1. How do I learn how to craft with this material? what quest?

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    darc1234 - 4 years ago

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  1. Once the main quest has directed you to the Skaal village, the smithy will eventually ask you to locate a lost Stahlrim map from a group of thieves. Once you have completed this quest, the option to craft Stahlrim items will now be open to you provided you meet the required Smithing level (Ebony or better).

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  1. You have to be able to craft ebony armor first then talk to the blacksmith in skaal village.

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  2. I can craft ebony but there's no dialogue option for the smithy in skaal

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  3. Marriott_Guy is right. Also, after a while, the area you locate with the map has a massive Stahlrim deposit which DOES regenerate given some time. I suggest going back to Skyrim for a bit, and then eventually returning to the deposit.

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  4. I thought to craft stalhrim you have to rescue the blacksmith in the skaal village (separate quest) after completing the quest he will pass u the knowledge of how to craft out of stalhrim. he also shows u a massive source of stalhrim. To rescue him, exhaust diallogues with all members of the skaal village, eventually one of them will inform u that he is gone missing (kidnapped really).

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  5. First of,you need the ancient nordic pickaxe,which you can get off a quest for Glover Mallory(dear,dear money-making shopkeeper for me) in order to mine stalhrim. Next,do the quest or which you have to find the blacksmith of Skaal Village. Once you kill the thalmor(or persuade the leader into giving you the map),he will say "If you know how to craft Ebony,you can craft Stalhrim." so that means you need the ebony smithing perk.
    *Side Note*
    There is a way to get free Stalhrim armor that is already enchanted,and are better than Dragonbone armor. Also,the quest leads you to two variants of Scimatars,Deathscythe and Soulrender.
    If you read a book called Deathbrand,it will give you the quest Deathbrand,requiring you to go to a place called Haknir's Shoal (populated by bandits)then lock-pick the ancient chest nearby(must have high lockpicking,the lock is an expert level)and it will give you the first piece of Deathbrand armor,the helmet. Along with a treasure map,showing all of their locations. The map is somewhat hard to read,as you travel more land on foot than you usually think,and you have to bring up the misc category every time you want to see it. Afterwards,go to the barrow it tells you to go to,then mine the stalhrim in one of the coffins(need ancient nordic pickaxe)and continue down the dungeon to find the gold. Then,you are gonna have to fight Haknir Deathbrand after taking Bloodscythe. when he dies,he drops Soulrender,the swords are meant to be dual-wielded in order to deal more damage. Have fun!

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  6. alexbekker92 is right. Before you can craft anything from Stalhrim you have to complete the side quest "A New Source Of Stalhrim" which is given by Deor Woodcutter.

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