Temple of Miraak end quest glitch (SPOILERS)?

  1. Okay so after I complete the quest and read the black book. I meet the infamous Miraak. He sends me back to Solstheim, where upon Frea says that the book is dangerous and we should take it to her father. The quest completed wording appears and I get the achievement, but the problem is that after that the next quest doesn't pop up and I am officially stuck.
    I tried the usual: clearing the data cache, reinstalling the dlc, but nothing seems to work.
    So am I boned or what?

    User Info: uzkodas

    uzkodas - 4 years ago


  1. I just played through the dlc for the millionth time, u must follow her to the skall village or things will get glitchy

    User Info: HeroOfRune

    HeroOfRune - 3 months ago 0 0

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