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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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      q#MQMBQMMMMMMNNma,                                     _&MNNM#MMNNMM#MMNM&
       `MBMMMBMMMMB#MMMMBg                                _g#MMMM^"^`        ~NMMg
        4MNMMMMMMMMMBMMMQqGg        ,        ggm,_       g#NMF`               ^~##p
          #MMMNMc   .7PMMMNj&pgMMMMM#,     pBNBNMMM,  =MNMMM                     M8
           #M#MM&       ,qNMMMMM#MMMMMMNMMMMMM#MB#"###NMMN#
           JNM@M&      ^  #MMMNM6B&MMN#B#NMRBMN#MB##MM#@MMN
           "BN&N#         QMMMMM&4NMM#^#QRMB&"QNNBMB&MNB&MQ#
            M#M#M      _g #MMMMM@]#MN@  QB#MR& #B#MBM#MMNMM#Mw
     ,N ,__ MMMNM,   _QMMMMMMMMMf4#MNM# Q#MMN3xMMM##&#~~7NMFMMMQgg__***       jMMpg
       ^MMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM#F R#    MM#H '   !"@~ ^     .   ~~~~~"~~7~`` "MMMM^
        ~#MMMMMMMNMMMMMMMMMMM'           ~       `                              #
         BMMMMMMMM#MMMMMM~                                                      ]
         RMMMMMMV        ___  ____ _  _ _ _       _  _ ____ _   _    ____ ____ _   _
          `RP7"&         |  \ |___ |  | | |       |\/| |__|  \_/     |    |__/  \_/
            f  #         |__/ |___  \/  | |___    |  | |  |   |      |___ |  \   |
            P  #
           @   &      __   __            _ _      ___                   __      _ _ 
          ,'          \ \ / /__ _ _ __ _(_) |___ |   \ _____ __ ___ _  / _|__ _| | |
          Q            \ V / -_) '_/ _` | | (_-< | |) / _ \ V  V / ' \|  _/ _` | | |
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                Platform:   Playstation 3
                 Version:   1.00
            Last Updated:   3/21/2013
                   Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
                Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
           Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt
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    O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O
       Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.
     - Introduction......................................................[DmC-INT]
     - Controls..........................................................[DmC-CON]
     - Style Ranks.......................................................[DmC-STY]
     - Tips and Tricks...................................................[DmC-TIP]
     - Chapter  1:  Personal Hell................................[DmC-01]
     - Chapter  2:  Hollow.......................................[DmC-02]
     - Chapter  3:  Power Struggle...............................[DmC-03]
     - Chapter  4:  Heartless....................................[DmC-04]
     - Chapter  5:  Own Shadow...................................[DmC-05]
     - Chapter  6:  Another Chance...............................[DmC-06]
     - Weapons & Moves...................................................[DmC-WPN]
     - Enemies...........................................................[DmC-ENM]
     - Trophies..........................................................[DmC-TPH]
     - Version History...................................................[DmC-HIS]
     - Credits...........................................................[DmC-CRE]
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                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
     Hey guys, Bkstunt here with a FAQ/Walkthrough for DmC's DLC Vergil's Downfall!
    I enjoyed my time with the main game and Dante well enough, so I thought I may
    as well jump in for some time with Vergil.
     If you are perhaps looking for my DmC guide, you can find it here:
     And a big THANK YOU to all my fans and supporters for getting that guide
    starred recently. You are all awesome! :)
     Enjoy the guide everyone!
     ~ Bkstunt
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    ~ Bk
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                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                               Controls                               >==O
     Here are the controls for Devil May Cry: Vergil's Downfall.
                    _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
                   |  _____ |                            | _____  |
                   |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
                 ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
                /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
               !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
               |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
               !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
               |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
               | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
               |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
               |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
               |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
               \         /                                  \         /
                \       /                                    \       /
                 `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'
     |                                                                        |
     | X Button: Jump.                                                        |
     |                                                                        |
     | Square: Summon Swords.                                                 |
     |                                                                        |
     | Triangle: Basic Melee Attack.                                          |
     |                                                                        |
     | Circle: Special Melee Attack.                                          |
     |                                                                        |
     | L2: Yamato Angel Mode.                                                 |
     |                                                                        |
     | R2: Yamato Demon Mode.                                                 |
     |                                                                        |
     | R1 / L1: Evade                                                         |
     |                                                                        |
     | R3: Center Camera.                                                     |
     |                                                                        |
     | L3: Cycle Ranged Target.                                               |
     |                                                                        |
     | UP Button: Cycle Doppelganger Mode.                                    |
     |                                                                        |
     | LEFT Button: Cycle Doppelganger Mode.                                  |
     |                                                                        |
     | RIGHT Button: Cycle Doppelganger Mode.                                 |
     |                                                                        |
     | DOWN Button: Cycle Doppelganger Mode.                                  |
     |                                                                        |
     | R3 + L3: Devil Trigger.                                                |
     |                                                                        |
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                             Style Ranks                              >==O
     Style is VERY important in Devil May Cry's history. So important that
    it gets it's own section! There's a few things I feel strongly that you
    should know about STYLE.
     o You gain Style as you FIGHT.
     o Style is used at the end of Missions to score you.
     Let's cover fighting first. As you fight, you will be given points for
    your actions. The game recognizes each and every move you perform and scores
    you on it. You even get scored for things like:
     - Combos
     - Kills
     - Parries
     - Evades
     - Environmental Kills
     - Enemies hurting eachother
     All of these things add up and go towards a running tally called
    Style Points. Style Points are one factor you get graded on when you
    beat a mission.
     As you fight the right side of the screen will keep track of your Style
    Points as well as tell you how well you are doing in battle. There are ranks
    of Style as well, as shown below from WORST to BEST:
     |   \ 
     | |) |
     |___/  I R T Y   ( Points x 2 )
      / __|
     | (__ 
      \___| R U E L   ( Points x 3 )
     | _ )
     | _ \
     |___/ R U T A L   ( Points x 4 )
      / _ \ 
     /_/ \_\ N A R C H I C   ( Points x 5 )
     / __|
     \__ \
     |___/ A V A G E   ( Points x 6 )
      ___ ___ 
     / __/ __|
     \__ \__ \
     |___/___/ A D I S T I C   ( Points x 7 )
      ___ ___ ___ 
     / __/ __/ __|
     \__ \__ \__ \
     |___/___/___/ E N S A T I O N A L   ( Points x 8 )
     The KEY to racking up a good style bonus is TWO things:
     - Do NOT get his. You will be sent down in the rankings which just kills
       your point accumulations.
     - Variety! Doing the same mover over and over will lower the point value
       it rewards drastically. Mix up your moves and weapons!
     Now let's talk about the Mission Complete screen. This is where you are
    graded based on what you did. You are judged on a total of FIVE areas,
    with a final score being given out afterwards. The areas are:
        This is your Style Points you accumulated in the mission. This is
       why getting a high ranking for the score multiplier matters so much.
     o TIME
        This is simple. How long did it take you to complete the mission?
