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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RGlenn

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/15/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                           Toejam and Earl FAQ Ver 1.0
                      (Sorry, no fancy ASCII art here kthx)
                 Written by Ron Glenn (smashjackson@hotmail.com)
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    I     Table of Contents
    II    Introduction
          A     Preface
          B     About the Game
          C     Note about Emulators.
    III   Playing the Game
          A     Explanation of the Menus
          B     Differences between Toejam & Earl
          C     Multiplayer
          D     The Levels
                1     Randomization
                2     Level hazards and features
          E     The Map
          F     Spending Money
          G     Leveling Up
          H     Food
    IV    The Earthlings      
          A     Good Earthlings
          B     Bad Earthlings
          C     Sleeping Earthlings
    V     The Presents
    VI    Gameplay Quirks and Bugs
    VII   Secrets and Cheats
          A     Level Zero
          B     Codes   
    VIII  Wishlist
    Hello, all my wonderful......fans?? Welcome to the Toejam and Earl FAQ. This
    was one of my all time favorite Genesis games, so I've decided to write 
    something about it. I've written this FAQ for many reasons.  For one, this 
    is my first attempt at a FAQ, so I'm kinda of testing the waters, as they 
    say. Also, as far as I know, there hasn't been a FAQ written for Toejam and 
    Earl, and since I've played the game about a billion times, I hope I can 
    provide some insight for the few people that haven't played this very 
    original and fun game. (Note, as of the writing of this FAQ, 2 Toejam and
    Earl FAQ's have appeared, so someone beat me to it. D'OHH!) This is most
    likely going to be the only version of this FAQ, as I'm trying to incorporate 
    everything I know in to it all at once, however, if there's any thing 
    I missed, please feel free to e-mail me at smashjackson@hotmail.com. Just 
    so you know, I have a lot of friends that are FAQ writers, and I've seen 
    a lot of the crap that they get e-mailed after they've written a FAQ.
    I will be more than happy to answer anything about the game, or just engage 
    in general conversation, but if I get any lame e-mails, before I delete it,
    I'll display it to everyone on IRC, along with the e-mail address, and I'm 
    pretty sure you'll get some pleasant responses in your e-mail box...
    especially from the users of EFNet.  As for what you can do with this FAQ,
    I don't really care. You can line the bottom of the bird cage with it, you 
    can make origami out of it, you can even use it for toilet paper, but I hope
    the FAQ is used for what it was intended; to hopefully provide information
    that veterans of the game didn't know about, and to encourage people who
    haven't experienced Toejam and Earl to give this great game a try.
                 About the Game (for people that haven't played it)
    Toejam and Earl was released for the Sega Genesis game system 3'rd Quarter 
    of 1991. I've received this game for Christmas, and I enjoyed it almost 
    instantly. It has a convoluted plot that is pretty far-fetched, but good 
    plots are only important in RPGs....right? Basically, Toejam and Earl are
    "cruisin" in space in their spaceship when Earl decided he wants to drive. 
    Predictably, after he gets behind the wheel, he wrecks, and they happen to 
    crash land on earth. On impact, their ship breaks into pieces and are 
    scattered all over the earth. They must retrieve the pieces so they can get 
    off this lame planet (and I don't blame them). Unfortunately, not only are 
    the parts scattered over a wide area, but they have to contend with the 
    planet's inhabitants, Earthlings, of course.  While a few earthlings are 
    good and will help the rapping aliens (for a price, of course), most of them
    are no good and will do everything to hinder them from completing their 
    task.  The game is supposed to have a hip-hop theme, but it really isn't 
    exploited much at all, except for some stuff in the intro, a few of the 
    sound effects, and some of the music.
                              A note about Emulators
    If you're playing this game, it's most likely that you're playing it on an 
    emulator, and I've written this FAQ with this in mind.  However, there is a 
    problem with playing this game on Emulators, and it's something called 
    "H-Interrupts". I won't get technical on what this is, as it really doesn't 
    affect gameplay, but it causes a somewhat annoying problem. If you haven't
    messed with the options of the emulator, then H-Interupts should be off by 
    default. You should be able to see the game sprites (your character(s), 
    presents, Earthlings, etc). However, when you go into the menu to view your 
    presents, you wont be able to see anything. You're gonna have to enable 
    H-Interupts in order to see the contents of the menu. If you're using 
    K-Gen(98), you'll have to go push "Escape", then go to the "video menu" and 
    toggle H-Interupts on, then you'll be able to see the menu. If you're using 
    Genecyst, just click on the "settings" menu, then toggle H-Interupts there, 
    but an easier way to do it in Genecyst is to just push alt+h. With that in 
    mind, it is definately easier to play Toejam and Earl in Genecyst, as you'll
    be opening the presents menu quite frequently, and it'll get very repetitive
    to have to go to the emulator's menu everytime you want to open and close 
    the presents menu.  As of the writing of this FAQ, I'm not aware of any 
    emulator that does this automatically.  If there is, please contact me at 
    the above e-mail, and I'll be grateful.  As for finding the rom/emulator, 
    no, I won't tell where to find them, so don't bother e-mailing me asking, 
    however, if you have even the most rudimentary internet knowledge, you 
    should be able to find both of them quite easily. :)
                                PLAYING THE GAME
                              Explanation of Menus
    Well, the menus are pretty much self-explanatory, but in order to make the 
    FAQ look bigger than it really is, here's the low-down:
    The first screen gives you the choice of playing ToeJam, or Earl, or a 2 
    player game. If a 2 player game is chosen, Player 1 will always be Toejam, 
    and player 2 will always be Earl.
    The next screen gives you the choice of playing "random world", "Jam Out", 
    "Show Intro Again", "Controller Options", and play "Fixed World". 
    Random is the right way to play this game, and this FAQ is written for 
    Random world.
    Jam Out is sorta like a side activity you can do.  You can listen to the 
    songs in the game. The "Crazy Sounds" option allows you to play with the 
    game's sound effects. The A, B, and C buttons play a sound, and pressing the
    control pad will randomly change the effects assigned to the buttons each 
    time you press it. Tapping the start button will cycle through the baselines
    of the 6 songs in the game, and HOLDING start will exit this screen.  
    Show Intro Again...hmm..wonder what this option does...
    Controller options. Heh, this option is useless. Only thing it allows you to
    do is swap the "Map" and "Action" functions between A and C. You can't even
    change the present menu from button B. 
    Fixed World: This is pointless, and I wonder why the programmers even 
    included this in the game. This options allows you to play the game with 
    pre-set static stages. In my opinion, this kills a lot of the appeal of the 
    game and makes it extremely boring and monotonous. 
                         Differences between Toejam and Earl
    At first, there doesn't seem to be any differences between the two rapping 
    Aliens, but there are some small, but important differences. 
    Toejam walks slightly faster than Earl, and he's a smaller target which 
    eliminates some of the "juggling" that some enemies can do, but he has a 
    smaller life bar, and he takes a little more damage than Earl. Earl is MUCH 
    bigger than Toejam, so there is a lot more of him the enemies can hit, and 
    this could lead to some nasty juggles from certain enemies, but he has a 
    larger life bar, and takes less damage than Toejam. He also comes with 
    another annoying feature; his pants fall down on random intervals which 
    causes him to stop to pull them up. This isn't good when you're trying to 
    outrun an enemy. I personally like to play Earl, simply due to the fact that
    he has a larger life bar, and takes less damage. This becomes very useful in
    the later levels when the enemies start dealing out lots of damage, plus 
    there's ways to get around his shortcoming of being slow.
    Toejam and Earl is really fun when you play with a friend (Most games are, 
    for that matter. :D ) While mostly aspects of the game remain identical to 
    the single player mode, there are a few subtle, yet noticable changes.
    *****What doesn't change*****
    The difficulty level stays the same. It doesn't become harder, and the 
    number or the stats of the earthlings doesn't increase.
