Black Ops tranzit What do you do after the power is turned on/ the bank??

  1. Alright first of all there's a tiny room inside the bank,in the bank if that makes sense and its has the power sign on it Does that do anything? Also I play one player because the people I have to play with are buttholes and aren't team players so I just need help completing tranzit I know most of it up untill the bank Oh also I haven't been building anything except the turbine cause everything else needs the turbine anywAys & Im not going to be using most of the stuff Also sense it's one player & I can't here the German guy anyways can I leave the power on so that way everything works just in case my turbine breaks cuz that's happened in the worst times so please if some one could be nice enough to please help me

    User Info: ZombieKilla20

    ZombieKilla20 - 4 years ago

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