       Note that FAST isn't ALWAYS best. Keep in mind that some missions you
       can complete without fighting everything, and that quickness may very
       well hurt your Style Points.
        This shows how many of the hidden items you've found. If you are
       following this guide you will find all of them, naturally. 100%
       Completion always rewards a SSS rank. Note that on some missions you
       will have to COME BACK and find items you can't access at first, so
       your Final Score is coming to suffer until then.
        Your score will take a hit if you use items. Plain and simple.
     o DEATHS
        Did you die? Your score will take a big hit then. Note that it is
       better to use an item and live than it is to die in a mission. If you
       are struggling to live, you probably aren't worried about maxing your
       score anyways...
     This all goes into your FINAL SCORE. The points will be multiplied
    together to form it. From here you can submit your score to the leaderboard
    (if you are offline) or it will automatically be posted (if you are online).
     Now that you know these basics of STYLE, go out and make me proud!
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O
     Here's some basic tips and tricks to the game.
    (-NOTE-) This guide is still very new, so if you have something that you
             think belongs in here let me know!
     o Throughout the guide I will be referring to "Red Orb Containers". This
       is literally anything that gives you red orbs. These containers vary so
       much that you should always be on the lookout. You can find orbs by
       destroying trash cans, pockets of red flesh, lights, boxes... basically
       anything that looks red-ish and crumples up when you get near it. Oh,
       and spiders! Kill all the spiders!
     o If you're having a hard time in the game put those red orbs to work
       buying items like vitality stars and gold orbs. If you're having an easy
       go of it or can at least hold your own, use them to buy health and devil
       trigger upgrades instead!
     o As you get late in the game it's easy to forget that you still have
       DEVIL TRIGGER. Remember that it charges up as you fight so use it every
       now and again. You may as well.
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                       Chapter 1: Personal Hell                       >==O
     Wow, the game's cut-scenes sure have changed! Interesting.
     After you regain control follow the path past the mansion and follow the
    land masses. Take note here and now that Vergil CAN NOT double jump, but you
    can Angel Boost right off the bat. And no, Vergil never learns to double jump
    (which admittedly sucks).
     Soon you'll see a scene where some Stygians pop up. Vergil tries to do his
    Doppelganger move but fails and notices his amulet is missing! Just take out
    these cannon fodder foes with Slasher and Crosscut, learning how Vergil works.
    Boy, that evade is awesome!
    (-NOTE-) A quick note about Vergil's SUMMON SWORDS. These of course act as
             Vergil's ranged attack, but they are quite a bit better than anything
             Dante ever got. This is because you can use them WHILE attacking with
             the Yamato. In fact, to increase your deadliness and up your fighting
             prowess, a smart Vergil will learn to insert Summon Swords while
             fighting normally with the Yamato.
     Continue on inside the house. More scenes. Once they are over enter the left
    cubby for [_LOST SOUL 1/4_]. Continue on and before going right head straight
    for [_FRAGMENT 1/4_]. These fragments WILL give you more health once you
    collect four of them so you should be sure to get them all!
     Continue forward and use your Demon Pull to get the landmass closer to you.
    Boost over to the area with the tree then STOP and look to your right. There
    is a platform over there that leads to another [_FRAGMENT 2/4_], so be sure to
    go get it. Head back and use the Angel Lift point, the STOP again. To your left
    is a ledge in the distance (below you). Boost over there to find another
    [_LOST SOUL 2/4_]. Kill it and get back to the Angel Lift.
     Continue on and once you reach the gap boost over it. To your right is a
    boarded-up doorway. Hack it down for [_FRAGMENT 3/4_]. My, we are finding
    these awfully fast! Jump down the gap and continue and soon you'll see a new
    scene introducing one (of two!) new enemies: the WISP!
     The Wisp is an intriguing foe. First of all, he is INVINCIBLE until you hit
    him with a SUMMON SWORD. He'll then appear and can be attacked. However, he
    can re-apply Invincibility on himeself as the fight wears on, so always keep
    a Summon Sword ready. As far as his attacks go he has a three-hit combo as well
    as a charge attack. Nothing you can't evade. He can additionally become enraged
    as well.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'We have an uninvited guest' Bronze trophy after
             killing your first Wisp.
     Take him out and some Stygians will join the fun, followed by another Wisp
    and even more Stygians. Good practice! Once they are dead you can continue on.
    As you head towards the Divinity Statue, hang a left for [_LOST SOUL 3/4_] on
    the nearby wall. Now feel free to use the Divinity Statue.
    (-NOTE-) You should have at least one upgrade point by now. I HIGHLY recommend
             buying and using JUDGEMENT CUT. Just like Drive/Overdrive, it helps
             greatly to increase our STYLE ranking. Plus it's just plain awesome.
     Continue on until you see a scene. "Head towards the light." Ha! How very
    generic! Anyway, to the right through a crack in the building you can see
    an items. Head over there and follow the wall around the building using the
    floor that is just barely sticking out. Jump at the end to get around the
    wall and claim your [_SMALL VITAL STAR_] and then head back.
     Head down the path now and kill the Stygians that appear. Use your Demon
    Sword to make the landmas assist you and once you get through the arched
    area jump through the window in front of you to find [_FRAGMENT 4/4_]. This
    should net you your first Life Increase.
     Continue on now and use a Demon Pull followed by two Angel Lifts. After the
    second Angel Lift STOP and drop down a level for [_LOST SOUL 4/4_]. You can
    use the Angel Lift to get back up once you killed it. Continue on until you
    boost over to a large land mass below you.
     Here you will fight a few waves of Pathos and Stygians. Just as a quick note,
    your Demon Pull works WONDERFULLY in bringing Pathos and other flying pests
    to you. It's even better than Dante's as you can attak right off the bat as
    they materialize right in front of you.
     Take them out and a land mass nearby will crash into the one you are on.
    Here we have to run! Veer to the right as the platform moves and continue.
    Keep running forward and use Angel Lifts, even when it doesn't LOOK like
    there are any: just keep using them and soon you'll be in the blue light
    area and SAFE.
     Move forward here and the gates to "Paradise" will close. You'll fight some
    waves of Stygians mixed with Wisps here. Take them all out and soon some
    cut-scenes will take over, ending the chapter.
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                          Chapter 2: Hollow                           >==O
     More flashbacks and torment. Watch the scenes and soon we'll acquire a new
    weapon mode for Vergil:
        Angel Yamato Mode for quick strikes against multiple enemies.
       GROUND: RAPID SLASH: Triangle
               FLARE: Circle
       AIR: ORBIT: Triangle
            AERIAL FLUSH: Circle
     Angel Mode is all about moving and striking quickly and dealing with multiple
    enemies at the same time (much like Dante's Angel Mode weapons). You will get
    into a fight here. Three waves of Stygians. A good chance to put your new sword
    mode to work!