    The number of items that are on the levels do not change outside of the 
    range of the number of items decided at random. Both players have to share 
    the items, but there's more than enough presents to go around. Money and 
    food, however, are another matter.
    When both players are on the same screen, the screen is whole, but once the 
    2 players are a sufficient distance from each other, the screen splits 
    horizontally, and the players can go their seperate ways. This is great, as 
    it allows both players to cover more ground more quickly. However, there are
    a couple of drawbacks to this. (See "Gameplay Quirks" section.)
    If both players are together on the same screen, when one of them opens a 
    present, they both get the contents, without any loss of effect or duration.
    This works for *any* presents, including Extra Lives and Promotions...and 
    even Total Bummers. However, if one opens the present "Food" it may have a 
    random effect on each player. (See "Presents" section.)
    If seperated, both players gain experience and level-up's seperately, but if
    on the same screen, they gain all experience simultaneously, either by 
    exploring the land (uncovering grids on the map), or opening presents. Both 
    players can even exist on seperate levels, one can backtrack levels to 
    recover a missed ship piece or something, but a new level cannot be reached 
    until both players are at the exit of the highest level completed.
    If both players walk up to each other, and simultaneously press the action 
    button, they will do a high-five. This isn't just for looks, as this 
    averages their energy bars. The character with the larger amount of life 
    will lose energy, while the player with the lesser amount will gain energy.
    This works on averaging the percentages of each player's life bar. Example, 
    Toejam has 40% life remaining, and Earl has 80% life, they high-five, and 
    both of their life bars average out to 60%: Earl loses 20%, Toejam adds 20%.
    This becomes very useful if one character is about to die, and the other 
    player has a lot of life left.
    The present "UnFall" becomes "Togetherness" which has an entirely different 
    As you can see, there's a big emphasis on teamwork, so don't play with 
    someone who isn't a good player, or someone that's too competitive.
                                    The Map
    The map will be an essential tool in exploring.  Push C button to access it.
    When you begin a level, the entire map will be covered in purple tiles (one 
    tile may be already turned over showing your starting position).  As you 
    explore, the tiles will turn over slowly revealing the map.  You gain 
    experience for each tile you turn over.  If you find a Telephone, you can 
    get some tiles turned over for free (See "Presents" section).  The map shows
    an overhead, zoomed out view of the level. You'll also see some other icons:
    Flashing Red icon: Toejam
    Flashing Orange icon: Earl
    Blue Square icon: ship piece
    Orange Square icon: exit
    Pushing the action button while viewing the map will bring up the ship 
    screen.  This shows you all the pieces you have collected so far, and it 
    will also tell you if there's a ship piece on the current level.
                                     The Levels
    Toejam and Earl consists of 25 levels. How big they are, and how long it
    takes to complete them is mostly totally up to luck.
    Any programmer knows that there is no such thing in programming as anything 
    being random, as everything depends on some variable being met, or some 
    parameter being carried out. The programmers of Toejam and Earl have done a 
    pretty good job of making everything as random as possible. Yes, the 
    graphics aren't exactly the most detailed in the world, but the game *was* 
    made in 1991, on the Sega Genesis, so the graphics are more than adequate.  
    The land is generated using "tiles" and are randomly placed around in a 
    grid. Each tile has different variations of the landscaping, so the random 
    placements of the tiles create the random landscaping. It is possible to see
    some instances of the tiles, like some of the outside curves of the land 
    have repetitive patterns, and repeating patterns in the "grass". Each level 
    is created when you exit to a new level; this is the reason that you 
    actually experience some load time when advancing to a new level.  All 
    previous levels are stored in RAM, so if you have to descend some levels, it
    doesn't take as long to load. Also, while they don't appear that often, the 
    randomization has a few bugs that crop up from time to time which are 
    explained in the "Gameplay Quirks" section below.
    *****Level Hazards and Features*****
    No superfluous intro here, these are all the things you'll find in the game:
    Land: This is the "green stuff" you walk on. Toejam and Earl walk normal 
          speed while walking on the land
    Water: the "blue stuff". When you enter water, you move about half the speed
           that you move on land. Also, your life bar will decrease; basically 
           your life bar is also your air supply, same as it is on Super Mario 
           Bros 64, except it doesn't recharge when you resurface. :/  With that
           in mind, avoid the water when you're at low life, or you'll meet a 
           quick end. In some areas, there will be a shark in the water that 
           will chase you and cause damage, so try to dodge this.  There are 
           items that you can use to cross water more efficiently which are 
           explained in the "Presents" section below.
    Tree: Ummm....it's a tree. You can hide behind it and deflect any enemies 
          that are chasing you.
    Road: In some levels, there's a winding road that snakes though the area... 
          The only use for it is that you walk faster on it than you walk on the
          grass. this is very useful for Earl as it allows him to outrun enemies
          that would normally catch him in the grass.
    Mailbox: There is one of these in every level. They allow you to buy items 
             with the money that you find (see section "Spending Money"). Be 
             cautious, however, because there is also an enemy that disguises 
             itself as a mailbox, and will attack you when you approach it. (See
             "Earthlings" section.)
    Quicksand: The "yellow stuff", this can get VERY annoying.  While it doesn't
               cause any damage itself, it can make things frustrating. When you
               enter it, you start to sink very slowly and gradually lose speed.
               Once you reach the bottom, you move at about 1/3 of the speed you
               normally move.  This makes you fair game to any enemies that 
               happen to be wandering the area (No, the enemies don't sink.>:( )
               If you're attacked by an enemy, you'll pop up onto the surface of
               the quicksand, and hopefully you can escape before you start to 
               sink again. Unfortunately, there aren't any items that can negate
               the effects of the quicksand, but fortunately, there are some 
               that can help you out.  
    Ship Piece: You have to collect 10 of these to re-assemble your ship. The 
                ship piece is on a pedastal, sitting in front of a huge blue 
                sign with arrows pointing to it (heh, funny). This appears as a 
                square blue icon on your map. If you're lucky, this will be near
                the entry point to the stage.
    Door: You must find this to exit the level. It is a square orange icon on 
          your map. Like the ship piece, this may be placed near the entry point
          of the level, which means a quick exit.
    Earthlings: The things running around the stages. They'll either help you or
                hurt you.
    Items: You'll find verious things laying around the levels that will come in
           3 forms: Presents, Food, and money.  Collecting these is essential to
           your survival.
                                  Spending Money
    During your travels, you'll come across money; it'll just be laying around, 
    or you'll get some in presents.  Money only has 2 uses in the game: Paying 
    one of the "good earthlings" to help you (See "Earthlings" section), or 
    "ordering" something from the mailboxes. To order something out of the 
    mailbox, just walk up to it (make sure that it isn't an imposter first. :) )
    and a dialogue box should saying "Mail Order"?" with the choices 'Yup' and 
    'Nope'. If you shoose Yup, a screen will pop up where you can choose between
    3 presents.  The presents will be identified if you previously identified 
    them, but will be question marks for unidentified presents.  The price can 
    be either 3, 4, or 5 bucks and is chosen **randomly**, so don't get any 
    ideas that a higher price on an unidentified present is something valuable 
    and rare, it could be a Total Bummer.
                                    Leveling Up
    As you explore the land and open presents, you gain points. You get 1 point
    for uncovering a panel on the map, and 2 points for opening presents. Once 
    you reach a certain number of points, fireworks appear over your head and 
    you level up to the next rank. Depending on your rank, sometimes you'll get 
    an extra life.  The higher your rank, the longer your energy bar is, and 
    believe me, you'll need it on the later levels. The ranks are:
                Rank                Amount of points needed
                ****                ***********************
                Weiner              0 (You begin here)
                Dufus               40
                Poindexter          100 (Extra Life)
                Peanut              180
                Dude                280
                Bro                 400 (Extra Life)
                Homey               540
                Rapmaster           700 
                FunkLord            880 (Extra Life)
    Basically you need to get 20 more points each time to reach the next level. 
