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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jallen9000

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/27/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   M                                                        7MM
                   ~M                                                      MMM
                    MM,                                    7            ,MMMM
        M           ,MM                          MM       MD           NMMMM
        ,MM          OMM                       +MM,     MMM,         ~MMMM$,
          MMM,        MMM=             , , ,  MMMM    MMMM,         MMMMM
           MMMM        MMMM     MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM   MMMMM        ,MMMMMI
              MMMMM     =MMMMMMMN,           ?MM    ?MMM      ,MMMMMD
               MMMMMM    8MMMI                M,   ZMMM,    ,MMMMMM,
                 MMMMM,   MMM                ,   ,MMMM    ,NMMMMM8       ,M
                  $MMMMM    MO    ,MMMMMMMMMMM..IMMMM    ,MMMMMM,      ?MM
          :MMD,,      MMMMM,MMMMMMMD,       ,IMMMMM+  MMMMMMM,   ,OMMMM
             MMMM+     NMMMMMMMM                MM   7MMMMMMN   MMMMM?
               MMMMM,    MMMMM                  :  MMMMMMM   DMMMMMM
                 :MMMMI    MM                    MMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMM
                    NMMMM    8M        ,~,     NMMMMMMM, 7MMM   MMM$
                      ,MMMM        MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM  M8       MMM
                           ,     MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM             MMMN
                             ZMMMMMMM      ,NMMMMMM,              MMM
                              MMMMM,          MMMM                MMM
                              ,MMMMD   NMM     MMMM    MMMMN      MMM,
                              =M      MMMMM7   MMMM,  MMM:MMM     MMM=
                                     ,MMMMMM   MMMM   MM=.~MM     MMM=
                                      MMMMM,   MMMM   :MMMMM:     MMM,
                                  M           8MMM,      ~        MMM
                                NMMM,        MMMMM               ,MMM
                    NMM,   M,  MMMMMMMM   MMMMMMZ                MMMM
                 =MMMM   8M, 8MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM                  MMM
               IM,,MM  MMM  MMMMMM,  MMMMMMM,                   MMMM
                  MM.NMM   MMMMM                                MMM
                  M.M    NMMMMI                      NZ        MMM~
                 M,      MMMM                         MMM     MMMM
                ,:     ,MMM                            MMMMMMMMMM
                       MM~                              OMMMMMMM
                      MM                                  MMMMMM
                    ,M                                      MMMM7
    Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall DLC Walkthrough. PC. July 2013 Version [1.1]
    |* Intro-----------------------------------------------------------------[0001]|
    |* Skills----------------------------------------------------------------[0002]|
    |* Characters------------------------------------------------------------[0003]|
    |* Favours---------------------------------------------------------------[0004]|
    |* Enemies---------------------------------------------------------------[0005]|
    |* Main Missions---------------------------------------------------------[MM01]|
    |** Prologue-------------------------------------------------------------[MM02]|
    |** A Capitan of Industry------------------------------------------------[MM03]|
    |** Eminent Domain-------------------------------------------------------[MM04]|
    |** The Surge------------------------------------------------------------[MM05]|
    |** Granny Rags' Cookbook------------------------------------------------[GRCB]|
    |* Collectables----------------------------------------------------------[CT01]|
    |** Runes----------------------------------------------------------------[CT02]|
    |** Bone Charms----------------------------------------------------------[CT03]|
    |** Blueprints-----------------------------------------------------------[CT04]|
    |** Achievements---------------------------------------------------------[CT05]|
    |* Copyright-------------------------------------------------------------[CPRT]|
    |* Word from the Maker---------------------------------------------------[WFTM]|
    Hello and welcome to my fourth FAQ in as many years, truth be told I wasn't
    planning on doing this  and was actually looking for a little help on this DLC
    myself. To my shock (or barely roused apathy) I found there was none
    (on GameFaqs at any rate) and so seeing a hole, and a way of full-filling my odd
    goal of one FAQ per year; I've decided to take it upon myself to write one.
    I mean how hard can it be? 
    For those not in the know The Knife of Dunwall is the second DLC for the game
    Dishonored and it follows the story of Daud, the assassin that killed the
    Empress in the main game, and his quest to solve a mystery given to him by the
    This guide will not be a 100% completion guide and will be going the assumption
    that you don't want to be spotted. I also won't be killing anybody but I'll
    point out how you could if you wanted to. The bulk of the guide will be under
    the assumption you're on a low chaos run and wanting to collect all Runes and
    Bone Charms.
    Blink 1
    Rune Cost: N/A
    Mana Cost: 20%
    Teleport forward a short distance, time is frozen when Daud is not moving.
    Blink II
    Rune Cost: 4
    Mana Cost: 20%
    Teleport a greater distance.
    Void Gaze 1
    Rune Cost: N/A
    Mana Cost: 20%
    Reveals locations of Rune and Bone Charms.
    Note limited range when compared against Corvo's Heart.
    Void Gaze II
    Rune Cost: 2
    Mana Cost: 20%
    Reveals living creatures; their sounds and line of sight (yellow).
    Items (green) and interactive objects (blue) are also revealed.
    Bend Time I
    Rune Cost: 2
    Mana Cost: 60%
    Slows down time for ~12 seconds.
    Bend Time II
    Rune Cost: 6
    Mana Cost: 60%
    Time freezes for ~8 seconds.
    Summon Assassin I
    Rune Cost: 1
    Mana Cost: 40%
    Novice assassin will appear and fight for you.
    Summon Assassin II
    Rune Cost: 5
    Mana Cost: 40%
    Master assassin with appear and fight for you.
    Vitality I
    Rune Cost: 1
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Increased health.
    Vitality II
    Rune Cost: 3
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Health regenerates.
    Blood Thirsty I
    Rune Cost: 1
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Execute one enemy with adrenaline. 
    Blood Thirsty II
    Rune Cost: 3
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Execute two enemies at once with adrenaline.
    Agility I
    Rune Cost: 1
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Jump higher, less damage from falls.
    Agility II
    Rune Cost: 3
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Run, climb and swim faster.
    Shadow Kill I
    Rune Cost: 1
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Unaware foes turn to ash when killed.
    Shadow Kill II
    Rune Cost: 3
    Mana Cost: N/A
    All foes turn to ash when killed.
    Arcane Bond I
    Rune Cost: N/A
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Assassins can teleport and are affected by Vitality
    (if Daud has unlocked it himself).
    Arcane Bond II
    Rune Cost: 4
    Mana Cost: N/A
    Assassins are immune to Bend Time and gain Shadow Kill
    (if Daud has unlocked it himself).
    ** Daud-------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Daud is the main protagonist of this DLC and the next DLC The Brigmore Witches.