     After the fight we need to focus on getting a nearby Health Fragment. Go ahead
    and use Devil Sword to make a landmass appear, then use an Angel Lift. STOP and
    look behind you. There it is, in the distance. You can get close to getting it
    with an Angel Boost / Evade but I couldn't get it this way.
     Instead, what I did was head back down to where you fought the Stygians and
    faced the arch. To the right is a platform slanting downward. You can then use
    a jump and trick up to get up high, and then angel boost over to to get on it.
    From there you can jump on another platform and boost over to the Fragment
    for [_FRAGMENT 1/3_].
     Well, that was a pain. Let's continue on. Use Demon Pulls and Angel Lifts
    to reach the next big platform and fight a group of Bathos with some Stygian
    and Wisp reinforcements. Once they are dead, use L1/R1 to get through the
    warp door.
     This area has a Divinity Statue in it. Use it if you wish (I powered up
    Cross Cut and Rapid Slash) and then we'll need to pick which way to go:
    Left or Right. However, there IS a best way to go about this, and that is
    to head down the right path for a BIT and then head back to the left path.
     Use Demon Pull and Angel Lift to continue on. Head to the wide-open area
    and in this area, to the left by the arch, is a slightly elevated area. Go
    explore that area to find [_FRAGMENT 2/3_].
     Once you have it, backtrack back to the path split and take the left path.
     Use the Angel Lifts and Demon Pull until you get to a big chunk of land
    with an arched building on your left and some stairs on your right. Go down
    the stairs first and at the bottom you'll find [_LOST SOUL 1/3_]. Now, go
    back and boost over to the arched building for [_FRAGMENT 3/3_]. Easy! From
    here jump/boost to the area inside the building and use the warp door. This
    leads to a ledge overlooking this area and will let you easily boost over to
    a platform containing a [_LARGE VITAL STAR_]. Jump back down once you've
    grabbed it.
     Now let's use the boost point to continue. It will launch you forward.
    Ahead of you is a giant archway. Go through it and STOP. Turn around and look
    up and you'll see that there is an Angel Lift point above you. You can get up
    there with a few tries (keep the lift point in view as you jump or, alternately
    just do a Trick Up and you should be good). At the top is [_LOST SOUL 2/3_].
    See, worth the effort!
     Continue on using the boost points and once you hit solid ground go check
    out the area to your left for [_LOST SOUL 3/3_]. Continue on to the wide open
    area and head for the door. Here you'll get to fight three more waves of
    enemies, including some Ravagers. Good to see them again! Be sure to show
    them your new moves. Once you take them out use the door.
     Head forward and watch the scene. Despite just shouting at the huge beast,
    you will be facing Bathos and Wisp enemies here. The area you are standing on
    is slowly crumbling and will, after a short time, restrict you to a small
    circular area. Just keep that in mind so you don't plummet and lose a chunk of
     Once you beat your foes, take the next door to continue the chase. In this
    area meteors will crash down on the upcoming platforms. Use Angel Lift/Boost
    to get to the first one then IMMEDIATELY head right to the far right platform
    to find the game's only full [_HEALTH CROSS_]. What a nice reward!
     Carry on jumping from platform to platform until you reach the next wide
    open area (I never worry about the meteors and they've never really bothered
    me; they shouldn't bother you either if you just dash a lot).
     Head to the doors in front of you and they'll slam shut. Time to fight! We
    will fight Ravagers and Stygians to start with, but soon we'll have to face
    some Wisps with Stygian and Ravager back-ups. Nothing you can't handle,
    especially with all that health we've been getting. Take them all out to
    start a scene and end this chapter.
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                      Chapter 3: Power Struggle                       >==O
     As usual, Vergil's dark side will egg him on. Cool cutscenes though.
     Head forward and note the path split. We have no reason to go left, so head
    right and once you pass the arch STOP and turn around. Sure enough, there is a
    Angel Lift there. Use it to find [_LOST SOUL 1/4_]. Jump down and continue on
     In the next wide open area is ANOTHER path split. Sheesh! Head right here and
    follow the path to [_FRAGMENT 1/4_], then head back. Try to go the other way
    and you'll be stopped by a Death Knight. Not to worry, we will gain a new sword
    mode here.
        Demon Yamato Mode for heavy damaging attacks.
       GROUND: DIVORCE: Triangle x3
               VOLCANO: Circle
       AIR: KILLER BEE: Triangle
            DRIVE: Circle
     Just like Dante, Vergil's Demon Mode is designed to lay on the damage. Useful
    for breaking shields and laying heavy hits into enemies. Volcano and Killer
    Bee are also quite cool-looking.
     To try out our new mode, we'll be given a few waves of Stygian and Death
    Knights. Divorce is exceptional at breaking shields but it IS a bit slow, so
    be ready to dodge when needed. Volcano is pretty cool for whenever enemies
    group up and Killer Bee can cover ground quickly.
     After taking them all out continue down the left path and you'll see "Dante"
    mocking you. Use a Demon Pull on the bus to the left to shut him up. Use the
    Angel Lifts after that followed by a Demon Pull and Angel Lift to enter the
    subway area. Here, check the cubby on the left for a [_SMALL VITAL STAR_].
     Past that is an invisible bus. Well, semi-invisible. You can shoot it with a
    summon sword to make if visible. Jump on it and up to the next one. Here, STOP
    and look off to the right. There's a ledge over there you can boost to. Do so
    to find [_LOST SOUL 2/4_]. Kill it and head back to the bus.
     Continue to head forward using the Angel Lift and Demon Pull. You'll run
    into a Divinity Statue soon. Past that is a wide-open subway area where you
    will be jumped by enemies, but you'll also gain your DEVIL TRIGGER!
     Go through the tutorial and hold down SQUARE to activate your SPIRAL SWORDS.
    This move is pretty cool but does take a chunk out of the gauge. Note that we
    DO NOT have all our Devil Powers...  yet. So, more to come.
     Take out your opponents quickly while your power is active. You'll fight
    Stygians and Death Knights here. At the end, you will face a Tyrant! Yikes!
    Divorce works really well against him, just be carful of his charging and
    smash attacks.
    (-NOTE-) After the fight, new moves will be available at the SHOP for your
             Summon Sword. You will also now be able to buy DEVIL CROSSES from
             the items menu as well.
     Continue following Dante. You'll come to an area with two invisible busses.
    Make the first one appear and jump on it then STOP. Off to the left is a
    Demon Pull. Use it to pull out some land and follow the path above it to be
    led to [_FRAGMENT 2/4_]. Head back now and use the boost point to the left
    to see a scene.
     Once the scene is done, turn around and go out the hole you made. To the
    left is is a passageway with [_FRAGMENT 3/4_] sitting in it. Very nice. Head
    back to the hallway now and check the right wall as you go forward. You will
    find a small cubby with [_LOST SOUL 3/4_] in it. Head outside and you'll face
    a wave of Pathos, Stygians and Wisps. Nothing new here: just beware of the
    Pathos arrows. I prefer to take them out first and deal with the other enemies
     Once you are done we will have to find a way out of here. Take the left path
    into the building. Boost over the gap you find to another building and STOP,
    then turn around. You will see a path off to the right of the building you just
    left. Boost over there to find [_LOST SOUL 4/4_]. Head back now and continue
    on using the Angel Lifts to get up to the wall. Here you'll see Dante run off.
