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"Black Ops II: Revolution Review"

Call of Duty: Black Ops II, when it first came out, did nothing short of keeping me happy while I was playing. The gameplay was, and still is, pretty decent and the maps were small, detailed and provided fast-paced fun. It pains me to say that Treyarch decided to take that premise that made the base game so good and either rush it to the point that it wasn't that fun, or they just threw it out the window, when it came to a large chunk of the content offered. I will explain what I mean by this in this review.

First off, let's start with the content that some, but not most, players were getting ready for: Zombies. Zombies is still very decent and the addition of the map Die Rise, a map that consists of a bunch of broken skyscrapers connected by elevators and broken ledges, only adds more fun to it. However, I must say I was slightly disappointed to see how the new game mode, Turned, came out. Treyarch promised us a fun game type where you could switch it up in a way you've never seen, and play as a zombie instead of a human. The new game type allows you to play as a zombie, but the game type as a whole is mediocre at best. I feel that the game type was just rushed into the game. Many times you will find yourself constantly getting killed as a zombie, just because the human is backed up in a corner the whole game. You can use some distraction methods to try and get the upper hand on him, but if he knows what he's doing, your distractions just won't work. Then, at the end of the game, a generous point bonus is given to the last remaining human survivor. This can be you best friend or your worst enemy. On the one hand, if you are the last human and you are the best player, then it's nice to receive even more points. But, on the other hand, if that point bonus were to go to the second-best person, that could cost the actual best person the win, just because the ‘schmo' in second place happened to be the last human. I find this to be an unfair and unbalanced bonus. All in all, with the addition of the new Zombie mode and the new zombie map, I must give the Zombies side of the DLC a 6/10. The first five go to Die Rise for being a great addition, but the last 1 goes to Turned because, while it has the potential to be a fantastic game mode, it just does not have any sense of balance.

Next on the list is the multiplayer side of things. Treyarch added a bit more to this side of the DLC, with four brand new maps and a new gun. First, I will review the gun and then each individual map.

The new gun, the Peacemaker, is nothing short of a great and balanced gun. I put it in my soldier's simulated hands and thought it was a decent addition from the first kill. Basically, the Peacemaker is a 'mixed-gun,' because it has the speed and mobility of an SMG and the accuracy and feel of an assault rifle. The gun is great for rushing and for holding down a certain spot you want to keep. It has a decent ammo size of 30, too. Unless you enjoy super-large magazines or sniping, you shouldn't have any problem with the Peacemaker.

Next up in my review is the map, Mirage. Mirage is, in my opinion, the best of the four maps in Revolution. It is fun, small, fast paced and altogether stays true to the original Black Ops II experience. That is not to say it isn't without its nuisances. You can climb up onto the roofs of some of the buildings, which can, unfortunately, make a decent camper spot, but after playing the map quite a few times, that was really the only downside I found in the entire map.

As for the next three maps, Two stood out to me, in terms of how bad I feel they are. The two I'm speaking of have few upsides and near-gamebreaking downsides. First, let me start off with Downhill, which takes place in the snowy French Alps. this map is basically designed for flanking from behind and sniping for every kill. Once you spawn, you cannot take ten steps without needing to sprint around cover because someone's behind you. While some people may call this fast-paced, I just find this to be ridiculous. On top of that, you have snipers at every corner; so basically walking anywhere is a death trap. Then, as if the map wasn't bad enough, they have multiple ski lifts, which kill you instantly upon impact if you stand in the direction they're moving. I don't know about anyone else, but I am tired of in-game environment killing me. But, while taking everything into account, I will say that Downhill could be more fun if there was a bit more cover available, no death-by-environment situations and less opportunities to die by the hands of snipers, or even worse, no-scopers. But, until those situations are taken care of, assuming they ever could be, my advice: stay away from this map.

The next map I will review is Hydro. There are three huge nuisances for me that make this map nearly un-playable: Un-navigatable, contains player-killing environments and has no substantial cover. When I say un-navigatable I mean that there is not only a tunnel at one of the spawn points that doesn't go anywhere (this is also the part of the map that can kill you by gushing a flood of water at you, pushing you out of the map) but there is also a huge underground assortment of tunnels that all lead to some random place, including a ladder that will send you right up the middle of the map. Then, by no substantial cover, I mean that everyone can see you, no matter where you are. There are way to many holes in the map. I have been in situations where someone in front of me, someone beside me and someone behind me were all looking at me at the same time. Like I said... no decent cover. All in all, this map is about as good as Downhill; too many exploits, environment that kills you and the map all-around is just not good to me. I would advise staying away from this map, as well.

The final map and the last piece I will review is Grind. Grind is a bit different than other Call of Duty maps, in the sense that it takes a break from a serious, grim war-ridden setting and goes to the fun, very-outlandish setting for a war to take place: a skate park. Don't be fooled by the creativity, though. The map is still pretty bad, despite the interesting setting. The map is simply far too open. There's hardly any cover at all. The cover that is there just isn't good. It may just be a test of time, though. The map is small and fast-paced, even though I feel that some more closed spots in the map and some more cover would've made the map more enjoyable. It also has the benefit of no player-killing environments, so that's a huge plus. In the end, I'll say that even though Grind is not the worst map in the game, it certainly isn't the best. It has some pretty big kinks. But, if I had to pick my two favorite maps out of the four, I would say 1: Mirage and 2: Grind.

Final Verdict: Revolution was hyped up to be just that... revolutionary. However, it was far from it, with broken multiplayer maps, an unbalanced new zombie mode and altogether was just some new stuff that everyone will likely forget about in the next two months. By the time the next DLC comes out, these will be the maps everybody will skip, with no questions asked. Maybe some updates will make them better, but for a first impression, I have to give this DLC a mediocre 5/10, with only half of the zombies additions being great and 2 of the four maps being exceptionally disliked, in my case at least. Anyways, here's to hoping for some patches and a better 'next DLC.' Don't worry, Treyarch. I have faith that you're better than this and there's always next time.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/01/13

Game Release: Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Revolution (US, 01/29/13)

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