Extinction: How do I beat all the rhinos?

  1. When you do the the second barrier hive, near the end all the rhinos come after me, we can usually kill the first one but then there a just a lot and they overwelm us

    User Info: ewiesner

    ewiesner - 3 years ago


  1. Just gotta grind it out. Having the two turrets does well- they use Armor piercing rounds (again, having them max upgraded so you can use two at a time is ideal). Concentrating fire, communicating with your team, you will be ok. Traps, explosives, pretty much give it everything you've got.

    User Info: J1Z034

    J1Z034 - 3 years ago 0 0
  2. A Tank with a riot shield can last for about 20 seconds against a Rhino while shield bashing, while the Tank has it distracted the rest of the team has to unload as much firepower as possible on the Rhino. Without sentries it will probably take around 6-8 seconds to die depending on the type of ammo you are using. Armor Piercing ammo helps a bit, but I personally prefer explosive rounds so I don't have to aim as much and so the Tank's riot shield does not block my rounds. With sentries that have armor piercing, a Rhino will last something around 1 less second per sentry that is firing at it. 6 Sentries with armor piercing can take a Rhino down in around 4 seconds on their own. You should also have body armor, full body armor will absorb about 4 hits from a Rhino. If there is more than 1 Rhino out, try to keep them apart so that the rest of your team can take them down one at a time. Teamwork is key in Extinction, make sure everyone has a different support item. I usually pair the Tank with body armor and the Medic with feral instincts. Booster shot is helpful, but optional and it does not stack with the Weapon Specialist's faster reload. Feral instincts lets you see a Rhino while it is still underground and digging itself out, and if you are the one keeping the Rhinos apart, it will let you run faster than the Rhino. Above all, concentrate on one at a time and there should be no problems. Also, a medic is fairly important, the Medic should use either an SMG or an Assault rifle to keep their speed up. With feral instincts, a good Medic can dart around the battlefield and revive anyone who gets downed. The medic should also have a riot shield on their back to absorb hits from a Rhino or other aliens while reviving others. Extinction really is not too difficult as long as everyone works together and plays smart. You only need one medic in a group, Weapon Specialist and Engineer are both optional in my opinion. If you play as an Engineer then you need to be in charge of all the most expensive support items, because a good Engineer will practically have to throw money away. Engineers are the best for handling max sentry guns since they have so much money pretty much all the time. It is also best to have only one person handle ammo and get it to level 4 as soon as possible so everyone else can focus on other support stuff like sentry guns, body armor, or feral instincts.

    User Info: maxis137

    maxis137 - 3 years ago 0 0
  3. Use armor piercing rounds have it fully upgraded...shoot there legs as there legs are not armored and they go down insanely fast.i can kill a rhino in under 7 seconds using this method..and killing multiple rhinos is essential using this method as at some points and certain maps they overwhelm you in swarms

    User Info: XIAMIALS

    XIAMIALS - 3 years ago 0 0
  4. Riot shields, armor, armor piercing amo, chainsaw (or any other lmg), and shoot at their legs. Explosives are good too.

    User Info: FreakinKangaroo

    FreakinKangaroo - 3 years ago 0 0

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