    It really isn't that hard to reach Funklord...especially when you can 
    automatically level up with the Promotion present. Once you reach Funklord 
    status, Promotion presents will no longer do anything, so you might as well 
    get rid of them.
    Along with presents and money, you'll find food lying around the stage.  
    Some of it's good, and some is bad. There are 16 types of food: 11 good and 
    5 bad.  The change that your energy bar takes whether good or bad is at 3 
    levels: small, medium and large.  You'll know how much your bar will change 
    by what T or E says when they pick up the food: Either "not bad", "yummm", 
    or "wow" which is the small/medium/large amounts, or "ick", "yuck", or 
    "gross" on the other end of the scale. The types of food are:
          Not Bad (small)      Yumm (medium)     Wow (large)
          ---------------      -------------     -----------
          Bacon "N" Eggs       Cherry Pie        Fudge Cake       
          Candy Cane           Pancakes          Fudge Sundae
          Cereal               Pizza             Hamburger
          Watermelon           Fries
          Ick (Small)          Yuck (medium)     Gross (large)
          -----------          -------------     -------------
          Moldy Bread          Slimy Fungus      Old Cabbage
          Old Cheese           FishBones
    The selection of food isn't weighted, so there is an equal chance of getting
    any of them.  Food is the most available way to replenish your energy, 
    however, as your energy gets longer, and the enemies dish out more damage, 
    even the food that refills "large" amounts wont seem like much.  There are 
    only 2 ways to full recharge your energy; The wizard is the most obvious, 
    and the other is a secret (See "secrets and codes" section).
    While on earth searching for the pieces of your ship, you'll come across the
    natives of earth, Earthlings. A few are helpful, but most of them will want 
    to do you in.
                                 Good Earthlings
    These Earthlings are consideres "good" simply for the fact that they don't
    want to harm you. Some (with the exception of Santa Claus) will help you if 
    you give them money (Hey, they're only "human", right??) Walk up to them, 
    and give them whatever price they want, and they'll perform whatever action
    the particular earthling will do. You can decline the offer, if you want to 
    save money, but you may should spend it when you meet one of them, as all of
    them are extremely helpful.
    This is a rather short guy wearing a white wizard uniform (No KKK jokes plz.
    :P) carrying a wand.  Give him a buck, and he'll perform his leet magic 
    skillz (with a nice "Halleujah" sample) and he'll recharge all your energy. 
    He walks back and forth across the stage very slowly on a horizontal axis. 
    If you need to go back to him, and he's gone, walk either left of right on 
    the same axis he is on, and eventually you'll meet up with him again. This 
    is one of only 2 ways you can fully recharge your health. The other way is 
    in the "Secrets and Cheats" section. You'll first meet him around the 
    3'rd~5'th level.
    ---Scientist--- (Also known as "Carrot Guy")
    He is dressed up as a carrot (Why???). He'll identify presents for you for 2
    bucks each. This is *extremely* useful, and this is mainly what I save any 
    money I find for.  When you talk to him, he'll make a "Hmmmmm" sound, then 
    he reveals the contents of presents without you having to risk opening them 
    and getting something bad; he may identify a Total Bummer, or a Randomizer 
    before they can do any damage. Like the Wizard, he walks back and forth 
    across the stage on a horizontal axis. You'll first meet him on the 
    3'rd~5'th level.
    ---Opera Singer---
    As the saying goes "It ain't over until the fat lady sings", and it will be 
    over for any enemy that's in range when this fat lady sings. For 3 bucks, 
    she will emit a very loud "HIYA HAAAAAAAA" and any enemy/ies that is/are on 
    the screen will instantly be defeated.  This is great for those tough to 
    kill enemies like the chicken infantry, and the lawn-mower man. I'm not 
    quite sure on the range of her singing, but it does cover the whole screen, 
    so I assume it has an affect a little bit further than the sides of the 
    screen. 3 bucks is kinda expensive, so only use her if all other means fail.
    Unlike the other 2, she'll follow you around, so you can lead here to any 
    problem spots full of enemies, however, she is slow, and if you go to far in
    front, she'll stop tracking you and go off in another direction. I can't 
    quite remember when you first see her, but it's well after you meet the 
    above 2 helpers, somewhere around the 9'th~11'th level. Be warned, however, 
    that she will also defeat any *good* humans which happen to be in the area 
    (except Santa Claus), so be careful, and make sure they aren't anywhere near
    ---Santa Claus---
    He actually doesn't help you, but he doesn't harm you either, so that makes 
    him good. When you walk towards him, he'll searching through his bag of 
    toys. Get closer, and he'll be surprised, and will don his jet pack and fly 
    off to another part of the stage. There is another way to approach him. 
    Remember that rarely used "sneak" feature, well if you sneak up to him, 
    you'll see him look up and look around. When you see him do this, STOP and 
    stay still until he starts rambling in his bag again. If you move while he's
    looking around, he'll fly off. Repeat the pattern of sneaking, stopping when
    he looks around, and sneaking when he looks in the bag again. Like 
    everything else in T&E, there is no pattern to him looking. It's totally 
    random, and he may never look and you'll possibly be able to reach him 
    without having to stop at all. If and when you reach him, you'll surprise 
    him, and he'll drop anywhere from 1 to 4 presents, and fly off to another 
    part of the stage.  He can drop any present in the game, all at an equal 
    chance, so you can get some of the rare items from him. Take note that it 
    doesn't matter which direction he flies, as he can re-appear anywhere. He 
    may fly off the upper left part of the screen, and re-appear at the bottom 
    right, and it can be *anywhere* on the stage: all the way across the stage, 
    or 1 screen over.  Santa is an unlimited source of presents, and you should 
    exploit this fact. He first appears on level 4.
                                  Bad Earthlings
    You know well enough that you, being aliens and on Earth, will stir a lot of
    trouble, and you're fair game for the earthlings. They want to do everything
    from drilling things into you, to running over you, to firing tomatoes and 
    arrows at you, to stealing from you.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and
    widely varying speed, AI, and difficulty.  I've wrote the Earthlings in 
    chronological order of how you *generally* meet them in the game. Due to the
    random nature of stage generation, you may meet them in a different order, 
    and you may not even see a few of them at all.  It's pretty certain that 
    you'll never see certain enemies on certain levels (A Ghost Ice Cream Truck 
    on level 2, for example), however, it is possible with the "Earthling" 
    present(See "presents" section). Also in the descriptions are other things,
    such as number of hits they can take, the approximate level they first 
    appear on, and their AI as I observed it. I'm writing this list from memory,
    so if there are any earthlings I missed, please e-mail me at the above 
    ---Red Devils---
    These are short, fat, goofy-looking devils running around with pitchforks. 
    Sometimes you see them dancing(???) in place before they chase you.  Their 
    AI tracks you, but is somewhat erratic; they don't always chase directly 
    after you and are easy to dodge. They're somewhat slow, and do very little 
    damage, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with them all. They do 
    juggle, so be careful of that.  They take 2~5 shots to defeat. They first 
    appear on level 2.
    ---Hawaiian Hula Dancers---
    They have to be the most annoying enemies in the game...PERIOD! They do no 
    damage, and they only take 1~2 hits to defeat, but argh, they're...ANNOYING!
    When you get close to them, they make your character dance uncontrollably.  