    He's an assassin by trade and leader of the Whalers. He's the one responsible
    for the death of the Empress at the start of the main game, he is also faced
    in the main game and can be killed or spared. Daud grew up in Serkonos, an
    island to the south, just like Corvo. The similarities don't end there however
    as Daud is also marked by the Outsider, and as such has numerous powers just
    like the ex-Royal Protector.
    ** Billie Lurk------------------------------------------------------------------
    Billie Lurk is the previously unseen right hand “man” of the Whalers. Billie
    grew up in the slums and dreamed of becoming a sailor and getting away from her
    dismal life, however at a young age she was caught breaking into a school by
    Daud. Daud, seeing her potential, took her in and trained her up. She became a
    highly skilled assassin and one of Daud's most trusted allies.
    ** Bundy Rothwild---------------------------------------------------------------
    Rothwild is a self-made industrialist with humble and horrific beginnings.
    Both his father and mother died at a young age leaving Rothwild to look after
    his younger brother; taking up work in local gangs to pay the bills. However
    his brother was kidnapped by the Overseer's and after failing the testing
    process was presumably killed. He joined a whaling ship and soon proved himself
    to be a natural, eventually making enough money to start a joint venture with
    Arnold Timsh to set up his own whaling business. A lifetime of hardship has
    taught him life is cruel and so runs his company with a brutal uncaring hand.
    ** Arnold Timsh-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Arnold Timsh was originally a lawyer but was elevated to Barrister by, the now,
    Lord Regent Hiram Burrows. His job was to seize housing after the inhabitants
    had been infected by the plague; presumably to help raise funds for the
    overburdened government. Timsh however used his new power to evict the houses of
    people unaffected by the plague for his own greed and vengeance, often against
    rival noble houses. He also keeps his mother in a state of confusion, by
    preventing treatment of her illness and lying to her in her lucid stages.
    In addition to this he was one in a relationship with Delilah but it ended with
    Timsh scared of his infatuation.
    ** Leonard Hume-----------------------------------------------------------------
    Leonard Hume is a commander of the Overseer's. He was to be part of a larger
    assault on the Whaler's hideout but, in a bid for personalised glory, attacked
    pre-emptively. His gamble seemed to have paid off with all but a few assassin's
    captured and a heavy guard posted around the building to secure it. However he
    underestimated the abilities of Daud who quickly took him and his forces out.
    Thanks to this Daud found the plans for the larger assault and managed to do his
    own pre-emptive assault and wipe them out before they reached his hideout; the
    aftermath of this can be seen in the main game.
    ** Delilah Copperspoon (Spoilers)-----------------------------------------------
    Delilah was a baker's apprentice in Dunwall Tower and was, according to her, a
    close friend of the Empress Jessamine. She was spotted by Anton Sokolov for
    having a gift for painting and quickly became an apprentice in the arts. She
    became the latest trend among the nobles attracting the eye of Lord Timsh who
    almost ended up giving over all his fortune to the lady. It's unclear when she
    started dabbling in the black arts of the Outsider, but by the time of the DLC
    she is a powerful witch; whose goal seems to be possessing the body of Emily and
    becoming the next Empress.
    A new mechanic for the DLC; Daud has a network of spies and corrupt merchants,
    the latter allows you to purchase upgrades and general items. The former however
    allows you to change the level to your favour before you've even entered it.
    These can range from extra items, hints to locks and reduced security; so it's
    always worth a look to see what you can get before starting the next mission.
    The employee's of the Rothwild these brutish men are short on brain power but
    make up for it with their strength. To become a butcher one must be of an
    uncaring distribution; dulled by the years of hearing the death wails of
    tortured whales, these men are deaf to the pleas of their fellow man and take
    great pleasure in their torment of others. 
    Armed with a single long cleaver they're tough opponents in a straight up fight
    but are easily confused by powers.
    Butchers With Bone Saws---------------------------------------------------------
    Promoted butchers gain access to a powerful bone-saw; designed to cut through
    flesh but equally apt at cutting through bone they can cause serious damage in
    a matter of seconds. The saw also has a long range attack using blade fragments
    to strip flesh from bone to allow butches to continue work on out of reach areas
    of the whale. Long range fire is inaccurate as a weapon but it's rate of fire is
    enough to warrant caution. 
    Engaging in a frontal assault is suicide, however the bone-saw is powered by a
    series of whale oil tanks strapped to back that are unstable and can be used
    against them.
    City Watch----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Split into three distinct sections; 
    Lower Guard; drafted from prisons and street gangs these lightly armoured troops
    are the weakest version of the guard. Armed with a single sabre they have no
    long range attack and easy to handle in a straight fight. Will often run from a
    fight to sound the alarm and call for reinforcements.
    City Watch Guard; ever since the plague jobs have been hard to come by, forcing
    many men to join the watch of necessity rather than a desire to serve the city
    or uphold the law. Armed with a single sabre, with no long range attacks and
    only lightly armoured these guards are only an issue in large numbers.
    City Watch Officers; the sons of the aristocrats these men are well armed and
    well trained. Armed with a sword and a pistol these officers prefer to keep
    their enemies at a distance while the lower orders engage in melee combat.
    However they are still highly skilled with a sword and are a dangerous enemy if
    not surprised.
    The only appearance of the Dunwall Army appears in the mission Eminent domain;
    as they accompany General Turnbull on his visit to see Timsh. These are simply
    the city watch but with red coats instead of blue.
    Overseers are the militant wing of the religious order Abbey of the Everyman;
    trained from a young age (and often abducted by the order) these pious
    individuals are highly disciplined and devoted to the eradication of heresy,
    like those with the mark of the Outsider. 
    Armed with a sword and pistol and skilled with both these enemies are dangerous
    both near and far. Their face masks can defect blows so aiming for the head is
    only good for stunning them and following up with another attack.
    Overseers with Music Boxes------------------------------------------------------
    Music boxes are one of the most powerful weapons in the hands of the Overseers;
    its song prevents the use of any powers granted by the Outsider. No one is
    quite sure how it works and some question if the instruments themselves actually
    use dark magic but they are far to useful for the order to stop using them.
    Overseers armed with the box are hard to attack from the front and will use
    blast waves to keep their foes at a distance, relying on allies to defend them.
    Ideally you should attack quickly from behind not giving them a chance to use
    their suppressive powers.
    |Main Missions-----------------------------------------------------------[MM01]|
    So we start at a familiar looking place, the Tower, with a familiar looking
    situation, the death of one Empress, only from the perception of our familiar
    looking assassin, Daud. Anyway it's a nice cinematic although one of the guards
    are killed on the way to the Empress, how did they explain that while pinning it
    on Corvo? Well either way the deed gets done and we get transported to the Void.
    Travel the linear path and make use of the Blink ability to get over the gaps.