     Try and follow him to get into a fight. Waves of Stygians, Death Knights and
    some Ravagers. Take advantage of the narrow walkway to use moves like Rapid
    Slash, Flare and Volcano. You can knock them off the walkway as well but its
    better to just kill them for the points. Take the door once you take them all
     Here Dante will be running away again. Make the platforms in front of you
    appear and continue on. Keep going until you make TWO ANGEL LIFTS in a row.
    Once you do, STOP and look down to your lower left. You'll see a green item
    down there. Jump down there for [_FRAGMENT 4/4_]. You can use a TRICK UP from
    here to re-use the two Angel Lifts from earlier to get back up to where you
     Use a Demon pull now and carry on. Once you use the next Angel Lift you'll
    see the chapter's closing scenes and it will be over.
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                         Chapter 4: Heartless                         >==O
     This level is quite a doozy with how much it ends up rotating to make su
    continue forward. Ugh.
     Once you gain control you'll have to deal with a Harpy! The Demon Pull move
    is especially useful here against them, as they can't avoid it. You'll fight
    a few of them here along with some Stygians.
     Take them out and continue on, past the steps. Use the invisible platform
    to the right. BEFORE going up the next steps, look down to your lower left
    to see [_FRAGMENT 1/4_]. This will get you a health increase if you've been
    following the guide.
     Head up the stairs now and BEFORE using the door look to the far right to
    see a platform for a [_LOST SOUL 1/4_]. Kill it and then use the door.
    Continue on using the Angel Lifts and you'll have to fight some Elite Stygians
    and Death Knights, as well as Wisps. The enemies are getting a bit harder now!
     Use the next door when you can and you'll run into a Divinity Statue soon.
    Now, to the right of the statue out in the open air are two invisible chunks
    of rock. Make them visible and follow that path, using the Angel Lift to
    find a [_SMALL VITAL STAR_]. Head back now and take the main path. The doorway
    will collapse behind you.
     Here, break the wood on the RIGHT to find [_FRAGMENT 2/4_]. Continue on and
    break some more wood to get out to the open again. Here we'll fight some more
    Harpies and Ravagers, with one final fight against a lone Tyrant. Pretty easy
    stuff if you focus on the Harpies first.
     Head through the archway and STOP, then look to your upper left. You'll see
    an Angel Lift point up there. Use it and scan your horizons to see a Lost Soul
    in the distance. Boost over to him for [_LOST SOUL 2/4_] then jump back down.
    Continue on using the Angel Lift to the next door.
     Head forward past the arch and jump to the next big platform. Here there is
    an invisible platform ahead of you and to the right one hanging off a rock in
    the distance. Jump to the right one and follow this path jumping from platform
    to platform around the rock to find [_FRAGMENT 3/4_]. Head back now and past
    the first invisible platform is a second one. THIS one is spinning though. We
    need to time our shot to get past it. Not that you can shoot it several times
    in a row and it will still slowly turn, so use that trick if you need it.
     On the next platform is a fight with several Bathos, Stygians and Wisps and
    even a Death Knight. It's a good place for crowd attacks, but be careful of
    the Elite Stygians line attacks and double strikes. Use the door when you are
    done playing with them.
     Once you gain control TURN AROUND and jump to the ledge behind you. There
    is a [_LOST SOUL 3/4_] over here. Head back down and continue on. To the
    upper left is a Demon Pull. Use it to make an Angel Lift and boost onward.
    At the bridge look to the right and shoot the platform to reach another
    Angel Lift. Take the door that you find.
     We are whisked away to the other side of the bridge. Go out on the bridge
    and look off to the right. In the distance is a Lost Soul. You can get on
    the railing of the bridge (the one small square area that's closeset without
    the lamp is ideal) then run and Angel Boost over there followed by an air
    dash. This is a rather HARD thing to do, so it may take some practice. Aim
    for the corner and with skill you should make it for [_LOST SOUL 4/4_]. Whew!
    That one was HARD.
     Now unfortunately we have to start from the spinning invisible platform and
    run all the way back to the bridge again. Fun. Run past the bridge now up to
    a Divinity Statue. To the right of the statue is [_FRAGMENT 4/4_] on a lower
    platform. Nice. Use the statue if you wish and continue on.  You'll be in a
    wide open area soon which of course means a fight. Here we will fight WITCHES
    as well as our normal fare of enemies (Stygians, Wisps). Focus on the witches
    first and bombard them with spirit swords to break their shields from range.
    Time them up from there with something like Cross Cut, Launch, Orbit, Killer
    Bee, Helm Breaker or something. Tying them up helps a ton as they like to
    teleport away. It also serves to gather other enemies near you for moves like
    Rapid Strike, Volcano and Flare.
     Once you've killed them all the tomb will open up and let you enter.
     Head down and watch the scene. Time to fight a new enemy called the
     The first time I played this I thought the Imprisoner would be a boss fight,
    but nope! I guess not. Anyways this thing is still a beast. He is VERY, very
    dangerous. For starters he can rip out chunks of rock and throw them at you
    (evade). He can charge at you (also easy to evade). But his most annoying move
    is making red strings of thorns appear on the battle arena.
     He does this in a variety of ways, including pawing at the ground and making
    a string of thorns shoot at you (which I recommend angel boosting away from
    as it slightly homes and can hit you when you just dash) and he can also make
    thorns appear all around him if you get too close, kind-of like a shield. He
    can also make it rise vertically as well.
     When he gets enraged he will make a shield of thorns circle him. Yikes! When
    he does this, spam summon swords to take out the shield.
     In general use summon swords when you can and dodge attacks. Wait until he
    charges and punish him afterward. Use some Demon Mode if you wish: it helps
    out a ton here.
     Once you beat him enjoy the scenes. The chapter will be over.
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'You don't belong here' Bronze trophy once you
             beat the Imprisoner.