    The length of the dancing, and the frequency of it affecting you is, of 
    course, random, but generally, the closer to them you are, the higher chance
    of it affecting you, and the chance of it affecting you for a longer period 
    of time. It is random, however. She may affect you from clear across the 
    screen, and you may be able to walk up to her and past her and not be 
    affected it all.  The length of the dancing can be anywhere from 1 second, 
    to well over 10 seconds. If you get next to her she'll say "Aloha" in an 
    alluring, seductive voice, and your character will say "Hubba Hubba!".  They
    aren't too much of a problem on some of the earlier levels, since the 
    enemies are low level and don't cause that much damage, but on later levels,
    when you're most likely trying to run from more dangerous enemies, they'll 
    probably get you killed. Fortunately, their AI doesn't track you at all --
    they just move in random patterns extremely slow. Take them out as soon as 
    you see them, or they'll come back to haunt you. They start appearing at 
    level 3.
    You didn't think that they wouldn't make the water areas without dangers, 
    did you?  Like the famous Jaws, they travel in random patterns in the water 
    with the familiar fin sticking out of the water.  When you enter the water, 
    they give chase, and due to the very slow speed in which you move, you're 
    pretty much shark bait.  They only do very small damage, but the damage they
    do (which stuns you momentarily) combined with your energy draining from the
    lack of air can be deadly, so try to avoid going into the water if all 
    possible.  The shark will not chase you if you're in the water using rocket 
    skates, and oddly enough, won't attack you if you're using an innertube. 
    They start appearing on level 3 in any water area.
    Another very annoying enemy, but nowhere nearly as bad as the hula dancers 
    because you can actually avoid these. They fly very slowly, tracking you, 
    and firing arrows.  Their AI leads them to either side of you at about 3 
    character lengths away. They can only fire their arrows when they're that 
    exact distance. They won't fire if they're too close, or too far from you. 
    You can tell when one is close by the off key "La-La-LAAH" they emit. The 
    cupid's arrows don't cause any damage, but does cause frustration. When they
    hit, hearts apprear over your head, and your directional controls are 
    screwed up. The thing to know is that the controls aren't totally random. 
    What happens is that the x-y axis gets rotated. North, East, South, and West
    are in the same order, but are rotated.  The trick is to find out how many 
    degrees it is rotated (in increments of 45 degrees), and in which direction,
    then compensate for it.  Hopefully, the axis will be rotated 180 degrees, 
    which means you'll go in the opposite direction of the direction you press, 
    and will be easy to compensate. Any other degrees will be a little more 
    difficult. The A, B, and C aren't effected. The only way to defeat them is 
    to knock them out of the air...by ramming them with your body. That can be 
    accomplished with the Icarus Wings, or the Spring Shoes.  They fly very 
    slowly, so you can outrun them.  They first appear on the 3'rd level.
    They look like a cloud of dots, but those are actually bees.  Not much to 
    say about them except they can fly over the "holes" between the lands, so 
    you can't lose them by leading them to the edge of the land. They *can* be 
    outran, but can be difficult to dodge (especially for Earl) because of their
    ability to fly diagonally.  They have very weird AI in that they can chase 
    you all over the stage, but occasionally it seems like something else 
    catches their attention, and they'll break off the chase and fly off in 
    another direction. They may regain their composure and start chasing you 
    again, or they'll just fly off the screen. Other times if you happen to run 
    into them, they'll start chasing you immediately, or simply ignore you and 
    fly in another direction. I'm not sure what causes this, but I assume it's 
    just a random AI thing. Also, the number of hits they can take varies widely
    also. They can juggle you, but the damage is pretty light. As for how many 
    hits they take, I've seen as little as 4, and as high as 15.  They first 
    appear on level 3.
    Everyone has seen them in the stores and malls of America: a parent pushing 
    an obnoxious kid around in a buggy while she's shopping, and the kid's being
    a brat. Fortunately, they shouldn't be much of a threat to you, though. 
    They're slow, and while they track you, it takes them a second to change 
    direction to follow.  Sometimes they stop and do one of 2 things: The mom 
    will yell "Shut Up!!" at the kid, or the mom will look behind her, and the 
    kid will make a face at the camera.  The shopper juggles, but does only mild
    damage. They appear first in level 3~4.
    ---Mailbox Impersonator---
    I'm not quite sure how this is an earthling, but oh well. When you first see
    them, they look like a mailbox. When you get close to one, it sprouts arms 
    and legs, and starts attacking you while making a "BLEDABLEDABLEDA" sound. 
    They are **very** fast; the only way to outrun them is with Super HiTops or 
    Rocketskates (Earl just barely escapes with the HiTops).  They will juggle 
    you a LOT and while each hit is small damage, they can hit you enough for it
    to add up and cause some hurting. After about 5 seconds of running about, 
    they stop and assume "mailbox stance" again. There are a couple of ways to 
    determine if it's a fake or a real mailbox: You can run up to it, but that 
    kinda defeats the purpose. :) You can wait a while and watch it. 
    Occasionally, it'll open its eyes and look around, thus giving itself away. 
    You can pull out Tomatoes, or a Tomato Slingshot and shoot at it. After 
    about 10 or 15 hits it isn't defeated, it's a real mailbox.  You could also 
    use a BoomBox, and if it dances, well, it's fake.  They start appearing on 
    level 4.
    Someone left the hamster cage open, and the hamster escaped, and stayed in 
    its wheel. They shouldn't be much of a problem as they are **very** slow, 
    even Earl can run circles around them. They could be a slight problem in 
    narrow passages as they are fairly big, and can be a little tricky to get 
    around.  If one of them happens to get to you, they run over you and flatten
    you, doing a considerable amount of damage.  They take 3 to 8 hits to defeat
    and they start appearing on level 3.
    ---Demented Dentist--- 
    These dropouts from the school of dentistry couldn't get a license to 
    practice, so they run around and find patients to practice on...whether they
    like it or not, and they get much joy out of it.  He's quite fast, and can 
    catch Earl, so you gotta use some evasive maneuvers to escape him. 
    Fortunately, he isn't too hard to dodge since he has slow tracking.  Once 
    they reach you, they drill you, then emit a loud "HAAA HA HA HA HAAAA!!".  
    Try to avoid them, as their drill does quite a bit of damage. Sometimes 
    while chasing you, he'll stop and laugh.  Fortunately, they can't take too 
    many hits, and are usually defeated with 3~5 hits. Starts appearing on level
    They're almost as annoying as the hula dancers, and are extremely annoying 
    when there is a lot of them present, which happens on the later levels. 
    These tunnelers burrow underground chasing you.  They're quite fast and can 
    catch Earl and Rosebushes don't effect them as they burrow under them.  Once
    they reach you, they shake you down, and you'll lose anywhere from 1 to 4 
    presents permanently, so you better hope it takes some presents you don't 
    care about...like Total Bummers. :)  Once they take your presents, they 
    won't bother you again unless you pick up another present while it is on the
    screen.  The only way to defeat it is to wait until it brings its head above
    ground, then start nailing it with as many tomatoes as you can.  It'll do 
    this randomly while its chasing you, but it'll raises his head a lot more 
    often if it runs into something, so try to lead it to a cliffside or 
    something  They take 3~6 hits and starts appearing on level 6.
    ---Boogey Man---
    Out of children's nightmares, they now run around trying to scare anyone 
    that they see, and since Toejam and Earl are the only ones around, they 
    scare them.  They can be tough since when they aren't moving, they're 
    invisible.  You could walk up to one without even knowing it.  When they 
    move, they become transparent and chase you down.  When they hit you, they 
    make a "Boogey Boogey Boogey" sound.  In the later levels, they start doing 
    significant damage.  They track slow, so they can be dodged, but they are 
    quite fast and can catch Earl quite easily.  Try to lose them behind a tree 
    or cliffside or something. They start appearing on level 6.
    These aren't really "Earthlings", but they harm you just the same. Also very
    high on the annoyance scale, they seem to appear at the most unfortunate 
    times.  They appear out of the quicksand areas and will chase after you.  