    Blink allows you to travel great distances in a “blink” of an eye and is easily
    the most handy skill in the game, a light projects as you hold down the button
    which tells you where you're going to land. Keep going and you'll meet up with
    the Outsider. He says Daud's days are numbered (although I didn't kill him in
    the main game so, meh) but he must solve the mystery of Delilah; why, oh why,
    “Delilah”, I don't know but that's the name they've chosen.
    Another cinematic, turns out our assassin feels remorse for this one crime.
    Yeah killing people is fine but not when they're royalty apparently. Plus his
    repentance rings rather hollow as he knows he'll suffer eventually, getting his
    comeuppance due to this job. It takes a lot to make a cold-hearted killer
    sympathetic and he ain’t close yet. Well six months later a ship called Delilah
    turns up and naturally Daud goes to investigate.
    |A Capitan of Industry---------------------------------------------------[MM03]|
    Safe Code 125: A guard has overheard the code for Rothwild's safe and will etch
    it onto a wall outside of the slaughterhouse.
    The Stolen Rune 150: Pay off a labourer to misplace a rune. Found in the sewers.
    Silent Sabotage 100: A bribed worker will disconnect the security attached to
    the refinery valves.
    Runes: 6
    Bone Charms: 5
    Blueprints: 2
    Slaughterhouse Yard
    Well turns out Rothwild isn't a nice chap, he's been working his employees too
    hard and they're on strike. To get into the slaughterhouse through the main door
    you'll need a time-card, naturally almost all the time-cards have been
    confiscated. So either find a time-card or find another way in.
    After talking with our female friend keep to the right and follow along the vent
    on the side of the wall and follow it around until you run out of venting. Wait
    until after the conversation is over, lean left and then blink onto the walkway
    and quickly take out the guard. In this room there is a grenade, a ream of
    copper wire, 5 coin and a book that has words in it. 
    Head upstairs and pay close attention to your right as there is a doorway, a
    window and another open balcony there with a guard milling around. Take him out
    and go back in the room and open the cupboard to get Piero's Remedy and a note
    that talks about Rat poison on the mattresses, which gives you the hint about
    gaining access to the slaughterhouse via the sewers.
    Go back outside and Blink up onto the roof to the right, follow it around and
    Blink onto the next rooftop, you'll find another ream of copper wire. Go up
    onto the vent, then onto a metal linking roof and then Blink over onto the metal
    roof spanning the roadway, finding some Kingsparrow feathers. Now turn around
    and look back down the street and pay attention to the walkway. There should be
    a lone guard patrolling, wait for him to turn around and to quickly Blink over
    and take him out.
    Inside the room will be medicine herbs and a health elixir and some other
    additional items litter around the place for you to peruse, once done sneak
    downstairs slowly. Here we'll meet a butcher, these are new enemies and not
    particularly bright. Well this butcher isn't at any rate as he'll walk past the
    entrance to the stairs and idly stare at a wall while you sneak up behind him
    and strangle/gut him. In the stairway there are a couple of coins while in the
    room there are some more medicine herbs, foodstuffs, a pouch of money and, the
    reason why we're here, a [Bone Charm]. Also in this room is the control panel
    for the Pylon Arc which you can rewire to kill the enemies if you wish.
    While just outside the room is the power-source for the Pylon Arc if you just
    want to disable it.
    Well with the bone charm collected head back upstairs, onto the metal
    roof/walkways and onto the high roof to the right of the street to start a
    conversation with Billie who will mention somebody has been watching the
    place in a boat (left side)...interesting. 
    Well go left and down onto the walkway and Blink across to the exposed room on
    the left. In it you'll find Piero's Remedy and a recipe from old Granny Rags.
    This will trigger a new optional mission which involves ripping the eye out of
    a whale and coming back here. The whale is hard to miss but I'll remind you
    anyway. The other part of the recipe involves the body of a dead Weeper,
    you'll find one in the alleyway (just behind you) with infected signs in-front
    of it, pick it up now because it'll be harder to get when you come back at the
    end of the mission *hint, hint*.
    After some insight into Granny Rags it's easier to go back (rather than going
    through the window of this room) across the walkway and follow the vents and
    air-conditioners to jump over the wall onto the roof (you can make it with a
    level 1 Blink, just move jump and then Blink). Keep an eye out for guards and
    drop down to pick up an empty fuel cell, from the direction of the main
    entrance go right down the steps and fill it up with whale oil. There is also
    some processed Whale oil next to the dispenser. Now keep to the right and head
    towards the water's edge. Watch out for the butcher that makes a loop of the
    circular walkway. Once the guard is out of the way plug in the power-source
    and use the switch on the control-panel to move the chain over so you can
    climb up it and enter the slaughterhouse from the top floor.
    Of course we're not quite done here so don't go up yet, avoid the next butcher
    that'll wander over to that area and head over the to the main door. Just before
    you reach the door Blink up onto the metal girder and then onto the metal mesh
    just above to find a health potion, a [Rune] and a conversation. From this
    advantage point work over to the next roof (split roof) and look down. Here we
    learn about our next toy, Arc Mines. Hmm, drop down and take out the guard being
    sure to pick up the blueprints and the spare mines lying around...you know just
    for safekeeping. On the wall opposite the entrance is a key for the cell the
    workers are being held in, pick it up if you're planning to save them.
    Jump out the building after picking up what you need and follow the wall around
    to the left. If you bribed the worker to write the safe combination on the wall
    this is where it'll be. Simply smash the crate to find the code. If you didn't
    take the favour then the code is likely to be 728, however it varies from game
    to game so if that doesn't work you'll have to find a hidden note (note I
    haven't found it yet).
    Now turn around and jump up onto the next roof, drop down onto the boats and
    look for a key to the power generator, there is also a pearl in the other boat.
    Take out the power-source to shut down the Arc Pylon (or rewire it) and keep a
    look out for patrols. In the cupboards are a variety of interesting items.
    Next to the Arc Pylon you just disabled is a switch, hit it and jump down to
    sea level and enter the sewers just under the dock. On the floor to the right
    will be a  [Bone Charm], watch out for the rats. If you wish you can keep on
    going to enter the slaughterhouse via the sewers.
    I however won't be going through there just yet and will instead be following
    the shoreline away from the slaughterhouse. Jumping up onto dry-land keep going
    away from the switch and the sewers to find a group of workers in a cage.
    Disable the guard and open the lock with the key. Or you can just jump the fence
    and steal the time-card...because you're evil like that. If you're not evil then
    the prisoners want to you disable the Wall of Light, ingrates, I miss the games
    where the hostages would just run into a corner and disappear...ah those where
    the days. 
    Well if you're that way inclined the power-source for the Wall of Light is just
    above the cell. The easiest way is to go back to the waterfront and Blink up
    onto of the pipe and then onto the walkway.  Incidentally this walkway also 
    eads you to the room with the safe. You remember the code from the wall don't
    you? Inside the safe is a time-card, an Elixir and a blueprint for Small Scale
    Explosive Refinement. Inside this room there is also another potion, some coin
    and an audiograph player telling us what we already know about the time-cards.