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                        Chapter 5: Own Shadow                        >==O
                 CROSSES: N/A     FRAGMENTS: N/A     LOST SOULS: N/A
     This chapter is essentially a fight against your shadow (meaning that the
    chapter is just a boss fight and nothing else). Still, once you conquer your
    self, your power is bound to increase!   
     | Boss Battle -                Hollow Vergil                 - Boss Battle |
     |                                                                          |
     |                                                                          |
     | - General Information: As you can imagine, Hollow Vergil has a LOT of    |
     |   the same attacks Vergil has, so this is similar to fighting Vergil     |
     |   from the main game. You are now more familiar with the move set        |
     |   though, as you've been using Vergil. Not ALL of his moves are the      |
     |   same though, and near the end of the fight he gets some down-right     |
     |   impressive moves.                                                      |
     |                                                                          |
     |   Like the first Vergil fight, our goal here is to counterattack when    |
     |   we can to put in most of our damage. You can initiate attack but you   |
     |   should be ready to immediately dodge his counterattacks if you do and  |
     |   then launch a counterattack of your own (a good strategy). Check out   |
     |   his moves below and you'll get through this no problem.                |
     |                                                                          |
     |   Note that there are potions of the fight when the Hollow will retreat  |
     |   to the heart in the distance and attack from there. Just wait out      |
     |   those attacks and soon you'll be able to damage him again.             |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Summoned Swords: Vergil's ranged attack. He'll materialize swords      |
     |   above him and after a bit they'll home in on you. Pretty easy to       |
     |   dodge. Note that he can do OTHER attacks while he is doing this one,   |
     |   which makes dodging trickier. Later on he'll summon four at once and   |
     |   they'll come at you one after another.                                 |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Cross Cut: Hollow Vergil's basic attack. This one is a variation of    |
     |   your own attack as the Hollow has a tendency to teleport mid-attack    |
     |   while keeping up the attack. He also often leaves himself open after   |
     |   his final strike.                                                      |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Helmbreaker / Stomp: The doppelganger will often teleport above you    |
     |   and come plummeting down, sometimes while plunging his katana into     |
     |   the earth and sometimes just like Helmbreaker. This is the perfect     |
     |   time to counterattack.                                                 |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Judgement Cut: This is another ultra-cool move. Vergil will charge     |
     |   his Yamato and deliver a sphere of cuts in an area. He can do this     |
     |   when you are close to him or when you are at a moderate distance away. |
     |   If you are too far away he can't reach you. Keep moving to stay safe   |
     |   from this attack.                                                      |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Storm Swords: After hurting him a bit, he'll retreat and start this    |
     |   attack. Multiple blades will circle you and after a time they will try |
     |   and skewer you. You can evade at the last moment to get away safely.   |
     |   Note that there are sound cues to tell you when to evade. Later on in  |
     |   the fight he re-uses this attack but speeds it up considerably, so be  |
     |   ready for it!                                                          |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Heavenly Lance: This is probably his coolest attack. Basically, a      |
     |   portion of the ground will glow blue before a gigantic lance-shaped    |
     |   blade comes crashing down. Your normal evade works just fine here.     |
     |   Later on in the fight he will do this with multiple lances at a time,  |
     |   which challenges you to find the portion of the battlefield that IS    |
     |   NOT getting bombarded.                                                 |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Rapid Slash: Your run-of-the-mill super-cool, super-fast attack.       |
     |   Given the pause time before him doing this you should be able to       |
     |   easily avoid it.                                                       |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Aerial Flush: This move is just like yours. A simple evade should      |
     |   keep you out of trouble. You can't really counter this effectively.    |
     |                                                                          |
     | - Killer Bee: Another move just like yours. This one can catch you off   |
     |   guard a bit as he can home with it pretty good. An evade at the last   |
     |   second is recommended.                                                 |
     |                                                                          |
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                      Chapter 6: Another Chance                       >==O
    (-NOTE-) Be SURE to purchase 'Rising Star' and 'Enemy Step' before starting
             this mission. It will help get some of the Lost Souls we need.
     Well, we are now much more powerful. Head forward and you'll see some enemies
    appear. Here the game will prompt you to call on your Doppelganger Power by
    pressing R3 + L3. Do so and creates some havoc! You'll run out of juice sooner
    or later and so you'll have to mop up some Wisps, Stygians, Ravagers and Death
    Knights but it's a great fight nonetheless.
    (-NOTE-) The Store now has additional upgrades to your Doppelganger power
             available. They help to mis-match the timing of you and your clones
             attacks and are worth checking out if you care about that at all.
     After the fight the building will crumble a bit. Jump to the next floating
    platform then STOP and look behind you. To the right is [_LOST SOUL 1/5_].
    Kill him and continue. Past the fountain is another spinning invisible platform
    followed by another invisible platform. Get past them both and BEFORE going
    into the building, head around the right corner for [_FRAGMENT 1/5_] (which is
    another health increase if you've been following the guide.
     Now, back at the doorway look up. There is a Lost Soul up there, but he's
    relatively high up. Here just use Rising Star while underneath him to gain
    the necessary height (Trick Up and Upperslash just don't seem to do the trick).
    Once you get the hang of this you should be able to take him out and gain
    [_LOST SOUL 2/5_].
     Head inside now and a part of the ceiling will make a hole. To the left of
    that hole is a cubby area that you can get to (Boost and Air Evade) to claim
    [_LOST SOUL 3/5_]. Racking these guys up! You can get to this one with Trick
    Up very easily.
     Continue down the path and use a Demon Pull to open the path onward. Out on
    the platform with the tree, you will be faced by a flying army of foes: Bathos,
    Witches and Harpies. Running around here is a pain but you should be able to
    kill the Harpies fast with Demon Pull. Kill them all and use the Angel lift up
    ahead, then STOP and jump down to the lower left area (like we did last time
    we were here) for a [_SMALL DEVIL TRIGGER STAR_]. Head back up to the building
    and enter now.
     Head down the gap once you reach it and down here the ground will be split
    up with gaps of fire. This makes it REALLY easy to kill enemies by knocking
    them down into the fire (Helmbreaker) but your score will suffer if you do.
    You'll face Stygians, Death Knights and Pathos here. Take them out however
    you wish and continue on. You'll come to a Divinity Statue here. Head outside
    to see a scene.
     Here we'll face a Rage. It's all by itself so this is really no big deal.
    Take him out and soon a group of Stygian's and Ravagers will show up. HOWEVER,
    we have to get a little FANCY if we want a nearby LOST SOUL!
     |  Look above the door you came out of. WAY up above. See the Lost Soul?
     | Yeah... we need to get up THERE, and to do so we need to be smooth!
     | Hopefully you bought the 'Enemy Step' ability like I pointed out!
     |  The basic gist of getting up there is to use UPPERCUT on a Stygian to
     | launch ourselves up in the air. Then, we need to QUICKLY chain together
     | the following moves: Enemy Step, Demon Pull, Enemy Step, Demon Pull, etc.
     | This will get us up there. From there, just use Aerial Rave and Orbit to
     | take out the [_LOST SOUL 4/5_].
     Once you got that Lost Soul, take care of the enemies below you. You'll have
    that wave of Stygians and Ravagers, followed by more Stygians and Death Knights
    and finally a pare of Rages. Fun.
     Once they are dead a scene will occur. Head to the right and find the crack
    in the building. Remember going around it before? Well, let's do it again. Use
    the small ledges by the wall to get around the wall and jump / boost into the
    broken area for [_FRAGMENT 2/5_]. Head back now but look out to the next
    floating platform. Notice the green glow on the right-hand side? Hehehe...
     Use Angel Lift to continue on and explore that right-hand side for another
    [_FRAGMENT 3/5_]. Good. Now quickly continue on (stuff is falling!) and use
    Demon Pull / Angel Lift to get to the next big stable platform.