    Like a few of the enemies, their AI tracks slowly, so it's dodgable, but it 
    could be bad if they grab you. Once grabbed, you get sucked into the wind 
    and lose control over your character.  The wind then takes you and moves in
    random directions on the map, and it has a very nasty knack of heading right
    off the cliff of the level and staying out there. Be prepared to drop down a
    level if a sandstorm grabs you and you're near the edge of the level. While 
    you're being spun around in the sandstorm, you're invulnerable to any enemy 
    attacks, but can still be hit by projectiles.  The length of time it holds 
    you is random and it can release you immediately, or hold you as long as 15 
    seconds.  Make sure you get out of the area that it appeared, because when 
    the first one disappears, another will appear right in its place.
    ---Chicken Infantry---
    They seem to let anyone into the army nowadays, and these chickens took 
    advantage of it. They are a group of 4 chickens, wearing those war hats with
    the pointing thing on top (I forgot what those are called) and they're 
    carrying around a mortar that shoots...TOMATOES!!!  Unlike you, however, 
    they have an unlimited amount of tomatoes, and unlike you, they can adjust 
    the trajectory of the tomatoes and hit you almost from anywhere on the 
    screen.  They have a really tricky AI where they'll chase you, but they'll 
    also try to ambush you by chasing you from the side instead of directly 
    chasing behind you.  If they manage to get in front of you, they'll walk in 
    the same direction as you, and since you're faster than they are, you'll end
    up running into the back of them and taking some damage if you're not
    careful, and they'll also match any direction changes if you try to get 
    around them. Randomly they'll stop to shoot their tomatoes. When they shoot,
    they'll shoot 4 tomatoes, each making a cartoon "pop" sound, then they'll 
    cluck among theirselves then give chase again.  When they aim, they try to 
    lead their shots to the direction where they think you'll end up, so if you
    use a zig-zag pattern when they shoot, they'll miss.  They can take anywhere
    from 6 to 14 shots to defeat, and it's best to not go toe-to-toe with them. 
    You most likely will defeat them, but will take some serious damage from the
    tomatoes.  It's best to hit and run when fighting them, taking a few shots 
    at a time.  With some clever maneuvering, you can get them to fire their 
    tomatoes and hit other enemies with them, saving you some tomatoes and 
    slingshots. :)  Obviously they are one of the more difficult enemies in the 
    game, so be prepared. They first start appearing on level 6~8.
    ---Nerd Herd---
    Apparently, ToeJam and Earl are so suave, that they've made the nerd
    community angry, and now they're after them also.  A group of them get 
    together and go on a stampede chasing T&E.  An interesting thing about their
    AI is that they can't go directly on a vertical axis (up and down). they can
    only track you vertically, but continue to move forward (moving diagionally 
    up and down), so basically, if you're far above or below them, they'll track
    towards you, but will never get to you since they can't move straight up or 
    down.  They also won't turn around unless they run into a cliffside or tree 
    or something.  Moving horizontally, they can be outran, but they are very 
    fast when moving diagonally, and can catch Earl rather quickly. They flatten
    you when you contact them, and they do considerable damage, even greater 
    damage on some of the higher levels.  They take around 10~15 hits to defeat
    and start appearing on level 8~10.
    ---Lawnmower Guys---
    These guys may look goofy, but don't be fooled, they are DANGEROUS!!!!  They
    are the most dangerous Earthlings in the game and will contribute to the 
    loss of many lives if you're not careful. They have a lot of attributes 
    which come together that makes them deadly.  They're very fast, they have 
    fast tracking, they take a lot of hits to defeat, but the biggest dangers is
    that they juggle, and they do a TON of damage with each hit.  They do so 
    much damage in fact, that from a full bar, they can kill you even before 
    your life bar adjusts to the damage taken.  On later stages, you'll 
    encounter multiple amounts of these guys, which will be a great time to use 
    those boomboxes, decoys, and the Opera Singer if she's available.  Their AI 
    is brutal as they track fast and will be on your tail very quickly. 
    Fortunately, they have a simular quirk that the bees have in that 
    occasionally, they'll break off the chase and go in another direction. 
    However, it happens a lot less often, and they recover faster from it.  
    Rosebushes comes in *very* handy against these guys.  They take anywhere 
    from 10~20(!!!) hits to destroy.  Starts appearing in level 9.
    ---Ghost Ice Cream Truck---
    I really don't see how these guys fit in with the rest of the Earthlings in
    the game, but oh well, who's complaining? They can be a tricky and difficult
    enemy if you don't know their weakness.  They are *insanely* fast, and there
    is no way you can outrun them without rocket skates, and T&E can barely get 
    away using super hitops.  You can tell when one's near by the horn honking 
    sound (I think it would've been cooler if they used another sound like evil 
    sounding music box chimes or something. :D ).  They do HUGE damage when they
    run over you, but they don't juggle like the lawnmower guys, so it's 
    managable.  Their weakness is that they can't take much damage at all, only 
    substaining 3 to 4 hits before they're defeated.  However, you'll have a 
    hard time even landing a hit since they move so fast, and they also 
    TELEPORT! This also rules out trying to lose them at a cliffside as they'll 
    just teleport to you.  Fortunately, they track very slowly, so with some 
    fancy footwork, you can dodge them long enough to get to a safe spot.  They 
    appear first on level 18.
                                 Sleeping Earthlings
    Remember that rarely used sneak button? Well, it's there for a purpose 
    besides sneaking up on Santa.  It can also be used for sneaking past 
    sleeping enemies. Sometimes when an enemy appears on the screen, they'll be 
    sleeping, and you can sneak past them without having to confront them.  As 
    usual, it's random if they're sleeping or not, but some enemies do not 
                  Sleeping Earthlings               Doesn't Sleep
                  *******************               *************
                  Devils                            Hawaiian Dancers
                  Hamsters-in-Wheel                 Cupids
                  Shoppers with Baby                Bees
                  Nerd Herd                         Boogey Man
                  Demented Dentist                  Mailbox Impersonator
                                                    Lawnmower Guy
                                                    Ghost Ice Cream Truck
                                                    Chicken Infantry
    Now the fun begins. A lot of the fun in T&E is opening presents and 
    wondering what you'll get when you open them.  There are lots of presents in
    the game: some are good, some bad, some are useless, some are just for gags,
    and some will save your butt in dire situations.  Everytime you start a new 
    game (and when you activate a Randomizer), the presents switch boxes, so 
    there's no use trying to remember which box has which presents.  The 
    randomization of presents are weighted meaning that you'll see certain 
    presents more often than other ones. A present with the frequency "very 
    rare" doesn't necessarily mean you'll hardly ever see that particular 
    present, you may get a couple of it in the game.  All the frequency is that
    it is based against the frequency of other presents. ie: You may get lucky 
    and collect quite a few of the "very rare" presents, and may only see 1 or 2
    of the "very common" ones.  That is due to the high rate that you acquire 
    presents in the game.  However, under normal circumstances, you'll only get 
    a few very rare presents and a lot of the very common ones.  When you get 
    one of the "action" presents, the sneak button will activate whatever 
    present you currently have, so if you want to sneak, you'll have to wait 
    until the present wears off. All presents are listed in alphabetical order,
    along with the duration, and the frequency that it appears. As for duration,
    I'm too lazy to put exact time in seconds, so if the duration is at or below
    30 seconds, it's "short". If it's between 30 and 60 seconds, it's "medium", 
    and anything over 60 seconds is "long". Does anyone want to fill in the 
    times for me?
    Another Buck          Frequency: Common          Duration: Instant
    Gives you a dollar. Don't spend it all on one place. 
    Boombox               Frequency: Rare            Duration: Short
    This will save your butt many times. Whip this out, and all earthlings on 
    the screen will dance as long as the beat goes on.  The range of the sound 
    is about 1 screen length in all directions.  They can't attack while they're
    dancing, so you can use the time to whip out some tomatoes and attack, or 
    just escape. A very valuable present.
