Decryption Skill for New CharactersUse Sabotage 75 Times
    Electronics Skill for New CharactersUse Overload 75 Times
    First Aid Skill for New CharactersUse 150 Medi-gel
    Hacking Skill for New CharactersUse AI Hacking 75 Times
    Lift Skill (for non-biotics)Use Lift 75 Times
    Medicine Skill for New CharactersUse Neural Hacking 75 Times
    Regenerate 1 Health per SecondComplete 75% of Game with Wrex in Squad
    Shielding Skill for New CharactersUse Dampening 75 Times
    Shotgun Skill for New CharactersAttain 150 Kills with Shotgun
    Sniper Rifle Skill for New CharactersAttain 150 Kills with Sniper Rifle
    Spectre Grade Weapons for PurchaseAttain 1,000,000 Credits in your Wallet.
    Statis Skill for New CharactersUse Statis 75 Times
    Throw Skill for New CharactersUse Throw 75 Times
    Unlocks "Singularity" skill for future charactersUse "Singularity" 75 times
    Warp Skill for New CharactersUse Warp 75 Times

  • Downloadable Content Achievements

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Colonial Savior (50)Complete the Bring Down the Sky mission.

    Contributed By: ShinChuck.

  • Unlockable Gamer Pics

    Completing the game on the Hardcore and Insanity difficulties will unlock 2 special gamer pics for use on your profile.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "N7" Gamer PicGain the Medal of Valor achievement
    Saren Gamer PicGain the Distinguished Combat Medal achievement

    Contributed By: thebigshow17.

  • Unlockables

    Complete the game on Normal to unlock the secrets

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hardcore ModeComplete the game once
    Insane DifficultyBeat the game on the Hardcore difficulty without changing the difficulty
    New Game +Start a New Game, then select to use existing Career. You'll be playing with your older character (with all items and skills intact)

    Contributed By: Zweihanderhero and Harvest Master.

Mass Effect 2 Cheats


  • Bonus Skills for Shepard *SPOILERS*

    After completing a character's loyalty mission, you can unlock a new skill for use by the main character. To pick or change which skill you are using, simply complete the "Advanced Training" research upgrade on your ship. On your first character, you will need to train to use these skills, but on every character made or imported after unlocking these skills you can pick them immediately upon creation.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Armor Piercing AmmoComplete Archangel's Loyalty Mission
    Biotic BarrierComplete Jacob's loyalty mission.
    DominateChoose to kill Samara during her Loyalty mission and have Morinth replace her in your party.
    FlashbangComplete Kasumi's Loyalty Mission.
    FortificationComplete Grunt's loyalty mission.
    Geth Shield BoostComplete Legion's loyalty mission.
    Inferno GrenadeComplete Zaeed's loyalty mission.
    Neural ShockComplete Mordin Solus's loyalty mission.
    ReaveComplete Samara's loyalty mission.
    Shield DrainComplete Tali's loyalty Mission.
    SlamComplete Miranda's loyalty mission.
    Warp AmmoComplete Jack's loyalty mission.

  • Bonuses to All New Characters

    All new characters, including imported ones, gain these bonuses after you have completed the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    200k CreditsStart New Game after 1 Playthrough
    50k of each ResourceStart New Game after 1 Playthrough
    Bonus 25% ExperienceBeat the game on any difficulty

    Contributed By: MC_Hamer and ChronoTrigger07.

  • Bonuses to Imported Mass Effect Characters

    Characters imported from Mass Effect gain these bonuses based on its level.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    100k CreditsImport a Mass Effect character with the Rich Achievement.
    10k of each ResourceImport a level 60 Mass Effect character.
    2k Experience PointsImport a level 50 Mass Effect character.
    30k CreditsImport a level 50 Mass Effect character.
    4k Experience PointsImport a level 60 Mass Effect character.
    50k CreditsImport a level 60 Mass Effect character.
    5k of each ResourceImport a level 50 Mass Effect character.
    Start as a level 5Import a level 60 Mass Effect character.

    Contributed By: Spindoc_SEI and Elite_264.

  • Unlocked Alternate Color Schemes and Loyalty Skills for Party Members

    Complete the Loyalty missions each party member gives you to unlock their hidden Loyalty skills and alternate colors for their costumes

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    New Colors for Party MembersComplete a party member's loyalty mission.
    Unlock Loyalty SkillsComplete the Loyalty missions for each of your party members to unlock their individuals skills.

    Contributed By: Zweihanderhero.

Mass Effect 3 Cheats


  • Avatar Awards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    N7 HelmetReturn to Active Duty.
    OmnibladeKill 25 Enemies with Melee Attacks.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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