    If you didn't take the favour for the safe code then there will be another note
    talking about a worker who knows the code. Go back to the balcony and work
    your way around the outside of the building, grab the power-source quickly and
    escape without being seen. Now simply go back to the cell (drop down a level)
    to receive your reward if you didn't already steal it from them.
    Now then that's all you can do in this area for the moment, you have three
    choices; the sewers to the left, the main entrance in the middle and the
    high-road to the right. Take your pick I'll be going high up but it's
    probably slightly easier to take the sewer entrance.
    The Rothwild Slaughterhouse
    Assuming you've taken the high-road work your way around the top path and Blink
    onto the vent shaft that spans the room. Once on top face the way you came in
    and notice a body just hanging around. Jump up there and find another [Rune]
    along with a bloody note.
    You should be safe in this room so jump down to get another conversation with
    Billie, his time about oddly coffin shaped boxes...oh don't worry the people
    aren't dead when they're sealed up in them, what do you mean that makes it
    worse? Below are two butchers, one armed with a saw and he makes short work of
    a displeased worker to show you how it works.
    Next up is a little tricky to do without being detected (especially if you don't
    have an upgraded Void Gaze), face the opposite direction of the entrance on the
    ground floor and look down to the left, you should see a pile of brown boxes.
    Land on the top of the boxes and watch out for the two butchers wandering 
    around. They're not the tricky bit, see the only way out also has a guard and he
    tends to hang around staring at the entrance when the other butchers aren't
    looking; so be sure to lean around the corner and look before exposing yourself.
    Once past the doorway you can duck into a corner to the left and avoid
    In the next room Blink up onto the railings to avoid detection, around the next
    corner there are another two butchers. To the room on the left is the Meat
    Locker which houses a lovely torture device...hmm wonder who we'll use that on
    later? Around the room you'll find some potions and a list of signatures saying
    they wouldn't dream of joining a union.
    Exit the room and head towards a sign that reads “Killing Floor” but don't enter
    it yet, instead look at the floor and note two holes lined with blood. Yeah
    you're jumping down, follow the pipe until you come to a slightly larger area
    where you're find a [Rune] in a drainage pipe if you took that particular 
    favour. That's four runes now found I recommend upgrading Blink (it's just so
    darn handy) but Bend Time, Agility and upgraded Void Gaze are also handy for
    those that like to be stealthy like me. 
    Carry on heading through the maintenance tunnel (picking up the ore on the way)
    until you come out into a corridor. There should be a butcher wandering around
    so watch out for him. Pick up the copper wire and head through the red double
    doors and raid the lockers. At the back of this room there are a series of
    showers, jump on top of them to find a Bone Charm.  Go back through the double
    doors, Blink up onto the pipes that run above and follow them around until you
    see a walkway. Blink up to the walkway and you'll find yourself in the
    Slaughterhouse Offices.
    To the right is Rothwild talking to Ms Ames, well turns out Ms Ames isn't as
    sweet and pleasant as we might have heard. She was hired to make the workers
    strike and was planning on blowing up the slaughterhouse. She knows about the
    Delilah and will tell you everything you want to know...if you help her blow up
    the building (killing everybody left inside encase that escaped your notice). Or
    you could knock Ames/Rothwild out and drag he/r down to the interrogation room.
    But before you do anything find a note on the window that reveals the number of
    accidents in the slaughterhouse. There is also an audiograph player that talks 
    about the Delilah and something about an odd looking whale.
    Go back across the walkway and enter Rothchild's office, loot the place finding
    sleeping arrows, cider, ammo, coin and another audiograph player. Behind the
    desk is the safe, remember that note earlier that talked about accidents, yeah
    it's the combination: its likely to be 512 but it changes. Inside is some gold
    and a [Bone Charm].
    If you do decide to interrogate Rothwild hit the switch three times to get the 
    information. After that you have three choices; kill him (another flip of the 
    switch will do it), leave him, or shove him into one of those transport coffins
    for the hell of it. Personally I enjoy ironic punishment so I elect to shipping
    him off to this world's equivalent of Timbuktu. Torturing Ames on the other hand
    will leave you with no special options but nets the same result.
    If you decide to blow up the building you'll get four new points marked on your
    map. The 3rd valve is just outside of the room with Ames, the key to the door is
    just next to it. Now if you turn two of the valves an alarm will sound unless
    you paid for the favour to disable the alarms. Seems that there is no good way
    to do this without being A: Detected or B) Disabling all guards in the area
    first. The 4th valve is down on the lower area in the same room while valve 1
    and 2 are in the two separate areas of the Killing floor. Once all four valves
    are released the building will start to be a little unstable; head back to Ames.
    If you didn't kill Rothchild when you first “met” him you'll find Ames has
    finished the job for you. 
    The the main objective done there are still a few things to do before you should
    leave. From Rothwild's office enter the Killing Floor facing the whale. Blink
    down (taking out the butcher if need be) and pick up the note detailing
    electrocuting the whale. This will highlight a new optional mission, go down and
    look at the slots where you need to put two power-sources into and you'll also
    notice a [Rune] on the side with a note attached. There are three already filled
    whale oil cells in this room and a dispenser and re-filler too so you shouldn't
    have any problems getting the machine working.
    Machine powered go back to where you found the note, hit the switch, and watch
    the fireworks. With the whale dead (thank God) walk up to it's eye and pluck it
    out, this is going to make a lovely stew. Before going anywhere jump over the
    doors separating the killing floor into two (head towards the slots where you
    placed the power-sources) and in the centre of that room in the middle of a
    whale carcase is the final [Bone Charm].
    To quickly exit the building go into the drainage underneath the whale and
    follow it until you come to the sewer exit, provided you opened it before
    leaving this is the fastest way out...if you didn't open it before leaving this
    is another way to get the bone charm but you will have to come back the
    long way.
    Slaughterhouse Yard
    Well now that you've got the whale eye head back to the room where you found
    Granny Rags recipe.  If you haven't already, pick up the body of a weeper
    (found in the same alley Billie Lurk is in) and dump it in the blood circle of
    Granny Rags room. Pop the eye in the pot and gain the final [Rune] of the level.
    Staying up on the rooftops head over to where Ms Lurk is. Unfortunately she's in
    a spot of trouble and the overseers have got her, what worse is they have one of
    those devices that prevent you from using your skills so you'll have to take
    them out the old fashioned way.  If you don't want to kill anybody just pump the
    guy with the device full of sleep darts, takes around four for him to go down.
    Or fire your crossbow near the entrance of the alley to make (almost) everybody
    leave to investigate. If you don't care about that take the power cell from the
    Wall of Light and just throw it down the alley on-top of them.
    Now go talk to Billie, oddly enough she feels like it's time to leave.