    Decoy                  Frequency: Common          Duration: N/A
    This lures the earthlings away from you and towards the decoy. It'll last 
    until it gets destroyed by an earthling, otherwise, it'll stay out there 
    permanently.  Like the boombox, it has a range of a screen length in all 
    directions.  An effective use for this is to put it just out of reach of 
    Earthlings, or a place where it'll be hard to reach, like a island or a 
    narrow passage, so it won't be destroyed as fast, and the enemies stay 
    focused on it giving you some breathing room to escape or attack. Another 
    very useful present.
    Doorway                 Frequency: Rare            Duration: Instant
    Opening this present will place a door on the screen. Entering the door will
    teleport you to a random area of the stage, and it can be ANYWHERE: all the
    way across the map, or half a screen away with the door still on the screen 
    :) (You can use the door again if it is still on the screen). This isn't 
    very useful, but may help you out of a rare bug that occurs (See "Gameplay 
    Quirks" section).
    Earthling               Frequency: Rare             Duration: Instant
    Well....what can I say, opening this will give you an Earthling. It could be
    beneficial as the Earthling could be a good one. It seems that the odds of 
    getting a good earthling would be very slim, due to the ratio of good to bad
    earthlings, but the odds are a little better than that. It's a 20/80 percent
    ratio of the game picking a good to bad earthling, so there's a 1 in 5 
    chance of getting a good earthling. After that ratio is determined, then the
    earthling you get is totally random, and is not weighted (meaning an equal 
    chance) reguardless of stage. You may end up with a Ghost Ice Cream Truck on
    level 2, or a Red Devil on level 25, or even a Santa Claus on a level where 
    there already is one.
    Extra Life              Frequency: Very Rare         Duration: Instant
    I shouldn't happen to explain what this does. An Extra Life is obviously a 
    Very Good Thing(tm) Use these immediately if you happen to identify it, so 
    it won't get Randomized, or get stolen by a mole.
    Food                     Frequency: Common           Duration: Instant
    It's just called...Food. Doesn't tell you what it is, and you don't know if 
    it's good or not. Using this present will either give some energy, or take 
    some. The ratio of it being good (YUMMM) or bad (YUCK) is 75/25 percent, and
    this ratio is applied to both players in 2 player games: Both players could 
    gain energy, both could lose energy, or one could gain while one loses.  Be 
    careful when using this.
    Fudge Sundae              Frequency: Very Common      Duration: Instant
    Who wants to eat a sundae that's been sitting on the ground? You don't know 
    where its been, who had it last, and what flew/crawled in it. Here's one 
    that's packed into a nice neat package. Does the same thing as the fudge 
    sundae you find laying around.  Fortunately, you'll most likely find a lot 
    of these, so keep 'em around for those times when you're low on life.
    Icarus Wings               Frequency: Rare             Duration: Medium
    Take to the skies with these wings of Icarus.  These will be invluable in 
    many ways. Fly over water, space water, enemies: whatever gets in your way, 
    just fly over it.  While the duration is listed as "medium", it's on the 
    very short side of medium, so get to wherever you want to go quickly, or 
    you'll end up falling at probably the most inopportune time.
    Innertube                   Frequency: Very Common      Duration: Long
    If you're scared of sinking in the water, don the innertube and you'll float
    with ease.  Unfortunately, that's pretty much all you're able to use them 
    for. It isn't too often that you actually need to go into the water (except 
    for a certain "secret"). They're also quite common, so you'll end up 
    collecting a lot of them, and once you activate one, It lasts a LONG time, 
    thus disabling your sneak action for a while.  Innertubes are useful when 
    you need them, but you really won't need one that often.
    Jackpot                     Frequency: Very Rare        Duration: Instant
    Instant 5 bucks! Consider yourself lucky if you find one of these.
    Promotion                   Frequency: Very Rare        Duration: Instant
    A great present! This allows you to reach the next rank without all the muss
    and fuss of actually working for it. How it works is that it gives you the 
    necessary points to reach the next rank. With that in mind, it's best to use
    a Promotion when you just achieved a level up. It'll be a waste to use a 
    promotion when you only have a few points left for the next rank. Once you 
    reach "FunkLord" status, these will no longer do anything.
    Rain Cloud                   Frequency: Common           Duration: Medium
    Sometimes I feel like this at work. ^_^  A raincloud will follow you around
    and occasionally strike you with a bolt of lightning.  The lightning strikes
    are random: sometimes it'll strike you frequently, and sometimes it won't 
    strike much at all. Each strike does some damage, and while the damage is
    small, a lot of strikes can add up over the duration, and could possibly 
    kill you if it strikes you enough. Normally there isn't any way to avoid the
    strikes; you gotta take them like a man...er...alien, but there is a way you
    can dodge at least some of them (See "Gameplay Quirks and Bugs" section).
    Randomizer                    Frequency: Rare            Duration: Instant
    This thing is akin to Pandora's Box. The action of identifying this present 
    or not could DRASTICALLY change the course of the game.  Activating the 
    Randomizer will cause "consequences and reprocussions". It shuffles all the 
    presents that're in your inventory, AND it switches the boxes that the 
    presents are in. Basically, all presents that you've identified up to that 
    point are thrown back into the unknown.  The "randomization" of the presents
    aren't weighted, so you have an equal chance of getting any present, no 
    matter of its frequency.  The good this is that you may end up with a lot of
    great presents, like BoomBoxes, Extra Lives, and Promotions, but on the flip
    side, you may end up with a lot of bad presents like Total Bummers, School 
    Books, and Rain Clouds, also, of course, all the time it took to identify 
    presents is down the drain. Identifying this present is a Good Thing (tm). 
    Once you do, life will be easy! Of course, you'll have to identify it with 
    the carrot man, because opening it kinda defeats the purpose, don't you 
    think?  One thing to take not of is that the Randomizer doesn't randomize 
    presents laying on the ground (but it DOES switch the boxes that they're 
    in). You can use this to your advantage (See "Gameplay Quirks and Bugs" 
    Rocket Skates                  Frequency: Common           Duration: Short
    Anyone who's watched any of the Road Runner (not the cable internet 
    provider. :P) cartoons knows that Wile E. Coyote never has much good luck 
    with anything rocket powered, and that may be the case here. These allow you
    to go *VERY* fast, easily outrunning even the fastest enemy and allowing you
    to travel across the stage very quickly, and they can go over the water. 
    Also, you've invulnerable to enemy attacks, but can still get hit by 
    projectiles (See "Gameplay Quirks and Bugs") section. However, they are very
    hard to control.  You can't stop, you can't move diagonally, and when you 
    hit the jagged sides of cliffs and lake banks, you take a small hop which 
    you can't change direction. It's inevitable that you will go careening off 
    of a cliff a couple of times and end up falling down a stage...or two. If 
    you're gonna use these, make sure you're in a wide-open flat area, or you're
    going to be in a tough time trying to avoid flying off a cliff.
    Rootbeer                        Frequency: Very Common     Duration: Long
    This is pretty much a useless gag present. When you drink this, it gives 
    back a very small amount of life, but the real effect is that you'll burp 
    uncontrollably for a pretty long while.  While the burping may be a little 
    humorous, it actually does some harm. It renders your sneaking ability 
    useless, as your burping will alert any sleeping Earthlings, or a 
    pre-occupied Santa Claus to your presence.  In summary, you wont get much 
    use out of this.