     Here you will be attacked by Wisps and Stygians. HOWEVER there is another
    secret Fragment hidden nearby. This requires us to get high up in the air like
    we just did for that last Lost Soul. Off to the left on this new platform, high
    in the air is a chunk of floating rock. On this rock is the Fragment. We need
    to get high up and boost over to it. Again, easier typed than practiced but you
    can use the same strategy as up above to get high up. Once you do so you will
    be rewarded [_FRAGMENT 4/5_].
    (-NOTE-) Using the WISPS for the above task is preferred as they tend to
             stay floating in the air if you fall - meaning you can use Angel
             Lift as a shortcut to get higher up should you fall.
     Once you have it waste the enemies below. You'll face reinforcements with
    Witches and more Wisps but it's a lot easier than climbing enemies! Once
    you kill them all some more structure will crumble nearby. Use Demon Pull to
    continue followed by Angel Lift. After you use Angel Lift STOP and pick up the
    last [_FRAGMENT 5/5_] to the left, which should give you a health increase if
    you've been following the guide. Continue on and past the doorway take a right
    to find the last [_LOST SOUL 5/5_]. Very nice!
     Continue on now. Once you drop down the ground will start to crumble so
    quickly carry on. We're running to the blue light in the background but we
    will need to use invisible platforms, Demon Pull and Angel Lift to make it.
     Once you reach the light you'll face the DLC's last set of fights!
     First up is two Ravagers and a Tyrant. Take care of them however you wish
    but note that if you keep the Tyrant out of view you can deal with him one
    on one.
     Next up is a batch of Stygians with two Rages. Pretty challenging, actually
    but I'm sure you can do it. Rapid Slash helps out a ton. I like to damage the
    Rages equally as well so that when one dies I can kill the other one quickly.
     Up last is the real challenge: a group of Stygians with an Imprisoner. This
    is only the second time you've fought this thing and he can be rough. I highly
    recommend taking out the Stygians first so you can go one on one with the
    Imprisoner. If you can do that and have a good chunk of health left you have
    got it in the bag.
     And with that you've beaten DmC: Vergil's Downfall. Congratulations!  
    (-NOTE-) You should get the 'Our souls are at odds brother' Bronze trophy
             for beating the DLC.
    (-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
             recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
             Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
             and say Hi, or shoot me an email!
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                           Weapons & Moves                            >==O
     Here's a list of all the weapons and moves in the game. This list is in
    the same order it is in the game. Note that some moves have LEVELS to them,
    which of course make them better. Those levels are in the move names.
        Just like Dante, Vergil's abilities focus on mobility and being in the
       right place at the right time. Multiple Evade options keep you safe while
       Angel Pulls and Demon Lifts keep the party going! Vergil's tricks are quite
      Vergil leaps into the air.
      - A very basic ability... really not too much to say about jumping. If you
        need help with this you're playing the wrong game...
      ENEMY STEP (Requires Jump)
      In the air, and near an enemy: X
      Jump off enemy while in the air. Doing so resets aerial abilities such as
      Double Jump and Aerial Evade.
      - Only useful in VERY specific circumstances. I don't use this much. Maybe
        I'm just not fancy enough? However, Vergil NEEDS it to collect two of the
        collectibles in Chapter 6, so it is a must buy.
      (While Moving) R1 / L1
      Vergil teleports a short distance, letting him move out of danger.
      - Vergil's teleport ability is ultra-cool. It's faster than Dante and can
        additionally be used to cover more ground horizontally when chained
        together with Angel Boost.
      TRICK UP
      Vergil Teleports directly up.
      - Useful if you want to evade or get up near an enemy (such as various
        flying pests). Still, I didn't use this that much.
      Vergil Teleports directly down. If Vergil is on the floor he will phase in
      and out on the spot.
      - The companion piece to Trick Up. Didn't use this that much. Despite my
        non-use I'm sitting here thinking it may be useful for damage avoidance if
        you can phase in and out while remaining in place...
      'Air' L2 + X
      Vergil channels Angel power to fly a short distance.
      - A very handy and often necessary ability. Can be combined with your air
        evade for more horizontal coverage. Get used to using this!
      L2 + Square
      Vergil fires an Angel sword and teleports to the embedded target.
      - Great for closing the gap between you and an enemy. Necessary in all of
        your platforming as well.
      R2 + Square
      Vergil fires a Demon sword and teleports the embedded target to him.
      - Pretty much the opposite of Angel lift. Use this to pull objects while
        you are platforming. This move additionally trumps Dante's as you can
        use it while stringing along sword combos without skipping a beat.
         Vergil's default weapon and inheritance from his father, Sparda.
        Yamato will be your sole melee weapon and can also be infused with
        Angel and Demon power to change up your attacks.
      'Ground'  Triangle x3
      A succession of two slashes and a powerful final strike.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      LEVEL 3: Leaves a sword embedded in enemy.
      - Your basic attack. "Slasher" is an appropriate name. Still, don't get
        caught up in combos too much that you can't pull this out every once
        in awhile. I greatly prefer Crosscut myself, but it's still good to
        throw his one out every once in awhile.
      'Ground'  Triangle x2, PAUSE, Triangle x3
      A set of multiple striking attacks with a powerful finishing strike.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      - My preferred default attack. The attacks after the pause have a little
        area affect to them. This attack will additionally launch enemies away
        from you once you land the last strike.
      'Ground'  TAP or HOLD Circle
      TAP to launch enemy into the air.
      HOLD to follow enemy up into the air.
      A powerful upward strike that launches enemies skyward.
      - Since you can choose to follow the enemy up or not this is another
        good move that offers versatility. I personally like to use this one and
        then follow it up with something like Orbit and the Killer Bee.
      'Ground' HOLD, then release Triangle
      Vergil strikes an enemy into a slash vortex.
      LEVEL 2: Increased vortex size
      LEVEL 3: Massive Vortex, protects self. Requires releasing attack button
               exactly when the sword is charged.
      - I LOVE Judgement Cut. It's simply fantastic. It helps with the Style
        Rating like Dante's Drive and just plain looks cool. It also charges up
        exceptionally fast. Be sure to get it and try it out!
      'Air'  Triangle x3
      A multistrike combo that juggles airborne enemies.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      LEVEL 3: Leaves a sword embedded into enemy
      - Your basic aerial attack. I don't use it that often with things like
        Orbit and Killer Bee, but it's still good to have.
      'Air'  Circle
      A devastating overhead strike that slams an enemy into the ground.
      - SLAM THEM DOWN! This move is great for finishing an aerial string.
        Sometimes just for kicks I use Upperslash and this over and over...
        Angel Yamato Mode for quick strikes against multiple enemies.
      'Ground'  L2 + Triangle
      A dashing move that allows Vergil to pass through enemies leaving a trail
      of strike behind.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      - HOLY CRAP. This move just plain rocks. It is just GREAT for groups of
        enemies and wonderful for closing the gap on an enemy while damaging
        them. This will likely become a go-to move for you whenever you face
        down multiple foes...