    Follow her back to the entrance staying up high to avoid the overseers.
    |Eminent Domain----------------------------------------------------------[MM04]|
    Rune Drop-off 150: a Rune will be placed by the ruined bridge. 
    Whale Oil Delivery 100: Whale oil tanks will be “conveniently” placed by the
    first gate to the district.  
    Runes: 7
    Bone Charms: 5
    Outsider Shrines: 1
    Blueprints: 2
    Legal District Waterfront
    I told you all but you wouldn't believe me, well look what's happened the
    government have called eminent domain all because of those damn Graboids.
    Walking forward and talking to Billie will tell you to go to Treaver's Close
    to find Thalia, you'll know it by it's three white-washed skulls. Follow the
    path out of the sewer (5 gold coin in the boat to the right) until you start to
    hear a conversation about Turnbull.
    Instead of walking up to the boxes blocking the exit instead look up and jump
    on the overhanging roofs and get onto ground level that way. Go forward and in
    the metal hut you'll find another 5 gold coin in the bin across from the hut is
    another coin. There isn't much loot in this area encase you haven't noticed.
    In this area there is one guard walking the length of the road and couple more
    guarding the crossroad. If you paid to have the whale-oil tanks planted you'll
    see an optional objective marker where they are. Jump on the building to the
    right (notice the copper wire on the left side) and then Blink over to the rocky
    outcropping, follow the wall and down near the water will be a [Rune], if you
    paid for that particular favour.
    Go back up top and work your way along the furthest side of the road and Blink
    onto the guard shack. Inside the shack are some sleep darts, a 10 gold coin,
    one of Sokolov's elixirs and an arc mine. The control-panel for the Wall of
    Light is also inside the shack while the power-source is on the other side of
    the road. Blinking so the power-source is in front of the view of the many
    guards that seem to wander around will allow you to lean out and grab the
    whale-oil tank without being spotted. Alternatively to take advantage of the
    shipment of oil you can shoot down the speaker (gathering the guards) and then
    throw the oil making short work of them.
    However you get through the wall of light there will be a lone guard on the
    other side, you can ignore him and go up and to the right following the mission
    marker. Once there you'll find Thalia is a spot of bother, seems some thug is
    attempting to rob her. Don't be fooled though, he's not alone once he's taken
    down two more thugs will jump from the rooftop behind him. Should be an easy
    fight however if you're wanting to remain undetected it becomes more of an
    Once dealt with talk to Thalia; seems she wants you to get rid of her uncle and
    for you to find his last will and testament. Aren't the people in this world
    just lovely? Well before we go anywhere lets explore the area where those thugs
    jumped out of. Don't blindly jump through the window and instead duck and
    disable the trigger or you'll gain a face full of grenade. Inside you'll find an
    elixir, some sleep darts and a couple of grenades left in the launchers.
    In the next room there are two thugs down below, I would just try avoiding them
    as it's hard to take one out without the other knowing, to make matters worse
    the house has several others that will hear any fight and it can quickly
    escalate if you're not careful. Instead Blink up to the pole (you can make it
    with a level two blink, otherwise you'll have to go down and then up while their
    backs are turned) and then onto the balcony. Inside this room is another elixir
    and some meat. Unfortunately there is a thug that patrols this particular room
    and there isn't anywhere really to hide so go through the door and swiftly hide
    behind the now open door and the sofa. While hiding you'll notice a key for the
    Legal District (Low Chaos), obviously you should pick it up. Once the thug
    walks past into the room either take him out or just avoid him and go through
    the door he came from, look to the right to find a hidden vial of whale oil,
    now go up the stairs. If you knocked out or killed the thug in the last room
    you may want to take out the thug going up and down the stairs too.
    Upstairs you'll find a room with one injured thug and another pacing around.
    If you didn't already take out the thug walking up and down the stairs he'll
    probably turn up too, in either case there isn't much of interest in this room
    so stealthy take out the remaining thug and exit through the window.
    Follow the metal vent until you reach another balcony, enter the room and pick
    up a [Bone Charm]. There are also some books, two remedies, sleep darks and a
    choke dust grenade. Also on the shrine is one of Granny Rag's recipes, you don't
    have to worry about that until you get to the Timsh estate.
    Coming out of the room you'll notice there there is a vial of processed whale
    oil in the centre of the courtyard; which you can easily pick up and escape
    before being noticed. Up high on the opposite side from where you found the
    [Bone Charm] there will be another balcony with double doors, normally two 
    guards will look over the area before resuming their patrol. Wait for the right
    moment (there is a window to the right of the door too) and take them out.
    Explore the building to find elixirs, copper wire, 2 processed whale oil, coin
    and a blueprint for Folded Galvani Resin on the first floor. There is also a
    safe (no combination) in one of the rooms on the top floor.
    Once you've found everything head up upstairs and exit through the window and go
    across the roof  to enter the next room, take out the guard, take the coin and
    also the remedy. From the balcony of this room look up and jump up onto the 
    vent, then up again onto the highest balcony. Inside this small room you'll find
    a remedy, a powdered crystal and another [Bone Charm].
    Coming out of the room go left (the road away from the entrance to the Legal
    District) and follow the road down until you come to the edge, jump down into
    the water and pull yourself up out of the steps to the right. Inside the
    building will be a [Rune] hidden behind some shelves.
    With that done all you need to do it go back up, sneak along the right side of
    the road through some boxes, Blink past the guard and use your key (you found
    in the Hatter's house) on the entrance and go through. 
    Note: The key in low chaos is found in the Hatter's house (second floor) in high
    chaos the key will move to a high apartment overlooking the square, find the
    note in the courtyard of the Hatter's house to have a new objective marker
    added to your map.
    Legal District
    Once through Billie will appear and tell you about a weapon stash up on the
    roof. Lets look around first; go forward, Blink up onto the balcony, enter the
    room and pick up the [Bone Charm] and some Kingsparrow feathers. Despite seeming
    like a trap it's totally safe. Go forward and out through the next door to
    overhear a conversation, the prisoner below you will now be highlighted, so
    lets pay him a visit shall we? Well seems he wants to give Timsh a taste of his
    own medicine and to have him evicted by one of his own notes, with that you'll
    gain an optional mission marker.
    Jump up to the first floor and out through the original door you came in, now
    follow the roofs across to the abandoned apartment marker, enter through the
    open window. In the apartment you'll find the key to room 10, and eviction
    notice and a journal detailing the scheme (just like promised). There is also
    a pouch of coin on the sofa but more interesting is the [Rune] hidden behind the
    painting, pull down the painting to reveal it.
    Go out onto the balcony and easily navigate the other balconies along the side
    of the wall as you make your way to the newly marked Apartment 10. Watch out for
    the guard overlooking the doorway just to the right and high up. It takes a
    while before he walks his way but he will move, now head over to the door and
    enter the apartment.