    Rosebushes                      Frequency: Common          Duration: Long
    This seemingly useless present is in fact VERY useful, and will probably 
    save you from death a few times.  Pressing the action button will "plant" a 
    rosebush in the ground. It will instantly sprout up, and any enemy that's 
    chasing directly behind you will be deflected by the rosebushes and go off 
    in another direction. This is especially useful for bees, and the very 
    dangerous lawnmower guys. Unfortunately, you can only have one rosebush on 
    the screen (per character) at a time.  When a new bush instantly sprouts, 
    the older one will shrink away, but in that split second that the older one 
    is shrinking, it can still deflect enemies (same as the bush that's 
    sprouting).  You can't really plant bushes in any sandy areas. It'll sprout 
    up for an instant, but then shrink away. However, it'll still deflect 
    enemies off your tail, so it's still effective. Be careful of running into 
    it yourself, as you'll take a small bit of damage. It doesn't work on cupids
    (they fly over them), or moles (they dig under). It also has a decreased 
    effectiveness against sandstorms (it'll stall them, but not deflect them). 
    Besides those few instances, this is a very helpful present. Put it to good 
    School Book                     Frequency: Rare           Duration: N/A
    Just about everyone has fallen asleep, or almost fallen asleep in class or 
    at home when they had to read one of those boring text books.  Even though 
    T&E aren't human, they even succomb to the effects.  Once this present is 
    opened, they sit down on the ground and read it. After a few seconds, they 
    fall asleep, when you have to mash the buttons to wake up. Basically, all 
    this does is make you go to sleep instantly with the added effect of a few 
    seconds of stalling from reading the book. Of course, this isn't good when 
    there's Earthlings on the screen. 
    Sling Shot                       Frequency: Rare         Duration: Long
    The only way you can defend yourself on the game is with tomatoes, and the 
    tomato slingshot is a teriffic weapon. You can shoot the tomatoes quite far,
    almost the full length of the screen. You'll be able to take shots at 
    enemies from a safe distance: ie. It also fires at a fairly quick rate, so 
    you'll be able to get a lot of shots in in a short amount of time.  Be 
    careful when combating the chicken infantry, as they are able to shoot you 
    back.  A very nice present.
    Spring Shoes                    Frequency: Common        Duration: Long
    These Spring Shoes allow you to jump very high at will.  They also give a 
    very slight increase in walking speed. Depending on how long you hold down 
    the action button, you can control the distance you jump; you can take a 
    short hop, or jump up to a 3'rd of a length of the screen.  Very useful for 
    hopping over swarms of enemies, hopping over chasms between blocks of land, 
    "island hopping" on levels with large bodies of water, and jumping is also 
    the only way you can defeat Cupids.  When you come from a hop, you'll bounce
    on the ground on your butt for a second or two and you're invulnerable to 
    enemy attacks during this time (except projectiles, or course). If you walk 
    over a gap in the ground, you'll automatically brace for a hop. Pressing the
    opposite direction will cancel the hop, so remember this when you're 
    traveling on narrow passages. A useful present that could cut down on 
    potential headaches.
    Super HiTops                   Frequency: Common        Duration: Medium
    IT'S GOTTA BE THE SHOES! The TV commercials always say that you can jump 
    higher and run faster with the shoes that they're selling.  Of course, 
    that's a load of bunk, but it works in the game. Pushing the action button 
    will cause you to zoom (with the Hanna-Barbera braking sound, I might add) 
    and you run about 4x the speed you usually move.  Occasionally you'll make 
    the road runner "beep beep" sound.  While running, if you hit any gaps in 
    the ground, you'll jump while doing the classic Micheal Jordan dunk pose. 
    This jumping is automatically, so be careful when on curvy paths, or you 
    could end up jumping into the water, or off a cliff. It'll be safer to just 
    walk while on a curvy path.  While not as fast as Rocket Skates, these will 
    get you across a stage quite quickly, and they offer a LOT better control. 
    You also get 4 of these at the beginning of the game (2 for each player in a
    2 player game).
    Telephone                       Frequency:: Rare         Duration: Instant
    Hear the telephone ringing? Answer it. Opening this present will place a 
    telephone in front of you. Walk over to it and it'll turn over some panels 
    on your map, revealing the parts behing them.  The panels are chosen 
    randomly, and can be anywhere from 2 to 6 of them. The panels remain 
    transparent to let you know that they haven't been explored yet.  You may 
    get lucky and it'll turn over the panels revealing the ship piece, exit 
    door, or both...or you may end up getting some crappy panels all the way at 
    the corner of the screen flipped over revealing nothing.  Also, the 
    telephone will appear randomy on the stage without opening it up as a 
    present. Listen to the ringing sound. After a while, the telephone will 
    dissapear, so find it quickly.  A good present...if it flips over the right 
    Tomato Rain                     Frequency: Common         Duration: Medium
    Well, not much to say about this. The name says it all. Opening this present
    will cause it to rain tomatoes.  The tomatoes fall in a random pattern. Look
    for the shadows of the falling tomatoes on the ground and just dodge them. 
    The tomatoes can hit you or the Earthlings..even the good ones.
    Tomatoes                         Frequency: Common        Duration: Medium
    These are basically tomatoes without the slingshot. They don't travel as far
    (only about 1/3 screen length), and they come out at a slower rate. It's 
    somewhat risky attacking enemies with this because you have to get 
    close to them for the shots to even have a chance of hitting the target. 
    Don't even think about attacking the Chicken Infantry with these as they 
    will pick you off before you even get anywhere close to them. Only use these
    if you don't have any slingshots/or want to save them and you're confident 
    you can dodge the enemy. This is best used with a boombox or a decoy.
    Total Bummer                   Frequency: Very Common  Duration: Instant
    Needless to say, this is the worst thing you can get, and unfortunately, you
    most likely will come across a lot of these in the game. Open this present 
    and you'll helplessly sit back and watch your character get electrocuted (?)
    and his energy bar whittle away until he finally dies.  Like the Randomizer, if 
    you're able to identify this before opening it, that would be A Good Thing 
    (tm).  There is a way you could possibly save yourself from dying (See 
    "Gameplay Quirks and Bugs" section).
    Unfall/Togetherness            Frequency: Common        Duration: Instant
    This present will probably get used alot.  Eventually you'll get knocked
    off a level. This allows you to ascend to the next highest level without
    having to search for the exit doorway. When you arrive at the next level, 
    you'll arive at the spot where the door would've brought you. On 2 player
    games, this becomes Togetherness. The play that opens this present will
    be teleported to wherever the other player is, reguardless of the location
    or level.  Very useful when both of the players are very far apart or levels
    apart, and very useful for finding certain secrets.
    Random Present                  Frequency: Very Common   Duration: N/A
    Occasionally you'll come across a yellow present with a question mark on it.
    This is a Random Present. Its contents are always random, and also isn't 
    weighted: you have an equal chance of getting anything. When you identify 
    this presents, it will also identify any duplicate presents that you may 
    have. You'll have to identify any new random present that you find 
    because...well, it's random. However, If you open it before identifying it, 
    you'll get its contents, but will not identify any duplicate presents. When 
    you meet the carrot man, it's always best to identify this present before 
    the other ones.
                           Gameplay Quirks and Bugs
    This section has some of the strange things that sometimes happen in the
    game.  Most of these are relatively harmless and wont effect your game in 
    anyway. Some could be dangerous, some are actually beneficial to you, and 
    some are just observations that were noticed.
    *** Even after the thousands of times I've played through the game, I have 
        never seen the mailbox offer a Jackpot, Extra Life, or a Promotion. I'm
        not saying that that it can't happen (maybe just ultra rare), it's that 
        *I* have never seen it.
    *** Sometimes the map doesn't accurately portray the layout of the stage. 
        One noticable flaw is for gaps. Sometimes there is a small gap between 2
        different parts of land that is small enough to walk over without 
        falling ot tripping. If you look on the map, the gap is shown a LOT 
        bigger than it actually is and it looks like you're standing in mid-air.