      'Ground'  L2 + Circle
      A spiraling attack that strikes all enemies surrounding Vergil.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      - Not nearly as cool as Rapid Slash, but useful mainly for Style purposes
        when you combine it with Rapid Slash. As such, it is important to use
        this often.
      'Ground'  HOLD Circle
      A charge move that launches Vergil and surrounding enemies into the air.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      LEVEL 3: Devastating damage. Effect all enemy types. Requires releasing
               attack button exactly when the sword is charged.
      - I mainly used this attack for trying to hit LOST SOULS in Chapter 6. It
        still looks like a very decent move that would undoubtedly be great for
        your style ranking, so give it a try for yourself!
      'Air'  L2 + Triangle
      Vergil juggles enemies in the air before striking them into the ground
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      LEVEL 3: Leaves a sword embedded in enemy
      - I found myself using them move a lot, paired up with Upperslash. Has the
        range to hit multiple enemies at a time.
      'Air'  L2 + Circle
      Vergil launches a heavy sword at nearby enemies.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      LEVEL 3: Leaves a sword embedded in enemy
      - The sword here is very cool an the move is extremely easy to pull off,
        but I still didn't use it that much. I mostly used it when I found myself
        in the air with no enemy right by me.
        Demon Yamato Mode for heavy damaging attacks.
      'Ground'  R2 + Triangle x3
      A powerful succession of slashes.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      - Absolutely great for shields, but still very slow. You really have to
        watch your back when you use this move. I love the animation to it
        though, as Vergil looks like he's putting in much more power into each
      'Ground'  R2 + Circle
      Vergil strikes the ground pushing enemies away.
      LEVEL 2: Allows charging of attack, rises enemies into air.
      LEVEL 3: Effect all enemy types. Requires releasing attack button
               exactly when the sword is charged.
      - A fun move to use when enemies are gathered up, if you can get away with
        it. If not, something like Flare may be better.
      'Air'  R2 + Triangle
      With Demon energy Vergil launches down towards enemies.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      - THIS attack is fast. And fast is cool. I often use this as a finisher
        to my area attacks (or this followed by Helmbreaker, if I'm stylish
        enough). Be sure to try it out.
      'Air'  R2 + Circle
      Vergil slashes down sending an enemy slamming into the ground.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      - I never really used this move that much. It looks like it would be
        great if paired with Upperslash or something (and then consequently paired
        with Stomp), so be sure to try it out and judge for yourself.
      (Following Drive) 'Air'  R2 + Circle
      Following a Drive attack, Vergil charges his sword and crashes down on top
      of the fallen enemy. This move is more powerful from greater heights.
      LEVEL 2: Increased damage
      - Since I never used Drive I never really used this, but by the looks of
        it you can pair this with Drive (and Upperslash) quite well.
        Vergils Sword images make a perfect ranged attack option.
      Vergil launches sword images into his enemies causing damage from range.
      The sword embeds into the enemy allowing Vergil to perform demon pulls and
      angel lifts at a later moment.
      LEVEL 2: Increases firing frequency
      LEVEL 3: Maxes firing frequency
      - An essential attack option. Sure, there's the whole demon pull / angel
        lift part of it (which you NEED), but what's REALLY cool about Vergil's
        swords is the fact that you can launch them while attacking with the
        Yamato. A good player can essentially just add in extra damage. I will
        note that for max Style score, try NOT to kill enemies off with summoned
      HOLD Square
      Vergil summons 4 swords to spiral around him protecting him from many
      enemy attacks. This attack consumes three Devil Trigger Orbs.
      LEVEL 2: Summons 5 swords.
      LEVEL 3: Summons 6 swords.
      - Best saved for battles against large groups. I personally like to use
        them with Rages and tons of Stygians / Ravagers. You SHOULD use some
        Devil Orbs every once in awhile: If you aren't you are wasting them!
      X + Square
      Vergil quickly summons a series of swords that instantly launches out in
      succession at his enemies. This attack consumes one Devil Trigger Orb.
      - Not a bad attack if you just want to use up some Devil Trigger. You can
        basically use it and forget it, which is what makes it great as you can
        attack while it works. Six swords in all.
      Forward, Forward, X + Square
      Vergil summons a series of swords that spiral around an enemy before all
      firing into the enemy launching him up high. This attack consumes one Devil
      Trigger Orb.
      - Never used this. After trying it out I didn't like it that much. It looks
        very cool, but the forward, forward thing didn't jive well with me. Too
        much trouble, in my opinion.
        Vergil Devil Trigger power: create a clone of himself to
        maximize offensive potential.
      L3 + R3
      Vergil summons a Doppelganger to fight beside him.
      - A very good use of Devil Trigger power if you have a big foe to fight
        (like the Imprisoner) or if you have a group of enemies to take down.
        Much like the sword abilities: you may as well use this from time to
      Allows Vergil to force the doppelganger into a specific attack mode
      allowing the doppelganger's attacks to be asynchronous with Vergil. Full
      copy mode can be re-enabled if the doppelganger's current attack mode is
      selected again.
      OK, instead of an opinion here I'm just going to tell you flat out HOW to
      control your Doppelganger:
        This mode is the normal mode. The doppelganger will copy your moves.
        This mode is the 'Angel' mode. The doppelganger turns blue in this mode.
       When you attack in this mode, the doppelganger won't copy your moves but
       instead will use the move "Rapid Slash" over and over. Definitely not a bad
        This mode is the 'Demon' mode. The doppelganger turns red in this mode.
       When you attack in this mode, the doppelganger won't copy your moves but
       instead will use the move "Divorce" over and over. This mode is built for
       pure power, and it shows. Useful against big enemies like Tyrants and
       the Imprisoner.
      Vergil can adjust the delay between himself and the Doppelganger between
      short and long delays.
        Changes the delay you have on your doppelganger. This allows for regular
       copying, but in a much more asynchronous attack pattern without going into
       'Angel' or 'Demon' modes. Useful for when you have a large group to attack
       as it spreads the damage around more.
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                               Enemies                                >==O
     Here you can find info on the enemies you'll run into during the game.
    Note that these attacks and characteristics are only true for Devil Hunter
    mode (I have no idea what they do differently on harder difficulties...).
     o Stygians (Lesser / Normal / Elite)
    (-NOTE-) Throughout the guide I just refer to these foes as Stygians. I don't
             really pay attention to their "rank"... they are still just cannon
             fodder to me.
     Stygians, as noted above, are your typical hack-and-slash cannon fodder.
    They are relatively weak foes that telegraph their moves well ahead of time.
    They can get in a lucky hit only if you aren't paying attention. The ELITE
    Stygians add a tremor move to their repertoire. They get bigger with longer
    weapons as they progress in rank but in the end are still just cannon fodder.
     o Wisps
     The first new enemy you run across will be the Wisp. These things use
    ravens to protect them. Heck, to even hurt them you need to stick them with
    a summoned sword! Once you do you can go to town on them. They have a three
    hit combo and a charge move and can become enraged as well. They can be quite
    dangerous when mixed with other enemies.
     o Death Knights
     The first enemy you'll run across with a shield, the Death Knight is
    introduced just in time to try out your newly acquired demonic weapons.