    Inside there are some food stuffs, some coin, a series of creepy notes and the
    bag of foul smelling, er, potpourri? Also of note is the not-so hidden room
    behind the bookcase to find a shrine to the Outsider with a [Rune] in pride of
    place. Billie will also turn up to talk about the smell of the Outsider, can't
    we talk about the weather or something normal Billie? Also in this room is
    another key to apartment 10 and a doorway to the Waterfront; not handy right now
    but maybe later.
    Head back out of the apartment and Blink across the gap to the highest balcony.
    Take out the guard and bring him into the room straight to the right, in this
    room is a collection of goodies as well as a [Rune]. There is also a statue of
    Delilah you can talk too, either Daud is losing his mind or this is the work of
    the Outsider. There is also a poem on the bed that seems to hint that Delilah is
    planning to take control of Emily.
    Anyhoo leave the room, and watch out for the guard that is still about, break
    the glass case and steal the statue of a whale for some coin. To the room to
    the right there is a maid and Timsh; so if you wish to kill him nows the best
    time to do it. Steal all the expensive stuff in his bedroom, and be sure to look
    inside the locked truck (you'll need Timsh's key) which houses blueprints for
    the Bonded Galvani Weave and on the dresser is a doctor's note which reveals
    just how nasty Timsh really is...encase you hadn't figured that out already. 
    Of course if you're wanting to get him evicted you'll have to leave him alive,
    instead make a noise and wait for him to investigate, now all you need to do is
    manoeuvre around him to steal his key and replace his documents.
    Go downstairs and take out the guard quietly, pick up the process whale oil and
    listen to the two guards in the next room natter. You can either Blink right
    past them or take them out one by one, doing the latter will allow you to steal
    more stuff, including a war medal and urn in a glass case and play the
    audiograph in the centre of the room. Importantly there is a locked chest with
    the will and testament in it, use Timsh's key to open it. To the rear of this
    room is a chute all the way to the basement with a note attached saying “don't
    do anything childish”. So we're going to jump down it. Or rather Blink down it
    so we don't draw attention. You might want to save here encase you get spotted
    by the maid when you land.
    Once at the bottom take out the maid and pick up the two bottles of medicine
    herbs as well as the key to the basement. In the next room you'll find some
    more processed whale oil, some copper wire and a [Bone Charm]. Of course the
    reason we're down here is to plant the sack into the air circulatory system.
    Once done quickly exit out of the basement door and rush around the side of the
    house, Blink up onto the balcony overlooking the main entrance and see Timsh get
    taken away.
    Well that was fun, go through the doors behind you and through the door to the
    right, take out the guard and find the tobacco case in the window. Go through
    the door at the end of the room and take out the remaining guard. This leaves
    only two butlers in the lobby, remove them or let the cower in fear, break the
    case on the ground floor to gain a hound statue and explore the lower floor.
    You should find kingsparrow feathers, a remedy, an elixir, processed whale oil
    in a cupboard, a couple of documents and a locked chest in top left corner (from
    the main door of the house) containing a [Rune]. If you picked up Granny Rags
    recipe (from the shine with the bone charm on it) head to the first room on the
    right (from the entrance) and draw “the world card” from the stack of tarot 
    With this done head up another floor and Blink across to the roof with the
    Assassin's outpost on it and pick up your goodies if you haven't already. Facing
    Timsh estate look down and to the right, Blink down to find a [Bone Charm]
    hidden in the rubbish. You can also find General Turnbull lurking around the
    entrance to the basement level of Timsh Estate; if you rob him you'll gain 100
    Well with all this done head back to apartment 10 to complete the rest of
    Granny's ritual. Once at the apartment find the shrine you took the rune from 
    and place the tarot card on the altar. You'll be prompted to bleed on the card,
    so do that, and head back towards the Timsh estate. Blink up to the highest
    balcony and burn the card in the fireplace straight across from the balcony.
    With the final [Bone Charm] found head back to apartment 10 and back to the 
    Legal District Waterfront
    From apartment 10 Billie is on the roof straight ahead, talk to her and she'll
    tell you Thalia is waiting for you. If you left the guards protecting the gate
    alive you can Blink on top of the broken sign on the right, then onto the
    lamppost to the left and then onto the gate itself to save yourself having to
    sneak through again. From there it's just a quick Blink, hop skip and a way 
    back to the start of the level. Well with that “spooky” story told go over to
    the exit and talk to Billie to end the level. 
    If you killed Rothwild (or just left him in the chair) three butchers with bone
    saws will be waiting for you, I'm sure you know how to deal with them.
    |The Surge---------------------------------------------------------------[MM05]|
    Runes: 2
    Bone Charms: 3
    No favours this time around but you will unlock some new gear; namely improved
    armour and stealth boots (low chaos). I would recommend purchasing them; not
    like you need the money now anyway.
    Okay I'm going to put this very simply, it's hard to play this section of the
    game stealthily. To make things easier you should have bought level two Bend
    Time but I'm going to assume you didn't and that you want to take out all the 
    guards without killing them, it's possible but it may be a pain.
    From the start you'll gain Daud's key, go forward and open the gate to get some
    alarming news; the overseers are here and we have to take out their leader. In
    front of you is a selection of weapons, pick up what you need and lets get
    started (note if you've got level 2 stealth boots on you can sprint almost as
    quietly as if you where sneaking).
    If you've played through the main game (and chances are high that you did)
    you'll remember this place, you're at the lowest level of Daud's hideout so jump
    on the chain and follow it up to near the top. On the second highest floor,
    left of the window, out you'll find a book titled Memories once again talking
    about that strange whale. Foreshadowing anybody? Anyhoo jump on the chain again
    and go all the way to the top.
    On this floor there are three Overseers, overseeing your documents. Take them
    out one by one using the bookcases as cover. Easy stuff by now right? Also in
    the room are some bullets, an elixir and a book. Follow the corridor down and
    you'll find the first of your captured assassins; three overseers are standing
    guard and one has one of those blasted “music boxes”. Damn their eyes! Well
    anyway Blink onto one of the bookshelves and fire off an arrow to get these guys
    to break routine. Carefully watch their movements and hope for one of them to
    split off from the rest so you can slip in and take him roughly from behind.
    Be sure to pick him up and Blink out of danger to avoid further detection.
    With one down (hopefully the one with the box) you should have a much easier
    time at disabling the remaining two. 
    With them out of the way release the first captured assassin. Also of interest
    in this room are some crossbow bolts stuck in dummies, some sleep darts and 
    [Bone Charm] on the desk complete with note. Once collected go out into the
    courtyard and Blink up on top of the air-conditioners and through the open
    window. Quickly take out the overseer looking through the desk (dragging the
    body out of view) and wait for a moment for the next poor soul to enter the
    room. Take him out too (again dragging the body out of sight) and wait for the
    guy with the music box to pass you by. You can also explore the room you're
    in; contains an elixir, an arc mine and a book about whalers. Now take out the
    two remaining guards that patrol the corridor outside of the main room.