    *** If you have the Super HiTops and run into the Cupid's shadow, it'll stop
    *** It seems that the only time that you can receive damage from the enemies
        is when your character's feet are physically touching the ground. Any 
        other time, you'll run against them, but will not take damage. Instances
        when your character's feet aren't touching the ground are: while on 
        Rocket Skates, in the middle of a jump using the Spring Shoes (including
        when you bounce on the ground coming from a jump or fall), flying with 
        the Icarus Wings, and spinning around inside of a sandstorm.  You can 
        still be hit with projectiles, however.
    *** Getting an extra life can actually be a little troublesome, as while the
        extra life animation animation is going, you can't move your character 
        until it's over. If there an enemy chasing you, this could be bad.  I 
        have noticed that while the animation is happening, all enemies lose 
        tracking of you, so hopefully any enemy that chasing you or ambushing 
        you will change direction and leave you.  To prevent the extra life 
        animation from stopping your character, just follow the above post about
        not taking damage from enemies, and it'll cancel out the extra life 
        animation as well. You'll see a few sparkles around your character and 
        still hear the harp twang, but you'll still be able to move your 
    *** Lightning strikes from the Rain Cloud can't hit you while under water.
    *** Think it's all over when you open a Total Bummer? Well, there's a way 
        out of it.  When you're getting "electrocuted", hold down the presents 
        button, and at the end of the animation, the "presents" menu will come 
        up. If you use any present that gives energy (fudge sundae, rootbeer, or
        take a chance on "food"), you'll gain the energy and will save yourself 
        from dying! Just hope that you DO have one of the energy recharging 
        presents. :)
    *** When the game generates the stages, it is noticable that it makes little
        "islands" on the outer boundaries of the main landmass. There's no way 
        to physically get to them, and no link to them, they're just sitting 
        there.  Very rarely when you advance to a new stage, the game will start
        you on one of those little islands.  Also, very rarely, the game will 
        put the ship piece, or exit doorway on one of those islands.  There are
        a couple of ways you can solve this. Of course, the best thing is Icarus
        Wings, or Spring Shoes if the landmass/island is close enough. A Doorway
        may help you out when you start on an island, but most likely not help 
        when the ship piece/exit doorway is on one. Hope you don't end up 
        falling a level, because when you return, you'll be right back into the 
        same position and will have to use another present.  If you don't have 
        any presents to get across, you could go back to a level with Santa 
        Claus and get presents from him until he drops some Icarus Wings, 
        however, this could take a while. Also, check mailboxes for the 
        possibility that one could be sold. If after all that, and you still
        can't get across, well, you're pretty much screwed. Fortunately, like I
        mentioned, this is very rare, but it CAN happen as it's happened to me.
    *** In a 2 player game, the screen is split horizontally to allow both 
        players to split up on the levels. The bad thing about that is that the 
        Earthlings' "line of site" doesn't decrease. That means that they could 
        be tracking you, or ambushing you well before you even see them on the
        screen, so be careful.
    *** The Randomizer shuffles and changes the boxes of all the presents in 
        your inventory, BUT not the ones on the ground. The box change, but the 
        contents remain the same. You can use this to your advantage. If you're 
        about to open an unidentified present that you suspect is a Randomizer, 
        or choose to activate one (maybe to get a better selection of presents),
        put any presents you wish to keep on the ground, remembering which one 
        is which, walk until they're no longer on the screen, then use the 
        Randomizer. Make sure that you walk until they're off the screen, 
        because if they remain on the screen when you activate the Randomizer, 
        they won't "refresh" to their new boxes. After using it, go and pick up 
        your presents. They'll be the same ones that you dropped, but will be 
        unidentified and in new boxes. This method is pretty useful if you have 
        a Total Bummer, or even another Randomizer, so when your presents get 
        shuffled, you'll at least know which presents those are and wont have to
        worry about them again.
                                Secrets and Cheats
                                     Level Zero
    A thinking gamer would've wondered if there is anything else on Level 1 
    besides that small island in the center..well, even most "thinking" gamers 
    would most likely forget about Level 1 later in the game. Anyway, yes, there
    is something else out there. Once you've acquired some Rocket Skates, Icarus
    Wings, or an Innertube. (It's best to have multiple presents of one, or more
    of these.) Go back to Level 1, equip one of the above items, then go 
    into/above the water and go all the way to the upper right hand portion of 
    the map screen. There's another small island there with 6 presents on it. 
    Get them all (one is always an Extra Life), then equip another one of the 
    above items, then go all the way past to the beginning island to the bottom 
    left part of the map screen to another small island(with the Innertube, it's
    possible to reach both island without having to re-equip anything).  On the
    new island, there's 2 presents, and a HOLE?! Snag the presents then fall 
    into the hole and now you're at "Level Zero". It's basically a small patch 
    of land sitting in the middle of nowhere.  There's a few hawaiian hula girls
    (don't worry, they won't hypnotize you), a hot tub with some girls in it, 
    and a lemonade stand. You can jump into the hot tub to "talk" with the 
    girls, and all your energy will be recharged. You can do this as often as 
    you wish. Then go to the lemonade stand and grab a glass of lemonade. Once 
    you drink it, you'll burp then gain an Extra Life. This only works once, 
    even though more glasses of lemonade re-appear and you can drink then. When 
    finished with everything, fall off the island, and you'll end up back to the
    highest level you've ascended to. Honestly,  IMO, it isn't worth coming here
    unless you're sorely in need of an extra life and some presents.
    Well, there is one code, as far as I know.
    *** All ship pieces
    Anytime during the game, pause, then press the buttons in this order: 
    Up + A + B + C, Right + A, Down + B, Left + C 
    You should hear a sound, then look at your ship status screen, you'll have 
    all but 1 piece. On the next level, you'll find the last piece.
                                      Wish List
    It has come to my attention while I was typing this FAQ that there will
    be a Toejam and Earl 3 and it will be modeled after the first one 
    (YAAAAAYYY!!!!!). The first one was a great game, and it was screaming 
    for a true sequal (Not Panic on Funkotron) I'm a huge fan of the Diablo 
    series...especially Diablo 2, and that's a game that shows that games
    with a randomly generated engine can be done right. Here is a list of
    things I would think it would be cool on T&E3. I seriously doubt a lot 
    of this stuff would make it, but anyway...
    *** There should be lots of new presents..maybe even hundreds of presents.
    A lot of the fun in T&E is opening presents and not knowing what was inside.
    How cool it would be to have so many different types of presents, that you
    wouldstill be finding never seen before presents weeks after the purchase 
    the game. A big addiction factor of Diablo 2 and Phantasy Star Online is that
    people keep coming back to the game in hopes of finding some ultra rare item.
    There could even be an online feature where new presents could be downloaded.
    *** Expanding on the more presents idea, there could even be a feature that 
    allows you to combine certain presents to make new ones, bringing even more
    presents in the mix
    *** Having a variety of characters to chose from along with Toejam and Earl.
    All of them having different strengths, weaknesses, attributes, and skills.
    Also have characters to unlock and/or downloaded
    *** Having "batteries" that you could put in a present to extend it's life.
    The batteries could be rare, so no one could just prolong the life of an item 
    *** The ability to learn Raps throughout the game, and they have effect 
    similar to spells, like putting Earthlings to sleep, or speeding T&E up, or
    maybe recharge some energy.
    *** Have different environments to travel through..like desert, jungle, icy,
    etc. Also have random weather effects like rain, snow, sun, thunderstorms.
    Also have buildings and structures you can go inside of...randomly generated,
    of course.
    *** Some bosses with different methods of defeating each one.
    *** Have multi-player mini-games. That seems to be all the rage lately, so
    why shouldn't T&E get a piece  of the action.
    *** Online play, but I kinda assume that will be added anyway :) 
    Well, that's all I can think of now.
    A special thanks to YelseyKing (YelseyKing-AT-AOL.com) for picking out tyops
    erm...typos and formatting the FAQ so it wouldn't look so fr00ty. 
    Well, that's it. What..you thought I was gonna put some witty line here or something?

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