    If you don't use a demonic weapon and attack from the front you are going
    to waste your time until they counter with a shield bash. They can also
    charge up and do a charging move that covers a good amount of ground (it
    is very easy to see this coming). Attack from behind or better yet just
    use demonic weapons.
     o Ravagers
     You'll recognize the Ravager right away as he has a chainsaw on his arm
    and well, he makes a lot of noise. He focuses entirely on offense so you
    can often wail away on him. He does have a charge move and various chainsaw
    swipes, so be careful. If he catches you you'll be incapacitated for a bit.
    Additionally he can go berserk (rage mode) from time to time and be resistant
    to all but your heaviest attacks while charging around.
     o Bathos / Shielded Bathos
     Bathos (and their cousin Pathos) resemble a cherub, but are anything but
    friendly. These enemies will fly around in the air and occasionally throw
    grenades at you. These grenades show their blast range before they explode,
    so get to safety quick. The grenades can additionally hurt other enemies as
    well. You can even knock them back skyward with good timing. Later on in the
    game these enemies will come with shields as well. They have very low health
    and are more of a nuisance than anything.
     o Pathos / Shielded Pathos
     Pathos (like Bathos) also resemble some sort of Cherub but instead of
    throwing grenades they try to hit you with an arrow attack. This attack is
    telegraphed well ahead of time and a quick evade should keep you safe. They
    also gain shields later on in the game and have very low health as well.
    Again, more of a nuisance than anything else.
     o Tyrant
     The tyrant is a big boy that kinda looks like a huge (and ugly) doll.
    Still, it can be surprisingly fast. It likes to charge at you and also likes
    to jump up and try to slam into you. Avoid these attacks and counterattack,
    but be ready to doge as it also has a short-range slap move if you get too
     o Rage
     Wow, what a fierce name. The Rage is some sort of animal that, at least on
    Devil Hunter, isn't TOO fiercesome. It can do a 2-hit combo attack at will and
    can even make quills float up in the air and home in on you for a ranged
    attack. You will almost always fight these things in pairs though, and when
    one dies the other will enter a berserk mode which causes it to shrug off more
    attacks and do a special spinning move.
     o Harpies
     Ugh. These things are annoying. Harpies are of course a flying enemy that you
    discover halfway through the game. They will fly in place and occasionally try
    to dive-bomb you. They can also through a spear at you with very little warning
    or telegraph. Vergil is particularly adapt at handling Harpies with his Demon
    Sword, which hits and pulls them to you whenever it connects.
     o Witches
     Unlike most enemies witches WON'T try to smack you. Instead, they opt to use
    their magic to attack you from range. These attacks include an earth attack by
    forming a stalagmite at your feet and launching magic swords at you. They are
    also surrounded by a magic shield and can even transfer this shield to other
    foes! They have low health and should more often than not be focused on first
    when they are in a group of enemies.
     o Imprisoner
     This replaces the Tyrant as the biggest, most impressive non-boss enemy in
    the series. You'll only fight this guy twice in the game, but he packs a punch.
    He can throw rocks at you and, worst of all, fill the battlefield with thorns.
    He LOVES his thorns. Best attacked after charging you. He can additionally
    become enraged and surround himself with a thorn shield (which you can take
    down with summon swords). Truely a ferocious beast!
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                         Trophy Information                           >==O
     In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game along with my best
    description on how to obtain them. I'm sure that you Xbox 360 players out
    there have the same exact "achievements", so this should help you out too.
    (-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.
       .————————————————————————————————.                         .————————————.
     __|   We have an uninvited guest   |_________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Defeat a Wisp
      How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                    | miss it!
       .———————————————————————————.                              .————————————.
     __|   You don't belong here   |______________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Defeat an Imprisoner
      How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                    | miss it!
       .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
     __|   Our souls are at odds brother   |______________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete Vergil's downfall
      How to Obtain | Just play through the game and you'll get this one. You can't
                    | miss it!
       .————————————————————————————————————.                     .————————————.
     __|   I've come to retrieve my power   |_____________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Acquire all of Vergil's health, Devil trigger and combat
                    | upgrades.
      How to Obtain | Ok, this one is going to take some time. You will need to
                    | play through the game a couple of times just to get enough
                    | upgrade points and souls to do this. If you are aiming for
                    | the difficulty trophies though, this one will come in time!
       .———————————————————————————————.                          .————————————.
     __|   Might controls everything   |__________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Gain a 100% completion rank on all missions in Vergil's
                    | downfall (difficulty doesn't matter).
      How to Obtain | You need to collect all Lost Souls, all Fragments and the
                    |  one health cross to get this trophy. Luckily for you, this
                    |  guide does just that!
       .———————————————————————————————————.                      .————————————.
     __|   I'll try it your way for once   |______________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete all missions in Vergil's downfall on the Nephilim
                    | difficulty with a SSS rank.
      How to Obtain | I haven't personally done this yet, so no tips. Sorry!
       .————————————————————————.                                 .————————————.
     __|   I need more power!   |_________________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete Vergil's downfall on Son of Sparda difficulty.
      How to Obtain | I haven't personally done this yet, so no tips. Sorry!
       .——————————————————————————————————.                       .————————————.
     __|   This is the power of Sparda!   |_______________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete Vergil's downfall on Vergil Must Die difficulty
      How to Obtain | I haven't personally done this yet, so no tips. Sorry!
       .—————————————————————————————————.                        .————————————.
     __|   Now I'm a little motivated!   |________________________|   Bronze   |__
        Description | Complete Vergil's downfall on Heaven or Hell difficulty.
      How to Obtain | I haven't personally done this yet, so no tips. Sorry!
       .——————————————————————————————————————.                   .————————————.
     __|   You're not worthy as my opponent   |___________________|   Silver   |__
        Description | Complete Vergil's downfall on Hell and Hell difficulty.
      How to Obtain | I haven't personally done this yet, so no tips. Sorry!
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                           Version History                            >==O
     Version 1.00: March 20-21st, 2013
     Finished up the guide. Took longer than I thought it would! Some of those
    collectibles are tricky!
                       ___              __  __         ___
                      |   \            |  \/  |       / __|
                      | |  | E V I L   | |\/| | A Y  | (__  R Y
    O==<                               Credits                                >==O
     o Maybe you? Email me!
     o Jeremy Wise from Cheatmasters.com for the support.
     o TheJohnnyBigK for help locating the collectibles.
     o Johnathan Sawyer for the ASCii Artwork.
     o Gamefaqs Contributor board for the support (You know who you are!)
    YOU DECEIVED US,                                     Document © Bkstunt_31 2013
    VERGIL. ME                                          Devil May Cry © 2013 Capcom
    AND YOUR BROTHER.                                 E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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