    Now it's just the slow job of grabbing the overseers as they walk past the right
    glass door, occasionally Blinking up to the stairs (shielded by the wooden
    panels) and Blinking back quickly. Save often to avoid any issues. Once you've
    removed all the Overseers Blink behind Hume and take him out; history is sure
    to repeat itself shortly, eh? If you want to have a big fight you should avoid
    this room and save the other assassins as they'll appear and fight with you when
    you're discovered. Well either way in the room there are sleep darts, choke-dust
    grenades in a locked box, Daud's journal, more books upstairs and inside the
    locked chest arc mines and a [Rune]. 
    We're not done yet, we need to free three more assassins and find the plans for
    a greater assault on the hideout (although apparently none of this made Daud
    want to move house in the main game). Walk out of the door on the lower level of
    the main room and Blink over to the raised portion of the collapsed building
    (remedy in the dresser), yet another guarded assassin with three buddies for
    company. You should be able to take out the furthest one without any hassle.
    Now sneak around behind the one with the music box and strangle him, remember
    to grab him before he falls down, now quickly move out of the way and the other
    Overseer won't notice a thing until you do the same to him. Now you can untie
    the assassin.
    Below you are two more Overseers, either take them out or avoid that floor all
    together and find a [Bone Charm] hidden in a locked dresser on the floor below
    them. Now face the direction of Daud's hideout and blink through the open
    window, climb the chain to the top floor and go left. The top of that building
    will be crawling with overseers so wait for the perfect time to jump through
    the window and Blink up onto the pillar/remainder of the wall in the middle of
    the roof.
    From this, if only these people could look up, clearly visible advantage point
    you can plan your next move. To the left there is a section of the roof that
    extends out; at the end of this next to the dead Whaler is a [Bone Charm]. You
    can easily Blink to and from it without being spotted...or you can take
    everybody out one by one, easy enough to do with a bit of patience.
    Carry on to the marked object of the Battle plans entering the building from the
    top. You should be able to take out two overseers (one with a music box) with
    little difficulty as they often stop to stare downstairs away from the doorway.
    Downstairs you'll find the battle plans in the centre of the room flanked by
    religious texts *yawn*, an elixir and a [Rune].
    With this done it's time to release our fallen brethren, go up stairs once again
    and head straight after leaving the building, into the next door way. Eat the
    food if you want and continue on until you find a long drop. Work your way down
    and find another three Overseers guarding one of your own. Drop down behind the
    fence and sneak around the one with the box, be sure to keep him between you and
    the overseer at the far right. Strangle him and drag him behind the fence. After
    a while the overseer in the middle will threaten the assassin with a grenade;
    walking backwards as he does so, out of sight of the other guard. Take him out
    quickly, Blink behind the remaining goon and free the captured assassin.
    With him freed head towards the last mark, jump up on the vent spanning the
    barred gateway to see our man being guarded by two overseers, and of course one
    of them has a music box. Unfortunately the guy with a box is a pain because he's
    in a corner and is looking directly at the other guy. The real issue at the
    moment however is that you may have a guard walking on the walkway at the top;
    more often than not he'll spot you and blow you cover. Hide behind the corner
    and fire your crossbow, this makes everybody go nuts in the area but more often
    than not it'll make the guys guarding the prisoner leave him completely alone
    allowing you to Blink in, or Bend Time (or both) and get away without anybody
    noticing you. Or you could take them down one by one as per usual.
    With the assassin's saved, Hume neutralised and the battle plans secure a new
    objective will appear “Your Assassin”; hmm seems ominous. The objective is
    located just outside of the overseer's headquarters on the raised section of the
    roof; shouldn't be any overseers up there but getting to it will greatly depend
    on how many people you took out on your way through the level so I'll leave the
    getting there to you (Although going through the room with the chain at the
    start of the level is enemy free and quick).  
    Once there we're asked what's our next move? Kill everybody or capture them.
    Do as you wish and you will shall be done. With no more enemies talk to your
    people on the roof below. Well this is it, the end. If you've been a nice
    assassin and had low chaos then Billie will reveal she was a traitor (and was it
    meant to be a shock that she was a woman too? The whole mask coming off seemed a
    tad pointless otherwise, but I don't know, rather obvious wasn't it?) and how
    she gives her life to you; spare her or kill her. Sparing her doesn't make her
    stab you in the back so don't worry. 
    However if you've been a naughty assassin and have high chaos Billie will still
    think you're weak and in one last desperate move attempt to gut you. Billie
    isn't affected by Bend Time, she has Windblast and she likes to fire a quick
    succession of bolts at you. You can still however summon another assassin to 
    draw the heat from you if you're having trouble.
    In either case Delilah will warn you off but we'll be seeing her
    (and her sisters) again in the next DLC.
    |Granny Rags' Cookbook---------------------------------------------------[GRCB]|
    How to serve man? Seems like it's on the level and it isn't some kind of corny
    gag. Gasp, it's a cookbook! 
    Imagine if you will a lady, for lack of a better word, with incredible powers.
    Only thing is to get these powers she's made a deal, a deal with the Outsider.
    Such deals always come at a cost but will the temptation of power sway you to
    follow in her footsteps? We might just find out, in, the, Knife of Dunwall DLC
    for Dishonored.
    Erm, sorry, got a tad sidetracked by the Twilight Zone there. In the first two
    levels Granny Rags has misplaced a recipe; only thing is that the recipe is
    often cryptic leaving you scratching your head. Well this section of the guide
    will explain what you need to do to get those lucky runes.
    ** A Capitan of Industry--------------------------------------------------------
    The port side eye of whale, newly dead
    Plop it in the pot, grisly and red
    Weeper, Weeper, weeps no more
    Laid to rest on blood-etched floor
    Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a birthday treat.
    Plce one freshly picked whale's eye to a suitable pot.
    Add a weeper body to a floor already engraved with runes made of blood.
    Flash boil to produce a rune.
    Location: Found like left of the Wall of Light.
    Instructions: The dead weeper can be found in the alley marked by infected
    signs, just before the Wall of Life. Pick it up and place it in the bloody
    circle. The whale eye must be taken off the one that is being tortured for oil
    in the slaughterhouse. You can only remove it after you kill it via
    electrocution. Place the eye in the pot with the weeper in the circle to gain
    the rune.
    ** Eminent Domain---------------------------------------------------------------
    Cruel Nancy! Take the World from her greedy hands.
    Lay it before the black-eyed groom
    Cut sharp, cut deep. Red drip, drop.
    Last and least. Burn it in the hearth of a lawless man.
    Do this for me dearie and I'll give you a birthday treat.
