What is the best stealth strategy for missions?

  1. Please help i need to become a stealth PRO ;)

    User Info: GamerJLD

    GamerJLD - 4 years ago


  1. if mastermind/ghost in mastermind u can unlock to tell pretty much anyone to cuff themselves, only enemies I haven't been able to do this to is bulldozer, tazers, and shields. I haven't tested this butt there is a upgrade in mastermind that makes you more convincing on pagers but I don't know if that means you can kill more than 2 cops or fbi per mission. last thing in mastermind class is a must have skill for stealth unless you don't mind killing civilians is to have more cable ties. and in ghost its good to have be able to pick up bodies, move faster, less detection, and be able to lock pick faster and in same skill able to pick safes. early on it might be good to upgrade technician skill tree drill because lock pick safe is tier 4. If you play single player I find being able to move faster and throwing bags further is very useful and its in tier 1 of enforcer.

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    RyGuyRy - 4 years ago 0 0
  2. May sound odd, but shouting is the key to stealth in this game. As RyGuyRy says, the dominator perk lets you shout down guards and make them cuff themselves. The key with that is to make sure its in a place not in view of a camera and not in a place where another guard may encounter them before you have a chance to subdue them as well. Taking Framing Frame as an example you can actaully trigger the hand drier in the bathroom to lure a guard in then shout them down. Also taking framing frame as an example, I always have to shoot and answer the pager of the guy in the security room as I have had him sound an alarm even when cuffed (glitch maybe?) either way I will always shoot them with a silencer and then answer the pager for them. Little or no armour will give you more time to get out of the way of any cameras as you stealth through a level. Shooting security cameras is okay, but remember that guards will notice a damaged camera and sound an alarm so skirting by and leaving them till all the guards are down is sometimes better. If you want to stealth a bank job you need to do a number of things, subdue guards, knock out/avoid cameras, find the manager who holds a security keycard (if he doesnt have it, its probably in his office in the back). This card is for the guard in the camera room, then when they are all subdued shout down civilians near the vault. Sometimes its possible to only shout down half the bank leaving the other half totally unaware while you drill. Once then scene is secured it doesnt matter how loud a drill is or how long it takes. If that is not possible, you need to make sure you quickly shout down the tellers behind the locked door as well. The only thing then that can ruin your game is either a civillian making a run for it or a civillian randomly walking by outside and seeing something so if you are at that point where the drill is running, make circuits of the inside and outside of the bank looking for anyone you have missed. Other missions follow a similar pattern, however IMO the Jewlery stores and Nightculbs can be completed so quickly by brute force that with the former you can be in and out before the police even arrive and in the latter be away by the time only the first wave arrive.

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