    - Granny
    Take the card “World” from a deck of tarot cards.
    Place it on an outsider shrine, sprinkle with blood.
    Burn it in the fireplace of a lawless man to produce a lovely rune.
    Location: from the top of the Hatter's house go left out the window and drop
    down into the room that once housed a bone charm.
    Instructions: The deck of tarot cards are found on the ground floor or Timsh's
    estate. Place the card on the Outsider shrine in apartment 10 (key found in the
    abandoned apartment) and bleed on it. Once done place the card in the fireplace
    on the Timsh estate's top floor to gain the rune.
    -----------------------------[A Capitan of Industry]----------------------------
    -------------------------------Slaughterhouse Yard------------------------------
    1: The first rune will be given to you when you start the level.
    2: The second rune is found just right and above the main entrance for the 
    ---------------------------The Rothwild Slaughterhouse--------------------------
    3: Above the highest entrance of the slaughterhouse.
    4: In the drain under the Killing Floor [Favour]
    5: By the slots for the electrocuting machine, just in front of the whale.
    6: Complete Granny Rags recipe; a body of a weeper (found in the alley with
    infected signs) and the  eye of a freshly dead whale.
    --------------------------------[Eminent Domain]--------------------------------
    -----------------------------Legal District Waterfront--------------------------
    7: Found by the waterfront in front of the first gate. [Favour]
    8: Facing the entrance to the Legal District jump right down into the water,
    there in a single room the rune will be hidden behind some shelving.
    ---------------------------------Legal District---------------------------------
    9: Found in the abandoned apartment (left from the entrance) hidden behind a
    10: Found in apartment 10 behind a bookcase.
    11: Timsh estate, opposite of apartment 10, up on the highest balcony in the
    room to the right.
    12: Timsh estate, ground floor locked in a chest, Timsh master key needed. Key
    found on Timsh himself.
    13: Complete Granny Rags recipe; tarot card from Timsh estate, placed on the
    altar of apartment 10 and then burnt in the fireplace of Timsh's fireplace
    (top floor).
    ----------------------------------[The Surge]-----------------------------------
    14: In Daud's room, where Overseer Hume is hiding out.
    15: Hidden in a box in the Overseer's building, near where you picked up the
    battle plans.
    |Bone Charms-------------------------------------------------------------[CT03]|
    -----------------------------[A Capitan of Industry]----------------------------
    -------------------------------Slaughterhouse Yard------------------------------
    1: Found in the second house on the ground floor.
    2: Found at the entrance of the sewers, flip the switch above the door to gain
    ---------------------------The Rothwild Slaughterhouse--------------------------
    3: Found in the locker room, just off of the killing floor (ground floor), on
    top of the showers.
    4: In Rothwild's office safe, combination is in the injury report found in the
    room with Ames.
    5: Found in the killing floor without the live whale in it, in the remains of
    a whale carcase.
    --------------------------------[Eminent Domain]--------------------------------
    -----------------------------Legal District Waterfront--------------------------
    6: Found in a first floor bedroom (access via balcony) near the Hatter's house. 
    7: The highest balcony of the central building where the road splits to form a
    ---------------------------------Legal District---------------------------------
    8: From the entrance go up to the first balcony on the right and enter the room
    to find it sitting in a chair.
    9: Basement of Timsh Estate.
    10: Far side of the map (away from the entrance) on the lower level hidden
    under some rubbish.
    ----------------------------------[The Surge]-----------------------------------
    11: The room at the end of the corridor from the top of the chain at the start
    of the mission. Where the first assassin was captured.
    12: Hidden in a ruined house, two floors below the second captured assassin, in
    a locked dresser.
    13: From the top of the chain at the start of the level, left through the window
    and then found next to a dead Whaler on an extended part of the roof.
    -----------------------------[A Capitan of Industry]----------------------------
    -------------------------------Slaughterhouse Yard------------------------------
    1: Arc Mines: Facing the main entrance for the slaughterhouse found in the first
    building to the left.
    2:  Small Scale Explosive Refinement: In the office safe of the slaughterhouse
    yard. Code varies (528 likely). [Favour]
    --------------------------------[Eminent Domain]--------------------------------
    ----------------------------Legal District Waterfront---------------------------
    3:  Folded Galvani Resin: Found in the building facing the square with guards,
    opposite of where you picked up the Bone Charm and the Hatter's house.
    ---------------------------------Legal District---------------------------------
    4:  Bonded Galvani Weave: Fond in Timsh's room locked in a trunk, you'll need
    Timsh's master key to access it.
    Standard Achievements
    Cleaner Hands: Complete The Knife of Dunwall without killing anyone.
    Just Business: You got the information you needed from the Rothwild
    No Regrets: Complete The Knife of Dunwall in High Chaos.
    Redemptive Path: Complete The Knife of Dunwall in Low Chaos.
    Rats and Ashes: Attach an arc mine to a rat, resulting in a kill.
    Well Connected: Purchase all of the Favors in The Knife of Dunwall.
    Whisper Ways: Complete The Knife of Dunwall without alerting anyone.
    Secret Achievements
    Message from the Empress: You performed a drop assassination from atop the
    Empress statue in The Knife of Dunwall.
    Missing Pieces: You obtained Delilah Copperspoon's identity from Thalia Timsh.
    Stone Cold Heart: You spoke with the statue of Delilah in Timsh's estate
    Everything in my guide has been my own work; only I could make the kind of
    grammatical errors that I have made, call it my thumbprint. But I would be amiss
    not to mention that http://dishonored.wikia.com has been a great reference and
    you should check it out if you wish to know more about the world of Dishonored.
    If you wish to use this guide for non-profit reasons then please feel free to
    use it without my permission although I do ask you credit me if you do,
    thank you.
    |Word from the Maker-----------------------------------------------------[WFTM]|
    Well Dishonored, one of the better titles of 2012 and that's saying a lot as
    2012 was a good year for the industry. It's a great new IP and I hope Arkane
    Studios contuine to do well and create a sequel. Better that than a sequel to
    Prey, or working on multiplayer for some other game right? At the same time I
    hope that the studio (and more importantly their owners ZeniMax Media) do not
    try to “broaden the demographic” of the game; distilling it down into a more
    genetic title. In the past I wouldn't have worried too much but these days it
    seems that any genre or game that stands out must turn into a franchise that'll
    end up on a kid's lunch box.
    Well that is it, hope the guide has helped you out (I know it's not complete)
    and thank you for reading my ramblings. If you have any issues with the guide
    or want to contact me please e-mail me at Jallen9000[at]hotmail.com with a
    title like “Dishonored FAQ related”. Note that is my junk mail e-mail and I may
    be a long time answering you or your message may be lost in all the other junk.
    Version 1.1: Corrected some grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, clarified
    some instructions and added a couple of things I forgot in the original.

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